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memo to Larry…

OK, it is time for another memo to Larry (the Butthead) Sinclair:

(in reply to—->When Politics Turn Facts into Fiction, and Fiction into Facts Part II of III )

denis_la_malice15.jpg DennisDear Butthead, as one of your more faithful (actually, I may be your only) reader, I can’t help but(t) notice that your defense is running a little thin. You see, in a case like yours, the core “facts” have to do with some woman’s tax checks having some how acquired forged signatures and ending up in your bank account. These “facts” (also called “evidence”) suggest that either you or someone you are closely associated with (for example, your mama) had taken these checks, forged them and then banked them into your account. Perhaps you were not aware of this, but this is considered a “felony.”In most states, this is treated as a “crime.”

To defend yourself, you have to come up with a plausible story as to how this could have happened without your knowledge as well as why you didn’t return the money after you discovered this outrageous act. Or you might just fall back on some claim that the victim did it because she was out to frame you (which I assume is where you are trying to go with your increasingly lurid but also pretty stupid story). Of course, this still doesn’t explain why you wouldn’t give the money back and instead bolted for the hills when the judge wasn’t falling for some of your other outrageous stories…but I guess the case is still young, so to speak.

me-1999-275x187However, I kind of understand your problem. I mean, here you were back in the days just running a simple little inter-state drug running operation making lots of money while breaking a bunch of major federal laws – you know, the kind that should have slammed your butt back in prison for the next thirty or more years – and some cheap little hussy sets you up (yeah, sure) just because she caught you doing the wild thing with her drunk husband and its like, come on, since you are such a manly man of a stud muffin, why heck I’m sure the poor slob couldn’t help himself. I can hear him now softly sighing “Oh El Gordo…sweet El Gordo.”

Too bad that actually has nothing to do with the case – which still has to do with her checks in your account with forged signatures.

Of course, her brother owed you lots of money because gosh golly gee whiz, not only were you an inter-state drug dealer but you were also running a charity and oh gee you couldn’t do enough to help this guy out (though your “help” is starting to sound a bit like loan sharking to me). And since her brother owed you money, gee I bet you felt that her checks ought to belong to you to cover his debts. Too bad the law doesn’t see it that way. They still call it theft and forgery (though it helps to explain why you wouldn’t give the money back because gee golly, you worked hard to steal those checks damnit)).

BTW, you do know that you are basically confessing to committing the crime. Your weird and twisted sense of self-justification is totally and legally invalid. The rest of your utterly ludicrous drivel is completely irrelevant and most (if not all of it) will not be permitted into court because it has nothing to do with the actual case…

Which is all about how her checks ended up in your account with forged signatures.

free-laughing-smiley-emoticon.gif LMAO“… A photograph was taken of Rogelio pulling the waist band of my sweat pants open looking at my butt. That photo will also be used in the defending against these knowingly false charges.”

So now you want to enter a photo of your butt as evidence. ROLF! I bet the DA’s office can’t wait to add that pic to their dart board. But it just doesn’t matter. Nobody wants to see your butt (or at least not until you get back to Cell Block D). And your butt doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the case (unless that is how you signed those checks). I know that you are a self-confessed “hungry bottom,” but you got to think beyond your butt, you turd brain.

So let’s be honest (and just listen to me, my friend Senor Butthead), you are screwed. Your crime was so low grade and stupid and you left such a clear trail right to your door that it almost seemed that you wanted to get caught. But then I remembered. Oh yeah, you spent a large chunk of your adult life in prison because you kept getting caught committing really crappy stupid crimes in a wildly sloppy manner. Like maybe crime really isn’t your best “career” thing. I mean let’s face it Larry, you totally suck as a criminal.

But that’s OK. You are pretty use to the prison life and since you seem to be having a tough go on the outside, maybe it is best this way. I think maybe you have a secret desire to get back in stir, see your old friends, meet some new faces, turn the other “check” twice a day. So keep up the good work. With your “defense,” you will be spending the next 25 years in lock up in no time.

P.S. Please be sure to post that butt photo. I was hoping to download it as my new screensaver.

I should add a P.S.S. When you enter your butt as evidence, be sure to make the cops dust it for fingerprints. Then claim that they found Obama’s fingerprints (since I assume you haven’t washed in the last couple of decades). You can then add that to your “book” and watch the sales sky rocket (well, at least watch it go from 0 to 1).

Also, when you do post that photo of your butt, would it be OK if I animated it? Trust me, juries love talking buttholes. After all, they see them every day in court.

Sincerely, A Fan


Lookie “Go Fund Me” Fundraiser

While trolling around SinclairNews’ pathetic Twitter channel  I found the tweet below and then other information unfolded with a video.

I’m certain Sinclair was advised  against posting further online but the “narcissist” can’t help himself, what does he do? He creates a video filled with threats.

Good Luck goes to his ATY/ Karl,S. Tameler!

Disclaimer: “The RegulatorToo” makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that  our viewers are prepared.The content of this video may be detrimental to your health (nausea, and  vision). View with utmost caution and at your own risk, suggested,wear a pair of sturdy hipwaders.


“Why I need you to Contribute through Go Fund Me

Published on 12 Apr 2014 by Larry Sinclair

The Go Fund Me account that was recently set up was done so that I might be able to hire the Attorney I need to fight these false charges which certain former DA’s have kept active for nothing more than to score political points and favors from other.

Please help us raise the $15,000.00 we need to cover the legal fees needed if this case is taken to trial and the $5000 needed before the Attorney makes his formal appearance.” Updated posted by Larry Sinclair 20 days ago “Please take a moment and listed  <– :eyeroll: to the brief video clip I have shared with you. Your help is being sought so that I might be able to defend myself against charges the prosecutors already know are false, but who continue to push the case not for Justice, but for Political posturing.

 And for whoever’s interested – here’s Larry’s FUNDRAISING site…

Larry’s Legal Defense Fund”—->


 1780819_837697756257382_1145041169_nCreated by Larry Sinclair on April 9, 2014  DAYTONA BEACH, FL

 On March 20, 2014 I was arrested on a warrant from Colorado which was changed in December 2012 in retaliation for my filing a FOIA request against a Deputy Distrcit Attorney in Pueblo, Colorado. The warrant which was originally issued in 2001 and was then taken and turned into a Political football in the 2008 Presidential elections was to be dismissed altogether in 2008. Former Deputy DA Stephen A. Jones (for political purposes) filed a factually false motion before a Judge in December 2012 asking that the warrant be amended to nationwide in retaliation for filing of FOIA request against him and his office. Since my arrest I have posted the bond and flew from my home in Florida to Colorado. I need to hire an Attorney in Colorado and I need to travel back and forth between Florida and Colorado until this matter is resolved. I have put all of my art collection up for sale along with a 1995 bottle of Dom Perignon but until they sell I need to raise $15,000 ($10,000) required to hire Attorney before April 28, 2014. In addition to my art collection I am putting the complete rights to my first book up for sale as well. The charges are false and even though the prosecuters know them to be false, they continue to push the matter for political posturing for themselves.”

Pretty pathetic or surprising that  he’s got $500 collected.

And now it’s time for Dennis’ Teachable Moments (views about the video) :

Proffesor_dennisOK, where do we start.

1. They are not alleged charges. They are simply charges. Signed, sealed and delivered in court etc etc. So you are up on charges for alleged crimes. Keep it straight, asshole.

2. As for your claim that the charges were suppose to have been dismissed – who cares. The only thing that matters is what is in the court record. The only move on record was your own half-baked attempt to get the charges dismissed (remember that brain tumor thing) and that was tossed by the judge. So the charges were never dismissed, period. It doesn’t matter if some one at the DA’s office made some weird claim for you to save your money and not come back etc (which doesn’t even sound like any DA I have ever met – and I have met a few). Nothing happened in the court record. That is the only record that matters in this issue. Further, the DA’s office couldn’t dismiss it on their own. It would have to be dismissed by the judge. Oh sure, the DA could go in and say that they are wanting to withdraw the charges, but the judge then has to say Hokey Dokey. Case dismissed. Of course they would also want you ideally to be in court for this moment. So where were you?

3. Why are you wasting your time going online with your long winded, sorry ass, and extremely confusing “defense” when you have an attorney who’s job is to go before the judge and the DA and make your defense. Not only are your numerous online postings meaningless, but your own attorney should be telling you to shut the hell up while he tries to figure out your defense. That is what you are paying him for.

4. No, you do not get to threaten everybody with putting them on the stand. Your attorney gets to figure out who to call as a witness. You don’t get to call anybody. Again, that is what you are paying him for. May I also warn you right now that you are getting close to “witness intimation,” and your own attorney will tell you that you need to add to the charges like he needs more idiots like you for clients.

5. Quit trying to skirt around the fugitive in flight issue. It doesn’t matter if you kept popping up online letting people know where you were and stuff. You skipped out on the charges and never came back. That is fugitive flight. No ifs, no ands, no buts. What do you call it. A vacation?

So you are on YouTube hustling for money? So far you have 32 viewers. Discounting some one like myself (who watched for the hope of some cheap laughs), you have had about maybe 15 real viewers tops? You need how much? Good luck with that, Charley. You come off in the video as too pathetic to be lame and too lame to be pathetic. But the nasal tone hacking and snorting sound effects combined with the poor quality slasher flick lighting design really makes this video a perverse must see.

Last thing: Do I have this straight. Your defense is that you were in Texas shacking up with a male hooker while some one unknown forged those checks and popped them into your bank account? Gee, what a fiend this person must be. Maybe it’s that bogus DA who kept telling you to save your drinking money and not worry about those silly charges?


And now it’s Where’s The Proof Larry?’s turn to weigh in…


4a1a88c89c4ef2cebbee6cbcd2479698.jpg WTPL avatarI was reviewing his affidavit along with the video above

As we’ve said many times before, this has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the facts and circumstances in this case as I know them from the information he has provided. He won’t accept that. That’s a key part of his problem as a habitual offender – it’s always someone else’s fault. This happened in 2000-2001 – long before he can claim he had anything to do with politics. His innocence or guilt isn’t going to be determined by politics. It will be determined by a jury of his peers judging his innocence or guilt based upon the facts in this case – if it even gets that far.

I don’t care to go into the details of why but after my review this evening, he is in deep, deep shit. Anything can happen in a court case, but the odds of him prevailing on the original criminal charges seem slim to me.

Another thing that hit me reviewing his affidavit was the hypocrisy of him complaining to the court authorities about the threats of harm and death threats directed towards him and his family. Isn’t that what he’s done to us for six years? Meesh is still getting them on this blog. So just maybe, justice is about to be done on that count. I truly hope so. His claims about us doing that back to him are as facetious as his claims against past Deputy DA Jones. Some guy threatened him on Youtube but he had nothing to do with us.

My father nearly yanked me out of a private boys school when I was young for fighting. I absolutely couldn’t stand bullies. I was reflecting on that here some. I wasn’t big but I could take care of myself. I didn’t lose a fight.

One thing that troubled me about it was flirting with hypocrisy. I was in effect bullying the bully to get “my way”. And because it takes two to fight, it made it less clear within the school who was on the side of right – in spite of the fact that after my first fight, I made it crystal clear why I had fought and would continue to fight if the school didn’t do something about the bullying. To some extent, we have experienced that here. Mitch alluded to it on the M&N blog not long before they shut it down.

When you get down in the mud scrapping with a scumbag like Sinclair, you get dirty. There’s a long history and it’s not simple to explain – or I haven’t found a way to concisely explain it. It’s therefore, harder for folks on the outside to identify who is on the side of right.

A key thing I couldn’t stand about bullies was they would pick on guys who physically couldn’t fight back – ALWAYS. To some degree, we’ve seen that with Sinclair’s threats. The people he’s really gone hard after more frequently are the women: Sheila, Lynne, Meesh, etc. I have great disdain for him for that. It sunk in about a week ago during an email exchange with Sheila. She had to look after her grandson who was home with asthma and on another day take him or another of her grandchildren to a soccer game.

And so it bothers me that this heartless sick prick IS GOING AFTER A GRANDMOTHER! (again)

And just maybe that’s a part of what bothers him: that a bunch of housewives and grandmothers – NOT paid Obama bloggers like he’s claimed – stood up to his threats and intimidation on their own dime and kicked his sorry ass.

I’m so proud of you ladies. I really am


What do we have to say?

April-Fool-8Leave it to Larry Sinclair, of all days, he chose April Fools Day, to post an excruciatingly long exposé filled with much insignificant Garbage…where he boldly announced:

Well its time to let the facts speak for themselves and let the chips fall where they may.” 

For your amusement, the actual post  can be viewed on “our” site–> press here to view it in this comment  (if you really want to visit Sinclair’s dreadful site (press here to view his post )  Fair warning, it’s clear as mud.

Once again, Sinclair  has escalated to one of attacking the innocent and developing bizarre conspiracy theories that make those of the tinfoil hat / black helicopter ilk seem downright sane.  His latest target are bloggers and Former Pueblo Deputy DA Stephen A. Jones and his staff who were merely conducting business as usual.

Sinclair states:

“I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge.”

So, this will not be the end of these rants and threats. Sinclair demands names, he states:

“Too bad all those who claim to be law abiding citizens looking out for the little guy couldn’t publish under their real names when they publish outright garbage and lies on the internet attacking someone else.”

Here’s his demands—>

The specific information requested pursuant to the CORA and CCJRA is as follows: The names, addresses. email addresses and phone numbers of any and all individuals who the Pueblo County District Attorney Office has communicated with from January 2008 thru December 3. 2012 pertaining to Pueblo Colorado District Court Case Number 01CR727 who are not alleged witnesses or aHeged victims in the case and who has contacted the Pueblo District Attorney for the purpose of requesting the DA move to seek nationwide extradition for political purposes.” 

I also agree with Dennis, “it really doesn’t make a lick of sense and sounds like a desperate criminal having an emotional breakdown or something. All I know is that everything bad ever said about him is “factually false.” So there.”

Without further ado, let’s see what some of our fellow Regulators have to say.


I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge – See more at:
I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge. – See more at:
I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge. – See more at:
I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge. – See more at:
I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge. – See more at:
I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge. – See more at: further ado, here’s what some of our Regulators weighed in with:

First I’ll begin with WTPL?  “Where’s The Proof Larry?” well-thought conclusion:animated119

4a1a88c89c4ef2cebbee6cbcd2479698“I saw Sean Penn recently deliver these lines in the movie Fair Game:

“The responsibility of a country is not in the hands of a privileged few. We are strong, and we are free from tyranny as long as each one of us remembers his or her duty as a citizen.

Whether it’s to report a pothole at the top of your street or lies in a State of the Union address, speak out! Ask those questions. Demand that truth. Democracy is not a free ride, man. I’m here to tell you. But, this is where we live. And if we do our job, this is where our children will live. God bless America.”

I’m sure there are many more and maybe better examples of those kinds of words. Those words just happened to pop into my head this morning. Sicliar, you’re the decrepit “pot hole”, career con man we’re doing our civic duty to report about. When you go after fine FBI agents like Brenda Born or Robert Henly and slag them on the internet with false claims, or when you go after Deputy DA’s Susan Dwyer or Stephen Jones wrongfully, or when you throw feces on Colorado prison guards, or when you go after members of the Secret Service as you did, or when you threaten pro bono civil rights attorneys like Paul Levy: “Paul Allen Levy will DIE before SUNDAY” or when you go after Obama’s dying grandmother or go after his young kids as you did or when you’ve threatened or gone after bloggers on this site, you attack me.

Professional protocol prevents these classy people in law enforcement from getting down in the internet mud and defending their reputations. Your attacks of them are unfair, factually false and hurtful to them. But because those people protect my family, my friends and our society based upon the rule and enforcement of law from unconscionable scumbag felons like you, I think we’re completely justified in exposing what a dishonest, heartless and harmful piece of shit you are, always have been and always will be. I see the garbage you posted about Stephen Jones and it just elevates my resolve to keep after you until you’re sentenced to prison for a long, long time.” district_Colorado_seal_v4_150x151 And now it’s Dennis’ turn…

dennis_cartoon_wallpapers“OK Fat Boy. Though you are busy trying to cook up a vast conspiracy involving a former DA who has been out of office since January of 2013 and several bloggers, some of whom are largely off line these days, let me explain a couple of “facts” to you. “My Teachable Moments”:

A. It just doesn’t matter. You were an accused felon who skipped. The minute you ran, your ass belonged to the DA. Previously, the DA was a guy named Bill Thiebaut who employed “…an innovative social intervention strategy that is intended to aggressively discourage criminality. ” So you were pretty much safe as long as you stayed out of Colorado.

The new DA is Jeff Chostner, a hard lined ex-military guy who sounds very different and who is “…of the opinion that the only way to fight crime in Pueblo is for the District Attorney to prosecute a higher number of criminals.” He now owns your ass.

B. You go on and on about this Jones guy (out of office since 2013). You whine about this or that from 2001, 2008, 2011, 2012. It just doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that they just yanked your ass in. That is what you have to deal with, you idiot.

Notice what Chostner already told your bogus mama: “why didn’t Larry turn himself in and take care of this?” And remember, this is the same guy who won his election by swearing that he couldn’t drive down the main streets of Pueblo because of all of the crime that was going on (he actually said this in a debate). So imagine what will happen when he gets a long hard look at you? Jones and bloggers are not your worry. Chostner is the guy you need to be concerned about. He owns you.


BTW, I suspect the warrant came up while the new DA and his new staff were going through a pile of outstanding warrants and since they are getting tough, gee guess what. It probably happened in late 2013 only because they were sorting in alphabetical order. It just wasn’t your day. But that is how it goes when you have an arrest warrant hovering over your head for over a decade. So now I can’t wait to tear into whatever pathetic excuse for a “defense” you are cooking up. BTW, you do know that your case will not be tried online?!Why are you not dealing with an attorney, asswipe?”

graphics-yo-yo-588543defender_Larry Sinclair


Thanksgivukkah w/Dennis & Company

DENNIS THE MENACE 1I am sure that at any moment there will be a near drunken post by Ilse at the Snooze site on Thanksgiving and its wing nutter meaning and why Obama is selling it out blah blah blah…

So let me take a moment to wish us all a merry and fun Thanksgiving.


1fa2de470acd257599fa2bb11bec5dc2Dennis, great video! Sorry, but I had to add this too, it’s a Thanksgiving tradition, Douche sings….To all my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving or I should say Thanksgivukkah! You guys all rock!

Margaret wade

Psssst WTF was that ^^?!

Hi Dennis, a “drunken post by Ilse” you say? Nope, look below…in from Stinkville… do you think this is another suicide by TicTacs scam-fest?  When I read it, I kept hearing, that old familiar tune:

Seasons In The Sun by Terry Jacks ♫ ♪ Goodbye to you, My trusted friend We’ve known each other since we were nine or ten…♫ ♪ Together we’ve climbed hills and trees Learned of love and A-B-C’s Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees….We had joy We had fun We had seasons in the sun; But the hills that we climbed Were just seasons out of time…♬ ♪ 

Talk about déjà vu, read on and judge for yourselves!

What I Am Thankful for

November 28, 2013  By

Larry Sinclair - white thanksgivingOn this Thanksgiving Day I am thankful for all who have played a part in my life, whether as friend or foe each of you have had an impact on who I have become. I am thankful for being blessed with a life that even with the many mistakes and dumb choices made in it, I would not change a thing if I could because those mistakes and choices have played a big part in who I have become. I am thankful for a family who despite its differences at times, it’s still a family. I am thankful that I have lived such a crazy and wondrous life and that I am still living it. From the repealing down a cliff into freezing water in the dark in Big Bend National Park in a Vision Quest to running six miles to end it; from harnessing a team of mules everyday for six months on a wagon train to my time spent in prison for making some stupid choices and decisions, I am thankful for every bit of it.

I am thankful for some of the nuttiest friends and foes anyone could ever have around them. From The Greek Girls (and boys) to the owners of Stubbs B&B, from Mya & Pat,  Zane Thuzar & Zahni Thuzar who in a way are like my own kids if I were to have any; from Sandi Arenge LoBue who if you ever knew our history you would understand why I look at Sandi as if she were my own family; Carol Boyd who even though I irritate the heck out of her she still loves me. Ace ShortMoney and Will who will forever be solid in my heart; to Jean-Claude Morin and the hearts of those at Volusia International Bible Fellowship;Donate2_paypal_Sinlair news Miss sugabaker Carole Sue who can always make me laugh; to the sincere and honest Foster Friess who I will always admire and respect. Then of course there is Mary Harper who I am certain I pushed to the point of wanting to kill me several times in my teen years who today looks back with A SMILE on those VQ days. There are so many, many more that I could spend all day listing so please don’t feel you are any less important to me because you are not, I am truly thankful for each and everyone of you. I am Thankful for every success, ever failure, every mistake and dumb choice. I am Thankful for having this crazy life indeed.


Larry-150x150” My star is almost ready to shine bright. Hope you get what I am saying. Just a little longer. itsy bitsy longer.”

– Larry Sinclair  04/16/2008



Latest from Lardo’s world – by Dennis

Meanwhile at the Jabba the Butt site, Jabba has moved into a new dump and already is fighting with the neighbors. Larry Sinclair Well, that is pretty much it as he and a black welfare mother are going at it over various “issues.”  Is she loud, noisy, abusive and selling drugs on the side or is she just a person working at staying alive.

Who cares.  It’s all kind of stupid.

Good grief, is he working hard to pick a fight or what?  Judge for yourself, check out the video below that he has uploaded. Hope she punches his lights out. He has taken the site to the bottom depths of Hell and now he’s looking for the trap door to the lower depths.

BTW, even if the worse case story is against her, I am banking on the mamma. Where I come from, you just look the other way.

Taken from the lunatic’s post:

Larry-150x150“I am an investigative journalist and I will do my job. The scams you are running are costing people who really need the help not to get it. I have always been up front from day one as to who I am…Price and her sister continued to verbally attack and threaten us throughout the day yesterday and even resorted to acting like a complete lunatic by standing in her bathroom window screaming at the top of her lungs “la la la la la la…” while we were meeting with a contractor to obtain an estimate on some work needing done to the building. Some may say, why even bother to ask questions and to that we say: the system has become what it is today and so many have the same attitude as Price and her sister have that they are entitled to anything as long as they just sit on their butts and play the game…..”


Message to Fat Boy – by Dennis

Dennis imagesOK, Fat Boy the lwayer is at it again as he tears into the George Zimmerman case and accuses the prosecutors of engaging in race baiting and insists that they must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt and then carries on with a largely pointless tirade against Al Sharpton while contending presenting Zimmerman as a victim blah blah blah. Couple of points Fatso:

dennis_cartoon_wallpapers1. The state doesn’t have to prove that Zimmerman shot Martin “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Everybody knows that already. What Zimmerman’s lawyers have to try and prove is that he had to shoot in fear for his life. This has to do with a desperate (IMHO) attempt by the defense to justify the shooting. “Reasonable doubt” is NOT INVOLVED, you asshole. It would only be involved in a case in which the defendant claims to not be the shooter (there are a few other odd exceptions, but this is the main point). In this case, they have to convince the jury that he was in fear for his life. And BTW, they have to get the jury to ignore such little details like how Zimmerman chased Martin down, brought the gun to the event for no obvious reasons, ignored police radio orders to back off etc etc. So they don’t need to convince the jury of reasonable doubt. They need the jury to be brain dead stupid and suffering from amnesia. Didn’t they teach you anything at that lwa school back in Cell Block D?

2. Race baiting? The defense council has been so busy trying to convict the victim for being black that I would really suggest that you might take you head out of your ample butt for a few seconds and rethink your otherwise ludicrous and just plain stupid claim. Last time I checked, the Zimmerman lawyers were busy recasting Martin from a middle class teenager with divorced parent issues into the head of the Crips.

3. The original prosecutor was not forced by outside agitators into filing 2nd degree murder charges against Zimmerman. Instead, she had to be convinced by other DAs to reduce the charge. She originally wanted Zimmerman on 1st degree murder charges. Don’t you research this stuff before you start hitting the vodka?

As always Lardo, your writing is crappy and your insights are a unique combination of banality and stupidity. Keep up the good work. sinclair_teeth2You make our job so much easier.Now take that bottle out of your mouth and repeat after me: “I am really, really sorry for being such a completely stupid waste of life.”  Keep saying that until you pass out.  I thought it may be the one way we could get you to shut your pie hole.

And give Ilse my regards. I hope to see her at the next Beer Hall Putsch.


Jabba Is ba-a-ack!

DENNIS THE MENACE 1Today at Jabba Land –  by Dennis:

1. Very badly written puff piece on a bar and grill near Lardo’s new digs where he could grab a meal for under $10 while watching the surf come in.  He is back to take photos of his dinner, in his post here. I think this is called “narcissism.”

2.  Long winded and extremely stupid piece by Ilse going on the attack against the Clintons and their Socialist agenda.  According to Ilse, everything is Socialist.  Especially if it involves programs aimed toward the country’s well being.  I think this is called fascist ideology combined with acute paranoia.

3.  Jabba is back!  Jabba is back!  Long winded and completely ludicrous piece in which Fat Boy makes the IRS scandal all about himself.  Yes!  BTW, Fatso, I think your problems with the iRS had to do with the obvious fact that you were trying to bilk them on your taxes.  They re-calculated your figures (using something resembling standard math and not that funny stuff you use) and then sent you a bill.  I know because I have dealt with them on these issues myself.  Unlike you, I just ended up paying the damn bill (which oddly enough was close to the same amount you were billed – gee, you should have been making more money back then).  But you sir, are a lwayer.  No wonder you fought the lwa (and I seem to have noticed that mostly the lwa won).  BTW, is this why you suddenly hit the panic button and sold all of that crap at your old trailer that you bought with all of your “donations?”  Then you bolted for Washington and claimed to be poor and waited until they gave up dealing with you on the grounds that there was no assets to attach?  Oh wee!  The completely stupid, mean ass and hopelessly inept con man is back.  One question: Was it at Lwa School where you learned to address letters to the Secretary of the Treasurer with an opening insult or is that just a special trick of your own invention?  And how is it working out for ya?

Warning to decent people: He has this blog piece rigged so the long and whiny video piece kicks on the minute you open the page.  So turn your speakers off first thing.

The nasal tones could kill a cat.Larry and Thornton


Off to Fantasy Island with Ilse

Dennis imagesMore thoughts from our Dennis:

“Thornton Parsons has finally flown off to Fantasy Island full blown today as she conjures up a bogus American history in which the country was created with full voting rights for all until those dirty Democrats started taking it away from blacks which started the Civil War

and…oh for crying out loud, why bother trying to even shift through this dingbat’s pile of horse manure and completely made up bogus “facts” pouring out of her booze soaked cracked and leaky excuse for a brain….
I simply hope that her BFF Jabba has been fleecing her good.  The idiot deserves it.” Batshit Crazy post below animated119

American exsepshunalism

May 3, 2013  By

Thornton Parsons_lThe United States has always had a character all its own. Throughout our history, there has been a constant interchange of influences between America and Europe. Americans were busy pioneering the continent, so they were largely influenced by their former homelands. Americans, from their varied backgrounds, shared and borrowed from each other’s cultures. They blended and assimilated with one another until our American culture was born, nurtured, and celebrated. After the turn of the nineteenth century, the Left in America could not fathom nor tolerate Americans’ individualized freedom. They set to work to systematically curtail civil rights. Nowadays, the Left doesn’t even want people coming to this country to assimilate into our culture. They want them to stay segregated in their own cultures. Divide and conquer. When the colonies became States under the umbrella of a Union, they included in their state charters the voting rights of all citizens: blacks, whites, men, and women. No one was excluded, except slaves. The Democratic forerunners were dissatisfied with the ways that women and blacks voted, so they legislated the voting rights away. It took 60 years and a Civil War to restore voting rights to black men. It took another 50 years or so to restore voting rights to black and white women.

But then, the Liberal Left does not want today’s youth to study history. As the American Dream began to take shape, prevalence was given to the individual’s right to an education for the sake of the fullness and richness of his own life. Never has a people been given so lavishly the choices of private and public funds for institutions of learning. Mere book learning doesn’t necessarily produce wisdom and culture, but ready access to reading material can afford the basis for them, and this was provided through free public libraries. Our three greatest cultural influences—churches, schools, and public libraries—were founded when we were still carving our civilization out of the wilderness. Compared with Europe, the United States culture must have been considered savage and empty; devoid of manmade creations, such as art, statuary, buildings, and metallurgy….”

Enough of this garbage, if you want to read the rest, you’ll have to go to the SNOOZE SITE and read it for yourself there. Here’s the link.  Thanks Dennis!


Time for a Fundraiser

DENNIS THE MENACE 1Hey, it’s fun raising time over at the Snooze site.  Jabba is begging 500 of his imaginary readers to each donate $24 a year to keep his lets pretend news site going. Wait a minute, didn’t Ilse just tell us that it’s his own damn fault…so like what, he now wants CHARITY!!!???  If I were Ilse, I would dump his fat stinky butt and bug out

Below is the latest on the CRAP  Snooze site…what POS does the best, beg for money  the link is here—> .Gee, doesn’t this sound a bit like everything he accuses Ali Akbar of doing?  Nah.  No way.

BTW, what did ever happen to that “book”?

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Dennis Reports…

pr_Dennis_MenaceFor those who care, the Snooze site has briefly roused as Fat Boy crawls on top of St. Breitbert’s smoldering remains and attacks James O’Keefe, Ali Akbar (again), Glenn Beck and assorted other nutters for (drum roll) lying and always demanding (hold your hysterical laughter for the end) DONATIONS!!!!!!!!!

In Part Fatso says:Larry Sinclair 1

“You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth! That is a statement which we have come to hold near and dear when it comes to the so called media groups who claim to be truth seekers! This article will undoubtedly result in our being attacked by many on both sides because as  we have learned over the past few years, the so called “new conservative media” or “mainstream media” have a real problem anytime they are exposed for their own bias, hypocrisy and out right lies. Tuesday January 8, 2012 we received an email from James O’Keefe of Project Veritas (for full disclosure we note we like what O’Keefe has tried to do and even support Project Veritas in some of its ventures) that made us stop and take a step back……. blah blah blah” (the complete crap is—->HERE )

How dare they (BTW, please hit Lardo’s PayPal button before you leave).popularity-of-paypal I think this fit of outrage was already dealt with in an old movie:


thornton parsons and hitlerMeanwhile, Ilse, the disgruntled ex-English teacher who thinks she is a political historian, unloads a hoot of an unhinged rant comparing Obama to Hitler (even though I keep getting the odd impression that she kind of likes Hitler – certainly some of the people she obviously admires were pretty keen for him). Total looney crap from the dark mistress of the truly dumb.