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Mr. President & the belle of the Ball

on January 22, 2013

de93309f7735bea406e160cec85e11e9Ruthie says: “Hi Everyone…. I don’t know how to post a picture, but we really need one of the Inaugural Ball Dance where President Obama is once again “pretending not to be gay” with the lovely Michelle.  I laughed when I heard she was wearing Jimmy Choo shoes.  It always reminds me of Mitch & Nan when I hear JImmy Choo.

Love to all…”

Eat your heart out POS!

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama



44 responses to “Mr. President & the belle of the Ball

  1. kstreet607 says:

    Hi Ruthie, Happy New Year! Great pics.

  2. kstreet607 says:

    Hey Meesh! Good to see you. 🙂

  3. newname says:

    My, my. It appears that Jabba didn’t get to disrupt the inauguration ceremonies. All he could do was eat his heart out as he watched the beautiful Michelle in the arms of his heartthrob.

    With Ilse far away in her Wolfshanze near Chattanooga, he didn’t even have the solace of her company.

    Abandoned by Patty, the Bjerkers, Die Weisse Engel,Doctor Peterson, and the rest of rabid posse, he desperately tries scam after scam to regain a “following.” Forget it, Jabba–you are yesterday’s man. Irrelevant and forgotten.

  4. Dennis says:

    Hey Newname,
    You think Jabba is irrelevant and forgotten? I just went over to the Sink Hole news site and he has a hot new story…well, he has a headline followed by a pointless general question followed by nada. As a professor of mine use to say about certain term papers “It gave me a vague sense of nothingness.” It is as if he just took a long look at himself Through the Mirror and fell asleep.

    The most liberal inauguration speech in history?

    January 22, 2013
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    The most liberal inauguration speech in history?

    Can American Crossroads GPS overcome the criticism from the past year and be relevant in the major issues affecting us as a nation going forward?

  5. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, Orly is hopping. She is now posting a video of how she confronted Chief Justice Roberts at a Q&A back in 2009. Yes sir, she managed to get up to the microphone and unload a long winded and largely babbling statement about how Obama is illegal. Roberts then just quickly stated that he wasn’t there to answer questions involving hypothetical questions about current events. Next question, please. Orly is presenting this as a prelude to her “appearance” before the Supreme Court. BTW, she has taken the video from an anti-birther site on YouTube. Yes, she sounds like a deranged clown. Yes, Chief Justice Roberts is trying to ignore her. Oh yes, she is coming to the Court…Run for your lives.

    • YankeeClipper says:


      Unless I’m mistaken, I’m under the impression the Supremes are not holding a hearing per se, but rather, are just reviewing her “case” to determine if they should hear arguments. I don’t know why she has to travel to DC for that, unless of course she needs her marks, I mean supporters, to donate more money. Heck, she could sit in front of her computer and find out what they decide by logging on to the Supreme Court blog.

      • Dennis says:

        You know that and I know that, but Orly is going to town as if she is about to swing into DC and tell the Supremes what is what. You and I live in something called reality. Orly lives in OrlyWorld.

        • YankeeClipper says:

          The Birther Queen has a new goal!!

          Orly Taitz Says She Can Arrest Barack Obama In Connecticut

          Birther queen Orly Taitz is now claiming she has the ability to have President Barack Obama arrested in Connecticut.

          Taitz posted on her website Wednesday night that she has three supporters in Connecticut who are willing to sign a petition claiming that Obama has violated election law in the state. Under Sec. 9-368 of the state’s election code, if “three electors” in a town sign complaints to a judge claiming violations of election law then an arrest warrant can be issued. Taitz had earlier posted a request for Connecticut residents to sign complaints and asked her supporters to move to one town in the state.

          Taitz, a lawyer, dentist and real estate agent from Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., has long claimed that Obama’s Social Security number was issued in Connecticut. In recent days she has focused her writings on finding the neighbors of a Bronx, N.Y. man named Harry Bounel, whose Social Security number she believes Obama stole. She claims that Bounel is related to first lady Michelle Obama’s step-great grandmother and that the first lady may have claimed to be married to Bounel.


          Read more:

          • Dennis says:

            As I said, there is the real world and then there is OrlyWorld. So, she has 3 idiots who will file a claim that Obama has violated election laws (running while black, I presume). I am willing to file a claim that she violates common sense. Can I arrest her?

  6. Dennis says:

    Ilse the historian is at it again. Long and completely insane rant about how Obama stole the election (all of her so-called “facts” are taken from WND and Cheri Jacobus and all of which has already been thoroughly debunked Then she goes on an equally whacked out rant about Obama’s Marxist dictatorship blah blah blah. 2,000 words later, she is foaming at the mouth while yelling at her furniture.

    So what do we learn? We learn that she is basically a dumb cracker who spends way too much time listening to neo-fascist extremists who makes up outrageous but bogus stories that seem to satisfy her latent racist belief system which she then wraps up in a phoney cloak of patriotism even though she has no more use for democratic process than she has for factual statements, preferring the false comfort of her guns.

    Note to Ilse: All of your so-called “facts” about the election in Ohio are wrong. For example, Obama won the state even though we do have strict photo ID laws. Good grief, can’t you even move your lazy fat ass to simply Google this stuff?

  7. Dennis says:

    Oh boy, we are treated to Ilse twice in one day. Now she is crowing that Rand Paul bitch slapped Hillary Clinton. Actually,it looked to me like a minor snarky comment (though the mere thought of Pres. Rand Paul causes a momentary chill down the spine). But for Ilse, it was rip snorting full blown slap and she’s the kind of gal what likes a bitch slap because that is how she likes getting treated (I personal suspect at least). Doesn’t matter that some of Rand Paul’s questions suggests that he thinks India is in the Mid-East. So I guess Ilse is treating herself to several extra snorts of Ol’ Grand Dad tonight.

    • Ruth Kessler says:

      Not how I saw it…wonder if she even watched or was just spouting what she heard. He sounded like a pompous Idiot “Had I been President at the time”…really? really? If you had been President. And I stopped what I was doing at work when that exchange happened with Senator Johnson! Passion. She is brilliant.

      • YankeeClipper says:

        Hi Ruthie! :-)*

        The only people bitch slapped yesterday were Sen Ron Johnson and Ayn Rand Paul. The closest Ayn Rand Paul is going to get to be President is when he talks about, “if I were President.” And Ron Johnson? Hell, he’s been back pedaling since he made his comments yesterday. When will the elected flying monkeys learn, flying monkey ideology/rhetoric doesn’t fly, it crawls in the sewers.

      • Dennis says:

        That is sort of my take as well, but then I’m not Ilse (thank god).

  8. YankeeClipper says:

    The Top 10 Reasons Rand Paul should never start a sentence, “Had I been president…”

    #10. Half the audience will laugh so hard they won’t hear the rest of your comment.

    #9. The other half of the audience will cry so hard your remaining words will be lost in their bawling.

    #8. Law officials will remove you as an outside agitator, perhaps even an anarchist.

    #7. Your nitwit tea party followers will have to change their “Rand Paul for Emperor” signs. (They have to change them anyway because they misspelled Emperor.)

    #6. Sinners will buy up the world’s supply of coats, jackets, and blankets, anticipating hell freezing over.

    #5. Michele Bachmann will sue you for “Presidential Batshit Crazy” copyright infringement.

    #4. World leaders will set their nuclear missiles on high alert.

    #3. Capitol police will immediately perform a breathalyzer test on you.

    #2. Stocks will plunge, except for the companies that make “The End is Nigh” signs.

    And the #1 Reason Rand Paul should never start a sentence, “Had I been president…”

    #1. Forget it, dude, ain’t gonna happen.

  9. Dennis says:

    Just when you thought that Orly was has nuts as she could possibly be, she goes even further. She is now claiming that Obama has a second SS number that is the same as the chief actuary of SS. Further, she has bought into the stupid conspiracy thinking of Neil Sankey, the British nutcase who keeps claiming that Obama has around 27 SS numbers. BTW, I am calling Sankey a nutcase because he should know that the actual explanation for all of these SS numbers is basically 27 different people….He knows this but can’t bring himself to face reality for whatever reason.

  10. Dennis says:

    She just gets crazier and crazier:
    Now Orly claims that Michelle is secretly married to the dead guy whose SS number Obama is supposed to have stolen. It’s a whole new world of crazy.

    • YankeeClipper says:

      She’s agitating her fan base…all due to her hearing before Fat Tony Scalia and the the Supremes, Time for me to spend some time over at FogBow…

  11. YankeeClipper says:

    Good thing (for me at least) I went lurking at FOgBow. Orly’s on the verge of being sanctioned for lying to the court: LOL!

    01/23/2013 591
    [IN CHAMBERS] ORDER RE SANCTION by Judge Andrew J. Guilford. (See document for details.) The Court therefore now ORDERS Taitz to show cause in writing why she should not be sanctioned for lying to this Court. Taitz, and any other party, may file by February 4, 2013, papers on this order to show cause not exceeding 10 pages each in total. Particularly helpful would be documentary proof of the nature of and reasons for the subject sanction previously ordered against Taitz. (rla) (Entered: 01/23/2013)

    Here’s a link to the Judge’s order in full:

    • Dennis says:

      Might explain why she is in such a rush to take the express train to Crazy Land. Sounds like she is hoping to load up as many followers as possible. Grab more popcorn now.

  12. Dennis says:

    The Crazy Train has stopped at the No Snooze site for Ilse as the toothless She Wolf continues her bizarre slide into incoherence. Another long rant about Obama of all of us lefties (because anyone who doesn’t rigidly believe the way she does is obviously a commie). Long quotes from some one named Lamb (I think it is the right wing extremist Henry Lamb but I’m not sure because Ilse doesn’t bother to introduce or explain). Blanket endorsement of birther theory, conspiracy theories all around. Completely ridiculous and bogus historical claims etc. etc. The poor dear has popped a rod and is in need of major medical care. Maybe she and Fat Boy can get a group discount for a lovely stay at that place back in WV.

  13. tjtaygee says:

    Reporting in for Lurking duties, Ma’ams!

  14. Dennis says:

    Fat Boy is no fun any more, but Orly keeps rolling along. Here is a deft summery of this week in Orly World from the Wonkette web site:
    Now Orly Taitz Is Gonna Arrest The President, Uh Huh

    • YankeeClipper says:

      You’re correct, Dennis! Jabba’s snooze site has become…well…nothing; just like its owner. Nothing from Nothing = nothing. What he would consider his glory days are long ago over. How long before he bequeaths his snoozearama site to Ilse?

  15. YankeeClipper says:

    Oh no! Maybe Dense will give her Jabba’s time! Maybe Jabba can get her to write for him!

    Fox News and Sarah Palin Part Ways

    5:53 p.m. | Updated “Sarah, where are you?” one of Sarah Palin’s 3.4 million Facebook fans wrote on her wall last week. “Has your contract with Fox ended?” another fan had asked the day before.

    Yes, Ms. Palin’s contract with Fox News has ended, and no, it is not being renewed. A Fox spokeswoman confirmed Friday that Fox had parted ways with the former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential nominee, effectively reducing her exposure to the channel’s millions of loyal viewers.

    It was unclear whether the parting was Ms. Palin’s choice, but it was described as amicable. Bill Shine, an executive vice president at Fox, said in a statement, “We have thoroughly enjoyed our association with Governor Palin. We wish her the best in her future endeavors.”

    As of last week, Ms. Palin remained in negotiations with Fox News about a new contract. Her original contract with the network started in January 2010 and ended this month. It was reportedly worth $1 million a year to Ms. Palin, who had a small television studio built in her Wasilla, Alaska, home for easy access to Fox’s viewing audience.

    Fox almost surely offered a lesser annual amount to Ms. Palin in the recent negotiations, since four years have passed since her unsuccessful bid for vice president. Fox had no comment about the negotiations.

  16. Dennis says:

    OK, lying bag of Fat Boy has now posting a long winded diatribe (with video) of how he has been hounded by the Obama people but still stands and then a long winded bs pitch about his new book (which may or may not exist since no one has ever seen the damn thing) and how it will contain the PROOF to his by now ancient bullshit story (oh sure – proof – oh yeah). So basically he is shamelessly pitching a book that was suppose to have com out about six months ago and that no one has seen hide nor hair of but…he is still standing (bad sex joke here, please) and he is not backing down from any of the many versions of his highly impossible tale. I have not watched the video. Heck, I’m getting ready to eat here folks. Don’t do this to me.

  17. Meesh says:

    On the LS “NEWS”??? GROUP twitter account —>

    POS has 306 followers (about 100 of those are closed out accounts) he is following 393 It’s suppose to be a news twitter site for heaven sake.

    Sheesh on my twitter I’ve got way over 1,000 peeps – I haven’t been on as long as POS, active a few months only.

    Oh by the way TJTaygee you wondered why he tweets 3 or 4 times the same thing,,,it’s because nobody retweets for him EPIC FAIL there too!

    Here’s the post Dennis was talking about…

    Perceptions are Relative…TRUTH IS ABSOLUTE

    January 25, 2013
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    There has been a great deal of ink put out on the Internet which claims people who have been targeted by Government Agencies; Politicians; Political Operatives and others who have a desire to do and say whatever they believe necessary to attack anyone who dare speak out against a politician, a law and/or an issue as being delusional and purveyor’s of conspiracy theories.

    This writer has been the target of these very efforts to portray him as a source for multiple conspiracy theories involving President Barack Obama and members of his campaign staff and his White House staff. This writer has been the target of many in the media and political circles as being many unflattering things yet he still continues to stand and prevail against such attacks. Lets be clear, no one, not even this writer is perfect nor has he ever attempted to portray himself as a saint, far from it, in fact he continues to show who he is warts an all, in all that he strives to accomplish each day.

    Perceptions are Relative…TRUTH IS ABSOLUTE (©1998 by Richard D. Westfall) there has never been a truer statement made than this. The problem we have today is that far too many of us are more concerned with ones perception of us than we are with the truth.

    Having authored the 2009 book Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? little did this writer know at the time the extent of what was to come as a result of the publication of this book. The book which continues to sell today and which continues to receive excellent reviews by those who have actually read it, brought with it a concerted and organized effort to destroy the writer by any means possible. The litigation which was filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia Daniel Parisi et al vs. Lawrence W. Sinclair et al Case Number 1:10-CV-00897-RJL was in the opinion of defendants Barnes & Noble and others nothing more than an effort to use the Court’s public records status in filing unsubstantiated personal attack after personal attack against the author.

    From the pressures of a $30 Million dollar defamation suit filed in May 2010, after leaving his home in Florida to relocate to the Washington, DC area on August 2, 2010 in what was thought to be the best way to deal with the litigation, it simply became so overwhelming to this writer that in what clearly was a stupid act this writer traveled to a hotel in Charles Town, WV on September 27, 2010 where he took more than 240 Morphine Sulfate tablets as a result of simply giving in to the constant pressure of the litigation and the non-stop attacks against him, his family and friends. What took place after that will make you want to immediately review every medical record that has ever been created on you in your lifetime.

    It was in early 2011 that this writer decided to write a second book, When One Man Stands to document the very real use of multiple Federal, State and Local government agencies to harass, threaten, and intimidate this writer and anyone associated with him since he first announced the decision to write his first book. Attorney’s who were representing other defendants in the Parisi vs Sinclair et al case, who at first thought “this guy has to be nuts,” because they simply could not believe some of the things he had claimed had and were continuing to happen, that is until they happened to personally witness the United States Secret Service contact the writer while he was in a Washington, DC conference room with the attorneys insisting that he agree to allow them to come to his home out of “concern for his well being.” After that incident these attorneys could not dismiss what they themselves had seen and heard with their own eyes and ears.

    When One Man Stands is a book that in the opinion of those who have personally witnessed and been involved in the efforts of others to destroy and malign this writer and anyone associated with him “…is one that needed to be written!”

    The below video is meant to explain that while it is easy for people to try and dismiss these events and acts as being just the figment of ones imagination or ones desire to create and promote a conspiracy theory for the purpose of instilling fear, distrust or whatever emotion people try to incite, but It’s Not a Conspiracy Theory: It’s Fact provides the viewer with exactly why When One Man Stands cannot be called a “conspiracy theory” by anyone. When One Man Stands tells a very personal and intimate story in the first person, first person because its told by the person who experienced it. Many readers of this writers first book praised its intimate details, its openness and its willingness to put everything on the table without holding any thing back or trying to sugar coat anything. When One Man Stands will not only do that, it will include document after document from the various agencies, officials, and individuals who are associated with the invasion of privacy, the creation of official records based on knowingly false information, the deliberate distortion of facts and the Governments efforts to harass, threaten and intimidate not only the writer , but those who are his friends, relatives, landlords, and neighbors.

    These things did not come about for the first time under the Obama administration, these practices and uses of Government agencies, employees and resources to try and silence critics has been taking place far longer than Barack Obama has been alive, but the level in-which these events have taken place and these acts have been committed since the election of Barack Obama has intensified far more in the past four years than any other time in history. Despite this, the American people only really hear about these tactics and acts when they are used to target someone who is wealthy or who holds a high profile public position in politics, business, education or religion. When One Man Stands is not going to tell the reader what we think happens or what we think can occur, it is going to tell you what DID happen and what DID occur and its going to provide documentation that confirms every thing it claims.

    It’s Not a Conspiracy Theory: It’s Fact is just a small sample of what is to come in When One Man Stands and the documentation from the IRS; Department of Homeland Security; United States Secret Service, Immigration & Customs Enforcement; FBI; Social Security Administration; and more will be more than enough to prevent the media and others from even attempting to call it a “conspiracy theory.”

    As each of us live each day of our lives looking to make a difference that will make life better and more meaningful, as we look for the next great warrior in the fight for liberty and the protection of our personal freedoms remember this:

    Warriors are not born and they are not made… Warriors create themselves through trial and error, pain and suffering’ and their ability to conquer their own faults. (author unknown)

  18. newname says:

    Oh, heavens to Murgatroyd! The Grizzly Mama has to go into hibernation and live of already accumulated fat. Not to worry…she cleaned up during the season. She resigned as Guv of Alaska in order to milk the RWNJ cash cow, and she did. Plus, the Sarahpac is reportedly flush and can serve as a slush fund for family members and toadies.

    RWers are accomplished grifters like Fatboy can only dream about.

    Alaska is not a mandatory community property state, so I wonder how long her marriage of convenience will endure? She’ll probably bequeath to Todd the Igloo in Wash-a-whatever (along with a couple of hotrod snowmobiles) while she decamps to sunny Arizona or Nevada. That’s my prediction.

  19. newname says:

    Oh, Jabba, puh-leeze, give me a frickin’ break. You displayed what warts? The outstanding warrants from DE, CO and FL? My recollection is that those “warts” were exposing by dogged research by cesspoolers. You are a liar. You were a liar then and remain a foul liar…a two-bit grifting liar at that.

    As for your alleged suicide, No one really trying to commit suicide trumpets it on the internet and youtube–they just get on with it. And, too, it is unlikely that the perp would bother to check on the number of viewers that the fake video attracted unless it is a scam. Ma Barker was shaking the tin cup (between episodes of some internet game) before the cadaver was cold.

    And, if you libelous pamphlet is selling, why are you still feeding at the taxpayers’ teat? Be glad that Romney lost, for he would have ended your SSI scam.

    As for persecution by the Administration, I didn’t know that you–as a thrice convicted felon–actually prosecuted you for possession of firearms and multiple threats against the President and his family. I must have also missed your indictment for SSI and medicaid fraud. Ditto, for self-confessed activities such as drug trafficking, people smuggling and multiple incidents of interstate flight to avoid prosecution. Yep, the really want to shut you down, dogturd.

    I won’t even mention egregious interstate telephone harassment of a dying woman.

  20. Dennis says:

    Wait a minute. Did I read the YouTube counter right? Is his stupid video over an hour long??!! Fat Ass actually expects people to listen for over an hour to his whinny sucky nasal tone lying voice for over an HOUR? Is this even legal under the Geneva Convention? This has to be some kind of a violation of something…

    • Meesh says:

      It is VERY VERY LONG Dennis, I fell asleep three times… he’s fidgety/ he grunts/ farts/ lisps a lot/ flips pages/ he names names, gives out their phone numbers / rambles on and on…telling the viewer he’s not nuts and tries to prove it by ACTING like a nutcase. Now that was just at the halfway mark… I plan to sleep tonight, I kept looking at his brillo hairdo with the new dye job, it’s so distracting…he looks like some Stephen King “IT” bloated fat clown.

      • Meesh says:

        Oh yeah, he goes on and on about how some people on the internet says the suicide was *FAKE* I think he says he took 50 Morphine tablets.He says he has the proof, yeh just like the proof he’s provided so far…zip/nada 🙄

        • kstreet607 says:

          If he took 50 morphine tablets (no matter how low the dose) he’d be dead! They were Tic Tacs!!! LOL

          • Meesh says:

            It’s just a HUGE promo for a book which he admits is not ready yet… he’s not even good at conning.I betcha in that video he read the entire content of his so-called book.Which is Zzzzzzzz “who cares” EPIC FAIL!

      • kstreet607 says:

        Meesh…His hour long rambling is proof of his insanity…period! What a loser.

        • Meesh says:

          Oh yeah, he says the hospital administration got their information in their reports…from FatAss’ “Left” adversaries that have been around since 2008- he states that they (the hospital) looked it up on the internet…and wrote their analysis. OMG hahahahaha Yep, the reason that he had serious mental issues was because of what they read on the internet. Coming from *FAT IDIOT* who staged a fake suicide on the worldwide web…for weeks in advance. Yep, that’s it alright.

  21. Meesh says:

    There’s a new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K? Thanks Dennis!

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