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Oh Boy! SSDI is finally off the hook!


Larry Sinclair is wantedSinclair Book Will No Longer Be Sold By Us  April 24, 2014      By Ass-ministrator 

“As readers are aware the rights to the book Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? were put up for sale on April 15, 2014. The rights to the book have in fact been sold by Sinclair and will no longer be sold on this website nor will Sinclair be selling the book through Amazon Kindle any longer effective May 1, 2014. The book will be offered in its Kindle version by the company who the rights have been assigned to and will be offered in the printed version under the new owners rights. Sinclair will continue to work on getting his second book, When One Man Stands out as quickly as possible.”



That’s exciting news for SSDI


“Disability beneficiaries’ earnings limits: If you work while receiving disability benefits, you must tell us about your earnings no matter how little you earn.”



– change in earned and unearned income, including a change in wages or net earnings from self–employment, your spouse’s income if you are married and living together, and parents income if applying for a child;
– change in resources …
– eligibility for other benefits or payments
– an unsatisfied felony arrest warrant for escape from custody, flight to avoid prosecution or confinement, or flight-escape;
– improvement in your medical condition;
– when you start or stop work, or have a change in pay or hours worked;

Because with the $20,000 or whatever he got for the book (nothing close to $20,000 or he found a real sucker), SSDI will get some financial relief – they won’t need to pay him for a while!

Royalties and payment for copyright have little to no cost of goods sold. In SicLiar’s situation, it’s very close to pure income.

After paying SicLiar to write the book, will SSDI now also have to pay a lawyer to defend him from a crime he’s evaded since before he was disabled? Rhetorical question when SickLiar is involved and left to his own deceptive devices and irrationality.

Since he’s been doing FOIA requests to find out our identities so he can make good on all his threats, maybe I should do a FOIA request on the SSA to get the answer to that question. You know, “what goes around, comes around” … or “Karma’s a Hungry Bottomed bitch”.frog-tipping-hat



Ok it’s Springtime and we’re STILL here…

Larry Sinclair

Meesh may be a bit busy so I’ve decided as her co-partner in this endeavor, to step in and continue where she left off…for now.

Larry Sinclair is pretty much obsolete but we still have fun watching him slide deeper into the abyss of nothingness.  There are also other weird characters that we look at from time to like that Taitz character and a few of the CPAC leftovers.

So, here’s a new look, a new post…have at it!


Dennis’ Teachable Moments

Hey Kids,

On August 4th when our Gilligan reminded us that it was your current 44th President’s 51st birthday, I just did not know what to post. He’s not my President, for I’m Canadian, however I wanted to post something very special in his honor.

Leave it to Larry Sinclair, I went to his  snooze site,  I was appalled at the newest post, how do you respond to that?! Wasn’t it last year, that he harassed your President by sending him an autographed copy of the book of lies? Well here in part is the post:

A Birthday Message To Barack Obama

August 4, 2012

“…So on this the 51st Birthday of Barack Obama we want to say:

When will you address the factual allegations made about you, your sexual encounters with other men and the truth about your drug use and when you actually stopped (if you have stopped) using drugs of any kind!

If we are to apply the same principles and rules to both sides then Sen. Harry Reid and David Axelrod along with the assistance of The Huffington Post, have made it a fair and equitable request to ask Barack Obama to prove the 2008 allegations against him are untrue. Sinclair News however would settle for Barack Obama standing before television cameras and publicly stating whether he confirms or denies the allegations.

After all, its been more than four years now since David Axelrod’s early 2008 statement that “we are going to connect him to the Clinton campaign,” and “we know who he is and we are going to destroy him,” with Axelrod and Obama failing miserably to do either.

In the words of David Axelrod and Harry Reid: If Obama wants to resolve the questions about his use of crack cocaine in 1999 and his engaging in sexual encounters with other men let Barack prove it didn’t happen. Or in the alternative, let Barack Obama publicly deny or maybe by some miracle confirm the allegations once and for all.”

What a sickening post, it sounds like it was written by Sinclair himself. However, once again Dennis came to my rescue. I managed to pull off these two comments from the previous thread. I hope you do not mind Dennis, but I felt this should be posted as a main post and also archived. This is what Dennis  had to say about the Snooze site’s latest post  garbage and the author lunatic Kathy Bryant.

Dennis says:

Meanwhile, the put-up-or-shut-up campaign continues at theHungry-Bottom-Anti-Gay News Site as Kathy Bryant (Lardo’s special name or something?)

Turns the Harry Reid/Mitt Romney tax fight into a story all about – yes, you guessed it, Fat Boy. So here is a quick teachable moment for Ms. Bryant:

1. At the core of the Reid/Romney fight is the fact that Romney claims to have his tax returns for the past ten years but he won’t release them. He is a private man – at least where his money is concerned. Reid says that a shareholder at Bain Capital (who has asked not to be named) told him that Romney basically didn’t pay taxes for a ten year time period.

At best, Reid’s claim is hearsay evidence and can only on its own have merit if and/or when his source is willing to go public directly. But the only person who can prove or disprove this claim is Mitt. They are his records. He does claim to have them. All he has to do is show them and then Reid would have to shut up. That means that Mitt is the one who has to put up. Not Reid. In fact, as long as Mitt refuses to put up, Reid will never really ever have to shut up. That is why this fight is still going on.

2. Fat Boy claims to have had a wild night of homo sex and drugs with Obama back in 1999. He has offered no evidence and no supporting eye witnesses. The few times (early on) that he has attempted to offer prove, it has either been bogus (his altered hotel choice point report) or he simply never produced anything (despite repeated claims to the contrary). Since it is his story, he really would need to present some kind of support evidence. In truth, he has never even proven that he was even in Chicago at the time. Since this story is his and his alone, he needs to offer proof. He has to put up (or maybe simply shut up). Obama doesn’t have to say or do anything. Besides, neither Obama nor anyone else can “prove” a negative. It is a one-sided claim with no evidence and Fatso’s demand that Obama should prove him wrong is nothing more than a two-bit schoolyard taunt from a nervous bully who wants to impress his “friends” (better known as suckers) while secretly hoping that the target of his taunt doesn’t hear him (after all, he might just get his clock cleaned or something).

But in this case, it is Fat Boy who has to put up or shut up. After all, even he has noted (at the end of his stupid little booklet) that only he was there….So come on Tubby, show me the evidence.

Note to Kathy Bryant
Let me make this even more clear (since I know you must be a stupid person or else you wouldn’t be hanging around with FatBoy). I will give you a counter-example of Lardo’s tale and show you where FatBoy screwed up.

Have I ever told you about my wild night of sexual passion with Maureen Dowd? Now, I can prove that she and I were both in Los Angeles on the same date, at the same hotel on the same morning and even had breakfast together. Not only can I prove that, but in a story she did for Premiere magazine, she indirectly alludes to all of this.

In reality, we both just happened to have been on a PR junket for the same movie and simply fell in together at the breakfast buffet (Maureen, I enjoyed chatting with you). But that is all. However, I could spin it in all kinds of ways. The tales would be wild and racy and total bullshit. But I can at least offer some illusions of “evidence.” Sure, the evidence is, at best, extremely misleading…but I have it.

Fat Boy can’t even make it up to this dubious level of bullshit. For a life long con artist (his criminal records speaks for itself) he is pretty lack luster in his techniques. Basically, he goes after the really dumb people – which refers back to my opening comment to you.

Thank you so much Dennis!

 Hoping you’re all enjoying your weekend.

What a very cute and charming President you have!

Happy Belated Birthday Mr.President!