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Spoon-fed by Kenneth Olsen.

on June 16, 2014

In regards to your comment:

903d06459f76311e6eaccbaaea70a513 Lysander Spooner says:June 16, 2014 at 2:45 pm “Perhaps you fools would benefit from reading the book “The Myth of Mental Illness” by Dr. Thomas Szasz.Let us put your hatred of Larry Sinclair in context. Obviously his claims threaten your perceptions and conclusions about the individual who claims to be barack Obama.Given obama’s serial lies and power-grabs, why do you hold him in such high esteem? If barack obama comes out gay, wouldn’t you all be very proud of him? Why are you homophobic towards Larry Sinclair?”


DENNIS THE MENACE 1Sorry guy. Lardo’s bullshit does not threaten our perception of much of anything. His gibberish and deceit for financial gain along with his slanderous comments about many, many people (its a long list) as well as his long list of victims he has scammed during an amazingly long low life career.

Homophobic? Not really. From what I have heard (like at Breitbart) you are the one with a problem, bub. Of course, Fat Boy is often an odd ball mix of a self-loathing gay guy who has seesawed like crazy between being a hungry bottom (his words – not our’s) and an opponent of gay rights. Oh well, it’s a funny old world.

We hold Obama in high esteem? I don’t know. We are usually so busy going after SinkLiar we really don’t take much time trading political notes. In fact, you are the only person to bring up the subject in quite a long time. Sounds to me like you’ve got some kind of obsession there, you know.

The book by Dr. Szasz? Well, since his book is based on the argument that mental illness doesn’t exactly exist in the manner that the medical profession states and that treatment as we know it is, at best, useless, I kind of think that your whole first defense of Fat Boy (that he is mentally ill) has just been completely negated by…you. Or didn’t you read the book? Oh god, don’t tell me. You are also a psychologist (just didn’t need that damn license and stuff).

So tell me Ken, what is it about Fatso that has so shaped your own perception that you have abandoned common sense and embraced his brand of Kool-Aid? I mean something besides the financial connection between you and him. Just vaguely curious. But only vaguely.

In my younger days, I use to ride the city buses a lot. There were always a few major nut jobs on the bus who had to jabber at me for most of the trip. Your postings remind me much of those days….

Another last note to Mr. “Spoonhead”: You also said that we should “…try to focus on articulating your actual attitude towards Larry Sinclair.” But when we do you then say that we are being “…cruel and stupid,…” So what is it?

Oh dear me. Guess we will just have to agree to disagree. But since you are obviously bucking to be the star of the looney bin yourself, may we add you to the list along with Fat Boy? To be honest, bitch slapping you the past two days have been the high point of my month.

By the way, you do know that the real Lysander Spooner would have puked on at least half of what you believe? Just a little bit of FYI. Of course he is long dead and can’t sue or anything which is what makes your type of grave robbing barely legal.

31 responses to “Spoon-fed by Kenneth Olsen.

  1. Meesh says:

    Hey great Dennis, whoever feels the need to respond to our new BFF Ken Olsen, can do so here OR not…. 🙂 We needed a new post. thanks a bunch!

    • Dennis says:

      I’m sure our buddy Ken will be back. Must be the summer break at the lwa skool. Lots o time on his hands. Besides, he is still waiting to hear back from Brad Pitts’ agent about Brad playing Fat Boy in his film version of the booklet. But they are going to have to change the title since the original is way too long for theater marquees. Maybe something like Hit the PayPal Button Now. Oh wait, that’s the plot-line, not the title.

  2. Lysander Spooner says:

    Let us put your hatred of Larry Sinclair in context. Obviously his claims threaten your perceptions and conclusions about the individual who claims to be barack obama.

    Obviously, you’re wrong. Speak of your own feelings. Don’t try to express the feelings of others.

    No SickLiar’s claims don’t threaten my perceptions of Obama. SickLiar is a mentally ill, career con man asshole who has been proven to have lied about many things related to this. Obama still seems like a pretty decent guy. If Obama did have a gay fling with someone, it would be like Clinton having a fling with Lewinsky – disappointing to see a president cheat on his wife but not a gigantic threat to his overall presidency as Clinton’s popularity today proves.

    It’s 2014. Obama isn’t running again. This clearly has absolutely nothing to do with Obama and couldn’t materially since Nov 2012 – his last election (but in reality, there was much more to this dispute than Obama back in 2008).

    Lysander Spooner says:Given obama’s serial lies and power-grabs, …

    So you allege, like SickLiar, providing no evidence.

    Lysander Spooner says:If barack obama comes out gay, wouldn’t you all be very proud of him?

    Why are you homophobic towards Larry Sinclair?

    I couldn’t care less if Obama came out gay. Although I’m not gay, I formally fought for gay rights starting in 1974. There’s more to do but we’ve made some progress on the issue. SickLiar’s sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with my actions. I’m not homophobic. Once again, you’re blatantly wrong.

    • “If Obama did have a gay fling with someone, it would be like Clinton having a fling with Lewinsky – … .”

      Be careful with your words, WTPL?. Someone will quote you out of context and call it “proof” that Obama did it. Besides, the notion of being Obama’s “Lewinsky” is the stuff of Legion’s masturbatory fantasies. (He probably already owns a little blue dress.) We don’t want to feed him (pun intended) any more strange ideas than he already has.

  3. DDTOTH should seek out remedial reading assistance. I never claimed Larry Sinclair was mentally ill. Feel free to consult the written record. I simply asked why you people refer to him as mentally ill and then mock him.

    Let me be clear: Mental illness is a myth, therefore Larry Sinclair can not be mentally ill.

    The fact that mental illness is a myth doesn’t keep people from believing in it. Some of you obviously believe in it. Multiple postings by you fine folks indicate you believe Larry Sinclair has a medical condition of mental illness. If you believe it’s a medical condition, then you are cruel and unusual in mocking Mr. Sinclair. It’s that simple.

    Larry Sinclair is not a perfect person, and barack obama is not a perfect person. I believe Mr. Sinclair told the truth in his book about barack obama based on observing the actions of Mr. Sinclair and the actions of Mr. obama.

    Consider the words and actions of Larry Sinclair and barack obama since Larry Sinclair’s allegations came to light: Mr. Sinclair has run a conservative news site, and his work has been featured on Larry Elder’s talk show, even though Mr. Elder neglected to give Mr. Sinclair the credit he deserved. Larry Sinclair does not seek power over others.

    Mr. obama, on the other hand, has repeatedly lied on multiple occasions in order to increase the power the federal government has over people’s lives. By some strange coincidence, he happens to head the same federal government. What are the odds?

    Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

    • Lysander Spooner says:
      “Let me be clear: Mental illness is a myth, therefore Larry Sinclair can not be mentally ill.”

      But Lysander Spooner previously said:

      Lysander Spooner says:
      Why do you assert Larry Sinclair is “mentally ill” and then go on to insult and ridicule him?
      Isn’t it very cruel to mock those with medical problems?

      Then why are you concerned about how we treat someone with a ‘mythical medical problem’?

      Because you’re sucking and blowing BS. Like SickLiar, you can’t get your story straight

      • Meesh says:

        I noticed this too, he could not keep his story straight…never addressed questions that he was asked. Whatever his mission to be here, Kenneth Olsen (or whatever his name) failed miserably. Probably because we discovered who he was at the onset of his visit. Imagine that, to meet the *idiot* who purchased the rights to that “rag”. Lucky day for us!

        Did Larry send him? I don’t think so, as with “Show Me The Money Sinclair”,could care less once he received the cash. On Sunday when “Lysander Spooner” arrived he was basically interested in pointing out that we were bashing Sinclair’s mental issues.

        Why? Because he felt we would bash Sinclair furthermore…when we didn’t, this is when his mission failed. Larry rarely mentions this site by name within his posts until this last one, I believe this is why Kenneth Olsen paid us a visit, to use us for promoting that piece of crap that he wishes to unload.

        If I’m correct or incorrect we will never know, as Kenneth Olsen is in fact the worst blogger I’ve seen in years. Doubt he’ll be back, as he’s been”pwned”, or regulated . He’s been around the tubes and quite known for what he demonstrated here… At FogBow:

        “Kenneth Olsen seems to be rather butthurt when anyone dares disagree with him Yet Another Thin-Skinned Birther.”

  4. Meesh says:

    “Let me be clear: Mental illness is a myth, therefore Larry Sinclair can not be mentally ill.”

    True dat, I believe currently the people doing all the research in Neurology are the best to ask that, but in my opinion is Larry Sinclair mentally deranged—>oh YES . Mentally ill—->NOPE…

    To me, Larry Sinclair is a psychopath or better a Sociopath based on this>
    We’re not about to resolve his mental health issues, no one’s perfect as you say. But the reason we’re here has nothing to do with his mental health, but his lies and when it affects others.

    Larry Sinclair has absolutely no proof to back his claims, perhaps you’re the fool to have fallen for it. We are far from being homophobic and we also recognize a true liar, conman.

    So he writes a book, this is his proof? Guess again, you’re stuck with it Ken, not us.
    Go sell it. Good luck with that. You’ve been taken for a schmuck, any regrets?
    Is that book of lies (that you now own) the reason you’re suddenly visiting here?

    Any way you proved: “There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute”.

    Take a bow!

    Have a fabulous day…thanks for dropping in. Bubbyes for now.

  5. “Larry Sinclair has absolutely no proof to back his claims” – Meesh


    Larry Sinclair has produced receipts, hotel correspondence, phone numbers, dates, places, and the limo driver’s name.


    Meesh is a liar.

    Mr. Sinclair’s evidence has been treated the same way the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse’s evidence has been treated: It is diligently ignored lest it substantiate the allegations.

    • “Larry Sinclair has produced receipts, hotel correspondence, phone numbers, dates, places, and the limo driver’s name.”

      Oh for cryin’ out loud – what a disingenuous idiot you are. What do Legion’s “receipts, hotel correspondence, phone numbers, dates, places, and the limo driver’s name” have to do with Barack Obama? How about producing the limo driver? Who cares about a name?

      Oh I get it now. You are attempting to rekindle a nonexistent controversy in hopes of selling books you were dumb enough to buy the rights to.

      Please stay away. You are stinking up our website. Phew!!.

    • Meesh says:

      “L.S.” or Kenneth Olsen,

      What evidence? He has ZIP maybe the limo driver’s *name*,so what I could give your name, would it make it so? Nope. So we need to go by his word? Yeh right. Sinclair has no evidence, keeping in mind,it would take more space than WordPress allows to document the hundreds of lies and inconsistencies in Larry Sinclair’s story. He has the burden to provide the proof or as you say “evidence”. We’re still waiting, the ball has been in his court since day one.He had his chance with Crewdson, he blew it.

      Stick a fork in it…his story has been done since early 2008, didn’t anybody tell you?
      Sheesh I cannot believe anyone was as *STOOPID* to buy the rights to that book. Now had Sinclair gone to jail you could have sensationalized it.He’s not, so you’re stuck holding the bag. In a sense, happy that we got to meet you. I also feel sorry for you. C’mon now Ken, Larry Sinclair will screw you over, you can mark my words on it.

    • Dennis says:

      Ken, my friend. What are you even talking about when you say that he has “… produced receipts, hotel correspondence, phone numbers, dates, places, and the limo driver’s name”? He hasn’t produced anything of the sort. Hell, even Fat Boy concludes his booklet with the statement that we are suppose to simply take it at his word because he was there and we were not. That is not evidence of anything. Heck, I know of Bigfoot reports that have more evidence than his crap.

      Now I understand that you are one of those guys who thinks that if they keep shouting non-stop everybody is suppose to drop and listen, but grow up. You bought a stupid worthless book whose shelf life pretty much is expired and now you are simply stuck with it. Take it up with your buddy, SinkLiar. There is simply no reason for us to “provide” you with a non-stop forum for endless blather and annoying gibberish. This is our forum for endless blather and non-stop gibberish, not yours. This is not your promotional site for whatever you think you are going to do with that stupid book.

      So snap out of it! You are now boring us.

      Now excuse me. I have to get back to my remedial class.

  6. Meet The Pretensident

    Who is barack obama aka The Pretensident?

    He has had many names barack, barry, obama, soetero, soebarkah.

    It would be impossible to do a complete synopsis of the life and criminal history of barack obama. The number of lies, the inconsistencies, the hidden truths….all combine to depict a rather worthless life of a 50-something-year-old con artist who himself like has a hard time discerning truth from fiction. There is likely a more than substantial difference between the actual “life lived” and life as he would have himself and others recall. While at times the absolute pitiful waste of this life might ellicit sadness from an outsider, in an emotionally healthy person, it would likely result in feelings of shame and regret from the actual subject.

    Throughout the animal world, certain repetitious behaviors can be observed to the point that scientist and observers can establish “patterns” of behavior. This same phenomenon applies to behavior among individual humans. It has often been observed that some people go to bed at the same time every evening. Therefore, among that segment of the population, it can be established that a pattern exists and that early bedtime can be more than predicted, it can be assumed. obama has repeated the same pattern of deceit within these last jive years…

    With obama, there is a total lack of remorse, no signs of a sense of loss and never a hint of regret. This, coupled with his tendency to minimize his actions and their affects on others are classic hallmarks of sociopathic tendencies. There is little doubt in our minds, obama is a sociopath in every sense of the diagnosis.

    • Meesh says:

      Cheap shot…I see you’ve been looking over our site “Meet Larry Sinclair”====>

      Is this the best you can do? You disappoint me. Thought you could be more original than that, I also can copy/paste and cherry pick. You birthers are soooo Unoriginal.

      You’re purposely avoiding the fact why you’re here…the book. Yeh you got stung badly.Live with it.Why don’t you address that. Barack Obama is not the issue, like it or not Ken, he is the President of the United States, he has been since 2008.

      Or didn’t anybody tell you that too? Do you think buying the rights to that pamphlet would change anything? I’m serious, get a life. So you’ve proven you’re nifty with plagiarism too. Wow! I am recognizing why you and Sinclair get along.Bubbyes!

  7. kstreet607 says:

    This is my observation: Like so many other conspiracy, birther and teabagger nuts, this guy just sticks a finger in his ear and yells: “I can’t hear you, na na na na na!” He doesn’t want truth or facts, he wants to rekindle a dead horse. Good luck with that!

    • That’s exactly what he’s up to, KStreet. His and Legion’s sites are dead, so he hopes to start something up over here where he might reach more readers in hopes of selling one or two of the stupid books he bought the rights to.

      Hey Lysander, don’t try to use us to help you make money out of thin air. Be up front and honest in your endeavors for once. Just go out and rob someone.

  8. Dennis says:

    At this moment, I am having a bad case of deja vu all over again. Many years ago when I was in grad school, there was this bar near campus. Just an OK place but the drinks were cheap and everybody went there. One night, some really depressed guy was in there. His girlfriend may had just dumped him. Hard to tell. He was way to drunk to make any sense. Back he sat by the juke box with a large pile of quarters and kept playing You Light Up My Life over and over. Finally, some of the patrons couldn’t take it any more and they ripped out the electrical cord to the juke box.

    We are watching the same thing. While many of us actually are taking time to visit with our families, enjoy a decent meal, maybe even take in a show or something, this Spoonhead nitwit just huddles up to his computer and keeps posting away – mostly variations on the same crap (kind of like that scene in The Shining with Jack Nicholson). He is sucking up space and wasting our time for no real rational reason whatsoever. Just playing that same damn tune, over and over and over again.

    Now, I do recall that in one of his recent mutterings, Fat Boy stated that the Regulators were going to get regulated. Oh swell. This guy is so low and so lacking in any sense of personal pride that he is willing to be Lardo’s Regulator. Good God! I don’t even want to think how lacking in self-esteem this clown has to be to fall for that gig.

    I assume that he thinks he is “winning” against us, the infidels. Yeah, sure bub, what ever gets you through the night and all of that jive. But the only thing you are winning is contempt. Maybe you even think you are “promoting” SinkLiar’s book. Which means that you really suck as a PR agent. I think this is the moment when you need to find the choir and pitch to them. Oh wait. Sounds as if you have already been booted from most of those web sites. Gee, I wonder why?

    And it pains me to say this, because I really don’t like the Breitbart News site. In fact, I truly hate it. But sometimes even the devil is right and since they felt fit to boot you off, I think (and strongly suggest) that we should do the same.

    Because basically sir, you are a complete waste of life. Bye bye (and don’t let the door hit you on the way out – on second thought, let it hit you. I don’t care.).

  9. tjtaygee says:

    Not to change the subject, but as “lysander-spooner-not”/”kenneth olsen” supposedly owns the rights to the book, what does he/she/it think of larry _STILL_ offering the rights to the book for a $10k donation on GoFuckYourself?

    you bought the rights to the book but liar-larr is offering them as a reward for the $10k donation.

    You. Cannot. Seriously. Defend. Him. Or refer to him as truthful.

    • tjtaygee says:

      Well, better-put – you can’t expect anyone to take you seriously…

      • tjtaygee says:

        See? Larry says here the rights have been sold – Apr 24 2014:

        And, see again – 2 months remaining on larry’s “gofundme” with the $10k reward being the rights of the book:

        Larry has provided us with the best, most provable, most current example of his rank dishonesty.

        And you cannot refute it.

        • Dennis says:

          I have noticed that the one thing that briefly shut the guy up was the thought that he might have paid good money for a worthless book and still don’t really “own” anything. Like maybe he hadn’t heard about all the other suckers who got into business with Fat Boy and came to regret it. Or to paraphrase one of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition “A fool and his money are soon parted. That is where Larry comes in.”

          • tjtaygee says:

            And also that, as in the case of the book, liar-larr most usually makes stuff up out of whole cloth. the only thing that can be proven about his book and the claims therein is that he has claimed to be able to provide proof for them yet has consistently failed to do so…

            at least with the announced sale still existent on his website combined with the reward on gofundme, he has finally, fully, directly and obviously outed himself in that particular deception, likely fraud.

            I do wonder what ‘spooner’ knows/doesn’t know about the “sale” and the “reward”, and if there isn’t some manner in which “spooner” is complicit in the deception.

            Otherwise, “spooner” has simply been taken for a fool.

            Which is it?

    • That looks like the wonderful work of that Regulator who had “Poet” in his name and a poet laureate as his moniker. I miss that guy.

      • Meesh says:

        Badpoet is still around, he may not comment but he still keeps in contact and occasionally peeks in. I do miss his contributions to The Regulator and over at Mitch and Nan. A very talented man.

  10. Dennis says:

    Good lord! What is going on over here? First we have this spooner idiot hogging up space with his rants and now Meesh is posting an infomercial for Fat Boy’s book. Did I just wake up in some alternative universe?

    Meesh: Good job to all involved (Bad Poet, I assume). 80 words a page? Actually, I think some of those pages are even shorter.

  11. Meesh says:

    We have another new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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