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dennis It must be that magical time of the year over at Lard Butt’s Lazy No News Site.  Jabba sends Christmas greetings from his family (which basically doesn’t exist) to his readers (who certainly don’t exist)… Meanwhile, Ilse goes on a long winded attack and wide sweeping against almost everything and then wishes a Merry Christmas to all of us godless, baby killing, free spending, race mixing liberal neo-Stalinist no good awful Satan loving liberal bastards.  What a lady! Gosh, all I can say to Ilse is:

“Same to you, honey.”

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Pot Meet Kettle … Sickliar vs Ali Akbar & Stacey McCain et al

I do not want to pollute your First Lady’s tribute with these current observations. I decided to start a new thread. Sickliar Snooze has been going on and on with various posts/tweets about Ali Akbar and the National Bloggers Club…to the point that Sinclair is obsessive/crazier than normal if that’s possible, he’s gone overboard…

I could not get over how Sinclair  touches the “exact” same points that he is currently accusing Ali Akbar and Stacey McCain of (eh! Sickliar did all of these things just recently). I  will begin with car troubles, where  he suggests that Akbar is trying to gain sympathy from his readers.  Sinclair suggests that Ali is seeking  possible donations by posting this on Twitter.  He points out that Ali Akbar and Stacey McCain will not have  enough money to get home…

LS Snooze  posted:  “It was interesting to Sinclair News that Stacey McCain and Ali Akbar had just published a request for financial assistance to make it home from the RNC in Tampa on August 31, 2012 claiming to be stranded…. you can read entire sad song at Fear and Loathing in a 2004 KIA Optima complete with a link to Ali Akbar’s Ali describes his GOP convention experience. just days later they are having beers in Charlotte, NC at the DNC.”


I’ve noticed Sickliar currently has a small fan-base egging him on. There’s Plemmen and also   Impolite Canadian…. “Well done my good sir” ::::eyeroll scroll down for his comment:::::  @TheImpoliteCana on September 8, 2012 at 5:06 AM. Do these two individuals realize who they are in fact joining forces with? Maybe they do, but it’s a matter of time,  they will find that Sickliar will turn on them as well.

Exhibit A: Remember this, POS?! from this post?!:

Eagle Forum Collegians Summit

By Lawrence Sinclair

“We made the trip to Washington, DC driving all night with full knowledge and warning from our Auto Mechanic that we could very well blow the engine in our car. Not only was that a very real possibility, it appears that very thing happened just as we arrived this morning. Do we regret making the decision to take that chance, NO. Was/is it worth it to us to maybe have to return to Florida by bus and car-less for a while, YES. This is no longer about ‘what is comfortable’; this is no longer about ‘can we afford it’; this is no longer about ‘whats it going to cost me’; this is about doing whatever it takes to save a once Great Nation and make it GREAT again. No apologies, No regrets.”

Oh yes, then Sickliar points out, by displaying a picture of Akbar’s $30 dinner – he states  that Ali and Stacey McCain had money to go out for beers as well.

LS Snooze posts: “We also found Ali’s twitter posting about paying $30 for lunch at the DNC interesting considering the desperate plea for money to get him & McCain home and after bragging about dancing with RNC Chairman Reince Preibus and his wife.

Well FatAss posted 800 pictures of the RNC convention, he had several pictures of dishes that he had… shrimp dishes, steak…there’s drinks in front of him as well etc. and then a couple of days later Sinclair   posts this plea…

SinclairNews Will Go Black On 9-5-12 Without $280.00

“Please Help Us Serve You…Your Support Is Essential”

The SNOOZE site has added yet another PAYPAL button… it’s the third or fourth one.

Heh Sickliar did ALL of this, the only thing  the con-artist  beat Ali to it. “The pot calling the kettle black”…  Sickliar  is guilty of the very thing of which he accuses Akbar of. What a slimy POS he is. I guess he’s upset because others caught on to what he’s been doing for the last four years. He’s constantly begging for money for one cause (Scam) or another!  Wonder if he claims  any of it?! We’re talking about thousands of dollars. Enough about my views, let’s see what some of our fellow Regulators have to say….


KStreet’s observation:

“It’s hilarious how FatAss pontificates about Akbar’s “wrong doings” and speaks of morals and integrity when that POS possesses NONE of those characteristics. It’s only a matter of time before Sinclair trips up and reveals his true self to those he “hangs out” with.

Sinclair has criminal records that would make his accusations to Christine O”Donnell and this guy Ali Akbar look like two cherubs.

He has a nasty, pushy attitude. He uses the “LSNews” banner to harass and annoy people. For some reason he has this delusion of grandeur about himself. That over-inflated ego is going to be his downfall and that’s when someone will accuse him of FRAUD and deceit and mis-representation about who and what he is. I don’t need to stick around that long though. If Barack Hussein Obama is elected to a second term, my journey through the gritty and grimy world of Larry “Grifter” Sinclair will be done!”

Here’s a sample of the latest rant.


Akbar Responds After Criminal Complaint Was Filed

September 7, 2012
By Lawrence Sinclair

Updated September 8, 2012 @2:26 PM ET

The below refund notice was received in our email inbox at 4:19am this date:

Updated September 8, 2012 @2:17AM ET

We discovered that in or original complaint filed with the FBI Cyber Crimes Unit we incorrectly listed the address for Ali Akbar & the National Bloggers Club as being in Houston, Texas instead of Fort Worth, TX. The below is an updated Supplement which we have filed with the IC3 Complaint Center:

Supplemental Information

————————- Date:09/07/2012 16:30:30 ——————– On Friday September 7, 2012 at 3:05 PM I received the following email from Ali Akbar in reply to our email notifying Mr. Akbar that we had filed a criminal complaint with IC3. 1. Your refunds are being processed through the third-party applications by which you paid. 2. Please be aware that presenting your VOID National Bloggers Club ID is unethical and in some states may be against the law. 3. You may return the shirt and the ID. We appreciate the offer. 4. Do NOT contact me further. This is my message to you so that I am staying compliant with laws surrounding harassment. Any contact beyond this point will be considered as such. This also applies to all Officers, employees and volunteers of the Club. 5. Have a blessed day. 6. Publishing private conversations is against the law. I already have several people willing to testify that you have breached this more than once and you have published off the record conversations. Unlawful activity like this can result in a suit.  You’re fortunate I go out of my way not to sue people.  Best, Ali

————————- Date:09/08/2012 02:14:48 ——————– Correction of Address for Ali Akbar. The address of for Ali Akbar and National Bloggers Club Inc. is 8116 Heritage Place Drive, Fort Worth, Texas not Houston, Texas as we mistakenly noted in the original filing.

It’s a sad day when you have to file a criminal complaint with the Internet Crimes Center before some one decides to respond to a request for a refund of money contributed to an organization which (in our opinion) intentionally misrepresented itself as being a tax deductible charity. Again we want to make clear that contrary to claims by Akbar that we are somehow involved in a “jihad against me,” this has never been personal against Akbar. It has however been about holding Mr. Akbar and all those associated with and serving on the Board of Directors of the National Bloggers Club to the same standards which Akbar and Director’s Michelle Malkin demand of others.

What Sinclair News has done is ask Mr. Akbar to answer some questions that  he should have had no reservations about answering if he didn’t believe he had done anything wrong. While Akbar continues with the assistance of Stacey McCain, Michelle Malkin, Erick Erickson, AFP, Freedom Works, et al to respond to valid questions by twitter posts of petty name calling and crying that there is a “jihad” against him, and saying “I’ll help clear some soon,” many conservatives and liberals alike would like him to simply answer the direct questions which have be presented.

In Conservative Americans Sick of Conservative Hypocrisy Over Akbar’s NBC Sinclair News publish the email sent to Akbar a formal request for a complete refund of all funds we contributed to his National Bloggers Club; Breitbart Scholarship Fund and Blog Bash. We even sent the story to Akbar via a Twitter post to Stacey McCain’s tweet announcing he and Ali were having beers in NC at the DNC convention while discussing “twitter stalkers.”

Now, another chance for Dennis’ Teachable Moments…
Listen carefully Sinclair:

Yes, the pot is calling the kettle black and then some. Likewise, the pot is ranting away in such a nonsensical manner that the stupid fat jerk isn’t even making sense – OK, he never makes much sense but even by his low standards it is getting pretty bizarre.

Couple of quick basic points:

1. He has the National Blogger Club and the Breitbart Children Fund so entangled in his story that I can’t keep straight which is which and what all he is claiming about them. Granted, they may be basically ran by the same people, but for investigative purposes, they are two separate items and need to be treated as such.

2. If you think there is something bogus about the non-profit tax status pending claim, you contact the IRS with your concern, not the FBI. I know you don’t want to talk with the IRS because you have had your own problems with them and gee gosh golly, they might have some further questions for you….But that is where you go, OK ass wipe.

3. Both organizations are relatively new and filing for non-profit tax status takes a while. You may be jumping the gun. Since you really haven’t done any real research, you wouldn’t know one way or the other.

4. Internet Crime Center? You haven’t established anything just yet. What crime? What evidence? BTW, your main issue seems to be that you want a refund and instead of following the refund instructions you are going online and harassing the guy. Oh yeah, you are “defending” Breitbart’s family….gosh guy, when did they ask you to do this? What! They didn’t? Then back off! It is none of your fucking business. You see, normally (like in the real world) crime charges are filed by the victim of the crime, not by total strangers who have nothing better to do with their time than make up bogus accusations against other people in some wild flight of fancy.

5. You might want to keep in mind that every charge you have made against Akbar are the exact same charges that can be (and just maybe will be) filed against YOU. You have been doing exactly everything you accuse him of doing. Heck, it sounds as if you are talking to the mirror. In fact, the biggest immediate difference between you and Akbar is that Akbar appears to have some folks who like him (right or wrong) and a few important allies within the nutter camp. YOU DON’T. Nobody can stand you, you crazy little loud mouth sucker.

It is even worse for you now because you have been all so busy attacking everybody else among the nutters even while you are pretending to be one of their “leading lights” – BTW, do you have any idea how far around the bend you have become???? Is it the booze, the drugs, or what exactly? Oh wait, I almost forgot…you were simply born this way. Guess that is what happens when your mamma is a hell-hound.


Who’s Next? Perhaps Sinclair should come clean!

Recently the self professed reporter “extraordinaire”- Larry er Lawrence Sinclair went on a relentless rampage about Christine O’Donnell and her associates about matters that should not affect him whatsoever. Now it seems he dropped this and  he is up in arms with matters of  The National Bloggers Club, within his rather long expose. Many points were made against a group (individuals) that LS News in fact highly endorsed  by featuring many posts on his website. With  Larry Sinclair, there’s always a fall-out. People in fact wondered what was behind this original Love FEST.

No matter when it comes to Sinclair, the break-up is much of the same, he blames the other publicly with very little details of what in reality has occurred.  Now what in fact is this statement below in reference to? There’s no links, nothing, is this proper reporting?:

“Sinclair News does not (though the conservative associates of Akbar like to dismiss others based on their past actions) dismiss or judge any individual based on his/her past actions in life. We believe that everyone has something in their past that might be viewed by others as unacceptable, however a persons past should not be used to beat them down for the rest of their lives. Sadly however those who are connected with Ali do not feel that way, unless of course the one with the past is the one doing their bidding.”

Is Sinclair referencing  to Ali Akbar’s past… or else his own?  Who really knows or cares, I say “POT” meet “KETTLE”. Sinclair is constantly pointing his stubby little finger towards others. His readers ought to be looking  a little closer at the founder of this so-called News website.

Yankee Clipper found this statement somewhat amusing:

“In the words of the late Andrew Breitbart: Corruption and dishonesty must be exposed no matter which side it is taking place on, whether liberal or conservative, dishonesty is just that, dishonesty!”

YankeeClipper said:

Memo to FTD:


Practice what you preach!

Dennis found this other point  interesting:

“Sinclair News by virtue of having actually contributed funds to BlogBash, National Bloggers Club and the Breitbart Scholarship Fund believes we have legal standing and the legal right to demand this accounting from Mr. Akbar and those who are stated to be on the Boards…”

Dennis said:
Very interesting and bold statement by Fats. Of course he does realize doesn’t he that he should also come clean about his funds, including the “snooze” site, the bogus congressional campaign, the assorted bogus books “sales” etc. etc.
So come clean, Lardo, come clean. Obviously you feel that it will be good for your otherwise worthless soul. So Lardo is after Ali because Ali has been running a more successful version of the kind of racket that Fat Boy is trying to run? That is obviously the real point here.
First, let’s forget all the horse hockey about Breitbart who was largely a shrill, two-bit lying bag of horse manure with a complete lack of either ethics or humanity. He was not a journalist. He was a tin-horn demagogue. So it is not surprising that he attracted assorted other two-bit liars (like Fat Boy). Crap always attracts flies. Now the flies are buzzing each other in a fight over the table scraps

But hey Fats, you are a big fat lying crook as well – so when are you coughing up your financial records? Prove to us that you are not a crook…for example, how about that congressional run (when you were not even registered to vote in the state of Florida). You remember, the one where you asked the suckers to send you no more than $299 so you wouldn’t have to report anything to the Federal Election Commission. So how much money did you rake in and how much was spent on your non-campaign (as I recall your only campaign appearance was at an Eat and Great – free food, oh boy) as opposed to all of the personal crap you bought right afterwards for the trailer? As I recall, you were quite proud of your expensive new gas grill and big screen TV set (the nice thing about most con artists are that they are so narcissistic they have to share all of these type of details with the world).Hey, we are not forgetting about this one, stupid. And it is just the tip of the ice berg….

KStreet suggested a poll a few days ago let’s do it!


Dennis again!

I know, every detail gets more bizarre. At the rate this is going, they may need Monty Hall to help both side to make a deal.


To be honest, I’m even confused about some of the names. Is this other bozo called Gebert or Gelbert or Poopbrain or what?? And why isn’t Ilse over at the wide-load hosing Fat Boy down with cold water. Even a nutcase like her must realize that Lardo has totally popped a rod.First, we need to ignore most of Fat Boy’s warped ravings. He is barking for another lawsuit and acts as if he will try an insanity plea this time.

But the main points are pretty simple.
1. Nobody in their right mind should ever get into the middle of somebody else’s legal fight. There is no win for the outsider.
2. He is not functioning in this case as a journalist. He is solely taking one side and taking opinions from one side, largely avoiding any type of factual information while building a convoluted argument based upon assumptions and false conjectures piled up with insults and acts of intimation and online stalking. He also doesn’t seem to understand that a journalist (I mean real journalists) are NOT protected against suits for libel. Heck, journalists are sued for libel all the time.
3. Copyright/Trademark disputes are tricky cases best handled in relative private. That gives bothparties a chance to chill out and make a possible arrangement which is preferable to a full blown court case that could go on for years. LardButt has, most likely, screwed that possibility to the wall. His pal Gilbert may not understand this, but that is a very bad thing in such a case.
4. LardButt’s defense of Gelbert’s claim is, at best, thin. It seems primarily based upon the idea that this guy and a dead blogger had a private chat about it. Big deal. Unless Gelbert has support evidence, this is mere hearsay and is worthless in court.
5. Then Lardo screws Gelbert more by admitting that Gelbert and O’Donnell were in discussion concerning this idea. So in other words, the most verifiable start of this project is in the discussions between the plaintiff and the defendant. It is going to be he said/she said. Fat Boy doesn’t seem to get it, but he just set Gelbert up for a very nasty case.
6. Just as Fats is not a journalist, he is also not a lawyer. He did not win anything in the last lawsuit and simply lucked out because Parisi’s attorney didn’t think to produce evidence to back up the financial damage claim (and personally I think Parisi should sue his lawyer for being an idiot). Likewise, he has no clue to issues of libel, harassment, copyright or anything else in this situation. Part of the reason why his postings have become so screamingly incoherent is because he is talking total nonsense and the more he talks crap, the more his words twist and turns, slowly, slowly in the wind (my respects to John Ehrlichman who after serving time for Watergate became a pretty interesting OK guy doing legal work for American Indians – BTW, Ehrilchman did know the law even while breaking it for Nixon).
7. It is indeed possible that he is heading for another lawsuit. The main question is when, by whom, and on what grounds. He is working hard on several fronts for no good reason except that he is a deranged jackass who has been sniffin’ way too much of his own ink.

So I must agree with Gilligan. It is time to load up on the popcorn and butter and watch the show.


In view with the latest garbage/ post Sinclair SNOOZE! To view the post, it will remain here on our site. The POS has added a photo of Rachel in his post. He is looking to torment the woman further.

O’Donnell, TYT & Theatre Given Til Thursday To Halt “Tea Party vs Occupy”
August 21, 2012
By Lawrence Sinclair

Dennis adds: Oh wee!!!! Another long winded and only half coherent posting about a bunch of issues that he has come out swinging on for no rational reason whatsoever (unless this Gebert guy is going down on him or something). What does this tell us?

A. Life around the trailer park is pretty dull at the moment, so he has to juice things up.

B. Life on his PayPal account is mighty dull at the moment, so he has to juice things up.

C. His ability to “connect” isn’t working out too well (i.e. his recent disinvite from FRC), so he has to juice things up.

D. He really just loves to juice it up. What a guy, old fatso. Maybe he can get another suit going before the release of the new book. Hey, when is that book due? Oh yeah…there has been some technical “issues”?


Dennis! Dennis! Dennis! Our Dennis!

Here once again, read what someone who I deeply admire in whatever he posts. Here ‘s another  excellent analysis! He’s got an uncanny way to dissect Sinclair  He is  GOOD with his assessment about this mess. Dennis has a  witty sense of humour when I say something (wrong) he corrects me, immediately. He’s still my friend despite that. Here’s what our Dennis  had to say about the craziness of  this recent  Christine O’Donnell obsession that’s going on recently at SickLiar Snooze site:

Here we go kids!

I have kind of noticed that Fat Boy and a couple of his “friends” may be starting to stick their collective necks out just a bit. Probably doesn’t matter since few people really pay any attention to them. But the hotel in Illinois may simply not appreciate the letter sent to them and maybe could have some room for action (though they will most likely be advised to just flush it). As for the O’Donnell thing – any issue involving copyright and/or trademark gets really complicated and it takes a judge to sort it out, not some loud mouth fat ball in a wide load. All Lard Brain can do is potentially get himself into another lawsuit and he just might learn the hard-way that he didn’t win anything the last time (Parisi’s mouthpiece simply couldn’t argue a valid case about the damages claimed – the dismissal had nothing to do with Lardo’s “legal” skills nor reflected in any way about his claims).

So the guy may have vaguely (and I do mean vaguely) threatened someone (Lardo or Gilbert) with a libel suit based upon law in the states of Delaware and Florida and Fat Ass is threatening him with the Virginia Bar Association. Quick, get me the AAA map. But I think Fats needs to be concerned about the Florida thing. Might be time to move again and he’s running out of states.

OK, let’s see if this makes sense. A lawyer connected to O’Donnell sent Fat Boy a long (and largely chatty) e-mail that is sort of intended for Gilbert but is also being sent to LardBrain because of his extreme statements regarding the copyright/trademark issue and even more extreme statements regarding O’Donnell’s integrity, honesty, etc etc. The lawyer admits that he is not currently working for O’Donnell. He also explains the reasons why the people receiving this e-mail might be open to libel in the state of both Delaware and Florida.

What does this mean? Most likely he has already been approached by the O’Donnell side and may even be in the process of being retained. Most likely he has already run a basic check on Fat Boy and Gilbert. He is trying to send a relatively friendly warning (especially to Fats) thereby giving him a chance to politely shut up and step out of something that really isn’t even his affair.

So Fat Boy has slammed into the attorney, added more insults to the mix, and is going to get tough. The second lawsuit is forming. I think I see another teachable moment in the works.

I am guessing that Fat Boy has been way too much time sniffing his own ink. He has seemingly convinced himself that the end of the Parisi lawsuit means that he was truthful. Nothing of the sort. The case was dismissed because Parisi’s lawyer made a claim for damage because of a business deal the feel through and couldn’t produce any type of support material to back that claim. Lardo simply lucked out.

He also seems convinced that he is protected from libel because he is a “journalist.” How he ever got such a funny idea is beyond me. The only protection that a real journalist has is based upon sticking like glue to only the publicly available and proven “facts” of the story. LardBrain has a few minor “facts,” mostly a long string of increasingly meaningless ip addresses. From that, he ran off into a LaLaLand of assumptions followed by conjectures and insults. If this were a real news organization, he would right now have a senior editor yelling at him while the organization hurriedly figure out a way to backtrack and apologize. He is in no way protected from anything, except to the extent that any attorney would have to debate his net worth.

I mean how many lawyers out there needs his wide-load.

Stay tune for More Teachable Moments!


Open Chat – Let’s Decide

We’re almost done!

Still debating … it’s too dark or light, let’s try something else.

Amid all of the turmoil, who comes prancing  in,

  direct from Streamwood, Illinois !




OMG it’s CAO! Yikes!  Where’s Uma Thurman, Linda Hamilton…COW is now a lion!

Watch her bitch roar!



Well with being graced and  honoured by CAO  (here)  and (here too), Kstreet and I felt we had to do EXTRA sprucing up here…(NOT!)

But you know, I have noticed that CAO has a  pretty clean looking website, within comparison to LS SNOOZE. Check it out!  Ahh She wuvs me!

Love ya back Cow! By the looks of you, glad to see you haven’t missed a meal!

Lynn Thomas BIO

Lynn Thomas lives about 45 minutes outside Chicago in a quiet suburb. A conservative activist her entire life, she is both a social and fiscal conservative. She’s a writer, photographer and videographer, as well as a mom. She began blogging in August of 2004, at Cao’s blog, when her elder son was shipped to Iraq with the 980th Engineering Battallion of the U.S. Army.

But Cao’s blog was hacked in October of 2011 because the critics can’t handle the truth. Unable to get Cao’s blog back up and running, she started over at and is also a contributor to LSNewsGroup.

Read more interesting tidbits about Lynn Thomas/Cao HERE



Here’s another opportunity – for Teachable Moments!

Pearls of wisdom about COW by our Dennis:

“Just looked at Cao’s site. Gee, I didn’t know we were running a Reign of Terror.

Gosh, that sounds a lot better than merely shooting off our mouths. Oh hoo! And now I know that when a Replug doesn’t like something on TV, he or she merely changes the channel. So why does Cao keep coming over here (where we are running a Reign of Terror)? BTW, since she also states that when a Replug needs health insurance, they go and get a job that provides it. So why is the stupid jerk bugging people to give her money for her family’s health crisis? Doesn’t she have a job? Maybe she better get one and leave the rest of humanity alone? Keep in mind that Cao has recently given us a royal example of what I am talking about. She claims to be broke and has just exhausted unemployment while at the same time deriding and attacking the very concept of social services and safety net programs that would be designed to help people who are broke and unemployed. Then if any “questions” raised regarding her pitch for charity, she tears into the person like a crazed dog, accuses them of all sorts of imagined conspiracies, and not only attacks but pursues the person to other web sites just to thumb her nose at them. Then  she turns right around and accuses other people of operating a Reign of Terror because they have a web site of their own where they don’t much like her basically psycho crap (and on whose web sites she goes after them). Then she goes right back to her “poor little ol’ me” routine and expects somebody to hand her money. Same goes for Larry Sinclair our Fat Boy and the many others much the same  out there.

Thanks Dennis you’re the greatest!

Carry on and chat!


Dennis’ Teachable Moments

Hey Kids,

On August 4th when our Gilligan reminded us that it was your current 44th President’s 51st birthday, I just did not know what to post. He’s not my President, for I’m Canadian, however I wanted to post something very special in his honor.

Leave it to Larry Sinclair, I went to his  snooze site,  I was appalled at the newest post, how do you respond to that?! Wasn’t it last year, that he harassed your President by sending him an autographed copy of the book of lies? Well here in part is the post:

A Birthday Message To Barack Obama

August 4, 2012

“…So on this the 51st Birthday of Barack Obama we want to say:

When will you address the factual allegations made about you, your sexual encounters with other men and the truth about your drug use and when you actually stopped (if you have stopped) using drugs of any kind!

If we are to apply the same principles and rules to both sides then Sen. Harry Reid and David Axelrod along with the assistance of The Huffington Post, have made it a fair and equitable request to ask Barack Obama to prove the 2008 allegations against him are untrue. Sinclair News however would settle for Barack Obama standing before television cameras and publicly stating whether he confirms or denies the allegations.

After all, its been more than four years now since David Axelrod’s early 2008 statement that “we are going to connect him to the Clinton campaign,” and “we know who he is and we are going to destroy him,” with Axelrod and Obama failing miserably to do either.

In the words of David Axelrod and Harry Reid: If Obama wants to resolve the questions about his use of crack cocaine in 1999 and his engaging in sexual encounters with other men let Barack prove it didn’t happen. Or in the alternative, let Barack Obama publicly deny or maybe by some miracle confirm the allegations once and for all.”

What a sickening post, it sounds like it was written by Sinclair himself. However, once again Dennis came to my rescue. I managed to pull off these two comments from the previous thread. I hope you do not mind Dennis, but I felt this should be posted as a main post and also archived. This is what Dennis  had to say about the Snooze site’s latest post  garbage and the author lunatic Kathy Bryant.

Dennis says:

Meanwhile, the put-up-or-shut-up campaign continues at theHungry-Bottom-Anti-Gay News Site as Kathy Bryant (Lardo’s special name or something?)

Turns the Harry Reid/Mitt Romney tax fight into a story all about – yes, you guessed it, Fat Boy. So here is a quick teachable moment for Ms. Bryant:

1. At the core of the Reid/Romney fight is the fact that Romney claims to have his tax returns for the past ten years but he won’t release them. He is a private man – at least where his money is concerned. Reid says that a shareholder at Bain Capital (who has asked not to be named) told him that Romney basically didn’t pay taxes for a ten year time period.

At best, Reid’s claim is hearsay evidence and can only on its own have merit if and/or when his source is willing to go public directly. But the only person who can prove or disprove this claim is Mitt. They are his records. He does claim to have them. All he has to do is show them and then Reid would have to shut up. That means that Mitt is the one who has to put up. Not Reid. In fact, as long as Mitt refuses to put up, Reid will never really ever have to shut up. That is why this fight is still going on.

2. Fat Boy claims to have had a wild night of homo sex and drugs with Obama back in 1999. He has offered no evidence and no supporting eye witnesses. The few times (early on) that he has attempted to offer prove, it has either been bogus (his altered hotel choice point report) or he simply never produced anything (despite repeated claims to the contrary). Since it is his story, he really would need to present some kind of support evidence. In truth, he has never even proven that he was even in Chicago at the time. Since this story is his and his alone, he needs to offer proof. He has to put up (or maybe simply shut up). Obama doesn’t have to say or do anything. Besides, neither Obama nor anyone else can “prove” a negative. It is a one-sided claim with no evidence and Fatso’s demand that Obama should prove him wrong is nothing more than a two-bit schoolyard taunt from a nervous bully who wants to impress his “friends” (better known as suckers) while secretly hoping that the target of his taunt doesn’t hear him (after all, he might just get his clock cleaned or something).

But in this case, it is Fat Boy who has to put up or shut up. After all, even he has noted (at the end of his stupid little booklet) that only he was there….So come on Tubby, show me the evidence.

Note to Kathy Bryant
Let me make this even more clear (since I know you must be a stupid person or else you wouldn’t be hanging around with FatBoy). I will give you a counter-example of Lardo’s tale and show you where FatBoy screwed up.

Have I ever told you about my wild night of sexual passion with Maureen Dowd? Now, I can prove that she and I were both in Los Angeles on the same date, at the same hotel on the same morning and even had breakfast together. Not only can I prove that, but in a story she did for Premiere magazine, she indirectly alludes to all of this.

In reality, we both just happened to have been on a PR junket for the same movie and simply fell in together at the breakfast buffet (Maureen, I enjoyed chatting with you). But that is all. However, I could spin it in all kinds of ways. The tales would be wild and racy and total bullshit. But I can at least offer some illusions of “evidence.” Sure, the evidence is, at best, extremely misleading…but I have it.

Fat Boy can’t even make it up to this dubious level of bullshit. For a life long con artist (his criminal records speaks for itself) he is pretty lack luster in his techniques. Basically, he goes after the really dumb people – which refers back to my opening comment to you.

Thank you so much Dennis!

 Hoping you’re all enjoying your weekend.

What a very cute and charming President you have!

Happy Belated Birthday Mr.President!


LS SNOOZE – Teachable Moments

Within the latest post from the “truth machine” C’mon it’s just more whiny noise.  Once again Larry Sinclair plays  the victim. It’s some type of conspiracy!

“DNCC Denies Sinclair News Credentials To Cover Convention”

By Lawrence Sinclair

Its official, the DNCC has sent us probably one of this most impersonal of emails notifying us that they are unable to accommodate Sinclair News with Credentials to cover the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC in September. Even more surprising is the wording of the DNCC’s email which is almost verbatim of the July 2, 2012 letter the RNC sent us denying our application despite having stated we would be credentialed just months earlier.

From: DNCC Press Gallery []
Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 2:31 PM
Subject: 2012 DNCC Credential Update
Importance: High

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your interest in covering the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Unfortunately, due to limited space and an overwhelming number of requests for credentials through the DNCC Press Gallery, we are unable to grant your request for credentials to attend the 2012 Democratic National Convention. However, in order to provide an open and accessible convention experience to more Americans than ever before, there will be other opportunities to receive information.  Please continue to visit for the latest updates. Thank you again for your interest.


Sinclair News never expected the DNCC to grant our credentials application but what never expected they would wait until after the RNC decision had been made public before sending us this form email they sent to multiple applicants. At least the RNC Committee on Arrangements showed the class of addressing applicants by name rather than just send a form email with “Good Afternoon.”

Sinclair News however does still plan on covering the Democratic National Convention even if it means we cover it for the outside. We continue to be dedicated to bring our readers and voters the News as it is and as long as we have the resources to cover the Conventions we will. What takes place on the outside may very well be more important than what takes place on the inside of both. Sinclair News scares Democrats more than Mitt Romney and GOP put together.

Well , he will be off to  North Carolina while just getting back from DC and Virginia? OK  My problem is, where on earth is this person ( Lari, Ashaiti, Avila, Larye, La Rye, Vizcarra, Adams, Larri, Silvis, Mohammed, Gahanan, Fatha, Vizcuaua, Vizgua, Lawrence, Wayne, Larry, Sinclair/Sinclaire)   getting all this money from to travel so often? Oh yeah PAYPAL, right… Does whatever his name  report  it? Hmmm ? Who contributes to this?  The many trips across the USA, how does he do it with (that “measly” income) he said it… while he was feeding his Chihuahua steak, moving about 4 times  within  a $700 monthly within SSA.  (Medications free food stamps  etc thanks to the American government)… and OH he feels  entitled? Well it’s the RETARDS who pay the extra bucks …without any results  either. He’s a grifter! Please donate a lot more money and send him to the moon, he’ll be as productive but KEEP HIM OUT OF MY COUNTRY!

Nevermind this … for the moment, let’s focus on something else. Dennis  has a great observation,  no he hasn’t been here since 2008, but people do  catch on!

DENNIS says:

Maybe we need to view this as a teachable moment. Fat Boy can’t get credentials as a reporter from either the GOP or the Democrats. So here are the reasons why (and BTW Fat Boy, take notes – I have actually dealt with this issue several times).
1. You actually have to present yourself as a real, honest-to-god reporter with a real news site and/or publication. I don’t mean a little web site of bs ran in some weird and erratic manner by yourself and a few friends. It has to be at a level that can be considered a real news site (e.g. Huffington Post).

2. You have to present a body of work by yourself that represents actual news reporting. Not a pile of “stolen” blog postings that you have merely slapped your byline over (e.g. press releases from Gov. Scott’s office). Honest to goodness news reporting of some definable level. Is this asking too much?

3. To be a news reporter, you have to produce something more than a pile of half-coherent accusations combined with strange never ending statements about yourself (most of which sounds like a drunk at 3 in the morning). You need to produce “news stories.” Stuff that actually deals with the larger issues (that is something larger than that PayPal button attached to your belly button).

4. Oddly enough, most people expect a reporter to be able to produce “copy.” That is, stories that are written in a form of clear, precise manner that makes a point, has a subject, and actually presents a case. You can’t do that. We normally know when you actual wrote a piece because it becomes a rambling, narcissistic discourse into the dank back allies of your completely empty subconscious. In fact, they mostly read as if your were unconscious.

5. Use the damn spell checker for god sakes, ass hole. You lack any sense of grammar, structure, or point. The least you can do is spell a damn word.

So of course no one is giving you the time of day. Oh, another problem: You can’t work well as a political reporter attempting to cover presidential politics when you are on the Secret Service watch list. Since you did make a borderline death threat against the president and his wife, you are considered a possible political assassin. The Secret Service will NOT let you near either Obama or Romney because of this. Did you forget about this or do you have shit for brains?

Thanks Dennis! Let’s resume here, as Kstreet has often  says  “CARRY ON” For me? (less sophisticated)  whatever  tickles your fancy… I need some of Gilli’s brain bleach right now, this post was about FatAss Eeeewwwwwww

Talk about anything! As Mitch used to say: SING-ALONG… h/t my friend  Badpoet! =)