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Michelle Obama knocks one out of the park!

The First Lady’s emotional speech on the first night of the Democratic convention gave everyone  just what they wanted: a reason to fall in love with Barack Obama all over again, nearly four years into a presidency that has left him a little battered.

“For Barack, success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives,”

  “I have seen firsthand that being president doesn’t change who you are — no, it reveals who you are.”

(CNN) — If Barack Obama is re-elected on November 6, he will owe more to his first lady than any president ever to win a second term.

“She is now a pro. No one since Mrs. Kennedy has worked the camera more astutely or more purposefully to help her husband — the best way is still to be seen as an exemplary first lady. And she looked the part, shimmering in a silky pink sleeveless dress, smiling even more than usual as she spoke of serious things. “- article from the NY Times

Watch the speech for yourself….

Michelle Obama knocked one out of the park at the Democratic National Convention, but also knocked it out of the Twitterverse. The First Lady’s Tuesday night speech about her husband and the Obama family at the Democratic National Convention drove 28,003 tweets-per-minute at its peak, nearly double the 14,289 mark reached by Mitt Romney‘s acceptance speech at the Republican convention last week…..By the end of its first night, the Democratic Convention as a whole had sparked more than 3 million tweets, nearing the 4 million point reached by the entirety of last week’s Republican Convention… So, just what makes for such a viral convention speech? Michelle Obama’s comments about the future and the American dream were particularly popular on the social media site and her rallying cry, “we’ve got so much more to do,” saw a spike of 22,004 Tweets-per-minute. Not one to let his wife soak up all the buzz, President Barack Obama joined in, taking to Twitter from his couch in the White House, (here’s the actual tweet)  sharing a photo of himself and his two daughters — or “Michelle’s biggest fans” — watching the speech.

 The “Mom-in-Chief ”

President Obama and his daughters, Malia, left, and Sasha, watch on television as First Lady Michelle Obama delivers her speech at the Democratic National Convention, at the White House, on Tuesday night. – photo credit of  The White House.

Now That’s Class!

Michelle Obama’s singular mission last night was to convince Americans that she and the President deeply understand the real challenges facing Americans today, and she aced it.