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Where’s Larry Sickliar 2014?

on October 24, 2014

Dennis imagesA blast from the past – thanks to Lardo’s claim that people are coming to him via the search question “Where is Larry Sinclair 2014,” I gave it a try and found this little reminder of wing nutter craziness: Free Republic Reports Larry Sinclair Is Dead — Here Is What I Know Ah yes, Kevin DuJan hysterical ramblings about the Free Press post claiming that SinkLiar had just been killed by a hit and run driver. Numerous wild and crazy conspiracy theories. Claims that he was making repeated phone calls to Lard Butt all through the night (hey Kevin, maybe Lardo was past out you know). And finally: “The cyber attacks on this weekend and the weird attack on The HillBuzz & Mrs. Fox Radio show archives the other night make me believe someone out there in Obamaland doesn’t want anyone talking about Larry Sinclair.jackass-olantern The big question is WHY NOT? If he really is just an unreliable kook, as Democrats claim, then why go to such insane lengths to silence him and anyone who writes about him?” Yes, the total summation of wing nutter paranoia. Why suspect a baseless hoax (launched by a conservative blogger when you can blame all of those Obots, leftists, and assorted other fiends hiding under your bed and plotting to sneak out in the night and give you wedgies? Yes, we do not call them wing nutters for nothing. And as always, there is a village missing its idiot.

Oh yeh …. about this other post: “I Am Experiencing the Kreig Dilemma: Your Suggestions Appreciated” Dear oh dear, Fat Boy is back at his excuse for a blog site whining away about us “losers.” Long winded piece of horse hockey about how he is still deciding how much information he should include in the book (Hey shit head, you were suppose to have been done with this book nearly 3 years ago – so what’s the problem). Especially since he has all soooo much dirt on those idiots who are always hounding him with their lies and falsehoods and are always 98% wrong in everything they say about him (which means he ain’t talking about us since we can back everything up and have repeatedly done so – just a little FYI turd brain). Then some complete piece of legal gibberish that this means these people have forfeited any right to privacy (man, I don’t know who is your lawyer but you should fire the stupid nitwit – oh wait, you are your own…never mind asshole). Then he starts dropping weird and twisted nonsensical “hints” of presumed dirt about these people (lots of really silly ass and utterly nonsensical gibberish that seems disconnected to either law or reality or even parts of this planet); followed by some vague idea that maybe, like just maybe, he thinks he’s got these people pooping their pants (nope, pants are very clean and sweet smelling over here – so I still haven’t a clue who he thinks he is threatening). Hypocrisy is nothing new with this guy. The same is true of his basically poor understanding of legal concepts. For example, he thinks that people posting comments on this site are public figures. Legally, most of us would barely cut it as “limited public figures” and that is only because we are posting comments in reaction to him, an outrageously self-promoting “public figure”. OK, he is probably more of a limited public figure in that he is primarily “issue” focus but he has made virtually his entire life story the “issue” and is a pretty bizarre borderline case between limited and full public figure. But we only have any type of public status in terms of him and his crap. Otherwise, we are not (at least most of us) public figures and his attempt to define us that way is legally wrong. Then, he is obviously threatening to “expose” all kinds of dark secrets. That means that he has been trolling through various public record databases. One problem. Most of the information on these databases have been collected in a pretty wild and ill defined manner and a sizable amount of the information is either wrong or, at the very least, screwed up. Any information retrieved from such databases have to be carefully crossed referenced and verified. In my own experience, about 60% of the information will be just plain wrong and the remaining amount is often highly variable. Only a complete fool would trust it. He is also making threats against someone’s daughter-in-law. Now we have moved out of the public figure debate and have instead entered a zone where there could actually be the possibility of both civil and criminal proceedings. Does he really understand this? Nah. Likewise he is doing this in a manner that presses right up to the border of actual “threats” against other people. He hasn’t quite crossed that border, just yet, but when he does, he is open to outright criminal prosecution. Does he fully understand that? Sort of. He does this crap all the time (example, just one word: Carmen). So far, he has gotten away with it. He may be feeling cocky. Perhaps too cocky. But he also has on occasion overstepped. Like that secretly taped phone conversation he had with a lawyer a few years ago. After posting the tape, it quickly vanished from his site. Why? Maybe because in Florida secretly taping and then making public a phone call is actually illegal. The big dope didn’t realize that he had just, technically, committed a crime and gee gosh golly, he was scrubbing that post so fast it made our hair spin. But mostly, he is jerking off in public while desperately hoping to somehow get enough attention that someone, somewhere, might actually want to buy a copy of his half-imaginary book. It’s all pretty lame. BTW, is this idiot running around on Skype using the name “cutie.daytona”? Just wondering. He seems to have a fondness for faking female identities online. Finally a pretty pathetic attempt to make it sound as if A. any one cares to read the book (so far Fat Boy, you have not been able to sell a single copy – don’t you ever look at your own web sites) B. His editor says that he is a great writer who doesn’t need much editing. So what have we learned tonight: His editor is a blind person. Heck Lard Boy, you got so many typos, misspellings and poor grammar in just this one blog piece that you need editing something fierce. You can barely write your own name in phonetics for crying out loud.

37 responses to “Where’s Larry Sickliar 2014?

  1. Dennis says:

    So Lardo is currently still toying with how much he should leave in or out of his book (despite the odd fact that it was supposedly “finished” nearly 3 years ago) because of some advise from his dear pal Andrew Krieg (who I have no doubt is just as tight of a buddy as was Andrew Breibart – which appears to be not at all). So yeah, it must be quite a pickle. Who should he threaten next, bahahahahahahaha.

    What a dope. Maybe he should go back to his fantasy home improvement mode. You know, the one where he does an imaginary total rehab of other people’s property for no rational reason whatsoever (with a small assist from actual trained contractors and the landlord).

  2. Dennis says:

    Now that Lardo thinks that he is a masterful writer (just like he is also a masterful electrician, carpenter and plumber), I think it is time for him to actually start learning how to write (which he is not going to learn from his buddy Krieg – and BTW, that 10 to 12 pages per chapter crap is just quack advise from a hack). Fat Boy might be better off if he start at the beginning with a quick guide to common mistakes (more to come – but it will just be basics, otherwise I would bill the stupid fat jerk).

  3. Dennis says:

    Since Fat Boy seems to think that he is some how important within the crazy world of the wing nutters, just take a peek at the comments made at Free Republic back during his bogus suicide stunt:

    I especially like such observations as
    1. “Who is Larry Sinclair?”
    2. “Male prostitute, druggie who claimed to be Zero’s toy.”
    3. “Who is Larry Sinclair? Seriously who is he?”
    4. “Who is Larry Sinclair?”
    It doesn’t have quite the same ring as “Who is John Galt?”, that’s fer sher, what with him being a self-confessed coke-snorting fellator, and all!
    5. “Don’t feel bad. I didn’t know who he was either. But now I do. He is the jerk who will honor Kwanza or Darwins Birthday, but snubs Veterans Day and Memorial Day and other important American days on the calendar. ”
    6. “It was food poisoning. He ate a bad weenie.”

    Yep, he is really “famous.” Gee, makes you wonder why he can’t sell any copies of that book?

  4. tjtaygee says:

    10 to 12 pages per chapter? And how many chapters, one wonders?
    That’s a LOT of copy-and-paste from the internet, lengthy emails and letters and web pages pasted with likely all the spacing included to eat up space (hell, some of them may not be spaced enough for his needs), and lots and lots of liar-larr repetition.
    If ever such a thing comes to be, it’s going to be an incredibly painful and dull read.

  5. Dennis says:

    The fans, they just keep coming. 4 months ago on Yahoo Answers, some one asked the question “Is Larry Sinclair Still Alive?” Only 5 people answered;_ylt=A0LEV1O3hE1UejAA3D5XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTE0OG5sNmEwBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMTcEY29sbwNiZjEEdnRpZANNQVAwMDVfMQ–?qid=20140701231811AAz2s8I. Top 3 answers:
    1. “He’s probably still locked up in that mental hospital where he was an inmate at the time he claimed he met Obama.
    Or he may be in prison. He has a record of fraud convictions as long as your arm. ”

    2. “From where you’re sitting, you can see the top of his head.”

    3. “No one cares. ”

    Yes sir, old Lardo is really hot. The people are screaming his name, oh yeah. That book is going to be a hit.

  6. Dennis says:

    BTW, guess what’s for sale. Yes, for $9.99 you can go to and be the proud owner of LSNews Group ( Of course, the URL is so utterly worthless that you will still be cheated out of $9.98. But what the hey. I say we buy it and turn it into an anti-Sinclair site, except that would give the stupid creep too much publicity (which he certainly can’t get on his own).

    Way to go Harry! I’m glad to see that a moment of clarity finally kicked in.

  7. Dennis says:

    Sorry, I didn’t click on the right link. GoDaddy wants $69.99 (plus commission) for the URL Guess Harry still wants to get something back for this loss. I say wait about a week and the price will go down. Either way, this is still bottom level for a URL.

  8. Dennis says:

    Hey, wait a minute. When you click on the link to buy the dang thing they then say that it ain’t for sale. Is Harry having trouble admitting to failure and just letting go?

  9. kstreet is still kicking his ass. Her site is now valued at at $5,159 $102
    so lsnewsgroup is basically dead in value $114 – new site approaching three months since revamp is basically dead as well – still very low traffic

    And that doesn’t bode well for his nearly three years of delinquent book promises because his whining about us on his site, Facebook and Twitter has not attracted many folks.

  10. Dennis says:

    Yet more fan mail for Lardo. Checked the reviews at Goodreads for his previous “masterpiece,” all 5 of them. Fave notices:
    1. “I need proof! No proof is offered, None!!!!!”
    2. “A extremely poorly written book. This book reads like trashy pornographic novel of the 60’s. There is absolutely no proof that this story is true. Save your time and money or wait till it’s in th $.99 bargain bin.”
    3. “This was the worst book that I have ever read in my life!!!”

    In fact, there was only 1 semi-favorable review. So yes, the reading public must really be aching for a follow-up…..

  11. Dennis says:

    In my search for a variety of general audience comments (as opposed to the “stacked” line up at Amazon of the most extreme nutters faithfully lining up for a second round of Kool-Aid), I have glanced through the fantasy football (and anything else they feel like) site of for their free willing comments on Lardo’s great book:

    1. “It’s a book claiming Obama’s a gay crackhead and a murderer.
    It’s kinda along the lines of Bush orchestrating 9/11 and Clinton being a drug kingpin. Retarded. ”

    2. “Five minutes of research showed me that the guy who made these claims was offered $100,000 if he could pass a polygraph test, and he failed it.
    So that’s why there is no story. The guy is simply lying. ”

    3. “For the record, Snopes doesn’t deny this because this isn’t even on that website. If you live and breath with the understanding that everyone and everything that doesn’t buy into the goofiest Obama conspiracy you ever found on the internet must be secretly working for him, that would certainly seem like a conspiracy, but it’s probably got more to do with this being such a small blip on the radar that no one actually addressed it.

    You know what’s really interesting though? This books sells for like a hundred bucks hardcover on Amazon. Seriously, a new copy on Amazon will run you $99.99. That’s either the going rate of vital information of the POTUS’s darkest secrets or this guy thinks about as much of the intelligence of the people buying his book as Newt Gingrich thinks of everyone that’s ever voted for him.”

    4. And the one that about sums it all up:
    “So lets all clarify.
    Obama can add homosexual and cocain king pin to his list of being:
    A Muslim while attending a christian church that hates america.
    A marxist, communist, socialist, facist
    A racist who has a deep deep seeded hatred for white people…including his white mother.
    A ineligible foreign born Kenyan who despite have TWO birth certificates and other mounting evidence is actually a British citizen.
    Has a secret plan to force people to eat tofu and drive volts..
    AND to top all of that off he is an evil alien lizard king **** bent on stealing Americas bacon and potentially grits…

    Doe that cover it all?”

    Real comments from real people, a few of whom have even read (maybe) the lousy stinkin’ book. Yes sir Fat Boy, your public cries for your return, oh yeah.

    BTW, I am not done yet. Thanks to your hint about running you and your crap through Google, I am digging up all kinds of nasty crap said about you that we folks over here hadn’t even thought of. So thanks for the tip, butt wipe.

  12. Dennis says:

    Obviously SinkLiar has supporters. For example, at the blog site BigHomo, the feisty gay civil libertarian and wing nutter to his own private drummer Bruce Majors (sic) posted this lovely supportive comment:

    New Larry Sinclair Book on Obama due

    January 24, 2013 by BruceMajors
    Larry Sinclair, a former gay party boy, now investigative blogger, is about to come out with his second book on Obama, When One Man Stands

    Sinclair’s first book, about gay sex and cocaine he alleges he shared with a pre-POTUS Barack Obama, was kept off the market for months by an Ivy League Chicago law firm retained by Obama supporters. For the past year Mr. Sinclair has had his own group of cyberstalkers at an anonymous blog, The Regulator Too, who attack his credibility with such obsession one could almost wonder if they are actually hired by him to increase his Internet traffic.

    It’s remarkable that so much effort is spent on marginalizing him.

    OK, we might all notice that this announcement is nearly two years out of date (that new book, it is still coming). As for the comment about the “Ivy League Chicago law firm”…I haven’t a clue where Mr. Bruce ever came up with that piece of whacked out and wrong-headed information. But thanks for the PR mention.

    As for the effort spent “marginalizing” him, that’s OK. Just look at the effort old goofball spends trying to marginalize, slam, threaten, defame and otherwise insult us. Good grief. Now he claims that he has to delay finishing the new book because he is so busy thinking up new insults for us.

    • Dennis says:

      Wait a minute, I think I know what Mr. Majors is referring to. Around the time Fat Boy was pretending to be “publishing” his first book, he was also trying to interject himself into the probate case involving Donald Young’s estate. He started bugging the lawyers Spain, Spain & Varnet They told him to go take a hike. Since Lardo will, I suspect, deny all of this, I located an old wing nutter site (Prison Planet) that has actually saved some of his dumber and nastier stuff:
      Larry Sinclair’s Forum: Continuing the mission of exposing the TRUTH about Barack Obama.
      By Larry Sinclair

      The Donald Young-Obama connection extends to Lawyers Estate of Donald Young…

      It appears that the attorneys for the Estate of Donald Young have direct ties with Barack and Michelle Obama. In addition there is a claim against the Estate in the amount of $70,000.00 filed by Young’s former room-mate who has not been allowed to re-enter his apartment since the murder of Donald Young on December 23, 2007.

      James Wilson Young, Donald’s brother and the “independent” administrator of Donald’s Estate along with the family have refused to allow Donald’s room-mate to recover even his clothing from the apartment.

      Donald Young is claimed by the Young Family to be the only child out of 7 children that was not fathered by Thomas Jerry Young and the birth certificate of Donald Young omits his fathers name while the death certificate identifies his father as a Paul Berry. In the Probate filings the Young Family Attorneys state there “…was no adjudication as to paternity of any other father…”

      I am currently in contact with the Chicago attorney representing the room-mate and am hoping to have a meeting arranged with the room-mate and/or his attorney shortly.

      In addition I have mailed letters to Mrs. Norma Jean Young (Mother of Donald Young) as well as every single member of the Young family.

      Repeated calls placed to the attorneys for the Estate of Donald Young have not been returned.

      I have notified the Attorney representing Donald’s former room-mate that I believe this individual may very well be in danger himself. This is a man who was thrown out of his home without ever being allowed to even recover his clothing.

      Other issues that are noteworthy for the fact that they are missing from the Probate case in the Estate of Donald are:

      1. There is no inventory/list of any of the “real Property” the administrator values at $170,000.00 In fact the file lacks any list of property other than that claimed by Donald’s room-mate to belong to him.

      2. There is no inventory/list of any personal property or its value even though James W. Young states the estate has “personal property” valued at $30,000.00.

      Why has the Young family and the Attorney’s of Spain, Spain & Varnet refused to file an accurate inventory of the estate of Donald Young? Why has Spain, Spain & Varnet and James Wilson Young asked to be authorized as “Independent Administrator” of the Estate of Donald Young? “Independent Administrator allows James W. Young to dispose of the estate of Donald Young WITHOUT any Court supervision.

      There are many questions yet to come and the involvement of individuals with direct ties to the Obama’s is not the least of them.

  13. Dennis says:

    Quick FYI to Lardo: After reading some of the BigHomo blog, I think you better hope that Mr. BruceMajors doesn’t find out about all of that crap you wrote AGAINST marriage equality. He seems a tad in favor of the issue. Also, don’t slip and let him know that the Chicago law firm story is total BS and that you were late with the first book simply because you are a lazy son of a gun…..

  14. Dennis says:

    Let’s see, if I remember correctly, Fat Boy has recently gotten into the habit of insisting that he has never had any problems with the Secret Service:
    U.S. Secret Service Ordered to Follow Me Until Barack Obama Leaves Florida

    Published January 28, 2010 @ 11:30 AM Eastern

    Agent Andrews is sitting in the parking lot across from my home and will be following me if I should leave my home until Barack Obama & Joe Biden has left the Tampa, Florida area. Agent Andrews arrived at approx. 10:30 AM as I was returning from DMV and respectfully stated, “Larry, you were right, they want to make sure you are not planning on going to Tampa today.” I have agreed not to photograph the Agents face.

    U.S. Secret Service Calls From Outside My Home: Secret Service Conducts 3+ Hours of Interviews/Interrogations and Searches My Home Before Going To Talk To Neighbors Wednesday Evening (1-27-2010)

    Published January 28, 2010

    At 6:03 PM on Wednesday January 27, 2010 I received a phone call that I mistook for being a friend returning my call, instead it was a Special Agent with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/U.S. Secret Service. After having been advised who the caller was I decided to record the call and ask him to again identify himself (recording above). It turned out the two Secret Service Agents were sitting in the parking lot directly in front of my home when they made the call and were watching me through the window the whole time.

    Let me state from the very beginning, both Agents were polite, and professional the entire time they were inside my home. Upon entering the home Agent Andrews asked if he could look around to see if anyone else was in the residence and I gave him permission to do just that. The three of us then sat at the dinning room table at which time I was informed that the White House did not like being sent faxes. I then informed the agents that if the White House wanted the faxes to stop all they had to do was answer the questions publicly, but until that happened I would continue to submit them.

    It was at this time that Agent Keller explained he and Agent Andrews had to conduct an interview and file a report which included the completion of what I thought to be an enormous amount of documents. I cooperated with the Agents (I had asked if the Agents minded if I recorded the interview, and I was asked politely to “please don’t.”) The Agents explained why they would prefer I not record the interview and I understood their reasoning and agreed not to record it.

    The Documents that were being completed had “Preventative Protection” across the top of each and everyone of them. During the course of the interview I was asked if I wanted to see Obama killed, and I said “why would I want that, he is more useful to me alive.”

    The agents showed me documents that had been submitted to the U.S. Secret Service by the web sites the regulator and I then showed the agents pdf files of every post and comment ever posted by that site and a couple of others. Those sites are indeed being looked into because of their photo shopping photos to make them appear as threats against the “O”.

    I answered all the agents questions, including the one on exactly what it is I am trying to accomplish. I made it clear that I know exactly what the law is and I have not stepped over that line. When asked if I would continue to send Faxes and make calls to the White House, I responded, “You can bank on it!”

    The Agents had in their possession copies of the photos I used for target practice of Michelle and Barack and faxed to the White House asking if “this is what Donald Young looked like when the had him killed.” I explained that I am entitle to print any picture I choose to print to use for target practice and I chose those to ask the question that accompanied them.

  15. Dennis says:

    Oh yeah, he also claims that he has in no way ever threatened to bothered the president or his family:
    Michelle Obama: Care to Tell Us How You Really Feel?……


    From: Larry Sinclair
    Phone: 386-761-0606
    Fax: 386-761-0131
    Company Name: Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder

    To: Michelle Obama
    Phone: 202-456-7064
    Fax: 202-456-2237
    Company Name: Office of The First Lady, White House



    I am sending you this fax after giving you almost a year to respond to the letter providing you the description of your lying husband’s genitals. Michelle, I am wondering how you feel making the statement “How can you run the White House, when you can’t take care of your own house…” during the campaign referring to Bill Clinton cheating on Hillary, when you sit back in the White House with full knowledge your husband cheated on you with
    other MEN?

    How does it feel knowing that forever in time you too will wonder when the day will come that your daughters are asked about Barack cheating on their mother with other men? You, know like the day during the 2008 campaign that your husband had Chelsea Clinton asked about Bill’s affairs!!!!

    Tell me Michelle, how does it really feel to know that your husband had to turn to other men for satisfaction that you could not give him? Did/does it make you angry enough to want them dead? What exactly is your involvement and/or knowledge in the murder of Donald Young (your husband’s dead lover)?

    Don’t worry Michelle, I promise you I will continue to expose Barack Obama for the lying, murdering, closet
    faggot that you and I both know he is. But you, just like Hillary, will continue to lie and cover for him until you have gotten what it is you want, and then when it finally comes out, you and Barack will go down in history alright, he as the first gay president and you as just another lying, greedy, power hungry woman who couldn’t please her husband.

    One last question, why have you failed to challenge my description of your husband’s genitals?

  16. Dennis says:

    Let’s see, you were sending packages and faxes to the White House to both the president and his wife; posting YouTube videos directed exclusively to their daughters; called his grandmother’s house in Hawaii while she was on her death bed and attempted to bullshit Obama’s sister into putting her on the phone; sent photos of the president and his wife shot up with a BB gun and with a borderline threatening letter (FedEx to the White House); tried to drive down Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House despite a previous warning from the Secret Service against doing that (and dang, they actually pulled you over – help, murder, police); after which you took numerous photos of yourself hanging around the gate to Andrew Air Force base just to show them a thing or two….the list goes on and on, Fat Boy.

    So it goes without saying that you are a total crumbum, you jackass. You are a truly disgusting, vile, loathsome piece of turd. But don’t take my word for it. I am finding even more as I Google your name. Heck, you especially have a long list of enemies among your fellow wing nutters. Good going smart boy….

  17. Dennis says:

    One last thing, I really love this one stupid statement you made to the Secret Service:

    “The agents showed me documents that had been submitted to the U.S. Secret Service by the web sites the regulator and I then showed the agents pdf files of every post and comment ever posted by that site and a couple of others. Those sites are indeed being looked into because of their photo shopping photos to make them appear as threats against the “O”.”

    That is such a hoot. Now excuse me. I got to go to the store and do some “photo shopping.”

    • Anyone one else here have Secret Service agents sitting outside their house and then come in for basically a raid? I don’t think so. But SickLiar had that happen to him.

      Anyone else here get picked up by the Secret Service when they visited Washington? I don’t think so. But SickLiar had that happen to him.

      I’m sure a number of us have been scrutinized by the Secret Service as they looked into this. I don’t mind because I have nothing to hide from them. Were any of us found to have a long history of mental illness like they found with SickLiar. I sincerely doubt it.

      In fact, the Secret Service thanked me for the information I provided to them. I can’t recall them thanking SickLiar for the crap he put them through.

      When an independent government body looked at the two parties and what information they provided, the guy they came down on was SickLiar.

  18. Dennis says:

    I have noticed that you have an odd problem Fat Boy. You claim that in your new “book” you are going to discuss your so-called suicide attempt. But you have also pulled all access to that crazy video you did at the time. Seems like to don’t want folks to see that stupid “death” by tic-tac moment. Fortunately, your old buddy Jeff Rense still has it.

    “Larry Sinclair Apparently Takes An Overdose On Final Tape” —>

    • Meesh says:

      Too funny, a continuous playback video by good old Dense (wonder if FatBoy realizes that video still exists…in view that he had YouTube take down every uploaded copies?) Great catch Dennis 🙂 When you look at it, you can recognize how phony it was staged…Yep a suicide victim would pick and choose/count his meds of choice…to me it looks like he’s simply taking his nighty-night meds.
      What an *idiot*.

  19. Dennis says:

    Found this link courtesy of Also some fascinating comments from their users:

    1. “Good. Maybe he just had to swallow some sleeping pills on cam for shits and giggles.”
    2. “So no evidence, nothing. He makes accusations says he’s going to kill himself and everyone starts thinking it’s a govt conspiracy. It’s that easy. Sweet. I’ll wait for something solid like a body, police report or something else. If he’s not dead that’s one massive attention whore.”
    3. “Hmmm. Very strange… Why would he wipe the data from his site? Check it out and try to see if you can find a single article or comment posted by larry on his webpage other than his sunset and farewell letter…
    His Archives are vapor…
    Why would a guy committing suicide want to erase all of his arguments pertaining to the very reason he was likely committing suicide???
    Doesn’t make sense.”

    Yes Lardo. We losers over here at the Regulator are just so crazy and mean to you. Us and about 95% of the rest of the planet. In fact, the more I troll through comments about you at wing nutter sites, the more I begin to think that we haven’t been mean enough.

  20. Dennis says:

    In a possible attempt to prove that he may be actually losing his marbles, Fat Boy has posted two weirdly incoherent posts. In one, he is incensed that he received a political robo call from Marco Rubio that starts off with the boilerplate statement that official records show that he had voted in the last election. Crazy says Lardo because he hasn’t voted in the last six years. BTW Turd Brain, in your “run” for Congress a few years back, you kept swearing otherwise…yes you did, butt wipe. We got the posts saved. You kept insisting that you voted in Florida.

    Then he goes off on an even more nutty ramble about the state issue to legalize medical marijuana. Yes, the old inter-state drug trafficker is opposed to legalizing medical ganja. The reasons is…well, that gets kind of screwy. He seems convinced that it will only profit sleazy law firms and lead to social chaos and then he seems to half imply that it might make business bad for drug dealers or something like that and to be honest, he just doesn’t make a lot of sense of this one. Either the vodka or the mary jane had kicked in when he wrote it. Oh right. He also claims that he has never used the stuff. He just sold it or something? Or was he strictly into inter-state transporting of cocaine. Why mess with the kid’s stuff when you got first-class nose candy on hand, huh.

  21. Sinclair News – LS News Group Facebook

    August 3

    Sinclair News is under reconstruction right now! We will be back within few days!

    As it’s an anniversary of sorts since that promise, I note it’s now been three months since we heard that bullshit.

    I guess the “reconstruction” will only complete if some sucker buys it
    as Dennis mentioned previously, it’s now up for sale.

    But it’s now valued at only $65 and falling …

    What a joke! 🙂

    • Dennis says:

      What do you mean, WTBL? Siteworth traffic says that Lardo had an annual revenue of $16. Harry just has to wait about 2 and a half years and he might make his money back…

      • With the $29 annual revenue for, that only covers a few days of his “36 Pepsis per day to maintain (his) body weight”. 🙂

        I suspect he’s reverted to using aliases and gone underground to run scams to supplement his SSDI because this scam has pretty much run it’s course and it’s money well has run dry.

  22. Dennis says:

    Quick glance at Fat Boy’s Facebook page. He’s posting gibberish, first a massively wrong prediction of the midterm election results followed by his advise for the incoming congress. Now he is pretending to be a political pundit without a clue. Lots of Likes and Right On comments from his bizarre alter ego of Sybil. So he is actually having a lovey-dovey debate with himself (in and out of drag). Starting to sound like the Bates Motel in LardoLand.

    Coming next: When One Man Staggers in High Heels.

  23. Dennis says:

    Guess we are all pretty much half-doozing while waiting for the promised release of his new book and its threats against us. Just started taking a nostalgic walk through his threats from the past, such as this one against a woman who had been a supporter of his until she snapped out of it:
    February 18, 2009 6:53 PM

    Larry Sinclair said…

    Hey Bitch Lynne, I do not give a fuck about you. You will have your day real soon, Oh you might want to read the Chapter “Who is Larry Sinclair” see bitch I don’t hide from my past like you, nor do I try to claim I am something I am not. Again like you.

    and NO bitch, my blog is not going down. See you put that picture on the web to solicit business, maybe I should use the other one from your facebook or myspace where you claim to be 46 years old!! What a joke you are.

    No get phucked Bitch while you still can!
    February 18, 2009 7:17 PM

    Of course this was in 2009 when he was still hiding from the Colorado warrant and various other little issues from his past while also getting ready to start a run for Congress while also lying through his teeth about his ability to vote in Florida and a whole range of stuff like that. But at least he didn’t threaten to burn her house down and kill her dog or anything. He always saved that for special people….

  24. Dennis says:

    Since SinkLiar likes to pretend that we are the only people out there who ever accuses him of making crazy threats, let’s take a peek at this blog I just discovered called The Candid Blogger Some years ago they did a little item titled: Sinclair Issues Death Threat to Obama

    Mostly they reprint the stupid jackass threat he made (and now denies) on his old web site. But I kind of like the editorial sidebar:

    “Sinclair, who seems determined to continue to make an ass of himself publicly, may well have crossed the line with his outlandish behavior and claims this time. A former felon who spent 16 years of his life behind bars for a variety of crimes, the delusional Sinclair’s post on his blog may result in his becoming very familiar with the FBI and Secret Service as this blatant threat will not be taken lightly by the authorities. According to Colorado records, he has 13 aliases including “LA Rye Vizcarra Avila” and “Mohammed Gahanan.” Sinclair has been convicted of larceny, theft, check forging and credit card fraud and has served over 16 years in prison in Florida and Colorado where he was disciplined 97 times for infractions including assault, threats, drug possession, intimidation, and verbal abuse.”

    BTW, since Ken Olsen still keeps creeping over here to see what nasty things we are saying about his liddle lardo, he should take some notes. Yeah, Fat Boy is very very bad news. He also has an incredible track record for eventually turning on his own “friends” and “business associates.” Don’t believe me, don’t worry. I will dig that stuff up soon. So enjoy for now your tight friendship with the biggest, meanest back biting cobra around. I can’t wait until he snaps your balls off.

  25. SickLiar on Facebook

    5 hours ago

    After delays and trying to figure out what should or should not go into When One Man Stands I believe we have gotten those questions answered and I am pushing to have the book out by Thanksgiving or Black Friday.

    Wasn’t what should go in or not go in the book decided years ago when he promised in Feb 2012 that it would be published by June 2012 and Sept 2012? Of course it was if he was telling the truth and the book actually existed. But as usual, a bunch of what he said back then was pure bullshit. With today’s technology, it doesn’t take 33 month to reformat a book – closer to 33 hours.

    The above quote is probably more bullshit – at least the 14th? (I’ve lost count) promised date given out over a time frame approaching three years.

    What he’s about to find out if he finally does deliver is “who cares?” Like he found out on GoFundMe and he’s finding out of his dead website: hardly anyone.

    • Dennis says:

      Nonsense. Sylvie St. Clair has already ordered 500 copies. Meanwhile, we are suppose to be sweating over what terrible things he will say about us. Ironically, in the professional and personal circles that I work and live in, being bad mouthed by Lardo will be a high recommendation. I am looking forward to using his crap for PR purposes.

  26. Dennis says:

    And there are more cheap laughs from Fat Boy on Facebook. He has received from the US Census Department the American Community Survey, the follow up and slightly more detailed survey sent to a random selection of 3 million people in order to gather extra data for help in determining national policies on such things as disability issues (which, oddly enough, El Tubbo claims a interest in). He has completely misread the damn form and thinks that they are telling him that he is required by law to answer it. Hey, Ass wipe. What they said is: “The Department of Commerce has stated that those who receive a survey form are legally obligated to answer all the questions as accurately as possible.” Yes, the only legal issue has to do with lying on the form (which you might have deep concerns about since you lie out of habit with every breath).

    In fact, ” The Department of Commerce has stated that it is “not an enforcement agency”.

    Good grief, I can’t tell when this guy is full of it and when he is plain and simply brain dead stupid. Now he swears he is being hounded by the Census Department. What next? The library police?


      “The fine for lying is $500”

      His best move is to pay the $100 fine for not responding as he’s proven throughout his lifetime that he’s such a chronic liar and so delusional, he’s very likely incapable of filling out a detailed form without lying.

      As well, with all the dough he’s taken in to supplement his SSDI since 2008, it’s probably best to say nothing in case they come after him for fraud someday. Hopefully, he uses his “lwa degree” to claim Miranda rights in his declaration to not respond. 🙂

  27. Meesh says:

    Okay, we have another new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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