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When One Man Stands = When One Man SCAMS

Remember the post (below) that Sickliar, made a point to post in June after  last February’s  Big Announce? This certainly sounds like the first rag…

“The upcoming Book from Lawrence Sinclair, When One Man Stands which is set for a September 18, 2012 release has had its Advance Copy release originally set on or about June 18, 2012 pushed back one month… This delay is based solely on the delay in official documents from Department of Homeland Security and formatting issues with images which are to be included in the piece. DHS has assured us the pending documents are forthcoming and we do expect to have the limited signed/numbered Advance release of the book out in July and released nationwide on September 18, 2012.

Guess what the truth machine posted yesterday?


“Sinclair has yet another book

When One Man Stands Scams

coming out in October 2012;”

One attribute to Sickliar he almost got the title of his fictitious book correct…  “When One Man Stands  Scams”. Our TJTaygee called it when he posted this early in the month….

tjtaygee said:

Submitted on 2012/09/06 at 2:15 pm |

The actual reasoning and purpose behind liar-larr’s latest rant   is actually quite simple. The new pamphlet isn’t done.  And, in spite of large font, wide spacing, and as many nearly-blank pages as possible, liar-larr still hasn’t copy & pasted enough of his post-first-pamphlet rants to a degree he considers satisfactory for milking the idiots-in-waiting.

That rant above would easily fill 6 pages after he shrinks the margins, and the pics above as someone pointed out will take up a lot of room, too…

TJ also pointed this out


Submitted on 2012/09/09 at 12:12 am

The amazing thing will be when -even though much of this “new” article is a rehash, he still pastes this AND the other previous repetitions into his toilet paper kit – This is another 8 pages at least!

Great call TJ!

Same-O as the last book…. h/t badpoet!