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What’s “factually false”?!

on June 19, 2014

Let me just say that you guys are simply awesome in your quest to expose the dirt-bag Sinclair at every turn. I apologize for not being as diligent as I used to be…This is my observation of our recent visitor: monkey5Like so many other conspiracy, birther and teabagger nuts, this guy whose username is “Lysander Spooner” Kenneth Olsen just sticks a finger in his ear and yells: “I can’t hear you, na na na na na!” He doesn’t want truth or facts, he wants to rekindle a dead horse. Good luck with that!

For the time being, why not concentrate on the “factually false” statements, crazy distortions, and just plain gibberish in Larry Sinclair’s book which this guy bought the rights to and show him how he got scammed…Will “Lysander Spooner” listen? “Na na na na ”not likely, but for any potential suckers buyers who wander in, we might save them some dollar$.

“Effective immediately Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? will no longer be sold by us in any form. The rights to the book have been sold and the new owner of the book rights will make the book available in the near future. The Amazon Kindle version will be available through Sinclair up until May 1, 2014.”


“Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? rights have been sold to Movie Skool LLC and will be offered via Amazon Kindle under their name and copyright which became effective on May 1, 2014. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Kenneth Olsen and is located at 180-6333 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90048. The company’s principal address is 6230 Wilshire #1234 Los Angeles, CA 90048.”

If you’re up to it we can do a TOP TEN LIST that we can prominently display in this thread.

Larry sinclair's book

As an added bonus on ThrowBackThursday from our archives…A gift from badpoet.

This one’s for you Ken. Carry On Guys!

121 responses to “What’s “factually false”?!

  1. From the most recent last blog, this has to make the list – not only as a favorite quote but as a top ten lie:

    “Let me tell you something, I have never stated this, but you idiots refer to me as some moroon, I have a aster and a lwa degree. I simply cannot take the bar because of my stupid past in my 20’s. You people do not want to go up against m on education because most of you will lose badly.”
    ― Larry Sinclair

    This one from that same link might make the top ten:

    “I suffer from severe nerve damage in the hands, arms, legs and spine. My right leg is numb all the time and there are times when I cannot move either of my legs. In addition to this my C-T-L spine has severe disc herniation. I have Fibromyalgia, asthma, severe allergies, heart problems, bleeding ulcers and I eat maybe once every two or three days.

    I maintain body weight by drinking an average of 36 Pepsi’s per day.”
    ― Larry Sinclair

    It’s pretty hard to reconcile the above claims with the pictures below

    Those are just a couple of many samples of photos defying his description of his condition.

    And then there are the physical fist fights he’s challenged people to in that condition.

    I am fucking sick of of the shit you and others have sent my way and I am ready to fight you face to fucking face. If you do not have the balls, then be the bitch you are and get the fuck off my youtube page.

    I am mad as hell, I am sick of you little fucking internet warriors that talk shit and I am telling each and everyone of you warriors stand up to me face to face toe to toe and get beat down like the little gutless bitches you are. You have a problem with that the FUCK YOU PUNKS.

    You go to the fucking hospital you fucking gutless bitch. I am angry because you gutlutless punks talk all this shit and don’t have the balls to say who you are or where you are. Fuck you, you have a problem with me I am at XXX Wilshire Blvd Rm XXX, Los Angels, CA. 213-XXX-0000 Until you have the balls and guts to say this shit to my face go fuck your mama punk ass bitch.

    writerjoe you talk like you have balls, tell me where you are I will come to you, or are u the bitch I think you are? Yes I told you where I am at and the fucking phone number. Punk ass bitches will call in your threats, motherfuckers with balls will meet me face to face. And I bet not one will.


    I look forward to others chipping in.

    As for your description of Ken Kstreet, it seems bang on. As well, as we’ve seen in the recent threads, when it serves his purpose, we get doublespeak. For example, mental illness is a “myth” but when it doesn’t serve his purpose, mental illness is not a myth. And when he’s asked to back up what he claims, like SickLiar’s other followers and SickLiar himself, he runs away.

  2. Meesh says:

    KStreet I love your observation on what conspiracy, birther and teabagger nuts are…I consider this a classic description. 🙂 I miss our badpoet too.

    I have never quite understood what could have enticed/possessed Movie Skool LLC to even consider purchasing the rights to this worthless piece of garbage. When FatAss tried desperately tried to dump it, Kenneth Olsen immediately snapped it up…. Sheesh!

    I miss our badpoet too…basically he was not far off on the wide spacing of Larry’s book,what he wrote in it was the same crap that he posted on his blawg…badpoet’s content is far more interesting, I bet it would’ve had more of a chance in sales had Larry followed badpoet’s lead. 🙂

    • Especially considering there is a free pdf copy of the book floating around the internet from court exhibit 61-2 in the Parisi defamation lawsuit.
      – the above was hardly the only website to promote the availability of free copies from the court – it was all over the various political forums, etc.

      Who is going to pay Amazon money for this pamphlet of trash when they can have it for free?

      • You know, sometimes I wonder whether that Ken Olsen weirdo could actually be so dumb as to have bought the “rights to the book” only to see the rights are still up for sale. Consider this – Legion still has no visible legitimate means of support but nevertheless has a mysterious source of income. So was the money for his lawyer and his other Colorado related expenses only made to APPEAR as if it came from the sale of book rights when it actually came from someplace else? Was it just a sham sale to keep people from asking “Where Did The Money Come From Larry?”

  3. Meesh says:

    Memory Lane (2008-2009):

    Larry was approached by his supporters after the Epic Fail of the “Take It To The Streets Tour” some felt he should start writing a book which could be released *PRIOR* to the 2008 Presidential Election…these wingnuts felt it would definitely impact the 2008 Presidential Election and would prevent Senator Barack Obama from being elected as POTUS.

    Bingo! Larry agreed and immediately started taking orders and snatched up the cash as early as mid August of 2008….come the end of 2008 the book still wasn’t out, all he had was a book cover (that his supporters more or less designed).There were some concerns by some of the supporters who started to get leery…Larry could not refund the cash that he collected at the onset. He blamed everything, everybody EXCEPT himself….the money was simply gone.

    However from Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec Larry managed to buy himself a trailer and crisscrossed throughout the USA from Minnesota/Texas/Georgia/Florida and he went back and forth from Florida to Georgia…(with what money?)

    Crazy thing the bulk of his supporters understood and allowed him to *get inspired* without a refund while Larry was wining and dining on their dime by flaunting it on his blog. (I guess he felt entitled he needed a vacation from his vacation (TITTS Tour).)

    Was he writing? I guess so as the bulk of the content of each chapter was displayed on his blawg.The world read the first chapters as he progressed…(the natives were getting restless) so he had to prove that he was working. 🙄

    After the new year Larry bought himself a second trailer and established himself in Florida. Months after the USA Presidential election weekly/monthly Larry would announce the BOOK was COMING OUT! The blame game continued… He had so many advanced sales it was phenomenal. Incredibly stupid people were still throwing their money at him (with nothing to show for it)…At this point the crowd started getting very annoyed.(so were we) Under heavy pressure and in a mad dash to add content FINALLY Larry produced the rag that nutcase Kenneth Olsen bought….Another one of badpoet’s gems for your viewing pleasure. 🙂

  4. Meesh says:

    Meanwhile at The Facebook LyingLion’s Den.See that *it*’s back at it… 🙄

    Larry Sinclair says “To all my friends, if you get a friend request from Phyllis Rider she is trying to friend you to get to me. Do not accept the request. Thanks to those who have notified me she has sent you a friend request. Anyone who has received a friend request or a request for your phone number, email or anything else from Phyllis Rider, Troy Rider or anyone else please take a screen shot of the request and email it to me at Aubrey Snead she is another SC mouth that can’t handle the truth who thinks she is someone to be feared. She just doesn’t know me to well yet but she is about to get to know me real quick.
    This is a grown woman mind you, not some young dumb stupid kid.
    Wonder how many of my minor friends this grown woman has sent friend requests to? Anyone who feels harassed by this woman can file complaints for cyber stalking and harassment with the Kershaw County SC Sheriffs office at 803-425-1512.The truth has a way of making them do stupid things because they have lived in their fantasy world too long.I scare them, because if I really wanted to I could ruin every one of them.
    Phyllis Rider, Troy A. Rider, Sharon Hill Rider and anyone else who wants to inject themselves into something, or who want to stalk my FB friends sending friend requests asking for phone numbers etc. Phyllis you want to keep it fair, you got it it will be published tomorrow publicly on where you can post whatever you wish in response to my calling all of you out on the truth. I told you I don’t say anything I want back up and stand by.


  5. Dennis says:

    Yep, just took a peak over at his FB page and the trash talk continues. Say, if you ever noticed how his already weak grasp of grammar and spelling gets even worse when goes crazy mad?

    • Meesh says:

      A blast from the past, noticed that Texan masseuse tard Louis Zamora is still around and one of Lying Lion’s FB friend…Wow M2 had issues with that creep…who took photos of M2’s house and place of Larry could post them on his blawg.

  6. Now let’s see. Being gay is not a crime. Actually, the pretensident can’t help but celebrate any time anybody comes out of the closet. Right?

    Now, drug use is illegal, but it should not be. Besides, the pretensident claims in his book he smoked a whole bunch of weed and did a whole bunch of cocaine.

    So when Larry Sinclair claims he blew the president after they did cocaine together, you people should follow your leader’s example and celebrate everyone involved.

    And when your joyful gaiety is over, you should read: “Our Right To Drugs” by Dr. Thomas Szasz and also “Ceremonial Chemistry: The Ritual Persecution Of Drugs, Addicts, and Pushers.”

    • Did it ever dawn on you that the real Lysander Spooner would turn over in his grave if he knew the likes of you were claiming to be he? Why do you do this?

    • Meesh says:

      I see that once again *what’s his name* is back and once again he’s talking off-topic. 🙄

      By the way,L.S. I’m Canadian and I do realize that your *President* Barack Obama has been re-elected as president in November of 2012 for a second term…Did someone forget to tell you? You better start getting use to it…Live with it.

    • Lysander Spooner says:

      So when Larry Sinclair claims he blew the president after they did cocaine together, you people should follow your leader’s example and celebrate everyone involved.

      Why should we believe what SickLiar claims? You have claimed he’s telling the truth but as gone through in the previous blog, he’s provided no credible evidence. Again, as you’ve been previously asked without a response, where’s the proof that he’s telling the truth? All we’ve seen is lie after lie after lie.

      And from the looks of one who operates a bogus law school, maybe that’s exactly how you fit in.

      Of course, I’m wasting my time trying to reason with you.

      Are you proud of this crap?

      This one made me chuckle:

      Kenneth Olsen
      Founder & Dean
      Lysander Spooner Law School

      “Founder and Dean” of this law school?
      lol 🙂

      There’s some pretty wacky garbage here:

      University of Schooly College
      Those are some pretty spacey newsletters.

      No wonder you got sucked into buying the rights to a book of fiction that can be had for free. Like many of Sickliar’s followers, you appear to struggle to rationalize information accurately or in a balanced, logic way.

      And no wonder you cling to the notion that mental illness is a “myth” because if it wasn’t, a bunch of folks might conclude after looking at those sites, that like SickLiar, you’re mentally ill – or have some mental issues that are not normal.

      We’re used to it. Most of the few folks who didn’t jump ship when SickLiar’s Obama deceptions got exposed were dead heads, white supremacists and/or people with “issues” – or the kinds of folks Kstreet described so well at the top of this blog. All you had to do was read a few of their posts. You can’t reason with people like that.

    • Dennis says:

      So Ken, you are saying that everybody should do drugs? And if so, why then do you also act as if you have a problem with it, at least with certain people doing drugs. Or I’m I misreading you here because you are simply spewing a pile of gibberish fueled by some ill formed hatred and mixed with enough stupidity that you have completely lost the ability to hold a single coherent thought? Don’t bother answering because your thoughts are not worth it.

  7. tjtaygee says:

    Nice gif, Meesh…

    As for dishonest Kenneth Olsen, he’s already proven he’s not worthy of engagement. He’s simply not a serious person.

    • Meesh says:

      HeHe thanks TJTaygee I felt that gif of British actor, stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard would be perfect! Love him in drag—>
      Yep agree! Kenneth Olsen has to be worse blogger that we’ve had, since I’ve taken over to be admin. of Any of our blogs,(2008 to date) We’ve had allsorts of people…this one stands on his own. Absolutely no social skills considering he’s a guest.

      Or else he can’t read…LongTimeLurker has repeatedly asked him the same question since (what’s his name)got here…L.S.ignores or doesn’t see.

      • I think the question forces some reality on him, thereby causing him even more anxiety and confusion than usual. So he can’t quite make himself to go there. But I’ll keep trying. He needs the therapy.

        • Dennis says:

          Kenny reminds me of an incident my family and I witnessed some years ago. We had been out for a day trip in the northern part of the state and stopped for an early dinner at a fast food joint on the outskirts of a small town. There was this odd looking guy sitting way off in the back of the place and everyone was clearly cutting him a lot of room. We quickly realized that the guy was having an extremely heated argument with his salt and pepper shakers. A very long, extremely heated, and definitely loosing argument. Finally he stood up, cursed the salt and pepper shakers and stormed out. I am beginning to think that Ken has relatives in this state.

  8. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, I’m glad to see that Fat Boy has gotten over that lovable Uncle Lardo routine and gone back to his natural nasty state. And as previously noted by Meesh, he’s going after the women folks. He knows how to slap a dame around, that big tough manly man. Oh well. At least it takes some of the heat off of Carmen (for now). Is this guy a predictable wuss or what. Maybe next time he can take little babies hostage.

  9. Dennis says:

    And yes Kenny, I just called Lardo a wuss. If you don’t understand the word, look it up. After all, you are the first person I have encountered who is definitely dumber than Fat Boy. No longer the thieving jerk has taken you for a ride.

    • Dennis says:

      Sorry, mistyped. I mean to say: No wonder the thieving, lying, two-bit, back stabbing, totally deceitful and utterly moronic jerk has taken you for a ride. Damn! I knew better than skipping on my remedial class today. And BTW, how’s the book sales going? Steady as in zip, so I hear.

      • I’m telling you not a penny came out of his pocket. The money came from elsewhere and Kenneth Olsen aka “Lysander Spooner” became the “purchaser of the book rights” solely to explain where the money came from while leaving Legion in control. Someone else put up the cash while putting the rights in the name of Legion’s partner in crime Kenneth Olsen. Do you really think someone as stupid as “Lysander Spooner” would have 15 to $20,000 laying around ready to buy rights to a bunch of largely empty pages on short notice? I suspect someone else came to Legion’s rescue – provided money and exerted influence all the way to the Colorado DA’s office.

        • Meesh says:

          I’m convinced some village somewhere in “Na!Na!Land” is being deprived of its *idiot* because he’s been visiting us here at TheRegulatorToo, “Lysander Spooner” (or whatever he calls himself today) would argue with a signpost if you let him…Why? And Why now? We’ve been around since 2008. It’s because of “his” recent acquired investment (no one else’s) .

          LTL I beg to differ (the biscuits aren’t quite baked) he bought the rights to the pamphlet on his own, because no one calculative would invest in Sinclair or snap it up as quickly as he did…almost in a week?! Larry conned him.And/or else L.S. helped Larry shop around for a lawyer, Larry cut him a deal?

          I would not go as far as implying someone exerted influence all the way to the Colorado DA’s office. To me. I see “witness tampering” as the probable cause of dismissal.Segura was harassed. We witnessed it since April 20 on Larry’s website. I can only imagine what was also attempted offline.

          Okay,where did Spooner get the cash? Who knows, maybe like the original tards who sold their gold fillings,copper wire, cashed in bonds,lived on catfood etc. This guy reminds me of the original tards,that if brains were electricity,the whole pack of them wouldn’t have enough power to light a firefly.In my heart,I truly believe this is the Real McCoy. Scary, I know.

          Now I double-dog dare you Kenneth to tell me that I’m wrong. Hope you’re still not wearing your blinders and READ for once…take those fingers out of your ears too. 🙂

          • Oh. It’s a “double-dog dare,” is it?!

            Would it be inappropriate to suggest that Meesh is an intellectual adolescent?

            But let’s not kid ourselves. I’m the fool for even addressing the logorrheic outpourings of this cretin Meesh.

            • Hallelujah!
              Whaddya know, there’s finally an indication that “Lysander Spooner” acknowledged a comment and actually responded to it, sans the psychiatric evaluations/dribble, sarcasm/subdued bashings spewed left/right/center, out of nowhere comments about the President laced with syrupy praises of Larry Sinclair’s accomplishments etc.

              There might be a ray of hope that some life form may exist and not all wingnut chanting…won’t hold my breath for too long though.

              Je suis logorrhéique et quelquefois bête.

              -Crétine Meesh

            • Dennis says:

              Can’t help but note that Spoonhead’s increasingly incoherent postings run in synch with last call at the bars in Los Angeles. I’m sure it’s a coincidence. Yeah, sure….I can smell the booze all the way over here.

            • Damn, Ly, (can I call you “Ly” for short”?) it sounded like your 5:48 a.m. message was your “swan song”. But only twenty minutes later you came back. You’re quite a tease.

              BTW, why do you pretend you are a person who stood for everything you don’t? Do you ever tell people you are using a phoney name? Or do you leave it to them to learn that on their own? Do you feel any guilt whatsoever about being a fraud? Do you even realize you are a fraud? Shouldn’t a “law school dean” have some integrity? How do feel about those questions?

  10. I think a psychologist would call you poor dears “fixated.” Now, if Larry Sinclair was a random nobody telling lies you would have no reason to fixate on him.

    Yet you spend time (and time is money) spewing all kinds of nasty verbiage about him. Again, this says much more about you then it does about him.

    I believe Larry Sinclair told the Truth in his book. However, if Larry Sinclair did not tell the truth in his book, would not his book be of historical significance anyway? Are not books of historical significance worthy of investment? While it may prove to be a good investment or a bad investment, if you fools have any intellectual integrity you will have to admit I have acquired the rights to a rare and unique literary work.

    Thanks for your time and consideration, and thank you for your very unique and precious site. I am delighted and fascinated by your frantic efforts to expose your low motives and poor reasoning skills. But I sincerely hope to become a better person in the future, and not take such pleasure in discerning and cataloging the shortcomings of people such as yourselves.

    • Dennis says:

      ” However, if Larry Sinclair did not tell the truth in his book, would not his book be of historical significance anyway?”

      Do you or do you not realize that your so-called argument is utter nonsense? For example, if I wrote a book about Lincoln where I just made crap up and simply talked trash, there would be absolutely no historical significance whatsoever (except maybe for those who study the history of cheap trash talk). You are really grasping at straws.

      “… a rare and unique literary work.” Again, I have to question if you have a clue to what is or is not a “literary” work. Fat Boy’s book is not a rare literary work. We are not talking Charles Bukowski or something here. The idiot can barely write his own (and occasionally others) name. The book was largely a hurried cut-and-paste job from his online postings. It rambles, meanders, and stumbles all over the place and is barely readable.

      Good grief. Not only did you drink the Kool-Aid, but you are now mixing it.

      • Dennis says:

        However, I thought I should mention that I wrote a book about Otto von Bismarck and the time machine he used to alter Earth history and conquer Mars. Does it have historical significance? Well, Bismarck is an important historical figure, right? Literary merit? Hey, I wore a beret while writing it.

        So just send me 20,000 dollars (in 10s and 20s, please) and the copyright will be yours (right after I am done “reformatting” the book – which may take about 10 years).

  11. Meesh says:

    Hey LTL the way the Sinclair clan are carrying on FaceBook…Granny passed away on May 2nd…could be Larry got some loot out of her mattress?! He has had history of contacting sick grandmothers on their death beds.

    “Reflecting on the passing of my Grandmother on May 2, 2014 I realized something that in a way is sad while at the same time somewhat exciting and refreshing. In the passing of my Grandmother came the end of an era and of the family name Sinclair and its long history of being deeply rooted in the Camden, SC and Antioch community. The line and family name has since established the future of the Sinclair name in Colorado and Arizona where it has produced two more generations of Sinclair men to carry the name forward in a new time and place. So as I say goodbye to my Grandmother I also say goodbye to a history and roots that have since been moved from South Carolina in the east to its new garden in the Colorado Rockies to the west. God knows I will not be starting any lineage in Florida! lol”

    After he posted this…the Poop hit the fan and squabbling started with his cousins.

    ….the latest on Facebook:

    Larry Sinclair speaking to his sister Robin Sinclair “they have talked shit about us for years thinking no one would call the out on it. I am calling them out. Was glad to see Kay confirmed what I have known since Jim did it, he planned how to get his hands on everything and Kay admitted that in her comment calling me a lying, conniving, manipulative pos.

    And now the FaceBook Family Feud is transported onto the Snooze site:

    Sinclair News reports Political, Legal, Health and Social news in a way that readers find refreshing in a time where so many “mainstream” media organizations choose to censor stories and report only those stories which promote the medias own views & interest.”

    Yeh right… 🙄

    Up Coming Sinclair News Stories

    1.“Lets Keep it Fair” Inspired by Phyllis Rider of Camden SC
    2. When Politics Turn Facts into Fiction, and Fiction into Facts Part III of III
    3. Bike Week Controversy May Be Bad for City of Daytona
    4. One Colorado Municiple & County Government on Steroids

    • Looks like he’s got a whole gang of family mad at him: the Riders including his step mother, the Winters, some of his siblings, etc. I wonder if that 2007 conviction for disorderly conduct in Kershaw County, South Carolina (Camden is in that county) was the result of a family spat.

      • Hmmm perhaps we should contact Larry Elder so he can go and steal this top story that will soon be featured at “Mr.Sinclair’s…conservative site”.

        Larry Sinclair says: “As soon as I get copies of her requests to the kids I am going to nail her to a tree.You got it Phyllis,it will be published tomorrow publicly on”

        What do you think WTPL?

        LyS.Spoon posted a few days ago: “Mr. Sinclair has run a conservative news site, and his work has been featured on Larry Elder’s talk show, even though Mr. Elder neglected to give Mr. Sinclair the credit he deserved.”


        • The woman, SickLiar alleges, filed a “factually false police report” against him. He’s just doing what he’s done to Carmen Segura, Colorado & Delaware Deputy DAs, Colorado & Arizona corrections officers, his lawyer Montgomery Sibley, FBI agent Henly, Tim Geithner & the IRS, the folks at Social Security, the Secret Service, the White House, Dan Parisi and his lawyer, lawyer Paul Levy, us and many others throughout his life who questioned the authorities about his behavior: alleging their complaints are false (when they’re usually not) and threatening them with some form of harm.

          And if Spoonhead looked over this so-called “conservative news site” objectively (not that that is possible for Spoonhead), he’d find that for SickLiar, the vast majority of the time, his articles are not “news”. They’re just a soapbox for him to advance his own causes in his personal life with his own personal fuck ups with the law, the government/authorities and others and/or to voice his threats against others.

  12. Lysander Spooner says:
    JUNE 20, 2014 AT 5:48 AM

    I think a psychologist would call you poor dears “fixated.” Now, if Larry Sinclair was a random nobody telling lies you would have no reason to fixate on him.

    Well mental illness is a myth according to you, so it’s hard to be concerned with what psychologists believe according to you because the vast majority of psychologists believe people can be mentally ill. Your comment is a “myth” according to your own reasoning.

    Many of us have spouses, kids, careers/jobs, other interests/hobbies/causes, etc. We’re hardly fixated on this asshole as a key thing in our lives. A few minutes a day keeps the asshole at bay.

    Lysander Spooner says:
    JUNE 20, 2014 AT 5:48 AMI believe Larry Sinclair told the Truth in his book. However, if Larry Sinclair did not tell the truth in his book, would not his book be of historical significance anyway? Are not books of historical significance worthy of investment? While it may prove to be a good investment or a bad investment, if you fools have any intellectual integrity you will have to admit I have acquired the rights to a rare and unique literary work.

    History is concerned with facts and evidence of what really happened. SickLiar’s book contains no credible evidence whatsoever (even you have failed to provide that) and aside from his career in felonies based upon deception and his life long battle with mental illness, he’s been caught in many, many lies telling this fiction. So not only does the material he present lack credible evidence – the author himself has little credibility as a career mentally ill con man.

    Even the Bible fails the test as a true book of history because there are too many factual fallacies in it, making it historically unreliable. It’s a great book of theology with wonderful stories based upon things that did happen, it influenced history significantly and therefore, historically it is very significant.

    SickLiar’s pamphlet is a poorly written fantasy/fiction. It’s lacking in so many ways and so erroneous and devoid of credibility, it will never be historically significant. Never. Even conservative mainstream media of it’s day completely rejected and dismissed it. Only the wingnuts on the fringes of the conservative media took it up. The Birther stuff, which is also so seriously and heavily lacking in any credibility whatsoever got attention that SickLiar’s book couldn’t. The Birthers will go down in history as just a bunch of ignorant tin foil hats who failed miserably but SickLiar doesn’t even rate that. He’ll be forgotten like many of the previous nuts who tried to get their 15 minutes of fame on the back of a president and failed.

  13. kstreet607 says:

    Seems to me the vanishing Mr. Spooner wants to protect his investment in an iniquitous “book” by a psychopath at any cost.

    He enjoys regurgitating Sinclarian talking points and trying his best to make us feel bad about investigating and exposing Sinclair at every turn.

    Hey fellow Regulators…this is a sort of a repeat of the film maker’s defense of Sinclair. That didn’t go too well, as I recall…

    Maybe our esteemed archivist, Meesh, can find some articles and comments from that guy. If I recall correctly, he was going to do a film about Sinclair and Obama.

  14. Meesh says:

    Tomorrow June 21st Summer begins in the Northern Hemisphere at 6:51 AM EDT.Daylight lasts from 12 hours eight minutes at the equator to the full 24 hours at the Arctic Circle.

    Yeh! Just sing and if the spirit moves you Dance!

  15. Dennis says:

    Hey, what happened? Several days ago Lardo loudly threatened to go boom boom on a bunch of his female relatives. Now its Saturday afternoon and there has been no boom boom. He didn’t run out of vodka, did he?

    • Meesh says:

      A DELAY!

      Larry Sinclair “Publication schedule got pushed back due to other pressing matters but it will publish tomorrow rain or shine.
      Lets just put it all out there once and for all.”
      2 hours ago

      • Dennis says:

        What! No boom boom? First it was no book and now no boom boom…man, Lardo is just messing with us.

        • Dennis says:

          Schedule pushed back until tomorrow? I thought he was promising to post his boom boom yesterday, so he’s late already. Pressing matter? Did he get arrested again? And here I am holding off on the weekend until I get some good old fashion Fat Boy boom boom. BTW, Spoonhead, this kind of behavior is not only par for the course with Fats, but he is just warming up. Just hang in there with him for a bit and you will get your turn for some boom boom. It is as certain as the rising sun.

      • Dennis says:

        In case you are wondering Spoonhead, the lovely and very tasteful picture above is of Lardo and Ali Akbar. Akbar is another right wing blogger who made the mistake first, of taking Larry’s money for membership into the wing nutter blogger association he was forming and then he made the second mistake of giving Larry’s money back to him when he demanded it. After getting his money back (quickly I might add), Fat Boy then threatened to turn him in to the FBI Cyber Crime Division on the grounds of…well, that part was really murky.

        So don’t forget. You will be next. Heck, we may just start taking bets on the date of that round of boom boom.

  16. kstreet607 says:

    I can’t believe this was filed over four years ago:

    Backstory – June 11, 2010:

    There is a filmaker who says he will make a documentary on Sinclair’s story because the media and others refuse to put Sinclair’s information out “there”. (The posts will be listed in chronological order in this instance.)

    T Patrick Murray – June 11, 2010 at 5:26 am


    Talk about losing credibility…

    It seems you are revered here, and unlike you, I will not
    judge your credentials before knowing more about you…

    You, and everyone else here, are 100% convinced Sinclair is lying.

    You know what?

    You may be 100% right… but there is just a 50% chance.

    See, your attempt to ridicule me as a “professional” filmmaker
    reveals everything about you.

    Making a 4 star nationally televised film that was called the best documentary ever made by major critics, that beat the winner of Sundance to take Best Film at two festivals, and caused Jack Nicholson to ask Ron Shelton to adapt it for him… yeah, I am so not professional.

    Like Sinclair, you immediately became prejudiced against me.

    How smart can you be to NOT want a Democratic award-winning filmmaker produce a film that is attempting to find out who is telling the truth and who is lying?

    How is that a bad thing?

    These are the comments responding to the above post:

    Sluggo – June 11, 2010 at 10:19 am

    “You may be 100% right… but there is just a 50% chance.”

    That’s hilarious, the assumption that there’s a 50% chance Larry isn’t lying. So illogical.

    It’s Larry, not a coin toss. Most of his claims have been conclusively disproven here and elsewhere. The rest is just Larry telling stories with no evidence to back it up.

    Whatever. Larry will end up biting this guy on the butt eventually.

    Meesheemey – June 11, 2010 at 10:43 am

    Mr. Murray, welcome back, you seem to have your sights set on James, based from his observations from his post…

    But there are quite a few questions addressed to you here and also here….and here. Many questions and many observations, from many of our posters, not just one, here too. Look back on the previous threads, when many addressed you directly, not just James…but many. I asked you twice to join us, or to comment.

    You’ve insulted “one” of our posters here, “we” all agree with James’ observations, without focusing directly on him perhaps you should “read” what others have to say. You are most welcome to comment, keep in mind this is “our” home, with many voices and not just one.

    Mr Murray, once again, post here at your own risk you are entitled to your opinion, and you are also entitled to keep it to yourself or to withstand the abuse if you purposefully attempt to use it to create conflict here.

    Peace out.

    James –

    Where’s the proof, Larry? – June 7, 2010 at 8:15 am

    A few points:

    1. I exchanged some emails with Crewdson – long after the fact. If he had been able to substantiate anything, there would have been a story. Period. His paper spent some bucks on him investigating. The only way that they would walk away from a story is if they couldn’t substantiate SickLiar’s claims – which is what happened. If Crewdson had been able to substantiate Parisi getting a payoff from Axelrod, he would have been in the hunt for another Pulitzer. It would have been major, major Lewinski type news in a Presidential campaign.

    2. Remember that when Sinclair was in LA doing the lie detector test, he was freaking out out. He asked disbelievers to come down to his hotel so he could try to fight them, etc. He was also willing to give people some “double their money” deal – he was desperate for cash to get the story into the mainstream media … because in my opinion, he needed to beat the lie detector news that was going to go against him. He said a few papers asked for a lie detector test before they would consider running with his story and that doesn’t surprise me because he had and still has absolutely NO proof and virtually NO evidence after all this time.

    3. When the lie detector results came out, the only way to keep the scam going was to counter that it was fixed, etc – disparage the results. So he could just as easily got a ‘friend’ to make that call and talk to Crewdson (if a conversation with Crewdson ever took place). Why was there no name with a reverse phone# lookup? Etc.

    4. One thing kind of surprised me when I looked at the complaint. I was amazed that the bookstores would say the things they did about Parisi. That was really stupid on their part. The bookstores should know better. That elevates them from a party who didn’t know the book was bogus to a party who was stating the defamation. At a glance, I think the bookstores do have a legal problem.

    5. Getting Axelrod/Obama to discovery is going to be quite a trick. First of all, SickLiar has to find the guy who made the call claiming Parisi & Axelrod had something going on financially. Then SickLiar has to get that anonymous caller to testify to that in a legal proceeding. That caller will also probably have to identify that he has no prior link to SickLiar. Then, that testimony and evidence has to show that there is enough there to substantiate going further – to justify bringing in Axelrod, etc. If SickLiar already had that, it would have been in the book. If Credwson already had that, it would have been in a published article. Therefore, SickLiar doesn’t have that and again, it was just smoke to cover over failing the lie detector test to perpetuate his scam.

    6. As for funding the legal defence, it’s expensive and SickLiar’s support has dwindled. One can only go to that well so many times and I think that well is nearly dry. SickLiar’s won/loss record legally is very poor. He lost to Obama. He lost to the three bloggers. He lost in Delaware as he had to pay restitution and legal fees. I’m still waiting for my restraining order and the many other legal threats SickLiar has made and consistently failed to deliver on.

    7. At a glance, the case law on internet defamation looks pretty good for Parisi. In other words, not only does he have the book but he also has all the things SickLiar and those linked with him said on websites and in the interviews (as his complaint lays out). Meesh, if you can find the quotes, it would be helpful to Parisi if you can locate the quotes with SickLiar bragging about his internet traffic. That would mess up SickLiar’s argument to minimize damages. He can’t have it both ways.

    8. Back when SickLiar was developing his fable to be published, a number of us pointed out defamation was a significant risk that was likely to follow. Can we now say to SickLiar: “We told you so”?

    Anything can happen in a court case – they’re never over until they’re over. But if Parisi is serious and willing to see this through, and my impression of his statement of claim is that he is, I’m not seeing how SickLiar can overcome this action. This has “Another BIG FAIL” written all over it.

    democratista – June 11, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    Hello folks…

    James…I think your answer to T Patrick Murray is wonderful..and I’m impressed with your vocation. I wish I did something that socially beneficial…well, maybe in my second career.

    I also want to second what Meesh said about going back and reading the questions that were asked of T Patrick Murray. I really, really just have one that is really is important to me. Why now? Did you just run across this story? I ask because as has been mentioned, you seem to believe that no one has done any investigating, which is untrue.

    When I first saw Larry’s youtube video, I thought it might be a parody. Then when I realized he was serious, I, along with others, began posting on his website, asking him questions. He got really defensive and started posting information about our IP’s and where exactly we were, including in some cases even names and addresses. I really was upset by his accusations for a few days, but it became clear really quickly that if you didn’t just agree with him that he got really mean and then you got accused of all sorts of things….being paid, breaking the law….etc, etc. He made a lot of promises about getting phone records, getting the limo driver to speak, finding other guys who had something going on with Obama. Nothing….crickets. None of it ever happened. I also have no problem with you doing your own work, but rest assured, we did not just all jump on a bandwagon because we are Obots. There are some here who do not like President Obama much, but we are bonded by our disguist with Larry Sinclair.

    Lastly, I never saw the Thin Blue Line. I loved the book. I looked for the movie to rent or buy, and found it on e-bay. The package came damaged with no tape. I had forgotten about that. I kept finding some British comedy every time I tried to find the movie. It was a phenomenal story….and there are so many like it that I didn’t realize until I got into the true crime genre. My favorite!

    joeymac – June 11, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    I can’t quite wrap my mind around the assertion of Mr. Murray that there is a “50% chance” that douchebag is telling the truth; especially, since there is a 100% chance that he has been proven lying:
    (a) No brain tumor.
    (b) Choice points awards showing him in Chicago on certain dates.
    (c) Obama showing up at his door, after he had changed rooms (how did he know which room to go to? A hotel, nowadays, will not give out a room number, instead they receptionist will put your call through without giving a clue of the location. It’s up to the guest to reveal the number.
    (d) Sidewinder claims that he contacted the campaign in September, 2007 about a speech that Obama made in November, 2007.
    (e) He changed the name of the purported limosine driver.
    (f) He passed counterfeit money orders in Delaware, fled the state a jump ahead of the Sheriff after contact, and claimed he didn’t know there was a warrant issued for him.
    (g) He constantly gave fake names and alias to law-enforcement to avoid identification (I lost track of the number of aliases he has used).
    (h) He gave a worthless check (on a closed account) to a destitute woman in Laredo, and, I believe, claimed at one point that the signature wasn’t his.
    (i) He gave a worthless check to a municipality in FL, fled the state and claimed that he didn’t know a warrant would be issued (are you kidding me?).
    (j) And, of course, the polygraph indicated that he was lying from start to finish. He lied that he really passed the test due to some esoteric criteria and later settled on the story that the test was “rigged.”

    That is merely a partial list of PROVEN prevarications without exploring dozens of dodgy assertions that are improbable; namely, the travel logistics for that period is nearly impossible if we follow what was claimed in the published screed. Of course, any sane person that looks a Obama, and looks at Sinclair, and contemplates any intimate contact is not being honest.

    I have no proof, but I have no doubt that Mr. Murray is being paid to produce this smear. Indeed, the love of money is the root of much evil.

    ***End of chronological order for June 11, 2010***

    Gilligan – June 5, 2010 at 8:43 am


    A week is a LOT of time for a reporter to spend on a story, and if there was any THERE there, the Tribune would’ve reported the story. The Trib isn’t exactly friends with Obama, given that it’s the conservative paper in town. But did Larrdo expect Crewdson to just call this “anonymous” source to “verify” this story, have Crewdson nod his head like a bobblehead doll, exclaim, “I believe Larry!” and that’d be it? If that’s the case, FatBoy really is dumber than he looks.

    And hell, we’ve never seen pictures of Larrdo at the graduation of his godson–and given that Larrdo has pictures of himself in almost 1 to 1 real time, I find that to be really telling. He may have been running drugs instead of being in Chicago.

    And I also wonder if he gave any of the Parisi money to his mother to pay her bills, given she had to short sell her house. And you’d think someone who made the kind of money Larrdo claims he did when he was running drugs and humans, he’d pay off Moma’s mortgage at the least. What DID he do with that $250,000 to $300,000 a month he claims he was making?

    And that Larrdo failed to tell Parisi about Donald Young is also quite interesting. It’s not like this happened a decade ago. Young was murdered less than three months before the polygraph. That information would’ve been fresh in Larrdo’s mind, in fact, because Young was murdered, this would’ve been seared into Larrdo’s memory. But gosh, it wasn’t. I mean it completely slipped his mind. How come?

    RuhRoh – June 4, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    Ok, back to the stupid Humphries interview:

    -Still calling a porn site

    -Says he’d finished his interviews with Crewdson by the time Parisi contacted him

    -Says Parisi lied repeatedly about where and when the polygraph would be done

    -Says Parisi refused to allow Larry to have a media consultant in the room with him after agreeing that Larry could have one present

    -Thinks Gelb’s report was suspiciously short. Says that Gelb swore the results had already been corroborated by an independent expert through blind study prior to issuing his report. Larry says this is a lie as Barland reviewed the results after Gelb and had not even received the materials when Gelb issued his report.

    -Larry again says he’s sure that he was set up. “No doubt in my mind.”

    -Claims that Crewdson verified that Parisi was paid off, polygraph was rigged etc.

    -Says Donald Young had been contacting him since Sept 07. Pretty much the same old crap with Donald Young story. Although he keeps saying Dy was calling him for 3 months. How Sept, Oct, Nov and all of December add up to three, only Larry could tell you.

    -Going on about Wayne Madsen.

    -Still says all he wants is for people to confront Obama with the truth. (Remember he said at the beginning of this interview he didn’t even ask the campaign for that. )

    Interestingly, Larry has not mentioned that he is running for Congress. Interesting behavior for a candidate. Declined to give his campaign websites, too.

    Ruh Roh – June 4, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    Listening to Fatboy on last night’s Humphries show now
    -Yes, he definitely has changed the story about when he told the limo driver that he wanted company and that company was procured before the limo driver even picked Larry up.
    -I think some of the details of the following day also changed, but I’ll leave those to the experts.
    -Has totally changed his story about why he ‘decided to come forward’. Now says it was because some woman on the news in 2007 was swooning over his openness, honesty and transparency.
    -Larry now says he did indeed used to do crack, in the 80s in Miami.
    -Larry says not only did he never ask the Obama campaign for money, quote: “I never asked them for anything!” Not even to come clean about his supposed drug use with Larry. Oh puuuhhhlleeeezze!

    I have to pause this at the 1:38 mark and run out for a bit, but will check back and finish the stupid interview.

    LMK – June 4, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    The Interviewer did not believe Sinliar as he said Why would obama give his real name if he was cruising for sex , as a noted politician and as a married man.

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I bet FTD was not happy in that interview! Not happy at all. Good question that the interviewer asked. Borat, how did Larry respond to that question? Did Larry talk about the lawsuit? Is the show archived or would I have to pay for it?
    Thank god there was an agent on duty when the interview aired. Nothing pisses off Chairman Obama like lazy agents do (well maybe BP pisses off Chairman Obama a little more, but just a smidgen more). He gets so mad the his horns actually rise up out of his head. Trust me; you don’t want to be on the receiving end of his wrath when you are the agent who screwed up!! Party on all.

    Meesheemey- May 3, 2010 at 10:05 am

    It’s been a pattern, too bad the marks don’t recognize it. This is how future scams are introduced:

    (Read her entire post here ) Note: This is no longer available.

    kato – April 16, 2010 at 11:34 am

    Sinclair should take the time to explain to his supporters (all five of them) why he has dissappeared without explanation AGAIN.

    He should address this mysterious surgery he had and why he didn’t show up for the radio debate on taxes.

    He should explain why there is no mention/explanation for cancelling his campaign fundraiser.

    He is NOT very transparent.
    He IS very elusive.

    He has been playing farmville for DAYS on facebook, but he doesn’t have the courtesy to speak to his supporters about his dissaperance.

    The very people who has given him money, can’t even get a courtesy acknowledgement from him about what is going on.

    It’s shameful how a person who wants other to vote and donate to his congressional race, would act this way.

  17. Dennis says:

    Well, I was about to interject a reminder that T. Patrick Murray was actually a legitimate figure with respectable credentials regardless of his passing flirtation with the Lardo LaLaLand of Wonder. And as far as I know, he is…but I also have to admit that a quick look at Ripoff Report seems to suggest that Mr. Murray has had some business “issues” in recent years. Of especial note:

    “T Patrick Murray is a scam artist, just like the other person says. He is also a liar. Do not do business with him or his wife. Murray had a bunch of us come to his house to shoot the film “The Graduation Party”. He promised each actor 2% of the profits. That was over three years ago. He also promised on multiple occasions that the film editing was being completed only to later give some poor excuse as to why it wasn’t finished yet. At this point I removed it from my resume/head shot. The shoot turned out to be little more than a bunch of improvisational sessions with no structure. Unbelievably amateurish. THE EDITING OF THE MOVIE IS STILL NOT DONE and we wrapped filming in the fall of 2010!

    There is something not quite right about this guy. Could be mental or chemical. I get the feeling he believes all of the delusions in his own head. He acts offended any time one of the actors questions the delays in release. Bragged about some documentary he did years ago. FULL OF EXCUSES. You want to know Murray in a nutshell, just read his explanation regarding the previous guy he ripped off. Yeah, its because of the government conspiracy. Anybody but he is to blame.”

    Noticed that in his own response to another compliant, Murray goes into some long answer about his enemies from the Watergate investigation (though I thought he was just yong enough that he might have been in grade school or something during that time period) and some stuff like that. Either way, I am now less than surprised that he still has that web site up for the SinkLiar film that will never be.

  18. Dennis says:

    Quick note: I (and we) are not in any way taking sides nor implying that T. Patrick Murray has been involved in anything illegal or unethical (at least not unless there has been a court case with a final outcome). The views expressed in the above piece are those of a few former associates who have “issues” with him that may or may not be fair. In indie filmmaking, that is sometimes an extremely close call. Nor do I necessarily believe in their accusation that Murray has become a paranoid whack job (though his own answer to one of them gets increasingly bizarre – Watergate? Excuse me but what year is this?).

    But if I were working for TMZ, I would right be yelling WE GOT A LIVE ONE!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Dennis says:

    Last note of Murray: He seems to be more recently engaged in posting short clips on YouTube going after JP Morgan Chase bank for fraud in the foreclosure crisis (which almost sounds as if he should be working with some of the people I’m working with – small world sometimes). Either way, despite how it might have seemed, he was a pretty different case from our recent encounter with Spoonhead. Murray is a media professional. OK, Robert Altman he ain’t. But he is an actual professional engaged in various aspects of the media profession. Spoonhead is basically a nut job running a really marginal media “thing” (I’m not even trying to be snarky – his Movie Skool LLC set up has basically no footprints anywhere in the business at any level, high or low) that has mostly resulted in a few wing nutter videos on YouTube. No matter what, there is a difference.

  20. Maybe Kevin Davidson can help you to research why people such as yourselves go to such great lengths to attack the relatively powerless when they simply seek to expose the powerful as liars and frauds.

    Kevin Davidson might be able to help explain your emotional investment in “obama’s” false persona, because he’s fully invested too.

    There, there, now. Consider the recommendation a favor from me. After all, it was the site that alerted me to your very existence, and who can argue but that our acquaintance has been cause for delight for all involved?

    Moving for a continuance,

    • kstreet607 says:

      Lysander Spooner, you don’t seem to know about Sinclair’s personal attacks and threats toward us.

      At every turn Sinclair was plotting with his sycophants to expose as many of us as he could for merely calling out the lies and discrepancies in his story.

      The more intense and personal he got in attacking us, the more intent we were in exposing his psychopathic tendencies. Here is an example of his viciousness toward our reports and expose’s:

  21. Lysander Spooner says:
    JUNE 22, 2014 AT 4:31 AM

    “Maybe Kevin Davidson can help you to research why people such as yourselves go to such great lengths to attack the relatively powerless when they simply seek to expose the powerful as liars and frauds.”

    “Attack the relatively powerless”?
    SickLiar goes after grandmothers and housewives and you’re concerned with us attacking him?
    As he recently wrote, he liked to frequent a bar in Colorado for the bar fights. He threatened to fight people in LA and elsewhere. Of his roughly 140 prison discipline convictions, roughly 40% were for threats and acting on those treats: assaults – that included throwing infected mucus mixed with urine on guards and starting a fire (a mind boggling, horrific thing to do in a place where people are locked up and unable to escape). And he made a veiled threat to burn down the house of one of our “powerful” (to use your reasoning) female posters along with death threats of an attorney representing some of our posters (proved by tying the IP address of that threat to the same IP address of posts made on his own site that day). Even the Secret Service had an agent outside his house when Obama visited Florida.

    “when they simply seek to expose …. liars and frauds.”
    That’s one of the very things we’re doing here. SickLiar, according to many, many court cases and convictions, according to some members of his own family, according to the authorities, has been engaging in criminal deception, lies and fraud from the time he was a juvenile until the present day.

    Let me quote your own site on Davidson:

    “Davidson dismisses Sinclair’s claims about sex with “obama” as sleazy smears”

    “Davidson claims Larry Sinclair is running some kind of con game.”

    “…Kevin Davidson has taken to the internet in an effort to besmirch the conclusions and work product of yours truly, the Founder and Dean of Lysander Spooner Law School. Some time ago, Mr. Davidson courageously banned me for commenting at his site, claiming I was “hijacking” his topics and being a “troll.

    Lysander Spooner says:
    JUNE 22, 2014 AT 4:31 AM

    “Kevin Davidson might be able to help explain your emotional investment in “obama’s” false persona, because he’s fully invested too.”

    We’ve already explained at great length why this blog exists. We have provided links and evidence to you to back up our position. We’ve also cautioned you that this is not a political website. This site is not about Obama.

    You however, haven’t backed up your position after several requests to do so. You float nonsense theories about us and don’t back them up.

    If there is anything to be gained in discourse or an exchange of ideas, it has to have some give and take or at least some reasonableness. You provide none of that.

    I have no patience for racists. To me, racists are really ignorant people. Permitting a racist a voice on this site seems wrong to me.

    Therefore, I’m with Kevin Davidson. You’re a certified ignorant, racist asshole who has been hosed by Sickliar and amount to a waste of time. You have no idea of value to offer. I vote you be banned from posting anything further on this site. Good riddance.

    • Meesh says:

      I do not know why we spend our time with this ignoramus…it’s well-known from the site that he noted and others throughout the internet…his coalition with Larry Sinclair has been going on for years.He’s known as a thief who rips off articles, he’s unoriginal.Anyway, I think if Kenneth Olsen hasn’t seen through FatAss by now, he’s as bad as Sinclair if not worse…if this was “Lysander Spooner”‘s last comment, I’m glad to see he’s gone…this guy creeps me out, I no longer feel sorry for him…I’m repulsed. I’m with WTPL? “Good Riddance”. Banning him from here would serve no purpose, as his comments have been repeatedly empty and insignificant.

      Running on 3 cylinders,”LysanderSpoonerLawSchool”is the only paid “Header Banner” on the worst newsite>>>SickliarSnoozeNews. Yeh add this to buying the copyrights of the rag.Sinclair knows a sucker when he sees one. It won’t be too long for Kenneth Olsen, he has the parachute but it’s missing the ripcord.*Splat!*

      “There, there, now” LysanderSpooner we realize that you forgot to pay for your brain bill, you’ve been too busy trying to protect your investment/obsession:”Larry Sinclair”.


      • tjtaygee says:

        You’re right, Meesh. Simply a troll, and not worth anyone’s time communicating with him – here or anywhere else.

        It seems to me that he’s going after one of liar-larr’s old tricks – the fallacy of “i have enemies who attack me ferociously, therefore I have validity.” Unfortunately for him, no one here has gone that route.

        Good job, everyone, in not feedlng the troll!

        • “– the fallacy of “i have enemies who attack me ferociously, therefore I have validity.”

          I call it – “I stink therefore I am.”

        • tjtaygee says:
          JUNE 22, 2014 AT 11:00 AM

          “It seems to me that he’s going after one of liar-larr’s old tricks – the fallacy of “i have enemies who attack me ferociously, therefore I have validity.” ….

          “and no accountability for the unsubstantiated attacks I (SickLiar) make that bring on the counter ‘attacks’. And no reasonable evaluation or evidence accepted of the responses I receive. Nor any acknowledgement by me of the threats I make rampantly in response.”

          The mainstream media saw through this as did the vast majority of the American people who came across it, leaving SickLiar surrounded by a few wingnuts and racists like Spoonheader.

          • Dennis says:

            Can’t we just ban the bum. He only comes over here (normally around bar closing time) just to publicly jerk off. He does not engage in debate. He doesn’t seem to read or pay any attention to anything that is said about anything. He repeats the same stupid ludicrous crap over and over again and needlessly sucks up our space. I say toss him. I’m pretty sure that we will not be the first (nor last) place he has ever been banned from. But it is time for him to go and masturbate somewhere else.

            • I think anyone who disagrees with you or finds you to be ignorant and/or cruel should be banned.

            • Now come on Ly, if you want to keep commenting here don’t you think you should first tell us why you think you are entitled to Lysander Spooner’s name?
              If you want to intrude here and call anyone “ignorant or cruel” shouldn’t you answer our questions about yourself first? Or is it fun just being strange and offensive? What causes you to enjoy being strange and offensive, Ly?

              Take your time.

            • Dennis says:

              “I think anyone who disagrees with you or finds you to be ignorant and/or cruel should be banned.”

              Excellent. For once we agree. Now that Mr. Spooner has seconded my recommendation, I suggest we toss his ass.

  22. Previously quoted above, Larry Sinclair on Facebook

    June 19 near Holly Hill, FL, United States “Phyllis Rider, Troy A. Rider, Amber Rider Brante, Sharon Hill Rider and anyone else who wants to inject themselves into something, or who want to stalk my FB friends sending friend requests asking for phone numbers etc. Phyllis you want to keep it fair, you got it it will be published tomorrow publicly on where you can post whatever you wish in response to my calling all of you out on the truth. I told you I don’t say anything I won’t back up and stand by.

    I see the “conservative news” website Spoon-header raved about missed another deadline promise (as usual) .. and of course, this isn’t conservative news – it’s another personal little cat fight.

  23. Meesh says:

    What an uplifting story and video

    We’re Happy, honest! Care home pensioners make their own video to Pharrell Williams’s hit song

    Here’s the video

    • Dennis says:

      So Meesh, you are looking for happy thoughts. I can dig it.

    • I’ve seen several renditions of the “Happy” song and I enjoyed this one the most. I always like to watch the way women move when they dance. It says so much about them. Different women can think they are moving exactly the same or doing the same step. But their individual personalities and body types produce movements that are unique to the individuals and can be pleasant and attractive to watch no matter their age.

      • Meesh says:

        I loved the article too, they spent weeks learning their routines and then spent two days in front of the camera filming the video. That’s dedication or teamwork, love it. But I should have figured you would notice how the women moved. But I’ll add to your enjoyment or the mystique, they’re from the UK…ah that lovely British accent too. Whoooooa! are you swooning?! 🙂

  24. Meesh says:

    Am not posting pictures of his family – What a POS….here’s his pointless post…I also redacted addresses, phone numbers as well,,,we will not fall into his trap….this is what he wants us to do.

    Lets Keep this Fair” Inspired by Phyllis Rider of Camden SC

    June 22, 2014
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    The following article is inspired by Phyllis Rider (Young) of Camden, South Carolina the daughter of two bit tramp and whore (my opinion) Sharon Rider of (XXXXXXCCCCCCCCCC XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXS S.C. who started screwing my dad Hubert Sinclair while both were married. Sharon Rider (right trying to hide her face from the camera) aka Sharon Hill Rider, was not only married, her husband was lying in their bed at home dying of cancer while Sharon was screwing my dad.

    This story begins when my father Lawrence Hubert Sinclair died on December 31, 1996 at his home at XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, SC. I was still in the custody of the Colorado Department of Corrections and though a cousin tried with all his might to get me there for my Dad’s funeral it just was not meant to be. Almost as soon as my father died some in my family began to show for the first time the two faced behind the back shit talking that they had engaged in for years but never had the guts to say to my face or in front of my fathers face. I had questions about my fathers death and I was not going to sit back and take the word of people who had spent their entire lives lying and presenting things in the best possible light to make them look good to their friends and neighbors.

    In 1997 I filed in the Kershaw County South Carolina Probate Court challenges to the probate of my fathers estate because that was the only way I was ever going to get some of my questions answered. Probate Judge Harriet S. Pierce granted my request to put the matter on hold until a hearing could be held with me present. That did not sit well with my younger sister Kim Sinclair Ray Watts Hinson or my uncle (my dads brother) James (Jim) Sinclair. In Nov 1997 I was paroled from the Colorado Department of Corrections and a hearing had been set in my fathers probate case for June 1998. I traveled from Pueblo Colorado for the hearings which had in attendance Sharon Hill Rider; my grandmother Agnes S. Sinclair, my younger sister Kim Sinclair Ray Watts Hinson; James Sinclair (Jim) my fathers brother as well as my sisters husband and I believe a member of Rider’s family and was before the honorable Judge Harriet S. Pierce (who still by the way is the presiding Probate Judge in Kershaw County).

    The hearing was not too pleasant for those in attendance (the case is part of public record and the transcripts may be obtained by anyone wishing to obtain them) and I made my concerns known and part of the record as they pertained to my fathers death, the claims that Rider and my sister had waited almost two months after my father had been unable to go to work and get out of bed before they thought to take him to a doctor; as well as some newly discovered claims that my fathers brother Jim had come to Camden for the hearing (which had nothing at all to do with him) and had told Delma Dukes a friend of mine and neighbor to my Grandmother “I came down to protect my mom, let me know if you see Larry around because he has sent letters threatening to kill my mother and I am going to shoot his ass if he comes on the property” though Jim and my Grandmother at the hearing denied Jim ever made such a statement, knowing my uncle (and all the lies he, Kim and Brenda told and kept going for years) and knowing Delma, I would take Delma’s word over Jim Sinclairs in a heartbeat. Jim, Kim and Brenda had spent years spreading lies and keeping family hating one side or the other. It was from the death of my father to the probate hearing that Kim, Rider and even my dads brother Jim started making statements openly claiming I was not my fathers child, and that “sorry faggot is not a part of this family” and more. But none of those words coming from these people would ever hurt me, I spent my like ignoring the things that Jim Sinclair said and as for Sharon Hill Rider, I just took into account who was saying it, I have never hidden the fact I am a faggot, but at least I have never been a two bit tramp; slut; or whore. After I had left Camden at the conclusion of the hearing I received a phone call from my friend David Dukes, my mother and the Kershaw County Sheriffs Office informing me Sharon Hill Rider has made a report accusing my of killing her dog. A dog that many said they never saw or knew she had and despite the fact I never stepped a foot on the property which belonged to my father.

    The hearing got heated and a confrontation between me and my uncle Jim took place. For years Jim had gone around bragging every chance he got about how he kicked by dad’s ass in a fight. I had had enough of Jim and told him in front of the judge on the record, that he and I could take it outside and deal with it once and for all. I made a point to make sure Jim knew, “I am not my dad, and it will not be me they have to pick up off the asphalt.” Jim did not feel lucky on that day and in fact he along with my sister and Sharon asked Judge Pierce to have me leave the Courthouse before they were escorted out of the Courtroom.

    Shortly after my fathers death and my filing papers in my dads probate case, his brother Jim Sinclair saw the perfect opportunity for him to get his greedy little hands and what my grandfather and grandmother had worked their whole lives to have. Jim (though dead now) and his wife Brenda Sinclair of Fayetteville, NC knew just like I and a few others in the family did, that my grandmother had prepared her will in a way that upon her death everything left in the land and house would go only to her surviving children and would not be distributed to any of her grandchildren or in-laws (spouses of her children) until there was only a single surviving child. The grandkids would each get the sum of $1.00 and the property, house ets would be shared by surviving children. Upon the death of a child, any portion of her estate that was shared would revert back to the remaining surviving children. It could not be left to a child or spouse. Jim never did like that and with me filing challenges to get answers in my dad’s probate case Jim saw his golden opportunity and he took it. After convincing my grandmother that I would challenge her will and make the family have to spend to defend against my challenges if she waited until her death to transfer the property, Jim managed to get my grandmother to transfer all the property into his and my Aunt Faye’s name. It didn’t make any difference to Jim that I had never intended to do any such thing and that other than a brief interest in buying a small piece of property if my grandmother was to sell it I never wanted, expected and had any interest of getting anything that belonged to her. But none the less Jim had found a way to get my grandmother to essentially make her Will invalid as to the property remaining only in the hands of her surviving children until only one remained.

    Jim had also managed to cause me and my grandmother to become estranged for a period of years but both she and I made amends with each other, we agreed that we would not always agree on things but that did not mean we could not enjoy and respect each other. Sadly for Jim he didn’t live long enough to see his handy work fall apart.

    I though that maybe things had changed over the years and that with the recent passing of my Grandmother maybe the family in Camden and NC would find a way to put all the back stabbing and spreading of lies and attacking of others behind them. I was wrong (which isn’t very often) and that became clear the day before Fathers Day.

    On Saturday June 14, 2014 my younger sister Kim changed her FaceBook profile picture to a photo of my father with Sharon Rider sitting to his left. I being the blunt and direct person that I am posted that I love the picture of my father but I despise the woman sitting next to him. That brought about my sister telling me “Larry that was uncalled for,” but it wasn’t, because until the last woman my father was actually legally married to had died, Bobbie Lee Baker Brown Sinclair Blackmon, my sister would never have posted a picture of my dad with Rider. Kim has always told the world that Bobbie was her mother, even went so far as to have the funeral home list her as Bobbie’s daughter in the obituary. That’s fine, that’s Kim’s choice.

    When I returned to Daytona Beach from Colorado on April 30, 2014 I got in my car and drove to South Carolina to be with my Grandmother who died just two days after I got there. I remained until the funeral and because of my love and respect for my Grandmother and my father’s sister I bit my tongue when I saw Sharon Hill Rider slither across the Antioch Baptist Church cemetery with my aunt (the wife of my fathers brother) Brenda Sinclair. This is the woman who in 1998 filed a false report with the Kershaw County Sheriffs Office accusing me of killing her dog even though to this day I have never set a foot on my fathers property, and despite the fact I was already 3 states away from SC when she claimed it happened. She is still a lying, two bit tramp to this day.

    While we are addressing these issues let me address another one that has bothered me and I want to call you out on it. For all of my family who claimed to love and cherish my Grandmother, why then did you not make the short drive down to Florence, SC and be with my Aunt who could have used your support at a time that she was having to prepared to lay her mother to rest? Larry & Barbara who are only related by marriage to my uncle upon hearing the news immediately drove from the central Florida panhandle to be there to give any comfort or assistance they could. Why did members of my family have the nerve to find it offensive that my aunt didn’t consult with your schedules before deciding on the day and time of the funeral? Who the hell are you to think that my aunt needed to plan the funeral of her mother according to what fit your schedule? The sheer idiocy and hypocrisy is mind blowing. Hell don’t say these things under your breath or to another family member, if you are going to say them, say them out in the open.

    After I posted publicly my feelings about Sharon Hill Rider , two of her children, Troy and Phyllis Rider who are friends with my sister Kim decided to inject themselves into the matter. Troy (who despite all the beliefs of those in Camden, my father hated with a passion) and Phyllis Rider thought they were somehow going to attack me without me being able to respond because Kim had blocked me from posting on her FB wall got a surprise when I decided to publicly post the statements and the facts about Sharon Rider. In fact Phyllis accused me of being scared to post on my sisters wall that my father was a whore, which could not be any further from the truth. But truth is something these people in Camden, SC cannot handle nor some in NC.

    I posted the below on my FaceBook page and made it viewable to all the world:

    Larry Sinclair

    June 14

    Give me your thoughts on this. If someone made an out right false report accusing you of killing a dog that no one ever knew them to even have, would you just forget it as if it never happened or would you want that person to be accountable for their deliberate lie?

    Then Phyllis Rider and Troy A. Rider started posting comments on my sister Kim’s FB wall but Kim had decided she was going to block me from being able to see or respond to them so I posted the following for public view on my FB

    Larry Sinclair

    June 15 near Holly Hill, FL · Edited

    To all who know me or who are friends on FB. All of my life I have been very blunt and direct, I have always said what I feel and think and have always done so up front and to ones face. I am almost 53 years old and I am not all of a sudden going to stop being me because someone can’t handle reality or being confronted when they misrepresent themselves or facts to fit their nice little idea of family or happiness. My family (some of whom still to this day can’t handle the fact I don’t mince my words) have always known this and while some have no problem with it others would rather try to blame and smear than face reality. Tough, if you don’t like it or are offended by it you know where the unfriend and block button is. If you unfriend don’t bother resending a new friend request later, as I am not interested in playing this game with anyone. I am sick to death of family who want to be family when it serves their purpose. I have lived my life on my terms never hiding or running from anything I have done or said, and to have the children of some two bit tramp (my opinion) in Camden, South Carolina Sharon Hill Rider, have the nerve to tell me “I have never served time,” or “show me dna proof Hubert is your daddy,” just isn’t something I am going to let slide. Phyllis Rider, you said you wanted an all out war last night, well you got one. Since you think you know me, know this I will now go after your mother Sharon Hill Rider with all I got legally until she is held accountable for her false police reports. Lets let the whole world know what kind of woman she is and has been for a long, long, time. You asked me last night why I wouldn’t put on Kim Sinclair Hinson’s wall that my Dad was a whore, I would but Kim decided to play her blocking game. My Dad was always a whore when it came to fooling around with other women, from Naomi when I was a kid to a multitude of others over his lifetime ( and I have loved him through all of them) I do and always have lived in reality not fantasy as some have/do. Now can you publicly admit your mother was/is a whore as well?Now as for your little “Boom” “Boom” statements, bring it, I live for the Boom, Boom and can, have and always will back it up. All of you self righteous hypocritical wannabe one day a week Christians give all Christians a bad rap.

    The above should make it clear that I have never shied away from the truth no matter who it pertains to, but to have the children of Sharon Hill Rider demand a DNA sample to prove I am my fathers child was the last straw in this never ending family saga. My sister Kim and my fathers brother Jim Sinclair are the ones who started that out right lie saying my dad said I wasn’t his and I will not sit back and allow it to go unchallenged another day. Perhaps Kim might want to agree to turn over a DNA sample and we can have both of ours run to see if we have the same father.

    Tuesday after I saw Brenda had unfriended me because I dare call out her buddy Sharon Hill Rider and her children publicly I decided it was time to just put everything out there once and for all. In doing so a cousin I have seen twice in the last 45 years took to FB and in her anger and wanting to believe her father and mother could do no wrong decided to repeat her mom & dad’s description of me and confirmed what I had said all along about Jim’s plan to get his hands on all that was my grandmothers. Sadly for Jim, Brenda, Kay and anyone else who though anyone wanted anything from my grandmother they missed the chance to know and enjoy family who had absolutely no interest in anything except for Kim who not only wanted part of the property, she ended up teaming up with Jim and Brenda in an effort to get part of it but failed.

    Larry Sinclair

    June 17 near Holly Hill, FL · Edited

    I will no longer feel the need to protect the identities of those who like to stay in their little gossip bubble trashing everyone in order for those doing the bashing can portray themselves as being something better. I will no longer hold out of pointing out family members who think its okay for them to defraud company pensions by hiding the facts they have since remarried which would put an end …to the check being paid every month in spousal support through ones pension. I will no longer hold my tongue when it comes to letting the world know how my Christian sister Kim Sinclair Hinson cursed, threatened and curse more an aunt because my sister couldn’t con my Aunt into giving her a part of land belonging to by Grandmother. Or the fact that since Jim died the portion of his share of his mothers estate which had the will not been voided by the early transfer of the property, would have returned to the last remaining child, and would not have been allowed to have been transferred from Jim to Brenda upon Jim’s death. But with the will invalid from the transfer of the property prior to MaMa’s death Brenda was able to keep claim on Jim’s half of the Sinclair property after Jims death if Jim’s death was probated in Cumberland County NC.

    My cousin posted the following response before unfriending me:

    Kay Winters I no longer feel a need to hear, see or know about your personal views, opinions or your “family concerns”. You have no idea what you are talking about and its rather sickening how you “no longer feel the need to…” Its not your business what my mother does, nor is it your business who shes friends with. You are now and always have been a lying conniving manipulating person. I really was happy to see you and make that family bond that hadn’t been there for a very long time. I thought I would send this to you as a message but since you chose to air your opinions about my mother here… I chose to air mine here too. My mother is not getting a pension from my daddys retirement or from the state or any damn body else! Not that it your business. My Daddy told us, my mom and my sisters this is exactly what would happen should he die before Mama Sinclair. I love my Aunt Faye and I know she has a good heart and I hope she doesn’t share your opinion on things you think you are an expert at.

    June 18 at 11:33am

    Kay Winters I will be deleting you from my page and my life. I wish it could be different. LEAVE MY MOTHER ALONE!!!! SHES NOT YOUR BUSINESS!! God help you Larry…. cause you sure do need it.

    •June 18 at 11:34am

    I posted the following response to my cousins post:

    Larry Sinclair That is your choice and your right Kay. Sometimes there comes a time when people need to stop blaming everyone else for their choices and situations. I have sat back far too long and watch Kim Sinclair Hinson, Brenda Sinclair and even my dads own brother Jim spread lies and vicious statements about my mother, me, my brother and even my father. What exactly is it you are saying your daddy told you? That Kim would show her ass, curse people out when she couldn’t get what she wanted and continue to blame everyone but herself? Let me make something clear, I speak for myself and myself only. You trying to bring Faye into something that is my words shows me this family still can’t deal with reality without trying to blame someone else. My posts, my opinions, my feelings. Bottom line Kay, sooner or later people have to deal with the truth and reality. I wish you and yours a happy and joy filled life.

    June 18 at 11:52am

    Larry Sinclair Since it appears from my cousins comment above that as usual my comments and opinions are yet again being tied to the continued misconception that somehow I wanted something that belonged to my Grandmother so let me set the record straight once an for all. First for those who were not aware of the terms of her last will let me educate you. The original intent of my Grandmother as set forth in her Will which my Uncle knew about as did his wife, myself and a few others were upon her death, her property would go to her surviving children with $1.00 going to each grandchild. In 1998 after I appeared at my fathers probate hearing my dads brother convinced my grandmother to transfer ownership of her property to him and my Aunt insisting that if she didn’t “Larry would contest your will.” The Will made it clear that any property passed to a surviving child would not and could not be left to a child or spouse but would revert to the remaining surviving children until only one surviving child remained. I have known of the contents of that Will for many years and never had a problem with it so those of you who want to now somehow think that me addressing the issues at hand has something to do with me wanting something, I am not now nor have I ever been interested in the property. The only thing I have ever wanted from my Grandmother (and I got), was the smiles and laughter we shared over the last few years of her life a lot of which were made possible by my Aunt and Uncle. People who think they are entitled to something that belonged to someone else who worked for what they had are just dumb ass people. If I was interested in what I could have or get as some seem to suggest, I would not have ever given away hundreds of thousands of dollars to people I didn’t even know. I am very happy with what I have an I have always provided for myself. If it were up to me I would tell my Aunt and Uncle to sell it for as much money as possible and use the money to take a long over due vacation and put back the money they used from their savings and retirement to maintain it for so long and to provide for my grandmother all these years.

    June 18 at 12:47pm

    On June 19, 2014 I was notified by numerous FB friends that they had received Friend requests from Phyllis Rider via FB and some had even been asked to provide their phone numbers to Phyllis. Phylliss I guess just never thought that my friends would let me know about this.

    Larry Sinclair

    June 19 near Holly Hill, FL

    To all my friends, if you get a friend request from Phyllis Rider she is trying to friend you to get to me. Do not accept the request. Thanks to those who have notified me she has sent you a friend request.


    Larry Sinclair

    June 19 near Holly Hill, FL · Edited

    Phyllis Rider, Troy A. Rider, Amber Rider Brante, Sharon Hill Rider and anyone else who wants to inject themselves into something, or who want to stalk my FB friends sending friend requests asking for phone numbers etc. Phyllis you want to keep it fair, you got it it will be published tomorrow publicly on where you can post whatever you wish in response to my calling all of you out on the truth. I told you I don’t say anything I won’t back up and stand by.



    It seems Phyllis Rider thought she should have direct access to my FB friends rather than post her comments on the completely publicly available post I made public so no one could say I have done anything behind their back. But hey that’s not the Camden way and it certainly has never been the Camden or Fayetteville way when it comes to my family.

    With the recent passing of my grandmother so to comes the passing of the Sinclair name from its long held history and roots in South Carolina to a new location with its roots starting to grow deeper and stronger in the Colorado sun.

    Sadly it is clear to me now that the sections of family that came about from the Sinclair name in Camden South Carolina will never be family to each other; they will never face themselves or their past in a mirror and and own that which is theirs whether good or bad, and because they won’t the end has already come to the family that once was, and could have still been but in reality can never be again.

    So now Phyllis Rider, Kim Sinclair Ray Watts Hinson, Brenda Sinclair, Kay and anyone else who wants to make me the bad guy, is this keeping it fair enough for you? You can feel free to post any remark or comment you wish right here for all the world to see. They say sunshine is the worlds best disinfectant.

    ADDED: 🙄

    “I have never lived my life wanting from someone else and may God strike me dead the minute I ever let my life become about what I can get that belongs to someone else. My sister Kim still to this day claims I didn’t know my father or grandmother etc…, but long before the day of smartphones, emails and instant messaging I communicated with my father and grandmother and grandfather by letter on a weekly basis. I received my last letter from my grandfather just one week before he died because I had mailed him his birthday card a week early.”

    • Dennis says:

      On the Boom Boom scale of 1 to 10, this is pretty much a 5. Lots of insults about how they are all sluts, whores and tramps. Loads of completely one sided and totally subjective presentation (including events he admits to not having witnessed). No support evidence of any kind (which is required in Probate Court). More insults wrapped up with his usual brand of bogus self-righteous posturing.

      However, he let slips one interesting thing. They were moving toward demanding that he should take a DNA test to prove that he is really his father’s son. Ironically, considering the nature of the allegations, he should also be demanding such a test to settle this issue once and for all. Instead, he has blown up into a “fit” about everything else under the sun and obviously is attempting to avoid the DNA test.

      So he is back to his usual tricks. When the evidence is against you, scream like crazy about everything else.

    • Well at least everyone now knows why he behaves like such a bastard.

    • SlickLiar quoting his uncle Jim:
      “I came down to protect my mom, let me know if you see Larry around because he has sent letters threatening to kill my mother …”

      Another death threat by SickLiar. Another instance of SickLiar going after a grandmother.

      The above happened in 1997. He’s had this MO long before we encountered him.

    • I’m feeling the need to email a copy of this “conservative news story” (about Larry’s family problems) to Larry Elder in memory of the dearly departed Spoon-Header.

      Here’s a list of other recent SickLiar New Stories over the last three months
      Colorado vs Larry Sinclair 2001CR727: DISMISSED
      We Will Be Back Stronger Than Ever Shortly
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      Gumball 3000 Brings Beautiful Women & Million $ Cars To Daytona Beach
      Rights to Controversial 2009 Book on Obama Can Be Yours
      Sinclair News Will End Its LiveStream Account Effective May 7, 2014
      Former Pueblo Deputy DA Stephen A. Jones Takes Parting Shot
      The Real Story On 13 Year Old Colorado Warrant

      Only 1 of the 13 is related to Conservative News. 77% of the stories are about sickLiar and his personal problems.

      • Meesh says:

        Go for it! Also send it to his favourite FOX News anchors..after they stop laughing – they’ll notice that the 23% left is direct rip-offs of their programs.

    • SickLiar says:
      “I have never hidden the fact I am a faggot, but at least I have never been a two bit tramp; slut; or whore. “

      Another lie.

      From his Laredo ad to solicit sex (LWS022737 are his initials followed by his father’s date of birth and also matches an email address he used – he’s never denied this was his ad):

      Anything Goes
      Aggressive Sex
      Group Sex
      1-on-1 Sex
      Oral Sex

      Definition of “tramp”: “a person who sleeps around”. From the above ad and the definition, SickLiar is a tramp and a liar.

      Definition of “slut”: “a sexually promiscuous person; One who engages in sexual activity with a large number of persons, occasionally simultaneously”. From the above ad and the definition, SickLiar is a slut and a liar (see “Group Sex” and the ad itself attracting anonymous partners)

      Definition of “whore”: “engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money” We did find a “Lawrence Sinclair” wanted for soliciting prostitution from an under age male in a town in northern Mexico within 200 miles of Laredo in 2005-6 when SickLiar was living in that area. So if that one is not a “lie”, it would sure be pretty thick with hypocrisy.

      From the top quote, in the best case, SickLiar is a lying, hypocritical slut and tramp.

  25. Meesh says:

    He’s added more…. 🙄

    “I have never lived my life wanting from someone else and may God strike me dead the minute I ever let my life become about what I can get that belongs to someone else. My sister Kim still to this day claims I didn’t know my father or grandmother etc…, but long before the day of smartphones, emails and instant messaging I communicated with my father and grandmother and grandfather by letter on a weekly basis. I received my last letter from my grandfather just one week before he died because I had mailed him his birthday card a week early.”

    • Dennis says:

      OK, he doesn’t want anything out of this. So what is his beef? Sounds as if under the current set up, he gets nothing. Under the old will, he got $1.00. Nobody, and I mean nobody, goes into Probate Court except for the money. This is not meant as a judgement, just a fact. I have been in Probate several times. It is a complete pain in the rear. So yes, he is here with his hands out screaming “Feed me!”

      He is also, quite obviously, ducking on the DNA test. Kind of answers that question. In South Carolina, the blood relation issue is still of some importance (unless the person was legally adopted and/or publicly proclaimed as a person’s son). So he has to fight this issue if he is to have any stand in Probate. Unfortunately for Fat Boy, these days in most states the court will settle the question by demanding a DNA test. Now maybe things are different down in this southern version of Peyton Place that he grew up in, who knows.

      But as much as he screams, insults, and threatens all of these people, his main claim in Probate roughly translates as: “Feed me! Feed me!”

  26. tjtaygee says:

    Liar-larr – keeping the world safe from the homosexuality and drug use of Barack Obama by…squabbling pointlessly and publicly with family?
    What. A. Joke.

  27. Dennis says:

    Oh heck, I guess in the pursuit of a clear and balanced record, it is time to let the other side of this weird probate dispute have a bit of a say, so here are the key comments from Phyllis Rider on FB:

    Troy Rider And what is whrn?
    June 14 at 10:40pm · Like · 2
    Larry Sinclair Troy I see you have grown up into one who likes to play with words. So here some words you should understand. Sharon Hill Rider in my book is a lying, whoring excuse of a woman who is not worthy of respect or compassion as she is a lying coniving cunning backwoods tramp.
    June 14 at 10:43pm · Like
    Troy Rider I’ll wait……
    June 14 at 10:43pm · Like
    Phyllis Rider Waiting…..come on, someone who is eaten up with whatever the hell you’re eat up with should be a little quicker on the response!
    June 14 at 10:43pm · Like · 2
    Phyllis Rider Funny Larry, no one else feels this way! We were here for your Daddy, along with Kim. Where were the other children? Your point of view is just that! YOURS!
    June 14 at 10:46pm · Like · 2
    Phyllis Rider It’s cute how the more we respond, the nastier your comments get! Where were you when your Daddy died? Tell us all!
    June 14 at 10:48pm · Like · 2
    Larry Sinclair It should have said when. And Phyllis I am not trying to change the way you look at you mother, you opened your mouth and said lets deal with it so lets do it. And Troy you might want to be careful how far you want to get into this because I will not hold back.
    June 14 at 10:48pm · Like
    Phyllis Rider Don’t hold back, you need to deal with this!
    June 14 at 10:48pm · Like · 1
    Larry Sinclair Phyllis, you certainly came from that tramp you call mom.
    June 14 at 10:49pm · Like · 1
    Phyllis Rider Thank you! Never have I had a better compliment! And btw, I call her Mama!
    June 14 at 10:50pm · Like · 2
    Phyllis Rider Boom!
    June 14 at 10:50pm · Like · 2
    Larry Sinclair Troy, funny I hear you are the gutless poodle type, big mouth no nut sack. You want to bring it, just say when and where.
    June 14 at 10:51pm · Like · 1
    Phyllis Rider Me first!
    June 14 at 10:51pm · Like · 1
    Larry Sinclair You should call her whore, liar and afew other things.
    June 14 at 10:52pm · Like
    Phyllis Rider Troy was a child when all of this went down, just for all of you tuning in! lol
    June 14 at 10:52pm · Like · 1
    Phyllis Rider Just as you can’t call Hubert Father.
    June 14 at 10:52pm · Like · 1
    Troy Rider Which I assume means I cannot take up for my mother, or the fact I was there to see how happy they were together.
    June 14 at 10:54pm · Like · 1
    Phyllis Rider I can say, I never saw Mama happier!
    June 14 at 10:54pm · Like
    Larry Sinclair Phyllis, you whore of a mother can’t call my dad husband, and sweetheart I have Lawrence Hubert Sinclair on my birth certificate. Jump in and get muddy.
    June 14 at 10:55pm · Like
    Phyllis Rider DNA proof?
    June 14 at 10:55pm · Like · 1
    Larry Sinclair All of you say that you never saw your mother happier when she was screwing a married man, yet your mother was telling dads family she was miserable and wanted out but wasn’t leaving empty handed, so which is it?
    June 14 at 10:58pm · Like
    Troy Rider We’re not doubting that. What are you so mad about? I’m
    Not picking a fight with you. Truth be told Phyllis and I are honestly doing the same as you. What is with the aggression? You didn’t like the decisions our parents made therefore we are at fault?
    June 14 at 10:58pm · Like
    Larry Sinclair You want to dna proof who Troys real daddy is? I am not afraid to dna test me and my dad.
    June 14 at 10:59pm · Like
    Troy Rider Cool, so were brothers then? Cut out the aggression then. It’s cool now Phyl.
    June 14 at 11:01pm · Like
    Phyllis Rider My Daddy never told me he didn’t think Troy was his child.
    June 14 at 11:03pm · Like · 1
    Troy Rider Awkward silence….
    June 14 at 11:06pm · Like
    Larry Sinclair Troy, I don’t have any respect for your mother because of your mother’s making false out right lied about police reports, because just six month before my father got sick she told my aunt and uncle from NC she wanted out but was not leavinh empty handed. Kim knew posting a picture of my father with your mom in it would get a comment from me. The comment wad honest and clean in language. I will not be told I somehow have to like or respect someone who I have no respect for isn’t gpnna happen.
    June 14 at 11:06pm · Like
    Phyllis Rider And my Mother may have been miserable, she may have wanted out. However, she left everything to each of her children just as my Daddy wished!
    June 14 at 11:06pm · Like
    Larry Sinclair Was not wad
    June 14 at 11:07pm · Like
    Phyllis Rider Call out the Aunt and Uncle from NC. Let’s get this out there!
    June 14 at 11:07pm · Like
    Troy Rider All jokes aside Larry I hope you can work through the issues you have with your dad and my mom. Life is too short to focus on hate.
    June 14 at 11:08pm · Like · 2
    Phyllis Rider We don’t give a shit whether you have an ounce of respect for any of us! Can this be the end?
    June 14 at 11:08pm · Like · 2
    Phyllis Rider We have actual lives to live.
    June 14 at 11:09pm · Like · 2
    Kim Sinclair Hinson OK I am so sick of your anger and disrespect Larry, good night and have a good lie… I mean life… I am blocking you ..please do not ever contact me again, I am done!!!
    June 14 at 11:09pm · Like
    Larry Sinclair And Phyllis I will call you out right now if you are implying my fathert told you or anyone
    June 14 at 11:09pm · Like
    Larry Sinclair Else he didn’t I was his son. You using Kim’s tired old line
    June 14 at 11:10pm · Like
    Phyllis Rider I’m not sure what the last comment means.
    June 14 at 11:11pm · Like
    Troy Rider I’m sorry Kim I didn’t think about the fact that all of this is posted to you. Phyllis and Larry if this rant is to continue let’s do it on our sites and leave Kim out of it. Once again i apologize Kim.
    June 14 at 11:13pm · Like · 2
    Kim Sinclair Hinson It is fine I deleted him…. he just likes drama…. he is the queen of drama… I am so sorry!!!
    June 14 at 11:16pm · Like
    Phyllis Rider Sorry Kim. I wasn’t thinking about that either.
    June 14 at 11:17pm · Like
    Larry Sinclair Sorry for what Kim. You are the one kissing ass because you have lost all the family you could suck up too.
    June 14 at 11:19pm · Like
    Larry Sinclair Drama, Kim thats your middle name in trying to present yourself in the image as a good Antioch mom and wife while you spew your lies, gossip and all. Troy and Phyllis are right, this needs to be put out and dealt with once and for all. Jim & Brenda. Jim is gone and I doubt Brenda would tell the truth now that they seem to be buddy buddy.
    June 14 at 11:24pm · Like
    Larry Sinclair Phyllis and troy you can post what you have to say to me on my wall.
    June 14 at 11:25pm · Like
    Phyllis Rider Please accept my friend request.
    June 14 at 11:27pm · Like · 1
    Troy Rider Awesome
    June 14 at 11:28pm · Like · 2
    Larry Sinclair Both have been accepted
    June 14 at 11:31pm · Like
    Phyllis Rider Now that everyone know, let’s continue this in private!!
    June 14 at 11:31pm · Like · 1
    Anna Hunter wow! I had to block that fella and stop reading his nonsense. Don’t be talking about my nanny …
    June 16 at 12:59pm · Like · 2
    Kim Sinclair Hinson Is he still running his mouth?
    June 16 at 3:45pm · Like
    Troy Rider Haven’t heard anything since Saturday.
    June 16 at 3:49pm · Like · 1
    Mary Grasmick I have tried to stay out of this BUT Fair warning to all of you! Larry had every right to express his feelings. ALL of you were wrong to do so in public. Now all of you have had your say & he is blocked from your wall. IF you want to know what he has t…See More
    June 17 at 4:01pm · Like
    Kim Sinclair Hinson Moma you need to stay out of this, it is over so don`t stir the pot up again…. This is my wall I can ask what ever I want, Larry had no right to make nasty comments on my wall.I told him to stop but he kept it going. No comment needed…
    June 17 at 4:19pm · Like
    Mary Grasmick Kim, I am 73 years & I decide when I need to comment! ALL of you need to STOP! I am happy you have those that you love so much to fall back on! We are all quite happy in Colorado & stay so busy we only see what is posted on face book! As for Larry & Ray unless GOD changes all three of you they won’t be seen on your wall at all. Blessings!
    June 17 at 4:46pm · Like
    Kim Sinclair Hinson I couldn`t care less, I am very happy with my life it is stress free and I am going to keep it that way…
    June 17 at 4:56pm · Like · 1

    A few quick notes: Oddly enough, most of these folks are sounding pretty reasonable and calm while Fat Boy rants and rages. Like the way he tells Troy Rider that he is a big mouth, no nut sack. Odd, for a moment I thought Fatso was looking in a mirror. Noticed that he seems to be claiming that he will do a DNA test to shut them up. Sounds in his boom boom rant that he has since changed his mind. As usual, Ma Barker jumps in late just to egg Lardo on. She’s quite a mama. To be honest, if he is thinking of going Probate with them, he might want to tone it now quite a few notches. And he will want to go the DNA route. Its pretty quick and cheap these days.

    PS Like his sister’s Kim comment: Is he still running his mouth?

    • Meesh says:

      Uncle Jim that he speaks so poorly of today (website post), was the same man that Larry dedicated his “Sinclair Publishing” to, he made up a blogpost on February 27 2009 entitled ”Happy Birthday Dad and Uncle Jim” he announced the start of Sinclair Publishing on their birthdays, he said to honour their memories. (As I recall Larry explained that they were born on the same day February 27th)…..Hmmm what happened? Uncle Jim and his Dad were deceased at the time….Did Uncle Jim come back to life and disturb Larry somehow? Larry certainly changed his tune from 2009.

      Larry is such a hypocrite! (Gosh I feel like going to his Facebook fight and remind him..what an ASS)

      This all stems to his recent Gradmother’s passing and her will—-> MONEY talks for Larry! See I told you guys that he hightailed it to her deathbed… he was there 2 days before his grandmother died….like a vulture.

      When I returned to Daytona Beach from Colorado on April 30, 2014 I got in my car and drove to South Carolina to be with my Grandmother who died just two days after I got there….”

    • No amount of Facebooking is going to change anything in anyone’s Will. Maybe he’s counting on no Will and being considered a blood heir. But it looks like there’s some question even in his own mind.

      • Meesh says:

        A woman came to Mitch and Nan’s out of nowhere, claiming that she was Larry’s birth mother, I’ll see if I can find the blogpost and her comment.This is why we always doubted Ma Barker was his real mother but perhaps an Aunt who took him in? When Mitch posted the comment and the email and his post, Larry was livid.

        Edit: Here I found the comment I was the administrator at M&N at the time….I have saved it, here it is:

        • BirthMother | | IP:
        After months of keeping up on your blog, I feel that the time is right for me to respond to all that you present yourself to be. Since you have offered your charade so publicly, I am following your lead and responding publicly:
        1. You have habitually lied since childhood, and you have never stopped.
        2. You have utter contempt and disgust for your supporters and enablers.
        3. You are a bitter, unaccomplished and bitchy person.
        4. You proudly herald your status as one who shamelessly ingests the semen of strangers.
        5. You are continuing to use people to feed your personal appetites and obsessions.
        6. You have become an aging and overweight ne’er-do-well, sliding toward death.
        7. You are exploiting ill-informed, simple and sympathetic folks, and without shame.
        8. You are deceptive, cowardly and undeserving of respect.
        9. You are a shame to your real parents. Your father is rolling in his grave.
        10. Your real mother is not “Moma”. Genetic parents do not proudly advertise a son’s oral and anal sexploits to the world.
        11. You seem to think that productive employment is for the common, and not for you.
        12. You are a leech, a vagrant, a grifter, a fraud, a thief, a black hole, a vortex and a void.
        13. You have no real existence, and you no longer matter.
        14. You are anti-social, narcissistic, psychopathic and delusional.
        15. You betray yourself daily, and you cannot trust yourself.
        16. You do not care who you demonize, slander or victimize.
        17. You behave as if you are presently abusing cocaine.
        18. You are socially-retarded, lacking the skills to interact with humans.
        19. You were abused during childhood, and you expect all people to pay for it.
        20. You must get professional help before you kill yourself.
        Not Spam — Jul 18, 2008 4:49 PM — [ View Post ]

        Mitch then provided her with his email and then she contacted him and gave Mitch permission to post her email and he did. I will try to find it.

        • Wow! She took the words right out of our mouths! You’ve been hiding this? This says it all. She had him absolutely pegged. Yikes!!

          • Meesh says:

            Was not hiding it, actually I had forgotten all about it, it was 2-3 computers ago (six years old) I had this stored on a old flashdrive…this last post from Larry reminded me, where he is bringing up his past. I didn’t know where to look, I just found it.

            • Oh I had a feeling you would take that the wrong way. I wasn’t serious. That’s just an expression. Glad you remembered. It’s his own mother for cryin’ out loud. Wow!

        • So that’s what all his Facebook boom boom is all about – trying to intimidate the rightful heirs into not challenging his heir status.

        • Yep, she nailed him. And over the last six and a half years since we first encountered him, he’s continued to behave that way. In particular:

          1. You have habitually lied since childhood, and you have never stopped.
          2. You have utter contempt and disgust for your supporters and enablers.
          3. You are a bitter, unaccomplished and bitchy person.

          7. You are exploiting ill-informed, simple and sympathetic folks, and without shame.
          8. You are deceptive, cowardly and undeserving of respect.

          11. You seem to think that productive employment is for the common, and not for you.
          12. You are a leech, a vagrant, a grifter, a fraud, a thief, ….

          14. You are anti-social, narcissistic, psychopathic and delusional.
          15. You betray yourself daily, and you cannot trust yourself.
          16. You do not care who you demonize, slander or victimize.
          17. You behave as if you are presently abusing (cocaine – replace with some sort of substance)
          18. You are socially-retarded, lacking the skills to interact with humans.

          I would credit a number of posters (not myself very much) as figuring a bunch of the above out by July 2008 when she posted that. However, it took some time. That short window while one takes time to figure out what he’s about is when he strikes. A few like Ken Olsen may never figure him out. But the vast majority eventually do. His birth mother sure did.

          He maintains he has long term friendships. But I’m sure the majority of the few who he considers long term friends are just cordial and don’t “say stuff to his face” because they don’t want to go through the predictable lashing out the Riders just did with a “psychopathic and delusional” person who ‘does not care who he demonizes and slanders’ and has violent tendencies.

  28. Looking back, in the first few months of his Obama scam, here’s a partial listing of those who SickLiar attacked (as documented on M&N blog):

    Senator Barack Obama
    Michelle Obama
    Senator Joe Biden
    Delaware Attorney General Joe Biden III
    Pulitzer Prize Winning Investigative Reporter John Crewdson
    David Axelrod
    David Plouffe
    The Chicago Police Department
    The Chicago Tribune
    The New York Times
    The Los Angeles Times
    Attorney David Levy
    Former Attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley
    The Entire Mainstream Media of the United States
    Susan Dwyer, Assistant Prosecutor, Delaware
    The Colorado Penal System
    Pueblo Colorado Police Department
    Denver, Colorado Prosecutors
    District Attorney’s Office of Miami-Dade County, Florida
    The Social Security Administration
    Delaware Attorney Richard Wier
    Attorney Paul Levy
    Public Citizens Litigation Group
    Mr. Ed Hale
    Plains Radio
    Washington DC Attorney James R. Klimaski
    New York Attorney Ray Beckerman
    John Moffett, C.F.O. Digg
    Democratic Underground
    Daily Kos
    Huffington Post
    New York Post
    Chicago Sun TImes
    Chicago Tribune
    Puerto Rican Attorney Andres W Lopez
    Obama for America
    Oprah Winfrey
    Reverend Jerimiah Wright
    Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago

    and of course us and other blogs.

    So the members of Larry’s family recently under attack are at the end of a rather long list – as the above only partially covers the first six months of 2008.

    In Larry’s eyes, the whole world except the handful of deadheads following him is wrong and he maintains (including a quote of his post above) that he is nearly always right.

  29. Meesh says:

    Sharing a story at a funeral where family members are present is not sharing it with the *world*…but posting it on a Facebook Wall is *idiot* 🙄

    Larry Sinclair posts on FB. “Thanks Tracy Diaz my problem is I have never been one to sit back shut up and act like all is well. Funny how an Aunt can announce to the world at my Grandmothers funeral how I chased her with a butcher knife when I was 6 thought that was a memory worth sharing. Hell I chased my own shadow with a butcher knife at times. lol Whether blessing or curse I have a memory that sees things exactly as they took place forty plus years ago.”

    • I don’t seem to recall him writing about having any brothers. Does anyone know anything about that? I ask because he seems to have been a spoiled brat obnoxious little boy whose m.o. was to have tantrums to get whatever he wanted from doting female relatives who humored the undersized effeminate little creature largely for entertainment. He was trying to terrorize them when all the while they were basically laughing and pointing at him and gossiping. He didn’t care, as long as he got their attention. It made the little creep feel like a big shot and was the basis for his “I stink therefore I am” lifelong creed.

      • Meesh says:

        Yes, his brother is the oldest of four kids.

        1. Ray Sinclair

        2. Robin Sinclair (a sister)

        3, The DevilSpawn “Larry”

        4. Kim Sinclair Hinson.

        • The older brother sounds familiar now. But if I recall correctly the older brother was a LOT older. Am I correct? If so, Legion would still have still been the spoiled brat “baby boy”.

          • Meesh says:

            Here’s Ray from a post that Loser-Larry did up in 2012…

            My Brother R. H. Sinclair who served this Great Nation in the United States Army for more than 20 years turns 55 years old. Born June 14, 1957, Flag Day.My Brother R. H. Sinclair who served this Great Nation in the United States Army for more than 20 years turns 55 years old. Born June 14, 1957, Flag Day.

            • Okay, so there was more than four years difference between the brothers. That could be enough to have made him the “baby boy” – demanding and taught to feel entitled to extra attention and special treatment.

  30. Dennis says:

    Probate Court 101: A Guide for the Beginner

    OK Fat Boy, it sounds as if you are looking to contest a will. If you were anyone else, I would wish you good luck. But in your case, I really don’t care.

    But I kind of noticed that you may be a bit unfamiliar with the process. Oh sure, you had an appearance in Probate Court concerning your (maybe) father’s estate. However, that is what I am talking about. Going before the judge and having a fit while yelling at your relatives and threatening to beat up your uncle isn’t exactly the way to handle probate. It is a good way to get introduced to the bailiff and some of his (or her) associates (Mr. Taser and Mr. Pepper Spray) but it really doesn’t work as a legal strategy.

    Since I have been through probate several times (once just basic, the other a full blown will contest), I can offer you some “insights.” The first being the basic given that you will need a probate lawyer. Period. The probate process is long, slow, and actually pretty darn boring. It is also complicated and involves all sorts of pieces of paperwork and filing and what have you. And since you must be looking to proceed on a will contest, you will need a litigation attorney who handles probate. You will need this because you will be involved in litigation. I am sure that you think you can handle this yourself. But you would be extremely wrong.

    Next, you need to figure out what you are doing. Your “comments” (if they can be called that) makes it sound as if you intend to get your grandmother’s new will invalidated. That way, you can force them to go back to the old will and you will receive your $1.00. This is possible. Of course, I imagine that it is also possible for pigs to fly but that’s another story.

    But to do this, you have to find grounds to contest the will. You seem to think that you have grounds because your relatives are all no good, stinky, whore master bastards and just plain evil. That sounds sad. But those are not considered “grounds.” Lots of stinky, no good, whoring bastards glide through probate everyday. Probate Court is not based on character references. It is based on legal points and lots and lots of paperwork.

    I can even see what type of charge you might file on, but I really shouldn’t tell you because I am not a lawyer. So get a lawyer and he (or she) can explain this to you.

    Next, you have to produce some form of support “evidence.” In Probate, the rules for evidence are not really that demanding. But your totally subjective opinion does not cut it. You have to produce something that just might resemble objective reality. Your word doesn’t count. It needs to be a piece of “confirm-able” evidence (preferably on paper – see the remark above about paperwork). Otherwise, you are just waving your dick (which, BTW, is also a major no-no in Probate Court).

    Slandering, cursing and general bad mouthing the other people in the case is not advised. No matter what, the general rule for Probate is that line from the Godfather: “It’s nothing personal. It was strictly business.” As a rule, probate judges do not like cheap dramatics. Once, when the idiots I was suing in probate came up with a settlement proposal that was completely looney, I accidentally popped out the comment “Why the hell would I want to do that?” My lawyer took me to one side and explained that all I needed to say was “No.” In fact, he kind of suggested that I would then just shut up after saying no. His advise was sound.

    Threatening to punch some one, especially right in front of the judge, is always a hoot. Of course, it is also extremely stupid to do. Again, back in this one case, and during a disposition in front of two attorneys and a court reporter, I started to answer a question about a possibly illegal stunt that the defendant in the case had tried to pull. My answer (or at least what I got to say) was based strictly on the evidence already uncovered by both investigators and the DA. I had intended to stick strictly to the known and documented record. However, just as I started the speak, the jackass jumped up and attempted to take a swing at me (which would have been a laugh since he had to flop over the table to do so and would have hurt himself more than me). It was no big deal but sure as hell didn’t help his case.

    So you got to chill out. You are advised to keep a lot of your more stinky, crappy, nasty thoughts to yourself while trying to see if you got any kind of a leg to stand on. Most likely, you don’t. But your intimation crap is a dime a dozen in probate and nobody cares.

    So take a chill pill. Over and over again. It will help to get you through the paperwork.

  31. Meesh says:

    More “PERSONAL” Drama on the Conservative News Site…didn’t ‘t Larry assure us that he was able to vote in the past?

    Innocent until Proven Guilty?” Not According To Florida Board of Executive Clemency

    June 23, 2014 By Lawrence Sinclair

    There has been a lot of talk and debate over the past six years on voting rights and convicted felons having their right to vote restored after they have completed serving the sentence imposed for their crime. In the State of Colorado ones civil rights are restored upon the completion of the sentence imposed and any parole that may come with said sentence. Arizona allows the restoration of ones civil rights upon an “absolute discharge” from imprisonment. Florida at one time ( as described in more detail below) automatically processed an application for the restoration of ones civil rights upon completion of a sentence based on an application sent to the Florida Office of Executive Clemency by the Florida Department of Corrections. Today I was informed by Ryan (per Ryan no last names or employee ID numbers are given out) of the Florida Office of Executive Clemency that my application for the restoration of my civil rights and specifically my right to vote filed on October 5, 2009 was denied and “you will not be eligible for restoration until the year 2019.”

    In 2004 the Florida Department of Corrections filed an application with the Florida Office of Executive Clemency asking that my civil rights be restored. The application was filed in 2004 instead of 1987 because the Florida Department of Corrections failed to file paperwork within their own department and the 11th Judicial Circuit Court showing that the matter had in fact been discharged and I was notified in 2004 that I was still listed in Florida as having been an “absconder” when in fact I was not. The necessary documentation was filed with the 11th Judicial Circuit Court in Miami in 2004 and the case and probation issued in the case was correctly noted as having been terminated. The application submitted in 2004 was denied based on the 2001 Colorado only warrant which was completely dismissed just this past week, June 9, 2014. In 2009 I filed for restoration of my civil rights because I not only wanted to vote in the 2010 mid-terms in Florida, I had in fact wanted to run for the US House of Representatives in what was then Florida’s 24th Congressional District. I had been told in early 2010 that the application would in fact be processed and granted by the Office of Executive Clemency.

    In March 2013 I received the below letter from the Office of Executive Clemency telling me that they were “investigating” my application. (NOTE: My legal name at the time of the Florida conviction was La-Rye Avila and all Clemency applications are processed under the conviction name according to Ryan, but you will note the June 17, 2014 letter is addressed to me under my legal birth name. I have long since legally changed my name back to my given birth name). Click on the image to open in its full size.

    Clemency 3513 letter
    March 15, 2013 letter from Florida Office of Executive Clemency

    Today I received another letter which was mailed to my old address and this time addressed to me under my legal birth name Lawrence Sinclair informing me that the rules were changed on March 9, 2011 (almost two (2) full years after the application was submitted) and that under the “new” rules I am not eligible to apply for restoration of my civil rights until April 3, 2019. Click on below image to open in its full size

    June 17, 2014 letter from Florida Office of Executive Clemency

    Upon contacting the Office of Executive Clemency, Ryan informed me that based on the Investigations Division notes, “you were released from a federal felony probation sentence on October 5, 2012 out of New Haven, CT and you would not be eligible to apply for restoration until at least seven (7) years from the completion of that sentence.” When I informed Ryan that not only is that information not correct, I informed him I have never in my lifetime ever been arrested, much less convicted and sentenced in any Federal Court and I had only been in the State of CT twice in my entire life and both of those times were quick visits to Stamford. Ryan however wanted to tell me that it was my responsibility to prove the Office of Executive Clemency had incorrect information even before even telling me what jurisdiction they were claiming I was supposedly convicted and sentenced in.

    Ryan then upon trying to tell me that New Haven, CT had confirmed the information regarding the probation, he said that “a warrant out of Colorado was just removed in March 2014 and under the new rules you still would not be eligible until 2019 or five (5) years after the removal of the Colorado warrant.” I asked Ryan if he was telling me the State of Florida was in fact imposing a punishment against me for simply having been accused of something that under both the US and Florida constitution I was innocent of until proven guilty in a court of law?” Ryan responded, “it’s not punishment, the new rules say you cannot be arrested regardless of whether you are ever found guilty of anything.” I in my simple minded way, see that as the State of Florida imposing a punishment upon me and anyone else in my situation for merely being accuse of something especially when the charges are dismissed outright by the State without ever having entered a formal plea of any kind in the court. Below are the rules enacted under Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) on March 9, 2011: (Click on “Amended Rules… and it will take you to the PDF file released by Gov Rick Scotts Office)


    MARCH 9, 2011


    Governor Scott and Florida Cabinet Discuss

    Amended Rules of Executive Clemency

    Tallahassee, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott today convened a special meeting of the Florida Board of Executive Clemency to discuss and vote on amending the rules of clemency for ex-offenders.

    Governor Scott’s Remarks Prepared for Delivery

    March 9, 2011

    We have Amended Rules of Executive Clemency for our consideration.

    The proposed changes are intended to emphasize public safety and ensure that all applicants desire clemency, deserve clemency, and demonstrate

    they are unlikely to reoffend.

    For Pardons, Firearm Authority, and Commutations:

    Waiver of the 10-year waiting period for pardon applications and the 8- year waiting period for firearm authority applications will no longer be allowed.

    In other words, felons will not be permitted to apply for a pardon or firearm rights until they have demonstrated their commitment to abide by the law for the time-period set forth in the rules.

    Applicants for Commutation of Sentence will now submit a “Request for Review” instead of a “Request for Waiver,” and must complete at least one-third of their sentence or, if serving a minimum mandatory sentence, one-half of their sentence, before being eligible to apply.

    For Restoration of Civil Rights:

    Felons seeking restoration of rights will also be required to demonstrate that they desire and deserve clemency by applying only after they have shown they are willing to abide by the law.

    •First, anyone seeking restoration of civil rights must submit an application.

    •Second, The Clemency Board will review each application individually before deciding whether to grant restoration of civil rights. Restoration of civil rights will not be granted “automatically” for any offenses.

    •Third, there will be waiting periods before felons are eligible to apply.

    There will be two categories of applicants: “With a Hearing” and “Without a Hearing.”

    • Applicants whose crimes are serious enough to require them to attend a hearing will be eligible to apply after having no new felony convictions for a period of seven years after completion of their sentences.

    • Applicants whose crimes do not require them to attend a hearing will be eligible to apply after they have been crime- and arrest-free for a period of five years after completion of their sentences.

    If the Board denies restoration of civil rights “Without a Hearing,” applicants may choose to pursue their rights “With a Hearing.”

    Additionally, a number of crimes will be added to the existing list of disqualifying offenses that make an applicant ineligible to receive restoration of civil rights “Without a Hearing.” For example, additional sexual crimes – including lewdness and indecent exposure – as well as all drug trafficking and all first- and second-degree drug offenses will disqualify an applicant from restoration of civil rights “Without a Hearing.”

    Other examples include possession of a firearm by a felon, RICO, and public corruption crimes. It stands to reason that individuals who have committed serious violence or sexual offenses; abused the privilege of holding public office; endangered society with poisonous drugs; or carried a firearm after they have been convicted should be required to attend a hearing and explain why their rights should be restored.

    The Restoration of Civil Rights can be a significant part of the rehabilitation of criminal offenders and can assist them in reentry into society. It is important that this form of clemency be granted in a deliberate, thoughtful manner that prioritizes public safety and creates incentives to avoid criminal activity.

    So despite filing two years before the rules were changed, changed to where the State of Florida and individuals in the Office of Executive Clemency in fact can impose punishment upon a citizen of the State of Florida not based on an actual wrong doing but merely the accusation of one; and where citizens are denied the restoration of civil rights based not on facts, but instead based on unchecked inaccurate information which for many goes unchecked because the Office of Executive Clemency does not specify in the denial letter what information was relied upon in their decision making, I and I am sure many others are continuously being punished by the State for something we have long since completed the punishment imposed by the Court. This brings with it questions not just for me personally, but for the unknown numbers of individuals who had their application for restoration of their civil rights denied based on inaccurate information that had nothing to do with them at all? Ryan was kind enough to inform me that though I filed my application in 2009 before the 2011 rule changes, no application was grandfathered under the rules in effect at the time they application was filed and all were processed under the new rules as enacted in March 2011.

    Upon speaking with Debbie Sue in the Investigations office of the Office of Executive Clemency I was told she would have to get the investigator (who in this particular case was Chad Wilson) to pull the file and get in touch with me. Debbie Sue went on to say “if the information is incorrect, we can correct it,” which begs this question: how many other people has this office denied based on inaccurate information? What remedy do they have in this? I even went one step further, after Debbie Sue told me the alleged federal probation case was out of New Haven, CT I contacted the United States Probation office for the District of CT to inquire as to how I was listed as having been on probation with them up to October 5, 2012? They were much nicer and are just as dumbfounded as I in this matter. Kristen with the US Probation Office in Hartford, CT not only returned my call, she has spent hours today just trying to pull my name up in their system and has been unable to do it. When she asked if the Office of Executive Clemency had given me a case or docket number for the probation they are alleging I had to laugh and tell her Florida Office of Executive Clemency didn’t even give me the reason for their decision until I called insisting on being provided with the grounds they claim made me ineligible for restoration until at least 2019.

    Florida is telling Citizens who have long served their complete sentences and who have met the requirements for restoring their civil right to vote they cannot, but yet non-citizens of the United States somehow have the civil right to vote? Is the State of Florida really going to impose a punishment on a citizen based on a mere accusation even though the Florida and US Constitution clearly state one is innocent until proven guilty? This being an election year and the Governor’s office being up for grabs in Florida I guess this is as good a time as any to put these questions to Gov. Scott as well as anyone opposing him this November.

    Is the State of Florida engaging in the imposing of punitive measures on it’s citizens in violation of due process of law? Is the use of a mere accusation as grounds for denying the restoration of ones civil rights a violation of the Constitution both the US and Florida Constitution? How many citizens has the Florida Office of Executive Clemency denied restoration of their civil rights based on incorrect and inaccurate information? These questions need to be answered and I will not stop until I have answer straight from the top of Florida’s Chief Executive Rick Scott. Gov Rick Scott is a member of the Florida Executive Clemency Board and by such the Gov. has by his actions and the actions of the Clemency Board imposed punishment on a citizen without any due process of law and despite the matter which was used to deny the application had been completely dismissed.

    • “Florida is telling Citizens who have long served their complete sentences and who have met the requirements for restoring their civil right to vote they cannot, but yet non-citizens of the United States somehow have the civil right to vote?”

      Non-citizens can’t vote in any state or federal election. But leave it to Legion to try to stir up some racist resentment if he thinks it could benefit him.

      • Dennis says:

        And let’s not forget that some years when he was “running” for Congress, he insisted that he could vote in Florida. Well, first he claimed that he could and then during a radio interview he kind of drifted off from the question and never exactly answered the question. Either way, he lied through the whole process while trying to collect “donations” from suckers online.

    • kstreet607 says:

      How was he ever able to “run for office” if he couldn’t vote? I realize that whole thing was a scheme to fleece his “sicko-phants” but why did the State of Florida allow that charade in the first place? :::Inquiring minds need to know::: LOL

      • Dennis says:

        Good question. From what I can find out, the laws vary from state to state. For example, it appears that in West Virginia, you can run without being a registered voter. I don’t know about Florida. I suspect that one problem with this issue is that a lot of places never considered it to be something that would ever come up. Once again, Fat Boy is breaking new ground in the field of conmanship.

  32. Larry Sinclair posts on FB. “Thanks Tracy Diaz my problem is I have never been one to sit back shut up and act like all is well. Funny how an Aunt can announce to the world at my Grandmothers funeral how I chased her with a butcher knife when I was 6 thought that was a memory worth sharing.”

    SickLiar tried to strangle his sister Kim (in Chapter 1 of SickLiar’s book).
    SickLiar went after his aunt with a butcher knife (according to him above).
    SickLiar threatened to kill his grandmother (according to him quoting his uncle further above).
    Their Baptist minister encouraged his mother to take SickLiar to an exorcist (in Chapter 1 of SickLiar’s book).

    Is there any wonder why SickLiar has had major family relationship problems and was institutionalized in mental institutions, reform schools and schools for troubled youth for much of his childhood (in Chapter 1 of SickLiar’s book)? And those violent acts or threats of violent acts carried on throughout his adult life (in the public record and prison records).

    • Meesh says:

      The irony POS filed a $3M lawsuit against our 3 bloggers in March of 2008 because they stated that Larry had been institionalized with mental issues (He claims defamation of character)->

      After he lost the suit on Feb 11 2009 – Larry puts out a $5000 bounty on the identities of the 3 Bloggers. This post inluded the following threat of stalking “I will be sending a friend of mine in the area to get photos of MzMolly.” Larry then went on to post the addresses and phone numbers of several mis-identified private citizens who appear to have no personal connection to him or his ridiculous claims.

      On Feb 12 2009 – Larry again focuses on MzMolly this time harassing someone by phone “Molly it seems did not like receiving the voice messgaes (sic) which asked her to return my calls.” and posting more unverified personal information

      In July of 2009 this is exactly what he documented in his book…that he had been institutionalized with mental issues. Yesterday on Facebook he says

      :”Hell I chased my own shadow with a butcher knife at times. lol”

      • The purpose of that lawsuit was to publicly deny he had mental health issues in an attempt to protect his credibility so he could continue to wreak havoc and collect cash from all the anti-Obama nuts as long as possible. It was just a tactical maneuver.

        • kstreet607 says:

          Spot on LTL! That’s exactly why!

        • Meesh says:

          So the purpose of writing the book is to let everyone know that he did have mental health issues so therefore he must be believed about what occurred in 1999. Makes sense to me…Gee whiz a book written by a self-professed loony…How do I order it?

          Sidebar:I knew why he did it, I was merely pointing out that he made 3 bloggers lives *HELL* with a 3 million dollar defamation lawsuit, following threat of stalking…. and today he casually jokes about his mental issues on Facebook WHAT SLIME!

          • Dennis says:

            So you see, he’s being totally honest. So Meesh, how many copies should we put you down for?

          • “So the purpose of writing the book is to let everyone know that he did have mental health issues so therefore he must be believed about what occurred in 1999.”

            You’re expecting consistency from him? Expediency motivates him, not truth. So he filed the lawsuit in March of 2008 to help protect the credibility of his Obama related claims, while in July of ’09 his lawsuit was long over and he thought he could increase the credibility of his “book” by ADMITTING he had been institutionalized with mental issues.
            After all, if he was willing to tell the truth about his mental issues he must have been telling the truth about Obama. Right?

            Don’t try too hard to understand the “logic”. Just remember there were a lot of heartbroken Obama haters around at the time who he was hoping to sell his book to as a souvenir of their pre-election wishes and fantasies.

  33. Dennis says:

    Looking at hte Live Traffic Feed in the upper right corner, I have noticed that we have a visitor from Los Angeles. Spoonhead alert! Spoonhead alert! Since Mr. Spoonhead likes waiting until 3am (PDT) to post (because most of us are asleep), I thought we should all say Hi now. Maybe we should set up his own very exclusive little spot where he can just post away to his titty bitty heart’s content since he obviously has no reason to be here except he must have no where else to go (poor baby).

  34. Meesh says:

    We have another new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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