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Meet Sinclair and LS News Group

on July 25, 2012

This story begins with this highly respected “reprorter”

His bio on this site—->  Sinclair News.Net | Uncensored & Unafraid

In his words, part of this writer’s BIO:

Lawrence (Larry) W. Sinclair is the founder of and LS News Group ( which is the consolidation of four plus years of genuine investigative journalism and breaking news reporting.  Larry broke the story of’s 2008 killing of the Obama-Ayers story which showed Barack Obama was dishonest during the 2008 Presidential campaign concerning his relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers.  In addition, Larry reported on the decision of the 2012 GOP Candidate Herman Cain to end his campaign a week before the campaign officially announced Cain’s withdrawal from the Presidential race.  Most recently, it was Larry Sinclair who exposed the misleading reports and statements published and reported on the March 1, 2012 death of Conservative activists and blogger Andrew Breitbart. Larry was the first to confirm with the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center Emergency Department that Breitbart had NOT been treated as was originally reported and his report caused media outlets like The Los Angeles Times to update their original reports removing the incorrect information reported by them.  Larry Sinclair is a highly-professional Investigative Journalist who digs deep and reports the facts of a story bluntly and honestly…..

It goes on and on and on and on laced with lots of BS.
On  July 19th, 2012  this highly-professional Investigative Journalist,  posted this at the top of this website, we see this :

Upcoming Articles & Interviews

   The Time Has Come To Shut Bryant Up Once & For All, With Pleasure!

Obama Campaign Uses Gay Campaign Staffers Death For Political Purposes
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We thought it bizarre but within character. So “BRYANT” we assumed was Sheila Bryant. Well of course it was Sheila aka our KStreet. This blog owner as well as The Fifth Column   and of course SINCLAIR WATCH   where she responded there in this post… (I just posted the ending, it’s worth the complete  read!)

Uh Oh…Sinclair Is About To Shut Me Up “Once and For All”…

“Seriously now, Sinclair knows that I am not afraid of him and for him to do some expose on my personal life does not change the facts that I have laid out on this site.

If I had something to hide, I would not have started this site.  His intimidation did not stop me in the beginning and it sure as hell won’t stop me now.

In fact it simply makes him look like the snake that he is.  What are you afraid of Sinclair?  Does a little old lady from Atlanta, GA (via NYC) intimidate you that much, simply because I’m putting FACTS (not lies) out there for all to see?

What does that say about you?  Perhaps, that I’m right about my assessment and PROOF (something you have no use for in any instance.)

Like a former POTUS once said…BRING IT ON!”

On July 24th once again on this wonderful LS newsite we see this

     Upcoming Articles & Interviews

Why People Like Sheila Bryant Will Never Be Taken Seriously

Obama Campaign Uses Gay Campaign Staffers Death For Political Purposes

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He’s an *idiot* what can we say. Sheila aka Kstreet felt her message as previously posted….  was pretty clear “BRING IT ON!” Oh well he’s going to post some other garbage, at least it’s not a threat.

Now today on July 25th, 2012 – we happen to notice another posting:

Upcoming Articles & Interviews:


A Challenge To Sheila Bryant: Come On TTM-Put Up Or Shut Up

2. Conservatives Are Not The Bigoted, Homophobes Liberals Say They Are

3. Conservatives Not The Ones Passing Judgment

4. Obama Campaign Uses Gay Campaign Staffers Death For Political Purposes

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Is this pathetic or what? Well  Sheila’s (in brief) answers, the complete post is a must read!

Summary: Final answer: HELL FRIGGIN’ NO!  Now it’s your turn to “put up or shut up”:

Not until you submit proof that the alleged meeting occurred and that the second meeting occurred as well.
Not until you bring the Limo Driver to the public as proof positive that he can corroborate your every claim.
Not until you prove that Axelrod paid Parisi to “fail your polygraph test”.
Not until you show how you contacted the Obama team in September 2007 (your words) because of a video you saw that didn’t come out until November 2007.
Finally, not until you contact the Donald Young family and let them know you obtained his death certificate and published in your “book” to further spread your vicious lies about a dead man you knew nothing about.

Only then, when all of the above criteria are met, will I readily go on your radio show.

One more question:  Why is there not one shred of documentation/proof to support your claims in your book:

Larry Sinclair, this is harassment!

Anyway, I highly recommend to visit KStreet’s—–> SINCLAIR WATCH!

Afterall, Larry Sinclair endorses it,  because HE”S ALWAYS THERE TOO!


121 responses to “Meet Sinclair and LS News Group

  1. gilligan25 says:

    He’s a professional victim, a welfare queen, is functionally illiterate, is a fat little bully who shrieks and screams if someone steps on his toes, he’s a coward, and he’s a narcissist. He’s also butt-ugly, is full of threats but is too much of a coward to do anything about it, has multiple felony convictions and at least one involuntary commitment to a mental hospital.

    In other words, he’s a loser. Always has been, always will be.

    Have I missed anything?

  2. Meesh says:

    OH FatASS must be back…. He’s got breaking news! ZZzzzzzzzzzz

    BREAKING NEWS:Obama Meets With Geocent, L.L.C CEO Bobby Savoie In His Home No Less

    July 25, 2012
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    Why is it that the American tax payer continues to foot the bill for Barack Obama’s side trips to meet with CEO’s in their homes?

    Yep, you read it right. Today Barack Obama met with the CEO of Geocent, LLC Bobby Savoie in Savoie’s New Orleans home at 120 Audubon, New Orleans, LA where Savoie lives with his wife Lori, and two kids, Maliory & Mathew ages 18-24. What was the purpose of this meeting and why was the meeting kept private by the White House and the Obama campaign?

    Geocent is one of the largest Information Technology & Engineering Services Companies headquartered in New Orleans. The Company was founded in 2008 and founded in the very same city where the Obama 2008 campaign funneled close to a million dollars into a front company for ACORN.

    This story is breaking and we will update it as information becomes available.

    I’ll only post the link to this VERY long post… he talks about American taxpayers…the POS is a social leech… Hmmm let me see FatAss, he’s the President of the United States and you’re what?

    Anyway here’s the link —->

    • kstreet607 says:

      Wow! Thanks for the kudos Meesh. They are really appreciated. 🙂


      As far as your Fox News talking points and UNSUBSTANTIATED claims about Obama’s
      alleged “shady” business practices, once again



      The people who believe the lies from conservative blogs and Fox News need to get a clue. From day one they have been trying to bring Obama down. From 2007 when he made his announcement to this day and beyond. Once again, as far as I’m concerned: if you don’t have neutral sources for your information then it’s assumed to be a lie!

    • gilligan25 says:

      Um, the President was at Bobby Savoie’s house for a fundraiser. It’s in the article:

      Obama did not arrive looking for Louisiana’s eight Electoral College votes — the state is solidly in Romney’s column — but to tap local donors in the contest for campaign cash and deliver his message in front of ardent supporters in a region of the country that is otherwise eager to see him out of office. He attended a fundraiser at a private Uptown home shortly after landing, followed by a stop at the House of Blues in the French Quarter.

      A president having a fundraiser during an election year–I am just shocked. Stunned. Etc.

      • gilligan25 says:

        Twenty people attended the fundraiser at Bobby and Lori Savioe’s home, each guest paying $25,000, or a cool $500,000 in a very short period of time–just think–when Larrd was young and thin, there’s no way he could make a half a mil hooking. He just isn’t that good. But if FatBoy could score a half a mil, he’d upgrade the doublewide and buy himself a nice, used Yukon. Then he’d stuff the balance up his bulbous nose.

        Oh yeah, after that, the President went to ANOTHER fundraiser at the House of Blues in the French Quarter.

        Larr’s such an idiot, and the first person I know whose IQ is expressed in the low single digits, a prime example of anencephaly.

  3. Dennis says:

    OK, Turd Brain has now posted his rant about Kstreet. It is long. It is hysterical. It is full of sloppy writing, poor spelling, and crazy accusations. The old Fat Boy is back. He is off his meds. He is out of control. Quick, alert the doctors in WV. Their favorite patient is coming back. Fatso goes after Kstreet (what else is new) as well as Meesh and TJTaygee (who hasn’t even been around all that much lately). BTW, he never threatened the prez and his family and I guess the Secret Service only visits him because they like chatting it up with the big Lard Ball. They probably admire the way he aced that lie detector test with flying colors and want autograph copies of his best selling book.

    Yep, the speed boat to Fantasy Island has hit the high seas.

    FYI: And he is still whining about needing a car…Guess Ilse hasn’t come through yet with the Trabant.

    A Challenge To Sheila Bryant: Come On TTM-Put Up Or Shut Up

    July 26, 2012
    By Contributor

    Why Sheila Bryant will continue to fail in her psychotic obsession to destroy Sinclair

    There is an old saying “when you are taking on heavy fire, it is evidence you are over the target.” Well Sinclair News must certainly be over the target yet again in the 2012 Presidential Election.

    With the 2012 Presidential election we have seen the return of a group of cowardly gutter rats from the 2008 election who claim to be “fine upstanding, law abiding members of society whose only purpose is to defend Barack Obama and innocent bloggers from the ruthless and disgusting lies being told by a con-man with a 27 year criminal record named Larry Sinclair.” Yep, despite those distortions and misrepresentations being exposed for the deliberate misrepresentations they are for almost five years now, a Lawrenceville, Georgia woman by the name of Sheila Bryant, along with her Internet associates including a Canadian who uses the screen name Meeshitty; a Microsoft Corp employee who uses the screen name TJTaygee; a Gaithersburg MD resident known as “EyesOpen” have crawled out of their respective sewers to hock their “truth with facts” that lacks in truth or facts. Because Sheila Bryant who started her efforts to “defend Barack Obama and three Liberal bloggers in 2008” using screen names legallady; witches brew; kstreet-hoe etc… has chosen to inject herself into a very public and controversial issue within the public realm, she has made herself for the purposes of news, a limited purpose public figure and as such we will treat her and her activities accordingly in this news article.

    Despite having failed miserably in their almost five year obsession with trying to discredit Larry Sinclair; Bryant has decided she wants to “put the truth back out for all to see.” Sinclair decided he was going to give Bryant the opportunity to go on his Radio program Through the Mirror with Larry Sinclair and give Bryant the chance to support her Internet claims or be shown as the lying wind bag that she has been for the last four plus years. Needless to say Bryant hasn’t the nerve to debate openly and back up her Internet postings which are nothing more than the re-posting of what other people have written or claimed. All of who do not have the guts to put their names on any of it. Bryant still publishes under her screen name kstreet in an effort to avoid being held accountable in civil litigation but she has finally met her destiny in that sense.

    Sinclair News ran a 3 part series titled “Why Larry Sinclair Story Matters in 2012“ Part One, Part Two, Part Three, which riled the feathers Bryant (Note: Bryant feels that its okay to publish the names, addresses, phone numbers and children’s name on anyone related to or associated with Sinclair; including engaging in an Internet campaign to attack peoples families and employers in 2008-2012) claims that the publication of her name is an effort to ‘intimidate her.’ It should be noted that until Sinclair expose Bryant by her real name she would hide behind multiple screen names including LegalLady; Witches Brew; Kstreet-hoe; Kstreet67; and on and on.

    This is not an effort to intimidate Bryant, instead it is intended to expose her and her involvement with the same individuals who have engaged in Internet attacks, caller ID spoofing harassment, hacking activities which are verified by Microsoft Corp as having indeed taken place, swatting and more which have taken place over the past six months against conservative bloggers and commentators. Bryant proudly claims “I am not afraid….” and Sinclair News is thrilled with that, its for that reason Sheila Bryant has been invited to go on Through the Mirror w/Larry Sinclair live and either back-up her claims or be exposed for the bag of wind she is. So far Bryant has demonstrated she is only capable of making her claims over a WordPress hosted blog or by making false police reports.

    Bryant loves to write “The truth scares Sinclair,” while trying to hide behind her WordPress hosted blog which she has proudly announced is the administrator of a domain which until Bryant’s recent announcement, hid its ownership behind Domains by Proxy.

    With the announcement by Bryant that she is the administrator of this domain Sinclair News advises anyone who has been slandered, libeled, defamed and harassed by the disgusting post on the site to seriously consider bringing litigation against Sheila Bryant of 7## Leila Lane, Lawrenceville, Georgia in the same spirit she proudly proclaimed her support and unending assistance to Daniel Parisi’s failed litigation against Sinclair.

    Sinclair News has decided to publish this one and final article dealing with the big mouth in Georgia to expose Sheila Bryant for the complete joke she truly is and always will be. Bryant claims she is a mother and a grandmother who decided to concentrate on exposing Sinclair only after Sinclair published a call for information helping to identify and locate Bryant for the purpose of bringing legal action against Bryant. That claim is simply a lie and since Sheila Bryant has injected herself into a very public controversy for more than four years, Bryant has qualified herself as a limited purpose public figure subject to being called out and exposed in public, the same way she and her Internet associates have done for more than four plus years.

    Bryant has published and republished articles on the Internet making some very public claims about Larry Sinclair which she KNEW and KNOWS are untrue and she will be held to back them up or suffer the consequences for making them. So we begin a simple exercise in demonstrating how Bryant (despite devoting every minute of the past four and half years of her miserable life trying to discredit Sinclair,) continues to fail in her mission of saving Barack Obama and the world from the evil of Sinclair.

    It came to our attention recently that Sheila Bryant published an article questioning why there was not a Wikipedia page on Larry Sinclair and pointed out that “Sinclair had created a Metapedia page where he uploaded photo-shopped image representing it to be a photo of himself with Obama.” The below screen grabs make clear Bryant’s statements:

    Now what Bryant wrote compared to what she knew to be the truth just doesn’t measure up at all, especially when Bryant knew before she ever made such claims, Sinclair has not created any Metapedia or Wikipedia page, nor has he ever contributed to either. Sinclair News believes the below disclaimer which Metapedia posted after being contacted makes clear Bryant has a problem with truth or facts to say the least.

    (It should be noted that it was the Obama 2008 Presidential campaign that in Feb 2008 started a wikipedia attack page which was removed by wikipedia themselves)barack obama campaign starts a larry sinclair ‘debunking’ wikipedia entry wikipedia deletes obama campaign’s larry sinclair ‘attack page’

    Then of course we have Bryant announcing how she thinks Sinclair is worried about her little blog having an uptick in visits could somehow make him uncomfortable. Bryant continues to think that Sinclair News is somehow funded by a group of wealthy or generous Obama haters. Perhaps Bryant would consent to a disclosure of her financial records and communications by email and phone? If Sinclair was funded by anyone he certainly would not be driving 2200 miles round trip in a 1990 Honda Accord that needs a new motor or he won’t be driving to the corner store in the very near future.

    Bryant doesn’t seem to understand even today that taking a stand and standing by what you say is not about money. She certainly cannot cause Sinclair News to lose anything that it has never gotten to begin with!

    Lets just go down a list of claims made by Bryant recently she says is “to put the truth out there, backed by evidence.” in addition to her claims about the Metapedia page which have been totally destroyed by Metapedia’s own statement.

    Sinclair is attacking me because he doesn’t like the truth being told.
    Sinclair has reinvented himself an is being funded by his republican handlers
    The United States Secret Service paid a visit to Sinclair’s home on January 28, 2012 after Sinclair sent threatening faxes to the White House.
    Sinclair has threatened the President of the United States, the First Lady and the Presidents Children.
    Sinclair was arrested immediately after his 2008 National Press Club press conference for forgery in Delaware.
    Sinclair chooses to avoid mentioning the 2008 polygraph that he failed.
    Sinclair has threatened anyone who challenges him.
    Sinclair continues to bilk senior citizens out of their money.
    Sinclair has a 27 year criminal record as a con man.
    Sinclair did not win in the Parisi v Sinclair Federal defamation case, he did not get a court verdict.

    The list goes on forever but we believe the following will be more than enough to show Sheila Bryant and her associates to be the liars they are.

    Now allow us to point out why Bryant cannot and will not ever be taken seriously by anyone who is interested in TRUTH and FACTS. We will take each one of Bryant’s position in order listed above.

    Sinclair is attacking me because he doesn’t like the truth being told.

    Sinclair has not threatened Bryant in any way other than to make clear she would be held legally responsible for what she has stated and the actions she has engaged in. Sinclair when threatened by Bryant with “I will drive to Duluth and beat the shit out of your faggot ass myself,” in 2008 did make clear to Bryant he would take any action necessary to defend himself against her threats of physical assault. The below screen grabs demonstrate how Bryant loves to use copyrighted photos taken from publications and inserted in her cries of threats out of context to try and make herself look victimized.

    Bryant claims that comments posted on one of the 2008 websites that purported to be in defense of three liberal bloggers right to publish untrue statements about Sinclair, were ” traced back to the IP of the Hotel Sinclair was staying at in Washington, DC” is proof the comments came from Sinclair. What Bryant and her little friends do not talk about is how they in 2008 posted comments and sent emails to prosecutors and others that appeared to have come from one IP or email server when they actually came from another.

    Look at the email received from in 2009 which Bryant herself was a party too. To view in PDF format click HERE. You can click on the images below to view in full size. NOTE: We have redacted the name of the individual who was the target of these threatening and harassing emails sent out by Bryant and/or her co-administrators. (the below is example is just one of many documented in archived Internet postings including publishing photo shopped images of individuals dressed in KKK garb and circulated on, DailyKos, and Huffington Post)

    Now Bryant has been really good at publishing threats and attacks against people she knows nothing about and calling them whores, racists, KKK etc… since 2008. Sinclair News has some four plus years of Bryant’s postings beginning in 2008 archived in PDF files that will be included in Sinclair’s upcoming book When One Man Stands along with the photo shopped images Bryant has posted. Sinclair himself has repeatedly stated if Bryant wishes to debate face to face publicly rather than hide behind her computer screen all she has to do is say the word. There is a fundamental right we all have in the United States and that is the right to face our accusers; so why is it Bryant continues to feel she is exempt from making her accusation in Sinclair’ face?

    Sinclair has reinvented himself. How?

    Larry Sinclair has not ever been funded nor has he ever sought any funding of any kind from any Republican, Democrat or Independent party group or individual for the purposes of attacking Barack Obama. This however does not seem to be enough for Bryant and Canadian Meeshitty, Microsoft employee TJTaygee or anyone on the left. It is because Sinclair has NOT taken any funding of any kind from any political party or group that he has been able to establish Sinclair News – LS News Group as a truly free press. Bryant and Meeshitty however seem to feel that they are entitled to be told how Sinclair can afford to drive from Florida to DC or anywhere else as often as he has.

    While Bryant likes to demand to know things she has a real problem disclosing things herself. For example, Bryant fails to disclose that she is on the record in Internet postings admitting her daughter-in-law is employed in a law enforcement agency where Bryant claims she has had access to information which she is not entitled to nor is her daughter-in-law entitled to access for personal reasons.

    Sinclair in 2008 was completely unaware of how to use the Internet technology but has in four plus years become well educated in how to trace and track back Internet postings and emails sent by re-mailers. Bryant and her associates which by the way included BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith; The Slate & MSNBC contributor Dave Weigel (you no Weigel, from Journo-list fame) do not like having their association with Obama campaign groups disclosed or brought up. Or that Bryant has announced she considers herself to be one of Obama’s Truth Team bloggers.

    What has really riled Bryant’s hemorrhoids up is the fact that Sinclair has not pushed his book Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? nor has he needed to. It still ranks in the top paid Kindle Store paid books and is still available despite aggressive attempts to take it out of circulation. Bryant is devastated now that her hopes the Parisi v Sinclair defamation litigation was going to shut Sinclair up for good have been shattered.

    Bryant is completely nuts over the fact that Sinclair has by dedication and tenacity become one of the most read self made journalist in the US. When this article was originally scheduled to go up Bryant immediately took the opportunity to make the ridiculous statement implying that Sinclair and/or the late Andrew Breitbart was responsible for “hacking ” her gmail account!

    Oh yes, Bryant forgot to remind her associates that Sinclair’s email accounts were indeed hacked on October 10, 2008 by her associates and the contents of which her and her associates began posting online. Be clear, Bryant was/is an administrator on the very sites publishing content from hacked emails therefor she is as responsible as the individual posting it.

    The United States Secret Service paid a visit to Sinclair’s home on January 28, 2012 after Sinclair sent threatening faxes to the White House.

    It is no surprise to anyone here that Bryant continues to make her outrageous and completely false claims that Sinclair has threatened the President of the United States and his family. After all the quickest way to get someone to stop reading something is to paint the author as some raving lunatic. There is just one problem with Bryants claim, its not true.

    What Bryant fails to mention is that she and her internet buddies (Sinclair News believes that Bryant has never once confirmed the identity of anyone she has associated with in her internet attacks nor has she felt it important that her source for the majority of her crap is a Texas man who defrauded customers out of more than a million dollars in fraudulent piano sales) engaged in sending editied internet postings and photo shopped images to multiple Field Office locations of the United States Secret Service throughout 2008-2010 making some serious but completely false statements which are documented in a file within the agency. Nor does Bryant mention that because of her and her associates actions their internet postings were monitored regularly by the US Secret Service. But hey, Bryant has a problem with facts anyway especially those facts which demonstrate her obession with Sinclair.

    Now because Sinclair has filed a FOIA request to obtain documents from the United States Secret Service we will not yet publish any of them here (they too are included in Sinclair’s upcoming book When One Man Stands) but we decided to send an email request to the actual Secret Service Agent whom Sinclair met with in January 2012. Since Bryant and her associates have repeatedly claimed : Sinclair has sent threatening faxes to the White House; Sinclair has threatened Barack Obama; Sinclair has threatened First Lady Michelle Obama; Sinclair has threatened the Obama daughters, and on-an-on Sinclair felt he would address those with the US Secret Service himself (though Sinclair already knew the statements were a lie). See the email and response from the United States Secret Service in PDF form HERE Click on the image to view the email in full size.

    Sinclair was arrested immediately after his 2008 National Press Club press conference for forgery in Delaware.

    Bryant in a July 21, 2012 post makes a claim that “Sinclairs arrest immediately following his press conference for forgery out of Delaware…”

    she knows is false. Sinclair was never arrested for or charged with forgery out of Delaware but Bryant along with her associates and the Delaware News Journal didn’t feel it was important to be factual. Not only was Sinclair not arrested for Forgery, the Delaware theft charge was dismissed because their was never a crime committed. But this did not prevent Bryant and the News Journal from publishing completely false statements alleging Sinclair paid for a three week hotel stay with counterfeit money orders. The Delaware News Journal editor even had the nerve to claim they obtained the information from the Court file even though the court file contained no such information. When confronted with that bit of fact the editor changed up and said, “that is what the Delaware State Police POI told us and we are sticking with it.”

    Sinclair committed insurance fraud

    Bryant has alleged that Sinclair filed fraudulent insurance claims alleging his car was stolen after having filed a claim his car was totaled days earlier in an accident in Maryland. Again Bryant makes these claims simply based on what someone she commincates with online says without ever verifying anything first. Had Bryant decided to verify the information she published as fact, she would have found that in 2007 Sinclair’s car was hit while parked in the Christana Mall putting a dent in the rear right quarter panel and bumper. She would also have discovered that Sinclair’s insurance company GEICO had performed a personal inspection of the vehicle in adjusting the damage which came to about $700.

    Had Bryant bothered to verify anything she would have found that Sinclair has never been in any accident in the State of Maryland nor has he ever filed an accident report anywhere in the State of Maryland. She is correct in stating Sinclair’s car was stolen and he did do exactly what anyone else would do when that happens, which is file a Police report and immediately notify his insurance company.

    It all these easily verifiable pieces that because Bryant didn’t bother to verify anything, makes her and anything she writes lack credibility.

    Sinclair chooses to avoid mentioning the 2008 polygraph that he failed.

    perhaps Bryant simply needs to avoid the truth about the Feb 22, 2008 polygraph she continues to quote as damning to Sinclair. Sinclair not only addresses it, he has done an excellent job and supporting his claims the reported result were false. In Sinclair Polygraph Video Raises Questions About Gelb’s Findings we find Sinclair addresses it very well. Not only does the video itself show Edward Gelb and Robert Braddock conspiring to LIE, Dr. George Maschke of does an excellent job at pointing out how Gelb says one thing on video while writing something completely different on the report. One thing Bryant writes in the above screen grab is accurate as to her, “TRUTH, always upsets a liar,” and Sinclair has upset Sheila Bryant continuously now for almost five years!

    Bryant has been fixated on Dr. Gordon Barland’s report and continues to repeat sections of it even to this day. What Bryant has failed to grasp is 1.) Barland did not have all the data and/or video; 2.) Barand in an email in 2011 and a phone call with Sinclair admitted that contrary to the reported claims, he did not conduct a blind study as reported; he did not receive any computer scores from Gelb on any portion of the exams; he was never made aware of a computer scoring which found him to be telling the truth, and finally that “it is not written or standard procedure to take the human score over the computer score as was claimed by Gelb, but that it was his personal choice to accept the human score over the computer score. Bryant also fails to menton that according to Barland, “had I known of Gelbs remarks on the video expressing his belief that you were a nut and a lying sob I would not have involved myself in reviewing the results provided as such statements are clear bias on the part of the examiner.”

    Sinclair has threatened anyone who challenges him.

    Sinclair has had plenty of people challenge him and he has not ever threanted anyone for doing so. Perhaps the upcoming publication of the vile and disgusting statements posted by Bryant might give the real story on what this mother and grand mother from Atlanta really is. Lets see some of these threats sent by Bryant and her associates over the past four plus years.

    Sinclair continues to bilk senior citizens out of their money.

    Sinclair and Sinclair News challenges Bryant to back up this claim with the names of a single Senior Citizen they claim Sinclair has bilked out of a penny! They can’t. They can’t because it isn’t true.

    Sinclair has a 27 year criminal record as a con man.

    Despite the continued repeating of the same old lie over and over again which Bryant and her gutter rats fed to Ben Smith and Dave Weigel, Sinclair has never at any time tried to hide his past. A past which contrary to Bryants claims, contain crimes between 1980-1986 for which Sinclair admitted his guilt and paid his debt. But god help you if you have a past and do not support the democrats, cause then you are a sleaze ball with no credibility. But you can blow up Police stations and be a hero as long as you support the liberal left.

    Sinclair did not win in the Parisi v Sinclair Federal defamation case, he did not get a court verdict.

    Bryant who was elated beyond belief in 2010 when Daniel Parisi filed his $30 million dollar defamation suit in the US District Court in Washington, DC against Sinclair, Sinclair Publishing Inc., Jeffrey rense, Barnes & Noble,, amd Books-A-Million. Bryant along with her associates even engaged in trying to assist Parisi in his case. On March 31, 2011 the Court dismissed Parisi claims against Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and On August 24, 2011 the Court dismissed Parisi claims against Jeffrey Rense and on Feb 28, 2012 the Court granted Sinclair’s motion to dismiss Parisi claims. In the Feb 28, 2012 opinion the Court ruled that Sinclair’s book was not defamatory as claimed by Plaintiff Parisi. See Court Dismisses $30 Million Defamation Suit But thats not good enough for Bryant.

    Bryant has demonstrated her ability to be deliberately misleading and outright dishonest to try and twist things to support her position. This may be why Bryant has developed a psychotic obsession with Sinclair, who tells it like it is and lets the chips fall where they fall. See Parisi chose not to appeal the Feb 28, 2012 decision of the court, and by so doing that ruling is the law of the case. Though Parisi appealed the dismissal in 2011, on July 13, 2012 he moved to dismiss his efforts to overturn the decision of the District Court. What Bryant failed to mention is that Parisi in his dismissal stipulated that the “matter has been ajudicated on its merits…” meaning the rulings of the court were based on the merits of the case and the court ruled Parisi’ claims to be without merit! See the stipulation and order HERE and HERE


    Sinclair News is proud of what we have accomplished. Sinclair himself is proud that he has lived exactly as he has encouraged others to live, by putting his name on anything he writes and being willing to stand behind it. Unlike the Sheila Bryants and the alleged “French Couple” (click on the “Frech Couple” for a view of their home in the South of France Texas) who Ben Smith,, MSNBC, Huffington Post, The Slate and others have been duped by Sinclair has not needed to hide behind a computer screen nor has he ever tried to hide from anything he has said.

    Despite the continued claims by Sheila Bryant and her gutter rats that Sinclair has accused Barack Obama of murdering three men; she nor they can produce a single written or verbal statement made by Sinclair making that claim. While Bryant will continue to republish claims made by people with screen names like Bandita, MakeNoise; Witches Brew; Joeymac; Gilligan (aka Turner Marine) etc that Sinclair has threatened the president; filed fraudulent insurance claims (which if even remotely true Sinclair most certainly would not still be insured by the very same company today); or the host of other baseless and factually false claims she has made, Mr. Sinclair will continue to report the facts, will move forward with his upcoming second book When One Man Stands (which will contain a treasure trove of internet postings and photo shopped images & documents Bryant participated in) as well as doing everything possible legally and honestly to hold all politicians accountable and to help elect individuals committed to protecting the United States of America.

    Its because of little things like facts, that the Sheila Bryants of the world will continue to fail in their efforts to defend the indefensible.

    One might consider the rabid obsession Bryant has demonstrated over the course of years and that despite all of the postings claiming to be from friends and family of Sinclair, Bryant nor her gutter rat friends have ever been given a single statement by anyone who knows Sinclair personally or who is related to him. Bryants obsession is laughable if not scarey considering she has devoted every minute of her life for four plus years to her obsession. That tells you that Sinclair has done his job and done it well!.

    Sinclair who has been repeatedly asked if he would take another polygraph is close to doing just that.

    • gilligan25 says:

      OOOOOoooooo, Larrd is ready to blow:

      Is Meesh still an organic potato farmer from PEI? I think he has her back somewhere in Ontario. She’s quickly travelling through Canada now. LOL

      And shit, I barely rate a mention.

      And he’s driving a 1990 Honda Accord? One of our friends had one and it ran like a top. Of course, he took care of his car, regular maintenance and all that (okay, except the time he was out sailing, we had a tropical storm, storm surge and a very high tide, and when he came home and opened the door, he had water in it up to the seat–but after he cleaned it up, rinsed it out and dried it out, replaced a few small parts, it still ran like a top, and when he left to sail to the Rio Dulce, Guatamela, he sold it and it’s STILL running). It takes an awful lot of abuse and neglect to destroy a Honda, but that’s FatBoy.

      My favorite car of all time was an 89 Toyota Camry. Bought it used, drove it for a decade or so with nary a problem, and finally had to sell it when we left to sail down here. I do remember one of our neighbors asking us what we were going to do with our vehicles (car, truck,camper van) when we left, not quite understanding that the south does have cars (and roads and electricity and phone service and just everything) and there’s no way in hell we’d go back up north to get three used vehicles. I finally told him we’d put them on a barge and tow them behind us. He believed me. And compared to LarrdAss, he was a genius.

    • kstreet607 says:

      OMG! Did I hit a nerve?

      Actually that piece is hilarious on so many levels. His pyschosis glares through every word. The lies he has told about me and others is typical of Larry Sinclair.

      He puts my address out there for OTHERS to come after me either legally or physically. Georgia is a “stand your ground state” ’nuff said…

      • gilligan25 says:


        I just figure this is from The Onion. You’re right–t’s hilarious! I can just see him, all sweaty and breathng hard, pounding on the keyboard so hard that he broke a couple keys, ranting, muttering, drooling, shrieking, “I’m going to get that bitch NOW!” with about a gallon of Pepsi and halitosis flavored spittle dripping off the walls–and all he’s done is post on huge stinking pile of incoherent, inchoate shit. And he’s still escalating. The Big Blow hasn’t come yet.

        He’s not taking being refused his press pass to the RNC very well, is he–and he did tell those folks at Freedompalooza not only was he going to get the press pass, but bragged he’d get them in. I’d love hear how he planned to do that, given how loose security is at the conventions.

        And I’m in a stand your ground state as well, and damn near everybody conceal carries.

    • gilligan25 says:

      I missed this. He’s “close” to taking another polygraph? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
      Never gonna happen. NEVER. Who’s he going to get? That anti-polygraph guy? One of Orly’s “expert” witnesses? Oh, puhleese….

      Sinclair who has been repeatedly asked if he would take another polygraph is close to doing just that.

      Close but no cigar….

      And it’s perfectly normal for the USSS to pay a social visit to some moron in a single wide in Port Orange, Florida, just because they happened to be in the neighborhood. Did they bring a gift for the host, like a nice bottle of wine? LOLOLOLOL!!! What a peabrain.

      • Meesh says:

        Now why does he bother put CONtributor as the author of this mess? The slaughter of apostrophes is a dead give-away, between CONtributor and ASSministrator (the princesses that dwell in that fat head) they all seem to suffer with the very same writing flaws.

        For the record “MEESHITTY” is/was one of his deadbeats who claimed I was the PEI organic potato farmer also “EYESOPEN” “KStreet-Hoe” is/were some of his deadbeat posters – both commented at his site as well as Jeff BUZZ BUZZ’ site.

        Great reprorting POS, the whole article stinks a-la-SickLiar, welcome back!

        • gilligan25 says:


          Didn’t the idiot ID us as the same person (as well as everyone else on this side of the planet)? I can’t remember the screen name, but it was damn funny.

          And hell, I’m going to be laughing at him all day. If he had any talent–and he doesn’t–he should do stand-up comedy.

        • kstreet607 says:

          LOL Gilligan! I can picture that scenario…you pegged him to a tee!

      • Dennis says:

        It’s simple. He probably got some kind of online “degree” and will do the test himself. And he will pass with flying colors…

  4. Meesh says:


    Yeh we were BamaLu (or something like that), who was also “V”/Vee(haven’t a clue how this “V” manifested himself/herself. Anyway Larry said (they) were from Birmingham Alabama originally from Wisconsin who were also one of his tards/original supporters back in March 0f 2008. BamaLu/”V” saw the light and called him out on some lies/publicly.So Larry did what he always does, attempts to “out” he/she. Two at once!

    Yep, BamaLu stated that he/she at the very onset was a life long Republican and enthusiastic supporter of John McCain for the 2008 election, and very proud of this. This is what he does to “anyone” who dares to cross/question him. He intimidates and threatens and starts weaving a web… I call it spinning!

    Spin? Larry also thought BamaLu, “V”, you and me were ALSO Victor. Well, he sort of confused the issue, this is when Victor (another very loyal supporter) also dared to question him. BamaLu was still there, but had the audacity to speak in defense of Victor…soo Larry referred to he/she as Victor of BamaLu. And combined these two (three?) posters as one poster, how the both of us got tangled in that mess.. I still do not have clue, I never posted at his site.

    I have often wondered why he combines “real” people into “one person” I think it was because he didn’t want it to appear that he’s losing supporters or else he’s just plain NUTZ. I think he once said that he/she (well all of us, in one body) worked for Geraldo Rivera. He watches WAY too much Fox News!

    So now I am Meeshitty (some tard) eeeewwww, it’s all sooo Confoosing!

    About the USSS where he states they did not visit him because of threats to the POTUS and First Lady, it was a social call. Yeh right. Now why, oh why one agent telephones him, while two other agents stood outside the front door? He posted that and not us.

    Why did they check the wideload for files eh? Then he volunteered photoshop and screenshots of “The Regulator” (the original website, and nooo KStreet was not remotely connected, only a regular/cherished poster) and oh yeh they asked about a gun or seemed to be looking for something in his bedroom. Well he posted that on his website as well at Citizen Wells and NOT us.

    When asked by the USSS about a strange behaviour/occurrence, didn’t he explain to the USSS that he had used a pellet gun and not a “real” gun to shoot up the pictures of the POTUS and the first Lady that he posted and also faxed over to the WH? He posted this and not us.

    Didn’t he produce the pellet gun (that appears like a real gun) and showed it to the USSS agents? He posted that and NOT us.

    A week or so later, didn’t he say the USSS were “babysitting” him and his Ma when the POTUS came to Florida? He posted that and NOT us!

    I was listening to one of the videos that he posted while in VA. Anyway in one of the videos he said, that the USSS are not all that crazy about the POTUS, in fact occasionally the USSS call him and give him tips of the POTUS’ whereabouts and future outings. He is delusional!

    Sure, he can produce all the emails till the cows come home, however emails can be altered. NEWS FLASH: I do not believe him for a minute! He is desperate, and this is when he starts spinning! I happened to notice, no one over at his website gives one “hoot” well except us here.

    • gilligan25 says:

      This reminds me of that delusional bullshit COW wrote about him. It must be a shared mental illness.

      Bamalu–damn, when we got the rescue pup, she didn’t have a name (given she was found running down a highway, all skinny and matted with no ID, having no name was the least of her problems). Bamalu would’ve been PERFECT! But knowing my hubby and his awfulness with remembering names, she would’ve ended up being called Babalu:

      And if we worked for Geraldo, where the fuck are the checks? (It could be worse–he could’ve said we worked for O’Reilly, and that would’ve involved loofahs, falafel, etc.).

      • kstreet607 says:

        Gilligan and Meesh, you two…no…every Regulator I know is HILARIOUS!!! You guys Rock!

        • gilligan25 says:

          Well, after reading Larrdo’s huge pack o’ lies, he might as well change his name to Joseph Goebbels.

          It is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read–and I’ve just barely recovered from him bragging to the Paulistas at Freedompalooza that not only would he have a press pass at the RNC, but he could get them in.

    • Dennis says:

      Yeah, I noticed that the rambling loon seems to have everybody confused with everybody else. He probably thinks I’m David Axelrod under an assumed name. BTW, when do we get our checks from Geraldo?

      • Dennis says:

        Let me correct the above statement. I’m really Dan Parisi…

        • Dennis says:

          Another correction: I am not Parisi. I am that spooky shadow that Lard Ass sees out of the corner of his eyes late at night after the drugs and booze kicks in….boooooooo.

    • Dennis says:

      Oh Meesh…are you telling me that Fat Boy is not in good with the USSS? What, after all of those lazy days and nights they have sort of spent together (them in their cars staked outside the wideload while he is inside posting trash talk online).

      • Meesh says:


        You can “now” call me Meeshitty, it’s official, that’s who I am now, according to the *Truth Machine*. Yep, busted I’m an ex-tard LOL named “meeshitty” who stated that (me) Meesh was from Prince Edward Island. I have been Meemers, and some other “Mee” some lady from Florida. You know, supposedly I currently live in a town that I have never heard of before? Or Meeshitty is. Yep! But Larry says so, soooo it’s got to be true!

        I’ve been so many people, I must flee off to British Columbia to visit Joeymac. I’ll stop by Saskatchewan for a short stay. A long trip ahead of me. Oh well, I was looking forward to go out west and explore more of Canada!

        About the USSS, well if the “Truth Machine” says he’s thick with them it must be the truth. I wonder if he is wined and dined by Dudley Dooright from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police too? UH OHs!

  5. tjtaygee says:

    Long-story-short – liar-larr wouldn’t have to rail against kstreet so much if he didn’t think she was something about which worrying is necessary – in other words, Great Job Exposing larr for the liar he is, Kstreet!

    Otherwise, only reason I got “honorable mention” in his article is for drama’s sake – makes for a more interesting (yet dishonest) yarn to try to keep those $$$ coming in from the (p)sycophants. Has to be the only reason, cause I still have yet to visit larr’s site(s?) in forever and a day now, and only mention him nowadays in response to someone here mentioning that he mentioned me.
    I hardly merit a mention, mainly. (alliteration FTW!)

    Lubs 2 allzzz, even larr, since he so desperately is in need of me as a windmill against which to joust – if in passing. as usual with larr anymore – *yawn*

    • gilligan25 says:


      I can see FatBoy just fuming, thinking (when he can actually achieve thought) if I do this HUGE expose, I’m sure someone’s going to gimme a good car. Driving a ’90 Accord is soooo far below me–I want a new Lexus, Escalade, Land Cruiser–something befitting my station in life.

      Oh, and if you’d watch the video that was posted over here, you might pick up on at least one undercover law enforcement person in his audience…..I just laughed my ass off at that idiot not picking that up–but he’s so in love with the sound of his own voice that he completely missed it.

      • YankeeClipper says:

        I saw that agent too, Meesh! I’ve also picked up the rumor that one of Princess Sybil’s most prolific writers is actually an undercover agent as well.

        • Dennis says:

          One of his writers? I pick Julio as the one. The kid obviously has no skills as a reporter so I just assume he is hanging around for some other reason.

    • Meesh says:


      Yep, he has a weird fixation over you, I mean c’mon you scarcely come here, and I KNOW you do not go over there. He did post some weird bread crumbs *proving* it was you…. That’s what he does to his regular *posters* ASSumes it’s one of us. Bogus leads of course, he is a con artist no doubt about it.


      Take care my friend!

  6. YankeeClipper says:

    It’s beginning to sound like the doofus is off his meds and on the verge of a BIG time psychotic break. Now he’s declared himself dictator of the internets and done away with Freedom of Speech: “put up or shut up!”

  7. Dennis says:

    Looking back at his recent post, I suspect my previous teaching lecture fell on deaf ears. Besides, I forgot to mention another important rules of writing: Don’t produce copy while stoned or drunk. Sure, Hunter S. Thompson could work this way. Heck Hemingway did his best work this way. But most reporters are not in this league.

    There is no way this asshole was sober when he wrote this crap.

  8. kstreet607 says:

    Hi TJTaygee. It dawned on me and I wrote this on SW about an hour or so ago: Sinclair does some sort of rant with what must seem to him to be a meticulous layout of “proof” against me and others, why couldn’t he be as “meticulous” (albeit lies) with proof from his 1999 tryst?

  9. Meesh says:

    As I said, nobody except “us” is paying attention to the recent post however on the previous post The Breaking NEWS —-> it’s a different story!
    The editor (aka head-honcho Princess Larry) added this to the post, of course when a poster corrected FA! 🙄

    Editors Note:
    The bio information obtained on Geocent CEO Bobby Savoie mistakenly stated his son Matthew resided at the residence. While the bio info was obtained through Geocent it has been brought to our attention Matthew Savoie was killed in an early morning car accident in New Orleans in December 2009. We have corrected the info and note our mistake.

    Here are some comments:

    Nola00 · 6 hours ago
    This is the most ridiculous story I have ever read! Why are you trying to sensationalize a fund raiser? You know the kind that take place all over the country, where American citizens open their homes to the President and supporters, eat a little lunch, shake the President’s hand, snap a picture, have a nice day. This story is incredibly inaccurate and I would love to know why you are trying to turn it into something it’s not.

    Joe S. · 17 hours ago
    Could you people get any more stupid? President Obama was in New Orleans to speak to the national urban league, as has every President, Republican or Democrat, in modern times. Just to point out your ignorance, Matthew Savoie was killed in an automobile accident over 2 years ago! Try checking your facts.

    LSAdministrator 50p · 15 hours ago
    Joe S. what Obama was in New Orleans for has nothing to do with the fact that he held a private meeting with Geocent CEO in the CEO’s home. The tax payer paid the tab for that metting and Obama or the White House should simply tell us what the meeting was about and why it had to take place under the cloak of privacy.

    As for Matthew Savoie being killed in an autombile accident over 2 years ago that is the bio information which is made available by Savoie so perhaps he should change it.

    :::::waves to POOPER SCOOP Sinclair News::::: GREAT SCOOPS!

  10. Meesh says:

    Remember I said no one is commenting on his big exposé about us here? Well that’s not entirely true…Poor Roberta-tard has commented.. WTF? This one must have escaped from Goofy’s…

    Roberta · 4 hours ago
    The Attorney General in the State of California has stepped up and signed into law, there, a “Homeowners’ Protective” ?

    I honestly use the ? symbol because I do not know what to make of this country, one of the six wars We The People are continued under attack: How do people not count the war torn USA in with Iraq, Libya, Syria, ET AL!?

    Larry Sinclair has basically SAVED the U.S.A., and yet the brain dead “Americans?” continue to support incredible criminally insane FRAUD.

    Where are the “idea” and “ideology” implants that find the brain dead, manufactured from? The NEWS? Which “news,” would that be the Timothy Geithner “we’re into the news and not bonds,” “families of the Federal Reserve Syndicate, Fed?” Is this where burlesque Bryant gets the virtual credit fraud to perpetuate greater FRAUD on the American people?

    Obummer is not in the least bit interested in other than whatever spoils his sick ego the most.


    It is good to see the “Homeowners'” are being considered.

    Glad to see the “Loan Modification” programs are being “arrested.”

    Now, the VIRTUAL CREDIT FRAUD, must be dealt with, please.

    Virtual Credit Fraud was sold to Americans and this WAS NOT a new BOOM AND BUST.

    CONTRACT BREACH. Simple Contract Law must be 100% transparent, and “money” is a traded commodity established since thousands of years ago.

    The Savings and Loan heist during the early 1980s, was a controlled FRAUD, FIRE SALE.





    STUDY THE 9TH OF AV. It began as it does, with a BIG EXPLOSION or some form of hell on earth to insure the Virtual Credit Fraud continues enslaving.

    Supposedly this Sat., 28 July, 2012, 9th of Av begins, however, it actually ALWAYS begins with, such as but not limited to, the RECENT bus bombing, [Bulgaria], and the “Dark Night!??”

    According to the “ritual(s)” a seriously very tragic world for abject grief to cement terror forever AND ever, “amen?”

    CHIEF JUSTICE, KOZINSKI, must not “POLICE” himself as well the justices in the U.S. are not truly in the U.S. Constitution’s integrity, able to “police” their own actions of fraud or lack of ethics and integrity.

    We the People have all his digital records [Kozinski’s “porn”] for the behavior that gets the non-“cultists?” incarcerated and worse. Furthermore, Kozinski has been instrumental in ROBOSIGNING “HOME FORECLOSURES,” AND I HAVE UNDISPUTED PROOF OF THIS LEGAL FACT.

    CITIZENS’ GRAND JURIES. The only sure U.S. Constitutional ethical, integrity, truth and justice for ALL and not just the “super committees” very carefully steering the UNITED NATIONS’ AGENDA 21, into our very lifeless souls. John Kerry and the State of California must “atone.”

    Accidentally hit the Send Feedback button before this was actually complete, sorry for x2 “message.”

    :::waves to Roberta::::: it’s time to take your meds, dear… They’re way long overdue! Bingo night tonight! WooHoo you can stay up till 9PM.

    • YankeeClipper says:

      Roberta likes magical mystery apostrophes too!! She has some work to do on the English language but, those magical mystery apostrophes should keep her dumb-self afloat!

    • Dennis says:

      Roberta? Sounds like Orly Taitz on a rant. Where does he find these people?

  11. kstreet607 says:

    Off topic: This is hilarious…Pathological liar (no not LardAss this time) Mitt Romney is lying about being close friends with Netanyahu.

  12. Meesh says:

    WOW That was quick…I guess CONtributor didn’t think the HUGE KStreet POOP SCOOP exposé, generated enough attention. $$$$$$ :::::sniffles::::sniffles::: Two new articles replaced it, with some “original” rip-off articles.

    Senate Votes to Raise Taxes on Small Businesses
    By Contributor
    July 26, 2012

    Yesterday, the Senate narrowly voted (51-48) to raise taxes on 1.2 million small businesses, which will likely kill more than 700,000 jobs at a time when nearly 13 million Americans are out of work. Senators Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Jim Webb (D-VA) joined all Republicans in bipartisan opposition to the tax hike. This is President…
    Read More »

    250 Jobs Coming to Manatee County
    By Contributor
    July 26, 2012

    Air Products, based in Allentown, Pa., plans to expand its liquefied natural gas (LNG) heat exchanger manufacturing capacity by constructing a second manufacturing facility – 300,000 square feet – at a new site in Manatee County. To date, all the units that Air Products has manufactured for this business line have been exported from…

    Read More »

  13. YankeeClipper says:

    July 26, 2012 5:35 pm
    WOW That was quick…I guess CONtributor didn’t think the HUGE KStreet POOP SCOOP exposé, generated enough attention. $$$$$$ :::::sniffles::::sniffles::: Two new articles replaced it, with some “original” rip-off articles

    Damn! He was well on his way to displaying his Sybil the Evil personality, now he’s gone and taken his meds. Guess we’ll have to endure his Sybil the Sedated personality until the next time he stops taking the meds or his script runs out. BTW, didn’t he once claim he pays for his own scripts, didn’t rely on Medicare/ad?.

    • Meesh says:

      Hi YC!

      Sorry for the delay to answer your question about Larry paying for his own medications, and would no longer depend on Medicare/aid… He says a lot of stuff, and then denies saying it. Anyway I doubt very much if he could afford the cost of medications. Yes, he made some type reference to that when he was badmouthing Medicaid. However he will deny he said that too.

      Anyway, not sure about the USA, but here in Canada, the range alone for the dispensing fee for each medication can be as much as $12.00 and that does not include the cost of the medication.

      Well Larry posted back in 2008 the amount of pills he had to take. I believe it was half a dozen or so, if not more. I know he will say we are making it up but I will find the post on the archived site that he has for 2008. Anyhow, with all the ailments that he has claimed afflict him, heart, constant pain etc.well this is what he said after talking about the brain tumor that seemed to have vanished since he originally posted this, below is an excerpt from —–>

      I suffer from severe nerve damage in the hands, arms, legs and spine. My right leg is numb all the time and there are times when I cannot move either of my legs. In addition to this my C-T-L spine has severe disc herniation. I have Fibromyalgia, asthma, severe allergies, heart problems, bleeding ulcers and I eat maybe once every two or three days.

      Also since 2008 he also developed additional heart problems and yes, diabetes too, or so he said. A patient with diabetes can run a hefty price tag for that alone. Nah he is still getting his meds through medicaid/medicare (whatever) Even a hypochondriac takes a dump-truck worth of meds.

      In the meantime, on this video that CitizenWells posted, you can see the pills in the background. Just go forward to the 340 mark I think. You will see Larry sitting on his bed, explaining that Social Security will be cutting him off (the nightstand behind you can see the pills and his pellet gun).

      Oh right! he said that didn’t happen either SS didn’t cut him off, well maybe not but he certainly is convincing in this video.

      Also, he says he never asked and took any money from people? Well he did for this.You just have to go to CW’s site and you will see how he bilked the people over there after this video had been posted.

      Because Larry did repeatedly say that Social Security did not cut him off, did he refund the money that he in fact collected then? Not likely.Here’s the video, and no, videos don’t lie and CW did not photoshop anything, he bought Larry’s song and dance.

      Now, wasn’t that sad?! Noooooo, just a few months after this video, he was posting pictures on his FaceBook of parasailing, jetskiing, wining/dining friends in restaurants, on a boat, entertaining people/karaoking in his refurnished trailer etc.etc.etc. Amazing how he can bounce back eh?!
      Secret weapon—> P-A-Y-P-A-L. Works every time 😉

      By the way YC I do believe he was off his meds when he (er CONtributor) posted that piece, heck I almost swallowed the gum that I was chewing when I read this:

      “Bryant is completely nuts over the fact that Sinclair has by dedication and tenacity become one of the most read self made journalist in the US.

      and this

      We further feel that what makes Bryant go off the rails is the fact that the self-made journalist, Sinclair has, by dedication and tenacity, become one of the most read journalists in the nation

      Hahahaha I am still laughing about that!

  14. gilligan25 says:

    Let’s see–Larrd doesn’t have a small business and taxpayers support his ugly ass, so a business paying more taxes is a Good Thing because it means more money in his pocket.

    And is he saying he’s going to apply for one of the jobs at Air Products in Manatee County? Of course not. He’s just reprinting Rick Scott’s press releases again.

  15. YankeeClipper says:

    London Mayor calls out Romney on Olympics criticism

  16. Dennis says:

    Today over at nutter’s world:
    1. Ilse the She-Wolf Shrill for the nutters comes out swinging against the UN Arms Treaty. The treaty is designed to regulate and control international sells of weapons but noooo…Ilse is completely locked into the NRA idea (bogus) that this treaty will take guns away from Americans. Actually, it would cause some extra paper work for American arms companies (you know, the merchants of death guys). Of course, it also means that if an American were to buy a gun from another country, they have to meet some extra registration requirement. Oh the horror. All I can think of is the old Steve Martin gag about the 7 day waiting period. “7 days! I can’t stay mad at someone for 7 days.”

    2. Turd Boy has finally produced more copy on the DC conference. Mostly crap about meeting students from around the world (gee, he just discovered that there are conservatives in France – note to Fat Boy: Yes. Mostly they belong to the LePen party which is better known as the French Fascist party you asshole – you would like them; they are all extremely racist and anti-Jewish). Then a long pep talk about how the move toward gay marriage is really a plot to force straights into the gay agenda (like what, I got to marry the guy next door or something?). Mostly stupid crap that involves a lot of comments about how everybody treated him with respect blah blah blah. Oh, and right wingers are not homophobes…only the closet gay right wingers are homophobes. Fatso must have gotten lucky last weekend.

    • kstreet607 says:

      I noticed when he said the USSS “treated him with respect” and Police officers on his tours “treated him with respect” and it went on ad nauseum every time he met people who were “nice to him”.

      My unfettered opinion about that little factoid is this: Sinclair knows how mean, manipulative, and conniving he is. He knows he’s lying about Obama and a host of other things about Obama supporters. So in his mind he doesn’t expect or thinks he deserves to be treated well by others by virtue of his demonic nature.

      That’s how I see it. He must have used that phrase at least a dozen times in four years.

      • Dennis says:

        Your count is way low. He has peppered that statement over and over again. Why? Because he is a little tiny turd brain with an extremely inflated sense of self combined with a stunted state of emotional development. It is a common problem with con artists. They have a deep need to be respected by the very people they are cheating. It fulfills their own delusions about themselves. That is also why they turn nasty on anyone who doesn’t respect them. Take your case, for example. You have repeatedly questioned his sense of “reality.” That makes you evil. You do not “respect” him. In other words, you are calling him on his own bullshit. That makes you extremely evil. Then he has to project his own issues onto you in order to rationalize this “disrespect.” In his mind, you become him and he is basically fighting himself through you.

        In other words, yes, he is one sick motherfo.

  17. Borat says:

    NOBODY respects that hunk of dog shit]
    he equates respect to not being arrested trailer park fucking grade 3 retard

  18. Meesh says:


    About R-E-S-P-E-C-T you said:

    He must have used that phrase at least a dozen times in four years.

    I am with Dennis, you are way too kind when you say a dozen of times, this is just a fraction of the times. In posts, also there’s scores of comments as well. Part 0f 2012 and 2008:

    You just have to go to and go to the right , type in “respect” within the SEARCH box, hit enter…the huge majority of posts are from Lawrence Sinclair and/or CONtributor…. you can easily sort out where he says it.

    Go to to the right SEARCH box type in RESPECT and hit enter… Sure it could be a key word in that post, but they all are derivitives of R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    I agree with both you and Dennis’ analysis, spot on as ever!

    • Dennis says:

      I noticed that in his hysterical hizzy fit with Kstreet, he posted a link that is suppose to be a trace on your ip address. Looks as if you live somewhere in Three Pines (hope you are familiar with the Louise Penny books).

      • Meesh says:


        Do you mean that GOOGLE map screenshot?

        Yes I saw that too, it looks like I live on the street or a parking lot or some forest.

        But you know what? I did not know where that town is, so I googled it… Guess what? I am no longer a humble PEI (province of Prince Edward Island) organic potato farmer, but now a rich province of Ontario tobacco farmer WOOHOO!

        Seriously, Larry has absolutely NO RESPECT for the privacy of the people who may view his crappy site. That is not my house or my location and NO I do not live in that city either, I have never visited Tilsonburg Ontario or never knew much about it either until FatAss exposed somebody else’s location! I do feel sorry for the canucks that visit there. On the other hand if they support/believe him… it serves them right!

        And ALSO the ip locations (are two different ones, and two different cities too) that he claims is me or Meeshitty are TWO very different cities in ONTARIO, what a *DORK* Maybe it’s the *real* Meeshitty that posts/posted there.

        MAJOR NEWS FLASH CONtributor, I live in NEITHER cities, Tilsonburg nor London Ontario! Also the population of Canada as of 2011 census was at 34,482,779 and NO they are not all me! If I am now in the province of Ontario (yes, there’s ten provinces and three territories—> ) do your geography, the cities in Ontario—> You best loosen that tinfoil it’s on too tight!

        • gilligan25 says:

          But I liked you better as a PEI organic potato farmer 🙂

          • Meesh says:

            Perhaps you’re right Gilli, it had a “je ne sais pas quoi” a sort of down to earth tone to it. A SPUD farmer!

        • Dennis says:

          Lard Butt doesn’t seem to realize that the software he is using to track people is often extremely unreliable and at best too general to be exact. What these systems primarily tells you is just how many ways a electronic transmission gets switched around has it travels through the internet.

          • Meesh says:

            But when he zeroes-in on people’s homes, posts it, labels it… he’s done it so many times, and he was WRONG!

  19. gilligan25 says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Doesn’t his big Boss (and News Corp) own some of the British Press? And why should the British press back off
    Because Romney could be Prez…poor Mitt–he’s so picked on(and I can’t wait until Mitt gets to Poland):

    10:27 AM EDT, Friday July 27, 2012
    Fox And Friends’ Brian Kilmeade: ‘British Press Better Back Off’ Romney

    • Dennis says:

      The British press better back off? I actually have some experience with the British press (I was once a “foreign” correspondent for a British magazine). Telling them to back off translates as “Bring it on!” Heck, they are having a field day with this goofus.

    • YankeeClipper says:

      The reaction from the UK media to the Republican presidential hopeful’s charm offensive was decidedly lukewarm on Friday morning. “‘Nowhere man’ Romney loses his way with gaffe about the Games,” wrote the Times, while the Daily Mail quipped over a double-page spread: “Who invited party-pooper Romney?” The Independent seized on the play doing the rounds on “omnishambles” – the quip first coined on the satire The Thick Of It but cleverly appropriated by the Labour leader Ed Miliband: “Romneyshambles: Mitt begins his trip with a swipe at London.” And to really put the boot in, a quote from one British diplomat in the Times described the former governor of Massachusetts’s performance as “worse than Palin” – a reference to the gaffe-prone Republican former vice-presidential candidate.

  20. Meesh says:

    On my last point of IP addresses, to me, so what? An IP address tells you squat. Heck some boards display them with every comment.

    But for Larry Sinclair it’s some form of intimidation that he has utilized since day one. For the last four years he has used this method of proving some point/ that he is to be believed? NO. Plain and simple he’s a bully. His posting policy as follows “Any comment which is abusive, attacking of any individual, threatening, vulgar, or contains statements found to be defamatory or slanderous will be blocked/deleted and have its IP address and email recorded for Law Enforcement. “

    When someone disagrees with what he has posted in a comment, what does he do? Display the IP or states the city, state, country where the comment is coming from? It was not vulgar, so why does he do it, because this is Larry Sinclair.

    Heck I could be posting at a Public Library, at somebody else’s house, etc…

    As KStreet mentioned before, if Larry would take the time that he has exhausted in this stupid research that says Nothing to actually support his original claims/accusations towards the sitting POTUS, well maybe he could/ would be believed.

    Desperate measures on his part! Pathetic is all I have to say.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Tracking Larrdo’s IP came in handy when he made the death threat against Paul Levy.

      But for him, a keyboard commando, thinks that printing an IP/location is a form of bullying and intimidation. To me, it’s just silly and pathetic, a waste of time and energy–but for someone as ineffectual and limp dicked as FaBoy, he perceives it as some sort of power and control, but all it is is pathetic.

      • Meesh says:


        Yes, for numerous threats directed to several people within several comments, within one IP as in Larry’s case while he was in DC, sure. But Larry is utilizing this within STATCOUNTER with absolutely no comments. So you’re reading his garbage,hmmm?! I just do not get it, what’s the point? It is some form of intimidation or to prove something.I cannot grasp what it is. He has WAY too much time on his hands. He also places this on pdf files too?!

    • Dennis says:

      That is all so true. I hear that Meesh is hacking the wifi account of some potato farmer.

  21. kstreet607 says:

    “Any comment which is abusive, attacking of any individual, threatening, vulgar, or contains statements found to be defamatory or slanderous will be blocked/deleted and have its IP address and email recorded for Law Enforcement. “

    I wonder if the same applies to the creep? LOL!

    • gilligan25 says:

      I did want to mention that I do live in big 2nd AmendmentLand, Stand Your Ground Land. We live in an area that’s almost all private property–including roads (with no way to tell which is public and which is private to the public, but we sure know)–and guarded by armed security guards 24/7 (there are millions of dollars of boats here–hell, a couple of the boats are worth over a couple million by themselves). Additionally, at least 80% of the people here conceal carry on their person, with additional weapons in their vehicles and boats.

      Now the first thing that’ll happen to FatBoy–if his car makes it out of the trailer park, that is–is he’ll be stopped and asked the reason he’s here. The guards won’t take, “I’m just looking around” or “I’m visiting a friend.” It hAS to be much more specific than that, will be checked out, and if he doesn’t pass scrutiny, he’ll be told (not asked) to leave the premises. If he doesn’t, he’ll be detained until the police arrive (and it won’t take long, either by land or sea) so he can be arrested for trespassing at the minimum. (When he’s arrested, the folks here will put away their weapons, but not before) His vehicle will be towed. And I did forget the guard dogs? My buddy is a Dane mix, a real sweetie, all 150-160 lbs of him–unless he doesn’t know you and then he does his job. Getting out of a vehicle when he’s on the job is not a possibility. And there are a few guard puppies around.

      So hey, com’n down and set a spell. I’ll really enjoy the show.

      • Dennis says:

        Gee Gilligan. Your dinner parties must be a social hit….

        • kstreet607 says:

          I wonder Gilligan….do you have a “VIP Entrance”? LOL! And if so, are you and your hubby undercover Romney supporters?

          • gilligan25 says:

            LOL!!! There’s no VIP entrance, mostly because sailing/boating is a great equalizer. And once in, parking is first come, first serve, so there’s usually a very, um. electic mix of vehicles. And no, one can’t tell who has moola by the type of vehicle one drives (or looks). Our good friend, who died about five years ago, drove a 10 yearo truck and wore a yellow, painted-stained shirt (with matching jeans). When he died, we fuond out he was worth around $100,000,000. IWe never had a cluse.

        • gilligan25 says:

          Dinner parties? What’s that? Does it involve cloth napkins?

          Life is much more casual than that–either pot lucks or bbqs (and at Thanksgiving and Chrismas, deep fried turkey and such)–and it’s usually people from the marinas. If they’re outside this area, we have to clear the people in.

          See, with all these pricy boats around, anyone coming in is though of as a potentential theief and treated according.

          My favorite Dane mix story: the night guard heard him in a full-throated frenzy and went around the corner to where he was (at the front of the marina). The guard saw some guy standing on top of his truck, screaming hysterically with the Dane lunging at him with those big teeth. It seems that the guy was taking some empty pallets and putting them in his truck. The Dane said oh, no you don’t, and started growling and barking at him, so the guy kicked at him. That’s when the dog went nuts (that’s when the dog gets all bark and snapping teeth). The guy tried to get in his truck, but the Dane got inbetween him and the truck door so that was a non-starter. He made a leap for the hood of the truck, but the dog could still get to him (the dog’s a good 6 1/2 feet standing on his back legs), so he ended up on the top of the truck cab. The guy got lucky–he was only ticketed for trespassing. It did take him a while to calm down (you know, like crying, talking really fast and high and just a little hysterical). The cop followed him for quite a while–and the guy has never been back or anywhere near the place. Ever.

          • Dennis says:

            So you’re telling me that Fat Boy better not be caught driving his Trabant anywhere near your compound?

          • gilligan25 says:

            Dennis, the Dane would pick up the Trabant like a dog toy, shake it a bit, then toss it into the swamp or water. Walking in is sheer folly–he knows who belongs and who doesn’t, and there are just some people he instantly dislikes and goes after them, too. Bribes don’t work because he’s too well-fed and he has a job to do.

            Anyway, everyone coming in or oour has their picture taken, plate number recorded, etc.

  22. YankeeClipper says:

    Larry uses his threats to expose commenters as a mask…he covers his bully-boy personality with it. This is the same freak who spit on guards, threw excrement at them, tried strangling his sister, smuggled drugs as well as foreign nationals into the country and lied his way through life. Now he wants everyone to believe he’s our gift from the gods, sent to be our savior.

  23. kstreet607 says:

    Ok guys…it’s definitely time for another “Some People Say” segment on SW.

  24. Borat says:

    The Fat Freak is off his meds LOLOLOLOL

  25. Borat says:

    Larry I know you read here… Will you realize that we laugh at your grade 3 education, your trailer park lifestyle, your inability to go to colorado and face those charges, we LAUGH at you SLOB

  26. Borat says:

    Ask Fat Fuck what the Carribean is………….answer “I like that coffee”

    See LARD your nothing more than a peice of dogshit draining the US economy

  27. Dennis says:

    Just imagine, right now that freak is on his “radio” show with Ilse pretending to be Kstreet. Yep, he is trumping “Kstreet” right now with his masterful logik while Ilse simply spends the show simpering in pathetic defeat, all to the delight of his 2 or 3 listeners. Wonder how he does the PayPal button on the air….

  28. Meesh says:

    Talk to all a bit later, well I have to travel throughout Canada, next province will be Manitoba .. meanwhile, just a flashback 🙂 Luv U all and miss my badpoet!


    Where Larry accuses that KSTREET has been admin for The Regulator, M&N etc… NAH! They “all” got bored ( he is boring!!!) and DUMPED it to K. right M&N and Pete & ZeN? Guess what? I may be crazy, but NOT bored. I AM still here!

    Must figure out how to hide my IP pfffffft I am on the run!

    Love & hugs


  29. gilligan25 says:

    Do you think Larrd’s going to go? I mean in Larrd’s DelusionalWorld, he’s not on the list of people who’ve threatened to kill the president. Oh, no, the USSS just calls him to let him know about the Prez’s schedule because he gets personalized service from them (or some other acid flashback-induced bullshit):

    Obama back in Orlando next week

    Uncategorized — posted by Mark Matthews on July, 27 2012 1:51 PM
    Discuss This: Comments(7) | Add to | Digg it

    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama plans to visit Orlando again next week as part of a two-day tour of three battleground states, his campaign announced this afternoon.

    The Orlando stop is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 2. He’ll also be in Virginia that day and Ohio the day before. Obama and the First Lady have visited Orlando several times this year; no surprise as the I-4 corridor is considered the swing region of the nation’s biggest swing state.

    Obama intended to campaign in Orlando last week but changed course and skipped the stop in the wake of the Colorado movie massacre. The cancelled trip included a speech at Rollins College in Winter Park, though Obama officials have not yet released his plans for next week’s visit.

    The theme, though, will focus on financial issues and Obama’s “vision to rebuild the economy from the middle out, cut taxes for middle-class families and reduce the country’s deficit,” according to his campaign.

    Already this year, Obama has visited Central Florida for an All-Star fundraiser hosted by NBA player Vince Carter, a conference with Latino leaders and a tourism speech at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

    • Dennis says:

      He may want to go but you know how he is always getting delayed by his “pals” from the Secret Service. Those guys love him. They can’t wait to drop by and spend the day chatting him up for his brilliant insights and fascinating stories. Hope he has some snacks for them…

      • Meesh says:

        Well of course the Secret Service will be stopping by, Larry has to show them his treasure trove of pdf files of iP’s. You know as he says they are watching us like hawks. They do need those IPs.

        In the bash KStreet exposé CONtributor says:

        Sinclair has threatened Barack Obama; Sinclair has threatened First Lady Michelle Obama; Sinclair has threatened the Obama daughters, and on-and-on, Sinclair felt that he would address those with the US Secret Service, himself, though he already knew the statements were false and defamatory. See the email and response from the United States Secret Service in PDF form HERE Click on the image to view the email in full size.

        I was looking at the email that cry-baby sent to Secret Service Agent:

        From: Editor []
        Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 2:03 AM
        To: JAMES KELLER (JAX)
        Subject: Request Confirmation
        SA Keller:
        I hate to have to ask this, but it seems my old fan club of internet warriors has returned and in their attempts to make themselves relevant in 2012 have decided to publish claims that I am on a USSS watch list and that the US Secret Service has accused me of making threats against the President and of faxing “threats” to the
        White House. Now I am asking, has the Secret Service ever accused me of making threats against the President, First Lady, his children or of faxing “threats” to the White House?
        I believe that is easy enough of a question to be answered with a yes or a no.
        Give me a call tomorrow, Wednesday when you get a moment please. I am not going to sit back and allow these people to make these claims in phone calls and emails to people this time and get away with it.
        Lawrence Sinclair
        LS News Group
        6 Spring Drive
        Port Orange, FL 32129
        386-492-6634 PH
        386-290-5851 Cell
        386-761-3924 Fax

        Now here’s the reply, hahahaha the agent sure did not want to get a phone call so he replied right away:

        From: JAMES KELLER (JAX) []
        Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 11:19 AM
        To: Editor
        Subject: RE: Request Confirmation
        The answer to your question is “no”.

        The question the Secret Service agent is answering is this: “Now I am asking, has the Secret Service ever accused me of making threats against the President, First Lady, his children or of faxing “threats” to the White House?”

        Did they visit him “YES”, for a reason, SS agents do not make social calls, they went for a reason. Agent Keller asked him if he was feeling ok. Did they accuse him, NO, because they KNEW he faxed those pictures, so why should they accuse him? Because he DID fax the bullet-riddled pictures to the White House. And yes, they were checking on why he DID send those FAXES. ALSO this does NOT confirm that he is NOT being watched by the USSS. Sooooo this does not disprove what KStreet posted at SW. Larry Sinclair did in fact fax “threats” to the White House (they were questionable pictures) otherwise he would not have been visited by the Secret Service. Also, a few weeks later he and Ma wouldn’t have been babysitted by the SS.
        Try again LARDO!

        • gilligan25 says:

          Great! Then there should be no problem with FatBoy attending any rally, gathering, speech, etc. by President Obama anywhere anytime (except, of course, for Colorado and that pesky little warrant). He should be gassing up the Accord for the trip to Orlando right now.

        • Dennis says:

          The USSS only accuses you when they are arresting you. Otherwise, they just keep an eye on the person. Heck, they got the shot up photos and the rest of the crap he kept faxing and mailing to the White House. They already know he’s nuts. They just don’t want to take any chances as to how nuts. So of course they are not accusing him of anything. And the minute he talk out of turn to them he will be doing the frog march to jail.

  30. Dennis says:

    It’s another great day in Lardo’s Neighborhood:
    1. Ilse is doing her happy dance at the thought that the UN Arms treaty may be dead in Congress. Guess she is hoping for a discount on her NRA dues this year.
    2. Usual stupid drivel from Michelle Malkin (who is barely given credit) about Joe Biden.
    3. Some dope named “Craig” (no last name needed) warning that Obama is about to declare martial law (the nutters have been stoking this crap since the days of Bill Clinton – come on already).
    4. Julio the kid reporter gets detained by the TSA when he tries to film them doing a patrol at Union Station (you see guy, there is this concern that a possible terrorist would want to tape this stuff as part of the planning for an attack so obviously they get touchy about some nitwit with a camera following them around taping because they have to assume to might be…oh, give it up you idiot).

    Meanwhile, Fat Boy is presumably on the phone chatting with his USSS friends as they prepare to drop in and visit with him – again. They luv their little tub boy.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Julio’s bucking for cuffs, a Miranda warning and a lovely extended visit to jail if he keeps it up. What’d be hilarious is for law enforcement to find out one of his very close buddies is someone who’s pretty high on the USSS threat assessment list–all that’d take is a google search. If the feds find that out, his bail may be set rather high, and if he makes bail (he doesn’t impress me as having a lot of moola), he’ll end up on a bracelet. Talk about a lack of freedom, uh huh. But given he has been warned and tries this shit again–and he will–I doubt if they’d let him out or set bail so high it wouldn’t be possible to post it, so they’d just keep him. But hey, Julio–challenge authority!

      Julio isn’t very bright. But if he ends up in jail, that’s a good thing, because Larrd can take him under his wing and give him life lessons on how to become a prison bitch.

  31. Borat says:

    hahahahaha The wanted criminal was escalationg he sent that email at 2 in the morning

    LOLOLOL you fat criminal

    • Meesh says:

      I didn’t pay much attention to the time factor Borat, but too funny! Yep after 2am the meds and Absolute takes an effect, the good old days eh?! But for me, it was the date—> July 25th right? (he was desperate to send off this email on that date, he makes it sound it was for his book —> BS)

      BINGO!Secret Service agent Keller replied! He respects me!” he must of thought in that massive head of his that houses all the identities–> CONtributor posts this big exposé against our KStreet on July 26, 2012.

      This SS email serves absolutely no purpose, it proves NOTHING, and only supports what KStreet posted at SW, that Larry Sinclair threatened the POTUS and his family. Who is on a ‘one-on-one’ basis with the USSS, to send off emails to a specific agent? Someone who has had dealings with them, that’s who.

      By the way FAtAss although I am a Canadian, I KNOW that one of the primary roles of the USSS is to ensure that the likes of you stay away—> Protective roles: ensuring the safety of current and former national leaders and their families, such as the President, past Presidents, Vice Presidents, presidential candidates, foreign embassies (per an agreement with the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) Office of Foreign Missions (OFM), etc”

      Yep, they visited you on a social call, dream on Fatty! All three agents probably took three very hot showers after leaving you. Their mission was to protect the POTUS and his family. Once again I will repeat myself – you cannot glamorize crap/poop/turd/shit because it is what is.However you try to make yourself look like Mr. Clean, I was reading your news conference press release at Goofy’—> for starts this is how you begin….Psst you left out human smuggling too!

      “Good afternoon, my name is Larry Sinclair and I am a former recreational drug user and trafficker, a convicted felon for crimes of forgery, bad checks and theft by check. I am also an American who loves this country and I cannot stay silent regarding Barack Obama knowing what I know….

      Yep the USSS are your new BFF You’re Sooooo impressive!I do not have your claim to fame within your “very” impressive BIO, and I do work for a living. No, I am not supplemented by my country’s social assistance (thank goodness) however if I would ever be I would thank my lucky stars unlike you POS!

      I am with all who have commented that CONtributor was “SLOSHED” when he composed that post!

      Welcome back the lunatic SickLiar —-> the biggest piece of CRAP! Now I feel the urge to take a HOT shower!

  32. Borat says:

    Julio is a dim bulb if not a burnt out one……..Jail….. I think he would like, he kinda reminds of that Thomas fool that filmed the wanted criminal jumping obstacles (insert mission impossibe soundtrack)

    These people are fucking DUMB

  33. kstreet607 says:

    4. Julio the kid reporter gets detained by the TSA when he tries to film them doing a patrol at Union Station (you see guy, there is this concern that a possible terrorist would want to tape this stuff as part of the planning for an attack so obviously they get touchy about some nitwit with a camera following them around taping because they have to assume to might be…oh, give it up you idiot).

    Is this the kid that you’re talking about Dennis?

    • Meesh says:

      Within the SNOOZE site here’s Julio, he appears within his photo accompanied with the bio, young, black, right up Fat Ass’ choice of men:

      Julio N. Rausseo BIO

      Julio Noel Rausseo, is a independent journalist based out of Chicago Illinois. A graduate of Western Illinois University, Rausseo studied broadcasting and sociology. A sports broadcaster for four years at Western Illinois, Rausseo has covered events including Men’s Basketball and Football, and Women’s Softball.

      While in college and at the beginnings of the Obama administration, noticing the lack of hard media coverage in the Nations Capital and the emergence of opinionated journalism broadcast through the Corporate Media outlets, Rausseo changed his broadcasting focus away from the Sporting Arenas and into the informational war. Forming the JNReport in 2011, Rausseo has covered news items including; Exposing Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Wheeler Block Party 2011, and the media blackout of Congressman Ron Paul.

      Not sure what you found but here he is: He is a HORRIBLE radio host, nasally and he chews his words, it seems like he’s a Howard Cosell wannabe—> but fails miserably, a loser. Well a bit better than FA, he doesn’t do the WHINE, but wait, there’s lots of cheesy ways about him though, by trying way too hard, he’s unsubtle, and definitely inauthentic. Heh! Maybe that’s a match in heaven!

      • gilligan25 says:

        Here is Julio, trying out for the Chicago Cubs Public Address Announcer.

        He didn’t get the job. *SNORK*

        • Dennis says:

          Guess he couldn’t handle the hot dog foot race during the 7th inning stretch.

          • gilligan25 says:

            LOLOLOL!!! That’s the Milwaukee Brewers.

            The Cubs, being a grand old team, never ever goes anywhere and chokes every fall…although I did know the guy who sings the song played at every Cubby’s home game. I think it’s A Dying cubs Fan Last Request. He also wrote City of New Orleans. I sure miss him–but he and my daughter were much better buddies (he had daughters her age)

  34. kstreet607 says:

    Read the above article link guys. They say he is a journalist :

    Rausseo is a Midwest correspondent for We Are Change, an independent media group that focuses on “expos[ing] corruption worldwide,” according to their website. He shot a video using his cell phone of the agents setting up, and on it, expressed his frustration that train passengers were being subjected to searches.

    This video was taken a week after the first incident:

    • gilligan25 says:

      Yeah, he did it for freedoms, libertarians and all that.

      Apparently, Julio has never heard of the Madrid train bombings. There were 191 deaths and many more injured, but that’s irrelevant in their peabrains. Julio needs his 1st amendment rights more than others need their to keep living.

      • Dennis says:

        Actually, I think the Amtrak system is covered by the TSA under the same federal authority that they have for the airports. Since the basis for his investigations has to do with the issue of their “authority,” Julio is indeed an asshole. They do have the authority.

      • gilligan25 says:

        The program is called VIPR and specifically authorized under 6 USC S. 1112. (And I really hate to do someone’s homework for them.)
        Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response team, sometimes Visible Intermodal Protection and Response (VIPR, or VIPER) is a Transportation Security Administration program. Various government sources have differing descriptions of VIPR’s exact mission. It is specifically authorized by 6 U.S.C. § 1112 which says that the program is to “augment the security of any mode of transportation at any location within the United States”. Authority for the program is under the Secretary of Homeland Security. The program falls under TSA’s Office of Law Enforcement.[1] TSA OLE shares responsibility for the program with the Office of Security Operations and TSNM[expand acronym].[2]
        The VIPR teams detain and search travelers at railroad stations, bus stations, ferries, car tunnels, ports, subways, truck weigh stations, rest areas, and special events.[3][4][5][6][7] They also can deploy to deal with CBRNE/WMD (chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear, and explosive weapons of mass destruction).[8] They also inspect ships, containers, and vehicles.[9]

        VIPR was started in response to the Madrid train bombings.

    • gilligan25 says:

      Hmmmm….I did a litle poking on We Are Change and they’re mostly 9/11 truthers, so in addition to racists, anti-semites and Holocaust deniers, Larrd’s affiliated himself with truthers. There’s not much lower he can go unless he becomes a sovereign citizen and moves his trailer to some obscure all white compound in the middle of nowhere. Okay, that wouldn’t be so bad…

      • kstreet607 says:

        There’s not much lower he can go unless he becomes a sovereign citizen and moves his trailer to some obscure all white compound in the middle of nowhere. Okay, that wouldn’t be so bad…

        LOL Gilligan! It wouldn’t be so bad at all!

  35. Borat says:

    Hey fat ass , Kal from the park was laughing at your sorry waddling penguin lardness…

    your a CEO now WOW ,how many CEO,s are on WELFARE!!! LMAO

    • gilligan25 says:

      Larrd’s caling himself a CEO? Seriously? What a lofty title for a welfare queen. Does this mean does he buy his office supplies with his EBT/SNAP card?

  36. Borat says:

    Trailer park trash are so fun to make fun of……….Hi Wanted criminal,

    but really stop and think….the thing was raised by fools ,he graduated grade 3 ,and decided to steal and rip people off as a Career choice .

    Slob your whole family is a fuckin joke .

  37. Borat says:

    Yea Gilli A CEO. well lets face it ….He is as Reproter, has a LWA and an Asters Decree
    A wanted criminal, the little pig……….CEO ………..yup

    LAAAARD fuck do those people laugh at you at the park ………terry said your so fucking dumb they cant believe it they know and are watching you tho as you are a wanted criminal

    • gilligan25 says:

      I wonder if the folks at the trailer park know that Larrd’s hanging with the fringe of the fringe, white supremacists, anti-semites, Holocaust deniers, racists and 9/11 truthers…we can only hope his next trailer park is located in northern Idaho.

  38. Meesh says:

    A new post—–> HERE Let’s move everything here, K? It’s getting pretty crowded again! Again…Talk about anything!

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