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Off to Colorado?

speech-bubble-bye-smiley-emoticon‘Go Directly to Jail,do not pass Go & do not collect $200…’


C’est la vie, adiós and good riddance!


Thanks to Dennis and LongTimeLurker whose comments alerted me (via email) that something was up… seems the nefarious Larry Sinclair is brewing something, but what is it? Is this just Another one of his scamming games?

Regardless of what it is, Larry Sinclair’s ulterior motive has always been about *MONEY* and playing the martyr by dragging others into *his* personal problems of *his* troubled past. 

The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That’s the day we truly grow up.” John C. Maxwell


Sinclair announced  in a post, on his website, Facebook (below):


The Real Story


“On 13 Year Old Colorado Warrant”

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March 22, 2014 By

Games - Go to Jail“Maybe now this matter can be put to rest once and for all and all those who injected themselves into this can be exposed

For those who know anything about me and the circumstances surrounding my 2008 public allegations against then candidate Barack Obama; or who have read my first book Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? then you will know that many people have for the past 6 years published a host of different stories about a 13 year old Colorado warrant for my arrest. You will find many of those reports claiming I was arrested and posted bond and then went on the run for the past 13 years even though there is not a letter of truth to such claims. You will know that a group of individuals vowed to pressure Colorado officials and the District Attorney (3 different ones) to changed the warrant from a Colorado only warrant to a nationwide warrant so they can make sure

“his faggot ass is rotting in a Colorado prison cell for the rest of his life.”

I do not and have not ever tried to run or hide from anything I have done in life and I won’t start now, nor have I ever ran from defending myself.

On Thursday March 20, 2014 while preparing to travel to South Carolina to participate in a Walk for Water I discovered the passenger side of my car had been keyed. I called the Holly Hill Police Department to file a vandalism report. While filing that report the HH Police Officer (who conducted himself in the most dignified and professional manner possible) informed me that the Colorado warrant (which he knew was a Colorado Only warrant just a month ago) had been entered into the NCIC system approximately two weeks ago as a nationwide warrant saying Colorado would extradite. Those who have knowledge of the above know that I have dealt directly with Colorado officials for years trying to address this issue and was repeatedly told by the District Attorney’s office

“do not waste your money or time coming to Colorado because I am dismissing this case,”

but individuals who have spent the last 6 years of their life devoted to stalking and harassing Colorado Law Enforcement over this matter have continued to do just that. Despite Colorado authorities telling my mother, myself and other officials they do not know who, how or when this warrant was changed, it was and I was taken into custody on Thursday March 20, 2014.

At 1:00AM today Saturday March 22, 2014 I posted a $15,000.00 bond and was released. Though Florida officials have not been provided a copy of the warrant nor have they been provided any information as to the next scheduled Court date, I will be traveling to Colorado in the very near future to appear in court on the date and time provided to the Holly Hill PD on March 20, 2014.

While this prevented me from participating in the charity walk today, I can still report that I did raise $1300.00 for the event and will be mailing in the contributions I was intending to take in person today.

For those of you who do not know anything about this let me explain something about me. I have never in my life ever attempted to avoid taking responsibility for my own actions. In fact if you have read my book you would know that I have never made a single court take a matter to trial where I was guilty of what I was accused of. The first time I have ever refused to plead guilty to a charge was in June 2008 in the State of Delaware where I was accused of theft by VP Joe Biden’s son Delaware AG Beau Biden that both Biden and I knew was not true. It was only after I refused to accept a plea that Delaware dismissed the charges which they knew where not supported by any evidence, despite the Delaware News Journal publishing completely false reports claiming the court file contained statements that simply did not exist. Just as I have stated to Colorado officials from the day I was made aware of this matter, I am not guilty and I will not plea the case under any circumstances. While Colorado has for 13 years repeatedly refused to extradite me on this warrant I will not make the people of the State of Colorado pay to have me appear in a Colorado Court. That is why I posted the bond and am paying my own transportation to Court and back home until the next court date.

In addition, while I have no choice at the present time but to seek the appointment of a Public Defender, I will do everything possible to secure the means to hire a private attorney to defend me against the politically motivated prosecution in this case.

Part of this public court file in this case contains a long Motion to Dismiss the warrant with supporting evidence which has been sitting in this court file since 2003 or 2004. For those internet stalkers publishers of outright lies, I stand today and am publishing this for the world to see that I am exactly what I have always been, one who will stand and fight when falsely accused and one who will stand and accept responsibility for my actions when guilty of the crime.

I want to sincerely thank all of those remarkable people who responded and mobilized so quickly when I posted on Face Book Thursday morning that I was being arrested. Your support and kind words mean the world to me and my family. While there are still many unanswered questions concerning the events of the past 2 days, I will seek those answers from the Court in a few days.”


 To me, this doesn’t pass the “sniff-test” or it does, once again the con-artist is doing what he knows best, and why now? As LongTimeLurker expressed on 2014/03/22 at 8:01 pm:

1353b22d1346754dc92ded026881c3e6 LTL LongTimeLurker “Looks like Colorado really wants him this time. Legion is talking defiant for now. But he knows if he returns to Colorado he’s going back to jail. So what to do? Try to turn this into a money making scheme like his “Walk for Water” scam (where he coincidentally had collected just about enough for the “Walk For Water” to enable him to post the 10% of the $15000 bond to allow him to walk back home for now)? Or make a dash for the border? As we used to say here “Bring out the popcorn!”

Hmmm sounds odd, what a coincidence!- Will it work? But you know what?

“There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute” – P.T.Barnum –

Now there’s also  this to point out, Sinclair states (above):

I will do everything possible to secure the means to hire a private attorney to defend me against the politically motivated prosecution in this case.”

Politically motivated? :::eyeroll::: Oh is this how he’ll try to defend himself?

Hey Douche, you’re a fugitive who never served your time, hopefully this 13 year case, can prove to be just another lucky “13” for you. WooHoo!  

Below, I found what the lying piece of excrement had to say in 2008, seems he was the one who expressed the “double-dare” to call in the authorities…


PUZZLE SINCLAIRPUEBLO CASE – posted by Larry Sinclair – April 2008





And now Dennis’ turn to weigh in…”Teachable Moments”

Proffesor_dennis“The spin machine is in full operation: “It was only after I refused to accept a plea that Delaware dismissed the charges which they knew where not supported by any evidence, despite the Delaware News Journal publishing completely false reports….” 

I seem to recall that the charge only got dropped because the little jerk paid back the stolen money to the motel clerk.  I know that Fatso is a lying bag of crap who thinks that everybody else is stupid, but does he also assume that we all have short memories?

He keyed his own car?  Maybe, maybe not.  Could be a love letter from his neighbors.  He sounds like a real popular guy down there. 

Meanwhile: “I have no choice at the present time but to seek the appointment of a Public Defender, I will do everything possible to secure the means to hire a private attorney….” 

Fund raising time!  Though he is himself such a eagle legal, he may want some “back up” this time.  I hear that there is a lawyer in California who not only could take his case, but she also can fix his teeth and sell him a house.

“… individuals who have spent the last 6 years of their life devoted to stalking and harassing Colorado Law Enforcement over this matter….”  Yep, it’s a vast conspiracy.  Unfortunately, a lot of folks who would love to see him back behind bars have pretty much forgotten about the stupid jerk as he took his long slide into con artist obscurity.  So I kind of doubt that any one has been bothering the authorities out there.

So why has this happened?  Two possibilities:

  A.  The legalization of marijuana.  You see, a lot of police departments have always banked on easy arrest of pot heads.  Real stoners are usually too mellow to much resist and they often have plenty of joints to pass around and gee, it was a pretty much no fuss no muss set up for the cops.  The minute it went legal, arrest rates took a huge hit.  They have to recoup somewhere and cracking down on fugitives in flight is one way of doing it. 

B.  There is always the possibility of a different investigation in which a name from the past has surfaced.  Maybe some of the boys in blue would kind of like it if Lardo had his fat butt back home in the pokey because they have some questions they would like to ask him about something he thought everybody had forgotten about.

Is this what we’ve been hoping for?

Sinclair jail 2csgqcz_jail

Or else, is it this…


usr_200511113158_Scam Alert


Let’s see how this saga unravels.

Enjoy your day! Make it matter.

Thanks for looking in!




Debate fever – VP’s turn – Open thread

Last night both Biden and Ryan stepped up…Did you watch it… Your thoughts?

Meanwhile…As the stomach churns…. On September 23rd 2012…. Sinclair posted:

TTM Programing Note:

Beginning Tuesday September 25, 2012 Kevin DuJan of Hillbuzz.Org will serve as Guest Host of Through the Mirror w/Larry Sinclair for Larry through October 10, 2012. Kevin has agreed to guest host for Larry so that he can get his upcoming book When One Man Stands released on schedule.

Last we heard from Sinclair Snooze  was October 10th on Twitter… with 11 days until “One Man Scams” comes out…

Where’s Larry? Will there be another delay?!

LS News Group ‏@SinclairNews
Off to DC/NYC will update tomorrow its a long trip.


Let’s See How Sinclair Spins *This* One

Larry Sinclair 1I can’t wait to hear what Larry Sinclair, professed Republican homosexual,anti-gay marriage and most definitely Obama nemesis, has to say about the POTUS’ statement.

Meanwhile, I found this excellent piece and wanted to share it…

The Pragmatic Progressive Page

SPEECH: People keep saying that Mr. Obama, supporting gay marriage, is a pointless thing. That it’s a symbolic gesture or has no real ramifications on the gay marriage issue since it’s voted on state by state. I think you may have missed the point.

By standing up, as the leader of the most powerful country in the world, and stating that you support the equality of ALL those citizens you have sworn to lead…that’s a big deal. Just as big as a President who stood up for the rights of women, blacks, the disabled or anyone else who has been put on second-class citizen status due to our lack of respect for those unlike ourselves.

For him to have made this an issue that will now be brought up, not only in this campaign, but in every campaign from this point out…that’s a big deal. To know that he may lose the votes of the homophobic, the hateful, the fearful, the fake-christians and the ignorant, but also, perhaps, the votes of those Americans who like to pretend they are for Freedom and Equality for All (who act like them)…that is a big deal. But mostly, the fact of the matter is, he is the first president, in the history of this country, to have the courage to stand up and say I SUPPORT EQUALITY FOR EVERY PERSON I REPRESENT…so I’m sorry if you don’t ‘get it’, but to be honest….that’s a big effin’ deal.

And the fact that he rides a Unicorn and shoots rainbows out of his hands…that’s just some cool shit that makes me like him even more. Obama2012 – vince