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Dennis! Dennis! Dennis! Our Dennis!

on August 19, 2012

Here once again, read what someone who I deeply admire in whatever he posts. Here ‘s another  excellent analysis! He’s got an uncanny way to dissect Sinclair  He is  GOOD with his assessment about this mess. Dennis has a  witty sense of humour when I say something (wrong) he corrects me, immediately. He’s still my friend despite that. Here’s what our Dennis  had to say about the craziness of  this recent  Christine O’Donnell obsession that’s going on recently at SickLiar Snooze site:

Here we go kids!

I have kind of noticed that Fat Boy and a couple of his “friends” may be starting to stick their collective necks out just a bit. Probably doesn’t matter since few people really pay any attention to them. But the hotel in Illinois may simply not appreciate the letter sent to them and maybe could have some room for action (though they will most likely be advised to just flush it). As for the O’Donnell thing – any issue involving copyright and/or trademark gets really complicated and it takes a judge to sort it out, not some loud mouth fat ball in a wide load. All Lard Brain can do is potentially get himself into another lawsuit and he just might learn the hard-way that he didn’t win anything the last time (Parisi’s mouthpiece simply couldn’t argue a valid case about the damages claimed – the dismissal had nothing to do with Lardo’s “legal” skills nor reflected in any way about his claims).

So the guy may have vaguely (and I do mean vaguely) threatened someone (Lardo or Gilbert) with a libel suit based upon law in the states of Delaware and Florida and Fat Ass is threatening him with the Virginia Bar Association. Quick, get me the AAA map. But I think Fats needs to be concerned about the Florida thing. Might be time to move again and he’s running out of states.

OK, let’s see if this makes sense. A lawyer connected to O’Donnell sent Fat Boy a long (and largely chatty) e-mail that is sort of intended for Gilbert but is also being sent to LardBrain because of his extreme statements regarding the copyright/trademark issue and even more extreme statements regarding O’Donnell’s integrity, honesty, etc etc. The lawyer admits that he is not currently working for O’Donnell. He also explains the reasons why the people receiving this e-mail might be open to libel in the state of both Delaware and Florida.

What does this mean? Most likely he has already been approached by the O’Donnell side and may even be in the process of being retained. Most likely he has already run a basic check on Fat Boy and Gilbert. He is trying to send a relatively friendly warning (especially to Fats) thereby giving him a chance to politely shut up and step out of something that really isn’t even his affair.

So Fat Boy has slammed into the attorney, added more insults to the mix, and is going to get tough. The second lawsuit is forming. I think I see another teachable moment in the works.

I am guessing that Fat Boy has been way too much time sniffing his own ink. He has seemingly convinced himself that the end of the Parisi lawsuit means that he was truthful. Nothing of the sort. The case was dismissed because Parisi’s lawyer made a claim for damage because of a business deal the feel through and couldn’t produce any type of support material to back that claim. Lardo simply lucked out.

He also seems convinced that he is protected from libel because he is a “journalist.” How he ever got such a funny idea is beyond me. The only protection that a real journalist has is based upon sticking like glue to only the publicly available and proven “facts” of the story. LardBrain has a few minor “facts,” mostly a long string of increasingly meaningless ip addresses. From that, he ran off into a LaLaLand of assumptions followed by conjectures and insults. If this were a real news organization, he would right now have a senior editor yelling at him while the organization hurriedly figure out a way to backtrack and apologize. He is in no way protected from anything, except to the extent that any attorney would have to debate his net worth.

I mean how many lawyers out there needs his wide-load.

Stay tune for More Teachable Moments!

44 responses to “Dennis! Dennis! Dennis! Our Dennis!

  1. Dennis says:

    By the way Meesh, I was oddly enough named after Dennis the Menace.

  2. kstreet607 says:

    Hey Meesh and Dennis! Meesh I’m glad we’re back to this mellow theme. It’s so much more relaxing than “The Beach” theme.

    …and LOL at Margaret. It’s a cute pairing.

    • Meesh says:

      Hey sweetie, the beach theme, is great, however, yeh relaxing, I have noticed that the POS is not watching so much. On that one.
      OK I will do a check. betcha he watches us.

  3. Meesh says:

    shoots, I am a dum canuck, I should not post.

  4. gilligan25 says:

    This sounds so much like the Parisi lawsuit (libel, slander, defamation, false light) that all Larrd will have to do is cut and paste the responses from one to the other.

    Moseley will have to be admitted to either the Florida or Delaware bar pro hoc vice, but he shouldn’t have a problem with that (unlike Orly).

    I don’t think FatBoy is happy unless he’s suing or being sued by someone, but then he has that lwa degree so there’s that.

    Of course, this will give Larrd a chance to do some cyberstalking, something he enjoys. It will provide a diversion for him, because there’s not a chance in hell the USSS is going to let him get anywhere near Tampa during the RNC.

    • kstreet607 says:

      Great observations Gilligan!

      Meesh, yeah, I would have kept those thoughts about Idiot Boy to myself. However, he may not be watching over here much because he has his huge self inflated ego to nurture now that someone has tried to pinprick his “ego bubble”. The man is a self-obsessed bag of wind and he says things to goad people into fighting with him. His boring “News” thingy would get no readers if he didn’t inject drama like he tried to do with me, but I didn’t take the bait. Amanda, The Lawyer and The assumed “Witch” have yet to understand what turns that freak on. He loves inciting hostile reactions. Yuckkkk what a creepy ass POS.

      • Dennis says:

        He’s not over here much because he is way too busy stalking all of these other folks. It takes a lot of work. First, he has to fire up the old laptop (you know, the one that doesn’t work); then he has to make a sandwich; check the mail for his welfare check; check his PayPal account; pour some vodka; check his PayPal account; get some more vodka; conjure up some half-bogus IP addresses; pour some more vodka; check the PayPal account; did I mention the vodka?

        • Meesh says:

          Vodka? “ABSOLUTEly”!

          FatAss loves harassing, intimidating women…it’s second nature to him. I wonder if there’s a psychological reasoning behind this. Where’s jayautwitch? Yeh I know he’s crazy, but why is he always going after women this way? With men, not so much, he’s thrives for RESPECT.

          • Dennis says:

            Typical bully boy behavior. They assume that women are weak and therefore can be shoved around while a man just might come over and clean his clock. Obviously Fats doesn’t watch the TV show Bones.

  5. kstreet607 says:

    Where can I find that list that described his behavior in prison where he was always inciting someone to react negatively so he could sue them? I’d love to post that over at SW!

  6. Meesh says:

    ASSMinistrator is going NUTZ with comments!


    115 comments posted · 0 followers · following 0

    15 hours ago @ Larry Sinclair – Christine O’Donnell Cl… · 0 replies · +2 points
    Amanda, or should I say Christine, Rachel, Annette, Matthew or maybe even Jon Moseley; your mere statement “or should we,” has served to prove our suspicions, thought you said you have no associations with O’Donnell or the Troublemaker event, so whats the “we” stuff, got something crawling around those photos on tumbler?

    The fact that you continue to post comment from a commercial IP address is also very telling.

    15 hours ago @ Larry Sinclair – Christine O’Donnell Cl… · 0 replies · +1 points
    Amanda Marie, you can publish whatever you want. We find it interesting that you continue to claim you have no association of any kind with Christine O’Donnell yet you continue to make statements that only someone with association could make. The Debate is not now nor has it ever been a “Game show” nor will your attempts to define Geberts project as such prevent O’Donnell from facing the consequences of her dishonest actions. Interestingly enough for someone who proclaims such high Christian values would engage in such dishonesty is almost comical it if weren’t so sad.

    17 hours ago @ Larry Sinclair – Christine O’Donnell Cl… · 0 replies · +1 points
    No Amanda, that response was not uncalled for. You have been on every website that has this article or any mention of this article posting claims which raise the question as to your association with the O’Donnell team or project.

    If you continue to make your inaccurate claims we will ask you questions which are valid considering your devotion to claiming we are publishing inaccurate information and/or attacks. If you claim you can speak to the facts then please feel free to let us know in what capacity you speak for O’Donnell.

    17 hours ago @ Larry Sinclair – LEGAL WARNING: Slander… · 0 replies · +1 points
    Dog Food: We do not believe Mr. Sinclair is interested in taking over any group. In fact the Tea Party has started to show its just as phony as the Occupy movement.

    17 hours ago @ Larry Sinclair – Christine O’Donnell Cl… · 2 replies · +1 points
    We can assure you your understanding is completely inaccurate.

    Allow us to explain: Beverly (whose last name we will withhold for the time being) shopped the Gebert project (and yes it was the Gebert project, not the Christine O’Donnell project or idea) and has been doing so since 2011. It was that shopping which brought to O’Donnell’s attention the concept of Gebert which was shopped to O’Donnell as a way to gain additional interest by Gebert producing the Occupy vs Tea Party debate at Troublemaker Fest with Gebert retaining all filming and broadcasting rights. Contrary to your claim, Mr. Gebert never wanted “a part in the debate” as you claim. Mr. Gebert began lining up both Occupy and Tea Party personalities for the project and even began making arrangements to fly those participants into Tampa and arrange accommodations for them. The Occupy vs Tea Party debate and filming was scheduled originally to take place on August 29, 2012.

    Christine O’Donnell began telling Ryan Rhodes that she would not allow Gebert use of the IMAX for the debate unless she was allowed to Host the program (which Gebert had already secured the commitment from the Host of his TV program Chuck Woolery) and then demanded that she be the individual who would debate former FL Congressman Alan Grayson. When Mr. Gebert explained he would not allow O’Donnell to take control of his project because he was not willing to have anyone destroy what he had worked to bring to the political discussion by making it about themselves. O’Donnell then told Rhodes to inform Mr. Gebert she would not release the IMAX to him and would instead conduct her own debate.

    Mr. Gebert not only went far beyond what anyone would have to produce a program which would bring the best of both sides together, he was completely up front with O’Donnell from day one. Christine O’Donnell then at the last minute demanded that Gebert pay her in order to produce his program and film it at the IMAX.

    Now you can repeat the inaccurate and completely false claims of Christine O’Donnell all you wish, it will not change the facts in this matter. Now you can accuse us of being inaccurate and/or attacking all you want. See we know what we are reporting just as we know what people on both the Occupy-Left and Tea Party-right that we contacted asking if they would be interested in participating in the debate in Tampa.

    No O’Donnell is not offering you anything other than what Mr. Gebert was producing until O’Donnell decided she had to be the star an lets not forget O’Donnell deciding she could get paid by offering the broadcasting rights to a company who was already aware of Geberts project because they had been in negotiations with him.

    Have a great Sunday Amanda, or should we use the O’Donnell response, “Hi Christine.”

    18 hours ago @ Larry Sinclair – Christine O’Donnell Cl… · 0 replies · +1 points
    To the contrary Amanda. The fact that you have gone to every web site that has published anything concerning this matter misrepresenting the facts and making claims your involvement and association with O’Donnell is very much of interest.

    Again, we challenge you to demonstrate a single inaccuracy or attack you continue to allege.

    1 day ago @ Larry Sinclair – How Gay Community Lead… · 0 replies · +1 points
    They were posted earlier, why you were not able to see them we cannot say. They were published however.

    1 day ago @ Larry Sinclair – Christine O’Donnell Cl… · 2 replies · +1 points
    No Amanda M. we will NOT redact any part of the article. The information in said article comes from those involved acting in an business and official capacity as representatives of Troublemaker media. I would challenge your claim that anyone who uses a cell phone for business purposes and to solicit media requests is somehow entitled to having said information labeled as private.

    What you have seen is not what O’Donnell has had published.

    No what O’Donnell is doing is not different from Mr. Gebert. In fact O’Donnell only decided to move with it after Gebert had arranged for his people to participate for the shows filming.

    As for your claim that the article is meant to harass people, you miss the mark there as well. Mr. Gebert and the multiple regular people who put their hard earned money into making the project a reality have every right to know who is behind the efforts to take something that they have worked to build.

    Now allow us to ask you a few questions. Especially since you have demonstrated your dedication to the O’Donnell defense.

    1. What is your interest in and association with Christine O’Donnell?

    2. What is your association with Troublemaker Media or Trouble Maker Fest?

    3. Are you and your husband associated with the IMAX in Tampa and/or do you have a financial interest in the O’Donnell event?

    4. Are you now or have you ever been known as Amanda (Alexander) M. ?

    5. Are you now or have you ever been referred to as Mizz Amanda Marie?

    6. Are you a Yelp’er?

    7. Is it Clearwater, St. Pete or Largo ? Or all of them?

    Yes we find it of interest to continue to research those who take such a keen interest in particular portions of a report, especially those who spend hours on the piece on their iPhone doing google searches on a single search term.

    No, we offered Christine O’Donnell and Mathew Purdie, Rachel Torres and Annette Burgess the opportunity to tell their side of the story. Instead of taking that opportunity, they responded like middle school kids with “Hi, Gordon.” O’Donnell can still give her side if she wishes and we will be more than happy to record the interview and publish it as is. But instead, O’Donnell and those working with her have tried to use her associates to have people remove articles which tell the story of her efforts to take something that does not belong to her for personal gain.

    1 day ago @ Larry Sinclair – Christine O’Donnell Cl… · 2 replies · +1 points
    Other than the fact that people do not sit on the site every second of the day waiting for you to comment not at all.

    2 days ago @ Larry Sinclair – Christine O’Donnell Cl… · 0 replies · +1 points

    The Young Turks Join The Troublemaker Fest Tea Party vs. Occupy Debate

    Friday, August 17th, 2012

    Contact: Annette Burgess, 570-497-6994 Email: The Young Turks Join The Troublemaker Fest Tea Party vs. Occupy Debate Troublemaker Fest will fe[…]

    • gilligan25 says:

      I love it when Larrd completely flips out. He’s so obsessive compulsive about it. I wonder how long it’ll be before he goes into complete meltdown and starts typing with his fists and making death threats?

      He’s just so damn crazy. I wonder if these people know they’re dealing with a REAL mental patient.

      • Meesh says:

        This ticked him off….

        Amanda M. · 17 hours ago
        Why not show Beverly the same courtesy that you’ve shown me? Why not use her last name? If she was part of the meetings and business dealings, please, by all means, publish her phone number too. Or should we?

        Amanda M. · 22 hours ago
        Using your logic, my source is free to publish the cell phone and home number for Mr. Gebert.

        To answer your questions:

        1. I’m interested in the platform being offered to Occupy by O’Donnell. I have no association with her.

        2. I have no association with Troublemaker Media or Trouble Maker Fest, other than a desire to attend the debate, if I can afford it.

        3. I have no financial interest in any theater or event, nor does anyone related to me.

        4. I fail to see the purpose of sharing my personal information.

        5. I have never been referred to as Mizz Amanda Marie, I would never use “mizz.”

        6. I am not a Yelp’er.

        7. My location is not any of your business and has nothing to do with this.

        You can keep asking questions of me, that doesn’t change the inaccuracies of the articles and attacks.

        • gilligan25 says:

          This could get interesting. Christine O’Donnell is definitely a public figure and it takes actual malice to libel/slander her. However, most of the other people are private citizens so the legal standard is much less.

          I’m sure by now Larrd and his minions are well on their way to doing background checks on these folks, and I’m sure he’s encouraging them to break the law (ala one Doc Peterson getting the death certificates). They should expect him to post any and all personal information he gathers about them on line as part of his cyberstalking, abuse and threats, because, if nothing else, he’s consistent in his behaviors. Laws mean nothing to him. His only goal is to bully, threaten and intimidate. He’s just a classic stalker. It is nice that he’s doing this before the RNC and DNC, proving to the USSS exactly who and what he is.

  7. Meesh says:

    Can’t wait 🙄

    Upcoming Posts

    O’Donnell Trying To Flex Political Muscle Against Sinclair News?

    Why I Finally Contributed To Romney Campaign

    Subscribe to Sinclair News.Net Don’t miss it – Subscribe by RSS.

    • gilligan25 says:

      So he used his welfare money to contribute to the Romney campaign? Interesting….

      • Dennis says:

        This is especially interesting since Fat Boy has been spending time sucking up to most extreme elements of the wing nutters, almost all of whom dislike Romney. This guy can’t help himself when it comes to pissing off people….

        • gilligan25 says:

          He’s either sucking up to the white supremacist wing of the libertarian party or the ultra-conservatives. He can’t seem to make up his mind between Julio and some other unnamed person.

  8. Meesh says:

    I cannot believe he’s added more widgets… what a garbage site! He’s even got advertisements for “GoDaddy” didn’t he once say they were in bed with Obama?

    What’s this all about at the very top of his blawg? Is this suppose to be his lwa degree?

  9. Meesh says:

    Here we go! The BIGGEST LIAR of all times has insights on a LIAR…….. C’Mon Dennis grasp this one! Or anyone for that matter, this will be the next post! Dissect it nothing fancy, I see we are being visited by NEW people! Here’s the complete post—->

    Christine O’Donnell: The Lone Ranger & Her Tonto Moseley

    August 20, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    Is O’Donnell Telling Lies & National TV? We think so!

    During the 8am ET hour, Ms. O‘Donnell appeared on CNN’s “Starting Point with Sole dad O’Brien” and addressed the allegations she had stolen the Occupy vs Tea Party concept from Gordon G. G. Gebert. In O’Donnell’s response to questions from O’Brien, Sinclair News noticed that some of O’Donnell’s statements make comments made by Attorney Jonathon Moseley in a phone interview late Saturday night stand out. Sinclair News reported early Sunday morning on the emails and phone interview we had with Moseley (Moseley claimed he had had no conversations with O’Donnell on this matter). LEGAL WARNING: Slander against Christine O’Donnell Is Actionable

    O’Donnell told O’Brien that Gebert could “not trademark a movement,” and even stated that Gebert had used the “F word” with her. What O’Donnell did not tell O’Brien is how her associated Matthew Purdie disrespected Gebert or that Ryan Rhodes invite Gebert onto the call because Rhodes knew O’Donnell was trying to profit from selling broadcasting rights to Gebert’s show to Current TV’s The Young Turks. O’Donnell did not tell O’Brien how O’Donnell became verbally insulting and told Gebert to “sue me.” In addition O’Donnell claimed she has been working on the Occupy vs Tea Party debate for months. Sinclair News has information that contradicts O’Donnell’s time line, which O’Donnell herself has made public.

    The video of O’Donnell’s interview with O’Brien can be seen below.

    O’Donnell claimed that the idea was from a friend in a bar in Washington, DC in February 2012. The fact that Gebert had pitched his Occupy vs Tea Party concept with the late Andrew Breitbart in Washington, DC while Andrew was attending the American Conservative Unions annual CPAC Conference held from February 9-11, 2012 is somewhat convenient for O’Donnell. But we want to jump ahead to O’Donnell in August 2012 for a moment. On August 4, 2012 Christine O’Donnell is photographed with an individual who was shopping Gebert’s Occupy vs Tea Party around in the process of getting the pilot filmed.

    On August 7, 2012 Gebert received a call from Ryan Rhodes asking him if he would be interested in putting on his Occupy vs Tea Party in Tampa at the IMAX and film it there. Rhodes contacted Gebert in the capacity of working with O’Donnell on putting together her Troublemaker Fest which O’Donnell was struggling with having it come together. Gebert had agreed and began contacting people to participate in the live debate for filming and had brought in Television personality Chuck Woolery who had agreed to host Gebert’s Television version of the concept. (Sinclair News even sent emails and made phone calls to individuals we have contacts with to inquire whether they would be interested in participating in Geberts Occupy vs Tea Party live debate in Tampa including Rep. Allen West (R-FL) and Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL))

    Since O’Donnell went on CNN and made the claim which Virginia Attorney Jon Moseley made in an email sent to Sinclair News late Saturday evening we have decided to release and publish the entire audio on our Saturday August 18, 2012 interview with Mr. Moseley.

    We also think it important to note that O’Donnell continues to claim the Occupy vs Tea Party or Tea Party vs Occupy is somehow her idea, yet according to Moseley who suggests he has personal knowledge of the arrangements of Troublemaker Fest, says O’Donnell did not plan anything.

    ” I rather doubt from my personal knowledge that Christine O’Donnell planned it…”

    Now Christine O’Donnell and those working with her have made claims that Sinclair News is harassing them. See the below tweet from @Rachelveronica aka Rachel Torres, assistant to Christine O’Donnell when we sent a twitter questioning if she was Rachel Torres who responded to our interview request sent to O’Donnell with “Hi, Gordon” ?

    Sinclair News sent the interview request clearly showing it came from Sinclair News and Miss. Torres while claiming the number she responded from is her personal phone number, that number has been continuously distributed by Torres and O’Donnell to conduct Troublemaker Fest business and to seek media interviews with O’Donnell. Therefore we do not believe we have in any way infringed on anyone’s “privacy” by publishing the responses sent to Sinclair News via text message from that number.

    Perhaps rather than accuse people of harassing them, O’Donnell and her associates should consider answering questions and perhaps Miss. Torres, Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Purdie (who O’Donnell failed to mentioned has a foul mouth and who felt he had the right to disrespect Mr. Gebert during the Thursday night Conference call) might be questioned on the facts and not the attempts by O’Donnell to now say she planned this since February.

    Sinclair News has not harassed anyone. We have respectfully requested comment and interviews through those working for Christine O’Donnell; we have reported the FACTS in this matter and the facts are clear that Christine O’Donnell has tried to steal and sell the broadcasting rights to a program which O’Donnell asked the creator Gordon G.G. Gebert to produce to bring interest to her Troublemaker Fest.

    Anyone associated with the Tea Party who is supporting Christine O’Donnell’s self-promoting event by stealing something she knows she did not think of or plan needs to question what Tea Party principles they believe in. For Christine O’Donnell to go on CNN and claim that Gordon G.G. Gebert “crashed ” a conference call “he was not invited on” is another out right lie. Ryan Rhodes invited Gebert on the call and informed O’Donnell, Purdie, Torres, Lauren, Steve Lange of The Young Turks that he invited Gordon on the call and thought Gordon should be included in it. Rhodes if he is a man of principles would stop playing politics here and admit publicly Christine O’Donnell is not telling the truth. Rachel Torres might also explain why she said

    “The email I sent was from Troublemaker, not me personally. I don’t think I want on this project anymore.”

    in a text message sent at 3:29PM ET Friday August 17, 2012 after the Sinclair News Story had been picked up by others.

    Sinclair News still has questions about who in the Republican National Committee approved turning over the Channelside 10 Cinemas IMAX to Christine O’Donnell’s Troublemaker Media. What we do know is according to the Theatre’s booking/sales representative Matt, he did have to submitt a request to the RNC to give Trouble Maker the access to use the Theatre, but he says “I can get you the dates that was done but I don’t have them on me.” Matt who has been nothing but professional and forthcoming with Sinclair News since our first call to him on Friday. Matt sounded a little frazzled when we spoke with him to day and told us without our asking, that “I have spoken with Gordon, the so called owner of the thing man to man and he says they are trying to work it out.” After which we spoke to Mr. Gebert, who tells Sinclair News “I am not trying to cause the Theatre or its ownership any trouble, it is Christine O’Donnell and her Trouble Maker Media which has engaged in concerted effort to profit from my creation and my work which is at issue.”

    • gilligan25 says:

      Geez, is he long-winded. This takes longer to read than O’Donnell’s segment on Soledad O’Brien. BORRRRRIIINNGGGG…..but I can’t wait for the lawsuit.

      • Meesh says:

        Yes it is BORRRRRRRRRRRING Gilli, but you know what kiddo? What we have to say matters. It truly does. Within the last few weeks, on this humble site. Viewing has surged incredibility…. (in leaps and bounds) Maybe it’s the crazy season. People are in fact watching, listening. If it means to post main posts every day, we will.”We” is just me I look for anything. I draw the great comments, is what I do. Please contribute, and every one else!

        • gilligan25 says:


          This is someone else’s pissing match and Larrd has inserted himself right in the middle of this, trying to ride to fame (such as it is) on Christine O’Donnell’s broomstick. The arguments are twisted, convoluted and just plain weird. And now it involved an IMAX and Chuck Wollery.

          It has that certain ring of bizarro-ness that puts Orly to shame, it really does.

          • Meesh says:

            I understand Gilli, sorry I was not meaning to be nasty, YOU guys are the wordsmiths, legal eagles and all. Alas I suck within maintaining a BLOG! I am helping my friend who was dumped by my other friend. ( I love them both) I am the monkey in the middle who is inept within any of this. Dum canuck.
            The next POS, has never been an issue with me,Obama or Romney, it is what it is. I do not care.

            For FatAss to exist within PAYPAL, *SHIT* I’m here!

            • gilligan25 says:

              Oh, I know you’re not being nasty. You’re just being frazzled.

              BTW, you did know that Chuck Woolery was the first host of Wheel of Fortune, didn’t you? LOLOLOLOLOL!!! This is the best laugh I’ve had all day.

              I did talk to the doc’s office. He prescrbed some meds and I should be feeling better by the weekend. Until then, it’s bland food. Hard to do down here, so he’s a BLECH in advance.

          • Dennis says:

            I know, every detail gets more bizarre. At the rate this is going, they may need Monty Hall to help both side to make a deal.

    • Dennis says:

      Just did a long post below. To be honest, I’m even confused about some of the names. Is this other bozo called Gebert or Gelbert or Poopbrain or what?? And why isn’t Ilse over at the wide-load hosing Fat Boy down with cold water. Even a nutcase like her must realize that Lardo has totally popped a rod.

  10. democratista says:

    I can’t even read all that stuff about his fight with Christine O’Donnell. He makes me seem short on words. And really, who gives a shit..and what does HE have to do with any of this?

  11. Meesh says:

    Well Ruthie, can you suggest a new post, a better one? You do not approve, that’s OK or fine (whatever you have to say) Why are you reading. Please, please, I am asking for you to post here what is up to “par” within your expectation.

    • gilligan25 says:


      I think Ruthie is having the same problem I am with this whole mess–it’s confusing and convuluted and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why FatBoy is involved in this because he appears to have nothing to do with it, besides inserting himself in the middle of this to gain publicity. Other than that, well, no problem.

  12. Meesh says:

    Than what I am saying, post your views – when it comes to mind.

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