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Lardo’s Year in review

Larry sinclair failMan, was that 2014 a ball buster or what! First I had to deal with that dang arrest warrant in Colorado. Come on! It’s been years since I ripped anybody off in that state. So give me a break. Thank you Lord for the gift of witness intimidation. Once I made it clear to Carmen that I still had those naughty photos of the night I got her husband drunk and grabbed his ass…well, she was out of there and so too was the case. Oh sure, I got a bunch of lip from that silly female DA, but what the heck. Like they are going to threaten me with other charges? Ha! By the time I left town they were glad to see my backside.

Then my granny died. Crips! I kept threatening to kill her and never got the chance. Then I discover that I’m not in the will. OK, I never was in her will (guess all those death threats didn’t appeal to her or something). But come on, she was my granny too. So somebody better give me something. But nooooooo! All I got was a lot of trash talk. Sure, I was the one doing all of the trash talk but they all deserved it. My relatives should know better than to try and have a private conversation on Facebook.

Upside to 2014, finally unloaded some old and useless stuff. Got my buddy Spoonhead to buy the copyright to that waste of paper I churned out several years ago. Man oh man is that boy dumb. I told him that it will someday become an important historic document and he fell for it. Honest! Big slob couldn’t cut the check fast enough. Then I got my other buddy Harry to buy that digital wasteland of a snooze site. He’s not too bright either. Still thinks that Sen. Marco Polo will be president some day. Convinced Harry that the snooze site will someday be historically significant. Actually, I didn’t even bother to read the stupid thing. Mostly it was just Ilse ranting about some bee buzzing in her bonnet. Who cares. Besides, she kept bugging me about her “royalties” from that book that never went anywhere.

Discovered this new thing called crowdfunding. You just post some bogus stuff online and total strangers hand you money. I thought I would love it. Went for the swampland property racket and even “promised” tiny pieces of “land.” Sort of like fantasy baseball. Then I opened a bottle of vodka and kicked back to watch the money flow in. Nothing happened!

Some of those jerks over at the Regulator made some flack. So I sent Spoonhead after them. He’s pretty good at stinkin’ up the place. And he really had them on the rope. Those silly slimeballs kept using logic and reason and actual evidence. Big deal! Spoonhead played it cool. He just kept repeating the same stupid crap over and over again with only slight changes in the personal insults. No rime, no reason, no nuthin’. Just massive repeated postings. Enough to kill a horse. Then he insulted Jim Morrison and that crazy Canadian fish wife yanked his plug. Guess she is a big fan of Brown Eye Girl or some other Morrison tune. I don’t know anything about pop music. Heck, I just learned about Kiss a few years ago.

Figured I better give that crowdfunding thing another go.Can’t believe I had to fall back on the bogus book thing. I had promised a booklet called One Man Wanking about 3 or 5 or whatever years ago. Just horsing around, you know. But what the heck. Maybe I could score money by convincing people that I would actually write it if they paid me now for copies in “advance.” More flack from those bastards over at the Regulator. Good grief! They claim that I had stated that I had finished the damn book years ago…well, yeah, but, oh come on. Like they thought I was serious? They made me sooooo mad. So I told them, I had the dirt on each and every one of them. Heck, Spoonhead spends half of his waking hours over there and has been collecting information on all of them. For example, did you know that the guy who uses the name Dennis is really named Dennis? We were finally getting the real low down on these fiends. So I let them know that I was devoting a whole section of the book to exposing them. In fact, I was hoping that they would order copies to see what I might be saying about them. But no go. It’s as if the lousy stupid jerks just don’t care. The book racket doesn’t seem to be working this time.

Then I heard about something called eBay. You take your old crap and post it online and people will pay lots of money for it. Sweet Baby Jesus, what an idea. So I got my “art” collection all lined up. Posted photos and a bunch of wildly high prices. Opened another bottle of vodka and waited for the money to pour in. What the hey! I can’t even get anybody on that site to look at my stuff less alone make an offer. What does it take to make a buck around here? Must somehow be the fault of those turds at the Regulator. I’ll add it to the “book.” Heck, it’s not as if that thing is ever going to see the light of day.


Bubbyes?! Fatboy

About these posts:

SN-LSNG To Shut Down… 


July 31, 2014 By  On January 16, 2012 I decided to consolidate multiple websites which had been in operation since 2008 under one name and bring people the News in a way no other media organization has or ever will. On that date Sinclair News-LS News Group became a reality and I want to think that I and those who have played a part in over operation in the last two and half years have lived up to the promise made to readers.It has been a struggle to continue the operation as I have never made cozy deals with individuals or organizations for favorable coverage and reports in exchange for ad revenue or financial gain. I have learned over the last year that either you play the game and make concessions to individuals, organizations, politicians et al or you simply do not get access to those necessary to report from the frontlines.  It is for this reason that rather than be another online mouthpiece to the puppet masters I have made the decision to shut down Sinclair News-LS News Group as it is now known and operated and concentrate instead on writing books and giving my view of things in speaking engagements when they come about.

My second book  When One Man Stands (which has had multiple delays in its release) will finally be out in the end of August 2014 and I have a third book which will be coming out in late summer 2015. I am currently in talks with a potential buyer of the Sinclair News-LS News Group domains, articles, photographs and videos and if those talks result in a deal then the new owner will continue in the News but under a different organization and management team. If talks fail to produce a buyout I will cease current operations of Sinclair News – LS News Group effective Monday August 4, 2014 and will leave the site as is until such time as either a buyer is found or the domain name is sold.


SN-LSNG Has New Owners…

August 1, 2014  By  Effective today Sinclair News-LS News Group and the domains and has new owners and the site will be undergoing a complete remodel in the coming weeks. All email accounts associated with Sinclair News-LS News group will be removed and reestablished by the new owners. Lawrence (Larry) Sinclair can be contacted by email at Larry@LarrySinclair.comOnce the new owners have redesigned the site as the see fit they will also reestablish what email addresses they wish to set up for contacting the Editor and those who are involved in the site. I would like to take this opportunity to say it has been great fun and a true pleasure to have met all of you over the course of this past almost 3 years and I wish you all the best in whatever it is you do in life.


Dennis imagesHere are the key points in evaluating a web site for purchase. 1. The site’s intrinsic value. This has to do with such factors as how many clicks it is receiving per day, week, and month. Also, how much revenue does it make through its advertising (which is in-turn determined through its clicks). The LSNews site has had extremely low ratings from virtually the get go and over the past year has completely dropped under the radar. Since the clicks are way too low to even be determined, we have to give it a functional value of 0. Likewise, the ad revenue has to be extremely low (sometime back a basic estimate was around $450 a month). So it also receives a functional rating of 0.

The site has no intrinsic value.

Next is name value. A good example of this was the old site ran by you know who. Parisi had it parked for quite awhile, selling ad links to mostly porn sites (they pay top dollars) while waiting for someone to buy it as a hot URL address. Then he got the idea that he was going to develop it into a “news” site. Then Parisi got the even better idea that he would make a name for the site by seeking out a potential political sex scandal and made a deal with the devil. Everything went to hell afterwards. Odd, Fat Boy has quite a thing for running “news” sites into the ground.

The LSNews site has no readers, has no rep, and is overwhelmingly ignored by most of the wing nutter universe. Likewise, the name Larry Sinclair has no value. These days, few people know who he is. Still fewer assume that he is dead. Some who know him hate his guts (for example, Ali Akbar and his associates). If someone did buy that URL, they are stuck with the LS and would need to some how change it to something different as they rebrand the site. But since the site is totally worthless, only an idiot would put that much effort into the work it would take to do this….

….Which is where Ken Olsen comes into play. The man is a complete idiot and an even bigger nutcase than Lardo. Likewise, he has the Lysander Spooner name that he uses for everything which would make the LS a non-problem. The lack of attention (and even down right hostility) that the LSNews site has in many quarters is no problem since Olsen is persona non grata among many of the other wing nutters (many of whom have also banned him from their sites for reasons we are all to familiar with over here).

This is virtually a done deal. Welcome to the Lysander Spooner News site where the news is freshly cooked every day with a spin seen nowhere else on this (or any other) planet. Yes, if you think this place was stupid and stinky and insulting before, wait until you get a load of the new (and not at all improved) LSNews.

Bet Kenny will keep POS on as special reporter.


qpyr8ic06tzgbqa2p9rc_reasonably_smallWhy does his “business” deals always sound like something from the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition?


Spoon-fed by Kenneth Olsen.

In regards to your comment:

903d06459f76311e6eaccbaaea70a513 Lysander Spooner says:June 16, 2014 at 2:45 pm “Perhaps you fools would benefit from reading the book “The Myth of Mental Illness” by Dr. Thomas Szasz.Let us put your hatred of Larry Sinclair in context. Obviously his claims threaten your perceptions and conclusions about the individual who claims to be barack Obama.Given obama’s serial lies and power-grabs, why do you hold him in such high esteem? If barack obama comes out gay, wouldn’t you all be very proud of him? Why are you homophobic towards Larry Sinclair?”


DENNIS THE MENACE 1Sorry guy. Lardo’s bullshit does not threaten our perception of much of anything. His gibberish and deceit for financial gain along with his slanderous comments about many, many people (its a long list) as well as his long list of victims he has scammed during an amazingly long low life career.

Homophobic? Not really. From what I have heard (like at Breitbart) you are the one with a problem, bub. Of course, Fat Boy is often an odd ball mix of a self-loathing gay guy who has seesawed like crazy between being a hungry bottom (his words – not our’s) and an opponent of gay rights. Oh well, it’s a funny old world.

We hold Obama in high esteem? I don’t know. We are usually so busy going after SinkLiar we really don’t take much time trading political notes. In fact, you are the only person to bring up the subject in quite a long time. Sounds to me like you’ve got some kind of obsession there, you know.

The book by Dr. Szasz? Well, since his book is based on the argument that mental illness doesn’t exactly exist in the manner that the medical profession states and that treatment as we know it is, at best, useless, I kind of think that your whole first defense of Fat Boy (that he is mentally ill) has just been completely negated by…you. Or didn’t you read the book? Oh god, don’t tell me. You are also a psychologist (just didn’t need that damn license and stuff).

So tell me Ken, what is it about Fatso that has so shaped your own perception that you have abandoned common sense and embraced his brand of Kool-Aid? I mean something besides the financial connection between you and him. Just vaguely curious. But only vaguely.

In my younger days, I use to ride the city buses a lot. There were always a few major nut jobs on the bus who had to jabber at me for most of the trip. Your postings remind me much of those days….

Another last note to Mr. “Spoonhead”: You also said that we should “…try to focus on articulating your actual attitude towards Larry Sinclair.” But when we do you then say that we are being “…cruel and stupid,…” So what is it?

Oh dear me. Guess we will just have to agree to disagree. But since you are obviously bucking to be the star of the looney bin yourself, may we add you to the list along with Fat Boy? To be honest, bitch slapping you the past two days have been the high point of my month.

By the way, you do know that the real Lysander Spooner would have puked on at least half of what you believe? Just a little bit of FYI. Of course he is long dead and can’t sue or anything which is what makes your type of grave robbing barely legal.


memo to Larry…

OK, it is time for another memo to Larry (the Butthead) Sinclair:

(in reply to—->When Politics Turn Facts into Fiction, and Fiction into Facts Part II of III )

denis_la_malice15.jpg DennisDear Butthead, as one of your more faithful (actually, I may be your only) reader, I can’t help but(t) notice that your defense is running a little thin. You see, in a case like yours, the core “facts” have to do with some woman’s tax checks having some how acquired forged signatures and ending up in your bank account. These “facts” (also called “evidence”) suggest that either you or someone you are closely associated with (for example, your mama) had taken these checks, forged them and then banked them into your account. Perhaps you were not aware of this, but this is considered a “felony.”In most states, this is treated as a “crime.”

To defend yourself, you have to come up with a plausible story as to how this could have happened without your knowledge as well as why you didn’t return the money after you discovered this outrageous act. Or you might just fall back on some claim that the victim did it because she was out to frame you (which I assume is where you are trying to go with your increasingly lurid but also pretty stupid story). Of course, this still doesn’t explain why you wouldn’t give the money back and instead bolted for the hills when the judge wasn’t falling for some of your other outrageous stories…but I guess the case is still young, so to speak.

me-1999-275x187However, I kind of understand your problem. I mean, here you were back in the days just running a simple little inter-state drug running operation making lots of money while breaking a bunch of major federal laws – you know, the kind that should have slammed your butt back in prison for the next thirty or more years – and some cheap little hussy sets you up (yeah, sure) just because she caught you doing the wild thing with her drunk husband and its like, come on, since you are such a manly man of a stud muffin, why heck I’m sure the poor slob couldn’t help himself. I can hear him now softly sighing “Oh El Gordo…sweet El Gordo.”

Too bad that actually has nothing to do with the case – which still has to do with her checks in your account with forged signatures.

Of course, her brother owed you lots of money because gosh golly gee whiz, not only were you an inter-state drug dealer but you were also running a charity and oh gee you couldn’t do enough to help this guy out (though your “help” is starting to sound a bit like loan sharking to me). And since her brother owed you money, gee I bet you felt that her checks ought to belong to you to cover his debts. Too bad the law doesn’t see it that way. They still call it theft and forgery (though it helps to explain why you wouldn’t give the money back because gee golly, you worked hard to steal those checks damnit)).

BTW, you do know that you are basically confessing to committing the crime. Your weird and twisted sense of self-justification is totally and legally invalid. The rest of your utterly ludicrous drivel is completely irrelevant and most (if not all of it) will not be permitted into court because it has nothing to do with the actual case…

Which is all about how her checks ended up in your account with forged signatures.

free-laughing-smiley-emoticon.gif LMAO“… A photograph was taken of Rogelio pulling the waist band of my sweat pants open looking at my butt. That photo will also be used in the defending against these knowingly false charges.”

So now you want to enter a photo of your butt as evidence. ROLF! I bet the DA’s office can’t wait to add that pic to their dart board. But it just doesn’t matter. Nobody wants to see your butt (or at least not until you get back to Cell Block D). And your butt doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the case (unless that is how you signed those checks). I know that you are a self-confessed “hungry bottom,” but you got to think beyond your butt, you turd brain.

So let’s be honest (and just listen to me, my friend Senor Butthead), you are screwed. Your crime was so low grade and stupid and you left such a clear trail right to your door that it almost seemed that you wanted to get caught. But then I remembered. Oh yeah, you spent a large chunk of your adult life in prison because you kept getting caught committing really crappy stupid crimes in a wildly sloppy manner. Like maybe crime really isn’t your best “career” thing. I mean let’s face it Larry, you totally suck as a criminal.

But that’s OK. You are pretty use to the prison life and since you seem to be having a tough go on the outside, maybe it is best this way. I think maybe you have a secret desire to get back in stir, see your old friends, meet some new faces, turn the other “check” twice a day. So keep up the good work. With your “defense,” you will be spending the next 25 years in lock up in no time.

P.S. Please be sure to post that butt photo. I was hoping to download it as my new screensaver.

I should add a P.S.S. When you enter your butt as evidence, be sure to make the cops dust it for fingerprints. Then claim that they found Obama’s fingerprints (since I assume you haven’t washed in the last couple of decades). You can then add that to your “book” and watch the sales sky rocket (well, at least watch it go from 0 to 1).

Also, when you do post that photo of your butt, would it be OK if I animated it? Trust me, juries love talking buttholes. After all, they see them every day in court.

Sincerely, A Fan


Sinclair posts his dense Defense:

Larry Sinclair off to JailTomorrow in my article When Politics Turn Facts into Fiction, and Fiction into Facts I will take you on a walk through my life from the summer of 1999 through the filing of the false report by the alleged victim in 2001 along with photos of all parties, and including the efforts by the alleged victim and her family to file previous knowingly false reports with Police just days before the Colorado report was filed…  Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge.” 

Larry Sinclair April 1st 2014

Dennis imagesWell it’s been two weeks since announcing his upcoming chilling revealing post, he’s finally got it done (I think)… it’s obvious that Lardo the lwayer has been hard at work cracking the case (of vodka) while formatting and reformatting a legal defense that  proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he knows the fastest route from Florida to Mexico. The first new post is back to selling his crappy original “book” (while also pitching the film rights?). Couple of funny things about this hot offer for the book.

The pitch is really unclear about what he is really wanting to sell since copyright for the book and film rights are two different things. Besides, if someone were stupid enough to buy the book’s copyright, then they would have the film rights, period. As for just buying the film rights, why bother?

Virtually everything in the book the big dumbass has already pumped into numerous so-called “news” sites through interviews and news stories written by other people. Every thin detail of his tale is covered in a wide and, because of it being forced out there as news stories, in a public manner that allows a filmmaker the ability to go right around him and the book. Nobody needs his stinkin’ film rights. Why buy the cow when you can get the foul sour milk for free?

One last point of irony about the film rights. As an event that he has worked hard at turning into a news item, he has little grounds for defending the film rights to his “book.” But, if he were to announce that it is all a WORK OF FICTION, he would be able to better defend his control over the film rights. Just a bit of FYI.

Then the post goes into another attack of former DA Jones and his “factually” false filings while providing absolutely no support for anything (and BTW Fatso, you did NOT win that lawsuit; the other guy basically blew it in the primarily hearing because he didn’t provide any support evidence – might want to take note of that “problem”). Then he rants a bit about the Delaware case claiming that it was dismissed for lack of evidence (no you idiot, it was dismissed because you paid the victim back his money). Without further ado  see the first post below:  

Rights to Controversial 2009 Book on Obama

Can Be Yours”  –  April 15, 2014 By ASS-ministrator

“In June 2009 the book Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? was published and released. In September 2009 the Amazon Kindle version of the book was released and in January 2010 the Paperback version of the book was released. Despite the intentional and deliberately published false claims that the author Larry Sinclair had failed two polygraph tests (in 2011 video filed in a $30 Million Defamation suit Parisi et al v Sinclair et al showed the world that Sinclair according to the computer had in fact passed the polygraph despite Ed I. Gelb’s biased report stating it showed deception) and despite having to defend against a $30 million defamation suit brought in the US District Court in the District of Columbia (Sinclair prevailed in said suit) the book is still available through limited outlets and still peeks the interest of many who have yet to become aware of the book.

Almost 5 years later the Amazon Kindle version still consistently ranks in the Kindle paid categories. 🙄

Today it is announced that the complete and exclusive publication, distribution, and any and all future film or television rights to the book can belong to you. Despite Sinclair’s repeatedly prevailing over every possible effort to discredit him or attack him for the past 6 plus years, he was recently hit with yet another long attempted effort to sideline him when he was arrested on March 20, 2014 at his home in Holly Hill, Florida on a Colorado warrant which Sinclair had repeatedly been told was going to be dismissed. The Real Story On 13 Year Old Colorado Warrant A former Deputy District Attorney by the name of Stephen A. Jones (Jones is reported to have engaged in the online attacks of Sinclair and working with those responsible for the anti-Sinclair websites since late 2008 when the Colorado matter was turned into a political football) who was the subject of a Colorado Opens Record Act and Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act request dated December 1, 2012 and faxed to the Pueblo County District Attorneys Office on December 3, 2012, retaliated against Sinclair for filing the FOIA requests by filing before Pueblo District Court Judge Jill Mattoon on December 11, 2012 a knowingly factually false motion seeking to have the 2001 Colorado Warrant reissued with a “nationwide extradition” jurisdiction. Former Pueblo Deputy DA Stephen A. Jones Takes Parting Shot Sinclair contrary to the many internet posted claims has not run from the Colorado matter but in fact had been working from the moment he became aware of the matter to have it dismissed. According to information obtained from Colorado officials, Gus Sandstrom, District Attorney at the time the warrant was obtained had agreed to reduce the bond amount to $5000 early on but that information was never forwarded to Sinclair or anyone else. In 2004 Sinclair himself filed a motion with the Pueblo District Court seeking to have the warrant dismissed. At that time the Pueblo County District Attorney’s Office was provided with irrefutable evidence showing the alleged victim Carmen Segura had in fact given out right false statements to Police and investigators from the start on Feb 15, 2001. Since the March 20, 2014 arrest Sinclair has posted the $15,000 bond and few to Colorado on March 23, 2014 and appeared before a District Court Judge on March 24, 2014. Sinclair will return to Colorado on April 28, 2014 either with retained counsel or to inform the Judge that despite his best efforts he has been unable to retain private counsel as of that date. In June 2008 Sinclair at the hands of internet warriors who hide behind screen names and anonymous proxy servers was arrested in Washington, DC on a non-exsistant fugitive from justice warrant out of Delaware. Sinclair spent 10 days sitting in the Metro DC jail before being taken to Delaware where he was released on the promise to appear in court. At that time Delaware AG Beau Biden had knowingly sought a sealed Grand Jury indictment on a charge accusing Sinclair of theft despite having full knowledge no theft had ever occurred. Sinclair prevailed in that case when he refused to accept a plea agreement offering him a misdemeanor and one year probation and instead insisted it proceed to trial which was scheduled for 9-11-2008. Three days into the 2008 Democratic Convention the Delaware matter was dismissed for “lack of evidence” but not before Sinclair and his supporters had to cough up more than $15,000 in attorney fees and travel expenses. Now more than 6 years later Sinclair is facing yet another false accusation lodged in 2001 and kept alive by politics and he will defend against these as he has always vowed to do. In an effort to raise the money needed to pay Attorney retainer and fees Sinclair is offering up the complete Copyright and all exclusive rights of publication, distribution, etc for sale. The buyer can choose to take it out of publication; pitch it as a future film or TV movie or put it into widespread distribution or whatever he/she chooses to do with it. The asking price for the Copyright on this book is $20,000.00 Interested buyers email for more information and/or to arrange to purchase these rights.

_border DENNIS THE MENACE 1Then there’s the second post, the magical one that is suppose to explain why he is innocent in the Colorado case. It’s long and winding and really a dumb ass piece in which he inadvertently confirms that he was spending time driving all over America drug running. Lots of bull crud talk about how everybody at some dive bar loved and respected him for his manly qualities. Seemed to have been spending his time hanging around lots of two-bit low-life criminal types (all of whom were really great folks who would give you the stolen shirt off their back if they were not so busy with the drug dealing and the human trafficking, you know). What is his “defense?” Damn if I know. There is no defense. Actually, it sounds as if the DA has missed some charges. The whole thing makes no blasted sense. First he belly aches about how those horrible online stalkers make him sound like a no good dirty dog and then he waxes nostalgic about his life as a scum sucking no good dirty dog. Not only does this nitwit need a lawyer but he needs a lawyer who can tell him to shut his pie hole before they throw the book at him.

(UPDATE: “Page Not Found The page you requested could not be found. – See more at:”

I assume that once the vodka ran out Sinclair realized that he was writing a confession, not a defense. Guess he was having trouble remembering which was which from his lwa school days. z60s6As suspected, since posted, this post can no longer be viewed in its entirety , that’s okay we have saved it below for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome Turd Brain! animated_arrow_red


“When Politics Turn Facts into Fiction, and Fiction into Facts” April 15, 2014  By Lawrence Sinclair

It's always about the money Larry SinclairIt is sad, but a simple fact of our society today is that when there is a political benefit for someone or a group, politics has a way of turning basic facts into fiction and fiction into facts. That is exactly what has happened in the matter of a 2001 arrest warrant issued in Pueblo Colorado against me. Since making the allegations against ten candidate Barack Obama in January 2008 politics has turned the facts of this matter into fiction and politically motivated fiction into what they want to be facts. Almost four years to the day these so called “law abiding citizens” who have engaged in hacking; internet threats, intimidation and filing of false reports (in order to keep their names from being released under the Colorado Open Records Act) so they could obtain official records without being identified, simply for the purpose of editing and distorting them, former Pueblo Colorado Deputy District Attorney Stephen A. Jones did what many have been doing since 2008, he filed a factually false Motion before Pueblo District Court Judge Jill Mattoon (a former Pueblo Deputy DA herself) in order to make a Colorado only warrant a nationwide one. See Former Pueblo Deputy DA Stephen A. Jones Takes Parting Shot – and The Real Story On 13 Year Old Colorado WarrantBecause the so called facts as presented by those who have tried to use this matter to misrepresent me and others, have been posted on countless internet sites and even jumped on the misrepresentation bandwagon in 2008, I have decided to take readers on a journey starting in the spring of 1999 and ending with the filing of an affidavit for an arrest warrant in May 2001.The journey begins when I rented a duplex located at 1320 1/2 E. 4th Street in Pueblo, Colorado from one Darrell Chapman. Shortly after renting this residence I had the unfinished basement carpeted, drywalled and electrical installed as a bedroom for my best friend and room-mate Ramon Caraveo (that’s Ramon with his nephew left) Ramon & I met in the fall of 1998. My neighbors at 1320 E 4th St were a group of guys who lived and worked in Pueblo (most of whom were not in the US legally) and we got along very well. This house at one time was one unit and while the ground levels had been separated, the two were still connected by way of an opening in the basement which had simply been blocked off with a sheet of plywood. As time passed one of the guys living next door, Juan Gutierriz (or Munoz, or Gonzales or Martinez which ever he chose to use at the moment) had issues and was looking for another place to stay, we (me & Ramon) had already gotten to know him and I told Ramon that if he wanted we could let Juan move in and he could share the basement with Ramon. Juan moved in with Ramon & I.Ramon was a truly loyal friend and he was someone you could trust with your life. You will see what I mean as we get to Feb 2000. Ramon’s family used to tease us by saying that if I were a woman Ramon would have the perfect wife. We enjoyed the same music, we both loved boxing though we may not have agreed oo who was the better boxer, we enjoyed going to a Pueblo night club called Jalapeno’s and we enjoyed the fights that would break out inside the club and outside after closing. One night while at Jalapeno’s one guy tried to get in Ramon’s face over the girl he was with and I stepped in letting the idiot know he would have to go through me if he wanted to get to Ramon. Funny how everyone in the bar that night couldn’t wait til closing to jump the guy because he backed down from my challenge. Make no mistake folks, Jalapeno’s was the Mexican bar to be at and it was all about the macho machismo every night. I was known as the only garvocho or gringo to ever go in there on a regular basis and the fact that I was an openly gay or Joto gringo wasn’t lost on many. But I had the respect of most every regular that ever frequented Jalapeno’s.Shortly after Ramon and I first met I was introduced to his mother who used the name MaryLu Domingez after having been on the run from Arizona authorities after a car accident revealed she was hauling large amounts of marijuana and cocaine. It was not secret to any of Ramon’s family what his mother did for a living. His mother made the hard decision to let Ramon grow up with his father and Aunt (his fathers sister) Maria Alvarez in the small farming community in southern Colorado off Colorado 159 south of San Luis and just a couple of miles north of the Colorado/New Mexico line. Ramon was sheltered and when he went off to Pueblo to go to USC, his Aunt and Grandparents had done little to prepare him for what he needed to know to simply establish phone service and electric service. Ramon was quickly used by his cousins after he moved to Pueblo and because of those cousins Ramon was sued and had a judgment entered against him for having broken a lease that both he and his cousin were named on. Though the cousin and Aunt both refused to pay the cousins share, it was me who got the judgment removed and settled with the apartment complex to clear Ramon’s name. In early 1999 Ramon’s mother asked if would drive something out to her nephew in Greensboro, NC and she would pay me $4000.00 plus expenses. That was my introduction into the smuggling business and I learned real fast that $4000 was chump change for what I had been asked to do. See MaryLu was doing a brisk business in bring marijuana up to Colorado where she would get $4-500.00 per pound, but that was nothing compared to the $1600-$2000 per pound I could get for it in SC.In May 1999 MaryLu was having problems with her suppliers in Mexico because she had not paid them a whole lot of money that she owed them. In fact MaryLu had come to Pueblo and stayed with Ramon and I at the E. 4th St house in April 1999 and asked me to go with her to a customers house down the street from me who owed in excess of $50,000 but had claimed the merchandise was confiscated in a Police raid that resulted in the arrest of one son.”


Professor DennisBefore we are hit by the impending deluge of horse manure, one quick note. Turd Brain keeps using the phrase “factually false.” Odd choice of phrase. In legal terms, the phrase factually false is used in regards to: “Sham pleading means an obviously frivolous or absurd pleading that is made only for purposes of vexation or delay. It is a written pleading that is factually false, not made in good faith, and that may be struck. It is entered for the mere purpose of delay and of a matter which the pleader knows to be false.”

In other words, it is a defense tactic used solely for the purpose of jerking everybody around. It would not be used (now or ever) by a DA in filing charges (especially since charges are based on evidence, not pleads or accusations). Instead, it would be used by the person who has been charged as part of their attempt to deflect issues, confuse points, and generally stall the case for as long as possible. So I guess that Fat Boy is once again revealing his hand by accusing the other side of doing what he is actually doing. Obviously, we have already seen his “defense.” They better warm up the cell. It is going to be a long stay this time.

Now for the rating of these two fine posts….

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein



Changing the subject…FatAss is back!

breaking the wish boneHey Dennis, make a wish, we posted at the same time and recognized that the slime-bucket came out of his hole. Yep, he’s ba-a-a-c-k Enough about …..our Canadian POS…. Yippeee your turn in the USA….

(LTL you were looking for a good laugh…Well here it is…. )

You  guys are stuck with this *idiot* posting as  CON-TRIBUTOR….Yeh “we-we-we”received 1000′s of emails from around the world HeHeHe…. prove it .. Like everything that *idiot* has ever posted,  there’s no proof, only his word  Sickliar desperately wants to get back in the news – those  2 minutes of fame provided him with some bucks….WOW here’s his latest attempt to get attention er $$$$$ Whatevahhh  without further ado here it is…. 🙄

Surprised To Find a Street Hustler at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?
November 10, 2013  By Contributor

Larry SinclairLarry Sinclair is not dead and he told you Obama was a hustler

In the past week Sinclair News and this writer have received 1000′s of emails from around the world asking us if we had heard of a woman name Mia Marie Pope? The answer to that question is “no” we haven’t. The emails go on to ask us “where is Larry Sinclair in 2013,” and/or “is Larry Sinclair dead?” Those questions are answered as follows:

Larry Sinclair is still very much engaged in exposing any and all politicians who choose to use their offices for their own personal benefit. Larry Sinclair has for almost six (6) years now tried to warn the American people as well as the people around the world since January 17, 2008 that Barack Obama is not the second coming of Christ but is in fact nothing more than a well groomed street hustler. Regardless of what the media and AKP Message & Media branding heads David Axelrod and David Plouffe have told you, Barack Obama has always been a smooth talking street hustler. Only now many, including some who just a year ago would jumped off a bridge if Obama had asked them to are now starting to see the man for what he truly is.

Bovine-excrement-meter-animationIn some of the emails we have received over the past week we have had people tell us, “Expose the president please;” and “please stop sitting in the shadows.” No one person has done more to inform the American public on exactly who and what Barack Obama is than this writer. In Feb 2009 during a Larry Sinclair interview with Pat Dollard our friend Andrew Breitbart had said that we could not use Obama’s past to stop him. Andrew had a change of heart from that Feb 2009 statement and spent his remaining 3 years of life looking into Obama’s past in order to know who and what he truly is. It was a phone conversation with a lovely woman in California that Larry has finally come to understand there are many, many people in this country and around the world who not only believe him, they believe in him. That is a wonderful feeling considering how many times in the past six years that he has often wondered whether his coming out in 2008 and putting himself (and unintentionally his family and friends) through some of the nastiest attacks and repeated government investigations any American has ever been put through was worth it. Larry has been asked on more than one occasion if he had it to do over again would he and to that he says YES. He might have done some things differently like not engage in the constant internet back & forth with people, but yes he would do it all over again. This lady explained to him that her, like many who run businesses have to be careful in who they talk to and what they reveal because they have to be able to make payroll. She said that the name Larry Sinclair is known by every elected official in Washington, DC yet none of them have the guts to speak it openly unless it is to ridicule and dismiss it. That’s fine with us, because we have continued to fight for the truth and we have continued to stand by the facts and despite many efforts to grind us into the ground with their heels those efforts have failed.

To see the number of Google, Bing & Yahoo searches conducted in the past week on the search term “where is Larry Sinclair in 2013″ is nothing short of astounding to us. Astounding because Larry Sinclair has never gone away, Larry Sinclair has been right on the very front line of fire. It was Larry Sinclair who exposed Gloria Allred for using the his 2008 description of encounters with Barack Obama in 1999 to allege  Herman Cain had harassed Sharon Bialek.

complete_n_utter_bullshitDid Attorney Gloria Allred & Cain Accuser Sharon Bialek Use Sinclair’s Obama Allegations For Their Story Line?

It was Larry Sinclair who had exposed the White House staffer who was also involved in the Colombia Secret Service prostitute scandal that got us attacked by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney WH Press Sec. Carney Takes Shot At Sinclair News; White House Staff Involved In Colombia Prostitute Scandal: Now Everyone Wants To Report It.

Almost six years after first speaking out on the real Barack Obama and people continue to just take the word of those who to this day write off Larry Sinclair by saying “oh he failed not one but two lie detector test” and to back that claim up they continue to link to Ben Smith’s Politico hit piece from June 18, 2008 or Dave Weigel’s Daily Kos inspired articles. Yet if you took the time to watch the actual polygraph video (which Larry Sinclair himself made available to the world to see) Sinclair Polygraph Video you would see for yourself those claims are not true. The video itself can be viewed in its entirety Sinclair Polygraph Video Raises Questions About Gelb’s Findings. So despite the continued government harassment from the IRS to the Social Security Administration to rogue Federal employees; despite the continued false reporting and claims by media and internet sites, Larry Sinclair still stands by his story almost six years (Jan 17, 2014 will make 6 years) and that story has never changed or varied.

Now as to Mia Marie Pope. First let us start by saying we have not had the time to listen to her entire statements concerning Barack Obama. It was in a phone conversation with a friend Thursday night that we had stated: “We have been made aware of Pope’s statements but for us the first question we have to ask and that we think everyone needs to ask is, “why now?” Why did it take six years after the fact for Ms. Pope to come forward and tell her story of Barack Obama? Now we know there are going to be a lot of people who are going to be angry at us for asking and even publishing these questions. So be it. But if you don’t ask these questions you will in the end get burned for not asking them. We have a problem with anyone telling a story and reporting that Larry Sinclair was “killed in a hit & run accident in 2011.” Not only is that not true it is just one of at least three known reports published on the internet that Larry Sinclair was murdered (2008) in his Duluth MN apartment; or killed in accidents. Reports of My Death Are FALSE (Unless you consider dead asleep dead).

With Obama’s recent NBC apology to the American people we can’t help but point out yet again what we told Jeff Rense on the Rense Radio program in 2008 and throughout the past almost 6 years. “Barack Obama is a ‘street hustler’ just like a hustler who must adapt to the circumstance around him in order to get what he wants,” Obama displayed the hustler mentality by going on NBC and saying “I am sorry.”

In 2008 we tried to inform the American people that what was being portrayed as a new kind of politician was nothing more than a well manicured street hustler who had been molded in the nations capital of political hustling: Chicago.

So to respond to the 1000′s of emails we have received in the past week let us say, we are still here, we are continuing to fight for the truth and honesty for the American people whether it be by exposing Barack Obama or any other Politician who lies and engages in the abuse of power. As for Mia Marie Pope, we have no reason to doubt the accuracy of her descriptions of Barack Obama and in fact according to some of our past research Pope’s descriptions fit in with the Frank Marshall Davis time with Barack. We do however ask “Why Now?” That is a question we believe is fair to ask. What has happened that would make you come forward six years after the first election and almost one year after the last election?

Sinclair News and Larry Sinclair are committed to the truth so the American people can make decisions based on facts. Sinclair News will continue in that mission and we believe if Hillary Clinton does run in 2016 we will become the target of even more attacks and intimidation as we will expose a great deal about Hillary and her camp that took place in 2008. In addition to Sinclair News continuing to cover the news and politics, Larry’s first book Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? is being followed up with When One Man Stands (which we hope to have out by Christmas after more than a years delay due to corrupted print files) which will expose the Obama Administration, high level White House staffers; Internal Revenue Service; Social Security Administration officials and US Secret Service-FBI-Department of Homeland Security among others of years of harassment, intimidation and actual criminal acts in retaliation for having spoken out against Obama and having published the first book.

Now Dennis’ turn….

Dennis imagesGood catch, Meesh.  I was about to post a link to this “breaking” story (see╚═► which would undoubtedly be jumped on at any moment by Fat Boy as

1. Vindication and …….

2. Hey, who is this dame trying to ace out my bs story.

Obviously Jabba has waddled onto the field.  He is going both ways at once.  He ain’t dead (interesting to note how many fellow nut jobs just assumed that he was).  Now, he has to get in there and steal this yarn back away from some dame before she takes off and leaves him (and his “fund” drive) in the dust.  Just when we thought he was down for the
final count….

From the little bit I have been able to gather, Mia Marie Pope is someone who claims to have known Obama back in high school (claim not proven) and then unloads a remarkably impersonal account that seems to be cherry picked from every wing nutter notion of the past six years.  Since some of her “claims” and demonstratively false (e.g. the foreign student claim – BTW, contrary to what wing nutters think, claiming to be a foreign students would not have helped Obama in getting financial aid, it would have done the exact opposite), I think we can easily assume that she is A. a nut and B. up to something (book coming soon?).  Fat Boy may want to try and use this as back up to a renewed vamping of his stupid tale, but she seems to be insisting that Obama was the male hustler chasing after older and rich white men (borrowed from Wayne Madsen’s dream factory) which would seem to be a problem for Lardo.  He wasn’t older, he wasn’t rich, and he was the two-bit hustler.  But as Ronnie Reagan once said “Facts are a stupid thing,” so why let it get in the way of fleecing the rubes.

“Reports of My Death Are FALSE  (Unless you consider dead asleep dead).”  Hey, he doesn’t mention his “suicide” attempt.  Oh wait.  I forgot.  That never happened (except for the times when he said it did – I’m confused).  And Jan. 17, 2014 will mark year six of his story from which he never wavered (OK Kstreet, you are the professor of all the many variations, changes, additions, and out right contradictions of his ever evolving tale).  Either way, we must “help him celebrate” his “anniversary” date.

Thankee Jesus!!!!  Fat Ass is back.

.Larry sinclair has een sleeping


Latest from Lardo’s world – by Dennis

Meanwhile at the Jabba the Butt site, Jabba has moved into a new dump and already is fighting with the neighbors. Larry Sinclair Well, that is pretty much it as he and a black welfare mother are going at it over various “issues.”  Is she loud, noisy, abusive and selling drugs on the side or is she just a person working at staying alive.

Who cares.  It’s all kind of stupid.

Good grief, is he working hard to pick a fight or what?  Judge for yourself, check out the video below that he has uploaded. Hope she punches his lights out. He has taken the site to the bottom depths of Hell and now he’s looking for the trap door to the lower depths.

BTW, even if the worse case story is against her, I am banking on the mamma. Where I come from, you just look the other way.

Taken from the lunatic’s post:

Larry-150x150“I am an investigative journalist and I will do my job. The scams you are running are costing people who really need the help not to get it. I have always been up front from day one as to who I am…Price and her sister continued to verbally attack and threaten us throughout the day yesterday and even resorted to acting like a complete lunatic by standing in her bathroom window screaming at the top of her lungs “la la la la la la…” while we were meeting with a contractor to obtain an estimate on some work needing done to the building. Some may say, why even bother to ask questions and to that we say: the system has become what it is today and so many have the same attitude as Price and her sister have that they are entitled to anything as long as they just sit on their butts and play the game…..”


Re-cap of “SNOOZE” NewZzzzzz by Dennis

DENNIS THE MENACE 1The Snooze King is half awake and back to Benghazi because…well because.  Two posts ranting away with all of the usual bs as Lardo continues to peddle his warped sense of half-truths, non-truths, and completely made up “facts.”  So maybe it’s time to quickly point out a few “minor” problems with Jabba’s hot reports.

1.  Ambassador Stevens was not raped and tortured, you idiot.  That claim came from someone rewriting a AFP news report (for their own cheap shot reasons) and no reporter, eyewitness, or anyone else (including medical records) supports that account.  You appear to be absolutely enthralled with the whole idea for strange (even sicko) reasons of your own.  Like maybe it brings back fond memories of your fun times in Cell Block D or something.  God, you’re a very, very sick puppy.

2.  It is no secret (not now) that Stevens was the point man in the process of the US “secret” effort to provide some of the rebels with weapons during the overthrow in Libya.  He was also the man with the most immediate familiarity with the various groups operating in the country.  So it is no surprise that he would be the person sent in to try and determine who were “friendlies” and who was not.  You are acting like it is a mystery.  But on this point, there is no mystery.

3.  Yes, the CIA had over several dozen people on the ground at the time.  No surprise.  The place in Benghazi was a CIA compound.  This operation (and another one that was going on at the same time) was all CIA operations.  BTW, it is not uncommon for the State Department and the CIA to work in tandem.

4.  The only way you can claim that Obama “personally” sent Stevens to Libya is in the sense that as President, any official representative of the US is sent by the President.  Actually, Stevens was an employee of the State Department which means that he would have been working for Hillary at the time.  Either way, who cares.  This whole line of argument is utterly pointless, you dingbat.

5.  As you and your fellow wing nuts have chosen to forget, on the day Benghazi happened there were major and extremely serious protests going on through out the Mideast because of the anti-Muslim film on YouTube. Many of the protests (such as the one in Cairo) were focused on storming US embassies.   In fact, most attention that day was focused on the US embassy in Cairo (which nearly got overrun).  Your presentation on this issue is completely false and totally misleading.  In other words, you lie like a mangy dog.

Professor DennisSo put down that bottle of vodka, quit wanking off to that disgusting “rape” fantasy you’ve got in your head, and try to actually learn a few things about the news stories you claim to be reporting on.  BTW, quit watching Fox News.  It’s bad for your brain.  You know, that thing between your ears that you falsely claimed had a fatal tumor that you tried to milk donations for over the past decade and a half…Oh wait, I forgot.  You had a “miracle” cure.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.


Message to Fat Boy – by Dennis

Dennis imagesOK, Fat Boy the lwayer is at it again as he tears into the George Zimmerman case and accuses the prosecutors of engaging in race baiting and insists that they must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt and then carries on with a largely pointless tirade against Al Sharpton while contending presenting Zimmerman as a victim blah blah blah. Couple of points Fatso:

dennis_cartoon_wallpapers1. The state doesn’t have to prove that Zimmerman shot Martin “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Everybody knows that already. What Zimmerman’s lawyers have to try and prove is that he had to shoot in fear for his life. This has to do with a desperate (IMHO) attempt by the defense to justify the shooting. “Reasonable doubt” is NOT INVOLVED, you asshole. It would only be involved in a case in which the defendant claims to not be the shooter (there are a few other odd exceptions, but this is the main point). In this case, they have to convince the jury that he was in fear for his life. And BTW, they have to get the jury to ignore such little details like how Zimmerman chased Martin down, brought the gun to the event for no obvious reasons, ignored police radio orders to back off etc etc. So they don’t need to convince the jury of reasonable doubt. They need the jury to be brain dead stupid and suffering from amnesia. Didn’t they teach you anything at that lwa school back in Cell Block D?

2. Race baiting? The defense council has been so busy trying to convict the victim for being black that I would really suggest that you might take you head out of your ample butt for a few seconds and rethink your otherwise ludicrous and just plain stupid claim. Last time I checked, the Zimmerman lawyers were busy recasting Martin from a middle class teenager with divorced parent issues into the head of the Crips.

3. The original prosecutor was not forced by outside agitators into filing 2nd degree murder charges against Zimmerman. Instead, she had to be convinced by other DAs to reduce the charge. She originally wanted Zimmerman on 1st degree murder charges. Don’t you research this stuff before you start hitting the vodka?

As always Lardo, your writing is crappy and your insights are a unique combination of banality and stupidity. Keep up the good work. sinclair_teeth2You make our job so much easier.Now take that bottle out of your mouth and repeat after me: “I am really, really sorry for being such a completely stupid waste of life.”  Keep saying that until you pass out.  I thought it may be the one way we could get you to shut your pie hole.

And give Ilse my regards. I hope to see her at the next Beer Hall Putsch.


Jabba Is ba-a-ack!

DENNIS THE MENACE 1Today at Jabba Land –  by Dennis:

1. Very badly written puff piece on a bar and grill near Lardo’s new digs where he could grab a meal for under $10 while watching the surf come in.  He is back to take photos of his dinner, in his post here. I think this is called “narcissism.”

2.  Long winded and extremely stupid piece by Ilse going on the attack against the Clintons and their Socialist agenda.  According to Ilse, everything is Socialist.  Especially if it involves programs aimed toward the country’s well being.  I think this is called fascist ideology combined with acute paranoia.

3.  Jabba is back!  Jabba is back!  Long winded and completely ludicrous piece in which Fat Boy makes the IRS scandal all about himself.  Yes!  BTW, Fatso, I think your problems with the iRS had to do with the obvious fact that you were trying to bilk them on your taxes.  They re-calculated your figures (using something resembling standard math and not that funny stuff you use) and then sent you a bill.  I know because I have dealt with them on these issues myself.  Unlike you, I just ended up paying the damn bill (which oddly enough was close to the same amount you were billed – gee, you should have been making more money back then).  But you sir, are a lwayer.  No wonder you fought the lwa (and I seem to have noticed that mostly the lwa won).  BTW, is this why you suddenly hit the panic button and sold all of that crap at your old trailer that you bought with all of your “donations?”  Then you bolted for Washington and claimed to be poor and waited until they gave up dealing with you on the grounds that there was no assets to attach?  Oh wee!  The completely stupid, mean ass and hopelessly inept con man is back.  One question: Was it at Lwa School where you learned to address letters to the Secretary of the Treasurer with an opening insult or is that just a special trick of your own invention?  And how is it working out for ya?

Warning to decent people: He has this blog piece rigged so the long and whiny video piece kicks on the minute you open the page.  So turn your speakers off first thing.

The nasal tones could kill a cat.Larry and Thornton