The Regulator Too

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The Hustle! A great song à-propos aussi!

Thanks Yankee!!!!

You captured the hustle!  It wasn’t with my years ” Disco music” Never got into it. I’m a bluejean gal.   However,many of us have been here  waiting for a diversity, something new. Well for me it was  Music!   I suck with posting, I always have. You either have it, or else cry in shame.   You helped me  Yankee, I will not get fired (front what? Not sure)  When the threads  gets high, I panic. This comment I loved! Somebody may look in.

But Yankee, magnifique mon chéri said:

“There was a time that whenever Lardina started his money grubbing/conning, we’d commemorate the event with a little music. This song in particular”

Strobe lights, let’s do something?