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Lies, lies, deception…

on June 25, 2014

Facebook post by SickLiar (I’ve taken a screen shot)

Larry Sinclair shared a link.
June 13 ·”After three completely unnecessary trips to Colorado (though I am glad I was able to reconnect with good friends and meet kids) and almost $32,000.00 in costs the matter is over. Costs were in travel expenses, Attorney fees etc and not a penny was paid to the Court, DA or anyone else associated with this case”


liar_xlargeComing up with “almost $32,000″ to cover court costs is personal income/revenue. How does one collecting $674 per month, $8,088 per year Social Security disability continue to receive it after they’ve declared this income/revenue to Social Security?

We know a bunch was what Ken Olsen paid for the rights to the book. It’s almost impossible to call the balance a loan because who is going to loan tens of thousands of dollars to a guy who has been collecting roughly $8,088 per year disability since 2001, been a career con man in theft/deception and has been sued all over the place over the years by people trying to collect money from him? When the IRS see that, even if it’s called a loan, they treat it as income because there’s no realistic expectation of it ever being paid back.

I’d also point out a lie/deception/speaking with forked tongue:

Sinclair was required to post a $15,000.00 surety bond including a non-refundable premium of $1500.00 on March 22, 2014.

Reconcile these two statements from the two above quotes and how they can both be true:
” not a penny was paid to the Court, DA or anyone else associated with this case”
and “Sinclair was required to post a $15,000.00 surety bond including a non-refundable premium of $1500.00 on March 22, 2014″

I just don’t see how they can both be true.

Apologies to Kstreet that we didn’t spend more time on all of his lies/deceptions in this particular blog – so I added that one to our list of many. 🙂

25 responses to “Lies, lies, deception…

  1. “” not a penny was paid to the Court, DA or anyone else associated with this case”
    and “Sinclair was required to post a $15,000.00 surety bond including a non-refundable premium of $1500.00 on March 22, 2014″

    I just don’t see how they can both be true.”

    That’s easy, WTPL?. He paid the $1500 with a phony money order. 🙂

  2. Meesh says:

    Inquiring minds… because Larry’s on Social Assistance does he have to claim this money he received to bail him out?

  3. Meesh says:

    Here we go again… another cousin…another story

    Jessica Winters Martin says: “How about you keep my grandparents names out of your lies and stupid stories please! You have NO clue what happened between my grandpa and his mother after your dad died and her choices for her land but i have read a letter you mailed my grandfather calling him every name in the book bc you wanted a piece if land you felt you were “entitled” to bc it was a piece of your father. So as far as you never wanting anything and being such a freaking victim wow right. Get a damn life and find other lies to tell

    Larry Sinclair replies: “Jessica Winters Martin the letter that you are referring to was a letter that I wrote offering to BUY with my own money a particular piece of that property which was the exact same offer made to my Grandmother while my father was still alive. Publish the letter here, its simple just scan it and post it. I can and will if need be publish a whole multitude of letters that your grandmother wrote over the years which will support everything I have to say as to what they have said over the years. I know exactly what you grandfather said and did and I know he didn’t have the guts to stand face to face, one on one with me in the courtroom or in the street. I also know he tried without success to buy out his sister in order to complete his plan. Next time maybe include some fact as I can back mine up. Did you also read the letter your grandfather wrote calling me all kinds of names telling me I was not a part of the Sinclair family? It never changes, everything is just what people want it to appear rather than what it actually is. Ask your mother to show you the email I sent her in 2001. Perhaps your grandparents should have kept themselves out of the lies and stories they started and kept going for years. And one last thing, this is not about anyone and certainly not me, being a victim, its about calling a spade a spade and saying what you have to say to ones face not behind their back all the time.Perhaps my third book should be on the History of the Sinclair Family of Camden

    • Dennis says:

      Third book? The stupid idiot hasn’t managed to produce the so-called second book (over due now by how many years? Oh right. He is “reformatting” the dang thing.).

      • Meesh says:

        Why bother writing the book, much like his first book of lies, before he published it we read it online because he posted everything on his blawg – this one’s being written online on Facebook.

  4. I know Sinclair’s Colorado victory has all your panties in a bunch, but can’t you silly fools at least be happy that Mr. Sinclair was forced to waste his few assets in order to fight that nonsense?

    After all, we can all agree that your happiness is what matters most.

    • Meesh says:

      Hmmm “Colorado victory”? it’s not a slam-dunk yet… it still appears that the Deputy DA feels that she had to dismiss “without prejudice” for now (meaning it can come back to bite him in his over-extended fat butt)

      But Larry doesn’t have to worry when there’s a “LysanderSpooner LwaSkool” still around. And that’s okay Kenneth, Sinclair could sell you the rights to this soon Blockbuster—> it’s only overdue by 2 years. Go for it!

      PS I realize that “LysanderSpooner”occasionally posts here,only to test whether he’s banned…his days are numbered, unnecessary name-calling will not be tolerated much longer. Fair warning Kenneth Olsen you’re a guest here.

      • BTW, nearly two weeks ago he said he was going to file a motion to vacate the dismissal w/o prejudice and dismiss the case WITH prejudice. No sign of it yet.
        I wonder why.

        • Dennis says:

          You wonder why? Of course you and I know why. Because SinkLiar is bullshitting to the few idiots (like Spoonhead) who still fall for this crap. We have seen this stunt many times. If Lardo didn’t like the deal, he had the chance to refuse it while he was in court. His lawyer (and BTW SpoonBrains, this guy was a REAL ACTUAL LICENSED ATTORNEY) could only “advise,” he couldn’t in any way force Fat Boy. Trust me. Larry took the deal because he wanted the hell out of there and he didn’t give a poop how he did it. That is how he works, moron. Just like he “sold” you the copyright to his booklet and is still trying to “sell” the “copyright” to anyone else who has money. YOU DON’T OWN CRAP. You own that copyright in the same way that you are a lawyer and in the same manner that you are a law school dean and right about now I suspect you are riding around on your unicorn in celebration of your purchase of the Brooklyn Bridge.

          So let me really set some records set – He didn’t score a victory in Colorado; at best he scored a very close call and squeaked out. Just like he DIDN’T WIN THAT DAMN LAWSUIT. Parisi’s lawyer blew it because the dope didn’t realize that you have to show evidence of the financial damage you are claiming. I might add that a dog bite attorney (and I mean a real dog bite attorney – not some jackass with an attitude problem and lots of imaginary friends) would know better than that. All Fat Boy succeeded in doing was to annoy the judge (hey your honor! I got dirty photos to show you on my lap top).

          Meanwhile, your poor sensitive long suffering BFF is doing his usual rude and nasty bit while trying to intimate most of his relatives into giving him part of his grandmother estate (you know, the grandmother who he swears he loved like crazy in between all of those times when he also admits to trying to kill her with a butcher knife, repeatedly threatening to maim and kill her etc etc – but oh, she luvvvved her liddle Larry).

          Of course, you will not ever admit to any of this because you sir are a completely worthless delusional jackass who appears to spend your own time at some strange and highly suspect borderline yourself. And BTW, did you know that you are real, real close to practicing law without a license but that’s OK. I keep getting the impression that those rules are a tad looser in California.

    • The Deputy DA is evaluating charging him with witness intimidation or something to that effect. According to the Deputy DA, the case wasn’t lost on the merits. It was lost because the victim didn’t feel safe going forward trying to recover the tax refund money he allegedly fraudulently deposited into his account.

      Unless you support the mob knocking off witnesses, it’s a pretty hollow and unresolved outcome.

      • Dennis says:

        I’m sure that Spoonhead will tell you that A. Your facts are wrong (because Lardo says so) B. Intimidation is imaginary because he saw a book title somewhere about that C. The Deputy DA is just stupid and cruel like the rest of us.

        Now I will agree with Spoonhead about one thing. SinkLiar is not mentally ill. No, he is a life long, multiply convicted professional criminal who has devoted his life to lying, stealing and deceiving anyone stupid enough to get near him. He is a repeatedly convicted con man, grifter, and thief.

        So I agree that we can skip the insanity plea and go after him with clear and honest conscience. Those of us here are quite aware of the many layers of bile and deception, lies and false presentations that he has committed over the past 7 years alone. We have documented many, many other such acts of falsehoods and deceits from a long stinky stretch of his pathetic and dishonest life. We have documented the damage he has wrought against his victims, his family, and anyone who crosses him.

        So can it, Spoonhead. Your buddy is not a poor, sensitive, misunderstood child. He is an aging two-bit, nasty mouthed career criminal whose luck (despite what he thinks) is slowly but inevitably running out. And be forewarned, when that crap hits the fan, he will try to take everyone near him down for the ride (especially since he is a known snitch as well).

      • “It was lost because the victim didn’t feel safe going forward trying to recover the tax refund money he allegedly fraudulently deposited into his account.”

        That’s what he was bragging about when he said no money was paid to anyone involved with the case. He didn’t even have to pay her back the money. Intimidation was all he needed.

  5. You people are a fun bunch, and a very quick study.

    If Larry Sinclair is what you claim he is, a sad and sorry fantasist who makes stuff up for his own self-aggrandizement, then your attacks on him show that you attack the relatively powerless to demonstrate your bravery and virtuousness, when your actions actually demonstrate moral weakness and the lack of character.

    If Larry Sinclair told the truth about drugs and sex with obama, all your diligent efforts against him show you are dupes and unable to admit the truth.

    Pick, you stupid bitches. Pick.

    • Dennis says:

      A. He is not a “sad and sorry fantasist (sic)”. He is a hardened criminal and con artist. An extremely different critter.
      B. He is not “powerless.” He is vicious and determined to score money from anyone he can.
      C. “Unable to admit the truth”? After six years, he has been completely unable to offer proof in any form. But that’s OK. He is always ready to take “donations” in his pursuit of…well, that has always been a murky point as well. But hit that PayPal button, sir.

      God you are really stupid. And to think that you are the dean of a law school…oh right, it is that kind of lwa school. Now go print yourself some more diplomas.

    • Dennis says:

      And I might also point out that the only powerless person in this non-conversation is Lysander Spooner – the dead man whose name and reputation you have ripped off for your own sordid commercial exploitation.

    • Dennis says:

      Yep. Sounds like a poor sensitive soul to me. Now I feel soooooo bad for picking on the sweet little darling. Now all I want to do is to pinch his fat little friggin’ cheeks. Is this how his grandma felt?

  6. tjtaygee says:

    Hungry Troll is Hungry.

    • Dennis says:

      The Hungry Troll is also getting woozy. Some one better tell Fat Boy that he may need a new “regulator.” This one is obviously starting to bleed. I noticed that Spoonhead likes Taxi Driver. Maybe he better start boning up on Raging Bull, instead.

  7. Dennis says:

    Our go around with Spoonhead is definitely resembling a scene from a movie:

  8. Meesh says:

    We have another new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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