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Meet Sinclair News.Net part deux

Every time I view this video I Laugh, Laugh, Laugh! Anyway, where Larry Sinclair seems to want to bury this video, I want to constantly bring it up. Why? Because this will be his claim of fame,  just like this video, a Failure! Talk about a first impression eh?! At first, I wondered whatever possessed this character  to do this. He obviously was not credible, he was not prepared and he had absolutely no proof to support his allegations.

I don’t know, but the next video makes far more sense to me…

After viewing the first video, you must keep in mind these recent  quotes:

“Bryant is completely nuts over the fact that Sinclair has by dedication and tenacity become one of the most read self made journalist in the US.”

– Lawrence W. Sinclair 6-26-2012 –

And this  one too!

“We further feel that what makes Bryant go off the rails is the fact that the self-made journalist, Sinclair has, by dedication and tenacity, become one of the most read journalists in the nation .”

–  Lawrence W. Sinclair 6-26-2012

HA! Rich! Larry is  referring to  his copy/paste “SNOOZE site” Sinclair News.Net | Uncensored & Unafraid ! Larry always says it’s not about the money. Well when you go to LS SNOOZE site it’s littered with various PAYPAL links! He has some custom-made, now that’s classy!

Your Donations Keep Us Operating

“Become One of 500 Through The Mirror Annual Subscribers @ $24 per Year.Join Us In Keeping Through The Mirror Radio on the air and committed to telling it like it is. Click on the image below and become a supporter of TTM Radio Today.”

Hmm 500 x $24, not bad eh?! Nahh forget it – pure BS!

And this one too!

“Sinclair News Needs Your Help”




This is a first glance of the LS Snooze site. Nope it’s not about the money! There’s constantly appeals for money, for example here’s one and also for more updated equipment, each posts with an added  PayPal link, this page has two other links. Why does LS News Group need money to run this so called news website? Is it just another scam? With all of Larry Sinclair’s websites, and there have been many of them. there has been one common denominator, a very active PayPal . One pet project after another to raise money, the benefactor has always been Larry Sinclair.

In the past, there has been so many fundraisers; just to name a few there was a DC legal case fund that was established, (for a defamation lawsuit against three bloggers)  a banana nut bread sale,  pre-election tours throughout the USA states , which he called “Taking It To The Streets Tour”  that accomplished nothing, perhaps a vacation for Sinclair. More vacations in 2008, two first class trips to Washington DC. The most costly of the two, were funds raised to hold this very prestigious news conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC. Numerous  appeals for various publishing equipment for his “tell all” book, etc. Advance sales for a non-book that was due and that was constantly delayed, many cockamamie ideas for book promotion tours, you name it.

Always something on the go, clearing up some of his personal issues. There was a 1987 Warrant  out of Pasco County Florida that Sinclair simply forgot all about, in part this is what he posted : “I am letting all of you know right now that I have informed the State Attorney’s Office I will try to get $925.00 to them as I do not have that kind of money but that it is the only way to clear this as I cannot afford to travel to Florida to handle this through a court case either.”  A twenty-two year old issue was his problem, regardless PayPal contributions came to the rescue.

He  has constantly played the victim, in order to receive monetary gain. For example this particular time it was because he claimed he was about  to lose everything. Of course he contacted his accomplice  friend  CitizenWells who posted on his website Larry’s latest dilemma. Wells also posted a Youtube video, where  he inserted part of a video that Larry had previously posted. Sinclair  was very  convincing this was January of 2010 . Paypal funds were flowing once again. Well, he did not  lose anything, his Social Security had not been revoked. Does Sinclair ever refund the donations, in these instances, it’s very doubtful, he possesses this sense of entitlement.

Below, another parody video that someone made when Larry Sinclair announced his decision to toss his hat in the ring and run for 2010 Congress in Florida’s 24th District. Sinclair stated: “It is time that the people are represented by the people and not individuals who have made millions from Public Office.” He said he was  living on disability payments of $700/month and was  therefore better suited for Congress than Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, “who has a net worth of $10+Mil dollars.” PAYPAL was in full swing. He made promises via  YouTube and Facebook … Did he go out  and go door to door to get signatures, as promised?  He did as he always has done in the past – the easy way out. He contacted his good friend Citizenwells who composed this post :

“I spoke to Larry Sinclair last night. He reminded me that the deadline for his receiving contributions for the Florida district 24 congressional election filing fee is April 19, 2010. He also wanted everyone to know that without the filing fee, there will be no running for Congress in November. Larry is receiving coverage from some of the big MSM players now. If you cannot contribute, help spread the word. There is strength in numbers.
Larry Sinclair has done as much as anyone to expose the truth about Barack Obama. He has been doing so for well over 2 years. His continued presence in the Florida congressional race will bring even more attention to Obama’s past. Imagine the possibilities. Imagine Larry Sinclair in Congress. All of you who want Obama impeached. Sinclair will do what he says. Larry will do everything in his power to get Obama removed from office. Contributing a few dollars seems like a small price to pay for this. Larry has paid the ultimate price. To help Larry Sinclair and this country, donate here.”

Why  should Sinclair depend on others to ask for contributions for his campaign, what was he doing, except collecting  money? At the time,  Larry had already collected quite a bit of money prior to this newest plea, what happened to it?  From the very beginning we knew it was just another scam.  h/t badpoet.

As we suspected, Sinclair  ran out of steam and decided not to run for Congress  due to lack of funds, but strange in that previous link it states:“To get on the ballot, Larry Sinclair must raise sufficient funds or get enough petition signers.” What happened to all of his promises, the money that he had previously collected? Keep contributing, as he keeps saying it’s not about the money! Shortly after his decision to drop out of politics, he started displaying many photos on his Facebook of living the very good life. Para-sailing, jet-skying, landscaping projects,refurnishing/ redecorating his trailer, entertaining, wining and dining friends, luaus, boat trip. Well we know of the many trips to DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania etc. on a $700/month disability? Nope my guess, it’s on somebody else’s dime, fortunately it’s not my money. I cannot believe how gullible people can be. P.T. Barnum said it best:“There’s a sucker born every minute.”” Sinclair depends on this, he never delivers, he always looks for an easy way out, it’s PAYPAL and that’s a fact!

It’s all about the money.