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Ding Dong theTroll’s gone!

on July 3, 2014

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Now that we can get back to business ;

Here’s live footage from Los Angeles :


Kenny Baby what were you doing over here? Shouldn’t you have been posting on Orly’s site? Or did she ban your ass too?

Quick note to SinkLiar: You are going to need a new regulator. The last one simply wasn’t working out. Too crude and totally lacking in the right sense of craft and skill. Also, I suspect he oversold his technical expertise. I know, good help is hard to find for free. Even harder when you trick them into paying you. You might have to pony up real money next time.AnimatedDogswaving





60 responses to “Ding Dong theTroll’s gone!

  1. Meesh says:

    WOW You’re good Dennis! 🙂

  2. Dennis says:

    I think when he starts smashing the keyboard, he is muttering something about you darn Canadians….

  3. Ted says:

    WOW! Even so, that’s a satisfying reaction to computer non-action…

  4. Dennis says:

    Yes, we always know when it is a public holiday here in the States because Thorton Parsons (aka Ilse, She-Wolf of the SS) crawls out from whatever bunker she hides in and posts her jolly message for the event over at Lardo’s Snooze Site. So for the 4th of July, she presents the grounds for Obama’s impeachment. Usual wing nutter list.

    Number 1
    : Failure to protect the border from illegals. Actually, she kind of gets tangled on this one since even Ilse is really demanding Congress to do something and so I’m not sure how this plays as a charge against the President. But that doesn’t stop her from filing it, you know.

    Number 2. Benghazi (again). Last I checked, the repeated Congressional hearings keep going south in ways they never except and it seems that the whole thing was, at least partly, a CIA operation and the Company appears to be telling Congress to STFU etc etc. Oh well. She can’t help herself.

    Number 3. The IRS Scandal. One problem, it looks like you first have to deal with any and all issues related to the folks running the IRS and then wait to see what, if anything, leads from there. Jumping the gun, Ilse.

    Number 4. The VA scandal. Same as with the IRS issue. Also, the problems with the VA administration have been in the works through several presidential administrations. It is a serious issue that has many “fathers.”

    But any ways, we have our holiday cheer from Ilse. Bet her Labor Day greetings will be a call for public executions. Or did she say that already around Christmas?

    • Meesh says:

      Yep Dennis, the ‘Grim Reaper’ was her joyful self at Christmastime chirping Benghazi ,Benghazi ,Benghazi , while Fatboy made a Bible thumping video (spitting and lots of :::eyerolls:::) Yeh right, more like the Twilight Zone.

      What is it with those Americans…aren’t they ever happy?! Too somber for me, laced with DOOM and GLOOM *tinfoil*..,even Faux News come across being cheerful within comparison to what’s featured at the lunatic Wingut sites!

      This is why I will never miss Kenneth Olsen and the negativity that he spreads…
      I hope to never see that again. If you’re looking in, you got one thing right you are “an ignorant dickhead.” why don’t you do something about that, work on it. Just sayin!

      Now why don’t the likes of these people move? Scratch that, don’t want them here, maybe they can go across the Big Pond (Drown, not nice) but if they ventured out they could see how great they have it in the USA within comparison… Narrow-minded warped people “who simply REFUSE to be happy. If they were stuck in a tunnel you can show them the way out and give them a light, but they will just sit there complaining about how they got there…” I have zero-tolerance for this.

      Anyway, to my American friends here Happy – Happy 4th! Independence Day!

      How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!”

      — Thomas Jefferson who died on July 4th,1826

      Here’s a fantastic article that I’ve come across about John Adams and Thomas Jefferson—>

      Across the Border, here in Canada… Yeehaw! It’s Rodeo time (July 4th-13th) the Calgary Stampede opens out West in Calgary, AB Canada WooHoo Captain Kirk (boring William Shatner) is the Grand Poobah!➤

      Have a wonderful day friends.Be happy! 🙂

      “You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4th, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness. You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism.”

      — Erma Bombeck

      • Dennis says:

        Happy Calgary Stampede to you too, Meesh. Must confess that I am not familiar with this event, but if you got Bill Shatner, then it must be…something. Well, it is certainly something that he is getting paid for.

        • Meesh says:

          HeHe I’m not in Calgary, it’s way out WEST in Alberta, next to British Columbia, I’m closer to you in Ontario. However I’ve been to the Stampede a few years back. In fact I was kidnapped off a bus that was transporting us to the Stampede. Bandit Cowboys entered the bus armed with chickens…I was traded off for one of the chickens. The nerve, my companion accepted the trade! It was all in fun, the women that they kidnapped were treated like Royalty…so there! William Shatner does this pro-bono or very cheaply, as he’s Canadian.I think they have rotated many of our celebrities, Jason Priestly, Mike Myers,Dan Akroyd etc. have done it in the past. It’s a big yearly event out there.

          • Dennis says:

            You were traded for a chicken? Do you still talk to that “companion?” Happy to hear that Shatner does it pro-bono. Unless that simply means that he thinks he is working with Bono.

            • Meesh says:

              Yes, have a small confession, I was relieved they took me as I’m deathly afraid of chickens. He knew that there would be no way that I would sit next to him on a bus with a bunch of chickens. 🙂 Yep, I’m a farmer’s daughter whose terrified of ghastly chickens. There’s a story behind that…maybe some other time.

  5. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, let’s not forget that we are coming up to (or may have already passed – it is a bit confusing) the 2nd (or maybe 3rd) anniversary of the non-publication of Fat Boy’s exciting new non-book “When One Man Staggers Around and Reformats Himself in Public.” This ad still hold true:

  6. Dennis says:

    Instead of going the full Ilse route, I thought I might mark today in a more simple manner

  7. This was way before my time. But I like it anyway. Did you know Cagney could rap?

    • Meesh says:

      Great video LTL I can see a bit of a Moonwalk too, did Cagney inspire Michael Jackson as well? 🙂 Cagney was multi-talented. (I prefer his version over Mickey Rooney’s)Anyway, cool LTL yesterday was George M.Cohan’s birthday (July 3, 1878) He loved your good old USA so much he would say that his birthday was on the 4th of July—>
      Now that’s loving your country! True patriotism was shown in a better light back then.

      • “He loved your good old USA so much he would say that his birthday was on the 4th of July”

        You edited in that part and I didn’t read it yesterday in time for a friendly disagreement I had later on with someone who was sure he was born on the 4th of July. Since I had already read your post about him being born on the 3rd, I was smugly confident that I was right. But if I had known Cohan, himself, had said he was born on the 4th I would have realized we were both “right”.

        As for Cagney, the guy was something else (that’s an old African American expression – I think. Correct me if I’m wrong.) The movie “White Heat” was still a hit when I saw it as a child – it made me wonder how I would react if my Mom died. I remember being confused somewhat because the tough bad guy gangster was so cool otherwise. It made me decide “what the heck.”

        Plus, my Dad really dug him as well as Edward G. Robinson – another gangster who was over the top in “Little Caesar.” We enjoyed the drama of watching him get shot up and die asking “Is this the end of Ricco?” That line later became very popular in the American public discourse.

        My gosh – who does he remind you of?

  8. kstreet607 says:

    I’m late for the holiday celebration! But I love that the TROLL Lysander is “kaput”!

    :::Waving at Ted::: Ted there are lots of articles about Larry Sinclair on this site. But just to catch you up on who and what he is…you should scan over this site first

  9. Dennis says:

    It is all quiet on the Lardo front. He seems to be mostly spinning his wheels while flipping his photos on FaceBook back to old pictures of him as a young guy and as a kid with his “family” in the hope that somebody will think that he has any family that will get any where near him. Nothing new of the Colorado front, even though he was screaming how he was going to withdraw his acceptance of the deal and insist on trial (yeah, sure). No more news on the grandma estate front though he ranted that all of his female relatives in South Carolina were cheap, sorlid harpies robbing him blind and by gum he won’t take it anymore (yeah, sure). No updates on the Florida bitch storm because the state won’t let him vote (though, gee, didn’t he basically claim otherwise several years ago?) and by gawd, he was going to fight them every inch of the way through the Sunshine act to get records on every other ex-con in the state who have been effected by this outrage (yeah,sure). And then…nothing. A long and awesome nothing. The whole so-called “news” site simply came to a complete and total halt. Perhaps the 4th of July holiday weekend was rough down there. Better check the arrest reports (again).

    • Meesh says:

      No updates on the Florida bitch storm because the state won’t let him vote (though, gee, didn’t he basically claim otherwise several years ago?)

      Yep, what a joke.. Remember a few years back, that ridiculous picture of himself that he posted at some voters booth in Minnesota, he stated that there’s one less vote for Barack Obama BooHoo he then posted a very bogus voting card…Why did he go to all that trouble? It’s because he was responding to a post by Mitch and Nan which we knew all along that there was NO WAY FatAss could vote.

      He did it again on his Facebook (posted phony voting credentials) when he was trying to collect money for his run for Congress. Why he went through all of this trouble? He was responding to a post at The Regulator, stating that he could not legally run for anything.

      Funny, all what he has denied so far that we’ve posted…he contradicts. Yep Kenneth Olsen, the TruthMachine’s Book of Lies that you bought the rights to…is a GEM because the author is a self professed LIAR.

      Lysander Spooner (Kenneth Olsen) says:June 22, 2014 at 8:39 pm

      Let’s look at it.

      Larry Sinclair claims he blew obama.
      In obama’s America, being gay is cause for celebration.
      So if Larry Sinclair’s claim that he blew obama twice is true, then you should all celebrate it.

      Larry Sinclair claims that he did cocaine with obama.
      obama admits he did cocaine before when it was illegal, so it’s certainly not outside the realm of possibility.
      A lot of people have done cocaine and it shouldn’t be illegal anyway, so this claim is hardly a cause for concern.

      Yet you silly strident scribes insist that Larry Sinclair’s claims that he did cocaine with and blew obama is some kind of earth-shattering slander that has to be dealt with the most extreme umbrage possible.

      Do you see how silly you are, and why all your diligent work on this subject has to be regarded as a bad joke?

      Unless, of course, you have some kind of profound emotional investment in obama’s public persona and “narrative.”

      Oh well, to each his own. God Bless America.

      Do you see how STUPID you are, and why all your diligent support on this subject has to be regarded as a bad joke? Unless, of course, you have some kind of profound emotional investment with that JOKE of a fraud, oh no that’s right he’s got you picking up the tab now, what a FOOL that you have proven yourself to be, not only are you a TROLL but a dumb one at that !

      • Dennis says:

        I am kind of torn on the Olsen thing. I mean if the moron wants to waste his money on a known and multiple convicted scam artist, let him. That means he will have less money to put into other, possibly more effective, acts of wing nutter outrage. So Ken, keep giving Fat Boy your dough. The less money you have is better for us all.

  10. Meesh says:
    JULY 10, 2014 AT 10:04 AM

    No updates on the Florida bitch storm because the state won’t let him vote (though, gee, didn’t he basically claim otherwise several years ago?)

    Yep, what a joke.. Remember a few years back, that ridiculous picture of himself that he posted at some voters booth in Minnesota, he stated that there’s one less vote for Barack Obama BooHoo he then posted a very bogus voting card…Why did he go to all that trouble? It’s because he was responding to a post by Mitch and Nan which we knew all along that there was NO WAY FatAss could vote.

    He did it again on his Facebook (posted phony voting credentials) when he was trying to collect money for his run for Congress. Why he went through all of this trouble? He was responding to a post at The Regulator, stating that he could not legally run for anything.

    “Why he went through all of this trouble? He was responding to a post at The Regulator, stating that he could not legally run for anything”

    And that Regulator post interfered with his ability to raise money that he knew wouldn’t go towards a legitimate campaign because he wasn’t a legitimate candidate with his record as a felon – as the documents on his site show.

    Nearly four years later, he still isn’t a legitimate candidate because of his record as a felon (which may have been behind his recent push to get reinstated – so he could scam folks again for campaign funds in 2014).

    And there’s still no accounting for the campaign money he raised in 2010:;jsessionid=1E820CBF8ED3F097E446E176A643DFFC.worker3

    • Dennis says:

      Gee WTPL?, you think LardAss was up to something sneaky? Just because he told potential donors to give him amounts below the level that the FEC requires for financial reports so he then wouldn’t have to do any sort of paperwork that might involve accountability. I still remember when the little Turd posted his first pitch for donations way back in 2008. Long winded pitch about his fatal brain tumor and numerous illnesses yada yada yada. But when he got to the actual donation pitch line (you know, the one where he actually has to state what the donated money would be used for), he simply had some naked statement about how he wanted money, please send. That was it. He wants money. So send him some. Nothing was ever attached to this request. No claims about legal costs, or operational costs or anything. Just “I want; you send.” And a lot of complete idiots fell for this.

      • “And a lot of complete idiots fell for this.”

        And why was that? Maybe because they were willing to hope for and support a racist fantasy. Part of them knew it was too good (or ugly) to be true. But Legion recognized, understood, and knew how to appeal to and seduce their inner racist pervert. He will continue to try to make money using that same skill for as long he can get away with it — unless he is regulated.

        • Dennis says:

          Yeah LTL, pretty much. Fat Boy was thrilled to exploit latent racism, homophobia, and just plain old fashion stupidity. Oh sure, a fair amount of these idiots finally caught on, but more keeps coming. Just ask Ken Olsen – idiot of the month. Hey Ken, since you keep sneaking back here like a stalker, how much money have you blown on this fat asshole? That much, huh. Good! It will all be wasted in the usual ways and you can go broke like a loser.

  11. Dennis says:

    Last note to Ken: I have noticed that you are a hard-core “birther.” Did you know that your buddy Fat Boy is an anti-birther? Seriously. You see, a few years ago, Orly Taitz flew him out to Los Angeles. He was thrilled to go because he obviously was figuring he was going to take a vacation on somebody else’s dime, fill out a few itty bitty affidavits , then hit the clubs and stuff, so what the hey. But when he arrived, he discovered that she was intending to drag him first thing the next morning into court and have him, in front of a judge and under oath, repeat his crap so she could enter it into the official records of one of her numerous court cases. Of course, this means that he would also be up for “perjury.” Oh man! Did he crap his pants. He was back on the plane to Florida by that afternoon and then went on a tear about how “looney” the birthers were. So yes. You are giving money and support to one of your own “enemies.” Yes, you really are that completely stupid. Brain dead, slack jawed, totally and completely idiotically stupid. Gawd, you are pathetic. Even by the low standards of the wing nutters, you are totally off the chart, asshole. Now, give Lardo more money. He needs it. There is no way that bum can earn a living otherwise.

  12. Meesh says:

    From the cover of the BOOK of lies…the picture portraying what FatBoy (claims) he looked like in 1999.Yeah right LIAR!

    On Facebook Fatboy posts this picture.. (1977 what he looked like) “I was the youngest breakfast cook ever at Country Kitchen in Tucson in 1977.”

    • I guess he used the ’77 look to make it easier to understand Obama’s lust.

      • Meesh says:

        His original supporters the BrainDead “Sunshine Club” knew his whole story was pure BS and they talked him into using that photo for his book cover that we know for sure this was him from 1977 era and not 1999… “otherwise why include a bogus picture of Larry on that cover? Because it was all BS and they all knew it, they needed to polish up the lie. You can’t polish up a turd after all it will always be a turd. I remember his early days on YouTube where people were telling him that he looked like some buffoon, that no way anyone would give him the time of day, today or 1999. He posted this video to let people know he didn’t have false teeth.
        What an idiot!

        Then Paul Day pointed out, what does FatBoy’s false teeth have to do with anything then FatBoy sent Paul another picture stating that it was his teeth…:eyeroll::: that’s not what Paul was asking him…to his horror this attachment came via email, this is how we got that photo.

        Kenneth Olsen here’s your dignified “Mr Sinclair.” Founder/Editor Sinclair News-LS News Group at Sinclair News-LS News Group Lawrence (Larry) W. Sinclair the author of Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? & the upcoming When One Man Stands, 9-18-2012.

    • As I recall, part of his 2008 fraud of claiming this was what he looked like in 1999:

      was exposed with his 2001 Colorado warrant picture:

      (center picture circa 1999-2001)

    • Dennis says:

      Yeah. He is busy beefing up his claims to being a master chef. Forgets to mention that this was actually just before his first bust for forgery. The main thing he was cooking up was crime.

  13. Meesh says:

    The HUMAN Trafficker speaks about what he knows best… 🙄

    The Real Reason US Border Overrun by Women & Children

    July 12, 2014 By “Ex-Human Trafficker” “Sleazeball” Lawrence Sinclair
    The images are heartbreaking and at the same time fuel to get the blood boiling of many in this country where we have our own problems caring for the children born and raised here who are hungry and homeless. While we can let the pictures ignite our emotions and we can point the finger at any number of policy reasons for this mass of women and children crossing the US-Mexico border we do nothing at changing the root cause of this massive influx. No mainstream media organization and no politician will ever admit, much less print that it is the words that are spoken in Washington, DC by both Democrats and Republicans that has created this situation today.

    I wanted to write this article as someone who has had hands on personal experience in the assisting of individuals crossing the border and who can speak on how these people come to the point of making the months long trip to the US southern border to begin with. I want people to understand that contrary to the claims these are children who are wanting to “escape gang violence” in their native countries, each one of these women and children who have been brought across the border between Mexico and the US paid a very hefty price in money to do so.

    In 2006 the average cost to secure the crossing of one adult from El Salvador through Mexico and into the US was $10,000.00 US Dollars per adult. This fee did not include the provision for any food, water, lodging or any basic need one might have and it did not include a plane or bus ticket or passage in a private vehicle. The trip from the southern Mexico border to the US/Mexico border takes an average of 3 months to complete because most of it is by walking, jumping train cars etc… This price is based on a single adult, if it was a child being crossed the fee would as much as triple. These are not fees that one pays at the time they arrive in the US, this is money that families pay out upfront before the trip even begins.

    In 2006 when Republican lawmakers were publicly arguing passing a law that would prevent anchor babies (babies born to illegal immigrants for the purpose of gaining citizenship) from automatically being given US Citizen status the very public debate served as some of the best free advertising for coyotes who make a very good living on crossing Mexicans across the US/Mexico border. The number of near term pregnant women who came across the US/Mexico border in Laredo Texas alone between the fall of 2006 and early summer 2007 increased ten fold in just those that this writer had knowledge of. Whether we as a nation and our elected officials want to admit it, what is said publicly in Washington, DC by any elected official regardless of the letter at the end of their name has a direct effect on the flow of individuals crossing the US border with Mexico.

    In 2012 when Barack Obama himself by executive order ordered the halt of deportation proceedings against those in this country illegally between certain ages, created more jobs in Mexico with that single stroke of his pen than he or his administration as created here at home in his almost 6 years in office. Yes the problem is a direct result of what is said and done in Washington.

    With the call for $3.7 billion to address the needs of these children and women sitting at our southern border some have had enough.

    “… a Houston woman went on an epic rant when she learned that officials were looking at a closed school in her neighborhood as a potential detention facility. Bernadette Lancelin not only opposed the idea, but did so emphatically:

    It’s not right. Now billions of dollars want to be borrowed from the White House to help feed and house them.

    What about the kids here? In our neighborhood? In our country? Not just in this neighborhood but in our country.

    All these kids? Really? Why can’t they go back?

    I’m sorry that their parents are in poor living conditions or surroundings or whatever’s going on out there. I don’t care.

    I care about what’s going on right here in my own back yard, my neighborhood.

    Am I the only one in this community that’s out here that watches the news this morning. Oh, my god! I feel alone right now with this, and I’m very saddened by it.

    Each year almost 10 times the amount of money Barack Obama is asking congress for is sent back to Mexico through Western Union, MoneyGram, bank transfers and more by illegal immigrants in this country. In 2012 migrants sent a staggering $120 Billion US Dollars home to their families around the world. How immigrants in America are sending $120 Billion to struggling families

    “The data showed that the biggest beneficiaries included India and China, which each received more than $60 billion, followed by the Philippines ($24 billion), Mexico ($24 billion) and Nigeria ($21 billion).”

    Currently the United States has a problem with immigrants from Mexico and Central America who have come here legally and who operate multiple businesses in certain regions, who to avoid minimum wage laws and workers comp, Social Security Taxes and Medicare etc, pay to have individuals brought into the US illegally and delivered to them where they are put to work six to seven days a week from opening to close where the business owner deducts $10,000 or more for what he/she claims was the fee for bringing them into the US. Sinclair News knows for certain one of these business owners to be Gregorio Leon who owns and operates multiple Mexican restaurants in the Southeast under the name San Jose’s. Currently the US Attorney for South Carolina is prosecuting a Lexington County Sheriff James Metts and former Lexington Councilman Danny Frazier for using their offices to circumvent immigration laws on behalf of Leon’s workers.

    “In the news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the federal government says the 68-year-old Metts “accepted bribes from friends in return for using his position, power, and influence as Sheriff to interfere with the proper identification and processing” of undocumented immigrants.

    The 10-count federal indictment alleges Metts received cash from former Lexington County Councilman Danny Frazier and Gregorio Leon, the owner of several Mexican restaurants in the Columbia area, for circumventing a federal immigration program designed to aid the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement program in detaining those who were in the country illegally.

    Frazier had been hired by the sheriff’s department as a “business liaison”, a role that had never been a position in the department before. Federal investigators say that position allowed Frazier to serve as the middle man between Metts and Leon.

    The indictments detail several instances between September 2011 and November 2011 where Leon would call Frazier and ask the councilman to talk to Metts about several undocumented immigrants who worked Leon that had been arrested by the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department. “When Metts was informed of an arrest and detention of an illegal alien working for Leon, Metts would contact his command staff and other employees to instruct that preferential treatment be provided to those specific illegal aliens,” said the indictment.

    The object, the indictment said, was to prevent those undocumented immigrants from being put in a federal database.”

    The above example is just one of many that could be spotlighted. In addition the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division should be looking into their own agents actions in assisting Leon in circumventing immigration laws and receiving $1000′s of dollars in free food, goods from Mexico and the use of illegal immigrant labor free of charge.

    The bottom line is simple, the current situation on the US Southern border is not a result of gang violence in their home countries, it is a direct result of the publicly stated positions of Barack Obama on immigration enforcement as well as republicans highly publicized 2006 push to pass a law denying anchor babies US citizenship. These sound bites are taken and translated and used a marketing campaigns for coyotes who are in this for the money, and a lot of money is paid. So while you think these kids come from poor destitute situations remember that the families of each one of this kids who came from Central America paid someone at least $15,000 US Dollars to bring that child to the US.

    In light of what this Houston Reporter encountered while trying to report on the Border in Texas you have to ask yourself if the official position from the White House and the Department of Homeland Security can be believed.

    At the conclusion of the above video one reporter makes it clear that the actions of the US Customs and Border Enforcement “makes you wonder what they are hiding.”

    $3.7 Billion dollars will do nothing to stop the flow of children and adults into the US across our southern border. While the US says we simply cannot process and deport these children I have to ask why should we? Why not take and deliver each of these children, women and men to the nearest Embassy or Consulate of their respective countries here in the US and watch how fast their own countries send them home? These Embassies and Consulates are seen as sovereign territory of the countries so return each individual to his/her respective Embassy and let them take care of them.

    jobsstolenmyth_small2Until we acknowledge that this is a business and a very profitable one at that, and until we acknowledge what we say and do as to immigration matters and laws has a direct impact on how this business is able to market itself we will never get a handle on the influx of people across our southern border. It is important to also note that while you don’t often see many legal immigrants in front of news cameras protesting the busing of illegals into their neighborhoods, a large percentage of legal immigrants are also very concerned with the situation at the border.

    • Dennis says:

      OK, aside from the “irony” that Fat Boy use to make his living as a human trafficker, there is another odd problem with this long winded piece. First, he seems to be presenting a heart wrenching statement about the pain and efforts made by people trying to cross the border. Then he zig zags into a “fuck ’em” rant about how they are sucking up money over here. Then a weird spin into some twisty tale about a local sheriff in South Carolina cutting deals on the side for a local fat cat who employees illegals. Finally, a swan dive into broad insinuations about the Custom Service and a sweeping claim that legal immigrants don’t want illegals either and back to a general screw ’em posture.

      So what is Fatso’s bright idea: Make them go to their respective embassies and make the embassies deal with it. Brilliant! Like we have any authority to make the embassy staff of a foreign country do anything. We don’t. And as far as they are concerned, the illegal issue is our problem. So they would just send them packing out the back door of the embassy, you idiot. No fuss, no muss. Except maybe for the few “political” types they may want to send home and execute. And BTW, I think herding people into a foreign embassy against their wishes is a violation of something (though I am still looking that one up).

      So once again, Lardo the Tardo has demonstrated sheer brilliance in the world of total bullshit and pointless chatter. But I like his easy familiarity with the cost of coming over the boarder illegally. Oh yeah, that’s right. He use to make big bucks doing that down in Texas.

      Now Fat Boy, let’s hear again about that one illegal who got sick while you were moving him. You know, the one you took for a drive to the ER. Yeah, that guy who was found a few days later dead in the desert (odd, he didn’t seem to make it to the ER). How much did you make off of that one?

  14. Dennis says:

    Also in this half baked rant, he also accuses the San Jose restaurant chain of using illegal workers and forcing them to work under sweat shop conditions. He makes it sound as if this is some hot piece of investigative knowledge. Actually, that chain was fined by the US Department of Labor several years ago (see They were fined over $170,000 and have been under some level of study ever since, including their ability to document the legal status of their employees. So Fat Boy may need to provide actual “proof” on this one. Otherwise, they might just want to sue his ass off if only because they do not need more of this kind of federal problem.

  15. Sounds like, with all of his recent scams petering out, he longs for his golden days of human trafficking. Plus he has some kind of personal bone to pick with Gregorio Leon.

    • Dennis says:

      It also sounds as if he may not understand how stuff works in real journalism. I have noticed that some of the nutters in their so-called journalism don’t understand that you really are not protected from simply making stuff up, or even going public with material that may or may not be true but that you cannot present evidence to support. Legal protection for journalists (real journalists) is not open ended or magical. You have to have evidence or else. Mere accusations with no support evidence is meaningless and does not afford the journalist any protection. And sometimes, even if you can supply some form of support evidence, it may simply not be enough (depending upon the evidence). Any journalist who has been around a bit has had this type of discussion with senior editors (and sometimes with senior editors and legal council). You cannot just make it up or simply resort to hearsay without support. It doesn’t sound as if he has anything like this and he may have just made a major boo boo. The main upside for him is the fact that his “readership” is virtually nonexistent and the company may not ever hear about this claim. Then he is basically OK, until the next screw up (which should be anytime soon).

      • “Then he is basically OK, until the next screw up (which should be anytime soon).”

        Somehow he seems to operate below the radar. Even so, I’m still surprised he got away with scamming money for that phony run for elective office.

  16. Dennis says:

    Quick note to Fat Boy: You might want to study your topics more before mouthing off. Try reading this CNN report (Unintended consequences: 2008 anti-trafficking law contributes to border crisis as well as learning more about both US and international law (no, you can’t just force people into an embassy). It is, oddly enough, just possible that your background as a human trafficker who made lots and lots of money off of the suffering of people who you obviously don’t give a shit about (which seems to be pretty much how you have always made a living) does not qualify you as an “expert” in this subject. In fact, the only subject you have any expert knowledge of are things like drug dealing and smuggling, witness intimation, forgery and fraud and convincing totally dumb right wing jackasses to give you money.

    And PS: the law that has now become part of the problem in this issue was passed in 2008 by George W. Bush and the GOP in Congress. Just a little FYI for you and Ilse.

  17. Dennis says:

    And a quick note to Ilse: Yes, VW has finally decided to expand the auto factory down in your neck of the woods. They have, so I noticed, also insisted on a senior rep from the German Auto Union to come in and help organize the workers. Great, you peckerwoods are now qualified for a German Peace Core mission. Great work, Ilse. Now, go back to your bottle.

  18. Meesh says:

    Doing what FatAss knows best…beg for MONEY! Stoopid ass Thursday is the 17th. 🙄

    Sinclair News – LS News Group July 15 ·

    How many would like to see Project Freedom USA Live Streamed from Washington, DC by us this coming Saturday? We were contacted and asked if we would be interested in Live Streaming the conference. In order to be able to cover this event and Live Stream the conference from DC we will need to cover the approximate $250 in gas cost for the round trip. If we are able to raise that funding by 12 Noon on Thursday July 16, 2014 we will drive to DC and Live Stream the Project Freedom USA conference Saturday July 18, 2014 from Washington, DC. If we do not raise the minimum $250 in funding all contributions will be refunded.

    Contributions can be made by clicking the below link “Online Payment, Merchant Account-PayPal.
    Sinclair News – LS News Group

    Online Payment, Merchant Account – PayPal
    PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay online without revealing your credit card number.

    Heh POS what happened to this?

    “If We Can’t Pay Our Bills We Will Turn Out The Lights

    November 1, 2013

    In addition to our monthly equipment loan payment we have to pay our monthly Internet & Phone services bill which allows us to stream and upload at speeds of up to 10MBPS and that has to be paid if we want to continue publishing. There is also a monthly fee paid to LiveStream which gives us the ability to stream anywhere at anytime in real time and then archives all of those broadcast so our readers and viewers can watch them at any time day or night.

    What I can’t understand, why post the above on a Facebook account? Is he hiding something. for he’s not posting this on his main “NEWS” site, isn’t this newsworthy?

  19. Meesh says:

    Totally off topic,… Have you guys ever seen a normal Weird Al?

  20. Meesh says:

    BooHoo….”… so we can continue to bring your the News honestly, uncensored & unafraid.” What News? It’s like FatAss’ diary. 🙄

    Publication of Sinclair News Articles Is Temporarily Suspended

    July 18, 2014
    By Administrator

    Publication of pending News Articles, Videos and Interviews on Sinclair News-LS News Group is temporarily suspended due to some damage to hardware. We are working as quickly as possible in getting these issues repaired and recovered so we can continue to bring your the News honestly, uncensored & unafraid.

  21. Meesh says:

    We have another new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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