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Why it’s over

on September 3, 2014

Now if anyone has any doubt as to the stupidity of SickLiar

The $2,500 to the $50 range of offerings offer different quantities of the same thing “signed copy of a pre-first edition printing with personal inscription by the Author”

presentation1$2,500 costs $250 per book for 10 books
$1,500 costs $214 per book for 7 books
$1,000 costs $200 per book for 5 books
$500 costs $167 per book for 3 books
$100 costs $50 per book for 2 books
$50 costs $50 per book for 1 book

So you could be a real dumbass like SickLiar and pay $2,500 to get 10 books or you could buy 10 books for $500 using the $50 per book category and save yourself $2,000 to get the same 10 books!

What a marketing genius this dumbass is!!! No wonder he’s been put in jail so many times for ripping folks off:

and no wonder he gets caught in so many lies. He’s stoooopid!!!

Now why it’s over:

Larry SickLiar is in a pickle because he’s got all kinds of authorities gawking at him which makes it tougher for him to rip folks off. He’s worked for an honest wage about four years of his lifetime – maybe. And he knows if he gets caught ripping folks off, he’s going away for a long, long time – his life is close to effectively over.

The IRS is probably getting antsy for their outstanding dough.

This GoFundMe scam is pretty desperate like his other recent GoFundMe efforts. I was left wondering if he’ll go underground when this one fails – as I expect it will.

Another aspect of that is he’s “only” asking for $41,500 of the $100,000-$200,000 he’d need to print 10,000 hardcover books. Where’s the other $58,500-$158,500 going to come from to print those 10,000 hardcover books? To me, that math is another sign of his insincerity.

I made previous posts on his insincerity

– with respect to his fuzzy math here:

– with respect to his many prior bogus release dates here :

and here:

and with respect to his broken promise to only sell signed copies in 2012 for advanced sales back then (obviously those proceeds are gone, contributing to his obesity since then) here:

I have begun to doubt he has any sincere intention of seeing this book through. It strikes me as a last cash grab – the one thing he has left to try to raise some cash. He knows he could sell a Kindle version but he also knows, he’s not going to make a bundle doing so off Kindle royalties – from what happened with his first book.

I felt his effort to get reinstated as a voter wasn’t due to his concern about getting the right to vote for a career felon. It was so he could run another failed campaign to grab some cash. That isn’t going to pan out in time for 2014.

He’s never stayed in one spot too long so he’s probably due to move on or feeling like it. The only thing holding him is SSDI as the only known cash he has coming in – but that can move with him if they haven’t looked too deeply at the proceeds for the sale of his first book yet.

If he’s still around in a few months, then he’s probably feeling trapped. Either a new scam is born or something’s got to give.

sinclair-news-epic-fail– his house is gone
– his RV/car is gone
– his impact on the 2008 election failed miserably
– his political future is gone – felon can’t vote, can’t get on a ballot in 2010
– his impact on the 2012 election failed miserably
– his publishing company is gone
– his Obama book is gone and selling poorly
– his GoFundMe for Sinclair Southern Estate failed miserably
– his other GoFundMe efforts to date have failed miserably
– his bank account is empty, his assets sold off
– his “following” is basically gone – his sites have been dead since Nov 2012.
– his threats are hollow.

2014 is a battle for House and Senate seats. Obama has already won the last election he’ll ever participate in in 2012 so SickLiar’s Obama BS is of very little use politically. And therefore, SickLiar is of very little use to any of them.

Meanwhile, the eyes of the USSS, FBI, IRS, SSDI, other law enforcement, etc are still on him. And if they’re looking away at the wrong moment, our eyes are still on him, ready to act.

And now for this book….In his last three Facebook posts on this GoFundMe for his new book
he has 7 likes total – that’s all

This has been going on GoFundMe for his new book for more than two days
– not a dime has been contributed online except for one that Sickliar posted himself…


11 hours ago (Offline Donation)”Larry Sinclair book 6bb63831_o

In other words, it’s an “offline donation” he made up and plugged in (because it isn’t entered into GoFundMe) to try to fool others people were actually giving him money for this. So what’s this book all about? When one man stands up against five internet “cowards” – made up of housewives and grandmothers? Sounds like a real thriller to me, tough guy. “Help!! The grandmothers are beating the crap out of me (exposing my scams) and I can’t handle it!! Send me money (another scam) so you can get all the sordid details (… that nobody cares about) of how these women are beating a mentally ill career fraudster like me up!!!” Let’s be blunt: you’re a seriously stupid, dishonest loser, SickLiar. The whole premise of your non-existent book doesn’t even make much sense – which is probably a big reason why it still isn’t published – years after you fleeced people for contributions towards it’s delivery – which is now years past the date you promised it.

He doesn’t realize it yet but it’s over. It’s been effectively over since Nov 2012

He was of no consequence and never will be. Larry SickLiar is effectively done, stick a fork in it…

larry Sinclair idiot7d026a26_o

142 responses to “Why it’s over

  1. Dennis says:

    All good points. His business plan for this campaign is just plain warped and is very counter-productive to anything that might resemble success. But that’s OK. His marketing plan is also pretty lame. Mostly, he is spending time posting updates attacking us (which is kind of odd, since normally a crowdfunding campaign is suppose to reflect upbeat, positive stuff about the person and their project – not a whipping post for their perceived enemies). Likewise, he seems mostly focused on trying to trick, force, and berate us in buying books just to see how much he bad mouths us. The idea in crowdfunding is to build a “community” of support. He seems determined to manufacture a hostile crowd so he can jeer at them. Completely irrational and totally stupid.

  2. To those just tuning in:

    SickLiar says:

    “to being ordered out of his car at gun point on August 7, 2010 by uniformed U.S. Secret Service Agents just two blocks from the White House for simply driving down Pennsylvania Ave, you will get a look at how an American citizen is treated for simply exercising his Constitutional right to Free Speech”

    “simply exercising his Constitutional right to Free Speech” ???

    Read this blog over
    and ask yourself, is SickLiar being honest promoting his book?

    Before the 2008 election, SickLiar said he was going to the Democratic National Convention to “bring Obama to his knees”.

    In Nov 2008, SickLiar phoned Obama’s grandmother on her deathbed trying to spew his garbage to her.

    In Dec 2008, SickLiar published pictures of himself armed with a rifle and pistol and called for Civil War against the Obama administration before they took office

    In Oct 2009, SickLiar posts a video called “A TEACHABLE MOMENT FOR MALIA AND SASHA OBAMA” going after Obama’s kids on Youtube.

    In Jan 2010, SickLiar made a post saying “2010 has arrived, and with it comes the acknowledgement that Barack Obama will suffer the same fate as his murdered lover, Chicago Teacher & Church Choir Director Donald Young.”

    He also posted a threatening video

    In January 2010, SickLiar faxed these bullet riddled photos he labeled “target practice” to the White House (among other threatening faxes he sent to the White house)

    SickLiar then put Obama on notice:

    In Feb 2010, SickLiar writes a blog saying “Barack Obama IS a “Dead Man Walking.””

    So in Aug 2010, when the US Secret Service identified SickLiar in his car two blocks from the White House, they’re supposed to ignore SickLiar because he’s “simply exercising his Constitutional right to Free Speech”???

    Is “simply exercising his Constitutional right to Free Speech” an honest and accurate appraisal of what happened between SickLiar and the US Secret Service?

    You decide.

    But I wouldn’t rely on his new book to get a straight answer:
    a) because you may never ever see the book
    b) because he’s been a chronic liar during his lifetime of crime as our blogs have detailed and exposed with proof

    • Dennis says:

      I seem to recall that prior to this little joy ride, Fatso had already been informed by the Secret Service that he was not to come within so many blocks of the White House due to the incidents listed above (as well, I think, a few you have forgotten to include). It was quite obvious that he was wanting to provoke a response and gee gosh golly, he got one. Actually, they pretty much handled it on the cool side which is why he was simply told to back off. After he was done pooping his pants, he went into the tough talk mode.Basic rule of thumb, when you make borderline threats (and they were right up to the border) against the president, his wife, and his family, the Secret Service tends to take notice. I hear that it is part of their job.

    • Dennis says:

      I also remember Fat Boy’s weird rant about how Obama would be shot to death by the same gun that killed Donald Young. If life were a B movie, this would almost be a confession by the real murderer. Just noting…..

      Larry Sinclair New year message 2010:
      “2010 has arrived, and with it comes the acknowledgement that Barack Obama will suffer the same fate as his murdered lover, Chicago Teacher & Church Choir Director Donald Young. The only question is, will it be by the same gun that killed Donald Young? I personally believe it will.
      Sadly when this happens the media will portray Obama as a JFK rather than expose him as the fraud that he and his image truly are/were. But the media will only have itself to blame, for it is the media that has failed to report the truth about Barack Obama and his relationship with Donald Young; his use/sale of coc aine in 1999; and the abuse of power/official offices to protect the “Fairy Tale” that is known as Barack & Michelle Obama. Likewise it will be the same media that will refuse to report the gun used to kill Donald Young is the same one that brings the same fate to Barack Obama in 2010.”

  3. LongTimeLurker says:

    “2014 is a battle for House and Senate seats. Obama has already won the last election he’ll ever participate in in 2012 so SickLiar’s Obama BS is of very little use politically.”

    That’s what I keep thinking as I see the worst Obama bashing of his two terms in office. I ask myself what’s the point, considering that he won’t run again? I conclude that the right wingers must be trying to harm the 2014 candidates by associating them with Obama. If that’s their plan, then the worst Obama bashing is yet to come in order to keep the crazies riled up. You know, “maybe Obama would be tougher on ISIL if only he weren’t a closeted cocaine using gay guy who’s still distracted by having to hide his murder of Donald Young.” And any Democrat running for office in 2014 who supports Obama is an enabler. I know its a stretch but it’s all he and Ly have and limited time to do it. Maybe Ly can produce a quick docudrama based on the book rights he bought.

    Okay, I admit it. It’s over. But from Legion and Ly’s point of view all they need to reach is one or two wealthy right wing crazy racists. And it seems there’s an abundance of them these days.

  4. SickLiar said :

    “….who have good reason to try and sideline a large first edition printing from becoming a reality (and exposing their true identities) will not be permitted to comment here unless they make a contribution.”

    On the contrary, if SickLiar were not a con man, I’d hope he gets 100,000 hard copies printed because he’ll have blown $1,000,000-$2,000,000 of his supporters money on hardcover books that for the most part, will never ever get read. Problem is, like his previous money raising campaigns for this book in 2012, the money isn’t exclusively going towards printing hardcover books … (if they ever get printed)

    The good news is folks haven’t snatched them all up yet – for those here who would like to post on that site 🙂
    – in fact, nobody has given a dime online towards this scam …

  5. WTPL? – your post appears on his Facebook site now. He must have overlooked blocking it.

    • Dennis says:

      I’m guessing that he is letting it stand (for now) because the nut thanks it is proof – proof I tell you – of how horrible we cowardly losers are over here at the Butthurt Gang web site. As I said, he is basing his whole marketing strategy on us for whatever stupid reason. I know that over the years, he has burnt a lot of bridges with his fellow wing nutters but come on….We are not his marketplace for crying out loud.

      • Here is his explanation from a couple of days ago as to why he removed WTPL?’s post:

        “… The below post by the FB owner “WherestheproofLarry” was deleted and that person has been banned from this page for one reason, they along with their coconspirators like to think they have the right to post anywhere while banning anyone who dare attempt to confront them on their site. You can’t refuse to allow others to respond and then want the same right on others sites/pages. …”

        So does that mean if we allow let Legion and Ly to post here he will let us post there?

        • Dennis says:

          So in other words, our booting of SpoonHead really burned Fat Boy’s shorts. That sounds bad. We must be all so rude…Oh wait a minute, I was one of the folks here yelling to boot him. In that case, good call.

          • Actually our commenting there would no doubt create interest in his site. But personally, I wouldn’t be caught commenting anywhere near that site. I might catch internet ebola or something.

        • I hadn’t seen that.

          Did we ever ban Larry? I don’t think we ever did. He banned us constantly going back to 2008. So he’s a blatant hypocrite – but he always has been. He talks about freedom of speech but he’s never allowed it on his sites. We have copies of posts that he’s deleted on his sites that simply provide a different view or are questioning what he’s up to or are providing criticism of his actions – nothing sinister – all on topic.

          Ken Olsen was allowed to post his differing views here but we had a few simple long standing ground rules which we advised him of and he continued to break them. Among them:
          – no politics – there’s lots of places around the net to discuss that
          – no racism – shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere
          – no trolling – name a decent forum that accepts that
          Beyond that, he was an ignorant person to discuss things with – like trying to persuade a rock – so I don’t regard ending the conversation as preventing a discussion from progressing but that wasn’t what ended the conversation.

          I also don’t recall tons of deletions historically. I know Meesh has perpetually seen threats and she doesn’t publish those nor obvious trash/spam that has nothing to do with what we’re talking about.

          Others that did not agree with us like Ed Hale or Jeff Barea for example, got their say. SickLiar has never been comfortable with that nor capable of handling it on his sites. He needed to preach to his own choir of dead heads while evading those who could expose his scam or lies. It was the same for the phone in shows when he was interviewed – he had to evade the tough questions and always did in a cowardly way.

  6. kstreet607 says:

    WTPL…as usual your presentation was accurate and thorough.

    When Fatass reads this (if he hasn’t already) he’ll say something like “I know it’s a scam…the dumb-ass teabaggers who fall for my crap won’t figure it out though. And they don’t read the Regulator so no harm no foul”

    Excellent post WTPL.

  7. kstreet607 says:

    I don’t know if it’s Pete or WTPL but can someone go over to that site where you measure traffic (or give me the url) because over the week-end my site count went from 980K (over a 3 year period) to 2.7 million in 4 days. Mostly from a Twitter post. I added about 400 more subscribers as well. Again all because of this post:


  8. kstreet607 says:

    Meesh check your email.


    LS News Group @SinclairNews · Sep 1
    Any questions any donor or potential supported of this campaign has can be sent directly…

    LS News Group @SinclairNews · Sep 1
    I have blocked visitor comments to keep some of the people identified in the book by scr…

    LS News Group @SinclairNews · Sep 1
    Lets make this Book release one to remember, be a part of history and donate now. Click to Donate: #gofundme

    If he really sold lsnewsgroup, why is he still posting tweets as lsnewsgroup promoting his book fundraising scam?

  10. Anyone find his cover that says:

    “A Story of Courage, Determination & Perseverance against All Odds”

    Delusional, narcissistic and self anointing?


    SickLiar says:

    … “This subsequent book is a detailed account of how for six-plus years, Larry Sinclair has continued to stand up against some of the most extraordinary attacks …”

    .. how could it be six plus years … when he sold advanced copies in the first half of 2012, just four years after coming out with the first video in Jan 2008? And all he claimed was re-scanning and formatting problems that caused the delay.

    Just another snippet of how his scams/stories never add up.

  12. SickLiar says:

    “While all the details and events in this story are true …”

    When I read that, I was trying to think of a single significant blog post he wrote where it was completely accurate and true. I honestly couldn’t think of one. We’ve documented many, many, many, many lies, inaccuracies and significant problems with him failing miserably to reasonably join the dots over the years.

  13. SickLiar says:

    “when the speech is contrary to what … the thoroughly corrupt liberal media … want you to hear”

    I wonder if his book will explain why the “no-so-corrupt” (according to SickLiar by inference) conservative media wouldn’t run with his story. They would have loved to hear SickLiar’s scam in the media – as it would have hurt liberal Obama’s chances of being elected. Except like nearly all the media, the conservative media also concluded SickLiar was full of shit and didn’t want to face the lawsuits for publishing his bogus story. There’s no other way to explain why the conservative media would sit on the side lines using his reasoning against the liberal media. Right?

    • Dennis says:

      I know that you know the answer but just in case we have any newbies passing through: The conservative media did check out his story. It didn’t check out. Zip. Zero. Nada. They found it to be total horse dung. So they bailed. End of story.

      • They were in communication with the M&N blog – some helped us/that blog.

        I can’t find my notes on this quickly but the gist was the Obama campaign got out in front of this with an off the record presentation to the media that nuked SickLiar’s BS. The Obama campaign couldn’t respond on the record because that would give the media an opening to report their activities and give the BS story legs. When the Obama library opens, I expect researchers will see the irrefutable evidence that silenced the media – documentation, affidavits, etc. And the “historical significance” of SickLiar will be that he goes down in history as a scamming liar and the small time chronic failure of a con man he’s been all his life.

        When you think about it, what other possible way could it have gone down and kept it out of the conservative media? The Obama campaign provided proof and if the conservative media ran with it, the conservative media would have got embarrassed and got their heads sued off for the $1 billion campaign plus – which would put most media outlets at that time, suffering from the explosion of the internet, out of business.

        I’m sure our efforts helped but I’m also sure the Obama campaign did the most significant part: proved beyond any reasonable doubt to the media SickLiar was lying.

      • Dennis says:

        In fact, let me be totally honest. When El Shithead first surfaced with that crazy crappy video back in January of 2008, I – like many other people – were hungry for some juicy political gossip. I didn’t know who this Obama guy was and I half thought he was maybe Irish (O’Bama). But I figured, hey, if this stupid looking goon with the highly implausible story was even half telling something vaguely resembling some maybe facts, then we got ourselves some gossip. Within the first month, his story was falling apart all over the place (little things like not being able to decide on a time-frame – he kept moving it around – total lack of anything resembling evidence – no Great Lakes Training graduation for cadets in the time period claimed – yes, people were even checking that out and the schedule was available online). By February it was obvious that the jackass was running a scam and I was pissed because he denied me my gossip. Oh sure, I like watching scam artists at work too. But he denied me my gossip. I am still pissed.

        • I always just thought Obama could do better.

        • I wouldn’t describe myself as “hungry for some juicy political gossip” but when I first heard about it, I came at it with objectivity. I absolutely did not immediately dismiss it. I looked for evidence on both sides completely open to the possibility SickLiar’s story was true.

          I’d been following Obama for months and been impressed so that much was in Obama’s favor. Because of that, I had some doubts about SickLiar’s story. It would have shocked me. But I refused to completely discount SickLiar’s story just because Obama seemed like a good guy, etc.

          Then the evidence or lack of credible evidence came in:
          – the perpetually shifting timeline and constantly changing details by SickLiar

          Click to access time-travel.pdf

          – the constant lying or misrepresentations by SickLiar about all kinds of things
          – the limo driver who we eventually tracked down and went against SickLiar’s scam

          Click to access paramjit-multani-speaks1.pdf

          – the changing/forged Hotel Points records

          – SickLiar not failing a drug test for cocaine when he was arrested for parole violation upon his return from Chicago
          – the many broken promises by SickLiar to produce evidence or witnesses that he NEVER did (credit card records, phone bills, limo driver, etc) – particularly for me, Donald Young phone records that were so easy for him to produce but he couldn’t because it didn’t happen
          – two well respected experts failing him in his lie detector test (an important thing for the media)

          – a constant theme of SickLiar always trying to raise money off it, while collecting SSDI and living in assisted welfare living quarters and claiming he’d been extremely wealthy from his illegal activities in illegal drugs and illegal aliens
          – his life long criminal history in fraud/forgery/theft, starting as a juvenile:
          Obama accuser has long rap sheet

          and the three outstanding warrants for his arrest for fraud/forgery/theft
          and his confessions to trafficking drugs and illegal aliens
          – SickLiar’s life long problems with mental illness starting as a child

          Click to access lws-book-ch1.pdf

          and was riddled throughout his legal history in the courts and prison and therefore, in the public domain

          which led to:
          Obama Accuser Larry Sinclair Holds Stupefying Press Conference

          where he failed to deliver any evidence he promised to the media and was led away in handcuffs, arrested for passing counterfeit money orders twice when he couldn’t explain how he was entitled to them in the first place.

          The one thing nobody seemed to pin down was where Obama was during those dates in Nov 1999. So all Obama had to show the media beyond the above was evidence like hotel receipts, travel receipts, minutes of meetings, credit card records, long distance phone records, affidavits from folks he was with, emails with IP addresses, etc -proving Obama was not where SickLiar said he was and maybe evidence of how SickLiar tried to shake them down for money (as was rumored) to prove SickLiar’s story was bogus. So SickLiar was really over back in 2008 when the Obama campaign did that with the conservative and liberal media off the record.

          • Meesh says:

            This is why I will never disappear until this stops, the constant panhandling …everytime he starts like this, it takes me back when he started the Legal Fund, a friend suggested the idea it was not his idea, which spells BS. It’s always been about the money.

            Larry Sinclair: “A friend recently made a suggestion to me which after thinking about it I agree is a good idea. In an effort to make When One Man Stands widely available across the country the friend suggested I consider a Go Fund Me campaign to secure 10,000 or more hardbacks printed and delivered for the official release of the book. They suggested that it would be of benefit because there would be ample supply of the printed book available for immediate shipment to book stores as well as to have scheduling book signings, including one on the official release of the book.I have set up a Go Fund Me campaign….

            My favourite article has always been:

            DBKP’s Larry Sinclair: Obama Accuser Blows Credibility and how he had led many “down the garden path to Hell”:
            Larry Sinclair, I’m afraid, led us ALL down the garden path to Hell.
            It’s not JUST the Globe article that trashed his credibility, (Not the Boston Globeâ it’sThe Globe Magazine and no, not the Boston Globe Magazine – THE GLOBE MAGAZINE it’s the one at the checkout counter and yes, that one), but that goes a long, long way. I mean, think about it. If a tabloid that believes Bigfoot exists won’t believe Larry Sinclair then you’re talking a fairly insurmountable image problem. I can’t accurately categorize the socio-economic bracket to which most of Sinclair’s followers belong but I can’t help but posit that many of them buy the The Globe and, perhaps, even have subscriptions. Source -Hybee Inc.
            Sinclair has used the brouhaha as a reason to raise cash. According to Larry, any “donations” will be going to legal funds, pens, papers, filing fees, ect., Larry writes that “it is our goal to raise $5,000 by the end of the month”.
            Sinclair has also added a photoshoppe on one of his sites of a much, much younger Larry and Senator Obama smoking a cigarette with the caption from Obama: “I hope Larry doesn’t kiss and tell”.
            Larry writes that his mission is about accountability, that “accountability can be indeed applied be to all”.
            If Larry is truly interested in accountability then Larry needs to do some accounting of his own. He could start with the period of November of 1999.
            Sinclair has sent a letter to Senator Obama demanding he turn over all his cell phone records for November of 1999. We figured if Larry Sinclair can make demands so can we.
            DBKP List of Demands For Larry Sinclair
            What was Larry doing for a living back in November of 1999. How did Larry pay for his “rented limo” and nights of passion in the Choice Hotel in Gurnee, Illinois? What has Larry done “for a living” since 1999? Was any of it, indeed, illegal?
            The Web

            Since Larry Sinclair first posted his video on Youtube back at the end of January, Sinclair has not provided any solid proof that Senator Obama was within a hundred miles of Larry Sinclair’s “upscale” lounge, “rented limo”, or Choice motel in Gurnee, Illinois.
            Sinclair took two polygraphs, but neither of which the results, over than rumored deceptions, have been released. What Sinclair has done is mounted an effort to raise “donations” for his “legal fees” to go after “persons with deep pockets.” Sinclair hasn’t gone out and gotten his own polygraph expert and taken another test. Sinclair may be banking that we’ve forgotten his original assertion, that he, Sinclair, was going to submit to a polygraph.
            Perhaps Sinclair could use some of those “donations” to pay for a polygraph. After all, “truth” and “accountability” are two of Sinclair’s basic tenets.
            By LBG

            • “This is why I will never disappear until this stops, … .”

              Got news for dear Meesheemey. You will NEVER disappear. What’s that saying – “The internet is forever”? So even when the Obama years are only a historian’s delicious feast, you Meesheemey, will be one of it’s tastiest little morsels. Without you and your wit and artistic genius and creative imagination and crazy sense of humor and, yes, (let’s all admit it it) enormous sex appeal, some of us would have lost interest in both the site and the cause, and wandered off. But you, dear leader, have kept us inspired to keep on coming here – not only to fight for truth against an evil effort by a mad man, but also to see what hijinks and humor our leading lady of our own reality show might have available for us each day.

              So I’m delighted to hear that you “will never disappear until this stops”. But I’m hear to tell you, Meesheemey, you will never disappear, period.

              Meesheemey is immortal.

            • kstreet607 says:

              I remember Meesh and/or I working with LGB. She would visit The Regulator from time to time. She was “uber” cool imho.

  14. More simple math

    Contrary to the website, we’ve passed 96 hours or 4 days … with no online hardcover book sales …

    Normally, interest in new books falls off exponentially but when you’re at 0 …

    For fun, let’s pretend (because SickLiar does an awful lot of that when citing “facts”) that he’d sold one hardcover book and he continues to sell one hardcover book online every four days. He’s never going to print 10,000 books because it will take him more than 22-44 years to raise the money to do so.

    That kind of underscores just how absurd this scam is. And he knows it because his advanced book sales for the very same book in 2012 – that he never delivered – weren’t much better. And he’s lucky if his first hardcover book sells more than one copy per year (according to Amazon rankings).

    The only positive is this scam is so obviously bad and a direct affront to his over warped, narcissistic sense of grandiose importance, it’s rapidly reaching comical proportions. 🙂

    Virtually nobody gives a shit about what he has to say anymore. Like many have said, his Obama scam is over and has been over for quite some time.

    • Dennis says:

      If he had a market, it would be within the wing nutter universe. But he has pissed off a lot of those folks over the past few years with his crazy rants against them. All he has left of that pack are a few of the most extreme marginal figures like Ken Olsen and Lynn Thomas. So he has lost access to most of the book’s potential turf. Besides, sex scandals (real and imagined) have a short shelf life. Even Monica Lewinsky failed to get far in her recent (and truly unneeded) return. And she at least had a real sex scandal.

      The idiot has boxed himself into a corner and can’t figure out how to get out. He needs to update and move on to a new scam. He needs to reinvent himself. He needs to rebrand and not waste time on the same old and extremely tired crap. He also need to get over himself. This ego thing is holding him back.

  15. He’s updated his offerings:

    SickLiar says:

    “In talking with friends and others who think it is a good idea to try and release the book with 10,000 hardcover copies in print we figured it would take 2800 people to contribute just $12.50 or 1400 people to contribute $25.00 to reach our goal. So I am reworking the reward levels on this campaign so that every contributor will receive at least an ebook copy (to be put out in Kindle format) or a printed copy of the book.

    To make it a little more interesting and hopefully appealing to those who can contribute more to the goal of this campaign I am offering some rewards that should appeal to those who appreciate fine art and/or old and rare signed art.

    Starting with John Mecray’s “1492”

    This allegorical painting was done for the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ historic voyage. Moving back from his usual close-in perspective, John has diminished the three 15th century caravels, epitomizing the desolate sense of the voyage. The sunrise to the right indicates the ships are sailing west. The darkness to the left symbolizes the unknown, as the sea rolls on..

    Published by John Mecray Limited Editions, 1992
    Edition Size: 675 – Sold Out Artist’s Proofs: 50
    Remarqued: 75 (of the 675)
    Sheet Size: 22 1/2″ x 39 ”
    Issue Price: $200
    Current Price: $800 Secondary Market
    Artist’s Proofs: $600
    Remarqued: $1,400

    The second being a signed 1902 chromolithograph of Cecil Aldin’s 1901 painting The Huntsmen. This piece is signed in pencil by Cecil Aldin and was produced by Lawrence & Mullens of London and is 112 years old.

    Cecil Aldin – British 1870-1935

    Born in Slough on 28th April 1870, Cecil Aldin was educated at Eastbourne College and Solihull Grammar School. He studied art at the RCA and under Frank F. Calderon.

    The next is one of two Vintage 1965 Dianne Dengel pieces.

    Continuing from below, the second Dianne Dengel vintage Clown piece is Sad Clown w/tears holding puppy. These are signed pieces by Dianne Dengel and are not prints.

    The last is a 1980 ink on paper Martin Tang San Francisco Cityscape. Tang put more than 100 hours into his ink cityscapes of San Francisco and the Lost Art Solon in SF recently sold a similar Tang piece for $650.00″

    It’s unclear to me what the deal is

  16. I found much cheaper printing prices:

    We’ll use a “typical” book: 6 x 9, hardcover, 256 pages; 50-pound, 400 ppi text stock, black-only text; one-piece case, spine stamping; 4-color gloss laminated jacket. (Shipping costs are not included because those costs obviously vary depending on, if nothing else, distance.) The component specs I just described are vanilla and are used in the majority of books produced. Nothing fancy, good quality, good price.

    Here are prices from a recent actual quote from one of the larger manufacturers, for hardcover books, using the specs above:

    Quantity Cost Cost/Unit
    5,000 $10,689 $2.17/book
    7,500 $14,255 $1.90/book
    10,000 $17,817 $1.78/book
    Addt’l 1000s $1,426 $1.43/book

    Those are for a 256 page book. His is 480 pages supposedly. And the printing is cheap so it’s questionable whether all the 11 x 8.5 scanned documents he’s including will be legible. And those prices don’t include shipping. But those prices are substantially cheaper so the $35,000 he’s seeking might produce 10,000 cheap hardcover books.

    Based upon his first offer, he’d been hoping to sell roughly 223 books for $35,000 ($157/book average)

    With his revised offer, he’s hoping to sell 1,400-2,800 books for $35,000 ($12.50 – $25.00/book).

    He’s revised his offering again so I’ll add that and then complete my review

  17. SickLiar Says:

    “I have made some changes to the reward levels that should be appealing to many. In addition I would ask that you share this campaign with your friends and family. This campaign can be a success with your help and even if it is done $13.00 (I wasn’t able to make it $12.50) at a time. There is clearly 2800 people out there who believe putting the truth out for all to see and have access to is worth $13.00.”

    $13 gets you a kindle copy so he can print hardcover books for others … I don’t know how much that marketing approach will impress but before his followers abandoned him, there were plenty of dead heads.

  18. Dennis says:

    When all else fails, bring in the clowns. Seems that he is half listening to the idea that his business plan sucks. This revamping of the plan isn’t exactly an improvement, however. Obviously he hasn’t been able to unload these precious “art” prints in the past and the addition of the clown paintings is just kind of weird. He still doesn’t have a clue how this crowdfunding thing works and appears to be totally incapable of building a social media community. As for his constant harping on the book’s “historic” value, he’s got to stop reading his own ink. But it would appear that his so-called distribution plan is just about as hopelessly screwed up as his business model and marketing plan. At this rate, he will be lucky to sell a few copies out of the trunk of his car.

  19. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, I was wondering what happened to some of the stuff he recently said he was going to do. Things like go back to Colorado and reject the deal he made and demand a jury trial (kind of got lost in the shuffle). His claim that he was going to challenge (in some manner or other) his grandmother’s will. Is this going to be like the various stories about the “second book” (which is only now being “edited” – a process that normally takes several months even if done quick and dirty).

  20. Dennis says:

    OK, he’s already hitting bottom at FB: “I am celebrating a Birthday on the 26th of this month. If you want to help me celebrate my 53rd Birthday this year I have a Birthday wish: Go to the campaign page and contribute $13.00”

    When this fails, he will next threaten to shoot his dog….

    • I drafted a tasteless reply but restrained myself. It was something to do with pills, birthdays and starting a GoFundMe. 🙂

      But I decided to start a GoFundMe anyway.

      Here’s the link:

      I’ve also decided to write a kindle book tentatively titled “When One Man Lies”. I’ve been basically writing a book around here anyway. Might as well package it up and do some good with it.

      Kstreet showed the way and whooped him with a news site. I’ll pick up the slack and whoop him on GoFundMe.

  21. Dennis says:

    OK Lardo, here is a 23 step intro to the core basics of self-publishing BTW, the standard advise is for the self-published author to do a run of only 200 to 2,000 copies at the start. 10,000 – no way. Unless you got a fireplace and you need something to burn all winter.

    • Dennis you’re giving him far too much credit. He’s not even capable of putting together a second book. He barely scraped together enough repetitious large print triple spaced bullcrap for a first book. Do you think he is begging for money the way he is so that he can publish a friggin’ book? Hell no. He’s about to get kicked out his of his out house or needs money for that back pain medication that SSDI won’t pay for.

      How can a person become acutely desperate to accomplish a long term goal?


    I downloaded the data from the above site. I looked at Amazon sales rankings (as I’d done before). Nothing there has fundamentally changed my assessment of revenues from his first book. I calculated it differently and got a similar result. It’s close to peanuts (a little over $400 per year). I wonder if Ken Olsen remembered to subtract used books sales from his projected royalties …

  23. Dennis says:

    Before we forget, today is Bill Murray Day in Toronto. So Meesh, this is to help you celebrate

  24. SickLiar said in August2012

    “Today Autographed copies of When One Man Stands by Lawrence Sinclair can be ordered directly through Sinclair News only. Click on below cover to order today. Amazon Kindle version ISBN 978-0-615-72074-6 goes on sale October 30, 2012.

    First of all, if the book is ready for hardcover printing, the Amazon Kindle version should be online now, right? I mean folks have been waiting for more than two years beyond the original release date.

    The other weird thing:
    Bibliographic information

    Title When One Man Stands
    Author Lawrence W. Sinclair
    Photographs by Ilissa Leiger
    Contributor Doug Bennett
    Edition illustrated
    Publisher Lawrence W. Sinclair, 2013
    ISBN 0615597491, 9780615597492
    Length 480 pages
    When One Man Stands (Hard Cover) (2012 Sinclair Publishing) ISBN 978-0-615-59749-2; and Kindle Version ISBN 978-0-615-72074-6 are rolling out just in time for the 2012 Presidential election.

    And I ran the converter to get the 10 digit ISBN for those numbers

    But it doesn’t seem to matter where I go, Amazon, Library of Congress,, etc, I cannot get those ISBNs confirmed or showing “One Man Stands Alone”

    Any ideas?

    Lastly, why would it say “Publisher: Lawrence W. Sinclair, 2013” when the book was ready to go in 2012 except for scan/formatting and he’d sold copies that were to be advanced to buyers in June 2012? 🙂

  25. Dennis says:

    I love this new pitch he has on his crowdfunding site: “There is clearly 2800 people out there who believe putting the truth out for all to see and have access to is worth $13.00. ”

    Still no donations beyond the mysterious offline thingee. I can’t wait to see what new pitch he will try. Lardo boobleheads?

    • And why haven’t his motley crew of Facebook “likers” donated to his cause?

      • Because there are so few of them. I previously counted a total of 7 likes on his posts for that fund. None of those seven have been willing to get suckered – maybe because they already bought “certificates” for the “advanced book” that was never delivered in 2012 …..

        And probably because they have few dollars to give him as he’s had his hand out to them for nearly seven years!

        • Meesh says:

          Keep in mind FatAss has several Facebook accounts (different ids) and so does Ma Barker… I noticed Sinclair News likes everything on FatAss’ other accounts. Big deal if they like, did they contribute? Nope.

          “And why haven’t his motley crew of Facebook “likers” donated to his cause?”


    • My brief, canceled GoFundMe campaign got two anonymous offline donations in the first few hours for $501!!! More offline donations and dollars than the con man’s GoFundMe!
      (I figured out how to delete it… afterwards)

      But here’s the reality: GoFundMe doesn’t get a penny of that offline money. It’s a plug amount to create the illusion that someone has contributed but it doesn’t cost a dime to do.

  26. And so ends another 24 hours without selling a single book ….

    WheresTheProof Larry‏@NoProofLarry

    @seeknmeann Sell one $13 book every 5 days and you’ll have enough to print 10,000 books in 38+ years. Whoops! You can’t even do that! 🙂

    Like we’ve said so many times before, this scam is over.

  27. Dennis says:

    Meesh, WTPL
    What are you trying to say? It sounds as if

  28. Recap:

    Here we go again…
    kstreet607 says:
    FEBRUARY 23, 2012 AT 6:32 AM

    Ok, as you’ve mentioned Meesh, we’ve been here before. A fresh scam in progress!!!


    When One Man Stands = When One Man SCAMS
    Advance Orders-Reservations Now Being Accepted For When One Man Stands
    February 22, 2012
    By Editor

    Sinclair News is proud to announce the offering of 1000 signed/numbered advance copies of Larry Sinclair’s new book When One Man Stands to be shipped in June 2012, ninety days before the book goes on sale to the public on September 18, 2012.

    gilligan25 says:
    SEPTEMBER 19, 2012 AT 10:56 AM

    Nope, no pamphlet. I remember how many deadlines he blew the last time, until someone came down to Florida and wrote the first book for him.


    YankeeClipper says:
    SEPTEMBER 22, 2012 AT 10:31 PM

    “He’s got to be really desparate for money. Again.”

    He needs a sugar daddy.


    … a sucker born every minute
    by TJTaygee on December 9, 2012
    Is it not simply amazing that liar-larr is admitting – quite publicly, that his pronouncement of his toilet-paper roll’s release date was in fact a lie all along – and he has been offering the opportunity to pre-order all along something that neither existed nor was going to exist?

    And that he *STILL* is offering idiots the chance to order something that doesn’t exist?

    Nevermind that the “kindle version” was delayed due to a formatting error, as he now claims is also the book. But in the exact same breath blames unreturned FOIA requests for the delay of both – but it was the formatting.

    Dennis says:
    DECEMBER 9, 2012 AT 8:21 AM

    So you’re telling me that I won’t be getting my copies of the book in time for Christmas? Darn! There’s going to be a lot of disappointed people on my shopping list.

    democratista says:
    DECEMBER 13, 2012 AT 10:11 AM
    Liardy wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked him in the forehead.


    It certainly not like we haven’t warned about this before … and a lot more than five posters did so

  29. Thumping another point raised by tjtaygee & others and myself before:

    Remember this?:

    SickLiar says October 7, 2012
    “When One Man Stands will be released on October 23, 2012 with or without the documents requested via a FOIA request with DHS and SSA. If the requested documents from DHS are not received in time to include in the publishing of When One Man Stands then the documents we do have will be an embarassment to say the least to the United States Department of Homeland Security and the United States Secret Service based on the claims made by other agencies and officials attributed to the USSS. Any documents not received in time for inclusion in the Hardcover edition will be added to the Paperback and Amazon Kindle version of When One Man Stands.”

    Once again, another BS lying promise related to this book broken by the scam man.

    Yet as we can see for the 2001 Colorado case for example, where the last activity by the “internet warriors” he specifically cites is in 2009 – way before his book is to be published in 2012

    here’s a link to the full text of his request

    Click to access dec-1-2012-ccjra-request-to-pueblo-da.pdf

    Note the date on that letter.

    Here’s a link to a PDF of his Apr ’14 blog (lost online with his bankrupt website) showing all examples cited before July 2009

    Click to access former-co-da-parting-shot.pdf

    SickLiar didn’t even make a FOIA request to Colorado until Dec 2012.
    There was no excuse not to request them before as the case happened in 2001.

    But his Dec 2012 FOIA request was
    – more than 11 years after the 2001 case started
    – more than 3 years after the last “internet warriors” 2009 activity he specifically claims (he’s purely fishing beyond June 2009)
    – 11 months after he started selling his book in Feb 2012 promising to include copies of FOIAs
    – and 6 months after SickLiar first promised June 2012 delivery date of that same book that would include copies of those FOIAs

    This book did not even exist in December 2012. He had not even completed writing FOIAs for it 11 months after he started selling it and 6 months after it’s first promised delivery date. And as he found out with prior FOIAs, FOIAs can take a long time to process. So this book couldn’t even be close to being completed in Dec 2012.

    I contend that the reality is, like we found out with this prior book, this book still doesn’t exist.

    And with zero hardcover sales after nearly a week of trying, it never will exist as a 10,000 copy hardcover. Never!

  30. Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair on Facebook:
    21 mins ago

    Funny how the same thing was said about Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? This same group claimed there was no book and even claimed a publisher refused to print or distribute because of its content though that wasn’t true at all. See the letter from the publisher where they make it clear they were threatened and harassed beyond what they could put up with. The fact that these individuals are upset that When One Man Stands will identify them and contain proof of their actions I guess would make them go into overdrive trying to do to When One Man Stands what they thought they could do to Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? but they will not succeed not just as they have not succeeded in anything they have tried to do for the past 6 and a half years!

    Aardvark Global made a smart business decision. They didn’t have to defend a defamation lawsuit like the other publishers SickLiar suckered.

    Did SickLiar compensate them for all the legal fees they endured? Nope.

    I think a better title for SickLiar’s new book would be “When One Man Defames” and publishers should be wary as they’ll never sell enough pamphlets of this trash to compensate them for the likely legal trouble.

    Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair on Facebook:
    38 mins ago

    Its always good to see they same little group of internet stalkers and those who are responsible for hacking my accounts in 2008 are still riled up and scared everytime I am about to put out another book. Victor Victoria is yet just another of the multitude of screen names this small group use to post without having to use their own FB pages.

    Hate to break it to SickLiar but it’s hard to be scared of a new book that hasn’t been able to sell a single copy in six days.

  31. Dennis says:

    Took a fast read of his latest rant. Is it just me, or is he going a tad incoherent in a few of these paragraphs. Like he really needs an editor something fierce. As for the claim that any one over here has ever launched a DoS attack on him, that’s a new one to me. Actually, I don’t think we could since that normally involves a large number of zombie computers under a hacker’s control. As for his other claim, that we have launched ToS attacks against him – the dope is talking about the Terms of Service agreement that he has signed for his various web sites and social media sites and you don’t launch any kind of an attack through those. You might file a compliant with the company concerning some one’s conduct or whatever, but you don’t use it for attack. You complain about something. Then the host investigates. If the site has violated something in their term of service, then they might just get booted. I have the impression that he has been booted a few times. Tough luck. That has to do with what he did that violated the ToS.

    As for his tale about the publisher in Utah. I seem to recall that there was a very different story behind that one. Any one with a better recollection?

    “Victor Victoria”? Who the hell has a screen name like that? What kind of dope is he smoking these days?

    But mostly, I suspect he is working hard on the idea that the so-called second book is yet to be published (and may never get published) because of us horrible fiends who are some how mysteriously blocking him. Yes, despite his millions and millions of readers, fans, and supporters (at least six of whom are “visible”), he is being put upon by a half a dozen master fiends even though they are really butt hurting losers with no life. Ironically, that is actually a pretty good description of him. Must he looking in a mirror while writing these days.

  32. WhenOneManDefames responds to SickLiar on Facebook

    You have never been stopped from posting on our site that I’m aware of. We haven’t always posted your threats to physically harm us. We don’t allow racist posts. We don’t allow trolling. But those rules are pretty normal for most forums. I don’t recall you doing either of the latter two. The one less common rule is we do not debate politics – in part because not everyone on our site belonged to one party and that could be divisive and a distraction. Your sidekick broke those rules after being warned repeatedly. On the other hand, you have rarely tolerated any criticism, confrontation of unfavorable evidence against you or exposure of your actions on your own forums/site, just as you’ve deleted posts here, so you’re being hypocritical. We have a big collection of posts you deleted on your past sites to prove it. If you’d like to address us on our site, I’ll save you deleting a link as you know where we are. The real problem is you’re not man enough to show up because you’ve always evaded answering the tough questions. Always. Because those questions expose the dishonesty of your scams and in doing so, cost your scams money. We’ve been exposing the scam behind When One Man Stands for a long time. Two and a half years later, with no book in sight (I sincerely doubt it exists) and no money to print it, we were right. Your inability to sell a single copy over the last six days reflects that. Not having the guts to discuss your scams on our site is one thing but don’t chalk it up to something as lame as we banned you.

  33. SickLiar rambles on

    I am the first to admit that I have never been able to meet deadlines that I put on myself in writing my first and second book. While some have taken to the internet and Face Book to make the same claims they did in 2009 before my first book was released, saying “there is no book” etc let me assure you I have put far too much time, effort and energy into putting When One Man Stands together, and as I did in 2009 when I released Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?, I will make those five little internet warriors shut up with the release of When One Man Stands.

    It would appear that there are some in the same group of cesspool posters who want people to think they somehow know something that you or I don’t. They take and represent things in their own little way to try and somehow attack my honesty on this book. The latest from this group is the claim “you hadn’t even finished the FOIA’s before you starting selling the book.”

    This statement is coming because they somehow seem to think that my December 2012 FOIA request of the Pueblo Colorado District Attorneys Office was ever intended to be a part of this book. It wasn’t but since the US Department of Homeland Security, FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, United States Secret Service, and a couple of others didn’t provided the FOIA requested material until almost a year after they were supposed to, and since the Colorado matter (which these same internet warriors posted so much on the internet in 2009 about having been personally involved in communicating with then Deputy DA Stephen Jones as well as their claims of having contacted the alleged victim directly), finally came to a head and a conclusion this past March thru June 2014, it was decided that information is indeed being added to the book.

    While it is easy for someone to publish claims on the internet of fraud, it is all so sad that every time this group (get their panties in a bunch and start posting on every website, FaceBook page and start filing complaints with GoFundMe) and others making these ridiculous claims have no clue what they are talking about.

    In 2012 I offered those who wanted to reserve a signed/numbered copy of When One Man Stands the opportunity to do so for a simple $5.00 fee. Each individual who reserved a copy received a certificate which noted the number of the the book which would be reserved for them. Through delays and missed deadlines I have kept in constant contact with those who reserved a copy of the book. In addition, one woman pre-ordered a copy of the new book and a few months later had placed an order for another. Because I knew she was already on the list for a signed/numbered copy of the book I contacted her at the phone number and email address listed with the order. I informed her that she had already placed an order for the book and I wanted to make sure she intended to order a second one. We ended up speaking for almost an hour and a couple of months later I flew out to have dinner with her. No one who has reserved a signed/numbered copy of the book has been defrauded. While I may indeed be terrible and meeting self imposed deadlines because I simply don’t take into account everything else going on, I have never failed to deliver a single book to a single person ordering one when publishing the first nor will I fail to deliver on the publishing of When One Man Stands.

    This is the most attention I have given these wannabe regulators in years and it will be the last I give them on this site. The Attorney’s for Barnes & Noble in the Parisi v Sinclair et al case (which ended on Feb 28, 2012 with Judge Leon granting my motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim which the wannabes will try and tell you other wise, but that Order is the final order entered on the merits) when they referred to these posters as a group Anti-Sinclair bloggers who themselves boasted about harassing, stalking and attacking Sinclair and others. Chapter Two, “2009″ will be of great interest to these posers!

    The mere fact that these idiots have been riled up into their usual Denial of Service, TOS attacks and complaint filings again is almost comical. In fact one of the men who reserved two copies emailed me after seeing the WOMS Update. He has number’s 22 and 23.

    So while these individuals will continue to try and write things the way they want them to be, they will never be able to write the truth on anything, because its not the truth they care about, they are driven by hate and a determination to somehow make Larry Sinclair pay but they will fail as they have failed now for going on almost 7 years. Ask yourself this questions: How could anyone sit in front of their computer everyday for almost 7 years straight attacking and plotting against someone? How do they support themselves? Pay their bills? The fact that their every post online is date and time stamped makes it impossible for them to deny it.

    Before I end this allow me to demonstrate what I mean. I track every visitor to my website. While I have had more than 34 million site visitors combined among all my sites since 2008, I would have to say that this little group of five may account for more than 3 million of those visits.

    This one from Lawrence, MA

    Page Views:17 (1 this visit)
    Entry Page Time:7 Sep 2014 08:51:13 AM
    Device:Apple iPhone
    Total Visits:10
    Location:Lawrence, Massachusetts, United States
    IP Address:Verizon Fios ( cesspool2
    Referring URL: (No referring link)
    Visit Page:
    Then we have Meesh out of London, Ontario who believe it or not has multiple alerts set to notify her if anything post on the internet by me the minute it post.

    Page Views:15 (7 this visit)
    Entry Page Time:6 Sep 2014 11:46:09 PM
    Visit Length:12 mins 6 secs
    Browser:IE 11.0OS:Win7
    Total Visits:46
    Location:London, Ontario, Canada
    IP Address:Bell Canada ( [Label IP Address]
    Referring URL: (No referring link)
    Entry Page:
    Exit Page:

    Page Views:5 (3 this visit)
    Entry Page Time:5 Sep 2014 09:06:39 AM
    Visit Length:50 seconds
    Browser:IE 11.0OS:
    Total Visits:40
    Location:London, Ontario, Canada
    IP Address:Bell Canada ( [Label IP Address]
    Referring URL:(No referring link)
    Entry Page:
    Exit Page:
    It appears these two along with the Columbus, OH member are the most active today in their efforts to succeed in trying to stop the second book when they failed miserably in their efforts to stop the first book, as well as their efforts to help win a defamation ruling in Parisi v Sinclair et al which did not happen either.

    When One Man Stands will be completed and in the hands of those who pre-ordered it and who reserved a signed/numbered copy of it by the end of the month if it kills me. Unlike some I do not have the means to pay editors to edit on my timeline and I am lucky to have an actual experienced editor willing to edit the book for me without charge. The sheer number of documents which had to be transcribed, the audio from first responders, and sheer number of documents from medical records and those obtained via FOIA request is tremendous and

    While these individuals have cause to want you to believe this book is not going to be published, the simple fact of the matter is they are so, so wrong. Now whether or not I succeed in my efforts to secure printing of 10,000 physical hardcover copies for its release to the general public depend on whether or not people believe in this project and I can accept whatever ends up being the final outcome in that campaign.

    Again, here’s some quotes on when we’ve heard this before:

    February 2012

    “Sinclair News is proud to announce the offering of 1000 signed/numbered advance copies of Larry Sinclair’s new book When One Man Stands to be shipped in June 2012, ninety days before the book goes on sale to the public on September 18, 2012.”

    October 2012

    “When One Man Stands will be released on October 23, 2012 with or without the documents requested via a FOIA request with DHS and SSA.”

    August 18, 2013
    “The original release date for When One Man Stands was supposed to be in September 2012 and after Department of Homeland Security chose to comply with our FOIA request after that date we tried to get the book out in October 2012. After multiple delays resulting from both Federal and State agencies dragging their feet in complying with FOIA request as well as corrupted print files that we have spent the past six months on repairing we can proudly say the book will release on September 26, 2013”.

    And there are many more broken promises from this link:

    Here are some of the published release dates for this book:
    Jun 2012
    Aug 2012
    Sep 2012
    Oct 2012
    Nov 2012
    Dec 2012
    – at this point, he’s still writing FOIA requests behind the scenes – even though he’s told folks he’s just got to re-scan them months before
    Jan 2013
    Apr 2013
    Sep 2013
    Jun 2014
    Aug/Sep 2014

    And his position is he’s going to try to bust his butt to finish the book by the end of this month … while asking suckers for $35,000 (on top of the advance sales money he already got in 2012) to print it for him? Good luck with that.

  34. SickLiar says:

    “Now whether or not I succeed in my efforts to secure printing of 10,000 physical hardcover copies for its release to the general public depend on whether or not people believe in this project and I can accept whatever ends up being the final outcome in that campaign.”

    To that, i’ll respond with another Sinclair quote on his fantasy of having sex with Obama “its not so much whether you believe me or not, as much as you hear me”

    Let’s translate the SickLiar double speak “into the 7th day of my GoFundMe campaign to raise $35,000, with absolutely no book sales, my efforts to secure printing of 10,000 physical hardcover copies … has apparently failed unless you guys are real suckers”

    The only thing we might see some day is some cobbled together kindle version with tons of photocopies of documents (he doesn’t have to write those) and little, double spaced text to pull it together – like his first pamphlet with more photocopies.

  35. Dennis says:

    Quick note to Larry Sinclair: Dear Asshole, I am NOT trying to stop publication of your stupid book. Heck, I want to encourage it. I mean, your vast public have been waiting for several long years and are, I am sure, starved for more of your ripping yarns. So publish! Now! 10,000 copies? Heck, why stop there? Go for 50,000 copies. Do it, big boy! Of course, I am not looking to buy a copy or anything…but I’m just fickle that way.

  36. tjtaygee says:

    Woot! My name is going to be published in a book that virtually no one will read! (that is, if he can get my name right – he certainly didn’t get my house right…). And, he may even make vague allegations that I partook in some kind of illegal activity? Bonus! I’m a bad-ass criminal (that didn’t actuallycommit any crimes, alas…).

    .05 seconds of not-fame, I’m waiting! “Alright, Mr. Demille. I’m ready for my close-up…”.

    • Dennis says:

      Well actually, I don’t know about any one else, but all this kind of trash talk only A. Excites my lawyers (I have four) and B. It is all publicity. So who gives a f@@k. So yes, bring it on big boy! Now! Do it! You really don’t understand what kind of crap you just stepped in. Asshole!

      • On one hand, I’m starting to get my litigation hat on because you just know, he’s very likely to defame a bunch of folks – if he ever gets around to publishing this book. A chronic liar like him with his lousy communication skills couldn’t tell an accurate story if his life depended on it.

        Just have to avoid the technical errors Parisi got tripped up on, I guess. To some extent, Parisi may have helped cleared a legal path. I doubt Oparil would screw up if he was given a second chance and he’d probably love a second go at it.

        On the other hand, how do you recover damages? SickLiar doesn’t have any money so it would be back to going after the publisher and sellers, his copyright and personal assets like his sites, computers, etc, I guess.

        If more than one person goes after him, they’d all be separate claims because each tort would be judged on it’s individual merits. SickLiar could be so busy with pro se for several lawsuits, he wouldn’t have time for his scams to supplement his SSDI! And then you’d have a series of very probable frivolous counter claims because all the stuff we’re saying, we’ve been saying for years – way, way beyond the statute of limitations.

        This has some potential for getting pretty crazy.

    • tjtaygee says:
      SEPTEMBER 7, 2014 AT 7:26 PM

      .05 seconds of not-fame

      I had it at 3.5 seconds of shame … in the fringe media. The rest of his life is beyond shame – an absolutely despicable embarrassment for his family and the few who would associate with him.

    • Dennis says:

      Yes I know. It is a bit of an ego buster. Since my name has been published in books actually bought and read, and since most people who know me view me as a tough ass nasty son of a bitch, I am anxious for the extra PR. Heck, I have well known folks who are scared shitless of me and they are sort of friends really. So bring it on, asshole! Bring it on!

    • If he hasn’t named you by now he never will. What do you think he’s been saving it for – his readers who sit waiting with bated breath to find out who doesn’t like him? Who the fuck cares who doesn’t like him? Don’t let him suck you in. Repeat after me. He has no books and he has no names.

  37. Dennis says:
    SEPTEMBER 7, 2014 AT 7:15 PM

    Of course, I am not looking to buy a copy or anything…

    Apparently, neither are the visitors to his social media (facebook accounts, twitter accounts, etc) nor the visitors to his websites nor the visitors to his GoFundMe campaign.

  38. Dennis says:
    SEPTEMBER 7, 2014 AT 7:15 PM

    “10,000 copies? Heck, why stop there? Go for 50,000 copies. Do it, big boy!”

    If he manages to sell one tomorrow, he’ll be on pace to raise the money for printing 10,000 books in 54 years! How many think FatAss with his brain tumor is so healthy, he’ll live to be 107?

    Baby steps 🙂

  39. Ken Olsen, think of the “hysterical significance” here 🙂

    According to you, “Mental illness is a myth!”

    As SickLiar said about his Obama scam “It is not as important that you believe me as it is that you hear me.” Like he’s done for six plus years, he’s screaming from the rooftops “Send me money, suckers!!!”

    Waste some more of your money on this career con man, Ken! … Oh wait! Overlooked the obvious problem most folks are having: a book has to exist before most people can put money into it … and a copyright has to exist before you can buy the copyright. I’ll bet you could get both real cheap right now. You might never see them 🙂 but it would be cheap.

    • Meesh says:

      Most authors put in their “own” money in publishing their books and do not repeatedly panhandle several times per year for an unfinished book that will probably never surface and if it does … will serve absolutely no purpose to anyone.

      • For those just tuning in:

        As of early July, 2008 (six months in operation):

        Here is what we KNOW Larry has received to this point:

        $20,000 from WhiteHouse.COM for failed polygraph test
        $500 from “The Globe” for photograph
        $8,000 (Minimum) for his 1st trip to Washington D.C. (likely more)
        $11,000 (Minumum) for his 2nd trip to Washington D.C., his arrest and stay in Delaware
        $10,400 for Press Conference
        $10,000 (Minimum) for his “criminal defense” fund
        Undisclosed Amount for paid trip to Los Angeles for failed polygraph
        $925 Payment to Florida Court
        Total received (only which can be verified) is in excess of $60,000.

        In fact, as I later recall, he claimed another $5,000 for Delaware – of which a chunk was for restitution for the counterfeit money orders.

        On top of that, he sold the copyright for his book and raised money for his Colorado defense which he claimed was $32,000.

        Prior to that he was selling his book from his site and collecting royalties from Amazon.

        He had the Banana Nut Bread sale/raffle
        He raised campaign dough for Larry for Congress 2010, never got on that ballot and never provided an accounting nor stated that he returned that money (that I ever saw).

        He set up a publishing company in Georgia(?), never filed a tax return that I saw and closed it.
        He set up Sinclair Publishing in Florida, never filed a tax return that I saw and closed it.
        He bought a house, listed it for $8,500 and sold it.
        He bought an RV, flipped it to a car/sold it.
        He’s traveled all over the US
        He’s bought all kinds of computer equipment, websites, internet expenses, etc
        He’s filed numerous lawsuits.
        He’s been para sailing, jet skiing, etc

        He’s been constantly collecting donations for his own cause – including campaigns for this book.

        The IRS is understandably on his case about some of this.

        Meanwhile, he’s claimed he’s disabled and cannot work (in spite of all the above activity). He’s reported collecting SSDI throughout much of the above. If he’d collected SSDI throughout the last 6.75 years since his Obama scam started, he’d have taken in $54,000+. It’s probably less than that because he got it suspended for some of the above but since he claimed to have been investigated 8 times by SSDI, he’s had it much of that time. But he’s supposed to claim a bunch of the above as revenue against his SSDI income and he’s well into six figures very roughly ignoring SSDI.

        And the $35,000 for this book (on top of his previous money raising for this book). What do you think happens to that money? Yes, it could go towards printing those books. (If he printed all 10,000 – which he very likely wouldn’t and there will be no accounting as usual). But do you think he gives those printed hardcovers to Amazon for nothing? No, it’s a free $35,000 for some hardcover book inventory and probably some to keep up his jet skiing activities, etc.

        This is eyebrow raising activity by a lifetime, five time convicted felon for fraud, theft and forgery. And somehow, according to him, we’re evil “internet warriors” for saying “wait a minute ..” and “buyer beware”, etc – which I happen to believe is our civic duty – so the funds for folks who really need SSDI are really there for them (for example).

        • Maybe there’s a solution to this problem:

          Cash seizures can be made under state or federal civil law. One of the primary ways police departments are able to seize money and share in the proceeds at the federal level is through a long-standing Justice Department civil asset forfeiture program known as Equitable Sharing. Asset forfeiture is an extraordinarily powerful law enforcement tool that allows the government to take cash and property without pressing criminal charges and then requires the owners to prove their possessions were legally acquired.


  40. Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair says 3hrs ago:

    It took less than 5 minutes for them to click on the new article.Page Views:17 (1 this visit)Entry Page Time:7 Sep 2014 05:42:47 PMBrowser:Firefox 31.0OS:Win7Resolution:1024×819 United States Flag Total Visits:7Location:Columbus, Ohio, United StatesIP Address:At&t U-verse ( cesspool10Referring URL:

    It just goes to show you it wouldn’t take us three or four years to compile a book of photocopied FOIA requests.

    It also goes to show you that it tends to take a heck of a lot longer to concoct bullshit than it does to just let the truth flow. Telling the truth about facts and circumstances as we know them doesn’t require much deliberation.

    And the technical issues are also a crock of shit. There’s all kinds of help/freeware, etc to pull a document together for publishing a book. Amazon has great resources for Kindle, etc. In this day and age, it doesn’t take years to resolve printing/format issues for a book.


    “Larry Sinclair ‏@seeknmeann Protected Tweets

    @seeknmeann’s account is protected.

    Only confirmed followers have access to @seeknmeann’s Tweets and complete profile. Click the “Follow” button to send a follow request.”

    • Dennis says:

      Yeah, he’s going down deep into psycho hell. He is begging for money all over the place and at the same time is so pissed that he is closing off “access” to any one except his “followers” and gee, he doesn’t have any. He’s losing it. Tic-tac part two will be along very soon.

  42. Dennis says:

    ” Lawrence W. (Larry) Sinclair says 3hrs ago:

    It took less than 5 minutes for them to click on the new article.Page Views:17 (1 this visit)Entry Page Time:7 Sep 2014 05:42:47 PMBrowser:Firefox 31.0OS:Win7Resolution:1024×819 United States Flag Total Visits:7Location:Columbus, Ohio, United StatesIP Address:At&t U-verse ( cesspool10Referring URL:”

    Well ladedad, princess Mary. You know how to read a web site counter. Ohhhhhh. But I have to admit that this crap does give you the illusion of attention. I strongly suspect that if we simply stopped giving you any attention you would quite simply drop off the face of the earth at this point. For better or worse, we are the only thing you got, asshole. Personally, you are now off my radar. You are that unimportant. I also suspect that this means that your readership has just dropped by more than 75%.

    • tjtaygee says:

      Gotta say, looking at his website is ridiculously painful, anyway. I, too, see no further reason to go back…
      Liar-larr’s story was over before it began. The dead horse apparenly just likes the beating – and an audience.
      No need to be part of that audience any longer, I believe.

    • Dennis says:

      Of course I didn’t say that I was done with you. I am simply done with looking at you. You are a very sad man. Alone and forgotten. Sitting around your crappy little ghetto apartment in your crappy little ghetto part of town all abandoned by every one in the wing nutter media universe. It would be really tragic if you were not such a stupid crappy little man. Oh my. But when the going get tough…oh heck, you’re just finished. The scam is over. The money is gone. You have no clue what to do next. You just sit around your tiny apartment jerking off and desperately hoping that some one some where is about to fall for your crap and cough up big money and deep inside, you know that isn’t going to happen. It’s over. You’re through. Heck, it is obvious that we are the only game you got left and gee guy, that is pretty darn pathetic. We are just about the only thing you have in the way of human contact and, well, we just don’t care.

  43. Dennis says:

    One final little point for the night Fat Boy: If you are so historically important and likewise your book is so historically important, then why is it that no one obviously gives a damn? I mean no one. None of the extreme right wing sites, none of the usual nutter sites, absolutely no one. Nobody gives a damn in any way, shape or form. Face it. You are dead to them. So yeah, you can threaten us all you want, but who cares? Nobody. You are nothing. For all practical purposes, you don’t exist. For better or worse, you now solely define yourself through us. Ironically, we are in control. You are what we say you are. For the past couple of months, you have been jumping to our tune. That is simply a fact. To put it more bluntly, you are behaving like a frog in a frying pan.

  44. SickLiar tweets:

    Larry Sinclair @seeknmeann · 19m
    in 2008 and 2009 I allowed myself to be pulled into this online back and forth with a bunch of wannabe internet warriors. They seem to hope
    Larry Sinclair @seeknmeann · 18m
    that I will again get into this back and forth with them on FB and Twitter but that simply is not going to happen. If you don’t like what…
    Larry Sinclair @seeknmeann · 17m
    I say or write and if you don’t like the books I write then don’t read it or buy them. But I am not going to get into this back and forth…
    Larry Sinclair @seeknmeann · 16m
    with a group of idiots who despite failing at everything they have tried to do to me for 6+ yrs they still have this obsession with me.
    Larry Sinclair @seeknmeann · 15m
    If any of you choose to engage with these idiots that’s on you. I refuse to respond to their garbage that even they know they can’t backup.

    More BS I don’t have time to respond to at the moment ..

  45. 7 days, no books sold …

    SickLiar posts an image on Facebook 2 hrs ago saying


    I just know those words meant a lot to him when he contemplated closing Sinclair Publishing and allowed to go belly up or when he sold off the copyright to his pamphlet.

    Or when he tried to off himself.

    Or when he didn’t do things like provide a statement of Paypal donations to his followers as he promised. Or when he didn’t provide his followers with the documentation he promised them to support his allegations against Obama. Or when he didn’t provide the Donald Young phone bills he promised.

    Or when he didn’t responsibly inform his followers with credible documentation what he did with their 2010 Larry for Congress donations when he couldn’t come up with enough signatures to get on the ballot – which was a legally questionable candidacy in the first place because he was a five time convicted felon, Etc.

    Like many of his words, those words coming from SickLiar don’t mean a lot.

    • Dennis says:

      Yeah yeah, I noticed that he is now back to surrounding himself with borrowed platitudes while sidestepping the obvious fact that he is screwing it royal on every front. At any moment he will be doing the old Stuart Smalley routine

    • kstreet607 says:

      WTBL and Dennis, you guys are ruthless and relentless!. I noticed someth

    • SickLiar posts an image on Facebook 2 hrs ago saying


      Of course, another interpretation of those words might be that he’s been a criminal since he was a juvenile and after 16 years in jails from five felony convictions in theft/forgery/deception and a near lifetime of trying to evade the law, he’s failed to date.

      Yet we should be impressed because he’s still tryin’ to be a successful con man !! 🙂

      • The most lucrative scam of his scamming career was his “I blew Obama” scam. Its very outrageousness gave it some initial credence. Who would be such a fool to go public with such a false claim? But when it worked, at least partially, to bring in some dough, he became a legend in his own mind. And that’s where he’s stuck. “Don’t you know who I am? I blew Obama, dammit! And he doesn’t want me to talk about it. Buy my book and I’ll tell you all about it. But you gotta pay me in advance before I show you a book.”

      • Dennis says:

        Of course it should be noted that those who succeed often turns out to know what they are doing. Fat Boy hasn’t a clue. Oops. Am I using my evil Sith powers again to sow doubt and confusion in his mind?

      • Maybe he should try for a booking on the Howard Stern Show. I don’t think Stern pays much but the exposure (pardon the pun) is sure to help his bottom line (pardon the pun.).

  46. Dennis says:

    So how much longer before he ditches the GoFundMe drive and blame us for ruining its success because we used our fiendish mental skills learned from our Sith Master?

  47. Dennis says:

    Wow, exciting footage of Lardo discovering that WTPL is online watching him:

  48. Dennis says:

    I have previously made some comments concerning the somewhat debatable reputation of GoFundMe. Here are some links to explain what I was referring to:$520.00;; and my own favorite comment: “A con artist can have a field day with the obituary. I actually know somebody who did this and I’m totally disgusted with what happened because that person was able to raise a lot of money on multiple occasions by playing people’s emotions including people she knew and people she doesn’t know by posting the FundMe link on Facebook.”

    Hey Fat Boy, something to keep in mind for your next “suicide.”

  49. We must be careful not to create freak show interest.

  50. Meesh says:

    Okay, we have another new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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