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While we wait…just another fail.

on September 26, 2014

Lawrence W. (Larry) SinclairSeptember 23 on Facebook:“There is a problem with our host servers which is making the site not load when you attempt to visit the site. I am working with the host company to resolve this issue.”

DENNIS THE MENACE 1“Server” problems again? How odd. BTW, I also like how two folks posted “Like” to this FB post. Guess they have seen the web site and are thrilled to see it put out of its misery.

Took a quick peak over at his web site earlier today and it seems to load just fine. So I haven’t a clue what turd brain is claiming to be the problem. Sounds like another cheap excuse to

A. Avoid doing anything…

B. Desperate need to get attention (ironically, from us). Or maybe he didn’t bother to pay the cable bill and he is the one who can’t “load” correctly. Who knows…. Job-well-done-lws


Next up, exciting video of Fat Boy taking a whiz on a fire hydrant.

And the dog will still get more viewers….

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  1. Meesh says:

    Thanks Dennis, yep just another fail, was thinking if the dog could be on FA wouldn’t this be a hit?… and WTPL? thanks for all of your fantastic visual aids and observations, you guys rock.

    Happen to notice the many searches on the site of how peeps arrive to our site. they’re much like these ones:

    Key search phrases

    “larry-sinclair-plays-reporterchastiser-with-occupy-cpac-group/ ”


  2. I missed a bunch of time around here so I was catching up. I was looking over the 2012 SickLiar interview in the New Hampshire Herald.

    SickLiar says

    “His (Donald Young’s) house was not ransacked or robbed. The only things taken were a few personal items and those were all items that could have easily been traced back to whoever had originally given them to him. The apartment wasn’t destroyed, it was ransacked but nothing taken.”

    Hey FatAss, for safety precautions, you should stay away from lie detectors. Contradictory bullshit during the same breath like that (taken from news articles you have trouble reading and comprehending) could damage them!

    I’d seen some complaints about the New Hampshire Herald on the web like this one:

    “I think I am going to be writing to these businesses and institutions to tell them that it reflects poorly upon them to be associated with these people and this publication.”

    and they note, like Sinclair News:

    The New Hampshire Herald’s web site states that it was established in 2010. …. The site requests donations but notes that the newspaper is a for-profit enterprise.

    they had their hand out for donations.

    By 2013, they went the way of Sinclair News:
    out of business for printing crap like their interview with SickLiar


    • Dennis says:

      “… only things taken were a few personal items and those were all items….”

      Odd. So once again Turd Brain is claiming knowledge that only the cops and the killer should know? Good thing we all know that he just makes this stuff up. Otherwise, I would be ready to sic the homicide cops from Chicago after his fat butt. It’s almost a confession.

      • From your post, I just noticed another contradiction “The only things taken …” and “… but nothing taken”

        So often, this guy talks out of both sides of his mouth.

        Another thing I picked up on yesterday (maybe others had noticed this before), after SickLiar brought up Jagir Multani in his New Hampshire Herald interview.: When I was looking over his 2008 Press Conference Press Release, Paramjit Multani appeared in that document six times. SickLiar called that a “typo”. How do you make the same typo six times in an important document like that? How could you miss it – particularly when the name of the limo driver was so important?

        Like so many things SickLiar, It’s unbelievable.

  3. From the top post:

    SickLiar says:

    “There is a problem with our host servers which is making the site not load when you attempt to visit the site. I am working with the host company to resolve this issue.”

    He doesn’t need the server to finish his book. Most folks will readily realize that.

    Amazon search

    “Your search “”when one man stands” sinclair” did not match any products.”

    Maybe I should have tried “When One Man Bullshits” …

    I suspect October 1st is going to be another fun “missed deadline” day around here unless today is “When One Man takes too many tic tacs again” because nobody has posted birthday greetings to honor his 53 years of deceit.

  4. I was reading some of theregulatortoo 2012 blogs …

    April 2012 “A Scam By Any Other Name Is Still A Scam” by Kstreet

    Which highlighted this:

    … time marches on …

    July 2014

    August 2014


    I guess that scam campaign didn’t work out too well, did it.


  5. tjtaygeeTayg says: <– am I the only one to whom it appears liar-larr has locked-down this FB page? Is he *poof*ing again?

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the Secret Service already paid him another visit as part of their recent security review. In fact, I don’t see how they could avoid doing just that considering that he insists on pitching his “I blew Obama and am suffering persecution for telling the truth about it” scam. I think that would practically invite a visit right about now. Sleeping on the job is one thing – but seeing a nutbox out there and looking the other way would cause heads to roll. So this is really a dangerous time for him.

      • from our friends at theregulator:

        His scam is imploding – a string of failure after failure. He’s got no money beyond his SSDI and he’s worn out his panhandling victims. He’s seriously mentally ill. They should be keeping a closer watch on him. He’s arguably as dangerous right now – to himself and/or others – as any time we’ve ever observed him.

    • Nope, you’re not alone.

      I doubt we’re missing much. 🙂

  6. That GoFundMe failure effectively shut him up for three weeks (exceptions => jet skiing video and my server is down Facebook post = nothing).

    • Dennis says:

      He seems to have gone silent on Facebook, Twitter and his web site. So I am guessing that he at the styore right now buying a large shipment of tic-tacs and getting ready to do some dark videos about what jerks we all are as well as his “followers” etc etc. Wonder what casino/hotel he plans on going to this time?

      • He’s definitely a suicide risk. No doubt about that. The problem he has with the suicide-by-online-video route, if that’s the way he selects (vs suicide by cop or blogger, etc) is so few are watching. He is a drama queen so I’d expect some kind of drama if that’s what he chooses to do.

        Maybe he’s hunkered down furiously scanning to try to come up with something that resembles a book … but he’ll ultimately succumb to some sort of excuse because he can’t do it that quickly.

        Maybe he’s employing aliases, like he has much of his criminal life and chatting with folks online. Or via email – trying to come up with his next money scam. He obviously needs one desperately. And maybe that’s why he’s quiet – he’s gone underground for dough.

        It’s hard to accurately predict what a mentally ill phuck like him will do.

  7. Dennis says:

    Early this month, he told his “followers” (all 2 or 3 of them) not to engage with us “losers” because we couldn’t back up anything we said. Then we preceded to back it all up and then some (since we now have, most likely, more of his archive than he has) and he immediately went silent. Is Lardo wrestling with a long dark night of the soul as he realizes the evil errors of his way? Is he suddenly stuck by a need to reform and come clean? Nah. He is just working the phones hard trying to sucker some idiot into giving him money while spinning his wheels for his next scam. He will be back. Heck, the stupid lying idiot has nowhere else to go. He has boxed himself into a corner and hasn’t a clue as to how to get out. I can’t wait for the next completely ridiculous crowdfunding pitch.

    • You may be right. In his earlier years, he’d commit a crime, get caught, sentenced and do the time. And then, he’d come out and go right back at it. In more recent years, he hasn’t been convicted as much but after his self inflicted blues, he’s always dreamed up another scam for money.

      Maybe the solution is for him to just fantasize about money and leave it at that:


      • Dennis says:

        Ah yes, this guy is a one-man flipping charity. I will not waste either your’s or my time even trying to tally up the incredibly high and completely ludicrous total of what he is claiming. Fortunately (as always) there isn’t a single grain of proof in the form of documentation (receipts, IRS forms etc) and absolutely no witnesses (churches, the numerous individuals etc etc). Totally bogus and utterly outrageous whoppers solely designed for his own ego. Complete horse shit from the horse’s ass.

        • I did come across some more on this recently.

          Tammy Byrnes declaration in Parisi v Sinclair

          “This declaration is a follow up to my August 5, 2011 declaration.

          I requested a copy of my telephone records from Sprint for the cell phone that I had in 2008- (207) 252-2796 – Sprint provided me with copies of four bills for the following time periods:

          12/19/2007 – 01/18/2008; 01/19/2008 – 02/18/2008; 02/19/2008 – 03/18/2008; 03/19/2008 – 04/18/2008

          A copy of the bills are attached

          I reviewed the bill for February 23, 2008 showing a call made to Los Angeles, California. I did not make that call. I also reviewed the bill for February 25, 2008, showing several calls made to Duluth and Anoka, Minnesota. I did not make any of those telephone calls.”

          So in 2011, Tammy Byrnes was able to obtain telephone records from Sprint for her cell phone going back to 2007-2008.

          But what about Larry Sinclair’s Sprint cell phone records for 2007-2008 that would demonstrate Donald Young spoke with him and demonstrate that Sinclair first contacted the Obama campaign in Sept 2007?

          From SickLiar’s June 2008 Press Conference:

          QUESTIONER: … Why didn’t you keep your cell phone records when Mr. Young called you? Were you billed for the cell phone?

          SINCLAIR: Actually, the cell phone records? You need to understand something. My cell phone numbers at that time and, in fact, my cell phone currently is through a division of Sprint/Nextel called Boost. Those records are available to me online for a 45-day period. Now they do have the records and they actually have confirmed that and I’ve agreed to have them…I’ve…(eyes flutter shut)…turned them over to Chicago Police Department and actually authorized the release to them which they don’t need me to authorize. I have personally contacted Sprint/Nextel approximately two weeks go…uh…asking that they dig up the records off of their system for each of those phone numbers from those periods and provide them to us. And I was instructed to make that request over a webform on the Sprint website. And if anyone here has Sprint or Sprint/Nextel you will know that Sprint is probably the worst cell phone provider company to deal with…(snorts)…but I will be getting them and, like I said, they have confirmed that those records are available.

          QUESTIONER: Are you going to post those on your website as well?

          SINCLAIR: I will.

          Of course, SickLiar couldn’t do what Tammy Byrnes did because those 2007 calls to/from the Obama Campaign and Donald Young were bullshit – never happened.

  8. I thought I’d get a jump on “When One Man Stands” at Amazon before they all sold out but …
    “Your search “”when one man stands” sinclair” did not match any products.”

    Saw some folks offering his other pamphlet online for free.

    SickLiar said a couple of weeks ago:

    “When One Man Stands will be completed and in the hands of those who pre-ordered it and who reserved a signed/numbered copy of it by the end of the month if it kills me.”

    I just knew I should have “pre-ordered” it more than two and a half years ago! 🙂
    (for my signatures collection!)

  9. Here’s a little intermission from all the ugliness

  10. This reminded me of someone we all know


  11. Dennis says:

    All still quiet on the Lardo Front. One of his FB pages starts out with the provocative headline “Don’t believe everything to read about WOMS.” I know what he means. Ain’t no way that stupid book is coming out tomorrow. The server is broken and he can’t get the funds and the dog ate the hard drive……

  12. Dennis says:

    Next excuse should surface about this time tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

  13. I don’t think we will be hearing anything at all from him for some time. There is no way in the world the Secret Service would be able to justify not taking another look at him considering all the publicity surrounding their recent negligence. Once re-interviewed, I don’t see how he would be able to convince the Secret Service he is okay, especially with his well publicized continuing obsession with the President. So I’m pretty sure he is somewhere being evaluated for a while, at least until intrudergate blows over.

    • Well it looks like I was wrong (maybe). Here’s his latest excuse, and he didn’t even wait until tonight.

      “Has been a busy past 3 plus weeks. Since September 16 I have been completely absorbed in a complete re-wiring of the electrical in home installing new panel boxes as well as replacing two exterior walls that have to be completely removed and replaced while the upstairs sits on jacks. This along with the memorial service in DC 10 days ago for my friends son while also sending files back and worth with the editor. It is a great feeling to have so much going on in life that you simply do not have time to think or care about anything else other than reaching your ultimate goal.”

      But I still think he rushed to post this immediately after being released by the Secret Service.

      • And it’s an interesting coincidence that he admits to being “in D.C. 10 days ago”.

        That’s probably a preemptive explanation just in case someone saw him there for his SS “interview”.

      • That’s just more bullshit (or this certainly was below):

        SickLiar said Jan 2013

        “After considerable time and effort trying to modify the print file and layout of the book When One Man Stands in an effort to not have to transcribe the actual documents from official agencies, and our failure to get the problem corrected we are as of today re-scanning all the documents which are included in this book and undergoing a complete rework on the books layout.

        To those who have ordered a signed copy of this book your order will be filled as soon as we have rescanned all the books official documents and completed the complete rework of the print layout.

        While some (one or two) of our critics will continue to publish Internet claims “there is no book,” or “the book was not finished yet,” and so on, we can only sit back and laugh at their complete ignorance as to what is or is not the situation with this book.

        We are looking forward to having this book printed and available as quickly as possible because we are confident it will shock, amuse, anger and motivate each of you who read it.”

        And then

        SickLiar said in March 2013

        “After working for months to correct the formatting of the print files for When One Man Stands we believe we have corrected those problems and are planning to ship out those reserved signed/numbered copies in April and to have the book available on Amazon Kindle and to the general public by early May 2013.

        You don’t need to send edited versions back and forth if you’ve finished the book in 2012 (when the original formatting problem claims got made) to the point you’ve just got a document formatting problem.

        Secondly, he’s hard pressed for cash and he’s a tenant subsidized by SSDI. He cannot afford to do renovations. There’s no incentive for him to do so in a rented apartment. And he is not qualified to do the electrical work – a landlord with half a brain wouldn’t let him near it or his insurance is toast. So he’s been inconvenienced for a couple of days but the landlord isn’t going to spent tens of thousands on electricians spending weeks rewiring his subsidized tiny dump:

        I doubt there was any involvement with the Secret Service or he would have howled about that as an excuse.

        • “I doubt there was any involvement with the Secret Service or he would have howled about that as an excuse.”

          I realize I’m engaging in raw speculation – that’s part of the fun. But his admission to be being in D.C. is “self incriminating” so to speak since it places him at the scene the event in question, namely, his suspected custody of the Secret Service. Even if he was in D.C. for a memorial service, assuming the SS was keeping tabs on him, they should have known he was there, especially since “10 days ago” was September 20 – the day after intrudergate. Why wouldn’t he “howl about that as an excuse”? Maybe because they scared the shit out of him this time and he doesn’t want to go there.

          Also notice he also doesn’t mention WOMS this time. Could it be that someone told him he’d better get over his Obama thing?

          • LongTimeLurker says:
            SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 AT 10:47 AM

            “Also notice he also doesn’t mention WOMS this time. Could it be that someone told him he’d better get over his Obama thing?”

            He did say “while also sending files back and worth with the editor” (love the “worth” slip/misu$e)

            Here we have some pretty big delusion protecting him emotionally (for now):

            SickLiar says

            “It is a great feeling to have so much going on in life that you simply do not have time to think or care about anything else other than reaching your ultimate goal.”

            Maybe someone sent him some money so he could travel to DC and that’s got him happy for now. When it sinks in that he’s failing, could be trouble ….

            • “He did say “while also sending files back and worth with the editor””

              Yeah, I noticed that too after I had already commented. On the other hand he doesn’t say the files were for WOMS. But I have to concede it does weaken my argument.

              Nevertheless the timing of his visit to D.C. “for a memorial service” right after intrudergate sounds awfully curious to me.

            • I knew it wasn’t him at the White House because the intruder could run. All SickLiar can do is waddle.

              If only I was better at Photoshop.. could have had some fun with that …

            • No I didn’t mean to suggest I thought he was the actual intruder. I just thought (and still think) that, after the fact, the SS figured they had better wake up and check on him. After all, he did send pellet riddled photos of the First Family to the White House and post a recording of a call to the President’s mother’s house while she was dying. He probably at least received an invitation from the SS to come to D.C. for an interview or else they would come see him in Florida. Or maybe they went down there and brought him up themselves.

              Furthermore, with all his promises about producing the book by the end of September why would home improvement suddenly become a higher priority?

              And does anyone here besides me seem to remember his story of attending a friend’s son’s memorial service some other time in the past? Do you have anything on that WTPL? How many of his friends’ sons are having memorial services for cryin’ out loud? He’s recycling old bullshit.

            • Dennis says:

              Yeah, he seems to have used this story a couple of times over the past year. Guess it sounds better than the “dog ate my book” excuse.

            • Beyond Dennis’ recollections I didn’t find anything quickly.

          • Dennis says:

            You probably wouldn’t find any note about this excuse in its past use because nobody much bought into it and no one cared. Heck, this guy has more excuses than a bad defense lawyer.

      • Dennis says:

        Good grief. I must be an incredible influence on that bozo. He had to rush out an excuse before tonight just to prove me sort of wrong (yeah, whatever buddy). He’s been busy rewiring his slum apartment? Yeah, sure. Wouldn’t want to bother the landlord with a property issue. I bet he learned electrical engineering while in prison (along with lwa and stuff). He’s passing files back and forth with his “editor.” Odd thing to do with a book you have been claiming to be ready to release for the past 3 flipping years.

        So when will the book come out? Better check the weather report. Is it snowing yet in Hell?

  14. kstreet607 says:

    Hey guys…a bit off topic: Our guy Joshua Derke is now a politician: check it out. Also check this article from Kos about him:

    Sinclair used to hassle this kid quite a bit. Look where Josh is and look at stinkin’, stagnant Sinclair!! (Alliteration not on purpose.)

    • I don’t remember that name. Was he before my time or did he go by a different name? And what was Legion’s problem with him considering that he supported Legion’s right to be gay?

      • kstreet607 says:

        He was there when Meesh and I were….which was at the very beginning. Meesh will remember his online name. He was much younger than most of us. He had just started Michigan State University about a year before. He was always seen as “the kid”. Articulate, intelligent and not afraid to back down from Fatass until Sinclair started collecting IP addresses and found out he was at Michigan State. Then somehow Sinclair got wind of all his info (like he TRIED to do me…) and scared Josh off because Sinclair mentioned his family members as well. That became a bit much for him so he just eventually dropped out.

        • Dennis says:

          Ah yes, the usual Larry Sinclair two-bit cheap-jack intimation tactic. I wonder how many times the stupid jerk has gotten popped in the face for picking the wrong kind of target. I have no doubt that it DIDN’T work whenever he was in the joint. Heck, some of those guys will kill you just for saying good day. I know, because I grew up with guys like that. If you are not use to this kind of shit, it can be scary. Personally, I just find it really annoying.

        • Larry Sinclair Says:
          May 29, 2008 at 7:59 am

          Hey Sheila Bryant, Paul Day, Scott Covington and the little bitch mitch. Wait til you see what comes back on all you little fucking sorry punk ass bitches. Keep posting punks, my next stop, the Boston area, then Georgetown GA. Wanna play bitch, you got it. Lets see what the FBI thinks of your post and comments, and lets see what the DNC says as well on video. Guess what punks, even Levy will be shutting the fuck up after I am done with him and PCLG by Friday.

          You have fucked with the wrong person and Ms Bryant, you bitch will pay dearly when we are finished with you and your family. Now threaten me with your fucking sons again. You do not know me, but you and your family will be digging a fucking hole to crawl into when I am done with you. Now talk shit Kstreet aka Sheila Bryant. Oh John Freeman, aka Joshua Ray Derke, Tell your mom and dad what you are involved in because they will be lucky if they can walk out of their house when I am finished with them.

          You want to play bitches, lest play, come out of your fucking closets. Also, Denise Lee in St. Paul MN. Watch how easy it is going to be to nail you and your husband and family to fucking cross bitch.

          That’s right motherfuckers, you crossed the line, and if your asses and your families asses end up fucked up you have only yourself to blame.
          Scott, is daddy going to pay to dig your ass out of this one your fucking punk?

          Come on, all of you said you would face me, then get your fucking nuts out of your throat and meet me at the FBI offices in DC. I don’t think any of you have the fucking balls.

          Sheila, Paul, Ruthie, Joshua, John come out and play you fucking gutless cowards. This faggot has the balls to make your whole lives change in a day motherfuckers!!!!!

          SickLiar said:
          Saturday, February 14, 2009

          …. “I have called Joshua’s family and left a message for him and his father with his Grandfather Donald.

          Joshua stepped up and filed an affidavit in the three bloggers case against SickLiar.

          All the best to Joshua! 🙂

          • kstreet607 says:

            Wow! It sucks getting “older”. LOL I remember that post clearly, but I forgot about those direct threats to Josh!! I knew there were threats but the severity was/is unbelievable.

            Thanks WPTL…the best archivist/Sinclair researcher – EVER!!!!

            Wait! Meeesh is definitely in that category too. 😉

          • Dennis says:

            Ah the memories. Yeah, he wants to meet up in front of the FBI building for a duke fest. Sure. Then they can finally haul his ass in for human trafficking, interstate drug smuggling and possible manslaughter. What a jackass.

        • Meesh says:

          Yep, Josh was known as our “John Freeman” at Mitch and Nan (he authored a few posts for M&N) and he posted at Larry’s and at BigHead DC as “Concerned Citizen”…so very proud of him.

          • kstreet607 says:

            Yes, Meesh, “John Freeman”…until Sinclair TRIED to give him hell.

            I believe he may have been the youngest among us Anti-Sinclair heroes. 🙂

            • I remember “John Freeman”. I always thought he was a Black guy.

            • Meesh says:

              Remember this tidbit? 🙄

              Larry Sinclair Submitted on 2008/05/25 at 1:20 am

              “Concerned Citizen, John Freeman, Joshua (all the same avatar) same person, et al…..

              The day you have been waiting for is nearly upon you.

              Yes “just me aka democratista, Mr. Sibley is indeed still my Attorney, even with all your web posts admitting you have since April been engaging in illegal efforts with others to use the DC Bar to try and save your internet warriors, yet you just don’t understand there are more Attorneys involved than you know.

              I had to answer all the questions you wrote that were emailed to me.

              Oh, and sandnsea, next time you quote me, please do so correctly.

              Ktreet, Legallady, Gemini, I believe I emailed you the answer to your question, and no I do not need to fish for emails Sheila, remember you enter them when you left your comment. I sent you one at your hotmail address.

              Now, lets see how many of you who sit and the web making statements behind screen names have any spine to reveal who you really are instead of talking about what you don’t do and then do just that. My blog and my articles are mine, truthful and rated G compared to the “vile” crap you idiots have posted, screen shots are filed daily without me ever having to personally go over to the cesspool.”

  15. Dennis says:

    On second thought, I think he really is rewiring his apartment

  16. Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair says on Facebook 3 hours ago

    “Yesterday a jury in Jacksonville, FL returned a verdict of guilty in the Michael Dunn case. I for one believe that was the proper and correct verdict as you just don’t fire multiple shots into a parked car over loud music no matter what someone did or did not say. While the verdict was correct the way State Attorney Angela Corey used this case to try and repair her own damaged reputation however is sad.”

    So she should be like the gang-bang-strangers-with-his-” Hungry Bottom”, career con man SickLiar and not bother to try to repair her damaged reputation?

    There’s some hypocrisy in there somewhere.

    • Dennis says:

      Hypocrisy? Perhaps. But what is most interesting is that he uses a simple news item in order to take a swipe at the state attorney. I have noticed that he mostly does that at lawyers and DAs who are currently investigating him. So what kind of trouble is Fat Boy stuck in this time? Also of note, his loyal fan Sibel Sanders has clicked Like and supports his comment. I have noticed that she always clicks like on Lardo. He could post that he just farted and she would click Like and say That’s Great!

      Interesting thing about Sibel Sanders, she doesn’t exactly exist. Her Facebook photos are all fakes (ran them through Tin Eye, all taken from assorted commercial web sites). Her LinkedIn page is blank. Her digital footprint strongly suggests that someone has created a bogus identity for whatever purpose.

      So Sibel honey, how is it going with the rewiring? OK, just taking a shot in the dark….

      • Dennis says:

        FYI – I mean Sybil Sanders (with a Y). Probably Lynn Thomas. She seems to like passing herself off as a young slinky blonde rather than the middle-aged stinky brunette that she really is.

        • Don’t call her stinky. Some women are offended by that.

        • Yoel P Lawlor, another common follower getting into it on Facebook

          Cheryl Prevor
          “Yoel P Lawlor. I am going to notify Facebook and let them handle you. You are mentally ill and I am letting you know if you file reports as you are claiming you will, you will be placed under psychiatric evaluation and probably locked up.”

          More Facebook comments here:

          and here

          Fogbow looked into him because he’s a birther

          More on him here:

          Yoel Lawlor, aka “Yoel P Lawlor”, “Joel Lawlor”, “Anon”, “Anonymous”,”Ralph Johnson”, “Yoel”, “John”, “John Steel”, “medical”, etc – The Walter Mitty of Birtherstan. Georgia-based Internet troll, birther, and creepy internet stalker. Has claimed to be an attorney at law (with a $600-an-hour practice), a green beret, the brother of a green beret, a CIA agent, a CIA hitman, a CIA gunsmith, a counter-terrorism expert, a high-degree / 33rd degree Freemason, a “9/11 truther”, a Nuclear Physicist, a cousin of former VP Dick Cheney, a cousin of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and so-on and so-forth, not to mention his claim of having killed a Muslim with his bare hands.

          And then there’s his claim having “high-level access” to “members of the intelligence community” and “IP address of all of Dr. Orly’s critics”, as well as being a protege of OSS operative and mercenary Mitchell WerBell III. Oh, and he’s also claimed to be directly descended from many of the Founding Fathers. Has claimed that his father was a CIA assassin, an automotive engineer, a drag race mechanic, and the “offical governors photographer” for the Governor of Georgia. Claims to have wiped the entire town of Mountain View, Georgia off the map due to having been caught in a speed trap in the 70’s.

          Yeah, right.

          Also tried to scam a charity by claiming he was seriously ill and destitute with heart and kidney problems. Likes to make violent and legal threats against anyone he deems an “Obot”, can’t stand being challenged. Tends to spread lies and claim people are other people, usually with no evidence to back that claim up. Claims to have “legal evidence” against his critics that will result in “criminal charges”, yet those charges never seem to actually show up either. Pretty much all hat, no cattle. Also may go by the alias of “Fred” or “Ralph Johnson”, and possibly linked to a “Joel L. Lawler”or a “Noel G. Lawler”.

          Seems to have a special hate-on for me for some strange reason. Likes to repost UseNet postings I made in the late 90’s and early 00’s. Has been known to rewrite his reposts so that they say things that I never did. Also claims I drink blood, that I’m an “admitted KKK member”, etc. He’s pretty much the definition of an internet troll and general loser.

          Sounds like someone I’d rather not like my posts … another dead head

          Zach Jones is another one. (we’ve covered him before I think)

          How come the hypocrite never booted “Debbie Benghazi” from “liking” his posts because she’s obviously using a bogus screen name.

          I didn’t bother with looking at the few others.

          • Dennis says:

            OK, I can see how this guy and Lardo all fits together. They probably first met at Lwa School (along with Ken baby). So we are proving beyond any doubt that Fat Boy is rolling around in the lowest parts of a dank gutter? No surprise.

          • What’s with the names of these right wing White guys? Yoel Lawlor, Lysander Spooner? Are they supposed to sound old school? These conservative types are a riot.

        • Meesh says:

          At M&N we often referred to FatBoy as “Sybil” because he was caught so many times flipping identities>>>

          Surprise! Suprise! On Facebook Sybil Sanders has now changed *its* name to “Sybil St Claire” 🙄 how obvious!…as suspected “Sybil” is one of the identities/princesses that live in “Jotoloco”Lawrence Sinclair’s fat head.

          • Dennis says:

            So how many bogus FB pages is this idiot running? And when he logs in as “Sybil,” does he dress for the part? Man, he has got to be one ugly looking drag queen.

          • Many of his posts, the only “like” is from his pseudo self … and he’s the guy hypocritically whining about folks hiding behind screen handles. So pathetic.

          • Dennis says:

            Yeah you are right. It is now Sybil St. Claire (gee, how clever of a disguise). So he changed his/her name and added a few more bogus photos. Guess Fat Boy really gets into this bogus ID thing. Hope he has some special outfits to wear when he is logged in as Sybil. And I bet that “Sybil” is mad at how some of us folks “hide” behind our screen names. Oh yeah……..

      • I never did take seriously the robotic “likes” at his facebook bs. But I think you are on to something regarding trouble he must be having with the Florida DA. I did a criminal record check on him in Volusia County FL and found that there are several entries. Payment was required for further details. So forget that.

        • Dennis says:

          Obviously we have all been wondering since he keeps coming out there with one scam crowdfunding drive after another but he then refuses to really press it publicly (which you have to do with a crowdfunding drive) as if he were afraid that “someone” might notice. Be a hoot to find out what he is up on now, but I personally wouldn’t waste money on it.

  17. Dennis says:

    All quiet on the Lardo front. He previously said that the so-called second book would be out by the end of September even if it killed him. So some one better call the EMTs. Poor slob must be dead in that apartment of his. Of course the dog ate his server and he may have gotten all tangled up in that rewiring job and I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t have to do massive plumbing….And of course we here at the cesspool are supposedly working hard at stopping the book (ROLF – hey Fat Boy, we have even double dog dared you to actually produce the damn thing – heck, I even said that 10,000 copies are not enough – go for 30,000 – nobody is stopping you over here, you jackass). Of course the complete lack of interest in the book may be a slight problem. Maybe Sybil Sanders or St. Claire or whatever stupid bogus name you are now using, maybe she will buy a bunch of copies.

    So come on. Where’s the book? You want to get moving in time for the Christmas sales, right?

    • He’s been motivated by money all his pathetic life. The failure of GoFundMe to raise money for the book has probably got him looking at alternative faster return sources for supplementing his SSDI. Either that or he’s hunkered down finally trying to get around to scanning and putting together the stupid pamphlet. But again, without money to print the books, it’s hard to imagine a printed version out anytime soon. In fact, I doubt we’ll ever see it printed, if we ever see it at all.

  18. Dennis says:

    And don’t think that there are no people out there who don’t want to read this book. We want to see it (well, just see it, not read it). Various DAs in Colorado and West Virginia want to read it (I hear they have blank warrants just waiting to be filled in). The Secret Service want to read this book. Some of your relatives in South Carolina want to read it. Heck, even Dan Parisi’s over priced excuse of a dog bite attorney probably wants to read it. I bet even the IRS is looking forward to it. You see, you got readers lined up all over. So you better do a run of 50,000 copies.

    So don’t ever say that we are trying to stop your book. Hell, we are begging you to print it. This could be the greatest and most epic fail of your whole miserable lousy little life. So go for it, big boy. Print those libelous suckers.

    But personally, I think I will just wait for the movie version…..

  19. Dennis says:

    I have a question for Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair: As one of the “cowards” over here at the “Cesspool,” I can’t help but notice that you recently said that you would have your book (When One Man Gets His Undies Knotted Up in a Hissy Fit”) ready to come out (all 10,000 copies) by the end of September or you would die trying. There is no book, but I understand that you are still alive. What went wrong with that? I mean gee golly, you are simply about 3 years behind schedule (yes Fat Boy, 3). I am beginning to think that you are bullshitting us. And after all of those beautiful threats against us. Oh my…I may have to order a copy just so I can demand my money back.

  20. Dennis says:

    No book and virtually no updates, but I noticed hidden away as a comment on an old FB post, Fatso had time late last night to threaten some more:

    “Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair It is funny and pathetic at the same time how my posting letting followers know there was a site loading issue (which was caused by a plugin that was installed) was so important that the idiots felt the need to challenged it as if it were some sort of news. These idiots are going to be very happy to know their actions have in fact made themselves “public figures” who have no right to privacy in exposing their identities and their lies. Florida has set precedent in the courts for being able to hold individuals accountable for their internet postings.”

    Oh give it a rest, asshole. You keep making up stupid excuses in order to stall on something that you have already been stalling on for nearly 3 flipping years, then get all worked up when anyone calls you on it but (for whatever reason) seem to have the need to sneak it out and hide it just in case anybody notices??!!

    Quick note: BTW, the legal defination of Public Figure is: “Public figure
    Definition – Noun
    : an individual or entity that has acquired fame or notoriety or has participated in a particular public controversy
    see also limited purpose public figure .”

    Add to this another legal point: “Other authors who are less well known might be a public figure for a limited range of issues such as those regarding publishing, but perhaps not for those regarding issues in their persona lives, depending upon the information and the controversy. Bloggers such as myself and Karen Scott might be public figures for a limited range of issues as well; however not for all purposes or in all contexts. Individuals who are commenters and do not maintain a blog presence have an even lower public profile and might well be considered a private citizen although the courts have not yet addressed the varying degrees of Interent participation in measuring public profiles.” (from

    Once again (and not surprisingly) your lwa degree is utterly worthless and you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. YOU are the main public figure. At best, we are very limited as public figures. Through your book and numerous postings, you have made your whole frigging life a public freak show. We have not. YOU are the one who could over step. We are not, oddly enough. And that is true in Florida as well as the other 49 states.

    So stuff it with the two-but threats, you idiot.

    And BTW, you forgot to have your alter ego Sylvia St. Claire click like to this comment….Now get your dress on and get to it.

    • Dennis says:

      And BTW asshole, you said you would have the new book ready by the end of September or die trying. There’s no book and obviously you are still alive. What’s with that? I’m starting to think that you are jerking us around….

    • SickLiar says:

      “These idiots are going to be very happy to know their actions have in fact made themselves “public figures” who have no right to privacy in exposing their identities and their lies.”

      SickLiar will be unhappy to find out he’s wrong. His actions (i.e. many threats of personal harm against us and our families, legal threats and lawsuit, threats about his upcoming book and his attempts to obtain personal information via FOIA requests as examples) against people on these blogs, dragged people into and held them in this controversy. His actions have forced people into the very limited public light because for our own safety and well being, we cannot look away.

      I would have been long gone when they arrested him in June 2008 if it hadn’t been for all that crap.

      • Dennis says:

        What the asshole seems to forget is that we have all of this crap in the Lardo Archive. Threats, crazy and often obscene comments, totally contradictory statements and claims, bizarre claims of expertise completely pulled out of his butt, bogus lwa degrees, bogus “college” background etc etc etc. All written by him and him alone. Heck, we should be suing him…..

  21. tjtaygee says:

    been browsing via firefox with an ad blocker & script blocker. Until today.

    Today I installed Google Chrome on linux (Bhodi Linux, a derivative of Ubuntu 14.04) without any such protection.

    Going to the site resulted in this:

    Your connection is not private

    Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).

    guess maybe he’s finally gone for the ultimate scam after all?

  22. tjtaygee says:

    To be clear, that didn’t appear when accessing the primary domain, but when trying to click-thru on “Don’t believe everything you hear about WOMS” or whatever…

    • Dennis says:

      In itself, this warning with the new Google Chrome doesn’t seem to mean too much and it could just be that his certificate is out of date. However, I seem to recall that not too long ago, he insisted that his web site was offline because he had to restore the codes manually. Dumb story, especially since he doesn’t know anything about coding. But, the dope may have been trying to add in a system to more thoroughly gather info from anyone who clicked onto his web site (or at least certain pages). In most cases, this would involve cutting and pasting a line of code into the main code for the web site. The companies that make this stuff gives out pretty simple instructions. It is pretty easy to do, unless you are a complete idiot and end up deleting the code to the entire web site. Then you have to wait for the web provider to go in and re-instate the code. So gee, guess what happened with Fat Boy, the IT master?

  23. Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair
    October 11
    It has been more than a week since posting anything and I wanted to let you know what has been going on during that time. I left to go to DC for a friends memorial service on September 17, who passed away in July and who by being an organ donor gave life to others as he himself passed on.

    Before leaving I had made the decision to have the entire building re-wired and have new panel boxes installed as well as putting each of the 3 units on individual electric meters. The electricians started that job on September 18, 2014.

    I had also made the decision to have two exterior walls on the north and northeast side of the building completely replaced which required jacking up the ceiling and my bedroom floor above to replace the walls. The north wall which had a door in it was replaced with a new egress window installed instead of the door which really served no purpose to being there since it was the bedroom on the downstairs unit.

    In addition to installing individual electric meters and new panel boxes, I wanted all AC units on their own dedicated circuits, as well as dedicated circuits for my microwave and I needed to install additional outlets on circuits dedicated to my electronic equipment. In addition two additional water heaters had to be wired in for the other two units.

    The decision to replace the walls was made after I discovered some water damage in the drywall and after punching a hole in the wall to see where the water was coming from I discovered the wall studs simply no longer supported the ceiling and floors above.

    In the process of changing out a water heater I discovered there was more repairs that had to be made to the water lines, drain pipes, walls and flooring so I went ahead and made those repairs which ended up putting all new lines, drains, toilet and sink and vanity in as well as new walls.

    It has been a very busy few weeks and I am almost at the completion stage of all the work and will be posting on the site in the next week. (19 photos)

    and then

    Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair
    October 11
    The After Pictures to date (13 photos)
    The remaining work is to prime walls, paint, install new carpet, hang new siding and the job is done. Still have some trim work and caulking that needs to be done in the bathroom and will get that done on Monday. This has been a very time intensive project and I simply could not have gotten it done without the superb work of Wise Builders; J.I.M.S J.I.M.S. Electric LLC, Jim and Eric.

    As I recall, last year, he had a fight with his previous landlord.

    It says here that the building last sold 12/21/1998
    so it does not appear that SickLiar owns it.
    He doesn’t appear to own the building yet he’s directing it’s repairs …. while collecting SSDI?

    [sarcasm]But as I read the above, according to the wording, SickLiar heroically and generously decided to repair his entire building. Obviously, we’re all wrong. Even though he fought with the tenants below,

    (for some reason the Youtube link is not working. See this video
    Courtney Price shows her wig & IQ at )
    he passed on funding the printing of his sensational book to make repairs to his adversary’s apartment.

    Let’s bow our heads and worship him! [/sarcasm]

    (I hope he considered telling those workers to be careful of the body fluids in the bathroom after his HIV controversy and promiscuity!)

    The point of the above is just another example to illustrate what a terrible writer this self anointed author is because once again, it’s difficult to get his tale to add up.

    • Dennis says:

      Yeah, wall to wall narcissist crap that makes it sound as if he is starring in a one man movie version of This Old House. Of course, its the landlord who has hired a crew that is doing lots of rehab work while Fat Boy hangs around taking photos and largely annoying everyone (especially when he slaps on his toy tool-belt and yell Miller’s Time). Actually, its pretty pathetic. But, it gives him yet another excuse for producing no book. I mean heck, how can he write a book when he is rebuilding an entire apartment building. BTW, I have no doubt this will go on his fantasy list of his numerous acts of “charity.”

  24. Dennis says:

    But on a happier note, best wishes to Meesh on this Canadian Thanksgiving

  25. Dennis says:

    I just changed the switch in the overhead light in our kitchen. So I guess I could say that I just rewired our whole house and the neighbor’s house and rebuilt the plaster walls and hung a few doors. Whew…no wonder I’m not getting that book done.

  26. tjtaygee says:

    in between home improvements, he’s supposedly still working on the book! Per one of the facebook pages.
    finally seems to have gotten past declaring deadlines…for now…

    • Dennis says:

      My oh my, for a guy with no discernible income who is always begging for money and claiming to be broke and barely living on SSD, he has a lot of nice looking stuff for his home decorating. Must be a pretty smart shopper at the thrift stores. Glad to see he is still “working” on that book that he has supposedly finished nearly three years ago…Guess he is one of those writers who is always rewriting his stuff. Or maybe the cut-n-paste controls on his laptop has gotten stuck. But by gum, if Obama ever tries to run for a third term this book will stop him cold, oh yeah.

      • tjtaygee says:

        D0n’t say that re: “third term”. every time a republican’s in office, one low-ratings liberal talk show host throws out the idea that a republican prez would declare martial law to stay in office.

        I heard Rush Limbaugh do it first as Clinton was nearing the end of his term.
        Now, of course, fox news is the perfect roost for any idiot who wants to say such things.

        Just not looking forward to predictable stupidity – like the War on Christmas.

        • Dennis says:

          Oh heck, the wing nutters have been chattering this way since 2008. So they are already way ahead of us. But thanks for the reminder about the War on Christmas…got to get my ammo and head to the front.

  27. I’ve been preoccupied with other stuff lately. But since I’ve always been one to call a bluff, this opportunity is too good to pass up. So let it be known that Legion, aka “Larry W. Sinclair”, has my permission to spill any and all beans he may have on the person who uses the avatar “LongTimeLurker” without risk of legal retribution of any kind. So let it rip you piece of shit. No need to wait. What’s stopping you right now? (And if you don’t everyone will see you as the nutbox phoney you are.)

  28. tjtaygee says:

    It’s been said before, but deserves being said again. If the book needs an editor these days, it wasn’t done and merely in need of formatting years ago.
    Liar-larr is getting ridiculously sloppy in revealing his deceit. He hasn’t been this blatantly obvious since he trickled-out made-up details of the obamascam for which inconsistencies were found and exposed, or for which he himself changed the story, or promised evidence and proof before he never provided any.
    He was desperate then to keep the scam viable, and made serious mistakes in the process.

    Wonder what’s causing such desperation now? It seems the only possible reason for him to screw up so badly, publicly and obviously.

  29. tjtaygee says:

    Ok, this is just too funny not to point out… Beneath the very article where liar-larr talks about “just how much personal info about the detractors should be in the book” lies his twitter feed in which he states he will not engage the detractors.

    Hypocrisy, thy name is liar-larr. Which is it? Are the detractors not worth engaging, or is scouring the internet for public records a requirement to pad a woefully unfinished, nearly empty, worthless stack of pointless nonsense of a so-called “book”?

    All evidence points to the latter.

  30. Dennis says:

    Last but not least, I can’t help but notice that it has been pretty quiet over here for awhile. Not surprising considering the complete lack of anything on the Fat Boy front. Seems as if he did the new threats as a desperate plea for attention. Good grief, he is back to trying to use us as his inverted PR machine. We ought to bill the slob!

  31. tjtaygee says:

    I can’t help but notice that liar-larr has gotten into the habit of closing comments on his latest posts….it’s as if he’s fully aware that only detractors are reading his site, and he can’t, for whatever reason, filter comments before approving them.
    Which raises the question – if he can only expect detractors to visit his site – who in the world is actually out there awaiting the book?
    Liar-larr is proving his irrelevance. And that his con doesn’t even have any reasonable number of potential victims, just those that have already forked-over money.
    Welcome to a well-deserved, already long-standing obscurity, liar-larr. And yet, still overdue.

  32. Meesh says:

    Okay, we have new open post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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