The Regulator Too

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Must Reads

I visit these websites  frequently,  they are all interesting and  intelligently written. I thought I would share the links. In alphabetical order, here they are my fave picks. You won’t be disappointed

A Frank Angle  Thoughts from the Inner Mind

A View From The Middle (Class) Being a dad, job searching, politics, music, sports, etc.

Beneath the Tin Foil Hat  I Think, Therefore I’m Liberal

Channeling Nemamiah: Evidence to Counter Larry Sinclair

Epic Treats Fun things I’ve baked/cooked or discovered in my travels

 Hoboduke   Please treat us hoboes like dogs

idealisticrebel  Women’s Issues, Creativity & Spirituality



rfljenksy – Practicing Simplicity Legendary Wining and Dining World Tour.

silentlyheardonce Just another site

Sinclair Watch A Closer Look At Larry Sinclair

The Fifth Column: Sorting out the crazies…and other ruminations
 The Fogbow:  an organized gathering of intelligent light that shines into the dark corners of the Internet. My Side of the Story and Sticking to It

Wish to add one, post it in a comment!

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