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LS SNOOZE – Teachable Moments

on July 17, 2012

Within the latest post from the “truth machine” C’mon it’s just more whiny noise.  Once again Larry Sinclair plays  the victim. It’s some type of conspiracy!

“DNCC Denies Sinclair News Credentials To Cover Convention”

By Lawrence Sinclair

Its official, the DNCC has sent us probably one of this most impersonal of emails notifying us that they are unable to accommodate Sinclair News with Credentials to cover the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC in September. Even more surprising is the wording of the DNCC’s email which is almost verbatim of the July 2, 2012 letter the RNC sent us denying our application despite having stated we would be credentialed just months earlier.

From: DNCC Press Gallery []
Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 2:31 PM
Subject: 2012 DNCC Credential Update
Importance: High

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your interest in covering the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Unfortunately, due to limited space and an overwhelming number of requests for credentials through the DNCC Press Gallery, we are unable to grant your request for credentials to attend the 2012 Democratic National Convention. However, in order to provide an open and accessible convention experience to more Americans than ever before, there will be other opportunities to receive information.  Please continue to visit for the latest updates. Thank you again for your interest.


Sinclair News never expected the DNCC to grant our credentials application but what never expected they would wait until after the RNC decision had been made public before sending us this form email they sent to multiple applicants. At least the RNC Committee on Arrangements showed the class of addressing applicants by name rather than just send a form email with “Good Afternoon.”

Sinclair News however does still plan on covering the Democratic National Convention even if it means we cover it for the outside. We continue to be dedicated to bring our readers and voters the News as it is and as long as we have the resources to cover the Conventions we will. What takes place on the outside may very well be more important than what takes place on the inside of both. Sinclair News scares Democrats more than Mitt Romney and GOP put together.

Well , he will be off to  North Carolina while just getting back from DC and Virginia? OK  My problem is, where on earth is this person ( Lari, Ashaiti, Avila, Larye, La Rye, Vizcarra, Adams, Larri, Silvis, Mohammed, Gahanan, Fatha, Vizcuaua, Vizgua, Lawrence, Wayne, Larry, Sinclair/Sinclaire)   getting all this money from to travel so often? Oh yeah PAYPAL, right… Does whatever his name  report  it? Hmmm ? Who contributes to this?  The many trips across the USA, how does he do it with (that “measly” income) he said it… while he was feeding his Chihuahua steak, moving about 4 times  within  a $700 monthly within SSA.  (Medications free food stamps  etc thanks to the American government)… and OH he feels  entitled? Well it’s the RETARDS who pay the extra bucks …without any results  either. He’s a grifter! Please donate a lot more money and send him to the moon, he’ll be as productive but KEEP HIM OUT OF MY COUNTRY!

Nevermind this … for the moment, let’s focus on something else. Dennis  has a great observation,  no he hasn’t been here since 2008, but people do  catch on!

DENNIS says:

Maybe we need to view this as a teachable moment. Fat Boy can’t get credentials as a reporter from either the GOP or the Democrats. So here are the reasons why (and BTW Fat Boy, take notes – I have actually dealt with this issue several times).
1. You actually have to present yourself as a real, honest-to-god reporter with a real news site and/or publication. I don’t mean a little web site of bs ran in some weird and erratic manner by yourself and a few friends. It has to be at a level that can be considered a real news site (e.g. Huffington Post).

2. You have to present a body of work by yourself that represents actual news reporting. Not a pile of “stolen” blog postings that you have merely slapped your byline over (e.g. press releases from Gov. Scott’s office). Honest to goodness news reporting of some definable level. Is this asking too much?

3. To be a news reporter, you have to produce something more than a pile of half-coherent accusations combined with strange never ending statements about yourself (most of which sounds like a drunk at 3 in the morning). You need to produce “news stories.” Stuff that actually deals with the larger issues (that is something larger than that PayPal button attached to your belly button).

4. Oddly enough, most people expect a reporter to be able to produce “copy.” That is, stories that are written in a form of clear, precise manner that makes a point, has a subject, and actually presents a case. You can’t do that. We normally know when you actual wrote a piece because it becomes a rambling, narcissistic discourse into the dank back allies of your completely empty subconscious. In fact, they mostly read as if your were unconscious.

5. Use the damn spell checker for god sakes, ass hole. You lack any sense of grammar, structure, or point. The least you can do is spell a damn word.

So of course no one is giving you the time of day. Oh, another problem: You can’t work well as a political reporter attempting to cover presidential politics when you are on the Secret Service watch list. Since you did make a borderline death threat against the president and his wife, you are considered a possible political assassin. The Secret Service will NOT let you near either Obama or Romney because of this. Did you forget about this or do you have shit for brains?

Thanks Dennis! Let’s resume here, as Kstreet has often  says  “CARRY ON” For me? (less sophisticated)  whatever  tickles your fancy… I need some of Gilli’s brain bleach right now, this post was about FatAss Eeeewwwwwww

Talk about anything! As Mitch used to say: SING-ALONG… h/t my friend  Badpoet! =)

205 responses to “LS SNOOZE – Teachable Moments

  1. kstreet607 says:

    Thanks for the post Meesh! Your laser focus on LardAss’ ineptitude and sorry ass is spot on. How he gets the money to travel is one of two ways: Begging for money with those incessant PayPal buttons and possible crazy ass Republicans who are paying him on a retainer basis to “stand by” in case they need him. I’m sure they are the ones who told him to “clean up his act” so he went the “News” route.

    Dennis, you are spot on with your analysis (and lesson to Sinclair) about the whining and pissant behavior when he is rejected. He hasn’t changed one bit. I believe he IS on medication and that’s what keeps him from faxing threats to both the RNC and DNC as well as the Obamas and Attorney General Holder.

  2. kstreet607 says:

    On another topic…what happened with the Sheriff Arpaio thing? I left after 5 minutes of that guy talking about 14 layers on Obama’s long form BC.

    • Dennis says:

      Pretty much same old same old:
      Joe Arpaio Birther Probe Reveals Findings On Obama’s ‘Fraudulent’ Birth Certificate (VIDEO)

      Mostly the Posse found another person who’s comments they can take out of context and then twist into a bunch of half-baked assumptions.

    • gilligan25 says:

      My favorite question to Sheriff Joe (courtesy of Fogbow) is this:

      Good question from Channel 5 ” Are you going to pull over the President’s motorcade and ask him to prove his citizenship?” Arpaio didn’t like that at all.

      Start here for Fogbow coverage:

      I believe it was Arpaio who declared anyone with a Hawaiian birth certificate is now suspect.

      He also wants a Congressional investigation. This should be right up Darrell Issa’s alley, and hell, Michelle Bachman isn’t doing anything except accusing Hillary Clinton’s top aide of being involved with the Muslim Brotherhood.

      My absolutely favorite Fogbow comment:

      That was it?!?!?! Oh for fuck’s sake!!!! Really??? Hardly seemed worth the white cheddar sprinkles on my popcorn.

      Oh and by the way Sheriff Joe, I hope to hell they find you guilty on federal charges and lock you up with some well endowed unsavory individual who will sodomize you on a nightly basis … without even a drop of spit for lube!

      See, tomorrow, Sheriff Joe and his department go on trial (civil) for racial discrimination. EJMontini from the Arizona Republic says it best:

      So, every crime must be solved. Every investigation must be completed. He must have NOTHING else to do.

      And there must be no other potentially embarassing news event pending from which the sheriff would like to divert attention.

      For instance, you don’t suppose the press conference Tuesday had anything to do with the fact that the class-action lawsuit against the sheriff (Melendres v. Arpaio) is set to go to trial later this week in Federal District Court?


      • Dennis says:

        Yes, once again it has been clearly proven that a scanned and digitized version of a photocopy from a microfilm can be fun to play with on PhotoShop. That is all that they have demonstrated. It is all smoke and mirror crap. BTW, when did Sheriff Joe even get the legal authority for this “investigation” into issues involving either federal and/or Hawaiian state issues?

  3. gilligan25 says:

    Just because Larrd set up a website proclaiming himself to be a newsgroup and have Larrd write his usual narcisstic tripe–as well as submissions from his lackeys–doesn’t make him a reprorter or any kind of journalist. He was never going to get a press pass from the RNC, and most certainly not from the DNC. Thousands of bloggers have probably applied to go to the conventions and were turned down because there really is not enough room for them. But not only is his site at best marginal and self-serving, he’s also on the USSS watch list. When they ran his name, the computer spit out TILT.

    Now he is free to go Charlotte and I urge him to do so. The place will be crawling with security and he’ll probably have his own team of USSS following him around, some openly, some undercover. We can only hope he gets arrested or have another involuntary commitment to a mental hospital. He won’t be missed.

  4. YankeeClipper says:

    I thought for sure this article would be about Lardo but no, it’s about someone equally as stupid:

    A Blogger’s Failed Attempt To Sandbag Connie Schultz

    A conservative blogger’s recent attempt to sandbag Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist Connie Schultz proved to be an epic failure — and the only thing saving him from public embarrassment is Schultz’s own grace.

    The story begins on July 9, says Schultz, when she received an email from the inquiring blogger, who promptly misspelled the name of the author, former columnist for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, and winner of the 2004 Pulitzer for commentary:

    Dear Ms. Shultz,

    We are doing an expose on journalists in the elite media who socialize with elected officials they are assigned to cover. We have found numerous photos of you with Sen. Sherrod Brown. In one of them, you appear to be hugging him.

    Care to comment?

    Uh oh, you might think. Soon she’ll have to defend herself from allegations of being overly cozy with a subject she reports on. Well — not quite.

    On July 10, she replied with this:

    Dear Mr. [Name Deleted]:

    I am surprised you did not find a photo of me kissing U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown so hard he passes out from lack of oxygen. He’s really cute.

    He’s also my husband.

    You know that, right?

    Connie Schultz.

    Brown and Schultz have been married since 2004, as even a cursory Google search or glance through either one’s Wikipedia page would show. She recounted the amusing tale on Facebook and noted that as of Tuesday she hadn’t received a response.

    Reached by TPM, Schultz preferred not to name the blogger or publication.

    “I figure he’s an intern, as his name didn’t show up on the web site he represented,” she wrote in an email. “You know us liberal moms: I want to give him a chance to learn the right lessons from this, which isn’t going to happen if I out him.”

  5. gilligan25 says:

    In defense of Huma Abedin (Hilllary Clinton’s top aide), a Senator said this to Michelle Bachmann’s unsubstantialed attacks (more anti-Muslim shit from the Tea Party loons) on her. Guess who it was:

    “To say that the accusations made in both documents are not substantiated by the evidence they offer is to be overly polite and diplomatic about it … It is far better, and more accurate, to talk straight: These allegations about Huma, and the report from which they are drawn, are nothing less than an unwarranted and unfounded attack on an honorable citizen, a dedicated American and a loyal public servant.”

    “Ultimately, what is at stake in this matter is larger even than the reputation of one person. This is about who we are as a nation, and who we aspire to be. What makes America exceptional among the countries of the world is that we are bound together as citizens not by blood or class, not by sect or ethnicity, but by a set of enduring, universal, and equal rights that are the foundation of our Constitution, our laws, our citizenry, and our identity. When anyone, not least a member of Congress, launches specious and degrading attacks against fellow Americans on the basis of nothing more than fear of who they are and ignorance of what they stand for, it defames the spirit of our nation, and we all grow poorer because of it.”

    When I found out it was John McCain, my jaw dropped–and good for him.

  6. Meesh says:

    Just in…. On the road again… posted under the Oh Woe is me… post.

    2discern tard says: 18 hours ago
    Don’t be discouraged LSNews keep on fightin’. Welcome to the USSA. Just watched the Arpaio presser. Facts don’t lie. The media won’t present the facts the propaganda machine controls your info if you still watch TV news. They will limit any thinking news source from telling the truth.

    🙄 FatAss is now in DC.

    ASSministrator replies: · 6 minutes ago
    Thank you. We can assure you no one is getting discouraged. Mr. Sinclair made the trip to Washington, DC over night to cover an event he believes in important and in doing so may very well have blown the motor in his car, but he is now in DC and will attend and cover Eagle Forums Collegian Summit Thursday and Friday before looking to return to FL whether by bus, train, bike or boat. Sinclair News & LS News Group will never get discouraged.


    How many times has he been to DC? Driving distance from Port Orange, FL to Washington, DC is 806 Miles! Get a bike FatAss to get back home.

    • Dennis says:

      Notice, he may have blown the engine. Once, when I blew the engine of a truck I was driving, there was no doubt about what happened. Especially from all of the pieces of the engine that were falling onto the road. So what is this “may have” crap all about?

      • Meesh says:

        Yeh Dennis a bunch of crap, like replacing a tire,,, Sympathy, cha-ching!
        I vouch to send him to the moon, What a POS!

  7. gilligan25 says:

    He blew the motor in his POS car? Expect him to be hitting people up for Big Money very very soon.

    (Hint: check the oil once in a while, idiot)

    • Meesh says:

      It’s 806 miles from Port Orange to DC (13 hours 26 mins) he made it overnight…yep he blew the motor alright. I wonder if he repaired that tire that he blew, the last time? Knowing him he’s still buying cans of Fix-A-Flat. Yeh he’s an *idiot*

      • gilligan25 says:


        My guess is he went blasting up I-85, going 80-90 mph minimum, never checking the oil or other fluids (antifreeze, hydraulic, etc), either before he left or when he was on the road. And you’re right–he probably bought a case of fix-a-flat rather than put on a new tire.

        And when the check engine light came on, he ignored it. He needed to get with those college students most desparately.

        I just think one of his idiots is going to be out more than a few grand buying him a new vehicle. They’re such fools.

    • YankeeClipper says:

      July 18, 2012 2:53 pm

      He blew the motor in his POS car?

      Wow. I hope he didn’t hurt himself when he blew it….tail pipes can get pretty hot. .

  8. Meesh says:

    Scroll up to the top of the post, I inserted a video…. hahahahahah

  9. gilligan25 says:


    OMG! That’s so damn perfect!


    Whoever did that is a genius 🙂

  10. Meesh says:

    I’m Glad you approve.And thank YOU, doll!

    BTW, it seems that I “liked” my own post, it was not me. If you check statcounter where I am posting is not my current location. Well I am at my friend’s… he’s VERY conservative=Republican. (I told you guys about him, privately, my canuck Republican) Anyway, I went over and wanted him to look over my/dennis/badpoet post. He thought it was really great (it made good sense) however when he heard- looked at badpoet’s video, he roared and hit the “LIKE” button.

    Well at the time,I was logged in on my WP account…. Sheesh these ‘rights’ are not too swift at times. Hahahaha just kidding Brian!

  11. YankeeClipper says:


    Bachman is getting hell from her former campaign chair;

    Ed Rollins Blasts Michele Bachmann: ‘Shame On You’

    Ed Rollins, who formerly served as Rep. Michele Bachmann’s campaign manager in her bid for the Republican presidential nomination, blasted the congresswoman today for “downright vicious” accusations against Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    “I am fully aware that she sometimes has difficulty with her facts, but this is downright vicious and reaches the late Sen. Joe McCarthy level,” Rollins wrote in Fox News.

    I wonder of Sickliar Noise will be the first to ask Myth Romney if he agrees with Bachman.

  12. YankeeClipper says:

    “I think people who willfully, purposefully, and gleefully lie to the American people in order to damage someone’s reputation should, like a registered sex offender, be required by law to come with that warning label for the rest of their lives.”.

    (Sorkin) – Will McAvoy, The Newsroom.

    • kstreet607 says:

      YC, The West Wing will always be my favorite TV series of all time. However, after watching the first four episodes of The Newsroom I have no doubt that that series will be my second favorite TV series of all time. It is an OUTSTANDING show, in my opinion.

  13. Dennis says:

    OK, Fat Boy is going to the Eagle Forums Collegian Summit, a gathering of “conservative” college students – actually a meeting of extreme right wing nutters who are wildly focused on the “horrors” of gays and women who want choice and stuff like that (see this report on last year’s meeting: Sounds as if Thirsty Person would have been a more obvious choice since LardBrain has a few lifestyle issues that doesn’t seem to click with this group. Or is he going straight? A major guest of honor will be Allen West. Oh boy, Fatso has a new BFF. Maybe West will give him dough for a new car. How about a Buick LaCrosse? I hear that in French Canada the word lacrosse is slang for jerking off. Sounds about right.

    • Meesh says:

      Love & Hugs Dennis!

      As always Spot on!

      sidebar: Well Dennis has been a good sport, I robbed him of his comment to create this post (am sending thanks to badpoet too scrambling to do this, but trust me I will) But, me,& KSTREET would like to hear from ALL of you, preferably by email, rather than stealing stuff off the boards . You know our email addresses – fire your submissions, goofy, whatever we’ll do it. Right K? LOL

      33 comments within one day…WHOA! Better than what I have seen! It is YOU, YOU keep this website alive!
      Merci Beaucoup mes ami. Allons-y!

      I love music!

      • Dennis says:

        You didn’t exactly robbed me of my comment. You merely spread the wealth. My only question: Why was my byline changed to Lawrence Sinclair? Joking…

    • kstreet607 says:

      I read that West has amassed 10 million dollars for his re-election bid. He can afford to buy FatAss a car. LOL

  14. Meesh says:

    I always visualize NEONZX a Freddy Mercury,OK I am going back to Dennis, I dunno what I do, Crazy? But you know what? I KNOW I I love ALL of you guys to bits! Since 2008, I am ready for a fight, I’m here. Not my country, but HERE! Let’s fight from the inside,
    I want this! Keep fighting TOGETHER friends!

    Listen to the words, it’s not a victory song as perceived but just keep going on.
    Believe in US!

    • Dennis says:

      Not your country? According to a theory from a Russian economist, the part of the States I live in will eventually become part of Canada.

  15. kstreet607 says:

    There’s been another uptick of visitors over at SW. Now that they’re trying to throw everything negative about Obama “out there”, they probably wanna see if Sinclair is worth it. I posted 3 or 4 posts today, all “re-posts”. I have to find a better way of archiving so ANY post can be available with just one click. I guess I’ll categorize the posts by tags. Any suggestions guys?

  16. Borat says:

    I hope Farton Persons has a high limit on its credit card ! SEEEEEG HEIL

  17. Meesh says:

    *idiot* reports from DC in a long winded (copy/paste) post…anyway what is it with this “we””we””we”??? Our mechanic? Our car? Take a look on how the Princess ends it…

    We made the trip to Washington, DC driving all night with full knowledge and warning from our Auto Mechanic that we could very well blow the engine in our car. Not only was that a very real possibility, it appears that very thing happened just as we arrived this morning. Do we regret making the decision to take that chance, NO. Was/is it worth it to us to maybe have to return to Florida by bus and car-less for a while, YES. This is no longer about ‘what is comfortable’; this is no longer about ‘can we afford it’; this is no longer about ‘whats it going to cost me’; this is about doing whatever it takes to save a once Great Nation and make it GREAT again. No apologies, No regrets.

    Eagle Forum, Phyllis Schlafly, The Heritage Foundation and these young men and women from Americas College & University campuses do it every day.

    It must be crowded in that massive head of his, but wait, it’s without a brain so there’s lots of room. He forgot to insert a PAYPAL button in that post. Oh well, there’s about six of them on the sidebar.

    • Dennis says:

      Oh, so he made this trip and blew up his car not for himself but for all of America??!! In that case, why wasn’t he still in the car when it blew up? Just wondering. Maybe he should rig it so when you hit the PayPal button it plays The Stars and Stripes Forever (though these days he seems to have it all confused with the Stars and Bars). But I do sleep so much better at night knowing that Fat Man is out there defending my freedom to lie, cheat, and steal.

  18. Meesh says:

    From the SNOOZeeee site

    Upcoming Articles & Interviews

    The Time Has Come To Shut Bryant Up Once & For All, With Pleasure!

    Obama Campaign Uses Gay Campaign Staffers Death For Political Purposes
    Don’t miss it – Subscribe by RSS.

    • kstreet607 says:

      Oh my, I’m about to be exposed this oughta be good! Was it something I said? Something I wrote? It must be true if he’s after me AGAIN!

      I just hope I’ll still have my Regulator friends after this big expose. (snark)

      My FIRST STRIKE response…

      • Meesh says:

        He has tagged you in soooooooo many posts, aren’t you honoured? Do you think by chance, we struck a chord? Hahahaha

        • kstreet607 says:

          Oh most certainly. He knows that I wrote about the uptick in viewers on SW and how I have been re-posting stuff about his credibility for all to see. He’s probably losing money from people who thought they could use him to smear Obama until did they did the research. I GUARANTEE YOU that is his problem and that was my goal…TO PUT THE TRUTH OUT THERE, BACKED BY EVIDENCE.

    • Dennis says:

      Gee Kstreet, you get all of Fat Boy’s attention. I mean I’m a lot ruder to the big dumb slob than you are and I can’t even get so much as a whistle. Of course, I’m a white male and you are…well, you sort of represent several demographic issues that Lard Brain has problems with (black, female, smart, articulate and even know how to operate the web system). OK, its no contest. Guess I will just have to call him even nastier names. This is getting to be too much work….

  19. Meesh says:

    Whatever it took, I’m glad to see the old threatening FatAss back! Will he follow through with it? He has done this type of thing, a LOT of times… EMPTY threats. The funny thing though, he has placed this at the very top of his blawg. Upcoming posts/interviews post used to be in a real obscure place. Yeh he even placed this over the advertisement to his radio show and yes over PAYPAL too! Hahahahaha

    Yep it’s a threat.

    • kstreet607 says:

      One thing I know, if he says something that comes straight from my email account then I KNOW he hacked it and that’s a felonious matter.

      GMAIL sent me a notice that the account had been hacked. I’m not just blowing smoke about this like he does. HE has blamed everyone from The Regulator of hacking his email. MINE was hacked the night he and Breitbart were hanging out (just sayin’.)

      When Gmail notified me they said your account has been compromised by someone I believe they said from some middle eastern country (I forget.) But I’m sure they wouldn’t give their true location if they’re hacking, whoever it was!

      All I need to do is notify them and ask them to resend me a copy.

      • Meesh says:

        He’s devious enough to hack an email account, could he pull it off? Nah, the idiot still thinks that viewers are unable to copy/paste on his very guarded site. Besides he certainly would have exposed stuff before this. It will probably be something that he draws out of his fat ass, as always.

      • gilligan25 says:

        Oh, I hope he prints hacked emails. not only will he lose his precious website and paypal button, but he’s looking at more felony charges to add to his extensive list of felony convictions.

        I figure he’s having a tantrum because Parsons, etc. aren’t going to shell out moola to buy him a new car–and I do hope someone told him to take the Grey Dog home. An insult, I know–they should be renting him a limo or chartering a plane for him, Don’t they know who he is?

        • YankeeClipper says:

          That’s just the problem for Lardy, Gilli; they’ve found out and discovered who he really is….and they’re fleeing in droves. Well, droves is probably an overstatement; I’ve never known two or three people to be considered droves of anything. lol

          • Meesh says:


            Well, droves is probably an overstatement; I’ve never known two or three people to be considered droves of anything. lol


  20. Meesh says:

    Hmmmmm.. “The Time Has Come To Shut Bryant Up Once & For All, With Pleasure! ‘ I don’t know about you guys, if he has handlers keeping him in line. When they read this message, sitting at the very top of his site, I do not think they’ll be impressed. This type of threat could be taken a bit differently as in physical harm. Last I checked there’s criminal laws against posting threats, especially when it’s targeted to an individual by name.

    Here are his posting policies, listed under each post:

    Posting Policy: The 1st Amendment protects the right to freedom of expression from government interference. However, you are currently posting on private web property and your comments are bound by our site’s policies. We have a zero-tolerance policy for comments containing violence (threats, suggestions or direct statements permitting violent or threatening acts or sentiments), racism (suggestion that one “race” is superior to others), crassness or profanity (any word or phrase considered by courteous society to be profane), all caps (a violation of internet etiquette), discourteous behavior (calling names, rude or insulting statements directed at another user/post) or violations similar in nature to any of these offenses. Posts violating our policies of posting are subject to removal and the user may face banning. Thank you for partnering with us to maintain a courteous and useful public environment where we can engage in reasonable discourse. Sinclair News – LS News Group Reserves the right to Edit, Delete, and/or block Comments at any time. Comments contained here are solely the opinions of the commentor. Sinclair News – LS News Group does not endorse any comments posted other than their own. Any comment which is abusive, attacking of any individual, threatening, vulgar, or contains statements found to be defamatory or slanderous will be blocked/deleted and have its IP address and email recorded for Law Enforcement.

    Policies on racism??? Give me a break! You would not believe how many vile comments are still sitting under this post of his…

    Maxine Waters To Tea Party: “Let’s Get It On”
    June 24, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    • YankeeClipper says:

      Readership at Sinkliar Snooze, as well as his listening audience must be way down if he’s decided to attack Ms Bryant. I trust she has her lawyers on “stand by” alert,

  21. Dennis says:

    Just received a robocall of some wing nutter rattling on about that “traitor Barry Soetoro.” The reason I am getting that call is pretty straight forward. In order to send an epetition to Se. Rob Portman, you have to give your phone number to prove that you are in the state of Ohio. Portman then turned those numbers over to the Romney campaign. The Romney campaign has down turned those numbers over to an extremest right wing group. So Mitt now has “deniability” while tapping the most loathsome elements available. Oh my, this is going to be a long and crappy season.

  22. Dennis says:

    I know, I know. Obama explained the unique aspects of FDR and the New Deal and he is called UN-American. So Meesh, when do we become part of Canada?

    • Meesh says:

      Yeah right Dennis LOL Our National Symbol is an aggressive beaver!

      BTW did you ever see this commercial?

      RATZ you have to go and view it at YOUTUBE…Molson’s probably got mad!

  23. Meesh says:

    AH HA! KStreet I see that you reposted this yesterday —-> THIS POST at SW…perfect timing, did you know “she-wolf” posted something about New Hampshire Herald yesterday too?

    Phoenix rising from the ashes
    July 18, 2012
    By Thornton Parsons

    New Hampshire Herald beats the odds ‘
    the link —->

    In part she has to say this…

    According to Sinclair in his First Amendment article, the Herald reported a story which the public had a right to know. The paper did not publish any opinions as to the veracity of the allegations, nor did it tell its readers whom they should believe. “The New Hampshire Herald did what newspapers are supposed to do: report the news as it is and let the reader make up his/her own mind about it,” Sinclair added.

    In support of the New Hampshire Herald, constitutionalreset.ning ran an article entreating readers to patronize the Herald, saying, “The New Hampshire Herald published part of an interview with Larry Sinclair, who said he was a former gay and druggie pal of Obama. The powerzz that be are now putting the squeeze on the Herald, trying to put them out of business. Don’t let the Herald’s sacrifice be in vain.”

    GREAT STUFF!! Was it intentional? Anyway, the first time that you posted that he took a hissy-fit…this explains it, but it should not constitute for threats!

    • kstreet607 says:

      Looks like you’re right, Meesh. That same article made him go off in the Herald. I wonder why. And why is it such a nemesis for him now? And to answer your question, no, it wasn’t intentional. I had changed the format of the blog and picked a story to lead with and that was the one.

      Actually, I had forgotten about his article that made a big deal out of me saying that Obama was a smoker so he would have had a lighter, but I followed it immediately with – But that’s nitpicking… I suppose it was the info about the polygraph test that ticked him off.

      TRUTH always upsets a liar!

  24. Borat says:

    your a fuc kin RETARD

    with full knowledge and warning from our Auto Mechanic that we could very well blow the engine in our car. Not only was that a very real possibility, it appears that very thing happened just as we arrived this morning. Do we regret making the decision

    Use someone elses car or rent one you dumb fucking grade three trailer park trash

  25. Dennis says:

    Just glanced through Fat Boy’s first report from DC. Exactly why is he there? Long winded spiel about how nice everyone is treating him (as usual), lots of sucking up to every wing nutter politico in the room (you could get a cold from the windy breeze), general summery of what sounds like a lot of very boring nutter speeches. Stupid article reads like a society page story on a half-baked debutante’s ball. Stupid turd could have turned in the copy without ever leaving the wide-load for crying out loud.

  26. YankeeClipper says:

    July 20, 2012 1:57 pm
    Just glanced through Fat Boy’s first report from DC. Exactly why is he there?

    Young college aged men

    • Dennis says:

      Oh yeah, almost forgot. Since they are right wing conservatives who are bitterly opposed to any form of gay rights, it is a safe bet that at least half or more of them are secret gays. So Fat Boy must be running wild in the candy shop. No wonder his “engine” blew.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Yup, all those deeply closeted gays and FatBoy’s gardar going off like tornato sirens….

  27. Dennis says:

    We knew this one was coming:
    Louie Gohmert: Aurora Shootings Result Of ‘Ongoing Attacks On Judeo-Christian Beliefs’

    BTW, who should remind this nutter from Congress that the mass murderer in Norway was killing people as part of his one-man defense of Christian Western values…

    • gilligan25 says:

      Gohmert signed Michelle Bachmann McCarthy’s Muslim Brotherhood letter so he really is fucking nuts.

      Bachmann has doubled down and accused Rep. Keith Ellison, a congresscritter from a neighboring district in Minnesota and a Muslim, of being “associated” with the Muslim Brotherhood on Glen Beck’s show. She’s a disgusting piece of shit.

  28. Meesh says:

    Hmmm what a trooper, FatBoy amd the Princesses living in his FAT HEAD….
    Sidebar: why on earth do I get goose-bumps, when the word “mingling” is associated with the POS?! *SHUDDER*

    He posts:

    “At this very moment we should be mingling at the Collegians Leadership Summit 2012 reception with Congressman Tom Price, Congresswoman Diane Black and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, but instead we decided to return to our home on the road and report on Day One of the Eagle Forum Collegians Leadership Summit 2012…..

    I agree with Dennis he could have stayed home and written this crap up from the wide-load… he even makes Michele Bachman sound like some victim.’Crazy Eyes’ probably blinked towards his way and he thought she was sending him a message. “Respect!”

    You know what? There’s currently much more news going on in Aurora Colorado today. I was thinking of setting up a PayPal and send the POS and the Princesses there. Anybody want to donate too?

    Borat says:Use someone elses car or rent one you dumb fucking grade three trailer park trash

    Borat good point, for you or me, or anyone else here… But he must have someone who trusts him or someone who has money. Acquaintances? Family? Forget it! FatAss has burnt so many bridges…maxed a couple of Mastercards of Sinclair Publishing members, he maxed out Ma Barker’s Capital One card too… (and that’s what we know of) The other “friends???” like the Bjerks, who have declared bankruptcy and do not have a penny to their name. Do you remember pictures of their vehicle, a beat-up truck?

    OK you mentioned renting a car? Enterprise in Minnesota are still trying to track him down. Remember, when he the flew the coop to Georgia and Florida after the TITTS tour. He couldn’t raise money for the EXTRA traveling he did. He couldn’t raise the money, no how. He states he cancelled his phone, it wasn’t enough. Last we heard he skipped town. I do not think ANY other Rental agencies will give him a car, I think he used BUDGET or AVIS the first time.Do the circuses rent out “clown cars”?

    His best bet would have been his thumb with a paper bag over his head or else a 14 hour ride on the Grey Dog. (Imagine the poor person who would have to sit next to that).

    • Dennis says:

      I occasionally have to use the Greyhound on business runs. Don’t set me up this way. Though, now that I think about it, it would be pretty easy to arrange an “accident” in Harrisburg, PA while waiting there….

      • Meesh says:

        I too have used Greyhound, many many times when traveling over the border…. I find it more convenient and Customs seem to go easier. Less hassle, even when it’s “zero”hour. Yeh, I live that close to the USA. One thing I KNOW, FatAss won’t be boarding here in Canada. So I am safe and will still keep using this mode when crossing over. I just got my passport renewed soooo I am all set.

        A set-up? oh noes…despite that whiny voice, that profuse sweating, looking at that profile….yikes!I would not wish that on anyone.
        Harrisburg, PA Hahahahaha

        • Dennis says:

          I have a few stories about the station in Harrisburg that are pretty strange (especially the baggage handler who told an old lady that she could drop dead for all he care). Trust me. Things can happen there. Nasty, ugly things.

  29. Meesh says:


    Isn’t Harrisburg the capital of Pennsylvania? Or is it because it’s in a seedy part of town? Or a very weird Greyhound station… I sure won’t go there. Detroit GH station/ staff sound top notch within comparison. I guess, I’m too busy watching the crazy canucks that board and do not pay too much attention to staff. We have our share that travel by bus to go to the USA.

    • Dennis says:

      It’s all of the above. First time I was at the Harrisburg station we had a 30 minute wait and the driver pointedly told everyone that they would be happier if they stayed on the bus.

      • Meesh says:

        Got to tell you, here in Canada very strange too. I sat where some Canuck woman delayed the bus ‘ cause the woman brought “ROAD KILL” that’s what I consider it ( C’Mon she had 2 racoons, and a muskrat) That’s ROADKILL Sheeesh anyway the bus was detained ! I feel sorry for customs at times.

  30. Meesh says:

    FatBoy & Co. <—-(FA & the princesses in his head) nor "she wolf" have not posted all day-long, well since very early in the morning. I swear I hear *crickets* there. Kind of nice actually. FA& Co are mingling, I guess….*shudder*

  31. gilligan25 says:

    This is from SPLC’s Hate Watch. It’s about former AZ state senator Russell Pearce, author of the anti-immigrant SB 1070, and his racist emails. This paragraph stood out:

    The documents contain evidence of deep-seated bigotry and paranoia – and an affinity for numerous racist organizations. The E-mails are replete with “facts” drawn from Rense, a racist and anti-Semitic website that bemoans the alleged “Jewish dominance of America”; myths promulgated by immigrant-bashing former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, a birther who resigned after years of being called out by progressive organizations (including the SPLC) for promulgating debunked nativist conspiracy propaganda; and statistics produced by the National Policy Institute, a racist “think tank” whose mission statement says it aims “to elevate the consciousness of whites, ensure our biological and cultural continuity, and protect our civil rights.”

    His bestest buddy’s website is described as “racist and anti-Semitic.” And so is Rense. And so is FatBoy.

    • Dennis says:

      Whoever said that you can’t prove a negative obviously never dealt with the Tea Party. BTW, Obama has to prove that he wasn’t born in Kenya and BTW, has he stopped beating his wife?

  32. kstreet607 says:

    This part is interesting…

    Otherwise, Phillips explained, Americans will never really know if Obama used cocaine and had gay sex with Larry Sinclair, a lifelong con-man who’s made wild allegations against the president and even published a book about the lewd tale. He told The National Press Club in 2008 that Obama is actually gay, but Sinclair’s claims were widely disregarded due to his 26-year-criminal history. Sinclair’s arrest on forgery charges, which immediately followed his big press conference, didn’t help much either.

    • Dennis says:

      Just a minor footnote from the Logic Department: Even if he were gay and did smoke crack, that still wouldn’t actually prove Fat Boy’s story. The one is not necessarily linked to the other. Had to mention this because I need to occasional put my BA degree in philosophy to use somewhere.

  33. gilligan25 says:

    Here’s more on Judson Phillips:

    His ardent defense of Pat Buchanan after Patsy appeared on the white nationalist show, Political Cesspool, wanting only property owners to have the right to vote, getting rid of the Methodist church, that Obama received campaign donations from Hamas (and Bachmann McCarthy-like attacks on Rep. Keith Ellison) and on and on and on–including getting sued for over $600,000 for a failed–but a money-making enterprise for him–Tea Party convention. And these are just the highlights.


  34. gilligan25 says:

    Oh yeah, in real life Judson Phillips is a DUI defense lawyer in Shelby County (Memphis), Tennessee–and who else lives/works in Tennessee? Why, that’d be Ilsa the she-wolf (and Larrd for a time). You can see the similarities in their philosophies and racism. Larrd may disagree on Phillips’ stance on homosexuality, as well as Medicaid and Social Security. I wonder if Phillips knows that the “gay prostitute” is a welfare queen?

    But it is odd that someone who used Mohammed Fatha Gahanan is affiliated with someone who’s so rabidly anti-Islam.

  35. Meesh says:

    Yeh Gilli, I immediately thought of “SHE WOLF” Do you remember the lawyer from Tennessee who use to post at Goofy’s place? I wonder if these two are from the same firm? I thought he was a WAMBULANCE chaser or a DUI lawyer too.

    I love some of the comments under The article KSTREET provided worth the read!

    Here’s some samples: 😀

    James Lemery

    I think this clown is a lawyer and his office is a table in a donut shop in Nashville, or something like that. He started Tea Party Nation because he thought it would make him rich. Why the media still covers this buffoon, I don’t know. I’m thinking they do so because of sensationalist statements such as this “demand” which is a sad state of affairs if true.


    wouldn’t it be awesome to put this asshat, Bachman, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh and maybe Peter King on a panel together and let them have at it….maybe have jon stewart and stephen colbert moderate…then force every teabagger to watch the ensuing lunacy and perhaps a few would come to their senses. if nothing else, it would produce a fine training video for psychiatrists and psychologists to use.

    42 seconds ago


    Could Judson Phillips provide us with medical records confirming that he has a brain? There would seem to exist reasonable a priori doubt on that point.

    On another note, still *CRICKETS* at the SNOOZE site!

  36. Meesh says:

    What a Turd-brain… a desperate POS he is (hahaha) well I noticed that the SNOOZE site have been releasing comments from some regular posters…

    I see that this one has about 200 of these types posted…. well this is within the last few hours… from a poster called “VISIT WEBSITE”!

    (BTW “VISIT WEBSITE” is listed as one of FA’s poster with a reputation of one of the best… “they/it” get points see—-> “IntenseDebate Reputation Meter

    The reputation meter is a measure of strength of all previous comments made on our system by a certain commenter as judged by his or her peers. It is one way to tell whether the comment you are reading is written by someone well-regarded.)

    FatAss/tards issue the points, TRUE! This poster is up to about 50 points (WOWEE!)

    HERE’S SOME OF THE COMMENTS of this one:

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    Psst *idiot* “Visit website” is spamming that links to this—-> I cannot believe HOW S-T-U-P-I-D the POS is! Hahahahaha He actually releases spamming…Guess what POS we have the very same comments! But we are not as hard-up as you to place “SPAM” as our top posters, some NEWS site!

  37. Borat says:

    Wholly fuck he is dumber than dirt LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  38. Meesh says:


    He has also a POSTER called Leather Briefcases that links to this —–>

    Another spamming which has 50 points too!

    A normal person would get a clue, when it commented with this… this spamming site attaches itself to a key-word

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    170 comments posted · 🙄 0 followers · following 0

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    Here’s another poster called Julian Robertson with a WHOPPING 70points:

    Here’s the spamming site—->


    Julian Robertson

    155 comments posted · 🙄 0 followers · following 0

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    FaTAss is releasing SPAM all over there, the majority of his “TOP” posters are in fact “SPAMMING” ….OMG don’t insult “dirt” at least *dirt* serves a purpose.

    • kstreet607 says:

      Well it’s sort of obvious that the Village Idiot wants to look like people are responding to his posts. What a creep. If the first sentence gives him praise for a column, he’s quick to release the comment because REAL readers pan him and his Loony News at every turn.

      BTW…still waiting for the “shutting Bryant up once and for all” smack down.

      • Meesh says:

        He and the Princesses are too busy :::mingling::: *SHUDDER* he hasn’t been around, *CRICKETS* well except for releasing/rating SPAM…

      • Dennis says:

        Fat Butt will get back to you after he is done panting after young male conservatives in DC. His “engine” is starting to blow again…

    • Dennis says:

      Hey, at least the spam bots treat him in a respectful manner. I know because they always are very respectful to me (just before I boot them out). Besides, he gets some great deals on cheap “Canadian” drugs from his “fans.”

      • Meesh says:


        Yeh, yeh , but as KStreet said, check out the few words these spamming start out with (RESPECT) they have him … what a Brain-dead-TURD!

  39. YankeeClipper says:

    LOL. the “mental patient” is trying to desperately prove he has “droves” of readers. Never mind it’s all spam-bot but he’s shown us he has “droves” of lunatics following him.

  40. gilligan25 says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! World Nut Daily was denied press credentials by the DNC and Farah is blowing himself up like a rotting carp (from our friends at Fogbow):

    Our friend, Neon, quotes our Dennis extensively on Dennis’ teachable moment on what constitutes a journalist. I was so damn proud.

    Farah, or as they call him at Fogbow, Pornstache, and Larrdo can finally have their love fest outside the DNC…..oh, wait….didn’t Farah tell Larrd, “we’re done with you?”

  41. Borat says:

    OMG don’t insult “dirt” at least *dirt* serves a purpose.

    Meesh YOU are 100% Correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Fat ass serves no purpose

  42. kstreet607 says:

    Well, I myself am waiting for the proverbial ax to fall on Obama any minute now. zzzzzzzzzzzzz ::popcorn::

  43. Dennis says:

    Still new postings from the DC conference? Gee, maybe Lardo is working on some masterful piece and its taking him extra time to carefully craft every paragraph. Or maybe the free buffet is still going on. Or did he find some young geeky conservative guy who wants to know the real Turd Ball, up close and personal. Must be getting his engine retuned. Rod by rod.

    • Dennis says:

      Sorry, I mean “no new posting.” Didn’t want to sound like Dirt Boy. I bet he was so busy writing an expose on Kstreet he blew his laptop.

      • kstreet607 says:

        LOL! What’s so funny is I have so much documentation showing him harrassing people that don’t agree with him. If he REALLY wants to go on mainstream TV to tell his “story” then threats and harassment from him would not look too kosher. But hey, that’s “Psycho Larr” we’re talking about. he doesn’t see things the way normal people do.

        • gilligan25 says:

          I just wonder if the people who have their pictures taken with FatBoy are going to be like Rosalyn Carter and John Wayne Gacy–I mean Marginally Famous Person with a Convicted Felon, Mental Patient and on the USSS watch list. If they knew who he was and his extensive record, it could come back to haunt them Big Time, oh, yeah.

  44. Borat says:

    That larry sure is a good Reproter, he even has Credentures

  45. gilligan25 says:

    From free republic:

    Barack Obama Gay (videos)

    It’s the usual homophobic and racist shit. It links to an article from hillbuzz with the usual shit, as well as a NINE part vido of Larrdo. Because I can’t stand the sound of his voice and the attendant noises and tongue action, I don’t know if these are old lies or new lies (in fine journalistic tradition, the POS is undated):

  46. Dennis says:

    Still no updates from Turdo. That Eagle convention must be very demanding. Or did he get bounced when they caught him panhandling in the restroom.

  47. Borat says:

    waddle waddle…fart..waddle waddle whine ….whine…whine ….waddle waddle …….fart….Whine waddle waddle………

    Larry really is like a Penguin

  48. Dennis says:

    Day Two and the long silence continues over that Turd Boy’s News site. Kstreet must have hacked his web account after she rigged his car. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

  49. Borat says:

    It must be in shareholder meetings………word around the “PARK” is it was selling shares

  50. Dennis says:

    Morning of day three and not even a peep from Ilse the She-Wolf. Did they get word that the Bunko Squad was about to raid the wide-load?

  51. kstreet607 says:

    Good morning Dennis, et al. I have an updated version of Sinclair’s BIG LIE about WHY he contacted the Obama campaign.

    The updates are at the bottom of the page after the diamond shaped symbols.

    • Dennis says:

      What? Are you saying that Fat Boy has been making this stuff up as he gone along?? Are you bad mouthing the obvious heir to the throne of Edward R. Murrow? BTW, is Lardo too busy to post because he is still whining to the folks back home about needing a new car? A man of his acclaim clearly needs a Lexus…

  52. Dennis says:

    Finally a new posting from Thirsty Person as she goes off on a hysterical rant about UN Agenda 21(see this piece for the straight info: and the New World Order. Yep, its all a vast conspiracy starting with George H. W. and working all the way up to that evil Obama. BTW, Agenda 21 is a non-binding agreement which means it has no real weight. But don’t tell Ilse. She is on the march.

  53. YankeeClipper says:


    Tripp Palin Gay Slur: Bristol’s Son Calls Aunt Willow A ‘Faggot’ On Reality Show

    • gilligan25 says:

      Geez, Tripp is three years old. “Faggot” is not a word that readily rolls off a toddler’s tongue. Mommy and Aunty Dearest, OTOH, seem to use that word quite a bit.

      Great job of parenting, uh huh.

    • kstreet607 says:

      i JUST looked at that before dropping in here. He also called her a “c-nt”. That shows how she talks around her son. What a loser of a mom. But then, Sarah Palin was HER role model so there it is….

      • Dennis says:

        Based upon the various “incidents” involving both of the Palin girls, the little tyke is simply a fast learner.

        • YankeeClipper says:

          I wonder if Tripp’s vocabulary was something he picked up at the dinner table or comments that were flying around his home on a daily basis.

  54. Dennis says:

    Off topic but a reminder that nutters roam the earth:
    Westboro Baptist Church Threatens To ‘Super Picket’ Aurora Prayer Vigil For Batman Shooting Victims

    The Denver Comic Con is preparing to confront Westboro – the Geeks vs. the Freaks. Go Geeks!!!! Make us proud.

    • gilligan25 says:

      One of the TV commentators talked about a lot of bikers around the vigil, not knowing that the Patriot Guard bikers shows up where ever the Phelps Whelps threaten to picket. I know the Patriot Guard showed up at a military funeral the Whelps threatened to picket. I saw a LOT of ex-military among the Guard.

  55. gilligan25 says:

    No stories yet, but astronaut Sally Ride has died of pancreatic cancer at 61.

    She was a hero to my daughter and myself.

  56. gilligan25 says:

    OT–this is about Crazy Eyes Bachmann getting totally trashed by Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI). Sensenbrenner is from one of the most conservative districts in Wisconsin and hard right himself (but not Tea Party).

    In a video of the event put online by Think Progress, a woman can be heard voicing support for Bachmann and others who are “calling for an investigation to the Muslim Brotherhood’s possible infiltration into our federal agencies.” Sensenbrenner responded firmly:

    Let me say that I do know Huma Abedin and I think that the comments that were made about her in that letter, whether or not they were taken out of context, were the wrong thing to do. She could not have gotten the job, either as then-Sen. Hillary Clinton’s top advisor, or the job in the State Department, without passing a rather rigorous security clearance.

    When the constituent later contended that “there’s a political ideology that’s a concern in Islam,” Sensenbrenner interrupted her:

    Heidi, Heidi, Heidi, the First Amendment prohibits the government from making a distinction between what is “good religion” and what is “bad religion.” That’s none of the government’s business. Religion is a personal issue to every one of the people who lives in the United States, whether you practice a faith, how you practice a faith, whether you don’t practice a faith, whether you say you’re a member of a faith but you don’t practice it, it’s none of the government’s business. And this is the whole issue of religious freedom. And that has been one of the most cherished freedoms that this country has had since its beginning.

    If Bachmann thought she had gotten away scot free from this one (besides a little scolding), getting lectured by someone who’s been in congress since 1979 has got to sting–but my guess she’s oblivious to any criticism.

    • YankeeClipper says:

      It would be soooooooooo nice to be rid of this Member of Congress. Apparently the Dems have a very good candidate running against her and he’s suggested that residents of the district (even GOP voters) have had enough of her foolishness and her closet case husband.

  57. YankeeClipper says:

    Bachmann’s teacher in hate

    Meet John Eidsmoe, the man Michele Bachmann calls a “great influence” and who’s been involved with racist groups

    • gilligan25 says:

      Ah, another Islamapobe raving nutter, and a racist to boot. And that’s her mentor:

      Eidsmoe isn’t so popular with everyone, however. Heidi Beirich of the Southern Poverty Law Center explains Eidsmoe this way: “He was a member for a while of the League of the South, which is a neo-Confederate hate group, which has said things like slavery is God-ordained and is explicitly racialist. He also spoke to the Council of Conservative Citizens, which is a flat-out white supremacist group. They’re against interracial marriage, they’ve said things like — direct quote from them — ‘blacks are a retrograde species of humanity,’ so you get the idea. So, he’s hung out with hate groups, he’s been a member of hate groups, and his views are just so far outside of the mainstream that it’s amazing. I mean, really, it’s a little shocking to think that the congresswoman would be openly willing to admit that she’s influenced by him,” Beirich told Salon. (Eidsmoe did not respond to requests for comment.)

      In Alabama last year, Eidsmoe declared that states have a right to secede, explaining, that Confederate president Jefferson Davis “understood the Constitution better than did Abraham Lincoln.” He was disinvited from a Tea Party rally in Wisconsin in 2010 after the AP brought his past comments to the attention of organizers.

      • Dennis says:

        Ah yes, Jeff Davis, that great leader. When the Union Army ordered Richmond to surrender or be leveled to the ground, Davis told them to fight to the last man. He told them that while bolting out of the place for his life. Real leadership, you know. Just one of many reasons why Lincoln is viewed as the Great Man.

    • gilligan25 says:

      I forgot to add–I wonder if this Eidsmoe was the one who wrote the letter (complete with footnotes). It’s way above Bachmann’s intellectual capacity and reads like an academic paper.

      Hope she didn’t pay him for that with our tax dollars (but I bet she did).

  58. Meesh says:

    Remember this?

    ““The Time Has Come To Shut Bryant Up Once & For All, With Pleasure! “

    Well it has been changed to this….

    Upcoming Articles & Interviews

    Why People Like Sheila Bryant Will Never Be Taken Seriously

    Obama Campaign Uses Gay Campaign Staffers Death For Political Purposes

    Subscribe to Sinclair News.Net Don’t miss it – Subscribe by RSS.

    Hmmmm Whazza mattah FatAss, is it because the handlers stepped in? Or is it because you also a LS SNOOZE writer called Bryant?

    Sinclair Speaks At Freedompalooza 2012
    July 24, 2012
    By Kathy Bryant

    Book When One Man Stands Coming September 18, 2012

    On June 30 and July 1, 2012 Sinclair News founder, Author and syndicated Radio Show host, Lawrence (Larry) Sinclair spoke to the gathering at Freedompalooza. Sinclair who was invited by the event organizer Paul Topete and the protest band PokerFace pulled no punches with the attendees and made it clear 2012 would be a year that Americans could not allow themselves to be intimidated into crawling into a corner and staying silent.

    Speaking on Sunday July 1, 2012 Sinclair spoke of the Delaware fiasco involving Attorney General Beau Biden at the request of the organizers, but Sinclair made it clear that what has been thrown at him over the last four and a half years has not defeated him or even slowed him down, but instead is why he has been determined to change the way Americans receive their news and how the news is reported.

    At a time when the media has engaged in blatant efforts to distort the facts and the news to benefit the Obama administration and/or specific candidates Sinclair News has in just 6 short months made a difference in reporting the truth in an uncensored & unafraid manner.

    In less than 60 days Sinclair’s new Book When One Man Stands will be released and it is sure to bring people to a realization that many in America never dreamed would be possible in the United States of America.

    ©2012 Sinclair News-Unauthorized Reproduction or Publication is prohibited by Law

    The left simply cannot handle the fact that not everyone who is gay or who has a past is willing to kiss their A**** and call them daddy.

    FatAss you paid restitution to Sonny Patel, he settled, BIG DIFFERENCE as what you say in the second video POS!
    Notice on the second video, how the story is somewhat conveniently altered…many details were left out. Here’s FatAss’ version in 2008…

    4 News-Journal, DE AG’s and DE State Police

    Questions for Delaware News-Journal; Delaware Attorney General & State Police

    August 8, 2008
    Posted by Larry Sinclair
    In October 2007 while looking for an apartment in the Wilmington, Delaware-Philly, PA area, I stayed at the Rodeway Inn at 3 Memorial Dr. I spent a total of three (3) weeks at the Rodeway Inn. The first week was paid with my visa card at the weekly rate (tax included) of $300.00

    While working with housing officials in Texas and Delaware to transfer from Texas to Delaware, the Delawarr Center approved housing assistance up to $1200 issued by voucher with each voucher being for a two week period. The first two (2) week voucher was issued for the Rodeway Inn.

    While staying at the Rodeway Inn, a UPS overnight envelope addressed to me was sent to my former Texas address, and forwarded to me via FedEx (using my FedEx account) by my best friend and former landlord in Texas. This envelope contained three (3) money orders made payable to me for $910.00 each.

    Upon receiving the FedEx delivery, Sonny Patel, the owner of the Rodeway Inn was aware that I had not yet opened an account with any local bank. Sonny Patel and his swing-shift employee (who I had been driving to and from work daily at the request of Mr. Patel) asked me if I wanted either of them to cash the money orders for me. Both offered to do so for a FEE of $300.00

    The following day in the early afternoon Sonny Patel invited me to go to the bank with him where he would deposit the money orders, in his personal account at Wachovia Bank on DuPont HWY. At the bank I endorsed the money Orders and wrote out a statement saying I would not received any funds from the deposit until Patel had been notified by his bank that the items had cleared the bank. I also included a statement that I would be responsible for any bank charges should the items be returned unpaid. Both of the statements were witnessed by the bank employee.

    Several days after the deposit I was called into the Office of the Rodeway Inn by Mr. Sonny Patel. Patel informed me that the money orders had clear Wachovia and that he was ready to pay me my money. Mr. Patel had the original statement out and noted on it that I had been paid the funds from the Money Orders in full minus the $300.00 fee charged me.

    On October 13, 2007 I did move out of the Rodeway Inn and into the Riverview pending the signing of the lease on a residence on Topaz Dr., in Claymont. On the day I moved I informed Sonny Patel exactly where I was moving to, Patel had the phone number for the River-view as well as my cell phone. Further Mr. Patel asked me if I would continue to drive Daisy home from work each night as I had been and told him I would. I continued to see Sonny Patel on an almost Daily basis when dropping off/picking up his employee to/from work (this is supported by statements made by the employee to Wilmington Police on 10/27/07.) Despite almost daily contact with Sonny Patel, His Brother Sam and or his wife; his knowledge of my cell phone number and place of residence, Sonny Patel never once contacted me or informed me that the money orders had been returned unpaid. In an interview with Wilmington Police on 10-27-07 I had inform the police I was told by Sonny Patel that the money orders had cleared the bank and I had not been told anything to the contrary (not even by the Wilmington Police)

    Now on Feb 5, 2008, Delaware Attorney General Joseph R. Biden III’s office called for a Grand Jury to issue a Felony Theft Indictment. Feb 5, 2008 would have been 19 days after my Youtube Video went up on the internet and starting to become somewhat popular in my allegations against presidential candidate Barack Obama.

    In requesting this indictment, the Delaware Attorney Generals Office failed to note that the money orders were payable to me; that Sonny Patel made the request to cash them at a fee of $300; that I signed an agreement not to receive the funds until Sonny Patel informed me they had cleared the bank; and that Sonny Patel (based on the Wilmington Police Depts. report of 10-27-07) lied about not seeing me again, or knowing how to contact me; the fact that Wilmington Police did not at anytime during the 10-27-07 interview, ever advise me that said money orders had been returned; or that no one ever attempted to mail summons to my address (which I had placed a forwarding order on when I moved) that the Wilmington Police report dated 10-27-07 did contain along with the name of my landlord.

    NOW, THESE ARE THE FACTS, so I ask this of the Publisher of the Delaware News-Journal:

    1 Why did your paper repeatedly publish outright false claims against me and cite as your sources; Delaware State Police Reports; New Castle Superior Court Files; and Delaware Prosecutors???

    2.Why did your newspaper publish these outright false claims against me a second time after being asked to publish a retraction after publishing them the first time?


    1 Why did the Delaware Attorney Generals office present incomplete evidence to a Grand Jury (that it is clear from the police reports your office was IN FACT aware of?)

    2 Why did your office make claims to a Grand Jury that (based on your own Police Reports) was false and misleading?

    3 What is your true motivation for seeking an indictment in Feb 2008 against me for a crime your office knows I did not commit?

    4 Where did I at any time in any way commit theft of anything from The Rodeway Inn?

    5 Why would your office be the source for the News-Journals false claims that were published?

    Why would the Delaware News-Journal and others publish outright false claims and why would the Delaware Attorney Generals Office, The Delaware State Police and The Superior Court be repeatedly cited as the source of the false information?

    • gilligan25 says:

      And here’s a new–and lengthy–story about up & comer, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden from Politico.

      So here you’ve got Beau Biden, out stumping for his dad and President Obama, with a future that can only go up and then there’s FatBoy who’s living in a double/singlewide trailer in some pissant town in Florida who had to pay his own way tospeak/whine before some racist, anti-semitic, Holocaust denying rag and its readers–and had to sleep in a tent, a tent he was too stupid to figure out how to set up.

      Larrdo Sinklair, LOSER. And his book will be out in 60 days? Oh, bullshit–unless Ilsa the She Wolf (or some equally lousy writer) does it for him.

      Beau Biden: The next generation

      By EDWARD-ISAAC DOVERE | 7/24/12 4:38 AM EDT

      WILMINGTON, Del. — The Beau Biden rollout has begun.

      Unless Mitt Romney’s running mate is a complete surprise, this will be the first presidential election in 80 years without a veteran on either ticket. That makes the Delaware attorney general, 43, a unique ambassador for his father and the president as the leader of Veterans and Military Families for Obama.

      He has the profile to draw attention because of his name and his office. And his experience as a JAG officer whose National Guard unit was stationed in Baghdad for 10 months gives him added authority when he talks up Obama’s performance as commander in chief — a record the president himself touted Monday at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Reno.

      As a younger veteran of a recent war who has a young family, Biden is a contrast to former Sen. Bob Dole and former President George H.W. Bush, who co-chair Veterans for Romney, and Sen. John McCain, who’s headlined many of their events. Recent polls are split — in May, Gallup found that Romney was far ahead with veterans and Reuters found that Obama was far ahead. Traditionally, the Democratic candidate trails among this group, but the Obama campaign believes it has a prime opportunity to build on its support.

      The campaign is particularly focused on swing states with high active military and recent veteran concentrations. That includes Iowa — where Beau Biden campaigned last week — and Virginia, around Fort Bragg in North Carolina or Colorado Springs, as well as the 21 military facilities in Florida and the many scattered across Nevada, Iowa and Ohio.


      Read more:

      • Meesh says:

        Supposedly this is the cover of the book due inn September (yeh right)

        Now if this is suppose to be an “ACTUAL” profile of Lardo… to me, they surely trimmed the fat…boots? where’s the flip flops????

        This is more like it, with the flag upside down in the background.

        • gilligan25 says:

          He was that shape maybe 30 years ago, but now he’s just a blob.

          I’ve seen that cover before….

        • gilligan25 says:

          And then there’s this one for SuperPatriot (as well as convicted felon and mental patient) Larrdo

          Not an original bone in his body. Whomever designed that piece of shit cover just plain stole it.

      • kstreet607 says:

        So here you’ve got Beau Biden, out stumping for his dad and President Obama, with a future that can only go up and then there’s FatBoy who’s living in a double/singlewide trailer in some pissant town in Florida who had to pay his own way tospeak/whine before some racist, anti-semitic, Holocaust denying rag and its readers–and had to sleep in a tent, a tent he was too stupid to figure out how to set up.

        Perfect analysis Gili! Love it. I might do a “Some People Say…” segment on SW later today and use that quote. (I stopped asking permission because you guys said no problem…but if there ever IS a problem using quotes, please let me know.)

        • gilligan25 says:

          You go ahead and print/reprint anything you like.

          And now I’m on a Bruce kick–Larrd could only dream about being this fit (and so very talented) as Bruce and the E Street Band putting on a three hour show night after night on tour.

          This has the added bonus of the late, great Clarence Clemons in that incredible tenor sax solo:

  59. YankeeClipper says:

    On June 30 and July 1, 2012 Sinclair News founder, Author and syndicated Radio Show host, Lawrence (Larry) Sinclair spoke to the gathering at Freedompalooza.

    When did his radio program become “syndicated?” What cities is it broadcast to?

    • YankeeClipper says:

      EXCELLENT post KStreet!! Doofus thinks he’s hit the big time because wing nuts are using his sorry ass and fictional story as a cover for their own racism, xenophobia, homophobia, antisemitism and just plain old stupidity. I’m very confident the Larry Sinclair story will soon be over.

  60. gilligan25 says:

    Things are not going well for Birfer Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the racism/class action suit brought by the ACLU (this isn’t the lawsuit brought by the USDOJ–that’s still pending). He’s ony been on the stand for a half a day:

    But the sheriff made his worst impressions while answering questions about his book, Joe’s Law.

    Basically, anytime Arpaio was shown some of the blatant bigotry in that book, he blamed it on co-author Len Sherman. And this was despite being read back his testimony from a previous deposition in which he’d said he didn’t need to read his own book because he’d written it himself.

    Arpaio was forced by Young to back off from a couple of statements in the book, including one in which he wrote that Mexicans don’t come to the United States with the same hopes and dreams as people from other countries.. In another part of the book, Young pointed out, Arpaio wrote that second- and third-generation Mexican-Americans were not part of the American “mainstream.”

    “My co-author wrote that,” Arpaio blurted out.

    The morning break is about to end, and we’re going back in the courtroom to hear more from this bloodbath

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  61. YankeeClipper says:

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

    Amen, amen I say unto thee.

  62. gilligan25 says:

    They’re already going there….I notice that Romney uses “foreign” when he talks about Obama (I’m sure it was tested before focus groups), but “Anglo-Saxon?” Sheesh.

    Romney ‘Advisor’: Mitt Will Bring a White Man’s Touch

    Josh Marshall-July 24, 2012, 9:36 PM5406
    A racial subtext certainly isn’t foreign to the Romney campaign’s critique of Barack Obama. But putting it so front and center may raise a few eyebrows.

    What the London Daily Telegraph calls one of Romney’s “advisors” told the paper that Romney was better positioned to understand and respect the ‘special relationship’ between the US and Great Britain than President Obama, whose father was from Kenya.

    Said the advisor: “We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he feels that the special relationship is special. The White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have.”

    It’s all of a piece with the constant refrains that Obama is an outsider to whatever is essential about the American experience of simply being an American. But it’s getting closer to the surface. And I suspect we’ll hear much more of it — from ‘advisors’ if not from Romney himself — during the trip abroad.

    Late Update: It’s interesting as a side note that the Telegraph suggested the Romney aide’s remarks “may prompt accusations of racial insensitivity.” To which one might respond, ya think? The Telegraph does write from 90s era, unreconstructed Tory kind of viewpoint. Or maybe 1930s unreconstructed Tory kind of viewpoint. And casting this as a matter of ‘sensitivity’ seems part and parcel with that.

    • kstreet607 says:

      I read this piece this evening Gilligan and couldn’t believe it! Usually they use “dog whistles” and other ploys so they don’t have to come straight out with what they mean. But this guy is kowtowing to the Brits like the kid in that classic: Please sir may I have some more?”

      • gilligan25 says:

        I just realized something–President Obama is Anglo-Saxon via his mother. His family has been here for centuries. In fact, someone I know is a distant cousin–when I looked at Obama’s family tree and our friend’s family tree, I noticed the same name popped up in the 19th century. Our friend verified it with their family’s genealogist. He now calls the President “cuz.”

    • gilligan25 says:

      I remember that just prior to the South Carolina primary in 2000, the bush campaign started a whisper campaign about John and Cindy McCain’s adoped daughter (adopted from one of Mother Theresa’s orphanages in Bangladesh). They whispered that this child–I think she was around 10–was McCain’s illigitimate daughter. I was so disgusted at the racist filth the Bush campaign was capable of that I lost all respect for him.

      In this case, it was Sununu’s rant, Romney’s repeated use of the word “foreigner” (whisper: he was born in Kenya, you know ) and now this “Anglo-Saxon” shit–they might as well just start recruiting voters at Klan rallies. I knew the president’s race was going to come up. I just didn’t think it’d be this early–and it’s just going to get worse and much more vile.

  63. Meesh says:

    Good morning kids!

    Kstreet, for you, the latest at Sickliar SNOOZE site! Nestled amongst this stuff —-> Upcoming Articles & Interviews is the following message just 4 U:

    A Challenge To Sheila Bryant:
    Come On TTM-Put Up Or Shut Up

    I take it that TTM is ” (Wading)Through The Mire (in the scum pond)” ya know, that very popular “syndicated” radio show, where it’s recommended to wear hip-waders (Ha!) So I guess the handlers have denied him to post anything, or POS just doesn’t have anything to post. Empty promises.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Has the stupid douche ever heard of the 1st amendment? I thought not. Sheila can go or not go whereever and whenever she wants to, unless Larrd and his white supremacists handlers are bringing back slavery.

      I love how he’s making his barely under control demands, though. He usually does this prior to a meltdown, or when he was back in Duluth, the Friday Night Crazies.

      For Larrd:

  64. Borat says:

    It usually does this when no money is coming in

  65. Borat says:

    I really like the second video of SLOB whan at the start it shows NO ONE in the audience but the fat fuck talks like there is a crowd LOLOLOLOLOLOL<OLLLLLLLLLLL

    • gilligan25 says:

      I think the crowd is talking among themselves because he’s boring them–cuz even if this isn’t about him, it is all about him–and who gives a shit about a convicted felon and mental patient. Fucking narcissist.

      • Meesh says:

        To me, I think the majority is setting up and not paying attention. The rest (about seven) are drinking beer/talking/laughing at their site. Hahahaha

  66. gilligan25 says:

    FatBoy says he was invited by Pokerface’s Paul Topete. Here’s more about Topete from the adl:

    Extremist and Xenophobic Affiliations

    Poke Face is led by anti-Semitic lead singer Paul Topete. Though Topete describes the band as “pro-American,” and the band promotes an anti-immigrant, anti-government ideology, Topete also holds anti-Semitic views and maintains affiliations with anti-Semites, Holocaust deniers, militia figures, and conspiracy theorists.

    In February 2006, he was a guest on The Piper Report, an Internet radio show hosted by Michael Collins Piper, an anti-Semitic writer for the virulently anti-Semitic and conspiratorial newspaper, American Free Press.

    In June 2003, Poker Face members, including Topete, attended and sang at a conference sponsored by American Free Press, an anti-Semitic conspiracy-oriented newspaper and The Barnes Review, a Holocaust denial publication, both published by long-time anti-Semite Willis Carto. Speakers included anti-Semitic writer Christopher Bollyn, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Eustace Mullins, Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf, and Carto.

    Topete has also given Internet radio interviews to anti-government militia figures Mark Koernke and John Stadtmiller and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Stadtmiller’s Internet radio network, the Republic Broadcasting Network, regularly features programs hosted by anti-Semites.

    In addition, Topete has appeared at anti-immigrant events, where he shared the stage with xenophobic leaders who demonize undocumented immigrants, particularly from Mexico. At one rally in June 2007, area white supremacists were in attendance. To promote an anti-immigrant event in Pennsylvania in 2007, two Poker Face members called in to the Hal Turner Show, a white supremacist radio program.

    In His Own Words: Anti-Semitic Quotes from Topete

    Under the moniker Pokerkid (aka pk), Paul Topete has posted several anti-Semitic comments to the Poker Face Online forum, some of which are included below [spelling and emphasis in original]:

    Will somebody please stop this zionazi f–k from continuing to buy up all the media into the one global corp media monster. Its time to break up and sell his organization into a million pieces. And that it never is allowed to come back in any form again.

    Very interesting where facts about the White Brotherhood pop up. The elite of the elite satanists are the white brotherhood. Made up of Sabbatean Jews at the top and Rosicrucian goys at the bottom. Anywhere from a 60/40 split to a more realistic 80/20 split with the Sabbateans in the drivers seat.

    I am always amazaed at how many roads lead back to one of the largest if not THEE largest scam ever played on humanity… Yes that right… the HOLOHAUX aka holocaust. 1985 and 1988 Ernst Zundel [Holocaust denier] DESTROYED the Myth known as the cult of holohauzianity. In a canadien court of law, Ernst zundel took on the biggest frauds in the SHOAH Industry, and showed them to be the frauds that they were. Names like Raoul Hilberg and Vrba. And several other parasites known to infest this worldly sham. Wake up people, You are being played for fools for you LACK KNOWLEDGE.

    • Meesh says:


      I can see through the archives of “Through The Mire” Scum-bucket has interviewed Topete, several times… I guess you can say they are BFF – birds of a feather.

  67. Meesh says:

    Check out this video, at Freedompalooza On June 30 and July 1, 2012 where FatAss tells these people, that it can get them “inside” the RNC convention in Tampa. 🙄

    OOPsie on July 10th 2012 RNC Denies Sinclair News Convention Credentials

    Notice how he demands to get his point across. “Let me finish!”

    • gilligan25 says:

      Famous last words: I CAN GET YOU IN.


      He’s not even going to get close–and I mean within a mile or two.


    • Dennis says:

      Great video, especially the lawn chairs and trailers in the background. Shows that this was a truly major meetings of the big thinkers (with their straw farm hats and all). Fat Boy is moving up.

  68. Borat says:

    The show opened at 1 pm ..they let LAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD have the stage at 9am


    • Meesh says:

      I figured it was odd, because they all seemed to be just setting up. I mean c’mon now, when you have a scheduled speaker, you would think everything would be in place.

      EPIC FAIL as always!

      • Dennis says:

        Question: Was he actually a scheduled speaker or was he just bumming his way around until he found an unattended mic?

        • Meesh says:


          Yes, on the two videos on that post that the SNooze site posted, he was scheduled. But as Borat stated, REALLY early or super late. Depending on which day. Yeh it was two days that they were compelled to listen to that. In the parking lot, the video that I posted today, he was mingling *SHUDDER* I found that from some wingnut’s YouTube site—> not scheduled.

  69. Dennis says:

    OK children, the teacher is in. Ilse has it figured out in regards to the Colorado movie massacre. She has magically decided that the shooter must have used monies from a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services, so obviously it is …. you got it, Obama’s fault!!!!!!!! What is her proof? She needs no stinkin’ proof. On what does she base her “theory?” I guess her superior Aryan brain. Yes sir, the wing nutters are in bloom.

  70. Borat says:

    Look at how nervous he is …playing with that can , MENTAL case FRAUD

    • Meesh says:

      I can imagine watching him feverishly posting this crap (with his fat pudgy fingers) on his laptop at some Micky D’s… just outside of DC…he can’t get a ride home.

      “Through The Mire” broadcasts next Friday, can he do this at a Micky D’s?

      • Dennis says:

        Yes he can. Too bad he will try to broadcast while stuffing a Big Mac into his mouth. Even worse, it won’t be the sandwich.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Larrd wants to go all JimBot/neon on you. Remember when neon called in to MommaE’s show when he was on? He went ballistic. They spent 15-30 minutes calming him down. It was so damn funny, what with FatBoy going off on this rant while they’re trying to get him to put a PR face on (I think MommaE’s co-host was Christi/Kristi someboy–the woman who confronted Chris Matthews at one of the conventions–I think Larrd creamed in his 6XXXX waist jeans when she said she could get him into a movie or something). Okay, not as much fun as when MommaE said she had Obama’s Canadian birth certificate signed by Dudley DoRight, but damn, still funny.

  71. Borat says:

    I bet LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD was practicing 40,000 mile oil change intervals……before his shit wagon blew LOL

    • gilligan25 says:

      Good stuff, kstreet! I love the evidence you want him to provide–and can’t. In fact, he never will be able to do so because it never happened.

      What a stupid stupid douche.

    • Dennis says:

      Very good solid rebuttal (or preemptive strike or whatever). One problem. You demand that he finally produces the evidence. As Fat Boy keeps putting out, he don’t need no stinkin’ evidence. It is all based upon his solid honest word as a life long con artist and crook. Sure, the bum’s whole life is about cheating people with wild bs tales. But he keeps finding an odd group of folks who will fall for this. No wonder he’s holding out for a new car. One of these idiots will eventually cave in and buy him one. I just hope its a Yugo.

      • Meesh says:

        FatAss logik is the accused must prove the accuser <—-with *squat* for PROOF) wrong. Now, if the accused does not respond, he’s guilty… yeh I know, but it seems to work within his deadbeat circles.

  72. gilligan25 says:

    Those deadbeats haven’t given him a new car yet. I like the Yugo idea, or a Trabant, real classic cars.

  73. Meesh says:

    I do not like discussing your “US” politics, especially the Second Amendment… this makes my blood boil. It’s the many interpretations and also I believe it fit for the time when it originated..Nuff about me.
    Perched underneath She-Wolf’s post entitled:

    “How could he afford it?”
    July 25, 2012
    By Thornton Parsons

    It was about the Colorado Century 16 movie tragedy, and as Dennis stated, “she wolf” says the Federal Government may have been at fault….(she ripped off that article off from DRUDGE REPORT who ripped it from the UK ” Daily Mail Online.. who got it from “Advance Indiana”===>” I believe I read an earlier release from some other Brit online newspaper)

    Anyway, there’s comments at the SNOOZE site. Are these posters disputing what she says? Yep…but for the wrong reasons. I am glad I am living in Canada. Sheesh!
    1)The reason that people are entitled to own automatic and semi-automatic guns.
    2)The correct price of these ammunitions… a detailed price quote.HOLY SMOKES!
    3) The viewers should have been armed too.

    F-150 · 10 hours ago
    Even though O’Reilly claims that he supports the Second Amendment, he is ignorant of its purpose. O’Reilly is strongly against automatic and semi-automatic weapons of any kind, and wants purchase of same directly reported to the FBI. The original intent and purpose of the Second Amendment is not to allow the citizenry to hunt rabbits and quail. It is to equip us with the weapontry needed to prevent governmental tyranny. To do that, we need weapons that are equal to the task. If the corrupt government has a mortar, we need a bigger mortar!

    and this…

    Objective · 1 hour ago
    Mr. Parsons, I suggest you confirm your math. The rifle cost less than $1k, the shotgun is a cheap self defense type, the pistol around $6-700., and the cartridges going @ $350/K. Add a vest and some plastic leggings-, a surplus helmet and straps, cheap goggles, clothing… and a liberal estimate from press reports of the crap he had in the apartment…in all maybe $5-6000K for the whole lot. Parsons value…..$20K……….One armed concealed carry gentleman in the victim audience ?…….PRICELESS. What more is there to say?.

    and this:

    Objective · 33 minutes ago
    Mr Parsons, let me clarify the previous post so there is no confusion. This heartbreaking tragedy could have possibly been limited by even one legally armed citizen in attendance.

    Yeh, stupid Ass (unless it’s Dirty Harry) it was pitch black in the theater, other people shoot back to the culprit (packed with an automatic weapon?) hit and miss and kill OTHER innocent people (who do not consider that part of their wardrobe is a gun holster/bullet proof vest to simply watch a movie.

    • gilligan25 says:

      The murderer was wearing body armor from head to toe. I was taught to go for clustered shots to the center of the chest, which would’ve caused the bullets to bounce off harmlessly, and all he would’ve had to have done was follow the muzzle fire and kill me.

      Not only was the theater dark (and very noisy, given the moving had started), but he set off tear gas and smoke grenades, so it was hard to see and breathe, plus he was shooting, people were screaming, panicking and running, and he was moving, making him a harder target to hit. The only possible shot would’ve been to the eye(s) behind his gas mask, and hell, even a trained sniper or a Navy Seal with nerves of steel would have trouble with those shots, given the conditions–and they would’ve needed a night vision scope.

      I love it when idiots shoot off their mouths. And hell, I figure his Mom gave him the money. The grant was $26,000 a year, or $2100 or so a month, and it stopped when he left school.

      Isla the She Wolf is one dumb bitch, and doesn’t know a damn thing about shooting. Going to the range doesn’t count. She’s just parroting the NRA.

    • Dennis says:

      Usual stupid crap from folks who have never been involved in a gun “incident.” I have been on the wrong side of a gun on three occasions. In each case, it wouldn’t have mattered if I were packing. Normally, by the time you know you could use a gun, it is already too late to go for something. In the case on the theater shooting, even a decently trained person would be in a confused state and most likely hitting all of the wrong targets. Ilse is simply as ass.

      • gilligan25 says:

        Dennis, the killer wanted to create choas and he achieved that goal.

        The last shooting that was near me was around 5 pm. I had just gotten home from work and was sitting on the side porch with the dog, just decompressing. All of a sudden I heard BLAM….BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM coming from across the alley and on the other side of a garage. I hit the ground and crawled into the house (I think I squashed myself down to around two inches)–I was following the dog (not a gun dog). A couple young guys had gotten into a fight and one guy killed the other. The time before that, I was at a conference in DC. In the middle of the night, I heard gunshots right outside the hotel and rolled out of bed inbetween the two beds and stayed down until the shots stopped. My roomie, being from rural California, ran to the window and looked out. I yelled, “GET DOWN.” She didn’t (I always think of stray bullets). The cops were there in 2 minutes (that’s when I got up) and processed the entire crime scene within 45 minutes. I was impressed at their efficiency (bad drug deal). Those are just the two I remember the best….

        • Dennis says:

          Yeah, and the weird thing is that real gun fire never sounds like the movies. Bizarre.

        • gilligan25 says:

          Nope, real gunfire doesn’t sound like the movies, but I sure as hell call tell it’s gunfire. Our good friend can get really close on the caliber (I just know the one that was near our house was at least a 38). I tell ya, becoming one with the concrete wasn’t fun. I was like the Grinch getting into the house. The dog was like he’d been shot from a cannon.

          BTW, when the prez was speaking before the Urban League tonight, he talked about making it very difficult for “mentally deranged” individuals to get guns. I immediately thought of Larrdo.

      • Meesh says:

        Wow! Holy!
        I have NEVER witnessed a shooting.TRUTH. Don’t want to either. I have heard about them here, nearby in Canada. No it’s not perfect over here either. Maybe it’s not as common though.

  74. Borat says:

    I LOVE the ” MR Parsons “reference LOLOLOL

    • Meesh says:

      I know Borat, they always say Mr. Parsons. It’s FatAss’ fault. In the LS SNooze Writer Bio they do not say that she’s a woman. Only a bunch of dribble and this picrure.

      I know all of you “Porky Pig” fans out there will hate me, she does look like a squinting version of this pig! Porky Pig is a Mr. right? We can’t see that close, but the bow-tie is a dead give away. Dress Mr. Parson’s with the same attire:
      you have:

  75. Borat says:

    Totally!!! LOL Meesh

  76. kstreet607 says:

    Off topic:

    Added to my answer:

    Although he was talking about something else, the premise of the statement applies in the case of “No Proof Sinclair” and his willy-nilly allegations.

  77. Meesh says:

    FatAss is still MIA however he’s probably sitting at the very same Micky D’s that he’s been at, yeh, for the last four days. (P.U.!!!)

    Uh Ohs! (LOL) I see that he has NOW placed KStreet’s message at the very top of his big announces:

    Upcoming Articles & Interviews:

    1. A Challenge To Sheila Bryant: Come On TTM-Put Up Or Shut Up

    2. Conservatives Are Not The Bigoted, Homophobes Liberals Say They Are

    3. Conservatives Not The Ones Passing Judgment

    4. Obama Campaign Uses Gay Campaign Staffers Death For Political Purposes

    Subscribe to Sinclair News.Net Don’t miss it – Subscribe by RSS.

    Come to think of it. how can POS place this in “upcoming articles & articles”????? This is false advertising isn’t it? Ain’t gonna to happen FatBoy! A reputable reporter picks up the phone and then asks for an interview.

    Oh yeh that’s what he did, when he hounded Connie Mack for an interview, the calls went constantly to voice mail and then he repeatedly posted/whined about it. Get the hint *idiot*!

    • Dennis says:

      The only person still talking about the dead Obama staffer is Fat Ass. Odd. Well, not really. The poor stupid desperate jackass has to keep pounding despite the complete lack of interest in every other quarter. He has nothing better to do because he is simply a pathetic loser. So he spends time blubbering about non-issues, trying to turn everything into a statement about himself, and hoping to taunt Kstreet into a confrontation of his otherwise marginal excuse for a “radio” show. What a complete waste of life.

    • gilligan25 says:

      2. Conservatives Are Not The Bigoted, Homophobes Liberals Say They Are

      Oh, bullshit. Of course, there may be a difference between the racist, anti-semitic, Holocaust deniers he’s hanging around with these days (and who are only tolerating him–barely–because they hate Obama as much, if not more, that FatBoy does), and freepers. Freepers are just this side of Fred Phelps and the Whelps and consider homosexuals to be an abomination. That’s why Larrd didn’t last very long on Free Republic. Here’s a sampling from their “homosexual agenda” tag:

      He’s just delusional.

  78. Meesh says:

    A new post—–> HERE Let’s move everything here, K? It’s getting pretty crowded here. Talk about anything!

  79. So he spends time blubbering about non-issues, trying to turn everything into a statement about himself, and hoping to taunt KStreet into a confrontation of his otherwise marginal excuse for a “radio” show.

  80. Dennis says:

    Yep, that’s pretty much it. Well, that and his newly discovered passion for tearing into other right wing blog posters.

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