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Sinclair’s Lie No. 8,175,462,464

“Where’s the proof, Larry?”

4a1a88c89c4ef2cebbee6cbcd2479698.jpg WTPL avatarWe’ve lost count of all of Larry’s lies and deceptions,

but I call pure bullshit on that Grand Rapids story.


roflbot-4vsR I caught the following  on Larry’s “The Larry Sinclair” Facebook page, dated March 22nd,2014:

(to see screenshot press thumbnail)






“Tomas Ojeda says:“in 2004  Larry Sinclair was within a hundred yards of Barack Obama… Grand Rapids Michigan. he had a bullhorn and was asking Barack where he was in November of 1999-in Chicago? ”

Larry Sinclair replies:

“Tomas Ojeda correction 2008 not 2004. lol”

Larry then adds this:

“Tomas Ojeda that was the same day Deputy DA Corsey specifically instructed me “do not waste your money and time coming to Colorado it is being dismissed.”

Yes, Larry corrected the timing alleging it happened during the 2008 campaign when Obama was campaigning in Grand Rapids. But it’s just another lie.

Larry may have or may not have been in Grand Rapids in 2008.

I’m not taking issue with that.

I’m taking issue with what he claimed that Deputy DA Corsey told him about dismissing the case back then. Barack Obama was campaigning in Grand Rapids, MI speaking on the Economy on October 2, 2008.

 This happened just after Obama was elected THE FOLLOWING MONTH

(from the court docket):


11/04/2008 Motn Motion (by lws)
11/04/2008 Letr Letter (by lws)
11/04/2008 Acta Appl For Ct Appointed Cnsl DEF/Sinclair, Larry Wayne


From the above docket, in November 2008, Larry applied for a public defender to represent him and my previous copy of the docket in early 2009, with Judge Jill Suzanne Mattoon presiding, shows that a public defender (BAR: 900002) was appointed as the primary attorney back then.

Larry went to a lot of trouble on November 4th 2008 to defend himself in this case which totally contradicts his BS claim that ‘Deputy DA Corsey specifically instructed me “do not waste your money and time coming to Colorado it is being dismissed.’ prior to October 2, 2008, claimed to have been stated on the very same day that he was in Grand Rapids.

Why bother to get a public defender, write a letter to the court and make a motion to the court in November 2008 if the DA has already told you by October 2nd, 2008 not to bother because he’s dismissing the case? To make a motion to dismiss? I think not. In part, because the last entry by Larry prior to the above was a motion to dismiss dated in August 3, 2004:


Larry’s affidavit in support of motion to dismiss the warrant for his arrest:look


“I Larry Wayne Sinclair do under penalty of perjury state in the following of Motion to dismiss for arrest of Defendant and for such, states as follows:”LookAnimated

Larry published the Motion and Affidavit on his own website in June 2008. Everybody saw it.

The DA didn’t need a motion to dismiss from Larry because Larry’s 2004 motion to dismiss was already there (and had already been declined by the judge).

And the Judge has the ability to get the case dismissed without Larry’s assistance if he so chooses. But even if you don’t buy that, and think Larry needed to make a second motion to dismiss, Larry certainly didn’t need to apply for a public defender if the case was being dismissed.

Why bother with having to get a public defender when you’ve already claimed the DA told you on October 2nd 2008 he was going to dismiss the case?

That doesn’t add up. More BS.

And if you don’t believe any of that rationale, why the heck did the CO court renew the warrant in 2008:

10/10/2008 Wrrc Warrant Recall
10/10/2008 Waff Warrant Upon Affidavit DEF/

Sinclair, Larry Wayne eight days after Obama was in Grand Rapids?

Still don’t believe me?


06/18/08: Press Statement of Larry Sinclair (transcripts)

“I have a pending motion to dismiss this warrant which I am waiting to have calendared by the Colorado Court.”

and he said it again (so there’s no mistake):

06/18/08: National Press Conference with Larry Sinclair

“I also have an active Colorado only warrant for alleged theft and forgery. I am not ignoring this warrant but am addressing it with the court in Colorado as well as with the district attorney’s office. I have a pending motion to dismiss this warrant which I waiting to have calendared by the Colorado court.”

He lied then as well to the media because that “pending motion” he was “waiting to have calendared” had been sitting in the court case docket for nearly (4) four years, calendared August 3, 2004! And the court renewed it’s warrant afterwards to affirm it’s longstanding answer – as it’s done again recently.

The blunt truth, based soundly on the facts in this docket, is that Larry (et al aliases) Lari, Ashaiti, Avila, Larye, La Rye, Vizcarra, Adams, Larri, Silvis, Mohammed, Gahanan, Fatha, Vizcuaua, Vizgua, Lawrence, Wayne, Larry, Sinclair/Sinclaire is still, always was and always will be a lying sack of shit con man.sinclair-fraud He belongs behind bars where all habitual felony offenders belong.

This has nothing to do with any bloggers. They didn’t get charged with this crime nor the long list of crimes by Sinclair that have preceded or followed it.

And they didn’t constantly lie about what has gone on with this case. All the bloggers have done is shine a bright light on this cockroach and what he’s really up to – to help protect the public from him.

Meanwhile, this con man is out collecting money for charities? Just wow.

Hopefully, justice will finally be done in this court and provide some solace to all of the people Larry has hurt.colorado courts logo

Submitted by: WTPL?

“Where’s The Proof Larry?”

March 28, 2014


Quick note to the “crazies”

More teachable moments by Dennis….

Couple of quick notes to the crazies:
1. Orly: Noticed your comment that these judges are all traitors because they will not “investigate” Obama. Judges do not investigate. That is simply not their job. Maybe that bogus online law school you went to skipped a few things.

2. Sibley: By “running” a two-bit write-in campaign, this gives you standing in filing this lawsuit? Please check the dubious and unsuccessful track record of fellow nut job Alan Keyes. He has already tried this stunt. Didn’t work. Don’t you read the newspapers?

3. Fat Ass aka Liar Butt SinkLiar: Just saw your most recent blog piece where you continue with another long and largely incoherent rant about Ali (who the hell cares) Akbar. You are making a lot of accusations but to be honest, it would appear that he never quite got it together to complete the scam you are claiming. If it was intended to be a scam (and maybe it was), it sounds as if it went pretty badly in terms of final completion. Which kind of means that you are repeatedly accusing him of something that, no matter what, never quite happen which also means that you are currently committing a wild act of defamation while also severely damaging the man’s reputation and ability to conduct business (legal or not). So basically, you could be sued big time (and just might be).

So here some quick pointers:

A. YOU DIDN’T WIN THE PARISI SUIT, ASSHOLE! Get that into your fat skull. Parisi’s attorney couldn’t get the judge to accept the case. They were claiming that your crap cost Parisi $5 million worth of business but had no supporting evidence.

In the case of Akbar, you have given him plenty of ample evidence.

B. For a person to be charged with a crime, they have to actually commit it first. You should know this by now. After all, you have committed lots of crimes – not all of which you have been charged with. Your claims against Akbar are largely about what he might have been doing or trying to do. That is not the same thing as actually committing a crime. With your life long criminal history, you should know this by now.

C. The only thing saving your ripe butt from a law suit is the fact that you are not worth much. You make roughly $20,000 to $22,000 a year from ads on your stupid news site. Of course, that all goes to the “business.” Now that I am done laughing my ass of at that one…add whatever you “score” from social security. Then add in the small chump change you are currently getting in the way of donations. So you may be taking in around $30,000 to just under $40,000 a year. Your overhead is low since you are NOT paying for phone, internet, or even housing (sounds like you got a nice pack of “church” ladies covering your fat butt). In a law suit, Akbar would most likely only be able to take the copyright to your’s and Parsons’ crappy books (which are financially worthless) as well as your “business” and with it the web site and maybe dump all legal expenses onto your back. Probably not much else.

But you are open to suit. And if you handle that suit the way you did the Parisi case, your butt will be fried. All Akbar will need is a dog bite attorney.

Thanks Dennis,
Happy Thanksgivings my US friends!



Blast from the past – Montgoobery Sibley

I happen to be watching the Twitter fight between Ali A.Akbar and Sinclair that’s been going on for days… weeks? Sickliar once again is in his harassing- mode:

Today, I saw this tweet by Akbar:

Ali A. Akbar @ali tweets:

“Larry Sinclair’s non-child support paying and disbarred lawyer talks about his genitalia:”

It’s funny, I  wondered whatever happened to Sinclair’s nutcase  flamboyant  lawyer…it turned out the  kilt-wearing lawyer was  just as big a con man as Sinclair is!

Anyway, by coincidence and out of the blue I received this email from KStreet, with a request, this is what she sent:

“Meesh, if you can, please publish this on TRT when you get the chance, with Ruthie’s permission.   🙂 “


Thanks Ruthie!  This is a hoot.  Sibley is a nutcase…he and Sinclair were made for each other.  Losers Extraordinaire! 

I recall Mitch stating…


How very true! Here we go h/t Ruthie aka democratista… you read my mind.

Birther Lawyer and Write-in Candidate Is Suing Electoral College

If you were curious about what the disbarred lawyer, former Florida inmate, bagpipe-blowing fringe candidate Montgomery Blair Sibley thinks about last week’s election, you’re in luck. He thinks it stinks.

Sibley, who has been disbarred from 13 different federal courts and three state bars during his career, is suing D.C.’s three representatives to the Electoral College, which is slated to meet next month and confirm that President Obama won on November 6. And, like he always does, Sibley doubts Obama’s legitimacy to hold the office to which he just won another four years.

In one complaint filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, Sibley calls Obama’s birth certificate, college transcripts and other identifying documents “questionable.” So, basically the same birther shit as usual.

His second complaint takes direct aim at the Electoral College itself. Citing the 12th and 23rd amendments, Sibley hopes to stop the 332 electors pledge to Obama from voting for a candidate he sees as illegitimate. Or something like that.

“It is inane to image the framers of our Constitution authorizing the presidential electors to vote for a person who fails to qualify for that office,” Sibley—who of course doesn’t know anything about inanity—said in a news release.

Sibley tried to petition the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the issue in March. The high court declined. Maybe because Sibley has twice accused the Supreme Court of treason; more likely, the justices didn’t feel like wasting their time with this putz.

Who knows? Maybe Sibley’s just raw about losing last week’s election and this is his way of airing his grievances. Anyway, as we always include it when writing about Sibley, enjoy this photo of him blowing into some bagpipes.

In Sibley’s own words….

Greetings:My quixotic run for President is over. My obligation to challenge the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama, II to be President is not.I have filed two lawsuits in the District of Columbia. The first Complaint – Sibley vs. Obama– invokes the ancient writ of quo warranto to have the U.S. District Court compel Mr. Obama to demonstrate that he is eligible for the office of President. The questionable certificates of live births released by Mr. Obama, his questionable social security number and selective service registration and his refusal to authorize release of college transcripts which would establish his status as a citizen are all brought to the Court’s attention by the Complaint. Everyone else in these United States has to demonstrate they are U.S. Citizens in order to be employed, why not Mr. Obama before he is employed by us as our President?The second Complaint – Sibley vs. Alexander, Dinan and Lightfoot – is a class action complaint filed in D.C. Superior Court against the District of Columbia members of the so-called Electoral College as class representatives of the so-called Electoral College. The Complaint seek an injunction preventing any and all of the 538 Electors authorized by the Twelfth and Twenty-Third Amendments to the Constitution from casting their votes for an ineligible candidate, i.e., Mr. Obama. My Motion for Preliminary Injunctionis pending a hearing date to be set by Judge John Mott.You can help me defray the significant costs of pursuing my litigation strategy to test Obama’s eligibility to be President by either directly donating any amount you can:

Or buying either a soft-cover or hardcover copy of my book – The Justicide Brief.

The soft-cover edition sells for $50.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

The hard-cover edition sells for $250.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


Sinclair to the rescue?

LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews tweets:

“After Tuesday election SinclairNews will expose Fraud by conman “republican” operative with ties to many in the conservative movement.
We are holding it until Tuesday night to prevent innocent parties from being adversely affected by conservative’s refusal to expose them! On Nov 6, 2012 at 7PM ET some of the biggest names in conservative politics and commentary will be held to account for their failure 2 act!
@AfpOhio @ali @rsmccain AFP might want to be careful who they climb in bed with because on 11/6 at 7PM ET some are going to fall HARD.”

He’s then asked….

davidedwards ‏@iamdce2 says:

“@SinclairNews why wait?”

…..his response…

LS News Group ‏@SinclairNewsLS News Group ‏@SinclairNews:

“@iamdce2 solely because the actions of a few that others know nothing about should not be affected by the actions of others. We may push up.”

Once again…. too late and irrelevant.. We are familiar with Sinclair’s so-called radio program that’s known as Through The Mirror

Sinclair News and the Rense Radio Network are proud to announce the March 12, 2012 launch of the Monday-Friday Larry Sinclair talk radio show ‘Through The Mirror’ on 

 I could not figure what that name was all about, but guess what? He simply got the  word “mirror” wrong, it should be through the looking-glass:

“Through the Looking-Glass and what did Alice Find?”

Yep that’s s our boy…


Larry Sinclair’s Rabbit Hole Of Insanity

First Posted: 11- 3-09

“This one is a doozy. Larry Sinclair, a petty criminal specializing in forgery, spread wild accusations via YouTube involving gay sex, drugs and possible murder committed by Barack Obama. At one point reporters apparently took Sinclair seriously enough to attend a press conference he gave, most remarkable for his lawyer’s appearance in a kilt, which he explained was intended to secure comfort for his unusually large sexual organs: “Those at the other end of the spectrum find [pants] quite confining.”

For fun, let’s predict what the *idiot* has brewing this time and at this late stage.

November too LATE Surprise!


Debate fever – open thread

Round One:

“Quick recap of presidential debate…”

H/T Yankee Clipper

“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings”


Meet Sinclair and LS News Group

This story begins with this highly respected “reprorter”

His bio on this site—->  Sinclair News.Net | Uncensored & Unafraid

In his words, part of this writer’s BIO:

Lawrence (Larry) W. Sinclair is the founder of and LS News Group ( which is the consolidation of four plus years of genuine investigative journalism and breaking news reporting.  Larry broke the story of’s 2008 killing of the Obama-Ayers story which showed Barack Obama was dishonest during the 2008 Presidential campaign concerning his relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers.  In addition, Larry reported on the decision of the 2012 GOP Candidate Herman Cain to end his campaign a week before the campaign officially announced Cain’s withdrawal from the Presidential race.  Most recently, it was Larry Sinclair who exposed the misleading reports and statements published and reported on the March 1, 2012 death of Conservative activists and blogger Andrew Breitbart. Larry was the first to confirm with the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center Emergency Department that Breitbart had NOT been treated as was originally reported and his report caused media outlets like The Los Angeles Times to update their original reports removing the incorrect information reported by them.  Larry Sinclair is a highly-professional Investigative Journalist who digs deep and reports the facts of a story bluntly and honestly…..

It goes on and on and on and on laced with lots of BS.
On  July 19th, 2012  this highly-professional Investigative Journalist,  posted this at the top of this website, we see this :

Upcoming Articles & Interviews

   The Time Has Come To Shut Bryant Up Once & For All, With Pleasure!

Obama Campaign Uses Gay Campaign Staffers Death For Political Purposes
Don’t miss it – Subscribe by RSS.

We thought it bizarre but within character. So “BRYANT” we assumed was Sheila Bryant. Well of course it was Sheila aka our KStreet. This blog owner as well as The Fifth Column   and of course SINCLAIR WATCH   where she responded there in this post… (I just posted the ending, it’s worth the complete  read!)

Uh Oh…Sinclair Is About To Shut Me Up “Once and For All”…

“Seriously now, Sinclair knows that I am not afraid of him and for him to do some expose on my personal life does not change the facts that I have laid out on this site.

If I had something to hide, I would not have started this site.  His intimidation did not stop me in the beginning and it sure as hell won’t stop me now.

In fact it simply makes him look like the snake that he is.  What are you afraid of Sinclair?  Does a little old lady from Atlanta, GA (via NYC) intimidate you that much, simply because I’m putting FACTS (not lies) out there for all to see?

What does that say about you?  Perhaps, that I’m right about my assessment and PROOF (something you have no use for in any instance.)

Like a former POTUS once said…BRING IT ON!”

On July 24th once again on this wonderful LS newsite we see this

     Upcoming Articles & Interviews

Why People Like Sheila Bryant Will Never Be Taken Seriously

Obama Campaign Uses Gay Campaign Staffers Death For Political Purposes

Subscribe to Sinclair News.Net Don’t miss it – Subscribe by RSS.

He’s an *idiot* what can we say. Sheila aka Kstreet felt her message as previously posted….  was pretty clear “BRING IT ON!” Oh well he’s going to post some other garbage, at least it’s not a threat.

Now today on July 25th, 2012 – we happen to notice another posting:

Upcoming Articles & Interviews:


A Challenge To Sheila Bryant: Come On TTM-Put Up Or Shut Up

2. Conservatives Are Not The Bigoted, Homophobes Liberals Say They Are

3. Conservatives Not The Ones Passing Judgment

4. Obama Campaign Uses Gay Campaign Staffers Death For Political Purposes

Subscribe to Sinclair News.Net Don’t miss it – Subscribe by RSS.

Is this pathetic or what? Well  Sheila’s (in brief) answers, the complete post is a must read!

Summary: Final answer: HELL FRIGGIN’ NO!  Now it’s your turn to “put up or shut up”:

Not until you submit proof that the alleged meeting occurred and that the second meeting occurred as well.
Not until you bring the Limo Driver to the public as proof positive that he can corroborate your every claim.
Not until you prove that Axelrod paid Parisi to “fail your polygraph test”.
Not until you show how you contacted the Obama team in September 2007 (your words) because of a video you saw that didn’t come out until November 2007.
Finally, not until you contact the Donald Young family and let them know you obtained his death certificate and published in your “book” to further spread your vicious lies about a dead man you knew nothing about.

Only then, when all of the above criteria are met, will I readily go on your radio show.

One more question:  Why is there not one shred of documentation/proof to support your claims in your book:

Larry Sinclair, this is harassment!

Anyway, I highly recommend to visit KStreet’s—–> SINCLAIR WATCH!

Afterall, Larry Sinclair endorses it,  because HE”S ALWAYS THERE TOO!


Deja Vu All Over Again…

On Larry Sinclair’s “news” website, he’s had an advertisement up for a while now, showing how his readers could purchase  a copy of the 1000 advanced copies being prepared (signed and numbered) of  his new “book”, When One Man Stands.

The kicker is this:

There will only be 1000 advanced, signed, numbered copies made available three months prior to September 18, 2012 nationwide release

Now, by my calculations, that would mean that the first 1000 copies of book will be available for distribution to those who made advanced orders in THIRTEEN DAYS!

We’ll be watching diligently to see if those who may have ordered the book actually get the book.


Let’s See How Sinclair Spins *This* One

Larry Sinclair 1I can’t wait to hear what Larry Sinclair, professed Republican homosexual,anti-gay marriage and most definitely Obama nemesis, has to say about the POTUS’ statement.

Meanwhile, I found this excellent piece and wanted to share it…

The Pragmatic Progressive Page

SPEECH: People keep saying that Mr. Obama, supporting gay marriage, is a pointless thing. That it’s a symbolic gesture or has no real ramifications on the gay marriage issue since it’s voted on state by state. I think you may have missed the point.

By standing up, as the leader of the most powerful country in the world, and stating that you support the equality of ALL those citizens you have sworn to lead…that’s a big deal. Just as big as a President who stood up for the rights of women, blacks, the disabled or anyone else who has been put on second-class citizen status due to our lack of respect for those unlike ourselves.

For him to have made this an issue that will now be brought up, not only in this campaign, but in every campaign from this point out…that’s a big deal. To know that he may lose the votes of the homophobic, the hateful, the fearful, the fake-christians and the ignorant, but also, perhaps, the votes of those Americans who like to pretend they are for Freedom and Equality for All (who act like them)…that is a big deal. But mostly, the fact of the matter is, he is the first president, in the history of this country, to have the courage to stand up and say I SUPPORT EQUALITY FOR EVERY PERSON I REPRESENT…so I’m sorry if you don’t ‘get it’, but to be honest….that’s a big effin’ deal.

And the fact that he rides a Unicorn and shoots rainbows out of his hands…that’s just some cool shit that makes me like him even more. Obama2012 – vince