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Useless discourse with a troll

on June 26, 2014

To the “Founder and Dean” of this law school? lol 🙂 There’s some pretty wacky garbage here:


MOVIE SKOOL University of Schooly College  Those are some pretty spacey newsletters. Seen enough?

No wonder Kenneth Olsen  got sucked into buying the rights to a book of fiction that can be had for free. Like many of Sickliar’s followers, he appears to struggle to rationalize information accurately or in a balanced, logic way. SickLiar’s pamphlet is a poorly written fantasy/fiction. It’s lacking in so many ways and so erroneous and devoid of credibility, it will never be historically significant. Never.

Even conservative mainstream media of it’s day completely rejected and dismissed it. Only the wingnuts on the fringes of the conservative media took it up. The Birther stuff, which is also so seriously and heavily lacking in any credibility whatsoever got attention that SickLiar’s book couldn’t. The Birthers will go down in history as just a bunch of ignorant tin foil hats who failed miserably but SickLiar doesn’t even rate that. He’ll be forgotten like many of the previous nuts who tried to get their 15 minutes of fame on the back of a president and failed.

And no wonder Kenneth Olsen clings to the notion that mental illness is a “myth” because if it wasn’t, a bunch of folks might conclude after looking at those sites, that like SickLiar, you’re mentally ill – or have some mental issues that are not

We’re used to it. Most of the few folks who didn’t jump ship when SickLiar’s Obama deceptions got exposed were dead heads, white supremacists and/or people with “issues” – or the kinds of folks Kstreet described so well  All you had to do was read a few of their posts. As you will see you can’t reason with people like that.

Kenneth Olson, get it through your head you’re a certified ignorant, racist asshole who has been hosed by Sickliar and amount to a waste of time. You have no idea of value to offer. I vote you be banned from posting anything further on this site. Good riddance.

“In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, either accidentally or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response …”


Lysander Spooner says: JUNE 26, 2014 AT 5:48 AMYou people are a fun bunch, and a very quick study. If Larry Sinclair is what you claim he is, a sad and sorry fantasist who makes stuff up for his own self-aggrandizement, ..”

4a1a88c89c4ef2cebbee6cbcd2479698.jpg WTPL avatarProof positive that you have a serious reading comprehension problem because that is not what we’ve claimed – ever. As a “dean” of a fictitious law school, you would know all about being “a sad and sorry fantasist who makes stuff up” Your wacky websites are ample evidence of that. He doesn’t make stuff up for merely “his own self-aggrandizement”. He makes it up to con and deceive people, usually for money – like he did you when he fleeced you into buying the rights to his pamphlet of BS.


Lysander Spooner says: JUNE 26, 2014 AT 5:48 AM… then your attacks on him show that you attack the relatively powerless to demonstrate your bravery and virtuousness, when your actions actually demonstrate moral weakness and the lack of character..

4a1a88c89c4ef2cebbee6cbcd2479698.jpg WTPL avatarAgain, “relatively powerless” proves a serious reading comprehension problem:

He himself and/or his family has told us:
– He tried to strangle his own sister
– He went after his aunt with a butcher knife
– He frequented a bar in Colorado because bar fighting appealed to him
– He threatened to kill the defense attorney in the three bloggers case “Paul Levy will DIE by Sunday!”
– He threatened to burn down the house of one of our posters and threatened to harm other posters, their possessions or family
– He attempted to consort with terrorists/the Taliban to get his Obama BS in the media
– He presented photographs of himself armed in the weeks before the Obama inauguration and called for armed insurrection of the United States
– He’s defamed and/or threatened the IRS, White House staff, Social Security, FBI agent Henly, DAs or Deputy DAs, etc, etc

His record also shows:
– he was convicted under prison discipline of making many threats and committing many assaults in prison including assaults that resulted in physical harm
– he threw infected mucus and urine on a prison guard
– he started a fire in prison
– one of the illegal aliens he smuggled in was found dead under questionable circumstances
– the Secret Service have been concerned about “suicide by cop”
– the Secret Service have been concerned about what harm he might do to the President of the United States after threatening him and harassing his family – including posting photos of the President and Mrs Obama with bullet holes in them, such that the Secret Service effectively raided his house to check for weapons and parked an agent outside his house when Obama was in the same state
– after he provided medical releases to the Secret Service, the Secret Service have found he has a long history of mental illness -as we’ve seen evidence of in his court cases
– he’s accused of witness intimidation in the Colorado case
– the limo driver he names as a witness in his book/press conference accuses him of trying to intimidate him into going along with his Obama scam
– he’s sued President Obama, three bloggers, Colorado Corrections (9 legal actions), got a restraining order against a woman and has recently gone after a tenant in court – to name a few of his legal actions

This is hardly a “relatively powerless” person. He’s a violent, dangerous, mentally ill career con man with the compassion and remorse capacity of an amoeba who has physically, mentally and/or financially hurt a lot of people since he was a juvenile.


Lysander Spooner says: JUNE 26, 2014 AT 5:48 AM“If Larry Sinclair told the truth about drugs and sex with obama, all your diligent efforts against him show you are dupes and unable to admit the truth.Pick, you stupid bitches. Pick.”

4a1a88c89c4ef2cebbee6cbcd2479698.jpg WTPL avatarYou gave him all that money for the rights to his book and even you are not sure he told the truth. You dumb fuck. Like him, you can’t provide a shred of credible evidence.

SickLiar provided two things to back up his story:
1. Hotel Points statements that a private investigator reported “These statements appear to have been a well crafted forgery”. I corroborated those findings myself and have the phone bills to prove it.
2. Limo driver witness Parmjit Multani, who worked for the 5 Star Limo company in 1999. When someone associated with this blog spoke with him, he said he’d never met Obama, never introduced SickLiar to anyone and SickLiar had tried to intimidate him to lie to support his scam.

And when we investigated the timeline and other facts and claims surrounding this, all we found were lie after lie after lie – just like members of his own family describe him and just like his criminal record as a con man underscores in terms of his lifetime of practicing deception for financial gain.

The only reason you are here is to mitigate the losses from your own stupidity.



95 responses to “Useless discourse with a troll

  1. Keep it coming Ly. You’re funny. (No disrespect meant to the mentally ill.) 🙂

    BTW, do you, yourself, even know why you use someone else’s name when you come here? Does it make you feel more important? Have you ever engaged in that kind of self reflection?

    Think about it. Talk it over with your buddy. Maybe you can help each other.

    Take your time.

  2. Meesh says:

    Back in the lying lion’s den:

    Jessica Winters Martin says Larry we have the letter still if you’d like to post it and read we can do that if father were still alive why were you dealing with my grandfather about it? You said some awful things to him and I remember reading his reply which he also photocopied and we can post that too he kept very business like. So yeah we can post the letters if you want. And he would have no need to buy that land from aunt Faye bc we, not a single one of us him and grandma included want it ! We have no need for it and no need for ma-ma sinclairs money. We all have our own money and he worked his tail off to provide for his family and so did my grandma and saved to give us a great wonderful life to teach us to be good people. He didn’t need his mothers money and if she had any worry about that she certainly wouldn’t have written the will the way she wanted it which you can bet SHE wanted that way. Ma-Ma was a very smart woman and would not let anyone swindle her and would not have done anything she wasn’t sure of. Your need to continue to put my family into your trivial pursuit of pettiness is putting my grandma in a state of health that she does not need to be in. The problems between you and aunt Sharon and her children are exactly that between y’all! Please refrain from further involving anyone on my side of this wonderful family of ours in your fb post and news page as well including my now dead grandfather who can’t stand up for himself and who was never scared to stand up to anyone or anything and I’m very certain that included you. Larry he also told you weren’t a Sinclair bc you had your last name legally changed do you remember that? This is why he said you weren’t a Sinclair family member

    Larry Sinclair says Jessica Winters Martin I am not ashamed of you posting the letter I wrote to Jim. You said the letter “asked for land.” That simply is not true. I offered to purchase a small piece the same piece I made an offer to purchase from my grandmother. You grandfather and grandmother created more turmoil and conflict to last ten lifetimes. Jim had nothing to do with my fathers estate but chose to inject himself in it while telling your grandmother it was none of her business. James Kenneth Sinclair did not have say who was or was not a Sinclair. In fact he failed to produce a male heir to carry the Sinclair name on. How is Sharon Rider your aunt? She was never married to my father and that would be the only way she would be your aunt. Brenda will have to face the truth sooner or later, and yes your grandfather did use the threat of my challenging my grandmothers will as the means to convince her to sign over everything when she did. I know what was said and written, I was there and I have the letters. Post the Jessica Winters Martin, as I said I do not and will not be sorry or apologize for saying what I feel or think. Jim Sinclair got what he wanted and he had no problem lying and cheating to do so. It was because I and your grandfather agreed we would never speak again that when he killed himself on the bike I lived up to my promise I would shed a tear or share a condolence over his dea Damn typos on phone, I meant to say post the letters, and I will post some as well. Jessica Winters Martin you are right about one the, your grandfather did indeed provide for his children all his life.
    Your grandfather is/was not anybody to decide who was/is or was not a member of the Sinclair family. My legal name change was done more to protect my family from my actions, but your grandfather was to stupid to understand that. This is about the lies and hypocrisies.
    Would not shed a tear or share a condolence.


    Jessica Winters Martin says: Ok I’m done with all this just leave my grandma out of it and as far as Sharon being my aunt who I choose to call aunt has nothing to do with you, I call many ppl not married into my family or blood related aunt & uncle. And we didn’t need your condolences at his funeral, that funeral home was over full with no room for people to sit with plenty of people who truly respected him and loved him bc he was a good man. Yeah he had his faults bc not a single one of us are perfect but they knew him like you didn’t. And that’s unfortunate. So you can sit and disrespect my grandfather if you want to if that makes you feel better and make it through your life, I notice you waited until Ma-Ma had passed to do all of this, just leave Brenda’s name out of it she really is being wore out mentally & emotionally and weren’t you just preaching to let bygones be bygones and forgive and forget?


    Larry Sinclair says: Jessica Winters Martin you are correct after your grandfather injected himself into matters that were none of his business and said the things he said I had no respect for him ever again. As far as waiting until MaMa passed to start something, I didn’t start this but I wasn’t going to let it go unchecked. Theres a lot of things that you and others think you know but in reality know nothing but what people want you to believe. The post was to address once and for all what really took place. So that you know, my feelings as to your grandfather were not a secret, MaMa, and even Brenda knew very well.

  3. kstreet607 says:

    Excellent article (as usual) WTPL.

  4. Dennis says:

    Very good and thorough piece of work, WTPL. Too bad we will have to wait until the middle of the night for Mr. Spoonhead to creep in and post his usual collection of infantile insults and moronic rationalizations. I suspect he is quietly creeping around out there (Hi Spoonhead) but he likes to lurk in the shadows until all good boys and girls are asleep.

    • Meesh says:

      I doubt very much that he’ll back when we have our WTPL? dissecting every useless thing that Kenneth Olsen has to say here, which is absurd.Way to go Where’s The Proof Larry? you rock!

  5. pptoas says:

    Your troll is Lynn Thomas. Sinclair’s “administrator”.

    • tjtaygeeTayg says:

      Lynn Thomas is “Lysander Spooner”?

      • Dennis says:

        No. Pptoas is referring to some side comments from Cow who now runs her mouth on Twitter. Spooner lurks the back alleys of LA trying to sell the book. Cow just lurks because she doesn’t have anything better to do.

    • Dennis says:

      OK. We have Lynn “Cow” Thomas taking a few pot shots over on Twitter while Spoonhead stalks in the darkness like a racoon over here. Mt. Doom is rumbling and the trolls of Mordor are sneaking their way across Middle Earth. Obviously Fat Boy and his two or three remaining followers have gotten cocky since he succeeded in intimating the witness and slipping scout free (for now) from Colorado. Hubris before the fall and that sort of stuff. Give it time. He has always been an over reacher.

  6. Meesh says:

    FatBoy had an update posted about his recent rant…no update of his *demands* of changing the wording “without prejudice”…or perhaps he has and too chicken to post it.

    Update June 24, 2014 @11:16AM ET

    In a follow-up call to the Office of Executive Clemency Investigations Division this morning, Debbie Sue was asked if she could confirm Kristen from the US Probation Office for the District of CT had made contact with their office yesterday. Debbie Sue responded “hold on just a minute,” and then returned to the line to say “Mr. Sinclair, I can confirm that Mr. Wilson and the supervisor has the file and is reviewing it and will contact you as soon as possible.” I then asked, “I am assuming when you say supervisor you are referring to Mr. Hebert?” to which she replied “um, Mr. Sanchez.”

    In having this situation come to my attention I believe it is worthy of further investigation to determine how many other applications for the restoration of civil rights have been denied based on completely erroneous information and am therefore preparing a Freedom of Information Act request along with a request under Florida’s Sunshine Law for the records of all denied applications for restoration of civil rights over the last Ten (10) years.

    • Excerpts from his book outlining his drug trafficking and illegal aliens smuggling along with a complete history of his criminal activity ought to kill this notion. He got a pardon or clemency from Florida once before after serving a year in prison and within roughly a year of his release and pardon, he was convicted of another felony in Florida, lying about his name by using Avila-Adams to avoid repeat offender sentencing.

      Maybe we need to send these folks a letter.

      A guy who tried to profit from potentially throwing an election for US President with bogus claims about a candidate arguably forfeited his right to vote for life. He belongs in jail – not a voting booth.

  7. Dennis says:

    For some odd reason, I am getting the impression that Spoonhead spends a lot of time over here just nesting in the shadows while watching anything that we say. So he must be getting paid by the hour or he really has absolutely no life. Weird, you know. Just weird.

    • Meesh says:

      “For some odd reason, I am getting the impression that Spoonhead spends a lot of time over here…”

      Why Dennis, can you smell something? I can share some of the brain bleach that I keep for when he comments, it works on odours too.

      • Dennis says:

        Maybe. I know that I ran out of brain bleach a while back and the stores around here just don’t carry it any more.

        • Meesh says:

          Sorry about that..I’ve had to stock up visiting FatBoy’s for the last 6 years…here’s my back yard view.

          OOps I better move quick, Fatboy will find me again..See ya!

  8. Meesh says:

    We, we,we,us again…Fatboy and the princesses living in that fat head must be hopping angry 🙄

    Florida Office of Executive Clemency does an About Face

    June 27, 2014 By Lawrence Sinclair

    We reported on June 23, 2014 that the Florida Office of Executive Clemency notified this writer via letter dated June 17, 2014 they were closing his 2009 filed application for restoration of his civil rights. In the letter OEC Coordinator Julia McCall states that this writer is not eligible for the restoration of his civil rights and would not be eligible to apply until April 3, 2019. After contacting the Office of Executive Clemency by phone this writer was informed the action on his application was based on
    •An erroneous investigator’s report that this writer only completed a term of Federal Probation from the District of CT in October 2012

    When Florida officials were informed the above was simply incorrect information Ryan with the Office of Executive Clemency informed this writer

    “The Colorado warrant which was just recently removed and dismissed was only done so on March 20, 2014 and you would be required under the rules as amended on March 9, 2011 to wait Five (5) years from that date.”

    Our original report “Innocent until Proven Guilty?,” Not According to Florida Board of Executive Clemency raised questions about the State of Florida in effect imposing punitive measures against its citizens based on mere allegations when the FL and US Constitution say otherwise. In addition the report brought to light the Boards denying applications without providing the applicant with the basis for the denial unless the applicant is like this writer and calls and insist on being provided the reasons for the denial. How many citizens in the State of Florida have been denied restoration of their civil rights based on an Investigators use of incorrect and erroneous information? How many citizens of the State of Florida have been punished by the denying of an application for the restoration of their civil rights based on nothing more than an accusation? An accusation Attorney General Pam Bondi, Commissioner of Agriculture & Consumer Services Adam H. Putnam, Governor Rick Scott, and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater consider to be evidence of a criminal act despite the applicant never being convicted of anything alleged in the accusation? On Thursday June 26, 2014 this writer received the following email from the Florida Parole Commission Public Affairs Office (Click on the image below to open in full size)

    In addition to being informed that the October 5, 2009 application was in fact reinstated, Ms. Schmauch informed us that Clemency records are confidential and as such our records request could not be granted. Florida has the Sunshine Law and any and all criminal records are in fact public record so we will continue to seek the Applications which have been filed and denied by the Florida Board of Executive Clemency in our investigation to determine how many were denied based on erroneous information or based on nothing more than a mere allegation. The mere fact that if this writer had not contacted the Office of Executive Clemency insisting on being provided the reasons and information used to make their decision who knows how many others have been and could be denied based on the use of erroneous information unchecked by a State Government agency?

    • Dennis says:

      Let’s see if I got this straight. He has cleared the problem about some kind of false report in his records but since he only recently got the Colorado issue dismissed, he is still not able to register to vote. Meanwhile, he is fuming because they rejected his Sunshine request for a large amount of records about other people and so he is now claiming that he is going to keep demanding stuff that actually makes no sense why he thinks he should have access to and by gum, he won’t be denied. Does any of this crap even make sense?

    • Meesh says:

      He’s just updated…It says on this letter that under Florida Law a convicted felon CANNOT hold Public Office…interesting.So what about the money he collected for his Congress run.

      Here’s what he has on his blawg….

      Updated :June 28, 2014 @ 1:50PM ET The below letter was received from the Coordinator of the Florida Office of Executive Clemency dated June 26, 2014.Click on the image below to open in its full size.

      On this Citizewells fundraiser for Larry For Congress..

      “I know that you all are weary of being solicited for money. I understand. That is why this needs to remain a grassroots movement. If 4,000 people only give $ 2.00, the goal will be achieved. I am asking for your time. Help spread the word. Let’s get thousands, if not millions of people involved. Tea party folks, I am asking for your help. Larry Sinclair will continue to help keep Obama accountable. He will also help keep government accountable.

  9. You all spend an awful lot of verbiage for “useless discourse.” Shouldn’t such behavior be considered a sign of mental illness?

    You all should consider writing much less and reading much more of The Myth of Mental Illness by Dr. Thomas Szasz. Then you all might begin to understand basic concepts about medicine and morality.

    • Shouldn’t thinking you are Napoleon Bonaparte be a sign of mental illness?

      What about “Lysander Spooner”?

      Feel better, though. Maybe this article in HuffPo will boost book sales.

    • Dennis says:

      Meanwhile, Spoonhead insists that mental illness doesn’t exist and then insists that we are all mentally ill. Come on. You can’t have it both ways.

      • Meesh says:

        Not sure which of the two makes the most sense…the *idiot* or *LoonSpoon* who keeps repeating the same *STOOPID* thing over and first it was boring, now it’s annoying.

        • Dennis says:

          I know. The nitwit is in his early 50s but he carries on like a freakin’ five year old. Meanwhile, what a surprise. Fat Boy was not allowed to run for office under Florida’s laws but he took donations any way which, seemingly, suggests FRAUD! MAJOR FRAUD! But, we now know that he is just a kind and sweet all so sensitive soul…Man, I just hope SpoonBrain has left his credit cards out in the open anytime Fat Boy was visiting.

          • Meesh says:

            For the *LoonSpoon* I guess he blames Staten Island NY, for what he has become:

            “Born Princeton, NJ – 1962

            Staten Island, NY for deformative years.”

            Yep, a 52 year old nutcase.

        • Dennis says:

          Wait a minute Meesh. We are not being fair to the dear fat boy. It says that a convicted felon cannot hold office. They don’t say a thing about running for office. Yeah, that’s the trick….

          • Meesh says:

            If I were Florida State, I would hold his Clemency Papers hostage until they get a PAYBACK.

            State to State he conducted *unique* Ponzi schemes..,So far how many have we uncovered? Like WTPL? said Larry deserves to be in a JAIL cell and forget about the VOTER’S BOOTH.

  10. Dennis says:

    BTW Spoonhead, obviously you must reject the extremely devasting crityicism leveled at Dr. Szasz in a pretty wide range of modern (yes, modern – the main bulk of Szasz’s work and his theory is over 50 years out of date and largely discredited, asshole) such as Edwward Shorter’s critique back in 2011. Yes, I am sure you reject this. Not because you know what you are talking about but because you are…Oh heck, you’re just a jackass, that’s all. Just a complete and total jackass who, I suspect, has had your own problem with the “mental health” system.

  11. Lawrence Sinclair has a criminal record. Many, many people have criminal records. Many, many people have criminal records far worse than Lawrence Sinclair. Yet you RegulatorToo “do-gooders” concentrate your attention on Lawrence Sinclair’s shortcomings.

    How can this be? Surely objective do-gooders like yourselves would not pick just one flawed individual out for your special brand of invective. So why Lawrence Sinclair? Perhaps it has something to do with the relatively powerless Sinclair’s allegations about the relatively powerful “obama.”

    After all, that is really the only thing the separates Sinclair from others who have done many wrongs.

    Someday you intellectuals will admit that simple truth. But, until, then… know this:

    I take great pleasure in your unusual, self-exposing efforts, and thank you all for considering my fine work. You are a fascinating and odd bunch. After all, we can all agree it’s a rare breed that feels the need to publicly protect the reputation of the most powerful man in the world from the allegations of some powerless, unashamed homosexual.

    Can I get a witness?

    • Meesh says:

      Feels like I’m preaching a sermon the 2nd time (and 3rd and 4th, it’s like talking to a flipping fence post 🙄 ) Personally I could care less about Lawrence Sinclair,however his convoluted criminal history that is vast, is the issue and contributes to our total lack of distrust concerning what he has to say.Public records and court filings reveal that his specialty involved fraud and deceit.The fact that Larry Sinclair admitted to his past was *only* when he was given no choice to add to his lack of credibility.

      Combined with the fact that he’s a pathological liar and meets the criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder. His own family can attest to this, it did not happen overnight, he has been this way for most of his life. Sinclair was their problem until he interjected himself with the *big lie* in January of 2008. First and foremost, in two polygraph tests, Larry was judged to be “deceptive” when making allegations about both drug use and a sexual encounter with Senator Obama. Till this day in his own writing, he has been exposed in numerous lies; many more than I’m able to mention.

      As for Larry’s allegation about his fabricated encounter with Senator Barack Obama, it is not simply important, but REQUIRED BEYOND ALL DOUBT (not just a reasonable doubt) that your “Mr. Sinclair” can PROVE his allegations. Not an assumption, not a “slight chance” and not even a logical probability. The law requires him to PROVE it. HE HAS NOT, the burden of proof rests with the accuser and not the accused.“Mr. Sinclair is lying because no evidence exist to prove he is not.”

      By the way “LysanderSpooner” aka Kenneth Olsen are you dealing with your own personal issues with homosexuality? Are you a closeted individual who’s struggling to come out, this way you can finally become an *unashamed homosexual*? Seems other than mental health this is what you constantly harp about. Just sayin’.

      “Can I get a witness?”

    • “it’s a rare breed that feels the need to publicly protect the reputation of the most powerful man in the world from the allegations of some powerless, unashamed homosexual.”

      People who want to expose liars are not a rare breed. Millions of people do it every second of every day world wide. As for exposing those who lie about the powerful, that’s what motivates most of the news media every second of every day. Too bad for you that we have frustrated your efforts to defame the POTUS and many others, but don’t whine to US about it. That’s YOUR problem. It’s YOUR problem that you find it so hard to comprehend why people resist lies. And It’s YOUR problem that your efforts to appeal to racists nationwide to defeat the will of the American people in TWO elections have been in vain. Go back under the rock you share with Legion, hold each other close and enjoy each others’ odors. That will not only be proof positive that the two of you exist but will also establish your true value (to each other – if not to society.)

      BTW, now we know why you call yourself “spooner”.

    • kstreet607 says:

      Can I get a witness?

      Witness this:

      Larry Sinclair |

      Hey Sheila Bryant, Paul Day, and the little bitch mitch. Wait til you see what comes back on all you little fucking sorry punk ass bitches. Keep posting punks, my next stop, the Boston area, then Georgetown GA. Wanna play bitch, you got it. Lets see what the FBI thinks of your post and comments, and lets see what the DNC says as well on video. Guess what punks, even Levy will be shutting the fuck up after I am done with him and PCLG by Friday.

      You have fucked with the wrong person and Ms Bryant, you bitch will pay dearly when we are finished with you and your family. Now threaten me with your fucking sons again. You do not know me, but you and your family will be digging a fucking hole to crawl into when I am done with you. Now talk shit Kstreet aka Sheila Bryant. Oh John Freeman, aka Joshua Ray Derke, Tell your mom and dad what you are involved in because they will be lucky if they can walk out of their house when I am finished with them.

      You want to play bitches, lest play, come out of your fucking closets. Also, Denise Lee in St. Paul MN. Watch how easy it is going to be to nail you and your husband and family to fucking cross bitch.

      That’s right motherfuckers, you crossed the line, and if your asses and your families asses end up fucked up you have only yourself to blame.

      Scott, is daddy going to pay to dig your ass out of this one your fucking punk?

      Come on, all of you said you would face me, then get your fucking nuts out of your throat and meet me at the FBI offices in DC. I don’t think any of you have the fucking balls.

      Sheila, Paul, Ruthie, Joshua, John come out and play you fucking gutless cowards. This faggot has the balls to make your whole lives change in a day motherfuckers!!!!!

      From Larry’s Big Announce, 2008/05/29 at 7:59 AM

      Mr. Big and Brave and “honorable” Sinclair was spending the night in DC on his supporters’ dime and got drunk and posted the above from the hotel where he was staying. To this day he denies it was him. Could it be he denied it because he didn’t want his supporters to see the real Larry Sinclair

  12. Lysander Spooner says:
    JUNE 28, 2014 AT 11:20 AM
    … Shouldn’t such behavior be considered a sign of mental illness?

    You all should consider writing much less and reading much more of The Myth of Mental Illness by Dr. Thomas Szasz. Then you all might begin to understand basic concepts about medicine and morality.

    More sucking and blowing at the same time from a self anointed “dean and founder” of a fictitious law school who can’t even accurately read and comprehend a birth certificate or the things we’ve posted.

    Dr. Szasz’s notion that mental illness is a myth has been rejected by the American Medical Association, the America Psychiatric Association, and the National Institute of Mental Health. That’s a heck of a lot of qualified psychiatrists, among them, some of the best doctors in the world, against Dr. Szasz. In fact, the guy has been a running joke at a number of their proceedings. Stop wasting our time with your trolling garbage of nonsense.

    Whether one agrees with Dr. Szasz or not however, is fairly immaterial. It doesn’t change the fact that SickLiar has spent his juvenile and adult life deceiving people and committing crimes. Now a dead head like Ken Olsen may not be able to get his pea sized brain around the implications of that. When SickLiar got hauled away from his June 2008 press conference in handcuffs for passing two sets of counterfeit money orders in Delaware causing a justice of the peace to issue a warrant for his arrest one month before his first Obama Youtube video scam after he’d assured his followers this behavior was long behind him, his followers abandoned him in droves. This meant something to most people but nothing to a few idiots like Ken Olsen who can’t get their head around the issue of credibility with a life long fraudster.

  13. Dennis says:

    Is it just me or is this Spoonhead fella seemingly obsessed with gay sex. That’s all he is focused on. In fact, he seems to be largely mad at us because we won’t talk about gay sex. In turn, he is obsessed like a lover in protecting Lardo because he views Fat Boy as a sensitive powerless gay chap in need of protection. So does this mean that Spoonhead is Lardo’s boy toy or something. I mean, that is pretty much what the creep’s postings all come down to. Oh my gawd! Don’t let Ali Akbar know. In the meantime, I now need a long and very hot bath (with brain bleach).

  14. Lysander Spooner says:
    JUNE 29, 2014 AT 4:29 AM

    Lawrence Sinclair has a criminal record. Many, many people have criminal records. Many, many people have criminal records far worse than Lawrence Sinclair. Yet you RegulatorToo “do-gooders” concentrate your attention on Lawrence Sinclair’s shortcomings.

    “Many, many people have criminal records.” but they haven’t threatened to kill us, harm us, harm our family or harm our property like SickLiar has.

    “Many, many people have criminal records.” but they don’t routinely publish the crap SickLiar does.

    But once again, you reveal how mentally limited you really are with the above quote. You assume that just because a blog has a focus on a career criminal who has threatened to harm us and harmed many all his life, that that is all we do.

    Unlike SickLiar and maybe you, we have spouses, children and/or grandchildren. We spend time with our families and unlike SickLiar, don’t rush to our grandmother’s death bed lurking for handouts when we do. Unlike SickLiar and maybe you, many of us have jobs and other interests in our lives.

    This site is a mere pit stop for most if not all of us.

    Unlike you, we weren’t dumb enough to buy a pamphlet of BS that we can get for free on the web thinking it was “historically significant” And unlike you, we weren’t dumb enough to buy into the BS behind it.

    On a side note regarding futility that you appear to have in common with SickLiar:

    Does anyone read any of your sites?

  15. Thank you for listing so many of my wonderful sites. I will be adding more for your entertainment and enlightenment. They are truly a wonder to behold, and are sure to bring joy and contentment to millions of people throughout the world.

    Your site is lovely and wonderful too.

    As I understand it, features a bunch of altruistic intellectuals picking on one powerless individual who has alleged the pretensident is a crack-smoking homo-sexual political fraud.

    Fortunately, theregulatortoo is an apolitical site that exists merely to demonstrate the worldliness, philosophical sophistication, objectivity, and philanthropy of the people behind it.

    And you’re funny!

  16. Confidence in the presidency craters under obama.

    Confidence in Larry Sinclair is unchanged.

    What can we conclude about confidence in Larry Sinclair relative to obama?

    • Dennis says:

      Except for you, his so-called mama, and a very few dingbats, nobody has confidence in SinkLiar. Heck, the few other wing nutters who have recently even referred to him have done so because they think he is dead (due to weird hoax by another right wing blogger several years ago). His so-called news site has about six readers, five of whom you are busy insulting over here. His book is a completely forgotten waste of print.

      Ironically, even SinkLiar has over the past several years largely been ignoring his own I-blew-Obama scam, After all, most of the wing nutter blogsphere has been focusing on 2016 and the anti-Obama crap is coming to its political end. Heck, some of us have been waiting for that fateful moment when Lardo will suddenly remember his wild night of sex and drugs with Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, he has been desperate to unload the old routine onto someone just dumb enough to pay good money for old rackets. That is where you came in.

      So while you are dancing around over here like a total arrogant jackass, keep in mind that you have been suckered into a buying a dead pig in a flea bitten poke.

      • kstreet607 says:

        I don’t know why u keep mentioning Obama as a way to prove a point. This has never been about Obama. It’s about a lying, manipulative maniac who goes after his dissenters for questioning his veracity. This is NOT about Obama and never has been…so, what part makes it so difficult for you to comprehend that fact?

        • Meesh says:

          Like Dennis pointed out, Kenneth Olsen seems rather fixated on homosexuality …(yeh I recognized it from the get-go) of all comments here “Spooner” latches on the to where Dennis mentions it…it’s almost as the *Loon Spoon” is salivating:

          “Good call, Dennis. Looks like the guy is obsessed with crack too, just like Larry Sinclair said. It seems that is all he thinks about 24/7:”

          Kenneth Olsen is much like the whackjobs at HillBuzz who do not care about Larry’s “Cocaine/Murder” angle, but only get-off on the homosexuality. Kenneth Olsen is a closet homosexual, struggling to come out….he fantasizes of perhaps having a tryst with Obama….sick puppy I know. He actually believes Larry and envies him . That’s where he’s obsessed with Barack Obama.

        • “This is NOT about Obama and never has been … ”

          That’s where I have to say you and I differ, K. For me it has ALWAYS been about President Obama being attacked by a lying, filthy nutbox who was attempting to profit off this nation’s racism sickness. Of course I objected to Legion’s efforts to intimidate others too. But I didn’t know who those other people were when Legion’s video first appeared. So I had no real stake in those attacks except for how they aided him in his efforts to defame the President.

          I’m only interested in what Legion does now to the extent he attempts to reincarnate his lies about President Obama into some kind of a for-profit scheme to defame Hillary in time for the 2016 elections.

          Personally I think the main reason Ken Olsen, aka “Ly Spooner” has been trying to annoy us here is to attempt to take the wind out of our sales and make us go away, knowing that our site is all that stands between Legion/Spooner and another go-round at money for madness. Legion is low on cash and Ly just bought the rights to a book of lies. They know that racist suckers who could otherwise be taken for a ride – hook, line and sinker – will put their wallets back once they stumble across TR2.

          • kstreet607 says:

            That was my original reason for being drawn in to this whole fiasco, LTL, but the sites starting with M&N and on to the original Regulator as well as Reg 2, made it clear that the issues on those sites were NOT political.

            I created Sinclair Watch to deal with both the political and absurdity of the Sinclair mess.

        • Nor has it ever been about politics as this racist troll has been told several times previously. To post that crap again just underscores his stupidity while further cementing his agenda.

          A significant reason for him posting that is because he is an admitted racist. Since nobody is visiting his sites, he’s taking whatever soapbox he can find to continue to spew his hatred of Obama based upon the ignorance of discrimination.

          Why we continue to allow a blatant racist to use our soapbox that has been consistently focused on exposing SickLiar and bringing him to justice is beyond me. We’re never, ever going to have any sort of reasonable, give & take discussion with such and ignorant, head-in-the-sand stupid person.

          • Dennis says:

            He is only here because he has no where else to go. He is one of these weird trolls who will work to simply piss people off until he is banned and, I strongly suspect, he has been banned from many places. Of course you are not going to have a “discussion” with him. That is not how these guys work. They get a bogus sense of empowerment from being able to mouth off under conditions where they are pretty much buffered from having to really deal with either direct confrontation or debate. Besides, compared to his lousy sites, we have readers. That is why he is here. And as long as we don’t actually ban him, he will keep slithering back with more of the same. Now my approach to handling these types is a tad harsh and controversial because I have always taken the attitude that you squash ’em like a cockroach and be done with it. Just suggesting….

            • Meesh says:

              Kenneth Olsen “LysanderSpooner” does not intimidate me, but demonstrates exactly what he is…we get many views on “All Things Crazy” and most recently “Kenneth Olsen Troll” that’s why we’re here to expose the whack jobs. Kenneth Olsen is doing great as he is a LOON who demonstrates how utterly stupid one can be…by what he posts.

              Let people find out what’s behind the book of lies that he’s trying to peddle off. That’s why he’s here but doesn’t realize how it can backfire…Keep it up Olsen.

  17. Good call, guys. Like Meesh said: “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with liking your chef’s crack.”

    • Meesh says:

      Huh?!! The *idiot* is known within the tubes to misquote…he’s now doing it here too 🙄 –>

      • Dennis says:

        He’s just a whack-job who comes over here just to whack off while his personal life is totally whack luster.

      • Dennis says:

        Very interesting blog piece about Olsen. Take especial note of one comment: “Olsen is banned here for trying to hijack threads by posting some of this stuff.”

        Gee, what a surprise! Kenny boy engages in a persistent pattern of posting over and over again with nothing but stupid jackass comments repeating the same worthless crap time and time again? I am shocked, I tell you. Shocked.

        • Meesh says:

          Above that quote, you forgot this, I love this part:

          Some of the sleaziest smears are mainly avoided on this web site. This is the Larry Sinclair/Jack Cashill material. However, there is nothing “compelling” about them and there’s nothing in the way of evidence to examine or debunk…”

          This is what Olsen was hijacking…not shocked at all by that. He’s a nutjob plain and simple and well known everywhere he goes—>

          • Good call, guys.

            Like Dennis said: “If you don’t want obama’s dick in your ass, you’re a racist homophobe.”

            • Dennis says:

              Gee Ken, you must have misread what I said. I said that we should just squash you like a cockroach. Now that I know you are reading impaired, I will try to write things more simply. Such Bug – Stomp – Over.

            • Except that you and your spooning buddy are racist homophobes who DO want a Black guy’s dick in your asses. How do you explain that?

              Take your time.

            • Meesh says:

              The *Big turn-on* I think was when Fatboy made his introduction on Ann Davis blawg back in February of 2008…all the LOONS such as Kenneth Olson got turned on “In an attempt to provide additional details, Larry Sinclair has provided the following statement:“====> Right Ken? They actually fell for this bullshit story.

            • Holy shit, Meesheemey! I just read that for the first time. I never knew it was there or that he ever went into so much detail. Now I know why “Spooner” bought the rights. He wanted to “own” a precious fantasy .. the nut. Geesh!!

              You sure have him pegged.

          • Dennis says:

            Gee Meesh, since you included the link to that news story at Investor Village, let’s not forget one of their comments: “The site is run by a single person, Kenneth Olsen. He said that in setting up the site, he hoped for people to “apply for admission at a low cost, and earn a diploma if you pass my tests.” In other words, he wanted to sell people fake law degrees.”

            Say Kenny, isn’t that sort of borderline illegal as well as outrageously dishonest? In fact, isn’t that sort of scam-like? I mean it may be OK since you “practice” in California and maybe the laws out there are a bit loser than in many other states. But…..

  18. kstreet607 says:

    I just realized something fellow Regulators…I took this Kenneth Olsen aka “LysanderSpooner” character too seriously. Now that I’m aware that he’s a full blown birther (h/t Meesh), a liar and as looney as his new found friend Sinclair, I’ll just sit back and watch this joker implode, like his buddy Sinclair has done at least a dozen and a half times over the past several years.

    • Dennis says:

      Yeah, he’s a full blown birther, a crackpot blogger, a basically failed filmmaker, a self-appointed law school dead, etc etc. The guy wears many hats. All of them pretend.

  19. Dennis says:

    Obviously, Kenneth Olsen is desperate for some semi-pornographic gay sex talk (the Obama crap is just a front for his obvious desires). Unfortunately, that isn’t what we do here (gay or straight). I hear that there are web sites out there that really is more suitable for this guy. So why doesn’t he just go to one of them. Then he can spend his otherwise lonely nights just “pounding” away at the keyboard, get his jollies, and finally feel relieved. After all, that’s all this idiot is doing over here.

  20. The Kind says:

    Hey Guys. I just found one of this joker’s posts at IMDB. video, that he *LIKED^.

    Looks like all your hunches are true:

    He posted: “Now that the regulatortoo had exposed to me what Larry Sinclair is really about: a lying, con man, he should be ashamed of himself for his scam on Obama and refund my money for the book rights. Maybe I should sue him.”

    • Meesh says:

      Lookie it’s LysanderSpooner, Kenneth Olsen posting under username “The Kind”WOW! what happened!

      • Dennis says:

        Yeah, the other thing I have noticed is that he keeps using various identities. So combine that with all of the made up claims concerning his educational and technical skills, you have a pretty weird and scattered Ken boy universe full of bullshit and make believe. The stupid little film he is trying to promote above was made (according to the text) for some competition with the Producers Guild. Like all of his other works, it failed. BTW, when I took a peek at it several days ago the soundtrack wasn’t working. I suspect I didn’t miss anything.

        • Dennis says:

          However, it is a vast improvement over the cheap and crappy ad he made and tried to hawk to That sucker looks like a sleazy slide show from 1985.

          • Identity Politician<---*Busted* it's LysanderSpooner again! says:

            And it’s much better than that kooky video about Obama’s social security number!

            birfer! Barack Obama is the greatest, most honest president ever! I love that black guy.

            • Meesh says:

              H-O-L-Y S-M-O-K-E-S!! He’s back as “Identity Politician” Do you think he’s trying to fit in?

            • Dennis says:

              Kenny boy is not going to leave on his own. He will keep crawling back here to post and post until he succeeds in completely taking over the site from a combination of repetition and aggravation. He will do this for no other reason than the simple fact that he thinks he can. Yes, he is annoying. And yes, he is pathetic. But mostly, he is a complete waste of space who has no business being here or anywhere else. Unfortunately, he thinks he owns us simply because we have not been rude enough to ban his butt (like other sites have done – and let’s not forget that this creep has been tossed by even other wing nutter sites).

            • Meesh says:

              I don’t know Dennis…. I was looking at OUR TROLL’s videos (check it out and look a little closer) I’ll be first to admit that Kenny is sort of weird—-> I was shocked, I tell ya…(what will Larry say?) Alright it’s a little corny, is all what we can accuse him of being. Can’t ban him for that. He can’t help it, we knew all along that the way Kenny baby was carrying on..he definitely has a unique thang for your Prez.

              Now this one—> it was a bit much.Yeh he’s got this thing going for your President, he can’t help himself. 😀

  21. Dennis says:

    What the hell is this idiot going to do next? Have an “argument” with himself? Why does he seem to do his postings only after the bars close and/or after he finally wakes up at his pass out spot? Well, the posting times pretty much suggests that.

    • Meesh says:

      We knew there were issues with homosexuality and also mental… Multiple Personality Disorder can’t be easy for him it’s probably a blessing, how would you like to live with that same personality 24/7? It’s sort of like FatAss living with the Princesses, must be common in the nutter circles.

  22. Dennis says:

    Final question (for now): Does Ken Olsen actually have a job anywhere? He appears to be spending lots of time lurking around in cyberspace simply because he has nothing else to do.

  23. Dennis says:

    OK, final, final question: Hey Kenny (or whatever name you are currently using). What are you doing over here? Shouldn’t you be posting on Orly’s site? Or did she ban your ass?

  24. Meesh says:

    Totally off topic…we need a change, even though this is really weird…different tone…Tomorrow’s Jim Morison’s death anniversary, (hard to believe it’s 43 years ago) I came across this article—>

    • Takes me back. I first heard of The Doors from a cute little thing in college. She thought they had cosmic powers or something. But I really identified with “Love me two times, one for tomorrow and one just for today – love me two times I’m goin’ away.” And “Light My Fire” was a theme song for the times.

      I felt like Jim Morrison cheated us by dying so early. I hope he’s resting in peace, but he never seemed like the type.

  25. Back on topic. You should all be thankful that I’ve showed up so you can continue to demonstrate your wisdom and moral superiority. Gaze upon the vast quantities of priceless useless discourse you’ve gotten out of it!

    Plus it’s very nice of you to step up and fend off pernicious allegations concerning the guy who’s now the most powerful man in the world. It’s a good thing obama never did anything illegal and never lies about anything and never got anyone literally killed or you might feel compelled to write a post or two about such things, what with your hatred of dishonesty and violence and all.


    • Meesh says:

      Since when do you decide what’s topic? What you have to say is slanted and bigoted. Also, I’m not thankful to you, all you seem to do is cause annoying discord. Your recent off-color lewd comments claiming they were “our” quotes has me convinced you’re a very sick man! You’ve overstepped your welcome here. I’ve been patient for way too long, that’s it.. I bid you farewell (whatever you call yourself). This site is not political, go elsewhere. I’m tired of this and I’m tired of your prejudices.

      We’re not all Americans here, go spew your racist, narrow-minded warped political views at Sickliar’s, I’ve wondered why you have never commented there…since it’s more of your style sadly I’ve recognized you have more in common with him than what was first realized. As I’ve told you in the beginning, live with it President Barack Obama is your President…this Sinclair lie is a scam. it seems it’s all what you’ve got. Sad.

      Larry Sinclair is the liar and fraud.I will not tolerate this any longer it’s the final bubbyes, Adieu pour toujours. Consider this your last *drop-by* comment, troll. Go sell your book of lies on your own time and not ours. You’ve been HAD, live with it.

    • Don’t feel bad Ly. You still have your law students to talk to.

      BTW does anyone actually believe your real name is Lysander Spooner? Do you actually think you are Lysander Spooner?

      Take your time – a lot of it.

  26. Lysander Spooner says:

    “Now that the regulatortoo had exposed to me what Larry Sinclair is really about: a lying, con man, he should be ashamed of himself for his scam on Obama and refund my money for the book rights. Maybe I should sue him.”

    “Barack Obama is the greatest, most honest president ever! I love that black guy.”

    Sounds like we’re starting to get through to a dead head troll!

  27. Meesh says:

    Jim Morrison

    Born: December 8, 1943, Melbourne, Florida, United States

    Died: July 3, 1971, Paris, France

    Ten Things To Know About Jim Morrison

    “In some ways, singer Jim Morrison, who died 43 years ago, July 3, 1971, is still very much alive. Revered by fans as a rebel rocker, the charismatic frontman for the Doors was known for his serpentine dance moves and seemingly endless sex appeal. He was notorious during his lifetime – for his indecent exposure arrest and for performing while under the obvious influence of alcohol, among other things. His Washington Post obituary noted that Morrison exemplified onstage “everything most adults found distasteful about rock music and the youth culture.”

    But Morrison continues to have an impact on pop culture whether parents like it or not. Legacy presents 10 interesting tidbits about Morrison’s life and death. Some may be familiar, but we hope at least a few will surprise you:

    1. The Doors took their name from Aldous Huxley’s 1954 book The Doors of Perception, which details the author’s experiences using the drug mescaline. Huxley had drawn the title from a line in “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell,” a poem written by William Blake around 1790. That line reads, “If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”

    2. Morrison, the son of a Navy officer, lived in various U.S. states while growing up, eventually graduating from George Washington High School in Alexandria, Virginia, in 1961. The Mamas and the Papas singer Ellen Cohen, aka “Mama Cass” Elliot, attended the same school. Morrison was an intellectual and avid reader, something easily seen in his writings and poetry. He asked his parents for the complete works of Friedrich Nietzsche as a graduation gift.

    3. Morrison met keyboardist Ray Manzarek when both were students at UCLA. They added a drummer and guitarist and became a band. The Doors signed with Elektra Records in 1966 and released their self-titled debut a year later. The debut single, “Break on Through (to the Other Side)” made little impact, never getting into Billboard’s top 100. But the second single, “Light My Fire,” sat atop the Billboard music charts for three weeks. In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine put the song at No. 35 in its list of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time.”

    5. The Doors performed “Light My Fire” on The Ed Sullivan Show in September 1967. Prior to the performance, Morrison had agreed to not sing the line, “Girl, we couldn’t get much higher,” because sponsors were worried about the reference to drugs. He sang amended lyrics in a rehearsal, “Girl, we couldn’t get much better,” then the actual lyrics on live television. Sullivan did not shake Morrison’s hand as he left the stage and the band never appeared on the show again.

    6. Many artists have since covered “Light My Fire,” including Jose Feliciano. Feliciano won the 1968 Grammy Award for best male contemporary pop vocal performance for his version of the song, which hit No. 3 on the Billboard charts. Buick asked to use the song in a television commercial for its Opel, changing the lyrics to, “Come on, Buick, light my fire.” Morrison was in Europe at the time and hard to contact, but the three other band members agreed to the commercial use. When Morrison learned of the deal, he threatened to sue General Motors and destroy an Opel with a sledgehammer if the commercial appeared. It was never made.

    7. Morrison’s official Elektra biography stated his parents were deceased. He told acquaintances he was an orphan. On the song “The End,” he sang about killing his father to have a relationship with his mother.

    But George and Clara Morrison were not dead and, in fact, outlived their son by many years. Clara died in 2005, her husband in 2008. Before his death, George Morrison spoke to the author of the authorized biography The Doors by the Doors and appears on the DVD When You’re Strange. “We look back on him with great delight,” the older Morrison says on camera. He also speculates that his son distanced himself from his family because, “I had the feeling that he felt we’d just as soon not be associated with his career. He knew I didn’t think rock music was the best goal for him. Maybe he was trying to protect us.”

    8. An anagram of Morrison’s name is “Mr. Mojo Risin’,” the words he sings repeatedly on the title track of the Doors’ sixth studio album, L.A. Woman, released in 1971. The alias was essential to a Morrison plan to disappear for years and then emerge. As the BBC noted on the 40th anniversary of Morrison’s death, the singer “told several friends that he was planning to fake his death and live in isolation in Africa, from where he would eventually contact them using his pseudonym. But 40 years on there is still no word from Mr. Mojo Risin’.’”

    9. Morrison is a founding member of the “27 Club,” one of the five rock stars who died between the years 1969 and 1971 at age 27. (The other original members are Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones, Canned Heat singer Alan Wilson, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.) In 1994, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana killed himself at 27. In 2011, singer Amy Winehouse died at 27.

    10. Morrison is buried in Paris’ Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Over the years, various grave markers – including one put in place by the French government and a sculpture by a Croatian artist – have been stolen. To mark the 20th anniversary of Morrison’s death, his parents placed a marker at the site. In Greek, it reads, “Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy,” which has been translated as “True to himself,” “According to his own spirit” or “True to his own spirit.” In When You’re Strange, George Morrison said he was honored his son was buried near cultural giants like Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf and Frederic Chopin.

    Natalie Pompilio is a freelance writer based in Philadelphia. Her lifelong love of obituaries raised eyebrows when she was younger, but she’s now able to explain that this interest goes beyond morbid curiosity. Says Pompilio, “Obituaries are mini life stories, allowing a glimpse into someone’s world that we’re often denied. I just wish we could share them with each other when we’re alive.”

    – See more at:


    LTL I love your comment, especially this part:

    “I felt like Jim Morrison cheated us by dying so early. I hope he’s resting in peace, but he never seemed like the type.”

    How true LTL, but Morrison was dealing with his own demons.

    I feel more liberated now without the annoyance of our former troll….as KStreet says “Carry ON” and comment at your own will… How nice it is not to have that stench permuting this site. 🙂

  28. ddtoth says:

    Now that we can get back to business:
    Big Mama comments over at Fat’s FB site:

    Mary Grasmick “That is pathetic & SAD! GOV period SUCKS!”

    Oh gee. The love affair with Rick Scott must be over?

  29. Meesh says:

    We have another new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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