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Can it be true? Finally…

on November 12, 2014

SickLiar on Facebook

final_Larry Sinclair5 hours ago “After delays and trying to figure out what should or should not go into When One Man Stands I believe we have gotten those questions answered and I am pushing to have the book out by Thanksgiving or Black Friday.”

Wasn’t what should go in or not go in the book decided years ago when he promised in Feb 2012 that it would be published by June 2012 and Sept 2012? Of course it was if he was telling the truth and the book actually existed. But as usual, a bunch of what he said back then was pure bullshit. With today’s technology, it doesn’t take 33 months to reformat a book – closer to 33 hours. The above quote is probably more bullshit – at least the 14th? (I’ve lost count) promised date given out over a time frame approaching three years. What he’s about to find out if he finally does deliver is “who cares?” Like he found out on GoFundMe and he’s finding out on his dead website: hardly anyone. When One Man Fails

“When one man failed and made a fool of himself in front of the entire world (Taliban included). Barack Obama and the American people had no idea what insanity was about to come at them. This subsequent book is a detailed account of how for six-plus years, Larry Sinclair has continued to provide factually false fantasies and then wilted and flew off the handle against some of the most innocent criticisms leveled from the general public, including great grandmothers and housewives. From the mental illness which led him to fake an attempt to end his own life (you will be taken into the most absurd details of that ridiculous night of September 27, 2010 when Radio Host Jeff Rense and the United States Secret Service were set up to locate him before he succumbed to an overdose of tic tacs), to regaining his stupidity to stand obliviously defeated and humiliated, this story will touch just one of the reader’s emotions: laughter, laughter and more laughter. This story may make you see the humor in the extent to which this sick individual would go to attempt to scam money from any “one” with Banana Nut Bread Bake sales, failed documentary by a bankrupt film maker, junk merchandise sales, threatening faxes to the President of the United States and members of the White House, failed books, failed publishing companies, failed websites, failed radio shows, the worst press conference in US history, failure to get coverage of his Obama scam in the mainstream media, pretending to have a brain tumor, etc While all the details and events in this story are true, readers will at times find it difficult to believe at first, simply because they have never seen anything so ludicrous in all their lives. You will read firsthand accounts from individuals who first thought Larry was “nuts” and and still do, who say they would never have believed it had they not played witness to some of the most stupefying actions undertaken by a career con man against individual citizens. You will read how this psycho harassed, attacked, and threatened individuals and their families (including a dying grandmother and the President’s children) for merely questioning the validity of Larry Sinclair’s delusional fantasies, as well as how he threatened and disparaged district attorneys and law enforcement for simply executing their duties under the law in the face of Larry (or one of his 13 aliases) evading warrants and being held accountable for crimes he admitted to like theft, forgery, counterfeit money orders, illegal aliens, trafficking drugs, etc as well as how Sinclair threw infected mucus and urine on prison guards and started a prison fire. Larry’s story will grab you and take you inside what it is like to be absolutely out of your fucking mind and yet still find the wherewithal to be such an imbecile and loser, you can’t stop laughing at him. From the constant investigations of his scams by law enforcement, the FBI, Social Security Administration Fraud division and the Internal Revenue Service to being ordered out of his car at gun point on August 7, 2010 by uniformed U.S. Secret Service Agents just two blocks from the White House for simply faxing bullet riddled photos of the President of the United States and his wife to the White House, you will get a look at how a narcissistic, psychotic sociopath is treated for simply stomping on everyone else’s Constitutional rights and freedoms while blaming everyone else for his actions. The liberal and conservative media passed up on the chance to tell you about this silly bullshit so don’t miss out!”

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  1. Dennis says:

    Brilliant! Best book I have read all year! Absolutely thrilling! Especially the chapter in which the bold investigative citizen journalist and lwayer tries to expose Parisi for having porn links on a parked web site. Almost as big of a hoot as every threat he has made against us. Too bad the Census Police is about to arrest him.

  2. A friend of mine used to work for an undertaker. He drove a hearse to pick up dead bodies. A couple of times, he got spooked when the dead body started to twitch, kick and convulse a little. According to him, the person was dead but there was a last kick at the bucket electrical event left in their body.

    That’s about how I feel about the potential release of this book. This scam has been effectively dead for quite some time. Rigor mortis is starting to set in but in the hearse of internet abyss, when so few are watching, we might get one last twitch from the perpetrator before the failed scam is finally buried.

  3. Dennis says:

    Damnit, WTBL, you are suppose to be shaking in your booties because Fat Boy is going to expose you. Don’t tell me, you are not even going to buy a copy of the book just to see what bad things he makes about you in his feverish imagination? Good lord man, that is a 50% to 75% drop in projected book sales right there. He may have to cry his eyes out to Sybil St. Claire (which involves a long night of staring into the mirror).

    • I don’t think Sybil is going to be very happy with the book sales. She’ll have to cut her Pepsi consumption to maintain body weight in half, down to 18 per day, and might lose some of the “fat” in her social status as an unconscionable, lying fat con.

  4. kstreet607 says:

    Wow, just wow! Once again WTBL you nailed it! Same ol’ Sinclair after all these years. Hey, Dennis.

    Good to see you guys working hard at exposing every fraud and potential frauds FATASS throws out there.

    • Here we have a stupid, semi-literate, soulless, uneducated career con man in fraud who has trouble connecting simple facts logically and remembering what he’s said. Add in the US Secret Service finding of a “long history of mental illness” and a lengthy public record to support that finding – which help to explain all his delusions.

      You start with a presumption that everything he says is mixed with bullshit and much more often than not, over the past nearly seven years, you’re proven right. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

      Given his recent failures at funding raising and the tumbleweed collecting at his site, most people have figured that out.

      Working hard? That’s like saying he hasn’t scammed SSDI. Five minutes a day keeps the con man’s BS at bay.


  5. Dennis says:

    My oh my he is a busy guy on Facebook. As the author Lawrence, he is screaming about harassment from the U.S. Census Department (because they want to know his opinion). Over at his Larry page, he is playing the Batman as he takes on local drug dealers: “The next person who comes on this property for the purpose of selling or buying any drug who tells me “FU” when I tell them to get off this property I am simply going to bust them in the mouth first and then upside the head. The total lack of respect for other peoples property by people today is beyond comprehension. I do not give a shit what color your skin or eyes or hair is, disrespect me on my property like that one more time and I am going to bring the old Larry from my teenage years out of this 53 year old body and I am going to mop up the blacktop with your ass.”

    Are his knickers in a knot or what? Of course I am assuming that the typical druggie he is threatening is a short, skinny dude who is too stoned out of his head to be worth much in a fight. Those folks are pretty easy to spook off. Then there is the other kind. They are bigger, desperate, extremely strung out and a few will just kill you in order to see that stupid look in your eyes. But I have no doubt that Fat Boy is not the sort of fella who would back down just because the odds are against him….

    Of course as an ex-con in the state of Florida, he might want to consult with a lawyer before he gets himself into a sticky situation involving violence. As a rule, it isn’t advisable for ex-cons to play community patroller. Bad for the ex-con, and often bad for the actual property owner (like maybe the real landlord and not Lardo).

  6. SickLiar says:

    “The next person who comes on this property for the purpose of selling or buying any drug ….

    The total lack of respect for other peoples property by people today is beyond comprehension.”

    Coming from the hypocrite who, according to his own pamphlet, spent much of his early parole years in the late 90s/early 2000s trafficking drugs across America … The hand he had in damaging the lives of the kids who took those drugs … of course, as a sociopath, he’s oblivious to that.

    Can we not argue he was doing the same thing on a much, much broader scale? Of course we can and we’re right to make the point.

    How much respect did he have for the well-being (or personal property in terms of clothing) of the elderly prison nurse he tried to throw urine and infected mucus on?

    He’s a two time convicted felon in Florida. A felony assault might send him up the river for quite some time. Kind of makes me want to pick up some tic tacs and go down to his place to peddle them. 🙂

    • Dennis says:

      Yes, WTBL, the ironies are many. He is a self-confessed drug dealer and interstate drug trafficker who is now pretending to be a one-man army against what use to be his customer base. Of course he will insist that this is what makes him the man for the job. It’s all horse dung, but I have no doubt that his small (about 6) band of followers will buy it since they seem to buy everything else. Odd thing, for a guy who keeps claiming to be in such bad shape that he can barely get out of bed on some mornings, he sure likes mouthing off like some kind of super duper tough guy. Guess we can call him the Raging Bull(shitter).

      • Dennis says:

        Hey, what happened to Charles Bronson on a rampage? Lardo has removed that comment from his Larry Facebook page. Did the vodka wear off early or something?

      • Maybe a part of this is about them encroaching on or bringing unwanted law enforcement attention to his turf.

        From the looks of his renovated apartment, that was well beyond his $674/mo SSDI. His website isn’t bringing in much (less than $100/yr). He sold his book to Ken “the troll” Olsen so there’s no dough coming in there and the proceeds went to his criminal defense. He couldn’t sell a single copy of his new book on GoFundMe. He’s too fat and ugly to make dough as a male prostitute. Where’s the money coming from?

        He’s been all about money since he was a juvenile delinquent. I smell something is probably going on.

  7. What? No you tube posts in the comments. Those are the best part of this blog

    • Dennis says:

      Sorry. Kind of slow right now. What, with Fat Boy ducking and dodging on his book deadlines while posting over 800 pics of the same damn bird for no other reason than it gets him off the hook with his bogus “book” crap, we are just waiting around for the Turd Ball to expose us for what we are (really fine folks who have been nailing his sleazy ass for years). Eventually, he has to cough up a new excuse and post some more “deadlines.” Or else he is just trying to bore us all to tears and hope we go away or something.

      • SickLiar said in early September, 2014
        (after many other missed promised dates going back to June 2012):

        “When One Man Stands will be completed and in the hands of those who pre-ordered it and who reserved a signed/numbered copy of it by the end of the month if it kills me.”

        Well at least he’s well rested after all that “me time” to dream up another excuse … or kill himself with tic tacs!

        He promises his (very few) followers he’s going to work his butt off to get the book out by the end of September. Here we are in November and he’s taking a vacation with no book published.

        He’s so full of shit!

  8. SickLiar said November 17th on Facebook:

    “This past Wednesday while in Cocoa on business I decided to take some much needed “me” time and spend some time at the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge.”

    At risk of beating a dead horse here, can someone reconcile “while in Cocoa on business” while collecting SSDI for me?

    As well, how does one reconcile “take some much needed “me” time and spend some time at the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge” with collecting SSDI? How does one on SSDI afford the travel and expense after the expense of remodeling their apartment? And isn’t being on SSDI without a partner nearly 100% “me time”?

    Just sayin’ …

    • Dennis says:

      Come on WTBL, give a guy a break. First, he was busy single-handedly remodeling all of those apartments. Then he spent time beating up all of those druggies. Then he had to write long op-ed crap about the money to be made in the human trafficking trade (well, his so-called attack on Obama’s reform policy is basically a long and wistful reflection on what kind of money he use to make). Finally, he had to do that 800 plus photo spread of a bird. So you are now demanding a book, too? He’s only late by 3 friggin’ years. Quit rushing the guy!

  9. Dennis says:

    As we wait for the non-release of the non-book, let’s take another walk down memory lane with this snippet of Fat Boy’s bang up interview with Opie and Anthony way back when:

    • Dennis says:

      Since we may have an old “friend” back visiting from LA, I should explain that this audio clip from the Opie and Anthony show was back in 2008 when Fat Boy was orignally trying to peddle his bs claims. It should be noted that back then he was claiming that he had a private investigator (complete bs); he had and then didn’t have credit card records because for some unknown reasons the credit card company wouldn’t give him his own records (which he also kept claiming that he had, then said he didn’t etc etc); the limo company sort of exists and doesn’t exist at the same time (he kept mix and matching that one). It goes on. Total gibberish. Complete wall-to-wall bs. Yes, Kenny, that is what you just bought your way into. Enjoy.

  10. Dennis says:

    Oh boy, now Fatso is over at Facebook giving us his profound opinions on the Ferguson verdict. Well, not exactly the verdict since he wrote his crap before the verdict was even announced (and it sounds as if he thought the cop in the case was going to be charged – man, he can’t guess things to save his butt). Lots of lather about how Obama and the feds were intimating and threatening the jury and witnesses. All nonsense. And wait a minute, isn’t he the guy who has a long, long history of trying to bully, intimate, and threaten anyone who disagrees with him? Like his repeated online threats against the witness in the criminal case against him recently in Colorado. His threats and intimation attempts against the entire DA office in Colorado. His threats, curses, and intimation bull against most of his own family when they wouldn’t give him a cut of ol’grandma’s estate (something maybe to do with the fact that he kept threatening to kill her, I am guessing). His numerous threats against his former landlady (until her husband Mike showed up one night on the doorstep – then the ground wasn’t wide enough for all of the shameless groveling he dropped to). His long history of never ending threats, intimations, rants and more threats against every one of us. And this is barely the tip of the iceberg.

    So I guess it is true that opinions are like assholes, everyone got one. But I think he can just blow this opinion right out of his butt.

    • SickLiar said

      “trying to re-write laws by means of threats and intimidation and/or the treat of violence.”

      You got it Dennis. The hypocrisy keeps on comin’

      • Dennis says:

        I like that one typo of his: “…the treat of violence…” Of course he likes to think of violence as a treat and man, does the truth about a person slip out sometimes or what. Don’t need no stinkin’ Freud for this boy.

  11. Dennis says:

    Fat Boy is still ranting about Ferguson and blaming everything on Obama, Al Sharpton and the usual suspects according to Fox News (who have spent the whole case making up bogus stories and then ignoring all news reports that contradicted the crap they made up). Personally, I have reserved any opinion until I have more honest to god facts (which have been kind of messed up thanks to folks like Fox News). I did however notice a few “oddities” as I read through the transcript of the police officer’s testimony to the grand jury. A. He seems to be insisting that he first approached Brown in a manner that sounds so polite and passive that it just doesn’t smell right. I have seen cops in action. They don’t approach people that way. In fact, they are not advised to do so since it is way too passive and denies them the “command” position in dealing with a situation. B. Officer Wilson claims that Brown was rushing him and was barely 10 to 20 feet away and coming toward him when he fired the fatal rounds. But the crime scene report lists the space between Wilson and Brown’s body as 150 feet. This type of incredible contradiction can only be explained by one of two possibilities. Either Wilson is lying or the crime scene investigators were idiots.

    But I am sure that Turd Brain will insist that Obama and Sharpton dragged the body for the extra 130 or so feet. BTW, who has to explain to Fat Boy that a lifetime of committing crime doesn’t mean that he can solve them?

    • I think the media reports have been confusing. My sense of it was, using your figures to try to explain, Brown wound up 150 feet from Wilson’s cruiser. Wilson had pursued him him on foot and Brown was 10-20 (maybe turning around from 35 feet away in other reports) away from Wilson when he collapsed with the final fatal wound(s). Pistols are inaccurate weapons (unlike the movies – hard to shoot precisely) so Brown probably wasn’t very far away to get hit the number of times he did.

      I’m not sure if I’ll ever understand what really happened. I do find it hard to accept a young man had to die for shoplifting a few cigars. Something went way wrong.

  12. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, it is that special time of the year when Fat Boy takes his camera and secretly tapes himself having a big dinner with old (and I mean old) “friends” from the trailer park. But until he posts the next exciting installment of My Dinner With Maurey,” this will have to do (and Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends at The Regulator Too).

    • Won’t he be too busy releasing his book (that few will ever buy). Friday is the (14th?) BIG day!! 🙂 search results for today:
      “Your search “”when one man stands” “larry sinclair”” did not match any products.

      Meanwhile, his site remains all but dead:
      “the website value of is currently at $ 143 USD”
      Traffic too low for US ranking. “Global Rank 5,254,606”

      Great Grandma kstreet chugs on completely obliterating his ass
      “the website value of is currently at $ 31,888 USD”
      “Rank in United States 8,965 Global Rank 70,603”

      with rankings far superior to anything SickLiar ever came up with during the peak period of his scam. He did it full time for nearly seven years and failed. She does it part time as a hobby and absolutely blows him away. I’m so proud of that lady.


      • kstreet607 says:

        Hey guys, I haven’t been over here in so long that I decided to scroll through the comments. Look at the Global Ranking for TLC…whoa. Poor Sinclair he’s so phucking delusional…

        Thanks WTBL…you just made my day! 🙂

  13. Dennis says:

    Just a quick note to Fat Boy in regards to Ferguson and the grand jury. One major reason why some legal experts feel that the prosecution threw the grand jury presentation is because they allowed Wilson to testify at great length while skipping any attempt to present the evidence that contradicted Wilson’s claims as well as not offering room for witnesses who had various different claims. Some one once wrote the following about the grand jury process:

    “It is the grand jury’s function not ‘to enquire … upon what foundation [the charge may be] denied,’ or otherwise to try the suspect’s defenses, but only to examine ‘upon what foundation [the charge] is made’ by the prosecutor. Respublica v. Shaffer, 1 Dall. 236 (O. T. Phila. 1788); see also F. Wharton, Criminal Pleading and Practice § 360, pp. 248-249 (8th ed. 1880). As a consequence, neither in this country nor in England has the suspect under investigation by the grand jury ever been thought to have a right to testify or to have exculpatory evidence presented.”

    What radical liberal justice wrote this? Antonin Scalia. This is why a lot of folks are saying that the grand jury process used in Ferguson was topsy-turvy and totally backwards. Basically, no matter what you think one way or the other about who was guilty of what, the prosecution threw the case.

    I know, if your lwa degree and legal advise from Lysander, you are going to have lots and lots of problems understanding any of this. So let me help you a bit. Scalia is an extremely conservative (well, right wing nut job) Supreme Court Justice. Look him up, and take it from there. Just use Google.

  14. SickLiar said on Nov 12th:

    “I am pushing to have the book out by Thanksgiving or Black Friday.”

    Yesterday or today is that day. search results:

    “Your search “”when one man stands” “larry sinclair”” did not match any products”

    ditto results on Google.

    34 months of promises. At least 14 (probably more) missed promises of release dates.

  15. Dennis says:

    Oh come on, WTBL. It hasn’t even been a full 3 years since he first promised the book and he has been working hard at giving us “personal” attention in a book that, well sure, a book that was suppose to have been ready nearly 3 years ago and which was recently being “edited” and which hasn’t been copyrighted and, well yeah, he has been dangling an unused ISBN number for ages now and sure, everything so far suggests that no book exists. But come on, what do you want, guy? It gets harder every day doing all of that cut and pasting. Then there was the never ending “reformatting.” Add in a few so-called IT crashes and it has been a mess getting this baby ready for the presses. Especially since he was often distracted by the heavy demands of running that exciting up-to-the-minute news site while also intimidating the only witness in the Colorado court case and then there was that wall-to-wall political coverage and then that quick trip to California where he “ate” people as well as “in depth” legal consultation with fellow lwayer Lysander Spoonhead. So he’s been very busy. But he will have the book out in time for the Holiday rush in 2015 (maybe).

    • When you look at this guy’s life, he’s rarely had a job – maybe never, that wasn’t a condition of his parole. Nearly everything he’s done since he was a juvenile has involved the motivation towards running a scheme to get money illegally.

      Now we know he sold everything he had to pay the defense lawyer for his Colorado forgery case. And from his site shutdown, he couldn’t afford to keep it running. So he was out of money. Since his failed GoFundMe effort to raise money for his book last summer, we haven’t seen him with his hand out. His Obama scam stopped paying off. And he knows from his failed GoFundMe effort that this book (another scam in my opinion), if he ever gets around to it, isn’t going to be a big seller.

      But since the summer, on ~$674/mo SSDI, he’s done things that cost money like remodeling his apartment, gone on a “business” trip/vacation and donated some money to charity. And he’s done so without having his hand out visible to us. The Colorado criminal case basically proved his sources for his personal charity had run out.

      So what is going on? The simple money math tells us he must have found an alternate source of income and given his past, probably illegal or sketchy – certainly in terms of continuing to collect SSDI (if they didn’t cut him off and I doubt that because we didn’t see the melt down that usually comes with that). Maybe (probably) he’s back to using aliases (that he never really gave up ie Jotoloco).

      If it were above board, we would have heard about it. Upon reading this, he may float some BS but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. He’ll die a mentally sick con man and the only question is whether he finishes in a jail cell.

      That’s what I think.

      • Dennis says:

        He must have heard you, WTBL. Fat Boy is back online trying to sell numerous major “art” works (again). I have no doubt that every clown print is at their usual wildly inflated prices. The least the bum could do is offer a twofer…

        • On the subject of hypocrisy (his long standing complaint of people hiding behind screen names – even though he has done so for years and of course, the 13-14 aliases…), why is he selling them with this handle “llar6634_li4bhadqps” ?

          • Dennis says:

            I doubt if the stuff is stolen. I suspect that he keeps haunting the local thrift stores, buys this stuff for a few bucks and thinks he is going to turn it around for a vast profit. As usual, he has done a half baked search on Google, sized up the highest price tags on each item and then thinks he is going to demand the same. For example, one of the prints is worth (by itself) around $37 but with a very certain type of frame it can go for close to $200 (because you are basically buying a really, really high quality frame). His copy has a crappy hardware store type of frame but he thinks he can ask the high amount. His greed has no clue. Likewise, he is on eBay with starting bids on the high side each time. Again, he has no clue about the bidding process. The man is a complete idiot. The alias he is using is pretty typical for eBay sellers. But notice that he has a 100% customer satisfaction rating. Why? Because he opened his eBay account on Nov. 25 and magically he got 1 extremely favorable review, on Nov. 25. The guy hasn’t even sold anything and he is getting 100% customer satisfaction. Guess he has a charmed life. What? You say it is just cheap manipulative BS? Oh ye of little faith…..

            • Dennis says:
              NOVEMBER 30, 2014 AT 10:49 PM

              I doubt if the stuff is stolen.

              It’s that darn fuzzy little math problem again.

              How does a guy, who has bottomed out in cash last summer (from his $32,000 criminal defense for forgery) and isn’t working, collecting ~$674/mo SSDI (that has to pay food and rent) come up with the cash to buy a bunch of paintings to sell on Ebay – on top of remodeling his apartment, jet skiing at $80/hr, a business trip/vacation and making charity donations to a store in Ferguson?

              Can you make that add up without smelling that he’s cutting a few corners somewhere – probably mixed in with him typically not telling the truth?

              He’s supposed to report all income to SSDI.

              Given his lengthy criminal record, would you be completely shocked if you found out he was busted for fencing stolen goods? In light of all the facts and his track record, I don’t think some suspicion – even if inaccurate – is unreasonable.

              I don’t know if the paintings are hot or not. But as usual, I’m having a little trouble with the simple math associated with a career con man collecting SSDI, spending all the money he appears to have since the summer and selling a bunch of art on Ebay. Something doesn’t add up based upon what he’s been telling us.

  16. Dennis says:

    I would agree that he is cutting corners. But from what I can see, it doesn’t seem too strange. He didn’t pay to remodel his apartment. The whole building was being rehabed by the landlord. Cutting through his usual BS, it sounds as if he has some sort of backroom deal in which he is acting as an unofficial building super. So he is probably getting reduced or even free rent (for now). As for the “art” works. Oh come on. Most of that crap can be had at a thrift store for $2 to $5. He isn’t spending any amount of major money on that stuff.

  17. Dennis says:

    OTOH, as he posts more stuff on eBay, there are a few oddities. Most of the stuff is pretty basic. One piece is extremely odd because it involves someone who actually had to have gone into a real gallery and buy it. I don’t think it is stolen, but I suspect he has been hanging around some estates. But dead men tell no tales, heh.

  18. Dennis says:

    Oh, since Ken Olsen keeps dropping by to police us 24/7. let me say Hi Kenny. How you’re doing Lysander boy? Are you still keeping Fat Boy up to date on our evil ways? That’s good of you. Good thing you have no life whatsoever.

  19. kstreet607 says:

    I just read all the comments you guys made on this thread. What an extraordinary team! I love u guys!!! Keep up the good work. ❤

  20. democratista says:

    Ditto to what Kstreet said. So not even an excuse why we see no book?

  21. Dennis says:

    Just a few days left on the hot art sale on eBay. No buys, no bids. The magical Lardo touch is working again. Maybe he will need to go back to drug running and human trafficking. He seemed better suited to those occupations.

  22. Dennis says:

    Odd thing. Fat Boy just got a second extremely positive buyer review. Normally, a buyer is someone who bought something off of the person and Lardo hasn’t sold anything. Yet he is getting great “reviews?” Is this guy totally living in LaLa land or what?

    • It’s feedback on him as a buyer – not as a seller – because he paid promptly for goods he purchased recently on Ebay.

      His $674/mo SSDI with that life time of crime & scams makes him a solid credit risk!! 🙂

      • Dennis says:

        Oh, so you actually take the time to read the whole menu and click all the right buttons and actually get the straight story? Well, if that’s the way you want to do things, WTBL, go right ahead. Me, I just make it up as I go along.

        • Dennis says:
          DECEMBER 3, 2014 AT 11:32 PM

          … Me, I just make it up as I go along.

          Well then, you and SickLiar should get along famously!! 🙂

          • Dennis says:

            Lol. I’m sure he will mention me well in his “book.”

            • Ah ha! So it was you all along who was behind all those bogus release dates for a book that doesn’t exist!! 🙂

              Maybe our next blog needs to look at the metaphysics of this book:
              What is ultimately there?
              What is it like?

              Trust me. It won’t be a long discussion! 🙂

              Or probe more specifically the epistemology :
              What knowledge can a deluded phuck like SickLiar have and how could he possibly have acquired it – much less understood it? And the extent to which real knowledge pertinent to any given subject or entity can be acquired and reliably reported by a career con man this mentally ill?

              In essence, rhetorically, that’s basically what the mainstream media concluded in 2008, isn’t it? 🙂

              I can just imagine when this sociopath experiences that sailing over his head, he’ll be inspired to provide a 15?th book release date, get out onto the water for a jet ski and be completely content that all is right in his warped, narrow vision of his world.

    • tjtaygee says:

      His moniker on ebay very much makes me think “liar-larr” when I see it…very much similar to my favorite term for him..
      Meanwhile, has has “2 postives” on that account, but only for having bought stuff, not sold it.
      He’s only been on that account since Nov. 25, 2014, hasn’t sold a damn thing, yet has already bought 2 items?
      Seems backwards to me…he obviously is in need of $$$ or he wouldn’t have put everything up there…

  23. Dennis says:

    As the final hours tick away for the first round of items from the Crazy Lardo Art Sale, there is still no bids, no buys. Yes, another major fail is in the works as Fat Boy’s career goes the way as his career in journalism, blogging, and real estate development. No wonder the new cover image on one of his FB sites is a setting sun (though the explosion of the Hidenburg would be more appropriate). Guess it will have to be HSN next time.

  24. Maybe this image and some of his others helps figure this out:

    The part of the painting on the left (woman in dress) isn’t one he’s currently offering for sale. The background on some of those images doesn’t look like his apartment.

    Ebay ad says “Listed By: Dealer or Reseller”

    Maybe his “business in Cocoa” was to drop into an art store, take some lousy pics and try to peddle them on Ebay for a commission – under the radar of SSDI.

    Zero bids with the bidding on a number of items ending in hours.

    Another failure? 🙂

  25. So these five failed to get a bid:

    The sixth sold:

    But here’s the thing:

    If you look at (click) the buyer:
    “30-Day Summary
    Total bids: 5
    Items bid on: 1”

    “Starting Price US $99.00”
    “Winning bid: US $150.00”

    The buyer bid five times against themselves. Nobody else bid.

    Ebay offers an auto bid function so you could bid $99 and automatically go up to $150 – driven by other bids. So one might that like SickLiar, this buyer was stupid.

    Well, he was really stupid to keep bidding and bidding against himself five times to reach $150.

    And that makes me wonder if this is all bullshit.

    • Dennis says:

      Even more odd is that these bids all seem to have occurred within the final hours of the process. So somebody waited till the last moment to repeatedly bid against themselves until they drove the price up to the buy now level for no other reason than to make Fat Boy look good? And you think that is suspicious? Goodness, WTBL, you have a very suspicious mind set or what?

  26. Dennis says:
    DECEMBER 7, 2014 AT 5:13 PM

    “Even more odd is that these bids all seem to have occurred within the final hours of the process.”


    “So somebody waited till the last moment to repeatedly bid against themselves until they drove the price up to the buy now level “

    Those are the indisputable facts.

    “for no other reason than to make Fat Boy look good?”

    Very reasonable conjecture on our part. Either that or the buyer is really phucking stoooopid.

    Now who do we know that’s really “phucking stoooopid”? … 🙂

    Like his other scams, this will go away because it’s not paying off.

  27. 25% of book sales happen in December-January. January’s sales are usually heavily driven by gift cards sold in December. The next decent month for selling books is August. And of course, he missed the last election cycle in November ’14 that Obama would be involved in.

    When is he going to admit the book isn’t ever coming out?

  28. Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair shared a link.
    December 5

    “Gotta admit a great piece of art will speak to you.”

    Point well taken. It said

    “Help! This sick slime is trying to sell me on Ebay!!”


    • Dennis says:

      Ah yes, Barney Cole, that water colorist once highlighted in a two-man show at the Willougby Hills Community Center Gallery, show case to Ohio artists who…well who are around. This as well as many other pieces he is trying to sell are a kind of weird and very erratic collection of works that could just maybe fit well in an upscale dentist office but they are not exactly the hot finds that he thinks he is peddling. The whole “collection” is just bizarre.

  29. Dennis says:

    It looks as if you are going to have a long wait for the book. Fat Boy is way busy at his new profession as sleazy art dealer. Every time he doesn’t sell something, he posts six more items (all of which will not sell either) with prices cranked through the roof. Which kind of brings up a few odd questions:
    1. Why is he trying to jack up the prices on virtually every misbegotten item. For example, the buy now price for the Warwick photos by John J. Ward is $225. He does know, doesn’t he, that this photo set is only of value when it is still in its original portfolio binding. As loose photos, they are virtually worthless.

    2. Does he understand that most people use eBay because they are looking for bargains, not crazy inflated prices. Likewise, the bidding process is best used by starting low, not high. But we could go on. He is an idiot.

    3. Where is he getting this stuff? Seriously. Every time we turn around, he is posting more and more crap out there. And this stuff is all over the map in terms of taste and sensibility. Normally the items in a person’s collection tends to reflect their tastes and interests and are more focused and representative of the person. This stuff isn’t. It would appear to be coming from multiple sources.

  30. Dennis says:
    DECEMBER 10, 2014 AT 6:34 PM

    “It looks as if you are going to have a long wait for the book.”

    What, nearly three years already isn’t a “long wait” ? 🙂

    Let’s look at a real writer for example: Stephen King. over 40 years
    Novels 54
    Collections 11
    Non-fiction 5
    Novella 7
    Others 9

    This scumbag produces one BS pamphlet in seven years and professes himself to be an “author”

    Heck, look at what Obama has produced as a part time writer while he was a Senator or President:
    (40 or so books/recordings – some due to being translated to other languages ..)

    We’re not going to see that book. There’s no money in it for him. And he knows it. That’s why he’s flogging art garbage on Ebay. He knows the book scam won’t pay off.

  31. From SickLiar’s Ebay page:

    “I began collecting original and signed/numbered Lithographs of quality and unique art. I only offer the best in selection and pricing possible to share these amazing works some more than 100 years old. From Art to Rare Books and more.”

    Yet when I had searched for the Barney Cole image, it showed up here:
    Flickr: aitorbarbadillo’s Photostream (joined in 2014)
    – and since that showed up, the photostream of oveer 3,000 pics that didn’t looked like they were Sickliar’s has since been removed

    Why would he go to the trouble of searching for an image of the art to sell if he was already in possession of it and could just take a snap shot and upload?

    Again, something doesn’t add up.

    Meanwhile, he continues to receive no bids.

  32. Dennis says:

    As the clock ticks down on the Crazy Lardo Art Sale, he has no bid, no buys. One person is “watching” the Star Wars collectible item. Presumably they might make a modest bid at the last moment (unless they go strangely crazy and repeatedly bid against themselves in order to drive up the price). The only upside to this whole epic fail is that it covers him on that new book fiasco. Noticed that his web site ad for the new non-book still gives late September/early October as the release date. Guess his calendar is broken….

  33. Dennis says:

    Fat Boy is currently moving his comments over to his other Twitter account (he’s got more social media accounts than even he knows). Nothing to exciting:
    “I need my oil changed and I need to change my phone company and I’ve been lagging it”

    So what, he now needs to do a fund raiser to get a lousy oil change?

  34. Dennis says:

    @seeknmeannd He has at least 2 Twitter accounts with almost the same name. Actually, I think he has a few others but under various bogus IDs.

  35. Dennis says:

    BTW, since Ken Olsen keeps creeping over here (hi!), keep in mind that Fat Boy will some day turn on you because no matter how much you do your master his bidding, it is never enough.

  36. Dennis says:

    Oh boy! Mr. No Bid/No Buy is posting some more “art” works (to take the place of the stuff he can’t sell) and promises that he will post a “Christmas” video next week. I assume he will hand out yet another bogus deadline for the bogus book and then blame us for every failure he has had since he first flunked toilet training. Then he might insist that the North Koreans have knocked out his internet and he can’t finish the book or some new excuse like that.

    Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair 12 hours ago
    Sorry haven’t had a recent update on here but I will be posting a Christmas video and letter on the website next week. A lot going on and it is going to be an exciting New Year.

  37. Dennis says:

    And his “female” alter ego Sylvie St. Claire has just sent him a Heart comment. So yes, he is making love with himself. Yech!

  38. Dennis says:

    It is now Christmas Eve and so far there is no book, no art sales, and now no Christmas message. I am beginning to suspect that Fat Boy (who I noticed was visiting us yesterday) is trying to drive us into the ground through sheer boredom. Meanwhile, Spoonhead (who visits virtually every day) must be getting a tad worried about that lack of book sales. And whatever happened to that movie Ken Olsen was going to make about SinkLiar? They do know that Obama is only in office for a couple more years and then they have to move on to Hillary? Now, will somebody please tell Lardo to get his stinkin’ head out of the egg nog and get to work!

    • Dennis says:
      DECEMBER 24, 2014 AT 3:01 PM

      “It is now Christmas Eve and so far there is no book, no art sales, and now no Christmas message.”

      Well he managed to get a Christmas video up but I don’t think 23 viewers (including us and him) is the kind of following he’s sought for seven years … another fail.

      This Nowhere Man, “Sitting in his Nowhere Land, Making all his nowhere plans for nobody” says he’s going to announce those plans in early January .. to his “following” of much less than 23.

      Seasons greetings! 🙂

  39. Dennis says:

    And for all of us who have been so good this year, Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year

  40. Meesh says:

    Happy New Year All, wishing you happiness, health and prosperity! Thanks to Dennis we have a new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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