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Can it be true? Finally…

SickLiar on Facebook

final_Larry Sinclair5 hours ago “After delays and trying to figure out what should or should not go into When One Man Stands I believe we have gotten those questions answered and I am pushing to have the book out by Thanksgiving or Black Friday.”

Wasn’t what should go in or not go in the book decided years ago when he promised in Feb 2012 that it would be published by June 2012 and Sept 2012? Of course it was if he was telling the truth and the book actually existed. But as usual, a bunch of what he said back then was pure bullshit. With today’s technology, it doesn’t take 33 months to reformat a book – closer to 33 hours. The above quote is probably more bullshit – at least the 14th? (I’ve lost count) promised date given out over a time frame approaching three years. What he’s about to find out if he finally does deliver is “who cares?” Like he found out on GoFundMe and he’s finding out on his dead website: hardly anyone. When One Man Fails

“When one man failed and made a fool of himself in front of the entire world (Taliban included). Barack Obama and the American people had no idea what insanity was about to come at them. This subsequent book is a detailed account of how for six-plus years, Larry Sinclair has continued to provide factually false fantasies and then wilted and flew off the handle against some of the most innocent criticisms leveled from the general public, including great grandmothers and housewives. From the mental illness which led him to fake an attempt to end his own life (you will be taken into the most absurd details of that ridiculous night of September 27, 2010 when Radio Host Jeff Rense and the United States Secret Service were set up to locate him before he succumbed to an overdose of tic tacs), to regaining his stupidity to stand obliviously defeated and humiliated, this story will touch just one of the reader’s emotions: laughter, laughter and more laughter. This story may make you see the humor in the extent to which this sick individual would go to attempt to scam money from any “one” with Banana Nut Bread Bake sales, failed documentary by a bankrupt film maker, junk merchandise sales, threatening faxes to the President of the United States and members of the White House, failed books, failed publishing companies, failed websites, failed radio shows, the worst press conference in US history, failure to get coverage of his Obama scam in the mainstream media, pretending to have a brain tumor, etc While all the details and events in this story are true, readers will at times find it difficult to believe at first, simply because they have never seen anything so ludicrous in all their lives. You will read firsthand accounts from individuals who first thought Larry was “nuts” and and still do, who say they would never have believed it had they not played witness to some of the most stupefying actions undertaken by a career con man against individual citizens. You will read how this psycho harassed, attacked, and threatened individuals and their families (including a dying grandmother and the President’s children) for merely questioning the validity of Larry Sinclair’s delusional fantasies, as well as how he threatened and disparaged district attorneys and law enforcement for simply executing their duties under the law in the face of Larry (or one of his 13 aliases) evading warrants and being held accountable for crimes he admitted to like theft, forgery, counterfeit money orders, illegal aliens, trafficking drugs, etc as well as how Sinclair threw infected mucus and urine on prison guards and started a prison fire. Larry’s story will grab you and take you inside what it is like to be absolutely out of your fucking mind and yet still find the wherewithal to be such an imbecile and loser, you can’t stop laughing at him. From the constant investigations of his scams by law enforcement, the FBI, Social Security Administration Fraud division and the Internal Revenue Service to being ordered out of his car at gun point on August 7, 2010 by uniformed U.S. Secret Service Agents just two blocks from the White House for simply faxing bullet riddled photos of the President of the United States and his wife to the White House, you will get a look at how a narcissistic, psychotic sociopath is treated for simply stomping on everyone else’s Constitutional rights and freedoms while blaming everyone else for his actions. The liberal and conservative media passed up on the chance to tell you about this silly bullshit so don’t miss out!”

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Where’s Larry Sickliar 2014?

Dennis imagesA blast from the past – thanks to Lardo’s claim that people are coming to him via the search question “Where is Larry Sinclair 2014,” I gave it a try and found this little reminder of wing nutter craziness: Free Republic Reports Larry Sinclair Is Dead — Here Is What I Know Ah yes, Kevin DuJan hysterical ramblings about the Free Press post claiming that SinkLiar had just been killed by a hit and run driver. Numerous wild and crazy conspiracy theories. Claims that he was making repeated phone calls to Lard Butt all through the night (hey Kevin, maybe Lardo was past out you know). And finally: “The cyber attacks on this weekend and the weird attack on The HillBuzz & Mrs. Fox Radio show archives the other night make me believe someone out there in Obamaland doesn’t want anyone talking about Larry Sinclair.jackass-olantern The big question is WHY NOT? If he really is just an unreliable kook, as Democrats claim, then why go to such insane lengths to silence him and anyone who writes about him?” Yes, the total summation of wing nutter paranoia. Why suspect a baseless hoax (launched by a conservative blogger when you can blame all of those Obots, leftists, and assorted other fiends hiding under your bed and plotting to sneak out in the night and give you wedgies? Yes, we do not call them wing nutters for nothing. And as always, there is a village missing its idiot.

Oh yeh …. about this other post: “I Am Experiencing the Kreig Dilemma: Your Suggestions Appreciated” Dear oh dear, Fat Boy is back at his excuse for a blog site whining away about us “losers.” Long winded piece of horse hockey about how he is still deciding how much information he should include in the book (Hey shit head, you were suppose to have been done with this book nearly 3 years ago – so what’s the problem). Especially since he has all soooo much dirt on those idiots who are always hounding him with their lies and falsehoods and are always 98% wrong in everything they say about him (which means he ain’t talking about us since we can back everything up and have repeatedly done so – just a little FYI turd brain). Then some complete piece of legal gibberish that this means these people have forfeited any right to privacy (man, I don’t know who is your lawyer but you should fire the stupid nitwit – oh wait, you are your own…never mind asshole). Then he starts dropping weird and twisted nonsensical “hints” of presumed dirt about these people (lots of really silly ass and utterly nonsensical gibberish that seems disconnected to either law or reality or even parts of this planet); followed by some vague idea that maybe, like just maybe, he thinks he’s got these people pooping their pants (nope, pants are very clean and sweet smelling over here – so I still haven’t a clue who he thinks he is threatening). Hypocrisy is nothing new with this guy. The same is true of his basically poor understanding of legal concepts. For example, he thinks that people posting comments on this site are public figures. Legally, most of us would barely cut it as “limited public figures” and that is only because we are posting comments in reaction to him, an outrageously self-promoting “public figure”. OK, he is probably more of a limited public figure in that he is primarily “issue” focus but he has made virtually his entire life story the “issue” and is a pretty bizarre borderline case between limited and full public figure. But we only have any type of public status in terms of him and his crap. Otherwise, we are not (at least most of us) public figures and his attempt to define us that way is legally wrong. Then, he is obviously threatening to “expose” all kinds of dark secrets. That means that he has been trolling through various public record databases. One problem. Most of the information on these databases have been collected in a pretty wild and ill defined manner and a sizable amount of the information is either wrong or, at the very least, screwed up. Any information retrieved from such databases have to be carefully crossed referenced and verified. In my own experience, about 60% of the information will be just plain wrong and the remaining amount is often highly variable. Only a complete fool would trust it. He is also making threats against someone’s daughter-in-law. Now we have moved out of the public figure debate and have instead entered a zone where there could actually be the possibility of both civil and criminal proceedings. Does he really understand this? Nah. Likewise he is doing this in a manner that presses right up to the border of actual “threats” against other people. He hasn’t quite crossed that border, just yet, but when he does, he is open to outright criminal prosecution. Does he fully understand that? Sort of. He does this crap all the time (example, just one word: Carmen). So far, he has gotten away with it. He may be feeling cocky. Perhaps too cocky. But he also has on occasion overstepped. Like that secretly taped phone conversation he had with a lawyer a few years ago. After posting the tape, it quickly vanished from his site. Why? Maybe because in Florida secretly taping and then making public a phone call is actually illegal. The big dope didn’t realize that he had just, technically, committed a crime and gee gosh golly, he was scrubbing that post so fast it made our hair spin. But mostly, he is jerking off in public while desperately hoping to somehow get enough attention that someone, somewhere, might actually want to buy a copy of his half-imaginary book. It’s all pretty lame. BTW, is this idiot running around on Skype using the name “cutie.daytona”? Just wondering. He seems to have a fondness for faking female identities online. Finally a pretty pathetic attempt to make it sound as if A. any one cares to read the book (so far Fat Boy, you have not been able to sell a single copy – don’t you ever look at your own web sites) B. His editor says that he is a great writer who doesn’t need much editing. So what have we learned tonight: His editor is a blind person. Heck Lard Boy, you got so many typos, misspellings and poor grammar in just this one blog piece that you need editing something fierce. You can barely write your own name in phonetics for crying out loud.


While we wait…just another fail.

Lawrence W. (Larry) SinclairSeptember 23 on Facebook:“There is a problem with our host servers which is making the site not load when you attempt to visit the site. I am working with the host company to resolve this issue.”

DENNIS THE MENACE 1“Server” problems again? How odd. BTW, I also like how two folks posted “Like” to this FB post. Guess they have seen the web site and are thrilled to see it put out of its misery.

Took a quick peak over at his web site earlier today and it seems to load just fine. So I haven’t a clue what turd brain is claiming to be the problem. Sounds like another cheap excuse to

A. Avoid doing anything…

B. Desperate need to get attention (ironically, from us). Or maybe he didn’t bother to pay the cable bill and he is the one who can’t “load” correctly. Who knows…. Job-well-done-lws


Next up, exciting video of Fat Boy taking a whiz on a fire hydrant.

And the dog will still get more viewers….


Rack ’em up, another fail!

Oh my! Here is the current statement at GoFundMe by the Master of Fail unicorn wrangler :

Larry Sinclair many fails 7363823_o” You will notice that donations are no longer being accepted on this campaign…I have discontinued this GoFundMe drive as it is clear that the drive will not reach the goal set for it in the time that I wanted it to happen.As I published in an article recently on this very subject, I am perfectly okay with the campaign not reaching its intended goal. The $500 offline contribution toward this goal has been returned to the donor. The book will still be available upon is nationwide release for ordering at that time.In an effort to make the upcoming release of the new book When One Man Stands a success it is our desire to raise the funds necessary to have a minimum of 10,000 Hardback copies of the book printed and available on the day of release to the general public.”

dennis_the_menace_incredibleSurprise! Surprise! In other words, the fund drive has been a complete failure. Nothing he has said over the past several years make a lick of sense and is just a load of gibberish to fool the suckers.He is returning the $500 because…well, under the rules of GoFundMe he doesn’t have to do that but if the offline donation was simply bull, then it doesn’t matter. Likewise, he seems to be closing it early (unless there actually was some other “issue” going on behind the scene).

So now we wait for GoFundMe Scampaign number 4. Maybe he will have a brain tumor again. Medical fund drives are always popular. Since  this current GoFundMe scampaign has crashed and burned, Fat Boy will have to fall back on the old saying: “When the going get tough, the tough blames us.” Yes, I have no doubt that once again we have used our evil mental powers learned from our Sith Lord and have created havoc on his noble quest. Odd thing. We are basically his only readers yet he treats us like dirt…He will have a very easy time blaming us. After all, we are evil. Everything we do is evil. Our thoughts are all evil. We shoot evil rays at him. When he looks in the mirror, he sees our evil grinning face glaring back at him. We are so evil that he can think of nothing else but our evilness.

So yeah, it is all our fault. I mean it couldn’t be that he is a stupid jackass who went out and made every boneheaded mistake possible in crowdfunding or anything like that…nooooo. It’s those evil regulator folks. Bah ha ha ha…and Lardo, while you continue to wallow in the numerous failures of trying to fleece money out of the same five or six people, remember that we (and I guess just we alone) still think of you. You will always have a place over here, Fat Boy. Love and Kisses from a fan.


What’s “factually false”?!

Let me just say that you guys are simply awesome in your quest to expose the dirt-bag Sinclair at every turn. I apologize for not being as diligent as I used to be…This is my observation of our recent visitor: monkey5Like so many other conspiracy, birther and teabagger nuts, this guy whose username is “Lysander Spooner” Kenneth Olsen just sticks a finger in his ear and yells: “I can’t hear you, na na na na na!” He doesn’t want truth or facts, he wants to rekindle a dead horse. Good luck with that!

For the time being, why not concentrate on the “factually false” statements, crazy distortions, and just plain gibberish in Larry Sinclair’s book which this guy bought the rights to and show him how he got scammed…Will “Lysander Spooner” listen? “Na na na na ”not likely, but for any potential suckers buyers who wander in, we might save them some dollar$.

“Effective immediately Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? will no longer be sold by us in any form. The rights to the book have been sold and the new owner of the book rights will make the book available in the near future. The Amazon Kindle version will be available through Sinclair up until May 1, 2014.”


“Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? rights have been sold to Movie Skool LLC and will be offered via Amazon Kindle under their name and copyright which became effective on May 1, 2014. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Kenneth Olsen and is located at 180-6333 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90048. The company’s principal address is 6230 Wilshire #1234 Los Angeles, CA 90048.”

If you’re up to it we can do a TOP TEN LIST that we can prominently display in this thread.

Larry sinclair's book

As an added bonus on ThrowBackThursday from our archives…A gift from badpoet.

This one’s for you Ken. Carry On Guys!


A lip smacking Merry Christmas y’all!


FatAss,want a little cheese with that Whine?

A day early for  National Whiners Day which is celebrated on the 26th of December…the whining :::eye-rolling:::lip smacking:::poster boy doesn’t miss a beat.

ASS-ministrator  announced that Below is a Christmas message from Founder of Sinclair Snooze News  to “all” its viewers.::::Looks around:::: Pssst Gather around kids, I guess that’s us…

Sheesh can’t he keep that big yap shut? Anyways,  have a Merry Christmas!Smiley31-1.gif~c100

xmas border



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Okay I’ve been around investigating,working really hard…


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Are You Guys Ready for Christmas?

10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Christmas!



imagesDecember 14, 1900

Quantum Theory of modern physics is born!

Turn the volume up and

Enjoy this symphony!

Lyrics after the jump, maybe FatAss can learn a thing or two – okay The theory of Evolution comes next 🙂

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Something New – Open Thread

We needed a new post…. here’s a open thread.

torontosunlogo_180x117Friday, November 22, 2013 04:34 PM EST

Separated_640_421_s_c1_c_t_0_0Holy shnikes!

It’s a Rob Ford movie that can never be made but the trailer has already been watched by half a million people. Ford’s ongoing crack cocaine scandal has led to lots of jokes but now Toronto video editor Tristan Gough has taken it to the next level. Gough cut a movie trailer about Ford’s life starring late comedian Chris Farley as the mayor of Canada’s largest city. He posted it on YouTube Thursday and by Friday afternoon it already has been watched more than 500,000 times.

The trailer relies largely on scenes from Farley’s 1995 movie, Tommy Boy. “The story of controversial Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is brought to life in a new biopic starring the late Chris Farley,” reads the video’s description. “The film details his battles with alcohol, drugs, and the city he was elected to run. So sit back and enjoy this rip-roaring comedy that critics are calling ‘Hilarious and entertaining!’ ” Other casting suggested in the trailer includes Brian Dennehy as Doug Ford, Rob Lowe as Alexander “Sandro” Lisi and Robert De Niro as Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair.

Many comedians have pointed out Ford’s resemblance to Farley since he made worldwide headlines after admitting to smoking crack in a “drunken stupor.” Stephen Colbert dubbed Ford the “Chris Farley tribute mayor.”

After Saturday Night Live parodied Ford last week, Farley’s brother Kevin Farley weighed in on the mayor. “I think it’s safe to say that my brother would have crushed playing the Rob Ford guy on SNL,” Farley tweeted.


World Toilet Day – November 19th

A few days ago, Dennis said:

“Did you know that on Jan. 17, 1861, the flush toilet was patented by Thomas Crapper. I think this pretty much sets the tone for Lardo’s upcoming anniversary.

True, Dennis  but by that time we may not have managed to flush that turd down…Did you know a single gram  of feces can contain 10 million viruses, one million bacteria, 1,000 parasite cysts and 100 worm eggs. Feces not disposed of properly can be carried on people’s shoes, hands and clothes and contaminate water, food and cutlery.plumber_plunging_toilet_splash_hg_clr

It is estimated that people living in areas with poor sanitation ingest 10 grams  of fecal matter every day. Salmonella and cholera, among many others, are considered water-related diseases because they travel from host to host in water that people use to drink or bathe in. A dirty toilet will look disgusting, smell bad, and be a breeding ground for dangerous germs. If you want to make sure your toilet is thoroughly clean, and free from all of that nasty debris that lurks, there’s only one solution….

YOU MUST FLUSH!  Flushing rinses the bowl and gets rid of the CRAP… but first you’ll need a plunger to help unblock that HUGE clog. Get ready for an arm workout. Plunge rapidly over the hole at least 12  times. By doing this, you’ll hopefully start to dislodge the clog by forcing the water around it to move rapidly. If there’s still no  movement, try pouring additional water to the bowl and plunge again. Once you think you’ve worked through the clog, give your toilet a flush.

So thanks to WORLD TOILET DAY <—- no joke, which is tomorrow , this year’s slogan is animated_arrow_red

“We can’t wait to improve sanitation”

Larry sinclair on the run

Larry sinclair

We have a new open post…as KStreet often says “Carry On”



Message to Fat Boy – by Dennis

Dennis imagesOK, Fat Boy the lwayer is at it again as he tears into the George Zimmerman case and accuses the prosecutors of engaging in race baiting and insists that they must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt and then carries on with a largely pointless tirade against Al Sharpton while contending presenting Zimmerman as a victim blah blah blah. Couple of points Fatso:

dennis_cartoon_wallpapers1. The state doesn’t have to prove that Zimmerman shot Martin “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Everybody knows that already. What Zimmerman’s lawyers have to try and prove is that he had to shoot in fear for his life. This has to do with a desperate (IMHO) attempt by the defense to justify the shooting. “Reasonable doubt” is NOT INVOLVED, you asshole. It would only be involved in a case in which the defendant claims to not be the shooter (there are a few other odd exceptions, but this is the main point). In this case, they have to convince the jury that he was in fear for his life. And BTW, they have to get the jury to ignore such little details like how Zimmerman chased Martin down, brought the gun to the event for no obvious reasons, ignored police radio orders to back off etc etc. So they don’t need to convince the jury of reasonable doubt. They need the jury to be brain dead stupid and suffering from amnesia. Didn’t they teach you anything at that lwa school back in Cell Block D?

2. Race baiting? The defense council has been so busy trying to convict the victim for being black that I would really suggest that you might take you head out of your ample butt for a few seconds and rethink your otherwise ludicrous and just plain stupid claim. Last time I checked, the Zimmerman lawyers were busy recasting Martin from a middle class teenager with divorced parent issues into the head of the Crips.

3. The original prosecutor was not forced by outside agitators into filing 2nd degree murder charges against Zimmerman. Instead, she had to be convinced by other DAs to reduce the charge. She originally wanted Zimmerman on 1st degree murder charges. Don’t you research this stuff before you start hitting the vodka?

As always Lardo, your writing is crappy and your insights are a unique combination of banality and stupidity. Keep up the good work. sinclair_teeth2You make our job so much easier.Now take that bottle out of your mouth and repeat after me: “I am really, really sorry for being such a completely stupid waste of life.”  Keep saying that until you pass out.  I thought it may be the one way we could get you to shut your pie hole.

And give Ilse my regards. I hope to see her at the next Beer Hall Putsch.