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Can it be true? Finally…

SickLiar on Facebook

final_Larry Sinclair5 hours ago “After delays and trying to figure out what should or should not go into When One Man Stands I believe we have gotten those questions answered and I am pushing to have the book out by Thanksgiving or Black Friday.”

Wasn’t what should go in or not go in the book decided years ago when he promised in Feb 2012 that it would be published by June 2012 and Sept 2012? Of course it was if he was telling the truth and the book actually existed. But as usual, a bunch of what he said back then was pure bullshit. With today’s technology, it doesn’t take 33 months to reformat a book – closer to 33 hours. The above quote is probably more bullshit – at least the 14th? (I’ve lost count) promised date given out over a time frame approaching three years. What he’s about to find out if he finally does deliver is “who cares?” Like he found out on GoFundMe and he’s finding out on his dead website: hardly anyone. When One Man Fails

“When one man failed and made a fool of himself in front of the entire world (Taliban included). Barack Obama and the American people had no idea what insanity was about to come at them. This subsequent book is a detailed account of how for six-plus years, Larry Sinclair has continued to provide factually false fantasies and then wilted and flew off the handle against some of the most innocent criticisms leveled from the general public, including great grandmothers and housewives. From the mental illness which led him to fake an attempt to end his own life (you will be taken into the most absurd details of that ridiculous night of September 27, 2010 when Radio Host Jeff Rense and the United States Secret Service were set up to locate him before he succumbed to an overdose of tic tacs), to regaining his stupidity to stand obliviously defeated and humiliated, this story will touch just one of the reader’s emotions: laughter, laughter and more laughter. This story may make you see the humor in the extent to which this sick individual would go to attempt to scam money from any “one” with Banana Nut Bread Bake sales, failed documentary by a bankrupt film maker, junk merchandise sales, threatening faxes to the President of the United States and members of the White House, failed books, failed publishing companies, failed websites, failed radio shows, the worst press conference in US history, failure to get coverage of his Obama scam in the mainstream media, pretending to have a brain tumor, etc While all the details and events in this story are true, readers will at times find it difficult to believe at first, simply because they have never seen anything so ludicrous in all their lives. You will read firsthand accounts from individuals who first thought Larry was “nuts” and and still do, who say they would never have believed it had they not played witness to some of the most stupefying actions undertaken by a career con man against individual citizens. You will read how this psycho harassed, attacked, and threatened individuals and their families (including a dying grandmother and the President’s children) for merely questioning the validity of Larry Sinclair’s delusional fantasies, as well as how he threatened and disparaged district attorneys and law enforcement for simply executing their duties under the law in the face of Larry (or one of his 13 aliases) evading warrants and being held accountable for crimes he admitted to like theft, forgery, counterfeit money orders, illegal aliens, trafficking drugs, etc as well as how Sinclair threw infected mucus and urine on prison guards and started a prison fire. Larry’s story will grab you and take you inside what it is like to be absolutely out of your fucking mind and yet still find the wherewithal to be such an imbecile and loser, you can’t stop laughing at him. From the constant investigations of his scams by law enforcement, the FBI, Social Security Administration Fraud division and the Internal Revenue Service to being ordered out of his car at gun point on August 7, 2010 by uniformed U.S. Secret Service Agents just two blocks from the White House for simply faxing bullet riddled photos of the President of the United States and his wife to the White House, you will get a look at how a narcissistic, psychotic sociopath is treated for simply stomping on everyone else’s Constitutional rights and freedoms while blaming everyone else for his actions. The liberal and conservative media passed up on the chance to tell you about this silly bullshit so don’t miss out!”

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While we wait…just another fail.

Lawrence W. (Larry) SinclairSeptember 23 on Facebook:“There is a problem with our host servers which is making the site not load when you attempt to visit the site. I am working with the host company to resolve this issue.”

DENNIS THE MENACE 1“Server” problems again? How odd. BTW, I also like how two folks posted “Like” to this FB post. Guess they have seen the web site and are thrilled to see it put out of its misery.

Took a quick peak over at his web site earlier today and it seems to load just fine. So I haven’t a clue what turd brain is claiming to be the problem. Sounds like another cheap excuse to

A. Avoid doing anything…

B. Desperate need to get attention (ironically, from us). Or maybe he didn’t bother to pay the cable bill and he is the one who can’t “load” correctly. Who knows…. Job-well-done-lws


Next up, exciting video of Fat Boy taking a whiz on a fire hydrant.

And the dog will still get more viewers….


Rack ’em up, another fail!

Oh my! Here is the current statement at GoFundMe by the Master of Fail unicorn wrangler :

Larry Sinclair many fails 7363823_o” You will notice that donations are no longer being accepted on this campaign…I have discontinued this GoFundMe drive as it is clear that the drive will not reach the goal set for it in the time that I wanted it to happen.As I published in an article recently on this very subject, I am perfectly okay with the campaign not reaching its intended goal. The $500 offline contribution toward this goal has been returned to the donor. The book will still be available upon is nationwide release for ordering at that time.In an effort to make the upcoming release of the new book When One Man Stands a success it is our desire to raise the funds necessary to have a minimum of 10,000 Hardback copies of the book printed and available on the day of release to the general public.”

dennis_the_menace_incredibleSurprise! Surprise! In other words, the fund drive has been a complete failure. Nothing he has said over the past several years make a lick of sense and is just a load of gibberish to fool the suckers.He is returning the $500 because…well, under the rules of GoFundMe he doesn’t have to do that but if the offline donation was simply bull, then it doesn’t matter. Likewise, he seems to be closing it early (unless there actually was some other “issue” going on behind the scene).

So now we wait for GoFundMe Scampaign number 4. Maybe he will have a brain tumor again. Medical fund drives are always popular. Since  this current GoFundMe scampaign has crashed and burned, Fat Boy will have to fall back on the old saying: “When the going get tough, the tough blames us.” Yes, I have no doubt that once again we have used our evil mental powers learned from our Sith Lord and have created havoc on his noble quest. Odd thing. We are basically his only readers yet he treats us like dirt…He will have a very easy time blaming us. After all, we are evil. Everything we do is evil. Our thoughts are all evil. We shoot evil rays at him. When he looks in the mirror, he sees our evil grinning face glaring back at him. We are so evil that he can think of nothing else but our evilness.

So yeah, it is all our fault. I mean it couldn’t be that he is a stupid jackass who went out and made every boneheaded mistake possible in crowdfunding or anything like that…nooooo. It’s those evil regulator folks. Bah ha ha ha…and Lardo, while you continue to wallow in the numerous failures of trying to fleece money out of the same five or six people, remember that we (and I guess just we alone) still think of you. You will always have a place over here, Fat Boy. Love and Kisses from a fan.


FatAss finally famous?

Oh I’ve stumbled upon this!. A hoot of a blog piece by Princess Sparkle Pony at called:” What If Citizen Journalism Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be?” The entire piece is a great read, but I’ve got to share this part of it:

animated119 Look

“I’m just not the “threaten to sue everybody all the time” type. What I need is something more pastoral. How about a tumbledown shack in South Carolina? Sounds really good! How about if it’s run by Larry Sinclair, that guy who years ago tried to convince an uncaring world that he gave Obama cocaine-fueled blowjobs in the back of a limousine? SOUNDS GREAT:

211551a3_o.jpeg Larry Sinclair cash

‘I have started this GoFundMe in an effort to turn the home of my Grand Parents into a camp and trainging facility for citizen journalism. The Sinclair Southern Estate Institute would be bought and owned by those who help fund this project.I am looking for support in making Sinclair’s Southern Estate Institute a reality. SSEI will be a 19 acre site in rural SC that will be built into a camp program for children as well as a hands on facility for young & old adults in the citizen journalism field as well as bringing people together to find solutions for our nations problems by working together.The $150,000.00 will be used to accquire sole ownership of the 19 acre parcel and allow us to upgrade the home on the proprty while adding two dorm wings right away.We will need to secure the funding no later than September 1, 2014 in order to be able to accquire the property…’

So, OK, the Sinclair Southern Estate Institute doesn’t exactly exist yet, but that’s just because YOU haven’t kickstarted his crowdfunding or whatever so GET ON IT so that I can get the trainging I need for the citizen journalist stuff. This “GoFundMe” thing is enticing as all hell, because if you give Mr. Sinclair $10,000, for instance, then you’ll be “part owner of one half acre of the 19 acre project,” and even though I don’t know what, exactly, that means, SOUNDS GREAT! You guys! Do I have to remind you that this project is being run by Larry Sinclair, who Ben Smith described as having “a specialty in crimes involving deceit,” and whose press conference was called “stupefying” by Seth Colter Walls and “a circus act” by David Weigel? I don’t know about you, but studying journalism amidst a stupefying circus act with a specialty in crimes of deceit in South Carolina sounds like loads of fun. On the other hand, Sinclair just announced that he’s shutting down his “news service” (who knew?) because he doesn’t want to make “cozy deals with individuals or organizations for favorable coverage,” which I think means “no more blowjobs for you, Obama,” so maybe he isn’t the best choice after all.”

So yes, Fat Boy. You are famous (kind of). Just not the way you seem to think. I’m sure your fans love you. Now if you just had some fans…..It was right after this failure that he flipped back to the bogus book racket promoting:”When One Man Stands Scams (due out at the end of August 2014?! after a two year delay) as well as a third book tentatively titled When Throwing in the Towel is not an Option“. I assume that when this doesn’t work, he may be back to bogus money orders.Just another day in the fantasy world of Lardo SinkLiar, author, journalist, and professional unicorn wrangler.Larry Sinclair Scam Artist 23f28ab5_o




Why it’s over

Now if anyone has any doubt as to the stupidity of SickLiar

The $2,500 to the $50 range of offerings offer different quantities of the same thing “signed copy of a pre-first edition printing with personal inscription by the Author”

presentation1$2,500 costs $250 per book for 10 books
$1,500 costs $214 per book for 7 books
$1,000 costs $200 per book for 5 books
$500 costs $167 per book for 3 books
$100 costs $50 per book for 2 books
$50 costs $50 per book for 1 book

So you could be a real dumbass like SickLiar and pay $2,500 to get 10 books or you could buy 10 books for $500 using the $50 per book category and save yourself $2,000 to get the same 10 books!

What a marketing genius this dumbass is!!! No wonder he’s been put in jail so many times for ripping folks off:

and no wonder he gets caught in so many lies. He’s stoooopid!!!

Now why it’s over:

Larry SickLiar is in a pickle because he’s got all kinds of authorities gawking at him which makes it tougher for him to rip folks off. He’s worked for an honest wage about four years of his lifetime – maybe. And he knows if he gets caught ripping folks off, he’s going away for a long, long time – his life is close to effectively over.

The IRS is probably getting antsy for their outstanding dough.

This GoFundMe scam is pretty desperate like his other recent GoFundMe efforts. I was left wondering if he’ll go underground when this one fails – as I expect it will.

Another aspect of that is he’s “only” asking for $41,500 of the $100,000-$200,000 he’d need to print 10,000 hardcover books. Where’s the other $58,500-$158,500 going to come from to print those 10,000 hardcover books? To me, that math is another sign of his insincerity.

I made previous posts on his insincerity

– with respect to his fuzzy math here:

– with respect to his many prior bogus release dates here :

and here:

and with respect to his broken promise to only sell signed copies in 2012 for advanced sales back then (obviously those proceeds are gone, contributing to his obesity since then) here:

I have begun to doubt he has any sincere intention of seeing this book through. It strikes me as a last cash grab – the one thing he has left to try to raise some cash. He knows he could sell a Kindle version but he also knows, he’s not going to make a bundle doing so off Kindle royalties – from what happened with his first book.

I felt his effort to get reinstated as a voter wasn’t due to his concern about getting the right to vote for a career felon. It was so he could run another failed campaign to grab some cash. That isn’t going to pan out in time for 2014.

He’s never stayed in one spot too long so he’s probably due to move on or feeling like it. The only thing holding him is SSDI as the only known cash he has coming in – but that can move with him if they haven’t looked too deeply at the proceeds for the sale of his first book yet.

If he’s still around in a few months, then he’s probably feeling trapped. Either a new scam is born or something’s got to give.

sinclair-news-epic-fail– his house is gone
– his RV/car is gone
– his impact on the 2008 election failed miserably
– his political future is gone – felon can’t vote, can’t get on a ballot in 2010
– his impact on the 2012 election failed miserably
– his publishing company is gone
– his Obama book is gone and selling poorly
– his GoFundMe for Sinclair Southern Estate failed miserably
– his other GoFundMe efforts to date have failed miserably
– his bank account is empty, his assets sold off
– his “following” is basically gone – his sites have been dead since Nov 2012.
– his threats are hollow.

2014 is a battle for House and Senate seats. Obama has already won the last election he’ll ever participate in in 2012 so SickLiar’s Obama BS is of very little use politically. And therefore, SickLiar is of very little use to any of them.

Meanwhile, the eyes of the USSS, FBI, IRS, SSDI, other law enforcement, etc are still on him. And if they’re looking away at the wrong moment, our eyes are still on him, ready to act.

And now for this book….In his last three Facebook posts on this GoFundMe for his new book
he has 7 likes total – that’s all

This has been going on GoFundMe for his new book for more than two days
– not a dime has been contributed online except for one that Sickliar posted himself…


11 hours ago (Offline Donation)”Larry Sinclair book 6bb63831_o

In other words, it’s an “offline donation” he made up and plugged in (because it isn’t entered into GoFundMe) to try to fool others people were actually giving him money for this. So what’s this book all about? When one man stands up against five internet “cowards” – made up of housewives and grandmothers? Sounds like a real thriller to me, tough guy. “Help!! The grandmothers are beating the crap out of me (exposing my scams) and I can’t handle it!! Send me money (another scam) so you can get all the sordid details (… that nobody cares about) of how these women are beating a mentally ill career fraudster like me up!!!” Let’s be blunt: you’re a seriously stupid, dishonest loser, SickLiar. The whole premise of your non-existent book doesn’t even make much sense – which is probably a big reason why it still isn’t published – years after you fleeced people for contributions towards it’s delivery – which is now years past the date you promised it.

He doesn’t realize it yet but it’s over. It’s been effectively over since Nov 2012

He was of no consequence and never will be. Larry SickLiar is effectively done, stick a fork in it…

larry Sinclair idiot7d026a26_o


Oh Boy! SSDI is finally off the hook!


Larry Sinclair is wantedSinclair Book Will No Longer Be Sold By Us  April 24, 2014      By Ass-ministrator 

“As readers are aware the rights to the book Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? were put up for sale on April 15, 2014. The rights to the book have in fact been sold by Sinclair and will no longer be sold on this website nor will Sinclair be selling the book through Amazon Kindle any longer effective May 1, 2014. The book will be offered in its Kindle version by the company who the rights have been assigned to and will be offered in the printed version under the new owners rights. Sinclair will continue to work on getting his second book, When One Man Stands out as quickly as possible.”



That’s exciting news for SSDI


“Disability beneficiaries’ earnings limits: If you work while receiving disability benefits, you must tell us about your earnings no matter how little you earn.”



– change in earned and unearned income, including a change in wages or net earnings from self–employment, your spouse’s income if you are married and living together, and parents income if applying for a child;
– change in resources …
– eligibility for other benefits or payments
– an unsatisfied felony arrest warrant for escape from custody, flight to avoid prosecution or confinement, or flight-escape;
– improvement in your medical condition;
– when you start or stop work, or have a change in pay or hours worked;

Because with the $20,000 or whatever he got for the book (nothing close to $20,000 or he found a real sucker), SSDI will get some financial relief – they won’t need to pay him for a while!

Royalties and payment for copyright have little to no cost of goods sold. In SicLiar’s situation, it’s very close to pure income.

After paying SicLiar to write the book, will SSDI now also have to pay a lawyer to defend him from a crime he’s evaded since before he was disabled? Rhetorical question when SickLiar is involved and left to his own deceptive devices and irrationality.

Since he’s been doing FOIA requests to find out our identities so he can make good on all his threats, maybe I should do a FOIA request on the SSA to get the answer to that question. You know, “what goes around, comes around” … or “Karma’s a Hungry Bottomed bitch”.frog-tipping-hat



What do we have to say?

April-Fool-8Leave it to Larry Sinclair, of all days, he chose April Fools Day, to post an excruciatingly long exposé filled with much insignificant Garbage…where he boldly announced:

Well its time to let the facts speak for themselves and let the chips fall where they may.” 

For your amusement, the actual post  can be viewed on “our” site–> press here to view it in this comment  (if you really want to visit Sinclair’s dreadful site (press here to view his post )  Fair warning, it’s clear as mud.

Once again, Sinclair  has escalated to one of attacking the innocent and developing bizarre conspiracy theories that make those of the tinfoil hat / black helicopter ilk seem downright sane.  His latest target are bloggers and Former Pueblo Deputy DA Stephen A. Jones and his staff who were merely conducting business as usual.

Sinclair states:

“I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge.”

So, this will not be the end of these rants and threats. Sinclair demands names, he states:

“Too bad all those who claim to be law abiding citizens looking out for the little guy couldn’t publish under their real names when they publish outright garbage and lies on the internet attacking someone else.”

Here’s his demands—>

The specific information requested pursuant to the CORA and CCJRA is as follows: The names, addresses. email addresses and phone numbers of any and all individuals who the Pueblo County District Attorney Office has communicated with from January 2008 thru December 3. 2012 pertaining to Pueblo Colorado District Court Case Number 01CR727 who are not alleged witnesses or aHeged victims in the case and who has contacted the Pueblo District Attorney for the purpose of requesting the DA move to seek nationwide extradition for political purposes.” 

I also agree with Dennis, “it really doesn’t make a lick of sense and sounds like a desperate criminal having an emotional breakdown or something. All I know is that everything bad ever said about him is “factually false.” So there.”

Without further ado, let’s see what some of our fellow Regulators have to say.


I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge – See more at:
I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge. – See more at:
I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge. – See more at:
I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge. – See more at:
I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge. – See more at:
I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge. – See more at: further ado, here’s what some of our Regulators weighed in with:

First I’ll begin with WTPL?  “Where’s The Proof Larry?” well-thought conclusion:animated119

4a1a88c89c4ef2cebbee6cbcd2479698“I saw Sean Penn recently deliver these lines in the movie Fair Game:

“The responsibility of a country is not in the hands of a privileged few. We are strong, and we are free from tyranny as long as each one of us remembers his or her duty as a citizen.

Whether it’s to report a pothole at the top of your street or lies in a State of the Union address, speak out! Ask those questions. Demand that truth. Democracy is not a free ride, man. I’m here to tell you. But, this is where we live. And if we do our job, this is where our children will live. God bless America.”

I’m sure there are many more and maybe better examples of those kinds of words. Those words just happened to pop into my head this morning. Sicliar, you’re the decrepit “pot hole”, career con man we’re doing our civic duty to report about. When you go after fine FBI agents like Brenda Born or Robert Henly and slag them on the internet with false claims, or when you go after Deputy DA’s Susan Dwyer or Stephen Jones wrongfully, or when you throw feces on Colorado prison guards, or when you go after members of the Secret Service as you did, or when you threaten pro bono civil rights attorneys like Paul Levy: “Paul Allen Levy will DIE before SUNDAY” or when you go after Obama’s dying grandmother or go after his young kids as you did or when you’ve threatened or gone after bloggers on this site, you attack me.

Professional protocol prevents these classy people in law enforcement from getting down in the internet mud and defending their reputations. Your attacks of them are unfair, factually false and hurtful to them. But because those people protect my family, my friends and our society based upon the rule and enforcement of law from unconscionable scumbag felons like you, I think we’re completely justified in exposing what a dishonest, heartless and harmful piece of shit you are, always have been and always will be. I see the garbage you posted about Stephen Jones and it just elevates my resolve to keep after you until you’re sentenced to prison for a long, long time.” district_Colorado_seal_v4_150x151 And now it’s Dennis’ turn…

dennis_cartoon_wallpapers“OK Fat Boy. Though you are busy trying to cook up a vast conspiracy involving a former DA who has been out of office since January of 2013 and several bloggers, some of whom are largely off line these days, let me explain a couple of “facts” to you. “My Teachable Moments”:

A. It just doesn’t matter. You were an accused felon who skipped. The minute you ran, your ass belonged to the DA. Previously, the DA was a guy named Bill Thiebaut who employed “…an innovative social intervention strategy that is intended to aggressively discourage criminality. ” So you were pretty much safe as long as you stayed out of Colorado.

The new DA is Jeff Chostner, a hard lined ex-military guy who sounds very different and who is “…of the opinion that the only way to fight crime in Pueblo is for the District Attorney to prosecute a higher number of criminals.” He now owns your ass.

B. You go on and on about this Jones guy (out of office since 2013). You whine about this or that from 2001, 2008, 2011, 2012. It just doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that they just yanked your ass in. That is what you have to deal with, you idiot.

Notice what Chostner already told your bogus mama: “why didn’t Larry turn himself in and take care of this?” And remember, this is the same guy who won his election by swearing that he couldn’t drive down the main streets of Pueblo because of all of the crime that was going on (he actually said this in a debate). So imagine what will happen when he gets a long hard look at you? Jones and bloggers are not your worry. Chostner is the guy you need to be concerned about. He owns you.


BTW, I suspect the warrant came up while the new DA and his new staff were going through a pile of outstanding warrants and since they are getting tough, gee guess what. It probably happened in late 2013 only because they were sorting in alphabetical order. It just wasn’t your day. But that is how it goes when you have an arrest warrant hovering over your head for over a decade. So now I can’t wait to tear into whatever pathetic excuse for a “defense” you are cooking up. BTW, you do know that your case will not be tried online?!Why are you not dealing with an attorney, asswipe?”

graphics-yo-yo-588543defender_Larry Sinclair


World Toilet Day – November 19th

A few days ago, Dennis said:

“Did you know that on Jan. 17, 1861, the flush toilet was patented by Thomas Crapper. I think this pretty much sets the tone for Lardo’s upcoming anniversary.

True, Dennis  but by that time we may not have managed to flush that turd down…Did you know a single gram  of feces can contain 10 million viruses, one million bacteria, 1,000 parasite cysts and 100 worm eggs. Feces not disposed of properly can be carried on people’s shoes, hands and clothes and contaminate water, food and cutlery.plumber_plunging_toilet_splash_hg_clr

It is estimated that people living in areas with poor sanitation ingest 10 grams  of fecal matter every day. Salmonella and cholera, among many others, are considered water-related diseases because they travel from host to host in water that people use to drink or bathe in. A dirty toilet will look disgusting, smell bad, and be a breeding ground for dangerous germs. If you want to make sure your toilet is thoroughly clean, and free from all of that nasty debris that lurks, there’s only one solution….

YOU MUST FLUSH!  Flushing rinses the bowl and gets rid of the CRAP… but first you’ll need a plunger to help unblock that HUGE clog. Get ready for an arm workout. Plunge rapidly over the hole at least 12  times. By doing this, you’ll hopefully start to dislodge the clog by forcing the water around it to move rapidly. If there’s still no  movement, try pouring additional water to the bowl and plunge again. Once you think you’ve worked through the clog, give your toilet a flush.

So thanks to WORLD TOILET DAY <—- no joke, which is tomorrow , this year’s slogan is animated_arrow_red

“We can’t wait to improve sanitation”

Larry sinclair on the run

Larry sinclair

We have a new open post…as KStreet often says “Carry On”



Changing the subject…FatAss is back!

breaking the wish boneHey Dennis, make a wish, we posted at the same time and recognized that the slime-bucket came out of his hole. Yep, he’s ba-a-a-c-k Enough about …..our Canadian POS…. Yippeee your turn in the USA….

(LTL you were looking for a good laugh…Well here it is…. )

You  guys are stuck with this *idiot* posting as  CON-TRIBUTOR….Yeh “we-we-we”received 1000′s of emails from around the world HeHeHe…. prove it .. Like everything that *idiot* has ever posted,  there’s no proof, only his word  Sickliar desperately wants to get back in the news – those  2 minutes of fame provided him with some bucks….WOW here’s his latest attempt to get attention er $$$$$ Whatevahhh  without further ado here it is…. 🙄

Surprised To Find a Street Hustler at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?
November 10, 2013  By Contributor

Larry SinclairLarry Sinclair is not dead and he told you Obama was a hustler

In the past week Sinclair News and this writer have received 1000′s of emails from around the world asking us if we had heard of a woman name Mia Marie Pope? The answer to that question is “no” we haven’t. The emails go on to ask us “where is Larry Sinclair in 2013,” and/or “is Larry Sinclair dead?” Those questions are answered as follows:

Larry Sinclair is still very much engaged in exposing any and all politicians who choose to use their offices for their own personal benefit. Larry Sinclair has for almost six (6) years now tried to warn the American people as well as the people around the world since January 17, 2008 that Barack Obama is not the second coming of Christ but is in fact nothing more than a well groomed street hustler. Regardless of what the media and AKP Message & Media branding heads David Axelrod and David Plouffe have told you, Barack Obama has always been a smooth talking street hustler. Only now many, including some who just a year ago would jumped off a bridge if Obama had asked them to are now starting to see the man for what he truly is.

Bovine-excrement-meter-animationIn some of the emails we have received over the past week we have had people tell us, “Expose the president please;” and “please stop sitting in the shadows.” No one person has done more to inform the American public on exactly who and what Barack Obama is than this writer. In Feb 2009 during a Larry Sinclair interview with Pat Dollard our friend Andrew Breitbart had said that we could not use Obama’s past to stop him. Andrew had a change of heart from that Feb 2009 statement and spent his remaining 3 years of life looking into Obama’s past in order to know who and what he truly is. It was a phone conversation with a lovely woman in California that Larry has finally come to understand there are many, many people in this country and around the world who not only believe him, they believe in him. That is a wonderful feeling considering how many times in the past six years that he has often wondered whether his coming out in 2008 and putting himself (and unintentionally his family and friends) through some of the nastiest attacks and repeated government investigations any American has ever been put through was worth it. Larry has been asked on more than one occasion if he had it to do over again would he and to that he says YES. He might have done some things differently like not engage in the constant internet back & forth with people, but yes he would do it all over again. This lady explained to him that her, like many who run businesses have to be careful in who they talk to and what they reveal because they have to be able to make payroll. She said that the name Larry Sinclair is known by every elected official in Washington, DC yet none of them have the guts to speak it openly unless it is to ridicule and dismiss it. That’s fine with us, because we have continued to fight for the truth and we have continued to stand by the facts and despite many efforts to grind us into the ground with their heels those efforts have failed.

To see the number of Google, Bing & Yahoo searches conducted in the past week on the search term “where is Larry Sinclair in 2013″ is nothing short of astounding to us. Astounding because Larry Sinclair has never gone away, Larry Sinclair has been right on the very front line of fire. It was Larry Sinclair who exposed Gloria Allred for using the his 2008 description of encounters with Barack Obama in 1999 to allege  Herman Cain had harassed Sharon Bialek.

complete_n_utter_bullshitDid Attorney Gloria Allred & Cain Accuser Sharon Bialek Use Sinclair’s Obama Allegations For Their Story Line?

It was Larry Sinclair who had exposed the White House staffer who was also involved in the Colombia Secret Service prostitute scandal that got us attacked by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney WH Press Sec. Carney Takes Shot At Sinclair News; White House Staff Involved In Colombia Prostitute Scandal: Now Everyone Wants To Report It.

Almost six years after first speaking out on the real Barack Obama and people continue to just take the word of those who to this day write off Larry Sinclair by saying “oh he failed not one but two lie detector test” and to back that claim up they continue to link to Ben Smith’s Politico hit piece from June 18, 2008 or Dave Weigel’s Daily Kos inspired articles. Yet if you took the time to watch the actual polygraph video (which Larry Sinclair himself made available to the world to see) Sinclair Polygraph Video you would see for yourself those claims are not true. The video itself can be viewed in its entirety Sinclair Polygraph Video Raises Questions About Gelb’s Findings. So despite the continued government harassment from the IRS to the Social Security Administration to rogue Federal employees; despite the continued false reporting and claims by media and internet sites, Larry Sinclair still stands by his story almost six years (Jan 17, 2014 will make 6 years) and that story has never changed or varied.

Now as to Mia Marie Pope. First let us start by saying we have not had the time to listen to her entire statements concerning Barack Obama. It was in a phone conversation with a friend Thursday night that we had stated: “We have been made aware of Pope’s statements but for us the first question we have to ask and that we think everyone needs to ask is, “why now?” Why did it take six years after the fact for Ms. Pope to come forward and tell her story of Barack Obama? Now we know there are going to be a lot of people who are going to be angry at us for asking and even publishing these questions. So be it. But if you don’t ask these questions you will in the end get burned for not asking them. We have a problem with anyone telling a story and reporting that Larry Sinclair was “killed in a hit & run accident in 2011.” Not only is that not true it is just one of at least three known reports published on the internet that Larry Sinclair was murdered (2008) in his Duluth MN apartment; or killed in accidents. Reports of My Death Are FALSE (Unless you consider dead asleep dead).

With Obama’s recent NBC apology to the American people we can’t help but point out yet again what we told Jeff Rense on the Rense Radio program in 2008 and throughout the past almost 6 years. “Barack Obama is a ‘street hustler’ just like a hustler who must adapt to the circumstance around him in order to get what he wants,” Obama displayed the hustler mentality by going on NBC and saying “I am sorry.”

In 2008 we tried to inform the American people that what was being portrayed as a new kind of politician was nothing more than a well manicured street hustler who had been molded in the nations capital of political hustling: Chicago.

So to respond to the 1000′s of emails we have received in the past week let us say, we are still here, we are continuing to fight for the truth and honesty for the American people whether it be by exposing Barack Obama or any other Politician who lies and engages in the abuse of power. As for Mia Marie Pope, we have no reason to doubt the accuracy of her descriptions of Barack Obama and in fact according to some of our past research Pope’s descriptions fit in with the Frank Marshall Davis time with Barack. We do however ask “Why Now?” That is a question we believe is fair to ask. What has happened that would make you come forward six years after the first election and almost one year after the last election?

Sinclair News and Larry Sinclair are committed to the truth so the American people can make decisions based on facts. Sinclair News will continue in that mission and we believe if Hillary Clinton does run in 2016 we will become the target of even more attacks and intimidation as we will expose a great deal about Hillary and her camp that took place in 2008. In addition to Sinclair News continuing to cover the news and politics, Larry’s first book Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? is being followed up with When One Man Stands (which we hope to have out by Christmas after more than a years delay due to corrupted print files) which will expose the Obama Administration, high level White House staffers; Internal Revenue Service; Social Security Administration officials and US Secret Service-FBI-Department of Homeland Security among others of years of harassment, intimidation and actual criminal acts in retaliation for having spoken out against Obama and having published the first book.

Now Dennis’ turn….

Dennis imagesGood catch, Meesh.  I was about to post a link to this “breaking” story (see╚═► which would undoubtedly be jumped on at any moment by Fat Boy as

1. Vindication and …….

2. Hey, who is this dame trying to ace out my bs story.

Obviously Jabba has waddled onto the field.  He is going both ways at once.  He ain’t dead (interesting to note how many fellow nut jobs just assumed that he was).  Now, he has to get in there and steal this yarn back away from some dame before she takes off and leaves him (and his “fund” drive) in the dust.  Just when we thought he was down for the
final count….

From the little bit I have been able to gather, Mia Marie Pope is someone who claims to have known Obama back in high school (claim not proven) and then unloads a remarkably impersonal account that seems to be cherry picked from every wing nutter notion of the past six years.  Since some of her “claims” and demonstratively false (e.g. the foreign student claim – BTW, contrary to what wing nutters think, claiming to be a foreign students would not have helped Obama in getting financial aid, it would have done the exact opposite), I think we can easily assume that she is A. a nut and B. up to something (book coming soon?).  Fat Boy may want to try and use this as back up to a renewed vamping of his stupid tale, but she seems to be insisting that Obama was the male hustler chasing after older and rich white men (borrowed from Wayne Madsen’s dream factory) which would seem to be a problem for Lardo.  He wasn’t older, he wasn’t rich, and he was the two-bit hustler.  But as Ronnie Reagan once said “Facts are a stupid thing,” so why let it get in the way of fleecing the rubes.

“Reports of My Death Are FALSE  (Unless you consider dead asleep dead).”  Hey, he doesn’t mention his “suicide” attempt.  Oh wait.  I forgot.  That never happened (except for the times when he said it did – I’m confused).  And Jan. 17, 2014 will mark year six of his story from which he never wavered (OK Kstreet, you are the professor of all the many variations, changes, additions, and out right contradictions of his ever evolving tale).  Either way, we must “help him celebrate” his “anniversary” date.

Thankee Jesus!!!!  Fat Ass is back.

.Larry sinclair has een sleeping


Our POS Maggot meets Maggots


How exciting a Reunion!  A “maggot” a slimy disgusting POS with a low IQ who constantly whines about anything and everything to fill his agenda, posts this at the SNOOZE site–>

Larry sinclair on the run

“Monday August 26, 2013 when leaving for a lunch date with a friend we noticed the City of Daytona Beach garbage can on the corner of Main Street and Wild Olive Ave was covered with large maggots (left). We immediately contacted the City of Daytona Beach where the City transferred us to Waste Pro who after being told of the problem assured us they would take care of it…..After returning from our lunch date and a trip to the local Wal-Mart we noticed yet again the City’s garbage can was still over-run by maggots which appeared to have reached their larger size (meaning they had not just hatched). Efforts to contact the City of Daytona Beach were futile since it was now after 5:00 PM.After a rain storm and another trip to Wal-Mart…”


Larry Sinclair 1In a story previously reported by CEO and editor 🙄  of Sinclair No-News, these swarming creatures were first spotted loitering around a trash can (where Sickliar was having his lunch) at the comer of Main and Wild Olive Ave. Locally known as the Olive Pits, they soon discovered that they could have their way with the trash can and alerted their friends to come join the party, some coming from as far as A-1A and many wearing their club colors. A riot ensued causing many merchants on Main Street to lock their doors in fear. Looting is rampant. Law enforcement from around the state as well as the National Guard have been called in to take control of the situation and as of this writing over 5 billion have been arrested, Bail is set at 1 chicken bone.

Asked why nothing was done when first and continuously alerted of the situation by Mr. Sickliar. Police chief Chitwood said he didn’t consider the huge ‘tattle tale maggot’ a reliable source; also he didn’t want to give Main Street a bad name either and cause a poor turn out at this weekends Labor Day festivities. A new food truck vendor has applied for a permit to serve Maggot French at the Seaford Festival scheduled for September 5-9. Who wants to buy and eat food from street vendors on a street that is overrun by a Huge maggot (pictured above) who lunches there frequently?


“This maggot thing just makes one uneasy about the sanitation of the area. What makes this even more unsettling is this is where Main Street Merchants are putting on their “Island Rum Festival” Saturday August 31, 2013 where they are promoting “Island Food” vendors selling food in the street.”Larry sinclair maggot crusader