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Setting One Point Straight

on August 9, 2012

In the recent post that Larry Sinclair (posing as his sockpuppet Contributor) wrote as a bullying tactic that he referred as a mere challenge for our KStreet to appear on his so called radio show to finally “Put Up” or to “Shut up”. For a week Sinclair had been updating his blog, informing his viewers that he would be posting this very revealing  post. Was KStreet frightened? Nahh…Well the day finally came on July 26th, 2012.

Contributor/Larry Sinclair says:

“Sinclair decided he was going to give Bryant the opportunity to go on his Radio program, Through the Mirror with Larry Sinclair, and give Bryant the chance to support her Internet claims or be shown to be the facilitator of untruth that she has been for the last four-plus years. Needless to say, Bryant hasn’t the nerve to debate openly.”

Anyone who has listened to any interviews that Sinclair has conducted,  will notice that if Sinclair disagrees with some point, he insists on dominating the interview by constantly interrupting and over-talking the guest. Why should anyone subject themselves to this type of interview,  by accepting to discuss anything with this type of journalist/reporter? He’s far from being professional.

Throughout his long-winded spiel, there’s so many inconsistencies, he posted outright lies and he also conveniently  left out quite a bit of details, there’s many gaps and holes. When he quoted KStreet, he simply provided screenshots of parts of minor/irrelevant posts, without a link. A  link, or a screenshot of the complete post, would have enabled the reader to fully comprehend the complete story or the point that he wished to convey. Perhaps then, this would allow the reader to form his/her own opinion. This is quite telling on Sinclair’s part, he’s hiding something, otherwise he would be open on where the source has made these false allegations and show exactly what was said. And then after, he could point by point debunk exactly where he was wronged.  In my opinion this would be far more credible.

I have also noticed that the majority of screenshots were of comments that KStreet made here and not at Sinclair Watch. This is how Sinclair operates, he takes apart what has been said and cherry picks what he wishes to address. I found it curious that Sinclair did not supply screenshots of KStreet’s posts or actual comments where he strongly disputed the facts. This is journalism à la Sinclair. Anyone reading this so-called News site, will realize that it lacks professionalism. This is why Larry Sinclair will certainly fail in this latest endeavor, that’s his destiny. One failure after another. He’ll never learn.

Yes, there’s so many inconsistencies that come to mind, however  I believe this one point should be addressed. Sure, whatever we have to say or post, copy/paste some of his quotes that he made whether in posts/comments/videos. Sinclair denies everything, afterall he’s portraying himself as a model citizen these days. Larry Sinclair has a habit of taking down websites/scrubbing comments to cover his tracks. Now he’s trying to get rid of his old laptop, I’m not interested, but Ha! Perhaps Homeland Security would be. But you know what, Sinclair? Some things just cannot be hidden as easily.

Now here from this post:

A Challenge To Sheila Bryant: Come On TTM-Put Up Or Shut Up

July 26, 2012
By Contributor

Sinclair states in defense to what is “underlined,” (once again, without any screenshots or an example of what he’s specifically addressing)  that seemed to bother him:

The United States Secret Service paid a visit to Sinclair’s home on January 28, 2012 after Sinclair sent threatening faxes to the White House.

“It is no surprise to anyone that Bryant continues to make outrageous and completely false claims that Sinclair has threatened the President of the United States and his family. After all, the quickest way to get someone to stop reading something is to paint the author as a raving lunatic. There is just one problem with Bryant’s claim; it’s not true.”

He goes on saying:

“Now, because Sinclair has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to obtain documents from the United States Secret Service, we will not yet publish any of them here. (These, too, are included in Sinclair’s upcoming book When One Man Stands). We have decided to send an email request to the actual Secret Service Agent with whom Sinclair met in January 2012. Since Bryant and her associates have repeatedly claimed : Sinclair has sent threatening faxes to the White House; Sinclair has threatened Barack Obama; Sinclair has threatened First Lady Michelle Obama; Sinclair has threatened the Obama daughters, and on-and-on, Sinclair felt that he would address those with the US Secret Service, himself, though he already knew the statements were false and defamatory. See the email and response from the United States Secret Service in PDF form HERE Click on the image to view the email in full size.”

This really irked me, however I found our Ruthie said it best within this comment:

democratista says:

Submitted on 2012/08/04 at 5:48 am
Something that’s been pissing me off for a while -.need to just say it. I cannot believe that SOB makes it sound like the Secret Service visit him or he is denied entrance to any convention because his new site is so important and scarey to President Obama (or anyone for that matter). He writes all this bs on his site but omits his history of faxing bullet-ridden pictures to the White House, past Secret Service visits, and all around history of how he morphed into the latest version of Larry Sinclair aka Lawrence Sinclair aka Larry Lardy Ahasti Adams Avilla Fatty Tuna Douche Sinclair. I suppose the vast majority of right wing nut jobs who visit his site probably know who he is, but not necessarily all the shit he has done.

First of all, in regards to that email above, the question Larry was asking agent Keller is:

“Now I am asking, has the Secret Service ever accused me of making threats against the President, First Lady, his children or of faxing “threats” to the White House?”

Where the reply to the email was simply: “NO”. This absolutely says nothing. Agent Keller from USSS only said that they did not “accuse” Larry of anything because they “KNEW” he had been harassing the President, First Lady by sending disturbing FAXes to the White House. Why else would they have driven down to his trailer in Port Orange, to have a glass of Minute Maid OJ or some ice tea, just to shoot the breeze?

Let’s go back to Larry’s  2010 New Year’s message to the President that he posted:

And there was a video that Larry put together addressing Sasha and Malia Obama, there had been other previous instances where he addressed the Obama girls ;  however this was the sickest. Badpoet had transcribed it, just prior to  Justintv-Stream  booting Larry off his channel, and YouTube also followed suit. Here’s what he had to say, wearing a Barack Obama Halloween mask:

OCTOBER 13,2009
Good evening. This is a teachable moment for my daughters. Michelle and I both have considered the fact that it’s very important for Sasha and Malia to finally know the truth about their father.
Sasha, Malia, I am hopelessly devoted to both of you – as long as you don’t get in the way of my own self interests. Malia, I’ve lied. I haven’t always been a loving husband and father. In fact, you can read about in this book.
Let’s pull it back a little bit so you can see it. You’ll find that this book is written by a homosexual by the name of Larry Sinclair, who I did indeed engage in sexual encounters, and cocaine use, and not only the back of the limousine, but in his own hotel room -while you were just a very wee bitty baby. And your mother’s known, but we have to continue to make everyone think that Sinclair is nothing but some crazy lunatic, career criminal, psychopath – because if people start to listen, and if people start to read this book, then you and your sister, Sasha, are gonna be out of the – your current bedroom.You’re gonna be back in cold Chicago, and you won’t have Bo – the dog. So, while I think it’s time for us to have this teachable moment for you to understand what it is about your own father having the need to engage in sexual contact with other men. It’s no different than with former New Jersey governor, Jim McGreevey. There’s a name for -we’re called men on the ‘DL’ – the down low. We have wives. We have children. But, in secret, we get in the back of rented limousines, and go into hotel rooms. And sometimes we even do things in clubs, and in dark alleys.So for that, Malia and Sasha, forgive me.But please, understand it was all for the best interest of getting us into this White House. And nobody is gonna ever listen to this Sinclair guy because he continues to pull such crazy, idiotic things such as a teachable moment for my girls.
So, Sasha, Malia, there’s nothing wrong with your father being a closet homosexual, as you’ve seen by all the different gays that we’ve brought into the White House since we’ve been here. Just look at it this way, with me you have a father and a mother. And with your mom, Michelle, you get two moms for the price of one. But either way, please, encourage your friends.
Check it out. It’s a book that you just cannot go without reading. It’ll tell the story about your once beloved father.

Now these posts, videos were posted on his websites/video channels, chances are that they have never been seen by  his current sheeple or the Secret Service for that matter and never will because Sinclair deletes websites, scrubs, yep he has always managed to cover his butt this way in the past. However, there had been numerous Faxes sent to the White House, here’s one to Michelle Obama:


Ask Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama: Care to Tell Us How You Really Feel?……


From: Larry Sinclair
Phone: 386-761-0606


Company Name: Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder

To: Michelle Obama
Phone: 202-456-7064
Fax: 202-456-2237
Company Name: Office of The First Lady, White House



I am sending you this fax after giving you almost a year to respond to the letter providing you the description of your lying husband’s genitals. Michelle, I am wondering how you feel making the statement “How can you run the White House, when you can’t take care of your own house…” during the campaign referring to Bill Clinton cheating on Hillary, when you sit back in the White House with full knowledge your husband cheated on you with
other MEN?

How does it feel knowing that forever in time you too will wonder when the day will come that your daughters are asked about Barack cheating on their mother with other men? You, know like the day during the 2008 campaign that your husband had Chelsea Clinton asked about Bill’s affairs!!!!

Tell me Michelle, how does it really feel to know that your husband had to turn to other men for satisfaction that you could not give him? Did/does it make you angry enough to want them dead? What exactly is your involvement and/or knowledge in the murder of Donald Young (your husband’s dead lover)?

Don’t worry Michelle, I promise you I will continue to expose Barack Obama for the lying, murdering, closet
faggot that you and I both know he is. But you, just like Hillary, will continue to lie and cover for him until you have gotten what it is you want, and then when it finally comes out, you and Barack will go down in history alright, he as the first gay president and you as just another lying, greedy, power hungry woman who couldn’t please her husband.

One last question, why have you failed to challenge my description of your husband’s genitals?

And oh there’s this other FAX …..who can forget this one?!

I sure can’t…. But first of all, let’s revisit what Sinclair stated above:

“It is no surprise to anyone that Bryant continues to make outrageous and completely false claims that Sinclair has threatened the President of the United States and his family. After all, the quickest way to get someone to stop reading something is to paint the author as a raving lunatic. There is just one problem with Bryant’s claim; it’s not true.

Below, is where Larry Sinclair, finally crossed the line by sending the White House a very chilling message with photos attached. Who does this kind of thing? Plain and simple, Larry Sinclair is a bully when he’s behind a computer/fax machine or has planned a bullying phone call or yelling in an answering machine. He just does not properly think things through or perhaps he feels this is a normal behavior. However we have observed Sinclair is scared shitless of any sort of confrontation with law enforcement. He’s nothing but a coward and a bully. Fear and hate are his predominant driving emotions within him.

In the event that Sinclair has forgotten, I’ll remind him, this is why Homeland Security dropped by. Once again, what kind of person behaves in this manner?

The tag that he placed  on the above photo – “target practice – MO”

This photo is labeled/tagged “Target Practice 2”

Forgive me, yes these images are very disturbing to look at. But keep in mind it was done by a very disturbed person. I noticed that the First Lady’s photo had been utilized as a bigger “target practice”. She was not being accused of this make-believe story of a murder. To me, this was done with much hatred and malice. It’s no secret that Larry seems to focus on women, especially when they’re strong, successful and intelligent. He’s a bully and a coward.

Immediately after the Secret Service left, Sinclair went to CitizenWells and posted this:

Larry Sinclair | January 27, 2010 at 9:23 pm |
“Well after three plus hours with the US Secret Service I am fine and I have done nothing illegal. They two gentlemen were very nice and professional. They are looking into alot of things, including those idiots from the cesspool, and that I know because I have seen the documents myself. None of my faxes to the White House violate any laws of any kind and I have made it clear to the U.S. Secret Service that I intend to continue my faxing and calling out “Team Obama.”

Well  Sinclair was  implying that all was fine and he had done nothing wrong. But he seemed  to be saying, that we were at fault, news to me. What documents?

Typical Sinclair.

Now here is Larry’s formal explanation of what had occurred, this is what he posted on his website the day after the incident:

U.S. Secret Service Calls From Outside My Home: Secret Service Conducts 3+ Hours of Interrogations and Searches My Home Before Going To Talk To Neighbors Wednesday Evening (1-27-2010)

“At 6:03 PM on Wednesday January 27, 2010 I received a phone call that I mistook for being a friend returning my call, instead it was a Special Agent with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/U.S. Secret Service. After having been advised who the caller was I decided to record the call and ask him to again identify himself (recording above). It turned out the two Secret Service Agents were sitting in the parking lot directly in front of my home when they made the call and were watching me through the window the whole time.
Let me state from the very beginning, both Agents were polite, and professional the entire time they were inside my home. Upon entering the home Agent Andrews asked if he could look around to see if anyone else was in the residence and I gave him permission to do just that. The three of us then sat at the dinning room table at which time I was informed that the White House did not like being sent faxes. I then informed the agents that if the White House wanted the faxes to stop all they had to do was answer the questions publicly, but until that happened I would continue to submit them.
It was at this time that Agent Keller explained he and Agent Andrews had to conduct and interview and file a report which included the completion of what I thought to be an enormous amount of documents. I cooperated with the Agents (I had asked if the Agents minded if I recorded the interview, and I was asked politely to “please don’t.”) The Agents explained why they would prefer I not record the interview and I understood their reasoning and agreed not to record it.
The Documents that were being completed had “Preventative Protection” across the top of each and everyone of them. During the course of the interview I was asked if I wanted to see Obama killed, and I said “why would I want that, he is more useful to me alive.”
The agents showed me documents that had been submitted to the U.S. Secret Service by the web sites the regulator and I then showed the agents pdf files of every post and comment ever posted by that site and a couple of others. Those sites are indeed being looked into because of their photo shopping photos to make them appear as threats against the “O”.
I answered all the agents questions, including the one on exactly what it is I am trying to accomplish. I made it clear that I know exactly what the law is and I have not stepped over that line. When asked if I would continue to send Faxes and make calls to the White House, I responded, “You can bank on it!”
The Agents had in their possession copies of the photos I used for target practice of Michelle and Barack and faxed to the White House asking if is what Donald Young looked like when the had him killed. I explained that I am entitle to print any picture I choose to print to use for target practice and I chose those to ask the question that accompanied them.
There’s also a phone call.”

Hmmm what I read above there was an issue right?  I could not help but notice that he ends his post by mentioning those photos and Fax that was sent to the White House. However,  at first he says that the agents provided him with documents sent by us,  more lies News Flash Sinclair, we did not send the Secret Service anything and you know it!

Anyway a week later, while the President was visiting Tampa  Florida. Sinclair posted this:

 U.S. Secret Service Ordered to Follow Me Until Barack Obama Leaves Florida

Published January 28, 2010 @ 11:30 AM Eastern

Agent Andrews is sitting in the parking lot across from my home and will be following me if I should leave my home until Barack Obama & Joe Biden has left the Tampa, Florida area. Agent Andrews arrived at approx. 10:30 AM as I was returning from DMV and respectfully stated, “Larry, you were right, they want to make sure you are not planning on going to Tampa today.” I have agreed not to photograph the Agents face.

Updated @ 3:07 PM 1-28-2010 Secret Service Leaves After Obama Finished Speaking & Went To My Mom’s Home As Well

My Baby sitter has finally left after Obama shut his mouth in Tampa.  While one Secret Service Agent sat outside my home all morning/afternoon, another one was in my mothers home waking up a 69 year old ill woman who has nothing to do with what I say or write. Last night they even went to the homes of two of my neighbors asking questions.”

What this tells us, Larry Sinclair was and I’m sure he’s still being watched by Homeland Security and perhaps anyone who is associated with him, due to these actions.  Larry Sinclair cannot be trusted to be near the President, his family or the White House. Homeland Security is keeping a vigilant look-out. Seven months later, there’s another, Secret Service incident. No Larry they are not your best friends. They are doing their job . They are keeping the enemy at bay:

 White House Secret Service Agents Pull Sinclair Over on Pennsylvania Ave

Published August 7, 2010

Today I was pulled over by the US Secret Service after driving down Pennsylvania Ave looking for a parking space. I was ordered out of my vehicle, ordered to put my hands on my head then on the wall of the parking garage, I was searched as was my car. I was held on the street by 5 uniformed SS Agents until 2 plain clothes agents in a black SUV arrived.

I was asked why I went to the National Press Club; who invited me to the NPC and why. They wanted to know the addresses of where I had gone to look at renting.  They gave me a phone number for the DC office telling me to call them and tell them its “Larry Sinclair, I am calling to update my address!” I was photographed on the street by four different agents and camera’s as was my car and my Lic Plate. In addition the Secret Service tried to say there was… a warrant in Florida for my arrest which is completely untrue! When I was finally told I could go, the original agent who pulled me over told me he had to give me a ticket to justify stopping me to begin with. The agents with the exception of the brashness in ordering me out of my car and to put my hands on my head, were respectful from then on. Agents stated “you do know what this is about and you understand it is not going to be the last time this happens.” US Secret Service Agent Tomezak (his handwriting is hard to read) Badge Number 1367 was the agent to first pull me over.  He stated he knew my plate number by heart and my vehicle description.  I know he was just doing what he was ordered to do, but when does this abuse and misuse of the Secret Service to harass people stop?

Despite what Larry Sinclair says, no one gets a social visit from Homeland Security unless there’s some red flag that goes up. Larry Sinclair is so desperate for attention, he will go to any lengths. Normal people, do not use pictures as a target practice in order to send a message to  intimidate/harass..yes, I consider this a threat. And answering to this, Sinclair says:

“With the 2012 Presidential election we have seen the return of a group of cowardly gutter rats from the 2008 election who claim to be “fine upstanding, law abiding members of society whose only purpose is to defend Barack Obama and innocent bloggers from the ruthless and disgusting lies being told by a con-man with a 27 year criminal record named Larry Sinclair.”

To Larry Sinclair,  this is false and you know it, we have never left, we’ve been here since 2008. It has nothing to do with the 2012 election, if it makes you happy it’s all on account of you. We have been watching you for the pathetic human being that you are.

You will deny everything written in this post, this is what you do. You know it’s the truth. But that FAX  (and we have many others, that you sent prior) that “you” posted and the pictures that “you” also posted. Now try and deny that,  you  are a very sick man. By the way, Mr. Big Shot, I guess you never faxed the White House again eh?

You’re a coward, that is also a raving lunatic. Rethink  what you have recently posted:

“Sinclair News is proud of its accomplishments. Sinclair, himself, is proud that he has lived exactly as he has encouraged others to live, by putting his name on anything he writes and being willing to stand behind it.

Stand behind what “actually” happened in 2010.

Now take a bow Sinclair!

117 responses to “Setting One Point Straight

  1. kstreet607 says:

    Wow Meesh, you’ve been busy! Everything I thought but was to drained to write, you wrote very clearly and succinctly…unlike LardAss who is even more incoherent than he was four years ago. Thanks for having my back Meesh. Thanks very much.

    • Meesh says:

      I thank FatAss’ buddies, Goofy Wells and “ZacJonesIsNotAllThere” for all of the cross posts, of what their friend Larry posted! It was pretty easy. There’s another website that contains Many many of Larry’s posts… Sinclair will have to find that one on his very own.

  2. Dennis says:

    Are you telling me that Fat Boy and the USSS aren’t simply bosom pals who like to chat it up anytime they are in town? Good work but I’m sorry you had to drag yourself through the lurid cesspool of a deeply disturbed mind. And yes, I sort of see Fatso hovering Gollum like over the PayPal button muttering “My precious…..”

    • Meesh says:


      You know some of things I had forgotten about, or how Larry spinned things. I wanted direct quotes, from what Larry considers reliable sources… He states that we edit his posts, so I decided to go and visit his friends.(within the post, what’s written in blue is the reference link, on where I got the quote) The tards came to the rescue! They wuv(ed) their PapaTard. I wonder if Larry’s gonna scrub their sites too?! Oh well, there were quite a few original tards, that Larry forgot about. But I haven’t 😉

  3. gilligan25 says:

    Great work, Meesh!

    And this idiot is so delusional he thought by calling himself a reprorter he could get press credentials for the RNC and DNC despite his violent history of making death threats–and then had the gall to whine about not getting his press passes. ::::eyeroll::::

    And everytime the prez comes to Orlando, Tampa, etc,k, FatBoy is going to be siting in his trailer, probably with the USSS fat-sitting him again.

    BTW, if his laptop is broken, what’s he using to do his postings on the internets?

    • Meesh says:

      He’s got the piglets er Princesses working today, STUPIDwriter and CONtributor and himself, ASSministrator got the day off…hardly no worthwhile comments to make a big impression with. What are they using to post with? Probably “make-believe” computers, like everything FatAss reports.Well he does a lot of rip-off copy-pastes too.

    • YankeeClipper says:

      This is awesome, Meesh! I’m really glad you have all the old files and bring them back for us to remember.

      I just saw a revelation I know I missed when the incidents with the USSS were actually happening

      They wanted to know the addresses of where I had gone to look at renting

      Now we know why he isn’t living in D.C., I’m betting the agents called on his potential landlords and they freaked at the thought of housing a “mental patient” who just happens to be under constant USSS observation. Other tenants wouldn’t be happy about that either.

      I’m surprised he didn’t try for subsidized housing…oh, what am I saying? He’s probably been black listed from subsidized housing since his time in MN…and then there’s the USSS again.

      The Secret Service agents treated him the way they’re trained and charged with doing when a potential threat to the First Family is in town.

      • Meesh says:


        Yes I purposely kept that post last, I think it freaked him out… Especially when one agent told him:

        “you do know what this is about and you understand it is not going to be the last time this happens.”

        This in itself proves, by Larry’s own admission, that he certainly was/is on the watch of the USSS. I liked that post too. This was in August, where back in January he was convincing the tards that he hadn’t done anything wrong and that he wasn’t being watched. I came across several of those references too. I guess when he convinces himself enough times of a lie, by saying it over and over in his head/to others, the lie becomes the truth.

        Shortly after that, Larry went to Virginia or Maryland and he started hinting about his fake-suicide, in videos. A month later September 27, 2010 he produced the fake TicTac suicide video.

        Ah the memories eh?

        • YankeeClipper says:

          “you do know what this is about and you understand it is not going to be the last time this happens.”

          He didn’t report his response to the question, did he?

          • Meesh says:


            Nope he didn’t, but he did try to intimidate the agent by posting his name and badge number.

            “US Secret Service Agent Tomezak (his handwriting is hard to read) Badge Number 1367 was the agent to first pull me over.”.

            Too bad he didn’t have his IP eh? LOL
            Now this is another thing that probably freaked Sinclair out, when he continues with this..

            “He stated he knew my plate number by heart and my vehicle description”

            Gee I love that post, I betcha he was peeing himself! Sure they’re best buds!

          • Dennis says:

            I understand his response was “Ah, ummmm, ah, ohhhhh, ah, ummmmmmmm.”

    • Meesh says:


      I feel that Larry truly thinks, that he is not accountable for any of his actions. That everything will blow over – all’s forgotten – a brand new slate. He does not think before he acts, he’s been this way his whole life. That’s why he’s been in and out of jail from 18 to 45.

      • Dennis says:

        A new slate? More like a new state…he moves around a lot until the heat is off. I still want to know the real reason why he bolted from Florida right after the bogus congressional run.

        • Meesh says:

          I think he would like his supporters to think, he moved to DC because he was “working” on the Parisi case. When the USSS greeted him sooo very nicely. He bolted. And moved around and settled in WV, where the fake suicide with TicTacs occurred. After his stay at the psychiatric ward. Thornton Parsons took him in, in the state of Tennessee, because his family didn’t want him.
          But prior to DC he probably ripped-off some Senior Citizen. He waited till the coast was clear… Perhaps it was some Snowbird (coming back) and waited until they went back home, when the heat was off, he went back to find fresh bait. Who knows? With FatAss it’s ALWAYS about the money.

  4. YankeeClipper says:

    The “mental patient’s” news site is sinking fast (probably sunk is more accurate). Does he still publish the columns by Solon and/or the Doctor’s? The last time I read Solon’s column he referred to “Ann Rand” (Ayn Rand) When I was at his site there were a lot of crickets but, not much else and I didn’t check to see if they are still there

    • kstreet607 says:

      YC that’s no surprise since everything the creep does results in massive failure. When one tries to do things on a grand scale and in such a narcissistic way like Sinclair, the bigger and more public the failure. As we used to say back in the day on the M&N site: Thar she blows! LOL

  5. Meesh says:

    Good Morning kids!
    While doing some research about this current post in the last few days… I came across this from Jeff Dense’s site, where he answers questions. I never read this before,perhaps you have, if not, I thought I’d share.


    “Larry Sinclair, the man who claims he had sex with Barack Obama, was cracking under the pressure. He called Jeff and told him he had swallowed enough pills to commit suicide. To his credit, Jeff kept him on the line and then had the call traced. Sinclair was found and taken to the hospital where he recovered.”

    JEFF’s REPLY – This is UTTERLY inaccurate. The full story of that night will appear in Larry’s second book. I did not know Larry had overdosed until I went on the air that night and had received an email from my attorney back east that Larry had swallowed pills on video and had uploaded the video himself to the net several hours earlier. It was assumed he was dead by the time she emailed me. This hit me quite hard only minutes before airtime. I had done over 25 programs with Larry and knew him and his story very well. I have a great deal of respect for his courage even though I don’t know what really happened because I was not there during the alleged Obama events. I started the program feeling shocked and saddened as I think you might understand, but did my best to present the kind of program the listeners are used to and deserve.

    The program airs from 7-10 pm Pacific. At about 9:04 pm that night (the third hour goes live with me at 9:06), my studio phone rang. It just doesn’t ring … so I picked it up.

    It was Larry, mostly dead but still alive. I was staggered, as I hope most of you can understand. I had only about 90 seconds to airtime.

    I listened to him talk…he started out by saying that he had gotten *timed release* opiates by mistake and was mad about it and that the reason he called was that he wanted to thank me for all the support, and for letting him tell his story to all who would listen. It was not easy to do this for several reasons, not the least of which was because he was barely conscious.

    However, I knew intuitively that as long as I could keep him talking, there was a chance the police could find him. I instantly typed out an email to the producer instructing him to run an encore for the third hour and then wrote to my attorney informing her that I had Larry on the phone. I told her to call the local police in Virginia and alert them he was still alive and that I would keep him on the phone for as long as I could.

    I managed to do so for about 37 minutes. I got a couple emails from my attorney only saying that the police were having no luck.

    At the 37 minute mark, Larry said his final goodbyes and so did I. He was essentially only able to whisper by that time.

    That is the last I heard from anyone until the next morning when my attorney called. Unbeknownst to her, the local police has apparently phoned the Secret Service for help because the local police did not have the ability to ping a cell phone call…and the Secret Service did.

    My attorney was angry and told me that no one had bothered to tell her what had happened the night before. Neither of us had any idea if Larry was dead or alive until the next day. She told me the police informed her that their call to the Secret Service the night before while I was able to keep Larry on the phone was successful. She said she was told the Secret Service agents were able to ping Larry’s cell phone while I still had him on and found him in a small motel with literally a couple minutes to spare. Paramedics arrived and they got him out of the room and started to try to stabilize him, and rushed him to the hospital as fast as possible where emergency procedures saved his life.

    So, the little man who wrote this libel and classic zionist hit piece on me doesn’t know what he is talking about once again. I have never phoned or spoken to the Secret Service in my life. Clearly, when the LOCAL POLICE called the Secret Service, they knew exactly who Larry Sinclair is. Of course, Larry is a ‘person of interest’ and the Secret Service probably got involved because of that. Only they know for certain. Now, look at this merde…

    “I asked Jeff who traced the call? Who did you call?

    Rense: “The US Secret Service”

    Makow: “Why would the Secret Service, charged with protecting Obama, save the life of Larry Sinclair who could blackmail the President?”

    Rense: “He was a person of interest.”

    ???? ( My guess is they have to keep him alive to control Obama.)

    • Dennis says:

      Odd. I seem to recall that Dense spent most of that show chatting with another guest about the presumed suicide of Fat Ass but not in any way on the phone with the “deceased.” There is also some story that the guy back in Washington (who sent a process server to “check” on Fat Boy) made the call to the USSS. Maybe Dense and Fats need to get together and hammer out a straight story to peddle. As for the drugs he was taking, the whole presentation strongly suggests that the jerk was simply downing his nightly meds. And remember, he never once said anything about suicide. Oh sure, he used language that implied it but he never said it. But he did keep scolding his “fans” for the crime of putting their interpretation to his words – in other words, he was pulling a stunt and factoring in his legal defense just in case anybody did something rude like call the cops.

      • kstreet607 says:

        Sinclair is such a narcissistic piece of crap! Did anyone know that his You Tube site is called TheLarrySinclair’s Channel? What a douche!

      • Meesh says:

        I believe what Dense is saying is somewhat accurate. As I recall, Dense was taken off the air because Douche was calling in on the phone. Dense did not realize he was on the air, when he picked up the phone, a couple of listeners heard the initial call, heard the beginning of the conversation from the two and then Dense went off the air, for quite sometime. The station played some repeat program. Dense did post some message to his viewers. Now the funny part our posters here were watching Larry popping in and out of Vidler video account as well.

        As for the Secret Service calling in, it’s because the WV police were contacted by someone, yet they could not do anything (or locate FA). The USSS somehow found him and then contacted the hotel security. Here’s the 911 tape. The hotel security then contacted the Police dispatcher.

        Hahahaha on the 911 call the dispatcher often refers to Douche as the “Mental Patient”

        • kstreet607 says:

          Meesh, my brain would explode trying to keep up with all the drama that Sinclair loves to have. I don’t know how you do it.

          I DO recall that the USSS never got involved as far as coming to the scene. I’m still dubious that they got involved at all…even after listening to the recording. It sounds too pat and too perfect.

          Knowing Sinclair and his duplicity, he could have called hotel security acting like the Secret Service. He wants to be important at any cost and any lie. The USSS would have referred the call to a police organization that had tracking devices…and that organization would have called the Security at the Hotel. NOT the USSS. They just don’t get involved in this BS! Sinclair wanted his “sicko-phants” to think he was important. He has these delusions of grandeur you know! (snark)

          Last thing: Why would Sinclair want to have that audio on his site except to have people hear it and think: “Wow…The USSS saved Sinclair. They must be friends.”

          What a weasel.

          • Meesh says:


            (OOPS edited in – I had not fullly read what you said…perhaps you’re SPOT-ON. I was only basing it by the 911 tape – GeeWhiz I hope that the USSS are watching us, like FatAss claims. Maybe they didn’t see this 911 tape..hahahahaha And they could charge him for impersonating LAW ENFORCEMENT, the Secret Service yet! Wouldn’t that be rich?)

            Based solely on the 911 tape:
            If you listen to that 911 video, the Secret Service found Larry on his Vidler account and traced his phone, by going online. That’s all they did. The local police did not know where to find him, so I imagine they (police) contacted the Secret Service as they have more access in locating people, through phone lines. The Secret Service then called Hotel security. No, they did not go on the scene like Ma Barker reported.

            I found Drama Queen’s farewell post, remember that?

            “And To All A Goodnight!”
            Posted on September 27, 2010 by Larry Sinclair

            The video posted on titled “And To All A GoodNight” fulfills the promise made that whatever Larry did, it would be videoed and posted.

            Statement of Larry Sinclair

            After spending almost three years being attacked, lied about, and misrepresented for no other purpose than to protect the likes of Barack & Michelle Obama, David Axelrod and Internet Pornographer Daniel (Dan) Parisi I simply decided it was not worth it any more.

            I am proud of the fact that I wrote Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies and Murder? and I am confident that history will be kind to me and prove me to be the one telling the truth. It is my sincere wish that the TRUTH will matter in America again someday.

            It was promised that I would post the video carrying out my decision and that is what has been done on

            And to all a good-night.

            Lawrence (Larry) Sinclair

            • Meesh says:

              Here’s one way to look at it also. The fake suicide occurred only several weeks after Larry’s encounter in DC with the Secret Service. And yes, the Secret Service were watching him FOR SURE then. He was still nearby DC…and not back where he belongs (clear away from DC) Could it be that Larry was still under the watchful eye of the Secret Service? They were watching what he was posting online as well?

              No, they didn’t go and rescue him, just called it in, by notifying hotel security. When the local law enforcement finally got to Larry, he was nude and in bed sleeping. Eeeeeeeeeewwwww

            • Dennis says:

              You will notice that he doesn’t once say anything about suicide or “goodbye cruel world” or anything that could be construed as a end-it-all message. He merely implies, but he states nothing that could be legally viewed as such. Most people who are actually attempting suicide really don’t care about the legal points. He did because it was a con job. Then he spent most of the night monitoring the site to see how many viewers he was getting; made a few calls to milk the scene; probably had some vodka to help him stay engaged; hovered over the PayPal account like a kid on Christmas Eve. By 4 or so in the morning, got tired from so much work and jumped into bed. Then all of those rude emergency people showed up. Spoiled his hopes for a big afternoon at the local casino.

              But not once did he say a damn thing about ending his life. Instead, he is talking about being fed up with his followers and tired of having to always promote online his brand of bs. He sounds like a pissy businessman mad at the staff, not a borderline suicide job.

            • Meesh says:

              So Dennis, I get it now:

              If FatAss would be asked about this fake suicide post, taking tic tacs er pills, and posting the final message by video and post as:

              “And to all a good-night.”

              FatAss, could say, he was merely taking his night-time medications, while posting and also by video to announce to the world that he would no longer be blogging.

              You know the county of WV should send FatAss a bill, for ALL the added expense to deliver him to that psycho-ward. All those dispatchers, security people, police service, hospital expense/procedure etc.etc.
              And ALSO a great compensation for each individual person who saw him the nude that night. No brain-bleach in the world, could wipe that vision out of their brain. Like some type of an added lifetime pension.

        • gilligan25 says:

          Didn’t the USSS track Larrd to a casino, then to a nearby motel?

          And I do remember Moma/Larrd posting to some board about his suicide by tic tacs and within 10-15 minutes of his scenery-chewing ingestion of tic tacs, Moma/Larrd was hitting people up for money for his funeral.

          • Meesh says:


            Within that 911 video, there is mention of some casino. I could not figure out what that was all about. Thanks for the explanation!

            • gilligan25 says:

              Yes, Meesh–someone who was suicidal was spending his time in a casino, caging free drinks and making fake “friends.”

              I wonder how many fake “friends” Larrd made while he was in the mental institution. It sure sounded like he couldn’t leave (maybe a locked ward). I remember all that noise he made about suing them (and the rest of the world), and then he defaulted back to his limp dick position. Typical.

          • Dennis says:

            Yes, as I recall he was in a WV county with legalized gambling, staying at a hotel connected to a large casino. He was taking a vacation. But hey, he needed some suckers to pay for it and a guy has to find some way to rake in the “donations.” And yes, Mama was panhandling for his “funeral expense” first thing.

    • gilligan25 says:

      I can’t put into words what my take on Rense’s fairy tale, so I’ll say it in a picture:

  6. Borat says:

    I like the “sinclairs” multiple personality disorder CONFIRMED

  7. Borat says:

    Seriously…………look at that trailer park inbreds wesite……..
    MY GOD it looks like SHIT ads for viagra will be next ….ffin retard with internet access

  8. Meesh says:

    Heh you guys! Tic-Tac Suicide Goodnight Message—-> Doesn’t it sound like the same post that Larry wrote in 2008? Check it out!

    Thinking About Throwing In The Towel.

    April 30, 2008 by Larry Sinclair

    This post will be brief and to the point. I am sick of being threatened and misrepresented by Lawyers who have filed sworn affidavits in a Court of Law that are completely untrue, simply for the purpose of portraying me as something they know I am not. I am sick of being lied about, attacked, and being accused of being the author of comments that were in fact posted by the likes of Paul Day, Mitch, Denise Lee, Eric Gibbons, Eric Ekton, all while posting under my name.

    I am tired of people thinking that this Country gives them the right to lie, post false documents, etc… and attack individuals families and anyone else they please because of a lying, murdering, crack smoking egotistical piece of shit named Barack Obama.

    Like this is going to make us better. Well I am thinking about throwing in the towel. Why? Because these people have Lawyers that have money helping them make outright false statements under oath before a US District court in the form of 545 pages at a time. And they are allowed to get away with it long enough to get these outright lies posted on their web site and ask for even more money from Obama supporters to continue to represent the people. Will the court allow them to get away with it in the long run? Probably not, but do I have the money to fight them on that level? NO.

    Today, I actually finally for the first time since all this started broke down crying and just wanted to bungee jump off the Blatknic Bridge without the bungee cord. You have to be crazy to stand up to power and money in this Country. There is no such thing as “liberty and justice for all” in the United States of America any more.

    I am even starting to wonder why I ever thought it was important for the truth to be told about anyone seeking to be President of the United States. Whats the point? If Michelle Obama can sleep with a man that she knows is laying in bed and car seats with other men, and raise her children with that man, then what does it matter? What does it matter if Obama gets in the White-house and fires up a crack pipe?

    I am signing off for the night. Maybe I will log back on tomorrow and maybe I will not.

    I am crying just reading this…Crying? Because he didn’t jump off that frickin bridge without a bungee cord back in 2008.

    • Dennis says:

      April of 2008? Wasn’t this right after he pulled that other stunt by claiming he had a terminal brain tumor and why he would keep fighting this battle, he needed MONEY to cover EXPENSES while he was still ALIVE and didn’t know how much longer he would survive from the TERMINAL BRAIN TUMOR (which he claims to have had since 1999)? I hear every night at bedtime he turns to the PayPal button and sings Ah Sweet Mystery of Life I’ve Found You……

    • kstreet607 says:

      I am crying just reading this…Crying? Because he didn’t jump off that frickin bridge without a bungee cord back in 2008


      • Meesh says:

        Heh KStreet,
        Do you remember what Mitch posted immediately after the “TOWEL” bit? Here it is, it still stand true for today!

        May 1, 2008






        He may be coming to the realization that he is NOT going to get through to any SERIOUS support and that the LARIDIANS who are his most vocal supporters are not as wealthy as he had possibly hoped. The fearful and the unintelligent rarely succeed to great financial marks.

        BUT KNOW THIS….it is NOT because LAR-TARD doesn’t have the “stomach” to move forward or has been “BEATEN DOWN” by any of us. If ANYTHING…he realizes the money hopes he had are futile and that this cow is just about out of milk.

        As for “feeling sorry” or “pity” for Larry Sinclair….NOT HARDLY!

        Let him give back all of the money given to HIM and HIS LEGAL FUND to all the people who gave.

        Let him SPEND AS MUCH TIME apologizing to the OBAMA’S and the AMERICAN PEOPLE as he has spent fabricating this crap.


        LET HIM APOLOGIZE TO HIS FAMILY for dragging them through his CRAP once again.

        LET HIM serve the TIME needed to clear up his outstanding warrants in COLORADO and FLORIDA AND face whatever he faces in MEXICO.

        Let him PAY VIVIAN BOWMAN WHAT WAS STOLEN FROM HER and make amends for trashing her house.

        The Torah teaches that “forgiveness” is only extended when it is asked for. How can we forgive someone who does not want to be forgiven. The key element to this thinking is that a person who sins against another must realize they have been in the wrong. That awareness of their “wrongdoing” is the catalyst to “owning your behavior” and manifest in asking for forgiveness.



  9. kstreet607 says:

    Here’s one way to look at it also. The fake suicide occurred only several weeks after Larry’s encounter in DC with the Secret Service. And yes, the Secret Service were watching him FOR SURE then. He was still nearby DC…

    You’ might be right Meesh. I can’t make definitive statements about the creep because I try very hard NOT to learn everything about him. There are so many times where I tuned out to his antics, especially the first two years. It was only after I started reading Jay’s blog and Sinclair’s blatantly dissing my little girl (ok she’s an adult but she’s still my little girl) that made me want to start dissecting and countering his lies with facts.

    However, for a long time, during the bread sale, the delegate fiasco, The Donald Young case (in the beginning) the attempt to grab news headlines and miraculously weave HIS storyline into that event, the nation wide tours to “spread the word and bring Obama to his knees”, etc., were just not capturing my interest. At that time my son was gravely ill and other family matters took precedent.

    But Meesh, YOU are the one who kept things up to date on all the blogs! I really appreciate your input because you’re a damned walking “Larry Sinclair Encyclopedia”. I admire your research and your retention of so many things I had long forgotten about.

    Thanks Meesh…for everything.

    • Meesh says:

      I dunno what happened…FatAss was in a psych ward (where he truly belongs) and couldn’t post for days, week? weeks? Who knows?

      I didn’t miss him. I was disappointed that they found him. But despite what Sinclair says, we have no use of his laptop hard drive or hacking his email (and whatever he has accused us of) We never have, it’s his big yap that gets him in trouble.From day one, it’s what in posts, whether Main posts, comments and videos. This is where he contradicted himself… He can’t help the way he is, that’s Larry. But at the time, he was in the hospital, he was silent. BUT we do know what happened “prior” to his hospital stay. He has done some heavy-duty scrubbing (posts)(videos) when he got back in Tennessee. I would rather wait when he finally gets that book out, then we shall see. I would rather not feed him any info or spins.

      Also at the time, Moma finally figured out how to make her FaceKook Channel private… but a bit too late, she did this the day after the fake-suicide. We know what happened prior and the night in question. However I kind of miss peeking in though. Where else do you get to watch some old crazy lady (dawn till dusk) Pray, recite Bible scriptures and at the very same time playing Mafia Wars <—-(she was wicked at that).She kind of sucked at Farmville, but was doing better than the *idiot*.

      I'm still crying, because he didn't jump off that frickin bridge without the bungee cord, back in 2008.

      By the way, didn't drama queen make a video at one time (I think it was in 2009) stating that he would NEVER EVER attempt suicide?!

      Again, as for what really happened in 2010? Hope, he loved getting his stomach pumped from having taken his nightly meds or else tic-tas. My theory is, whatever Larry writes in that blockbuster book (not) that's due whenever he gets done snooping over here and at your SinclairWatch….it will be some fabrication, from that demented head of his.

      I can just see it, I bunch of screenshots. Hahahahahah We shall see!
      This is what he said would be featured..

      Advance Orders-Reservations Now Being Accepted For When One Man Stands

      February 22, 2012
      By Editor

      Sinclair News is proud to announce the offering of 1000 signed/numbered advance copies of Larry Sinclair’s new book When One Man Stands to be shipped in June 2012, ninety days before the book goes on sale to the public on September 18, 2012.

      In 2008 Larry Sinclair had over 500 pre-orders for a signed/numbered copy of his first book Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? which is currently available in paperback from Sinclair News and Amazon Kindle. Learning from the 2008/2009 publication it has been decided that no more than 1000 copies of When One Man Stands will be made available prior to going on sale nationwide on September 18, 2012. These advance copies will be the only copies which Mr. Sinclair will personally sign and number. This much anticipated second book from Larry Sinclair

      When One Man Stands is described as:

      When one man stood up against the leader of the free world, Barack Obama, he had no idea what was about to come at him. This subsequent book is a detailed account of how for four-plus years, Larry Sinclair has continued to stand up against some of the most extraordinary attacks leveled from the highest echelon of the United States political system, including the office of the President of the United States. From the pressures which led to an attempt to end his own life (you will be taken into the most intimate details of that fateful night of September 27, 2010 when it was the work of Radio Host Jeff Rense and the United States Secret Service to locate him before he died), to regaining his will and determination to stand tall, this story will touch every one of the reader’s emotions from laughter, anger, sadness, and joy. This story will make you cringe at the extent to which politicians, political parties, political junkies, and individuals will go to attempt to destroy anyone who dares to stand and speak out against “The One.”

      While all the details and events in this story are true, readers will at times find it difficult to believe at first, simply because they have never experienced anything like it in their lives. You will read firsthand accounts from individuals who first thought Larry was “nuts” and who say they would never have believed it had they not played witness to some of the most surprising actions undertaken by the US Government against an individual citizen. You will read how individuals and their children were harassed, attacked, and threatened, as well as how their employers and businesses were targeted for simply knowing and believing Larry Sinclair. Larry’s story will grab you and take you inside what it is like to be under such amazing pressure and yet still find the strength to stand tall.

      From the constant federal investigations by the Social Security Administration and the Internal Revenue Service to being ordered out of his car at gun point on August 7, 2010 by uniformed U.S. Secret Service Agents just two blocks from the White House for simply driving down Pennsylvania Ave, you will get a look at how an American citizen is treated for simply exercising his Constitutional right to Free Speech when the speech is contrary to what the powers in Washington, the thoroughly corrupt liberal media, and those currying favor from the political elite want you to hear.

      Sinclair News – LS News Group has provided you with two options for securing your signed, numbered, advance copy of When One Man Stands for June 2012 ship date. You can place your order now paying in full or you can reserve your copy for a $5.00 deposit which will provide you with a reservation certificate stating the book number set aside for you. The $5.00 will be applied toward the purchase price and you will be billed for the balance prior to shipping your book in June 2012. All Reservation Certificates must be redeemed no later than June 30, 2012 or the reserved book will be put up for sale to the first interested buyer. A sample reservation certificate is below as is the PayPal link which can be used to reserve your copy:

      Those individuals who placed advance orders for Larry’s first book have been contacted and given the opportunity to secure their advance copy of When One Man Stands. These 1000 advanced copies set for June 18, 2012 shipping will be the ONLY copies of When One Man Stands that Mr. Sinclair will autograph. Those wishing to place their pre-order now paying in full may do so by clicking on the link below.
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  10. Meesh says:

    I found the post where Larry says, he would NEVER commit suicide it was back in 2008…. The video is gone, though.

    Will Obama camp/supporters Try to Kill Larry Sinclair?

    May 13, 2008 by Larry Sinclair
    Listen to my video statement, listen to the Jeff Rense Interview with Pastor James David Manning and watch Pastor Manning’s 5-10-08 Video all Below

    I have posted a video statement on YouTube in the event anything should happen to me, it is clear that Police are to investigate as a homicide. I do believe from all my heart that the increased threats being made against me must be taken seriously.

    Hello, I am Larry Sinclair… On Jan 18, 2008 I posted a video on You tube, in which I stated that on 2 separate occasions, in November 1999, I performed oral sex on Barack Obama, and that while I snorted cocaine, Barack Obama smoked crack cocaine; since the release of that video I have received many death threats via phone, and internet (both in my personal emails and in my You tube emails as well as text messages to my cell phone.
    The personal attacks against me and my family have intensified to an all time high since the filing of suit in the US District Court in DC.


    [audio src="" /]

    The Attorney’s for the defendants in that suit along with other People have released my personal information throughout the internet. They have released my SS#, my DOB, my Mothers personal information, the names of my family members and their locations, including my deceased fathers SS#, DOB and other information and have called my mother’s home attacking me to her.
    In light of the recent passing of Debra Palfrey, My family and I have increased concerns for my personal safety, and I have concerns for the safety of my family members. It is due to that concern that I want to make it very clear that; Under NO circumstances or situation would I EVER contemplate or commit suicide.

    In the event that something should happen to me, or I am found dead for ANY reason, my death should be investigated fully as a homicide immediately.

    By the way, this was the first time that Larry started referring of himself in the 3rd person within posts.

  11. Borat says:

    Do you remember when the FAT shit said he had a security team

    • Meesh says:

      Great memory! I also remember that, here’s where he got the idea… from this tard, we use to call her Sherlock as in Sherlock Holmes, she was his private-dick. Hahahaha

      Sally Holmes says

      Submitted on 2008/05/21 at 12:35 pm
      What we need now is an angel, to use a Broadway term, or a team of angels to fund the security. And just to be extra safe, Larry should make his own arrangements in getting a security team together.
      Probably his attorney and also Mad would have good ideas of who to get.

      Then Larry implied, he had a posse lined up for DC!This way he could get added funds for that trip. The hotel stay cost was phenomenal!
      Mitch posted this of the fist trip to DC:

      From The Original Home of the Cesspool of America!

      The Lavish Hungry Bottom
      June 9, 2008

      Larry Sinclair went to Washington.

      He did not go as a tourist or a man who had saved for a special vacation as most Americans. He went as an absurd crusader with a hoax for a mission on the dime of the scared and stupid.
      He did NOTHING to earn his trip beyond lying and manipulating and he had no purpose other than self-promotion and his own, psychotic sense of ego.

      Larry Sinclair went to Washington. $9,000 Total

      And now he has disclosed his expenses. Before taxes, Larry paid $500 per night for a hotel room in Washington D.C. The Comfort Inn in Washington D.C. (Downtown) is only $280 per night. The historic and beautiful Mayflower Hotel (one of the premiere hotels in the city) is $389 per evening.
      Where the hell did this idiot stay and why does he feel so entitled to luxury?

      Larry Sinclair went to Washington.

      He spent $850 for ground transportation. A taxi drive from downtown Washington DC to Chevy Chase is $11.50. That mileage for that trip is about 5.6 miles. Larry could have taken this trip 74 times or traveled 414 miles within DC for this amount of money. But I assume Larry needed a LIMO….as a common taxi is far beneath this drug dealing ass-wipe. Larry “grew-up” in the land of limos and chauffeurs. (No….Larry “grew-up” in prison…..Nan).

      Larry Sinclair went to Washington.

      Larry claims to have spent $450 on “laundry, meals and cigarettes”. Considering at best Larry dresses in stretch gaberdine and nylon, 5 loads of laundry in Washington DC would run about $25 maximum. This would allow Larry enough money to buy 216 cans of Pepsi (24 per day) and 643 cigarettes (2.976 cigarettes per hour).

  12. YankeeClipper says:

    Don’t forget all the security he was alleged to be installing at his double wide!

    • Meesh says:

      You’re right, this was at the time where, he installed some spy-cam. Because he alleged one of us, was spotted checking him out. Borat at the time was challenging him to a wrestling match and said he was driving down to Florida. Larry was very paranoid.

  13. kstreet607 says:

    Meesh, I’m liking this setup a lot!

    • Meesh says:

      Hi KStreet
      It’s the weekend special..we’ll see how the thread holds up with comments. It’s a newer theme, so it’s a test drive.Sometimes when a thread gets heavy, it tends to collapse. Also, if it’s easier to read and comment with. That’s up to the kids to let us know. Hopefully they will, by checking the main posts, pages and etc.

      • YankeeClipper says:

        I like this one the best too.

        • Meesh says:

          Thanks Yankee,

          I just peeked in – Thanks for the feedback! I thought the red/white & blue at the top (on linen) on the Home Page is a clean look! Not too sure about the vertical lines with replies within comments…if you guys are happy, super! KStreet is the boss, what I do is sneak themes in (when something comes to my attention).

          I am working on an added page for one of our feature pages at the very top, for our guests to read.

          I am waiting on some info, the newest page will be called “Truth About Delaware” hopefully I will get this done very soon.

          I want to do this as a “salute” to Larry!

  14. Dennis says:

    To be honest, I’m not too happy with this design. But what do I know. As for Fat Boy’s stay in DC…$500 a night? I once got put up for the night at the Four Seasons in Beverley Hills for slightly less. Of course, I didn’t demand a limo and stuff. My mistake.

  15. Meesh says:

    Thanks Dennis, for your honest opinion. At midnightish (EST) Sunday I will feature the themes I had featured. We have five themes to vote on. Retro-fitted is out of the loop, it collapsed – went funky on Sunday morning(so it’s 4 choices) Look —-> sidebar and vote!

    1. Retro-Fitted (this one) – comments with replies, with vertical colored lines
    2. BOLD LIFE (Sunday) first time seen.
    3. Beach (12am – 11:pm MONDAY)
    4. Choco (12am – 11:pm Tuesday
    5. Spectro (12am – 11:pm Wednesday)

    In the meantime, check out the tires.., the full theme, Main Post, TOP Pages, side-bar…. bottom and also videos too.

    To our lurker friends, feel free to let us know, shy? Ahh then let me know by email if you wish. 😉

    Thursday , you guys vote!
    In the meantime, I’m in the mood for Hot Chocolate!

  16. Borat says:

    Big inconsitancy I caught when he was arrested at the press club “mama” said he was in jail for days and deprived of his medications……… I cant copy and paste from his website but now he claims he was arrested and released in 15 min…………LOLOLOL

  17. Borat says:

    Go to his shitsite and under contributors click on his name scroll down to the comments

    Yep larry was a political prisoner………15 min not 2 weeks

    Larry just wondering if there was anything new on the time Biden had you put in a delaware
    jail ?

    I think this could be a big thing in the election if you can prove it.

    I believe you mean the DC jail, I was released immediately upon being driven to Delaware and within 15 minutes of arrival went before a Judge in Wilmington where I was released on an OR bond.

  18. Borat says:

    JeeeniGIJOE was fund raising her 700 pound ass off during that stunt

  19. Borat says:

    AskSLOB what his parents did for “A Living” they had masters degrees in welfare

  20. kstreet607 says:

    Hey FatAss, I notice that the following IP address from “St. Petersburg, Russian Federation” HAS to be you. You, the guy who complains when others either “hide” their IP or use the foreign IP addresses on your sites. What a hypocrite.

    Who else would be so interested in a particular post multiple times like you? Pulling out fodder for your second book of lies or trying to use Jay’s suggestions to me to counter the arguments? You are such a CREEP!

    Net For Dedicated Client ( [Label IP Address] 0 returning visits
    Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg City, Russian Federation

    (No referring link)
    8 Aug 01:44:11

    (No referring link)
    8 Aug 01:44:14

    (No referring link)
    8 Aug 01:44:16

    (No referring link)
    8 Aug 01:44:20

    (No referring link)
    8 Aug 01:44:22

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 04:06:27

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 04:06:29

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 04:06:31

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 04:06:34

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 04:06:36

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 23:36:03

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 23:36:05

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 23:36:07

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 23:36:09

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 23:36:12

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 23:55:36

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 23:55:39

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 23:55:43

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 23:55:45

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 23:55:47

    (No referring link)
    11 Aug 11:34:35

    (No referring link)
    11 Aug 11:34:38

    (No referring link)
    11 Aug 11:34:40

    (No referring link)
    11 Aug 11:34:42

    (No referring link)
    11 Aug 11:34:47

    (No referring link)
    12 Aug 03:59:25

    (No referring link)
    12 Aug 03:59:29

    (No referring link)
    12 Aug 03:59:31

    (No referring link)
    12 Aug 03:59:33

    (No referring link)
    12 Aug 03:59:36

    (No referring link)
    12 Aug 10:28:43

    (No referring link)
    12 Aug 10:28:47

    (No referring link)
    12 Aug 10:28:49

    (No referring link)
    12 Aug 10:28:52

    (No referring link)
    12 Aug 10:28:55

  21. Dennis says:

    OK, just did a quick drive by through Lardo Land. Lots of butt sucking to Paul Ryan; dubious sounding offer of free passes to the even more dubious Ron Paul Festival; Ilse does an utterly stupid ill informed and completely misleading piece on the Democratic Party and Democratic Socialism (once again proving that she can screw up two topics in the space where most people can only screw up one); more butt licking to Paul Ryan with a re-posting of a press release from the head of the RNC (under Fat Boy’s byline, naturally). What do we learn. Nothing! Except, maybe, that he is ready to go down on Ryan twice a day but that’s about it.

  22. kstreet607 says:

    FatAss…here’s one …maybe from Romney’s Oppo-research team? LOL! Looks like they think you’re nutty as a fruit-cake. Ooops, my bad…YOU ARE A NUTTY FRUIT-CAKE!

    Comcast Cable ( [Label IP Address] 0 returning visits
    Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 15:27:55

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 15:31:05

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 15:31:47

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 15:32:08

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 15:33:28

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 15:34:15

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 15:34:32

    (No referring link)
    10 Aug 15:35:24

    • Meesh says:

      Yikes KStreet!

      Do you have some Lysol Spray at SW?

      • kstreet607 says:

        Yep, already disinfected the SOB’s presence. Meesh since he comes over here several times a day to see what we’re saying about his lying fat ass, I’m sure you need something stronger than LYSOL. Yeah El Creepo…I called you a lying fatass because YOU ARE. If anyone knows you’re lying, it’s the people you chose to “victimize” with your lies. Eventually it will all come back to bite you in that disease infected ass of yours.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Sheesh. The dumbfuck is over here more often than all of us combined. He must enjoy having his lies pointed out day after day after day after day.

      And as far as Paul Ryan goes, my hubby, who’s not all that political, looked at the TV, saw him and said, “nice hair.”

  23. kstreet607 says:

    This is the thing…Sinclair lies on Obama…Obama ignores his ass. Sinclair lies on me and some of us over here and we go ballistic on his ass. I’m thinking, maybe I, personally should take my cue from the POTUS and do like he does. IGNORE THE SLIMY, HYPOCRITICAL, EGOTISTICAL, NARCISSIST! What a disgusting bag of crap, he is.

    • Meesh says:

      But FatAss wuvs you KStreet! He has this thing for intelligent women, who possess more balls that he could ever have.
      A “limp dick” He’s just jealous!

    • gilligan25 says:


      Think of it this way: he spends damn near every waking hour over here taking screen shots so he can whine and whine and when the cops contact him (more likely, he calls them), then he gives this huge stack of screen shots to the USSS and other law enforcement, who takes the stuff back to their offices, then proceed to read them to each other and laugh at him.

      Unfortunately, you know damn well the officers who end up having to go to his doublewide or take his phone calls are the ones who draw the short straw and/or are on the boss’ shit list.

      • Dennis says:

        Fatso is turning over our postings to the USSS? Then shouldn’t he be paying us money for the use? I don’t mind giving my precious insights and stunning opinions to folks in the government (who no doubt want my brilliant thoughts), but I think the lazy fat slob should pay me. Where in Florida should I send the bill?

  24. Meesh says:

    A new option —-> Vote (anonymously and be counted) I have inserted a POLL on the sidebar!
    If you have another topic to vote on, let me know, my Poll Daddy account can let me create many more.

    • gilligan25 says:

      One vote for Beach 🙂 I wonder why….

      • Meesh says:

        You’re too cute Gilli! (pssst don’t have to say what you vote on 🙂 ) There’s about 200 themes within WP – I only presented my favourites.

        Gilli, about “Beach” I love that theme too, a year ago or so, when helping a friend with his website. I was so excited about “Beach”, it was vivacious… Several months down the road, he felt he had lost commentators. When he emailed couple of them, one said: “I feel like I’m sleeping with the fishes” But at midnight tonight, we’ll try it out for a test drive. No one, needs to say how they voted< Just go to PollDaddy and vote. I don't even know who's voting for what.

        Just please VOTE! I love all of these 5 themes!

  25. Borat says:

    Larry really needs to provide proof he passed grade 2 …….I know he went stealing and scaming around that time ..but shouldnt a REPROTER at least be able to show grade 2 marks?

  26. Dennis says:

    Noticed that in the poll it is a split between Fat Boy moving to another state or reinventing himself. I think it could be both. He will move to Vermont under the name of Kathy Bryant and open a B&B. It will be sort of a cross between Newhart and Fawlty Towers with Ilse as Manuel.

  27. Dennis says:

    On second thought, Julio will be Manuel. Ilse will be Ilse.

  28. Borat says:

    In Lardasses family grade 2 is a milestone ..,,,to them its a PHD, they graduate grade 2 and start stealing/scamming /getting dads tatoo on your arm

  29. Borat says:

    Dennis LOL

  30. Dennis says:

    On the poll at the side: Next president: Somebody else? Well, I realize that Ron Paul’s supporters are already convinced that he has won the election and that CNN is simply covering it up. And I occasionally see signs for Gary Johnson The Libertarian but I keep misreading it as Librarian. I have a feeling that the election is pretty much narrowed down to current occupant and the alternative a.k.a. dumb and dumber.

    • Meesh says:


      Do you have an idea for a new poll? Please let me know. You need a question, and then give a multiple choice of answers. That goes for anyone here. Give it a try. It can be fun, if everybody participates. As I said no one, even me or KStreet know who answered to what.

      • Dennis says:

        I’ll see what I can do. Since I live in a state that is projected by a Russian economist to eventually become part of Canada, I will try my best. BTW, you folks have health care and a working railroad, is that correct?

  31. Borat says:

    hey fat ass was just talking to a resisident at “The Park wholly fuck do they laugh at you……..the person said
    What a fucking idiot we all laugh at him

    Yes and i agree

  32. Borat says:

    Waddle WAddle..Scam, Waddle Waddle LIE.Wadddle Waddle SCAM

  33. Dennis says:

    Oh goodness!!!! NBC has been “caught” by LSN sneeking a peek at their web site!!!!! OHHHHHHHH! OK, listen up Fat Boy – these sites use automatic web search engines to seek out anything that fits within certain “catch” words and phrases. You know about this because you try to use them all the time. It doesn’t mean a damn thing, asshole. It doesn’t mean that they believe you. It doesn’t mean that they trust you. It doesn’t mean that they care or anything else. It’s a machine. It is a machine’s system. How stupid are you? You are nothing…a mere speck on the windshield. OK. Your dick is tiny (and so are your feet). Your brain is a mass of crud. Your web site sucks golf balls through fifty yards of hose. So do you (so I hear).

    • Meesh says:

      Stupid Ass mentioned Keith Olbermann’s piece about him (where Olbermann refused to give out his name) but POS couldn’t get the date right.

      “an attack piece on June 17, 2008 on their Count Down w/Keith Olbermann.”

      How about the 16th.. Or he did it on purpose, so no one could watch it. What does that have to do with his SNOOZE site?

      “In January 2012 when we decided to consolidate all of our web sites and writers into a single group (Sinclair News-LS News Group)

      It’s all about him, eh?

      Here it is Fatty!
      You’re still not worth mentioning…

      • Dennis says:

        Just watched the piece. All I heard Olberman say is “Sinclair…Sinclair…Sinclair.” Are you telling me that I am hearing this through Fat Boy’s narcissistic mindset?

      • Priceless Olbermann clip, Meesheemey.

        I really miss the guy. His voice and presence would be invaluable ’round these times.

        • Kinda stupid of “Current TV” to let him go considering his influence on a large segment of the electorate during the 2008 election year. His large audience would have justified both the cost of the advertisement space as well as his salary.

          Al Gore should have indulged Keith Olbermann’s high opinion of himself. Not only would they both have benefited financially, but America would have another passionate, quirky, charismatic champion of the liberal cause at a time when all hands should be on deck.

      • kstreet607 says:

        It’s all about him, eh?

        Meesh it has always been about Sinclair. From the You Tube introduction which amassed a million viewers (so FatAss says) to the trips and the nut bread and the “tours” and pulling in the Donald Young meme and the hundreds of other memes that he injected himself into like calling Obama’s grandmother on her deathbed are all classic narcissistic tendencies to make EVERYTHING about HIMSELF!

        Even posting HIS name on obviously plagerized (using HIS name as author and not giving ANY credit to the original author) LS “Snooze” site, it’s all about Sinclair.

        I believe that he gets a kick out of us writing about him. It’s only when he thinks or someone has told him that the publicity from here and SW is damaging whatever he has left to damage.

        Has anyone noticed that he’s usually quiet until we hit a nerve? Rest assured that we hit a nerve when people who approached him for some nefarious role in the presidential race decided to back off because they think he’s a basket case. Remember when Chris Matthews, who, by the way I am NOT a fan of) called him “some nut” when Sinclair used his bullhorn to…wait for it…GET ATTENTION!

        Sinclair is the classic example of a narcissist.

  34. Meesh says:

    Speaking of the Press Conference – Tim Shipman from The Telegraph in the UK summarized it best…

    Larry Sinclair makes some lurid claims about Barack Obama

    By Tim Shipman June 19th, 2008

    As I write this, I am wearing around my neck a press credential that I will treasure for years. It was my entry ticket to perhaps the most bizarre act of political theatre in what is already the most remarkable presidential election in decades.

    At the National Press Club in Washington, a man called Larry Sinclair held a press conference that defied belief, making claims about Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama that stretch the limits of the word lurid.

    Those with an iron constitution will be quickly able to find them on the internet, since Mr Sinclair has detailed them in a video on YouTube.

    Suffice it to say that he touches on all the most explosive areas of the 15 minute fame seeker: sex, drugs and even murder, all of which remain totally without credulity or corroboration.

    This was a shame because Mr Sinclair had called his press conference to provide what he promised was factual evidence of the unlikely events he says occurred in November of 1999 when he supposedly met Mr Obama, then an Illinois state senator.

    He was completely unable to say why a state senator with aspirations of running for president and a young family would associate with a self-confessed drug dealer.

    But then Mr Sinclair is not exactly what you would term a model witness. He took the stage looking both a little nervous and a little like Martin McGuinness. That, of course, is not a crime.

    What is a crime, as Mr Sinclair was only too happy to relate, are the acts of deception, cheque and credit card fraud to which he has confessed and for which, in at least one instance, he has served jail time. He is still a wanted man in the state of Arizona.

    Mr Sinclair had in tow a lawyer called Montgomery Blair Sibley. The grandeur of Mr Sibley’s name was matched only by the grandeur of his attire. He was resplendent in a kilt, not exactly a common get-up in these parts.

    The clothes were rather more impressive than Mr Sibley’s legal credentials. His license to practice has been suspended in both Florida and the District of Colombia.

    Monty Python could not have done justice to the moment when Mr Sibley, a man hired presumably to lend credibility to the occasion, chose to explain the presence of his kilt with reference to the size of his manhood, which we were given to understand is too substantial to be shackled by the cloth of conventional underwear and trousers.

    “I don’t know why men wear pants,” he said. “It’s a function of male genitalia. If you’re size normal or smaller, you’re probably comfortable. Those at the other end of the spectrum find them quite confining.”

    At this point the pent up tension dissolved into open laughter among reporters who believed not a word of what Mr Sinclair was saying but felt compelled to listen not only out of politeness but the memory that most were wrong to dismiss the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual shenanigans 15 years ago.

    On the details that mattered, Mr Sinclair was vague. He claims to have spent the evening with Mr Obama in the back of a limousine, and then time in his hotel room the day afterwards. Yet there were none of those little details,the wallpaper, the drinks they drank, the things they saw,which are usually deployed by people trying to convince others of their veracity.

    What did they talk about? “Pretty much nothing.” For an entire evening?

    When one journalist asked at what time on each of the days he had met Mr Obama, answer came there none. “I know where you’re coming from with that,” he said. Yes, testing your claims, as you invited us to do. “I cannot provide that to you,” he said.

    There were moments of tension and comedy. When a German female reporter asked him whether he had fallen in love with Mr Obama, Mr Sinclair responded with a question of his own: “Madam, in your entire lifetime have you never had a one night stand?”

    Between coughing fits, Mr Sinclair claimed that he has given details of phone calls between him, the limousine driver and Mr Obama to the Chicago police. He was forced to correct one of the mobile numbers he read out, a typing error in the glossy printed statement we were each handed.

    Mr Sinclair offered a hotel receipt that appears to show he was in the Chicago area at the time he claims his bizarre liaison occurred. But he was not able to provide any phone records from 1999.

    He named the limousine driver as Paramjit Multani and said that the two had been in contact during the early part of the year but that now Mr Multani and his family have disappeared. This is convenient to say the least. The documents he supplied listed a limo driver as Rashpal Multani instead.

    On the details that didn’t matter, Mr Sinclair was commendably detailed. He knew off the top of his head and without recourse to notes that the press club event had set him back $4,126.89. This shows a bizarre facility for recall not in evidence on the substance of his claims.

    He admitted that he is unemployed and lives off disability benefits. There would seem to be a discrepancy between his personal poverty and the cost of the event, the dossiers and the glossy press passes. But no, Mr Sinclair assured us, all the money had come from small donations to his website.

    There is a very serious point to all this. Mr Sinclair became visibly unsettled and irritable when questioned about the source of his funds.

    He said he has had no contact with any Republican groups and that he would release his financial records. But this was one of many things he promised to make available in the future his medical records were another since he is suffering from a brain tumour,and you would have thought he would have presented them himself if he were genuinely expecting to make anyone believe him.

    Would he release the details of his donors? Yes. But not their names. It is not clear how that constitutes releasing details of the donors.

    There remains the lingering suspicion that attack groups will pay people like Mr Sinclair to keep their allegations in the public eye and Mr Obama out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    When I returned from the Alice in Wonderland press conference, a Republican friend who worked for Ronald Reagan happened to call. He was emphatic that the Republicans cannot get involved in smears on Obama. His argument was that they would be better off losing than end up tainted with the smear of racism for decades to come.

    “This is one election we’re going to have to win on the issues,” he said. “It would be horrible for us if we won because of smears.”

    The seriousness of the charges requires that they be properly investigated. But if Obama’s enemies want ammunition they would be well advised to look beyond Mr Sinclair.

    At one point, urging the press only to probe his claims not swallow them wholesale, he said. “In fact, I’m not saying: ‘Believe me!'”

    With that, at least, we were all happy to comply.

  35. Borat says:

    Larry hows this ….Ill fly down to florida and pay for your plane ticket and drive you to the airport and watch you get on the plane………… Deal?

  36. Borat says:

    Florence ed from the park says your about to get the ………….well you figure it it you loser

  37. Borat says:


    waddle SCAM Waddle Waddle, Sleep til 3 pm…Waddle waddle SCAM ,Fart……….Waddle
    Waddle SCAM

  38. Meesh says:

    I was over at COW’s and was reading a few articles… UhOh COW’s in trouble! Seems like she’s running some PayPal BLOGaTHON…It starts with this post:

    I need your help – July 30, 2012, by Cao

    I know this should be sad,but what is it with these people, don’t they have family or real friends? The sole purpose to have a blog, PAYPAL. A hand-out to complete strangers….read some of the comments it’s something else! Some cat fight between some Penny and COW. Hahahahaha

    I love this one…

    Penny Alesi August 9, 2012, 1:20 pm Reply

    Also, which “husband” is dying? You said that your ex was dying in May & now this one is too? Also, a year ago you said your mother was dying of breast cancer? Wow, you told me 2 years ago that this husband was having trouble but it was in his legs? Remember you sent me photos? I can post them if you like, in case you forgot. Ooops, but that’s right, I’ve been BANNED!!!!! I’m sorry but your self-destruction is a hoot and long overdue.

    OH MY… COW is using all of FatAss tactics.. there’s also this post—->

    and the next one too… 🙄

    Thank you to all those who have donated to save me, my husband and my dog from being homeless, you are helping me and my husband through the most horrible time we’ve ever experienced in our 18 years together. As more dollars come in, I may just be able to go out and buy groceries, which I haven’t been able to do in a long time. If you are not familiar with my situation, read the bleg that made Penny go cuckoo.

    • YankeeClipper says:

      Sounds like the Cow is nearly as big a con artist as her fat assed friend Larry Sinclair!

    • Cao says:

      And what is your connection to Penny Alesi, and why would you be protecting her when everyone knows she’s a bald faced liar? Isn’t a veterinarian, is a petsitter. Didn’t work at ground zero – ever. Didn’t work in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina – etc, etc, ad nauseum.

      But thanks for publicly posting this – you are all the same–Now the connection to the Obambots is official…how stupid are you? Nevermind, it’s a rhetorical question.

  39. Dennis says:

    While Cao is busy working the PayPal racket, Fat Boy is once again moving to the top of news reporting. Last night he had the hot scoop from his inside sources: Marco Rubio would be the keynote speaker for the GOP convention. Yep, he scooped the press yet again. Say what? Gov. Chirstie is doing what???? Fatso has to lay off the vodka before 5pm. BTW Lardo, that voice in the back of your head ain’t the same as an “inside source.”

    • Meesh says:


      FatAss ripped-off that article

      U.S. Senator Marco Rubio to Introduce Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention
      August 14, 2012
      By Lawrence Sinclair

      from here—> Check it out, it’s word for word! The reason why other blogs, newsites visit his site (ping backs will do it)…they drop in to see who has recently ripped them off of their articles. That’s our FatBoy!

      Now he’s reporting on Colorado CPAC

      CPAC Colorado Credentialing Process Begins
      August 14, 2012
      By Lawrence Sinclair

      For those who are interested in expanding your Political news coverage Sinclair News suggest that you register with the American Conservative Union and CPAC Colorado to cover the CPAC Colorado conference in person. Below is all the information needed for you and your organization to register for media credentials for CPAC Colorado.

      Please sign-up FatAss, we’ll even start a PAYPAL here!

      Let’s Send Sinclair Snooze to Colorado CPAC!

      • Cao says:

        schadenfreude…that’s all you’ve got here. What a waste.

        • Meesh says:

          Heh COW er Cao!

          How are you? Thanks for the great honour!

          I thought I saw you looking in, no we do not expose IP’s or where someone’s viewing from. I did see you, somehow your comment went to spam, my apologies.So now I’m an Ontario fishwife, well from a PEI organic potato farmer,then recently an Ontario tobacco farmer, am I moving up? You’re saying I get a pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others? No, on the contrary not at all.
          Ummmm You’re upset upset about this eh?

          My point, I am sadden with your recent bad luck, but as one of your poster (“Penny Alesi” have no idea who she/he/what it is, c’mon now, the cat-fight between the both of you WAS in fact very funny!)

          Well Penny, demonstrated it seems it’s been one thing after the other,with you, n’est-ce-pas? We all go through bad times in life… heh that’s life! For some grifters, they get behind a computer screen and get the old PayPal going. Do you not have close friends, family, a church? No, resorting to getting a blog and to get that old PayPal going, to complete strangers, is the lazy way out. Equally, sitting on a curb with a tin can, selling pencils, that’s at least doing something productive.

          No, I did not cherry pick, I let the readers here read your articles by providing each of the links to your blog and form their OWN opinions. Unlike, your con-artist friend.

          Have a nice life! Thanks for dropping by. No, I will NEVER respond within your board, you as Larry Sinclair have a sick obsession to collect IP’s or display from where a commentator is responding from. Yes, Cao I know exactly where the IP you utilized, we do not do this here.

        • Dennis says:

          Yeah, but its our own little waste. Now I think my PayPal button is around here somewhere so please hit it on the way out of the door.

        • Dennis says:

          Last note Cao,
          I have privately looked at your blog piece over the past four years. You have always projected an extremely hateful, spiteful, racist line of chatter laced with stupid tough-guy talk and a love for guns and more tough guy talk while showing no mercy for any whose views opposed your own. Now you want charity and if anyone questions your “need” you are ready to unload on them with hateful, spiteful, and extremely stupid attacks. You do know that even the Salvation Army would throw your ass out of the building for such behavior.

  40. Dennis says:

    Are you suggesting that Lardo’s inside source is really called Google? As for the CPAC in Colorado, couldn’t help but notice that Fat Boy is telling other people to go but doesn’t seem too inclined to attend himself. Wonder why? Is there a problem? I have heard that there is a welcome back committee and everything waiting for him.

  41. Dennis says:

    I can’t keep track of all of your careers in the farming industry, but hope the fish are biting. Certainly Cao is. Of course she is the Kathy Bates like housewife who keeps using a photo of Linda Hamilton (from Terminator 2) as her ID picture – dream on lady, dream on. As for her horrible plight (dead and dying husbands, as well as various family members etc.), well, it sure sounds awful. To lose one husband is terrible. To “lose” him again (and again) is simply horrible. Do I sound cruel? Perhaps. Do people pull these type of scams? You read about this crap almost every day in the papers. Since she has no support evidence, no back up witnesses, nothing zip zero (except a track record for making variations of this claim at various times over the past several years), then I am afraid it sounds a bit bogus (just like that photo of Linda Hamilton).

    So Cao, honey, just hover close to the PayPal button. Someone is bound to use it. Just hope they don’t follow up on your “situation.” Might be a problem, especially if they do something funny like call in the law. Remember, charity begins at home. Unfortunately, so do most con jobs.

    BTW, do you really understand the meaning of “schadenfreude?” I don’t think it is the word you are looking to use in this case (unless you are referring to yourself vis a vis Fat Boy). Maybe you should try some other German term. Just ask Ilse. She really knows German, if you know what I mean.

    • Meesh says:

      I’m sooooooo CONFOOSED! Who am I? Pssssssst I am in Saskatchewan visiting Borat and his lovely wife. We’re not all so sure how the wheat crop will fare, in the Western provinces, no bread! We’re walking through many fields… Yes, I am a farmer! Now a wheat farmer!

      Did I make Cao angry? I got thinking though, the only reason I kept looking in at her blog, was this fight with Penny…at one point, Cao banned Penny…But then Cao resurrected the conversation, go see for yourself… It’s a grifter’s way to make whoever views in, gets to witness that the author is being attacked.CHA-CHING PayPal gets going. Same as Cao used “me” in her post…it’s a grifter’s way. The same goes for insignificant blogs being hacked, nutters fall for it everytime! The reason the website went down is because THEY scrubbed/deleted it. Cao – SickLiar the same cloth!

      Soooooo Cao was I good for your BIZZness?

  42. Dennis says:

    You’re a wheat farmer with no bread! Darling, you need some. Where is your PayPal button. I’ll hit your’s if you hit mine.

    • Meesh says:


      I am Joan Of Arc (Jeanne d’arc) here in Canada,really, ask my friends, it’s my other name.TRUTH. No PayPal needed though.

      OOPS! I need to make a change for the last theme for this site, to go for a vote. VOILA!

      Well, check it out, this is the last theme. I have also asked KStreet to take over for future main posts. (no more bud-in-skeesfrom-me)

      Giving Kstreet a chance to do what she does best!

      I will be here but not so much!


      Lynn (aka Cao COW) you have been here for about 8 hours now, I want you to read this:

      Lynn do you remember this? About your last boyfriend, what was said about you, at another blog…

      You cannot polish/glitter a turd it is what it is. This is you Lynn? Right?
      “She is scary, insane, psychopathic sickie girl friend Lynn Thomas now sees her honeybee going down the toilet and being exposed as the fraud he is along with her being exposed as the liar, fraud and bitch that she really is. So as normal what does Lynn Thomas do? She starts by reading tea leaves and cranks up the slander machine and attacks. Good Christian woman…..

      But folks let’s remember who we are dealing with here – Lynn “Marlone, Lawler” Thomas a convicted fraudster herself…


      The following is all open source and public records material i.e.. Tax records, Property Records, National Telephone Directory Services ( all non-published numbers remain non-published) and the North Carolina Superior Court Records Branch. By the way, since Blogger was named in one of 116 Jack Idema bogus law suits please feel free to use and verify any of the material listed on this blog. We can if necessary also send you a list of first hand witnesses that know Mr. Idema and they include Commanders of the old Afghan North Front.)

      LYNN E THOMAS SSN: 361-56-XXXX Age: 48 DOB: Jun 1957
      Phones Relatives Civil Actions Court Actions Vessels Properties Deeds Relationships Vehicles Corporations Criminal Aliases/A.K.A. Used by Subject:

      Addresses Associated with the Subject:
      Address Phone Number Possible Dates
      955 MILLER AVE, STREAMWOOD, IL 60107 (630) 830-8021 03/01/1984-03/01/2005
      127 GOLDEN DR, GLENDALE HEIGHTS, IL 60139 02/01/1988-03/01/2005
      620 S KNIGHT AVE, PARK RIDGE, IL 60068 non-published 06/01/1992-03/01/2005
      5011 VALLEY LN , APT 20, STREAMWOOD, IL 60107 non-published 05/01/1994-03/01/2005
      5011 VALLEY LN 205, STREAMWOOD, IL 60107 03/01/1984-05/01/1998
      955 MILLER AV, STREAMWOOD, IL 60107 03/01/1984-06/01/1992
      620 S KNIGHT AV, PARK RIDGE, IL 60068 03/01/1984-11/13/2000
      5011 VALLEY LN , APT 205, STREAMWOOD, IL 60107 non-published 06/01/1992-Now

      Bull’s-Eye Detail Information:
      Name/Address Phone Number Matching Level
      Phone listings from National Telephone Directory Services
      X#XX represents non-published phones

      5011 VALLEY LN , APT 205,STREAMWOOD, IL 60107
      Database was searched but no data was found.
      620 S KNIGHT AVE,PARK RIDGE, IL 60068
      Name Phone Number Possible Dates
      EDWARD W LAWLER (773) 539-0XXX Aug 2001-Feb 2003
      EDWARD W LAWLER (773) 539-5XXX Aug 2001-Feb 2003
      EDWARD W LAWLER (847) 823-2498 Jun 2002-Mar 2004
      ANTONIO TALARICO (847) 384-1826 Jun 2004-Sep 2004

      5011 VALLEY LN , APT 20,STREAMWOOD, IL 60107
      Database was searched but no data was found.
      Possible Relatives of Subject at Each Address:

      955 MILLER AVE, STREAMWOOD, IL 60107
      Name Phone Number Possible Dates
      STEPHEN P THOMAS Mar 1991-Sep 1999
      STEPHAN P THOMAS Mar 1991-Sep 1999

      5011 VALLEY LN , APT 205, STREAMWOOD, IL 60107
      Name Phone Number Possible Dates
      STEPHEN P THOMAS (630) 830-8021 Jul 1992-Mar 2005
      STEPHAN P THOMAS (630) 830-8021 Feb 1993-Mar 2005
      Other Persons Associated with the same Address as Subject:
      CHRISTOPHE W LAWLER Jun 1995-Jan 2000
      DENNIS JOHN LAWLER (630) 462-9729 Oct 1992-Apr 2002

      5011 VALLEY LN , APT 205, STREAMWOOD, IL 60107

      THOMAS M LYNN Aug 1999-Mar 2005

      620 S KNIGHT AVE, PARK RIDGE, IL 60068
      Name Phone Number Possible Dates
      CHRISTOPHE W LAWLER Nov 2000-Apr 2002
      DENNIS JOHN LAWLER Jun 1979-Mar 2005
      EDWARD W LAWLER (847) 823-2498 Jan 1965-Mar 2004
      ANN I LAWLER (847) 823-2498 Jan 1965-Mar 2005
      EDWARD W LAWLER (847) 823-2498 Jan 1965-Mar 2005

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