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FatAss finally famous?

on September 9, 2014

Oh I’ve stumbled upon this!. A hoot of a blog piece by Princess Sparkle Pony at called:” What If Citizen Journalism Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be?” The entire piece is a great read, but I’ve got to share this part of it:

animated119 Look

“I’m just not the “threaten to sue everybody all the time” type. What I need is something more pastoral. How about a tumbledown shack in South Carolina? Sounds really good! How about if it’s run by Larry Sinclair, that guy who years ago tried to convince an uncaring world that he gave Obama cocaine-fueled blowjobs in the back of a limousine? SOUNDS GREAT:

211551a3_o.jpeg Larry Sinclair cash

‘I have started this GoFundMe in an effort to turn the home of my Grand Parents into a camp and trainging facility for citizen journalism. The Sinclair Southern Estate Institute would be bought and owned by those who help fund this project.I am looking for support in making Sinclair’s Southern Estate Institute a reality. SSEI will be a 19 acre site in rural SC that will be built into a camp program for children as well as a hands on facility for young & old adults in the citizen journalism field as well as bringing people together to find solutions for our nations problems by working together.The $150,000.00 will be used to accquire sole ownership of the 19 acre parcel and allow us to upgrade the home on the proprty while adding two dorm wings right away.We will need to secure the funding no later than September 1, 2014 in order to be able to accquire the property…’

So, OK, the Sinclair Southern Estate Institute doesn’t exactly exist yet, but that’s just because YOU haven’t kickstarted his crowdfunding or whatever so GET ON IT so that I can get the trainging I need for the citizen journalist stuff. This “GoFundMe” thing is enticing as all hell, because if you give Mr. Sinclair $10,000, for instance, then you’ll be “part owner of one half acre of the 19 acre project,” and even though I don’t know what, exactly, that means, SOUNDS GREAT! You guys! Do I have to remind you that this project is being run by Larry Sinclair, who Ben Smith described as having “a specialty in crimes involving deceit,” and whose press conference was called “stupefying” by Seth Colter Walls and “a circus act” by David Weigel? I don’t know about you, but studying journalism amidst a stupefying circus act with a specialty in crimes of deceit in South Carolina sounds like loads of fun. On the other hand, Sinclair just announced that he’s shutting down his “news service” (who knew?) because he doesn’t want to make “cozy deals with individuals or organizations for favorable coverage,” which I think means “no more blowjobs for you, Obama,” so maybe he isn’t the best choice after all.”

So yes, Fat Boy. You are famous (kind of). Just not the way you seem to think. I’m sure your fans love you. Now if you just had some fans…..It was right after this failure that he flipped back to the bogus book racket promoting:”When One Man Stands Scams (due out at the end of August 2014?! after a two year delay) as well as a third book tentatively titled When Throwing in the Towel is not an Option“. I assume that when this doesn’t work, he may be back to bogus money orders.Just another day in the fantasy world of Lardo SinkLiar, author, journalist, and professional unicorn wrangler.Larry Sinclair Scam Artist 23f28ab5_o



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  1. Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

    That was a fun read.

    The links back to his PC media coverage were priceless. If Ken Olsen is looking for “historical significance”, that was the biggest disaster of a press conference in American history. Unfortunately for Ken, the hilarity wasn’t documented in SickLiar’s pamphlet.

    She’s a clever writer and because of that, I’m not sure SickLiar will be able to grasp all that she said.

  2. SickLiar posts an image on Facebook 16 hrs ago saying


    Now if he were to think about what we’ve done ….


    • For those just tuning in:

      When one considers that quote and the prior blog “Why It’s Over” along with the press conference, that press conference was when it was largely financially over for Larry’s scam.

      – After a big build up, little to no mainstream US media showed up

      – At the PC, media found out the kilted lawyer representing SickLiar was suspended

      – The kilted lawyer explained to the media the comfort of his large member was his reason for wearing the kilt – and the comfort of his big dick was more important to him than making a good impression for SickLiar

      Not even Jon Stewart could have come up with wacky shit like that

      – SickLiar did not produce the evidence he’d deferred from doing so for months, promising for those previous months that the press conference was when it was all going to come out (so he’d built up the importance of this press conference to his following big time). No phone bills. No credit card receipts. No witnesses, etc. Almost nothing credible was delivered.

      – Of the three new tidbits of information he produced (with no hard evidence), the name of the limo driver (he’d given out on Youtube months before) and a phone number were wrong in the printed press materials. The only new thing that didn’t change in the printed material was the name of the Chicago bar (that he was still not absolutely sure about)

      – At the end of the press conference presentation, SickLiar couldn’t attend to one on one media questions because he was arrested for two incidents of passing counterfeit money orders in Delaware just three months before he started his Obama scam. And he couldn’t explain to the police why he had one of those sets of money orders. That was also big beyond the obvious because the M&N blog had previously turned up the outstanding Colorado and Florida warrants that SickLiar had not been forthright about. So this was a third strike that hammered home M&N’s long standing position in the online debate with SickLiar that his criminal past not being behind him as SickLiar had claimed. It was a third strike.

      And thus, the media was using words to describe the press conference like stupefying” and “a circus act”. Zero credibility.

      Wackjob blogger buddy “Stay Safe” Citizen Wells tried to go on the offensive with his “Political Prisoner” angle while SickLiar sat in jail. SickLiar, when he got out, tried to accuse Joe Biden and son for being behind the arrest – hoping folks wouldn’t notice that Joe Biden and his son weren’t the ones passing counterfeit money orders in Delaware in October 2007 – three months before SickLiar went public with his Obama accusations. Their money campaign shifted from one raising dough to go after Obama to one raising dough to pay for SickLiar’s criminal defense – a much tougher sell.

      The drop off of activity at SickLiar’s website after the press conference, which also got shutdown for terms of service violations around that time, was dramatic – for reasons SickLiar never entirely accepted nor understood to this day.

      And so his quote above declaring he’s going to stay the course strikes me as a mentally ill guy whose just going to keep banging his head against a very, very thick wall that will never ever crumble in his lifetime. He still doesn’t get it.

      • Dennis says:

        Again WTBL, the answer to these questions is a clear and simple: well, yeah. The man is an extremely disturbed idiot whose criminal career is based upon his extensive sociopathic drives and high level of narcissism that has led him into an increasingly delusional state in which he sees himself as a celebrated journalist and writer, historically important political figure, and all around famous dude. Add in the current level of “support” from such equally disturbed figures as Ken Olsen (yes Ken, you have some really major mental “issues”), and Fat Boy attempts to reinforce his increasingly fantasized world view.

        Eventually, this faux-world of his will collapse once reality rudely enters. Then he will rage against the world (mostly us) and then it it tic-tac time again.

  3. kstreet607 says:

    Fantastic find Dennis!

    • Dennis says:

      Ironically, I was researching something else at the time when this article popped up. Wonkette is a good spot for a bad shot and more often than not, their unique brand of smart alecks can deliver.

      Meanwhile, took a fast peek at the GoFundMe campaign. The crickets are getting pretty loud over there, if you know what I mean. History just ain’t what it use to be….

  4. So this popped up in google and I checked it out:


    Please be patient as I work to provide what may be the most in-depth FAQs page ever published on a single individual.


    Who is Larry Sinclair?


    Lawrence or Larry Sinclair is an Author Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?(2009), former Radio Talk Show Host, Photo-Journalist, Photographer, Investigative Journalist and founder of the recently sold Sinclair News-LS News Group online News service.

    Born September 26, 1961 the 3rd of 4 children to Lawrence Hubert Sinclair (1937-1996) and Mary Ella Griggs Sinclair in Camden, SC, Larry is a man who has lived an interesting life along the way.

    Larry currently resides in Holly Hill, Volusia County Florida with his Pug The Royal Moe Joe (yes that really is the dogs name) working on his second book titled When One Man Stands (due out at the end of August 2014 after a two year delay) as well as a third book tentatively titled When Throwing in the Towel is not an Option

    He hasn’t been able to finish his second book after two and a half years of trying.

    He hasn’t been able to sell a single hardcover copy of his second book in his recent GoFundMe campaign started 8 days ago.

    So he’s writing a third book on the same crap??


    How does that quote go? …
    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    • In response to this MAJOR development:

      Although like SickLiar, I’m working on completing my book “When One Man Lies ..”, I’ve decided I must keep up with him and that another book is in order tentatively titled “When Throwing Up was not an Option” (an in depth study of getting vomit in my mouth from witnessing some of the gross behavior of our Hungry Bottom)

    • Dennis says:

      Oh, is this the title of the so-called third book in which he promises to bad mouth most of his family. What next, a 4th book titled How to Live in Parts of Mexico Where No Arresting Gringo Officers Can Find You for Less Than Five Dollars a Day.

  5. I missed a bunch on this blog:

    “… The $150,000.00 will be used to accquire sole ownership of the 19 acre parcel and allow us to upgrade the home on the proprty while adding two dorm wings right away …”

    “… For each contribution of $15.00 the contributor will in effect own one square foot of the project …”

    (love the spelling …)

    If you don’t mind:
    Converting 19 Acres into Square Feet = 827,640 square feet

    $15 * 827,640 square feet = $12,414,600 or $653,400 per acre

    But he’s going to buy it and do renovations to build two dorms all for $150,000?

    What am I missing? The math makes no sense (… the GoFundMe site link is now dead).

    “The Sinclair Southern Estate Institute would be bought and owned by those who help fund this project.” (“but even though I’m not contributing a dime because I don’t have a dime, it will be named after me and do what I want it to do”)

    This whole thing is beyond a scam – it’s just plain makes-no-sense insane.

    • Dennis says:

      Yeah, we were sort of noticing that at the time. The so-called business plan was completely nonsensical. The proposal would have required much more time to develop and a dedicated group of people (experienced people) to have planned the whole thing. He was also making another big crowdfunding boo-boo. He was actually offering “ownership” (in this case, property). This opens such a massive can of worms that the total failure of the fund drive was kind of a blessing in disguise for the idiot.

      Just another day in the fantasy world of Lardo SinkLiar, author, journalist, and professional unicorn wrangler.

      • Great term for him: “professional unicorn wrangler”

        I’ve been around for a lot of the ride with this guy. That “Sinclair Southern Estate Institute” GoFundMe effort would easily make my top 25 of the wackiest moments. It’s so delusional in concept, it’s almost breathtaking.

        ” a camp and trainging facility for citizen journalism.” (that’s almost lwayer-like spelling) 🙂

        So this mentally ill career con man, who has
        – recently ran a publishing company company into the ground
        – recently been sued for defamation (and only survived that suit more on a legal technicality – not on disproving the basic merit of the claim)
        – recently ran a news site that wasn’t a news site and went belly up
        – recently hasn’t been able to find a single sucker to buy his hardcover book that he’s been unable to finish for years
        is going to oversee an operation teaching kids “citizen journalism” ?

        That’s just so bonkers, it’s unbelievable.

        Even his dead head followers caught on to him.

        • Dennis says:

          Yep, this one was a hoot. What was really going on was that Fat Head wanted grandma’s farm and nobody was willing to give it to him and he had a major meltdown fit and tore into every female relative he had (while side stepping the odd little detail that sort of slipped out furing this fit – he may not actually be his father’s son – Lardo denies this but I noticed that he didn’t seem interested in proposing a DNA test or anything). Then after threatening everybody, he shifted gears and hatched the Institute plan as a bogus trick to buying the place. Of course, nobody fell for it.

          It was right after this failure that he flipped back to the bogus book racket. I assume that when this doesn’t work, he may be back to bogus money orders.

          • He’s been ripping off folks since he was a juvenile – that’s in his DNA.

            He’s determined he’s not ever going to accept a regular job. You can find all kinds of people far more disabled than he claims to be, leading productive lives earning a living.
            Beyond famous examples like Stephen Hawking or Terry Fox

            And he’s determined SSDI plus Medicaid just isn’t a big enough handout to support para-sailing, jet skiing and maintaining his obesity.

            As sure as the sun comes up, he’ll float another and another and another money scam until he either cashes in or gets caught by the law. That’s his focus and his path – always has been. And he’s demonstrated nothing towards sincerely changing his ways in that regard in a meaningful way. He’s altered his scam methods but not his core beliefs behind them.

            This recent quotation he posted certainly is applicable to that:


            We have not seen the last of his attempts at a money scam.

  6. Dennis says:

    Quick update note: That crappy video Fat Boy did last month as an intro to his new web site has now reached a fantastic viewer count of…59? A video of a dog taking a whiz on a fire hydrant gets more viewers. And BTW, a large portion of that 59 is (unfortunately) from us. This a-hole is both pathetic and delusional. He has no “followers”. He has no “readers”. He has no “friends.” All he has is a tiny dick in his hands and a sticky keyboard.

  7. Another blog weighs in today on older Larry Sinclair media coverage:
    “Farah writes:

    You claim WND has repeatedly published a thoroughly discredited drifter’s claim that “he took cocaine in 1999 with the then Illinois legislator [Obama] and participated in homosexual acts” with him. Yes we did report that claim – once – under the headline labeling it a “sleaze charge” and only after Larry Sinclair filed a high-profile civil rights lawsuit against Barack Obama’s inner circle. (I guess your standards of journalism would not permit the reporting of such a lawsuit.)

    Farah is lying here too. As we documented, WND published three articles — not one — highlighting Sinclair’s lawsuit at the time it was filed, and Farah wrote a column defending publication of Sinclair’s claims. Farah boasted that Sinclair’s claims “has been reported in only one news venue – WND.” None of these articles gave any indication that WND bothered to investigate the veracity of Sinclair’s charges.

    By contrast, WND did not publish anything about the press conference in which Sinclair proved himself beyond a doubt to be the “thoroughly discredited drifter” that Farah apparently now concedes he is….”

    So even Farah now apparently concedes SickLiar is a “thoroughly discredited drifter”.

    The con man has even lost WND …

    I smell a fourth book title coming from him “Its not so much whether you believe me or not, as much as you hear me … and even the fringe Right Wing media isn’t listening anymore.”

    • kstreet607 says:

      I can’t believe Farah told such a bold-faced lie. I take that back…that’s all WND has ever been about.

      He and Sinclair were practically “butt-buddies” during Sinclair’s online grifting schemes. Every Obama hater in the nation donated money to the creep. LOL!

  8. “When One Man Stands … to sell no books” continues to live up to it’s title after more than 8 days … 🙂

    It must be Joe Biden’s son’s fault because sometime between Adam & Eve or our evolution from the apes and now, we’re cousins!

  9. Happened to see some older news on Sibley:
    In 2006, the Florida Supreme Court appointed a referee to the Sibley case, finding that Sibley had willfully failed to pay child support and had initiated meritless litigation and recommended suspension of Sibley’s law license, for which he must show fitness for reinstatement.

    Unruh writes of Sibley’s lawsuit that he states that “given his access to the Internet and mobile information technology, his support could rise quickly.” That dramatically understates what Sibley actually said:

    “While this Court is doubtlessly paled by the implications that flow from this Petition for Writ of Quou Warranto reaching a jury, the impact and reach of the present day Internet and Mobile Information Technology platforms create a force multiplier effect which could benefit Sibley in his campaign which has known no like since Leonidas of Sparta chose the ground of Thermopylae to make his stand.

    Sibley also repeatedly misspells Obama’s name as “Barrack” throughout.

    Unruh did mention that Sibley is a former attorney for “D.C. Madam” Deborah Jeane Palfrey, but not that, according to the Washington Post, federal prosecutors in Palfrey’s case said that Sibley’s filings are so ignorant of basic legal tenets that they are “almost incoherent.”

    The guy basically threatened the court. No wonder he and SickLiar got along for a while. And no wonder he remains suspended from being a lawyer.

  10. Dennis says:

    Quick check on the growing excitement at the GoFucU fund drive. 8 days and no movement (except for the somewhat mysterious offline donation). Obviously the fund drive is still “young,” mainly because he never bothered to post an end date. Maybe it is going to be a slow starter. A very slow starter. I am sure that it can’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that the design of this campaign is utterly incoherent, misconceived, and totally doomed to failure.

    However, let me express one little personal concern I have. I do not, IMHO, feel that we should be spending time attempting to provoke the mangy bear in his lair. He still has a few nitwits on Facebook who he occasionally can play for a pity fuck. Personally, I don’t care if they lose their money handing it out to this two-bit thief. But I am also aware that the half-baked $13 donor pitch is designed to fleece them and I personally don’t want to think for one moment that any of us helped the lousy jerk to set up some bs whine about “oh they are coming after me, those vicious blah blah blah.” Eventually, once the monthly bills are paid, some of these idiots will blow their cash his way simply because they still call their uncle daddy. But I want that problem to be solely due to their own pinheads.

    Meanwhile, I would also suggest that Fat Boy can skip that “Looking in the mirror” crap he “borrowed” from a self-improvement book. Instead, he needs to listen to the wise counsel of the great philosopher Casey Stengel, who once said: “If you ain’t got it by midnight you never will and even if you do it ain’t worth it.”

    Yes, LardBrain. It is midnight.

    • Dennis says:

      On last thing, I seem to recall that his most recent release date was suppose to be late August/early September. I think like maybe we just past early September. OTOH, he didn’t exactly say what year, now did he?

    • I probably wouldn’t even be still posting here if it were not for his threats and things like this:

      Click to access dec-1-2012-ccjra-request-to-pueblo-da.pdf

      I am therefore submitting to you this request that in accordance with the Colorado Open
      Records Act and the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act thai the Pueblo County
      Colorado District Attorney for the Tenth Judicial District, provide me without any further
      delay, the identity of the individual or individuals who have engaged in email, telephone,
      written, fax or any other means of communication with the District Attorney’s offIce
      attempting to influence, dictate or effect the outcome of the DA Office decisions and
      actions in this matter from January 1, 2008……(to Dec 2012)”

      and it continues here for example:

      SickLiar said a week or so ago:
      “… A small group of wannabe cyber-bullies from Columbus, OH; Lawrence, MA; Lawrenceville, GA; Everett, WA; London, Ontario; Gaithersburg, Maryland; who have good reason to try and sideline a large first edition printing from becoming a reality (and exposing their true identities) will not be permitted to comment here unless they make a contribution. …”

      If you look back in the history of these sites, I hadn’t posted in ages. Other than a quick post to say hi, my guess is probably 3 years or more. And between 2008 and 2011, I also think I had a year or more off. The 2012 election happened and his Obama scam was absolutely over. And like many, I didn’t post much if at all before that election because his BS Obama ’cause’ was done long before that as we’ve documented. We’d had an online argument and he lost. It should be over.

      But per the above, it isn’t over for him. He still wants to go after the people he argued with. And if it was just trying to continue the argument, that would be one thing. But he’s mentally ill and has a lengthy history of threatening with harm and acting on it. I see efforts like the above and I developed some concern. You can’t completely walk away and take your eyes off a person like that. And I will not stand by while this guy tries to have good folks like Meesh and Kstreet live in fear. It’s just never been in my DNA and it’s wrong.

      Now, we could just sit on our hands and wait to see what happens – which I’d done between 2011 and 2014. Or we could be a little more proactive to discourage him from continuing on the path he’s on or curtail his progress down that path – which is what I’ve tried to do over the last few months. This isn’t about Obama – never was for me – I don’t even get to vote. For me, this is about protecting people – particularly the people here.

      All his crimes since he was juvenile revolved around money. All his efforts since we encountered him in 2008 have been about money. Like any typical fraudster, he’ll try to sugarcoat what he’s been up to as some kind of higher calling but every single one of his scams had a donate button to his bank account. That’s his focus and always has been the key motivator his entire despicable life. Over the last few months, we or I have curtailed a few of his scams and hit him where it hurts his key motivation as a different way to try to get through to him. To convey that going down that path against people here is a more difficult way for him to scam cash and if he wants to continue to scam money, a different route is more likely to be easier and more fruitful. My hope has been that it serves as a shot across his bow when sitting on my hands for three years didn’t work.

      I have developed some affection for some of the posters here. If he leaves the folks here alone, he won’t have much to worry about from me. I have plenty of other things that need my attention. Except for the odd post to say hi, I’ll probably disappear like I had before. But if he continues to come after them, I will find a lawful way to nail him or make his life much more difficult by holding him to account.

      If anyone has a problem with that, please speak up.

      • tjtaygeeTayg says:

        I don’t believe I have the right to have a problem with what anyone else chooses to do.
        From my perspective, liar-larr has only the amount of power given to him via “our” attention.
        Yes, liar-larr has misbehaved and made threats towards various people. And yes, threats by anyone should be taken seriously – until they wholly fail to pan-out.
        Look at all he has done, all he has allaged. It has not gotten him anywhere. It has not seriously harmed anyone. Yes, those he has attacked have felt reasonably impacted by those attacks, but they have always (as near as I can tell – I could be wrong) been “virtual”.
        If any or all of us stopped paying attention to the liar-larr, his attacks would have zero impact on us.
        That is why I am merely amused at his declared attention to supposedly call me out by name. Even if he does, there will be no consequence to me. The only energy his action will cause is that which I choose to devote to it.
        He doesn’t deserve my energy.
        In short, this particular tree, should it fall in a forest with no one to hear it, would, in fact, make no sound.

        • tjtaygeeTayg says:
          SEPTEMBER 10, 2014 AT 9:26 AM

          “In short, this particular tree, should it fall in a forest with no one to hear it, would, in fact, make no sound.”

          I agree. Very likely that very few would hear that tree fall – particularly in light of his most recent brutal failure to sell a single copy.

          That GoFundME tree fell over on him pretty darn hard though. Few heard it but he’s probably drunk, dazed, confused and deafened by the whack to his deluded narcissism and ego with that result. He can’t avoid the resounding conclusion that nobody gives a shit as in spite of whatever I complained about (it was gone quickly), anyone was free to click that donate button. Not one single person has done so. Even if one or a handful did, he’s still got a long, long way to go and it’s obvious he’ll never get there. That isn’t our fault. It’s all his. What he’s offering in that book no one or few want.

          I’ve even described getting named in his book as a bit of a badge of courage – or something like that. If he defames, that might be a different problem. We can cross that bridge if we come to it. I suspect others feel similarly about being named in his book.

          But a part of what has curtailed his threats of harm is he hasn’t known who we are or where we live. His FOIAs indicate he’s still trying to figure that out. So I cannot entirely dismiss that effort as something that isn’t a cause for some concern or contributing concern to others around here. That’s at the core of where I’m coming from.

          tjtaygeeTayg says:
          SEPTEMBER 10, 2014 AT 9:26 AM

          “I don’t believe I have the right to have a problem with what anyone else chooses to do.”

          I don’t feel the same way with respect to others around here. If they feel my actions put them in some jeopardy, then that concerns me too.

  11. Dennis says:

    Let me just re-emphasis that my only issue is anything that might give Fat Boy a PR spin that he can exploit with the few (about six, I think) dim bulb followers that are still hanging around. At this point, his threats against any of us is pretty meaningless. But his ability to present himself as being persecuted has a bogus but effective PR point with the semi-faithful half dozen. At least one of these nitwits is now on Facebook claiming that someone connected to this site has been sending them a “friends” request. Oddly enough, I have some suspicion about some of these claims – during his blow out with his relatives, the same type of reports were made and it actually didn’t sound exactly legit. Would Lardo try fabricating this stuff himself? Wouldn’t surprise me. But I personally don’t think we need to assist in any way with his own bullshit PR drives.

    Sometimes when a rat is boxed in and cornered, you can just keep in cornered and give it a bit of time to beat itself silly. Just saying….

    • lol – I certainly didn’t send out any “friends” requests on Facebook 🙂 Wouldn’t have taken long though, because he doesn’t have many. All I did was post a response often with a link here to present the other side of his claim.

      It’s awkward for him because folks coming here isn’t good for him. Sure there are some dead heads that we’d never get through to. But it’s a wedge issue for him as we’re preaching to the 100% who are currently converted with the potential of peeling some of them off with our take on the issues. Unlike SickLiar, it’s not like we don’t have decent logic/reason and long standing backup to our claims. Having them come here runs the risk of them finding out the “other side” of his tall tale. Cockroaches don’t like bright lights – that’s a bunch of what this has been about. And the lights on his scams are real bright here – factual stuff backed up with documentation he doesn’t want others to know or see. I just looked at his likes, friends and followers and nothing has materially changed – he’s gained one like and one follower. How many would bother to unlike him?

      As for stirring them up, there’s not many of them. And of the few left, they’ve endured this guy coming to them with his hand out via a donate button for more than six years. What’s he delivered to them for their money? Failure after failure after failure. The vast majority have figured him out and moved on or concluded he had no more value to them because Obama will not run for office again.

      If a few of them are dumb enough to give him money, it’s not likely to be enough to get a hardcover book back. Even if he gets a few printed, it’s going to be another failure because it’s been proven that so few are interested – not by us but by his own poor offering of a book that doesn’t widely interest people. He’ll probably eventually get it released on Kindle but it’s going to be more of the same – no big revenue stream – another failure because it interests few.

      After what happened with Parisi, it won’t be as easy for him to get someone to publish it either because they have to take potential defamation legal costs into consideration. Further, when one announces they’re going to do something because theregulatortoo posters “have good reason to try and sideline a large first edition printing from becoming a reality (and exposing their true identities)”, when the other party become aware, they have a legal responsibility to speak up and say “don’t do it” or “you better consider what you’re doing carefully”. If they don’t speak up, their inaction is consenting to their own damages. In my opinion, these historical threats of Sinclair’s support the notion of malice and our actions have been provoked to defend ourselves. My response helps to draw a legal line in the sand to stake out a position legally should it come to that. I don’t want it to come to that but as long as the blog exists and FOIAs are flying around that risk exists whether I respond to him or not.

      He’s removed his post on “When Throwing in the Towel is not an Option” so maybe he’s cooking up his next panhandling caper …. No matter he does next, we know it will involve money.

      • Dennis says:

        I have been assuming all along that his real plan was to pitch so-called advance sales of the book to a select group of idiots and then claim that, since the fund drive didn’t reach its mark (which it can’t do no matter what), he can’t “publish” the “book” and that it was all the fault of those cyber stalkers at the cesspool blah blah blah. Then he was hoping to walk away with a nice enough chunk of change and buy some really good vodka. However, it doesn’t seem to be panning out that way. So I suspect he is indeed back at the drawing board, cooking up scam D or E or whatever – he is going through so many at the moment it is hard to keep track).

        So pretty soon his state of drug-induced confidence should give way to booze-fueled paranoia and hostility. Then he might go back to the “dark” videos hinting at self-destruction while taking nasty swipes at his “supporters”. Let’s hope he keeps in mind what I said recently: If you are going to get your bogus mama online pitching for donations for your funeral, please provide a body first.

        • Good marketing would have suggested his first book hit the bookshelves before the Democratic Convention in 2008. He still could have made some decent bucks and the book might have leveraged him into the media.

          But aside from him being in the Delaware jail, etc and dealing with terms of service violations, etc and in the wake of his catastrophic “discrediting” press conference, the biggest problem he’s had all his life is … stupidity. Just look at his last two GoFundMe efforts.

          The second book might have sold some before the Democratic Convention in 2012. But now? Who gives a shit? Stupid again. He can’t see that the only one who cares about the issue now is pretty much him. Most of his following have heard him whine about this crap for six years on his fringe radio interviews and broadcasts. This book offers nothing new to them and therefore, no interest or value.

          It’s not like he had a real job and a wife & kids to distract him from getting it done. He’s been paid by SSDI to sit on his fat fanny and entice folks to click his donate button.

          When I saw that $35,000 request … I just knew there was no way. Like you, I thought he’d get a few contributions and just post more excuses on why it hadn’t happened yet like he’s done for the last 2+ years.

          Even if he were to finish it by the end of the month, like he’s now talking, he’s got to find some sucker to publish/print his rag of likely defamation. So that’s not going to happen any time soon and another string of excuses will follow.

      • Dennis says:

        “lol – I certainly didn’t send out any “friends” requests on Facebook 🙂 Wouldn’t have taken long though, because he doesn’t have many. All I did was post a response often with a link here to present the other side of his claim.”

        As I suggested, I have to wonder if he isn’t doing some of this crap himself for his own bizarre sense of PR. I know it sounds crazy but…he is crazy.

        • Dennis says:
          SEPTEMBER 10, 2014 AT 2:07 PM

          “As I suggested, I have to wonder if he isn’t doing some of this crap himself for his own bizarre sense of PR. I know it sounds crazy but…he is crazy.”

          It wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

          He has preyed on citizens much of his life but when he gets called on it, he’s the victim.

          He deposits someone else’s check in his Colorado bank account. When he gets called on it, he runs away. That someone else is the criminal and he’s the victim.

          He gets picked up for passing counterfeit money orders in Delaware that he can’t even explain to police why he has them. He doesn’t compensate that person – he runs away to Duluth. But when he gets arrested for it, he’s the victim – a political prisoner of Joe Biden!

          The FBI raid his place in Laredo for illegal aliens – that he admits to doing during his career in crime and we have evidence of him doing it in Laredo at the time. But he’s the victim who runs away and the FBI & agent Henly are the bad guys!

          He does all this crap to Obama and his family

          but when the USSS pull him over 2 blocks from the White House, he’s the victim “simply exercising his Constitutional right to Free Speech”

          On and on it goes. He is a victim … of his own stupidity, dishonesty and actions. He has no one else to legitimately blame but himself.

  12. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, just look a peek at Oh my, they are really fixing it up nice. I’m joking. Just a white screen. Harry can’t even be bothered to slap a “page under construction” sign up on that waste of space. He must still be staring at that URL, shaking his head and muttering “How drunk was I that night?”

  13. Dennis says:

    Now that we have cleared the air just a bit, I think it is time for a quick open note to Larry:

    Dear Lardo, I can’t help but notice that things are not going too swell for you lately. Oh sure, you’ve been putting on a brave front or as not to worry your friends and relatives. But since you don’t really have much of any friends and most of your relatives hate your guts, I feel you can just let the pain come out. After all, we have noticed a few little problems:

    A. When I said that a dog peeing on a fire hydrant could get more viewers than you, I was joking. Then I looked it up. Good grief! That rude mutt has over 90,000 viewers. Way more than the combined viewers of any of the recent videos by either you or your buddy Ken Olsen.

    What does this tell us? No. It doesn’t mean that you should do a video peeing on a fire hydrant. It means that nobody cares. You could do a tape of you with your head up your butt while whistling the entire score of South Pacific and nobody will bother to watch.

    B. You keep acting as if you are some sort of major historic figure and big name celebrity. So some of us have gone trolling through the dark and scary world of the wing nutters. What we have discovered is:
    1. Some of the extreme nutters think that you are still dead. Must be wish fulfillment.
    2. Others have been burnt by you in the past and thoroughly hate your guts almost as much as most of your relatives.
    3. The majority of them have sobered up and now view you as a career con artist and grifter peddling bogus stories full of crazy beans.

    I can see why you are not trying to sell copies of your so-called second book to these folks. Most of them wouldn’t even cross the street just to spit on you. However, this problem may be putting a bit of a damper on your marketing plans for this book (if and when it ever comes out).

    C. You have assured us over here that the new book will contain lots of nasty insulting material on us. You will rat us out. Expose us for what we are. Humiliate us back into darkness. Oh gee, we are all so scared.

    Look buddy, I realize that you learned this bully boy intimation crap back in some prison yard somewhere and maybe it occasionally worked for you in Cell Block D (though I really doubt it). But can it. Oh sure, your two-bit threat stuff inspires us to get even more snarky in return, but that is all.

    And let’s face it. It basically doesn’t work for you. Those DAs back in Colorado are not pooping their pants because Larry SinkLiar is mad at them. I get the impression that the Secret Service view you as a borderline threat and a wee bit of a hoot (especially the way your voice goes up a few notches every time they get you on the phone – remember, you are the idiot who posted that crap online). Ali Akbar just walked away while you fumed (and he seems to be doing pretty much OK, I have noticed).

    Heck, the only person in living memory that you have (maybe) succeeded in intimating might be Carmen Segura. Ironically, she may be the one person who, if she were to change her tune and work with those DAs, could tear you a whole new asshole. After all, those two naughty criminal charges could come back like magic. And bingo, there might even be a new and even nastier charge attached (I believe the DA called it witness tampering?). Yep, you could still find yourself peddling that book from behind prison bars, you know.

    So while you continue to wallow in the numerous failures of trying to fleece money out of the same five or six people, remember that we (and I guess just we alone) still think of you. You will always have a place over here, Fat Boy.

    Love and Kisses from a fan

  14. Here’s a thought:

    If Sickliar worked 4 years in his career, at close to minimum wage, he’d contribute about $4,000 in income taxes in total. Maybe he worked six years. Whatever.

    Here’s a really rough tally of what this parasite has cost taxpayers – over and above an honest, US taxpayer:
    $80,000 4 years of reform school – less public school
    $16,000 4 (ballpark) juvenile legal cases – state legal & court costs
    $105,144 13 years SSDI
    $52,000 13 Years Medicaid
    $480,000 16 years incarceration costs
    $90,000 6 civil suits against CO corrections plus 3 appeals
    $8,000 8 SSDI Investigations for potential fraud
    $5,000 IRS Investigations
    $40,000 3 arrests/attempted arrests/raid/investigation for illegal aliens
    $5,000 Vivian Bowman pro se lawsuits court costs
    $20,000 2001 Colorado court, law enforcement & DA Costs
    $10,000 2008 Delaware court, law enforcement & DA Costs
    $5,000 1980 Denver theft court, law enforcement & DA Costs
    $5,000 1980 Pueblo theft court, law enforcement & DA Costs
    $10,000 1981 AZ Larceny court, law enforcement & DA Costs
    $10,000 1985 Florida Theft court, law enforcement & DA Costs
    $10,000 1986 Florida Theft court, law enforcement & DA Costs
    $10,000 1986 Colorado Forgery/theft court, law enforcement & DA Costs
    $2,000 1987 FL Probation violation/cases court, law enforcement & DA Costs
    $20,000 White House legal fees for Civil action in frivolous suit
    $30,000 Paul Levy legal bill (that effectively was paid by tax payers)
    $1,013,144 Total

    I didn’t include every little thing. One could bicker this way or that about the estimates but more or less he’s sucked more than a million dollars more than he contributed out of taxpayers for all this bullshit. And if I had to guess, if anything, I’m way low on that estimate – it could easily be double.

    • I forgot the US Secret Service that’s probably $50,000 or so.

      If they put him in jail or a mental hospital when he was 18 and just left him there, US taxpayers probably would have saved money. Cruel thought but for perspective …

      • Dennis says:

        You also forgot to include the cost of everything from his West Virginia faux-suicide and mental health stay. OK, part of that cost was “priceless” but…

        • There’s lots I probably didn’t include.

          Plus I didn’t include any of the donate button stuff on his side – that effectively came from taxpayers – like the $32k in CO legal costs, $15k Delaware legal costs, TiTTs tour costs, etc, etc.

          Once it hit a million bucks, I kind of stopped fussing.

          He’s a million dollar+ parasite as far as I’m concerned.

  15. Dennis says:

    Another quick note: The royal jackass keeps accusing us of using “fake” names (better known as screen names) and using multiple bogus social media accounts (which actually nobody over here is much doing). But he, OTOH, has more Facebook accounts than he can count (roughly around 7 to 9), various Twitter accounts under a variety of names, and a weird pack of associates who go by such names as Chao (using a very bogus photo of Linda Hamilton), Eliza Windsor (as in Elizabeth Windsor, Queen of Britain), and of course our pal, Lysander Spooner. These are but the tip of the bogus iceberg with that guy.

    So yes, he does look in the mirror. And then he projects and projects and projects.

    • Doesn’t his criminal record report him using these aliases?

      Larry Wayne Sinclair
      Larye Vizgua Avila
      Larye Vizcaua Avila-adams
      Mohammed Fatha Gahanan
      Mohammed Gahanan
      Larye Ashaiti Silvis
      Larri Ashaiti Sinclair
      Larye Ashaili Silvas
      Larye Vizcarra Adams
      Larye Vizcarra Avila
      Lawrence Wayne Sinclair
      Lari Ashaiti Sinclair

      Of course it does. He said he didn’t but that was just another of his many, many lies. We proved otherwise when he was convicted as Avila-adams in Florida for example and signed the court docs using that name
      See the defendants signature on the second last page:

      Click to access fl85005875cf10a-all.pdf

      That’s SickLiar and he went to jail under that illegal alias before they figured out who he really was later. He lied about who he was to a judge in court (to avoid Florida’s repeat offender sentencing in my opinion).

      Meesh looked up Mitch’s write up on his criminal history and posted this:

      Larye V. Avila-Adams, an alias used by Sinclair, was convicted of grand theft ($300 – $20,000) in Broward County, Florida.The offense took place on April 4, 1985 and Avila Adams was admitted to jail on June 6, 1985. His scheduled release date was October 28, 1985. Florida conviction records provide the following identifiers for the defendant: height — 582;683;; eyes– amber; date of birth — September 26, 1961. The defendant also used the alias La-Rye A. Avila. (Case No. 8505875, Department of Corrections No. 098146.)

      On June 17, 1986, Larye V. Avila-Adams, an alias used by Sinclair, was convicted of uttering forgery and grand theft ($20,000 – $100,000) in Dade County, Florida. (Sinclair appears to have passed a stolen check with the signature forged.) Avila-Adams is listed as an absconder and active probationer in connection with this conviction record. Florida Department of Corrections records provide the following identifiers for the defendant: height — 582;683;; eyes — hazel; date of birth — September 26, 1961; state of birth — South Carolina. (Case No. 8617266, Department of Corrections No. 415180.)


      I think it was Meech who passed on Jotoloco (sp?) as one of his anonymous internet handles (twitter?).

      He’s such a hypocrite.

      What he was doing was with the aliases on his criminal record was illegal. What we’re doing is what many people on the internet do legally and what Paul Levy fought for in the three bloggers lawsuit defending against SickLiar and won: exercise our freedom of speech anonymously. In particular in this case, because when this sick fucker finds out who you are, he’s threatened to show up and do something like burn your house down.

  16. kstreet607 says:

    I just gotta put this out there: Meesh, WTBL (aka WTPL) and Dennis…the three of you are doing such a magnificent job of exposing that maggot at every turn. I commend your attention to details, your truth and accuracy in reporting about the slob. WTBL has presented documentation at every turn about the fraudulent maggot,

    Keep up the good work guys. When it comes to a contest for integrity: Larry (Maggot) Sinclair: -0

    Our guys: Batting 1000!

    Love you all…


  17. Click to access larry-sinclair-dossier2.pdf

    (thanks again Jay and others for the above 🙂 )

    QUESTIONER: Are you in negotiations to write a book or any other paid media?

    SINCLAIR: Sir, and let me make this clear for everyone, I am not negotiating with anyone for any selling of stories, book publications of any kind, paid media appearances of any kind. What I want the media to do is to take the story, understand it, get the facts straight from me as opposed to the internet and you make your decision whether or not it’s something that the American voter needs to kn…to be informed of. You do that? I’m done, okay? I have not attempted to make any money from this, I don’t want any money from this, I don’t even want any notoriety from this.

    If that were truly the case, this should have ended in Nov 2008 or certainly by Nov 2012.

    If that were truly the case, why did we see all these money campaigns?:

    – Undisclosed Amount for paid trip to Los Angeles for failed polygraph
    – $20,000 from WhiteHouse.COM for failed polygraph test
    – $500 from “The Globe” for photograph
    – $8,000 for his 1st trip to Washington D.C. (likely more)
    – $11,000 for his 2nd trip to Washington D.C., his arrest and stay in Delaware
    – $10,400 for Press Conference
    – $15,000 for his “criminal defense” fund in Delaware
    – $925 Payment to Florida Court for warrant
    – donations for legal fees to sue Obama
    – donations for legal fees to sue the three bloggers
    – raffle (shutdown because it was illegal ..)
    – tee shirts sales
    – valuable coins(s) sale
    – art sales
    – jewelry sale
    – old cars sale
    – Banana nut bread sale
    – donations for $32,000 for criminal defense in Colorado
    – stock offerings for Sinclair Publishing
    – website sales
    – book copyright sale
    – exploring a movie about his book with TP Murray
    – Sinclair Publishing to buy it’s own building
    – subscriptions to his lsnewsgroup website
    – donations to get his first book published
    – donations for livestream
    – donations to help him attend events
    – donations for business equipment for his sites
    – donations for book tour in 2009
    – donations for Sinclair Southern Estate Institute
    – donations for Larry For Congress 2010 when it’s questionable his candidacy was legal
    – donations for Take it to the streets campaign in 2008
    – darn near every webpage he published with a donate or Paypal button


    And that list is pretty much off the top of my head – I’m sure there’s stuff I missed. Obviously, a bunch of those came after Nov 2012 when his Obama scam was fruitless.

    No wonder his followers aren’t sending money. They’re tapped out or tired of being relentlessly hit up.

    He said at the June 2008 press conference:

    SINCLAIR: “… are you gonna wait until, you know, the election’s over and then start vetting your presidential candidates?”

    (from the top quote in this post)”What I want the media to do is to take the story, understand it, get the facts straight from me as opposed to the internet and you make your decision whether or not it’s something that the American voter needs to kn…to be informed of. You do that? I’m done, okay? ”

    SINCLAIR: Well, to be honest with you, it’s not so much whether you believe me or not as much as you hear me, okay? I mean, it’s not my intention to convince you.. …..I can tell you why to believe me other than the fact I’m not…in fact, I’m not saying believe me, I’m saying you know what? Here’s the information. Look at it, do your own research, but do it based on the facts. Stop doing it based on this constant misinformation and misrepresentation that’s been circulating on the internet. I’m going to give you everything in writing and you make your own decision. “

    So the media did and rendered their decision in 2008. That should have been it. Yet he took a second kick at the can in 2012, when once again, the media rendered it’s decision and again, that should have been it. After Nov 2012, the interest in his site plummeted. But he remains in denial, feeling hard done by the decision of rational, fair minds that sought and required evidence to substantiate his claims. After promising to do so, he never provided them with any credible evidence.

    Here we are nearly two years later, nearly six years after Nov 2008 … and the panhandling for dough continues. He migrated from a lifetime of crime motivated by greed via stealing money to setting up shop on the internet. Now I don’t begrudge anyone for working for a buck. In some cases, he did. His Obama scam was not an honest one – that he’s still trying to milk and others we’re pretty dicey/crazy – like Sinclair Estates for example.

    But to have all those money campaigns going on while collecting SSDI? That’s pretty fishy – smells real bad. First of all, the magnitude of the income math is very troubling. Secondly, how does one do all of the above, claim his brain tumor ‘disappeared’ in 2009, produce this resume,:
    and still claim he’s too disabled to do any work whatsoever? I realize he’s mentally ill but all of the activity above suggests he has some capabilities. Many folks work with a disability.

    He may blame his failed book sales for posts he rapidly deleted. But the one thing he’s had all his life is a desperation for money. No book sales means no money for him. The American people have spoken with their pocketbooks. Even he will eventually have to realize on that basis that it’s time to move on.

    • Dennis says:

      Just took a fast peak at his LinkedIn page. Oh grief, it is wall-to-wall bullshit. I’ve gotten use to his bogus educational credits (Note to Fat Boy: taking a few corespondent courses while in prison is NOT the same as having attended those universities). But he has so much crazy spin out there that I’m getting whiplash just trying to follow it. There is one claim in particular that he makes that is so crazy that I am going to privately run a check. It sounds way way off.

      • Dennis says:

        On his LinkedIn site, Lardo claims to be a member of the National Press Photographers Association. This stuck me as odd (very very odd). Especially because the NPPA tends to have “standards” about whom they consider a press photographer (largely based upon newspaper, TV, and magazine work more than online and also not real open to so-called citizen journalist types, especially those who are not full or at least part time working photographers). So I have been running a check through their directory. He does not appear to be an actual professional member of the NPPA. They do have some low level “associate” type of memberships and I will continue to check further. But his claim appears to be bogus. In my own professional dealings with the NPPA, they can be a bit picky and there is no way in hell that Fat Boy fits their model. In fact, he could join just long enough to be booted since he is in violation of at least 3 to 4 rules in their code of ethics for press photographers (and these folks actually take this code seriously).

      • There were a few that amused me but this one stuck out:

        “Education Ohio University”
        – that must be the place where he got his “lwayer and asters” degrees !!
        lol 🙂

        Probably via a course for the incarcerated as I do not recall him living in Ohio. I didn’t find him on an alumni list for Ohio State but the list I looked at seemed incomplete.

        • He might be qualified to teach at his “alma mater” (j/k) Regis:

          Criminology Programs


          One thing is for sure, if he had a degree, after his Youtube meltdown claim:

          SickLiar “Let me tell you something, I have never stated this, but you idiots refer to me as some moroon, I have a aster and a lwa degree. I simply cannot take the bar because of my stupid past in my 20’s. You people do not want to go up against m on education because most of you will lose badly.”

          we would have seen it.

          But like all his other Obama claims, he couldn’t substantiate them.

        • Dennis says:

          Already looked into this a while back. He has never been anywhere near Athens, Ohio. Since the 1970s, Ohio University has been involved with a special program offering classes to inmates in various institutes across the country (including Colorado). He took a few courses from them (same with Regis). That is all. Just more bs from the unicorn wrangler.

    • SickLiar claimed in his press conference he’d been disabled since 2001.
      His 2004 affidavit to the CO court was brought on because he complained SSDI had cut him off due to an outstanding CO warrant. By responding to the case, he got his CO SSDI reinstated (even though he was still wanted to appear to answer to those charges).

      So read this article:

      Click to access what-the-idiots-do-no-know-about-me.pdf

      “After reading a blog post that was recently written about me I decided to write this. In this recent attack and description of me it is said that I have no friends; that I have never established any lasting relationships; that I do not care about anyone other than myself and how much money I can get my hands on; etc…etc….To the people that think they know me so well let me ask you this. Tell me how many families have any of you given cars to so they can get to the grocery store or take their kids to the doctor, and you just gave them the car asking for and wanting nothing in return? As for me, 23 families between 1999 and 2004. How many homes have you or any of your group, had brand new Stoves and Fridges and Microwaves delivered to, so the families could have a way to store food safely and not have to go to the market every day because they could not refrigerate food or freeze it? As for me, 376 between 1999 and 2004. How many families have you or any of your group provided two pairs of new shoes and new clothing for a different outfit per day for 14 days to every child in the family? As for me, 453 between 1999 and 2004. How many families have you or any of your group provided New TV’s and DVD players so that the kids could enjoy a movie once in a while when the family could afford to rent a movie but not afford a movie ticket? As for me, 453 between 1999 to 2004. How many Churches have you or any of your group, provided vans for their Day Care Centers at no cost and asking for and wanting nothing in return? As for me, 4 between 1999 and 2004.How many times have you or any of your group set up a grill and cooked for the entire neighborhood at no cost to them?As for me, 85 from 2-2005 to 8-2007. How many times have you or any of your group been asked to perform a friends marriage? That’s right, I actually perform the ceremony of my friends wedding in Sacramento. Tell me if you or any one of your group has ever taken $97,000.00 awarded you for an accident that screwed you up for life and gave every penny of it to people who had it far worse than you. Because I used the money that was to take care of me and immediately took care of other people who had it far worse than me. All of this talk about me being a con and only out to con people out of their money, maybe you should check your facts and know a little more about what you are talking about. As for never establishing relationships and friendships, you really have no idea what you are talking about. I still have regular contact with friends I have known since I was 10. I have excellent friendships with former Corrections employee’s that to this day we still keep in touch with each other.I continue to have regular phone conversations with friends and visit with people I have known and been friends with for more than 30 years. As I have said before, if you are going to talk about who I am, at least you should get the facts and know what you are talking about.
      Copyright 2009 by Larry Sinclair/ and Larry 5, 2009”

      …while considering he was collecting SSDI since 2001 and playing Santa Claus to America. How can SickLiar reconcile collecting SSDI and having all that money in his pocket to do that?

      Next, here’s part of his “resume” with linkedin
      Founder/Editor (CEO) Sinclair News-LS News Group
      Contributor-Florida Correspondent Ameriborn News
      Contributor A Return to Common Sense
      Talk Show Host – Rense Radio Network & many other shows as a guest
      Founder/Author (CEO) Sinclair Publishing

      How does one reconcile the above job titles with being too disabled to work?

      You really can’t. Like so much of what he’s told people over the last six plus years, it doesn’t add up.

      We’ve previously gone over the photos of him jetskiing, para sailing & tip toeing on the rocks in Delaware to show his physical disabilities are not as severe as he’s made them sound.

      The accurate answer probably lies somewhere in between. There are snippets of truth in what he says (like many fraudsters provide to gain belief in their scam) along with BS. He’s mentally ill and has some mental issues but he’s not nearly as incapacitated as he’s maintained if you look at all of what he’s done.

      • Dennis says:

        Odd, all of these amazing acts of charity and long standing friendships that no one, and I mean no one, have ever heard of or seen proof of or even have a single name attached to…maybe he wears a mask and calls himself Zorro when he does this stuff. Or maybe, just maybe, he is full of lying crazy beans.

        • Complements of Meesheemey’s zany genius. 🙂

        • BTW, the “Sir Liesalot” graphic perfectly encapsulates what Legion is all about – trying to present an image himself as some kind of knight in shining armor when it’s all based on lies, lies and more lies. Indeed, as shown by the many comments in this thread, Legion lies a lot.

          • Meesh says:

            It’s what you guys say that offers me the inspiration on how to embellish the comment/post with some “snarky”visual aids, however they’re not all mine.

            About “A Douche in Disguise” that pic was offered by the ingenuity of my”Sweet Pete” back in 2008 at Mitch and Nan.Funny how things have not changed for 6 years. Anyways Dennis’recent words gave it back some life. I always loved that pic too, so I resurrected it.

            As for “Sir Liesalot” I could not envision what a “unicorn wrangler” could look like, so I settled with a mythical/fantasy “dragon slayer” that lies a lot, a legend in his own mind= fantasy author Larry Sinclair. 🙂

            I love all of our cherished archivist WTBL?’s recent pics complete with a relevant quote/date, appreciate his contributions to our media library treasure trove at TRT.

        • Dennis says:

          Another odd question about his charity claim: He says that he has given away to people more stuff than a year’s worth of The Price is Right, stuff costing hundreds of thousands of dollars (rough ballpark estimate of $700,000 to just over a million). Yet he was during this time unemployed, living on SSDI and begging for donations. Gee, for some reason this just doesn’t make sense. Or am I using logic again while resisting a blind and completely irrational faith in the magical powers of Fat Boy, the unicorn wrangler.

          • In the middle of that time period 1999-2007, he’s in Mexico (2003-2006). He’s been collecting SSDI since 2001. In 2004, Colorado SSA cuts off his SSDI because of the outstanding 2001 warrant. So what does he do? He rapidly comes up with the 2004 Colorado affidavit so he can get his SSDI reinstated and goes to the trouble of having someone else sign his name and deliver it. And he’s not supposed to collect Colorado SSDI unless he’s living in Colorado (which he isn’t – he’s in Mexico).

            Arguably, that’s perjury (for the signature because he’s in on it) and fraud (for tricking SSA into thinking he’s still in Colorado). And if he got caught, he gets three strikes sentencing in Colorado because of his prior felonies there.

            That’s a hell of a risk for someone to take for $674/mo SSDI when they’re rolling in dough so much they’re giving multiples of six figures away.

            Actions speak louder than words. Typically with him, there’s a smidgen of truth to his spin which he turns into a tall tale. But I call BS on his 15th pseudo alias = “Robin Hood”. It doesn’t jive with his desperate actions to promptly produce that 2004 affidavit.

            • I’ll add one other thought on his Obama scam:

              He claims to have communicated with the Obama campaign via phone and email between Sept 2007 and Dec 2007.

              He claims to have communicated with Donald Young between Sept/Oct 2007 and early Dec 2007.

              He also claims in his book to have tried to contact media prior to his Youtube of Jan 18, 2008:

              · ABC
              · CBS
              · NBC
              · Anderson Cooper, CNN
              · Larry King, CNN
              · Keith Olbermann, MSNBC
              · Chuck Todd, MSNBC
              · Shepard Smith, Fox News
              · New York Times
              · New York Post
              · Washington Post
              · Los Angeles Times
              · “and many more”

              and he writes only the NY Post responded basically just before he went public if I interpret his book accurately. He couldn’t have been involved long with them because news organizations try to scoop each other.

              The USSS reports that he didn’t contact the Obama campaign until Feb 2008

              So here’s the thing: After he came out on Jan 18, 2008, folks were howling for evidence. Consider all the folks he claimed to contact above. Then consider how much evidence he provided to prove he communicated with any of them and that we’re only talking about emails and phone bills going four months back.

              The fact that he produced zilch has to be a little unsettling to say the least. He couldn’t even provide Donald Young’s phone number and you’d think the Obama campaign would want the lines of communication open if his story was true.

              Now one might conclude “Oh well, he’s stupid” but Sibley wasn’t entirely stupid. He wasn’t a great lawyer but he understood the need for evidence. He knew SickLiar needed evidence for his press conference and legal cases. On March 20, 2008:

              Click to access citibank.pdf

              Sibley was writing letters to gather that evidence. But after three months of trying, come the press June 2008 conference, Sibley couldn’t come up with a shred of evidence.

              To me, that another very damning fact against SickLiar. I’m not talking about going back to 1999 – I’m talking about Sibley’s inability to even go back a few months and find something to corroborate SickLiar. Sibley got shut out like the rest of us. The odds of that happening if SickLiar’s story were really true and accurate are probably smaller than a DNA match.

          • Dennis says:

            Playing a bit more with his claim and the possible cost – more likely he is claiming something in the neighborhood of 1.5 to 2 million. So either he is lying or he was knocking over entire Home Depots in those days.

    • And here’s a pattern:

      In 2008, he committed updating how the Paypal was accounted for

      Updates stopped not long after it started and there was little expense reconciliation with the money taken in.

      Sinclair Publishing – Georgia – no financial reports:

      – why are there no financial reports?
      – the FBI was looking into some funny business going on with the bank there as I recall but he must have got that resolved ??

      Larry for Congress 2010 – no financial activity reported

      – possibly on this one, he was not required but what happened to the money raised?

      Sinclair Publishing – Florida – no annual reports

      Click to access sinclair-publishing-no-annual-reports.pdf

      – why are there no annual reports?

      When the SSA was investigating SickLiar, he told the SSA he didn’t own any shares in Sinclair Publishing in Florida:

      Months later, Sickliar owned all of them:

      It’s hard to keep up and keep the facts straight!

      One minute he has a terminal brain tumur … and then he doesn’t – it disappeared. He claims to be physically disabled but tries to pick fist fights and rides a jetski, etc

      One minute the limo driver is P. Multani which evolves to Paramjit Multani and then to Jagir P Multani who he never produced as promised. We later tracked Paramjit Multani of Five Star Limo down and he said SickLiar’s story was bogus.

      The hotel dates kept shifting as folks found problems with the dates he originally provided with the only printed document he provided (printed off the internet after Dec ’07).

      At times, it’s been like trying to catch a fish with your hands. Just as you think you’ve got a grip, he slithers away by changing the facts.

  18. Dennis says:

    He also spins it a bit with his list of places where he is or has been a contributor. Ameriborn News is a wing nutter blog site ran by a guy who is primarily a landscape and lawn person. He allowes a few other nutters to post stuff on the site. I assume that Lardo got a few pieces posted there sometime back, though he is not currently listed in any way, shape or form. Either way, it would obviously just be reposting of some crap from LSNews. Same with A Return to Common Sense. He was not a contributor in any unique sense. Just repostings. And even that, I suspect, was far and few between since Fat Boy was mostly going off about his “personal” whines (for example, us). He spins this stuff faster than a washing machine.

  19. Dennis says:

    Day 11 of the amazing GoFudgeMe campaign and the tote board is still…can’t see it for all the tumbleweed blowing by. Maybe once the wind dies down he will get some business. Or maybe he will need to drop 3 of the zeros from that order for 10,000.

  20. Dennis says:

    BTW, has Lardo gone missing again? Been almost a week since crap brain has crawled out from underneath his rock and barked.

    • No, he’s not gone missing. He’s somewhere desperately trying to either con a ghost writer into putting together another pamphlet or falling apart from all the heroin, “pain killers” or speed he’s been using to try to get himself going enough to put pen to paper – all to try to show us he can do it one more time. But it’s harder this time. There’s less to lie about. He has none of the names he’s been crowing about and really nothing sensational to say. Last time he promised a description of the President’s peter. What does he have to say this time – some ladies were mean to him on the internet? Dude, journalists are getting their heads cut off on the internet. So here he is with a self imposed end-of-September deadline to produce a book but he has nothing to write about that didn’t already appear in his previous roll of used toilet tissue and nobody gives a shit about anything he has to say anyway (except maybe the authorities).

      So no, he’s not missing. He’s right where he’s been all his life.

      • Dennis says:

        Yeah, you got a major point. Basically, his second book is all about how he was getting nowhere threatening the White House, got all fumbled up with the lawsuit, tried to scam money with a bogus suicide, got packed off to the nuthouse for several weeks of observation, came back and discovered that nobody gave a crap. Gee LTL, you just talked me out of ordering a copy. Dang, there goes my Christmas shopping list.

      • As the US Secret Service said, SickLiar “has a lengthy … mental illness history”

        His absence might mean nothing.

        He could be withdrawn and depressed because his latest scams have come up brutally empty. So he’s arguably a higher risk for another suicide attempt. Though last time, he basically broadcast his intentions well before such that his efforts didn’t seem sincere. It was more of a cry for help. I haven’t seen a sign of that melodrama this time.

        Or he might have migrated to being hunkered down trying to find a way to get back at us or me or trying to take steps to do so at this very moment. His past also demonstrates that he’s a violent, vindictive person.

        At some point, when reality sinks in that his Obama scam that he’s invested nearly seven years of his life into has failed (won’t pay him anymore while he’s so motivated for money), he’s likely to have a series of emotional reactions to that – maybe much like the various stages of grief when someone passes away. With zero sales for his book, the death of his scam may be sinking in now. Unfortunately for him, he has to try to deal with these emotional reactions with his mentally ill mind. When that happens, that makes him more dangerous to himself and others in my opinion.

        He’s likely to assign a disproportionate amount of the blame for that failure on us or others as he’s never accepted his responsibility for this failure since the outset. He always blames others. Always.

        When the IRS questioned his tax returns, he blamed others, made threats and lashed out.
        When the SSA questioned his disability, he blamed others, made threats and lashed out.
        When District Attorneys went about their job in criminal cases against him, he blamed others, made threats and lashed out.
        When Paul Levy took steps to scuttle his lawsuit against the three bloggers, he said “Paul Allen Levy will DIE before SUNDAY”, blamed others, made threats and lashed out.
        When Obama wouldn’t do what he wanted, he threatened him, blamed others and lashed out.
        When the Secret Service investigated his threats against Obama, he blamed others, threatened others and lashed out.
        When Youtube posters questioned his Obama story, he threatened them and invited them to fight him physically.
        When we’ve questioned his story or exposed his scams, he’s blamed us, threatened us and lashed out.

        Now, he’s made plenty of threats that he did not act on in the past. Many he couldn’t act on as a number of them ended in frustration because he couldn’t identify “who” specifically to blame. He couldn’t physically act against an internet handle. But when you look at his assaults in prison, his lawsuits, his complaints filed with the authorities, his declared appeal for bar fights, attempted strangling of his sister, etc, he doesn’t always make empty threats that he doesn’t follow through on. He has acted out in the past and he may well be in the process of acting out now or scheming to.

        When you look at his Dec 2012 FOIA request, his focus was wanting to know “who” -as he always has since he encountered anonymous folks on the internet. The court clearly ruled in the three bloggers case on the right to post anonymously but he’s never accepted “internet Warriors” who “hide behind screen names” had a right to criticize him or expose his scams anonymously. He’s still after us. It drives him crazy not knowing who we are because unlike Carmen Segura, it’s tougher for him to effectively employ intimidation to get his way as he’s done much of his life and it’s difficult for him to get the revenge he feels he’e entitled to.

        The US Secret Service were concerned with his overtures for “suicide by cop”. And they obviously were concerned enough about Obama’s safety to put a detail on SickLiar to watch him. So we have had one of the best law enforcement agencies in the world review his life history of mental health and crime and conclude this guy is dangerous.

        If he’s gone under the radar, you might consider watching your back a little more diligently. Sorry to post something that might upset or unduly alarm. But I’d rather err on the side of caution. To me, he’s a rabid dog who is capable of biting and I do not think I’m alone on that opinion.

        Along those lines, as much as I do not like to waste their valuable time, I’m deliberating giving law enforcement a heads up. Any thoughts on that?

        • I don’t take his threat credentials as seriously as you do. I see him as more of a brat than a menace. He’s only about 5’4″ and fat and effeminate. His prison and bar “fights” were more likely amusing attention seeking sissified tirades and outbursts under the protection of the guy who fed his hungry bottom. As for his attempts to strangle his sister – mere silly household tantrums fighting over the last meatball. His modus operandi nowadays is confined to spitting at people (literally and figuratively) and just being a nasty little punk jerk. Keep in mind that old saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but don’t worry about words from Little Mr. Funky Pudge.”

          • Dennis says:

            I have to come in somewhere between WTBL and LTL. Yes, SinkLiar is a twisted, vicious POS who always goes dark and ugly at the slightest sign of “opposition.” He loves to huff n puff, make crazy threats, and generally try his damnest to intimate other people. Of course, he is also a pathetic little runt who is overtly scared the first minute anyone actually shows up at his door and while he is good at going after women, men can freak him out so fast it is a hoot.

            I have no doubt that he is working well hard at how he will get back at all of us. Of course, he also has to watch it because anything he tries just might blow up in his face. Especially because he would have to try it online and anything he does there could go “federal”, which he needs at the moment like another hole in the head.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if he and his butt buddy SpoonHead are already plotting hack attacks and stuff like that. Since SpoonHead is about as looney as Lardo, anything is possible. I strongly suggest that we all take extra precautions online. Also possible phone crap. I have seen a few hints of something going on (though these days there is much spam and scam that it is hard to tell the difference).

            But basically, there isn’t much that Fat Boy can do except troll online, dig up basic info about us (at least half of which will be incorrect) and then paste it all over his site with snarky comments and borderline, backhanded threats. At some point, he just might step over the line. Then he just might be up on both local and federal charges. It’s all high risks and low rewards. Pretty stupid, if you ask me. But he most likely will try it. Same goes for SpoonHead. In fact SpoonHead is already so interconnected with Fat Boy that it will be easy for anything to come up involving Lardo to implicate SpoonHead and suddenly it is “interstate” and becomes an FBI matter.

            Of course, Fat Boy has made these threats against us so many times in the past it is really getting to be more of a bore. He is much like a really annoying chihuahua. Always barking and yapping but otherwise pathetic and useless.

            • kstreet607 says:

              Dennis the three of you guys, and our dear Meesh are outstanding troopers. There is no way I can stomach too much Sinclarian crap at one time. Hence my once or twice a week visits.

              However, when/if Sinclair’s tired old shit hits the fan and comes after us again, first of all, 1) Nobody who supported him in the past gives a shit. 2) The asshole will always push the buttons as far as he can knowing he will be excused by authorities due to the fact that he’s a s BATTY AS ANY NUTCASE CAN BE.

              The thing he doesn’t understand is that every state has it’s own rules when it comes to harassment and threats. So that mental illness bull can only go but so far.

        • kstreet607 says:

          WTBL, your attention to detail is commendable and downright AWESOME! Surely, Larry Sinclair is crappin’ bricks now, seeing the stuff he has done re-written and reported with such precision to detail and accuracy. WTG, WTPL. 😉

        • Dennis says:

          Question regarding the report from the Secret Service: They are obviously going through his detailed arrest record. What was the sexual misconduct? It would only be in here because some type of charges were once filed against him.

          • What was the sexual misconduct? The sexual misconduct charges were federal charges stemming from his nationwide pattern and practice of glory hole operation and participation.

            • Dennis says:

              Amusing but I don’t think that is it. Legally the term means: “Sexual misconduct encompasses a range of behavior used to obtain sexual gratification against another’s will or at the expense of another. Sexual Misconduct includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, and any conduct of a sexual nature that is without consent, or has the effect of threatening or intimidating the person against whom such conduct is directed. State laws vary on defining acts which constitute sexual misconduct….”

              I think we have missed something on his arrest record.

            • Right. The misconduct part was added when he wouldn’t let go.

          • I think those were either from his prison record or maybe they hooked up with the Mexicans where Mitch found a case where a Lawrence Sinclair was wanted for prostitution

            Mitch Said April, 2008:

            We did make contact with the Lawyer in Mexico City who did a minimal amount of research and found there is an American Citizen wanted in Colima, Mexico for “questioning” in involvement with a drug cartel and significant shipments into the United States. The name to be questioned is La Rye V Avila.

            In a more northern region of Mexico (which we will not name because WE WANT Larry to be arrested) a LAWRENCE SINCLAIR whose last known whereabouts were COLORADO, U. S. is wanted for SOLICITING PROSTITUTION FROM AN UNDERAGE MALE. It is what is is and IF we use LAR-TARD JUSTICE, Larry will be REQUIRED to PROVE it was NOT HIM.



            By his own account, SickLiar was in Mexico between 2003 and 2006 and moved to Laredo in 2006 (as I recall)

            I can’r recall SickLiar disputing those reports (he might have)

            I do know he was upset some of his prison discipline convictions appeared in that report. But since that database is for the use of law enforcement officers, knowing he’s capable of assault or flicking disease infected body fluids and excrement on officers incarcerating him or starting a fire in prison – that’s a good thing for officers to know to help protect themselves and other prisoners from this animal should they have to arrest him.

            If he didn’t want that on his record, he shouldn’t have behaved that way.

      • kstreet607 says:

        Excellent remarks LTL! Absolutely spot on!

  21. Dennis says:

    Day 12 of the GonowhereandDon’tFundMe drive and it is so dead, even the crickets have moved on. Wait, I think I just heard the sound of wolves circling nearby. They always go for the weak and the stray.

  22. SickLiar said Sept 8th

    “It would appear that there are some in the same group of cesspool posters who want people to think they somehow know something that you or I don’t. They take and represent things in their own little way to try and somehow attack my honesty on this book. The latest from this group is the claim “you hadn’t even finished the FOIA’s before you starting selling the book.”

    This statement is coming because they somehow seem to think that my December 2012 FOIA request of the Pueblo Colorado District Attorneys Office was ever intended to be a part of this book. It wasn’t but since the US Department of Homeland Security, FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, United States Secret Service, and a couple of others didn’t provided the FOIA requested material until almost a year after they were supposed to, and since the Colorado matter (which these same internet warriors posted so much on the internet in 2009 about having been personally involved in communicating with then Deputy DA Stephen Jones as well as their claims of having contacted the alleged victim directly), finally came to a head and a conclusion this past March thru June 2014, it was decided that information is indeed being added to the book.”

    We see from his write up of his book:

    This subsequent book is a detailed account of how for four-plus years, Larry Sinclair has continued to stand up against some of the most extraordinary attacks

    Since his allegations against Obama originated in 2008 and the book was promised in 2012, the book must cover the period of Jan 2008- early 2012 or later.

    His FOIA request of Dec 2012 only cites incidents in 2008 & 2009

    Click to access former-co-da-parting-shot1.pdf

    So why would those incidents have been intended to be excluded from his original book? It’s absurd. The outstanding Colorado warrant was a fairly significant deal. His cited complaints with this warrant all happened within 2008-9. His allegations are blatantly false as he doesn’t understand the law but it’s not something he’d ever want to exclude from his BS book.

    Once again, he’s completely full of shit.

    It doesn’t take 2 1/2 years to reformat a finished book in today’s age of computers. The fact is that he didn’t get off his lazy ass to get this done so the book could be finished.

    Evidently, the visitors to his site, GoFundMe, Facebook and Twiiter – including his followers must agree with us to some significant extent because they’re not buying his BS either.

    • Dennis says:

      You know, I am always amazed at how he gets all pissy and then spins a tale that is so convoluted, full of contradictions and utterly incoherent points, and basically demonstrates that we were right in the first place while claiming the exact opposite and then he kicks back and insists “So there,” as if he made any rational sense whatsoever. Basically, he is admitting that he has been jerking this book thing around for years without really ever finishing anything and from all appearances, probably still hasn’t exactly finished anything but woe to them that notices the obvious.

      • I know what you mean, Dennis. You watch, he’ll say something like this:

        “Well the Obamabots are being hypocritical when they are so patient with the President’s delays and shortcomings – blaming everything on the Republicans’ deliberate and persistent efforts to derail and stand in the way of, and hinder the President in everything he attempts to do, while at the same time the Obamabot internet thugs have spent every second of every day and every joule of their energy hindering and thwarting me.”

        How’s that?

  23. For background on my post:
    Video published August 19th, 2014 (linked here previously -around 5 min mark – only 70 views …)

    (also notable on that video is that he’s not positive Movie Skool will print more of his first book)

    SickLiar says:

    “When One Man Stands” will be released at the end of August this year” (just 12 days after the video was published)

    But the GoFundMe drive for money to print the book doesn’t go online until Sept 3rd. :). The Kindle version wouldn’t be held back for that but it isn’t available either.

    It’s at least the 11th missed date over the last two plus years as we’ve previously documented).

    Now more to the point on a couple of more observations:

    Glossary of Book Publishing Terms
    Bound stock date (BSD) Date on which finished copies of a book are due to be in the warehouse.

    Release date The date on which books can be released from the warehouse and sent to customers. Generally around three weeks prior to the nominal publication date.

    If they’re not even printed and you don’t even have the funding for printing them, how can they be “released from the warehouse”? What a joke! 🙂

    The past CEO of Sinclair Publishing Inc/LLC/(or whatever below as there may be 3rd one now) doesn’t seem to have a handle on the basic vocabulary of the business he was CEO of. ( … or the truth is, he’s dishonest)

    Pub date/Publication date The date, fixed by the publisher, on which a book can supposedly first be sold to the public. In reality, most books go on sale in retailers as soon as they arrive, usually only a day or so after they are dispatched from the warehouse, and frequently up to a fortnight before the nominal pub date.

    Here’s the Princeton definition
    Publication date The date, more and more theoretical, when a book is made available to the public. The theory holds that a book will be released on publication date in retail outlets across the country; this is the day on which the publisher hopes to orchestrate the appearances of book reviews, advertisements, publicity, and perhaps an author tour. To achieve simultaneous introduction of a book throughout the country, publishers must send out review copies and start the promotion and distribution processes well in advance of publication date. Today more and more publishers ship books up to several months ahead of the publication date, which has become known as the “release date.”

    With these two “When One Man Stands” books:

    Author: Sinclair, Lawrence W.
    Cover Design by: Bennett, Doug
    Designed by: Bennett, Doug
    Photographer: Leiger, Ilissa
    ISBN: 978-0-615-59749-2
    Publication Date: Sep 2013
    Publisher: Lawrence W. Sinclair
    Imprint: Sinclair Publishing
    Book Format: Hardback
    List Price: $35.99

    a) is it so unreasonable to suggest the above Sep 2013 Publication date was complete bullshit in light of those definitions? It was supposed to be Sep 2012 and it’s slipped and slipped to Sep 2014 at best (no way he’s going to make that!!). So why Sep 2013?

    It’s just bonkers and more evidence of him just throwing out any old date. Maybe that’s when he finally got around to registering the ISBN. Who knows? Who Cares?

    b) “Imprint: Sinclair Publishing”

    WTF? Didn’t we establish here:
    That Sinclair Publishing LLC Georgia was dead in 2009 and that Sinclair Publishing Inc Florida was dissolved in June 2010 – way before Sep 2013?

    So ANOTHER “Sinclair Publishing” has emerged for “imprint” three years after the last one dissolved??? More than a year later, it didn’t turn up on a recent Florida business name search. I can’t keep up with this hocus pocus “now-you-see-it now-you-don’t” business name slight of hand act. It’s just more BS to give prospective buyers the false notion that a publisher checked it out – another dishonest/sleazy smelling act

    He’s just throwing any old crap out there hoping it sticks and sucks people into thinking he has a handle on this. He doesn’t have a friggin’ clue. And as usual, he’s making it up as he goes along to entice folks to click the donate button. SickLiar wanted “facts” to backup what we’ve been saying …

    We’ve now crossed into day 13 of his GoFundMe scampaign. The crickets there have passed away from exhausting boredom.

    • Dennis says:

      Also keep in mind that he is horsing around in the world of self-publication as well as print on demand download publication. Most of the old school rules don’t exactly apply, in theory everything moves a lot faster, and none of his excuses are at all relevant. Nothing he has said over the past several years make a lick of sense and is just a load of gibberish to fool the suckers. BTW, the last time I checked, there was no ISBN for that book. Also, no copyright. He appears to be mostly sitting around smoking some wacky tabacky and making it all up.

      • The definition of the words didn’t really change. The tools to get a book out dramatically changed to make the process way more efficient and therefore, his excuses that much more absurd. I think those ISBNs are likely good because you can buy them from someone who bought a block of them. But I also couldn’t find a copyright when I looked recently.

    • Well he still has another two weeks to produce When One Man Scams. I’m looking forward to hearing his “someone stole all my books” excuse.

  24. At risk of boring folks here who are so used to it, wanna see another lie?

    Copy of email by SickLiar to GoFundMe:

    SickLiar says
    “Unlike those who filed the complaint, I have never had a single complaint filed, reservation cancelled, or a purchase through PayPal rejected, reversed or refund requested.”

    Since we have never sold anything much less a book nor panhandled for handouts nor had any dealings with Paypal as a site, he’s full of shit on that count (“Unlike those who filed the complaint”).

    I’d say the Dan Parisi $30 million lawsuit was a pretty big complaint against him. I’d say having these sleazy sites promoting his pamphlet shutdown at least 8 times because of complaints/terms of service violations also constitute complaints. I’d say publishers rejecting his trash was a pretty big complaint against him.

    And he lied more here: For example, from his site on Jan 21, 2009:

    That sure looks like a refund to me. And those were happening within the first three months his first pamphlet was overdue. The first pamphlet didn’t come out for another 8 months roughly. Some of these people who put their money down waited nearly a year … Convince me no one else jumped ship. Understandably, with the book about 10-11 months overdue, they were getting pretty antsy.

    This time, we’ve crossed the two year time frame for being overdue. And no one is wondering/complaining about what happened to the dough that they gave him for this book two and a half years ago? Bullshit.

  25. Wanna see a deja vu?

    Dec 21, 2008 (after missing multiple release dates)

    The first pamphlet came out not 2-3 weeks later as he promised there but about nine months after he said that. And he didn’t try to kill himself (in my opinion, he didn’t really try – it was just another melodramatic scam) until Sep 2010! 🙂

    Sep 7, 2014

    His MO hasn’t changed. He’s been a chronic liar all his pathetic life.

    • Here’s a Dec 20, 2008 post from the Regulator in response to his Dec 2008 promise to deliver the book in 2-3 weeks

      A REAL Author Speaks Up
      Submitted by anonymous on Saturday, 20 December 2008280 Comments
      An experienced source contacted us to explain the process of publishing a book.
      Our source will remain anonymous by request.

      I actually have 7 books in print. 2 Through Legit Publishers and in Barnes & Noble and all the legit bookstores you can think of, online too…, and 5 through an On Demand Service so they are purchasable through and a few e-distributors.

      IF LARRY IS STILL WRITING, there is NO WAY he will have his book in the hands of purchasers as he stated. He is Deluded or Lying.

      #1. If it was a legit publisher, they need time to edit, create a proof, mail it to Turd, have him fix problems (There are ALWAYS PROBLEMS) Then send it back to publisher, create new proof, last changes taken, a 3rd and final proof then publication… SO that would be about 3 months more IF THEY WERE LIGHTNING FAST, 6 months from submission is more likely for a REAL publisher….

      #2. As we have guessed he is probably using an on-demand service, which would mean HE NEVER MET ANY PUBLISHER but may have had a hook-up with someone who could help edit or he ran a small side scam to get some money….

      EVEN WITH ON-DEMAND, you have to BUY your own proof, review it, make changes or accept it as is. There are ALWAYS problems from the first draft, page spacing, cover adjustments, pages without text, and such BS. SO that requires a new upload and new proof… These are all mailed…(Try mailing anything during the holidays and see how long it takes…)

      THERE IS NO WAY he can be writing now and complete proofs by the date he stated. The “Zero Hour” for an on-demand title was quite a while ago… maybe he just doesn’t know it and his Ego assumes he does not really need a proof, it will be fine… Assuming he even knows how to upload it or meet RIGID specifications.

      (FYI: On Demand printing sometimes offers an ISBN, but they are not “legit”… They often don’t show up in searches like a Legit publisher’s work does.)

      By his own admission, he’s still writing When One Man Stands. So again, there’s no way he’s going to hit the end of the month. I don’t think he’s as far along with When One Man Stands as he was with his first book – because he would have been bragging about it. And his first book came out 8-9 months after his Dec 2008 post promising an early Jan delivery.

      If we didn’t ever see this book printed, it wouldn’t shock me. If it’s many months from now, it wouldn’t shock me.

  26. Dennis says:

    Just checked. The ISBN is still not listed with Amazon or any other source. In that sense, the book still does not exist. Obviously, this can all change but it will take a bit before he can possibly be ready to actually release anything. As for Sinclair Publication, it does not exist and hasn’t existed for a few years. This is part of the court record from the lawsuit. He had to dissolve it or else get an honest to god business attorney to represent the company in the lawsuit. As for what he states on the copyright of the new book, it doesn’t matter since there is – at this moment – no copyright filed on the book.

  27. Wanna see some more smelly BS?

    In mid-April 2009, he posted this about his first pamphlet

    with this photo:

    At that time, it was six or seven months past the first promised date and multiple other emphatic promised dates for that book .

    If you look closely, most of those pages do not cosmetically line up with the final book, the Sinclair Publishing page is totally different, cover page is different, there’s no foreward by Rense, Table of contents is different, etc, etc

    He whined back then that we had been holding him back. But the fact was, the book was not finished and at that point, it was roughly six or seven months overdue with four months left before it would come out.

    The other thing, going back to Dec, 2008, is that he’d been sharing some chapters with his inner circle. He has one chapter called “1999” that never appeared in the book – was evidently renamed. After April, 2008, other folks looked the book over before it went to print.

    Here we are two and a half years overdue for When One Man Stands. How many chapters have been previewed or sent to others? Where’s the table of contents? How many reviews have we seen written? Where are the photos for it like the one above?

    Maybe I’ve missed something but for this second book, I haven’t seen any evidence of it’s existence close to what we saw of the first book while it was being produced. Having said that, I’m sure he’ll eventually try to cobble something together like he did in April 2009 but you won’t see this book out at the end of September. It’s not going to happen.

  28. This still breaks me up:
    “We estimate the website value of is currently at $ 0 USD”

    Since late August, is getting fewer hits than our site. He ignores the big difference: we don’t market our site.

  29. Off topic

    Aurora boreal en Yellowknife

  30. SickLiar says: an hour ago

    “As stated in an earlier post, if the interest in the campaign was not there I was okay with that and I would end it.”

    C’est la vie. Tres prévisible. Nous avons eu raison.

    “Maintenant, comment puis-je vendre signé versions Kindle …?” 🙂

    • So I guess that’s the best excuse of all not to produce the book by the end of September – nobody wants any book from him by the end of September (or ever, for that matter.)

      • It’s hard for him to publicly take the position that’s he’s not going forward with the book because then he’d have to give back all the money he’s collected for the book over the last two and a half years … that he probably doesn’t have.

        Since making any significant proceeds from the book now is highly questionable, he’ll probably get distracted going after some other money scam that might put more cash in his pocket.

        • So you think he’ll just say it will be out by the end of October?

          • If he doesn’t have the cash to give back, what else can he say? He constantly moved the yardsticks with the first book and used that tidbit of news to try and sell more copies with “just a couple of more weeks …. signed copies are running out (even though I don’t have any signed copies yet)” 🙂

            The problem this time is few are buying.

            All signs are that he still has a fair amount of work to do to finish the book. But without financial incentive, what will the scam man do?

            Often, when topics are difficult for him or he can’t refute a truth he’s been nailed on, he’ll say nothing and hope it blows over. With us calling him out, I’m not sure what he’ll say or do beyond trying to avoid losing any more money by buying time.

            Like the other book, he promised this one before the 2012 election. With him falling short of delivering it in 2012, I have a hard time believing nobody got pissed off and nobody asked for their money back. It was worthless in our eyes back then but to many, it has to be pretty much worthless to them now because it can’t be used against Obama to keep him out of office (which is the only reason most were interested in him as the site stats show).

  31. Dennis says:
    SEPTEMBER 15, 2014 AT 11:34 AM

    “So now we wait for GoFundMe campaign number 4. Maybe he will have a brain tumor again. Medical fund drives are always popular.”

    He has to find a new panhandling cause, that’s for sure. Like we told him about this one, nobody gives a shit. Brutal, resounding failure.

    I think the $500 bit is BS – it was just a plug number.

    Dennis says:
    SEPTEMBER 15, 2014 AT 11:34 AM

    “Quick note to WTBL: You are going to have quite a wait for your book, buddy.”

    Yep. We may never see it.

    Dennis says:
    SEPTEMBER 15, 2014 AT 11:34 AM

    “Hope you have other reading material to fall back on.”

    I do. “When One Man Lies” is well under way. I wasn’t joking. He wanted backup for what we’ve been saying. He and the rest of the world are going to get it. It going to take a while though because I’ve got a massive amount of material to go through and a life.

  32. He’ll probably say that but I think this one has to sting. He deleted the comments pretty quickly. He got in a little tussle with us and NOBODY stepped up for him. NOBODY – beyond about three facebook “likes” for each post .. with no cash behind them. And that comes in the wake of a series of significant failures:
    lsnewsgroup – which he can’t blame on us
    Sinclair Estates – which he can’t blame on us at zero value – which he can’t blame much on us for it’s collapse over the last few years.

    The short story should be titled “When One Man Looks in the Mirror for Blame”

  33. Look what the poor con man was up against:

    That’s a pretty tough bunch of victorious “internet warriors”!!


    • Dennis says:

      Looking at the size of the keyboards, I assume we are all using Russian computers or something. BTW, the East Coast Control Room has really great coffee. I love it every time I visited for my marching orders from Joe Biden….

      • The large keyboards were a confidence-morale-safety thing. When we attacked the douche, our words were always bigger. If the con man showed up like he threatened to, we could use the keyboards to deflect the incoming infected mucus and excrement or help to put out a fire he started! 🙂

        That Beau Biden, he was a slick Control Room operator. I mean it wasn’t SickLiar’s fault he had counterfeit money orders. It wasn’t SickLiar’s fault that he couldn’t explain to the police why a guy like him on SSDI possessed them. It wasn’t SickLiar’s fault he abandoned a new Delaware apartment he had just signed on for and ran away to Duluth, MN after the DE police questioned him about cashing the counterfeit money orders. It wasn’t SickLiar’s fault he never contacted the victim after he bolted. It wasn’t SickLiar’s fault a Delaware Justice of the Peace issued a warrant for SickLiar in Dec 2007. This all had to be the Biden’s doing from the control room ….

        Oh wait, Biden was still running against Obama for president in Dec 2007 before the primaries started. … 🙂

  34. Dennis says:

    Now now WTBL. Just look at the fit you have induced in poor liddle Larry

  35. I was looking back on this as it had a high number of posts and I wasn’t around at this time:

    LS SNOOZE – Teachable Moments

    “DNCC Denies Sinclair News Credentials To Cover Convention”
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    … “Even more surprising is the wording of the DNCC’s email which is almost verbatim of the July 2, 2012 letter the RNC sent us denying our application despite having stated we would be credentialed just months earlier.”

    Both the RNC and DNC denied him “News Credentials” … too funny! 🙂

    Great video and timely to see today:

  36. tjtaygee says:

    interestingly, in spite of it having been hours since he announced closing the campaign on gofuckyourself-liarlar, he’s yet to announced it on either the site or facebook.

    methinks he’s waiting for a while to see if calling it off finally spurs that one desperate idiot just dying to give him a little more dough…

  37. Interesting sales strategy – buy my book in advance or I won’t write it.

    • Had a further thought on this. He’s kind of stuck.

      He doesn’t have the money for refunds. Paypal is the scamhandler’s lifeline – he doesn’t want a big problem with Paypal. Folks could start clamoring to Paypal to get their money back and cause him problems or force him to pay them back anyway.

      Like the other book, we knew this one was likely to be mostly made up of photocopies with big, double spaced print. He’s collected his FOIAs, etc. So he could cut his losses by just whipping something together. It’s not like he has a reputation to worry deeply about with his criminal record, mental illness on display and his suck, swallow and publicly tell all homosexual sexploits and a badly written first book.

      He’ll buy some time moving the yardsticks like he always has and since so few care, he can whip up something resembling a book and move on to his next scam. He’s motivated by money and doing the above satisfies that motivation.

  38. Dennis says:

    I assume he has to get really liquored first and then unload with a long rant about how evil we all are and how he is going to expose us as evil fiends who have somehow done something evil to him and are evil petty losers with no life of our own which is why he is utterly obsessed with us because we are so evil. Should be ready soon. Usual poor spelling and horrible grammar. I can smell the booze all this way across the internet….

  39. To change the subject, he commented on a boys suicide on Facebook

    and then:
    Jet Skiing on Ponce Inlet

    Published on 14 Sep 2014
    “Just a little relaxation from all the stress of late. Nothing like Jet Skiing on the warm waters of Ponce Inlet on a Short Money Jet Ski Rental.”

    I didn’t watch the video beyond the start. It looks like it’s 33 minutes of him just driving around. Since he was out more than a half hour, that’s another $80 out of his SSDI!. Again, I don’t know how one claims they’re disabled with the spine injuries and nerve damage he does and operates a jetski that can pound those joints. It’s just more evidence to me that the real disability all along has been based upon his mental illness.

    It’s also published on Sinclair News Youtube channel. I don’t understand that. He sold the lsnewsgroup site but still uses lsnewsgroup twitter and youtube sites? You can’t rationalize with an irrational person so don’t try.

  40. Meesh says:

    Okay, we have another new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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