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on November 6, 2012

Four More Years, Americans have spoken!

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Now a few words from “our”KStreet!

It’s Over Sinclair…YOU Lose

Score 2 for honesty and integrity and 0 for lies and deceit.

Larry Sinclair’s elongated fifteen minutes of fame has ended on a much anticipated note…President Obama has won a second term.

The lies and deception that catapulted Larry Sinclair into an underground internet hero have not served him well, especially not with the much coveted main-stream media. That seemed to be his ultimate goal but it never happened.  They saw him as a “kook” and a con-man and that assessment was held by all major news outlets including Fox News.

Larry’s “star” never shown as brightly as he had hoped.  Instead he was relegated to the dark confines of the internet and internet radio.

This blog will remain online so that those who are interested in the historical (or not so historical) impact and/or fiasco of the Larry Sinclair saga and campaign to prevent Barack Obama’s first electoral win by writing a book filled with lies about the President and his supporters.

A second book that was due out over a month ago (he promised to release it BEFORE the election…) didn’t happen.

There will be no further blog posts from me as my job is done.  Truth matters.  The research compiled by Jay and others will speak for itself from here on out.

President Barack Obama has won a well-deserved, well fought second term and Larry Sinclair is obsolete.


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  1. Dennis says:

    Hey! Did I miss that Romney tsunami? The good news is listed above. The bad news is that Fat Boy has four more years of dubious employment.

    • Meesh says:

      FatBoy on Twitter….

      LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews

      As much as I hate Obama re-elected, I am enjoying the fact that I correctly called so many of the races that so called power ppl called lock

      Obama wins Re-Election and the GOP, and the so called conservative mouth pieces can only blame themselves!

      Obama 244 Romney 193, Conservatives & GOP only have themselves to blame.

      • YankeeClipper says:

        But, but, but Lardy! Four years ago you promised that the President would NOT be re-elected! What happened? Oh, and your good friend Allen West went up in flames too! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

    • We did it! We beat racism, sexism and hatred. We won hope and inclusiveness.

  2. democratista says:

    Message just received from the President:

    I’m about to go speak to the crowd here in Chicago, but I wanted to thank you first.

    I want you to know that this wasn’t fate, and it wasn’t an accident. You made this happen.

    You organized yourselves block by block. You took ownership of this campaign five and ten dollars at a time. And when it wasn’t easy, you pressed forward.

    I will spend the rest of my presidency honoring your support, and doing what I can to finish what we started.

    But I want you to take real pride, as I do, in how we got the chance in the first place.

    Today is the clearest proof yet that, against the odds, ordinary Americans can overcome powerful interests.

    There’s a lot more work to do.

    But for right now: Thank you.


  3. Kstreet67 says:

    Uh, so this is what I wanna know…is he still gonna publish his “book”? I am so happy to hear that POS Sinclair “hates the idea of Obama re-elected”. Now sit on it you big fat bullshit artist. Your game is up. YOU LOSE…WE WIN! Checkmate ass-hole!

    BTW…Sinclair Watch is open in perpetuity for all to see. History will not be kind to The Idiot Sinclair.

    • democratista says:

      He is probably secretly happy Obama won. He can still bloviate for another four years and his disability won’t be yanked from him for lack of funding.

    • Meesh says:

      Thanks KStreet… Hope you do not mind, I have updated the post here, with your wonderful piece at Sinclair Watch.

      • Kstreet67 says:

        I don’t mind at all Meesh. This helps get the word out that SW is open and will not shut down…ever.

        You’re doing a fantastic job here,btw. This blog would have been extinct by now had it not been for you, my friend.

        Carry on gang…

    • Well said KStreet. History will not be kind to the fat ass, or his freak show following

  4. Kstreet67 says:

    Did anyone read or hear about Donald Trumps sour grapes RANT last night on Twitter?

    We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty,” Trump continued.

    “Our nation is totally divided! Lets fight like hell and stop this great and disgusting injustice! The world is laughing at us. This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!

    And then:
    “Our country is now in serious and unprecedented trouble…like never before. Our nation is a once great nation divided! The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy. Hopefully the House of Representatives can hold our country together for four more years…stay strong and never give up! House of Representatives shouldn’t give anything to Obama unless he terminates Obamacare.”

    And lest we forget:
    “This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!”

    Can anyone say: SOUR GRAPES from the clown himself?

  5. YankeeClipper says:

    Will Lardy now go the way of Orly?

    I contacted all of the co-plaintiffs and clients in Obama challenges and I am seeking their input, whether they intend to proceed

    Posted on | November 7, 2012 | 4 Comments

    One candidate withdrew from the case due to cancer treatment and she wrote to the judge advising that. I have contacted the plaintiffs in all cases and I am seeking their response whether they intend to proceed.

    After I hear from them, I will reevaluate. While many supporters urge me to proceed, I need to evaluate, if I will be able to. I need to see, if other plaintiffs are proceeding, also I need to see if the GOP and major donors will be willing to assist.

    GOP is run by the same handlers as the dem party. GOP elite received the same marching orders not to challenge Obama’s forged IDs because they will be seen as racist. As a result they gave up a legitimate case which would have removed Obama from the ballot and they lost the election as well.

    ObamaforgeryGate took 4 years of my life,thousands of dollars and a lot of health. We could not find one single judge with honesty and integrity to rule on the merits of the case. I believe 150 cases were filed by many attorneys and pro se-plaintiffs around the country. Not one judge allowed for a jury to hear the case, not one judge was willing to compel production of the original identification papers for Obama in light of all the evidence of forgery in the alleged copies.

    As I stated previously this country became a regime, not any better than the former Soviet Union. In the Soviet Union not one judge would dare to conduct a trial dealing with fraud and forgery committed by the communist leader or in conjunction with the IDs of the communist leader.

    I will see in the near future, if there will be support from the GOP or major donors. Without the support I might need to withdraw my cases and seek dismissal without prejudice. I’ve done more than most people to seek justice and uphold the system of justice in this country. I will decide in the near future if I will proceed with the remaining challenges. I appreciate the support and encouragement from all of you. My supporters gave me the strength to go on while I was viciously attacked, however without support from the GOP and major donors and without one single honest judge willing to hear the case on the merits, I do not know if I can continue much longer.

  6. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile over that the no news site, it is official: the whole election was about…you guessed it, it was all about Fat Boy!!!!!! He guessed every race correctly (he did? – I seem to recall that he wasn’t much guessing at anything because he was way too busy kissing Foster Fries’ butt and doing puff pieces on obscure wacko candidates). Now he is out to purge the bogus wing nutters who are really traitors to the movement. He is on the move and heading straight to the…well, where ever he gets his vodka.

    Barack Obama Stuns The GOP and Conservative King Makers

    November 6, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    Despite the dire straits that the United States of America is in, Barack Obama has won re-election to a second term as President of the United States. All the experts told Sinclair News we didn’t know what we were talking about when we pointed out that the GOP and so called Conservative groups were failing to listen to the citizens themselves; or when we called for those in the GOP to stop pushing people out of the ‘tent’ as soon as they got a foot in the tent because of self serving conservative special interest groups and mouth pieces. We have to ask, ‘can you hear us now?‘

    Gov. Mitt Romney lost in what he said today would be his last attempt at becoming President, not so much by his own hand, but by what Sinclair News has reported for months was the GOP and certain conservative special interest groups like Freedom Works, the Franklin Center, Americans For Prosperity and others refusal to listen and take the Obama ground game and early voting game seriously. Freedom Works, Americans for Prosperity; Michelle Malkin, will blame everyone for Romney’s defeat except their own ignorance and stupidity. From the forcing of candidates like Connie Mack down voters throats in Florida to Dick Army’s personal issues with Dick Lugar and others, Freedom Works, AFP and their operatives were dealt a dramatic loss by the very voters they thought they could control.

    From the corruption and the scamming of operatives like Ali Akbar and Tabitha Hale; to the self righteous conservative mouth pieces Michelle Malkin and others who have name called and dismissed anyone who did not kiss their asses or follow their narrative, Mitt Romney lost because the very people who trashed him and called for “any body but Mitt Romney” ended up pissing off those who could have made Romney a winner today. Instead these groups and individuals have driven the last nail in the Grand Old Party coffin.

    Starting tomorrow Sinclair News will begin a 3 part series of articles which will expose the questionable actions of Ali Akbar and those who have close connections with him including self-identified “neutral journalist” Robert Stacey McCain; Tabitha Hale from The Franklin Center; Michelle Malkin; and a host of Twitter warriors who portray themselves as being the voice of America’s conservative movement while themselves being just as corrupt as they claim the liberals are.

    Make no mistake about the outcome of this election, Barack Obama’s campaign effectively beat the GOP; Freedom Works; Americans for Prosperity; Michelle Malkin; TEA Party Express on the ground with voters because they did not try and dictate to them who their candidates would be. Conservatives beat themselves, and they beat Mitt Romney. The GOP is no longer a viable political party and until they decide to clean their own house; listen to the citizens rather they try to tell them what they need to think or who they have to accept as their candidate they will never be viable again.

    Barack Obama won this election and that is something that no one, not even Sinclair News can explain or blame away or dismiss. Despite Sinclair News repeated warnings to those who sited the large crowd numbers at Romney-Ryan rallies, rally crowds only matter if they also go to the polls.

  7. YankeeClipper says:

    What ever happened to that big expose’ Lardy was holding for release on election night/day after the election? Another Sinclair F A I L ???? Oh noes!!!

  8. Dennis says:

    The piece posted above by Fats was the so-called expose. He is now promising a three-part series of what sounds like more attacks against the usual guys (Ali etc) as part of his “unmasking” of right wing traitors. Basically, just more bullshit from the bull meister himself.

  9. Meesh says:

    Ahh thanks KStreet! You are simply the BEST….anyway here’s blubber-mouth’s PART ONE of 3 big exposé 🙄

    Conservatives Determined To Clean Up Conservative Corruption Part 1 of 3

    November 7, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    Editor’s Note: Blog Bash is not associated with CPAC or the American Conservative Union in any way and no one should attempt to associate the individuals involved in Blog Bash, Vice & Victory, The Wills Group LLC, or anyone else with them.

    In the words of the late Andrew Breitbart:

    Corruption and dishonesty must be exposed no matter which side it is taking place on, whether liberal or conservative, dishonesty is just that, dishonesty!

    With the Presidential election over and the conservative movement still dazed from the stunning defeats handed to them on November 6, 2012 its time to clean the conservative house from the bottom up. Sinclair News has been investigating some in the conservative movement who have used the election to defeat Barack Obama as a means to line their own pockets and gain entry into the conservative players club while engaging in unethical and even possibly out right criminal acts.

    This journey began when Sinclair News covered CPAC 2012 in Washington, DC Feb 9-11, 2012. Once we were approved for media credentials we received an invitation from an Ali Akbar and Blog Bash to attend an ‘invite only’ party hosted Before we received this email invitation none of us had ever heard of Blog Bash or Ali Akbar.

    On Thursday February 9, 2012 we attended the Blog Bash at CPAC 2012 party which was held at the Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center in Washington, DC. We attended because we thought the organizers and host were individuals of integrity and honesty who believed in bringing people into the conservative movement. We were wrong. Below is a scan of the Blog Bash at CPAC 2012 ‘goody bag’ which lists the Party sponsors (who themselves ended up becoming a victim of the organizers)

    When you look at the names of those who are listed as sponsors of Blog Bash at CPAC 2012, you would think that the event was a sincere conservative effort but what you don’t immediately see is the Host organizers are also the top named sponsors of the event. Melissa I love Bloggers is none other than Melissa Clouthier an associate of Ali Akbar who is into promoting herself and her skills at attacking people on Twitter. V&V is Vice & Victory, a company Ali Akbar incorporated that had no web site at the time of Blog Bash at CPAC and today still has nothing other than a grey page with V&V on it. We will explain more as to whom Ali Akbar is below. The Wills Group LLC is supposed to be a consulting company founded by Akbar partner Devon Wills but if you attempt to visit you will find the site to be nothing more than what Akbar has up for Vice & Victory. Rick Santorum for President is listed as having been a sponsor of Blog Bash at CPAC 2012 yet we have been unable to find where the Santorum organization contributed any funding or merchandise to the event. While Akbar claimed Santorum would be a featured speaker at the event the former Senator from PA did not make an appearance at the event. The Franklin Center is listed as a sponsor and as of this date all requests submitted to The Franklin Center and Tabitha Hale, Director of New Media for The Franklin Center (a friend and associate of Ali Akbar) have gone unanswered. Tabitha Hale and The Franklin Center have however continued to be associated with Ali Akbar and the National Bloggers Club and other organizations founded by and operated by Ali Akbar to this day. is another Akbar founded and operated entity which has come under scrutiny which is part of Three Group LLC doing business in the State of PA.

    Foster Friess, who might wish he had not agreed to sponsor Blog bash at CPAC 2012 considering the fact that Blog Bash organizers took money which was meant to sponsor the Blog Bash party was instead used by Akbar to launch yet another organization set up by Akbar called the National Bloggers Club. Friess who Sinclair News met personally in Chicago on June 8, 2012 at CPAC Chicago, has had his reputation and his integrity attacked by the liberal left and media because Ali Akbar chose to let completely untrue claims about Friess be reported & repeated so Akbar could avoid answering questions about his lies and failure to disclose his criminal convictions, his being on probation for credit card fraud and other issues Akbar; Clouthier; The Franklin Center’s Tabitha Hale; and Robert Stacey McCain knew would hamper their efforts of collecting donations to run their little operation.

    Shortly after attending the Blog Bash at CPAC 2012 party Sinclair News had agreed to promote and The National Bloggers Club which then director Bill Murphy sent us the press releases on. On March 1, 2012 when the news of the death of a friend, Andrew Breitbart was announced Sinclair News was informed that The National Bloggers Club was establishing a Breitbart Scholarship Fund in Andrew’s name via email from Ali Akbar and Bill Murphy. Sinclair News reached out to Joel Pollak Editor and Attorney to appear on Through the Mirror with Larry Sinclair to talk about the Breitbart Scholarship Fund and encourage our readers and listeners to support the project. Below are email exchanges between Sinclair News, Ali Akbar, Bill Murphy and Joel Pollak between March and April 2012:

    blog bash 3-2-12 email RE Breitbart

    blogbash 3-6-12 email on Breitbart

    3-15-12 email to Joel Pollak

    Ali & NBC 3-15-12 email redacted

    3-16-12 ali murphy email 3-16-12 redacted

    3-16-12 email to Murphy redacted

    3-16-12 Pollak email

    3-22-12 email to Devon Wills National Bloggers Club

    3-27-12 Murphy 32712 email raised thousands

    3-28-12 Murphy 32812 email Redacted

    4-4-12 blogbash 4412 Malkin announcement

    Murphy email 4-4-12 Redacted

    4-5-12 Murphy email 4512 Redacted

    4-5-12 Blogbash 4512 email

    4-12-12 Blogbash 41212 email

    4-17-12 BlogBash 41712 email

    4-19-12 Murphy 41912 email Redacted

    See the following articles posted earlier for detailed accountings of the outright lies by Ali Akbar

    Akbar Responds After Criminal Complaint Was Filed

    Conservative Americans Sick of Conservative Hypocrisy Over Akbar’s NBC

    Is The National Bloggers Club Real Or A Scam/Front?

    Foster Friess who has told Sinclair News he donated $10,000.00 to sponsor Blog Bash at CPAC 2012 after a young woman from Texas asked him to sponsor with the understanding that Akbar would get Foster’s Campfire Blog more online exposure. The woman Alice Linahan of Houston was a strong supporter of Rick Santorum for President which Foster Friess also supported. At the time Mrs. Linahan and Foster Friess got involved with Blog Bash neither had any knowledge that Ali Akbar was on felony probation for Credit Card fraud; had no knowledge Akbar had published any online hook-up ads seeking a male sex partner or that the money donated to pay for throwing the Blog Bash Party would go in Ali Akbar’s pocket or be used to establish The National Bloggers Club. Mrs. Linahan tells Sinclair News she feels terrible that her friend and truly nice guy Foster Friess has had his reputation attacked and sullied because of his agreeing to sponsor an event that was meant to get his Blog into the main stream. Despite repeated requests by Sinclair News to Ali Akbar and his “journalist” mouth piece Robert Stacey McCain to publicly announce Foster Friess had nothing to do with the formation of the National Bloggers Club; that the use of any funds received from Foster Friess to sponsor Blog Bash at CPAC 2012 by Ali Akbar in the forming of the NBC was done so without Foster’s knowledge or permission; Akbar & McCain have refused to be honorable or honest at all.The Other McCain-There’s No Crying In Baseball

    After multiple discussions with individuals who were involved with the Blog Bash at CPAC 2012 Sinclair News was told that “Ali Akbar did not pay for much of anything at Blog Bash in DC and I know for a fact that he pocketed most if not all of the money which sponsors gave to pay for the party.” “Ali would make people think that he had paid all this money for food, goodie bags etc when he in fact had most everything donated with the promise of promoting the donors online for more online exposure.” according to one individual who has known Ali for some time “Ali is always hustling for money from sponsors claiming that he needs to cover all these expenses and how the money will benefit the movement and he immediately shaves off the top and puts it in his pocket.” “I know for a fact that Ali took money that was donated by Foster Friess to sponsor Blob Bash for his personal use.”

    Sinclair News got tired of seeing Foster Friess name dragged through the mud because Ali Akbar has no character or morals when it comes to his causing others pain and suffering, so in attempt to clear the record we asked Foster directly about the claims being made against him. The below email was sent to Foster Friess on September 12, 2012 at 4:58 PM ET via his assistant:

    Matt, I need to ask a question to Foster that is important. I would appreciate it if you could get the question to him and an answer if he would be so kind as to provide one.

    We have been reporting on the National Bloggers Club and its president Ali Akbar’s public claim that it was a 501 (c) (3) tax deductible charity when it is not and has never been. Some in the media have alleged that Foster provided the seed money to Ali to start the National Bloggers Club back in January. I have reported that despite those claims by Yahoo News and other’s I was under the impression that Foster only sponsored the Blog Bash party that took place in DC the first night of CPAC.

    When I spoke with Foster in Chicago on June 8, 2012 I asked him if he was familiar with the National Bloggers Club and had reminded him he was listed as one of the Blog Bash sponsors by them. Foster told me directly that while he did sponsor Blog Bash he was not that familiar with them or even what they did. I want to be able to be honest and factual in our reporting and I would like to ask Foster directly,

    “Did Foster donate, give or loan any money to Ali Akbar or Blog Bash, Vice & Victory, Three Group or anyone else to start the National Bloggers Club?”

    I do not like seeing the reported claims by Yahoo News and other that make such a statement only because Foster sponsored a Blog Bash Party. I would appreciate any response Foster would be willing to give to that question.

    The following email response was received on September 13, 2012 at 2:51 AM from Foster Friess:

    Lawrence —-I only sent money to sponsor Blog Bash at the encouragement of young woman from Texas whom I have bcc’d

    …….She could shed light if you have other questions. I had not heard of Ali Akbar at the time she suggested it would be good idea so bloggers would know about I will ask my accountant to whom the check was made out…..I am pretty sure it was $10,000??

    In May 2012 and June 2012 its was disclosed that Ali Akbar was on probation from a credit card fraud conviction out of Texas after Ali refused to provide the Internal Revenue Service Employer Identification or Tax ID Number for The National Bloggers Club and the Breitbart Scholarship Fund which Akbar had Sinclair News reporting were 501 (c) (3) Tax Deductible Charities despite never having filed any request for such status.

    Sinclair News contacted Ali Akbar after it was reported the NBC and Breitbart Scholarship was not a Tax Deductible Charity asking if we needed to update our article. Akbar responded by saying “F&$% them, I am not going to let them tell me what to do.”

    Immediately after that, Akbar began claiming he was being targeted by Brett Kimberlin and or Kimberlin associates who were trying to smear his name. Akbar tried with the assistance of Robert Stacey McCain; Michelle Malkin; Aaron Walker; staff and Tabitha Hale among others to make his past and his failure to honestly disclose the fact he was on probation for credit card fraud while he was running Credit Card processing operations & taking money from unsuspecting donors was somehow undeserved attacks against his character. Even to this day Akbar has refused to acknowledge that he lied to people and took money from people under false pretense and is believed to have used large amounts of that money for his and his associates’ personal use.

    Akbar was taking donations under the claim that they were Tax Deductible contributions to the Breitbart Memorial Scholarship Fund, a fund that Akbar formed without first obtaining approval from the Breitbart Estate and which some who were named as being involved with immediately distanced themselves from after Akbar refused to disclose to them how much money had been raised through the Breitbart t-shirt sales and where the money was going. True the Vote, a Houston based Voter Integrity grassroots group which was among the sponsors of Blog Bash at CPAC 2012 held its National Summit in Houston Texas on April 27-28, 2012 where Ali Akbar had been scheduled to speak on the National Bloggers Club and the NBC’s Breitbart Scholarship Fund withdrew Akbar’s speaking slot over Akbar’s forming of the Breitbart Scholarship Fund and selling Breitbart t-shirts without the approval of the Breitbart Estate and his refusal to disclose how much money had been raised and where it was at. Akbar still attended the True the Vote National Summit in Houston despite the organizations decision to not allow Akbar to speak and promote the Fund or the NBC.

    On June 15-16 Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP) hosted the fifth annual Right Online Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada Akbar at the Right Online Conference in Las Vegas announced to multiple individuals attending the conference “National Bloggers Club has $25,000.00 in the bank which will be used as scholarships to send bloggers to the Republican national Convention in Tampa and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte for Blog Bash events at the conventions.” According to those who Akbar made this announcement to in Las Vegas, “there is no indication that Akbar issued any scholarships to any bloggers to travel to either convention.” Sources further informed Sinclair News that Ali Akbar, The Franklin Center’s Tabitha Hale, Melissa Clouthier were not interested in promoting bloggers but were concerned with playing king maker and gain power and control over who was worthy to become a conservative blogger.” This information is indicative of what has been exposed about Akbar as well as his paid mouth piece in Robert Stacey McCain who as recently as this past week is quoted as saying his travels to Ohio were at great expense which he simply could not have covered without Ali Akbar’s assistance.

    In Las Vegas, NV at the Right-On Conference Ali Akbar announced in front of multiple people that he had $25,000.00 in the National Bloggers Club Bank account which was going to be used to send bloggers to the RNC Convention in Tampa and the DNC Convention in NC, and to hold Blog Bash parties at both conventions. Well Blog Bash in Tampa was paid for in full by one of its sponsors not Ali Akbar or the National Bloggers Club. Ali will argue this point but if he does he will only embarrass himself and expose himself for the liar that he has already been proven to be.

    In continuing to research claims by Akbar, Sinclair News has obtained an accounting of Blog Bash Tampa which Akbar promoted on his Face Book page as “Ali Akbar’s Blog Bash Party.” According to sources who sponsored and paid the costs associated with Blog Bash in Tampa, FL Aug 26, 2012 Ali Akbar was introduced to them by an Ali Akbar friend. Despite Ali Akbar’s colorful past Ali did not feel it was necessary to inform those assisting and sponsoring his Blog Bash Party of anything about him or the controversy surrounding Akbar’s;; Three Group LLC; Ali’s online hookup ad seeking a male partner or his Breitbart Scholarship Fund fiasco. In fact Akbar’s Blog Bash Tampa sponsors knew none of Akbar’s history until someone in their organization brought it to their attention on Monday November 5, 2012.

    Unlike the unsuspecting and kind soul Foster Friess and Alice Linahan who took Ali at his word only to be drug through the mud for their kindness and generosity, Akbar’s Tampa Blog Bash sponsors didn’t simply turn over cash money to Akbar. In fact, Tampa sponsors by their very principled manner of organization avoided being drug through the mud later because of Akbar’s total disregard for others. The Tampa Blog Bash however was not a complete bust for Ali when you consider he was allowed yet again to play power broker on someone else’s dime and still walk away with $3000.00 in his pocket.

    Ali Akbar traveled to Tampa, FL with Robert Stacey McCain of and shared a condo with his usual suspects and co-conspirators. According to a Face Book posting by the Founder and president of The National Bloggers Club (has anyone wonder why the National Bloggers Club doesn’t have a Blog or why its founder and President don’t have a blog?), Ali Akbar it was a successful trip:

    My RNC Convention Experience: 2012 Edition

    by Ali A. Akbar on Friday, August 31, 2012 at 10:27pm •

    In 2008 I was a proud member of the Operations team for the Republican National Convention. I was a part of history and I cannot recall an extended trip in which I’ve had more fun. I cried when the balloons came down for John McCain.

    This year, I was looking for a new experience, so I went as media. After all, I had too many offsite committments this year to play Agent Akbar.

    Let me quickly sum up my experience.

    I made a new friend in Karen Floyd, the talented former Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, throwing a reception on Saturday evening with the ladies of Her New View and Congresswoman and Platform Committee Chairman Marsha Blackburn. The next day, I was honored to host THE kick-off party to the Convention with Karen when we threw Blog Bash. Many of you know about our legendary Blog Bash parties. Governor Haley Barbour joined as my keynoting guest, along with friends such as Christine O’Donnell, Karen Harrington, Congressman Joe Wilson, Michael Barone, author of Almanac of American Politics, and then the usual suspects: Conservative Action Fund’s Shaun McCutcheon, Robert Stacy McCain, Dana and Chris Loesch, Katie Pavlich, Brandon Darby, Kristina Ribali, Jim Hoft, Javier Manjarres, Lachlan Markay, Bruce Carroll aka GayPatriot, Andrew Langer, Austin James, Amy and Kylie Kremer and a bunch of other friends who deserve much praise for the work they do.

    I got to rock to Kid Rock in the VIP section with Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, Freshmen Congresswoman Martha Roby, and their intense security detail. The next night we danced to the vocal intensity of Journey with Chairman Reince Preibus and his wife.

    I was honored to honor David Koch, Art Pope and his wife during an event for my friends at Americans for Prosperity. President Tim Phillips is probably one of the most engaging and honorable men running a major group. And I’ve been humbled by his championing of myself, bloggers across this country, and the National Bloggers Club. Much more happened at this event, but why feed the left when I can just have them speculate what I was doing in a private room with these leading champions for economic freedom. Koch!!!

    Senator Ron Johnson and John Boozman, Congressman Tom Price, and Governor Bob McDonnell all attended.

    There was a lot of excitement surrounding two parties other than Blog Bash, that being the American Conservative Union’s Nuestra Noche party and GOProud’s Homocon 2012. I’ve never seen folks willing to wait in suits and ties outside in the heat for 45 minutes just for a chance to maybe get into this exclusive soiree. My friends at the ACU humbled me with a VIP pass and an opportunity to see friends and network. I probably went between the three floors more than any other person that Monday night. Huge success–best party of Convention.

    GOProud was the most fun though. About 30 of my blogging friends–all straight, showed up and we had a mini-blogger’s lounge party upstairs. Tons of fun.

    The Republican State Leadership Committee, as always, was far better to me than I deserved. I enjoyed their skybox and party room. This Committee does such good work and is far-too unnoticed. Over these next years, I’ll be working to champion their work more. It’s easy sometimes to overlook elected leadership in the different states and territories, but it’s all too crucial.

    I met George Will. Bucket-list check mark worthy for someone like me.

    I was there for the first full screening for Hating Breitbart. Everyone must see this movie. October is coming…

    New York Times best-selling author Richard Miniter and I had a long discussion on future journalistic efforts. Was a joy to peek in the mind of this skillful wordsmith. And he was equally fascinated about hearing the great #war stories of my friends–bloggers doing God’s work.

    I did not enjoy the sweating, the periodic rains which turned the city into a swamp for hours at a time, 50% of the cabbies who were rude–two which sustained classic Ali tongue-lashings, or the logistics which provided untold heck for all attendees.

    Devon Wills came. It’s important for me, it always has been, to share memories with friends. Devon and I have known each other for half my lifetime. He’s been an important part of my support team–spiritually and professionally. He was the one who ushered me from point A to point B. He sacrificed time at home to staff me, carry our bags, schedule the cab rides, act as my wing-man, and engage donors/guests when I had to move on to the next. He’s my best friend and I was glad to give this memory to him. Everyone should experience a major Party’s national convention. I was glad Robby Johnston came in 2008. Who knows who will be there in 2016.

    And most importantly: I got to be on the floor once again. This coveted section of land where we hopefully nominated the team that will lead the next great American recovery. Although, this time I didn’t cry.

    I want to thank:

    The American Conservative Union, Gregg Keller, the awesome Republican State Leadership Committee, Shaun McCutcheon, Karen Floyd, Palladian View, Bill Murphy, Justin Hart, Lauren Luxenburg, Andrew Langer, Bruce Carroll, Chris Faulkner, Austin James, Gov. Haley Barbour, Andrew Marcus, Richard and Vickie Norman, JD Norman, Brian Davis and Scott, Jimmy LaSalvia, Amy and Kylie Kremer, Matt Kibbe, Kristina Ribali, Freedomworks, AFP, George Will, Teresa Oelke, team Romney digital, David Ferguson, Martin Avila, Lyndsey Fifield for helping push Blog Bash, Jason Pye, James O’Keefe, Dana and Chris Loesch for the laughs and stress, Jennifer Knight for bringing the vehicle, Melissa Clouthier whose absence was noted and she was missed, 7th Avenue’s bars and restaurants, United Liberty, Tim Phillips, Art Pope, David Koch, Charles Koch, and the ridiculous protestors. I’m sorry if I left anyone out who rightly deserved praise–I’m sure I did.

    Was good seeing Charlie Davis, Erick Erickson, Ashley Bell, the Blaze crew–Mike, Scott, and Benny, Lee Stranahan, Mandy Nagy, Liz, Jackie Curtiss, Bill Cortese, Mark G., Ben S., Jerome Hudson, all the Howe’s, Dave Weigel, Chris Moody, and so many others. Sorry I missed Lawton and Gordon. Damn.

    And then my condo-mates: Jennifer Knight, Devon Wills, Robert Stacy McCain, Seton Motley, and Jerri Ann Henry.

    The Tampa Blog Bash party took in around $15,000.00 according to the sponsor who insisted that all funds be processed through their organizations site. The agreement was that Ali and the sponsor would each bring in sponsors for the event with the sponsor and Akbar splitting 50/50 any funds remaining after all expenses were paid. The sponsor already had the location rented where Blog Bash was held; they paid the catering, entertainment, shuttle buses (the Blog Bash at CPAC 2012 in DC, provided shuttle bus from the Hotel hosting CPAC 2012 but told its guest at the end of the evening they would have to take Taxi’s back from the party), security, staffing and the processing fees charged by PayPal for processing the transactions. According to the Tampa Blog Bash sponsor they paid $9000.00 total in Blog Bash costs leaving $6000.00 from the total $15,000.00 taken in. The $6000.00 was split 50/50 with Akbar receiving $3000.00 net profit for pretty much running his little racket and pimping off his “friends.” The sponsor in reality ended up with a net loss as the $3000.00 remaining barely covered staffing and security costs they provided from their own employee pool. But it seems that $3000.00 net profit for Akbar didn’t last long for his and Robert Stacey McCain’s taste, because on August 31, 2012 Ali Akbar and Robert Stacey McCain were posting from the Ocala, FL McDonalds how they were stranded on the highway in a broke down Kia with no money in the bank. Fear and Loathing in a 2004 KIA Optima

    In the words of the late Andrew Breitbart:

    Corruption and dishonesty must be exposed no matter which side it is taking place on, whether liberal or conservative, dishonesty is just that, dishonesty!

    In part 2 of this series we will address Ali Akbar’s efforts to solicit sponsors for and event in Charlotte, NC during the Democratic National Convention that he had no association with nor did he have the authority to represent the group at all. In addition to Akbar’s failure to host a Blog Bash in Charlotte despite claiming the NBC would be using its $25,000 in the bank in June (which would be $28,000 if you added the $3000.00 Akbar pocketed in Tampa) for that very purpose. In addition we will explore the National Bloggers Club Legal Defense Fund and the involvement of Robert Stacey McCain, Michelle Malkin, Ali Akbar,’s Lee Stranahan, Brandon Darby, Aaron Walker et al in the promotion of a false narrative to raise money.

    Ali Akbar has this past weekend sent an email to another individual demanding that they explain to Ali why we have called Ali out on his lies and misrepresentations. Akbar even went so far as to tell this individual that he is considering suing this writer for Libel. Mr. Akbar, considering the facts which are well documented we advise you to understand threatening to sue us for libel for reporting the truth is not something that scares us nor is it something that will cause us to back down from holding you and those who have assisted you in your deceit accountable. You have been given more than ample opportunity to answer questions and publicly acknowledge your total disregard for facts and honesty. While we are sad to see that some organizations have chosen to allow you to continue with your playing loose with the law for no other reason than to avoid them being publicly embarrassed, we will not let you and those associated with you in these activities go unchecked.

  10. Dennis says:

    Oh poop, Fat Boy is back to this crap. Lots of blah blah blah blah. Ali this, Ali that. Long and utterly pointless posting of email lists. Lots of references to himself mixing with the dubious high and mighty of wing nutters. More Ali this and Ali that. A few criminal claims (Ali was seen leaving the A&P holding a gun and a bag of swag). Even worse, LardBrain can’t simply get to the point but has to wander about for paragraphs after long, dry and windy paragraphs then wraps it up with the self-righteous passion of an aging whore bad mouthing the youngsters. Who cares? No wonder Ilse is looking to bolt. Fatso has become boring.

  11. Meesh says:

    Why does the POS rake on my last nerve, he’s such an ASS…did anyone happen to read his article about this flag?

    Obama Image Replaces Stars on American Flag In Florida
    November 7, 2012 by Lawrence Sinclair

    Well at the beginning he identifies the person by name and ALSO posts the man’s complete address (on the picture you can ALSO read the person’s name and complete address) …. here in part is his post (I have redacted the gentleman’s name, that he includes over and over) He ends the post that pertains to the flag….. What a meddling POS! What did this person do to him?

    “Sinclair News went to the door to speak with Mr. XXXXXXX, who was polite and explained ”I raised the flag in support of my/our President and I am sorry if the flag offends anyone.” When asked if he would give us his name or go on video explaining to us why he raised the flag which replaced the stars with the image of Barack Obama and he declined saying “I have given interviews in the past where I was misquoted so I just don’t do them.” Sinclair News obtained Mr. XXXXXXX name by checking Volusia County Property Tax records. Sinclair News asked XXXXXX if he was aware that the same flag created controversy in Lake County, FL with Veterans who found it offensive flying outside the County Democratic offices?”

    Gawd I’m happy I live nowhere near him… could you imagine going to your front door and having that POS standing there?

    • Kstreet67 says:

      This is why I will never be able to stomach that creep! I’ve been victim to his holier-than-thou bullcrap! He is so private and complains when people violate his space or intellectual property yet has no consideration for people who are not ideologically in step with him.

      Pissant Sinclair is a disgusting piece of shit who should be relegated to a spot in hell that makes him say: “I’m sorry to all the victims I amassed through my deviant behavior over my lifetime….” for 10 million days and then they can just burn his fat ass into lard.

      • Dennis says:

        Now don’t hold back. Tell us what you really think about Fat Boy. Guess he had a few free minutes stalking and attempting to intimate other wing nutters so he decided to go out through the neighborhood and piss off total strangers. Soon he will be spending his afternoon down at the bus station yelling at the passengers. Of course this will be a slight improvement over his usual “activities” at the bus station….

  12. YankeeClipper says:

    Oh no! The crowds lining up to purchase Lardy’s pamphlet!

    • Meesh says:

      Yep Yankee, that’s about it..the response to this
      In fairness, I avoided to insert a video with his actual voice….above video is far easier on the ears.

      When will he ever get the hint? Why do I hang around… perhaps hoping to witness the day that the POS gets his come-uppings… as a character assassin who affected so many other people’s lives and made them hell…the 3 bloggers to start with.

      We all know at the very beginning when he presented himself at Dan Parisi’s doorstep (First major FAIL) his words to Parisi was “SHOW ME THE MONEY” encapsulates what this has been all about. You know, I wish we would have obtained that video when we were at The Regulator…I know ZeN had repeatedly asked Parisi, and was denied…we would have posted it prior to FatASs’ releasing it… perhaps there would not be a second book published.

      Oh well.. maybe Dan Parisi (as revenge of his own) should write his own book with that title.

  13. tjtaygee says:

    odd, the kindle version of the new insanity manual isn’t available on…but it’s beyond oct 30th…
    in fact, it’s Nov 9. I may have been too conservative with my predictions…

    • Meesh says:


      Great catch! POS still has it posted…

      When One Man Stands Autographed Copies Today Autographed copies of When One Man Stands by Lawrence Sinclair can be ordered directly through Sinclair News only. Click on below cover to order today. Amazon Kindle version ISBN 978-0-615-72074-6 goes on sale October 30, 2012.

  14. Dennis says:

    Give Fat Boy a break. First he’s got to unload those priceless autographed copies that are just flying off the shelf. That’s why he is still hawking those babies. Only his mama wants a copy and she expects to get it for free.

  15. Dennis says:

    Oh yeah, he won. Won big time. Yes sir, once he was done with his legal brilliance the judge just sat there in awe. OK, it may have seem as if he was mostly ignoring order of the court, jabbering a line of gibberish and couldn’t get the judge to look at his dirty pictures, but he was really a virtual Perry Mason out there. BTW Fat Boy, I seem to recall that the judge also refused to dismiss the case because it had driven you to a suicide attempt. I remember that you were especially whiny about that one when your claim got bounced.

  16. tjtaygee says:

    I’ve given up my abstinence from visiting liar-larr’s site, cause I don’t feel the urges to react to the nonsense anymore, and can therefore safely visit for a giggle at the massive and repetitive FAIL. Not least of all, the still-remaining October 30 release date for the Amazon Kindle version – which has yet to appear.
    FAIL FAIL FAIL. As if he ever had a chance of impacting Obama.
    And now, his ginormous reveal of the big-bad conservatives is just a complete & total re-hash of this ali-ackbar dude of whom no one has ever heard and only 1 or 2 more care (and at least half of those are the authorities) – proof. of. nothing…other than the fact that liar-larr isn’t the only one capable of running a scam and being caught for doing so.
    Fail. Failfailfail. Total fail. irreperable fail.
    Hilarious. FAIL.

  17. Dennis says:

    Now Tjtaygee, you got me confused. I’m getting the impression that you think, maybe, that Fat Boy is a failure but you can’t quite bring yourself to say so. Just let it out.

  18. tjtaygee says:

    I’m sorry, Dennis…that kind of direct, brutal honesty simply isn’t in my nature – just like scamming, dishonesty and rank nuttiness isn’t in liar-larr’s

  19. tjtaygee says:

    i put an “end sarcasm” tag in there, forgetting that it would be ignored 😀

  20. Meesh says:

    Here we go…When confronted by “Bob” about journalistic ethics of the post about the flag….

    bob · 1 day ago
    why print his address?

    how much power are you hoping to have over his life?

    what level of harrassment would be ideal, for you?

    what would be too much?

    FatAss responds…

    LSAdministrator 66p · 10 hours ago
    We printed the address where the flag was flying because it was worthy as news. No one is trying to have “power” over anyone nor does anyone promote harrassment of anyone. A reporting on a publicly displayed flag is not invading anyone’s privacy.

    My two cents POS… the address is one thing and irrelevant to me, but here is where you crossed the line slime-ball…

    Sinclair News went to the door to speak with Mr. XXXXXXX, who was polite and explained ”I raised the flag in support of my/our President and I am sorry if the flag offends anyone.” When asked if he would give us his name or go on video explaining to us why he raised the flag which replaced the stars with the image of Barack Obama and he declined saying “I have given interviews in the past where I was misquoted so I just don’t do them.”

    In the above quote POS asked for the person’s name and whether he wanted to go on record (assuming it was the home owner)…The man “politely” DECLINED… I would too knowing your country is filled with nut jobs who’d find any lame excuse to attack him in one manner or another… Yet the POS ignored the request for privacy and went out of his way to find the property owner’s complete name. He posted the name along with the initial to his second name…along with the exact address too. Why? So now any disgruntled red neck Republican can go after him. Nice eh?
    Heh Fatso, how do you know if this is the property owner that you spoke to, you don’t *idiot*.

    Sinclair News obtained Mr. XXXXXXX name by checking Volusia County Property Tax records.

    Sinclair Snooze printed the homeowner’s name “SEVEN” times altogether…LOW-LIFE GO BACK IN YOUR HOLE…

    POS you are stalking this person, get it???? ——->

    Updated Nov 9, 2012 @ 8:51 PM

    We updated the status of this post on the FB link forgetting to do so here. After Mr. XXXXXXX saw the post which he told us he would check out, he removed the Obama flag and replaced it with the original version that evening. Driving by at 9PM ET the flag had been replaced with the Stars intact.

    I checked, this resident is not his next door neighbor…he lives miles away… how many times did POS go over there? A divided country/turmoil is what Sickliar relishes.

    • Dennis says:

      Ohhh, the LardAss Thought Police has been busy in his town. Of course it isn’t stalking when Lardo does it. But if you try that sort of cheap shit on Lardo…oh wee. He hits the roof. Starts threatening to turn your personal information over to the FBI, the Secret Service, the CIA, NSA, MOUSE, you name it. What a guy…what a balless, gutless, cowardly two-bit lying piece of dog dodo that you simply whip off your shoes after stepping in it.

  21. Kstreet67 says:

    What a creepy, slimy, dumbass POS. He’s been doing this since day one on the internet.

  22. Meesh says:

    OMG Check it out… just in time for Christmas!

    Sickliar Snooze has a Store and he’s selling ugly t-shirts for $35

    “In response to numerous requests from our readers we are offering Sinclair News Logo branded merchandise. Our first merchandise is our Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt.These shirts will look good on anyone and will support a truly FREE Press as well”

    Why does Sickliar Snooze Website need money to run it?

    • Kstreet67 says:

      Meesh, you’re a graphics wizard when it comes to Lardass. The above graphic epitomizes everything about him. What FOOL would pay $35.00 for that Tee-Shirt? And advertise SinNews for his azz for free? DOH!

  23. Meesh says:

    Here we go……. 🙄

    Conservatives Determined to Clean Up Conservative Corruption Part 2a of 3

    November 10, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    Editor’s Note: For those who feel this investigation concerning Ali Akbar is somehow a personal attack we suggest you step back and ask yourself if you would allow someone on the other side to do what you continue to try and protect Ali Akbar from having done, which is lie and blame others for his lack of honesty and integrity?

    If anyone finds seeking the truth and holding people accountable for being less than honest; deliberately trying to cover those lies; and letting other peoples reputation be destroyed to protect someone from their lies; then you are just as corrupt; dishonest; and lacking of integrity as the ones you accuse.

    In an Interview we did with American Conservative Union Executive Director Gregg Keller on Oct0ber 17, 2012 A Candid Conversation With ACU Executive Director Gregg Keller Mr. Keller made a statement we could not agree with more.: “Politics is a contact sport, and if you’re not used to that then you’re probably not in the right business.”

    In Part 1 of this 3 part series we meant to set the background for what has taken place over more than 9 months and give the background on who, what, where, when and why. The issues are as follows:
    1.A business man has been the target of non-stop attacks against his integrity because he agreed to sponsor Blog Bash at CPAC 2012 at the request of Alice Linahan who was asked by Anita MonCrief. That man, Foster Friess has become the target of the liberal left in repeated news stories by Yahoo News and the Liberal Rag The Daily Kos as well as the Huffington Post which have falsely claimed Foster Friess contributed the ‘seed money’ to fund the Ali Akbar founded National Bloggers Club.
    2.Akbar used money which was received for the purpose of sponsoring a Blog Bash party at CPAC 2012 in Washington DC to form and announce his National Bloggers Club without permission or even the knowledge of those individuals & companies who agreed to sponsor Blog Bash.
    3.Ali Akbar decided to use the National Bloggers Club to raise money for what he called the Bloggers Legal Defense Fund shortly after forming the organization alleging he & the NBC were supporting conservative bloggers who claim they were under attack by Brett Kimberlin & a Neal Rauhauser.
    4.Ali Akbar took money from individuals and organizations while failing to disclose that he had been convicted of felony Credit/Debit Card Fraud out of Texas and then accused us and others of trying to smear his good name when we questioned Akbar’s honesty and integrity.
    5.Ali Akbar was engaged in processing credit card transactions through and which both are owned and/or operated by Akbar and partner Aaron Marks, Three Group LLC and Vice & Victory another of what is turning out to be a long list of Akbar started businesses. (Both credit card processing operations have since been taken offline but only after Akbar’s fraud conviction was disclosed.)
    6.Ali Akbar has refused to answer questions about his public claims that The National Bloggers Club and an unauthorized Breitbart Scholarship fund were 501 (c) (3) Tax Deductible Charity when neither organization had applied for or received any such status.
    7.Ali Akbar and self-identified ‘journalist’ Robert Stacey McCain have engaged in promoting a ‘Legal Defense Fund’ which it is reported both men have benefited from personally and which members of the NBC raised questions about only to be attacked by Akbar and McCain.
    8.American Spectator paid reporter Robert Stacey McCain has used as well as other online sites to promote a fraudulent operation which is reported to have provided financial funding to McCain and others under false pretense.
    9.Conservative Groups and individuals have engaged in assisting Ali Akbar, Stacey McCain, National Bloggers Club, Breitbart Scholarship Fund and Blog Bash in covering up what is looking more and more like a well organized kick back set up for a few who claim to be Conservative power brokers and voices of the Conservative Movement as well as what could very well be criminal fraud as well.

    Sinclair News not only endorsed the National Bloggers Club and in the first part of this year, we actively promoted both and encouraged people to support and contribute to the two organizations. In March 2012 we were contacted by Bill Murphy and Ali Akbar asking if we would promote and report the formation of the NBC’s Breitbart Scholarship Fund which we agreed to do on this site and on Through the Mirror w/Larry Sinclair radio program.

    TTM Interview with Bill Murphy, Director of National Bloggers Club on the Breitbart Scholarship March 16, 2012

    TTM Interview with TPE Chairwoman Amy Kremer on National Bloggers Club & Breitbart Scholarship Fund dated April 26, 2012

    In publishing the announcements and promoting the groups on the radio we repeatedly reported the organizations to be Tax Deductible charities. We even reported that the work Ali Akbar and Blog Bash were doing was worthy and work that was meaningful and necessary. In the end of may and early June we became aware of questions concerning the claim that the Breitbart Scholarship fund was a 501 (c) (3) Tax Deductible Charity. We contacted Ali Akbar and asked “do we need to update our report by noting the 501 (c) (3) status is incorrect?” to which Akbar responded too by saying “f&$% no…..”

    During April and May Ali had sent press releases from the NBC and Blog Bash to Sinclair News concerning an effort to help provide legal representation for a person named Aaron Worthing aka Aaron Walker from attacks by Brett Kimberlin based solely on Walker’s blog posts calling out Kimberlin. The releases claimed that Walker and his wife had lost their jobs as a result of threats by Brett Kimberlin. Sinclair News however obtained documents which suggest this is not now nor has it ever been the reason Mr. Walker and his wife lost their jobs.

    Aaron Worthing/Walker termination Notice

    It was shortly after learning that Akbar had refused to provide the IRS Tax ID number on the National Bloggers Club and the Breitbart Scholarship Fund that we also became aware of allegations Ali was serving probation from a credit/debit card fraud conviction out of Texas through May 2012. When this information was exposed Ali actively argued that the information was false and that people associated with Brett Kimberlin and a Neal Rauhauser were trying to defame his reputation. Shortly thereafter individuals who do not like Ali Akbar or Andrew Breitbart launched into an aggressive campaign to rake Akbar across the coals. Ali Akbar however gave his enemies and people who were supporters of his all the ammunition needed by his failure to be honest; his refusal to accept responsibility for his own actions and simply do what the law required when he was asked for the Tax ID number for the NBC and Breitbart Scholarship Fund.

    Since trying to get Ali to simply do the right thing; come clean; and be honest, Sinclair News has come under attack by Akbar and his paid lackey mouth piece Robert Stacey McCain. McCain is a paid contributor to the conservative online news site American Spectator and also operates his own site The Other McCain. We will address McCain in part 3 of this series.

    From: FilmLadd
    Sent: Friday, November 09, 2012 10:47 PM
    To: Robert McCain
    Subject: Time to Pony Up, Stacy


    Now that the election over, it is time for you to pony up some answers to some questions, as you claim to be an objective-neutral journalist, and your excuses are wearing thin.

    As a conservative and a once-supporter of yours, I have been unfairly and unjustly blacklisted and have lost work and clients because of Ali Akbar, so I would like to see some answers to the following:

    1) How much money was raised by NBC in its Kimberlin effort?

    2) How much money has been spent by the NBC from the legal defense fund, and on what, and to whom?

    3) How does the NBC determine who is a Team Kimberlin victim, and who is not?

    4) By what criteria does NBC decide who gets to be an NBC member, and who doesn’t? Are such decisions made on the whims of a convicted felon who paints himself as a top blogger (who doesn’t seem to blog), or is there a more up-front process? You know – a voting process. With by-laws. I know there are no fees to join. Other than that, how?

    5) Why has there never been a real website for NBC? Is it a serious organization or was it a throwaway thought, a branch-off publicity effort for Akbar’s for-profit company?

    6) Is it true that NBC shared its private email list of bloggers with Akbar’s political clients?

    7) Is it true that Akbar charged his political clients for introducing them to high-profile bloggers at events like CPAC? If yes, did any of that money make its way to the bloggers themselves?

    8) Is it true the Akbar tried to charge clients for introductions to bloggers such as Pamela Gellar at CPAC 2010, and did you know of this, and did you get any of this money?

    9) Do you approve of Akbar’s attempts to blacklist me?

    10) Do you approve of Akbar’s attempts to blacklist anyone who has questions about how he runs his organization?

    11) Were you aware that Akbar’s NBC was not a 501 c3 though he listed it as such while raising money for it, until called on the carpet by liberals?

    12) Why do the police reports not mention that Akbar was just a driver in his fraud conviction?

    Why has Akbar refused to answer any of these questions, and why do you refuse to acknowledge that these questions have been ducked, or only met with derision and snarky attacks by your BFF?

    There is a fine line between loyalty and being Goebbels to an undeserving Fuehrer, and attacking people who ask such questions is beneath you. It is certainly beneath my contempt, and most definitely despicable and disgusting.

    Furthermore, blaming any of this on my being “socially engineered” by Team Kimberlin is also not an excuse that you can possibly accuse me of, as we both – and the people I have ‘cced on this email – are fully aware of my efforts in that regard.

    There may indeed not be a bus big enough to throw Akbar under in the world of politics, but now that I am out of that world, I couldn’t care less about anything you or Akbar can do to me. So speak up and speak the truth.


    In August and September of 2012 Sinclair News made the decision to remove itself from National Bloggers Club membership and supporter as well as requested that our contributions to and the Breitbart Scholarship Fund be refunded. We made that decision after Mr. Akbar chose to refuse to answer our questions about the true Tax status of the NBC and Scholarship Fund and Akbar’s failure to honestly disclose his past. Sinclair News came under immediate attack by Robert Stacey McCain for our decision and McCain went so far as to write that Sinclair News had become part of the Kimberlin/Rauhauser team, which could not be any further from the truth. McCain has some personal reasons why he needs to continue to push the “we are victims of Kimberlin/Rauhauser attacks” in that he is benefiting personally from money he & Akbar have been raising for under the auspice of the National Bloggers Club.

    Below is a Twitter post Akbar made after he had a chance to call as many of his associates as possible to try and do damage control. Interestingly enough Akbar can’t get his own facts straight while trying to attack someone while he struggles to continue to blame the world for his crumbling house of cards. Conservative or just a self serving scamming closeted con man. Unlike Akbar, we will let the reader make their own decisions about that. But we won’t be scared or bullied into backing down; we don’t play dat shit homie! If the below is the best Akbar can come up with to attack us, he really is in the wrong line of business.

    So now Akbar believes emailing people and organizations which he lied to is somehow harassing when we ask questions about their association with Akbar. Sorry Ali, you don’t get to write the rules and the TRUTH. Exactly what are you going to do Ali when people contact you? You going to start a whisper campaign about us like you did Rick Barber after he fired your ass? Unlike you Ali, we are an open book; we have not hid anything about our 51 years of life. Too bad you can’t say the same.

    Is The National Bloggers Club Real Or A Scam/Front?

    An Example Of True Bipartisanship In Fight For Integrity

    Conservative Americans Sick of Conservative Hypocrisy Over Akbar’s NBC

    Akbar Responds After Criminal Complaint Was Filed

    Sinclair News has been investigating this issue for months because we simply could not understand why someone who claims to have all these powerful friends and connections in conservative politics would have such a difficult time filing the necessary and proper paperwork in forming a 501 (c) (3); or why despite the actual court case information being publicly disclosed Akbar would try and claim he was a victim of the liberal attack dogs. In Part 1 of this series we disclosed that Ali Akbar did, according to Anita MonCrief (MonCrief was hired by Akbar to secure sponsors for Blog Bash at CPAC 2012 at 12% of each sponsorship she secured. We want to make clear there is nothing illegal or out of the ordinary with paying fundraisers) use part of the $10,000.00 sponsorship fee received from Foster Friess to form National Bloggers Club. According to MonCrief (who says she asked Friess through a mutual friend Alice Linahan to sponsor Blog Bash,) Friess did not know Akbar had used money received from his sponsorship of Blog Bash to form the National Bloggers Club. Mrs. MonCrief also said that she and Mrs. Linahan continue to feel bad that Foster Friess has had his reputation tarnished by actions he knew nothing about or had not authorized in any way.

    Sinclair News wants to disclose upfront that even before we published part 1 of this series Anita MonCrief informed us she was receiving calls and messages from Ali Akbar demanding that she clear up statements made by Sinclair News and this writer on Through the Mirror w/Larry Sinclair. On Thursday morning after the publication of part 1 Mrs. MonCrief called us and told us that Ali was “freaking out and demanding that I print a retraction saying Ali never made any statement that he had $25,000.00 in the NBC account at Right Online Conference in Las Vegas.”

    Since publishing part 1 Mrs. MonCrief has informed us she feels we are trying to destroy Ali Akbar rather than clear Foster Friess name. Mrs. MonCrief has sent us emails and called us multiple times in the past 36 hours telling us that we have tried to interpet some ‘Nefarious’ meaning into things she has told us. We have told Mrs. MonCrief we would be more than happy to correct anything which she says is misquoted or misrepresented if she would send us an email with those items clearly stated. It should be made clear that we did not identify Mrs. MonCrief in part 1 as being a source of anything because we knew Ali Akbar and those who he continues to manipulate would exact revenge on her and her organizations. After our last phone call with Mrs. MonCrief yesterday afternoon at 3:54PM ET we informed her we would disclose what was obtained through her because we would not allow Ali Akbar to post Twitter posts claiming that our sources have turned on us because we lied.

    Anita is entitled to her opinion but she is not entitled to tell Sinclair News or anyone else what should or should not be reported in letting readers know exactly who Ali Akbar is and how he came to be where he is today.

    Which brings us to that part of the story; who is Ali Akbar? How did Ali Akbar get where he is today? How many companies have been founded by Ali Akbar? How many of those Companies are actually in business? Who are the principles and/or employees?

    Who Is Ali Akbar?

    Who Ali Akbar is will depend on whose bio you choose to believe. According to Ali himself he was born September 1985 which makes him 27 years old. According the bio on The Daily Caller dated January 6, 2011, Ali A. Akbar is a Republican political online communications strategist and formerly President of Republic Modern Media. An activist and veteran operative in the field with roles in notable insurgent campaigns, Akbar is a key voice on the tea party, new technologies, and web design and development.

    In a 2009 article Ali is listed as -Ali Akbar, Technology Consultant
    * Republican web/graphic designer, blogger * Founder of zine eConservative ( * “There’s no denying it, Ali Akbar says. When you’re half black and half Arab and at the Republican National Convention, “you stand out like a sore thumb.””

    Then you have the Hip Hop Republican where Ali has this as his bio: Ali Akbar is a blogger and political moderator and host of the new online political radio show HipHopRepublican Radio dated October 13, 2008.

    Then the site under TEAM heading Ali is described as:

    Ali got his start by blogging, eventually becoming one of the most read political bloggers on MySpace. Remember, it was popular once upon a time. Recently, he returned to the blogosphere, although many would say he never left. Ali is the Vice President of Digital Strategy with Vice and Victory Agency, LLC, a firm specializing in political marketing on the digital medium as well as general public affairs and coalition building. He is the Publisher of Tea Party Brew, published by the content arm of his operation, Pundit Syndication. He is also a contributor to Andrew Breitbarts and—one of the most trafficked sites in North America. Never missing a moment to fight the establishment, he was one of the first few National Tax Day Tea Party coordinators in February of 2009, building much of the technical infrastructure that led to the most successful protest in American history—with at least 1.2 million people attending in 81 cities organically. His work has been seen on every major network and publication and his opinion pieces have appeared on well known publications and blogs, including The Daily Caller, PBS, Fox News, GBTV, RedState, The Dallas Morning News, and NPR. He tweets @ali.

    The fact of the matter is that no one who works with Ali Akbar or who has sponsored any of his events or who hired him only to end up firing him can give you an accurate bio because there isn’t one. In fact in the above bio from the site Akbar lists himself as the Publisher of Tea Party Brew. If you go to the site you will find a large majority of the posts attributed to Aaron Marks

    Aaron Marks
    Aaron is a wearer of many hats, including those of an entrepreneur, blogger, and online political strategist. Aaron serves as a partner in Vice and Victory Agency, LLC, his third business venture, which is a new media firm serving both political and non-political clients, and has offices around the country. His previous clients include candidates, organizations, and non-profits at all levels, including Presidential, U.S. Senatorial, Congressional, Gubernatorial, and many others. Aaron has been at the forefront of new media and technology for nearly a decade, building websites and web applications and helping organizations create an online foothold. He has also spoken at a number of political conferences, helping to train activists around the country on how to use new media effectively. Aaron is also a member of the faculty at the Leadership Institute. He tweets @AaronMMarks.

    Marks also is listed as a partner in Vice & Victory Agency, LLC but he is also identified as the founder of Three Group LLC which also owned and operated the credit card processing operation known as which until Akbar’s past was disclosed months ago was the processing operation which handled donations to and Tea Party Brew which both send you to a page stating the processing operation is off line.

    What we can and have determined is that while Mr. Akbar has promoted himself and his accomplishments and Stacey McCain has stated in an email which he published on his web site: As I told someone several weeks ago, if you think you’re going to throw Ali Akbar under your bus, I’ve got news for you: Your bus ain’t big enough. Ali’s valuable services to the conservative cause are so widely known, by so many estimable people in the conservative movement, that these vile falsehoods you are promoting cannot really harm him, even if they hurt him, every single business and/or work experience Mr. Akbar has listed for himself have been self registered LLC’s or Inc’s which amount to nothing more than names on paper. Furthermore these same dummy businesses are repeatedly listed as sponsors of the Blog Bash events which none have to our knowledge paid one cent of money to.

    We can accurately report that Akbar has used his Blog Bash events to gain contacts with popular Bloggers only to turn around and sell introductions to said Bloggers to Candidates and organizations without any of the Blogger’s knowing Akbar was selling them and their contact info for a fee.

    Mrs. MonCrief tells us that while we need to clean up our own side, we should do it from the inside rather than calling people out in public. The problem we have with that idea is that Conservative groups have refused to deal with the lies and misrepresentations by Mr. Akbar; no one not even Mrs. MonCrief has (as far as we know of) publicly come out and try an set the record straight that Foster Friess did not fund the founding of the National Bloggers Club or state that Ali Akbar’s use of money donated by Mr. Friess to sponsor Blog Bash was used without his permission or knowledge for Akbar’s National Bloggers Club; and instead have attacked anyone who dare question Akbar’s actions or his failing to disclose his past. She tells us she feels bad that Foster’s reputation was smeared over Ali’s actions but she hasn’t as far as we know taken a public stand to try and set the record straight or hold Ali accountable. Make no mistake about it, Sinclair News admires Mrs. MonCrief and what she has and continues to try and do, but if you operate an organization by the name of Emerging Corruption and you refuse to expose and cut off corruption in the conservative movement then you are part of the problem.

    Anita feels we have over stepped our bounds in questioning the involvement of Melissa Clouthier, Tabitha Hale, and others in Blog Bash and other Ali Akbar organizations. Well we disagree, especially when these individuals and the organizations they work in are listed as sponsors of events that they themselves personally profit from or could profit from in the form of commissions on sponsorship fees paid by the groups they represent. Considering the fact that we have discovered almost every sponsor of Blog Bash has some connection leading directly back to Akbar’s partners and Host organizations we disagree with Mrs. MonCrief. For example take a look at the Blog Bash sponsor info taken from their own site:


    How to Become a Sponsor

    With Blog Bash just days away and the event fully booked to capacity, we unfortunately have limited sponsorships remaining.

    Sponsor, $4,000
    •Logo on the sponsorship page of
    •Dedicated mention from the Blog Bash stage
    •Logo shown on the big screen TVs at the Microsoft venue

    To become a Sponsor now, click here to complete your sponsorship. One of our staff will be in touch within 24 hours of you completing your sponsorship.

    Friendly Sponsor, $2,000
    •Logo on the sponsorship page of
    •Logo shown on the big screen TVs at the Microsoft venue

    To become a Friendly Sponsor now, click here to complete your sponsorship. One of our staff will be in touch within 24 hours of you completing your sponsorship.

    Sponsoring Guest, $750
    •Name on the sponsorship page of

    To become a Sponsoring Guest now, click here to complete your sponsorship. One of our staff will be in touch within 24 hours of you completing your sponsorship.

    It should be noted that the Donation Control and/or operations were also used by Akbar and Blog Bash to process sponsorships.

    Now let’s take a look at the listed sponsors just from the Blog Bash at CPAC 2012


    We would like to extend a huge thanks to all of the sponsors who have made this year’s Blog Bash possible by making a financial contribution or by supporting Blog Bash in other ways:

    Co-Hosts @ $10,000.00 Plus per????? For an estimated total of $60,000.00 (note that there is no indication that Vice & Victory, Mission Control, or Melissa Blogs actually paid a penny in hosting fee’s as all three are associated with Akbar )

    Injustice the film; Vice & Victory; Mission Control; Melissa Blogs; Express Riders,; Microsoft

    Sponsors @ $4000 plus per for estimated total of $20,000.00 (though MonCrief told SN that she believed Rick Santorum for President sponsor fee was $5,000.00)

    Rick Santorum for President, Conservative Action Fund; Institute for Liberty; Cherry Tree; Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity

    Friendly Sponsors @ $2,000.00 plus per for estimated total of $20,000.00

    Freedom Works; Active Engagement; Know Who; What Would Lincoln Say?; The Heritage Foundation, True the Vote; Americans for Prosperity; Terra Eclipse; National School Choice Week; American Vision-Values Trust.

    Sponsoring Guest @ $750.00 plus per for estimated total of $8250.00
    •Heartland Institute
    •Campaign for Primary Accountability
    •The Ben Howe Show
    •Team Boehner
    •Republican State Leadership Committee
    •State Government Leadership Foundation
    •Kirk Adams for Congress
    •Kyle Olson
    •Stop IRS Takeover

    Event Committee
    •Hynes Communications
    •Glenn Addison Senate Campaign
    •Blue Line Security Services
    •Excelsior Systems
    •Potomac Strategy Group LLC
    •Gridiron Communications
    •Ray McKinney
    •Connie Mack for Senate
    •Eagle Forum San Diego
    •Tea Party Brew
    •Tea Party Fund
    •Anita MonCrief
    •The Remembrance Project
    •BlueSkin Solutions
    •My Liberty Threads
    •The Wills Group
    •Merc Strategy Group
    •Less Government
    •Committee to Re-Elect Congressman Rohrabacher
    •National Minority Conservative Convention
    •Election Day Tea Party
    •Seton Motley
    •CRC Public Relations
    •Debbie Moss
    •Pundit Syndication
    •National Bloggers Club
    •Jerri Ann Henry
    •Julie Germany

    Tabitha Hale has been contacted numerous times by Sinclair News via email and by phone since April 2012 with her failing to reply to a single email or voice mail asking her to return our calls. Yesterday we sent the below email to Mrs. Hale after Mrs. MonCrief changed her statements to us.

    From: Editor, Lawrence Sinclair []
    Sent: Friday, November 09, 2012 2:12 PM
    To: ‘Tabitha Hale’
    Cc: ‘’; ‘’; ‘Ali Akbar’
    Subject: Request for Interview – Comment

    Miss Hale:

    This email is sent after your again refusing to return phone calls to you concerning your involvement with Blog Bash; Ali Akbar and the National Bloggers Club.

    In my continuing investigation into the sponsors of Blog Bash and whether or not those Sponsors knew of Mr. Akbar’s probation status and fraud conviction at the time they agree to sponsor the events I have come across multiple sponsors who say you are the individual who introduced them to Ali and the idea of sponsoring Blog Bash. Now I know from one individual that Ali hired them on an IC (Independent Contractor) basis to bring on BB sponsors at 12% commission of the sponsor fee. So I would like to ask you if you have ever been paid or given money by Ali or Blog Bash in compensation for obtaining BB sponsors?

    While I understand you claim I have never reached out to you, I would suggest you review your emails and your voice mail records and you will find your statement is simply inaccurate.

    With The Franklin Center being listed as a BB sponsor multiple times I am also requesting the following:
    1.What amount of money in payment for sponsoring Blog Bash did The Franklin Center pay?
    2.Does The Franklin Center for Gov & Public Integrity believe Mr. Akbar or even The Franklin Center have acted with INTEGRITY in failing to disclose Mr. Akbar’s past criminal conviction or his probation status to donors who are being asked to contribute funds to his events or who used to process individual credit card transactions?
    3.Are you employed by The Franklin Center; Ali Akbar or both?
    4.When did you Miss. Hale and The Franklin Center board first become aware of Mr. Akbar’s criminal conviction and probation status for the first time?
    5.Who at The Franklin Center ultimately authorized the relationship with Ali Akbar organizations and Blog Bash and when?

    One final question Miss. Hale. Do you believe you, Mr. Akbar or The Franklin Center have acted with ‘integrity’ in your failure/refusal to answer questions and your involvement in trying to conceal Mr. Akbar’s past? This is about ‘Integrity’ not personal attack or destruction. This investigation started after we were used by Mr. Akbar to promote an Tax Deductible Charity that was not Tax Deductible and a Scholarship fund he had not obtain the permission to start.

    Mrs. MonCrief in a phone call with us yesterday said Tabitha Hale was a blogger out of North Carolina who does good work and who has not engaged in anything that would justify you trying to attack her. Well no one is trying to attack anyone, what we are doing is asking questions because The Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity has been a continuing sponsor of Blog Bash; Tabitha Hale is credited by Andrew Langer, President of the Institute for Liberty for introducing him to Ali Akbar at CPAC 2011 Blog Bash and suggesting the IFL consider sponsoring them in the future. According to recently obtained statements Tabitha Hale was the roommate of one Lyndsey Fifield who is listed as Blog Bash Operations Manager.

    Lyndsey Fifield

    Lyndsey is an account executive at CRAFT Media / Digital on Capitol Hill. A blogger since 1999 (anyone remember Diaryland?), Fifield has a passion for online communication. Early in her writing career, she discovered the conservative blogosphere and its monumental influence on grassroots activism and moving information. She has worked with a number of political consulting firms and campaigns, specializing in research and development, blogger outreach, and social media. She tweets @lyndseyfifield.

    Interestingly enough CRAFT Media is the same Blog Bash RNC Tampa sponsor who according to Ali Akbar* withdrew their sponsorship at the last minute causing Ali to seek a new sponsor (*according to statements from Akbar’s Blog Bash RNC sponsor describing how they came to sponsor the event.) Again everything to do with Ali and his Blog Bash; National Bloggers Club and Breitbart Scholarship Fund continues to make a full circle back the a small group of individuals who are connected to almost every business entity associated with Akbar yet none of them will answer a single question as to how long they have known Ali, when did they know about Ali’s felony fraud conviction; when did they know about Ali being on felony probation, or did they ever disclose Ali’s conviction & probation to any of the groups and businesses they sought to sponsor Blog Bash, the NBC or the Breitbart Scholarship Fund.

    What we can report accurately is that while it was never our intent to dig so deep into who Ali Akbar is or how certain groups or individuals came to sponsor Blog Bash, the mere words of Ali Akbar has given us no choice. When you obtain sponsors and contributors by promoting your own and your associates businesses (even if in paper only) as being paid sponsorships we have to look at the whole picture.

    So far we have the following individuals associated with Ali Akbar and Blog Bash and the National Bloggers club who have been or are still currently connected with Akbar in multiple operations that date back to the time of Akbar’s felony arrest and eventual conviction.

    Melissa Clouthier; Devon Wills, Aaron Marks, Lindsey Fifield; Tabitha Hale; Bill Murphy; Robert Stacey McCain and the list keeps going including Michelle Malkin; Breitbart writers/contributors Lee Stranahan; Brandon Darby; TPE Chairwoman Amy Kremer and more (Note according to Anita MonCrief she and Brandon Darby both had begun to distance themselves from Ali Akbar and the national Bloggers Club after Akbar created controversy with the Breitbart people over the Scholarship Fund. Since Mrs. MonCrief’s comments in our phone conversation yesterday we are of the belief that claim is simply not true, if it is true then there are questions as to Akbar’s online fundraising claiming to be doing so because the NBC supports Brandon Darby)

    We have Republic Modern Media; Tea Party Brew; Pundits Syndication;, Donation Control; Vice & Victory; Three Group LLC; Mission Control; Blog Bash; National Bloggers Club; Breitbart Scholarship Fund; and the list gets bigger and bigger.

    In our effort to determine just how many groups doing business with Akbar and Blog Bash actually knew anything about Ali we began contacting the named sponsor’s of Blog Bash. We reached out the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity after Tabitha Hale refused to return email requests and phone messages. We reached a recording at Franklin Center stating their offices would be closed through November 18, 2012. We left a message asking Franklin Center to return our call. We contacted the Institute for Liberty and spoke with IFL President Andrew Langer.

    Sinclair News wanted to find out how the IFL came to be a sponsor of Ali Akbar’s Blog Bash. Mr. Langer informed us that “I first became aware of Ali Akbar through the Blog Bash at CPAC 2011 who I believe I was introduced to by Tabitha Hale.” Langer went on to say that “while we were not a sponsor of Blog Bash 2011 we did become a sponsor of the Blog Bash at CPAC 2012 and the Blog Bash at the RNC and we believe that we received great value for our sponsorship.” We asked Mr. Langer if he or the IFL was aware of the fact that Ali Akbar had been convicted of credit card fraud and is reported to have been on probation out of Texas for that conviction at the time he and IFL entered into a business relationship with Akbar and his Blog Bash. Langer responded by saying “what does that have to do with whether or not we received a value for the services Ali provided us?” he went on to say he had no knowledge of Akbar’s credit card fraud conviction or his being on probation, but that had he been aware of it, it would not have changed the IFL decision to do business with Akbar. Mr. Langer told Sinclair News “in America we have this system where people are supposed to be given the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves and move on…” to which we asked Mr. Langer if that should be applied to all or just those who can be of benefit to one’s cause? Langer seemed to feel that addressing the failure of Akbar to fully disclose his past and present situation even when called on his failure to be honest, is only self defeating for the conservative cause. We asked Mr. Langer why there was this double standard in the Conservative movement to which he changed the subject. We started to reach out to these organizations after Anita MonCrief had chosen to change her statements made to us after Ali had according to MonCrief began calling and emailing her.

    Originally MonCrief told us “I know how Ali works and have been on to his hustle for a long time.” In addition Mrs. MonCrief told us that she had chosen to keep Ali out of participating in her Liberty Stock event at the DNC “because I couldn’t afford to have Ali taking any of the money that the organization so desperately needed.” Since Mrs. MonCrief’s making that first statement to us she has since told us “I told Ali he couldn’t be involved with Liberty Stock if he was also fundraising for Red State and others at the same time because I needed to concentrate on Liberty Stock.” Because we have every reason to believe Anita was telling us the truth in the original statement and chose to change it after Ali became upset over Sinclair News first part of this report we have chosen to include both statements as made to us. In addition we note that despite Ali Akbar being more of a wind bag than anyone to fear, we will admit he seems to have the connections in certain organizations to make life difficult for groups who openly oppose him. Sinclair News however is not one of those groups which seek to have the support of any organization which cannot stand on the moral character they demand of others.

    We contacted True the Vote founder by email asking for clarification on the differing claims made about why Ali Akbar was not allowed to speak at the True the Vote National Summit. We forwarded a copy of the email to Mrs. MonCrief because she said she did not speak for True the Vote and while she told us what she had understood to be the circumstances, she could not prove it to be fact. Below is the email we sent to Mrs. Engelbrecht followed by what we sent to Anita the same evening:

    From: Editor, Lawrence Sinclair
    Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2012 10:57 PM
    To: ‘’
    Cc: ‘’
    Subject: Attn: Catherine Engelbrecht

    Mrs. Engelbrecht:

    I would like to speak with you on the record regarding True the Vote’s experiences with Ali Akbar and The National Bloggers Club. My interest is in knowing how True the Vote came to sponsor Blog Bash with Ali Akbar and how much money True the Vote paid to sponsor the events? Were you and/or True the Vote aware of Ali Akbar’s credit card fraud conviction and his being on probation from that conviction at the time True the Vote sponsored Blog Bash?

    I have spoken with Anita, I am not interested in nor do I have any desire to cause True the Vote any problems. I am interested in seeing that Conservatives apply the very same standard to everyone regardless of position, access or influence and if we don’t then we cannot attempt to hold the liberal left to any different standard.

    I am aware of the contracting terms Ali had with Anita and I have the terms which Ali and Palladian View agreed to in the Tampa Blog Bash. I would also like to confirm with you why Ali Akbar was not allowed to speak on the National Bloggers Club Breitbart Scholarship at True the Vote’s National Summit? I have been told that some say True the Vote decided not to have Ali speak because you did not want to be put in the middle of the controversy which the Ali organized fund had created with the Breitbart Estate and others are saying the decision was due to simply not having the time.

    Again, it is not my intent or desire to create problems for True the Vote, but I am determined to hold the conservative movement and especially Ali Akbar to the very same standards as we demand of the left. If we do not apply the same standard to all them we have no standards in which to contrast ourselves with the liberal left.

    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. On a personal note I am close friends with…………….. Of the Kitchen Cabinets in DC who tells me you are also on the Kitchen Cabinets Board. Mrs…….. will tell you I am more committed to advancing the conservative movement and point of view but with an equal standard that we all must be held too.

    After sending the above email which has not been answered as of the posting of this, we forwarded the email to Anita MonCrief with the following:

    From: Editor, Lawrence Sinclair
    Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2012 11:00 PM
    Cc: ‘’
    Subject: FW: Attn: Catherine Engelbrecht

    So that you do not feel I am somehow being dishonest with you. While I understand your not wanting to be targeted by Ali and his crew, I want you to know that I have discovered that almost all of the BB sponsors seem to have all been introduced to Ali by Tabitha Hale.

    Would you know if Ms. Hale was being paid in an independent contractor arrangement by Ali?

    The response we received from Mrs. MonCrief was shocking to say the least, especially considering what she had already discussed with us.

    From: Anita Moncrief
    Sent: Friday, November 09, 2012 12:35 AM
    To: Editor, Lawrence Sinclair
    Subject: Re: Attn: Catherine Engelbrecht

    You are a piece of work. Amazing how you take simple truth and make it look dirty. It’s really starting to seem to me that truth to you only matters when it hurts your targets. Tabitha is a sweet girl. Ali may have pissed you off but does he deserve the rabid attacks that ignore truth? I don’t ignore key facts or make my own interpretation of what is true. Add me to that hit list. I am not party to witch hunts.

    Sent from my iPhone

    Sinclair News had responded to the above email with the following:

    From: Editor, Lawrence Sinclair
    Sent: Friday, November 09, 2012 12:35 PM
    To: ‘Anita Moncrief’
    Cc: ‘’
    Subject: RE: Attn: Catherine Engelbrecht


    Considering all we have discussed I am somewhat confused with your reply. Especially since I have reported nothing but the facts and I have not per your request said anything about you or our discussions. I have been completely honest with you from day one; I also told you yesterday that if you pointed out what you say is distorted or misrepresented then I would be the first to correct it. Case in point the True the Vote Summit issue.

    I am at a loss for words as to your remark this is a witch hunt. I asked you if you knew if Tabitha Hale was working with Ali on a contract basis because I have spoken to multiple sponsors of Blog Bash yesterday who say they became involved through Tabitha Hale introduction.

    I can see that the wrath of those who don’t want to live by the same standards has a long reach. So that you have the record straight Anita, this has nothing to do with Ali pissing me or anyone else off. It has everything to do with the lies, the hiding of the facts and the attacking & blaming others when they expose those lies. You yourself made the following statement to me in a conversation on the night of Oct 26, 2012 “Ali should have just been upfront about his past and for him to blame it on attacks after he was exposed only made it worse.” So which is it Anita, is it that everyone should be truthful and upfront or is it that as long as someone can hide their past and blame some idiot many have never heard about when you are exposed all’s well in the conservative movement?

    I guess now wouldn’t be a good time to ask you exactly when you knew about Ali’s conviction and probation since you were the one hired to bring in sponsors in DC?

    You had no problem telling me that Ali was a snake and a hustler who was all about the money, so why now this email accusing me of launching a “witch-hunt?”

    With what you and I both have had to endure for being completely honest it is interesting that you send me this email especially after all that has been expressed. So why is it that asking Ali to be honest any different now?

    Unlike Ali or some in the conservative movement, I don’t make any thing personal and I don’t go after anyone because we disagree, I simply tell the truth. If there is anything on the Part 1 that you believe is attributed to you which is misquoted or incorrect you can point it out and I will be happy to publish the correction and the request for it.

    To find multiple sponsors of BB saying they become sponsors by being contacted by Tabitha Hale makes my question as to whether Tabitha was being paid a valid one.

    The emails continued as follows:

    From: Anita MonCrief
    Sent: Friday, November 09, 2012 12:57 PM
    To: Editor, Lawrence Sinclair
    Subject: Re: Attn: Catherine Engelbrecht

    After our experience at Blog Bash I thought of you as a fellow warrior being attacked by the left and trusted that you were only trying to clear up the lies put out there by lefties about Foster. You are seeing conspiracies where there are none. Ali has made mistakes. So have I. He is not the problem with our movement. Neither are Tabitha or Melissa. The problem is in DC. Ali has been called out by you in a way that goes beyond journalism. It seems like a seek and destroy mission.

    How this helps the movement I don’t know. I am going after the snakes that sell us out and work for the other side. I told you it was a hostile takeover of the Republican Party. I am not looking for bloggers. The issues you bring up remind me of those on the left. Like the one I tried to defend you from the night of blog bash. I fight my own battles and this is not one

    Sent from my iPad

    To which we responded

    From: Editor, Lawrence Sinclair
    Sent: Friday, November 09, 2012 2:02 PM
    To: ‘Anita MonCrief’
    Cc: ‘’
    Subject: RE: Attn: Catherine Engelbrecht


    While your point is a valid one, I would ask that you also understand that there can be no take-over if we sit back and allow the very people we work with the do the same things the left or those in the GOP do thinking it’s okay.

    Allow me to tell you what I have asked Ali to do which instead of even considering the fact that he could have cleared all this up in a single paragraph, he chose to accuse people of attacking him and then he used Stacey McCain to try and attack us.

    Contrary to what you think, this is not an effort to destroy Ali; it continues to be an attempt to have complete honesty and accountability which you of all people should understand.

    Yes the ppl in DC are the problem as is Ali who climbs in bed with them to bolster his name while engaging in dishonesty himself. Why you now act as if it is no longer important to have the truth I can only imagine, but I will continue to investigate this and ask Ali to stop his excuses and simply come clean once and for all.

    Before anyone goes off and accuses us of violating another’s trust be advised Sinclair News notified Anita MonCrief yesterday via email that because of Ali Akbar’s Tweets claiming “his sources are turning on him after he lied…”

    From: Editor, Lawrence Sinclair
    Sent: Friday, November 09, 2012 3:47 PM
    To: ‘Anita MonCrief’
    Cc: ‘’
    Subject: RE: Attn: Catherine Engelbrecht


    Since Ali has posted on Twitter that “his sources have turned on him since he lied” I am notifying you in advance that part two will address conversations which were not had off the record.

    Within 7 minutes from sending the last email Anita MonCrief called us and was told point blank that if she wanted to tell us exactly what she claims is misquoted or misrepresented we would correct it but as of the time of publication of this she has not sent us a single email or text message identifying a single misquote or misrepresentation of anything she has said to us which we published. One thing is for certain, people and organizations do not always live by what they preach and we wonder why the liberals are so successful in painting conservatives as hypocrites!

    NOTE: Sinclair News has decided to publish this portion of Part 2 as we continue our writing. This Part 2 will continue to update throughout the evening and week-end.

    • Dennis says:

      OK, I give. What kind of a total nutcase would even bother to take the time to wade through this never ending crap load of crazed accusations, endless listing of names, long winded and turgid reprints of countless emails etc etc. Lardo has completely popped his rod. Large chunks of this long winded rant is pretty much impossible to really follow. The parts that almost make sense actually doesn’t make much sense except that I gather he is accusing a whole bunch of people of a whole bunch of naughty activities, so naughty that he can’t exactly make sense of it but we are to take his word for it. Meanwhile, he is obviously cyber stalking lots of folks for no other real reason except he can. BTW, can’t help to notice that in the emails, he calls himself the editor of LSNews. Then he also always cc’s the editor of LSNews (which is himself). I’m telling you, his head is about to split open and all the bats are ready to fly out.

      Word to Fat Boy: Call that “clinic” in WV right now. Tell them you are ready for another R&R stay.

      God I wish Gilligan were here. She would immediately update us on much more popcorn she is going to have to order to the upcoming show.

  24. tjtaygee says:

    Other than mindless, pointless drivel about someone who to the vast majority of the political blogosphere, let-alone the universe at latrge, simply doesn’t exist (much like liar-larr), all of the above is purely proof-positive that liar-larr doesn’t yet have a book to attach to that ISBN # on his website.
    There is no book to publish, though he’ll gladly take those orders (and $$$) for signed & numbered copies…and no kindle version – in spite of the October 30th delivery date which has long-since passed.

    his multi-part repetitive spew (part 2a is a massive repetition of part 1, as well as an wholesale copy-and-paste of liar-larr’s own previous posts) will again be copy-and-pasted into the as-yet-nonexistent book.

    Note that in spite of the copy-and-paste of what is currently being printed to his website, he WILL STILL COPY AND PASTE the previous articles that are repeated by the current articles into the book.

    His entire “book” is going to be copy-paste-repetition then copy-and-paste-the-repetition.

    Put another way, WHAT A FRICKIN’ RIP-OFF IT WILL BE!

    This will be worse than the first rip-off, or arguably any other rip-off liar-larr has pulled previously. Almost everything in the book will be a copy and paste of what he has already previously posted to the web (if in some cases transcribed from videos). And even in that he’s going to pad with ridiculous amounts of redundancy.

    I would love to read just ONE review by one semi-sane “supporter” that read it. it would be to laugh.

  25. YankeeClipper says:

    There are fails; Fails,fails, F A I Ls and then there are, to paraphrase Joe Biden; BIG FUCKING FAILS Welcome to Lardy World, home of an entire life time of BFFs!

  26. Meesh says:

    Waves ro FatASS!!! Whazza mattah couldn’t sleep? Did you find interesting reading here—–> <—–(Doncha just love how Twitter spreads news?)

    Getting notes for another book? Trust me, this is more interesting info than the garbage/lies in your other so-called books. Visit Length: 44 mins 29 secs…I thought something smelled here, enough screenshots there, buddy?

    1. 12 Nov 01:07:47 IE 9.0 Win7 Port Orange, Florida, United States

    Road Runner ( Larry

    (No referring link)

    2. 12 Nov 01:07:44 IE 9.0 Win7 Port Orange, Florida, United States

    Road Runner ( Larry Sinclair

    (No referring link)

    3. 12 Nov 01:02:07 IE 9.0 Win7 Port Orange, Florida, United States

    Road Runner ( Larry Sinclair

    (No referring link)

    4. 12 Nov 00:33:51 IE 9.0 Win7 Port Orange, Florida, United States

    Road Runner ( Larry Sinclair

    (No referring link)

    5. 12 Nov 00:23:18 IE 9.0 Win7 Port Orange, Florida, United States

    Road Runner ( Larry Sinclair

    (No referring link)

  27. Dennis says:

    Latest from Fat Boy’s Fantasy Island:
    Ilse is on the attack against the massive voter fraud that she magically has determined from the election; produces bogus county by county map of country insisting that it show that Romney won; makes wild claim that 15 states are about to secede from the Union; snorts gasoline fumes and goes delusional (OK, I made that one up). Too bad Ilse is such a racist fascist twit. With the crazy stuff she comes up with, she could have gone into comedy.

    Meanwhile, note to Tjtagee: Your pal Lardo is personally promising to send you a copy of his newest booklet once it goes to Kindle. Oh, you lucky man. Just make sure it is really free.

    Welcome Back Beyooch! Welcome Back Microsoft Corp Employee & suspected hacker T J T

    As soon as the formatting issues for the Kindle edition of When One Mans Stands are corrected we will send you an email update seeing how you are dying to read the new Book!

    • Meesh says:

      Welcome back?! POS got the comments from TJ here…. what a slime-ball…there’s absolutely no proof TJ was there. Why didn’t POS post formatting issues with the kindle edition. He’s a con artist, way to go TJ you struck a nerve! Truth bothers the POS!

  28. Dennis says:

    BTW, TJ, El Slimo also thinks he has posted your IP address and a photo of your house while accusing you of being a hacker etc etc. The usual bs from the two-bit grifter who thinks journalism is all about lies, intimation, extortion, and jerking off in public.

    Note to Parsons: Nice to see you have stayed in service after your public bitch-slap from Lardo. After all, why should you mind being humiliated and back-handed by a fat piece of sleaze. It isn’t like you have any sense of pride or anything.

  29. Meesh says:

    There’s a new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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