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Open Chat – Let’s Decide

on August 15, 2012

We’re almost done!

Still debating … it’s too dark or light, let’s try something else.

Amid all of the turmoil, who comes prancing  in,

  direct from Streamwood, Illinois !




OMG it’s CAO! Yikes!  Where’s Uma Thurman, Linda Hamilton…COW is now a lion!

Watch her bitch roar!



Well with being graced and  honoured by CAO  (here)  and (here too), Kstreet and I felt we had to do EXTRA sprucing up here…(NOT!)

But you know, I have noticed that CAO has a  pretty clean looking website, within comparison to LS SNOOZE. Check it out!  Ahh She wuvs me!

Love ya back Cow! By the looks of you, glad to see you haven’t missed a meal!

Lynn Thomas BIO

Lynn Thomas lives about 45 minutes outside Chicago in a quiet suburb. A conservative activist her entire life, she is both a social and fiscal conservative. She’s a writer, photographer and videographer, as well as a mom. She began blogging in August of 2004, at Cao’s blog, when her elder son was shipped to Iraq with the 980th Engineering Battallion of the U.S. Army.

But Cao’s blog was hacked in October of 2011 because the critics can’t handle the truth. Unable to get Cao’s blog back up and running, she started over at and is also a contributor to LSNewsGroup.

Read more interesting tidbits about Lynn Thomas/Cao HERE



Here’s another opportunity – for Teachable Moments!

Pearls of wisdom about COW by our Dennis:

“Just looked at Cao’s site. Gee, I didn’t know we were running a Reign of Terror.

Gosh, that sounds a lot better than merely shooting off our mouths. Oh hoo! And now I know that when a Replug doesn’t like something on TV, he or she merely changes the channel. So why does Cao keep coming over here (where we are running a Reign of Terror)? BTW, since she also states that when a Replug needs health insurance, they go and get a job that provides it. So why is the stupid jerk bugging people to give her money for her family’s health crisis? Doesn’t she have a job? Maybe she better get one and leave the rest of humanity alone? Keep in mind that Cao has recently given us a royal example of what I am talking about. She claims to be broke and has just exhausted unemployment while at the same time deriding and attacking the very concept of social services and safety net programs that would be designed to help people who are broke and unemployed. Then if any “questions” raised regarding her pitch for charity, she tears into the person like a crazed dog, accuses them of all sorts of imagined conspiracies, and not only attacks but pursues the person to other web sites just to thumb her nose at them. Then  she turns right around and accuses other people of operating a Reign of Terror because they have a web site of their own where they don’t much like her basically psycho crap (and on whose web sites she goes after them). Then she goes right back to her “poor little ol’ me” routine and expects somebody to hand her money. Same goes for Larry Sinclair our Fat Boy and the many others much the same  out there.

Thanks Dennis you’re the greatest!

Carry on and chat!

167 responses to “Open Chat – Let’s Decide

  1. Dennis says:

    What’s wrong with SickLiar Snooze site? Don’t know what you mean. Took a quick look over there. Another hot scoop as Fat Boy basically reprints the session schedule for the GOP convention. Pitches a PR release from the FRC on Paul Ryan’s upcoming appearance for their Values conference (if you go to their web site first thing you get is a message that your shopping cart is empty – they must work like Lardo). Ilse does another rant about illegals. OK, it is all pretty boring and now I’m ready for a nap.

  2. Meesheemey:

    In my email box this morning I found a notice that you posted a “You’re stuck with me” line at 4:20 a.m.. I was eager to read it because I was already in a state of mourning after reading your post last night that you would be decreasing your “”Budinskee’s”. I would have said something right away, but I felt that I had no standing to protest. So when I saw that you had posted a “You’re stuck with me message” at 4:20 a.m. I felt that you must have picked up on my vibes (which you often seem to do, BTW)

    But your “You’re stuck with me” message has gone poof. Did you change your mind? Can you re-post it? I happen to be very curious about EVERYTHING you say, for some reason.

    Also, I don’t remember the official name for the theme but I kinda liked the chocolate theme that was on when I last posted. (Maybe that theme was what pulled me back in.) But please do not go out of your way for my tastes.

    • Meesh says:

      Oh Yeah, the original post was called “You’re stuck with me”….meaning that KStreet is taking some added time-off from main posting here at TRT. She’s here, but chose to focus first, on her life and she has other successful projects on the go. So you guys need to help me with posts, deal? LTL, you like the CHOCO theme? Yesterday’s theme? As I recall you dropped by on Saturday night. Anyway, it’s nice to see you back. Did you see BEACH?

      • I figured it was something like that. I’ll try to comment more often too.

        If I recall correctly, I liked the “Beach” theme too. But the theme isn’t that important to me. I’ve learned to get my kicks from the thoughts, not the backgrounds.

        BTW, women are on my mind in the Summertime – when you hardly wear anything; in the Fall, when I still feel so grateful to you all for wearing much less than the guys and keeping my vision clear and stimulated regardless of the chilly drafts you must endure (my Father used to tell me that women have an extra layer of natural insulation); in the Wintertime when I waste a lot of time wondering what you are wearing underneath; and certainly in the Springtime when my sap starts to rise again.

        See how I am?

        • Meesh says:

          Just caught this——> “I was already in a state of mourning after reading your post last night that you would be decreasing your “”Budinskee’s”. ” Ahhh How sweet, no I never planned on going away… I guess, you’re stuck with me! Meaning as filling in along with our KStreet… being a friend but not taking over. This is her site. I will never go away. I never left.

          Yep, I know what you’re like LTL… but you know what? I like you despite that. Hahaha Seriously, it’s nice to see you’re alive and well…and getting back to your old routine. (well not quite yet, here’s hoping!) Gilli has been away, so perhaps tomorrow, I will change the theme back to Beach. So you can get a better look. I value all of your opinions.

  3. Meesh says:

    Methinks she lost her job. But she’s having a “sale”——>

    Here’s what she’s featuring, no underwear yet… No housecleaning, but web design, perhaps *idiot* should look into it?

    If you know of anyone who can use virtual administrative assistant services – like

    voice transcription
    freelance writing
    blog updates

    social media management

    linked in

    or other social media profile management-

    Or would like a consultation on how to improve their social media – or

    want to start a blog and don’t know how to begin and would like coaching-
    tweak a blog
    need a wordpress site set up-
    or a wordpress installation set up on their domain-

    • Dennis says:

      Sounds to me like she needs to go to work for Fat Boy. He could use help in all of the areas. BTW, she was living on unemployment benefits for the past year? Isn’t that one of those godless Democratic social welfare programs? Based upon what she says, I would have thought she would have told the state to take a hike.

      Now excuse me, Madame Defarge has informed me that Madame Guillotine is thirsty again and I am running late for my meeting with the rest of the Committee for Public Safety.

      • Meesh says:

        As a prestigious writer for Sickliar Snooze, I am wondering whether COW knows that FatBoy is trying to sell shares to his Snooze site? She should DEMAND her share!

        • Dennis says:

          Oh my…are you stirring up trouble between those two love bugs? BTW, between the two of them how much welfare money has been taken just so they could continue their stupid rants against welfare?

  4. Dennis says:

    Family Research Council shooting: Security guard shot in arm, suspected gunman in custody

    OK, which of the wing nutter nitwits is going to blog a piece blaming Obama: Ilse or Cow? Might even be a race. Or maybe Fat Boy can steal an article somewhere…

    • Meesh says:

      FatBoy scooped it already!

      Breaking News: Shooting At Family Research Council
      August 15, 2012
      By Lawrence Sinclair

      View more videos at:

      Authorities found two loaded magazines with 15 rounds each in the suspect’s backpack, as well as Chik-Fil-A promotional materials.

      Fast food empire Chik-Fil-A has been at the center of a recent controversy over gay marriage. Chik-Fil-A President Dan Cathy recently spoke out against it, spurring protests, boycotts and a same-sex “kiss in.” Meanwhile, supporters of Chik-Fil-A flooded franchises across the country on Chik-Fil-A Appreciation Day Aug. 1.

      The Family Research Council promotes traditional marriage and other socially conservative issues, lobbying against gay rights, abortion and embryonic stem cell research.

      The suspect’s name has not yet been released, but he is from the D.C. area and was born in 1984, NBC’s Pete Williams has learned.

      The suspect apparently took the Metro downtown and parked his car at a Falls Church Metro station, Williams said. It’s not currently clear whether it was East or West Falls Church.

      Updated @ 2:54 PM ET

      Despite hours passed since the shooting of a Family Research Council security guard identified as head security guard Leo Johnson and DC Metro Police Chief Cathy Lanier calling Johnson a Hero, ”The security guard here is a hero, as far as I’m concerned,” Lanier told reporters. “He did his job. The person never made it past the front.”

      the mainstream media has yet again demonstrated its bias by pretty much ignoring that the FRC was the target of some vicious attacks recently by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and other LGBT activists groups who in a massive social media campaign labeled the FRC as a “hate Group” because they stand for traditional marriage.

      Unlike the Colorado Theatre shooting where ABC’s Brian Ross immediately went on the air trying to tie the Colorado shooter James Holmes to the TEA Party, the mainstream media is in effect acting as if the FRC shooting didn’t take place or worse, that the FRC deserved whatever it got. Sinclair News is in no way trying to put the blame on any of these LGBT groups who scream for tolerance while themselves engaging in hate, but it is important to point out that these groups did engage in a massive social media and mainstream media campaign attacking the FRC.

      Even this clip from DC’s ABC 7 where the reporter felt it was newsworthy to point out the FRC was “anti-gay” instead of stating the FRC believes in the traditional biblical definition of marriage.

      Updated @ 12:49 PM ET

      Family Research Council spokesman J. Duffy tells Sinclair News “We are referring to our released statement that our first concern is with our colleague and his family. If we make any further statements we will let you know.” Sinclair News contacted FRC to ask if they could tell us what if anything the shooter said after entering the FRC offices in the Chinatown area of Washington, DC.

      Sinclair News has been made aware of a shooting at the offices of the Family Research Council this morning. Authorities say the shooter entered the building screaming about the FRC’s work and began shooting. The Family Research Council has become a target of the radical LGBT activists over its stand opposing same sex marriage promoting traditional family values.

      Those LGBT groups which just a few weeks ago embarked on a campaign via social media (Twitter and Face Book) targeting the FRC as a hate group have yet to comment or denounce the violence which took place at the FRC today.

      WASHINGTON, D.C. – Family Research Council President Tony Perkins made the following comments after an FRC security guard was shot this morning:

      “The police are investigating this incident. Our first concern is with our colleague who was shot today. Our concern is for him and his family.”

      We will update this story as information becomes available.

      • Dennis says:

        Yep, it is all due to radical gays. Of course, you actually got people all across this country shooting lots of other people for all kinds of reasons at the moment. Heck, a British journalist once pointed out that massacres are becoming so common in the States that you have to give them names in order to keep track of them all. But let’s not mention the issue of gun control (no sir). And let’s not note that some folks are so busy creating a completely toxic political environment that it makes discussion almost impossible (and I could mention that at least one of these nutters is gay – and fat and stupid etc. etc.). But nope, it is all radical gays at fault. Good thing we have a self-confessed hungry bottom boy hanging around to point this out. Odd, most of the previous mass shooters had other reasons. One was a radical right wing nutter. Another one was a Batman nut. The others…oh heck, who can figure out the thinking of this many nuts.

        • Meesh says:

          I feel for you guys, I truly do. Do you think it’s due to the “silly season”? The longevity of Election time? Some people seem to go “NUTSO” at this time in your great country! Is it because it’s too drawn out?
          I find this interesting. The money spent within the longevity of a campaign, seems to be an issue, some decent people plainly cannot afford to run. Think of the money spent? HOLY! The NRA comes out, defending the nutcases that come out with their guns.

          • Dennis says:

            I suspect it is a combination of extreme stress, a toxic political climate, and the weird degree to which social and political discourse in the States has been pretty much stripped down to a largely looney set of bogus issues dictated by a right wing perspective that basically took over about 30 years ago and has made virtually any contrary form of discussion largely impossible. Even the American liberal forum is pretty much what use to be called conservative. So yes, it is the “silly season.” Unfortunately the silly season has been in swing for about three decades.

            • Meesh says:

              The duration for our mud-slinging in Canada, is SIX weeks maximum. Then, back to bizzzzzzzzzness. Like it or not, the vote was counted in.

            • Yep, it began with the choice of Reagan over Carter in 1980. I had graduated from law school in New York in 1978 and had quit my first job because I figured out that my employer was a crook. So while I was looking for a new job I drove a cab for a while down in the Maryland/DC area. I
              would pick up all these wealthy white women who were absolutely euphoric over the prospect of “Ronnie” making America “great” again. I thought they were nuts and tried to explain to them why for the length of the ride. When I had the time I would try my powers of persuasion in other areas.
              Then I would share my exploits with the other drivers (mostly Jamaicans and Africans) when I returned to headquarters. They even had a nickname for me “Stiff Tongue – The Rebel”. Some of the happiest times of my life.

  5. Borat says:

    They also don’t have a clue about what real charity is; because they think government should take care of you from cradle to grave. God forbid PEACHES should have to put a crowbar into her wallet to help anyone…LOL

    You hang with welfare bums like yourself

  6. Borat says:

    You really have to stop and think about the high Caliber of Florence SINLIAR , he sleeps till 3 pm , gets out of his tent, bums a ride to a wifi place, hits google and copy and pastes a bunch of shit.
    What a Reproter

    Can I buy some shares fuck head?

  7. Meesh says:

    OK looking in at the SNOOZE SITE…. it appears Phyllis is part of the SNOOZE site writers…. 🙄

    Why Did Ted Cruz Win the Texas Primary?
    August 15, 2012
    By Phyllis Schlafly

    here’s her original article No mention of where FatAss ripped it off from. He has to be by far, the WORSE journalist ever!

    • Dennis says:

      Heck, Phyllis Schlafly may even be a proud share holder. Or she may have given some sort of approval as long as he keeps the byline correct. Or maybe like lots of other people she pays no attention to his crappy site. Who knows.

  8. Dennis says:

    He better get Fat Boy booked as his lwayer right now:
    James O’Keefe Lawsuit: Ex-ACORN Employee Can Sue Over Activist’s Sting Video, Federal Judge Says

    I’m sure after the way he so “successful” handled Parisi lawsuit (by not doing much of anything until the other guy’s real lawyer failed to establish a case) Fat Boy could do wonders for O’Keefe. Not only could they both end up in the slammer for contempt but they could both end up together in the slammer (oh woo).

  9. Meesh says:

    Here it is, someone was kind enough to send this theme, by email. Apparently no one voted within the poll, except one person (ME).
    Like it? Myself not so much, I hate it. KStreet made it clear that the decision would be within the viewers.

    • Dennis says:

      To be honest I just spent five or more minutes trying to figure out what site I am on (like maybe some kind of dating thing or something). I kind of preferred the blue site from several days back. Of course, it would be a little hard to accuse us of running a Reign of Terror when you have such lovely doves at the top of the screen.

      • Meesh says:

        Blue it is, Dennis… as I said, and also explained to the very kind person, that sent me the “love bird” theme… “Wonderful” ,as I briefly explained, I do “heart” everyone and we all “HEART” everyone here too. But we’re the CESSPOOL! We have a reputation to maintain, at present… we’re “gutter rats”!
        We are now within the beaches of Thailand’s shores! Underwater.

    • I think I prefer the blue theme (is that that the one known as “Beach”?) I like the chocolate too, but I think it would be hard to look at every day. (No offense to anybody. 🙂 )

      Tell me something – is it possible to just place portions of all the colors of the themes one under another all on the same page so it would be easier to compare. If that’s too difficult, then I would be happy to go along with your choice and KStreet’s choice. And if there is a conflict between the two of you then flip a coin. You take heads and KStreet takes tails. 🙂 (I don’t mean anything by that except that it sounds naughty. You can be tails and Kstreet can be heads. :))

      And speaking of KStreet – she said she doesn’t particularly like Chris Matthews, who I DO particularly like. Since I have high respect for KStreet’s opinions and knowledge of the nitty gritty, I hope she will clarify what bugs her about Chris Matthews so I don’t hang onto his every word for the next several weeks if I should be more skeptical.

      • Meesh says:

        I will switch from deep Chocolate to baby blue! Every day of the week, I will surprise you, stay tune!

        Heh LTL, we’re both here! KStreet and MOI!

  10. kstreet607 says:

    Hey FatAss, take note of number 10 on the clip board. SQUEAKY CLEAN. Now prove them wrong.

    • Hey KStreet:

      See how I picked up on your presence? I’m think I’m kinda uncanny.

      • Meesh says:


      • kstreet607 says:

        Hey again LTL. Ok you’ve heard of “The Etch-A-Sketch Candidate”? Well for years, Matthews was “The Etch-A-Sketch Commentator”. He’s mellowed out a little since 2008 but the man used to get my goat cow-towing to some of the most vitriolic members of the Bush Administration and some of the other most racist people who had political power. The names that come to mind:

        Tom Delay, Pat Buchannan, Newt Gingrach, many Bush Administration officials, etc.

        The point is one minute he’s a rational centrist then the next he’s a die hard conservative in terms of his views. It always depended on the guest with Matthews. That’s how he rolled…”what hat should I wear today, oh, Gingrich will be on so I’ll put my conservative hat on…oh, I never took it off after our last guest, Tom Delay.

        • Thanks for pulling my coat KStreet. I only started watching Matthews in 2008 after he felt the Obama “tingle”, but I admit I have noticed him being overly deferential to Michael Steele sometimes – though I thought he just wanted to avoid appearing to bully a Black guy (even a Republican).

          And speaking of Michael Steele, BTW, I ‘m somewhat curious about what makes him tick too. Did you know he is the adopted brother of Monica Turner, Mike Tyson’s former wife? I always wondered how he reconciled his duty to protect his little sister with his relationship to a crazy brother in law who might kick his ass for no reason at all. I try to stay open minded about him but the guy bugs the hell out of me.

          But I will watch Matthews more critically now. Thanks.

    • Dennis says:

      Nice graph. But Fat Ass is busy right now picking a fight with Michelle Malkin. She had the gall to send him an email asking for money (for Romney). The nerve of that gal.

  11. Meesh says:


    Don’t you love the way *idiot* is playing super sleuth:

    Is Jazz Mustache Contracting With Romney Campaign Or Victim Of Fraud?
    August 16, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    He’s spending so much time, dissecting a stupid email, that I would consider as “junk mail”! I guess, if he receives an email saying: “Dear Lawrence” numbskull thinks they have individually sent each email to specific recipients because they think he is very important and that they respect him!

    Here he says…

    “The email seeking a contribution to the Romney-Ryan campaign did not contain the Romney campaign logo and the sent from address appeared to be from a third party emailer. See the image below:”

    and here…

    “After reading the email (click HERE for pdf copy of email ) we noticed at the bottom of the email under the legally required “Paid for by notice…” is ©2012 Jazz Mustache, LLC 445C E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd., #415, Colorado Springs, CO 80906.

    See image below: You can click on the image to view in separate window in full screen”

    Here too!

    “according to a simple google search of Jazz Mustache LLC we come up with the information in the below screen grab:”

    and demands an answer via Twitter!

    “We are asking this question here because efforts to get Jesse or Michelle Malkin to answer a question on Twitter after the email was received have gone unanswered:”

    If he spent as much time, finding PROOF to support his original allegations, that would be a plus. We see that he is capable to do so…My conclusion he has NO PROOF, for it is a lie.

    • What cracks me up is that the nutbox keeps sending tweets, as if he thinks his obnoxious persistence will eventually pay off.

      And why do I feel the urge to shove that finger on the side of his face up his nose?

    • Dennis says:

      There you go again. Always wanting proof. You are suppose to simply close your eyes, clap your hands and say “I do believe, I do believe…”

  12. Dennis says:

    Long time no see, old friend. In answer to your question. I assume Fats is desperately hoping that he can provoke a response because that will prove that somebody “important” out there is paying attention to him. The man is like a pathetic homeless dog in some ways. Too bad he’s not likable. As for shoving his fingers up his nose – please, you don’t know where those fingers have already been. At the very least you better wear rubber gloves.

    • Yeah, you can be sure he’s one of those guys who fingers his asshole and sniffs his finger. I hope he’s reading this and feels embarrassed that we’ve got him pegged.

      On the other hand it’s probably just a reminder.

  13. I couldn’t resist sharing this one:

    Today’s Joke –

    A woman brought a very limp duck into a veterinary surgeon. As she laid her pet on the table, the vet pulled out his stethoscope and listened to the bird’s chest. After a moment or two, the vet shook his head and sadly said, “I’m sorry, your duck, Cuddles has passed away.” The distressed woman wailed,” Are you sure?” “Yes, I am sure. Your duck is dead, ” replied the vet. “How can you be so sure?” she protested. “I mean you haven’t done any testing on him or anything. He might be in a coma or something.” The vet rolled his eyes, turned around and left the room. He returned a few minutes later with a black Labrador Retriever. As the duck owner looked on in amazement, the dog stood on his hind legs, put his front paws on the examination table and sniffed the duck from top to bottom. He then looked up at the vet with sad eyes and shook his head. The vet patted the dog on the head and took it out of the room. A few minutes later he returned with a cat. The cat jumped on the table and also delicately sniffed the bird from head to foot. The cat sat back on its haunches, shook its head, meowed softly and strolled out of the room. The vet looked at the woman and said, “I’m sorry, but as I said, this is most definitely, 100% certifiably, a dead duck.” The vet turned to his computer terminal, hit a few keys and produced a bill, which he handed to the woman. The duck’s owner, still in shock, took the bill. “$820?” she cried,”$820 just to tell me my duck is dead!” The vet shrugged,”I’m sorry. If you had taken my word for it, the bill would have been $20, but with the Lab Report and the Cat Scan, it’s now $820.”

    • Dennis says:

      You know, I actually have been missing your daily jokes. Passing this one around.

      • Meesh says:

        I also really enjoyed that joke. I heard a similar one in the past, but not quite delivered within this version. I had completely forgotten about key points: LAB and CAT. Good stuff!

        My younger sister works for The Department Of Health (Government)

        She is constantly sending family members the latest warnings.Several weeks backshe sent this email to test us.She felt we were not ACTUALLY reading her emails, she sent this, printed with her credentials. Here it was, I have omitted the formality of her email. But it looked really legit.

        *Shampoo Warning*

        Warning to all who shampoo in the shower! STOP, this INVOLVES THE SHAMPOO WHEN IT RUNS DOWN YOUR BODY WHEN YOU SHOWER WITH IT.


        Shampoo Warning ! Do not wash your hair in the SHOWER, the emphasis “NOT” in the shower!

        Don’t know why anyone didn’t figure this out before!!
        I wash my hair and the shampoo runs down my body..
        Printed clearly on the label is the following:
        “For extra BODY and VOLUME.”
        No wonder I have been gaining weight!

        Well I have gotten rid of all my shampoo and have switched to DAWN dish washing liquid..the label reads:
        “Dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove.”

        Problem solved!
        If I don’t answer your calls, the door or reply to your emails, it’s probably cause I’m in the shower..

        • Just saw this post, Meesheemey. I read it earlier before you amended it to include references to yourself all nekkid. The only reason I found the revised version of your earlier post was because I was wondering what the heck you were talking about to Dennis when you said you hoped you hadn’t upset him. So I figured I must have missed something. And indeed I had.

          Indeed I had.

    • kstreet607 says:

      LOL! I finally took the time to read this LTL and it is hilarious!

  14. Borat says:

    Meesh I really like when the fruit circled stuff with crayons and couldnt stay in the lines….fuckin awesome REPROTER Crayon snooze idiot

  15. Borat says:

    Hey wanted criminal …… Im emailiing you a public domain coloring book. take it easy I KNOW you never passed grade 2 ………. you can fundraise for a box of crayons.

    Stay in the lines lard ass it takes practice…….and WHO knows you may pass grade 2 buy the time your 60………………………………………

    • Meesh says:

      You give him till 60? High hopes eh?! Problem with FatBoy, “he thinks” he’s the sharpest knife in the drawer. He’ll never learn with this attitude. He’s destined to fail in whatever he attempts because of this. He’s an *idiot*. Don’t you remember the “Haywood Jablome” email he received and posted? When one of his tards pointed out, it was just some spoof… He actually looked up the white pages in Florida to prove it was a real person. Hahahahaha

  16. YankeeClipper says:

    I wonder what Sickboy will have to say about this:

    Libertarians try to block Romney from Wash. ballot

  17. gilligan25 says:

    Hi all–we had an equipment failure (Engenius something or other) and had to order a replacement. Nope, it still isn’t installed, but we’re getting close. I just love living on salt water, not that it’s corrosive or anything.

    • Meesh says:

      Heh I missed you Gilli! Ah you missed COW! I think we’re BFF! However, like FatAss she has tried to intimidate me with an IP…..guess what COW I do not live in London Ontario!Not even close.

      Enough about her, we have adopted your “Beach” theme! We’re in Thailand though, but that’s OK too! When they come up with a theme set in Alabama, I’ll grab it!

      Welcome home!

      • gilligan25 says:

        I do like the Beach theme 🙂

        Let’s see–they’re catching small sting rays off the dock and someone got bit by a shark at Gulf Shores, so all is normal.

        And I’m disappointed that I missed COW. I would’ve had some fun with her.

    • kstreet607 says:

      Hey Gilligan! Good to see you back. Unfortunately I’ve been feeling kind of blah and haven’t been on too much. Nonetheless…Welcome back!

      • Meesh says:

        AH KStreet, you are a beautiful human being! No one here, has met you (yet) in person… but we all know you though, and love what we see!

        You are a beautiful, caring woman!

        It was so nice to recently finally connect with you live, on the phone! With my French accent, we did splendidly, n’est-ce-pas? I hope you snap out of this funk! Much love! Where’s Kato, in these times LOL!

      • gilligan25 says:

        Ah, you’ve joined the club–I’ve been feeling rather punk for the past few weeks, so I went to see a gastroenterologist. I’ll be spending a few hours at the hospital tomorrow for some dreadful tests (outpatient). One of them involves putting a tube down my throat into my stomach. I told them I’d better be knocked out for that one. They assured me I would be…..I should be home by early afternoon, but I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of sleeping.

        • kstreet607 says:

          Gilligan I hope by the time you read this, everything will be just fine! You and Meesh are the only two ladies that comment here now. I miss our lady friends from The Regulator. I hope at some point we can talk to them and find out why they’re not here. I really miss them. However, one can’t go wrong with Gillie and Meesh in the house! 🙂

          • gilligan25 says:


            It could’ve been worse–it’s just the start of an ulcer (a continuation of the February ulcer). That’s taken care of with drugs and diet. They knocked me out completely, so all was good.

  18. kstreet607 says:

    Here is yet another pic to show FatAss which defies his lies about Obama. Barack and Michelle love each other, so get over yourself and your twisted fantasies…

    • Meesh says:

      Michelle has a “sass” within her, that your Prez adores…Yes, a loving couple, not posed but caught. Check his arms, hands… I do love this photo!

      • “Sass” – wow Meesheemey, in my book you’ve captured Michelle with that one word. Damn you’ve got a good eye.
        Yeah, with Michelle’s combination of sass AND ass I completely understand why Barack has that toothy grin on his face.

        • Meesh says:

          LTL In 2008, when I started looking in, Michelle Obama turned me off. I did not like her at all. She, in my opinion was a loose canon. The genuine Michelle, was and is within her, the “SASS” and it is genuine. This woman IS the best!

  19. Meesh says:

    Tapping my foot, where’s the men within our board? Yankee is the only (manly man) who weighed in. Dennis, I know has worked overtime, but still like to hear from yah, Borat my man, came in. LTL a shout out for that video, (yep I saw/listened to it) how sweet of you! This place is alive, because of your contribution..NO PayPal.

    • Dennis says:

      Well hey, I’ve been busy today and haven’t caught up on much of what is going on. So what are we weighing in on – Gilligan is going in for a test that makes me half dizzy just reading about it (I have a couple of little clinks in my armor – medical tests pretty much covers a long list of them); sounds as if Meesh and Kstreet need some serious R&R (and I don’t mean the two dummies at the GOP); yes, Michelle and Barak are very attached to each other; gee, with all of his health problems I don’t see how Fatso could live to be 60 but since he is the longest survivor of a brain tumor and stuff, who knows; I like this design (that brown one is hard to read on my computer for some reason); did I mention that Gilligan just made me woozy?

      • Meesh says:

        I knew it, here’s OUR Dennis! Health issues as well, ah man! Sorry Dennis.

        Serious R&R? between KStreet & I. Nah… and whatever you posted above. You know what Dennis? You’re a pretty “kewl” dude in my books KEWL? that spelling is beyond “KOOL” we adopted “KOOL”… ’cause I thought we should be better than “COOL” we became the “KOOL KIDS”. But very few are in fact “KEWL” within my jargon, it’s stellar within my books. If it means anything, you have graduated to my official KEWL KID! (in my mind only)

        Thank you! Sorry, if I may have caused any upset I am not that way. Guess you do not fully trust me.

        • Dennis says:

          Caused any upset? Are you crazy? You’re a perfect angel. BTW, do you really have a French accent? Hmmmmm.

          The only upset is accidentally via Gilligan. I don’t always deal well with things involving tubes, blood veins, heart surgery etc. At the damnest moments I can actually get tunnel vision, spots in front of my eyes, the whole stupid nine yards. It has become a running joke in my family to see who can set it into motion.

          • Meesh says:

            Glad you’re not upset or having health issues of your own, Dennis.

            Oui Denis, je parle en français et anglais, car je suis bilingue.

            Yes, Dennis, I am bilingual. I speak French as well as English with a slight accent. It’s fairly common here, to be fluent in both languages. My mother tongue is French, I easily learnt English second when I was three or four years old.

            French and English languages work hand in hand. If you can speak French first – English comes very easily. I am not sure about the other way around. I taught myself to read English before entering kindergarten, by reading cereal boxes.

            Many of my friends do not speak French, so I generally speak English these days. With my family that’s a different story.

  20. Dennis says:

    Hot news today: 1. Fat Boy recycles a stupid press release from Christine O’Donnell on her impending appearance at a mall movie theater down the street from the convention center during the GOP convention. Hot damn. Wait a minute, I thought her five minutes was over a long time ago? 2. Ilse jumps all over Joe Biden (note to Ilse: I think part of what Joe was referring to about chains and stuff is the issue of people being chained through economic means – kind of like that old Rousseau thing about “Man is born free but every where he is in chains”). Then she attacks the Democratic Party for its history of suppressing black votes (another note to Ilse: Yeah, you’re right but that was like about 150 years ago, back when the Democratic Party was heavily Southern and the GOP was actually the party of Lincoln – there has been a lot of changes with both parties since then – you might want to bone up on history – for example, there was a Democratic called FDR – you should know something about him since I’m sure you hate his guts).

    Meanwhile, O’Donnell may yet become Fat Boy’s next BFF. Oh wee!!!! You know, I think the two were simply made for each other.

    Christine O’Donnell: Witch or %itch?
    August 17, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    O’Donnell back to her %itchy ways

    Editors Note: The title of this article is appropriate when one becomes aware of Christine O’Donnell actions and misrepresentations. It is up to the reader to decide whether Witch or %itch applies. Anyone who represents themselves in the fashion that Christine O’Donnell has while claiming to be a woman of character and values who demonstrates otherwise needs to be called out.

    Former Delaware Tea Party candidate and “witch” Christine O’Donnell has issued a press release which has been picked up by ABC News, Yahoo News, DailyKos, et al… announcing Christine O’Donnell to Stage Tea Party vs. Occupy Debate in Tampa at Channelside Cinemas 10 IMAX Theater in Tampa, Florida just one block from the Tampa Bay Times Forum, site of the Republican National Convention. Problem is Christine O’Donnell was told in a conference call Thursday evening she could not use the Tea Party vs Occupy or the Occupy vs Tea Party name because both are trademarked and copy righted by Gordon G.G. Gebert, creator of the reality TV Show of the same name.

    During the Thursday conference call O’Donnell was attempting to reach a broadcasting deal with The Young Turks while representing that she was the creator and owner of the trademark. Despite repeatedly being told by the Trademark & Copyright owner she could not use his brand in her Tampa event, O’Donnell decided she wanted to take her chances in litigation and told Gebert, “sue me.” According to spokesperson for Mr. Gebert after becoming aware of O’Donnell’s press release by email which was picked up by ABC News, Yahoo News, Huffington Post, and others; Attorney’s for Mr. Gebert will file the necessary documents to obtain a restraining order prohibiting O’Donnell from proceeding with the unauthorized use of his trademark brand to promote her event.

    From: Gordon G.G. Gebert
    To: “” ; Rachel Torres
    Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2012 10:41 PM
    Subject: Cease and desist any and all branding, titling, presentation, television – Chuck Woolery will not be hosting your show

    Cease and desist any and all branding, titling, presentation, internet, television broadcast of “Occupy vs. Tea Party” or “Tea Party vs. Occupy”

    Cease and desist any advertising, promotion, representation, attachment of Chuck Woolery to your event.

    Chuck Woolery will not be hosting any illegal presentation, debate, or facsimile of “Occupy vs. Tea Party”

    Thank you,

    Gordon G.G. Gebert

    Despite the fact that Rachel Torres acknowledged receipt of the above email, it has been learned that O’Donnell’s website promoting her Tampa “Troublemaker fest” continues to falsely promote the involvement of Television Personality Chuck Woolery, who is the Host of Gebert’s Occupy vs Tea Party production not O’Donnell’s false advertising of Troublemaker Fest. In fact Sinclair News can report that Woolery nor his representatives have ever participated in any conversations with O’Donnell or her backers to even discuss his involvement in O’Donnell’s planned Tampa event. Mr. Woolery was willing to host the Gebert version which O’Donnell reps had originally asked Gebert to produce. It was only after O’Donnell learned of Geberts securing such political personalities as former Dem Congressman Alan Grayson that O’Donnell demand she be the Host with Chuck Woolery and that she be headlined to debate Alan Grayson herself. Despite the fact that Gebert has owned the trademark since November 2011 and has been preparing the production of his Occupy vs Tea Party reality TV Show for almost a year, O’Donnell is now trying to claim she is the original creator of the concept and she has been working on it for sometime. No amount of black magic or witchcraft is going to change the fact that O’Donnell is a LIAR.

    O’Donnell is accustom to making outrageous claims and trying to promote herself and this time it may well cost her more than even her supporters are willing to pony up.

    It seems that the former Tea Party candidate from Delaware is yet again practicing her witchery in knowingly promoting an event she knows she cannot produce and hoping that the litigation she has ensure will come about will give her publicity that will turn into cash in her hands. It should be noted that O’Donnell has engaged in temper tantrums, cursing matches along with threats in trying to steal the trademarked brand of Gebert for her own personal gain.

    Christine O’Donnell is certainly creating a Troublemaker fest, but that troublemaker fest will come in the form of her being exposed for the deceitful, self promoting witch that she is. Make no mistake about it, O’Donnell doesn’t give a damn about defeating Obama, she only wants to steal someone else’s work to profit personally from it. Below is a list of outlets that Christine O’Donnell has suckered into promoting her lies:

    Christine O’Donnell to Stage Tea Party vs. Occupy Debate in Tampa

    ABC News (blog)‎ – 6 hours ago

    Christine O’Donnell is looking to make some trouble in Tampa, Fla. The former Republican U.S. Senate candidate from Delaware will host a …

    Christine O’Donnell To Headline Troublemaker Fest In Tampa

    Huffington Post‎ – 2 hours ago
    2. Christine O’Donnell to Stage Tea Party vs. Occupy … – Yahoo! News…

    5 hours ago – From Yahoo! News: Christine O’Donnell is looking to make some trouble in Tampa, Fla. The former Republican U.S. Senate candidate from …
    3. Christine O’Donnell to Stage Tea Party vs. Occupy Debate … – Wopular…

    2 hours ago – Christine O’Donnell is looking to make some trouble in Tampa, Fla. The former Republican U.S..
    4. Comment on Christine O’Donnell to Stage Tea Party vs. Occupy …

    Christine O’Donnell to Stage Tea Party vs. Occupy Debate in Tampa. Thu, 08/16/2012 – 3:14pm — ABC News: Politics. Christine O’Donnell is looking to make …
    5. Daily Kos: Christine “I Am Not a Witch” O’Donnel To Cast Her Spell ……/-Christine-I-Am-Not-a-Witch-O-Donnel-To-C…

    1 hour ago – According to a press release for the event, the gathering will include “the first-ever National Tea Party vs. Occupy Movement debate.” O’Donnell …
    6. Christine O’Donnell to Stage Tea Party vs. Occupy Debate in Tampa…tea-party…occupy…/1098…

    Posted on 8/16/2012 by PauliBonce05. ” alt=”” width=”140″/>. Christine O’Donnell is looking to make some trouble in Tampa, Fla.
    7. Christine O’Donnell To Headline Troublemaker Fest In Tampa…/christine-odonnell-troublemaker-fest-20…

    2 hours ago – Republican Christine O’Donnell, who made an unsuccessful U.S. Senate bid in Delaware in … The Tea Party favorite will headline Troublemaker Fest, a five-day event in Tampa that overlaps with … Occupy Movement debate.
    8. Tea Party movement – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    For the protest events themselves, see Tea Party protests. …. We cannot talk about fiscal responsibility while spending trillions on occupying and bullying the rest of the ….. In Delaware, Tea Party-backed candidate Christine O’Donnell defeated …
    9. Christine O’Donnell Jokes – Late-Night Jokes About GOP Senate ……/Christine-O-Donnell-Jokes.h…

    Deleware GOP Senate Candidate and Tea Party favorite Christine O’Donnell. See Also: • Craziest Christine O’Donnell Quotes • Funny Christine O’Donnell …

    • Meesh says:

      Since when is FatAss afraid to say the word “Bitch”? Do a search of the word on his site. There’s 8 posts that come up and was written by him. He has used the “C” word repeatedly when addressing some women.

      Meanwhile COW scored and is off to the races, cha-ching PayPal. She also blames us in hacking her stoopid site! She has me linked to some “OCCUPY” movement. Newsflash, I do not live in London Ontario.

      “They will find, when they’re poking around this website that …it won’t be quite as easy as the last time to hack into this one.


      OK here’s her latest post!

      I’m off to the races
      August 17, 2012, by Cao No comments yet

      Will be back soon with a few pictures from Road America, check back for updates.

      Thanks to the thoughtful people who made this trip possible by extending me a personal invitation for an all-expenses paid trip to get away, and the opportunity to take pictures at Elkhart Lake this weekend.

      These individuals are aware of the unique importance and significance Elkhart Lake has for my family as well as my photography and need to make money, and to those people, I just want to say thank-you, from the bottom of my heart.

      I am very fortunate to have such wonderful and caring friends.

      • Dennis says:

        Someone spent 10 hours on that stupid site? Sounds to me like they either fell asleep or died from boredom. Someone should call 911.

        • Meesh says:

          Yeh I know, 10 flippin hours. Just 5 minutes tops and you’ve got the drift of what COW is all about.

          • Dennis says:

            Glad to hear it wasn’t you. I was afraid that after a long day of lobster farming at your estate in the Arctic Circle, you fell into a deep sleep at Cow’s site.

            • Meesh says:

              It may have been me, methinks she fudged the time spent on her GAWD awful site. Yes, I do utilize Bell as my internet service, but I am displayed within all parts of Ontario. One day I could be in Toronto, Sudbury, Blenheim, Windsor, Sarnia and yes London too.
              An ip says NOTHING, I do not live in any of these towns by the way. Notice how she uses these same intimidating practices as Sinclair?

            • Dennis says:

              OK, but let me see if I got the rest of her drivel straight: In between long winded and extremely snarky jabs at her “imaginary” opponents over her, she begs and whines for money because she hasn’t been able to buy food in months, has no money for room and board etc etc and then goes into an utterly pointless but extremely narcissistic line of chatter about her “free” vacation (and promises people photos)? So obviously she is either another intensely self-involved two-bit scam artist or an incredible nitwit (or both – I’m betting on both).

  21. kstreet607 says:

    BTW…maybe its because of the mood I’m in, but I’m really liking this layout. Also, just as a point of reference I voted for “Beach” thinking it was the beige layout (duh) I found that to be lively and nice and bright.

    • Meesh says:


      I so wanted to hear that, have you glanced down to the reply area? This is one of WP’s latest theme called “Piano Black”. The style is tagged as:
      “Clean, Contemporary, Curved, Dark, Elegant, Metallic, Tech, Technical, Textured.”

      It’s a dark and elegant theme that showcases content with a design that feels sophisticated yet techy and modern. It’s a very simple theme, that’s easy to read as well within the comments it offers the same richness to each individual comment.I love where replies are enboxed, not sloppy looking. Yes I am a fuss butt.

      I look more in enhancing the area for comments. Many of the black themes, are just that, just “BLACK”. I also like the looks of the main post, I did not have to rearrange it (as I always have to do, when switching themes) for this one fell into place and adjusted itself.

      No, it’s not your somber mood.I like it too, and I’m in a sunny mood. I am trying to find something “NEWER” so we can identify it as “our” own. Don’t get me wrong, I like “Beach” the top of the design in my opinion is more dedicated to the person who designed it. It does not allow for different options for a site to utilize.

      I have been knocking myself out to truly capture the original “Regulator”theme.
      It was selected by ZeN and Pete because when they thought of the name “Regulator”… they wanted a very simple and modern look. As much as being invited to be a “team member” my cutesy suggestions within flowery, beautiful “themes”. My ideas were somewhat fluffed away.

      Why the two of them came up with “Regulator”? A regulator is a device that maintains a designated characteristic…following Mitch & Nan. I believe ZeN and Pete would approve of this lay-out for their “baby”. I have asked ZeN to drop by, hopefully he will.

      Within my gut feeling, like it or not, this is it. This was the Regulator’s original theme, somewhat modernized within the original authors’ vision. I welcome backlash within my decision. Yes, I have taken it upon myself to watch, listen.

      The boss likes it, she can read it, this is all I need.

  22. Borat says:

    Cow is full of shit…..

    by extending me a personal invitation for an all-expenses paid trip to get away, and the opportunity

    This is simply ohhh look I have friends that care about me.

    ANYONE who can consider laAARD a friend is an absolute scammer.

    I believe that post as TOTAL BULLSHIT, COW is sitting in her single wide playing farmville.

    If it was true you would simply email the people ………..its BULLSHIT

    All Expenses paid ….yaaaaa ok

  23. Meesh says:

    Here he is once again!

    Christine O’Donnell Climbs In Bed With Al Gore
    August 17, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    O’Donnell Live Example of Obama’s You didn’t build that, Someone else made that happen!
    Updated @ 4:26PM ET

    Sinclair News has obtained a text message which O’Donnell assistant Rachel Torres sent to Gebert @ 3:29PM ET this date:

    The email I sent was from troublemaker. Not me personally. I don’t think I want on this project anymore.

    Earlier this morning Sinclair News reported on self proclaimed Tea Party star Christine “I’m a Witch” O’Donnell’s theft of Gordon G.G. Geberts trademarked and copyrighted Tea Party vs Occupy and Occupy vs Tea Party brand and concept. That report has caused O’Donnell to make some changes to her claims on the Troublemaker Fest web site which are worthy of reporting along with some additional information on the ownership of the concept and trademark of Occupy vs Tea Party/Tea Party vs Occupy.

    First: O’Donnell has removed from her promotional site the claim that her First ever National Tea Party vs Occupy debate will be hosted by TV Personality Chuck Woolery. Why O’Donnell even put that claim up in the first place begs the question: Does the Tea Party want to be seen this way?” Christine O’Donnell: Witch or %itch?

    Second: Since the publication of our first article O’Donnell, has lawyered up and is going out of her way to convince people she is the legal owner of the trademark and the concept. Sinclair News attempted to contact O’Donnell for an interview via the name and phone number she has published on her events web site. We also sent text messages to her assistant’s Rachel Torres, and Annette Burgess/Matthew Purdie (Left) (The phone number listed on O’Donnell’s site promoting her Troublemaker Fest, for people interested in interviewing O’Donnell to call 570-497-6994 turns out to be the cell phone of Matthew Purdie) seeking interview with O’Donnell which Torres and Burgess/Purdie responded with “Hi Gordon!” Sinclair News Text messages are in red, Torres & Purdie replies are in blue:


    Sent:Fri, Aug 17 12 12:49pm

    trying to reach Christine O’Donnell for an interview on charges she sold rights to another individuals trademarked property.
    Lawrence Sinclair
    Sinclair News-LS News Group


    Sent:Fri, Aug 17 12 1:00pm

    Msg:Hi Gordon!


    Sent:Fri, Aug 17 12 1:07pm

    Msg:Hi Gordon.


    Sent:Fri, Aug 17 12 1:04pm

    Msg:Ms. Torres, I do not believe my name is Gordon, but if that’s O’Donnell’s response I will be happy to use it.
    Lawrence Sinclair
    Sinclair News-LS News Group


    Sent:Fri, Aug 17 12 1:11pm

    Msg:That is not her response. How did you know my name? Please stop harassing me.


    Sent:Fri, Aug 17 12 1:15pm

    Msg:Mrs. Torres, I am an investigative journalist its my job to know the names of people I am reporting on. No one is harassing you, you are O’Donnell’s assistant & you were on the conference call yesterday when Christine was told she could not use another persons trademarked brand.
    Lawrence Sinclair
    Sinclair News-LS News

    It is important to note that Rachel Torres and Matthew Purdie were on the Thursday August 16, 2012 conference call along with Steve Lange of The Young Turks; a Lauren representing Occupy group and Ryan Rhodes when O’Donnell was informed she could NOT sell the broadcasting rights to Geberts protected brand. The conference call call-in number was 605-477-3000 with the PIN 281229.

    Sinclair News contacted Brad Stocking, Attorney for Current TV,at their New York offices and asked if Current TV had entered into any contract or agreement with Christine O’Donnell and her Troublemaker Fest. Stocking responded by saying “…ummm I don’t know,” at which time Sinclair News said, “Mr. Stocking, are you telling us that Christine O’Donnell is claiming Current TV has entered into an agreement with her on producing and/or broadcasting another persons trademarked brand and you can’t tell us whether Current TV has entered into an agreement with O’Donnell or not?” After a brief hesitation Stocking said, “uh we have no comment.” One has to question O’Donnell’s true motives at this point by climbing in bed with Al Gore while claiming to represent the Tea Party. Sinclair News has confirmed that Current TV has been notified that any participation and/or agreements with O’Donnell as it relates to Geberts brand will result whatever legal action is necessary to protect the rights of Mr. Gebert.

    Sinclair News believes that any Tea Party group or organization who assists or enters into any agreement with O’Donnell in her efforts to illegally profit from the unauthorized use of Mr. Geberts property should ask themselves how they can call themselves Tea Party members.

    Below is the United States Patent and Trademark Office registration certification granted Gordon Gebert on April 9, 2012 after the original filing for Trademark in November 2011.

    Goods and Services IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Entertainment, namely, a continuing reality show broadcast over television
    Standard Characters Claimed
    Mark Drawing Code (4) STANDARD CHARACTER MARK
    Serial Number 85592975
    Filing Date April 9, 2012
    Current Basis 1B
    Original Filing Basis 1B
    Owner (APPLICANT) Gebert, Gordon INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES #350 65 Fleetwood Ave Mount Vernon NEW YORK 105520350
    Type of Mark SERVICE MARK
    Register PRINCIPAL
    Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

    In addition to the above Trademark certification Gebert has the Occupy vs Tea Party/Tea Party vs Occupy brand and concept copyrighted and registered with The Writers Guild of America East which has been so registered since February 23, 2012 and is protected through February 23, 2022. Click on the below image to view in full screen mode.

    It has become clear that O’Donnell is attempting to drum up publicity for her book which is interestingly enough titled Trouble Maker, while hoping that the deep pockets of Al Gore’s Current TV and MacMillan Publishing will hold off any litigation from Gebert until after she has pulled off her stolen show for personal profit. Sinclair News has confirmed that Counsel for Gordon G.G. Gebert has served on Christine O’Donnell, Trouble Maker Media dot Org, Troublemaker fest , Current TV and Current TV’s The Young Turks formal Cease and Desist notice which will be followed by request for Temporary Restraining Orders preventing O’Donnell from using Gebert’s brand.

    Sinclair News offered Christine O’Donnell, Rachel Torres, Matthew Purdie the opportunity to answer our questions but instead O’Donnell has decided she can continue to move forward with her unauthorized use of Mr. Geberts brand. Sinclair News has to ask two questions of those who take pride in calling themselves Tea Party members:

    1. Do you and or the TEA Party believe it is okay for another person to take something that does not belong to them and misrepresent it for personal profit and gain?

    2. IS the TEA Party okay with climbing in bed with the likes of Al Gore & Current TV for the purpose of making Christine O’Donnell money?

    Clearly in the case of Christine O’Donnell, Matthew Purdie and Rachel Torres, Steve Lange, The Young Turks, Al Gore & Current TV, they wholeheartedly believe in Obama’s: You didn’t build that, someone else made that happen motto!

    Through the Mirror w/Larry Sinclair even did an interview with Gordon G.G. Gebert on August 2, 2012 on the very topic of his Occupy vs Tea Party show. You can listen below.

    • Dennis says:

      This has to be the single worse piece of so-called investigative journalism I have ever seen. To be honest, it is pretty much impossible to make any clear sense out of his own damn story. He seems weirdly focused on the concept of people getting into bed with Al Gore (who basically isn’t really in any actual way really like, you know, involved in this story). He buries his information into a endless (and wildly pointless) stream of e-mail headings and patent numbers etc. etc., while never really getting back to his point (if he even has a point). When he finally gets to a question, it is a ludicrous piece of misleading drivel (and again is obsessed with somebody getting into bed with Al Gore). By the time he’s done, I’m falling asleep for crying out loud. All I know is that Fatso wants to get into bed with Al Gore, I think. Tell Al to watch out.

      • Meesh says:

        I agree, FatAss has had this obsession with Al Gore. Back in 2008 when one of his posters suggested that Al Gore endorsed Senator Obama, FA went livid!

        • Dennis says:

          So I am finding out. Gee, I like Gore and stuff but in bed with him…Yikes! BTW, Meesh, thanks for all of your efforts at keeping this site going (and Kstreet too). You are both saints.

          • Meesh says:

            WE (KStreet and moi) love you guys, that’s why we do, what we do! Do you want me to do the “huggy” thing again? OK here goes… A huge one!

            Just so you guys know, MANY, MANY, Many of our “KOOL KIDS” still watch in on a daily basis. They get their daily chuckle. You guys who contribute, are the ones who keep this site alive! Some women still watch and follow. You know what? As much as what we hate to admit, this Larry Sinclair bond has been a humorous one! We love everyone, in 2018 we’ll have a class reunion!

            • Democratista makes her presence known sometimes. But I have been feeling Glix a little bit too. Ruh Roh disappeared in a funk, but I know she still digs me.

            • And whatever happened to the bawdy redhead? (I can’t remember her name right now, but I liked her ideas.) And remember brilliant Heidi?

              If we could figure out the reasons they got pissed off and left , maybe we can get them back.

              Meesheemy has the lowdown on all the history, and if the sweeties are peeping, smile, you’re on candid camera. 🙂

            • Meesh says:

              You know what? At times LTL. ( I like you, yet you’re just way too creepy at times too) WTF?! Why am I being questioned about women on this board? Is this what you are responding to?—> It was KStreet’s observation, not mine.Talk to KStreet about it and not me…I did not bring up the tally count of women that currently or past existed here. In my opinion the observation is a bit strange.For me, it has never been a gender issue. ( the number of women vs men) there’s never been distinct barriers upon my part.

            • Meesheemey:

              Wasn’t it your observation that “some women still watch and follow”?

              And considering that outrageousness has always been the Regulators’ stock in trade, I find your complaint somewhat curious and disingenuous.

            • Meesh says:


              I do not think I mentioned anything about women. I’ll go back and see.

            • You don’t have to go back far. It was in your post I was responding to.

              No worries.

            • Meesh says:

              Yeh OK! I guess I did. Sorry.

      • gilligan25 says:

        Larrd’s an “investigative journalist?” LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! He’s clueless.

        And it’s hilarious to see political whores being “investigated” by a real whore. Too damn funny!

        • Dennis says:

          Even better. He is accusing O’Donell of shamelessly promoting her book. Is this weird or what? BTW, how did the medical tests go? Despite what I said about my “problem”, I always want a straight report.

          I once had a job conducting medical surveys for HMOs. One of our clients was a HMO in Chicago. They had us doing surveys of patients who recently under went major heart surgery. Mostly it was OK. Then I had the guy who was a experienced paramedic who discussed his surgery in extremely detailed and precise medical terms. Good god, you would have thought he had done the damn surgery, After 30 minutes of talking with the guy, I had to retreat to the break room for a quick lie down. My vision was restricted to a dark tunnel filled with spots. If you have ever seen the old comedy film The Miracle of Morgan Creek, then it is very much like Eddie Bracken and the SPOTS!!! stuff in the movie. I’m not exactly proud of this, but I have given up pretending. I just deal with it.

          • gilligan25 says:

            I spent more time filling out forms than I did for the test. I have truly rotten veins (small and rolly), but they got the IV in quickly and without too much pain (and so far, no bruising). Then I hung out in the bed in the department for a while. I didn’t have to change my clothes–they just put a gown over my street clothes–and it felt weird wearing my shoes in bed (I can hear my mother yelling at me for doing so). After about 30 minutes, they moved me into the testing room–gobs of monitors and other equipment. They got everything ready, and explained to me what they were going to do (fiber optics down my throat into my stomach), telling me I might have a sore throat afterwards (I didn’t). Then the RN held up two syringes and said I’m going to put these in your IV and you’re going to go out. And that’s exactly what I did, just like someone had turned off a light switch. The next thing I remember is the RN telling me it was over and I had a gastric ulcer. i have absolutely no memory of what happened in the interverning times. The doc was out in the waiting room talking to my hubby. Anyway, after about 15-20 minutes, I could go home, new prescriptions in hand. The only after effect I had was that I was hungry and thirsty (they gave me a cup of fresh coffee on the ward, so I was happy). My hubby got me home, poured me into bed and I slept.

            The doc still wants me to have a colonoscopy, primarily because that’s the last body orifice that hasn’t been poked, prodded and stuck. I was the driver for a friend of ours who had a colonoscopy a couple years ago, and other than being more than adequately medicated, he didn’t have any pain or any memory of the test, either (his colon was okay). I tell ya, with the new equipment and new drugs, it really makes these tests a whole lot easier. And I’m of the school that says I really don’t want to know what goes on while I’m under–just give me good drugs and lots of them.

            • Meesh says:

              WOW Gilli! Rotten veins, Nahhh ( Pssssst Dennis look the other way, ok?) Gilli, veins do tend to collapse, but no, your veins are not rotten. Do not feel this way.Everything’s OK right? Please remain positive. You and your hubby must have an excellent health care coverage. Amazing! I am so happy for you to get all of these tests done, don’t put yourself down.You will breeze through all of this.

              YOU Will you be OK and done with all of this crap, sweetie! Now Dennis read again!

            • Dennis says:

              That’s OK. Midway through Gilligan’s description of the procedure I just went over to Cow’s site and passed out for ten hours. It’s a perfect crash pad.

        • Dennis says:

          Oh sure. He’s an “undercover” reporter. He wants under Al Gore’s covers. Weird or what.

          • gilligan25 says:


            We do have good health insurance and I’m on Medicare, so what Medicare doesn’t pay for, our private insurance pays for it. The hospital keeps sending me a bill for $0.00–every month since February–and now it’s overdue LOL!! I’m thinking of sending them a check for $0.00 to pay them off.

            Oh, the ulcer is the least of the Bad Things on the list. It ranged everywhere from hepatitis C to cirrhorsis (I don’t drink or have any of the other risk factors) to stomach cancer and on and on and on. I spent last weekend terrified out of my wits, wondering if I was going to be getting a death sentence yesterday. This is a leftover from the emergency perforated ulcer surgery I had in February. The bitch is that I haven’t been able to eat very much–gobs of nausea–but the meds are easing that symptom. And I hate bland foods and that’s what I’m on. Blech.

            But yeah, I do have rotten veins. They’re small, they’re rolly, they have a fairly tough outside so when someone tries to get blood or start an IV, if they can chase around a vein, they’ll push too hard and the needle will go right through the vein. IVs have a tendency to infiltrate or block up. I have a dime-sized knot on the back of my right hand, scar tissue from an IV that infiltrated back in February (they finally ran a line to a vein near my neck). I remember waking up from the bypass in March to see the IV surrounded by seven neat little needle holes, a futile effort on the part of the RN. Hell, I’ve been surrounded by as many as five nurses, all trying to get an IV started. There’s one good blood sucker in the lab that can get my blood/start an IV without any problem, and the 3rd RN yesterday got the IV started without any trouble, but those are the only two. Usually, the bed and floor are littered with IV kits, sweaty and red-faced RNs, and RNs surrounding the bed, talking about my veins as if I’m not there. My reputation precedes me: there have been a couple RNs who recognize me from previous visits and greet me with, “OMG, you’re the One with The Veins.” I’d say I have truly awful veins, just dreadful.

  24. Borat says:

    let the
    Freak escalate…………………….he was shit out as a turd ,and we all know you cant polish a turd…. and when his time is up they will flush the Turd

    His Stick on his grave would read ………….Welfare Rocks’ no stone as the living welfare clan need to keep the booze and drugs going…ohhh and of course the bingo and VLT.s

    • Meesh says:

      FatAss’ final epitaph very appropriately within his own words:

      “To be honest with you, its not so much whether you believe me or not, as much as you hear me.”

      Larry Sinclair – June 14, 2008

      Make sense of that? This is Sinclair, he demands to be heard and not necessarily believed. A journalist who flew down from the UK to listen to what had to say….. replied within this quote and said:

      “With that, at least, we were all happy to comply.”

      No one, will ever believe him, FatAss doesn’t believe what he has to say either.

  25. Dennis says:

    Hot off the press (which is Fat Boy’s underpants): the Family Research Council has denied Fatso any access to their conference (as well as interviews, media contact etc.). He blames it on the recent shooting incident. Or is it possible that they checked him out, determined that he was nothing but total gay bait with a potential psycho quality and said No Way!? Boo hoo. He doesn’t get to go back to DC. Oh, the shame….But, he can still keep fund raising and who knows, maybe he will finally get into bed with Al Gore.

    We Regret To Announce FRC’s Decision To Rescind Values Voter Summit Credentials

    August 17, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    In light of the recent news surrounding the Family Research Council and the attacks which have been leveled against the organization, Sinclair News wants to make something clear for our readers. We have publicly supported the Family research Council and its right to its beliefs and positions on issues. We continue to support those rights and freedoms of the FRC.

    On Thursday August 16, 2012′s Through the Mirror w/Larry Sinclair we had announced we were working to schedule an interview with FRC to talk about the Values Voters Summit which is scheduled for September 14-16, 2012 and the Treasure Life event taking place in Tampa, FL on August 28, 2012 in cooperation with the Eagle Forum. This morning in a phone call with the FRC set to schedule next weeks Radio interview we provided the FRC with audio from some of our recent interviews at the FRC’s request. Below is the email we sent at the request of the FRC:

    Mr. Mxxxx:

    Below please find the radio program audio for Monday August 13, 2012 interview with American Conservative Union Executive Director Gregg Keller.

    Please find that I do not use my Radio Program to attack, ambush or in any way try to disrespect my guest. I have been a staunch supporter of FRC’s right to stand on its religious and biblical beliefs and have even exposed those who have engaged in the promoting of hate against the FRC.

    Again, I would like to have FRC on Monday August 20, 2012 at 6:00 PM ET or Wednesday August 22, 2012 at either the 6:00 PM or 7:00 PM ET hour for at least two segments which will run approximately 23 minutes in total time (longer if FRC would like). I want to discuss the Treasure Life event in Tampa and the Values Voter Summit set for Sept 14-16, 2012.

    Thank you.

    Lawrence Sinclair

    While waiting for the call from the FRC to confirm whether the interview would occur on Monday August 20 or Wednesday August 22, 2012 we were extremely busy in the Christine O’Donnell story which continues to be very fluid. After checking our emails around 5:00 PM ET for one we were waiting to receive, we noticed an email in our “junk Mail” box which was from the Family Research Council that was sent at 2:36 PM ET.

    Upon review of the email we were sadden to find that the Family Research Council decided to rescind our previously approved media credentials to attend and cover the FRC’s Values Voters Summit. The email read as follows:

    From: Dxxxx Mxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@FRC.ORG]
    Sent: Friday, August 17, 2012 2:36 PM
    Subject: Values Voter Summit press credentials

    Mr. Sinclair,

    We have subsequently reviewed your request for Values Voter Summit credentials and will be unable to accommodate you and your outlet with credentials this year.

    – Dxxx Mxxxxx

    After reviewing the email we understood why we had not yet received the call confirming the day of our interview. We responded to the FRC’s email with the following:

    From: Editor, Lawrence Sinclair []
    Sent: Friday, August 17, 2012 5:06 PM
    To: ‘Dxxxxx Mxxxxx‘
    Cc: ‘’
    Subject: RE: Values Voter Summit press credentials

    Mr. Mxxxxxx:

    I am in receipt of your email and while I understand and respect FRC’s right to determine who they do or do not want covering their events, I would respectfully ask you if the FRC would be willing to inform us why FRC has chosen to change its mind?

    Please understand that FRC’s decision will in no way change our support for the FRC or its views. Just as we believe FRC is entitled to its views and positions we would hope that FRC would be kind enough to inform us what brought about this decision.

    I do thank you for your time, assistance and consideration in this matter.
    Lawrence Sinclair
    6 Spring Drive
    Port Orange, FL 32129
    (386) 492-6634
    (386) 290-5851 Cell
    (386) 761-3924 FAX

    Sinclair News does not hold any animosity towards FRC or anyone else who chooses to reject our requests for credentials, yet we would respectfully ask that any group or organization that rescinds a previously approved request show us the same respect and consideration that we show them and be honest and forthright with us about the reasons for their change in decision.

    We continue to encourage our readers to support the Family Research Council and their rights to hold their beliefs, opinions and lobby for traditional family values and oppose same-sex marriage. We continue to encourage our readers who are in the position to register and attend the Values Voters Summit to do so. When the Family Research Council is ready to provide us with access to cover and report on their events in an open, fair, honest and respectful way we will be more than willing to do so.

    We here at Sinclair News are accustomed to individuals and or groups of Internet posters taking responsibility for having organizations reverse their approval of our press credential requests. Should that be the circumstances here then we can only say that no one in the media would be more honest and unbiased in their reporting on Family Research Council than Sinclair News.

    Sinclair News wants to make perfectly clear that we do believe the recent change of heart by the Family Research Council was in any way brought about due to our Editor being an openly gay male. We understand we have bruised some feelings in the conservative political arena by asking questions and calling them out on hypocrisy and we understand that some of these individuals have pull with certain groups. Be what it may, we will continue to report honestly, fairly, openly and we will continue to hold all to the same standards regardless of their political leanings.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Maybe they found out he lives in a decrepit double wide in a trailer pard. Or maybe they googled him and found out about his extensive felony record, the death threats to the prez and first lady, stuff like that.

  26. Borat says:


    A grade 1 graduate thinking he is a Reprorter LOLOLOLOLOL Slob keep doing what you do …you define the lowest level of a human………….. you are the slime on the floor of a morgue nothing more, get your crayons out.

  27. Meesh says:

    Where FatAss, announces “Upcoming articles” he has this.

    Up Posts

    Sorry – nothing planned yet!

    Subscribe to Sinclair News.Net Don’t miss it – Subscribe by RSS.

    Now under that post that he had been harassing some woman… ——->

    If that wasn’t bad enough….. Now ASSministrator is harassing the woman in comments below the post 🙄 :

    Amanda M. · 14 hours ago
    Do you always make it point to publish emails and phone numbers, or is this a special occasion?

    LSAdministrator 52p · 14 hours ago
    There are no emails to our knowledge in this article. As for the phone numbers, other than our cell phone number and the conference call number all numbers in this article were made public by O’Donnell and her staff in their efforts to get people to schedule interviews with O’Donnell.

    Sinclair News has not published anything that was intended to remain off the record or which was not openly sought for the purposes of the article.

    Amanda M. · 14 hours ago
    The other article contains two emails. And that’s still incredibly wrong to publish personal cell phone numbers. Unless you didn’t know they were cell phone numbers.

    LSAdministrator 52p · 13 hours ago
    The first article contains one single email which consist of the Cease & Desist notice which was provided for the purpose of publication. As for the cell phone numbers, again take that issue up with Christine O’Donnell who is responsible for publication of said numbers on her site for the purposes of seeking media requests for interviews with O’Donnell. As we stated, with exception of our own cell phone number the others either are still or were published by O’Donnell and company of their web site.

    LSAdministrator 52p · 13 hours ago
    Ms. Towers: The other article contains one email, the Cease and Desist email which was provide us for the purpose of publication. As for the cell phone numbers perhaps you should take that up with Christine O’Donnell as those numbers were or still are published by her on her site for the purposes of seeking interview requests.

    Amanda M. · 13 hours ago
    Also, why are you using my last name? If I had wanted it to be used, I would have displayed it.

    LSAdministrator 52p · 13 hours ago
    out of basic respect Amanda. When we respond to comments understand we see the comment from the other side and its just habit to respond in a respect manner. We really don’t notice what display name you use because they tend to be phony anyway. We pay attention to the email and IP which shows us those who like to post comments using multiple email addresses and names from the same IP address.

    Did not realize and our apologies if using your last name in our response to you somehow exposed you. We don’t really get into the hiding who we are in commenting and still haven’t gotten used to others who do.

    Amanda M. · 13 hours ago
    Then will you show me where the numbers are listed? If you’re so good at getting screen caps of things, certainly this is no task.

    LSAdministrator 52p · 13 hours ago
    The Young Turks Join The Troublemaker Fest Tea Party vs. Occupy Debate

    Friday, August 17th, 2012

    Contact: Annette Burgess, 570-497-6994 Email: The Young Turks Join The Troublemaker Fest Tea Party vs. Occupy Debate Troublemaker Fest will fe[…]

    LSAdministrator 52p · 13 hours ago
    Perhaps rather than continue to ask for things that are clearly displayed on O’Donnell’s site why don’t you take a look on the troublemaker site on the very front page dated today. As the article notes, O’Donnell and her crew have done some extensive cleanup work since the first article went up.

    All phone numbers published were used for the purposes of promoting Christine O’Donnell and in actively seeking media attention and therefore are not subject to any redaction from publication.

    • Dennis says:

      Well, he showed that Amanda dame who was boss. How dare she post a comment and ask a pretty simple question. The nerve!!!!!!

      • Meesh says:


        He really, is a nasty “BITCH”!

        • Dennis says:

          Hey, I thought you were busy running your fishing boat between London and Alberta Province (or wherever the Cow has you placed today – maybe Hudson Bay).

          • Meesh says:

            No, I’m back to harvesting organic potatoes in P.E.I., I was getting seasick! The fish smell in my hair was a turn-off. I was also waiting for a call back by COW! That’s why I was at her site for 10 hours! I was reading about this exciting trip! At first, she hinted that she would bring me too!

            I so wanted to go to the races with COW! While waiting for the call from COW to confirm whether I could go to the races with her. I was extremely busy watching FatBoy. After checking my emails around 5:00 PM ET for one that I was waiting to receive, I noticed an email in my “junk Mail” box which was from the COW.CAO, org sent at 2:36 PM ET.

            Upon review of the email I was saddened to find that COW decided to rescind her previously hinted invitation for me to attend and cover the Races with her. The email read as follows:

            Sent: Friday, August 17, 2012 2:36 PM
            Subject: Re: Can I go with you to the races?


            We have subsequently reviewed your request for accompanying us to the races.We will be unable to accommodate you.
            – COW

            After reviewing the email I understood why I had not yet received the call confirming when she would be picking me up.I responded to COW’s email with the following:

            From: The Fish Wife, Meesheemey[]
            Sent: Friday, August 17, 2012 5:06 PM
            To: ‘CAO=COW‘
            Subject: RE: Can I go with you to the races?

            Dearest COW

            I am in receipt of your email and while I understand and respect your right to determine who they do or do not want to go with you on your racing trip. I would respectfully ask you if you would be willing to inform me why you have chosen to change your mind?

            I do thank you for your time, assistance and consideration in this matter.
            Meesh Meesheemey
            In a distant potato field in PEI.

            Bummer eh?! I had the cutest outfit lined up to wear. So, I am picking spuds today!

            • Dennis says:

              Good point. You must be at your farm near Three Pines today.

            • Dennis says:

              Don’t you just hate it when old friends get uppity with their first taste of success? Oh sure, Cow is for now a bright light on Broadway, but soon she will be back on Skidrow and begging for your forgiveness. And Meesh, I know that you have a good heart and a forgiving nature. So just be sure to hit both eyes with the pepper spray before you fall down laughing at her.

            • Meesh says:

              Yeh Dennis, after spending ten hours on her site, I thought for sure I was one of the persons she was addressing. That’s ten hours I will never get back!

              “These individuals are aware of the unique importance and significance Elkhart Lake has for my family as well as my photography and need to make money, and to those people, I just want to say thank-you, from the bottom of my heart.

              I am very fortunate to have such wonderful and caring friends.”

              Was I wrong to assume? She still has my avatar posted, what else should I think… COW respects me!
              I don’t hold grudges, perhaps next week I will send her a bag of “French Fries” or “Tater Tots”.

      • kstreet607 says:

        Dennis and Meesh…I just read the “Amanda” exchange and saw what we have seen for over four years now. Sinclair always pulls out the “IP” thing when someone gets on his nerve. The IP thingy is a replacement for his security blanket that someone probably snatched from him as a toddler.

        Sorry guys, there’s no humor within today. Just the usual disdain and disgust for LardAss.

        Sometimes one has to take a break from all things “Sinclair”. This happens at least once a year with me. Plus there are other pressing matters at home along with the fact that I now have all three grandsons on local football teams
        so that’s hectic within itself.

        I must say Meesh, you happen to be in the right place at the right time and that’s a Blessing. Thank you once again for all that you have done and all that you continue to do.

        I’ll be back later…if I can.

  28. gilligan25 says:

    I’m still chuckling about FatBoy thinking that when he was denied a press pass it was because he was so honest and shit. Well, no. I think the Schlafly family is trying to avoid pictures like this one:

    Also, there are two stories of note. First, former assistant attorney general Andrew Shirvell lost a libel case in Michigan, with the gay president of the University of Michigan winning $4.5 million. Shirvell, who was fired because of his harassment and stalking while on the job, says he’s broke, but will appeal.

    Also, in a parish about 25 miles west of New Orleans, two deputies were murdered and at least two others injured in a shootout. Seven people are under arrest. The people under arrest are members of or have close ties to the Posse Comatitus, a violent and rabid anti-government racist, antisemitic and homophobic organization. Having lived about 40 miles from one of these lunatic groups–complete with armed standoffs–I’m surprised they let any law enforcement live,

  29. Meesh says:

    YooHoo ASSministrator, Amanda is back!

    Amanda M. · 11 minutes ago
    Is there a reason you have not approved my last comment? Nothing I said violated any of your terms.

    She doesn’t sound very happy! Snap to it, release that comment!

    OOPsie, here he is!

    LSAdministrator 52p · 7 minutes ago
    Other than the fact that people do not sit on the site every second of the day waiting for you to comment not at all.

    I still say FatAss is a classic representation of a BITCH!

    • Dennis says:

      Yep, nothing warms the hearts and minds of your readers more than a snarky backhanded retort. Now send the little lady packing, Fat Boy. You have Farmville to get back to.

  30. Dennis says:

    Here is what you are missing: Corvette Tribute Day

    So presumably Cow is heading up there in her Corvette (top down I assume) for a relaxing day of family togetherness (odd, she doesn’t mention if her family is going with her and at $25 to $35 a pop, I could see leaving the little buggers behind) while sniffing the gas fumes and going deaf from the engines roar. Hope her hubby is still alive when she gets back.

    Hope I’m not rubbing salt into your wound. I know how slighted you must feel.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Road America is not cheap. I’ve never gone because I’m not a motorhead–but despite her whining, while she’s stuffing her face with overpriced food and drinking overpriced drinks, she’s probably stinking up the place.

      Anyway, I’d rather go to the EAAirventure.

    • Meesh says:

      Yep, I`m very jealous… It`s very sunny out today.

      Here she is!

  31. Meesh says:

    Here’s ASSminnistrator again:

    LSAdministrator 52p · 1 hour ago
    No Amanda M. we will NOT redact any part of the article. The information in said article comes from those involved acting in an business and official capacity as representatives of Troublemaker media. I would challenge your claim that anyone who uses a cell phone for business purposes and to solicit media requests is somehow entitled to having said information labeled as private.

    What you have seen is not what O’Donnell has had published.

    No what O’Donnell is doing is not different from Mr. Gebert. In fact O’Donnell only decided to move with it after Gebert had arranged for his people to participate for the shows filming.

    As for your claim that the article is meant to harass people, you miss the mark there as well. Mr. Gebert and the multiple regular people who put their hard earned money into making the project a reality have every right to know who is behind the efforts to take something that they have worked to build.

    Now allow us to ask you a few questions. Especially since you have demonstrated your dedication to the O’Donnell defense.

    1. What is your interest in and association with Christine O’Donnell?

    2. What is your association with Troublemaker Media or Trouble Maker Fest?

    3. Are you and your husband associated with the IMAX in Tampa and/or do you have a financial interest in the O’Donnell event?

    4. Are you now or have you ever been known as Amanda (Alexander) M. ?

    5. Are you now or have you ever been referred to as Mizz Amanda Marie?

    6. Are you a Yelp’er?

    7. Is it Clearwater, St. Pete or Largo ? Or all of them?

    Yes we find it of interest to continue to research those who take such a keen interest in particular portions of a report, especially those who spend hours on the piece on their iPhone doing google searches on a single search term.

    No, we offered Christine O’Donnell and Mathew Purdie, Rachel Torres and Annette Burgess the opportunity to tell their side of the story. Instead of taking that opportunity, they responded like middle school kids with “Hi, Gordon.” O’Donnell can still give her side if she wishes and we will be more than happy to record the interview and publish it as is. But instead, O’Donnell and those working with her have tried to use her associates to have people remove articles which tell the story of her efforts to take something that does not belong to her for personal gain.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Gawd, no one would care about someone so marginal as Christine O’Donnell except FatBoy, or get into a pissing war about her. Of course, this is from the same person who removes the author’s name and slaps his name on a piece, so he is more than a little ethically challenged.

      BTW, I wonder who’s doing his writing? He is functionally illiterate and the junk he’s churning out is a cut above this.

      Oh, and despite her protestations to the contrary, I do believe O’Donnell is a witch and will turn FatBoy into a bigger, fatter and uglier toad than he already is.

      • Dennis says:

        The witch claim about O’Donnell is based on some stuff she admits to doing in her college days. Oddly enough, a good friend of our’s is an honest to god practicing witch (or as they prefer, Wicca). She correctly pointed out that what O’Donnell was involved in wasn’t standard Wicca practice. It is actually Satanic Rite stuff. O’Donnell was playing with Satanism. Now that should really get LardBrain going….

    • Dennis says:

      Quick note to Fat Butt: 1. “I would challenge your claim that anyone who uses a cell phone for business purposes and to solicit media requests is somehow entitled to having said information labeled as private.” Great, so give us your cell phone number – NOW! You undoubtedly use it for business, and you obviously feel that any such “business” number should be treated as public – so give us the DAMN NUMBER!!!

      2, “…into making the project a reality have every right to know who is behind the efforts to take something that they have worked to build.”
      OK, who is working behind the scene to run, fund, and produce your news site? We want names, phone numbers, and e-mails addresses. No more hiding. You want people to be transparent, then become TRANSPARENT! Give us the names NOW!

      And remember, based upon what you just told Amanda, you should be excited at the prospect of providing this information. It will make you feel all so good about yourself. Oh so blessed is he who practices what he preaches….

    • kstreet607 says:

      But instead, O’Donnell and those working with her have tried to use her associates to have people remove articles which tell the story of her efforts to take something that does not belong to her for personal gain.

      There’s that psycho paranoia again. In reality, Sinclair is a one trick pony that someone has dressed up for “show” but in reality, he’s still that ragged one-trick pony.

  32. Meesh says:

    FatAss finally released her comment. Amanda has him pegged to a “T”.

    Amanda M. · 7 hours ago
    I see no mention of any phone numbers outside of the Annette, which is presumably the one whose email was shown.

    I chose to not share my last name, it was highly unprofessional of you to address me in such a manner when your site says that my email, which contains my full name, will not be displayed publicly. This is just a show of how you run your site and bully those who don’t agree with you.

    What was the purpose in this article? What GGGG and what O’Donnell are doing are as different as The Today Show and Good Morning America. One is a gimmicky TV game show, the other is live debate.

    You’ve done a fantastic job harassing people and threatening them by releasing private information that I don’t think was ever intended for the knowledge of the public. You’ve reported half of a story to draw attention to your friend GGGG and sacrificed any sense of journalism to do so.

    I hope you consider redacting that private information, that is NOT listed on the Troublemaker website.

    • Dennis says:

      Good grief, if this Amanda person keeps on with this rational thinking stuff she is going to replace both you and Kstreet on the hit list.

    • gilligan25 says:

      It’s nice to see that in a few email exchanges, Larrdass has proven to the USSS and other law enforcement that he’s still high on the threat assessment list. That, and he’s batshit crazy. It’s too bad West Virginia let him out of the locked ward.

  33. Meesh says:

    Here we go again, this time it`s CONtributor…

    Grassroots For A Complete Obama Historical Record In Chicago

    August 18, 2012
    By Contributor

    A story which ran in the Chicago Tribune about yet another “Historical” marker in the Hyde Park area of Chicago was brought to our attention through emails and Face Book postings. The story which started with the AP (Associated Press)

    CHICAGO (AP) — Barack Obama first kissed the woman who would become his wife outside a Chicago ice cream shop – and now there’s a plaque to prove it.

    The managers of a shopping center in the city’s Hyde Park neighborhood installed the 3,000-pound granite marker this week with a plaque reading, “On this site President Barack Obama first kissed Michelle Obama.”

    The plaque includes a picture of the first couple and a quote taken from an interview the president gave to “O, The Oprah Magazine” describing their first date.

    “On our first date, I treated her to the finest ice cream Baskin-Robbins had to offer, our dinner table doubling as the curb. I kissed her, and it tasted like chocolate,” the plaque reads.

    Read the AP Article here: Plaque marks Chicago site of Obamas’ 1st kiss

    After the story was picked up and printed in the Chicago Tribune some in the Chicago area decided to start a Grassroots effort to have historical markers installed at other Chicago area locations to give a more complete and correct history of who Barack Obama truly is. This grassroots effort believes Historical markers should be placed in all locations around the Windy City area which marks a “first” for Barack Obama.

    Yesterday, the Chicago Tribune ran a rather strange story documenting a “historic marker” that was recently installed at the Dorchester Commons Shopping Center in the Hyde Park area of Chicago to commemorate the spot where Barack and Michelle Obama allegedly shared “their first kiss”. According to the article, the current US president later claimed his future wife “tasted like chocolate”. No doubt if David Bowie ever said something like that about his wife Iman, he’d be pilloried as the most racist of racists ever.

    My good friend Megan Fox and I have decided to launch a grassroots campaign for a series of similar “historic markers” that we think should be installed around Chicagoland, commemorating other kisses Barack Obama had with additional people in his life…people such as Larry Sinclair, the man that Barack Obama had a wild sexual romp with back when he was still an Illinois state senator.

    Mid-America Asset Management owns that shopping center in Hyde Park where the first Obama “historic marker” was installed so we’ll probably ask them how they went about doing that. No doubt they have a bigger budget than HillBuzz & Mrs. Fox, but Megan’s two daughters have agreed to lend us some of their construction paper, Disney princess stickers, and glitter so perhaps we’ll have a Craft Day and make “historic markers” (using Crayola markers) to commemorate the exact spot in Gurnee, Illinois “where Barry met Larry” and the two began their two-day, gay sexual affair. I sense a glitter bomb in our immediate future.

    I also think there needs to be a “historic marker” affixed to Man’s Country Bathhouse up in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago, as well — since Barack Obama frequented this men-only sexual hotspot in the late 90s up until January of 2004 when he embarked on his campaign for the United States Senate. Apparently, he went there most often on Wednesdays. If you spend any time in the seedier gay bars of Chicago, where the older guys tend to hang out who were around in the scene back when Obama was cruising and they still had relatively healthy livers, you’ll hear them refer to the little rooms at Man’s Country as “presidential suites”, presumably because the current US president used to allow old, white men to perform sexual acts on him there (the “Oral Offices” is another popular riff on this theme). Though, maybe they’re really saying “sweets” and Obama just went to Man’s Country to reverse-trick-or-treat and give away candy there to the towel-clad or nude patrons (which could be an obscure tradition in Indonesia similar to eating dogs, which Obama described in one of those books he had ghostwritten back in the day).

    Read entire article here: Where Barry Met Larry: a grassroots campaign to historically mark Obama’s gay hot spots in Chicago
    Since the first article announcing the grassroots effort to have Historical Markers installed marking Obama firsts, the organizers have sent a letter to the Comfort Inn & Suites in Gurnee, IL asking the General Manager to make his/her Hotel a new Historical and Tourist site just as the owners of Dorchester Commons did as shown in the Associated Press story from Thursday August 16, 2012.

    VIA Fax and US Mail – August 18th, 2012

    General Manager
    Comfort Inn Hotel
    6080 Gurnee Mills – Circle E
    Gurnee, IL 60031-4524
    FAX: 847-855-0943

    Dear General Manager,

    A recent article in the Chicago Tribune, “Marker Placed At Hyde Park Shopping Center Where Obamas Shared First Kiss” by Dahleen Glanton, has inspired a nationwide grassroots effort to ensure that every location where the current US President Barack Obama kissed various people is dutifully and permanently commemorated with a plaque, statue, obelisk, or other monument of some kind.

    As you’re aware, the Comfort Inn Hotel located at 6080 Gurnee Mills – Circle E in Gurnee, Illinois is a place of immense historic importance because it is the location where President Obama first had sexual relations with Larry Sinclair, the namesake proprietor of the Sinclair News Group. At the time of his stay at your hotel several years ago, Mr. Sinclair was a guest of the Comfort Inn visiting the Chicagoland area to attend the graduation of a friend from the Great Lakes Naval Training Center nearby.

    Mr. Sinclair was introduced to future-President Obama by way of the limousine driver he hired to drive him around Chicago while he was in town, as Mr. Sinclair knew he’d be going to bars to celebrate his friend’s graduation and wanted to avoid any inebriation issues behind the wheel (which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is commendable). It’s our understanding that Mr. Sinclair asked the driver to introduce him to any local gay Chicago men that the driver might know so that Mr. Sinclair could have some fun in the city with a local. The driver immediately thought of then-state-senator Barack Obama who had acquired a reputation with the driver for partaking in drugs, drinking, and having sexual relations with men similar to Mr. Sinclair.

    No doubt, you’re probably very proud of the fact that Mr. Sinclair and President Obama had various sexual relations in your hotel and you will want to commemorate these adventures in similar fashion to what the Dorchester Commons Shopping Center did with “Barack and Michelle’s First Kiss” plaque. Ancient Romans used to steal obelisks from Egypt on various treasure-hunting and conquest trips and install them around Rome to commemorate various things because, with enough imagination, the obelisks appear phallic. One way to not only top the Dorchester Commons’ plaque but to also really drive home the fact that the current President of the United States engaged in sexual relations with Mr. Sinclair in a room at the Comfort Inn in Gurnee Illinois is to erect an obelisk (or two) in front of your hotel. We don’t think the inscription should be in Egyptian or Latin though because few Illinois residents or tourists would be able to read it in that case. You should instead follow the lead of Mid-America Asset Management (owner of the Dorchester Commons Shopping Center) and write your commemorative and historic marker’s inscription in English.

    Read the entire letter by clicking the link below:

    Where Barry Met Larry Part 2: the grassroots campaign to historically mark Barack Obama’s visit to the Comfort Inn of Gurnee, IL (where he had sex with Larry Sinclair)

    With a barber chair enclosed in glass marking Obama’s Chicago haircuts, and his first kiss (?) with Michelle that tasted like chocolate, why not make Obama’s history a complete and accurate one? As the spokeswoman for Mid-America Asset Management put it:

    “It’s a marker for the community, for posterity and tourism, too.”

    • kstreet607 says:

      OMG…somebody mentioned Sinclair…WITHOUT verifying the facts of his story. I guess this made his evening after Amanda tore him a new one tonite. What a freakin’ narcissist!

  34. democratista says:

    Hello, my friends…bon matin, mes amis…

    Some things never change. Lardy is EXACTLY the same as always…it’s like when he first started his site with the way he treated Amanda. I will never forget when K actually tried to reason with him and I knew you could not reason with someone who is so self obsessed. We ALL tried to just reason with him and give him the opportunity to prove his “story”. I admit that I was very upset and nervous when he first started to spew this crap (after I realized that his youtube was not meant to be some sort of joke). There was no way he could or would be reasonable then or now. If he has no good answer, he attacks you as a person. I have generally been taking the old advice of a very conservative friend of mine (though he can discuss) that the worst thing you can do is ignore someone looking for attention….but I do love and miss you all though I don’t comment much.

  35. democratista says:

    Part deux…

    Now…the real reason I came to visit. KStreet and I have been in contact and she asked me to share. First let me say (since I know you are looking Lardy) that contrary to being some undercover operative, paid blogger, site or e-mail hacker (don’t know how many people have peed themselves laughing at that since I’m computer “system” illiterate), I am an engaged voter, who happens to be progressive. I may not agree, but I still believe in engaging whatever your thoughts and also trying with rational people to discuss viewpoints.

    I have been working canvassing in New Hampshire (very fulfilling) and calling locals to try to get them to help and been doing so for a couple of months. The woman who has really done the most to pull us together was invited to a special event yesterday and could not go so she sent me instead. (BTW, I did have to pass Secret Service screening and did so.) I was there in NH with other hard working volunteers to greet Air Force one and President Obama when he landed. I shook his hand….said a few words (a couple of times) and he always answers! He LOVES kids. He shook the little boy’s hand next to me and then smiled at him and said fist bump and they did. He stopped to listen to people and was so grateful for us.

    Then I headed up to Rochester, NH to hear his speech. I had special ticket to get me in front. I did wait for quite a while with everyone to get in (no cutting with that ticket) but got to be right in front. I double dipped….shook his hand again..and blurted out “You’re wonderful.” He gets me…as the typical person striving to make a good life for myself and my kids, playing off my sons loans and for the other two now in school, how I feel about equality and human rights, the environment, etc. You see him up close and he is just so nice and normal. You know he ate macaroni and cheese in college and lived in a dumpy apartment…and wasn’t selling off his portfolio to pay for school. He is me…though we look so different and haven’t had nearly the same path.

    So….for me, hard work for once actually did pay off!

    • kstreet607 says:

      Ruthie I know you emailed me about this but STILL when I read it I get this feeling of pride and admiration for what you have done in the 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

      As I wrote to you last evening…you deserved to go and meet the POTUS. Your hard work and dedication along with tens of thousands of other volunteers got you to that point. I still smile when I read about your experience. Who do I know that deserves it more? No one.

      Congratulations young lady.

    • Great story, Democratista. Your pride and sincerity are palpable. I, personally, am very grateful for your hard work. Talk is cheap.

      If I were you, I would now use my political contacts to help my boys in THEIR political pursuits, if any. Of course, if I were you I would also use those same contacts to further my own aspirations. After all, your own future may be pretty damn bright, too, because of the determination you’ve displayed.

      Keep on truckin’! (I know that’s why you work out and stay in shape.)

    • democratista says:

      Thanks, all. No political aspirations at this time for me and my family. New grativar…you can see me. I am the one in the black shirt with the light tan pony tail holder, fiddling with my old cell phone, trying to get (didn’t) a decent picture.

    • gilligan25 says:


      How very cool! I know being in a position to talk to POTUS is a very honored place, and you earned it.

      And he ate mac and cheese in college? Welcome to the club–it was mac and cheese and ramen noodles damn near endlessly. It was a Big Deal when we had protein. LOLOLOL!!!

      Anyway, I am very proud of you to have worked so hard to get such an honor.

  36. Meesh says:

    Bonjour Ruthie and all!

    Methinks FatAss has finally broken his BLAWG… it just will not fully load. It’s like a blinding snowstorm. Tried to tell him, there’s just too many widgets and crap on that horrible site. Or else the witch has cast an evil spell on it. I noticed earlier this morning he is continuing his witch hunt; by bringing in a Virginia attorney called Jonathon Moseley… He states that Sickliar Snooze received some emails from this lawyer.Well it appeared that the lawyer was speaking in defense of O’Donnell. The lawyer stated that you cannot copyright simple “words”. Which of course Moseley has become the enemy, not sure with LardAss. Just in case, move over, Amanda.

    Heh FatAss, didn’t Amanda demand that you redact some personal info (that you did not obtain elsewhere, but through her mail address) Hmmmm? Did you do it yet? UhOhs she didn’t sound like a happy camper.

  37. democratista says:

    Forgive me for not reading my posts well…You’re wonderful…for one is what I said…among other typos that I wish I could correct. Where is my edit button? That was one good thing about the old site. I almost always had to go back and fix my posts.. 🙂

  38. Borat says:

    Slob asses shit wipe balwwwwwg is down

    • Meesh says:


      Yep I see it now is completely down…What on earth will the world do?

      LS News Group brings News Uncensored & Unafraid like no other news source. Sinclair News reports Breaking Political & National News in effort …

      It’s just gonna stop spinnin’ off its axle. Head for the hills! FatAss won’t be up till after 3PM today, so the world will have to stand by and pray.

  39. Borat says:

    Please stand by whine larry has to add more paypal logos …..Snooze lies will be up shortly

  40. As for Legion’s site being down, when I noticed it last night I immediately thought (and hoped) it has been sabotaged by the Obama camp. I’m very suspicious of the the timing of the re-release of the story (from the mouth of someone other than Legion, no less, although equally as diseased).
    I really don’t want to even hear RUMORS of any such story from the MSM at this point in the campaign, especially when we no longer have the likes of Keith Olbermann around to dare other news people to mention them.

    • Meesh says:

      The site was completely up early this morning, LTL, as I read his current dribble about O’Donnell and the emails from Virginia attorney, Jonathon Moseley.Until 11ish am – there was limited access to the site.You could only read parts of his latest post:

      “LEGAL WARNING: Slander Of Christine O … – Sinclair News.Net…/legal-warning-slander-of-christine-odonne...
      posted 11 hours ago by Lawrence Sinclair…

      Sabotaged by the Obama camp? Pffft

      Nah! What I can make of it, possibly it’s due to this post or else… yesterday, he was forewarned and asked repeatedly to redact personal information, that he posted. He refused. He’s sticking his head way too deep as far this O’Donnell bit goes… She’s a witch (LOL) Or Borat said the latest PayPal widget blew a fuse. Or FatAss simply forgot to pay a bill, of a hosting fee. Makes more sense then the obama camp, if in fact they actually know of him, must think he’s nuts and not a threat. is still up, they’re the ones who are stirring the pot. HillBUZZ, Goofy Wells and Fatty go a long way back. On this post—-> I purposely put exactly where FatAss got the story came from.

      Way to go Ruthie! You know for some reason I always thought you were blondish or a strawberry blonde. Isn’t that funny?

  41. Meesh says:

    Here’ the complete post… FatAss decided to cover his FAT ASS and re-posted what originally was posted. Nothing more, than FatAss sanitizing his site:

    LEGAL WARNING: Slander Of Christine O’Donnell Is Actionable

    August 19, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    Mr. Moseley, it’s not slander if its TRUE.

    Virginia Attorney Jonathon Moseley “old friend of Christine O’Donnell”

    Sinclair News received an email that was sent at 10:49PM according to its time stamp on Saturday August 18, 2012 from a Virginia Attorney by the name of Jonathon Moseley (right) which it seems was meant as a warning to Sinclair News over our reporting of the truthful stories about Christine O’Donnell.

    Those article can be read by clicking on the title links below:

    Christine O’Donnell Climbs In Bed With Al Gore

    Christine O’Donnell: Witch or %itch?

    In our continued effort to report factual information we decided to call Mr. Moseley at the number listed in the email (click here for a PDF version of the email) considering he sent it at 10:49 PM we figured he would still be awake.

    From: Jonathon Moseley [
    Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2012 10:49 PM
    To: Gordon G.G. Gebert;
    Cc: Annette; Rachel Torres; r.s.mccain

    Subject: LEGAL WARNING: Slander of Christine O’Donnell is actionable

    Dear Mr. Gebert:

    It is legally IMPOSSIBLE to trademark or copyright the concepts or phrases “Occupy vs. Tea Party” or “Tea Party vs. Occupy”

    Both Florida and Delaware law recognize a type of slander known as “false light” which is very easy to prove. Your statements on this topic can subject you to legal action in Florida and/or Delaware and elsewhere.

    Common usages of English words cannot be trademarked.

    Sometimes a trademark application accepted by the US Patent and Trademark Office, but as soon as someone objects and challenges the trademark, the trademark will be thrown out as invalid.

    A trademark must be a unique name or identifier which is not simply an English language word or phrase or obvious combination of simple English language words.

    For example, “fried chicken” cannot be trademarked.

    Furthermore, you Mr. Gebert cannot trademark a name previously used by others:

    The name “Occupy vs. Tea Party” was used for a forum by Moderator Mark Mellinger in Ft. Wayne, Indiana on February 29, 2012 — before your attempt to trademark the name in April 2012.

    The previous use of the name by others, invalidates any attempt by you to trademark it.

    A video titled “OCCUPY VS. TEA PARTY” comparing the two was posted as a video broadcast on YouTube on November 16, 2011:

    So, Mr. Gebert, you cannot trademark the words “Occupy vs. Tea Party” or “Tea Party vs. Occupy”

    I see that you have developed a LOGO for your proposed television show. You can register that logo as a trademark and no one can use that particular logo. But you cannot trademark the words.

    Similarly, copyright does not protect a name.

    Copyright protects a “work” — such as an entire movie or an entire novel.

    It is not legally possible to copyright a name or title.

    You can copyright an entire article or book. You cannot copyright a name or title.

    Now it sounds like both my old friend Christine O’Donnell and you are being equally unproductive and unhelpful. If you were professional, you would have approached Christine O’Donnell with your existing work and offered to combine forces. If Christine O’Donnell were not so overwhelmed by her own hurts, fears, and insecurities, she would extend a hand of friendship and welcome you to join forces with her.

    Both of you would rather fight than succeeed.

    Why would anyone want to work with either one of you — unless you show a change of heart?

    My old friend Christine O’Donnell can be difficult to get along with. But you don’t sound like any teddy bear, either.

    On September 14, 2010, Christine O’Donnell called for everyone to work together in Delaware: “FOR THE GREATER GOOD….”

    How is this helping?

    Believe me: I know from personal experience the difficulty of wrestling with when it is necessary to push a friend like Christine to confront a mistake and when it is simply causing meaningless and unproductive strife. I have had to wrestle with such issues personally.

    There are moments in Christine O’Donnell’s life when she has been a human being. But a few mistakes here and there does not make it appropriate to throw hand grenades into a garden party.

    If you have been working on a concept independently, and Christine O’Donnell or promoters of an event who invited Christine O’Donnell late to their event came up with a similar idea, I am sorry.

    That sucks. But that is life, particularly in politics.

    That happens all the time.

    I have a fund-raising friend of mine who is constantly reminded that 90% of the fund-raising letters being re-used by dozens of fund-raisers he wrote them years ago, and his work has been copied and re-used without his permission or involvement.

    It is abundantly obvious that Christine O’Donnell has the resources to make your idea work, and you are lacking her resources.

    If you had wisdom, you would be working together with her.

    You can say that about a dozen brilliant ideas that I have, which I don’t have the resources to implement, but Christine O’Donnell could… but doesn’t.

    To have an idea that you don’t have the resources to implement is a very common situation.

    To have other people copy your ideas is very common.

    Your idea is worthless if it turns into such a mess, filled with strife, that it is simply discredited.

    Jon Moseley (703) 656-1230

    Fax: (703) 783-0449

    Jon Moseley (703) 756-1230

    Mr. Moseley it seems according to his own statements may have crossed the line of Virginia Bar Association Ethics and Rules of Conduct. First we want to make something perfectly clear. While in the body of the email Mr. Moseley addressed it Dear Mr. Gebert, we believe if you send an email and put someones email address in the “TO;” line, then you sent it to them. If you simply wanted to send it as FYI purposes you would have put the person or organizations email in the “CC:” line.

    First: According to Jon Moseley, he does not represent (his old friend, whom he says he has represented in the past) Christine O’Donnell. According to Moseley he has not spoken to Christine O’Donnell at all concerning this dispute. Yet according to his own web site he is CURRENTLY in the State of Florida and has been since July.

    ON SABBATICAL: My practice will not be accepting new clients until at least October 1. I will conclude existing cases.

    Following my mother’s death in September, I have decided to spend time with my father in and around Florida starting a business with him he is very excited about. But mainly I want to spend the time while I am able. I am the only sibling free to take the time to be with him at this time. Therefore, I will not be in Virginia from July through at least October.

    Second: According to Mr. Moseley Christine O’Donnell was not notified or consulted with prior to Moseley sending the email. Yet O’Donnell’s assistants, Annette Burgess and Rachel Torres are cc’ed on the original and the second email after Moseley was questioned by Sinclair News. Despite telling Sinclair News after we received the first email that he had not communicated with Christine O’Donnell nor anyone associated with her the mere fact the first email was cc’ed to O’Donnell’s assistants indicates Moseley was lying.

    Third: Mr. Moseley fails to understand this is not simply a matter of Christine O’Donnell using a phrase, in fact Mr. Moseley fails to understand that Mr. Gebert was very much willing and involved in producing the Occupy vs Tea Party debate for filming until Christine O’Donnell decide she wanted to be the host, the owner and creator.

    Fourth: In our conversation with Mr. Moseley, he states that “as of Monday Mr. Geberts Trademark will be invalid once a challenge is filed with the USPTO.” When we asked if Mr. Moseley intended to file a challenge on Monday on behalf of Christine O’Donnell, Moseley stated, “I will most likely represent a Tea Party group who decides to file a challenge.” When asked what Tea Party group(s) Moseley currently represents he said “none.” What was even more interesting is it took us two tries to get Moseley on the phone. The first time we dialed his number after receiving the first email it went to the United States Patent & Trademark Office system. The second try “Jon” answered.

    Why would a Virginia Lawyer who just happens to be (according to his own email and phone statements) an old friend of Christine O’Donnell be sending out emails titled LEGAL WARNING: Slander Of Christine O’Donnell Is Actionable which would give even the most reasonable person the impression he is acting in an official capacity as O’Donnell’s legal counsel? The email makes clear his targets were Sinclair News and other Internet News Sites who have the factual reports on the O’Donnell incident published? Yes, Moseley mention the following as a direct warning to two particular sites in an effort to intimidate/scare them into removing the factual stories about Christine O’Donnell and what transpired.

    Both Florida and Delaware law recognize a type of slander known as “false light” which is very easy to prove. Your statements on this topic can subject you to legal action in Florida and/or Delaware and elsewhere.

    Mr. Moseley decided to send a second email which is also cc’ed to Christine O’Donnell representatives/assistants after he was questioned on the phone late Saturday evening by Lawrence Sinclair of Sinclair News. Sinclair had advised Mr. Moseley “you might want to read exactly what the Trademark certification covers before you start sending out emails sir.” From the second email it is clear Moseley followed Sinclair’s advice. Click on the images below to view in full size.

    Moseley email after questioned by Sinclair News 1 of 2

    Moseley email after Sinclair News questioned him 2 of 2

    If what Mr. Moseley states in the second email:

    ” I rather doubt from my personal knowledge that Christine O’Donnell planned it…”

    “it” being the Troublemaker Fest, then based on Moseley’s statement, O’Donnell’s own statements that she did plan it would be false as well.

    Interestingly enough what Mr. Moseley proposed in his second email is exactly what Mr. Gebert was doing until Christine O’Donnell decided she could make some money by selling the broadcast rights to one of the very Television Networks which was interested in dealing with Mr. Gebert, Current TV. So Mr. Moseley might next time wish to do his research just a little better before he starts accusing people of spreading and telling lies.

    Sinclair News will be updating this article with a complete transcript of the conversation with Jonathon Moseley, Attorney at Law which we believe all readers will find interesting and telling.

    Screen grab of Moseley web site showing him to be in Florida through October

  42. Dennis says:

    I have been taking the better part of a day away from Lardo’s World and I am now wondering: Is there a reason why he is so anxious to put himself into the middle of somebody else’s legal fight? Doesn’t make a lick of sense, but then he never does.

    • Meesh says:

      OH then, Dennis you agree with LTL’s feelings?… You guys are really wired, tweek the tin-foil caps, on tighter will ya?!

      I cannot deal with this BS any longer, or you either, you just do not get it, HOLY smokes! Narrow minded views. KStreet you have them! Get along with yourselves! I am done.

  43. gilligan25 says:

    sniff sniff–yup, I smell lawsuit. It’d be fun if the lawsuit was filed in Delaware, cuz we know it’s one of Larrdo’s favorite states, but Florida would be okay, too. After all, he was sent a very chatty cease and desist letter, but you know that ain’t gonna shut him up–in fact, knowing Larrdo, it’ll have quite the opposite effect.

    I think this calls for a trip to Sam’s Club for a 25 lb bag of popcorn and a couple cases of butter.

  44. kstreet607 says:

    Now I’ll have to go back and read what AssHole has been up to. Everytime I wanna take a break from his insanity he does something that pulls me back in so I can report in on Sinclair Watch! LOL The sick bastard is just looking for attention. From day one he’s been starting fights with people…the same personality that was in solitary more than general population because of that insane, twisted temper of his. WHAT A LOSER!

  45. Borat says:

    More poor old people RIPPED off when his new LLC company goes down the toilet…………same shit ….different day

  46. Borat says:

    Larry kindly explain what you told helen about the return on investment would you? for shares

  47. Today, I went to the beach with my kids. I found a sea shell and gave it
    to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She put the shell
    to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.
    She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely off
    topic but I had to tell someone!

    • kstreet607 says:

      Pattaya, having raised 2 girls and 4 boys to adulthood and a host of grands to boot, I can honestly say that must have been one heck of an experience for a 4 year old. May I suggest you bring her a seashell (if she refuses to go to the beach again)…wash it out in front of her and show her nothing is in it. Then let her “listen to the ocean” again. I would say there’s an 85% chance that will take away her fear of shells. Unfortunately, going back to the beach might be more difficult…at least until she gets a few years older.

      By the way Pattaya, thanks for stopping by. 😉

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