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Huh?! Kenneth Olsen…

on June 17, 2014

Lysander Spooner avatarLysander Spooner (Kenneth Olsen) says: “Larry Sinclair has produced receipts, hotel correspondence, phone numbers, dates, places, and the limo driver’s nameMr. Sinclair’s evidence has been treated the same way the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse’s evidence has been treated: It is diligently ignored lest it substantiate the allegations.”


4a1a88c89c4ef2cebbee6cbcd2479698.jpg WTPL avatarShow us a receipt SickLiar has produced from November 1999. You can’t because he produced absolutely none.

Here’s the correspondence he provided:

with the words “While I cannot authenticate any of the information you currently have in your possession” crossed out. Here’s the cleaned up copy:


What you don’t appear to know is that when SickLiar originally provided this hotel points statement (which is not a receipt):
factsThe evening dates of his alleged liaison with Barack Obama, evenings of Nov 6 & 7 1999, were not on that statement. When we called him on it, he couldn’t readily explain it and scrambled. Prior to that, the timeline and details of his story had already shifted a number of times. So according to Choice Hotels (who I also spoke with), he called in to complain about missing points and they added the dates without any verification, trying to keep their customer happy and not wanting to bicker about something so financially trivial. A Private Investigator concluded: “What we can determine is that there is NO evidence Mr. Sinclair was at the Comfort Suites when he claimed to have been.….We do not find evidence of Mr. Sinclair’s stay at the Comfort Suites. These statements appear to be a well crafted forgery, where Mr. Sinclair has convinced the hotel company to add his hotel points so that he could use the statements for alternative purposes.”

The Hotel could not provide anything with Sinclair on it’s register, any invoice or financial record. SickLiar could not provide any receipt, credit card records, telephone records, witnesses or legitimate verification of his stay of Nov 6-7 1999 when he claimed to be with Obama.

So SickLiar couldn’t make the “dates and places” he claimed work with his own original evidence and had to manufacture some to try to cover his scam.

When Colorado arrested him on Nov 8th for his parole violation, there was no failed drug test for cocaine use.

sprint-2p0-eclair-update-post-image-540SickLiar provided phone numbers but any one could. He didn’t provide any phone records whatsoever. Where that really becomes problematic is in the recent days before Jan, 2008 when he made his claim. He claimed to have contacted the Obama campaign in Sept 2007 and claimed to speak with Donald Young several times during the fall. I also had a Sprint cell phone and you could get those records online. But he wouldn’t provide them. He claimed it was because of a Grand Jury investigation of Donald Young’s murder but when we contacted the Chicago police, there was no Grand Jury investigation for Donald Young’s murder nor any other impediment for him to publish those phone records. And Sprint cell phone records show inbound and outbound calls so that wasn’t a legitimate excuse. The Secret Service report the first time they heard about SickLiar calling the Obama campaign was in Feb 2008 even though they have been protecting Obama since May 2007. SickLiar claimed the thing that prompted him to call the Obama campaign in Sept 2007 was a meeting Obama had with teenagers to talk about drug abuse – but that didn’t take place with any kids until mid Nov 2007 – another timeline lie. So the phone numbers SickLiar listed provided zero evidence for his BS story and just caught him in more lies and deception.

lingo2We finally tracked down the limo driver Multani when SickLiar wouldn’t and he exposed SickLiar as trying to blackmail him into going along with SickLiar’s Obama scam. Hardly a good witness for SickLiar’s fraud on the American people.

That’s what you paid for. SickLiar hosed you just like he has many before you.

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  1. Dennis says:

    Nice reminder WTPL?. Just a little addition, as I seem to remember, Fat Boy provided lots of phone numbers. Weird thing, they were all his old cell phone numbers. So the “information” didn’t lead anywhere. Sort of a smoke and mirror operation minus the smoke and with a very tiny mirror.

    • From his press statement:

      “Those numbers are: 954-758-1105; 956-758-1885; 956-758-8002; 302-685-7175; 612-466-1043.”

      Area code 954 is Fort Lauderdale, Florida area
      Area code 956 is Laredo, Texas area
      Area code 302 is Delaware area
      Area code 612 is Minnesota area

      Those were all places he’d been. As you may recall, in Aug 2007, he scrambled out of Laredo because the FBI agent Henly supported by the Laredo police and Border Patrol had raided his place for illegal aliens. In Oct 2007, the Delaware police picked him up for counterfeit money orders and that 302 number is in the Delaware police report for the counterfeit money order incidents.

      If you move around, your cell number often ends and changes to a new number. And those were places we know he was in during that time though my evidence for Florida around that time is scant. So I didn’t have a problem so much with the existence of “old” phone numbers. He was on the run from the law.

      But I also had a Sprint cell number at that time and you could get phone bills showing inbound and outbound calls online for many months (a year?) back. It would have been easy to provide phone bills in early 2008 for fall 2007 phone calls to or from Donald Young in Chicago and phone calls to or from the Obama campaign in Chicago in September 2007 (as he claimed to have made or received those calls).

      Six and a half years later, like all his other claims, he never provided a shred of credible evidence in the form of legitimate phone bills showing those calls – after he said he’d do it and after we called him out on it. There was no Grand Jury for Donald Young’s murder so that excuse was a lie. His lawyer Sibley wrote to get evidence like credit cards and phone records in March 2008 but he couldn’t produce anything at the press conference three months later.

      He could have produced the phone bills as the information was available. He confirmed the Chicago police department got it. But he couldn’t publish it because it would reveal he lied.

      Unless one resorts to forgery, it’s hard to produce evidence that doesn’t exist.

  2. Great synopsis WTPL? I wonder if Olsen will now demand his money back – or has he been too brainwashed and/or intimidated?

  3. tjtaygee says:

    and don’t forget, “spooner”, the rights to the book, according to Liar-larr, were sold on Apr 24 –, but are also a reward for a 10k donation on GoFundMe with (i was wrong about the 2 months) no time-limit!!!!

    how many obvious lies does it take before you admit you were wrong.

  4. If Larry Sinclair was just some random lunatic you folks would not be in such a frenzy over his allegations. Your need to demean him says more about you fools than it does about him.

    A psychologist would theorize that your emotional investments in lies makes it impossible for you to face the simple truth: Larry Sinclair tells the truth and obama is a fraud.

    In the interest of social cohesion, let me put it in a way that we can all agree on: You Regulator Too people are all as genuine as obama is.

    • Dennis says:

      I wouldn’t call SinkLiar a random lunatic. He is very focused. He is always seeking out people who are just silly enough to fall for his crap. Lonely, hostile people full of irrational fears and hate who will be putty in his hands. And BTW, you seem to be extremely (and kind of personally) all cranked up on this mental illness thing. Is there some “personal history” that you are not sharing?

    • Dennis says:

      You say:

      “Your need to demean him says more about you fools than it does about him. “

      In a sense, you are half right. Take my case. I have actual experience going after con artists (legal suit and everything). I came to understand how they work, think, act etc. I must confess that I kind of developed an attitude about their “profession.” Fat Boy is a con artist. He displays every typical trait of his “craft” in his personal and professional conduct. Normally, I would even be willing to hand out a reasonable and detailed pep talk about these traits (and the things a person needs to be aware of), but you are obviously in way too deep to see anything beyond his LaLaLand world (you see, one of the things a con man does is steer the mark into a slanted and highly altered view of reality in which the con man’s perception becomes the only “guide” to things).

    • And will you please tell us why you call yourself “Lysander Spooner” before you make any further comments over here?

  5. Colorado vs Larry Sinclair 2001CR727: DISMISSED

    Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden’s case against Larry Sinclair: Charges Dismissed

    You might want to consult Kevin Davidson about obama conspiracy theories to explain these unexplainable outcomes.

    • Meesh says:

      Those cases have NOTHING to do with obama conspiracy theories, nor politics….but Larry Sinclair’s criminal past….I will add due to your stupidity in buying the rights to that rag Larry Sinclair managed to beat the rap….So now how on earth can you unload those books of lies? If you think by coming here to help promote it…Guess again, keep in mind you’re a guest here, name calling will get you sitting in the spam bin. Your arguments are all the same,*yawn* you’re getting boring.

      Anyway, consider this your first and last warning.I guess this isn’t anything new to you, for what I can see you’ve been blocked throughout the blogosphere for your thin-skinned gibberish that you try to spew. It adds nothing to the discussions, it’s repetitive and somewhat confrontational with no basis.

    • Dennis says:

      Let’s see, in Delaware he got nabbed for passing bogus money orders and covered his butt by paying back the victim and then getting the guy to drop the charges (after making some threats about the guy’s citizenship and stuff). In Colorado, he finally got yanked in on charges of theft and forgery that has been dogging him since the start of the century and finally got them dismissed after intimating the witness with possible hints of “issues” involving members of her family (ICE issues, again) so that she would quit working with the DA. Yep, sounds like a conspiracy. But it is his conspiracy, not some one else.

    • Dennis says:

      BTW, you seem to be suggesting that your whacked out paranoid delusions are supported by Kevin Davidson (aka Dr. Conspiracy). Odd. Just checked back through his material. He is a known debunker of Obama conspiracy theories. So either you are doing an incredibly bad job at making a snarky comment about some one who isn’t even in the room or you are a really two-bit self-serving, self-deceiving major dumbass. BTW, how those book sales going, buddy?

      • How many mistakes can you put in one article?
        by Dr. Conspiracy on August 2, 2013 in Debunking, The Blogs

        Birthers to the rescue! I had nothing to write about today, but lo and behold something popped up at the Lysander Spooner Law School blog (not a real law school), an article about me, taking me to task for something I didn’t write. The Spooner article is essentially an ad hominem argument that goes something like “Mike Zullo is right and I am wrong about Obama’s documents because Zullo is virtuous and I am not.”

        Anyhow, let’s count the mistakes in the article:

        …. (provides a list of 10 inaccuracies) …

        As a smear artist, Ken Olsen is really not very good.

        lol 🙂


          You can tell a lot about a blog…
          by Dr. Conspiracy on January 10, 2009 in Books, Lounge

          …by who they link to. Take Larry Sinclair, would be author of yet another anti-Obama book: BARACK OBAMA & LARRY SINCLAIR: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder. So who does Larry Sinclair link to in his blog?

          No Quarter
          A Natural Born Citizen…Orly?

          No, I don’t think Kevin Davidson (aka Dr. Conspiracy) bought SickLiar’s BS

          He’s also debunked, Marsden’s article, etc

          , according to (a site I’ve come across before when researching the really far-out anti-Obama stuff and one linked to by Larry Sinclair)

          It’s the usual speculation and “unnamed sources” crap you see in tabloids. There are no hard facts and nothing to lead one to believe any of it.

    • “Lysander Spooner”?

    • Colorado vs Larry Sinclair 2001CR727: DISMISSED

      It appears that the Deputy DA feels that she had to dismiss “without prejudice” for now (meaning it can come back) and she’s looking into “witness tampering” charges against SickLiar for threatening the victim and her family.

      Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden’s case against Larry Sinclair: Charges Dismissed

      According to the police reports, a justice of the peace issued a warrant for SickLiar’s arrest for two cases of passing counterfeit money orders (that SickLiar couldn’t explain why he had them) in Dec 2007 – before he made any claim against Obama. It wasn’t Beau Biden’s case. SickLiar had to pay $2,400 + restitution to the one victim whose bank didn’t catch it in time. I think he got off for political reasons.

      This pretty much covers a bunch of his real history:
      He’s been caught, convicted and sentenced many times for felonies like forgery, theft, deception, etc and has engaged in it since he was a juvenile.

  6. Lysander Spooner says:

    “If Larry Sinclair was just some random lunatic you folks would not be in such a frenzy over his allegations. Your need to demean him says more about you fools than it does about him.”

    He is a lunatic but of course, according to you depending on whether you are sucking or blowing, mental illness is a “myth”. Unfortunately for you, SickLiar used that myth to stay court proceedings so even he doesn’t agree with you on that.

    We don’t “need to demean” him. We do so as a public service and to protect ourselves. This is a mentally ill career con man with violent tendencies. He’s a danger to the public and to us and the public deserves to know about that danger.

    And remember, we didn’t put him out there. We didn’t make the allegations he did. We didn’t commit the crimes he did. We didn’t publish a bogus book nor bogus news website nor bogus crap on the radio nor hold a bogus press conference. He did all of that. He made himself a public figure and in doing so, subjected himself to the scrutiny he has received. If he’d kept silent, he could have continued his career in crime without that scrutiny. And you ask us to give up our right to freedom of expression about what he’s claimed because you, an admitted racist and therefore, hardly objective or devoid of ignorance, were suckered into buying the rights to his book of fiction?

    What we’ve done is investigate his claims and report our findings on them – unlike him, grounded with facts and evidence. We held him to account on three outstanding warrants that cost him about $50,000. I’m sure we cost him many times more than that defeating his Obama scam. We advised the Secret Service when he made threats against the President and his family and the Secret Service obviously took our concerns pretty seriously, as they should. We advised the authorities when he made threats and death threats against us, our families and our property. We advised Social Security and the IRS when it looked like he was scamming them. We believe that part of our duty of citizenship in a democracy is to be vigilant and look out for others. Our actions with SickLiar are simply that. Like neighborhood watch, the public deserves to know that there is an evil, mentally sick career con man in their midst.

    One technique used by late night talk show hosts and many others is to employ sarcasm or make jokes about what a person is up to. Some talented folks on this blog and it’s predecessors did just that with SickLiar. It’s hard to take someone seriously when folks are laughing at them. And many, many folks have laughed at SickLiar over the years – including the mainstream media. For many of us, that part was fun. He is a pathetic joke of a human being but he’s also dangerous so it isn’t entirely a laughing matter.

    I (and probably we) will continue doing our duty as democratic citizens exercising vigilance and our freedom of expression until he stops his criminal behavior or is institutionalized. At the very least, those efforts have served to contain him to some extent and curtail proceeds from his scams. Your book sales and he will have to confront that on an ongoing basis.

  7. Lysander Spooner says:

    “A psychologist would theorize that your emotional investments in lies makes it impossible for you to face the simple truth:”

    Since the vast, vast majority of psychologists believe mental illness is not a “myth” (contrary to you), I’d suggest under your own rationale, that statement is a “myth”.

    Lysander Spooner says:

    “Larry Sinclair tells the truth and obama is a fraud.”

    Discussion of politics has largely been banned on these SickLiar blogs over the years. Whether Obama is or is not a fraud isn’t an issue on this site for discussion though I suspect many here think highly of Obama. I sure do. I think he’s wonderful President and remarkable man. I’m sure you can find lots of other places on the internet where you can preach your racist rants. Racism is not welcome here and has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

    For more than six years, my handle “Where’s the proof?” has been a constant question that remains unanswered. The only evidence we have found contradicts SickLiar’s claims. Following a lifetime as a criminal in deception, he’s been caught in many, many, many lies over that time. We can prove it and have. In fact, an upcoming blog topic is “Top 10 favorite lies of SickLiar” (or something to that effect)..

    So I’ll simply ask you the same question. You maintain SickLiar is telling the truth. Where’s the proof? Show us what a real man you are and how you can back up what you claim. After more than six years, SickLiar couldn’t do it and he didn’t even come remotely close.

  8. Dennis says:

    Remedial Class 101 for the Spoonhead Skool of Know-nothingness:
    A. When you buy the copyright to a book, you might try actually reading it first. Since it would appear that you didn’t realize that LardButt had no proof, actually admits to that in his book, and then preceded (at the end) to try and make it sound as if his word alone was good enough for him – I have to assume that you never read the damn thing or at least not much of it.

    B. When you buy the copyright, you might actually want to act as if you own it. The book is still for sale all over the place at Amazon (including a recent and rather mysterious seller from Florida) and there is seemingly no indication that there really has been any change in terms of ownership except for Fatso’s brief statement on his basically unread “news” site. Likewise, he is still offering the copyright to anyone who donates a large sum of money to his GoFuckMe campaign for his legal defense fund (and BTW, he is also forgetting to mention at that site that the case was dismissed). So are you even sure that you own anything? Sure doesn’t sound like it.

    C. You seem to have made your business arrangements with TurdBoy based upon a smile and a handshake. Smart move. Who cares that the bozo has been busted numerous times for acts of fraud and theft; is viewed by a wide range of people (including some of your own wing nutter soul mates) as practicing a series of scams and deceptions; has a known track record of repeatedly trying to screw over every person who has ever tried to do business with him (we can provide you with the list – though we really are not feeling too kind to you and don’t care if he robs you blind). So yeah, you can trust him. Sure.

    So go for it big boy. Make a total jackass out of yourself. Now really make our day. Confront Larry about any reasonable concerns you might have about some of these “issues.” Ask him for a friendly, man-to-man chat. Then watch the fireworks. He will ream your ass every which way from here to doomsday. Just let us know when this happens. It is always fun to watch.

  9. tjtaygee says:

    “Your need to demean him says more about you fools than it does about him. ”

    ^^ Pathetic attempt to shift the goalposts.

    You said liar-larr provided evidence to support his claim. That has been roundly and soundly shown not to be the case, with direct evidence of liar-larr’s _own_words_.

    You obviously don’t care if liar-larr is telling the truth about his supposed history with Obama any more than you care about whatever scam liar-larr is pulling some kind of scam regarding the sale/reward offering of the rights of the book.

    I beileve you to be delusional.

    There are actual, factual reasons to dislike the President’s choices and policies. I was an enthusiastic supporter and believer that he would be a left-of-center President. Unfortunately, he has disappointed me in numerous and various ways, and I look forward to the day we can instead potentially get an actual liberal in the White House. Will that happen in my lifetime? I kinda doubt it. But I will participate in electing a liberal given the chance.

    Desperately clinging to liar-larr’s story – _not_ because it actually damages the President, but merely because it appeals to you to do so, is not reasonable due to the complete lack of evidence. Even if it’s true, there’s no evidence to support it and therefore it’s not worthwhile investing in it.

    So, yeah, argue on the merits or be ignored from here on out.

    You are not an honest person, and aren’t worthy of debate.

  10. Meesh says:

    Lysander Spooner or whatever you call yourself….you do not think you’ll come next? Larry Sinclair modus operandi, will bash (expose) anyone he feels fit.Yep that goes for his family too…on his Facebook…who does this sort of thing? He certainly has Mental issues. He’s NUTZ! Keep it up and refer to this creep as Mr.Sinclair…he’s far from being a gentleman.

    Larry Sinclair posts on Facebook June 18,2014:
    “I will no longer feel the need to protect the identities of those who like to stay in their little gossip bubble trashing everyone in order for those doing the bashing can portray themselves as being something better. I will no longer hold out of pointing out family members who think its okay for them to defraud company pensions by hiding the facts they have since remarried which would put an end to the check being paid every month in spousal support through ones pension. I will no longer hold my tongue when it comes to letting the world know how my Christian sister Kim Sinclair Hinson cursed, threatened and curse more an aunt because my sister couldn’t con my Aunt into giving her a part of land belonging to by Grandmother. Or the fact that since Jim died the portion of his share of his mothers estate which had the will not been voided by the early transfer of the property, would have returned to the last remaining child, and would not have been allowed to have been transferred from Jim to Brenda upon Jim’s death. But with the will invalid from the transfer of the property prior to MaMa’s death Brenda was able to keep claim on Jim’s half of the Sinclair property after Jims death if Jim’s death was probated in Cumberland County NC.”

    He threatens/intimidate everybody…that’s how his cases were dismissed…he wasn’t innocent, far from it.

    Larry Sinclair near Holly Hill, FL, United States
    My sister Kim Sinclair Hinson, Anna Hunter please if you have something to say to me say it to me and not on FB pages you choose to block me from seeing. As for you Anna, don’t know you, ain’t friends with you and you should keep your mouth and fingers shut if you can’t say it to my face. If Sharon Hill Rider is your nanny, tough. You people love to pass judgement and talk about everyone else but god help you if someone reminds you, you and yours ain’t innocent. Keep your two bit comments to your self if you don’t have the balls to say it to my face.
    I find it completely comical and typical of my younger sister to want to block and unfriend when she gets called out but likes to run her mouth on FB behind the security of blocking the people she runs her mouth about from seeing it and calling her on it. It wasn’t too long ago Kim Sinclair Hinson said she feels like an only child, well my dear sister you put yourself in that spot and it appears you have no desire to change it

    • One of Legion’s favorite expressions is “if you don’t have the balls.” What’s up with that? 🙂

    • Dennis says:

      “… you and yours ain’t innocent.” Ah yes. His standard line of attack. Your sins and crimes washes away the stain of his own. He’s kind of an inverted Jesus.

    • Ken should get in touch with TP Murray and ask him how his contractual arrangement with SickLiar to do a documentary worked out. Then he should ask Montgomery Sibley, SickLiar’s suspended and kilted lawyer, how that relationship dissolved into acrimony. I’m sure Carmen Segura, an alleged business partner with SickLiar in trafficking drugs, would have some choice words. It goes on and on and on.

      • Meesh says:

        Yep T Patrick Murray came over at The Regulator, much like what L.S. Kenneth Olsen is doing lately, he also praised Sinclair, defended him…we tried to warn TP Murray. Did he listen? Nope, he told us we were lying within our attempts to expose what Sinclair was really like.

        One or two months later guess what? As forewarned Murray’s turn came, wow-pow bang!. We’ll never see TP Murray again…but I would love to be able to tell him: “We told you so!”

        Everyone that Larry Sinclair encounters suffers a wrath…they get burned financially and also they are exposed as being the crook. Sickliar’s reverse psychology of defense.He’s a maggot.We’ll officially say that Kenneth Olsen has been formally warned today…I love revisiting these comments whenever we are proven right (which has been 100% of the time.)

        If you do not believe us Ken, contact T Patrick Murray he’ll fill you in. I can make you up a list, but I won’t bother as KStreet said:

        “Like so many other conspiracy, birther and teabagger nuts, this guy (Kenneth Olsen) just sticks a finger in his ear and yells: “I can’t hear you, na na na na na!” He (Kenneth Olsen) doesn’t want truth or facts, he wants to rekindle a dead horse. Good luck with that!”

        • Although T Patrick Murray filed for bankruptcy (not clearly caused by SickLiar), I don’t think he put up or got stung for much dough like Olsen appears to have.

          There was a big drop off in interest in SickLiar after Nov 2012 when Obama got reelected. You can see it graphed here (under “search traffic”):

          After the midterms in Nov 2014, the current sound of crickets on SickLiar’s website will go silent. And so will the few book sales.

          Amazon Best Sellers Rank (Paperback): #822,556 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

          – this book is not doing well

          The final nail for historical reference will likely come when Obama opens his presidential library. The dossier they have on where Obama really was Nov 6-7th, 1999 and where SickLiar really was Nov 6-7th, 1999 will likely be available. It’s the documentation they shared with the mainstream media and have likely filled up since after SickLiar signed the releases with the US Secret Service. It will have the irrefutable evidence the mainstream media saw behind the scenes that finished off SickLiar’s story before it got started. That’s how history will remember SickLiar – as a mentally ill career con man who lied about Obama trying to scam money from suckers like Ken Olsen.

          • Hardcover ranking
            Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #1,678,771 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

            I think that’s dropped about 800,000 places since I last checked in April.

            I couldn’t find it in Kindle (isn’t offered any more?). Without Kindle, Olsen is still looking at (ballpark – very roughly) about $50 per year in royalties with those rankings (roughly one paperback and one hardcover per year).

            if he paid SickLiar $10,000 for the book rights, ignoring opportunity cost of interest on that investment, he’d need to live 200 years to break even in paperback and hardcover book royalties at that pace. 🙂 But after Nov 2014 and after Obama leaves office, those sales will go down. That might be an unfairly low estimate but there’s no doubt sales of this book are piss poor.

  11. Meesh says:

    Enough of this crap and let’s return to normalcy for 4 minutes … this Kenneth Olsen depresses me and I won’t let him, so here goes..Today on June 18th marks the day in history when the Battle of Waterloo took place, back in 1815.

    C’mon now kids,hop on my magical plane via memory lane, all aboard to Sweden.
    Here’s Abba’s Waterloo. Enjoy!

  12. Dennis says:

    Followed up your comments about the Sinclair family feud (with a side bar of Who’s Your Daddy) currently breaking out on Facebook. You left something out (or it might be recent) from Lardo:

    “Since it appears from my cousins comment above that as usual my comments and opinions are yet again being tied to the continued misconception that somehow I wanted something that belonged to my Grandmother so let me set the record straight once an for all.

    First for those who were not aware of the terms of her last will let me educate you. The original intent of my Grandmother as set forth in her Will which my Uncle knew about as did his wife, myself and a few others were upon her death, her property would go to her surviving children with $1.00 going to each grandchild.

    In 1998 after I appeared at my fathers probate hearing my dads brother convinced my grandmother to transfer ownership of her property to him and my Aunt insisting that if she didn’t “Larry would contest your will.” The Will made it clear that any property passed to a surviving child would not and could not be left to a child or spouse but would revert to the remaining surviving children until only one surviving child remained.

    I have known of the contents of that Will for many years and never had a problem with it so those of you who want to now somehow think that me addressing the issues at hand has something to do with me wanting something, I am not now nor have I ever been interested in the property.

    The only thing I have ever wanted from my Grandmother (and I got), was the smiles and laughter we shared over the last few years of her life a lot of which were made possible by my Aunt and Uncle. People who think they are entitled to something that belonged to someone else who worked for what they had are just dumb ass people.

    If I was interested in what I could have or get as some seem to suggest, I would not have ever given away hundreds of thousands of dollars to people I didn’t even know. I am very happy with what I have an I have always provided for myself. If it were up to me I would tell my Aunt and Uncle to sell it for as much money as possible and use the money to take a long over due vacation and put back the money they used from their savings and retirement to maintain it for so long and to provide for my grandmother all these years.”

    Will and estate fight! Probate battle!! Oh wee!!! I was wondering why he was spending so much time suddenly sucking up to his “family.” There is always an angle….

    • Meesh says:


      Crazy eh?! On Facebook no less is FatAss spreading this kind of crap… (I’ve been following that since Saturday night,who needs to watch TV…move over Kardashians) I betcha this will be another banned FaceBook account he’ll have to open up another one… I think this will be his fourth. 🙄 I checked his other family members and they seem to be just doing their own thing…what *normal* people do on Facebook, picture sharing…just every day thing…Lunatic Larry Sinclair though… is doing what he does best. Threats/exposes etc. Good thing they don’t have ISPs there he’d use that too. But wait! A couple of nights ago he uploaded pictures of some of their homes with addresses and phone numbers. I think FB made him take them down.
      Gee whiz! This is incredible.

      • Meesh says:


        We really ought to group all of these Facebook comments and start some reality show spin and sell it…Larry has deleted a lot of his comments, or Facebook took them down. What I think I’ll do is keep them all….we could make a post tagged with our “Everything Crazy” posts. (which are all comprised with Larry Sinclair).

        Hey did you see this? “Had to eat. — at Hibachi grill & supreme buffet daytona beach.” At least he’s not eating people as he says he did in Los Angeles California.:D

    • In off site discussions a few weeks ago, we suspected the same thing as evidently some members of his own family when he went up to see his grandmother and attend her funeral – that he was sniffing around for easy money. He was desperately selling everything he could get his mitts on to raise money for his lawyer – including the rights to his book to Olsen.

      It’s easy to take the position he is now when it became clear he couldn’t cash in. If he was truly that generous and uncaring with his money, why has he spent most of his adult life (beginning as a juvenile), in jail/reform school for ripping folks off or on a crime spree of deception to rip folks off? Rhetorical question.

  13. Dennis says:

    What the hey, let’s add in this retort from his cousin Kay Winters:

    ” I no longer feel a need to hear, see or know about your personal views, opinions or your “family concerns”. You have no idea what you are talking about and its rather sickening how you “no longer feel the need to…” Its not your business what my mother does, nor is it your business who shes friends with. You are now and always have been a lying conniving manipulating person. I really was happy to see you and make that family bond that hadn’t been there for a very long time. I thought I would send this to you as a message but since you chose to air your opinions about my mother here… I chose to air mine here too. My mother is not getting a pension from my daddys retirement or from the state or any damn body else! Not that it your business. My Daddy told us, my mom and my sisters this is exactly what would happen should he die before Mama Sinclair. I love my Aunt Faye and I know she has a good heart and I hope she doesn’t share your opinion on things you think you are an expert at.”

    They say that family will always know you best….

    • Meesh says:

      Kay Winters says:”I will be deleting you from my page and my life. I wish it could be different. LEAVE MY MOTHER ALONE!!!! SHES NOT YOUR BUSINESS!! God help you Larry…. cause you sure do need it.

      Larry Sinclair says: “That is your choice and your right Kay. Sometimes there comes a time when people need to stop blaming everyone else for their choices and situations. I have sat back far too long and watch Kim Sinclair Hinson, Brenda Sinclair and even my dads own brother Jim spread lies and vicious statements about my mother, me, my brother and even my father. What exactly is it you are saying your daddy told you? That Kim would show her ass, curse people out when she couldn’t get what she wanted and continue to blame everyone but herself? Let me make something clear, I speak for myself and myself only. You trying to bring Faye into something that is my words shows me this family still can’t deal with reality without trying to blame someone else. My posts, my opinions, my feelings. Bottom line Kay, sooner or later people have to deal with the truth and reality. I wish you and yours a happy and joy filled life.”

      • Meesh says:

        What Larry is doing is kissing up to his Aunt Faye…who has the possessions of his Grandmother’s estate…Grandma lived with Faye and she passed away a few weeks ago. As we discussed off line, when we noticed Larry was the only one from his immediate family there…. (he found cash to go to SC, he high tailed it there) He smells money…that’s it.

        We were correct on what would happen next.

      • Dennis says:

        ” That Kim would show her ass, curse people out when she couldn’t get what she wanted and continue to blame everyone but herself?”

        Hey, isn’t this the same jackass who cursed out and repeatedly tore into his victim in Colorado and then threatened to post as evidence in court a photo of his butt? PROJECTION! PROJECTION!

        Note to Spoonhead: Since you are obvious weak in this area, here is a link explaining what I mean by projection:

        Also on this link is a pop up designed to help people find good psycho therapists in their area. You might want to give it a try.

        • Meesh says:

          “That Kim” is his sister that he boasted that he tried to strangle or kill…before they called for an exorcism….in that wonderful book that Ken Olsen bought the rights to….

          You know Ken this “book/pamphlet” is 5-6 years old…it took me an hour to read it…What makes you think you can resuscitate it…it died once it was published. No kidding, people were trying to dump it on Amazon a week after buying it.

  14. “You are now and always have been a lying conniving manipulating person.”

    SickLiar cousin Kay Winters

    This is hardly the first time a member of SickLiar’s family has expressed similar opinions about him. Over the past six years, we’ve documented a number of them.

    But Ken Olsen still thinks SickLiar is an honest dude and his mental illness is a “myth”!

  15. Dennis says:

    Oh yeah, he’s in full action mode now:

    “To all who know me or who are friends on FB. All of my life I have been very blunt and direct, I have always said what I feel and think and have always done so up front and to ones face. I am almost 53 years old and I am not all of a sudden going to stop being me because someone can’t handle reality or being confronted when they misrepresent themselves or facts to fit their nice little idea of family or happiness. My family (some of whom still to this day can’t handle the fact I don’t mince my words) have always known this and while some have no problem with it others would rather try to blame and smear than face reality. Tough, if you don’t like it or are offended by it you know where the unfriend and block button is. If you unfriend don’t bother resending a new friend request later, as I am not interested in playing this game with anyone. I am sick to death of family who want to be family when it serves their purpose. I have lived my life on my terms never hiding or running from anything I have done or said, and to have the children of some two bit tramp (my opinion) in Camden, South Carolina have the nerve to tell me “I have never served time,” or “show me dna proof Hubert is your daddy,” just isn’t something I am going to let slide. Phyllis Rider, you said you wanted an all out war last night, well you got one. Since you think you know me, know this I will now go after your mother Sharon Hill Rider with all I got legally until she is held accountable for her false police reports. Lets let the whole world know what kind of woman she is and has been for a long, long, time. You asked me last night why I wouldn’t put on Kim Sinclair Hinson’s wall that my Dad was a whore, I would but Kim decided to play her blocking game. My Dad was always a whore when it came to fooling around with other women, from Naomi when I was a kid to a multitude of others over his lifetime ( and I have loved him through all of them) I do and always have lived in reality not fantasy as some have/do. Now can you publicly admit your mother was/is a whore as well?

    Now as for your little “Boom” “Boom” statements, bring it, I live for the Boom, Boom and can, have and always will back it up. All of you self righteous hypocritical wannabe one day a week Christians give all Christians a bad rap.”

    Back to his usual MO. Take and threaten “hostages” (her mother); threaten to “expose” them for anything he can think of; accuse everybody of “false” police reports (though I assume he will eventually call them factually false); huff and puff and act all ballsy (does he prance around the room grabbing his crotch when he writes this crap?); then concludes by wrapping himself up in the flag and Bible just to look all holy.

    Am I understanding this correctly. He is complaining that his sister Kim wouldn’t let him post nasty crap on her FB wall? I know the guy is a self-serving and nasty nut job, but he is really losing me on this point.

    • Meesh says:

      That was posted at FaceBook on the 15th of June, I posted all of that here 3 days ago, but it’s worth re-posting on this thread…I think this is what fueled the flame that had been ignited over the weekend with 2 of his cousins who felt that he should have gone to jail, the beginning of War. They said he always got off… (he since erased those comments, at the time I think, he felt that others would disagree…nothing was said in his defense) and then they started to say that his father wasn’t his biological father and then the poop hit the fan.

      The following is his best friend who had him over at Thanksgiving…she knows him to be the *Drama Queen*:

      Sandi Arenge LoBue says: “Larry, following you on facebook is better than watching TV, every week a new drama. Life is difficult enough can we have a comedy instead of a drama once in a while? Don’t get yourself so worked up, it is not healthy and in the end who really wins?”

      • Meesh says:
        JUNE 18, 2014 AT 3:52 PM

        “I think this is what fueled the flame that had been ignited over the weekend with 2 of his cousins who felt that he should have gone to jail”

        His own family thinks he should have gone to jail …

        lol 🙂

        • Meesh says:

          Yeh he briefly mentions it again here

          “I have never served time,” or “show me dna proof Hubert is your daddy,”

          He only eludes to it, I wish I had the exact words from his cousins (Phyllis Rider and Troy Rider) it was FUNNY! Larry posted the whole conversation… What he fails to say (after the fact) is first they said was that Larry’s never been accountable for his criminal charges…that it was high time that he finally went to jail…(talking about his post of Dismissal) Larry of course was enraged and then they said he wasn’t even related to them, bringing up his father.
          Larry was snooping in their Facebook timelines….he went after the woman and not the guy…typical Larry.

          Come to think of it, I may have it somewhere. BRB.

          • Meesh says:

            The majority of the “WAR” comments are disappearing…wonder if Larry’s deleting them or is Facebook doing it?

          • Sounds like they’re even more repulsed at the notion someone like him might share the same DNA with them. Can’t say I blame them. His Dad was probably glad he changed his name to Silvas and then Larye Avila to help distance them from the shame of having him as a relative or son.

            I can’t imagine the horror of having him as a close relative for 53 years. I’ve just completed 9 months of helping a good friend who went bipolar hypomania – an ongoing nightmare. The 16 years in jail and many years in reform school/mental hospital probably provided the family with relief.

            if you’ve got a copy, might be fun to read.

            • Meesh says:

              Of course they are all embarassed,it started with his brother (Ray) who changed the spelling of his last name 2-3 times…his sister Kim dropped the Sinclair part from her name for a while.Ma Barker recently dropped it completely too. Now it’s cousins, then distant cousins…Pretty soon the name “Sinclair” will be wiped out completely….You watch, throughout the entire planet Larry will be the only one holding the last name “Sinclair”.

              I tell ya, he’s like a nasty fungus. 🙂

            • Meesh says:
              JUNE 18, 2014 AT 6:32 PM
              He’s like a nasty fungus.:)


              It had to be embarrassing and difficult enough for his siblings and their family growing up through his mental illnesses, juvenile delinquency and decades long crime spree and jail terms. But when he went public in 2008, that had to be tough, bringing back all the crap they went through and the bigger sting of widespread embarrassment for many of them.

              There’s probably a number of his family members that won’t communicate with him and will never appear on Facebook with him.

              With his sociopathic nature, he doesn’t experience the embarrassment most would nor can he relate to or sympathize with those who do.

    • Meesh says:

      Sharon Hill Rider is his stepmother…Ma Barker’s rival.

  16. Dennis says:

    So Ken baby, what was this you were saying about that fine upstanding polite and decent law abiding man you knew so well? Oh wait. I’m sure these folks all have it coming. Guess none of us understand a nice fella like Lardo. Good thing he has you as a “special” friend.

  17. Back to a comment from the previous blog:

    Lysander Spooner says:
    JUNE 16, 2014 AT 4:35 PM
    Mr. Sinclair has run a conservative news site, and his work has been featured on Larry Elder’s talk show, even though Mr. Elder neglected to give Mr. Sinclair the credit he deserved.

    I didn’t know who Elder was. Had to look him up. Turns out he’s primarily a libertarian LA radio talk show host who has struggled to get on/stay on TV.

    A number of conservative media outlets including Greta Van Susteren and Sean Hannity of FOX News and the New York Post, the liberal New York Times and other mainstream media outlets looked at SickLiar’s claims. But they couldn’t run with them because they couldn’t verify them. Verification goes beyond merely good journalism practices – the media outlet could be sued big time for defamation if they ran with such a story unverified.

    The Chicago Tribune made a significant effort to verify the story. They put Pulitzer Price winner, John Crewdson on the story. He spent five days with SickLiar reviewing his evidence looking for a way to corroborate the story. The Tribune was going through serious financial struggles including leading to bankruptcy protection. Such a story would have been big for them – like breaking and having the inside track on the Lewinsky scandal. But they too couldn’t run with it because they couldn’t verify it.

    In a more recent affidavit filed in court, Crewdson concluded SickLiar was a “nut job”

    Click to access Ex-c-Statement-from-Karl-Milligan.pdf

    That’s not a “myth”.

    06/18/08: National Press Conference with Larry Sinclair

    QUESTIONER: Would you be willing to share your mental health records with the public?

    SINCLAIR: Actually, I’m going to post later this afternoon a list of all of my doctors going back
    through all of my medical records that are available through 1999. Anyone with valid
    legitimate press credentials that wants to check my mental health history, I will be more than
    willing to sign an authorized medical release for that purpose.

    He never posted such a list that I ever saw.

    No one we’re aware of in the media, aside from John Crewdson, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter from the Chicago Tribune, took him up on that.

    SickLiar provided a broad release to the Secret Service to obtain his medical and various other records after the Secret Service arrived at his house to investigate his threats against the President of the United States and his family. Part of their conclusion published by SickLiar read:

    “The Subject (SickLiar) has a lengthy family and personal mental illness history. Since 2008, the subject has made comments about suicide by cop and referred to dying at the White House.”

    If SickLiar would provide access to that information to the US Secret Service and John Crewdson, why not you? I mean he’s entrusted you with his “legacy”. Shouldn’t you get assured that he didn’t sell you a book of deluded BS?

    SickLiar says he has nothing to hide. He has balls (that don’t work) and can prove it to you. You don’t have to merely believe us or SickLiar – you can do what we’ve already done and find out for yourself. Get SickLiar to provide you with medical, financial, phone bill and various other releases required for you to determine for yourself that he’s telling the truth. Then, like your idol, Larry Elder, publish your findings.

    Montgomery Sibley couldn’t do it. John Crewdson and the mainstream media couldn’t do it. Man up and go for it. All you’re likely to get are a mountain of BS excuses why he won’t do it mixed in with deceptions or maybe even more forgeries.

  18. Dennis says:

    Just a quick FYI from the Probate Code of South Carolina: “(ii) the paternity is established by an adjudication commenced before the death of the father or within the later of eight months after the death of the father or six months after the initial appointment of a personal representative of his estate and, if after his death, by clear and convincing proof, except that the paternity established under this subitem (ii) is ineffective to qualify the father or his kindred to inherit from or through the child unless the father has openly treated the child as his and has not refused to support the child.”

    I assume this is part of the background to the Sinclair’s clan version of Who’s Your Daddy.

  19. Dennis says:

    It looks as if Spoonhead has passed through recently. I guess he had to fortify himself before annoying us some more. Since his last posts were around 2:30 (PDT), I assume he had to close out the bar before he could feel inspired to repeat the same crap all over again. Is he finally realizing that he just stepped into a world of pain at Larry’s World? Nah. These idiots never learn.

  20. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, I am just curious. When attacking and threatening his many pissed off relatives, Fat Boy made a comment about their false police reports. What police reports? Old or new?

    • Sickliar said:
      “Phyllis Rider, you said you wanted an all out war last night, well you got one. Since you think you know me, know this I will now go after your mother Sharon Hill Rider with all I got legally until she is held accountable for her false police reports.”

      Sounds pretty new since he’s “now” going after Sharon. Statute of limitations, etc.

      It is time to do another warrant search? 🙂

      Where does Sharon live? South Carolina?

  21. Meesh says:

    Hahahaha Did you guys know that there’s a Larry Sinclair “Goodreads Quotes Page”?? Check it out—->

    Too bad this one isn’t there.

    “My star is almost ready to shine bright. Hope you get what I am saying. Just a little longer. itsy bitsy longer.” Larry Sinclair 04/16/2008

    • Two of my favs:

      From his Youtube meltdown after he failed the lie detector test (noted on that link):

      “Let me tell you something, I have never stated this, but you idiots refer to me as some moroon, I have a aster and a lwa degree. I simply cannot take the bar because of my stupid past in my 20’s. You people do not want to go up against m on education because most of you will lose badly.”

      Which of course was just another in a constant string of his many, many rampant lies.

      As his followers were jumping ship in droves when his Obama scam really started to unravel with his lies, outstanding warrants/criminal past and Donald Young BS exposed in 2008:

      “Well, to be honest with you, it’s not so much as to whether you believe me or not, as much as you hear me.”

      SickLiar, 2008

      The sound of crickets on his website proves just how wrong he was about that.

  22. Dennis says:

    Gee Meesh, let’s not forget this classic either: “I suffer from severe nerve damage in the hands, arms, legs and spine. My right leg is numb all the time and there are times when I cannot move either of my legs. In addition to this my C-T-L spine has severe disc herniation. I have Fibromyalgia, asthma, severe allergies, heart problems, bleeding ulcers and I eat maybe once every two or three days.”

    I seem to recall that he came up with this medical nightmare in early 2008. It’s amazing that the son of a bitch is still alive. I mean just a little over 6 years ago, he was a walking dead man. And this doesn’t even include the brain tumor that he also said he had. Its a miracle. A full blown flipping miracle. Or is it because “I maintain body weight by drinking an average of 36 Pepsi’s per day.” It’s a Pepsi miracle. Sure doesn’t make any sense by the standards of medical science.

    Of course I am sure that SpoonHead will tell us that medical science is a myth too. That guy mustspend half his time sitting in a dark room clapping his hands and muttering “I do believe. I do believe.”

  23. Meesh says:

    We have another new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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