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Another day… a different scam attempt.

on July 25, 2014
daniel-el-travieso.jDennis pgI was just getting ready to celebrate Day Six of the no snooze is good snooze event and LongTimeLurker had to go and throw me for a loop with Fatboy’s latest “Here we go:Sinclair News has a big plan and with your help it can become a reality in as little as two months.Click here to support Sinclair Southern Estate by Larry Sinclair“–> “

Yes, having failed so far in everything from IT repair to basic fund raising, POS is now going for the big bucks. A journalism institute (where, presumably, he might try learning even the most basic points of a field he hasn’t a clue to). Yep, he wants to buy his grandparents house (which I thought he had absolutely no claim to which was one reason for his obscene tirade against the rest of his family) and build a whole series of educational buildings (despite having no background in non-profit development – and BTW, has he actually cleared this project for non-profit status – I don’t think so) devoted to “citizen” journalism (where you just make crap up) and resolving political issues (none of which he has a clue to either). Oh, and based upon his copy, I assume he will devote a whole building to the finer points of grammar and spelling.

And the suckers have to hurry. Offer is only good till Sept. 1 (?) which is kind of an impossible date (you see, real fund drives of this type take time to promote and achieve – in this case, probably about a year normally – especially if you actually did it for real and devoted time to the necessary organizational and financial management structures needed) and seems based on something that he really isn’t too clear about (like maybe he is trying to fleece the folks back home in Camden?).

So tell Ken Olsen and the other two or three jackasses out there that Fat Boy wants it all. So clean out those bank accounts, baby! Daddy needs new shoes (and booze, and snacks, and…heck, you know the drill with this asshole).animated119 Look

$INclair $outhern E$tate In$titutefree-laughing-smiley-emoticon.gif LMAOusr_200511113158_Scam Alert
  Created  on July 23, 2014 by Larry Sinclair: ” I have started this GoFundMe in an effort to turn the home of my Grand Parents into a camp and trainging facility for citizen journalism. The Sinclair Southern Estate Institute would be bought and owned by those who help fund this project.I am looking for support in making Sinclair’s Southern Estate Institute a reality. SSEI will be a 19 acre site in rural SC that will be built into a camp program for children as well as a hands on facility for young & old adults in the citizen journalism field as well as bringing people together to find solutions for our nations problems by working together.The $150,000.00 will be used to accquire sole ownership of the 19 acre parcel and allow us to upgrade the home on the proprty while adding two dorm wings right away.We will need to secure the funding no later than September 1, 2014 in order to be able to accquire the property. For each contribution of $15.00 the contributor will in effect own one square foot of the project….   “

62 responses to “Another day… a different scam attempt.

  1. Meesh says:

    Thanks LongTimeLurker for being so vigilant and catching this, as it’s not posted on the Snooze Site, wonder why? You would think that he would want to get the word out with such a short deadline. At first I thought this surely was a joke…like selling swampland in Florida…what on earth does Fatboy know about journalism, or anything for that matter.He can’t even work up a good scam. Hey Fatboy what happened to the money that you collected for an advanced copy of a book that still isn’t available. Nope it’s not about the money.

    Great job guys…LTL for uncovering the latest scam and Dennis for posting your view….whenever he’s quiet, you just know he’s up to no good. Let me see is this 60th fundraiser and is this why he had been fighting with his family on Facebook..with the passing of Granny the wheels have been grinding and turning.

  2. Dennis says:

    I got an idea. To help honor the memory of his dear old grandma, he should build a track around the Institute where the citizen journalists can take turn chasing each other with butcher knives just like he use to do with nanny. Gosh, just the thought brings a tear to my eyes.

  3. “Sinclair Southern Estate Institute”. LOL! Sounds like you will escorted around by a Colonel Sanders look-a-like and treated to sweet tea by some darkies dressed in white.

    “I am looking for support in making Sinclair’s Southern Estate Institute a reality. SSEI will be a 19 acre site in rural SC that will be built into a camp program for children as well as a hands on facility for young & old adults in the citizen journalism field as well as bringing people together to find solutions for our nations problems by working together.”

    Yikes! Sounds creepy – “Camp program for children”? Give me a break. “Hands on” facility for young & old adults? Sounds like he will be feeling people up and picking their pockets. “Bringing people together to find solutions”? Sounds like he will be accumulating a register of easy marks for any of his future scams.

    All offered with the hospitality and charm of the Old South. Let me go to Carolina.
    (He’d better start working on his accent and remember not to talk about Obama’s penis.)

    • Dennis says:

      Gee LTL, why are you giving this idiot more ideas for his bogus institute? Now he will be looting a thrift store for a white suit and string tie. Does this all sound creepy? Yep! But I can see the lecture programs shaping up right now. For example, “How to Succeed in Citizen Journalism From Hungry Bottom to Top Man.”

  4. Meesh says:

    A new selfie on Twitter…a poster boy for ZERO 🙄 His big announce

    “For each contribution of $15.00 the contributor will in effect own one square foot of the project….

    Yep, Captain Zero’s selling swampland.

    Okay had to do this #ShareACoke #SelfieSweeps

    Captain ZERO!

  5. Dennis says:

    BTW, took a quick look at property values in the rural area around Camden, SC. The basic going rate is roughly estimated at $3,500 per acre. So the 19 acres should have a starting price of $66,500. So it sounds as if the house is going for $83,500 The reminder would be for the house and appears to be under the average for the area. I suspect that the joint is in bad shape (or should I say a real fixer upper). Of course this is all based on the dubious idea that the money is going anywhere further than his belly.

  6. Meesh says:

    FatAss Aunt Faye owns the land and lives there, years ago FatAss claims he wanted to “buy” a chunk of the property and the family refused to sell it to him…it’s just another money making scam…Plain and simple he needs the money. When he sold the rights to his book… we thought who would be that crazy! He’s praying for another Kenneth Olsen.

  7. Dennis says:

    Day 7 and the Snooze site shut down continues. How he ever got the new GoFuckMe campaign posted, gee who knows. Day 2 of the new Feed Me fund drive and the tote board stays steady at 0. Guess his pretend supporters are waiting to surprise him. Meanwhile, I am sure that his entry in the Coca Cola selfie contest or whatever has thrilled the folks at corporate headquarters (who by now have probably alerted Homeland Security). I do believe that we are watching the hyper weird and extremely strange unraveling of SinkLiar. So hang in there folks. Another tic-tac stunt will soon appear (certainly sooner than the increasingly mythic second book).

    Note to new readers: A few years ago Fat Boy scored a stunning new high when he got mad at his few remaining supporters for not giving him enough money. He did a series of crazy (and increasingly dark tapes – I mean dark like in low to no lights and eventually all in B&W) while dropping quasi-suicidal comments then repeatedly accusing people of putting their own interruptions to his “words” and that he could not take responsibility for their misinterpretations (this was his get-out-jail-free card just in case he was charged with fraud over this stunt – the concept of suicide was implied but never actually stated – legally it would most likely play – remember, he is a con man and they work this way).

    Then he bolted to an unknown location and did a final live video in which he basically told everybody to screw off while slowly taking an odd mix of some pills (most likely his regular nighty meds) and then switched the web cam off. Supposedly, he was dead (his then buddy Jeff Rense announced it live on the air during Rense’s show). Actually, he was sitting around a hotel room connected to a resort and casino logging back online most of the night to see how many people might have been watching the tape (yes, the idiot forgot about the counter on the web site he was using and it was publicly IDing him as he kept popping in and out all night – he is a moron).

    Next morning, someone who was worried about him (though it seemed to have something to do with a subpoena that they were trying to serve on him – he has largely sidestepped this issue) had tracked him down to the hotel and he woke up to cops and paramedics trying to “rescue” him. They dragged his naked butt out of bed and rushed him into ER where he seemed to have mostly spent his time giving everybody lip. Then they tossed him into a nuthouse for a couple of weeks for evaluation. He has been pissed ever since (though he also tried on several occasions to deny that any of this ever happened before he then decided that he could try to milk it for donations and the so-called second book that has been pending “publication” for over 2 years).

    Extra footnote, both the ER and the mental institute had him listed as HIV+. He also denies this and finally produced an oddly suspect “certificate” claiming otherwise. Most ERs currently run HIV tests on the majority of new patients as a routine precaution for the doctors. It is quick and easy to do as part of the blood tests during the admission process. Just FYI.

    We have gotten into the rude habit of calling the pills he popped “tic-tacs.” The way he was cupping the pills, it isn’t even clear that he was taking anything at all.

    It should also be noted that during his “death” period, his mama was online hustling donations for his “funeral.” You don’t leave your credit cards around her either.

  8. kstreet607 says:

    God! I love you guys. You are so on top of everything. I’ll read more after I take care of a few things. ❤ ❤ ❤

  9. Dennis says:

    Day 9 of the hardware failure that brought the Snooze site to its knees…OK, actually it has been barely limping for so long that it is kind of hard to tell the difference. A real technical problem would have been resolved by now, so Fat Boy is up to something else (aside from getting drunk). Meanwhile, it is day 3 of the hot fund drive for the SinkLiar Southern Estate Institute for the Criminal Lame and the money continues to hold steady at $0. I recently took a tour of some major wing nutter sites to see what they had to say about Fat Boy and discovered that it varied from nada to a general assumption that he was dead. Even Jeff Rense doesn’t return his calls. Yep, he’s a player. A really big time major star, yes sir.

  10. Dennis says:

    Day 10 of the presumably bogus hardware malfunction at the Snooze site. I have to assume that POS is needing to keep a very low profile since he obviously can still get online when he wants to and a real hardware malfunction – heck, a total explosion of the system – could have been fixed in various ways by now. So he is hiding for whatever reason.

    Meanwhile, Day 4 of the equally bogus fund drive for the SinkLiar Ol’ Southern Ways Institute for Suckers and the money is still holding at…ZIP, NADA, 00.00. Since his “crowdfunding” set up is so obviously designed to fail, I am wondering if he thinks he can squeeze some moola out of a different target (Foster Freezehead, perhaps).

    Yes, the plot turns. Well, it doesn’t actually. It sort of lays there and turns all stinky brown like an apple rotting in the sun. He better start warming up those tic tacs.

    • Yeah, he’s keeping a low profile alright. My theory is he received some repercussions from Colorado. They don’t play that post my picture shit. But I suspect the “suspension” of the Snooze site is part of a defense of some sort to what he sees to be trouble ahead. Maybe he plans to plead ignorance and show that as soon as he realized his “mistake” he suspended all activities.

      But I vote that you’re right about at least one thing – the “hardware malfunction” is bogus.

  11. Dennis says:

    While Fat Boy is busy being nonbusy and trying to pretend that he is some kind of major “player,” here is an old news story that not only comes up fast when you search his name but pretty much sums up the high public profile the idiot has these days: Larry Sinclair: MURDERED – THE INSIDE STORY

    Yep, that hoax played on him by another right wing nutjob is still treated as real and, oddly enough, other wing nutters are convinced that he is dead (all as part of the vast Obama conspiracy). I have seen various references to this bogus story at other nutter sites over the last 3 years. None of these other nutters are aware that the stupid smelly little jerk is still alive. That tells you all you need to know about his “high profile.”

  12. So maybe he’s a zombie. That would explain his looks and his smell.

  13. kstreet607 says:

    “These zombies in the park they’re looking for my heart ohhh ohh”

    Oh wait, HE’s the zombie in the park…LOL Anyway the lyrics to the video makes me think of Sinclair…who is perpetually high every single day of the year. Now this song might
    be about teenage suicide, but it still fits him to tee…

    • KStreet:

      I really like that song. Now how in hell would you have happened upon a group like that for cryin’ out loud? Great visuals in the video(s). And the zombie connection was “too cool for school”. (Do you remember that expression?) Thanks for sharing. I*’m still grooving on it because it’s still rockin’.

      • Oh what I would give to hear the Four Tops’ version.

        • kstreet607 says:

          I have been bingeing on…of all things “Glee”. I decided to see what the hype was about. Well I was not disappointed. Very good show with some insanely talented young people. One of them is Darren Criss who sang this song during the back story which was about a guy who tried to commit suicide because he was an undercover gay and his football teammates found out. Hence the song. I Googled the song title and came up with the original artists’ version which I used to present the song to you guys. Here’s Darren Criss’/Glee’s version:

  14. Dennis says:

    Day 11 of the Great Hardware Malfunction and Fat Boy is barely able to go online enough to pepper his Facebook page with photos of his dog (who must have ate the hard drive). As for Day 5 of the exciting Col. SinkLiar Ol’Southern Plantation Institute, the count stays firm at 0 dollars and 0 cents. Guess the money is getting sucked up by the hardware malfunction. So what’s the deal? Did he piss off his IT guy? Did someone finally get through to him to cut it out with his recent barrage of stupid trash talk? Eventually, we will get some weird and crazy rant full of self-serving gibberish, but for now, the snores are amazing.

    • Dennis says:

      Correction: He is plastering photos all over his Facebook site of somebody else’s dog. Good grief, even his dog is bogus. And why is he doing this? Who knows. He’s definitely got somebody breathing up his rear (and not in a hungry bottom manner).

      • “And why is he doing this? Who knows. He’s definitely got somebody breathing up his rear (and not in a hungry bottom manner).”

        Maybe it has something to do with his recent scam where he collected AT LEAST $1500 for Water For Children and used it to post bail. Maybe someone reported his site to the Florida A.G..

  15. kstreet607 says:

    LTL…check this out. Smokey has a new album coming out on 8/19 called “Smokey & Friends”. Here’s a taste of him and John Legend doing Smokey’s classic: Quiet Storm. Talk about an UPGRADE. I always loved the original but OMG!!!

    • Hey K – on my screen the last two songs in your last two comments didn’t show up – just blank space.

    • Just listened to Smokey and John Legend – really nice. Smokey seems to have been around forever and he’s still going strong. Funny story – one of my sisters attended a Smokey Robinson performance recently and was seated in the front row. Smokey invited her onstage and put his arm around her while he sang a song. My sister emailed around photos of herself and “The Smokemeister.” I accused her of twerking Smokey again. She didn’t think it was funny. But as it turned out, according to another sister, my sister who is deceased had been invited onstage about a decade ago and Smokey sang to her too. We all concluded Smokey liked a certain “type”.

      • kstreet607 says:

        That’s interesting.

        My husband was a dead-ringer for Smokey Robinson even his eyes. He always liked brown-skinned women (Like myself). I assumed Smokey was the same way given his first wife Claudette was my complexion.

        So the burning question is…are your sisters light-skin like Robinson or brown-skin like Smokey’s first wife? (I don’t know about subsequent wives since I stopped reading teen gossip many years ago. LOL)

        • My sisters are all about the color of Beyonce or Kerry Washington – one of them with a little more chocolate and another a little more golden hued. All my life I’ve heard the term “brown-skinned” and never quite knew where “brown-skinned” ended and “dark-skinned” began (although I know Lupita Nyong’o would be considered “dark skinned”). But I remember my Mother calling herself “brown-skinned” and not quite knowing what that meant since I thought all of us in our house were brown-skinned (except for my Father who we considered “light-skinned”). Is Tamron Hall “brown-skinned”? I guess I’m about the color of the guy who played Solomon Northrup in “Twelve Years A Slave” – maybe a little redder during the summer. What do you call that color?

          • kstreet607 says:

            Thanks for the explanations LTL. Somehow I’m thinking this exchange should have been done via email…but oh well. Humans come in all colors/hues so it is what it is…

            • “Somehow I’m thinking this exchange should have been done via email…but oh well.”

              Now don’t start second guessing yourself. You asked curiously and I answered frankly.

              “Humans come in all colors/hues so it is what it is…”

              But Africans and African Americans have the widest range and variety. I find that very interesting… and you do too.

            • BTW, you didn’t answer my question about Tamron Hall.

  16. kstreet607 says:

    Tamron Hall is “coffee w/creme” in my opinion. The following chart indicates she’s closest to the one on the top right.

    Different shades of Black Women

  17. Gee KStreet. You sure have a lot “up your sleeve”. Now where can I find that chart with its labels?

    In case you’re still interested, four of my sisters fall into the middle of the top row – with one of them closer to the one on the far left and another one closer to the Tamron Hall look on the top row far right.

    And when I started writing this you indicated that a chart mentioned “Topaz”, but by the time I finished writing this your reference was gone. There you go – full of tricks.

  18. kstreet607 says:

    Asked and answered…

  19. Dennis says:

    Can’t get a copy posted here, but Fat Boy is back at the Snooze site with a sorry story about how he is unable to pay his PhotoBucket bill and he has been unable to pay his LiveStream bill and a bunch of other bills and how it costs more than $400 a year to maintain all of these accounts to keep this fine service running and gosh golly gee whiz, he is trying his best to keep this important snooze site running….Fund raising time. Oh, and bTW, I think we have discovered what the hardware issue is…money. It’s all about the money.

    Notice To SN-LSNG Readers

    July 30, 2014
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    It has come to our attention that the photographs we have provided in the Sinclair News Photo Gallery of the different events we have covered over the years may not all be available for viewing by our readers due to our PhotoBucket account expiring and being set to a basic free account. We apologise to our readers but the simple fact of the matter is we simply do not have the funds available to renew the PhotoBucket account nor will we be able to continue the paid LiveStream account (even though we did renew it in order to make it easier for our readers to view the Freedom Palooza 2014 event live). These are just 2 of the 8 paid accounts which we have to simply let go because the money is not there to pay for them.

    I have always promised and tried to bring our readers access to the news and events through video, photographs and even Live Streaming free of charge and I will continue to do what I can to keep that tradition alive.

    I received notice today from PhotoBucket that our annual renewal of $49.99 was not authorized and our account had been put back to a standard free account which does limit the amount of Photographs we are able to bring to you.

    Just in hosting, domain renewal and the like we pay in excess of $400.00 per year and that does not include the fees for LiveStream (at $50.00 per month), Photobucket (at $50.00 per year); StatCounter (at $50 per quarter) etc… etc…

    We will continue to do the best we can with the resources that we have and we hope you will continue to enjoy our uncensored coverage of the news like no one else brings you.

    • So one moment it’s hardware and the next minute it’s money. Does he still think he has any credibility at all left – even among the nut jobs? I guess he will be the last to realize that his scamming days are done.

    • I think he ‘s been reading TR2 and can see we know it’s not about hardware. So maybe he thinks lack of money is more believable. But I think that’s a lie too. The amounts in question are just not enough to shut down the site for insufficient funds. He could raise those amounts (if he wanted to) just by cutting back on Coke Zeros. I still think he’s trying to hide the fact that the pressure is on him for some other reason – like running a website dedicated to all-scams-all-the-time. And notice he doesn’t exactly ask for money this time.

      • Dennis says:

        I suspect that you are onto something. We shall see what happens next, but this weird passive-aggressive begging thing just ain’t Fat Boy’s style. Meanwhile, we can skip the hardware malfunction count down since obviously the idiot has been able all along to post and the only hardware that’s not working right is his brain. As for Day 6 of the Col. Sander’s Bucket of Chicken and Southern Estate Institute, the count is a stable 0. This may become the single biggest fail of his amazing career of fails.

        I hope he knows that he can order tic-tacs online.

      • kstreet607 says:

        That’s it in a nutshell LTL and Dennis. I suspect he continues to despise us…but to no avail. “It is what it is” as they say. WE here at TR2 report “news” as well (When we’re not chatting about mundane topics like complexions.(LOL)

        Trying to stifle TR2 while advocating for his “news” site is the epitome of hypocrisy. Someone must have sat his fat ass down and explained that to him.

        About his latest scheme….haven’t we seen this before…over and over again since 2008?

        Question: If he is going to open up an “educational institution” where is *that* money coming from? All he can do is go underground and attract the deepest, darkest hate groups out there. I suspect that’s exactly who he’s appealing to.

  20. kstreet607 says:

    OMG! Look what I ran into on You Tube. If you can stomach the first 2 minutes and 16 seconds…you’re a trooper. The section in question starts at 2.17. This really weird alien-looking Black guy brings up Larry Sinclair

    The back-story: The title of the piece is called: Teabaggers Explain Their Opposition To Immigrants, Obama, Gays, & Muslims.

    • Dennis says:

      Let’s see if I got this straight, we are being invaded by radical Islamic Mexicans from China who are here to destroy our country as part of Obama’s evil masterplan and they are all horny and planning to rape our women despite all of them being gay. And you found the one nutcase out there who is hoping to get some money to give to SinkLiar (ironically, that is close to how he says the name).

      • kstreet607 says:

        SPOT ON! Dennis by George you’ve got it! LOL

        • Dennis says:

          Love the lady who keeps ranting how Obama is destroying the America she loves. Why do I get the impression that her America is a place packed with just white people who carries guns and spend way too much time watching Fox News (in between public hangings and other such “social” events)?

    • Geesh. The Sinclair virus is still alive – if only among the weirdest humans on the planet – but still alive. I watched the video this morning and still I hardly know what to say. “Alien-looking” is a perfect description of that guy. But think of what could have been had TR2 not presented a counterattack. I guess eventually the public would have recognized the scam for what it was(is) but I’m not at all sure it would have happened in time for the 2008 elections. I’m sure Legion as well as the likes of Ly Spooner sit around crying and fretting over what might have been if only we hadn’t gotten in the way.

      Let’s hear it for TR2! And since the virus is still around – let’s continue with our efforts to keep the Sinclair virus contained.

      • kstreet607 says:

        Let’s hear it for TR2! And since the virus is still around – let’s continue with our efforts to keep the Sinclair virus contained.


  21. Meesh says:


    SN-LSNG To Shut Down or Change Ownership & Management

    July 31, 2014
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    On January 16, 2012 I decided to consolidate multiple websites which had been in operation since 2008 under one name and bring people the News in a way no other media organization has or ever will. On that date Sinclair News-LS News Group became a reality and I want to think that I and those who have played a part in over operation in the last two and half years have lived up to the promise made to readers.

    It has been a struggle to continue the operation as I have never made cozy deals with individuals or organizations for favorable coverage and reports in exchange for ad revenue or financial gain. I have learned over the last year that either you play the game and make concessions to individuals, organizations, politicians et al or you simply do not get access to those necessary to report from the frontlines. It is for this reason that rather than be another online mouthpiece to the puppet masters I have made the decision to shut down Sinclair News-LS News Group as it is now known and operated and concentrate instead on writing books and giving my view of things in speaking engagements when they come about.

    My second book When One Man Stands (which has had multiple delays in its release) will finally be out in the end of August 2014 and I have a third book which will be coming out in late summer 2015.

    I am currently in talks with a potential buyer of the Sinclair News-LS News Group domains, articles, photographs and videos and if those talks result in a deal then the new owner will continue in the News but under a different organization and management team. If talks fail to produce a buyout I will cease current operations of Sinclair News – LS News Group effective Monday August 4, 2014 and will leave the site as is until such time as either a buyer is found or the domain name is sold.

    • Dennis says:

      So are we to assume that the idiot Ken Olsen is about to dig himself in even deeper? And exactly what is he selling that could be worth a plugged nickel? His second book is coming out at the end of August 2014? Hah! A third book? ROFL!

      So I guess we can take a quick moment for our proper Scooby Doo kudos:

    • So there he is – one man standing for principle, unwilling to accept revenues or financial gain in exchange for favorable news coverage. And, for that reason, the general public should now find him so admirable that they should buy his books about his trials and tribulations and principles. Sounds promising.

      • kstreet607 says:

        Ok I must have missed something. (Guys u gotta understand that I am not as enthusiastic in watching/reading about the 1001st (“fall of Sinclair”.)

        Call me when the SOB disappears from the blogosphere altogether. I’ll bring the Red Solo Cups and some drinks to celebrate the disappearance from the Blogosphere of one” Butt-face Sinclair”.

  22. Dennis says:

    4 more days until the end. 4 more days before the turd is washed away in the rain. Yes, just 4 more days (until the jerk pulls off another two bit stunt).

  23. Meesh says:

    FatAss is so full of it… what happened to this? Just two days ago… (July 30, 2014)

    “We will continue to do the best we can with the resources that we have and we hope you will continue to enjoy our uncensored coverage of the news like no one else brings you.”

    By the way, Statcounter has a free edition —> Spying on who arrives on a website isn’t a necessity. Photobucket has free accounts,also not a necessity… he was whining about the lack of money a few days ago….all what this is another PANHANDLING scheme….he’s going nowhere….Nothing is changing the Narcissist will never disappear.

  24. Dennis says:

    Gee Meesh and LTL, you guys are a couple of wet blankets sometimes. Of course, you are both absolutely correct. He is deep into a state of passive/aggressive panhandling and seems to think that the more he whines, the more his “readers” are going to want to help him out. Of course, nothing is happening. Everything he is is losing is actually available through a free service and his use of these systems is actually so low that the free service would be better for him. The “reporting” activity on his “news” site has been non-existent from the get go and zip for about the past year. So no loss there. In reality, and considering the extremely low activity level that he has managed for years, Fatso could milk that site along for years this way.

    Then he has his “book” to promote. So he will need a web site somewhere. So he ain’t going anywhere, we all know that. But sometimes you just got to enjoy the moment, even when it is a totally bogus moment from a completely screwy bogus source.

    • Meesh says:

      On Facebook he says: “There comes a time when you just have to face reality and say “job well done,” and move on.”…. <—So do it CREEP!

      Remember when he was about to throw his first Towel in 2008..what a steaming Crock of poop he is,Drama Queen always sets the scene…Yep it was all about MONEY…did he bungee jump off the Blatknic Bridge ? Nope…. I say lets buy him more TicTacs…. Anyway here's Memory Lane on the first time he tried it 🙄


      May 1, 2008 by Larry Sinclair

      “This post will be brief and to the point. I am sick of being threatened and misrepresented by Lawyers who have filed sworn affidavits in a Court of Law that are completely untrue, simply for the purpose of portraying me as something they know I am not. I am sick of being lied about, attacked, and being accused of being the author of comments that were in fact posted by the likes of Paul Day, Mitch, Denise Lee, Eric Gibbons, Eric Ekton, all while posting under my name.

      I am tired of people thinking that this Country gives them the right to lie, post false documents, etc… and attack individuals families and anyone else they please because of a lying, murdering, crack smoking egotistical piece of shit named Barack Obama.

      Like this is going to make us better. Well I am thinking about throwing in the towel. Why? Because these people have Lawyers that have money helping them make outright false statements under oath before a US District court in the form of 545 pages at a time. And they are allowed to get away with it long enough to get these outright lies posted on their web site and ask for even more money from Obama supporters to continue to represent the people. Will the court allow them to get away with it in the long run? Probably not, but do I have the money to fight them on that level? NO.

      Today, I actually finally for the first time since all this started broke down crying and just wanted to bungee jump off the Blatknic Bridge without the bungee cord. You have to be crazy to stand up to power and money in this Country. There is no such thing as “liberty and justice for all” in the United States of America any more.

      I am even starting to wonder why I ever thought it was important for the truth to be told about anyone seeking to be President of the United States. Whats the point? If Michelle Obama can sleep with a man that she knows is laying in bed and car seats with other men, and raise her children with that man, then what does it matter? What does it matter if Obama gets in the White-house and fires up a crack pipe?

      I am signing off for the night. Maybe I will log back on tomorrow and maybe I will not.

      The only way he’ll ever disappear is if the likes of Kenneth Olsen stop falling for this…C’mon Kenny give us a hint, how are the talks going? I know FatAss is talking to you as I’ve seen a familiar ISP coming from Daytona Beach,Florida (within the last 3days) sniffing around looking for all posts tagged with Ken Olsen……Hmmm.

  25. Meesh says:

    We have another new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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