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Open Chat – Let’s Decide

We’re almost done!

Still debating … it’s too dark or light, let’s try something else.

Amid all of the turmoil, who comes prancing  in,

  direct from Streamwood, Illinois !




OMG it’s CAO! Yikes!  Where’s Uma Thurman, Linda Hamilton…COW is now a lion!

Watch her bitch roar!



Well with being graced and  honoured by CAO  (here)  and (here too), Kstreet and I felt we had to do EXTRA sprucing up here…(NOT!)

But you know, I have noticed that CAO has a  pretty clean looking website, within comparison to LS SNOOZE. Check it out!  Ahh She wuvs me!

Love ya back Cow! By the looks of you, glad to see you haven’t missed a meal!

Lynn Thomas BIO

Lynn Thomas lives about 45 minutes outside Chicago in a quiet suburb. A conservative activist her entire life, she is both a social and fiscal conservative. She’s a writer, photographer and videographer, as well as a mom. She began blogging in August of 2004, at Cao’s blog, when her elder son was shipped to Iraq with the 980th Engineering Battallion of the U.S. Army.

But Cao’s blog was hacked in October of 2011 because the critics can’t handle the truth. Unable to get Cao’s blog back up and running, she started over at and is also a contributor to LSNewsGroup.

Read more interesting tidbits about Lynn Thomas/Cao HERE



Here’s another opportunity – for Teachable Moments!

Pearls of wisdom about COW by our Dennis:

“Just looked at Cao’s site. Gee, I didn’t know we were running a Reign of Terror.

Gosh, that sounds a lot better than merely shooting off our mouths. Oh hoo! And now I know that when a Replug doesn’t like something on TV, he or she merely changes the channel. So why does Cao keep coming over here (where we are running a Reign of Terror)? BTW, since she also states that when a Replug needs health insurance, they go and get a job that provides it. So why is the stupid jerk bugging people to give her money for her family’s health crisis? Doesn’t she have a job? Maybe she better get one and leave the rest of humanity alone? Keep in mind that Cao has recently given us a royal example of what I am talking about. She claims to be broke and has just exhausted unemployment while at the same time deriding and attacking the very concept of social services and safety net programs that would be designed to help people who are broke and unemployed. Then if any “questions” raised regarding her pitch for charity, she tears into the person like a crazed dog, accuses them of all sorts of imagined conspiracies, and not only attacks but pursues the person to other web sites just to thumb her nose at them. Then  she turns right around and accuses other people of operating a Reign of Terror because they have a web site of their own where they don’t much like her basically psycho crap (and on whose web sites she goes after them). Then she goes right back to her “poor little ol’ me” routine and expects somebody to hand her money. Same goes for Larry Sinclair our Fat Boy and the many others much the same  out there.

Thanks Dennis you’re the greatest!

Carry on and chat!