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Meet Larry Sinclair

Who is  Larry Sinclair aka LS News Group?

He has had many aliases  Lari, Ashaiti, Avila, Larye, La Rye, Vizcarra, Adams, Larri, Silvis, Mohammed, Gahanan, Fatha, Vizcuaua, Vizgua, Lawrence, Wayne, Larry, Sinclair/Sinclaire.

It would be impossible to do a complete synopsis of the life and criminal history of Larry W. Sinclair.  The number of lies, the inconsistencies, the hidden truths….all combine to depict a rather worthless life of a 50-year-old con artist who himself like has a hard time discerning truth from fiction.  There is likely a more than substantial difference between the actual “life lived” and life as he would have himself and others recall.  While at times the absolute pitiful waste of this life might ellicit sadness from an outsider, in an emotionally healthy person, it would likely  result in feelings of shame and regret from the actual subject.

Throughout the animal world, certain repetitious behaviors can be observed to the point that scientist and observers can establish “patterns” of behavior. This same phenomenon applies to behavior among individual humans. It has often been observed that some people go to bed at the same time every evening. Therefore, among that segment of the population, it can be established that a pattern exists and that early bedtime can be more than predicted, it can be assumed. Sinclair has repeated the same pattern of deceit within these last five years…

With Sinclair, there is a total lack of remorse, no signs of a sense of loss and never a hint of regret.  This, coupled with his tendency to minimize his actions and their affects on others are classic hallmarks of sociopathic tendencies.  There is little doubt in our minds, Larry Sinclair is a sociopath in every sense of the diagnosis.

Quick highlight: In January of 2008  this grifter made his appearance on YouTube, just in time for the 2008 Presidential election. He managed to  convince many disillusioned people that he would bring Senator Barack Obama to his knees with a fabricated lie. At the onset he  offered NOTHING as “proof” that a tryst with Senator Barack Obama indeed occurred back in 1999. Sinclair offered some documentation that appears to show that he was in the Chicago area at the time he claims his bizarre liaison occurred. But he was not able to provide any phone records from 1999. Here it is,  no cell phone records, no hotel bill, no flight receipts/record  only a letter from Choice Hotels International.

The telling part, Sinclair blacked out one important line….by using “zoom” and sharpening tools, DBKP was able to decipher exactly what Sinclair didn’t want no one to see:

“While I cannot authenticate any information you currently have in your possession”

It is difficult to account for Mr. Sinclair’s whereabouts from 2000 until 2006.  During this time, he reported he was involved in drug-trafficking, human-trafficking and other illegal activities.  It is, however, difficult to explain how Mr. Sinclair claims the “money” he had in 1999.  He was working in a midnight shift job in Pueblo and could not leave the county without permission.  It seems obvious he was at best being paid Minimum Wage (or a little better perhaps) as his movements were being monitored very closely and he was reporting to a parole officer every two weeks.

At the onset of 2008,  Sinclair had a very brief connection with WorldNetDaily. It took a month and  Joseph Farah saw through Sinclair and in so many words told him to get lost. Below you will see what Sinclair posted on his website:

Despite this, he  collected a lot of money. He continued this scam by publishing a book of his lies. Fast forward,  in early 2010 Sinclair decided to run for Florida Congressional  District 24.  at the time he was not registered to vote in the state of Florida. On his Facebook he asked supporters  to send him no more than $299 so he wouldn’t have to report anything to the Federal Election Commission. A few months later after squandering all the money that he collected… he dropped out of the race.

Larry has complained the MSM have ignored him. Keith Olbermann’s segment was the closest Larry ever came to being named in the national MSM cable news. Even then, Keith only would refer to Larry as “the character assassin”. Ha!

Oh yes, Larry was sued by Dan Parisi of for defamation and libel in a $30 million lawsuit.  Larry, always so clever, decided to fake his own suicide attempt in effort to make the lawsuit go away. the web witnessed this fake suicide attempt, that he produced live on  his Vidler account. It’s been  one scam after another, too many to list.

Today (less than two years) he’s onto another scam… “factual” and “Sinclair” do not belong together.


LS News Group will bring our readers news that is reported factually and uncensored which the “mainstream” media refuses to do any more.

Yes, Sinclair keeps reinventing himself. One thing remains constant, he’s a criminal and he is still Wanted, at least someone wants him. When Sinclair arrived on the scene early in 2008, he claims he came clean and spoke of his “past” criminal activities. He avoided the fact of this information on—>  Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office website.  Can Sinclair News-LS News Group “Uncensored & Unafraid” make this public and explain why in 2012 this warrant is still active? The outstanding warrant for Sinclair’s arrest is for forging an acquaintance’s signature and stealing her tax refunds. He dares not step into Colorado , we feel he should go back.

Sickliar admitted it, only after we discovered it. It’s an acrive warrant, he still needs to do the time. Will they recognize him? I see on that website that they”now” have removed his picture, should we send them an updated photo? The narcissist keeps posting photos of himself on the worldwide web, therefore this shouldn’t be a problem…

About photos, Larry has a picture of himself that he claims is what he looked like in 1999, you’ll see it on his book-cover, it’s another lie. Little did he realize, that he posted this driver’s license that is closer to what he professed to look like. He certainly did look like a harden criminal. He’s a liar and a fraud.

I got the idea to add this page to the top, because Larry had posted this at the top of his 2008 website:

PUEBLO CASE – posted by Larry Sinclair – April 2008




Well it’s been four years now, this is what I mean, total BS on Sickliar’s part. I urge you to visit KStreet at Sinclair Watch for a close look at Larry Sinclair. While you’re here let’s  go back to Larry’s Resumé, a detailed analysis posted by Mitch and Nan but first this…

The Denver Post

Inmate in 2nd month of hunger strike
March 7, 1996
Section: Denver & The West
Page: B-04
Kit Miniclier Denver Post Staff Writer
A state prison inmate who has accused his guards of physical and mental abuse – and planting a weapon in his cell – has lost about 19 pounds in a hunger strike he started more than a month ago.

State corrections spokeswoman Liz McDonough said inmate La-Rye V. Avila, 34, is being monitored by the infirmary staff at the maximum security Colorado State Penitentiary. She described his condition as “stable, alert and oriented.” Avila, who started the hunger strike Feb. 2, is taking some fluids, and “there is some question as to whether he is eating occasionally,” McDonough said.

He was transferred to the infirmary on Feb. 6.

Infirmary officials found no cuts, abrasions or bruises on the inmate that would substantiate his allegation of physical abuse, McDonough said. Guards said they found a shank, or homemade weapon, in his cell.

It was a piece of a plastic food tray with a pointed end.

It was hidden in the track of a sliding door in his cell.

“He is alleging that the staff put it there, and we do have an investigation under way into that allegation,” McDonough said.

Avila was sentenced in Jefferson County in 1987 to 16 years in prison for second-degree forgery.

He will be eligible for parole in 2001.

He has a history of violating prison regulations.

Since his incarceration, Avila has been convicted of 83 violations under the code of penal discipline.
The offenses included refusing to work, making threats, tampering with locks, disobeying a lawful order, theft of over $50 and assault, McDonough said.

The lengthy record of violations suggests “he has not institutionalized well,” she said, adding that Avila had served time in prisons in Buena Vista, Delta, Limon and several facilities in Canon City before being transferred to the state’s maximum security penitentiary in September 1993.

To this Sinclair responds:

ADDED BY LARRY:AND I WILL BE THE FIRST TO SAY I AM PROUD I DID NOT INSTITUTIONIZE WELL, BECAUSE WHEN I WALKED OUT, I HAVE STAYED OUT. And your point is? What does this have to do with Barack Obama’s drug use and Bi-sexual behaviors? What you fail to include in this post is that I was paroled in 1997 and my sentence discharged completely on May 5, 2000. So please include these very minor details will ya?


July 8, 2008

Since 1985, Sinclair has lived at addresses in Florida, New York, Colorado, Arizona, South Carolina, California, and Texas. He claimed in posting to YouTube to have lived for a time in Mexico.

Sinclair shares a date of birth and social security number with Larye (or La Rye or La-Rye) Vizcarra Avila (or Avila-Adams), who is believed to be Sinclair. Avila filed an action in the Eleventh Judicial District Court in Fremont County, Colorado in June 1996 seeking that court’s approval to change his name to Lawrence Wayne Sinclair. That action was filed while Avila was incarcerated in Colorado State Penitentiary in Canon City, Colorado, a maximum security prison. According to the Arizona Department of Corrections, Avila has also used the alias Larye A. Silvas.

Sinclair has served time in prisons in Colorado, Arizona, and Florida. There is an active warrant for Sinclair’s arrest currently open in Pueblo County, Colorado, issued on May 23, 2001 for forgery of a check or commercial instrument and theft between $500 and $15,000.

Between 1993 and 1995, when he was serving time in Colorado State Penitentiary, Avila filed nine /pro se/ federal actions against prison officials claiming civil rights violations for alleged mistreatment in the form of physical and emotional abuse. A March 1996 article in the Denver Post reported that Avila lost 19 pounds in the course of a hunger strike that lasted over a month. The same article reports that Avila was convicted of 83 violations of the prison’s code of penal discipline.

While serving time in prison in Arizona, between October 1980 and August 1983, Larye A. Silvas was convicted of 42 disciplinary infractions, including threatening staff, throwing objects, possessing contraband, and setting a fire. Each of these infractions resulted in a verdict of guilty-major violation.

Disciplinary Infractions 42 record(s)

Violation Date Infraction Verdict Date Verdict

Sinclair was booked by the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office subsequent to a November 8, 1999 arrest.

The following is a chronological summary of all the civil and criminal lawsuits naming Sinclair (or Avila or Silvas) that havebeen identified to date:


In July 1977, two criminal charges of leaving the scene of an accident and backing onto the shoulder of the highway were filed against Larry W. Sinclair in Pueblo County, Colorado. Sinclair’s birth date is listed as September 26, 1960. (Case No. 1977C032254, filed in Pueblo County Court on July 22, 1977.)

A civil matter involving a Larry Sinclair was filed in Denver County, Colorado in 1980. Sinclair’s date of birth is listed as September 26, 1961. (Case No. 80C172099, filed in Denver County Court.)

Sinclair was charged with misdemeanor theft by deception of $50 to $200 on April 18, 1980, when he was 18 years old. (/People of the State of Colorado v. Lawrence W. Sinclair/, Case No. 1980M000366, filed in Pueblo County Court on April 18, 1980.)

Larye V. Avila Adams, an alias used by Sinclair, was convicted in Cochise County Arizona for an unknown offense and admitted to jail on October 31, 1980. According to Arizona conviction records, Avila-Adams used a September 26, 1961 date of birth and also used the alias Larye A. Silvas. (Case No. 0010254, Department of Corrections No. 041868.)

In November 1980, Larry Sinclair was charged with one count of theft in Weld County Court in Colorado. The defendant used a birth date of September 26, 1956. (/People of the State of Colorado v. Sinclair/, Case No. 1980CR000793, filed in Weld District Court on November 18, 1980.)

In February 1981, Larry Sinclair was charged with two counts of theft in Denver District Court in Colorado. it appears Sinclair pled guilty to one count of theft and the other was dismissed on February 24, 1981. The defendant’s date of birth was September 26, 1961. (/People of the State of Colorado v. Larry Sinclair/, Case No. 1981CR000365, filed in Denver District Court on February 24, 1981).

Larye V. Avila, an alias used by Sinclair, was issued a traffic citation in El Paso County, Colorado for speeding and/or no proof of insurance in January 1985. Avila’s date of birth is listed as September 26, 1961. ( /People of the State of Colorado v. Larye V. Avila/, Case No. 1985T001336, filed in El Paso County Court on January 29, 1985.)

Larye V. Avila-Adams, an alias used by Sinclair, was convicted of grand theft ($300 – $20,000) in Broward County, Florida.The offense took place on April 4, 1985 and Avila Adams was admitted to jail on June 6, 1985. His scheduled release date was October 28, 1985. Florida conviction records provide the following identifiers for the defendant: height — 5′6″; eyes– amber; date of birth — September 26, 1961. The defendant also used the alias La-Rye A. Avila. (Case No. 8505875, Department of Corrections No. 098146.)

On June 17, 1986, Larye V. Avila-Adams, an alias used by Sinclair, was convicted of uttering forgery and grand theft ($20,000 – $100,000) in Dade County, Florida. (Sinclair appears to have passed a stolen check with the signature forged.) Avila-Adams is listed as an absconder and active probationer in connection with this conviction record. Florida Department of Corrections records provide the following identifiers for the defendant: height — 5′6″; eyes — hazel; date of birth — September 26, 1961; state of birth — South Carolina. (Case No. 8617266, Department of Corrections No. 415180.)

In 1987, La Rye V. Avila, an alias used by Sinclair, was sentenced in Jefferson County, Colorado to 16 years in prison for second-degree forgery, according to press. He had a history of violating prison regulations and served time in at least four Colorado correctional institutions before being transferred to the State’s maximum security penitentiary in September 1993. A media report stated that he would be up for parole in 2001, but it appears that he might have been released in 1999. The corresponding case appears to involve three felony counts of forgery-related acts. (/People of the State of Colorado v. La-Rye V. Avila/, Vase No. 1986F001896, filed in Jefferson County Court on November 18, 1986.)

Avila was also charged with two felony counts and one misdemeanor count of forgery-related acts in Jefferson District Court, Colorado in December 1986. (/People of the State of Colorado v. La-Rye V. Avila/, Case No. 1986CR001349, filed in Jefferson District Court on December 5, 1986.)

La Rye Avila filed nine federal prisoner civil rights actions from prison in Colorado between 1993 and 1995. While in prison, Avila also filed the following civil and small claims matters in Fremont County and District courts in Colorado:

  • La-Rye V. Avila v. Donice Neal, et al./, Case No. 1994CV000244, filed in Fremont District Court on November 3, 1994.
  • La-Rye V. Avila v. Kelly J. MacKinnon, et al./, Case No. 1995S000045, filed in Fremont County Court on March 30, 1995.
  • La-Rye V. Avila v. Donice Neal, et al./, Case No. 1995 CV000138, filed in Fremont District Court on July 24, 1995.
  • La-Rye V. Avila v. Reginald Shockley/, Case No. 1996S000013, filed in Fremont County Court on January 18, 1996. The case appears to have resulted in a default judgment in favor of Avila, which was never satisfied.
  • La-Rye V. Avila v. Jason Even/, Case No. 1996S000126, filed in Fremont County Court on June 18, 1996. The case appears to have resulted in a default judgment in favor of Avila, which was never satisfied.

In March 1996, local press reported that La-Rye V. Avila an inmate at Colorado State Penitentiary, had lost about 19 pounds during a month-long hunger strike. The same article cited Avila’s 83 violations under the code of penal discipline, including refusing to work, making threats, tampering with locks, disobeying a lawful order, theft of over $50 and assault. The guards also claimed to have found a homemade weapon in his cell. According to one prison official, the lengthy record of violations suggests “he has not institutionalized well.”

In June 1996, while still in prison, Avila filed for a name change. The petition was filed by La Rye Avila Vis. The plaintiff’s alias is listed as Lawrence Wayne Sinlcair. (/Name Chance Action/, Case No. 1996CV000178, filed in Fremont District Court on June 24, 1996.)

In January 1999, Lawrence W. Sinclair was sued by Bennet Brother Motors in Pueblo County Court in Colorado. Sinclair was the only defendant in what appears to be a collections action. The case was dismissed on May 10, 1999. (/Bennet Brothers Motors v. Lawrence W. Sinclair/, Case No. 19999S000061, filed in Pueblo County Court on January 29, 1999.)

Sinclair was issued a traffic citation in Pueblo County, Colorado on February 12, 1999 for failing to obey a traffic control device. He pled not guilty and the action was dismissed on May 4, 1999. (/People of the State of Colorado v. Lawrence W. Sinclair/, Case No. 19999R000290, filed in Pueblo County Court on February 12, 1999.)

On February 16, 1999, Lawrence W. Sinclair was sued by Pueblo Collections. A default judgment was entered against Sinclair in the amount of $2,170 on February 23, 1999. The online court records show the judgment to be satisfied. (/Pueblo Collections v. Lawrence W. Sinclair/, Case No. 19999C000795, filed in Pueble County Court on February 16, 1999.)

Sinclair was issued a traffic citation in Bent County, Colorado on September 2, 1999 for going 10 to 19 miles over the speed limit. He paid a total of $72 in fines and court costs and was sentenced to six months of supervision. (/People of the State of Colorado v. Lawrence W. Sinclair/, Case No. 1999R000125, filed in Bent County Court on September 2, 1999.)

In September 1999, Sinclair filed an action for a permanent restraining order against Amy Brasselero. A permanent restraining order was entered against Brasselero and in favor of Sinclair on September 18, 1999. ( /Lawrence W. Sinclair v. Amy Brasselero/, Case No. 1999C004124, filed in Pueblo County Court on September 9, 1999.)

Sinclair was arrested on May 8, 2001 in Pueblo County, Colorado on two felony theft and forgery charges. Bond was set on May 23, 2001 in the amount of $15,000. (/People of the State of Colorado v. Larry Wayne Sinclair/, Case No. 2001CR000727, filed in Pueblo County District Court on May 21, 2001.)

It was right after the bond and charges in Colorado that Larry left the country and moved to Mexico.  Obviously, it was an attempt to avoid prosecution.

On April 24, 2002, a civil action was filed against an individual named Larry Sinclair and another individual, Ramon Caraveo, Jr. A default judgment in the amount of $3,221.80 was entered against Ramon Caraveo on May 21, 2002. A satisfaction of judgment was entered by the court on November 20, 2007. (/PuebloBank & Trust Co. v. Larry Sinclair, et al./, Case No. 2002C002535, filed in Pueblo County Court on April 24, 2002.)

On January 11, 2005, a suit was filed against Larry W. Sinclair in the state of California by Allen Stoller, et. al. in a car finance scam reportedly perpetrated by Sinclair.  California case number is 05AM00193 and the birthday of the defendant is recorded as 9/26/61.

In November of 2006, Lawrence Wayne Sinclair was issued a traffic ticket in Birmingham, Alabama.  He was cited for speeding (84 in a 55) and ultimately convicted.  He paid the fine in January, 2007.  Notable, Sinclair was driving a brand new 2007 Pontiac G6, a $20,000+ vehicle at the time.  The price of the vehicle seemed high for someone on SSI/SSD.  His address at the time was listed as 1710 Garza St., Laredo, TX 78040.

On March 23, 2007, Larry Sinclair wrote a fraudulent check on a Closed Bank of America Checking Account to an indigent Vivian Bowman of Laredo, Texas.  At the time, Mr. Sinclair was staying in a luxury hotel in near Laredo and according to the victim, partying heavily with friends.  Though not prosecuted (yet) for this crime, it is still pending.

On September 1, 2007, Lawrence Sinclair was arrested in Kershaw County, South Carolina for Disorderly Conduct.

Later in 2007, Larry Sinclair has been implicated in the following:

  • An alleged scam involving insurance fraud.  From reports gathered from Delaware, Larry was involved in a car accident in New Castle, DE where his car received significant damage, rendering it not drive able.  However, 5 days later on 10/2/2007, Larry filed an insurance claim citing the “theft” of his “Daewoo Nubria”.  These have been flagged as “fraudulent claims” though it is possible they have not been filed on.  Further noteworthy, Larry apparently provided false addresses in both incidents (the theft and the wreck).
  • Also in October, 2007, Larry was staying in a Rodeway Inn in New Castle, Delaware.  Notably, he was paying for his stay on “Government Issued Vouchers”.  While there, he met the owner/operator of the Inn, Sirhan “Sonny” Patel.  Patel had a car for sale on the property priced at $2,400.  Waiting toward the end of his two to three week stay, Larry surprisingly came up with $2,400 in MONEY GRAMS to purchase the car from Patel.  He did so and as expected, Patel deposited the Money Grams into his bank account.  Before his hastey exit, Sinclair told Patel he had changed his mind and no longer wanted the car.  When Patel announced the Money Gram money orders had been deposited, Sinclair demanded cash which Patel paid.  Only after Sinclair was gone did Patel’s bank discover the money orders were fake and Patel had been duped.  A Delaware Grand Jury indicted Sinclair in February of this year.

All in all, Larry Sinclair and his various aliases have been involved in innumerable criminal and civil activities in court.  The general consensus from these suits, convictions and trials indicates a con artist of high caliber.  His “rap sheet” is more than alarming and broad in its scope and duration.

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Another Post The Original Home of the Cesspool of America!

Where Is La Rye’s Proof?

July 8, 2008

Over the last few days, La Rye Silvis Avila Larry Sinclair the thrice convicted felon and man who has been arrested or had warrants issued in EVERY state in which he has lived- has managed to shift the focus on his blog from “Making Noise” and “getting the story out” to one of attacking the innocent and developing bizarre conspiracy theories that make those of the tinfoil hat / black helicopter ilk seem downright sane. But here’s the rub — even unlike the tinfoil hat people, Larry does not believe his conspiracy theories; he is an oldtime con artist and fabricating the conspiracies is central to this — the con of his life .

To borrow a favorite from one of our favorites (yes….Gumby) Larry, Moma, et. al….

Where’s the beef?

Larry’s story is fraught with inconsistencies and lies.  Here are a few of the major questions he has yet to answer because he cannot!

The Hotel

Larry has no “proof” that he (let alone Obama, let alone Obama with Larry) was ever in Gurnee in any time, including November 1999.  At the time he posted the ridiculous “points” awards from the “legal department” of Choice Hotels, we called said legal department and were told by a member of their legal staff that the information they had provided Larry proved nothing.

The ONLY receipts that would remotely suggest Larry was there were at the actual hotel Larry allegedly stayed in.  Contacting that hotel, we quickly discovered the “receipts” were archived and would not be accessed.  If I were Larry Sinclair, I would have traveled there MONTHS ago to dig through those archives myself.  Why hasn’t he?


The Driver

Back in the early days….Larry Sinclair posted the following on January 23, 2008, concerning the “limo driver”:

“larrysinclair0926 (4 hours ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
Reply | Spam
I flew on on Delta On 11/3/99. I am GP Member with Choice Hotels, Hilton Honors Silver with Hilton, and Priority Club Platinum with IC Hotels Group. I am going on rense dot com sat radio this evening. The driver has been scared to death by your threats, I on the other hand can not care less. “

Months ago…we wrote the following reply to his comment:


The non-existent DRIVER has been a source of constantly changing stories, inner-fighting among the Lartardians (he lost Victor his best ally over this lie) and the NUMBER ONE PIECE OF EVIDENCE THAT LARRY SINCLAIR IS LYING.

Larry lied in his “Press Conference” and even on his “Press Statement” where he is quoted saying:

“On November 6, 1999,  I asked the limo driver – whose name I now reveal for the first time – Paramjit Multani”.

We have revealed this same “driver” numerous times, Larry allegedly gave it to Pulitzer Prize Winner John Crewdson, one of this country’s best investigative reporters, who could not VERIFY anything he had been “fed” by Sinclair.  In fact, when we contacted Crewdson (who Larry often claims has verified “everything”) we received an email stating this:

“While I am reluctant to talk about reporting that I’ve done, you can be sure that if we had ‘verified’ Mr. Sinclair’s story we certainly would have published it. I hope that answers your question. Jc”.

Even CITIZEN WELLS….an who continues his misguided support of Sinclair has exposed Multani long before Larry “revealed it for the first time”.  On March 26 Wells writes:

“Larry Sinclair has made allegations that he had multiple encounters with Barack Obama from November 3 through November 8 1999. One of the encounters was alleged to be in a limousine from 5 Star Limousine Service in Chicago. Sinclair states that the limousine driver’s name is P Multani. Sinclair has also stated that in the […]

Early on, Larry claimed the “driver” was merely waiting for “security” before he came forward with his corroboration of Larry’s story.  Days passed, then weeks, now months.  Still, no driver.

Why is it so difficult for Larry to produce even a sworn statement from the “driver”?  John Crewdson could not find him.  Blair Sibley NEVER communicated with him.  NO ONE has EVER HEARD FROM THE DRIVER!  Why?


Contacting the Obama Campaign Prior to the Video

Larry has claimed that for months prior to contacting the Obama campaign, he mailed numerous letter to the Obama campaign, David Axelrod and others, asking the Senator to:

“Correct the statement of his drug use when he claimed it was limited to his teenage years.”

Anyone with this “explosive” information about a leading Presidential candidate would have records or receipts of “certified” or “registered” mail and the signatures of those who signed for it.

While Sinclair “claims” these letters were written and sent, he has YET to provide proof that this was actually done.  Why?


Donald Young

Larry’s entire “reason” for the first You Tube video was based on him “not getting a response from the Obama campaign” to his alleged letters.  He expressed his frustration on numerous times; frustrated and concerned because “no one in the Obama camp” had “EVER MADE CONTACT WITH HIM”.

However, after learning of Donald Young’s murder on Christmas of last year, Sinclair suddenly reports that indeed a representative of the “Obama Campaign” HAD contacted him.  He claimed it was “Donald Young”.

We believe Larry first heard of Donald Young in an interview with Lynn Thomas, who has operated a blog called “Cao’s Blog” or “Cow’s Blog”.

In an interview with Larry, she states she:

“hope you (Larry) don’t end up like Donald Young.”

It was ONLY AFTER that interview did Larry EVER mention Donald Young.  He also claimed Young contacted him “representing the Obama campaign” which completely flies in the face of EVERYTHING he had claimed before.

Even after REPEATED mentions of “DONALD YOUNG” and finally contacting the Chicago Police department with his “EARTH SHATTERING REVELATIONS” did Larry finally write this:

It will be up to the Chicago Police Department under the guidance of Jody Weis (above) to determine if the person contacting me was Donald Young and if the numbers the contact came from were numbers associated with Barack Obama.

Suddenly, when time to involve the “big boys”, Little Larry wasn’t quite so positive about ANYTHING he had said before.

If Larry is so proficient to “photo” an alleged call from a “Piano Store” why would he not have his own records about the “calls” from Donald Young.  Why would he yet to provide “proof” that he had EVER been contacted by ANYONE?  Why?


Larry’s Criminal Past

On March 11, 2008, Larry Sinclair wrote the following in his blog:

ADDED BY LARRY:Then you are not looking at or listening to the fact. I disclosed everything about myself from the beginning, and you have just shown your own inability to be factual, because there is no scam investigations or convictions and not a single human smuggling conviction or charge. But hey I would expect nothing less from an Obama supporter since you people have been the ones putting all these claims of my past out there. LS

In EVERY interview with the true fringe people who will interview him (Opie and Anthony excluded) Larry has claimed he was always open and honest about his entire criminal history.

He also has written, stated and re-stated that his criminal history was limited to his “twenties” and that he had learned his lessons from prison and was proud he had not “institutionalized well”.  It would be redundant to repeat a print of his extensive criminal history here.

We are not the only ones looking into Larry’s history as a lifelong con-artist:

Needless to say, Larry’s criminal history spans the entirety of his life and there are still multiple warrants out of his arrest and pending criminal trials.

So is it true that Larry revealed everything about his past?


The Money

Larry insist this is not about the money.  Though he has recently abandoned all attempts to “get his story out and further his cause”, fundraising is now and has always been in full swing.

And first and foremost, Larry’s entire “LAWSUIT” which to date has been a MISERABLE failure, is an attempt to sue three bloggers for “slander”.

It seems evident that as Larry hangs on to the vestige of support he has remaining, he is intent that these gullible, feeble-minded, bigots (and Hillary Clinton hang ons) be milked to help pay off his criminal debts and keep him from jail.

He did this with a Florida warrant and continues to do it today.

So why is it SO apparent to us and others that while Larry claims “its not about money” it is ALL ABOUT MONEY?


The Inconsistencies (Just a Smattering)

It would take more space than WordPress allows to document the HUNDREDS of lies and inconsistencies in Larry Sinclairs life.  All we focus on here are a few of our favorites….since he began his attack.


Larry’s lies and inconsistencies start at the beginning of his story.   Following are a list of the minor yet still significant falsehoods and fabrications.

  • In his first YouTube video and earliest interviews, Larry claimed the event with Obama happened between November 3 and November 8.  Those dates have changed dramatically.
  • Initially, Sinclair claimed the “limo” sex occurred one day and that two days later Senator Obama visited his hotel room.  Now he claims Obama’s visit was the next day.
  • In the beginning, Sinclair claimed he had rented a limo from Five Star Limousine for many days prior to meeting Obama.  Now it was rented only one night before.
  • Initially, Sinclair claimed to be attending the graduation of his nephew.  The story changed with Sinclair now claiming he was attending the graduation of his “god-son”. However, Sinclair would have been named “godfather” between the age of 12 and 16 if this were the case.  Unlikely.
  • Originally, Sinclair claimed to have hotel receipts proving he indeed stayed in Gurnee, Il during the time in question.  He has yet to produce any actual receipts.
  • Sinclair claimed to be in possession of “documentation proving” his claims after first being challenged on YouTube.  To date, NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER has EVER been produced in favor of Sinclair.
  • After being visited by John Crewdson, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, Sinclair claimed Crewdson had verified the “entire story but was unable to print it as his newspaper did not want to appear to be attacking a black candidate”.  John Crewdson has never been able to verify Sinclair’s story.
  • At several points throughout his story, Sinclair has claimed to have requested “phone records” which Sprint/Nextel had assured him were available and were arriving soon. During his “press conference” just three weeks ago, Sinclair claimed he had only requested those records two weeks prior.  Now he claims the records are not available.
  • Sinclair has recently claimed a “Detective McVickers” with the Chicago Police Department had a “Grand Jury” subpoena Sinclair’s phone records from Sprint/Nextel.  There is NO GRAND JURY currently considering the murder of Donald Young.
  • Prior to the Polygraph by WhiteHouse.COM, Sinclair assured all he would pass with flying colors and expressed total faith in the polygraph theory.  However, prior to the results being published, Larry negotiated a much lower fee from WhiteHouse.COM- knowing full well he would not get the $100,000 promised had he passed.
  • Early in the process, Larry had claimed he had revealed his “entire” criminal history. Obviously, the information we have produced here clearly contradicts every claim Larry has made about his law-breaking activities.
  • Larry misidentifies his own photos, claiming that a photo obviously taken between the ages of 19 and 23 was his actual appearance when meeting Senator Obama in 1999. Indeed, the Colorado warrant photo was taken in 1999 and does not remotely resemble the photo Larry presents.
  • Larry claims to “not be in this for the money” though he continues to collect funds at every possible juncture.  He has sued three innocent bloggers for $3M.  He threatened to sue a tabloid for the “illegal use” of his photo and collected $500.  He made $20,000 in his disastrous relationship with Dan Parisi and Whitehouse.COM.  He began an illegal “raffle” on the internet, turning it into a “nut-bread sale” when he learned of the legal problems.  This has been about MONEY for Larry Sinclair since the beginning. He is a serial, lifelong con artist, and this is his biggest con yet. Now he is taking money from poor people living on disability checks!
  • Larry has claimed on numerous occasions that his “criminal behavior” was limited to his twenties.  There is no sense in elaborating further on this issue, but to restate that there is an outstanding warrant for arrest on Colorado and he is now facing felony charges on a recent con in Delaware — and he is raising money from his followers to defend these charges.
  • Early in all of his claims, he states that Barack Obama visited his hotel in the “early evening” on the “second day” for round two of their sex and drug escapades.  However, at his recent “Press Conference”, he said he could not state the time of day of Obama’s second visit.
  • Sinclair claimed all along to have changed his “cell phone” number between Labor Day Weekend, 1999 to October 1999.  However, one of the numbers he presented at the Press Conference was clearly a land-line phone number.
Why so many obvious and unexplained inconsistencies in this story?


So what does all of this mean?  Why do we continue and what exactly is Sinclair trying to do now?

It means what we have said from the beginning.  Larry Sinclair is a fraud and a sham.  He NEVER met Barack Obama and while he may have indeed had indiscriminate sex that weekend (somewhere on earth probably Colorado, where he was on parole) there is not even any verifiable proof he was in Gurnee, Illinois that weekend or any other weekend.

He may have rented a limo at some point, but there is NO DRIVER who will EVER corroborate his lies.

He continues to rake in THOUSANDS of DOLLARS as he continues his leeching lifestyle by collecting every dime he possibly can milk from the US Government- always believing he is entitled and that he does not have to earn he own way.

He continues now to lead a small band of truly ignorant people and fleecing them of their government assistance and minimum wage lives as so many of them are hanging on to the reemergence of Hillary Clinton or are scared to death to have a “Black Muslim” take over the government.

For us?  We will continue to be a proverbial thorn in the side of Larry, Moma, Sibley and whoever else serves to perpetuate this fraud and his life.  We will continue to annoy them by contacting District Attorneys, Lawyers, Reporters, family, friends, neighbors, the SSA, whoever we can possibly contact to see this “man” imprisoned” or denied his right to live off of innocent taxpayers.

It was our focus in the beginning.  It remains our focus now.

Here’s what Joeymac had to say:

Joeymac Decodes Larry Sinclair’s Criminal Record “Statement” 

22 responses to “Meet Larry Sinclair

  1. Borat says:

    Yep a wanted criminal

  2. kstreet607 says:

    LOL! I never clicked on the link til now, Meesh. Awesome job of compiling all of this together!

  3. Meesh says:

    Could not resist… Larry can “try” to reinvent himself. This is for the billions who have never heard of him. Maybe he should add this to his LOL

  4. What’s it like being owned by Ali Akbar?

  5. Dennis says:

    Let’s see if I understand the story thus far. Jabba the Butt is going wild on Twitter attacking this McCain guy as well as this Akbar guy because they are blocking him from his abusive comments on their own Twitter account (and Fat Boy does not like being ignored). Meanwhile, the McCain fellow and someone called the LiberalGrouch have a long standing feud going on about a whole bunch of stuff that I can’t even make sense out of but any woo, the LiberalGrouch is over here accusing us of being in bed with the Akbar guy because the McCain guy has referenced us in regards to attack material about Jabba.

    All of these guys carry on like a two-bit afternoon soap opera for crying out loud. About time for some folks to get a grip on REALITY. OK.

  6. Bravo Regulators! Thank you for the much appreciated, refresher.

  7. Dennis says:

    Today’s update from Jabba’s Palace (well, more like his thrift store), Ilse the Nitwit presents a near hysterical warning about Obama’s impending effort to declare Martial Law in his near ending power grab through the National Defense Authorization Act.

    OK Ilse, I know that you don’t do much in the way of research (or reading for that matter), so let me give you a few tidbits about this act.
    1. It’s been around in various versions for decades.
    2. The shift toward allowing the president greater authority in detaining citizens was actually made under George W. Bush.
    3. The current act was signed into law back in 2011 and odd, but no martial law at the moment.
    4. The act was written by Senators Carl Levin and John McCain and passed by the Senate. So you might want to talk with them about it.
    5. Lay off the vodka. You are dumb enough already so you don’t need to add to it.

  8. Dennis says:

    Let’s start the week off right:
    Orly Taitz Loses Obama College Records Suit In California Court

    I especially like this one comment the judge made to her: “You should know that evidence is not stuff printed from the Internet.”

    Ah yes, so true. Somebody better tell Ilse and the rest of the gang over there.

  9. Dennis says:

    Since the nitwits at Lardo’s Snooze Site have gotten so dull lately, may be time to go back to a oldie but goodie news update:

    I don’t know who did this tape, but bless ya.

  10. Mark Rosen says:

    Just wanted to say that this site is great. Larry Sinclair has been and will always be a con artist. It’s great to have a resource like this. Saves a lot of web searches. Keep up the good work you are doing.

    • Meesh says:

      Hi Mark! Nice to see you again, I remember you from the original Regulator. Yes, Larry Sinclair is that alright, quite repulsive how people fall for his lies (not too may anymore, he drained the originals) and as you know he’s more, he’s an *idiot* that keeps us in stitches at times 🙂
      Nice that you enjoy the site too.Enjoy your day! Make it matter.

  11. Let’s look at it.

    Larry Sinclair claims he blew obama.
    In obama’s America, being gay is cause for celebration.
    So if Larry Sinclair’s claim that he blew obama twice is true, then you should all celebrate it.

    Larry Sinclair claims that he did cocaine with obama.
    obama admits he did cocaine before when it was illegal, so it’s certainly not outside the realm of possibility.
    A lot of people have done cocaine and it shouldn’t be illegal anyway, so this claim is hardly a cause for concern.

    Yet you silly strident scribes insist that Larry Sinclair’s claims that he did cocaine with and blew obama is some kind of earth-shattering slander that has to be dealt with the most extreme umbrage possible.

    Do you see how silly you are, and why all your diligent work on this subject has to be regarded as a bad joke?

    Unless, of course, you have some kind of profound emotional investment in obama’s public persona and “narrative.”

    Oh well, to each his own. God Bless America.

    • Dennis says:

      Yes. Lots of people have done cocaine. Yes, Larry Sinclair has done blow jobs on lots of guys. This is the only logic you’ve got going here. Everything else is were own feverish fantasy. Maybe you need to stop lurking around here and go get a life.

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