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Dennis again!

I know, every detail gets more bizarre. At the rate this is going, they may need Monty Hall to help both side to make a deal.


To be honest, I’m even confused about some of the names. Is this other bozo called Gebert or Gelbert or Poopbrain or what?? And why isn’t Ilse over at the wide-load hosing Fat Boy down with cold water. Even a nutcase like her must realize that Lardo has totally popped a rod.First, we need to ignore most of Fat Boy’s warped ravings. He is barking for another lawsuit and acts as if he will try an insanity plea this time.

But the main points are pretty simple.
1. Nobody in their right mind should ever get into the middle of somebody else’s legal fight. There is no win for the outsider.
2. He is not functioning in this case as a journalist. He is solely taking one side and taking opinions from one side, largely avoiding any type of factual information while building a convoluted argument based upon assumptions and false conjectures piled up with insults and acts of intimation and online stalking. He also doesn’t seem to understand that a journalist (I mean real journalists) are NOT protected against suits for libel. Heck, journalists are sued for libel all the time.
3. Copyright/Trademark disputes are tricky cases best handled in relative private. That gives bothparties a chance to chill out and make a possible arrangement which is preferable to a full blown court case that could go on for years. LardButt has, most likely, screwed that possibility to the wall. His pal Gilbert may not understand this, but that is a very bad thing in such a case.
4. LardButt’s defense of Gelbert’s claim is, at best, thin. It seems primarily based upon the idea that this guy and a dead blogger had a private chat about it. Big deal. Unless Gelbert has support evidence, this is mere hearsay and is worthless in court.
5. Then Lardo screws Gelbert more by admitting that Gelbert and O’Donnell were in discussion concerning this idea. So in other words, the most verifiable start of this project is in the discussions between the plaintiff and the defendant. It is going to be he said/she said. Fat Boy doesn’t seem to get it, but he just set Gelbert up for a very nasty case.
6. Just as Fats is not a journalist, he is also not a lawyer. He did not win anything in the last lawsuit and simply lucked out because Parisi’s attorney didn’t think to produce evidence to back up the financial damage claim (and personally I think Parisi should sue his lawyer for being an idiot). Likewise, he has no clue to issues of libel, harassment, copyright or anything else in this situation. Part of the reason why his postings have become so screamingly incoherent is because he is talking total nonsense and the more he talks crap, the more his words twist and turns, slowly, slowly in the wind (my respects to John Ehrlichman who after serving time for Watergate became a pretty interesting OK guy doing legal work for American Indians – BTW, Ehrilchman did know the law even while breaking it for Nixon).
7. It is indeed possible that he is heading for another lawsuit. The main question is when, by whom, and on what grounds. He is working hard on several fronts for no good reason except that he is a deranged jackass who has been sniffin’ way too much of his own ink.

So I must agree with Gilligan. It is time to load up on the popcorn and butter and watch the show.


In view with the latest garbage/ post Sinclair SNOOZE! To view the post, it will remain here on our site. The POS has added a photo of Rachel in his post. He is looking to torment the woman further.

O’Donnell, TYT & Theatre Given Til Thursday To Halt “Tea Party vs Occupy”
August 21, 2012
By Lawrence Sinclair

Dennis adds: Oh wee!!!! Another long winded and only half coherent posting about a bunch of issues that he has come out swinging on for no rational reason whatsoever (unless this Gebert guy is going down on him or something). What does this tell us?

A. Life around the trailer park is pretty dull at the moment, so he has to juice things up.

B. Life on his PayPal account is mighty dull at the moment, so he has to juice things up.

C. His ability to “connect” isn’t working out too well (i.e. his recent disinvite from FRC), so he has to juice things up.

D. He really just loves to juice it up. What a guy, old fatso. Maybe he can get another suit going before the release of the new book. Hey, when is that book due? Oh yeah…there has been some technical “issues”?


Dennis! Dennis! Dennis! Our Dennis!

Here once again, read what someone who I deeply admire in whatever he posts. Here ‘s another  excellent analysis! He’s got an uncanny way to dissect Sinclair  He is  GOOD with his assessment about this mess. Dennis has a  witty sense of humour when I say something (wrong) he corrects me, immediately. He’s still my friend despite that. Here’s what our Dennis  had to say about the craziness of  this recent  Christine O’Donnell obsession that’s going on recently at SickLiar Snooze site:

Here we go kids!

I have kind of noticed that Fat Boy and a couple of his “friends” may be starting to stick their collective necks out just a bit. Probably doesn’t matter since few people really pay any attention to them. But the hotel in Illinois may simply not appreciate the letter sent to them and maybe could have some room for action (though they will most likely be advised to just flush it). As for the O’Donnell thing – any issue involving copyright and/or trademark gets really complicated and it takes a judge to sort it out, not some loud mouth fat ball in a wide load. All Lard Brain can do is potentially get himself into another lawsuit and he just might learn the hard-way that he didn’t win anything the last time (Parisi’s mouthpiece simply couldn’t argue a valid case about the damages claimed – the dismissal had nothing to do with Lardo’s “legal” skills nor reflected in any way about his claims).

So the guy may have vaguely (and I do mean vaguely) threatened someone (Lardo or Gilbert) with a libel suit based upon law in the states of Delaware and Florida and Fat Ass is threatening him with the Virginia Bar Association. Quick, get me the AAA map. But I think Fats needs to be concerned about the Florida thing. Might be time to move again and he’s running out of states.

OK, let’s see if this makes sense. A lawyer connected to O’Donnell sent Fat Boy a long (and largely chatty) e-mail that is sort of intended for Gilbert but is also being sent to LardBrain because of his extreme statements regarding the copyright/trademark issue and even more extreme statements regarding O’Donnell’s integrity, honesty, etc etc. The lawyer admits that he is not currently working for O’Donnell. He also explains the reasons why the people receiving this e-mail might be open to libel in the state of both Delaware and Florida.

What does this mean? Most likely he has already been approached by the O’Donnell side and may even be in the process of being retained. Most likely he has already run a basic check on Fat Boy and Gilbert. He is trying to send a relatively friendly warning (especially to Fats) thereby giving him a chance to politely shut up and step out of something that really isn’t even his affair.

So Fat Boy has slammed into the attorney, added more insults to the mix, and is going to get tough. The second lawsuit is forming. I think I see another teachable moment in the works.

I am guessing that Fat Boy has been way too much time sniffing his own ink. He has seemingly convinced himself that the end of the Parisi lawsuit means that he was truthful. Nothing of the sort. The case was dismissed because Parisi’s lawyer made a claim for damage because of a business deal the feel through and couldn’t produce any type of support material to back that claim. Lardo simply lucked out.

He also seems convinced that he is protected from libel because he is a “journalist.” How he ever got such a funny idea is beyond me. The only protection that a real journalist has is based upon sticking like glue to only the publicly available and proven “facts” of the story. LardBrain has a few minor “facts,” mostly a long string of increasingly meaningless ip addresses. From that, he ran off into a LaLaLand of assumptions followed by conjectures and insults. If this were a real news organization, he would right now have a senior editor yelling at him while the organization hurriedly figure out a way to backtrack and apologize. He is in no way protected from anything, except to the extent that any attorney would have to debate his net worth.

I mean how many lawyers out there needs his wide-load.

Stay tune for More Teachable Moments!