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Let’s See How Sinclair Spins *This* One

Larry Sinclair 1I can’t wait to hear what Larry Sinclair, professed Republican homosexual,anti-gay marriage and most¬†definitely¬†Obama nemesis, has to say about the POTUS’ statement.

Meanwhile, I found this excellent piece and wanted to share it…

The Pragmatic Progressive Page

SPEECH: People keep saying that Mr. Obama, supporting gay marriage, is a pointless thing. That it’s a symbolic gesture or has no real ramifications on the gay marriage issue since it’s voted on state by state. I think you may have missed the point.

By standing up, as the leader of the most powerful country in the world, and stating that you support the equality of ALL those citizens you have sworn to lead…that’s a big deal. Just as big as a President who stood up for the rights of women, blacks, the disabled or anyone else who has been put on second-class citizen status due to our lack of respect for those unlike ourselves.

For him to have made this an issue that will now be brought up, not only in this campaign, but in every campaign from this point out…that’s a big deal. To know that he may lose the votes of the homophobic, the hateful, the fearful, the fake-christians and the ignorant, but also, perhaps, the votes of those Americans who like to pretend they are for Freedom and Equality for All (who act like them)…that is a big deal. But mostly, the fact of the matter is, he is the first president, in the history of this country, to have the courage to stand up and say I SUPPORT EQUALITY FOR EVERY PERSON I REPRESENT…so I’m sorry if you don’t ‘get it’, but to be honest….that’s a big effin’ deal.

And the fact that he rides a Unicorn and shoots rainbows out of his hands…that’s just some cool shit that makes me like him even more. Obama2012 – vince