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Quick note to the “crazies”

More teachable moments by Dennis….

Couple of quick notes to the crazies:
1. Orly: Noticed your comment that these judges are all traitors because they will not “investigate” Obama. Judges do not investigate. That is simply not their job. Maybe that bogus online law school you went to skipped a few things.

2. Sibley: By “running” a two-bit write-in campaign, this gives you standing in filing this lawsuit? Please check the dubious and unsuccessful track record of fellow nut job Alan Keyes. He has already tried this stunt. Didn’t work. Don’t you read the newspapers?

3. Fat Ass aka Liar Butt SinkLiar: Just saw your most recent blog piece where you continue with another long and largely incoherent rant about Ali (who the hell cares) Akbar. You are making a lot of accusations but to be honest, it would appear that he never quite got it together to complete the scam you are claiming. If it was intended to be a scam (and maybe it was), it sounds as if it went pretty badly in terms of final completion. Which kind of means that you are repeatedly accusing him of something that, no matter what, never quite happen which also means that you are currently committing a wild act of defamation while also severely damaging the man’s reputation and ability to conduct business (legal or not). So basically, you could be sued big time (and just might be).

So here some quick pointers:

A. YOU DIDN’T WIN THE PARISI SUIT, ASSHOLE! Get that into your fat skull. Parisi’s attorney couldn’t get the judge to accept the case. They were claiming that your crap cost Parisi $5 million worth of business but had no supporting evidence.

In the case of Akbar, you have given him plenty of ample evidence.

B. For a person to be charged with a crime, they have to actually commit it first. You should know this by now. After all, you have committed lots of crimes – not all of which you have been charged with. Your claims against Akbar are largely about what he might have been doing or trying to do. That is not the same thing as actually committing a crime. With your life long criminal history, you should know this by now.

C. The only thing saving your ripe butt from a law suit is the fact that you are not worth much. You make roughly $20,000 to $22,000 a year from ads on your stupid news site. Of course, that all goes to the “business.” Now that I am done laughing my ass of at that one…add whatever you “score” from social security. Then add in the small chump change you are currently getting in the way of donations. So you may be taking in around $30,000 to just under $40,000 a year. Your overhead is low since you are NOT paying for phone, internet, or even housing (sounds like you got a nice pack of “church” ladies covering your fat butt). In a law suit, Akbar would most likely only be able to take the copyright to your’s and Parsons’ crappy books (which are financially worthless) as well as your “business” and with it the web site and maybe dump all legal expenses onto your back. Probably not much else.

But you are open to suit. And if you handle that suit the way you did the Parisi case, your butt will be fried. All Akbar will need is a dog bite attorney.

Thanks Dennis,
Happy Thanksgivings my US friends!



Blast from the past – Montgoobery Sibley

I happen to be watching the Twitter fight between Ali A.Akbar and Sinclair that’s been going on for days… weeks? Sickliar once again is in his harassing- mode:

Today, I saw this tweet by Akbar:

Ali A. Akbar @ali tweets:

“Larry Sinclair’s non-child support paying and disbarred lawyer talks about his genitalia:”

It’s funny, I  wondered whatever happened to Sinclair’s nutcase  flamboyant  lawyer…it turned out the  kilt-wearing lawyer was  just as big a con man as Sinclair is!

Anyway, by coincidence and out of the blue I received this email from KStreet, with a request, this is what she sent:

“Meesh, if you can, please publish this on TRT when you get the chance, with Ruthie’s permission.   🙂 “


Thanks Ruthie!  This is a hoot.  Sibley is a nutcase…he and Sinclair were made for each other.  Losers Extraordinaire! 

I recall Mitch stating…


How very true! Here we go h/t Ruthie aka democratista… you read my mind.

Birther Lawyer and Write-in Candidate Is Suing Electoral College

If you were curious about what the disbarred lawyer, former Florida inmate, bagpipe-blowing fringe candidate Montgomery Blair Sibley thinks about last week’s election, you’re in luck. He thinks it stinks.

Sibley, who has been disbarred from 13 different federal courts and three state bars during his career, is suing D.C.’s three representatives to the Electoral College, which is slated to meet next month and confirm that President Obama won on November 6. And, like he always does, Sibley doubts Obama’s legitimacy to hold the office to which he just won another four years.

In one complaint filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, Sibley calls Obama’s birth certificate, college transcripts and other identifying documents “questionable.” So, basically the same birther shit as usual.

His second complaint takes direct aim at the Electoral College itself. Citing the 12th and 23rd amendments, Sibley hopes to stop the 332 electors pledge to Obama from voting for a candidate he sees as illegitimate. Or something like that.

“It is inane to image the framers of our Constitution authorizing the presidential electors to vote for a person who fails to qualify for that office,” Sibley—who of course doesn’t know anything about inanity—said in a news release.

Sibley tried to petition the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the issue in March. The high court declined. Maybe because Sibley has twice accused the Supreme Court of treason; more likely, the justices didn’t feel like wasting their time with this putz.

Who knows? Maybe Sibley’s just raw about losing last week’s election and this is his way of airing his grievances. Anyway, as we always include it when writing about Sibley, enjoy this photo of him blowing into some bagpipes.

In Sibley’s own words….

Greetings:My quixotic run for President is over. My obligation to challenge the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama, II to be President is not.I have filed two lawsuits in the District of Columbia. The first Complaint – Sibley vs. Obama– invokes the ancient writ of quo warranto to have the U.S. District Court compel Mr. Obama to demonstrate that he is eligible for the office of President. The questionable certificates of live births released by Mr. Obama, his questionable social security number and selective service registration and his refusal to authorize release of college transcripts which would establish his status as a citizen are all brought to the Court’s attention by the Complaint. Everyone else in these United States has to demonstrate they are U.S. Citizens in order to be employed, why not Mr. Obama before he is employed by us as our President?The second Complaint – Sibley vs. Alexander, Dinan and Lightfoot – is a class action complaint filed in D.C. Superior Court against the District of Columbia members of the so-called Electoral College as class representatives of the so-called Electoral College. The Complaint seek an injunction preventing any and all of the 538 Electors authorized by the Twelfth and Twenty-Third Amendments to the Constitution from casting their votes for an ineligible candidate, i.e., Mr. Obama. My Motion for Preliminary Injunctionis pending a hearing date to be set by Judge John Mott.You can help me defray the significant costs of pursuing my litigation strategy to test Obama’s eligibility to be President by either directly donating any amount you can:

Or buying either a soft-cover or hardcover copy of my book – The Justicide Brief.

The soft-cover edition sells for $50.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

The hard-cover edition sells for $250.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.



Four More Years, Americans have spoken!

Continue by moving…

Now a few words from “our”KStreet!

It’s Over Sinclair…YOU Lose

Score 2 for honesty and integrity and 0 for lies and deceit.

Larry Sinclair’s elongated fifteen minutes of fame has ended on a much anticipated note…President Obama has won a second term.

The lies and deception that catapulted Larry Sinclair into an underground internet hero have not served him well, especially not with the much coveted main-stream media. That seemed to be his ultimate goal but it never happened.  They saw him as a “kook” and a con-man and that assessment was held by all major news outlets including Fox News.

Larry’s “star” never shown as brightly as he had hoped.  Instead he was relegated to the dark confines of the internet and internet radio.

This blog will remain online so that those who are interested in the historical (or not so historical) impact and/or fiasco of the Larry Sinclair saga and campaign to prevent Barack Obama’s first electoral win by writing a book filled with lies about the President and his supporters.

A second book that was due out over a month ago (he promised to release it BEFORE the election…) didn’t happen.

There will be no further blog posts from me as my job is done.  Truth matters.  The research compiled by Jay and others will speak for itself from here on out.

President Barack Obama has won a well-deserved, well fought second term and Larry Sinclair is obsolete.


Sinclair to the rescue?

LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews tweets:

“After Tuesday election SinclairNews will expose Fraud by conman “republican” operative with ties to many in the conservative movement.
We are holding it until Tuesday night to prevent innocent parties from being adversely affected by conservative’s refusal to expose them! On Nov 6, 2012 at 7PM ET some of the biggest names in conservative politics and commentary will be held to account for their failure 2 act!
@AfpOhio @ali @rsmccain AFP might want to be careful who they climb in bed with because on 11/6 at 7PM ET some are going to fall HARD.”

He’s then asked….

davidedwards ‏@iamdce2 says:

“@SinclairNews why wait?”

…..his response…

LS News Group ‏@SinclairNewsLS News Group ‏@SinclairNews:

“@iamdce2 solely because the actions of a few that others know nothing about should not be affected by the actions of others. We may push up.”

Once again…. too late and irrelevant.. We are familiar with Sinclair’s so-called radio program that’s known as Through The Mirror

Sinclair News and the Rense Radio Network are proud to announce the March 12, 2012 launch of the Monday-Friday Larry Sinclair talk radio show ‘Through The Mirror’ on 

 I could not figure what that name was all about, but guess what? He simply got the  word “mirror” wrong, it should be through the looking-glass:

“Through the Looking-Glass and what did Alice Find?”

Yep that’s s our boy…


Larry Sinclair’s Rabbit Hole Of Insanity

First Posted: 11- 3-09

“This one is a doozy. Larry Sinclair, a petty criminal specializing in forgery, spread wild accusations via YouTube involving gay sex, drugs and possible murder committed by Barack Obama. At one point reporters apparently took Sinclair seriously enough to attend a press conference he gave, most remarkable for his lawyer’s appearance in a kilt, which he explained was intended to secure comfort for his unusually large sexual organs: “Those at the other end of the spectrum find [pants] quite confining.”

For fun, let’s predict what the *idiot* has brewing this time and at this late stage.

November too LATE Surprise!


Sickliar October Surprise?

We all know that Sinclair desperately wants  to be part of the news. Here’s  your first dose of the day… He so wants to be the October Surprise… Will it happen? In his dreams…

Sinclair is on the rampage… Why? Because he’s being shrugged off/ignored. BooHoo! What’s new…Corsi must love being constantly pestered – serves the wing nut right for approaching the POS in the first place! Seems Corsi caused someone’s nose to go out of joint..

Anyway, read-on  here’s the latest scoop… from the  trenches of the *idiot’s* battlefield:

Trump Talks Bombshell- “Where’s The Birth Certificate” Author Jerome Corsi On Romney Plane- Gloria Allred Heading to Boston Court?


 LS News Group will bring our readers news that is reported factually and uncensored which the “mainstream” media refuses to do any more!

October 23, 2012
By Lawrence Sinclair

Donald Trump, the self promoting star of NBC TVs The Apprentice and Monday morning contributor on FOX News Fox & Friends morning show is at it again and boasting that some time on Wednesday October 24, 2012 he will make a “Gigantic” announcement concerning Barack Obama that Trump says could affect the November 6, 2012 Presidential election. Trump having dived into the “Birther” movement head first a couple of years ago and taking credit for making President Barack Obama produce his “long form” birth certificates when no one else could has a secret of his own which he would like kept a secret.

Seems despite the repeated Television appearances throughout 2010 & 2011 where Trump claimed on NBC’s Today Show as well as FOX News’ On The Record w/Greta Van Susteren that “I have my own people on the ground in Hawaii investigating Obama’s Birth Certificate and what they have found is shocking…” was a tad bit dishonest to say the least. In following up on Trumps claims to have his own people investigating Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate in Hawaii, Sinclair News who knew World Net Daily’s Jerome Corsi (Corsi is the author of Wheres The Birth Certificate ) was in constant communication with ‘The Donald’ decided in 2011 to ask Corsi if he was working with Trump’s investigators in Hawaii. Surprisingly Corsi who has sought the assistance of this writer in his continued series of articles aimed at Obama’s past told Sinclair News “Trump doesn’t have any investigators on the ground in Hawaii, Trump is in constant contact with me seeking updates on my investigation and as soon as I get off the phone with him he is out on the talk shows using the information received from me.”

With the current talk about this alleged “bombshell” and the Radar Online story claiming the Romney campaign has rejected a claim made about Obama Trumped-Up Charges? Republicans Rejected Man’s Claims That Obama Sold Cocaine In College Sinclair News decided to call WND Jerome Corsi and ask him point blank: “Does Donald Trumps ‘bombshell’ have anything to do with you or anything you have done?” Corsi, who said “I am on the Romney Plane headed to Denver,” told us “I will not be a part of Trump’s announcement.” Sinclair News then asked “does Trumps announcement have anything to do with anything you have been involved in?” to which Corsi replied, “Larry I am on the Romney family plane headed to Denver, I can’t answer any questions as to what Trumps is doing right now.”

It should be pointed out the the first words from Sinclair News when Jerome Corsi answered his phone were “I want the truth,” to which Corsi replied “what truth do you want?” and we replied “I want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God.”

While Corsi seems to be unwilling to answer questions suddenly, one has to wonder what Corsi is doing on the Romney plane heading to Denver (according to Corsi) the day before Donald Trump is to drop another of his widely promoted ‘Obama bombshells?’

Meanwhile attention starved Celebrity Attorney Gloria Allred has been reported to be heading to a Boston Cour October Surprise Revealed: Gloria Allred Heads To Court, Attempts To Unseal Mitt Romney Testimony And Lift Gag Order on the same day of Trump’s ‘Obama bombshell’ in yet another of her publicity stunts aimed at trying to remain relevant after she appeared in the fall of 2011 with Herman Cain accuser Sharon Bialek before cameras reading from a statement written by Allred, not Bialek aimed at forcing Cain out of the GOP Presidential Primary Race. Allred quickly waded into her gutter after Sinclair News disclosed Bialek’s claims were a rewrite of allegations made in 2008 against Barack Obama which were made to Allred on Feb 22, 2008  Did Attorney Gloria Allred & Cain Accuser Sharon Bialek Use Sinclair’s Obama Allegations For Their Story Line?

Looks like tomorrow is set out to be entertaining to say the least with The Donald in one corner and the Queen of Sleaze Gloria Allred in the other, both trying to derail the campaigns of their candidates opponent.

Donald Trump, Gloria Allred tease ‘October Surprises’ about Obama, Romney

Yankee Clipper brings this to the table…


Here’s some news for you Lard Butt:  Oh, BTW this news was out there, so to speak, YESTERDAY at 1 P.M….your snooze site is a little slow isn’t it?

“Trump adviser knocks down speculation that Obama revelation is about cocaine

An adviser to Donald Trump told The Daily Caller on Tuesday that speculation that the real estate mogul’s “very big” revelation about President Barack Obama expected this week has to do with college-era allegations involving cocaine is not true.

“Mr. Trump’s announcement is substantially more important to the American people than these allegations made against the president,” Michael Cohen, special counsel to Trump, told TheDC by phone on Tuesday.

Read more:

In Sinclair’s post did he say  “attention starved” when referring to Gloria Allred?!!! On Twitter FatAss is going after Allred by scouring her Twitter account, he’s responding to tweets that she made back in March and  May of 2012… :roll:

Gloria Allred ‏@GloriaAllred May 9th, 2012

Congratulations President Obama on your support for marriage equality! I am proud to be an Obama delegate to the DNC this year. Go Obama!

Here comes Sinclair Snooze… a bit late…

LS News Group LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews October 22, 2012

@GloriaAllred this from a witch who on more than one occaision has referred to gays as “Faggots”? You disgusting hypocritical wind bag.

and there’s this tweet  too….

Gloria Allred ‏@GloriaAllred  March 9th 2012

Gloria Allred asks Florida prosecutor to consider prosecuting Rush Limbaugh under Florida criminal law because he called a woman a slut.

Here again 8 months late the Snooze site responds…

LS News Group LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews October 22, 2012

@GloriaAllred should be prosecuted for knowingly preparing & making false claims about @THEHermanCain.

Oh yeh, about the pamphlet…

When One Man Stands Autographed Copies

Today Autographed copies of When One Man Stands by Lawrence Sinclair can be ordered directly through Sinclair News only. There will be no other outlet for purchasing your autographed copy of this Book. Click on below cover to order today. Amazon Kindle version ISBN 978-0-615-72074-6

goes on sale October 30, 2012. Autographed When One Man Stands —-> $29.99

  • Item number: 978-0-615-59749-2

Ooooooooh can’t wait for this…

Upcoming News Articles

When One Man Stands Rolling Out Just In Time For 2012 Election

The Message vs. The Messenger


When One Man Stands Rolling Out Just In Time For 2012 Election

October 24, 2012 By Lawrence Sinclair

Despite waiting for the Department of Homeland Security to provide documents sought via a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) almost two years ago, the highly anticipated second book from Lawrence Sinclair; When One Man Stands (Hard Cover) (2012 Sinclair Publishing) ISBN 978-0-615-59749-2; and Kindle Version ISBN 978-0-615-72074-6 are rolling out just in time for the 2012 Presidential election. While some of the desired documents from the Department of Homeland Security will not be included in the first printing, the book will be updated with that documentation once it has been received.

When One Man Stands will begin shipping out the advanced reserved signed/numbered copies which will be limited in number to 0-54 by weeks end. The Hardcover should be available through and other book retailers once the Bowker Books in Print feed info updates through the system. In addition the Amazon Kindle version is set to go on sale October 30, 2012 or sooner depending on how quickly the file is converted into the Kindle format.

Sinclair News is the only source which will offer any Autographed copies and orders for an autographed non-numbered copy are now being accepted.

While it was our desire to have all documents, including those from the United States Secret Service included in the book, DHS has simply been unable to complete the FOIA request in a timely manner. So we have decided to publish without those DHS documents and will update the book to include those once they have been provided to us. Our desire was to compare the DHS documents to claims made by West Virginia Law Enforcement personnel and medical professionals who attributed their statements and reports to information they claim was provided them by United States Secret Service Special Agent Kimberly McGill and others.

When One Man Stands is described as:

When one man stood up against the leader of the free world, Barack Obama, he had no idea what was about to come at him. This subsequent book is a detailed account of how for four-plus years, Larry Sinclair has continued to stand up against some of the most extraordinary attacks leveled from the highest echelon of the United States political system, including the office of the President of the United States. From the pressures which led to an attempt to end his own life (you will be taken into the most intimate details of that fateful night of September 27, 2010 when it was the work of Radio Host Jeff Rense and the United States Secret Service to locate him before he died), to regaining his will and determination to stand tall, this story will touch every one of the reader’s emotions from laughter, anger, sadness, and joy. This story will make you cringe at the extent to which politicians, political parties, political junkies, and individuals will go to attempt to destroy anyone who dares to stand and speak out against “The One.”

While all the details and events in this story are true, readers will at times find it difficult to believe at first, simply because they have never experienced anything like it in their lives. You will read firsthand accounts from individuals who first thought Larry was “nuts” and who say they would never have believed it had they not played witness to some of the most surprising actions undertaken by the US Government against an individual citizen. You will read how individuals and their children were harassed, attacked, and threatened, as well as how their employers and businesses were targeted for simply knowing and believing Larry Sinclair. Larry’s story will grab you and take you inside what it is like to be under such amazing pressure and yet still find the strength to stand tall.

From the constant federal investigations by the Social Security Administration and the Internal Revenue Service to being ordered out of his car at gun point on August 7, 2010 by uniformed U.S. Secret Service Agents just two blocks from the White House for simply driving down Pennsylvania Ave, you will get a look at how an American citizen is treated for simply exercising his Constitutional right to Free Speech when the speech is contrary to what the powers in Washington, the thoroughly corrupt liberal media, and those currying favor from the political elite want you to hear.

Amazon Kindle Version: When One Man Stands, ISBN 978-0-615-72074-6

When One Man Stands, (Sinclair Publishing 2012) (Hardcover) ISBN 978-0-615-59749-2

Autographed Hardcover copies may be ordered by clicking on the cover image below.


Debate fever – VP’s turn – Open thread

Last night both Biden and Ryan stepped up…Did you watch it… Your thoughts?

Meanwhile…As the stomach churns…. On September 23rd 2012…. Sinclair posted:

TTM Programing Note:

Beginning Tuesday September 25, 2012 Kevin DuJan of Hillbuzz.Org will serve as Guest Host of Through the Mirror w/Larry Sinclair for Larry through October 10, 2012. Kevin has agreed to guest host for Larry so that he can get his upcoming book When One Man Stands released on schedule.

Last we heard from Sinclair Snooze  was October 10th on Twitter… with 11 days until “One Man Scams” comes out…

Where’s Larry? Will there be another delay?!

LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews
Off to DC/NYC will update tomorrow its a long trip.


Debate fever – open thread

Round One:

“Quick recap of presidential debate…”

H/T Yankee Clipper

“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings”


Suck it up FatBoy!

Michelle Obama knocks one out of the park!

The First Lady’s emotional speech on the first night of the Democratic convention gave everyone  just what they wanted: a reason to fall in love with Barack Obama all over again, nearly four years into a presidency that has left him a little battered.

“For Barack, success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives,”

  “I have seen firsthand that being president doesn’t change who you are — no, it reveals who you are.”

(CNN) — If Barack Obama is re-elected on November 6, he will owe more to his first lady than any president ever to win a second term.

“She is now a pro. No one since Mrs. Kennedy has worked the camera more astutely or more purposefully to help her husband — the best way is still to be seen as an exemplary first lady. And she looked the part, shimmering in a silky pink sleeveless dress, smiling even more than usual as she spoke of serious things. “- article from the NY Times

Watch the speech for yourself….

Michelle Obama knocked one out of the park at the Democratic National Convention, but also knocked it out of the Twitterverse. The First Lady’s Tuesday night speech about her husband and the Obama family at the Democratic National Convention drove 28,003 tweets-per-minute at its peak, nearly double the 14,289 mark reached by Mitt Romney‘s acceptance speech at the Republican convention last week…..By the end of its first night, the Democratic Convention as a whole had sparked more than 3 million tweets, nearing the 4 million point reached by the entirety of last week’s Republican Convention… So, just what makes for such a viral convention speech? Michelle Obama’s comments about the future and the American dream were particularly popular on the social media site and her rallying cry, “we’ve got so much more to do,” saw a spike of 22,004 Tweets-per-minute. Not one to let his wife soak up all the buzz, President Barack Obama joined in, taking to Twitter from his couch in the White House, (here’s the actual tweet)  sharing a photo of himself and his two daughters — or “Michelle’s biggest fans” — watching the speech.

 The “Mom-in-Chief ”

President Obama and his daughters, Malia, left, and Sasha, watch on television as First Lady Michelle Obama delivers her speech at the Democratic National Convention, at the White House, on Tuesday night. – photo credit of  The White House.

Now That’s Class!

Michelle Obama’s singular mission last night was to convince Americans that she and the President deeply understand the real challenges facing Americans today, and she aced it.


LS SNOOZE – Teachable Moments

Within the latest post from the “truth machine” C’mon it’s just more whiny noise.  Once again Larry Sinclair plays  the victim. It’s some type of conspiracy!

“DNCC Denies Sinclair News Credentials To Cover Convention”

By Lawrence Sinclair

Its official, the DNCC has sent us probably one of this most impersonal of emails notifying us that they are unable to accommodate Sinclair News with Credentials to cover the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC in September. Even more surprising is the wording of the DNCC’s email which is almost verbatim of the July 2, 2012 letter the RNC sent us denying our application despite having stated we would be credentialed just months earlier.

From: DNCC Press Gallery []
Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 2:31 PM
Subject: 2012 DNCC Credential Update
Importance: High

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your interest in covering the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Unfortunately, due to limited space and an overwhelming number of requests for credentials through the DNCC Press Gallery, we are unable to grant your request for credentials to attend the 2012 Democratic National Convention. However, in order to provide an open and accessible convention experience to more Americans than ever before, there will be other opportunities to receive information.  Please continue to visit for the latest updates. Thank you again for your interest.


Sinclair News never expected the DNCC to grant our credentials application but what never expected they would wait until after the RNC decision had been made public before sending us this form email they sent to multiple applicants. At least the RNC Committee on Arrangements showed the class of addressing applicants by name rather than just send a form email with “Good Afternoon.”

Sinclair News however does still plan on covering the Democratic National Convention even if it means we cover it for the outside. We continue to be dedicated to bring our readers and voters the News as it is and as long as we have the resources to cover the Conventions we will. What takes place on the outside may very well be more important than what takes place on the inside of both. Sinclair News scares Democrats more than Mitt Romney and GOP put together.

Well , he will be off to  North Carolina while just getting back from DC and Virginia? OK  My problem is, where on earth is this person ( Lari, Ashaiti, Avila, Larye, La Rye, Vizcarra, Adams, Larri, Silvis, Mohammed, Gahanan, Fatha, Vizcuaua, Vizgua, Lawrence, Wayne, Larry, Sinclair/Sinclaire)   getting all this money from to travel so often? Oh yeah PAYPAL, right… Does whatever his name  report  it? Hmmm ? Who contributes to this?  The many trips across the USA, how does he do it with (that “measly” income) he said it… while he was feeding his Chihuahua steak, moving about 4 times  within  a $700 monthly within SSA.  (Medications free food stamps  etc thanks to the American government)… and OH he feels  entitled? Well it’s the RETARDS who pay the extra bucks …without any results  either. He’s a grifter! Please donate a lot more money and send him to the moon, he’ll be as productive but KEEP HIM OUT OF MY COUNTRY!

Nevermind this … for the moment, let’s focus on something else. Dennis  has a great observation,  no he hasn’t been here since 2008, but people do  catch on!

DENNIS says:

Maybe we need to view this as a teachable moment. Fat Boy can’t get credentials as a reporter from either the GOP or the Democrats. So here are the reasons why (and BTW Fat Boy, take notes – I have actually dealt with this issue several times).
1. You actually have to present yourself as a real, honest-to-god reporter with a real news site and/or publication. I don’t mean a little web site of bs ran in some weird and erratic manner by yourself and a few friends. It has to be at a level that can be considered a real news site (e.g. Huffington Post).

2. You have to present a body of work by yourself that represents actual news reporting. Not a pile of “stolen” blog postings that you have merely slapped your byline over (e.g. press releases from Gov. Scott’s office). Honest to goodness news reporting of some definable level. Is this asking too much?

3. To be a news reporter, you have to produce something more than a pile of half-coherent accusations combined with strange never ending statements about yourself (most of which sounds like a drunk at 3 in the morning). You need to produce “news stories.” Stuff that actually deals with the larger issues (that is something larger than that PayPal button attached to your belly button).

4. Oddly enough, most people expect a reporter to be able to produce “copy.” That is, stories that are written in a form of clear, precise manner that makes a point, has a subject, and actually presents a case. You can’t do that. We normally know when you actual wrote a piece because it becomes a rambling, narcissistic discourse into the dank back allies of your completely empty subconscious. In fact, they mostly read as if your were unconscious.

5. Use the damn spell checker for god sakes, ass hole. You lack any sense of grammar, structure, or point. The least you can do is spell a damn word.

So of course no one is giving you the time of day. Oh, another problem: You can’t work well as a political reporter attempting to cover presidential politics when you are on the Secret Service watch list. Since you did make a borderline death threat against the president and his wife, you are considered a possible political assassin. The Secret Service will NOT let you near either Obama or Romney because of this. Did you forget about this or do you have shit for brains?

Thanks Dennis! Let’s resume here, as Kstreet has often  says  “CARRY ON” For me? (less sophisticated)  whatever  tickles your fancy… I need some of Gilli’s brain bleach right now, this post was about FatAss Eeeewwwwwww

Talk about anything! As Mitch used to say: SING-ALONG… h/t my friend  Badpoet! =)