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Why it’s over

Now if anyone has any doubt as to the stupidity of SickLiar

The $2,500 to the $50 range of offerings offer different quantities of the same thing “signed copy of a pre-first edition printing with personal inscription by the Author”

presentation1$2,500 costs $250 per book for 10 books
$1,500 costs $214 per book for 7 books
$1,000 costs $200 per book for 5 books
$500 costs $167 per book for 3 books
$100 costs $50 per book for 2 books
$50 costs $50 per book for 1 book

So you could be a real dumbass like SickLiar and pay $2,500 to get 10 books or you could buy 10 books for $500 using the $50 per book category and save yourself $2,000 to get the same 10 books!

What a marketing genius this dumbass is!!! No wonder he’s been put in jail so many times for ripping folks off:

and no wonder he gets caught in so many lies. He’s stoooopid!!!

Now why it’s over:

Larry SickLiar is in a pickle because he’s got all kinds of authorities gawking at him which makes it tougher for him to rip folks off. He’s worked for an honest wage about four years of his lifetime – maybe. And he knows if he gets caught ripping folks off, he’s going away for a long, long time – his life is close to effectively over.

The IRS is probably getting antsy for their outstanding dough.

This GoFundMe scam is pretty desperate like his other recent GoFundMe efforts. I was left wondering if he’ll go underground when this one fails – as I expect it will.

Another aspect of that is he’s “only” asking for $41,500 of the $100,000-$200,000 he’d need to print 10,000 hardcover books. Where’s the other $58,500-$158,500 going to come from to print those 10,000 hardcover books? To me, that math is another sign of his insincerity.

I made previous posts on his insincerity

– with respect to his fuzzy math here:

– with respect to his many prior bogus release dates here :

and here:

and with respect to his broken promise to only sell signed copies in 2012 for advanced sales back then (obviously those proceeds are gone, contributing to his obesity since then) here:

I have begun to doubt he has any sincere intention of seeing this book through. It strikes me as a last cash grab – the one thing he has left to try to raise some cash. He knows he could sell a Kindle version but he also knows, he’s not going to make a bundle doing so off Kindle royalties – from what happened with his first book.

I felt his effort to get reinstated as a voter wasn’t due to his concern about getting the right to vote for a career felon. It was so he could run another failed campaign to grab some cash. That isn’t going to pan out in time for 2014.

He’s never stayed in one spot too long so he’s probably due to move on or feeling like it. The only thing holding him is SSDI as the only known cash he has coming in – but that can move with him if they haven’t looked too deeply at the proceeds for the sale of his first book yet.

If he’s still around in a few months, then he’s probably feeling trapped. Either a new scam is born or something’s got to give.

sinclair-news-epic-fail– his house is gone
– his RV/car is gone
– his impact on the 2008 election failed miserably
– his political future is gone – felon can’t vote, can’t get on a ballot in 2010
– his impact on the 2012 election failed miserably
– his publishing company is gone
– his Obama book is gone and selling poorly
– his GoFundMe for Sinclair Southern Estate failed miserably
– his other GoFundMe efforts to date have failed miserably
– his bank account is empty, his assets sold off
– his “following” is basically gone – his sites have been dead since Nov 2012.
– his threats are hollow.

2014 is a battle for House and Senate seats. Obama has already won the last election he’ll ever participate in in 2012 so SickLiar’s Obama BS is of very little use politically. And therefore, SickLiar is of very little use to any of them.

Meanwhile, the eyes of the USSS, FBI, IRS, SSDI, other law enforcement, etc are still on him. And if they’re looking away at the wrong moment, our eyes are still on him, ready to act.

And now for this book….In his last three Facebook posts on this GoFundMe for his new book
he has 7 likes total – that’s all

This has been going on GoFundMe for his new book for more than two days
– not a dime has been contributed online except for one that Sickliar posted himself…


11 hours ago (Offline Donation)”Larry Sinclair book 6bb63831_o

In other words, it’s an “offline donation” he made up and plugged in (because it isn’t entered into GoFundMe) to try to fool others people were actually giving him money for this. So what’s this book all about? When one man stands up against five internet “cowards” – made up of housewives and grandmothers? Sounds like a real thriller to me, tough guy. “Help!! The grandmothers are beating the crap out of me (exposing my scams) and I can’t handle it!! Send me money (another scam) so you can get all the sordid details (… that nobody cares about) of how these women are beating a mentally ill career fraudster like me up!!!” Let’s be blunt: you’re a seriously stupid, dishonest loser, SickLiar. The whole premise of your non-existent book doesn’t even make much sense – which is probably a big reason why it still isn’t published – years after you fleeced people for contributions towards it’s delivery – which is now years past the date you promised it.

He doesn’t realize it yet but it’s over. It’s been effectively over since Nov 2012

He was of no consequence and never will be. Larry SickLiar is effectively done, stick a fork in it…

larry Sinclair idiot7d026a26_o


Drama Queen strikes again…

 In a recent ploy to rake in some buck$ for his upcoming book (that so far, is only a book cover)—> “When One Man  SCAMS”. Larry Sinclair is obviously desperate to draw in a new audience, he has gotten boring. He feels the need to spice things up.  Alas the days of “Larry we are all hoping and praying for you…stay safe and Godspeed” are gone.

Today, Sinclair is his own cheerleader, his original enablers who demanded that he’d be heard by the MSM  have left. Who can forget these comments?! “Thank You, Mr. Sinclair, for at least trying to set the record straight. It’s now up to a few modern day investigative journalists to use their resources and time to break your story wide open. Godspeed, sir.

mocinhaSinclair, in constant pursuit of financial gain looks for these types of individuals. He knows “fear” is such a confusing emotion, it can lead the weak of character and the feeble to extraordinary lengths of character abandonment. In the spirit of “fear”  this drove these people into believing or wanting to believe Larry’s madness.

His original supporters  had abandoned their own sense of identity and character to join a stranger, a conman, who would normally be their enemy. They were afraid of a “name”, a “color”, a “man’s heritage”, a “perceived threat to their religion”, “wearing burqas” and other of the most idiotic, unrefined, ill-informed ideas we can imagine. because they were afraid of  Barack Obama. They bought into it, supported him emotionally and  financially. What did they receive in return? Nothing. They are gone now. All what we hear today is the chirping of crickets.

Yes he’s One Man who Stands ALONE. Sinclair realizes it’s time for a new recruitment of  gullible “marks”.  These days, money is scarce. Why not work on the “fear” factor, it seemed to work previously. When the people fear their government there’s great potential for a fresh supply of enablers…Ah yes, why not?   Sinclair is praying that there’s a sucker born every minute.  Below is an excerpt of the extremely long post  that I particularly found amusing, the emphasis of course is “target”, but who is the target? Sinclair, who constantly portrays himself as the consummate victim writes:

Saint Larry sinclair target“When One Man Stands details what this writer has continued be targeted with and how despite being targeted by the most powerful man in the free world this One Man continues to Stand and will continue to do so as long as God gives him life.  See when you tell the truth and refuse to try and hide your past, you can make a difference no matter what others may say or do.  When One Man Stands many more can find the strength to do the same.”

It is easy to consider the concept of compulsive lying in a discussion of Larry Sinclair.  In his own writing, he has been exposed in numerous lies; many more than we will even be able to mention in one article. Below is the byline of his post, the Drama Queen writes :

7419mariah_eyeroll“Based on documents received in response to a FOIA request we have documentation showing the USSS has since 2008 distributed false information which could have gotten Larry Sinclair killed by any number of Law Enforcement agencies in efforts to protect Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign. PRISM/MCI/TAVISS: Subject is indexed under USSS Case #127-671-0038xxx-x (we have…”

Yeh, right… in the document inserted below they think  know he’s a nutcase!

Sidebar, he’s ALSO an *idiot* he posted this document, above the document he writes: “Subject is indexed under USSS Case #127-671-0038xxx-x (we have chosen to remove the last five numbers of the case number).” on the document you can clearly read:

USSS case #127-671-0038862-1  (Major eyeroll!)



Now let’s see what some of my fellow Regulators have to say ….

KstreetDecember 14, 2012 at 11:44 am

 What a load of horse crap!  Homeland Security/USSS do not operate off of “could haves”.

Sinclair if they wanted to kill your ass (like u wanted to destroy Obama and his wife…which put you on their radar screen in the first place) they would have done so with no hesitation.  FORTUNATELY they have to operate under certain guidelines and what they saw in you was a delusional asshole looking for attention and money.

Get over yourself you fat degenerate psycho.  You were never nor will you ever be in their crosshairs IDIOT.  Yet, I suppose for those who believe your crap on that “blog” of yours (if there are any) would love to add this to their conspiracy theories about “the gubment”.  You stupid twit…nobody cares about your lies.

Get over yourself.  EPIC FAIL!

Hey Sinclair, I know you read EVERYTHING we write about your sorry ass…so here’s some unsolicited advice: YOU LOST. WE WON. Now…we’re just havin’ a lot of fun at your expense.  Just as you tried TO INTIMIDATE many folks on this side…plainly put: WE WON you LOST!.  Get over it.  You really remind me of an old 30′s movie star who just refuses to give up the “spotlight”.


joeymac says:
December 14, 2012 at 12:02 pm

To channel S. I. Hayakawa, douchebag Jabba is seeking martyrdom “on the cheap.”  He seeks just enough attention to claim persecution in order to shake the retard money tree.  But, he always pulls back when the going gets dicey. !Pinche gallina! El Gordo cobarde al Servicio Secreto: “You can bank on it.”
When asked if he would continue sending threats to the White House. !Pendejo!

Jabba the Butt probably realizes that his 15 minutes are now up, but never occurred. The few dozen haters and smearers that served as an amen chorus tried desperately to get some traction. All the legitimate media took one sniff and exclaimed: “This smells!” He didn’t get a gig on Faux; he didn’t get on 60 Minutes, and no regular newspaper interviewed him–in short, he is a non-person, news wise.

His original (deep-pocket) funders tried to give him a golden parachute by the fake stock offerings to purchase the shit shack and the phony congressional race. He should have netted enough from those scams to keep him independent, if not comfortable. But, no, like a drunken sailor that just came off an eight-month cruise and landed in Tijuana, he spent like there was no end of the good times.

Alack, now that the President has been re-elected emphatically, there is no need for the real funders to keep pulling his chestnuts out of the fire. The ‘tard cohort have moved on, also, so there is not a dozen suckers left to scam.

And, Jeff Rense, is all about the shekels. He was will to spotlight the grifting liar as long as he received compensation; but, now, Fatass will have to pull his weight and pay his fare and, of course, we know that he never does.

“I asked the conductor could I ride the blind?”
%nbsp%nbsp%nbsp…Son, buy yo’ ticket, …this train ain’t none of mine.” Tommy Johnson, A Cool Drink Of Water.

December 14, 2012 at 1:17 pm

He has to jack it up.  I seem to recall that sometime back he was working real hard at trying to provoke a possible arrest (doing crap like the shot up photos and things) only to find that he was being treated as merely a nuisance. Heck, he couldn’t even get arrested for that.  As I said, they have been using polite kid gloves while keeping him at a distance.  The rest of his crap is pure drama queen.

BTW FatSo, if anyone was looking to bump you off, your faux suicide would have been a perfect cover for a quick and quiet hit.  But all you got was a free stay at a mental institute.  Cut your whining.  They have been treating you with kid gloves.  I assume that the profile they have done on you strongly suggested that you are mostly noise, not a real threat.  Otherwise they would have slammed your ass into jail a long time ago.  To be honest, if many of us had tried half the stupid stunts you have pulled off, we would still be sitting in a room somewhere trying to figure out which of the SS folks is suppose to be the “good cop.”  So you have actually gotten off pretty lite.

Thanks guys, and Sinclair the USSS should have taken you away for your handy work that you faxed to the WH…The only target that I can recognize is what I see below.

Who does this sort of thing?



Did TJ strike a nerve?

Sinclair Snooze site is selling a book…

When One Man Stands Autographed Copies

Today Autographed copies of  When One Man Stands by Lawrence Sinclair can be ordered directly through Sinclair News only. Click on below cover to order today. Amazon Kindle version ISBN 978-0-615-72074-6  goes on sale October 30, 2012.

Our Tj taygee  spotted that once again it’s just  another scam

TjTaygee Submitted on 2012/11/09 at 1:04 pm

odd, the kindle version of the new insanity manual isn’t available on…but it’s beyond oct 30th…
in fact, it’s Nov 9.  I may have been too conservative with my predictions…

and this one…


I’ve given up my abstinence from visiting liar-larr’s site, cause I don’t feel the urges to react to the nonsense anymore, and can therefore safely visit for a giggle at the massive and repetitive FAIL.  Not least of all, the still-remaining October 30 release date for the Amazon Kindle version – which has yet to appear.
FAIL FAIL FAIL.  As if he ever had a chance of impacting Obama.
And now, his ginormous reveal of the big-bad conservatives is just a complete & total re-hash of this ali-ackbar dude of whom no one has ever heard and only 1 or 2 more care (and at least half of those are the authorities) – proof.  of.  nothing…other than the fact that liar-larr isn’t the only one capable of running a scam and being caught for doing so.
Fail.  Failfailfail.  Total fail.  irreperable fail.
Hilarious.  FAIL.

As always, TJ Taygee was spot on ….APPARENTLY  Sinclair was troubled by many of the comments posted here…methinks this one was too much…


Other than  mindless, pointless drivel about someone who to the vast majority of the political blogosphere, let-alone the universe at latrge, simply doesn’t exist (much like liar-larr), all of the above is purely proof-positive that liar-larr doesn’t yet have a book to attach to that ISBN # on his website.
There is no book to publish, though he’ll gladly take those orders (and $$$) for signed & numbered copies…and no kindle version – in spite of the October 30th delivery date which has long-since passed.

his multi-part repetitive spew (part 2a is a massive repetition of part 1, as well as an wholesale copy-and-paste of liar-larr’s own previous posts) will again be copy-and-pasted into the as-yet-nonexistent book.

Note that in spite of the copy-and-paste of what is currently being printed to his website, he WILL STILL COPY AND PASTE the previous articles that are repeated by the current articles into the book.

His entire “book” is going to be copy-paste-repetition then copy-and-paste-the-repetition.


This will be worse than the first rip-off, or arguably any other rip-off liar-larr has pulled previously.  Almost everything in the book will be a copy and paste of what he has already previously posted to the web (if in some cases transcribed from videos).  And even in that he’s going to pad with ridiculous amounts of redundancy.

I would love to read just ONE review by one semi-sane “supporter” that read it.  it would be to laugh.

Finally Sinclair Snooze admits there’s some formatting problems by posting this, stating that TJTayhee visited his site…Where’s the PROOF FatASS? Anyone can add  an anonymous  GOOGLE map, where’s an ip showing that  TJTaygee was over there. He wasn’t there.  Just another form of intimidation: On the SNOOZE site this is posted:

Welcome Back Beyooch!

Welcome Back Microsoft Corp Employee
suspected hacker T J T

As soon as the formatting issues for the Kindle edition of When One Mans Stands are corrected we will send you an email update seeing how you are dying to read the new Book!

Welcome back “Beyooch”????  Whatever, he’s an *idiot* ….However I  have discovered  this on “our” site Statcounter…. recognize somebody? I thought I smelled something….. Hmmm “something” was sniffing around over here after 1 AM …

Visitor Analysis & System Spec
12 Nov 01:02:07
Referring URL:
(No referring link)
Host Name: Browser: IE 9.0
IP Address: — Larry Sinclair Operating System: Win7
Location: Port Orange, Florida, United States Resolution: Unknown
Returning Visits: 10 Javascript: Disabled
Visit Length: 44 mins 29 secs ISP: Road Runner

Why is Stinkliar still trying to collect money for a book that’s not available yet? Once again Sameliar  is trying to sell  a book cover.  As I said before, way to go TJ Taygee!




Four More Years, Americans have spoken!

Continue by moving…

Now a few words from “our”KStreet!

It’s Over Sinclair…YOU Lose

Score 2 for honesty and integrity and 0 for lies and deceit.

Larry Sinclair’s elongated fifteen minutes of fame has ended on a much anticipated note…President Obama has won a second term.

The lies and deception that catapulted Larry Sinclair into an underground internet hero have not served him well, especially not with the much coveted main-stream media. That seemed to be his ultimate goal but it never happened.  They saw him as a “kook” and a con-man and that assessment was held by all major news outlets including Fox News.

Larry’s “star” never shown as brightly as he had hoped.  Instead he was relegated to the dark confines of the internet and internet radio.

This blog will remain online so that those who are interested in the historical (or not so historical) impact and/or fiasco of the Larry Sinclair saga and campaign to prevent Barack Obama’s first electoral win by writing a book filled with lies about the President and his supporters.

A second book that was due out over a month ago (he promised to release it BEFORE the election…) didn’t happen.

There will be no further blog posts from me as my job is done.  Truth matters.  The research compiled by Jay and others will speak for itself from here on out.

President Barack Obama has won a well-deserved, well fought second term and Larry Sinclair is obsolete.


Sickliar October Surprise?

We all know that Sinclair desperately wants  to be part of the news. Here’s  your first dose of the day… He so wants to be the October Surprise… Will it happen? In his dreams…

Sinclair is on the rampage… Why? Because he’s being shrugged off/ignored. BooHoo! What’s new…Corsi must love being constantly pestered – serves the wing nut right for approaching the POS in the first place! Seems Corsi caused someone’s nose to go out of joint..

Anyway, read-on  here’s the latest scoop… from the  trenches of the *idiot’s* battlefield:

Trump Talks Bombshell- “Where’s The Birth Certificate” Author Jerome Corsi On Romney Plane- Gloria Allred Heading to Boston Court?


 LS News Group will bring our readers news that is reported factually and uncensored which the “mainstream” media refuses to do any more!

October 23, 2012
By Lawrence Sinclair

Donald Trump, the self promoting star of NBC TVs The Apprentice and Monday morning contributor on FOX News Fox & Friends morning show is at it again and boasting that some time on Wednesday October 24, 2012 he will make a “Gigantic” announcement concerning Barack Obama that Trump says could affect the November 6, 2012 Presidential election. Trump having dived into the “Birther” movement head first a couple of years ago and taking credit for making President Barack Obama produce his “long form” birth certificates when no one else could has a secret of his own which he would like kept a secret.

Seems despite the repeated Television appearances throughout 2010 & 2011 where Trump claimed on NBC’s Today Show as well as FOX News’ On The Record w/Greta Van Susteren that “I have my own people on the ground in Hawaii investigating Obama’s Birth Certificate and what they have found is shocking…” was a tad bit dishonest to say the least. In following up on Trumps claims to have his own people investigating Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate in Hawaii, Sinclair News who knew World Net Daily’s Jerome Corsi (Corsi is the author of Wheres The Birth Certificate ) was in constant communication with ‘The Donald’ decided in 2011 to ask Corsi if he was working with Trump’s investigators in Hawaii. Surprisingly Corsi who has sought the assistance of this writer in his continued series of articles aimed at Obama’s past told Sinclair News “Trump doesn’t have any investigators on the ground in Hawaii, Trump is in constant contact with me seeking updates on my investigation and as soon as I get off the phone with him he is out on the talk shows using the information received from me.”

With the current talk about this alleged “bombshell” and the Radar Online story claiming the Romney campaign has rejected a claim made about Obama Trumped-Up Charges? Republicans Rejected Man’s Claims That Obama Sold Cocaine In College Sinclair News decided to call WND Jerome Corsi and ask him point blank: “Does Donald Trumps ‘bombshell’ have anything to do with you or anything you have done?” Corsi, who said “I am on the Romney Plane headed to Denver,” told us “I will not be a part of Trump’s announcement.” Sinclair News then asked “does Trumps announcement have anything to do with anything you have been involved in?” to which Corsi replied, “Larry I am on the Romney family plane headed to Denver, I can’t answer any questions as to what Trumps is doing right now.”

It should be pointed out the the first words from Sinclair News when Jerome Corsi answered his phone were “I want the truth,” to which Corsi replied “what truth do you want?” and we replied “I want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God.”

While Corsi seems to be unwilling to answer questions suddenly, one has to wonder what Corsi is doing on the Romney plane heading to Denver (according to Corsi) the day before Donald Trump is to drop another of his widely promoted ‘Obama bombshells?’

Meanwhile attention starved Celebrity Attorney Gloria Allred has been reported to be heading to a Boston Cour October Surprise Revealed: Gloria Allred Heads To Court, Attempts To Unseal Mitt Romney Testimony And Lift Gag Order on the same day of Trump’s ‘Obama bombshell’ in yet another of her publicity stunts aimed at trying to remain relevant after she appeared in the fall of 2011 with Herman Cain accuser Sharon Bialek before cameras reading from a statement written by Allred, not Bialek aimed at forcing Cain out of the GOP Presidential Primary Race. Allred quickly waded into her gutter after Sinclair News disclosed Bialek’s claims were a rewrite of allegations made in 2008 against Barack Obama which were made to Allred on Feb 22, 2008  Did Attorney Gloria Allred & Cain Accuser Sharon Bialek Use Sinclair’s Obama Allegations For Their Story Line?

Looks like tomorrow is set out to be entertaining to say the least with The Donald in one corner and the Queen of Sleaze Gloria Allred in the other, both trying to derail the campaigns of their candidates opponent.

Donald Trump, Gloria Allred tease ‘October Surprises’ about Obama, Romney

Yankee Clipper brings this to the table…


Here’s some news for you Lard Butt:  Oh, BTW this news was out there, so to speak, YESTERDAY at 1 P.M….your snooze site is a little slow isn’t it?

“Trump adviser knocks down speculation that Obama revelation is about cocaine

An adviser to Donald Trump told The Daily Caller on Tuesday that speculation that the real estate mogul’s “very big” revelation about President Barack Obama expected this week has to do with college-era allegations involving cocaine is not true.

“Mr. Trump’s announcement is substantially more important to the American people than these allegations made against the president,” Michael Cohen, special counsel to Trump, told TheDC by phone on Tuesday.

Read more:

In Sinclair’s post did he say  “attention starved” when referring to Gloria Allred?!!! On Twitter FatAss is going after Allred by scouring her Twitter account, he’s responding to tweets that she made back in March and  May of 2012… :roll:

Gloria Allred ‏@GloriaAllred May 9th, 2012

Congratulations President Obama on your support for marriage equality! I am proud to be an Obama delegate to the DNC this year. Go Obama!

Here comes Sinclair Snooze… a bit late…

LS News Group LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews October 22, 2012

@GloriaAllred this from a witch who on more than one occaision has referred to gays as “Faggots”? You disgusting hypocritical wind bag.

and there’s this tweet  too….

Gloria Allred ‏@GloriaAllred  March 9th 2012

Gloria Allred asks Florida prosecutor to consider prosecuting Rush Limbaugh under Florida criminal law because he called a woman a slut.

Here again 8 months late the Snooze site responds…

LS News Group LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews October 22, 2012

@GloriaAllred should be prosecuted for knowingly preparing & making false claims about @THEHermanCain.

Oh yeh, about the pamphlet…

When One Man Stands Autographed Copies

Today Autographed copies of When One Man Stands by Lawrence Sinclair can be ordered directly through Sinclair News only. There will be no other outlet for purchasing your autographed copy of this Book. Click on below cover to order today. Amazon Kindle version ISBN 978-0-615-72074-6

goes on sale October 30, 2012. Autographed When One Man Stands —-> $29.99

  • Item number: 978-0-615-59749-2

Ooooooooh can’t wait for this…

Upcoming News Articles

When One Man Stands Rolling Out Just In Time For 2012 Election

The Message vs. The Messenger


When One Man Stands Rolling Out Just In Time For 2012 Election

October 24, 2012 By Lawrence Sinclair

Despite waiting for the Department of Homeland Security to provide documents sought via a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) almost two years ago, the highly anticipated second book from Lawrence Sinclair; When One Man Stands (Hard Cover) (2012 Sinclair Publishing) ISBN 978-0-615-59749-2; and Kindle Version ISBN 978-0-615-72074-6 are rolling out just in time for the 2012 Presidential election. While some of the desired documents from the Department of Homeland Security will not be included in the first printing, the book will be updated with that documentation once it has been received.

When One Man Stands will begin shipping out the advanced reserved signed/numbered copies which will be limited in number to 0-54 by weeks end. The Hardcover should be available through and other book retailers once the Bowker Books in Print feed info updates through the system. In addition the Amazon Kindle version is set to go on sale October 30, 2012 or sooner depending on how quickly the file is converted into the Kindle format.

Sinclair News is the only source which will offer any Autographed copies and orders for an autographed non-numbered copy are now being accepted.

While it was our desire to have all documents, including those from the United States Secret Service included in the book, DHS has simply been unable to complete the FOIA request in a timely manner. So we have decided to publish without those DHS documents and will update the book to include those once they have been provided to us. Our desire was to compare the DHS documents to claims made by West Virginia Law Enforcement personnel and medical professionals who attributed their statements and reports to information they claim was provided them by United States Secret Service Special Agent Kimberly McGill and others.

When One Man Stands is described as:

When one man stood up against the leader of the free world, Barack Obama, he had no idea what was about to come at him. This subsequent book is a detailed account of how for four-plus years, Larry Sinclair has continued to stand up against some of the most extraordinary attacks leveled from the highest echelon of the United States political system, including the office of the President of the United States. From the pressures which led to an attempt to end his own life (you will be taken into the most intimate details of that fateful night of September 27, 2010 when it was the work of Radio Host Jeff Rense and the United States Secret Service to locate him before he died), to regaining his will and determination to stand tall, this story will touch every one of the reader’s emotions from laughter, anger, sadness, and joy. This story will make you cringe at the extent to which politicians, political parties, political junkies, and individuals will go to attempt to destroy anyone who dares to stand and speak out against “The One.”

While all the details and events in this story are true, readers will at times find it difficult to believe at first, simply because they have never experienced anything like it in their lives. You will read firsthand accounts from individuals who first thought Larry was “nuts” and who say they would never have believed it had they not played witness to some of the most surprising actions undertaken by the US Government against an individual citizen. You will read how individuals and their children were harassed, attacked, and threatened, as well as how their employers and businesses were targeted for simply knowing and believing Larry Sinclair. Larry’s story will grab you and take you inside what it is like to be under such amazing pressure and yet still find the strength to stand tall.

From the constant federal investigations by the Social Security Administration and the Internal Revenue Service to being ordered out of his car at gun point on August 7, 2010 by uniformed U.S. Secret Service Agents just two blocks from the White House for simply driving down Pennsylvania Ave, you will get a look at how an American citizen is treated for simply exercising his Constitutional right to Free Speech when the speech is contrary to what the powers in Washington, the thoroughly corrupt liberal media, and those currying favor from the political elite want you to hear.

Amazon Kindle Version: When One Man Stands, ISBN 978-0-615-72074-6

When One Man Stands, (Sinclair Publishing 2012) (Hardcover) ISBN 978-0-615-59749-2

Autographed Hardcover copies may be ordered by clicking on the cover image below.


Suck it up FatBoy!

Michelle Obama knocks one out of the park!

The First Lady’s emotional speech on the first night of the Democratic convention gave everyone  just what they wanted: a reason to fall in love with Barack Obama all over again, nearly four years into a presidency that has left him a little battered.

“For Barack, success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives,”

  “I have seen firsthand that being president doesn’t change who you are — no, it reveals who you are.”

(CNN) — If Barack Obama is re-elected on November 6, he will owe more to his first lady than any president ever to win a second term.

“She is now a pro. No one since Mrs. Kennedy has worked the camera more astutely or more purposefully to help her husband — the best way is still to be seen as an exemplary first lady. And she looked the part, shimmering in a silky pink sleeveless dress, smiling even more than usual as she spoke of serious things. “- article from the NY Times

Watch the speech for yourself….

Michelle Obama knocked one out of the park at the Democratic National Convention, but also knocked it out of the Twitterverse. The First Lady’s Tuesday night speech about her husband and the Obama family at the Democratic National Convention drove 28,003 tweets-per-minute at its peak, nearly double the 14,289 mark reached by Mitt Romney‘s acceptance speech at the Republican convention last week…..By the end of its first night, the Democratic Convention as a whole had sparked more than 3 million tweets, nearing the 4 million point reached by the entirety of last week’s Republican Convention… So, just what makes for such a viral convention speech? Michelle Obama’s comments about the future and the American dream were particularly popular on the social media site and her rallying cry, “we’ve got so much more to do,” saw a spike of 22,004 Tweets-per-minute. Not one to let his wife soak up all the buzz, President Barack Obama joined in, taking to Twitter from his couch in the White House, (here’s the actual tweet)  sharing a photo of himself and his two daughters — or “Michelle’s biggest fans” — watching the speech.

 The “Mom-in-Chief ”

President Obama and his daughters, Malia, left, and Sasha, watch on television as First Lady Michelle Obama delivers her speech at the Democratic National Convention, at the White House, on Tuesday night. – photo credit of  The White House.

Now That’s Class!

Michelle Obama’s singular mission last night was to convince Americans that she and the President deeply understand the real challenges facing Americans today, and she aced it.