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SinkLiar’s new site?

on August 6, 2014


“Sinclair News.Net|Uncensored & Unafraid” New look.

Coming August 12, 2014

The New will debut on August 12, 2014

at 12Noon ET

So it should be ready by Labor Day. And the big design question remains: Where will they be sticking the big red donation button?

What is obvious so far.
1. Yep, he is hitting the books. Of course, the first one is way past its expiration date and I haven’t a clue how he thinks he is going to push this dead sucker. As for the second, how many years has he spent “reformatting” this thing. Presumably he is cutting and pasting this baby even as I write this.
2. Fatso is pushing his new “image.” He is now Lawrence W. SinkLiar. Maybe he will start wearing glasses. Will save the cheap flip flops for his more private moments. He is now an author.
3. Ken Olsen is simply a partner in whatever this new scam is about. Obviously, Kenny boy never bought the copyright to the book (it still belongs to Lardo). He never bought the web site (all of the URLs, past and present, belongs to Lardo – BTW, all of the URLs are still listed as basically active, he simply has been linking them all to the news site and now he is delinking them while focusing back to the URL – he flips these babies like a 3 card monte pro working a street corner). Olsen is his buddy, his partner, his BFF. I can’t wait until this deal blows up in Kenny’s stupid racist face.
4. It would appear that he has dumped Ilse. Oh where has love gone….?

Pondering10DennisTheMenace_thumb[3]Why is he doing all of this? I assume he is hoping to milk the last possible dregs out of the first book (though I strongly suspect that he is way too late for this market). He may also he trying to reposition himself for the post-Obama age (though he may have to get ready to cook back a juicy tale about his wild night of sex and drugs with Hillary). He may be trying to hide from something, though hiding online is kind of impossible – though the numerous lies and bullshit stories he has peddled about these moves sure sounds like somebody on the run.

For example, if the DA back in Colorado were looking for something on the old snooze site, they will either have it already or know where to go to find it (hint: We are a bit of an archive devoted to this bum). You see, nothing ever really vanishes from the web.

But mostly, he is a desperate and cash-strapped idiot who has no real skills and is basically stuck with this same scam and if he can’t get it jumped started some how then its back to the bogus money order routine. And according to his arrest record, he really sucked at that racket.

So it would appear that Lardo got SpoonHead to pay him (Lardo) money in order for Spoonhead to completely redesign the Snooze site for Lardo’s betterment (while Spoonhead might think he owns the damn thing but every shred of evidence says otherwise). So Olsen really is a total idiot. Why didn’t we shake him down for dough? It seems to be easy. And by the way, how long does it take for that nitwit/racist Olsen to realize that he is being fleeced. Though to be honest, I hope POS cleans Olsen out thoroughly.<—They are surely depriving some village of its idiot.

“You Go Girl! Knock ’em dead!” Kenneth Olsen, so far you win the “LardTard Award”.


75 responses to “SinkLiar’s new site?

  1. Meesh says:

    This will be the telling part when things start going south with Kenny-baby and FatAss. No one so far has been able to survive the wrath that’s placed on them working side by side with the POS.I believe that’s another reason Chubs decided to fold is that his relationship with Thornton Parsons deteriorated, she had it with him and flew the coop.With no other writers, and FA being the lazy ass that he is,decided to fold…he had no other writers left to boss around…So rather than letting go of the SNOOZE site he passed on the old site.The narcissist cannot stand to disappear completely. We tried to warn the idiot Ken Olson, best get the popcorn out ….OH Isn’t 12Noon ET a bit early for Chubs?

    Anyway, great post Dennis. You simply rock in my books.

    • Dennis says:

      Thanks Meesh. I’ll keep that in mind during the long wait (and I suspect very long wait) for the premiere. Popcorn? May need a couple of stiff highballs for this one.

  2. Dennis says:

    Quick Note: Meanwhile the Col. SinkLiar Southern Ways Estate and Highly Dubious Institute fund drive is really rockin’. The donations have jumped to a fantastic…nada. Day 13 and holding steady at $00.00.

  3. kstreet607 says:

    LOL @ Lartard Award!!!!! Good post Dennis and Graphic Wiz, Meesh.

  4. Another SickLiar scam coming well after “August 12, 2014 at 12Noon ET”

    As Dennis points out, this announcement:

    August 1, 2014 By Lawrence Sinclair Effective today Sinclair News-LS News Group and the domains and has new owners and the site will be undergoing a complete remodel in the coming weeks. All email accounts associated with Sinclair News-LS News group will be removed and reestablished by the new owners.

    Is contradicted by:

    Domain Name: LSNEWSGROUP.COM
    Update Date: 2014-08-01 19:10:27
    Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2016-01-17 11:24:55

    Registrant Name: LAWRENCE SINCLAIR
    Registrant Organization: SINCLAIR NEWS-LS NEWS GROUP
    Registrant Street: 603 8TH STREET #3
    Registrant City: HOLLY HILL
    Registrant State/Province: Florida
    Registrant Postal Code: 32117
    Registrant Country: United States
    Registrant Phone: +1.3864926634


    On Aug 1st, 2014, the registration got updated and SickLiar still owned it.

    I’ll bet the registration for the above can be had for next to nothing on Jan 17, 2016 when the current registration expires.

    To me, this smells of a cost cutting measure. In the wake of cutting back his video expenses a few months ago, his scams are not producing enough revenue to keep all these sites going. So he’s downsizing to one site that he must have to keep his scams and that donate button going.

    • Further to my post above:

      Around March 22nd: SickLiar gets arrested for the outstanding Colorado warrant

      April 15th SickLiar puts the rights to his book up for sale.

      April 24th SickLiar suckers Ken Olsen into giving him money for his book rights

      May 3rd SickLiar tries to sell other junk he owns on GoFundMe and posts a Youtube video begging for money and threatening others

      May 7th SickLiar says “Sinclair News-LS News Group will close its paid LiveStream account and feed. This action is being taken for the simple reason that we cannot afford to continue to pay the monthly fees associated with this service.”

      June 13 SickLiar says ”After three completely unnecessary trips to Colorado.. . and almost $32,000.00 in costs the matter is over.”

      July 3rd SickLiar’s buddy, racist Ken Olsen is banned after a pretty quick and severe education in what this can artist has been up to all his pathetic life.

      July 10th SickLiar’s Livestream account is officially shutdown

      July 15th SickLiar begs for money to fund Project Freedom USA Live Streamed but fails to pull that off

      July 18th

      Publication of Sinclair News Articles Is Temporarily Suspended July 18, 2014 by ASS ministrator “Publication of pending News Articles, Videos and Interviews on Sinclair News-LS News Group is temporarily suspended due to some damage to hardware. We are working as quickly as possible in getting these issues repaired and recovered so we can continue to bring your the News honestly,

      Our posters weight in

      LongTimeLurker says:
      JULY 19, 2014 AT 10:42 AM

      I think it’s just that he has run out of money …

      Dennis says:
      JULY 22, 2014 AT 6:13 PM

      … maybe he forgot to pay a bill. …

      July 24th, SickLiar floats a new scam “Sinclair Southern Estate by Larry Sinclair” on GoFundMe raising $0.00 to date

      July 30th SickLiar’s Photobucket account stops working

      July 31st, SickLiar says LS Newsgroup will shutdown or change ownership.

      August 1st, SickLiar announces sale of website but when he updates the registration that same day, registration ownership does not change.

      Take a bow boys and girls. You helped knock this career con man off the internet.

      Now, I realize through things like terms of service violations, we’ve done this before. And I also realize we previously hurt his cash flow even more significantly with our exposure of his scams. Once again, it’s probably temporary. But this time, he got hurt so bad in the area that he’s scammed people for all his life: in his pocket book, that it wiped him out.

      I still think he’s dangerous without conscience, mentally ill and belongs in jail. But this is not a bad consolation prize for your efforts.

      Well done!

      Have a great day! 🙂

  5. tjtaygeet says:

    and in all of this, has liar-larr forgot about

    • It appears that he got from is also with

      lsnewsgroup is with

      Seems like he didn’t have the cash to pay his bill

    • Dennis says:

      Not quite. He now claims that the book will be released at the end of August. Likewise, during the time when the new web site was accidentally opened, they were mostly focused on deciding what type of presentation they were going to do for the two books together. So I assume that Fatso is currently in a rush to actually cut-and-paste the new book together.

      • Yes but ..

        The original release date for When One Man Stands was supposed to be in September 2012 and after Department of Homeland Security chose to comply with our FOIA request after that date we tried to get the book out in October 2012. After multiple delays resulting from both Federal and State agencies dragging their feet in complying with FOIA request as well as corrupted print files that we have spent the past six months on repairing we can proudly say the book will release on September 26, 2013.

        Facts from the above:
        The book was supposed to released Sept 2012 and then Oct 2012 he got compliance with FOIA requests

        The book was then promised after “multiple delays resulting from both Federal and State agencies dragging their feet” for Sept 2013

        So how does SickLiar say that and reconcile saying this:

        “Stephen A. Jones … was the subject of a Colorado Opens Record Act and Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act request {made by SickLiar} dated December 1, 2012 and faxed to the Pueblo County District Attorneys Office on December 3, 2012, …”

        SickLiar writes that he didn’t even make the Colorado FOIA request for a case that had been around since 2001 until Dec 2012 – three months AFTER he promised the book that would discuss stuff like that would be released.

        What is SickLiar’s lie count now? 5,345,986 ? I’ve lost count.

        Like the previous book that went through endless delays, this smells of the similar scam to sell advance copies for something that wasn’t remotely close to complete as he claimed.

        Surprise, surprise, SickLiar caught in another money scam.

        • Meesh says:

          Remember this scam with the certificates?

          Advance Orders-Reservations Now Being Accepted For When One Man Stands
          Posted on February 22, 2012 By Editor

          “Sinclair News is proud to announce the offering of 1000 signed/numbered advance copies of Larry Sinclair’s new book When One Man Stands to be shipped in June 2012, ninety days before the book goes on sale to the public on September 18, 2012….
          “Sinclair News – LS News Group has provided you with two options for securing your signed, numbered, advance copy of When One Man Stands for June 2012 ship date. You can place your order now paying in full or you can reserve your copy for a $5.00 deposit which will provide you with a reservation certificate stating the book number set aside for you. The $5.00 will be applied toward the purchase price and you will be billed for the balance prior to shipping your book in June 2012. All Reservation Certificates must be redeemed no later than June 30, 2012 or the reserved book will be put up for sale to the first interested buyer. A sample reservation certificate is below as is the PayPal link which can be used to reserve your copy:

          • I love this part:

            “All Reservation Certificates must be redeemed no later than June 30, 2012 or the reserved book will be put up for sale to the first interested buyer.”

            Here we are more than two years later. He’s hosed a few suckers for the full price of the book via the fraudulent certificate by June 2012 and … still no book.

            I wonder if Ken “Racist” Olsen got a certificate … as it might have “historical significance” …
            ….. as an old fraudulent trick repeatedly found in criminal history since the beginning of mankind. 🙂

            • Dennis says:

              Wait a minute people…are you telling me that my Reservation Certificate is worthless? Like maybe when my heirs discover that it is the only thing left in my estate, they are going to be totally pissed?

            • Find out what site Ken Olsen is trolling now and make a pitch to him. He’s a proven sucker who likes to buy worthless crap. Play up the “historical significance” angle and laugh all the way to the bank. 🙂

  6. Dennis says:

    BTW, it is Day 15 of the fantastic Lardo Land Theme Park and Stinky Southern Swampland and Institute and the count hold at $0. Gee, just a few weeks left…guess everybody is waiting for the last minute rush. Probably has to do with taxes or something.

  7. I noticed an Aug 7th tweet

    Larry Sinclair ‏@seeknmeann 2:07 PM – 7 Aug 2014
    It feels good to have the weight of @SinclairNews lifted and I can concentrate on getting my Books out. Life is good even if stressful

    Translation: “That LS News scam went belly up as have my recent GoFundMe scams. Time to dust off and resurrect my book scam until I can figure out a better way to fleece folks.”

    As of today, continues to remain registered to the career con man.

  8. Dennis says:

    Yep, less than 24 hours before the exciting new web site opens up with a loud scream for MORE MONEY!!!!!! Obviously the book racket isn’t going to work (the first one is way past its due date and the other one…who cares for crying out loud). He needs to start working toward the future. He needs to “recall” his wild night of sex and drugs with Hillary. Sure, it involves a lot of work and a complete rewrite of his own history, but that’s the way he needs to go.

  9. Hah! He’s changed the grand opening date from August 12 to August 15. LOL!

    (But it’s still set for 12 noon ET.)

  10. Dennis says:

    While we wait for this exciting premiere, let’s remember these immortal words from Fat Boy (dated Jan. 21 2013) concerning his thrilling new book:
    “After considerable time and effort trying to modify the print file and layout of the book When One Man Stands in an effort to not have to transcribe the actual documents from official agencies, and our failure to get the problem corrected we are as of today re-scanning all the documents which are included in this book and undergoing a complete rework on the books layout.

    To those who have ordered a signed copy of this book your order will be filled as soon as we have rescanned all the books official documents and completed the complete rework of the print layout.

    While some (one or two) of our critics will continue to publish Internet claims “there is no book,” or “the book was not finished yet,” and so on, we can only sit back and laugh at their complete ignorance as to what is or is not the situation with this book.

    We are looking forward to having this book printed and available as quickly as possible because we are confident it will shock, amuse, anger and motivate each of you who read it.”

    Since it is now mid-August 2014 and he still hasn’t produced a lousy copy of the crappy booklet, I think he could take a moment and thank his one or two critics for even caring enough to mention the stupid thing (way back when). Obviously, that is one or two more than he has in readers.

    So bring it on, Lardo! Let’s see where you stick the donate button this time…

    Oh and BTW, you did notice didn’t you that you also just recently admitted that you were still writing the damn book?

    • SickLiar said (from Dennis above)

      (dated Jan. 21 2013)

      “To those who have ordered a signed copy of this book your order will be filled as soon as we have rescanned all the books official documents and completed the complete rework of the print layout.

      While some (one or two) of our critics will continue to publish Internet claims “there is no book,” or “the book was not finished yet,” and so on, we can only sit back and laugh at their complete ignorance as to what is or is not the situation with this book.

      You could re-scan one of his pamphlets in a couple of hours – that’s all it took for his first pamphlet!

      I’ll bet he laughed all the way to the bank but look who is laughing at him now!

  11. At least he’s hopeful of getting a fresh start with tomorrow at noon Site Traffic Worth

    We estimate the website value of is currently at $ 0 USD and reaches roughly 0 unique users each day that generate 0 daily pageviews with a daily revenue of $ 0 USD approximately. The Google page rank is 4/10 and according to Alexa (the Web Information Company) the global traffic rank is 0 Site Traffic Worth

    We estimate the website value of is currently at $ 0 USD and reaches roughly 0 unique users each day that generate 0 daily pageviews with a daily revenue of $ 0 USD approximately. The Google page rank is 2/10 and according to Alexa (the Web Information Company) the global traffic rank is 0

    From the above, proof positive these two internet clowns and their worthless creations are made for each other.

    Credit where credit is due:
    After two or three years of working at it, or really six and a half years going back to January 2008, SickLiar did manage to raise the value of lsnewgroup from $0 to a whopping $181 dollars!!! (Probably in large part due to traffic from here)
    But SickLiar couldn’t find any suckers to take it off his hands when his provider pulled the plug!! It’s still dead as a door nail saying “This webpage is not available”

    What a joke. Yes, SickLiar, we are laughing at you with good reason.

    • Dennis says:

      Yep, pretty much. If anyone paid .50 cents for one of his URLs, they got cheated out of .49 cents. Even the $181 price estimate for the old Snooze site link is generous.

  12. Dennis says:

    OK, the new web site is open. Just took a quick glance. It is…well, it is…actually, it is utterly pointless. At the moment a lot of the site is devoted to the old wedding photos of a total stranger whose wedding album Fat Boy found in a thrift shop. Usual stupid sales pitch for the book that doesn’t seem to exist (and BTW, no release date for it). Otherwise, whole site gives me a vague sense of nothingness. This web site took weeks to design? It could have been done in one morning if vodka hadn’t been involved….

    • Meesh says:

      GeeWhiz under new ownership? To me it looks like some tribute as if FatAss died…Goes to prove over and over that this Ken Olsen has to be the craziest LardTard who has ever existed…This tribute site is pointless but enforces the fact that there’s one bigger *idiot* than Larry Sinclair, didn’t think it was possible.

      A very appropriate launching date August 15th is CHAUVIN DAY.➤ Have you ever wondered where the word “chauvinism” comes from? A chauvinist is someone who loudly and aggressively says blindly patriotic things—you know, the things that boil down to “my country is always right.blah,blah,blah” A chauvinist may also be unreasonably enthusiastic about military glory. (These days it’s referred as a male chauvinist pig, you know a buffoon, a complete *idiot*) Anyway,today is named for Nicholas Chauvin, French soldier from Rochefort, France, who idolized Napoleon and who eventually became a subject of ridicule because of his blind loyalty and dedication to anything French. Originally referring to bellicose patriotism, chauvinism has come to mean blind or absurdly intense attachment to any cause. Observed today on Napoleon’s 245th birth anniversary because Chauvin’s birth date is unknown.

      So you can say Kenneth Olsen is FatAss’ Chauvin.

  13. Dennis says:

    And gee what a surprise, he is still selling copies of the old book. You know, the one that Ken Olsen is supposed to have bought the copyright for and that Lardo insisted that he no longer owned blah blah blah. I know that the guy is a lying bag of horse dung, but is there any point these days to his bullshit stories? It’s as if the idiot is now busy scamming himself.

  14. Meesh says:

    Stand aside Kenneth Olsen – two other “re”tards accompany you…the testimonial page—>

    The 3 Stooges wuvs their Superman dressed in “Chubbies” shorts. 🙄

  15. Dennis says:

    Looking at the “new” web site is a reminder of the major job hazard unique to con artists. They run the risk of falling for their own bull. They spend so much time lying and making up stuff to fool the “mark” that they sometimes forget what they are doing and actually fall for the bogus stories themselves.

    So let’s see: Fat Boy now has a web site where he posts photos from a “pretend” wedding (total strangers); post pictures of his “pretend” family (various relatives who he has at one time or another threatened to kill and tried to kill and otherwise has torn into and defamed and virtually all of whom refuses to talk with him); photos of “pretend” friends (criminal associates, gay hookers, peole helping him in the human trafficking biz etc); “pretend” references (personally references from people no one ever heard of – and the references sound more like Fat Boy than anyone else); “pretend” books (one he claims to no longer own and the other that doesn’t even seem to exist); the list goes on and on.

    Yes, it is the “Let’s Pretend” web site. He has finally achieved the dubious high mark of a career con man. He has conned himself. No wonder he has that photo of him with the Easter Bunny (who I am sure is another close and deeply personal “friend”).

    We always said that Lardo was nuts. Now we know for sure. So stick a fork in him. He’s done.

    • “We always said that Lardo was nuts. Now we know for sure. So stick a fork in him. He’s done.”

      I agree, Dennis. I just looked at his new site. He says it will be all him all the time now. And people are supposed to want to visit that? Why? Nobody cares what he’s doing or thinking but us and that’s only because he has offended us. Yes, he’s trying to con himself into believing he will produce books and writings and “musings” and people will want to read them. Poor delusional jerk. He won’t even finish the website. He’s done.

      • Dennis says:

        Yeah, I noticed that the web site isn’t even finished. A complete novice can do this type of web site in about two days, easy (three tops). After several weeks and a couple of delays, the fat bozo still isn’t done with the damn thing. But we have to keep in mind that he was probably so busy “reformatting” the book….

  16. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, it is Day 22 of the GoFundMe campaign for the SinkLiar Southern Swampland Institute (a Ruddy Toot Toot) and the magic number is still $00.00. I think it is time for SpoonHead to empty out whatever he has left in his bank account and get himself some fine property. Maybe a good old fashion quicksand pit.

  17. Dennis says:

    Wait a minute, I think we are about to hear from Ilse (though it sounds as if she just got a look at her latest credit card statement after helping Lardo)

  18. tjtaygee says:

    aw, I missed the short-lived premiere…

    “Site is Under Maintenance

    Forgive us while we work out a few of the kinks in the new site.”

    Apparently, he’s open to constructive criticism from over here…

    • Meesh says:

      Yep, it was up for a whopping 6 hours!

      They’re probably fighting over what other FatAss’ baby pictures that they’ll post next…You’re not missing anything TJTaygee, it’s like a flipping memorial site dedicated to a Social Reject.

      Or else it had to do that Kenny-Baby forgot one important thing and when they tried to install the huge widget it broke the site.

  19. Dennis says:

    The stupid site is already down for “maintenance?” That has to be a record. A total idiot could build this type of web site and keep it running. How stupid are these guys…oh yeah, that stupid. I keep forgetting.

  20. Dennis says:

    Day 3 (well, more like 3 and a half) of Fat Boy’s new site being down for “maintenance.” Obviously he is redesigning the site and since the only people who even noticed are us, I am beginning to get the spooky impression that he must hold our opinion in much higher esteem than we had ever thought. Or maybe he is just looking for more baby photos to post. Or maybe that donate widget really did blow up the site. Or maybe, just maybe he took a long hard look at his stupid site and realized what a shallow and corrupt waste of life he has been all of these years and collapsed from the shock.

    But most likely, he’s got somebody (or something) breathing up his butt and he is trying to find some way to run a scam while also avoiding some kind of flake from some place. As for the so-called second book…don’t hold your breath. I am sure the “reformatting” issues are many….

    • The one short time I looked at his new site I didn’t see a donate button. Did I miss seeing it? So I was wondering what was the point of the site – surely not merely a repository for his musings.

      I still think the Pueblo DA wouldn’t have let him get away with keeping her photo posted at the old site. I wouldn’t be surprised if she complained to someone in Florida about Legion’s site being a public nuisance or some such shit. I’m thinking whoever made him take the old site down probably would have objected to a donate button at the new site too – with threats of fraud charges, and would have also scared away any of his cohorts too, with the exception of his Spoonmate of course – but he’s not under Florida’s jurisdiction.

      • Meesh says:

        Dennis and LTL,

        Yep, I agree on all counts that the “Unaffraid”Snooze site, went too far as we have been getting lots of views from Colorado and Florida authorities…this is what FatBoy has done in the past, he simply takes down the websites and then he’ll begin to deny what we have cross-posted…This time we’re prepared “Chubs” we have screenshots. You’re welcome Larry!

  21. Dennis says:

    Ohhh, Fat Boy has been peeking over here (from his FB site):

    “It must be pure hell and extremely saddening that a group of people who have been pushed into spending every day of their lives for six plus years attacking me and my friends & family, only to just barely be approaching 50,000 visitors with 3/4 of those being the sad little people who brag about doing big things while repeatedly falling flat on their face every time. Six plus years at barely 50000 compared to more than 8 million visits. Who is the epic failure again?”

    Pretty good talk a from a jackass who ran his Snooze site clean into the ground with fewer readers than a web site devoted to kitchen mold. BTW Fat Boy, your so-called 8 million (a figure that is open to debate) is from way back (like say 2008) when you had you brief 15 minutes of note. A weird amount of your fellow wing nutters actually think that you are dead. The others don’t much talk about you because you have pissed them off at one point or another. Heck, in some crazy way, we are about the only “fans” you got.

    And then you bad mouth us so…oh my. And can that crap about us attacking your “friends” and “family.” You are the only asshole who keeps attacking your family, which is why they won’t talk with you. As for “friends,” are you referring to that crazy creep SpoonHead who keeps coming over here sneaking around and who (until we booted him) kept launching a non-stop tirade of insane attacks against one and all on behalf of his precious widdle Larry? Man oh man, Lardo. You are getting pathetic.

    Besides, you crave attention, Fat Boy. We give you just what you want. So maybe you should thank us next time.

    • Meesh says:

      Oh yeah, he’s looking in big time…There’s this too from ‏@seeknmeann…

      “Perhaps those claiming to be regulating something might spend more time researching facts over fiction. Six plus yrs later & ur still idiots”

      • Dennis says:

        So instead of “fixing” his already “broken” new web site or even “finishing” his so-called new book, the idiot is spending his time bitching about us. Man, that vodka is kicking in early today. IT IS TIC-TAC TIME!!!!!

        • Meesh says:

          I told you, as in the past, once his websites are down…he posts this crap to make it appear what we’ve cross-posted are lies…it’s just a game with him, he thinks he can post all kinds of ridiculous/slanderous claims and get away with it by taking sites down with many excuses (except for the truth)…ain’t going to work this time around FatBoy. Are you scared? I sure hope so, you should be POS. Screenshots don’t lie.

          For all authorities looking in or anyone who has an axe to grind with Larry Sinclair, leave a message, we will keep it strictly confidential…Glad to help out to get this miserable POS stopped once and for all.

    • Meesh says:

      “Six plus years at barely 50000 compared to more than 8 million visits. Who is the epic failure again?”

      FatAss, get your stats straight…True to form ,once again the liar strikes again, TRT is barely 2years old and not 6 ….The RegulatorToo is our 4th site POS!!Do you want me to give the count to each site? Here at TRT the bulk of our readers got tired of —-> YOU.

      • Dennis says:

        And let’s remember that the big dope even went online to fake a suicide and still couldn’t get more than a few dozen viewers. He can’t even attract the death trolls and that is pretty bad.

        • Meesh says:

          We found that with FatAss, his views are not as high as he claims…with all of his sites he carries on with the previous number. With the Snooze site it debuted with over 7 million,the stat report is manipulated and edited by him.So it’s just a bunch of BULLSHIT.Keeping in mind, fraud has been his Number One Claim to Fame, and at that, he sucks at it too.Epic Fail.

  22. Meesh says:

    Next on his plan, he’ll start naming names to intimidate.We’re ready POS!

    • Dennis says:

      So you are telling me that the Mr. Nice Guy image he seemed to have been courting on the new web site is gone already. Didn’t really think it was going to last long. Based on the tear he’s on, something major is after him. The deranged attack mode is always his first response to “legal” issues.

      • Meesh says:

        Big meanie @seeknmeann …Mr. Nice Guy, since when? He’s proud of being the intimidating slime-ball that he’s known to be.

        • Dennis says:

          So he’s got himself a new Facebook account, a new web site and a new Twitter account. He is trying to hide from someone. Won’t work but he’s trying.

          • Meesh says:

            Yep, he’s on Google + too plus other social media sites…Epic Failure on all.

            “we work out a few of the kinks in the new site.”

            My guess,as of day ONE, the “we” is NOW back to FatAss and the Princesses in his fat head…
            Spoonhead flew the coop. Oh my!

  23. New owner of lsnewsgroup:

    Registrant Name: Harry Tsang
    Registrant Organization: STREAMLINEBUZZER NEWS GROUP
    Registrant Street: 15 South Orange AVE.
    Registrant City: Orlando
    Registrant State/Province: Florida
    Registrant Postal Code: 32801
    Registrant Country: United States
    Registrant Phone: +1.4075807392
    Registrant Phone Ext:
    Registrant Fax:
    Registrant Fax Ext:
    Registrant Email:
    Global rank 2,865,294 down 1,491,656

    We estimate the website value of is currently at $ 223 USD and reaches roughly 182 unique users each day that generate 305 daily pageviews with a daily revenue of $ 0 USD approximately. The Google page rank is 0/10 and according to Alexa (the Web Information Company) the global traffic rank is 2,865,294

    So a $223 valued site bought a $181 valued site. Wow!!!! 🙂

    Harry Tsang is the CEO/CTO for StreamlineBuzzer! Before starting Streamline Buzzer.
    Harry Tsang is the CEO/CTO for StreamlineBuzzer! Before starting Streamline Buzzer, he was a political operative who has worked for few presidential campaigns and numerous national recognized statewide political campaign in Florida as Youth Outreach Coordinator and Data Specialist. After retiring from the political scene, he became a freelance photographer and videographer.
    Politics, Business, Community Service.
    Favorite Music
    Pop, Covers, Classical, Country
    Favorite TV Shows
    The Newsroom, Colbert Report, Commander in Chief, 24, The West Wing, Glee, ….etc

    Harry, if you can’t find a copy of lsnewsgroup, I took a copy of it for my new book:
    When One Mentally ILL Man Lies Alone and Broke
    (The Truth about a Sick Dumb Delusional Career Con who belongs in Jail)

  24. Dennis says:

    I guess I stand corrected. He actually managed to sale that crappy site for the rough equivalent of lunch money and several bottles of good vodka. Not much more beyond that, but more than the site was worth.

  25. Dennis says:

    So we “sold” the snooze site url (for pennies) to an odd bunch of young GOP whipper snappers (I love the bit about how Harry Tsang is now retired from politics – this kid is like what, 20) and is now posting a fumbling “music” review of a recent release from right wing singer Dave Cahill. Yep, he is making one last desperate try at leeching himself into the wing nutter universe. Give it a month tops before all hell break loose.

    • I have to laugh picturing the Tsang Gang putting their heads and creative energies into making a buck off the Sinclair thing. I guess it might be worth a try, and fun too. But they have limited time and should be careful not to forget about their long term credibility.

      This is great!

      • Dennis says:

        Advise to Harry Tsang: Now that you are the semi-proud owner of LSNewsGroup (no news, no group, no nothing), you might want to re-brand. Call it something like LivingSingleNewsGroup, hot tips for young dating. Or even LivingShingleNewsGroup, news for people suffering from a bad round of shingles. Whatever. You need to re-brand like crazy. BTW, I realize that the money you paid for this URL is just chump change, but still…wouldn’t it have been cheaper to just start from scratch?

  26. Meesh says:

    Seems this Harry Tsang was involved with the Snooze site…(Photographer/Videographer) by the sounds of Dennis’ comment in February of 2013…FatAss met Tsang at CPac…I thought the name sounded familiar, it seems to me FatAss mentioned it in one of his posts…accompanied with a photo of TSang…he was included with their staff.

    Dennis says on 2013/02/21 at 9:06 pm

    Oh wow, Fat Boy’s got a new sucker “working” for the Snooze Group. Harry Tsang is a professional videographer (his main clients are all parts of the local GOP in that part of Florida). I’m sure he Jabba will hit it off just swell…Especially during those long and sweaty sessions at CPAC….Hey, Harry, make sure you have your own room. And what ever you do, don’t expect to get anywhere submitting a bill.

    Stinkliar Snooze STAFF (suckers)

    – M-W-F Column – By Thornton Parsons Contact

    – Articles, Reviews and Opinion – By Lynn Thomas Contact

    – The Politics of Health – By Dr. Gayle Eversole Contact

    – Original Political Cartoons & Commentary – By Dennis Patrick McCabe

    – Commentary and Economic News – By Solonsays Contact

    – Column – By Shanon Sinclair Contact

    – Politics & News – By Julio N. Rausseo Contact

    ***-Harry Tsang- Photographer/Videographer Contact

    Here’s Harry Tsang’s Facebook that FatAss connects with….unlike the other one we’ve posted.

    Harry H Tsang says: “creeper….lol”

    June 19 at 11:35am ..
    Larry Sinclairreplies: “Hey that’s what they do, they go on your page and send friend requests to all your friends but I have put a stop to that.”

    • Dennis says:

      Meesh, your memory is better than mine but yes, I was just stumbling back that way myself. So clearly this is an odd love fest within the twilight zone of the digital universe.

      • Meesh says:

        On FatAss’ StumbleUpon account he has a post about Tsang—->

        Republican Party of Florida Director of Communications Brian Hughes resigns just 2 weeks after RPOF staffer Rob Richmond of Orlando send Facebook threat to top Marco Rubio for Senate campaign volunteer Harry Tsang.

        • Dennis says:

          Yeah, I noticed that there were some court records or something along those lines. But hey, it’s Florida where the Everglades are littered with the remains of political aides and ballot boxes for Al Gore.

  27. Meesh says:

    We have another new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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