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We’re currently  known as “Sewer Rats” or “Gutter Rats” that inhabit the “cesspool”. We mock, snark, while having fun debunking Larry Sinclair and all of the nutters that seem to surround him. Birds of a feather flock together!

We have been around since April of 2008  and many of us made our debut by joining forces with “The Mitch & Nan Show”. As in the beginning,  we’re still unhinged and if you had a brain, you would leave this site immediately! If you elect to stay and read,  please know these are our opinions on Larry Sinclair and the cast of clowns who wander in and out of his life.

We’re not all that bad,  join in, have fun!

We were named “the cesspool” by Larry Sinclair and his entourage, at Mitch & Nan. We stuck with the name of our sites because it made sense.  We are a waste management team that collect and  archive all  of Sinclair’s false,slanderous statements, outright lies, Internet Stalking, Harassment, Threats, Misrepresenting himself,  illegally obtaining death certificates, illegally taped phone calls, past and present criminal acts that have been committed by Sinclair before he conveniently gets rid of them. We need a proper back-up in order to get rid of this human excrement called Lawrence W.Sinclair and his 13 aliases once and for all and to have him confined for life!

So therefore,this is a cesspool!

One of our main objective has been to stand by and support (press link)–> three very special friends in their time of need. We vowed to be with them till (link—>) their victorious ending. We wish our 3 blogging friends all the very best! Hopefully you can put this nightmare (link–>)behind you.

We are the Kool Kids, bloggers throughout the USA, Canada and New Zealand. We have a sick obsession with Larry Sinclair, and have spent way too much time exposing his lack of credibility. He appears to be an idiot, but so are we. The only difference we admit it. Contrary to what Larry would have his deadbeat followers believe we do not nor have been even remotely associated with the Obama campaign; nor are we being paid for what we do.  Our ultimate goal is to keep innocent people from losing money by donating to this Douche, who has been lining his pockets since 2008.

We expose Larry Sinclair for what he is, a liar,  a grifter, and a wanted criminal.

Larry has always said, it’s not about the money… Back in July of 2008 – Mitch and Nan posted the amount of money  Larry had collected within a six month period:

Here is what we KNOW Larry has received to this point:

  • $20,000 from WhiteHouse.COM for failed polygraph test
  • $500 from “The Globe” for photograph
  • $8,000 (Minimum) for his 1st trip to Washington D.C.  (likely more)
  • $11,000 (Minumum) for his 2nd trip to Washington D.C., his arrest and stay in Delaware
  • $10,400 for Press Conference
  • $10,000 (Minimum) for his “criminal defense” fund
  • Undisclosed Amount for paid trip to Los Angeles for failed polygraph
  • $925 Payment to Florida Court
Total received (only which can be verified) is in excess of $60,000.
Confirmation of these receipts are on his own blog:
  • WhiteHouse.COM-  Posted by Larry Sinclair on Saturday, March 22, 2008 “The, Inc. check did clear the bank”
  • Globe payment confirmed on his blog and in recent radio interview.
  • First DC Trip:
  • 2nd Trip to  DC- Based on answers to interview questions
  • Press Conference- Based on answer to question at Press Conference
  • Defense Fund- $5,000 from one individual; $5,000 in donations.  Documented in Larry’s own website.
  • Florida Payment-  $925   
There has been NO accounting or audit of the money Larry Sinclair has received.
Periodically, there are glimpses to what he “claims” and other times there are “slip-ups” he rushes to cover.
For example, Larry claims he gave the $20,000 from WhiteHouse.Com to his mother.
“The, Inc. check did clear the bank and my mothers back past due bills have in fact now been paid as was the stated purpose of those funds.”

Unlike Sinclair, we have PROOF to support our allegations! As KStreet summarizes in this great post!So far, Larry Sinclair has only accomplished two things, rip-off some lunatics and also has kept us amused for 6 (six) years!

7 responses to “About Us

  1. jackblack4501 says:

    A lovely synopsis of the history Meesh. Applause!

  2. I salute your courage! I applaud your public service!

    It takes a special kind of bravery to attack a powerless citizen to do nothing but aggrandize yourselves.

    Congratulations on your special brand of exceptional uniqueness.

    • Dennis says:

      Why thank you, Spoonhead. Unfortunately your “powerless citizen” likes to see himself as a fierce and mighty warrior who is out bashing our evil heads every day as part of his boom boom chatter and is not the seemingly shy flower that you feel the need to defend. Maybe you got the wrong SinkLiar. It is a pretty common name.

      BTW, do you know that you are on the wrong web page? I mean, posting here kind of makes it look as if you are trying to sneak passed us just to make your usual brain dead snarky and utterly ludicrous comments. But you wouldn’t do that, now would you?

  3. Pamela Lowery says:

    pffft the fool is running for Mayor in Cocoa Florida

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