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Rack ’em up, another fail!

on September 16, 2014

Oh my! Here is the current statement at GoFundMe by the Master of Fail unicorn wrangler :

Larry Sinclair many fails 7363823_o” You will notice that donations are no longer being accepted on this campaign…I have discontinued this GoFundMe drive as it is clear that the drive will not reach the goal set for it in the time that I wanted it to happen.As I published in an article recently on this very subject, I am perfectly okay with the campaign not reaching its intended goal. The $500 offline contribution toward this goal has been returned to the donor. The book will still be available upon is nationwide release for ordering at that time.In an effort to make the upcoming release of the new book When One Man Stands a success it is our desire to raise the funds necessary to have a minimum of 10,000 Hardback copies of the book printed and available on the day of release to the general public.”

dennis_the_menace_incredibleSurprise! Surprise! In other words, the fund drive has been a complete failure. Nothing he has said over the past several years make a lick of sense and is just a load of gibberish to fool the suckers.He is returning the $500 because…well, under the rules of GoFundMe he doesn’t have to do that but if the offline donation was simply bull, then it doesn’t matter. Likewise, he seems to be closing it early (unless there actually was some other “issue” going on behind the scene).

So now we wait for GoFundMe Scampaign number 4. Maybe he will have a brain tumor again. Medical fund drives are always popular. Since  this current GoFundMe scampaign has crashed and burned, Fat Boy will have to fall back on the old saying: “When the going get tough, the tough blames us.” Yes, I have no doubt that once again we have used our evil mental powers learned from our Sith Lord and have created havoc on his noble quest. Odd thing. We are basically his only readers yet he treats us like dirt…He will have a very easy time blaming us. After all, we are evil. Everything we do is evil. Our thoughts are all evil. We shoot evil rays at him. When he looks in the mirror, he sees our evil grinning face glaring back at him. We are so evil that he can think of nothing else but our evilness.

So yeah, it is all our fault. I mean it couldn’t be that he is a stupid jackass who went out and made every boneheaded mistake possible in crowdfunding or anything like that…nooooo. It’s those evil regulator folks. Bah ha ha ha…and Lardo, while you continue to wallow in the numerous failures of trying to fleece money out of the same five or six people, remember that we (and I guess just we alone) still think of you. You will always have a place over here, Fat Boy. Love and Kisses from a fan.

58 responses to “Rack ’em up, another fail!

  1. When One Man Fails

    “When one man failed and made a fool of himself in front of the entire world (Taliban included). Barack Obama and the American people had no idea what insanity was about to come at them. This subsequent book is a detailed account of how for six-plus years, Larry Sinclair has continued to provide factually false fantasies and then wilted and flew off the handle against some of the most innocent criticisms leveled from the general public, including great grandmothers and housewives. From the mental illness which led him to fake an attempt to end his own life (you will be taken into the most absurd details of that ridiculous night of September 27, 2010 when Radio Host Jeff Rense and the United States Secret Service were set up to locate him before he succumbed to an overdose of tic tacs), to regaining his stupidity to stand obliviously defeated and humiliated, this story will touch just one of the reader’s emotions: laughter, laughter and more laughter. This story may make you see the humor in the extent to which this sick individual would go to attempt to scam money from any “one” with Banana Nut Bread Bake sales, failed documentary by a bankrupt film maker, junk merchandise sales, threatening faxes to the President of the United States and members of the White House, failed books, failed publishing companies, failed websites, failed radio shows, the worst press conference in US history, failure to get coverage of his Obama scam in the mainstream media, pretending to have a brain tumor, etc

    While all the details and events in this story are true, readers will at times find it difficult to believe at first, simply because they have never seen anything so ludicrous in all their lives. You will read firsthand accounts from individuals who first thought Larry was “nuts” and and still do, who say they would never have believed it had they not played witness to some of the most stupefying actions undertaken by a career con man against individual citizens. You will read how this psycho harassed, attacked, and threatened individuals and their families (including a dying grandmother and the President’s children) for merely questioning the validity of Larry Sinclair’s delusional fantasies, as well as how he threatened and disparaged district attorneys and law enforcement for simply executing their duties under the law in the face of Larry (or one of his 13 aliases) evading warrants and being held accountable for crimes he admitted to like theft, forgery, counterfeit money orders, illegal aliens, trafficking drugs, etc as well as how Sinclair threw infected mucus and urine on prison guards and started a prison fire. Larry’s story will grab you and take you inside what it is like to be absolutely out of your fucking mind and yet still find the wherewithal to be such an imbecile and loser, you can’t stop laughing at him.

    From the constant investigations of his scams by law enforcement, the FBI, Social Security Administration Fraud division and the Internal Revenue Service to being ordered out of his car at gun point on August 7, 2010 by uniformed U.S. Secret Service Agents just two blocks from the White House for simply faxing bullet riddled photos of the President of the United States and his wife to the White House, you will get a look at how a narcissistic, psychotic sociopath is treated for simply stomping on everyone else’s Constitutional rights and freedoms while blaming everyone else for his actions. The liberal and conservative media passed up on the chance to tell you about this silly bullshit so don’t miss out!”

    • Meesh says:

      Love it ‘Where’s the Book, Larry?’ I think your version makes for a better read…more substance than a pack of reformatted pdf forms that POS is trying to peddle as a book…and thanks Dennis, your tongue-in-cheek wit is always a delight to read, nothing gets by you.But gee Whiz how on earth did I ever miss this? In Truth Machine’s words about me: “…who believe it or not has multiple alerts set to notify her if anything post on the internet by me the minute it post.”
      Such illusions of grandeur 🙄 and how on earth can you come up with this absurd statement,it makes no sense, as if this could ever be detected. What an *idiot* By the way, I’m not from London, Ontario either…but if it makes you feel better,so be it.

      Anyway,you guys are simply awesome and vigilant!

    • Dennis says:

      OK, just give me the film rights and I’ll try to line up Ron Jeremy to play Lardo. I’m seeing a comedy. Something a bit like The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight only more, how should we say it, rude and crude.

      • Dennis says:

        Now we’re talking. We will take the comic book approach. Yes, it will be the amazing adventures of Blow Man.

        • Yep, I guess that’s how he sees himself. In fact, his National Press Club appearance epitomizes his entire schtick and encapsulates the ups and downs of a professional scammer. “Come hear how Blow Man blew Obama!” And the press appeared. Ah, those must have been heady days (pardon the pun) for Legion – standing before a bunch of reporters, holding their rapt attention while being coy about describing the Presidential Dick, only to be interrupted and led away in handcuffs.

          The story of his life.

  2. pptoas says:

    I’m loving this! Keep up the good work by not letting this creep get away with his shit!

  3. I love the graphics at the top – especially the sneaker clad foot on “When One Man Stands”. 🙂

    Excellent work, Meesheemey!

  4. Looks like his Facebook post to kill the GoFundMe campaign got about as many “likes” (3) as his first announcement to launch the campaign. Not good. Nobody was begging him to carry on. Nobody would chip in $13 to support him.

    With the printing funding problems (excuses) out of the way, I look forward to the Kindle version being available by September 30th as promised (so many times before) 🙂 ….

    … that ain’t gonna happen by Sept 30th … time for a new scam!

    Problem is, his website is getting less than 50 views per day and a bunch of those are either from him or us. After trying to promote it and going live, a month later:
    “We estimate the website value of is currently at $ 0 USD”
    Alexa “We don’t have enough data to rank this website”

    It’s still worth nothing as nobody is visiting it. So his launch of a scam can’t come from there any time soon. His Facebook/twitter efforts aren’t much better.

    Is alias #15 the next step?


    • tjtaygee says:

      Looks like his Facebook post to kill the GoFundMe campaign got about as many “likes” (3) as his first announcement to launch the campaign.

      …and he’s still limiting said announcement to otherwise-defunct lsnewsgroup accounts…still no mention on the or facebook-liarlarr personal account.
      simply leads me to believe my original assertion was right – he’s trying to gin-up whatever fan-base there used to be to squeeze out the last bit of cash.
      he pulled the previous gofuckyourselfliar-larr pages pretty quickly after he gave up on ’em, but this one with the not-so-subtle “gimme money or I’ll quit!” post remains.
      rather transparent.

      • He used the lsnewsgroup twitter to post it but not his personal twitter

        He used “Lawrence W Sinclair” on facebook but not “The Larry Sinclair” or lsnewsgroup on Facebook (which he hasn’t used since it went belly up)

        So I’m not sure. As you say, he’d love a different result and wishes someone would ride to his rescue. But it’s such a devastating result, he’s probably reeling and not proudly posting it everywhere. And stressed for cash.

        If had a friend going through that, I’d at least spring for the $13 to give him a little support – even if I didn’t ever want to see the book. But no one did that. Nobody! To me, it’s an incredible, breathtaking failure. He’s delusional but that result defies delusion and would break through delusion. Everything he’s done has been about money and he understands what zero money means. He also understands if you’ve asked for $35,000 and got $0, you ain’t getting anything close to $35,000 ever.

        He’s milked this scam for all it’s worth and then some. Almost nobody is listening or cares anymore. Time for a new scam.

      • Dennis says:

        This bozo has so many Facebook and Twitter accounts that I doubt if even he can keep them all straight. Some of those “likes” are, I suspect, actually from himself. I suspect that he even uses the name Victor Victoria.

  5. Dennis says:

    Odd thing, though he has closed down the donation link he hasn’t actually removed the GoFundMe site itself. Almost as if he is hoping that his many “fans” will clamor for him to re-open the link so they can donate or something. He does seem very very slow at posting the notice about the end of the fund drive. I was also wondering about his weird claim that he had previously said he would shut it down if nothing happened within a short space of time. I have never noticed him saying anything of the sort. Besides, two weeks is way too soon for any type of crowdfunding effort. I suspect that something else might have been going on behind the scene, though who knows.

    So he is seeking other forms of funding? Like what, bank robbery? What he needs is a new scam. I’m sure he must have had a wild night of sex and drugs with Ric Perry….

  6. I think it was Meesh? who found him using Jotoloco (on twitter?) some years back – hypocritically hiding behind an anonymous screen name. He also did it on other sites (Laredo Democrat? Duluth Democrat? – something like that). It’s a natural for a guy who, according to his criminal record, has used as many aliases as he has.

  7. I was going to suggest a moment of silence but we’ve had 61 days of relative silence since lsnewsgroup went belly up.

    Maybe the failed GoFundMe campaign had more at stake than just printing books … 🙂

    • Dennis says:

      As I said in regard to LSNews. Harry Tsang is still trying to figure out what kind of dope he was smoking the night he bought that damn thing. Oh sure, he was paying next to nothing for it but he still got crooked.

  8. kstreet607 says:

    Note to self: You MUST contain this uncontrollable laughter at yet another F-A-I-L from the King of failures, Fatass Sinclair.


  9. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, has anyone seen any signs of Fat Boy lately? It’s like he’s gone missing again. Maybe Foster Freise has put him on “hold” and the big dummy fell for it.

    • He’s a little overwhelmed by the 10 views (probably mostly by us) of his latest video.

      Maybe he’s sat down and started to cut and paste and photocopy his first chapter of WOMS. Only 11 more days until it’s finally released (Oct 1 should be a fun blog) !! 🙂

      Maybe he’s trying to cook up a sympathy panhandling video to get folks to send him money for his birthday (a week away) …. If he does anything in the relative near future, some of it will involve a money angle.

      • “Maybe he’s sat down and started to cut and paste and photocopy his first chapter of WOMS.”

        Really all he needs to do is cut and paste all of your posts WTBL?, prefacing each one of them with “Look what they said about me”, with a follow up comment of “Wasn’t that mean?” He could fill up a lot of space that way on the cheap with no worries about charges of plagiarism.

        WTBL? and Dennis have practically written WOMS for him.

        • Unfortunately, all along since 2008, that’s the stuff he doesn’t want his followers to see. As Meesh pointed out in a recent email to me, when he went after Kstreet (SinclairWatch), he’d take quotes out of context and never post a link to all of what she said or links to what was said at “the Cesspool” (theRegulator or MitchandNanShow). It’s partly why we got the name “the Cesspool” (we should have set up as 🙂 ) because using the site name would allow his followers to find us and cost him some more followers (as it did anyway when some found us) ! 🙂

          It’s hard to raise cash when folks are providing facts and evidence that exposes broken promises, lies and credibility issues behind the pitch for dough.

          But his real reason for failure is himself – not us. Sure we helped out some by exposing what he was up to. But we couldn’t have done that if he’d provided what he promised: real evidence to support his claims. The media would have run with his story if he’d done that. But he couldn’t because his story wasn’t true.

          Largely without us because few of his followers have been over here in recent years, the lights have gone out on his efforts because even his most loyal followers have experienced just what we said they would: broken promise after broken promise and lie after lie – all while he had his hand out endlessly for more and more money. He’s just a pathetic, dishonest scammer like many before him who tried to pull something similar in presidential campaigns.

          Ken Olsen was interested in the “historical significance” of his book. History will ignore him as a career con man who failed miserably. That’s his epitaph.

    • Still MIA. Maybe he’s waiting for call backs (that will never come) …

      WOMS will be in bookstores in only 8 more days!!
      Amazon search “”when one man stands” sinclair” did not match any products.

      Oh well, I guess we have to be patient (waiting two and a half years isn’t long enough!!). 🙂

  10. Dennis says:

    Basically, he has no followers (sorry Ken, but one nut job like yourself doesn’t count). He has no fans. He has no readers. He just demonstrated that nobody – and I mean nobody – gives a crap about the so-called second book. He is stuck in a situation that vaguely resembles a skid row version of Sunset Boulevard as directed by Ed Wood. The scam is over and he won’t let go.

    • Ken probably wouldn’t mind the 2nd book as it might help the sagging sales of the first book but Ken’s incentive is not an incentive for SickLiar financially because SickLiar sold the book rights to Ken. And as we well know, nearly everything SickLiar does primarily is to supplement his SSDI so ….

      SickLiar will NEVER admit the scam is over but his bank account already has.

  11. LaRye has been quiet. Maybe he’s in Washington 🙂

    • kstreet607 says:

      I had that though also. I said to myself only Maggot would do something THIS insane.,..just to get donations from his now, non-existent groupies.

      I bet he sings this song all the time:

      Glory Days for Fatass was $$$ 2008 – 2011 $$$.

      • The notion that 2008-2011 were his “Glory Days” is pretty sad. The mainstream media thought he was a con man and most voters with a brain thought he was a pathetic joke.

        • kstreet607 says:

          And they were all right.

          My intent was to say that Maggot THOUGHT those were his “glory days”…when the cash was rolling in. I should have been clearer…

          He also figured how to rile his base and get money by doing something extremely ratchet like calling Obama’s grandmother on her sick bed or writing the Obama girls a letter about him and their father. He played that game for almost 3 years and got away with it.

          Also, it’s almost like every federal and state agency that interacted with him in some way just ignored him. (My guess was always that he was some sort of major snitch and they needed info from him about certain drug cartels.) That guess was never proven right or wrong. LOL

          The son-of-a-bitch was extremely psycho back then. I also suspect some medication has relieved that extremely manic side of him way back then.

          • I knew what you meant. You were probably right as well. Those may well have been “his Glory Days”. But for most of us, those would have been the most embarrassing days of our lives and would have had us crawling into a deep dark hole.

            Imagine experiencing this in public:
            and stuff like the Hungry Bottom ad or admitting you liked to swallow the sperm of strangers on a radio show or the satire of Mitch&Nan blog making him a daily joke or his history of mental illness coming out, etc

            When he whines about defamation, one’s reputation can’t get much lower than his already is and was.

  12. On the subject of pointless (old) videos “It’s not a conspiracy theory It’s a fact”:
    click this link if you want (year old Sinclair video) because wordpress can’t seem to accurately handle inserting this video:

    I wasn’t around for the above. i was around for the bogus suicide attempt on the internet.

    By the 55 minute mark (attained over several days because he’s very hard to listen to), he seems to be trying to make a couple of fuzzy points:

    1) He has some problem about being taken into “custody”


    §27-1-12. Likely to cause serious harm.
    (a) “Likely to cause serious harm” means an individual is exhibiting behaviors consistent with a medically recognized mental disorder or addiction, excluding, however, disorders that are manifested only through antisocial or illegal behavior and as a result of the mental disorder or addiction:

    (3) The individual, by action or inaction, presents a danger to himself, herself or others in his or her care;

    (4) The individual has threatened or attempted suicide or serious bodily harm to himself or herself; or

    (5) The individual is behaving in a manner as to indicate that he or she is unable, without supervision and the assistance of others, to satisfy his or her need for nourishment, medical care, shelter or self-protection and safety so that there is a substantial likelihood that death, serious bodily injury, serious physical debilitation, serious mental debilitation or life-threatening disease will ensue unless adequate treatment is afforded.
    §27-1-14. Detained or taken into custody.
    “Detained or taken into custody” where used in this chapter shall permit detention for custody in a county facility which may be in the same building as the county jail if the said county facility:’
    (d) Duties of sheriff. …. the sheriff of that county shall take said individual into custody and transport him or her to and from the place of hearing and the mental health facility. The sheriff shall also maintain custody and control of the accused individual during the period of time in which the individual is waiting for the involuntary commitment hearing to be convened and while such hearing is being conducted

    So he’s critical of the Sheriff’s office doing exactly what they’re supposed to do under the law – take a suicidal person into custody.

    Whine about the law maybe (though it’s pretty typical law from the quick glance I took) but not at the people who just did their jobs lawfully (which is another thing he’s done typically and wrongfully for years).

    2) Is his concern about the doctors noting on his records that he has AIDS. He disputes this. But I don’t understand why this is a concern for the public. Nobody would ever know he has AIDS publicly because medical records are private. If they got that wrong, (according to Dennis, SickLiar’s claim is fishy), then you straighten it out. You don’t need to create a video to whine about it. I don’t get why this is some big problem that the public must consider.

    His big pitch is that all this stuff is going to be a part of WOMS. With that tortured and inaccurate reasoning exhibited in the video, no wonder nobody is buying the book.

    The other thing that struck me is he’s proud of the fact that he’s going to provide all this “documented evidence” to support his position. First of all, his video above really underscores how much trouble this individual has joining the rational dots and facts contained in those documents. He continues to suffer from a mix of ignorance of the law and stupidity.

    Secondly, it makes you wonder where all this “documented evidence” and his concern for it was when he wrote his first book (ie the phone bills he promised for Sept-Dec 2007 that he never produced). The fact that “documented evidence” is so important to him now works against him hypocritically when he defends the nonsense (scam) he wrote in his first book – that had absolutely no credible evidence. Clearly, he wasn’t oblivious to our calls and the media’s calls for documented evidence. Things like the fall 2007 phone bills were pretty easy to obtain in 2008. To me, the position he’s taken in this video is a little more evidence that he lied in his first book.

    • Dennis says:

      Yep. It’s all pretty straight forward. Nitwit sneaks off to a casino hotel in West Virginia, stages a bogus suicide online, spends most of the night checking into his video to see if he’s got any viewers (while mama spends her time begging for funeral donations), finally crawls into bed for some shut eye only to be rudely awaken by police and EMTs who think they are there to rescue him. Gets sent to a mental institute for a standard couple of weeks of observation and acts as if it is all a grand conspiracy. Swears that the medical report saying that he is HIV+ is false (despite the report coming from two different medical sources) and blames the whole thing on…drumroll please…us.

      God, are we powerful or what!

    • Dennis says:

      BTW, this video has been up since early 2013. It has barely received just under 600 viewers. The video of a dog peeing on a fire hydrant is way ahead in viewers. I think this can be seen as a clear message from the Universe.

  13. Dennis says:

    BTW, let’s not forget this really idiotic reply who made in the comment section to this video (in response to a critic):

    “Please feel free to produce a “single” threat you claim has ever been made against Barack Obama. In addition would you provide a single “bullet holes” picture you allege was sent to anyone. When you make claims you should be prepared to back up your words. Per the United States Secret Service Mr. Sinclair has NEVER been accused of making ANY threat against Barack Obama or anyone else in his family. As for FOIA, those documents are not avialable to you under FOIA.”

    Bullet riddled photos: We got ’em, asshole. Online written threats, got ’em. Recordings of your phone call to Obama’s grandmother while she was dying, got ’em. You posted this crap and we kept it. So go blow Fat Boy. You have always been your own worst enemy. We are simply the archivist of your two-bit threats.

    And BTW, if the Secret Service didn’t feel that you were making potential threats against the President and his family, then why were they always paying you a “visit” any time a member of the First Family was in the area? Remember, all of those visits when you would hide in the wide load and poop your pants?

  14. I was thinking about this tonight. It’s like we’re sitting in the stadium after a game. The season is over. The league has folded. Hardly anyone is left watching. And the guy in the bowels of the losing locker room that’s lost every important game is still trying to throw something at us – when it was his own misplays that cost him the games and the league. Yet he’s so delusional, he thinks it’s only half time.

  15. Dennis says:

    He thinks it is half time and that a marching band is out of the field singing his praise. Has it hit him yet that this last crowdfunding campaign has clearly proven that nobody gives a damn? Probably not. After all, it’s all our fault.

  16. I was looking over SickLiar’s failed “Through the Mirror” radio show – as I wasn’t around for much of it.

    In his video “Through the Mirror with Larry Sinclair To End Dec 21, 2012”, SickLiar says that he broadcast this radio show every Monday to Friday from March until December 2012 while he published over 100 videos he shot and ran and wrote for his news website. Tell me again why he’s entitled to SSDI (because he claims he’s too physically disabled to work)?

    The views of his videos and of his radio program audio on Youtube follow a similar pattern to what we saw with his websites: After Nov 2012, those stats plummeted. More than 90% are under 240 views with 75+% less than 100 views.

    It’s pretty hard to blame us for that. As we’ve stated before, this is just further evidence that interest in him, his books and his Obama scam simply imploded when he and his scam was of no further use politically.

    Ken Olsen had expressed interest in SickLiar’s first book because he felt it might have some “historical significance”. It seem to me that the failure of SickLiar’s GoFundMe campaign to get a single $13 contribution towards his WOMS book is of “historical significance”: it punctuates the end of this scam.

    • A quote from that video “Through the Mirror with Larry Sinclair To End Dec 21, 2012″

    • Dennis says:

      Through the Mirror got canned by Jeff Rense because Lardo couldn’t produce any amount of viewers and advertising dollars. That pretty much ended his and Rense’s involvement even though Fat Boy still likes to act otherwise. But basically Rense wrote him off as a loser.

      • Underwriting the losses of the show is veiling Romney campaign dollars. The November 2012 election result ended Sinclair’s involvement with a lot of people and with that, ended their financial support.

        Where was his “good friend” Jeff Rense when his buddy’s new book was in trouble and could have used a $13 contribution to reduce the embarrassment a little ? Maybe Jeff is still stinging from the legal expenses he incurred in the Parisi defamation lawsuit. Maybe some of the book companies will feel that way about the next book (if it ever materializes).

        • Dennis says:

          Jeff Rense does not shell out money to these bozos. He takes money. Part of the problem with Through the Mirror was the fact that Lardo couldn’t keep up with paying Rense for the broadcast space. Jeff Rense is a business man. Fear and paranoia are his business. I understand that he prefers cash on the barrel from these suckers.

          • By SickLiar’s own admission, the show wasn’t making money. He couldn’t get advertisers. Someone was underwriting that throughout according to SickLiar. It was “free” political advertising as a hidden business expense/loss.

            But when Nov 2012 happened, I’m sure they saw with his show and advertisers what we saw immediately with his view count and site activity – a major drop off into nearly nothing (not that it was enormous to begin with). It turned a financial bleeder into a gusher with only a tiny trickle of revenue and no hope of recovery. And the political motives behind financing a loser had evaporated with Obama’s reelection.

            What it revealed (and proved what we knew all along) was SickLiar’s following (and arguably the folks at Rense) never really liked SickLiar. SickLiar is 180 degrees from a poster boy for GOP values. All they really liked was the slim chance he could cause Obama problems and titillate Rense’s ignorant following who lap up stupid conspiracy theories. So they held their nose and went along with his scam until it no longer served their purposes. They used him for political needs like he tried to used them to line his pockets.

            Rense had him on about 25 times. Think he didn’t know SickLiar was a chronic liar and con man? He’d never admit it but sure he knew like most did. It is simply not possible to speak with SickLiar 25 times and not encounter a lengthy string of inconsistencies in his story or lies, the deep ignorance behind them, his problem connecting dots rationally and his motivation for money. But as they cleaned up from their mess of the Nov 2012 election, they just put SickLiar out with the rest of the trash. And that’s what most of SickLiar’s remaining followers did.

            Like a Shakespearean tragedy, consumed with his narcissism, SickLiar couldn’t see it coming. He’d been rejected all his life through a number of members of his family, many schools, mental hospitals and via society who sent him to reform schools and prisons. Suddenly, in 2008, he had the attention he craved and seemed to think from all the folks flocking to him that he was a “somebody”.

            Reality is now setting in. Few really cared about him or were truly interested in him. He was just a conduit for hatred of a political candidate. Once that conduit didn’t deliver and was of no further use, he’s been discarded – just like the folks and institutions in his past discarded him.

            With zero credibility and no evidence, striving for “historical significance” was just an illusion. He was just a deceitful, money grubbing pimple on the arse of progress that got popped in Nov 2012.

  17. I was looking at the certificate

    It says “Sinclair News LS News Group Sinclair Publishing issues the Reservation Certificate” but since they’re all gone out of the con man’s control, how does one get an advanced copy with this certificate? Maybe we should ask new owner, Harry Tsang. 🙂

  18. Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair 4 hours ago

    There is a problem with our host servers which is making the site not load when you attempt to visit the site. I am working with the host company to resolve this issue.

    From the site stats, I really don’t think that’s inconveniencing too many folks. 🙂

  19. Why Bookstores Aren’t Helping Indie Authors—Yet

    “[A]lmost all opportunities for bookstore placements I’ve found are on consignment. This means you have to pay the printing and shipping AND you have to accept returns. Unless you have buckets of money, this is near impossible.”

    The failed GoFundMe effort was to finance getting the book printed. Without that financing, it’s tough to do anything beyond Kindle. With no GoFundMe contributions, it’s tough to sell anyone else on financing.


    Writers don’t get sued very often—and thanks to the First Amendment, even when they do, they usually prevail. But as an attorney specializing in these issues, I can tell you that you definitely don’t want to put yourself in a position to endure any sort of lawsuit, even if the odds are you’d end up victorious. Many writers mistakenly assume their publishing company will protect them—after all, it’s a large corporation with, presumably, a bunch of suits eagerly waiting to avenge you. But here’s the truth: When you sign a publishing contract, you promise that your work will not defame anyone or invade anyone’s privacy (along with a number of other assurances)—and you agree to indemnify the publisher in the event of a lawsuit against your work. In other words, the onus is on you to deal with any legal troubles that come your way. Most self-publishing companies have similar clauses.

    But when legal troubles came SickLiar’s way with his first book – as we predicted, did he pick up the legal tab for Barnes & Noble, Ingram Content Group, Lightning Source Inc, Amazon Inc, Books-a-Million and Jeff Rense, etc? How could he when he didn’t have any money? I may have missed something but I didn’t see costs awarded such that Parisi would have to pay those expenses. So the first book put these companies through a fair amount of trouble – they’d have to declare the embarrassing liability to their shareholders. Think any of those CEOs want to go through that again? Because they sure as heck didn’t recover those costs through book sales – most of them stopped selling the book.

    So even if he ever gets this book put together, he’s still got an uphill task to get it in the bookstores with financing problems and after what happened the last time and what the last time revealed to them about SickLiar and his inability to indemnify them. How many CEOs want to face their shareholders saying “we let this con man get us sued again and he can’t indemnify us”?

    I hope he’s burning the candle at both ends trying to get this book finished because there’s a good chance it will never see the shelf of a reputable bookstore.

  20. Meesh says:

    Okay, we have another new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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