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Blast from the past – Montgoobery Sibley

on November 14, 2012

I happen to be watching the Twitter fight between Ali A.Akbar and Sinclair that’s been going on for days… weeks? Sickliar once again is in his harassing- mode:

Today, I saw this tweet by Akbar:

Ali A. Akbar @ali tweets:

“Larry Sinclair’s non-child support paying and disbarred lawyer talks about his genitalia:”

It’s funny, I  wondered whatever happened to Sinclair’s nutcase  flamboyant  lawyer…it turned out the  kilt-wearing lawyer was  just as big a con man as Sinclair is!

Anyway, by coincidence and out of the blue I received this email from KStreet, with a request, this is what she sent:

“Meesh, if you can, please publish this on TRT when you get the chance, with Ruthie’s permission.   🙂 “


Thanks Ruthie!  This is a hoot.  Sibley is a nutcase…he and Sinclair were made for each other.  Losers Extraordinaire! 

I recall Mitch stating…


How very true! Here we go h/t Ruthie aka democratista… you read my mind.

Birther Lawyer and Write-in Candidate Is Suing Electoral College

If you were curious about what the disbarred lawyer, former Florida inmate, bagpipe-blowing fringe candidate Montgomery Blair Sibley thinks about last week’s election, you’re in luck. He thinks it stinks.

Sibley, who has been disbarred from 13 different federal courts and three state bars during his career, is suing D.C.’s three representatives to the Electoral College, which is slated to meet next month and confirm that President Obama won on November 6. And, like he always does, Sibley doubts Obama’s legitimacy to hold the office to which he just won another four years.

In one complaint filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, Sibley calls Obama’s birth certificate, college transcripts and other identifying documents “questionable.” So, basically the same birther shit as usual.

His second complaint takes direct aim at the Electoral College itself. Citing the 12th and 23rd amendments, Sibley hopes to stop the 332 electors pledge to Obama from voting for a candidate he sees as illegitimate. Or something like that.

“It is inane to image the framers of our Constitution authorizing the presidential electors to vote for a person who fails to qualify for that office,” Sibley—who of course doesn’t know anything about inanity—said in a news release.

Sibley tried to petition the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the issue in March. The high court declined. Maybe because Sibley has twice accused the Supreme Court of treason; more likely, the justices didn’t feel like wasting their time with this putz.

Who knows? Maybe Sibley’s just raw about losing last week’s election and this is his way of airing his grievances. Anyway, as we always include it when writing about Sibley, enjoy this photo of him blowing into some bagpipes.

In Sibley’s own words….

Greetings:My quixotic run for President is over. My obligation to challenge the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama, II to be President is not.I have filed two lawsuits in the District of Columbia. The first Complaint – Sibley vs. Obama– invokes the ancient writ of quo warranto to have the U.S. District Court compel Mr. Obama to demonstrate that he is eligible for the office of President. The questionable certificates of live births released by Mr. Obama, his questionable social security number and selective service registration and his refusal to authorize release of college transcripts which would establish his status as a citizen are all brought to the Court’s attention by the Complaint. Everyone else in these United States has to demonstrate they are U.S. Citizens in order to be employed, why not Mr. Obama before he is employed by us as our President?The second Complaint – Sibley vs. Alexander, Dinan and Lightfoot – is a class action complaint filed in D.C. Superior Court against the District of Columbia members of the so-called Electoral College as class representatives of the so-called Electoral College. The Complaint seek an injunction preventing any and all of the 538 Electors authorized by the Twelfth and Twenty-Third Amendments to the Constitution from casting their votes for an ineligible candidate, i.e., Mr. Obama. My Motion for Preliminary Injunctionis pending a hearing date to be set by Judge John Mott.You can help me defray the significant costs of pursuing my litigation strategy to test Obama’s eligibility to be President by either directly donating any amount you can:

Or buying either a soft-cover or hardcover copy of my book – The Justicide Brief.

The soft-cover edition sells for $50.

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The hard-cover edition sells for $250.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


47 responses to “Blast from the past – Montgoobery Sibley

  1. Kstreet67 says:

    Thanks Meesh! We may have bumped heads while editing. I was correcting my atrocious spelling. Carry on my dear friend… 🙂

  2. Dennis says:

    This guy is still around? And he is now trying to shake “donations” out of people for his crazy stunts (while selling his “book” at wildly inflated prices)? He is even on LinkedIn trying to get a job in “cybersecurity”? Gee, it must cost a lot to keep him in kilts.

  3. Dennis says:

    I knew this one was coming:
    Impeach Obama Robocall Campaign Launched By Conservative Group

    On what grounds may you ask:
    “We suspect that Obama is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and that there may be grounds for impeachment as is laid out in the constitution. Further, he may not even be a U.S. citizen because nobody, I mean no one, has seen an actual physical copy of his birth certificate. ”

    The gates of nutters hell has blown open….

    • Kstreet67 says:

      Un-friggin-believable! I truly believe that long after President Obama has served his two terms, the crazies will continue to scourge his name and his Presidency. History will not look kindly on those deranged anti-Obama (read: bigotted asholes) zealots.

      • Dennis says:

        In some really warped way, I kind of like that one ground they have for Obama’s impeachment: “…there may be grounds for impeachment ….” Yep, there may be. There also may be grounds for believing in an impending invasion by space aliens. There are even some grounds for believing that there are elves and fairies dancing in your garden. So let see Obama try to wriggle out of this one…..

  4. Dennis says:

    Today’s hot news stories at Lardo’s Fantasy Palace:

    1. Another extremely long, mind numbingly boring diatribe about…you guessed it, Ali Akbar. Mostly same old same old. Ali’s is a crook blah blah blah Ali is no damn good blah blah blah. I am beginning to think that Fatso has the hots for Ali, that’s what I think.

    Time For Conservatives To Step Up Or Shut Up On Transparency & Integrity

    November 14, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    Sinclair News was founded and started for the sole purpose of giving a voice to the people which would report the News and the facts as they are and allow the reader to decide what position they take on any issue. We have reported on and covered events which were sponsored or organized by conservative groups; libertarian groups; liberal groups and those who claim to be non-partisan. Our reporting has never been dependent on our receiving financial backing or support from any group, organization or candidate and we intend to keep it that way.In our series Conservatives Determined to Clean Up Conservative Corruption we tried to confront the hypocrisy and the failure of Conservatives and Conservative organizations to live by the same standards they demand of others. In this series we addressed the specific issue of how a particular individual, Ali Akbar, was able to obtain carte blanc status with organizations like Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity; Americans for Prosperity; Freedom Works; The Heritage Foundation; and a host of others with not a single one of these organizations disclosing to its supporters or members Mr. Akbar was serving a sentence of 4 years on probation after he himself plead guilty to debit/credit card fraud in Tarrant County Texas which was imposed on April 25, 2008 (see below) etc.etc.etc.

    2. Ilse accuses leftist of trying to control the First Amendment and prevent right wingers from having free speech. Her basis for this concern? Nothing! Heck, you can’t get most of these nimrods to shut up for a few seconds less alone stop them from their endless blogging and vlogging and otherwise trying to talk over top of everybody else in the room. But at least Ilse’s exercise in nonsense is ten times shorter than Fat Boy’s.

    • YankeeClipper says:

      From impeachment to secession; from Ryan’s whining about the “urban vote,” to Romney’s latest ravings about “gifts” to Obama voters.

      Meanwhile, John McCain is out of his ever loving mind, taking Lindsay Graham with him. Must be getting crowded in Lardy’s camper.

  5. Dennis says:

    For any one who has free time and nothing better to do, here is the county property info on Fat Boy’s wide load:

    Oh boy, he’s got 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Keep coming up with various names about who all lives there. Must be that GOP stampede that YankeeClipper noted.

  6. Dennis says:

    BTW Fat Boy, you’ve got quite a few registered sex offenders in
    your neighborhood.—-> Must be a real classy place. Guess a big hunk a muffin like you want to watch your step around those horn dogs.

  7. Dennis says:

    I’m sure this has been answered by someone here, but being a snoop and having some free time, I went looking around online and can’t help but notice that Fat does not have his name attached to either the address or the phone number that he uses. So is he just using other folks as a drop spot or simply got a few suckers plopping him up or what?

    • Meesh says:


      Borat said that FatAss lives with some old lady…he’s a tenant. (Remember the last time he was begging for money he said he has an understanding landlord) According to his patterns of begging, he’s about due for some other…Poor, poor me post… on Twitter he was talking about going back to DC… just watch. This was back in September… a month after he managed to go to NYC and DC with what, the $600 from the government? It just doesn’t add up.

      “Well, we were only able to be in Tampa because of the kindness of our friend Wayne Madsen who was a gracious host to us for 8 days, and a landlord who understands how important it is to us to be able to be present at certain events that he has allowed us to get two months behind on our rent. No we are not asking anyone to pay our rent, we will do that come what may”

      Anyway, he lives (with the pug) across the road from the wideload that he used to have before he darted out of there and went to the DC area. Borat would call some guy called Rally and other peeps from the park. They cannot get rid of him…FatAss was trying to sell shares to the Snooze site (LOL) Borat said that FatAss wanders around the park like Mr. Important…yelling on his cell phone while walking the pug…. Dillusions of grandeur—-> *idiot*

      • Dennis says:

        The address he uses has a long list of names connected to it, past and present. Most likely, the current residents appear to be an elderly couple. His name appears nowhere on any public record either as a resident, rental, or anything else (though that doesn’t really mean much, especially if he is a lodger). His phone number belongs to some one else, a person who lives in the general area but not, it would seem, in the “park.” So he must have a cell phone operating on a supporter’s account. Obviously he depends upon the kindness of strangers.

      • Dennis says:

        From the material I have so far gone through, he is obviously keeping his name as far away from things as possible in order to make his “liability” low just in case of another lawsuit. Technically, he doesn’t exactly live at that address and has no ownership (rental or otherwise) to anything. Same goes for his phone and internet account (which also means that he filing on these accounts is exactly legit – he has technically filed for his web and internet sites by using potentially false information). Likewise, the people fronting for him on these points are potentially co-conspirators if and when any civil or criminal actions are taken.

        BTW, does the old lady who actually rents the wide load offers the Secret Service agents any free cookies when they “visit”?

  8. Dennis says:

    BTW, I am pounding just a bit on this because Fat Boy is always so big on demanding transparency (which he kind of lacks) as well as hounding other people despite the fact that he hasn’t really been subject to a thorough check in quite a while.

    • Kstreet67 says:

      Good for you Dennis. Someone has to have the stomach to check the creep out and I guess it’s you! Good work Dennis…carry on.

    • Meesh says:

      Go for it Dennis, according to sources from the park that Borat contacted they want to get rid of him… he’s always been bad news there. At first he appeared to be odd but charming and comical (especially to some old ladies)…within the transaction of dumping the wideload that he owned…something went bad. He darted to DC area…waited it out in Tennessee with Thornton and then went back to rent from this old lady and her dog.

      Mark my words, there will soon be another appeal for CA$H…he’s looking to go back to DC area (he tweeted this lately). Anyway, have you noticed some of his recent posts…he’s working up the audience?

      Free and Equal Thanks Sinclair News

      November 14, 2012
      By Lawrence Sinclair

      Sinclair News and Through the Mirror w/Larry Sinclair is proud to have been given the opportunity to sponsor an event that we firmly believe only served to educate Americans which will most certainly have an impact on the 2014 mid-term elections and the 2016 Presidential elections beyond what people might imagine.

      We also want to remind our readers that we do not seek financial consideration from any of the organizations which we report on, sponsor, or cover and we never will.

      • Dennis says:

        Let’s see what I find out. Obviously he is using some one else’s phone account, which is basically between him and them. Except he is also using the phone for possible illegal activities (like taping phone conversations without the other person’s knowledge or consent) as well as actions that might yet result in a civil suit (for example, his attacks against Akbar). So I assume that the idiot who is fronting this phone (and probable internet) account for Fat Boy fully realizes that if and when such actions are taken (criminal or civil), that they will also be held liable. Just a little FYI.

  9. Kstreet67 says:

    News from Birtherstan: Judge Blocks Birther Lawsuit In Vermont (Superhuman Birther Queen Dealt Big Blow) ROFL!!!

  10. Dennis says:

    Latest crap from Fat Boy: No more Twinkies!!!!! I am sure that this is a crisis for the guy. Of course he then goes on a rant blaming the unions for the whole thing. Odd, the unions were dealing with a demand by Hostess that would have reduced the work force to virtual slave labor (for a reasonable presentation of the issue, go to CNN Money at: – there they actually fact checked and talked to both sides and all of the rest of that “reporter” stuff that ol’Twinkie Brain can’t haul his fat ass out to do).

  11. Dennis says:

    BTW TJT,
    Just ran the ISBN for Lardo’s book. I have ran it through Amazon, ISBN database etc etc. No such book exists. It is possible that he hasn’t completed the “paperwork” or something. But for all practical purposes, it simply does not exist at this point in time. So yes, you did indeed hit a raw nerve with ol’Fat Boy.

    • tjtaygee says:

      Thanks, Dennis! It’s going to be hilarious when 95% of the pamphlet is the ridiculous, repetitious unreadable nonsense about Ali Ackbar (seriously, fuckin’ WHO?). That, of course, is if the pamphlet ever comes into existence.
      My guess is liar-larr isn’t even CLOSE to having obtained enough orders to print even a single book (that doesn’t yet exist), and has apparently lost touch with his kindle-format ‘expert’ – not that he has a book to format.

      • Dennis says:

        Update: Lard Ass has just changed the wording on his stupid pitch for advance sales…now copies will be available “shortly.” You know, like whenever. So yes, he does not have any copies of this booklet. He is selling copies of a book that does not exist. He has a currently blank ISBN number. He has nothing in his hand except his teeny tiny dick. So come on you suckers….

  12. Kstreet67 says:

    Whether this is true or not, what we do know is that Karl Rove had a genuine meltdown on national tv because something went horribly wrong for him on election night.

    Anonymous claims that Karl Rove tried to steal the election in Ohio for Romney but they stopped him. Thom Hartmann explains:


    • tjtaygee says:

      True or not, Rove’s freak-out on election night was a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, I find it quite reasonable to believe Thom Hartman’s report. That’s just how ugly and devious the situation has become over the last 20 years – and Rove appears to believe he not only can get away with it, but has the RIGHT to do so…Thank you, Anonymous, for protecting the common person.

  13. tjtaygee says:

    Liar-larr’s latest lie post – that the Union workers cost the remaining hostess employees their jobs – is a complete and total disgusting demonstrable lie.
    the hedge fund management team that owned hostess ran it into the ground, and made sure to pay themselves exorbitant salaries on their way out, after having demanded the unions take pay and benefit cuts twice – the first time of which the unions AGREED TO THE CUTS.
    This is an example of greed at its most ugly. An example of ignoring obvious market trends and instead of adapting to them merely doing as business as usual. They ran it into the ground, and took their cut while leaving anyone else behind.
    And that liar-larr, the criminal serial moocher – who to this day lives by taking advantage of the desperate, weak-minded of society – lies about those who worked hard for a living and lost their jobs to corporate raiders disgusts me to no end.
    You, liar-larr, are the worst kind of liar. You’re pathetic. And you’re irrelevant.
    If you have to lie to form an argument, you have no argument.

  14. joeymac says:

    Greetings, all…and top of the morning.

    A good morning it is too, here on the raincoast. The rains have returned after a three-year “drought” and the water from my tap is again potable. Alan Grayson is back in Congress and Allan West is kicked to the curb. Sherod Brown won in a walk, and, Elizabeth Warren–whom I’m in love with–is also in the Senate.

    So, enough of the boring, inconsequential Fatboy in a double wide. His grift is over.

    I’m in a state of nirvana from the elixir of Freeper tears…better than ambrosia. Tee hee hee. They are in a high dudgeon over the aforementioned West who, of course, lost because of “vote fraud.” Classic projection. Now, they want to get rid of voting machines because they can no longer hack them reliably. What took so long???

    • Meesh says:

      Howdy joeymac!

      Fatso has this quote where the booksales of his “non” pamphlet appears…in bold red. WTF

      When One Man Stands Autographed Copies

      “Warriors are not born

      and they are not made…

      Warriors create themselves

      through trial and error,

      pain and suffering’

      and their ability to conquer

      their own faults.”
      ( author unknown)

      Autographed copies of When One Man Stands by Lawrence Sinclair can be ordered directly through Sinclair News only. Click on below cover to order today. Amazon Kindle version ISBN 978-0-615-72074-6 will be available shortly.

      • joeymac says:

        Hi, Meesh…Luv ya.

        Fatso is ready for the fork test. He was unable to smear the President, so his relevance is zero. His sugar daddies have abandoned him and the idiot Lardtards have also fled. Not even that well-known, “well educated” cryptozoologist is flogging him any longer. His grift is over.

        He can’t grift enough to pay a printer to turn out another pamphlet, so it won’t appear. NO REFUNDS, BITCHES! The 20-30 suckers who bit deserve to be scammed–there is no hope for them.

  15. Dennis says:

    What Fatso should say is:

    Scammers are not born
    And they are not made…
    Scammers create themselves
    Through trial and conviction,
    Sentencing and parole
    And their ability to weasel
    New victims with every gig.

  16. tjtaygee says:

    Allen West lost the recount – again. Murphy’s lead increased to ~13,000 votes. It used to be in the hundreds (after the first recount).
    however, there have been numerous errors in the handling of the ballots on the part of the local election board supervisor and/or secretary of state – which gives Allen the excuse to keep trying to dig-up weak reasons to challenge the results (that he has lost – up to this point – a total of 3 times).
    May he continue to waste his own time, effort & contributor’s dollars in what hopefully will remain a losing battle.
    And may his lies in the process of declaring he didn’t actually lose be hilarious.
    And may liar-larr copy-and-paste those lies as if they were his own words, post it to his website, and then verbatim paste it into his eventual worthless “book”. (ok, this last one was way to easy to predict…)

  17. Dennis says:

    Hey Fats, I just ran your address through Google Earth. According to them, you don’t live in a wide load. You live in the middle of the mangrove swamp behind the trailer park. Just you and the gators and the lizards and the snakes. Sounds odd, but it also makes sense.

  18. Dennis says:

    These loons are just going to keep this up for another four years, aren’t they?

    • Kstreet67 says:

      Yep, Dennis…and beyond. They will try their best to destroy or distort his legacy long after he’s out of office.

      • YankeeClipper says:

        Orly needs to get that crack investigative reporter, Lawrence “Fail” Sinclair to work with her. His heavy duty investigation into Ali Akbar secured Fail’s spot in the Bat Shit Insane Hall of Fame!

        “A wise man once said: “I don’t look at what someone has done in their past, but instead try to look at what they can do in the present and in the future.”Sinclair News has never said that any one’s past is cause to prevent them from doing anything in the future, but we have made it clear if you cannot be completely honest about your past, you will never be seen as having integrity or character in anything that you do.
        …..Sinclair News will continue to stand on the truth and our dedication to presenting the facts accurately and allow our readers to make their own decisions as to whether they want to support any organization or cause.

        • tjtaygee says:

          OK, liar-larr is definitely taking my criticism to heart, as he somehow stopped himself from copying-and-pasting the entire existing ali ackbar nonsense story into this latest post.
          Instead – he LINKS all of his previous articles? C’mon, liar-larr, you’re not fooling anyone.
          You’re a failure, and you’re taking my advice – repeatedly.
          Seriously – you obviously need a handler/manager to help you out with your stuff, cause you’re instead having to read me pointing out your fails and then make adjustments.

          How sad for you.

  19. joeymac says:

    Anybody else get the impression that Tubby’s “snooze” website is just a vehicle to shake tin cups? He is attacking this Ali Akbar character, apparently, because this Akbar character is almost the accomplished grifter that Sidewinder is. Or, is it just create controversy in an attempt to drive web traffic?

    After all, if there are no readers, there’s no one to panhandle. Elementary.

    • tjtaygee says:

      I’m afraid it’s more than that, Joeymac – it’s a projection of liar-larr’s self-delusion that he has some relevancy to the world-at-large. Hence his near-complete lack of mention of his fantasy encounter with Barack Obama.
      Of course, the side-effect is *supposed* to be an increase in the influx of cash, cause even if he doesn’t mention it anymore – he still claimed to have blown Obama – so, mix crazy story + “legitimate” right-leaning (lies) news, and the money should just POUR In, right? Right?
      Wrong, obviously. Liar-larr would have better luck in gaining spurts of income from racheting up the crazy once in a while.
      Unfortunately, his actual brand of crazy is that this latest scam (behaving as a legitimate news source – even as he fails at it miserably) will bear fruit somehow.
      but, the obvious total lack of a book is just more proof that the fails continue, along with the reports of his current living arrangements.

  20. YankeeClipper says:

    Sibley in the news!!

    Birther Lawyer Won’t Stop Questioning Obama’s Legitimacy Until the Last Court Dismisses Him

    The D.C. lawyer who keeps filing lawsuits questioning the veracity of President Obama’s birth certificate acknowledges that some might find his crusade to disqualify Obama a little absurd, but he has no plans of quitting any time soon.

    Montgomery Blair Sibley, whose first case against the president was breezily dismissed by a federal judge in June, is headed to D.C. Superior Court next week in hopes of preventing the District’s three Electoral College members from casting their votes to give Obama a second term.

    In an interview, Sibley says that this time around, he expects he has far better legal standing to challenge Obama’s legitimacy. In the June case, Judge John D. Bates of U.S. District Court ruled that as Sibley was not personally harmed by Obama’s election in 2008, he had no legal standing to dispute the president’s credibility.

    Sibley waged a myopic—and certainly oddball—write-in campaign for president, including policy planks like a 2,300 percent increase in the size of the House of Representatives. Though the District Board of Elections does not release vote totals for individual write-in candidates, Sibley says he’d be shocked if he received more than one. But winning the White House wasn’t the point of his run; rather, it was to solidify his newest case.

    “I was a candidate, and therefore I do have standing,” he says in a phone interview. “Only someone who has an interest in the office can challenge a quo warranto suit.” Figuring Obama is interested in retaining the office he currently holds, Sibley argues this set of lawsuits will be seen as legitimate as he believes the president’s identifying documents are phony.

    But Sibley v. Obama—round 2—won’t go before a federal judge until early December, if it gets a court date at all. First, Sibley is looking to get a preliminary injunction next week in D.C. Superior Court that will prevent the District’s electors from carrying out their ceremonial duty when the Electoral College meets on December 17.

    complete article:

  21. Meesh says:

    There’s a new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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