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Lardo’s Year in review

on January 1, 2015

Larry sinclair failMan, was that 2014 a ball buster or what! First I had to deal with that dang arrest warrant in Colorado. Come on! It’s been years since I ripped anybody off in that state. So give me a break. Thank you Lord for the gift of witness intimidation. Once I made it clear to Carmen that I still had those naughty photos of the night I got her husband drunk and grabbed his ass…well, she was out of there and so too was the case. Oh sure, I got a bunch of lip from that silly female DA, but what the heck. Like they are going to threaten me with other charges? Ha! By the time I left town they were glad to see my backside.

Then my granny died. Crips! I kept threatening to kill her and never got the chance. Then I discover that I’m not in the will. OK, I never was in her will (guess all those death threats didn’t appeal to her or something). But come on, she was my granny too. So somebody better give me something. But nooooooo! All I got was a lot of trash talk. Sure, I was the one doing all of the trash talk but they all deserved it. My relatives should know better than to try and have a private conversation on Facebook.

Upside to 2014, finally unloaded some old and useless stuff. Got my buddy Spoonhead to buy the copyright to that waste of paper I churned out several years ago. Man oh man is that boy dumb. I told him that it will someday become an important historic document and he fell for it. Honest! Big slob couldn’t cut the check fast enough. Then I got my other buddy Harry to buy that digital wasteland of a snooze site. He’s not too bright either. Still thinks that Sen. Marco Polo will be president some day. Convinced Harry that the snooze site will someday be historically significant. Actually, I didn’t even bother to read the stupid thing. Mostly it was just Ilse ranting about some bee buzzing in her bonnet. Who cares. Besides, she kept bugging me about her “royalties” from that book that never went anywhere.

Discovered this new thing called crowdfunding. You just post some bogus stuff online and total strangers hand you money. I thought I would love it. Went for the swampland property racket and even “promised” tiny pieces of “land.” Sort of like fantasy baseball. Then I opened a bottle of vodka and kicked back to watch the money flow in. Nothing happened!

Some of those jerks over at the Regulator made some flack. So I sent Spoonhead after them. He’s pretty good at stinkin’ up the place. And he really had them on the rope. Those silly slimeballs kept using logic and reason and actual evidence. Big deal! Spoonhead played it cool. He just kept repeating the same stupid crap over and over again with only slight changes in the personal insults. No rime, no reason, no nuthin’. Just massive repeated postings. Enough to kill a horse. Then he insulted Jim Morrison and that crazy Canadian fish wife yanked his plug. Guess she is a big fan of Brown Eye Girl or some other Morrison tune. I don’t know anything about pop music. Heck, I just learned about Kiss a few years ago.

Figured I better give that crowdfunding thing another go.Can’t believe I had to fall back on the bogus book thing. I had promised a booklet called One Man Wanking about 3 or 5 or whatever years ago. Just horsing around, you know. But what the heck. Maybe I could score money by convincing people that I would actually write it if they paid me now for copies in “advance.” More flack from those bastards over at the Regulator. Good grief! They claim that I had stated that I had finished the damn book years ago…well, yeah, but, oh come on. Like they thought I was serious? They made me sooooo mad. So I told them, I had the dirt on each and every one of them. Heck, Spoonhead spends half of his waking hours over there and has been collecting information on all of them. For example, did you know that the guy who uses the name Dennis is really named Dennis? We were finally getting the real low down on these fiends. So I let them know that I was devoting a whole section of the book to exposing them. In fact, I was hoping that they would order copies to see what I might be saying about them. But no go. It’s as if the lousy stupid jerks just don’t care. The book racket doesn’t seem to be working this time.

Then I heard about something called eBay. You take your old crap and post it online and people will pay lots of money for it. Sweet Baby Jesus, what an idea. So I got my “art” collection all lined up. Posted photos and a bunch of wildly high prices. Opened another bottle of vodka and waited for the money to pour in. What the hey! I can’t even get anybody on that site to look at my stuff less alone make an offer. What does it take to make a buck around here? Must somehow be the fault of those turds at the Regulator. I’ll add it to the “book.” Heck, it’s not as if that thing is ever going to see the light of day.

140 responses to “Lardo’s Year in review

  1. Dennis says:

    Thanks Meesh. I love the photo you used.

  2. Nice post Dennis.

    Happy New Year folks! 🙂

    Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair
    December 31, 2014 at 4:06pm ·

    I’m participating in a “Pay it Forward” initiative: The first five people who comment on this status with “I’m in”, will receive a surprise from me at some point during 2015 – anything from a book, a ticket, a postcard, etc. I will give no warning, and it will happen when the mood comes over me and I find something that I believe would suit you and make you happy.
    These five people must make the same offer on their Facebook statuses. Once my first five have commented with “I’m in,” I will forward this message to you privately, so that you can copy and paste it and put it on your status. (Don’t share it.). Then we can form a connection of kindness.
    Let’s do more nice and loving things in the coming year without any other reason than to make each other smile and show that we think of each other. Here’s to a more enjoyable, friendly, and love-filled year! Happy 2015!

    How about a “Pay it Back” initiative for all the folks he’s ripped off, including those who put money down on his book nearly three years ago?

    • Dennis says:

      These type of chain letter posts are very common on Facebook, but the way he is sitting it up is kind of weird. There really shouldn’t be any reason why he might need to send them the message “privately” with special instructions on how to cut n paste. Unless they are all like total idiots or something. Also his don’t share it instruction is odd. Leave it to Fat Boy to claim an act of “charity” in a very weird and creepy way.

      • Virginia Rhodes

        I’m in!!!!

        December 31, 2014 at 6:46pm

        Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair

        still looking for four more people on this one. I got my five on my private personal FB page.

        January 1 at 7:21pm

        “The author” has only attracted one after three days? Uh-oh, another major fail.

        Proof positive that he has become completely irrelevant.

        How can one hope to sell books when he can’t even get his fans to signup for a postcard or a free book?

        Time to rent a limo and start stalking Jeb Bush!

        • Dennis says:

          Yeah I have noticed that as well. Low effort and extremely low reward. So the King of the Epic Fail is off to a great start for 2015. May have to take another crack at GoFundMe and when that fails, a long torrid tale about his wild night of blow ‘n go with Jeb.

          • Oh, and kind of like the bidder BS we saw, I expect some backfill scrambling to attempt to cover the embarrassment after he’s read this.

            I guess the historical significance for Spoonhead is his partner is securing himself as one of the biggest pathetic losers in history.

  3. Dennis says:

    OK, found more info on this latest stunt from Fat Boy (Share It Forward: How 1 Facebook Status Spread Across the World It basically started as a social media experiment and then became a pretty harmless expression of good wishes (though often with a low rate of anything actually being done) and has, sometimes, been used as a possible pyramid scam

    In Lardo’s case, none of this matters since it will be his first fail of the new year.

  4. Where's the Book, Larry? says:

    “The author” has only attracted one “Share It Forward” after eight days? Definitely, another major, major fail. A pyramid scam requires a lot more than one.

    He offers his fans a shot at a free book (that he’s been promising for nearly three years). Only one signs up? Reason: he doesn’t have a following. Stick a fork into him. He’s done.

    • Dennis says:

      As I previously noted, first epic fail of 2015. Can’t wait to see what his next jackass scam will be. Maybe he will go for the Dial-a-Psychic routine? Call himself Madam Sybil.

  5. Dennis says:

    Gee, a must read blog piece for Fat Boy and his few friends:
    Dear Obama Hater – You Just Wasted A Decade Of Your Life

    Especially the following comment: ” Just think of what you could have accomplished if you hadn’t wasted all that time….you could have written a book….”

  6. Dennis says:

    Oh boy, an update from LardoLand! He’s been busy. Oh yeah. Real busy putting the new book together (cut and paste?) and, you know, life gets in the way sometimes. After all, he only supposedly finished the damn thing over 3 friggin’ years ago so come on already, like what, you except a lousy book or something? Besides, he is having to move (again) because…because his art collection has grown so vast (guess none of that crap is selling on eBay). So he is getting ready to move into a 3 bedroom house (which is odd for a guy who also keeps claiming to be stony broke and constantly trying to pan handle online). But first, he has to do some major renovations because, well gee, he is such a handyman (or is that handyman’s delight). Yep, more nonsense from the clown prince of bs and gibberish. So read it if you dare. You may burst your bladder from laughing so hard.

    “With the New Year here so many have emailed me asking what I am up to, so I wanted to give a quick update here and will be posting more on the website soon.

    The book When One Man Stands is still being put together, sometimes life gets in the way of even the best laid plans. But it will be released in the near future for sure.

    I am currently making the arrangements necessary for moving, as I am at 53 years old finally setting my roots (feet) a little deeper into a foundation that will have me settled down more than I have ever been in my life. That move involves some very extensive renovations that I have been completely dedicated to and hopefully will have completed by the end of this month.

    The truth of the matter is my art collection has grown bigger than the wall space I currently have in the apartment so I committed to moving into a 3 bedroom house which gives me so much more wall space to hang things! lol It also comes with a lot of work to do.

    If all goes as planned I hope to have a more detailed post on the website by the end of this week.”

    • Where's the Book, Larry? says:

      So when he couldn’t sell any of his shit art collection on Ebay,
      he decides to move his “BIG art collection” paid for by SSDI proceeds into a 3 bedroom house?

      Do I smell a replay of the 1999 Colorado “hey police, my house got ripped off for thousands in insured goods” scam?

      Stay tuned …

  7. Dennis says:

    Finally, proof that Reggie Love and Obama were lovers from Love’s upcoming book:
    I remember the most peremptory of knocks, the sound of his voice talking even as he walked in. … He was charged up, going a mile a minute.

    “Hey, Reggie, we need to go over the schedule” – at which point the senator finally noticed my friend in bed, covers pulled to her throat, mortified.

    “Oh,” he said. “I apologize.” Then he turned around and hurried out.

    “Was that?” she asked, face red.

    “Senator Barack Obama,” I said sheepishly.

    Yes, only a gay guy would walk in on another gay guy while that gay guy was in bed with a woman. Unless maybe neither one of them are gay in which case certain wing nutters are full of you know what…but is that possible? Like maybe Fat Boy has been lying all this time because he is just a pathetic creep of a con man who went for some fast dough from the suckers and now has himself hopelessly boxed in with a discredited and increasingly pointless and non-profitable scam that only plays to complete and total losers like SpoonHead?

  8. Where's the Book, Larry? says:

    One other housekeeping note:

    His “Pay it Forward” pitch of Dec 31st resulted in only one person signing up after three weeks for a chance to get a free book.

    “So many have emailed me asking what I am up to” but only one would sign up …. meaning very few really emailed him.

    Another massive failure.

    • Dennis says:

      Granted, from a marketing viewpoint the new book idea is completely screwed. At this point, everything strongly suggests that he has no audience, he has no readers, and has no public awareness beyond an occasional mention by some tea party birther nutjob and they still refer to him as that guy (often, they can’t recall the name) who back in 2008 claimed blah blah blah….. So even in those circles, he is a minor footnote. No wonder he keeps threatening us. These threats are just a desperate attempt to get somebody (that is us) to even buy this stupid non-book. My oh my, how the mighty (jackass) has fallen.

  9. tjtaygee says:

    Just dropping in to say, quickly & briefly, that liar-larr has become hte 5n00z3.

    Boring. Long-since irrelevant. And as I expected, this day comes not with an urge for celebration, but a mere Admiral Ackbar Sigh. As it should be.

  10. Dennis says:

    That promised update at “the end of the week” is way over due. Perhaps he is waiting for us to write it for him. “Update: Nothing is going on. I am a total failure who has cast shame upon my family name for generations to come with my repeated lies and scamming ways. Otherwise, same old, same old. It’s all the fault of those people at the Regulator any way, so what do I care. Now go away. I’m selling “art” over here. If that fails, maybe I can sell the “advance” copyright to the new “book” to Spoonhead for a few bucks. That idiot will fall for anything.

  11. Dennis says:

    Nothing but crickets chirping over at Fat Boy’s house. No updates, no nuthin’. Book? He don’t have to show you no stinkin’ book. Now try to pay that forward, if you know what I mean.

  12. I think Feb 22, 2012 is the date he made his first promise to deliver WOMS book. We’re coming up on a three year anniversary for that broken promise …

    • Dennis says:

      I was wondering since I knew we had to be coming up to this major “anniversary.” Gee, 3 long years of nothing. Oh sure, the occasional weird excuses (remember the epic long reformatting tale) and crazy insults and accusations with brief bouts of looney tune behavior and every so often an arrest here or there. But basically nothing. Heck, he can’t even get it together to give his faithful followers (about a count of 2 – I am excluding the various alter egos in drag of Fat Boy’s) a lousy update. I assume he is busy plotting his next great money-making scheme. May involve selling tube socks on street corners.

  13. Dennis says:

    It has now been an entire month of no Fat Boy. Also, 3 solid years of no new book. Add in the nearly 7 years of no proof and/or evidence. Round it all up with a lifetime of no merit or worth. Multiple all of that and do you have…..Lardo.

    Meanwhile, the new web site (which replaced the losing web site that he ran into the ground) contains only the sound of…

  14. Dennis says:

    As we wait for the next round of excuses about the book When One Man Poops His Pants, it is time to re-evaluate the works of:


    In the early days of the digital revolution in cinema, a handful of major figures emerged as the pioneers in online filmmaking. One such figure was a man named Larry Sinclair, who created a body of work that favorably compares to such cinematic masters as Ed Wood and Jesus Franco.

    Beginning in early 2008 with Sinclair’s explosive entry on the digital scene, he created a series of experimental pieces that challenged the viewers perception of truth, reality, common sense, and legal terminology. He repeatedly brought to question our normative standards of rational discourse while rejecting all forms of socially accepted behavior. If the key to avant-garde and experimental media is the act of disruption, then he was a master since he was continuously disruptive even to the point of constantly disrupting himself in weird and highly improvised tirades and droll exercises in illogical rants designed to cast the performer (himself) in a complex web of self-induced contradictions and outright fraudulent claims in order to demonstrate the weak foundations of our society. After all, how could a sane social order have wasted two seconds with some one this full of it. That is when the viewer comprehends the true focus of his art.

    His first digital production (“I Blew Obama”) was a sensation. Done in a simple style mocking the structure of cinema verite, the movie presented the star as an inbred and goofy looking cracker with a totally bizarre tale of sex and drugs completely contradicted by his utterly unappealing appearance. His willingness to invoke the physical presence of Larry the Cable Guy was a mocking reminder of the artist’s fondness for “borrowings” from the lower realms of pop culture. The sordid tale was delivered in a nasal tone and whiny voice which became a trademark of his singular acting style. His flat vocie was an ironic statement on our need to have drama as he made the wildest claims in a voice that seemed oddly distracted (cue cards, perhaps).

    This was followed by the sequel production of “I Blew Obama So Give Me Money.” At this point, he began his first experiment in the combining of video and text as he masterfully parodied the process of a donation drive. Claiming to have a brain tumor and only a few months to live, he insisted that he needed money to carry on his efforts to something that, as he described it, made no sense. Likewise, he brilliantly presented a donation pitch that, when read carefully, basically stated “I need money so send it, suckers.” Never before has the bogus donation process ever been presented in such a clear and cruel form, exposing the way media manipulates people into a false process of “charity” and “giving” that is often used by various agencies for their own profit. It was a stunning critique of the process, unforgiving in its insights.

    This led to his most complex and daring production, “The Press Conference.” Essentially a two-person performance, “The Press Conference” became an attempt at improvisation between him and the always funny Montgomery Silby, chief jester of the court. It was an odd mismatch since Silby decided to perform in drag while claiming to need a kilt in order to comfort his huge manly parts (clearly basing his role on early John Cleese) while Sinclair continued in his usual monotone presentation where he would say the most ridiculous things while acting incredulous that nobody believed him. The conclusion of this performance (in which he was arrested and led out in handcuffs) seemed more like an after thought than a clearly intended statement. It was almost as if the artist forgot something and had to wrap it up quickly in an unusual dramatic manner.

    “The Press Conference” was the end of the first phase of Sinclair’s artistic career. He took a brief break from his work (posing as a prisoner in Delaware) and then preceded to experiment with digital broadcasting. He began to post tapes that were designed as direct addresses to the president and his family, playing with the deliriously ironic concept that his mere access to the internet gave him equal footing with the most powerful man on earth, thereby reducing the social/political structure to its most absurd level. His “Halloween” performance was his most complicated of this series. Wearing an Obama mask and pretending to directly address the daughters of the First Family, he conducted a powerful performance of a gay-hating gay man making crazy gay statements about a straight man for no other reason than because he had a web cam. It was a brilliant presentation of the key contradictions of the digital age in which a total loon could play and pretend to be anything he wants to be and expect to hold the world hostage as his audience.

    Unfortunately, his work turned intensely introspective after this point. His “Film Noir” series was bold in some ways. This series of short pieces done with diminishing light values (making the latter productions hard to clearly watch) with the footage progressed from color to black and white (thereby referencing the old noir style) presented the performer as a deeply disturbed man turning on his own followers and enablers with a continuous line of how they didn’t love him enough because they were not giving him money. Increasingly, he makes it sound as if he is threatening to commit suicide. Ironically, he then mocks his viewers for putting their wrong headed interpretations to his word, thereby creating the defense that he isn’t threatening suicide. Then he lowers the lights even more until he becomes an angry and mocking voice in near darkness, basically telling his followers to go fuck themselves. Without their money, there is no love. A stunning exposure of society’s false values.

    Unfortunately, the concluding part of this series (“Bogus Suicide”) was bound to disappoint. Reverting back to his old style, the production was done in a single shot with the artist delivering a short monologue based upon the art of misdirection. In a flat and totally non-dramatic voice, he gives the “impression” of a man either planning to kill himself or simply taking his nightly meds. He makes no statements that in any way suggests suicide, he merely implies it while palming something (or maybe nothing) in his hands. Then, he reaches over and turns off the camera in a sharp reminder that it is simply theater.

    The epilogue to this film (which was unfortunately performed off camera) was the least interesting of his work. “The Resurrection” was a highly implausible parody of the soap opera genre and its attempt at creating a black comedy version of “The Snake Pit” largely failed in its West Virginia try out.

    Afterwards, Sinclair began moving away from digital production. Increasingly, he worked at spoofing the news site genre but never seemed to have his interest truly invested in the project. His last major production, however, would be his masterpiece. “The Thanksgiving Dinner” was a stunning feature-length presentation on the utter futility of life and meaning. A small collection of people gather for their annual celebration. They are largely old and full of life’s disappointments. A few are half out of it and ramble incoherently through the whole meal. They are all object of unspoken resentments and deep, life long agonies that they will never recognize nor express. It is life in the raw, completely without meaning or purpose. Not since the book “Nausea” has the existential dilemma ever been so nakedly expressed.

    In recent years, the artist has retreated to a more private life, only occasionally surfacing for public comments (mostly expressions of resentment and bitterness). In his disappointment, he has attempted to hide much of his work though a few private collectors have retained copies. But Sinclair’s early work in digital cinema remains one of the cornerstones of modern wing nutter cinema.

  15. kstreet607 says:

    Hi everyone…off topic: Has anyone heard from LTL? (LongTimeLurker). It’s been a while since he posted…I hope he’s well…and just taking a break.

    Carry on guys…love what you’re doing…and your continued stamina. (I just can’t…)

    • Dennis says:

      Good question. It’s been awhile. Of course the curse of Lardo has been putting most of us under and many folks have wandered off from the sheer boredom of watching Fat Boy snooze. Even Meesh has been absent a lot lately. Hopefully LTL is alive and well.

  16. Dennis says:

    For what it is worth (which ain’t much), an update from Lardo land. He is just sooo busy renovating his new house he just doesn’t have time to do anything else. So he is busy doing work he isn’t qualified for with a house he doesn’t have the money for while stalling on a book that doesn’t exist so he can finally settle in to his life of comfort with his “art” collection that nobody will touch. So once again we must ask the question: Where is he getting this money? I seem to recall he spent most of 2014 begging for dimes every which way and not getting anywhere with his various harebrained schemes and now he’s daddy warbucks.

    • Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair
      February 14 at 7:34pm ·

      I have been MIA for a while and wanted to let everyone know why. I have been very active in renovating a new home that I am living in while doing the work. I will post more in the very near future. This project has taken every second of my time and every ounce of my energy.

      “Founder & Editor of Sinclair News-LS News Group, Author, Publisher, Investigative Journalist, Photo-Journalist” (quote from his Facebook page) can now add the physical ability of 16 hr per day house renovator to his monthly SSDI claims!

      • Dennis says:

        Hey, he got at least 3 likes with this post (at least one of which may not even be him). So obviously people like the idea of him keeping his fat mouth shut.

        • Remind me to call crime stoppers in a few days. I feel a major art theft (of shit he can’t give away on Ebay) insurance claim coming at LaRye’s new glory hole.

          Only four more book shopping days until the 3 year anniversary of his WOMS announcement!! 🙂

          • Dennis says:

            You mean When One Man Can’t Find the On Button to His Laptop? Or is it When One Man Gets a Rude Wake Up Call by EMTs While Passed Out Drunk and Naked in a Casino Hotel?

  17. When One Man Stands = When One Man SCAMS

    Advance Orders-Reservations Now Being Accepted For When One Man Stands
    February 22, 2012
    By Editor

    Sinclair News is proud to announce the offering of 1000 signed/numbered advance copies of Larry Sinclair’s new book When One Man Stands to be shipped in June 2012, ninety days before the book goes on sale to the public on September 18, 2012.

    Happy Anniversary!!! He’s now entering his fourth year since first promising to publish this book, collecting money for it and NEVER delivering!!

    “When One Man SCAMS” was the right title all along.

  18. Dennis says:

    4 years ago he was accepting advance order for book that he claims was ready to be published. Then Spring of 2012, claims to have material that needs to be reformatted for book. From summer of 2012 to fall of 2013, claims to be reformatting book. Winter of 2014, too busy to do anything because of Colorado arrest. Summer of 2014, too busy trying to beg for money of GoFundMe while fighting with every female member of his family in hopes of scoring something out of grannie’s estate. Fall of 2014, suddenly announced that the book (which was ready in 2012) is now being edited. Also claims that he is still writing parts of it (the sections where he threatens everybody over here). Winter of 2015, too busy building houses and trying to sell crap on eBay. Coming soon, reformatting part deux.

    • One of my favs was his Dec 2012 Colorado FOIA request, still trying to gather material for the book (because that request was dealing with June 2008 time frame), six months after he’d promised the book on this would already be published and also in the wake of his promise that he wouldn’t hold up the publishing waiting on FOIA requests (unknown to his readers, he hadn’t even written some of his FOIA requests yet …).

      He’s a fooking liar.

  19. Dennis says:

    Obviously, Lardo will need help coming up with the next round of excuses. So this video will be useful to the fat jerk (though he has already used a few of these tall tales).

    • How about :

      “I left the manuscript in the back of the Limo! I can produce the limo driver to prove it to you if you click my Paypal button.” ( … haven’t tried that one in a while … )


      “I’m proud to announce the offering of 1000 signed/numbered advance copies of Larry Sinclair’s new, new book When One Man Stands Again to be shipped in June 2015, ninety days before the book goes on sale to the public on September 18, 2015.”


      “Maxine ate the manuscript before she died.” (what do you think killed her?)


      “The manuscript was stolen with my precious Ebay art. The insurance company will really have to pay now – more than they did in Colorado in 1999!!”


      “What book?”

      Add your own as you know it’s coming … 🙂

      • Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair
        17 hrs ago

        In the past two and a half months I have been extremely busy becoming an electrician, plumber, carpenter, brick layer, drywall hanger and landscaper all in one. I will post both before and after photos shortly of what I find to be some of my proudest work yet.

        Isn’t that wonderful. I’ll have to send that along to SSDI so they can finally get some relief from this chronic moocher!!

  20. Dennis says:

    Yeah, he is a lumber, electrician, brick layer etc etc. All jobs that he has no background in and that involves physical labor despite his chronic back pain and numerous nervous disorders and spinal problems and an arm that he can barely move and legs that he can barely stand on half the time etc etc. Guess it goes with the house he can’t afford and the massive remodeling he doesn’t have money for all because of his complete lack of any source of possible (or at least legal) income etc etc. I suppose it is possible that he had some dough from his drug dealing days he was still able to tap into, though it always sounded as if he largely snorted most of that up his nose. Otherwise, the do it yourself contractor tale is a load of bull and the money question is a great mystery.

  21. Dennis says:
    MARCH 5, 2015 AT 5:04 PM

    Yeah, he is a lumber, electrician, brick layer etc etc. All jobs that he has no background in and that involves physical labor despite his chronic back pain and numerous nervous disorders and spinal problems and an arm that he can barely move and legs that he can barely stand on half the time etc etc. Guess it goes with the house he can’t afford and the massive remodeling he doesn’t have money for all because of his complete lack of any source of possible (or at least legal) income etc etc. I suppose it is possible that he had some dough from his drug dealing days he was still able to tap into, though it always sounded as if he largely snorted most of that up his nose. Otherwise, the do it yourself contractor tale is a load of bull and the money question is a great mystery.

    Do the math. He’s got $omething el$e going on. That’s very likely why he’s been so quiet online. His criminal history would suggest it may well not be legal. Time will tell.

  22. Dennis says:

    Newest chart from Mother Jones of Obama conspiracy theories

    Notice that while there is still a reference to the gay orgy and murder cover-up, Lardo’s name is no longer included. It must be part of the vast conspiracy……It’s pretty bad when you are no longer needed for your own racket.

  23. He’s trying to peddle someone’s Kirman Rug on Facebook. A rug cleaning company appraises it at $7,500. Peddling asking price: $4,500. If it’s really worth $7,500, why wouldn’t the rug cleaning company pick it up for nearly half price? Answer: because it isn’t worth anywhere close to $7,500. Another scam of sorts.

    I see lsnewsgroup site valuation fell to a mighty $28 … lol 🙂
    larrysinclaircom site isn’t doing much better at $61

    Sinclair News – LS News Group
    August 3, 2014 ·
    Sinclair News is under reconstruction right now! We will be back within few days! ~Harry

    Site is still dead. Just more BS from the career con man.

    And let’s recap once again about the book:

    February 2012

    “Sinclair News is proud to announce the offering of 1000 signed/numbered advance copies of Larry Sinclair’s new book When One Man Stands to be shipped in June 2012, ninety days before the book goes on sale to the public on September 18, 2012.”

    October 2012

    “When One Man Stands will be released on October 23, 2012 with or without the documents requested via a FOIA request with DHS and SSA.”

    August 18, 2013
    “The original release date for When One Man Stands was supposed to be in September 2012 and after Department of Homeland Security chose to comply with our FOIA request after that date we tried to get the book out in October 2012. After multiple delays resulting from both Federal and State agencies dragging their feet in complying with FOIA request as well as corrupted print files that we have spent the past six months on repairing we can proudly say the book will release on September 26, 2013″.

    SickLiar said in early September, 2014
    (after many other missed promised dates going back to June 2012):

    “When One Man Stands will be completed and in the hands of those who pre-ordered it and who reserved a signed/numbered copy of it by the end of the month if it kills me.”

    More than three years later, still no book and he’s still alive (“by the end of the month (September) if it kills me!”)


    The website is expected to be earning an estimated $0 USD on a daily basis. The sale of would possibly be worth only the registration fee for the domain name (approximately $10 USD). According to our google pagerank analysis, the url currently has a pagerank of 4/10. Our records indicate that receives an estimated 0 unique visitors each day – this website is not very popular.

    lol 🙂


    Account suspended
    The profile you are trying to view has been suspended.

    One of SickLiar’s twitter accounts has been suspended (has been that way for a while). Don’t know why.

  26. Dennis says:

    The one Twitter account may have been suspended due to the sloppy way he keeps trying to hook up various automated systems to his social media accounts. As for the low valuation of his web presence…the bum ain’t making a buck in any discernible manner. Yet he is currently “buying” a house and “remodeling” it? Unless money grows on trees where he lives, how is he getting the dough for this crap?

  27. Rock bottom:

    We estimate the website value of is currently at $ 0 USD and reaches roughly 0 unique users each day that generate 0 daily pageviews with a daily revenue (from advertisements) of $ 0 USD approximately.

    We estimate the website value of is currently at $ 0 USD and reaches roughly 0 unique users each day that generate 0 daily pageviews with a daily revenue (from advertisements) of $ 0 USD approximately.

    We estimate the website value of is currently at $ 0 USD and reaches roughly 0 unique users each day that generate 0 daily pageviews with a daily revenue (from advertisements) of $ 0 USD approximately.

    Anybody want to buy some websites really cheap?

    They’re totally dead.

    LOL 🙂

  28. Dennis says:

    It doesn’t matter. In a recent update, Fat Boy explains that he is leaving the sordid field of politics. Yep, he is hanging up his political glasses and devoting himself to remodeling his stucco house in Cocoa Florida. Then he rattles on some about how he got the place with a story that makes no flipping sense and mostly sounds to me as if he scored a cut of somebody’s estate or something. Then some bull about the $75,000 it is taking to rehab the place but oh, it is money (that he oddly enough isn’t suppose to have) that is well spent. Then some crap about his need to beautiful thoughts blah blah blah. Before you ask, what about the book? What book? Now go away.

    Basically, he sounds done. Over. Kaput. Finished. Through. So I guess we can just play this tune for Lardo, the once and future pig

  29. Dennis says:
    MARCH 31, 2015 AT 11:45 PM

    Before you ask, what about the book? What book? Now go away.

    Basically, he sounds done. Over. Kaput. Finished. Through.

    But, but, but …. he did provide a release date for the “second” book:

    May 26, 2015

    We know what it means when La-Rye provides a release date …

    lol 🙂

  30. Dennis says:

    I just assume that the May 26 date doesn’t include the “delays” that will be caused by the remaining work he will be doing “single-handedly” even though his hands are numb and his legs are numb and his brain is….yep, he is just working himself to death. So I have a funny feeling that the new book release date is a tad premature. Besides, I seem to have the impression that the release date was recently tagged in and wasn’t part of the original posting. It does get confusing when you are simply making it up as you go along…..

  31. Let’s look at the chronic liar’s original delivery promise (originally made on his dead website) to assess this latest promised release date for his book that doesn’t exist:

    (click above screen shot of website to enlarge)

    Advance Orders-Reservations Now Being Accepted For When One Man Stands
    February 22, 2012
    By Editor

    Sinclair News is proud to announce the offering of 1000 signed/numbered advance copies of Larry Sinclair’s new book When One Man Stands to be shipped in June 2012, ninety days before the book goes on sale to the public on September 18, 2012.

    We’re starting to flirt with the territory where it’s taking him longer to write about what happened prior to Feb 2012 than it did to actually live it. Think about that.

    As of June, 2015, the delivery of the book will be three years overdue. Not that that will be a shock. We’ll never see it because there are no buyers – virtually nobody following him anymore.

    As we’ve said several times, he’s been done for sometime. He’s too stooopid to figure that out so we’ll just keep reminding him. 🙂

  32. tjtaygee says:

    Or, put another way, he finally found a successful scam that doesn’t require a nationwide/international con.

    While I have no reason to believe his claims or current largess, nor that anything he has he has obtained ethically, there is some sort of success involved in his mind if it has distracted him from the windmill tilting against anyone who disbelieved him.

    The “i blew obama” scam is over – until his current scam runs out on him, anyway…

  33. We predicted this – that he would have to go back to scamming money using his past ways. It’s not that big of a departure. His Obama scam was a fraud and so were many of his petty forgery/fraud crimes before. So it’s not a big change – it’s actually quite consistent.

    And when you think about it, because he’s always been a stupid con man (habitually getting caught and going to prison), it’s probably just a matter of time before history repeats itself. With the end of this Obama scam, as he crawls away to his petty scams, he’s arguably a step closer to prison.

    With all this attention his site is getting (0 visitors), I wonder how Ken Olsen’s movie is coming ..
    🙂 lol

    Maybe Ken should start a movie on this part of his own life: The Fool and His Money Are Soon Parted. That would have more “historical significance” than the con man ever will.

  34. Dennis says:

    When that pizza parlor in Indiana scored all that money on GoFundMe, I just knew that Fat Boy had to be aching to find a way into this racket. Yep, he has posted his Easter message in which he completely screws up every detail, rattles on about how he doesn’t feel that the government should be involved in determining rights regarding marriage and basically splits so many hairs that he solely succeeds in making no sense whatsoever about anything. But by gum, he is getting into this money-making issue come hell or high-water. Crowdfunding may be right around the corner.

  35. This is such a waste of time but fyi

    3 new videos of his renovation project (on a LS NewsGroup youtube page)

    using LS NewGroup ??? twitter to get them “out there”

    LS Newsgroup now claims to be located in Orlando, Florida according to it’s twitter account
    but at the dead Facebook site, it says he’s in Holly Hill, FL

    This site says he lives in Cocoa, FL (old, old address)

    Hard to keep up with our SSDI vagrant …

  36. Dennis says:

    Now he is posting a quick and pretty pointless piece about Hillary Clinton and Julian Castro. Minor and largely pointless. But he now thinks he is back in his “political reporting” mode. Oh boy. Got some guy on Facebook with a comment even more incoherent than most of Fat Boy’s stuff but I kind of like the utterly slippery (by accident I assume) comment: “anybody that doesn’t read what you write needs too thank you.” Yes sir, some of us must thank Lardo everyday for not reading the crap he writes…..

  37. Indeed Dennis.

    This is classic Branch Larridian logic and style:

    Scott R Mandelbaum
    April 9 at 5:50pm

    “anybody that doesn’t read what you write needs too thank you”

    Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

    Larry SickLiar June 18, 2008 Press Conference to media

    “Well, to be honest with you, it’s not so much as to whether you believe me or not, as much as you hear me.”

    I wonder if any bullshit detectors didn’t go off at the press conference when that driveled out of his mouth as his kilted, suspended lawyer claiming to have a big dick gazed on.

    His dead websites are proof of how wrong he was.


    8 months ago

    Defunct LS NewsGroup is down 4 followers

    His facebook likes/followers are not materially growing and are in the low hundreds

    Since December, he’s hardly done any posts, videos, radio shows, etc.

    About half his sales ranks on Amazon seem to be hitting or near record lows

    The suspense of him missing his 15th? (lost count) release date of May 26, 2015 is killing me!!

  39. Dennis says:

    Ironically, on May 26 in 1897 the novel Dracula first went on sale in London. Coincidence? I think not. Once again the evil Lardo threatens to slither out from his shadowy world with his need to suck the wallets of the living.

  40. Dennis says:

    Oh boy, Asshole is back sharing his insights on his blog as he claims that black lives don’t matter because of one teenage would be rapper who devotes his web site to what sounds pretty much like average hip hop whatever. Yep, he is getting back in touch with his overt racism and head-up-his-butt drivel while attempting to divert national conversation about real issues with a pile of irrelevant misrepresentations, false statements, hysterical rants and bogus self-righteous posturing. In other words, Fat Boy is getting back in touch with his inner slime.

  41. Dennis says:

    As we wait for the book (again – oh what fools we mortals be) took a little spin around Lardo’s new neighborhood (online spin). Let’s see, he got himself a run down little piece of trash heaven for a pretty low, low price in an economically depressed subdivision in a town with a high unemployment rate (7.1%), low education rate, low annual income, high crime rate, largely made up of single-head of household families, largely white (63%), and the Kel-Tec gun factory is the major business. Oh wee! I can almost hear the banjo music playing now. Sound as if the old trailer park would actually have been a move up.

  42. Dennis says:

    Now Fat Boy is jumping all over the recent admission by Obama that we killed three American citizens in a drone strike. OK, let;s first set a few things straight. 1. Personally, I have some major problems with the drone attack thing. So I am a major non-fan of this crap. @. Two of the “Americans” were agents of Al-Quaida and the other was a hostage whose family already had paid the ransom only to be told that they had to pay more (in other words, dead meat being used as money bait). 2. Drones really can’t make a clear distinction. One reason why I am not a fan of this program. 3. Two of the Americans were already wanted for treason (a capital offense) and to be honest, as much as I do not like the drone program, I am not too upset with their demise. 4. I can’t help but remember that Fat Boy has previously penned numerous blogs defending the Taliban and it seems as if he is more “comfortable” with their “program” than he is with Western values (just an observation based upon following his shit over many years – I think we might indeed have the copies of these now “vanished” posts). 5. Does he have a point? Seriously. It appears that he is upset that we have killed some people. Oh, really? He has (we have the posts, asshole) previously made death threats against the president and various other people (including some folks at this site).

    So WHEN DID HE GET SO “HIGH MINDED”? Oh, yeah. When he needed money. Want to make some more death threats, Lardo? Most people over here are tired of dealing with you and your usual, predictable crap. But who knows. You could reinvigorate us?

  43. Dennis says:

    Give me a break. Now Mr. Hungry Bottom is posting a long rambling diatribe against the “gay agenda” and how it is attacking the nation’s Christian values. Yep, the same guy who back in the days used his job with a “Christian” shipping company to sit up an inter-state drug ring. The nit wit who was caught posting wildly lurid personal ads on a gay web site. The fine born-againer who way back in the days changed his name and flirted with Islam only because he thought some Iranian guy looked cute (one of many moments with Fat Boy that makes no dang sense no matter how you look at it). The same fine and forgiving fella whose history is littered with numerous personal attacks, physical threats, death threats and just plain annoying attacks via phone, e-mail, and smoke signals until – in a few cases such as a previous land lady – big Mike shows up and has a “frank” discussion with him. The list goes on and on and on from his crap trap house in Florida all the way to the frozen Gates of Hell.

  44. Almost nobody is reading this mentally sick loser. It’s nonsensical, verbal diarrhea. Won’t waste my time on his disturbed point of view.

    And yes, I remember his attempt to try to get the Taliban to help him get his BS about Obama in the mainstream media … another in his long string of failures.

    It’s like the Watergate line: “follow the money” When he runs short, that’s when to watch what he’s up to.

  45. Dennis says:

    News flash from the Beating-A-Dead-Unicorn site: Asshole is now trying to sale the last 25 copies of his crappy stupid old stroke book. Autograph copies for $500. Oh come on! Last I heard, he wasn’t even suppose to “own” the damn thing (Hey Spoonhead – did you just wake up stupid or something – oh wait, I have seen your stuff – never mind). So Lard Brain is back to trying to make whatever dim money is available from the totally dumb and is upping the price for no other reason than because….That’s it, just because. Of course this makes the book the single most expensive piece of toilet paper on the market. He is also heading back to the “art” business and also hawking a bunch of office equipment in an online sale. Something about some recent “curve balls” in his life. Somebody must have caught onto his most recent scam or something. The desperate rat is popping back up. GoFund can’t be far away.

  46. Dennis says:

    Odd, he is selling an Asus Republic of Gamers laptop with 1TB hard drive….As a rule, those babies go for around $1500 to $2500 a pop. That’s a chunk of change for a guy who is suppose to be so broke. Where is he getting this stuff? Don’t tell me. It fell off a truck?

  47. Dennis says:

    I knew he would finally return to GoFundMe. But I didn’t think that he was ready for the dog baiting trick. Yes, he needs $750 for a lost dog he has found. He needs it for dog food and dog vet care and dog this and dog that and…oh for crying out loud. This has to be the most expensive dog ever. Heck, why not go for $2000. Of course, this pitch is sort of working this time. So next up: Lost babies.

  48. tjtaygee says:

    Apparently, I can get the kindle edition for free thanks to my amazon prime membership – were I to order it (for the lulz, of course), would anyone see a dime from that transaction? I wouldn’t want that to happen…

    • Dennis says:

      Don’t get too excited. He now says the “release” date will be in late May, so he will probably be rolling it back to late June or July. Delays, delays, delays. Hillary will be in the White House before this thing sees the light of day.

  49. tjtaygee says:

    On second thought – it would still show up as a “sale”…better not to do it.

    didn’t it become a matter of public record with the court case??

    • Yes, for a while it was available in the Parisi court records..

      I’ve seen it elsewhere on the net for free – before and after Ken Olsen got suckered.

      And it’s available to me for free on Amazon as well … but I already have about three or four free copies ….

      Only 8 more days until another “When One Man Stands” release date gets missed. And we’re about a month shy of the 3 year anniversary of when he promised it would be first released (15 to 20 promised release dates ago – I’ve lost count). They only mystery is what excuse he’ll use this time.

  50. Dennis says:

    For what it’s worth (zip), Fat Boy’s latest post on Facebook. It’s the Crazy Lardo Going Out of Business Sell – everything must go from the online yard sale. Ignore the posted prices. Make him an offer. He needs money but bad!!!!!!!!! Free blowjob with every $20 purchase (OK, made that last one up but eventually….).

    • Yep.

      Here’s the post:

      Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair
      6 hrs ·ago

      Okay everyone. I am still very much in need of selling those things put up to raise the money needed to pay bills. So here is an opportunity for anyone interested in anything I have up for sale. Make me an offer, ignore the prices posted. you can make your offer via email at or by private messaging me on FB.

      Once again, I have to ask the question:

      How does a guy claiming to collect $674/month SSDI since 2001 get his hands on (afford) things like “Republic of Games Laptop”, “Canon Rebel T3i with 3 lenses”, etc, plus all the artwork for sale on Ebay, plus the dough to renovate his apartment and then the dough to renovate a house, plus how does that person afford a house (well maybe this latest panhandling is proving he can’t) – and do all the work he claims to have done to renovate while claiming he’s too disabled to work …

      – and do it all under the rules of SSDI, without committing fraud or lying?

      You don’t even have to do the math as the question is rhetorical.

      The release date I’d like to see him promise again and again and never happen is the date he gives when he’s finally back where he belongs: behind bars.

  51. Dennis says:

    Say, isn’t this the final 3 days of the newest “release” date for the mythical second book? The clock is ticking

    • I had May 26th, 2015 as his last promised release date. What a shock!!! Another release date bites the dust!

      New book title:
      “When One Mans Promises A Lot of Release Dates and Doesn’t Deliver on any of them!”

      • Dennis says:

        Later he changed that to simply a very vague “late May” release date. Of course, it is now the final days of May (2 more left). Still no book. Sorry WTBL, but I think you are SOL where the book concerned. I know you were excited by the prospect of reading all of the terrible things Fat Boy had to say about you, but it ain’t gonna ta happen. When One Man Scams is not (most likely) ever going to see the light of day.

        • Well, he’s “changed” that release date a lot over the last three years. I’d count the shift from May 26th to end of month as just another change – although obviously minor this time.

          I agree, this book is a part of never-never land – his perpetual delusional fantasy. It is depressing that I won’t get to sue him for defamation. 🙂

  52. Dennis says:

    Hey Lard Brain. Watch this video. I think excuses no. 3, 5 and 8 might be useful for you.

  53. Dennis says:

    In less than 32 hours, May will be over and still no book. Gee, what a surprise. In fact, he hasn’t even filed a copyright on the darn thing (just checked the records). Sorry WTBL, you will just have to tell your lawyers to cool their heels. So yep, we are now deep into Year 3 of the never-ending release date. Can’t wait to hear the next dumb ass excuse (he lost the book while reformatting the drive?).

  54. Dennis says:

    It is now 11:40 EDT. Another book release deadline shot to hell as we go deep into year 3 of When One Man Jerks Off In Public (and Expects Everybody Else to Pay the Tab). Yes, WTBL, you are doomed to vast disappointment. I know you were hoping to get copies as belated Christmas gifts. Try some recent Robert Ludlum novels. That guy has been dead for over a decade but he can still meet his deadline every year.

  55. Dennis says:

    Bingo! As predicted above Lard Ass has taken time from not completing his so-called book to take a swipe at the death of Beau Biden. OK, he is too lazy to do it himself so he is reposting a nasty ass piece by some blogger called Lamecherry (gee, I thought this was Lardo’s nickname at the “clubs”). Lots of total crap about how Beau got the VP spot for his father by hijacking SinkLiar’s butt (hey Fat Boy, you were up for a serious charge of fraud because you were fleecing a guy in Delaware with bogus money orders – yeah, you were caught committing a crime – what a surprise).

    So once again the two-bit lying thieving jackass has shown his total lack of grace and class while wallowing around in his stucco hell hole and demanding people to give him money. What a guy. Odd, you would have thought that someone who is a brain tumor survivor might be a tad more sympathetic. What? Fat Boy’s claim of having a brain tumor for the past 15 years (or whatever) was totally bogus and just a cheap stunt to try and evade justice? Oh my.

    Meanwhile, still no book. May is over. Next bogus deadline is coming, I am sure.

    • Lame Cherry “The handling of this was run by Beau Biden of Delaware where fabricated charges of some form of check kiting were invented. ”

      What a complete pile of BS. Nothing about check kiting. DE state police complaint#s 02-07097495 and 30-07-0988556 detail Sinclair, identified by various docs like his driver’s license and passport, having attempted to cash two different bogus money orders on two different days with two different DE victims and as a result getting arrested for it. There are several entries documenting these cases by several state police officers in the complaint – starting in Oct 2007. After his arrest, while the police looked into it further, SickLiar took off and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest – all by early Dec 2007 – before anyone knew who he was and before many knew who Obama was. A DE Grand Jury issued a warrant for SickLiar’s arrest after reviewing the case in early February 2008. Obama and Biden did not give SickLiar bogus money orders to cash in Oct 2007. He was on the run from the FBI and border patrol raid in Laredo Texas for illegal aliens – all of which happened (DE & TX) well before the vast majority of Americans knew who Obama was and long before Biden knew Obama would beat him in the primary.

      Like Fat Boy, Lame Cherry is a liar. There was nothing invented. They had copies of the bogus money orders and SickLiar admitting they belonged to him while unable to explain where both came from in the police complaints. Beyond admitting it to the police when he was arrested, SickLiar paid the victim of his crime full restitution for the scam. Why pay someone full restitution in a criminal case if someone fabricated charges? Lame Cherry’s the one fabricating here. It had nothing to do with check kiting.

  56. Dennis says:

    Quick note to Fatso: I never heard of Lamecherry until this moment. Did a quick check of her/his previous blog pieces and also commentary from various nutter sites. Good grief! She/he is the biggest most insane nut case around. By comparison, Orly Taitz almost sounds normal. Even other wing nutters think that she/he is crazy. Man oh man, do you ever know how to pick them.

  57. Dennis says:

    So Lamecherry says that Fat Ass was the first political prisoner of Obama despite the fact (yes LardBrain, these are FACTS 1. You were arrested on an outstanding warrant from several years back before 2008 2. The warrant had to do with criminal charges that you skipped on – much like Colorado 3. You had to settle the issue by paying back the stolen money to the victim, thereby getting him to drop the charges and basically, you were admitting guilt). But let’s put that to one side. When they busted your fat ass in 2008, Obama didn’t even have the nomination (and was still in a tight race against Hillary Clinton). If you were a “political prisoner” (ha) it was under George W. Bush, you asshole.

    However, I can see that Lamecherry is just right for you. Stupid, deranged, totally makes it all up, and may even be suffering from massive personality disorders. Better hit her/him up for a donation right now.

  58. Dennis says:

    As for Lame Cherry, once again the archives at Fogbow has helped: “Lame Cherry – Batguano insane racist, has identified themselves as female, (though Dr. Kate claims they’re male). Has more issues than National Geographic, fond of making racist and sexist comments about Obama’s mother, wife, and children. Or anyone else for that matter. Has become increasingly vulgar and racist as time goes on. Strong ties to Dr. Kate, Dr. Kate and Lame Cherry cross reference each other regularly, including Lame Cherry talking about details of Dr. Kate’s life that Dr. Kate hasn’t posted on her blog.”

    First Ken Olsen and now this jackass. Good grief Lardo. I know you are left with nothing but meadow muffins to wade through, but you are suppose to scrap this crap off your feet before you go online.

  59. Dennis says:

    Fat Boy has continued his class act over on Twitter:

    #BeauBiden While I do not wish anyone death I am grateful to those who remember the 2008 Biden attempt to shut me up. #JudgmentDay4Beau
    3 retweets 0 favorites
    To those who remember and have sent emails and messages regrading the death of Beau Biden, let me say that we will all have judgment day.
    0 retweets 0 favorites

    What does this tell us? 1. He uses social media to gatecrash people’s funerals. Not really a surprise since the lousy s.o.b. has always tried to exploit other people’s grief. 2. Lardo shouldn’t be talking about Judgment Day. Heck, the lousy slob is so close to the Gates of Hell he is practically sun baked from the heat.

  60. Ghost of HST says:

    Ha! Don’t know if anyone around here remembers me from the great birfer battles of the late oughts…Glad to see you are still prodding the serious a-wipe that is Liar Liar Sinkliar…I tried to post a comment to his B. Biden post but of course, he deleted it and then three posts appeared, being which of such a vile nature that they were obviously posted by that hungry bottomless pit of deceipt hisself…so much bile just because no one will buy your thrift-store junk!

    Oh, where’s the book Larddy??

  61. Dennis says:

    Welcome HST. You’re a survivor of the birfer battles? You know, it’s about time some one started handing out medals and battle ribbons to some of us. It has been a long campaign.

    Yea, Fat Boy has several bogus IDs out there. He also has an odd collection of the absolute worse of the bottom feeders, folks so nasty and deranged that even other wing nutters can’t stand them (Ken Olsen, Lame Cherry and a few other total nut jobs).

    Of course Lardo had to jump in and try to kick Beau Biden’s body. After all, he had the gall to arrest Fat Boy on an outstanding warrant for an actual crime. Obviously it was a conspiracy. Just like that darn DA in Colorado who had him arrested on an outstanding warrant for an actual crime. It is obviously a vast conspiracy.

  62. Dennis says:

    Still no new bogus updates about Lardo’s stupid non-book (now in year 3 on its non-release). He seems to be mostly busy barnstorming back onto eBay with a ton of over priced object d’art, which once again forces the question of where is he getting this stuff? Otherwise, total nada. Meanwhile, the old URL for the LSNewsgroup site is still for sale (good luck with that one, Harry). Spoonhead’s purchase of the copyright to the old book has resulted in nothing (like most of Spoonhead’s “business” deals). Eventually, Fat Boy might crawl back to GoFundMe with some new failure of a crowdfunding campaign (maybe another “lost” dog tale). He seems to be living solely for the occasional crumb from some extreme nutter like Lame Cherry. Otherwise, he has taken the Epic Fail to a whole new level of nothingness.

  63. Dennis says:

    Yep, the roly poly racist self-serving con man of Florida has posted his two cents on Facebook about the mass murder in Charleston. Yes, the same racist nitwit who blamed the riots in Ferguson on violent out of control black people is now insisting that black and whites must rise about the race baiting of certain political figures because…well, because otherwise he might have to deal with the fact that the shooter is a SELF-ADMITTED RACIST LOOKING TO KILL BLACK PEOPLE FOR RACIST REASONS IN THE HOPE OF STARTING A MASSIVE RACIAL WAR BECAUSE THE GUY IS A SELF-ADMITTED EXTREME RACIST. So since he is a white guy, we must now rise beyond such racist thinking…at least until assholes like Lardo can find some black person to blame for something. Then it’s a whole another story…..

    Meanwhile, no book updates. Sorry WTBL. You are simply SOL.

  64. Dennis says:

    Just glanced through the photos and postings from what may be a web site by the Charleston shooter. Lots of pics of him posing with Confederate flags, pointing guns at the camera, posing as a mean ass kind of guy. Postings about how the Trayvon Martin case and what he felt was the persecution of Zimmerman turned him in this direction yada yada. Then I got thinking, Lardo, how you have spent so much time defending George “Armed and Dangerous” Zimmerman because he was simply defending himself from that brutal criminal (who, oddly enough, was never arrested for much of anything – unlike Zimmerman) and then more time attacking blacks in Ferguson for their behavior because they were rioting against systematic police brutality. I also recalled how you just love to accuse anyone who says otherwise of race baiting and of pandering to blacks yada yada. But now, with the arrest of an extremely violent white guy who just committed an extremely ugly and vicious massacre against a group of totally innocent people who were killed only because of their skin color and who were gunned down in a horrible and totally racist attack – oh gee Fat Boy, now you ask for tolerance and no more race baiting (which is what you have been doing) because, oh gee, otherwise you might have to deal with the fact that racism still exists and maybe, just maybe, you have been practicing too and, oh my, perhaps it is even possible that you have been spending years peddling a complete pile of neo-racist bullshit for your own profit and nothing more nor less.

    So deal with facts. The police and court system in Ferguson has been well documented for their systematic use of racist enforcement policies. Trayvon Martin was gunned down and killed (and BTW, it was his voice begging for mercy on the 911 recording – Zimmerman’s voice was conclusively ruled out by the voice analysis which is why Zimmerman’s lawyers prevented it from being used in court) for no rational reason (except that he was black). The people in Charleston were all killed simply because they were black. This is not race baiting. These are simply facts (and facts are something that you are a stranger too).

    So tell lies, make up stories, and generally bullshit the 5 to 6 white losers you’ve got hanging around your fantasy land. You and your kind are all merely digging deep into the ash heap of history.

  65. Dennis says:

    I knew it was just a matter of time (and more vodka) before Fat Boy would be ranting about certain current events. Yep, he has wrapped himself in the flag – not the American flag (to a country that he actually more or less committed a bit of treason against a few years ago when he tried pitching his crap to the Taliban). Nope. He is wrapped in the good old stars and bars – well, actually, the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia to be completely accurate.

    Yes sir, all of the “problems” were caused by reporters from the New York Times who – along with all the usual suspects – turned a simply mass murder of black people by a white guy into a “racial” incident. Then those black people (who all hate whites) are on one of their self-serving tears and inciting hate against people. Oh yeah….And then everybody has turned on that proud symbol of Southern tradition and heritage (you know, that piece of cloth flown to promote war in order to maintain such fine old ways as mass slavery of black people while staging a bloody revolt against the US simply because some of those idiots actually thought that Lincoln was a push over).

    Then he goes on a rant about Eric Sheppard (mouthy but minor player with a crowdfunding site that is far from ever reaching its goal – BTW, his main crime thus far was stomping on an American flag – must be a rebel – and then getting detained by an Air Force vet and former Playboy model – you can’t even make up this stuff any more). Then accuses the rioters in Baltimore of being a violent pack of racist blacks going after news reporters (as I seem to recall, it was a Fox news team – I think the rioters had a point).

    Then the full force of the vodka kicks in and Lardo starts whistling Dixie out of his butt while foaming with disgust that people are now wanting to remove statues of Jefferson Davis (one of history’s major losers and the jerk who, during Grant’s attack on Richmond, told the citizen to stand their ground and fight while he, on the other hand, took off like a freakin’ chicken).

    So the South shall rise again. Which is more than can be said about Sinkliar who can’t get out of bed before noon except on those days when his SS check arrives in the mail.

    And guess what! There’s still no friggin’ book. Must be those darn black racists plotting against him. Well, them and the NYT. And NBC. And CBS. And…oh heck, I am going to need some vodka if I am suppose to keep looking at his crap.

  66. Dennis says:

    Quick addition: The Eric Sheppard case is mostly a wing nutter fixation and the guy’s dubious rep as a radical figure is mostly a PR creation of right wing pseudo news sites (and Sheppard’s own self-image). Best report can be found at the Washington Post ( The details play more like a bizarre comedy.

  67. Dennis says:

    Hey WTBL, Fat Boy is now on Facebook looking for a husband. Could be your lucky moment. But you’ve got to have a job and your own house. Sounds like a love scam to me…..

  68. Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair
    56 mins · Edited ·

    Never threaten me and think I will not respond. Lets see, two plus years of not paying County and city taxes, State administratively makes your business registration inactive after failing to file legally required annual reports, …

    Hypocritical? Indeed. Isn’t this what we saw when we looked at SickLiar’s companies in Florida and Georgia? Wasn’t the IRS on SickLiar’s butt for unpaid taxes going back a few years ? He published letters indicating they were.

    If this contractor is looking to put a lien on SickLiar’s property, how does one living off SSDI make the money to obtain ownership in a property? Again, that troubling math that just won’t add up.

    And if SickLiar does have an ownership stake in that property, defaming the contractor on Facebook over a few hundred dollars is one way to lose it. Look for edits after he reads this…

    One thing hasn’t changed: he’s still fucking stooopid!!!

  69. Dennis says:

    This week in Fat Boy:
    1. Gets into it with an equally sleazy debt collector over money he owes the contractor for all of that work he kept claiming online that he was somehow magically doing himself.
    2. Gets into a truly warped legal debate with the same debt collector over the laws of Florida regarding taping phone conversations (BTW, both of these idiots are wrong – I have looked at the law in Florida).
    3. Since the collector starts off by threatening Lardo with everything from liens to jail, Fat Boy goes equally ballistic and goes after the contractor he owes the money to. Everybody is intimating the crap out of everybody else. Can’t even stand to watch because I am all out of popcorn.
    4. 4th of July is coming, so Fat Boy now turns super patriotic. Well, I guess. Basically he is now calling for a second revolutionary war. You know, the war needed to rid the country of the gay agenda (yep, America’s most self-loathing gay guy is back) brought forth by that gay black president who wants everybody to have a gay marriage, uses the N word, invites transgender illegals to the White House and then proclaims that he can because it’s his house etc etc. Lots of completely twisted and extremely distorted “facts,” lots of rants and no rational thinking. Pure and utter bullshit from beginning to end.

    So naturally “Sybil” has clicked “like” and tells himself (we suspect) that he is a truth teller. Usual idiots follow suit (all 6 or so). Same old, same old as Fat Boy continues to stink up his stucco abode with the smell of sulfur and cheap vodka.

    Meanwhile, still no book. Not even a lousy copyright filed. WTBL, you are simply SOL.

    So a happy 4th to one and all.

  70. Dennis says:

    Not much new on the Fat Boy front. Oh sure, he continues to wrap himself up in the Confederate flag while getting more racist with every post, but since that is obviously an issue primarily for cracker barrel red neck jackasses (and the so-called rallies are most notable for displaying how few of them there are), I say who cares. And he continues his warped and crazy fight with a debt collector who sounds as if he is as stupid and nasty as Lardo. So it plays a bit like Godzilla Meets Mothra. But Nut Job seems to be hoping to get more attention from us when he goes slamming on Facebook: “Okay all you Larry Sinclair haters and internet stalkers, you have already convinced this idiot Mark Badman he can win against me in his extortion attempts so pull out your big boy/girl panties and give Mark all the help you think you can.”

    So in a quick shout out to Fat Boy: Guess what? We don’t care! Heck, few of any one out there is even paying any attention to this stupid bitch fight between two make believe lawyer types fighting over a couple of dollars in what ever Floridian hell hole you call home. Who cares? In fact, you sir have become boring. It’s all just blah blah blah Go Dixie blah blah blah Just try to sue me blah blah blah Go Dixie blah blah blah. Good god! You sound like a stuck needle on a broken record on an unplugged phonograph.

    But you know WTBL, I don’t think you are about to see any book.

  71. Dennis says:
    JULY 17, 2015 AT 9:56 AM

    … I say who cares. …

    …few of any one out there is even paying any attention to this stupid bitch fight between two make believe lawyer types fighting over a couple of dollars in what ever Floridian hell hole you call home. Who cares? In fact, you sir have become boring. It’s all just blah blah blah …

    Like we’ve been saying for sometime, very, very few if any care. In fact, few if any ever really did.

    Dennis says:
    JULY 17, 2015 AT 9:56 AM

    But you know WTBL, I don’t think you are about to see any book.

    Can’t show someone something that doesn’t exist. Passing the third year of it’s original June 2012 release date, the book never existed. It was just another in a very long list of scams and lies to get money perpetrated on a lifetime of victims by this mentally ill career con man.

    • Dennis says:

      Yes WTBL, I am afraid our job is pretty much done here. As Fat Boy sinks deep into the swamp of obscurity, we are largely just spinning our wheels. Oh sure, the imaginary book may some day come out (not). Lardo may discover something called evidence (never). But mostly, he will continue in his strange quest for a Confederate victory while slugging it out with debt collectors in between various failed scams on GoFundMe and eBay. And always, after a few shots of vodka, blame us for all his failures and then do some utterly stupid trash talk. Heck, this last and totally looney accusation strongly suggests that he misses us or something, I guess. Kind of touching that at his moment of extreme desperation, his thoughts turn to us….But he is barking up the wrong tree on this one and really needs to like maybe seek out real legal advise…like maybe from a real lawyer or something. Just FYI.

      Meanwhile, I think we just about wrapped over here.

  72. Dennis says:
    JULY 18, 2015 AT 6:44 PM

    Yes WTBL, I am afraid our job is pretty much done here.

    His Obama scam has been effectively over since June 2008 when he was arrested and led away in handcuffs from his bogus press conference. His other attempts at milking money from this scam have largely ended in multiple failures as demonstrated by him multiple times begging for money on the net and the collapses of his enterprises and websites. But he’s not in jail where he belongs. Until he’s behind bars, my vigilance is not going to completely end even though it’s getting painfully boring.

  73. Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair
    19 hrs ·
    In the last 24 hours I have made a decision that I am going to follow through on no matter what it takes for me to accomplish it. I am going to consolidate all my debt into a single payment. I am going to get all payments current I am going to fix my car and I am going to look into whether or not there is some type of employment I can get hired on with my current physical and medical limitations. I WILL DO THIS.

    I guess SSDI FINALLY cut him off … 🙂

  74. Sinclair News – LS News Group

    July 24, 2014 ·
    Sinclair News has a big plan and with your help it can become a reality in as little as two months.
    Click here to support Sinclair Southern Estates by Larry Sinclair

    I have started this GoFundMe in an effort to turn the home of my Grand Parents into a camp and training facility for citizen journalism (as my News website is about to go belly up)

    Another anniversary of another dismal Sickliar failure has passed ..

    as has his recent failed attempt to cash in on his brother’s bout with cancer:
    Larry Sinclair
    I am removing this campaign at my brothers request. I can’t blame him for wanting me to end it a…
    10:37 PM – 19 Jul 2015

  75. Sinclair News – LS News Group
    August 3, 2014 ·
    Sinclair News is under reconstruction right now! We will be back within few days! ~Harry

    Anniversary of another lie just passed …
    That site was NEVER going to be reconstructed, was worthless when he “sold it”, is still dead and still worthless like the rest of his sites.

    I know, I know, the broken record analogy …

    and it has truly become so repetitive and boring, it’s like watching paint dry …

    But another broken record is his life long criminal record … since he was a juvenile … his penchant to commit criminal acts to get his mitts on money illegally because he’s too inept, mentally ill or whatever to do an honest day’s work but unwilling to live on SSDI or the handouts for that condition alone.

    As his Obama scam died, we’ve seen various other of his ventures fail. I continue to feel there’s a good chance that it’s just a matter of time.

    And so, if you can tolerate it, I’m going to continue to check in from time to time and keep an eye on him. I will never entirely parole him for what he’s done to some of the good people we encountered since 2008. I think our vigilance curtailed him and some continued vigilance certainly won’t do any harm nor allow him to carry on without the discomfort or concern that someone is watching.

  76. Dennis says:

    I hear ya, WTBL. Never hurts to keep one eye open where Fat Boy is concerned. But my oh my, it is very quiet over in LardoLand. Did notice that he recently did a quick Tweet against Trump. Maybe he wants to go for some wild story about his night of crazy sex and drugs with the Donald. He’s going have to do something. He can’t afford that vodka on his disability check. But these days, Fats is so deep in the ash heap he is getting hard to find.

    • Dennis says:
      AUGUST 6, 2015 AT 6:51 PM

      He’s going have to do something. He can’t afford that vodka on his disability check. But these days, Fats is so deep in the ash heap he is getting hard to find.

      That’s often when he messes up criminally. Pressure for dough leads to scamming/crimes. He’s under some pressure now. Signs of it for example are:
      – house costs
      – fight with collection agency/contractor
      – unable to produce book promised for three years
      – talk of trying to get a real job (maybe SSDI finally got wise and cut him off … it’s not like they haven’t heard regularly from me/us 🙂 ….)
      – GoFundMe attempts to raise dough off his brother’s cancer and to raise money off abandoned pets – smell of desperation
      – I doubt he’s resolved his tax problems,
      – the complete failure of his Ebay art sales effort (almost if not zero sales)
      “llar6634_li4bhadqps (3)No longer a registered user”

      He has been under that pressure many times in the past (so I can appreciate the broken record analogy) He’s often relieved that pressure by taking off – think of how many places he’s lived in just since 2008 or throughout his life. He often runs away.

      He’s going through another one of those pressure moments but it’s harder for him to take off because he has some sort of a stake in that house and maybe his “art inventory” and pets need a “home”. So he may well resort to other means to relieve the pressure …. He might be getting tired of running …

      So I watch …

  77. This deserves it’s own post (from my post above)

    This is a link to SickLiar, the art seller on Ebay
    “llar6634_li4bhadqps (3)No longer a registered user”

    Another complete failure … he sold dick all … except one sale we observed to what we suspect was himself.

  78. So he’s been on SSDI for years (so he’s said and some years ago, shown).
    He got cleaned out raising money for his legal defense after his arrest in Mar 2014.
    His bogus news website went belly up as he couldn’t pay those bills.
    He’d sold his book rights to help raise dough for his criminal case so no more income coming from there.
    And he failed to produce his second book three years after being promised so no income there.
    His Ebay art sale effort was a compete flop.
    He hasn’t been working since 2001 (formally)
    He had the income tax depts on his butt in FL – both for business and personal

    Of course, he found money to jet ski, travel, take care of his pets, buy art inventory, etc.

    Then in late December, after renovating his apartment, he does this:

    Type: (D) DEED
    Record Date : 12/18/2014 2:49:23 PM
    From Party: FLORIDA 1213 LLC (12/23/2014 8:41:44 AM)
    To Party: SINCLAIR,LAWRENCE (12/23/2014 8:41:44 AM)
    Book Type: OR
    Book / Page: 7268 / 917

    Consideration: 35,000.00
    Legal: LT 57 PB 10 PG 45 BROADMOOR ACRES SUBD S 29 T 24 R 36 SUBID 78

    SickLiar bought 1052 MITCHELL ST , COCOA 32922 for $35,000 in Dec 2014.,-80.744365,3a,90y,2.45h,76.62t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1swa5iikfxQBDgYuIyw7ZwWg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1?hl=en
    (contrary to the Goggle label, that is 1052 Mitchell St)
    I think this is a back view of the dump:

    The house appears to have been foreclosed by the bank in Dec 2013 for taxes/money owing.

    So let’s go back to Dennis’ comments earlier this year:

    Dennis says:
    FEBRUARY 22, 2015 AT 9:08 AM
    … Summer of 2014, too busy trying to beg for money of GoFundMe while fighting with every female member of his family in hopes of scoring something out of grannie’s estate.

    Dennis says:
    MARCH 31, 2015 AT 11:45 PM
    … In a recent update, Fat Boy explains that he is leaving the sordid field of politics. Yep, he is hanging up his political glasses and devoting himself to remodeling his stucco house in Cocoa Florida. Then he rattles on some about how he got the place with a story that makes no flipping sense and mostly sounds to me as if he scored a cut of somebody’s estate or something. Then some bull about the $75,000 it is taking to rehab the place but oh, it is money (that he oddly enough isn’t suppose to have) that is well spent.

    That’s the only way this transaction makes sense to me. He probably either got some dough out of Granny or an estate or he’s a front for someone maybe laundering money they put up to get the house. So it’s harder for him to run now. And therefore, he’s a higher risk to do something to get his mitts on money to make ends meet when he’s trying to carry a house without income from working.

  79. Dennis says:

    It has been nearly 3 weeks since the last whisper of a post from Fat Boy. That means that either A. He is in jail B. Hiding out from some sort of charge and/or accusation C. Too drunk to write D. In jail from some charge and/or accusation and is so drunk from jail house hooch he can’t write. Not much in between.

  80. Dennis says:

    Current demographic model of Lardo’s readership

  81. Dennis says:

    Note to WTBL. Just checked. Fat Boy is still promising release of the new book before the end of May 2015. It’s almost Labor Day, isn’t it? Man, he must be reformatting again.

  82. Dennis says:

    The recent theft of his lawn mower and weed whacker is a horrible crime. Yes, it must be because he has devoted so much time to it. But his most recent video on YouTube is a classic of experimental post-modernist cinema. Even more so than the Thanksgiving Dinner video. For nearly 20 minutes, nothing happens. It will rival the work of Michael Snow. It is a masterpiece.

  83. Dennis says:

    Good lord, he’s back on eBay with a ton more junk to sell. Where does he get this stuff?

  84. ddtoth says:

    Update (for what it’s worth – which ain’t much): When One Man Staggers will be (finally) out before election day (which one, who knows). WTBL, I think you are crap out of luck.

  85. Dennis says:

    Update to the last update for what its worth (which ain’t much) and for anyone who still gives a crap, Fat Boy now claims on his web site that When One Man Scrambles for a New Scam Because the Old One is Way Past Its Expiration Date will be released on Feb. 14, 2016. Yes, that supposed book that was due out in early 2012 will now be ready in….oh who are we kidding. Its just more bullsh@t. Meanwhile, he is offering discounts for all the crap he keeps trying to sell on eBay. Good grief! No wonder every body left the room over here.

  86. Not everyone left the room 🙂

    At this pace, it’s taking him longer to write the book than it did to fantasize living it.

    Now, it’s been so long, he can’t finish it because he can’t remember WTF the BS book was all about.

  87. tjtaygee says:

    And here I was, all ready for my close-up (Mr. Demille)

  88. dtoth says:

    While Fat Boy is busy flying off the face of the earth (and good riddance), we can look at the latest achievements of one of his supporters (briefly, until they turned on each other). Yep. that legendary (in his own mind) filmmaker T. Patrick Murray is in the news. He has made a bogus documentary starring a faked Stanley Kubrick who claims that he directed a faked moon landing back in the 1960s. Yes, Murray is now backing the Moon Landing Hoax theory. Kind of makes sense. First he bought into a bogus sex story and now he is cashing in on a bogus history claim. My oh my, what company Lardo keeps….

  89. dtoth says:

    So the few people still backing Fat Boy’s story consists of one bogus lawyer (Spoonhead), one deranged conspiracy theorist and Cow (whatever is her real name) who has a rep for being a bogus human being. Oh, and a wing nutter blogger (Rose or whatever) who is largely despised by other wing nutters and may be a man posing as a bogus woman for who knows what weird reason. What a line up.

  90. The Con man has been busy at this Facebook page securing his neighborhood 🙂
    Very boring, probably setting them up for a fleecing

  91. dtoth says:

    Odd. If you look at the web site he is running for this community, it appears that he some how got a bunch of Night Owl Security cameras hooked up around the neighborhood. Its a commercial wifi system normally used for home security. Hooked up through out a neighborhood means that whoever is running the PC or laptop for the system is kind of spying on his neighbors 24/7. OMG, Fat Boy is now Big Brother. And BTW, who the heck is paying for all of this crap?

  92. Dennis says:

    While Fat Boy is busy being a community organizer (and big brother snoop) and also spinning tall tales about what he would do if he won the Powerball, might mention that he does have “readers.” Yes sir! Last month in an interview, Bowe Bergdahl explained that while he was held by the Taliban, they would ask him if it was true that Obama was gay and slept with men Oh my, where would they have gotten that idea. Oh right. Lardo spent some effort trying to get their attention for reasons that never made a lick of sense expect he was sucking up big time to this mangy lot of sheep fuckers. I’m sure he would deny all of this now. Too bad we have the archives.

  93. tjtaygee says:

    I can’t wait to read Liar-Larr’s response to this:

    Donald Trump’s Secret Gay Lover Exposed?
    “What night in Hong Kong”

  94. dtoth says:

    Just for the record book, as of today Fat Boy has missed yet another deadline for the release of his new booklet (When One Man Stomps His Feet). Yep, he had stated that it would be out this Valentine’s Day (like this was suppose to be a gift idea or something) and so far, nada. Of course, the book hasn’t even been copyrighted or anything but….. Oh well, there’s always Easter.

    Most likely he is way too busy with his attempt at rising $161,000 over at GoFundMe for his major “charity” project to buy and renovate a house to “give away”. Can’t help but notice that the house shouldn’t cost more than $20,000 and the renovation shouldn’t be much more than another $50,000 and it isn’t clear either how he came up with his figures nor what he really intends to do with the remaining $80,000 plus amount….But who cares. It’s bombing like all of his tries at crowdfunding.

    Guess its time for him to come clean about his wild night of sex and drugs with Marco Rubio.

  95. More paranoia from the sick one claiming “harassing, threatening and obscene phone calls”

    I saw his ex-lwayer was in the news, still without the ability to practice law, trying to get the Supreme Court of a state to allow him to release the DC Madams phone call list that he alleges has a presidential candidate on it. The problem the lower courts have had with his request was the executor of the DC Madam had Sibley removed as her attorney in May 2008 and he should have turned all her records over to the lawyer the executor replaced Sibley with. This was all done in court and Sibley covered this in his book on the DC Madam. So it just looks like more insanity continues from Sibley.

    A deadhead from the past, Citizen Wells weighs in:
    on Sibley “I found him to be dependable and forthright.”

    Shock of shocks. lsnewsgroup on Facebook says
    “permanently closed”

    It’s under new ownership::)
    “sania manissha ” (looks like a bogus name)

    Sinclair News – LS News Group
    August 3, 2014 ·
    Sinclair News is under reconstruction right now! We will be back within few days! ~Harry

    Looks like he got the same contractors that he had renovate his apartment and house …

    This link is dead as a door nail:

    And the main event,
    worth is about $145 with annual revenue of $73 dollars. (= basically dead)

    And of course, after many broken promises to deliver “When One Man Suckers People” that he took advance money for – more than four years ago, not a peep about delivering on that scam.

    He hasn’t given up scamming people on GoFundMe:
    Another failed venture scamming $215 from this contributor
    Does anyone else smell scam attempt there?

    Nothing has really changed. The con man is still trying to scam and losing.

  96. Dennis says:

    Coming soon, September 18, that major date for the release of….OK. Coming soon will be the 4th anniversary of the glorious non-publication of Fat Boy’s vivid tale of struggle in the snake pit. Or his daring expose of us folks over here. Or his…oh, who cares. There never was a book. It is never going to see the light of day. He has drifted so far down to the bottom of the heap that nobody even cares. So basically, September 18 will be the 4th anniversary of the end of Lardo. During that time, he has operated numerous failed GoFundMe campaigns (currently has another one that hasn’t been able to rise enough money for a lunch at Wendy’s). He has become a community organizer of one (well, from what I can see he appears to be the only person). He is also busy explaining (well, not really “explaining”, just yelling) that as a gay man he can’t support Hillary Clinton (haven’t quite connected the dots on that one but who cares). Has a following of roughly 4 (not counting his few relatives that will speak to him nor his bogus Facebook IDs). Some how finding money to live on but it isn’t clear since the bum hasn’t held a known job in years. Still preaching to the choir but the choir is long gone and he seems to be loosing his arguments to a row of empty chairs.

    Oh well, it was nice being here and meeting (so to speak) new people and stuff. Maybe we should plan a reunion sometime.

  97. Nice to hear from you Dennis 🙂

    with the death of lsnewsgroup, comes the valuation of

    Alexis site world rank for has fallen over 10,167,000 places to 16,754,653 place. has also slipped but is still kicking the crap out of him. Way to go Grandma!! 🙂

    No following. Nobody gives a shit. Since he couldn’t hurt Obama with his scam, they never did care about him.

    Now he’s running a community non profit until folks start wondering where the money went …

  98. Dennis says:

    Yep, had to mark today’s major anniversary. Four years of…nothing. Yep. He is now running a community group. The membership seems to consist of…him. Got a few bucks from a title agency on one of his GoScrewMe campaigns. Claims to have gotten something from a police organization. Hope the cops are not into that accountability thing. Might be a problem. Otherwise, he is suppose to be broke. Odd. He also keeps popping up with new things. Not exactly sure how he funds himself. Must still have some of those “money orders” around the house.

  99. Dennis says:

    We spoke too soon. Slime Ball is on Facebook trying to get 100 of his Facebook friends to send him $6 each for his 55th birthday. Wait a minute, he doesn’t have 100 FB friends. He doesn’t even have a dozen FB friends. Heck, discount his bogus ID FB pages and he may only have about 5 to 6. What the hell kind of nitwit desperate scam is he trying to run now for crying out loud. He also says that he will now be able to get senior discounts. Get real, Lardo. 55 is still a whipper snapper, you idiot.

  100. democratista says:

    Don’t know if anyone comes here, but this tickled me. Phony Clinton Hack of foundation

    Look at this list of donations. If only Trump had run against President Obama, Larry could have been famous. You know he would have run with it.

  101. Dennis says:

    Don’t worry. Fat Boy is already trying to spin his way into the Trump sex scandal. He is now on Facebook spinning such claims as: “The NYT released a statement today in response to Trumps legal notice. They say because Trump is candidate for President they have a duty to inform the public of allegations of misconduct or abuse. So why is it they didn’t feel the had same duty in 2008 with Obama?

    Despite Politicos Ben Smith and others efforts to debunk or dismiss claims against Obama they failed to destroy me and they failed to demonstrate a single lie was ever told.”

    Yep, one con man has just discovered another con man and the bs story rises again. Oh sure, back in 2008 a bunch of reporters did investigate his claim and realized that he was full of it…but that was then. Now, he can start all over again in hope that no one remembers reality.

    Maybe he can sell some copies of his booklet to Trump supporters. Then fleece them with advance sells of his imaginary second book. And then hit them up for “donations.” And then…he could start the whole cycle all over again.

    Will our work never be done over here!!!!!!

  102. democratista says:

    LOL…I wasn’t worried. I was ROFLMAO at this. If you look at all the names on the list, it’s just funny and the fact that he would be included just was hysterical. I place no importance on him at this point. He’ll still con people I’m sure, but it’s really hard to stop it.

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