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on August 19, 2014

denis_la_malice15.jpg DennisQuick note from a fan:

OK Fat Boy. I think I see your problem. Web site design isn’t exactly your thing. It is very complex, especially when you have to follow those easy-to-use instructions that come with the user friendly templates provided by the site and intended for complete digital idiots as a fool proof approach (widely used by children and old people). It is very, very hard for someone as “special” as you. No wonder you have gotten all sore and have started calling us “idiots.” I feel your pain….OK, not really but I’m just trying to be nice.

Especially since you are probably a little down at the moment. It’s a shame you had to lose your news site.  Over here, we luved the snooze site. Why, that exciting 40+ photo essay you did on a minor car accident down the street from your apartment was simply breath taking. It was almost as exciting as your thrilling accounts of the one-man crime wave you use to run in Colorado. You know, the multi-part and extremely convoluted attack piece about the evil Carmen Segura, the main witness against you in that little legal misunderstanding. It was simply stunning how you took a minor drug operation and turned it into an inter-state smuggling ring. And you even managed to slip it all right past your parole officer.

But let’s face it, your so-called news site was a complete disaster. You had no readers, you had no donors, you had no real advertising, you had nothing. That site was so lackluster that even you had a hard time working up enough steam to post anything for weeks on end. It must have been hell over there. Only Ilse had the balls to post her biweekly rant like clockwork (at least until even she gave up on you).

Obviously, it is going to be hard to capture the old magic of your salad days back in the first half of 2008. Yep, those days were swell. All you had to do was make up some whoppers about that guy from Illinois and then tell people how you were almost dead from your “brain tumor” and gosh golly gee whiz, you need money to carry on the good fight – though I seem to recall that you had phrased the pitch in such a manner that you simply said you wanted money, you didn’t actually say for what. But man oh man, the suckers sent you the dough. Those were easy pickings.

Then it started to taper off. Ironically, you were still alive and you were still producing absolutely no proof of anything and some folks – including some of your own original supporters – started asking way too many questions and you had to carefully answer them with a resounding “Fuck off!” Oh sure, that murder thing gave you a brief boast on the donation line. Good thing that nutty interview person mentioned the case to you since you had obviously never heard of Donald Young until that moment and that crazy stunt gave you a brief but vital second breath at the scam line.

But its over. Most of the suckers have drifted off. The money is pretty much gone thanks to your booze and “fun” habits. Besides, the Obama years are coming to their final stretch and the wing nutter universe is shifting its attack engines toward other people and you are pretty much left high and dry (and no, I don’t think you had a night of wild sex and drugs with Hillary – Ric Perry on the other hand….). You have become a one-trick johnny and the circus is over and the clowns have moved on to other shows.

I understand that you are trying to “reinvent” yourself. You really suck at it but I can see the reasons for some crucial re-branding. So now you are Lawrence W. SinkLiar, author. BTW, you do know that as an author you are suppose to be writing stuff. I mean really writing stuff. Not the kind of stupid crappy little nasty blog and social media posts that you do. Nor something like that cut-n-paste so-called book (that you also still own – why are you even going around claiming you sold the copyright when it is so obvious that you haven’t done anything of the sort? – weird, just weird).

As for the second book, come on. Who the hell wants to read your bullshit story about your bogus suicide attempt (and shameless but failed effort at panhandling for “funeral” money – BTW, you really need to be dead first before anyone can try soliciting for that – just FYI). Or about your wacko doddle stay at a nut house in West Virgina. Nobody gives a damn, you idiot. Who do you think you are, Princess Di or something. Nobody cares!

So now you are busy setting up a bunch of new social media accounts. Guess you have heard how the use of social media works magic in the financial and commercial realm. But in truth, it doesn’t. Not the way you are doing it. All you got is a mess of nothing and nothing is all that you will be getting out of it. I don’t know who you have been talking to about social media (though I have a strong suspicion and I am sure that he is as good as a web consultant as he is as an attorney), but you seem to have gotten some lousy advise and you are doing it all wrong.

Which is OK. You are finished. The game is over. Not only are you beating a dead horse, but the body has already been taken away to the glue factory. You got to move on to a new racket, you moron. It is quite simply OVER!

You once asked “Is Larry Sinclair Still Relevant?” That’s an easy one. No! Heck man, even your fellow wing nutters don’t pay you any attention. You are more out dated that a damn Nehru jacket with love beads. You have become more forgettable than last night’s fart in a rain. Why heck, we can spend days over here coming up with all the ways you are irrelevant. To be honest, it’s kind of a fun break from real work.

But you are done. Kaput. Finished. Over and out.

….Oh and there’s a “welcome video” too… scratching my head, welcome to what? 🙄

Huh?  Now claims he has over 14 million readers…. Larry Sickcliar said on August 18th 2014–>”Six plus years at barely 50000 compared to more than 8 million visits. Who is the epic failure again?”

Magically POS added about 6 million more views since yesterday. Should have over a billion by tomorrow, I suspect. Vodka must really be kicking in tonight. YouTube viewer count is now up to 3 (counting me). We are the only people looking at this damn thing.

The stupid bastard should thank us for our “support” but nooooo. Oh well. His equally stupid GoFuckMe campaign is still at $00.00. Good thing he made a dollar fifty off his web site (well, the amount Harry paid is strictly chump change). He still can’t get his new web site running for reasons that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. He still hasn’t produced a book. Despite his wild and crazy method of counting (you see Fat Boy, we use the available mainstream systems for these counts – not the bats you have flying around in your head), he has NO READERS.

But what do I know, according to POS  I’m just hanging around with a bunch of losers who are merely lucky to get the occasional back swipe from the master’s hand.

Oh boy, the new web site has a new sign:

0003.gif DynamiteAugust 19.2014

“Site is Under Maintenance:

We are having to reinstall all site template code. Forgive us while we work out a few of the kinks in the new site.“

OK, can somebody tell me how you screw up this one?

147 responses to “We’re waiting!

  1. “We are having to reinstall all site template code.”

    Lies, lies and more lies. And why would he think anyone is interested in updates on his site’s technical problems even if it were true. It’s a standard lying Legion technique – to start volunteering detail in a completely bogus story in the belief that it will give the lie more credibility.

    To Legion, I say “try to fool us once your fault, try to fool us twice your stupidity.”

  2. Meesh says:

    LTL look up at the post, I’ve inserted FatAss; new video.

  3. frankndouche says:

    He should follow Matt’s lead and name it the “Sludge Report”.

  4. tjtaygee says:

    Um, he says in the video that comments on the .com site won’t be disabled, but the youtube vid has comments disabled (and I was apparently #2 of 2 viewers..).
    The laffs from liar-larr continue..

  5. Dennis says:

    OK, running report while I scroll through the video:
    1. More bullshit about his new book. Finally admits that it is 3 years over due (though he incorrectly states that he had first promised to release it in Dec. of 2012 – which BTW would only make it 1 and a half years overdue – oh gee, what a surprise, he can’t even count).
    2. Vaguely and very weirdly claims that the book was delayed by the Colorado warrant case (which only happened this year).
    3. Claims to be completely cleared of the charge. Accuses the DA’s office of playing politics. Intends to download a voice mail message from the DA. Guess he had it go to voice mail because he was too busy peeing his pants when they called.
    4. Cheap trash talk directed toward us. We never have been able to nail him for fraud. We are just losers, God love us (guess he is still busy sucking up to the fundie crowd).
    5. Now claims he has over 14 million readers. Magically added about 6 million more since yesterday. Should have over a billion by tomorrow, I suspect. Vodka must really be kicking in tonight.
    6. Insists that we have never had more than 50,000 viewers and that it is all the same 4 or 5 people. Man oh man, we must be losers.
    7. New site well keep us updated on the status of all his books. Oh boy, more pathetic stupid sad ass stories….
    8. Will make the site as interactive as possible then went on a little spill about how he will, however, maintain certain standards on comments…heh heh. Post one and you’re out of there!

    Less snorting this time, but lots of lip smacking. His eyes keep rolling around and he is especially twitchy in this one. Otherwise, typical Fat Boy. Typical crap.

    • Meesh says:

      Correction to FatBoy…The Regulator I and II (and we do not lie) has to date 544,798,676 views….this is not including Mitch and Nan as I do not have stats available for the second site…and like any normal website we actually have comments to compliment the viewings! Yeh Dennis, he increases the total by millions each time he reports, we have to take his word for it—–>LIAR!

      • 544,798,676 views! I guess that means I have my own followers. I had better be more responsible.

      • Dennis says:

        Over 554 million? OK, Lardo is about to bump his figure to a billion. And we have way fewer fantasy friends too.

        • Meesh says:

          Sorry, correction it’s 544,734,671 views…I’ve taken the liberty to incorporate Mitch and Nan (one) and SinclairWatch…missing is Mitch and Nan II as I do not have these stats available.

          Back in the day, ZeN and Pete’s “The Regulator” was split and running at the same time into three websites:

          1)”The Regulator”
          2)”Fun With Dick and Jane-The Cesspool in Exile”
          3)”Operation Obot”

          Alone these three sites generated 543,814,554 views …(the most views was “Operation Obot”) …so we could say presently this site should be called Regulator Four and not Two but as KStreet intended it to be is “Regulator TOO”.

          I’m pleased that POS chose to harp on this…We have always surpassed FatAss (in quantity as well as quality) all of our sites had/has real comments so whose bragging now POS? “–>”Six plus years at barely 550 million vsits compared to more than 8 million visits<—HeHe. Who is the epic failure again?”

          • Dennis says:

            OK Meesh, you asked for it. Fat Boy will now jump his figures to 2 billion served. He’s like McDonald’s, all greasy and bland.

            • Meesh says:

              The bulk of his views is SPAM *idiot* used to release SPAM as real comments…greasy and bland and Sleazy too.He’s a spam magnet. Oh and about the video, it’s been up for 24 hours and thanks to us he has now 13 views.

              I forgot to thank you Dennis for a brand new post.As always, you rock. 🙂

            • Dennis says:

              You are welcome, Meesh. And thanks for all the work you did (including some deserved edits).

  6. BTW, where is the site? We’ve seen a video announcing a non existing website. It appears the video was done for no other purpose than to respond to us. As is his pattern, he volunteered more lies, this time about the number of visitors to our respective sites. We apparently touched a nerve – probably by discrediting him to the Tsang Gang just when he was hoping to hit them with another scam. So he shaved and took whatever drug he uses to calm his crazy self – but which also makes his eyes close involuntarily while he’s talking – and did his best to appear normal. Hey Tsang Gang – did he do it? Does that seem normal to you? And that was when he tried his very best.

  7. Dennis says:

    Oh dear, seems that Fatso is having a bad day (from FB): “Today is not a good day. In bed trying to get relief from agonizing back pain which has made sitting, standing and walking almost impossible. For those who champion medicaid take note, medicaid refuses to authorize the recommended medical procedures to try and address the issue.”

    Guess the new web site will have to wait some more. And medicaid won’t authorize the needed procedure? What! They won’t let you buy more vodka?

  8. Dennis says:

    As for his work as an author, I present the opening paragraph of his record music review on FB: “The world today is far different now when it comes to how we communicate with each other and how information is shared. Gone like 78 and 45 vinyl records; 8 track and cassette tapes; are the day when we waited for a music group to record and release a single or album months later or for the nightly news to air a story telling us we just dropped a bomb on Japan.”

    I will not offer any constructive comments about this paragraph. I only do that for money and I charge high, actually. But this may be the single most incoherent opening to a review that I have ever seen (and I have seen some major whoppers). What is the focus? I don’t know. Is there a point? Not really. Is he all over the map? Worse than a drunk high-balling down a curvy mountain road. Does he need an editor? Heck, he needs rehab.

  9. He’s trying to explain his drugged out appearance on the video – that’s all.

    It’s also possible that he’s annoyed that medicaid won’t give him the drugs he wants. So he has given them an ultimatum by demanding either the drugs or some “procedures”. And medicaid told him to get lost.

    • Meesh says:

      “….In bed trying to get relief from agonizing back pain which has made sitting, standing and walking almost impossible….”

      Eeeeep Where’s the BRAIN BLEACH, I’m picturing Chubs in bed lying on his back (butt nekkid) texting on his Facebook. 😡

  10. Dennis says:

    So he sold the copyright to the old book? This is the current list from the US Copyright Public Catalog:

    BARACK OBAMA & LARRY SINCLAIR: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?
    Type of Work: Text
    Registration Number / Date: TXu001647812 / 2009-06-23
    Application Title: BARACK OBAMA & LARRY SINCLAIR: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?
    Title: BARACK OBAMA & LARRY SINCLAIR: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?
    Description: Electronic file (eService)
    Copyright Claimant: Lawrence W Sinclair. Address: 9 Spring Drive, Port Orange, FL, 32129, United States.
    Date of Creation: 2009
    Authorship on Application: Lawrence W Sinclair, 1961- ; Domicile: United States; Citizenship: United States. Authorship: text, photograph(s), editing.
    Pre-existing Material: text, photographs.
    Basis of Claim: text, photographs, editing.
    Rights and Permissions: Sinclair Publishing, Inc, 9 Spring Drive, Port Orange, FL, 32129, United States, (386) 761-0606,
    Copyright Note: C.O. correspondence.

    He still owns the damn thing. Why he claims otherwise is beyond me, but it is still in his name.

  11. Dennis says:

    On the other hand, no copyright has been filed for the so-called second book. Guess he is still working on it.

  12. Dennis says:

    Last note (for now): He sold both the URL and the archive for a mere $281? He does realize, doesn’t he, that this is a blunt admission that everything he had at the Snooze site was utterly worthless, right? I mean you can’t buy a half-way working URL address for this amount less alone an entire archive. This is cheaper than toilet paper.

    • Meesh says:

      You’re being extravagant at $281…it’s only valued at $223 (if that much)

      We estimate the website value of is currently at $ 223 USD and reaches roughly 182 unique users each day that generate 305 daily pageviews with a daily revenue of $ 0 USD approximately. The Google page rank is 0/10 and according to Alexa (the Web Information Company) the global traffic rank is 2,865,294

      • Dennis says:

        So you are telling me that is a dead web site buying up another dead web site? What a fascinating business model.

        • Meesh says:

          Oops that’s the info of the other guy…okay then I would guestimate Fatso’s at a hefty $181…

          Can you believe FatAss tried to feed this info?

          These domains will be sold and will not be allowed to expire and be picked up due to expired registrations. Those interested in obtaining these domains will only be allowed to do so by purchasing them from us.

 is for sale for $10,000.00

          2.LarrySinclair.Net is for sale for $6,000.00

 is for sale for $10,000.00

          4. is for sale for $1500.00

  13. Dennis says:

    Thanks for Fat Boy, I now know that we are all such pathetic losers over here. Yes sir. We are not rip snorting successes like good old Lardo. Heck, he just sold his news site for a bunch of money (OK, he actually lucked out because Harry had lots of loose change in his peggy bank – that’s about all he is getting) and he “sold” the “copyright” to a “book” despite the so-called book just maybe being in de facto public domain (since the copyright was held not by him but by his defunct company and he never transferred the copyright when he dissolved the company and, well, for all practical purposes there is no copyright on the stupid book).

    So how is this successful web master doing these days: 1. Can’t get his new site working after several weeks of nothing 2. His Youtube video intro to his non-working web site has attracted an incredible 19 viewers – most of whom are us 3. His GoFundMe campaign for the SinkLiar Snakepit and Southern Crackers Institute is almost done with a grand total of $00.00.

    Wow. This guy is just tearing up the field. Everything he touches turns into…well, now i just reminded myself that I have to clean the cat’s box. No wonder he has over 10 billion readers, a few of whom may actually exist.

  14. Dennis says:

    Hey, I think maybe Ilse’s book is in public domain as well:

    GO TELL AUNT RHODY: Southern Murder X2.
    Type of Work: Text
    Registration Number / Date: TXu001638443 / 2009-06-04
    Application Title: GO TELL AUNT RHODY: Southern Murder X2.
    Title: GO TELL AUNT RHODY: Southern Murder X2.
    Description: Electronic file (eService)
    Copyright Claimant: Tina Thornton Parsons, Transfer: By written agreement. Address: 9 Spring Drive, Port Orange, FL, 32129, United States.
    Sinclair Publishing, Inc, Transfer: By written agreement. Address: 9 Spring Drive, Port Orange, FL, 32129, United States.
    Date of Creation: 2009
    Authorship on Application: Thornton Parsons, pseud. of Tina Thornton Parsons; Domicile: United States; Citizenship: United States. Authorship: text, editing.
    Pre-existing Material: text.
    Basis of Claim: text, editing.
    Rights and Permissions: Sinclair Publishing, Inc, 9 Spring Drive, Port Orange, FL, 32129, United States, (386) 761-0606,

    Her name is Tina? Ah, ain’t that sweet. Maybe SpoonHead will want to buy her book too….

  15. Also, regarding his plans to post an alleged audio of a voicemail from the Pueblo Colorado D.A., Jeff Chostner, saying the charges will never be brought back, the only way a DA would make such a call directly to a defendant as opposed to the defendant’s attorney is if the defendant is no longer represented by counsel. If that’s the case I cannot believe such direct communications would occur while Legion’s website still flaunted photos of the Pueblo Colorado Assistant D.A. So my conclusion is an informal deal was made for him to shut up and go away in return for a dismissal with prejudice.

    However, on the video he says the LSNews website along with its contents were sold to the Tsang Gang and that his followers would still be able to view all his old b.s. albeit in a different format. So I think maybe Legion thinks he has outsmarted the D.A by claiming the Assistant DA’s photos are no longer his responsibility.

    Of course all of that assumes the voicemail exists and we know how that goes.

    • Meesh says:

      Yeh an informal deal or not…what DA would allow that his phone call would be permitted to be taped and displayed to be heard by all on some slimeball’s website?

      • Now that was my gut reaction too, Meesheemey. But I thought I’d wait and see.

      • It’s just another lie. He doesn’t have a recording of the Coloado DA.

        • Meesh says:

          Lie or not, I can’t stand watching him gloat and his constant rambling about it being political…He says a “political football”? I can see this neither State want the POS and they’re trying to pass the football back to each other…on the video he was higher than a kite.

          • Dennis says:

            True, it is no fun watching him gloat. Weird thing, he has nothing to gloat about. Except for possibly intimating a witness back in Colorado, he has been a dismissal failure in everything else. Was he stoned when he did that Youtube piece? Yeah, maybe. I couldn’t get a good look at his eyes because they were rolling around all over the place and he kept twisting around in his chair like he was jerking off and his behavior seemed spacy. But I am sure that he was just taking some “medicine” for his “back.” But despite his stupid trash talk, the little rat is pressed deep into a corner and he knows he is screwed and the desperate flop sweat is showing.

            • Meesh says:

              Within the last month he’s unraveling more than normal…he vehemently goes after his family, his solution of the damage committed he goes to his other Facebook account (he has many) and off to some other rant (stay tune). This behavior makes me think of the times he went after the Obamas. First your Prez, then the FLOTUS which escalated to the children…and then he backed off. He’s like a possessed creature whose crying out to be institutionalized. I wish they would finally do it.

              If his immediate family remotely cared for him, would have looked after this years ago…they’ve always looked the way. It must suck to be Larry Sinclair…a total waste of space.

            • “He’s like a possessed creature whose crying out to be institutionalized. I wish they would finally do it.”

              As his goes bust and his “book” doesn’t materialize and the Tsang Gang starts to doubt and “disrespect” him he will become more agitated and desperate for money and try some more conventional crime. Being out of practice and constantly watched by the local cops, that will fail too and, rest assured, your wish will be granted.

        • Darn, you guys let him know we are wise to him. I wanted to wait to see if he would post a bogus audio. That would be hilarious. “Hey Buddy it’s me again – Jeff. Don’t worry about a thing. We’re friends again. Bygones are bygones. By the way, I’ve got some really good stuff and Jennifer says Hi.”

          But now that he knows we are suspicious he will be forced to fake something more elaborate – maybe with some patriotic music in the background – or explain that his voicemail is under maintenance. Please stand by.

  16. has been dead since July 18th.

    Can you imagine Yahoo News or CNN or Huffington Post being down for more than a month and all you see when you visit those sites is “This webpage is not available” with a “Reload” button?

    What a joke.

    I suspect all Harry Tsang did was lend his name to the registration change to cover up the fact that went belly up.

    • Further to this: if you’re Harry, why bring lsnewsgroup back? Per Alexra, almost nobody was reading it. Do we see forums or facebook posts saying “Oh my God, I can’t function without my daily dose of news from lsnewsgroup” over and over? It’s comical to contemplate because like many things to do with SickLiar, it didn’t provide what he promised it would: news. You’d be lucky to see one opinion piece per week that wasn’t about his latest scam. And opinion pieces are not “news” – particularly when they’re as bad as the trash he posted.

      The only “news” on it was self serving BS about the mentally ill career con man and his scams. And nobody gives a shit about him anymore because folks tired of him lying and ripping them off and Obama isn’t ever going to run for public office again. So his scam about Obama is now so useless, it couldn’t raise the pennies per day needed to keep the trash scam site alive on the internet. And for the two people left that might be interested, they don’t need to go to lsnewsgroup to read about SickLiar because that garbage with be on

      So Harry assumed registration for a domain that would be more appropriately named or I guarantee he’ll never renew it because it’s dead.

      SickLiar’s problem getting his old website going is probably the same. He ran into some difficulty and hasn’t got the money to fix it.

  17. Dennis says:

    Who knows what goes on in Harry Tsang’s mind. Took a more thorough look at the web site. The design is just so-so. A bit sparse and a bit sloppy at the same time. It’s sense of direction (content, focus, purpose) is really kind of ill defined. Half teen-beat, half pop culture, general odd sense of nothingness. For example, noticed a quick news piece on the Disney take over of Maker Studio (both a news story and a company that I am professionally familiar with). Tsang’s news piece was largely misinformed, barely researched, and completely missing every major detail. Other than that, it was OK. So I haven’t a clue what these folks think they are trying to do. But they are not exactly doing it yet, whatever it is. So Tsang’s purchase of an even more worthless URL address is even more baffling. What they need is some people who actually have a clue about direction. They do not need more waste of effort. The last thing they need is to waste any time or money with Fat Boy. Ironically, they would be better off hiring either me or some of my associates as consultants. We could fix them up (little things like editorial direction; focus; something resembling a market; in general, a reason for anyone to waste five seconds online with the site).

  18. My sense is that Tsang is a foreign born self hating Asian who feels most like an American when he can take pictures with White Republican politicians and, now, be the “CEO/CTO” of an all White staff of young American groupies who make him feel important. (He couldn’t find any Asians to put on his “Team”?) Legion recognized the guy’s psychological needs at a glance during the Republican gathering where they first met, and started manipulating the guy. Looks like Tsang came in handy and might be useful to Legion in the future. That’s one of the reasons he posted the “Welcome To” video. He’s trying to reassure the Tsang Gang that he is normal and not a crook. I don’t think that’s possible.

    • Dennis says:

      I wouldn’t exactly call them his “staff.” They seem to be mostly pals of his who joined him in hoping to get some kind of web site going and then (I suspect) all kind of wandered off to their day jobs. I doubt if anyone is getting paid at that site. It’s called a start up, though some start ups barely succeed in falling over. I have no doubt that Lardo is trying to impress the gang in hopes of scoring more dough, but I am not seeing anything that suggests that any of them actually has money. Besides, he is really way too old for this crowd. They need someone younger like Ali Akbar.

  19. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, I have a bizarre feeling that this Stephen Colbert take on the Sarah Palin Channel actually represents the crazy blueprint that Fat Boy thinks he is going to carve out for himself:

  20. Dennis says:

    The new web site is still down as work continues on reinstalling the template codes. How do you lose them in the first place? There are several ways of doing this, most of them involving drunken stupid “accidents.” But most likely, it is all bs and he is ducking from some one about something (more stalling in regards to the “book”?). Or else the big red donation button just couldn’t take it any more.

    The current Snooze Group web site is sort of working, if you count a totally blank page as working. They must be reinstalling the template codes.

    The GoFundMe drive for the Stinkin’ Swamp and Bogus Institute remains totally dead. I am beginning to suspect that Fat Boy slapped that one together while in a drunken stupor and then totally forgot about it the next day.

  21. Dennis says:

    Oh wow, he’s back. And he is posting more baby photos and more photos from other people’s wedding album and photos from The Duplex Album (and BTW buddy, it is The Ohio State University Library Rare Books Collection – that is the correct listing for it, trust me, I have a background there). Is there a point to any of this? Nah. Well, almost. He has once again taken that stupid photo of him from the early 1980s and is peddling it as a pic of him from 1999 (bogus and really lame attempt to make it look as if he was a hot young thing that night when he claimed to have met Obama – I believe we have somewhere the more accurate pic of him from that period – you know, the one that is confirmed and dated and shows a much older, heavier and much more thuggish guy who had already spent time in the joint repeatedly).

    (1996 Driver’s License)

    (Larry Sinclair 1979 through 1996)
    He also has photos of good old gran mom – the lady he went after with a butcher knife and repeatedly sent death threats to) as well as good old grnadfathers grave (yep, they were so close the self-serving idiot can’t even spell it right); and of course that sweet photo of him and his sister (presumably taken sometime before he tried to strangle her to death – notice the pattern in his family relations).

    So yep, the bullshit miester is back. Despite the redesign (which isn’t really that different from the old design and I suspect he is mostly haven’t problems with the slide animation on his photos), it is still insanely pointless and utterly nonsensical. So I suspect he will be ready to sell it soon for a buck ninety-eight.

  22. ” it is still insanely pointless and utterly nonsensical.”

    His every waking moment is spent on seeking income through scams. Most scammers (or “confidence artists”, aka, “con-artists”) have, at least, some kind of credential or resume, phony or otherwise, to present to the victim for purposes of gaining that person’s confidence. But Legion has nothing in that regard, so he uses what he has – old photos of him appearing to be a nice kid from a middle class family or standing beside public figures or with his arms around old or Black women. Only question is where is the “donate” button? Or where is the advertising? Or how is he using it for scams? Only he really knows the answer to that question for now. It could be just a camouflage of his long history of running a scam website for profit. Since I’m pretty sure he didn’t just “decide” to shut down the old website it appears to me he’s been warned he might be facing charges of running some kind of fraudulent internet enterprise and the “new” site is a preemptive measure to show all he is about is expressing his musings and exercising his 1st Amendment rights. I could be wrong. 🙂

  23. Meesh says:

    Yuck what a mess! Looks like he threw everything that he could find to pay homage to his sad self…Tacky and pointless. A pink and yellow background? It makes me think about his first attempt on Facebook, the shocking pink *barf*mess…Clearly FatAss didn’t get help with this…this is a classic Larry Sickliar attempt prior to threats of jumping off a bridge or stockpiling on TicTacs. Bubbyes FatBoy stick a fork in it, your a has been who has never been…
    Gotta be your biggest Epic Fail so far.

    Oh and FatAss when you displayed that photo of you and Breitbart why didn’t you quote what Breitbart thought of you? He laughed every time he saw you and desperately tried to avoid you and finally when you forced your way through for that pathetic photo he said:

    “Larry Sinclair, I listened to your interview with Kevin Dujan, and every time I listen to you being interviewed I have to think. You are either the most psychotic son of a bitch to ever live or you are telling the 100% truth.”

    My favourite picture from his collection…who needs photo-shop?

    • Dennis says:

      I have no doubt that this is closer to how he looked on the bogus night he claimed to have met Obama. He appears to be hoping that the old photos by J. J. Ward might just get him some big bucks. Not really. Their actual value is pretty modest. But I’m sure he will be wanting top dollars. More than the 2 bucks he paid but not all that much more.

    • No wonder that Bottom is Hungry … 🙂

      • Oh no – now he’s going to post another video – this time assuring his devoted followers that his bottom is well nourished and that his internet enemies cannot show that his bottom has missed a single meal and that soon he will post a recent audio of his bottom being fed – maybe even by Jeff Chostner.

    • Meesh says:

      Oh Now I see the putrid pink and most of the yellow background has been toned down some, guess Chubs is looking in again. (but huge bright yellow markers remain). That wood paneling (3 kinds) is so passé what an ugly website….Old fashioned 70’s style with several fonts. I swear he has horrible taste….it’s bad enough his *fugly*face is plastered everywhere. That giant head of his that keeps popping up in the background. Yuck! I guess there’s no chance for that site.

      About Me

      An accomplished 🙄 Radio Talk Show Host; Photographer and Investigative Journalists and the Founder of Sinclair News-LS News Group (which was sold to Streamline Buzzer Media on August 1, 2014) I decided that it was time to concentrate solely on the writing of my books. It is for that reason I have let go of the News and Journalism aspects of my day and am concentrating instead on informing people through the publication of books.

    • Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair says
      August 20
      Today is not a good day. In bed trying to get relief from agonizing back pain which has made sitting, standing and walking almost impossible. For those who champion medicaid take note, medicaid refuses to authorize the recommended medical procedures to try and address the issue.

      That’s because Medicaid won’t pay a phat phuck to do a recommended medical procedure called “diet and exercise” to reduce weight off his lazy ass, strengthen his back muscles and thereby, lower the strain on his sore back. That and try to stop bending over at the local glory hole!

      • Go easy on him WTPL? It was only a musing (pardon the pun.) BTW, where’s the audio Larry? You know, the one from Jeff Chostner. Come on ya gotta give us something. We promise not to laugh too hard. Or was just it another classical scammer’s technique – the one where you promise to deliver something in the future, get the benefits from having made the promise, and never have any intentions of delivering anything in the future?

  24. Dennis says:

    Couple of quick things I’ve noticed about the new web site:
    1. He is already fudging on the release date of the so-called second book. It is now due late August/early September. October will be coming soon.
    2. The comment section on his blog is disabled. Guess that is the new “open” comment policy.
    3. He fudges the copyright on the old “book” (combining both his and Ken boy’s claims). He is also using for it a positive review from someone called K. Kenny. Gee, does that sound like SpoonHead at play?

    Last note about the Warwick Castle photographs: He makes it sound almost like a mystery. No mystery. They were turn-of-the-century tourist postcards. One of many, many sets done by many, many photographers and companies. They are nicely done and are of some modest photo history research value, but he is laying it on way too thick. I should know. I use to work with this collection.

  25. Regarding the photographs, notice that he doesn’t expressly offer them for sale. Looks like he’s being restricted in some way.

    • Dennis says:

      There would be no restriction. They really are in public domain. I assume that he is hoping to just juice the pump. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a pump. Basically, a single photo of this set is available on eBay for around $24. So the set is OK (at a cost of $2 for the lot), but he can only hope for something around $200 to $300 normally for this type of old photograph (minus anything that might juice the value).

      • I didn’t mean restriction based on copyrights – I was thinking restrictions on commerce generally.

        • Dennis says:

          Then let me rephrase it just a bit – there would be no restrictions of any kind except that of the buyer’s common sense. Well, there is also the question of preservation, some basic steps needed to ensure that the material is, at the very least, not damaged and receives some careful handling. I suspect that this will be a bit of a weak point with Lardo.

  26. Meesh says:

    POS is reading over here again:

    Unlike most people, I have no problem with being upfront and direct in everything that I do. It is for that reason I am posting the below document to demonstrate that contrary to some claims online, I did indeed sell the rights (Copyright) of Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? in their entirety to Movie Skool LLC as of April 21, 2014.

    Transfer Assignment of Copyright web

    I look forward to seeing just what Movie Skool LLC has planned for the future of this book, it’s story and will assist them in anyway that I can in bringing this story to the screen.

    • Dennis says:

      Since the notary date is Aug. 18th, I am guessing that it has taken them this long (for whatever reason) to finally wrap up this stupid deal?

    • SickLiar says:

      “Unlike most people, I have no problem with being upfront and direct in everything that I do.”

      If he’d received much money for the book, he might have been “upfront and direct” about his compensation. I’ll be happy to forward a copy of this agreement to SSDI to make sure he was “upfront and direct” with them about this compensation as he’s obligated to report this income to them – since they effectively underwrote him to write this book.

    • But why isn’t he “up front and direct” and post the audio of Jeff Chostner, the Pueblo Colorado D.A., promising to give Legion some off the books, informal, special assurances that Chostner will never, ever, ever revive the charges which were expressly dismissed by the judge in writing w/o prejudice to the charges being revived. Come on Legion, you satanic, lying devil, get creative. Produce that wild and crazy audio or come up with an excuse. You can’t simply ignore your promises. That would suggest a lack of character.

    • SickLiar says:

      “Unlike most people, I have no problem with being upfront and direct in everything that I do.”

      Famous last words from a career con man?

      “Hope you don’t mind but I’m going to use your credit card against your wishes, ok?” (Colorado conviction)

      “I’m just going to forge a few of your checks. That’s all.” (Arizona conviction)

      “These are bogus money orders that I don’t even know why I got them or where they came from but I’d appreciate you cashing them for me.” (Delaware charges)

  27. Dennis says:

    Gee, Fat Boy keeps brushing us off as a pack of losers but he sure must jump to our tune. Looks as if he and Kenny boy originally just had a little verbal understanding and after hearing all the flack over here, they then decided to knuckle down and dig up some generic copyright forms and do this sort of more for real (like just last week). So it appears to be all signed, sealed and delivered (though they should file this transfer with the US Copyright office – actually, they don’t have to but it is advised). One slight possible problem. I don’t think you can transfer the ISBN in the manner that they are trying to do. If this were one company buying out another company, they could do it this way. But that isn’t the case. Good thing nobody gives a damn since it is a dead book and who cares and if SpoonHead paid more than a nickel for this sucker he has been robbed (but that is his problem and I hope he got fleeced royal).

    But my oh my, do we have “influence” over this turd brain or what?

  28. Dennis says:

    “…bring this story to the screen”? Lol! ROFL! Oh for crying out loud this is way too funny!!!!! Weeeeee! Yes sir, it is going to be a movie. Hey, maybe a musical. Maybe they can get Patton Oswalt to play Lardo….

  29. Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair
    11 hours ago
    Brighthouse Networks deleted 3 years of voice messages today while swapping out modems. In the process they deleted my phone number and when they realized it, it was too late. I am not a happy customer tonight.

    Hat tip to Brighthouse Networks! A scammer without a phone number is not a bad thing.

    pwoor wary

    Without returning those three year old phone calls, how can he finish his third book of fiction tentatively titled “When One Con Man Sits On His Hungry Bottom Defrauding SSDI”?


    • Dennis says:

      As usual, this story makes no sense since the modem has nothing to do with the voice message system. However, it does get him off the hook with producing any “messages” from the DA in Colorado.

      • Meesh says:

        Yep,totally agree with you Dennis….just a lame excuse on why he “can’t” post that voice message as promised, pure BULLSHIT! C’mon now a modem, he can do better then that.

      • I guess the con man found audio messages like that are pretty tough to forge. But once again, BS isn’t.

        Talking about phone records, where are those phone bills showing Donald Young’s phone numbers? In 2008, my Sprint account, like the Sprint account he claimed to have, showed inbound and outbound phone numbers for the fall of 2007. Chicago police told us there was never a grand jury called for Donald Young as the con man claimed (BS’ed) was holding him up from publishing these records. The con man’s kilted lawyer wrote the phone companies to get official copies of these bills.

        When he filed his affidavit, all he had to do as we told him, was log into his Sprint account, print them off (as I was able to do) and attach them to his affidavit. The only way that would be a problem back then would be if they didn’t exist. You’d think if one were making the sort of allegations he was against a candidate for president, this would be critical evidence to make sure one got and secured for their own protection. It will be seven years this December since Donald Young died. And still no easily recovered phone bills produced by the con man showing Donald Young ever spoke with him.

        Nothing new here. This is his well established modus operandi. When he gets called to produce any evidence of his scams, if he can’t forge it, he provides a bullshit excuse.

      • Interesting that Jeff Chostner was on Legion’s mind enough to cause him to bring up Chostner’s name and volunteer a lie about a dismissal with prejudice even though no-one here was even talking about the dismissed case anymore. I think the Pueblo County Colorado D.A. was on Legion’s mind for some other reason.

  30. Dennis says:

    Quick update: the GoFundMe site for the Sinkhole Confederate Estate and Bullshit Institute is no more. The page no longer exists. It has vanished. Kaputs. Over. Once again, defeat has mired an otherwise successful campaign.

  31. Along the lines of the GoFundMe failures, let’s briefly recap (again):
    “July 19th Publication of Sinclair News Articles is Temporarily Suspended … due to some damage to hardware”
    “Jul 31 SN-LSNG to Shutdown or Change Ownership”
    “Aug 1 Effective today Sinclair News – LS New Group is under new ownership”
    “Aug 3 Sinclair News is under reconstruction right now! We’ll be back in a few days ~Harry”

    Aug 31 says “This webpage is not available”

    Crickets … not even a notice on the main page link to tell folks what is going on.
    “Former CEO & Founder at Sinclair News – LS News Group
    January 2012 to August 2014”

    “CEO & Founder” of a failed website nobody read nor cares to sustain

    “He’s a real nowhere man
    Sitting in his nowhere land
    Making all his nowhere plans for nobody”

    • Here is one theory why he is laying low. Remember last March he took the money he had solicited and collected for the clean water for kids walk-a-thon (according to him about $1500 – could have been more) and used it to bail himself out of jail in Florida after the nation wide warrant was issued from Colorado. His last mention of that money was a claim that the Colorado warrant interfered with him turning over the cash in time for the walk-a-thon. I can’t imagine him ever turning that money over, but I can imagine the walk-a-thon people making a fuss about it. And since the Florida law enforcement authorities, because of the Colorado warrant, were already aware of Legion’s history it seems to me he would have suffered some kind of repercussions which caused him to close down his old operations. Since he knows he’s being watched he is now trying to scrub the puss off his reputation and create a new “upfront and direct” image in preparation for his next scam.

      • One thing is for sure: with all of his desperate attempts to scrape up dough for Colorado and the failure of his site, most likely because he ran out of dough, that Colorado case knocked the crap out of him financially. So bad that he’s having trouble financing his next scam.

        He’s not in jail or a mental institution where he belongs but his Hungry Bottom is still aching from that butt kicking. The bad news is the longer it goes on, the more likely he’ll resort to something more criminal. The good news is, if he does that, he’s more likely to get caught like he always has and go to jail.

        • Dennis says:

          You both are on to something. He is obviously desperate for dough. He is doing just about anything to raise money. But he is also bending over backwards to pretend otherwise and is incredible restrained from making any out right solicitation for cash. His stupid estate scam was dead in the water because he wouldn’t do anything to press the issue (like maybe somebody with deep pockets would just happen by or something). His bs sales of the old web site and the old book rights has obviously been done fast and dirty and the results appear to be less than pennies on the dollar. He appears scared out of his wits to look as if he is seeking (and/or receiving) money. As we all know, this is not how Lardo normally operates. So something his breathing hard down his fat neck.

          • Dennis says:
            AUGUST 31, 2014 AT 2:13 PM

            So something his breathing hard down his fat neck.

            When one threatens the President of the United States and his family, as SickLiar stupidly did, it’s not a stretch to imagine members of the Secret Service or law enforcement lawfully tapping their phone, reading their posts and emails, tracking their bank accounts, etc.

            That’s gotta be a tough way to try to continue to scam people and it’s harder to attract co-conspirators up to no good because they know SickLiar s up to his eyeballs in that kind of scrutiny.

            Hopefully, Ken Olsen is clean because that’s a part of the “historical significance” of his investment. 🙂 They’re probably taking a close look at what Ken is all about. I hope Ken gets his moneys worth of that.

            Heck, for the number of times I’ve spoken with the authorities, they’ve probably checked me out too. The difference is, it doesn’t concern me too much because I’ve never been up to any shenanigans. They can knock themselves out if they don’t pass out with boredom first.

            • Dennis says:

              Gee gosh golly, threaten the president and his entire family and repeatedly send them stupid obscene weird ass letters and photos by FedEx and stuff like that and they try to make a federal case out of it. Doesn’t anybody appreciate a lying bag of horse hockey who is straight forward and direct (except for all of those times when he ain’t)?

            • He had a house … gone
              He had a dog … gone
              He had a RV/car … gone
              He owned a (scam) book … gone
              He owned a (bad “news”) website … gone
              His “following” … basically gone
              His political aspirations … gone

              And he’s got the authorities (USSS, IRS looking to collect $, FBI, SSDI, etc) breathing down his neck.

              All he’s got left is a fatter and more repugnant Hungry Bottom and an empty bank account. Which, aside from residing in a jail or a mental institution, seems to be about what he deserves for all his lying and scams.

  32. Dennis says:

    Failure? You people say he is a failure? Why, he now has (according to his latest posting) an editor hard at work on the new book (which I thought was finished) and it will by gum be ready for release sometime soon (hey, what happened to that end of August date?) and now, drum roll please, you can go to GoFuckMe and contribute to the When One Man Scams publication fund drive Yes, you can give him money for a book that may or may not exist in order to “help” him get a publisher in order to sell this imaginary book to his many imaginary readers. Give him $2,500 and you will get 10 pre-first editions. In fact, I suspect he is offering more pre-first edition copies of the stupid thing than he might have ever sold of the original book, but I’m sure it is all a hot offer.

    OK, so what he is really saying is that he was never exactly finished with the damn book and he is also stalling because he can’t get any advance purchases going and he needs the advance money in order to actually publish the darn thing and basically he is going nuts trying to provoke interest even though there is no real way in Hades that anyone in their right mind gives a rat’s butt about his half-baked looney faux-suicide and silly stay in a nut house in WV and besides which his account of how he got there is a total bs story that nobody either believes or cares to hear and why in the heck does he think anybody is slapping down this kind of money on his sorry ass tales at this point.

  33. Dennis says:

    Let’s see, he wants to do a print run of 10,000 books (double the advised print run for any type of self-published book); has pushed the release date into a twilight zone based on getting donors for his “fund” drive (which should have been started months ago); is focused on a limited social media campaign (limited in that he is using his largely unread Facebook and blog sites and has no ability to reach out and connect with any type of larger audience at this point); thinks he can raise $35,000 when he has so far been unable to rise anything more than a bit of lunch money.

    Yep, this is going to work. Oh yeah. Ol’Butterball is hot tonight. He is doubling down.

    • That is another scam. He previously sold these more than two years ago and didn’t deliver

      • Dennis says:

        Its a safe bet that this certificate scam didn’t go anywhere either. His ability at scoring on this scam has been dropping like a rock and he is floundering blind while trying to pump it back up. This new GoFraudMe campaign is doomed to failure. Just like his other two campaigns. The whole thing doesn’t make a lick of sense (except that he wants money). However, I love his new claim that he has an “editor” working on the book. So how did he arm twist Tina Thornton Parsons into this act of charity? Especially since he appears to have allowed her book to go into public domain (after doing nothing with it after “publication” – gosh, I would have thought she be a wee bit mad).

    • Interesting that he’s trying to get the money thru a GoFundMe site instead of a donate button. I wonder why.

    • He’s not going to sell 10,000 copies of this nonsense. He’s not even going to sell 5,000 copies. His first book is selling just a few copies per year and did not sell well. He’s just trying to raise the extra cash which he’d pocket like the cash from the original certificates he sold for this same book in 2012 – and did not deliver.

      But I have a strong feeling it’s going to go like many of his other GoFundMe efforts … nowhere … particularly since I reported the concern about the last certificate scam for this same book to GoFundMe.

      • Dennis says:

        Unfortunately, the reason he keeps going back to GoFundMe is the fact that they just don’t care. They basically operate on the standard that it is donor beware and are contractually set up to not get involved in policing or even checking the nature of the projects posted on their site. So Lardo feels pretty free to do as he wants.

  34. Dennis says:

    BTW, a basic cost estimate of self-publishing 10,000 books is $17,817 So his “fund” campaign will leave him the tidy sum of $17,183 before he even tries selling a copy. Not too bad of a haul for gibberish. Of course, he may have a wee spot of bother finding anyone out there who wants (or even can) afford the amounts he is begging for at GoFundMe. But that’s OK. I suspect he is simply hoping for some low amounts from the usual suckers and he can still pocket some easy dough. However, his last two campaigns (which were extremely recent) suggests that he has already tapped those folks out.

    • Dennis says:

      And BTW, virtually every aspect of his proposal concerning the publication and distribution of this “book” is utter nonsense by any standard approach in self-publication. Good thing it is a scam. If this were really a business proposal, it would be a complete disaster.

  35. Dennis says:

    Oh my, the threats continue: “Any questions any donor or potential supported of this campaign has can be sent directly to me at A small group of wannabe cyber-bullies from Columbus, OH; Lawrence, MA; Lawrenceville, GA; Everett, WA; London, Ontario; Gaithersburg, Maryland; who have good reason to try and sideline a large first edition printing from becoming a reality (and exposing their true identities) will not be permitted to comment here unless they make a contribution.”

    Just a few quick points: 1. Nobody is trying to sideline anything. Heck, I am a firm believer that a fool and his money are soon parted. What we are questioning is most of your bullshit story. But nobody is trying to stop anything, a-hole. 2. Exposing our true IDs? So? Who gives a crap. Besides, the only person who has used people’s names, phone numbers and other personal material for cheap acts of threats and intimation has been you, a-hole. 3. Make a contribution to make a comment? Woo! You drive a hard baragain. Guess I’ll pass.

    But someone just couldn’t say no and you just got your first $500. So when do you send Ken Olsen his three sign copies of the pre-first edition?

    • SickLiar said:

      “Any questions any donor or potential supported of this campaign has can be sent directly to me at”

      You just know his book editor got a hold of that post …

      And he expects us to make a contribution so we can trust a career felon in fraud to allow us to post?

      ROFLMAO !!! 🙂

      Names are going in the book … anyone else smell the inevitable defamation lawsuit? The sloppy way this guy writes and his baseless way of joining dots …

      • “And he expects us to make a contribution so we can trust a career felon in fraud to allow us to post?”

        What in the world makes him think we want to post there? And I agree with Dennis that the alleged $500 donation is a phoney attempt to give the scam some credibility. Who in hell would pay him $500 for his “personal inscription.” Who does he think he is – Hillary Clinton? (And I seriously doubt that anyone would pay that much for hers.)

        Also notice that 10 of 10 of the “Bronze Book” apparently remain available despite the $500 allegedly paid for 3 of them.

        Legion, please put away that syringe. I’m only telling you this out of concern for your well being.

        • Dennis says:

          I am not surprised to see that he is trying to do a Carmen on us (dark hints of what he might expose about us blah blah blah). But this inverse shakedown attempt (you have to buy my book to see how I bad mouth you and you have to give me money to even post comments blah blah blah) is really, really stupid. I know that the protection racket was never one of Fat Boy’s crimes, but man, he sucks at it.

          BTW, as I was assuming, SpoonHead was spending all of that time over here gathering information on everyone. Of course all he was getting is pretty routine. If he had some sly wits, he could have done a whole lot better. But fortunately for us, Ken Olsen is brain dead stupid, can’t keep his fat trap shut, and pretty much blew it every time he logged in.

          • “I know that the protection racket was never one of Fat Boy’s crimes, but man, he sucks at it.”

            Plus short fat girlie guys with dewlaps and hungry bottoms aren’t exactly intimidating.

          • Dennis says:

            “dark hints of what he might expose about us”

            And he thinks after more than six years of threatening us and trying to expose us, that will discourage us?

            One does not get in touch with Dept of Homeland Security/USSS, the FBI, local law enforcement, District Attorneys, etc to report this con man as we have if law enforcement is looking for us or looking at us for wrong doing. I’m sure to some extent, we’ve already been scrutinized.

            After years of reform schools and mental institutions for kids as a juvenile delinquent, law enforcement in CO, FL and AZ convicted him for fraud, forgery and theft and sentenced him to many years in prison for five felonies before 1997.

            Since 1997, the US Secret Service, the FBI, local law enforcement, DE and CO District attorneys, FL warrant, etc do not take action against SickLiar for threats, smuggling illegal aliens, forgery, counterfeit money orders, bogus checks, etc as they have, unless they believe SickLiar continued to have been up to no good criminally. Those action he took to commit alleged crimes had nothing to do with us or Obama.

            In some respects, without mitigating the likely defamation damages to come from this mentally ill con man, getting named in his book is arguably a badge of courage. It was our civic duty to shine a bright light on this life long fraudster to protect the public from him. His scrambling for scamming cash on GoFundMe, in the wake of his failed news site, failed publishing company, failed illegal candidacy, etc suggests we’ve been moderately successful in that endeavor and deprived him of the one thing he’s committed crimes all of his pathetic life for: money.


          On RHS, 1/4 way down the page:

          11 hours ago (Offline Donation)”

          In other words, it’s an “offline donation” he made up and plugged in (because it isn’t entered into GoFundMe) to try to fool others people were actually giving him money for this.

  36. Meesh says:

    What a POS and an idiot at that… he says:

    “It seems that little group of 5 who have sat in front of their computers monitoring my every post, burp and fart for the past almost 7 years got butt hurt when I decided they would not be allowed to post their constant and false drivel on the GoFundMe page and started sending in complaints to GoFundMe doing what they do best, making yet another false and completely untrue accusation. Below is the comment posted on the Go Fund Me page earlier (normally I do not post links to these idiots but I am making an exception this time)”

    So lets get this straight “When One Man Stands” is about standing against a group of 5 (us) so big deal! He continues with…

    “I understand the desire for these idiots to try and keep the books release limited to the smallest number of copies as possible, especially since the book covers a lot of not so flattering information on this little wannabe group of internet thugs. Whether the book is release with just those who reserved a copy or with thousands of copies printed in the first edition printing is completely dependent on whether enough people believe and support a large production being available from day one.
    So now you know that the same group who prided themselves in threatening, harssing and intimidating publishers in 2009 over the first book are back at it again trying to keep the second book limited as best they can.”

    Au contraire POS there’s nothing more than what I would like to see is for you to make money lots of it…so we can prove once in for all that it should have been “When One Man Scams”

    Will you report any income? This is what I am personally waiting for…this time around they are watching you VERY closely…Go for it scumbag, you won’t get away with what you have done in the past.Hope this time around hoping the Scam pans out so you can go back to jail.

    PS scumbag, you still do not have me pegged down, I do not live in any of the places that you have posted…Try again *idiot* the gates are down and the lights are flashing, but the train isn’t coming. You do not intimidate me 🙄

    • SickLiar Says

      GoFundMe Becomes latest Target of Cowards

      Earlier today I posted an update on the status of the book When One Man Stands. In that update I included a link to a Go Fund Me campaign started at the suggestion of a friend in hopes of making the public release of the book with at least 10000 hardcover copies in print.

      It seems that little group of 5 who have sat in front of their computers monitoring my every post, burp and fart for the past almost 7 years got butt hurt when I decided they would not be allowed to post their constant and false drivel on the GoFundMe page and started sending in complaints to GoFundMe doing what they do best, making yet another false and completely untrue accusation. Below is the comment posted on the Go Fund Me page earlier (normally I do not post links to these idiots but I am making an exception this time)

      WheresThe ProofLarry has posted a comment to your fund: What’s going on here? You raised money for this in 2012 and did not deliver a book: Now you want to sucker people again for the same book?

      It seems the Butthurt gang in Lawrence, MA; Lawrenceville, GA; London, Ontario; Columbus, OH; Gaithersburg, MD and Everett, WA., believe that my offering people the opportunity to reserve a signed/numbered copy of When One Man Stands for a $5.00 reservation fee was somehow a fundraising effort for publishing the book and have now filed a complaint with GoFundMe accusing me of fundraising in 2012 and never following through on my end. Below is the email I received from GoFundMe concerning the filing of complaints by the same idiots received at 10:34PM ET

      Sep 01 07:34 PM

      Dear GoFundMe Customer,

      We’re reaching out to inform you that there have been complaints regarding the authenticity of your page located at:

      Could you please confirm that the information you’re presenting on your GoFundMe page is 100% true and accurate?

      Failure to respond to this inquiry within 48 hours will result in the termination of your account.



      We’re here to help! I’ll try my best to respond within 5 minutes during normal business hours. —————————————– Customer Happiness, GoFundMe

      Every individual who reserved a signed/numbered copy of the book has been kept up to date on the release, and not a single one has asked to cancel their reservation as of this date. Below is my response to Go Fund Me’s email:


      I am prepared to bet that the complaints which have been filed were filed by individuals associated with a website that has dedicated itself for almost 7 years to attacking, stalking and harassing me, my family, friends and neighbors.

      The information set forth on the When One Man Stands Go Fund Me page is 100% accurate. The complaints sent to Go Fund Me were sent after I blocked these internet stalkers and cyber-bullies from using the campaign to promote themselves or their website.

      Had these individuals been honest in their claims, and I am sure they are making the same claim to GoFundMe that they posted earlier on the page which I have attached below.

      I did offer friends, family and others the opportunity to reserve a signed/numbered copy of the book When One Man Stands, they were able to reserve a copy for a fee of $5.00 and they were provided a certificate which clearly stated what number they were entitled to upon publication. I have stayed in constant contact with each and every individual who reserved a signed/numbered copy and not a single one has asked to cancel their reservation and are completely okay with the fact that the time frame and deadline originally put on the release date was delayed.

      Unlike those who file complaints online under assumed names I put my name on everything I post and say. I would hope that Go Fund Me would look at the history these individuals have of filing complaints in efforts to prevent me from completing a project, all of which they have failed at miserably I might add.

      It appears these individuals would like to think that those individuals reserving a signed/numbered copy of the book was somehow fund raising when it was not nor do they feel it was either.

      I have had to deal with these individuals making false complaints for almost 7 years now so getting your email was not a surprise at all. Unlike those who filed the complaint, I have never had a single complaint filed, reservation cancelled, or a purchase through PayPal rejected, reversed or refund requested.

      Please let me know if I can be of further assistance in answering your question. I would also ask if GoFundMe would forward a copy of the complaints to me including the email addresses used to file the complaints from.

      Lawrence (Larry) Sinclair

      I understand the desire for these idiots to try and keep the books release limited to the smallest number of copies as possible, especially since the book covers a lot of not so flattering information on this little wannabe group of internet thugs. Whether the book is release with just those who reserved a copy or with thousands of copies printed in the first edition printing is completely dependent on whether enough people believe and support a large production being available from day one.

      So now you know that the same group who prided themselves in threatening, harssing and intimidating publishers in 2009 over the first book are back at it again trying to keep the second book limited as best they can.

      That’s his full post for context and I’ll respond to in pieces.

      We’re “cowards”?

      This career felon, aside from threatening the President of the United States and his family, has:
      – threatened to kill some of us
      – threatened to physically assault some of us
      – threatened to harm some of our families
      – threatened to burn some of our houses down
      – threatened some of us with civil legal action
      – threatened some of us with criminal complaints
      and now he’s “threatening” to disparage some of us in his book.

      In spite of more than six years of these threats and intimidation, the “cowards” are still here.

      So what’s this book all about? When one man stands up against five internet “cowards” – made up of housewives and grandmothers? Sounds like a real thriller to me, tough guy. “Help!! The grandmothers are beating the crap out of me (exposing my scams) and I can’t handle it!! Send me money (another scam) so you can get all the sordid details (… that nobody cares about) of how these women are beating a mentally ill career fraudster like me up!!!”

      Let’s be blunt: you’re a seriously stupid, dishonest loser, SickLiar. The whole premise of your non-existent book doesn’t even make much sense – which is probably a big reason why it still isn’t published – years after you fleeced people for contributions towards it’s delivery – which is now years past the date you promised it.

      • Dennis says:

        He’s now calling us the Butthurt Gang? This sounds pretty Freudian to me. He is warm for our form.

        As you may have noticed, all that “Amanda” at GoFundMe wants is an email in which he swears that his info is 100% legit. That’s it. The company simply needs to maintain their denial-ability. But he spends so much time attacking us, he never gets around to exactly giving them that simple answer. They may be willing to take his email as a Yes, but he doesn’t really say so. God what an a-hole.

        • Dennis says:

          And BTW, I’m the one over here who keeps giving the idiot solid business advise. Oh sure, I’m pretty backhanded about it, but the advise is solid. And what do I get in return? Insults I tell you! Insults! What an a-hole. I think I’m going to bill him.

    • “PS scumbag, you still do not have me pegged down, I do not live in any of the places that you have posted…”

      Neither do I. But even if I did – so do several million others. What a big threatening disclosure. He has no names but he knows we live somewhere in the world. Wow!

      • Oh I get it now. People around the world are just beside themselves with curiosity about the identities of Legion’s nemeses. And the only way they will find out is to pay him money and he might one day provide names. Well I will be happy to provide three of those names right now. Get ready —– they are Hickory, Dickory and Doc. Now that might not be the exact spelling, but if you pay him money I’m sure Legion will provide any corrections if he ever publishes the book.

  37. Dennis says:

    21 hours into the new GoFraudMe campaign and the count is still $500 from an unknown offline (and kind of suspect) source. Guess we are not doing our part by shelling out money just to find out what nasty things he says about us. BTW Fat Boy, I have an odd background and have been insulted by some pretty seasoned pros over the years. You might want to use one of my own favorite: “You think you’re hot shit on a silver platter but you are really just a cold turd on a paper plate.” It was one of those “meetings” where I was on the verge of slugging the sucker and when he said that, well, I burst out laughing so hard that it pretty much wrapped the day for me.

    • “You think you’re hot shit on a silver platter but you are really just a cold turd on a paper plate.”

      That’s a good one. First time I ever heard that one. It’s hard to know which I would rather be. I guess the former because at least I would have the silver platter. 🙂

      • Dennis says:

        Just one of many comments I have received from my numerous fans over the years. Another favorite was a letter I once received from a letter. Extremely lovely and very flowerly stationary. Beautiful and very exacting handwriting. Opened with the greeting: “Dear Asshole,”. Went down hill from there. Ironically, the paper smelled of nice perfume.

  38. In light of the above, this bears repeating

    Here are some of the published release dates for this book:
    Jun 2012
    Aug 2012
    Sep 2012
    Oct 2012
    Nov 2012
    Dec 2012
    – at this point, he’s still writing FOIA requests behind the scenes – even though he’s told folks he’s just got to re-scan them months before
    Jan 2013
    Apr 2013
    Sep 2013
    Jun 2014
    Aug/Sep 2014

    Here’s the back up for those year months:
    Larry Sinclair is currently writing When One Man Stands due to be released in August 2012.
    When One Man Stands, to be released in August 2012.

    When One Man Stands – SCAM
    Sinclair News is proud to announce the offering of 1000 signed/numbered advance copies of Larry Sinclair’s new book When One Man Stands to be shipped in June 2012, ninety days before the book goes on sale to the public on September 18, 2012.
    Orders for When One Man Stands are being accepted for Autographed Hardcover copies which 1) have been delayed iin going to print due to print file errors which need to be corrected, and 2) so that documents obtained from a Freedom of Information Act request made Feb 2011 to the Department of Homeland Security and was withheld until just this past week can be included in the initial printing of When One Man Stands. The additional documents to be added to the book are critical in giving the reader documented evidence how the United States Government and Law Enforcement along with Law Firms and Political offices went to extremes to put a target on the back of a US Citizen which could have resulted in the murder of one man who dare stand against the Obama machine. The Amazon Kindle version of When One Man Stands will also be available as soon as the formatting errors have been corrected and the FOIA Documents are added to the file.
    “When One Man Stands,” set for a September 2012 limited advance release and a October 16, 2012 nationwide release.

    Oct 24, 2012
    “When One Man Stands Rolling Out Just In Time For 2012 Election”

    Dec 13, 2012 Sinclair is set to release his new book When One Man Stands.

    After considerable time and effort trying to modify the print file and layout of the book When One Man Stands in an effort to not have to transcribe the actual documents from official agencies, and our failure to get the problem corrected we are as of today re-scanning all the documents which are included in this book and undergoing a complete rework on the books layout. To those who have ordered a signed copy of this book your order will be filled as soon as we have rescanned all the books official documents and completed the complete rework of the print layout. While some (one or two) of our critics will continue to publish Internet claims “there is no book,” or “the book was not finished yet,” and so on, we can only sit back and laugh at their complete ignorance as to what is or is not the situation with this book.

    After working for months to correct the formatting of the print files for When One Man Stands we believe we have corrected those problems and are planning to ship out those reserved signed/numbered copies in April and to have the book available on Amazon Kindle and to the general public by early May 2013. We appreciate those who have been patient with us on the release of this book and we believe the wait will have been well worth it.
    When One Man Stands
    Publication Date:2013-09-26
    Author of the book “When One Man Stands, (scheduled for September 2013 Release)
    When One Man Stands scheduled for nationwide release in June 2014
    When One Man Stands | … (Late August/Early September 2014 Release date)

    And somehow, we’re to blame for raising our eyebrows at another GoFundMe Scam?

    He has lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied again -many times over about this – and not just about the released date, about the facts behind creating the book which have later been revealed to have been false.

    • If any of his potential suckers were not aware of this, they will be now after he told them about the “small group of cyber bullies” who have been hurting his feelings. Does he think anyone who visited the GoFuckYouself site and read his whining wouldn’t have googled his name to find out what has been going on and found TR2? It’s almost as if he’s been a self defeating advertisement for his opponents.

  39. Now if anyone has any doubt as to the stupidity of SickLiar

    The $2,500 to the $50 range of offerings offer different quantities of the same thing “a pre-first edition printing with personal inscription by the Author”

    $2,500 costs $250 per book for 10 books
    $1,500 costs $214 per book for 7 books
    $1,000 costs $200 per book for 5 books
    $500 costs $167 per book for 3 books
    $100 costs $50 per book for 2 books
    $50 costs $50 per book for 1 book

    So you could be a real dumbass like SickLiar and pay $2,500 to get 10 books or you could buy 10 book for $500 using the $50 per book category and save yourself $2,000 to get the same 10 books!

    What a marketing genius this dumbass is!!! No wonder he’s been put in jail so many times for ripping folks off and no wonder he get caught in so many lies.

    He’s stoooopid!!!

    • Excellent point WTPL?. Now I have to ask myself why I didn’t notice that. Could it be that I’m not as sharp as I think I am? Nah. I just didn’t have my calculator handy. 🙂

      • Well the housewives and grandmothers are doing that math in their head at the grocery store if they shop for their families …. 2500/10 vs 50/1 ain’t too tough to do in one’s head.

        SickLiar probably doesn’t bother because he’s too stooopid and busy with his chronic theft problem shoplifting, stuffing it into his Hungry Bottom or under a flap of flab and waddling on.

        • “Well the housewives and grandmothers are doing that math in their head at the grocery store if they shop for their families …. 2500/10 vs 50/1 ain’t too tough to do in one’s head.”

          But remember they do that math when they are actually looking to buy and they are figuring out the best deal. Just reading graffiti on a shit house wall – not so much.

    • Dennis says:

      Yeah, that is just one part of what I was saying about him using a really bad business model. Everything else in this set up is just as bad if not worse. He hasn’t a clue what he is doing.

  40. SickLiar said:

    “A small group of wannabe cyber-bullies from Columbus, OH; Lawrence, MA; Lawrenceville, GA; Everett, WA; London, Ontario; Gaithersburg, Maryland”

    I guess I’m not a cyberbully either as I’m also not from any of those places.

    • Dennis says:

      Don’t feel bad. I suspect that the list was actually compiled by SpoonHead and I had the impression that I had scored blood in several rounds. So I have gone to the top of the pack.

  41. One other point:

    Advance Orders-Reservations Now Being Accepted For When One Man Stands
    February 22, 2012
    Learning from the 2008/2009 publication it has been decided that no more than 1000 copies of When One Man Stands will be made available prior to going on sale nationwide on September 18, 2012. These advance copies will be the only copies which Mr. Sinclair will personally sign and number.

    Again, the advanced copies that some folks bought were never delivered as promised in June 2012.

    In spite of promising those who purchased advanced copies that advanced copies would be the only copies he’d personally sign, more than two years after his advanced copies sale, he’s selling “signed copies” on GoFundMe

    And these cannot be “advanced copies” because we’re into the most recent public release date of “late August/early September 2014”.

    Just though that little sub scam of SickLiar not keeping his word was worthy of pointing out.

  42. Another point that exposes SickLiar’s BS about these release dates.

    This went up yesterday, September 1, 2014

    In an effort to make the upcoming release of the new book When One Man Stands a success it is our desire to raise the funds necessary to have a minimum of 10,000 Hardback copies of the book printed and available on the day of release to the general public.

    His most recent published release date is “late August/early September 2014″.

    From his Facebook page:
    “Author of the book “When One Man Stands, (scheduled for late August 2014)”

    The advanced book sales money from 2012 is obviously gone because he hasn’t been able to pay his internet bills.

    And he doesn’t even have the money to print hardcovers of his book from his GoFundMe post.

    So how could he possibly start raising the money on Sept 1 and get the books printed for a release date of “late August/early September 2014″?

    He can’t. It’s just another lie because he knew he didn’t have the money to do so long before Sept 1 and printing hardcovers takes a lot more than a few days time.

  43. Still another point that exposes SickLiar’s BS:

    Let’s do some more math:

    Ballpark hardcover printing costs
    Hardcover (jacketed)
    $10.75 per unit + $0.02 per page

    The book he alleges is 480 pages.

    So that’s roughly $20.35 to print a black and white (jacketed) book.
    10,000 copies will cost in the neighborhood of $203,500.

    These guys were $15.21 each

    Let’s say he went dirt cheap (probably impossible with copying documents and making them readable in small pages …) and got 10,000 books for $100,000

    The hardcover of Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?
    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,639,783 in Books
    which translates to less than one hardcover book per year sold on

    This book doesn’t have the juicy lies about having sex and doing drugs with Obama nor the juicy BS “physical description” of Obama’s dick. This book has no election impact as Obama has already won his last election. So it’s not going to sell as nearly well as SickLiar’s first pamphlet – which did not sell well.

    Therefore, “When One Man Stands” will never recover the $203,500/$100,000 in projected hardcover printing costs .. and I submit SickLiar already knows this because he starved for dough with his first pamphlet. So he has absolutely no intention of spending $203,500/$100,000 in projected hardcover printing costs – even if he were able to raise that sort of dough (which he isn’t).

    This is another scam to scoop dough. There’s no way he intends to print 10,000 hardcover books right out of the gate. Not a chance.

  44. Spoonheader troll took an ignore the facts shot at us

    Since I did a hunk of the GoFundMe exposure, I’ll leave the above nonsense for you guys so I can get some work done.

    • I noticed that Ly Spooner didn’t give YOU a shout out, WTPL?. Whatsamatter Ly? Are you scared of WTPL? Are you worried that he might check you out too? Come on Ly, Legion mentioned 5 cyber bullies and you only named 3 – Hickory, Dickory and Doc. What’s up with that?

      • Dennis says:

        Just did a quick read. Usual lame gibberish. Roughly concludes with: “Now those who were not present when Larry met barry can only weigh the testimony and other evidence and come to tentative conclusions about whether or not Mr. Sinclair’s claims are true or not.” Note to Ken: We did weigh it. Didn’t pass. Sorry Charlie.

        • Dennis says:

          OTOH, we are now being called goofy stooges. First we were losers. Then cowards. Suddenly the Butthurt Gang. Now stooges. Good grief, can these twerps just make up their mind?

          • “Good grief, can these twerps just make up their mind?”

            Their problem is that they are both so pissed that we’ve blocked their scams that they’ve LOST their minds. If only we would go away, maybe they could make a buck. But no. Now just to be able to pay the rent they might have to try to get real jobs cleaning up the maggots at the local dumpster or go back to offering their two for the price of one hungry bottom specials. Either way, it won’t be long before they are both thoroughly screwed.

        • Indeed Dennis,

          “Now those who were not present when Larry met barry can only weigh the testimony and other evidence and come to tentative conclusions about whether or not Mr. Sinclair’s claims are true or not.”

          we did weigh it very carefully.

          We found some of the evidence had been forged. We found his Obama story changed like the release dates of his new book. We found lie after lie after lie in SickLiar’s testimony. He failed his lie detector test.

          And that’s what the media found which is why they wouldn’t run with his story. It wasn’t just the liberal media. FOX News and nearly everyone in the conservative media except the fringes on the net wouldn’t run with his BS. They passed on a story that had Monica Lewinsky type potential because they found when they investigated it that it wasn’t verifiable and for those who looked deeper (some who followed our blog), that it wasn’t true.

          If Spoonheader had any doubts, for example like the media, all he had to ask for were the easily obtainable phone bills showing inbound and outbound cell phone calls to and from Donald Young. He’ll never see legitimate copies of them, like his kilted lawyer never saw them, because they never existed. SickLiar lied.

          But by the time Spoonheader found out, his money was in SickLiar’s bank account. The only historical significance to what Spoonheader bought exists in the criminal history of Lawrence Wayne Sinclair, a career con man specialized in theft, forgery and fraud who duped the Spoonheader.

          • You can’t expect Ly to think rationally about this. Between his racist hatred for the President (Ly can’t even bring himself to capitalize the first letter in the President’s first and last name) and the fact that Ly is already into the scam so deep with his own cash, he just can’t face the fact that Legion has made a fool of him – more of a fool than he was before they met. So Ly is locked. Unlocking Ly will make his head explode. I’m just looking forward to the day they turn on each other (and I don’t mean sexually).

      • I think my handle “Where’s the Proof, Larry?” has always caused the fat con man difficulty. He doesn’t want folks thinking about that because he has nothing to show them. He never has. Ditto for our spoonheaded troll who got sucked into buying the pamphlet of BS.

        • “I think my handle “Where’s the Proof, Larry?” has always caused the fat con man difficulty. He doesn’t want folks thinking about that because he has nothing to show them. He never has.”

          Actually he has nothing to show them about anybody. Believe me, if he did we would have heard about it by now.

  45. Dennis says:

    So his whole marketing strategy with this campaign is to try and recreate the crazy heated trash days of 2008 just so he can then kick back and party like its 1999? This is really pathetic. He does know (doesn’t he) that it is pretty much over for this scam. Time to move on, for crying out loud…..

    • Yep, as I’ve said before, in order to get any money out of this scam they have to strike while the iron is hot so they can make hay while the sun shines in order to git it while the gittin’ is good. After the 2014 elections it will be much more difficult, and certainly after Obama leaves office it will be next to impossible to get any more interest in the Obama tale. They’ve failed miserably so far. So that’s precisely why they are going so crazy now. If only we would just shut up and go away they might have a fighting chance of selling their shit.

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