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Sinclair, no laughing matter…

on June 10, 2014

0,,1705541_4,00Today, in Moncton, N.B. Canada, they’re burying three excellent police officers (RCMP). Fine husbands. Upstanding members of their community and church. Fathers of five with a sixth due in September. Ambushed and lost due to a nut with a gun whose father couldn’t get him the mental help he needed. Very, very, very tragic story and terrible loss.

In Las Vegas very recently, two more officers, good fathers and husbands, were shot while eating their lunch at a restaurant by a couple of tea party extremists/nuts. Another very, very, very tragic story and terrible loss.

This is not a good time for a nut like Sinclair to go after law enforcement – which the DA’s office encompasses in my opinion.

The record is pretty clear. Sinclair has been mentally ill since childhood. He has an aggressive nature as demonstrated by all his threats and assaults in jail and by the numerous threats against Obama, us and others, etc. The Secret Service were concerned about his overtures towards “suicide by cop”.

Our collective societies in the free world, as demonstrated by countless other tragedies like the above, have not yet fully or perfectly addressed mental illness and access to guns. If Colorado has a legitimate legal opportunity to make this case, my hope is they thwart the mental health risk Sinclair represents by throwing this sick fuck in jail for a long, long time.

motivationsl-larry-43_Larry Sinclair

77 responses to “Sinclair, no laughing matter…

  1. Meesh says:

    We make jokes about the *idiot* I agree with you WTPL? an excellent observation and is definitely something to consider about Sinclair, he’s unstable.

  2. Any info yet on what happened yesterday?

    • Meesh says:

      He hasn’t posted anything yet, but he’s around because Up Coming Sinclair News Stories has been updated or changed to this:

      The State of Colorado vs Larry Sinclair 2001CR727: DISMISSED

      • Dennis says:

        Dismissed? Hmmm. Anything is possible but I would have thought that if the case had gotten dismissed, he would be all over the joint gloating. Oh wait, I forgot about the vodka celebration. We shall see.

        • Meesh says:

          Wishful thinking? Or maybe his way of proving something….that he’s sure it “will be” dismissed.

          Yeh he would be all over the place gloating, (drunk or not) not sure how long this has changed, could’ve been yesterday, or throughout the evening…I do not go over very often or more than required.Definitely not around suppertime (I do not get off being nauseous before bedtime.)

  3. Dennis says:

    I am not really a psychologist though I did once have a job where I occasionally played one on the phone (not actually making this up either). However, some possible insights on the mind of Fat Boy might be available in this piece How Psychopaths View Their World Much of Sinclair’s behavior seems to generally fall into the Antisocial Psychopath slot. Not all ASPs are particularly dangerous, though Ted Bundy was one (and to some degree, John Wayne Gacy). As a rule, Sinclair has largely reserved his “threat” level for women and for use by either phone or internet. I have noticed that in direct confrontations with “male authority,” he quickly turns passive and tries to charm his way out. Case in point, his “fight” and “threats” against his previous landlady. He was mad as hell and not going to take it any more until her husband showed up for a “chat.” Then it was all sweet talk. It is only later that he will (occasionally) resort to tough talk and try to make it sound as if he showed that guy what for blah blah blah.
    As a rule, many ASP types like Sinclair will normally only try going violent if they
    A. Think they can get away with it and
    B. If the subject for attack is weak and vulnerable. Mass murderers will often have a mix of other pathologies that compells them into a more dangerous level of action.
    The ASP type is more prone to
    A. Crazy behavior for attention purposes and
    B. Suicide (though often bogus suicide, again for attention and manipulation purposes). So I suspect that Fat Boy is not likely to commit mass murder. He is more inclined to lead the police on a slow-mo chase while pointing a BB gun to his head and yelling that the cops are factually false.

    • I would agree that he’s more comfortable going after women but he’s gone after men. Too many assaults in an all male prison. And he’s threatened some of the men on our blog, though he’s definitely gone after the grandmothers and housewives more frequently.

      My grandfather repeated a great saying you may have heard “You can’t rationalize with an irrational person, so don’t try”. And that’s a key thing with many of these wacky people who have gone off : nearly every time, folks had no idea what was about to transpire or it would have been stopped before it happened. “He kept to himself” or “he had mental issues but …”, etc. And then they snap.

      1 in 10 are supposed suffering from some sort of mental illness which means more than 30 million Americans are suffering that affliction. Today’s school shooting in Oregon is the 74th since Sandy Hook. So only a tiny fraction go off.

      Having observed Sinclair for the past six years, I can’t help but feel he’s a danger to himself, law enforcement and others. He’s been committing crimes, acting violently and been incurably mentally ill since he was a juvenile. But like the others who are mentally ill, if his case has been dismissed, it looks like we’ll just have to sit back and wait until his next crime.

  4. “The State of Colorado vs Larry Sinclair 2001CR727: DISMISSED
    By Lawrence SinclairJune 10, 2014
    In the matter of The People of the State of Colorado vs Larry Sinclair the people move to dismiss the complaint against defendant. This comes after a Deputy District Attorney in the Pueblo Colorado District Attorney’s office abused his position as Deputy DA and knowingly filed a factually false and intentional misleading Motion before…”

    link went to “page not found”

    • Meesh says:

      So I recognized it correctly on his UPDATES, it was something new… (there he goes again with “knowingly filed a factually false” bit 🙄 ) Good news (in a sense) we won’t have to read PART III… *sigh* he still has it posted.

      Like Dennis said, Fatboy’s no-doubt liquored-up…Funny that he’s not gloating and yelling it through the roof-tops regardless…He’s being extremely careful in my opinion…So un-Larry like….Hmmm what gives with that?

      He’s very quiet on both Facebook accounts too.

      • Dennis says:

        Yes, he is very quiet and once again playing around with the post-no-post stuff. So I have to wonder, what was dismissed? Everything or just a charge? Are there any further court dates or is it actually over? Was he sober and/or awake at any time during the hearing? Does his lawyer know better than taking his fee in the form of special “money orders?”

        • The answer should appear on the court docket today or tomorrow. Lag time between the court activity and its docket entry is not unusual.

        • Meesh says:

          You know Dennis, he’ll never divulge the whole thing…he’ll cherry-pick through the documents…so I suspect this is causing the delay. It’s never cut and dry, always slanted within translation/meaning.

          • Dennis says:

            Gee Meesh, are you saying that he will spin this stuff around more wildly than an out of control dryer?

            • Meesh says:

              Yup, Delaware here we come again…if he says it enough times then it becomes nothing but the *truth* and he forgets the rest. I think this is his therapy… (a liar’s way)

              Anyway, geeWhiz how many times have you corrected him with his spin of Delaware?I can think of at least 15 times… 🙂 Sooo I suggest you copy/paste your response, we’re in for long long haul…

            • Meesh says:

              About Monday’s hearing, methink Carmen Segura (victim) has become much like Sonny Patel with Delaware…Not interested in pursuing it, basically no one wants POS part of their lives.Can’t blame them.

              Prior to Delaware hearing FatAss turned the screws on Patel…he repeated the same with Segura with these threats to publish her personal data within his Part III expose. He probably tried to call her too.What scum.

            • Dennis says:

              I have corrected him on numerous occasions about Delaware. I have repeatedly corrected him about the outcome of the civil suit. I am sure I will have many chances to repeatedly yell at him about whatever has happened in Colorado. I am looking forward to the opportunity.

  5. Vegas “Shooters’” (Terrorist’s) Facebook Warnings: “I Will Willingly Die For Liberty”

    Sinclair made a similar claim that he was willing to die for his cause. (I haven’t got time to look it up right now but he did say something to that effect – which is partly where the Secret Service developed their concern with him about “suicide by cop”)

    • Dennis says:

      Yes, on several occasions he has said something like this. Also, he has said that he didn’t have long to live (brain tumor), he was too crippled to carry on without more donations, etc etc. Some people mean it when they say it. For others, it is just part of their “pitch.”

  6. Meesh says:

    He’s covering his *ass* about something because he now has ASSministrator posting, previous post which was deleted was by FatAss. 🙄 I also left out the photo of Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Zamarripa for it’s irrelevant, probably a form of intimidation by POS. Oh and watch out guys, he’s out for revenge from those nasty regulators who he says: “got regulated and relegated “. :O)

    Colorado vs Larry Sinclair 2001CR727: DISMISSED

    June 13, 2014
    By ASS-ministrator

    In the matter of The People of the State of Colorado vs Larry Sinclair the people move to dismiss the complaint against defendant. This comes after a Deputy District Attorney in the Pueblo Colorado District Attorney’s office abused his position as Deputy DA and knowingly filed a factually false and intentional misleading Motion before District Court Judge Jill Mattoon on December 11, 2012 seeking to have the arrest warrant issued in May of 2001 vacated and a new arrest warrant issued with a nationwide extradiction in retaliation for the filing of a Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act and Colorado Open Records Act request against said Deputy DA Stephen A. Jones.

    On March 20, 2014 Sinclair was arrested by the Holly Hill, FL Police Department while taking a vandalism report based on the arrest warrant issued by District Court Judge Jill Mattoon in December 2012 based entirely and knowingly false information. Sinclair was required to post a $15,000.00 surety bond including a non-refundable premium of $1500.00 on March 22, 2014. Sinclair then was forced to travel to Pueblo, Colorado on March 23, 2014 in order to appear in Court at 8:AM on March 24, 2014. On March 24, 2014 Sinclair appeared in Pueblo County District Court Div C at which time he informed the Honorable Victor Reyes, District Court Judge, that “this is 13 years old and it needs to be dealt with once and for all, your honor this matter will either be dismissed outright by the District Attorney or scheduled for trial, but there will not be any pleas made in this case.” Judge Reyes gave Sinclair until April 28, 2014 at 8AM to retain counsel and appear before the court with said counsel. Sinclair again had to travel from Daytona Beach Florida to Pueblo Colorado to appear on April 28, 2014 before District Court Judge Reyes with retained counsel in Karl Tameler of Tameler Law Office.

    Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Zamarripa for 2011 arrest article

    (Photo will not be copied here, the link which is below. POS posted it 3 times 🙄 )

    On April 28, 2014 Deputy DA Jennifer Zamarripa (left in a photo from Pueblo Chieftain April 22, 2011) told counsel for Sinclair “if he sets it for trial I will not consider any negotiation,” yet Deputy DA Zamarripa failed to understand that when Sinclair informed Judge Reyes on March 24, 2014 the case would either be dismissed outright or it would go to trial, he meant it. On advice of counsel a formal plea in the case was postponed til June 9, 2014 when the case would be set for a pre-trial conference. The District Attorney’s office had until the end of business on May 25, 2014 to turn over to Sinclair’s counsel all discovery in the case. The DA failed to produce discovery in a timely manner and on May 30, 2014 was contacted and asked why discovery had not yet been provided to the defense. It was during this contact concerning discovery that Deputy DA Zamarripa informed counsel for Sinclair discovery had not been provided because “I am filing a motion to dismiss the case.” According to sources close to the case Deputy DA Zamarripa went so far as to imply to counsel for Sinclair that she (Zamarripa) might be looking into pursuing possible “witness tampering” charges against Sinclair because the alleged victim in the case claimed she and her family had received threats from Sinclair, including the threat of deportation, which according to Zamarripa the alleged victim advised her, her brother had in fact been deported and the alleged victim and her family attribute his deportation to Sinclair. Sinclair’s last communication with Carmen Segura was a letter mailed to her dated in December 2000, before Segura had even filed any Police report alleging Sinclair stole & forged her checks. That for those who can’t count was 13 and a half years ago, far longer than the “5″ years cited in a May 27, 2014 Pueblo DA investigators report.

    During this time between April 28, 2014 and May 30, 2014 Sinclair had been gathering certified copies of documents from the El Paso Texas Sheriff’s Department and County Attorney which supported Sinclair’s original statements to the District Court in a Motion to Dismiss filed by Sinclair in 2004 which stated the allegations made against Sinclair by Carmen Segura were made not because they were true but because Segura and her family (brother and sister-in-law Gabriel & Priscilla Munoz) had failed in their effort to file a knowingly false police report alleging Sinclair stole their truck on October 28, 2000. Not only do these documents prove the Munoz’ did file a false report which they knowingly and intentionally gave false statements to El Paso Texas Sheriff Deputies, in Nov 2000 (months before Segura contacted Pueblo Police claiming Sinclair had stolen and forged her 1999 State and Federal Income Tax checks) Munoz is quoted by Deputy Marquez as claiming “Sinclair might have issues with the IRS…” (the full reports will be published in the final part of the 3 part series When Politics turns facts into fiction and fiction into facts on this case). Sinclair also obtained from the State of New Mexico a copy of the speeding ticket issued to Sinclair on the return from El Paso Texas in March of 2000 (the time Segura claimed she was in El Paso and Sinclair was allegedly in Colorado stealing her checks) with the ticket number one before the ticket number issued to Sinclair was issued to Segura’s husband also for speeding as well as failure to have Joshua, Segura’s son restrained in a proper car seat based on his size.

    On June 6, 2014 Deputy District Attorney Zamarripa filed a motion to dismiss the case, said filing however did not appear to defense counsel until Monday June 9, 2014. The Motion, had it and it’s language been made known to Sinclair prior to Judge Reyes’ signing the Order of dismissal (Zamarripa provided copy of the Motion to Defense at the Courthouse on June 9, 2014 at approx. 1:15PM) Sinclair would have instructed defense counsel to file a response objecting to said motion based solely on the DA’s language of “without prejudice.” Had The matter actually gone before Judge Reyes as scheduled at 1:30PM June 9, 2014 (defense counsel attempted to ascertain whether the motion had been acted upon by the Judge so that he nor Sinclair would make a trip to court for nothing, but Zamarripa seemed to want to exact as much imposition and expense on Sinclair as possible, because even as late as 1:00pm the Court had not yet entered the Order signed by Judge Reyes and made defense appear at the courthouse for nothing) Sinclair would indeed have objected to the State’s motion to dismiss based on the language chosen by Deputy DA Zamarripa.

    Both the Motion to Dismiss and Order of Dismissal may be seen by clicking HERE

    Sinclair will be publishing all documents obtained pertaining to this case as well as the discovery which the Pueblo District Attorney’s Office finally turned over but only after failing to do so in the time prescribed by law, and only after it was published on this site that discovery had not been produced. In researching the individuals involved in this case and the political jockeying that some engaged in with this case it was discovered that Deputy District Attorney Zamarripa had been arrested and booked in the Pueblo County Jail on Wednesday April 20, 2011 for a warrant out of Kansas for a bad check charge which was 9 years old and had never appeared in multiple background checks performed on her. Deputy DA arrested for bad check

    For more than Six (6) years people who are scared to publish things under their own names has used this case to make claims they were involved directly with the Pueblo District Attorney’s office in using this case to smear, attack, threaten and harass Sinclair, his family and friends who refer to themselves as the “Regulator’s” of something, just got regulated and relegated into the cesspool they rose from. While the Pueblo District Attorney’s office did not turn over the information requested pertaining to the phone calls, emails, faxes and messages between DA staff and these so called “regulators,” and Sinclair does have plans to re-file the Colorado Criminal Records Act and Open Records Act request with the Pueblo District Attorney’s Office in the very near future. In addition Sinclair will pursue all avenues open to him legally whether criminal or civil as well as Judicial misconduct complaints against those who have in his opinion and belief engaged in misconduct. Sinclair intends to bring both State and Federal Civil actions against Stephen A. Jones (former Pueblo County Deputy District Attorney) as well as others over their abuse of power.

    Thanks Colorado, POS’ next crime-wave should begin next month.

    • Dennis says:

      I can see his “problem.” Since the charge was dismissed without prejudice (see, they can and may very well come back at him. They may also go after him about witness tampering etc etc. So he is not out of the woods just yet. But going after the DAs office is, I am sure, a really swell move.

      As for his silly ass comments about us, Thanks for the advertising asshole. As always, glad to be of service. I don’t want to engage in a cheap and childish round of I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I but….

      And let’s not forget all of your pathetic two-bit and sometimes evenly violent threats against folks both here and elsewhere over the years. Crazy, deranged, completely ludicrous but nasty bullshit threats (some of which might even be in violation of something or other made by a sad and failed miserable little jerk with a whiny voice and bleary eyed half-drunken visage, a face full of jaundiced fat and black hearted bile.

      But I refuse to engage in cheap insults with a cheap little butt-wipe like you. Aren’t you glad?

    • Meesh says:

      For more than Six (6) years people who are scared to publish things under their own names has used this case to make claims they were involved directly with the Pueblo District Attorney’s office in using this case to smear, attack, threaten and harass Sinclair, his family and friends who refer to themselves as the “Regulator’s” of something, just got regulated and relegated into the cesspool they rose from.

      For over six years, POS has accused us of being everyone except who we really are…In my case, I posted at his nasty website and also on his YouTube account with my *real name* (not sure about the rest of you) With me, he posted my “real full name” and particulars…email address and ISP except he placed me (or announced( I lived in Ontario, California USA.I just got confused because I forgot who I really was and where I live.

      Not my fault you’re stupid too… Go ahead Larry, look back, I’ve done nothing except called you out. Come and get me slimeball. 🙄

  7. Dennis says:

    BTW turd boy. You should keep in mind that – for better or worse – we are just about the only “readers” you’ve got at that slime pit of a web site you run. So you better be nicey-nicey, you jackass.

  8. Dennis says:

    Yep, that lady DA is a real Bonnie Parker:

    ” District Attorney Bill Thiebaut said Zamarripa allegedly wrote a $16 check in 2002 to a mail-order catalogue in Kansas that wasn’t covered by the bank because of insufficient funds, then added costs pushed the amount to $173.”

    Let’s see, she accidentally over extended her account and got hit with a lot of fees in the process and then for some reason allowed it to snowball (probably pissed with the bank kind of thing). I know, by your standards she is a rank amateur. You must feel “professionally” insulted. Why didn’t she simply handle this with some bogus money orders?

  9. Meesh says:

    Thanks to LongTimeLurker, we got this yesterday. 🙂

    Case Number: 2001CR727(District) Date Filed: 2001-05-21
    People Of The State Of Colorado Vs. Sinclair, Larry Wayne
    Judge Victor I Reyes
    Court Pueblo County
    Division C
    EFiled Y
    Case Closed Date 06/09/2014

    Case Status

    Judge or Magistrate Name BAR Number
    Victor I Reyes 14385

    Agency Agency Agency Case Tkt/Summons Nbr Arrest Nbr
    Pueblo Police Dept 013360

    Related Cases Location Case Number Related Reason Name

    Participants Litigant Attorney
    Sinclair, Larry Wayne Public Defender
    Defendant 1 Role Deputy Public Defender
    DOB 09/26/1961 BAR 900002
    Gender Male Primary Attorney N
    Race Caucasian
    Tameler, Karl S
    Role Private Attorney
    BAR 21012
    Primary Attorney Y

    Charges Count Date Details
    1 03/01/2000 Charges: Theft-$500-$15,000
    Status: Dismissed

    Statute: 18-4-401(1),(2)(c)
    Class: F4 (Class 4 Felony)
    Offense Date From: 03/01/2000
    BAC: 0.000
    Arrest Date: 05/08/2001
    Disposition Date: 06/09/2014
    Disposition: Dism by DA
    2 03/01/2000 Charges: Forgery-check/commercial Instrument
    Status: Dismissed
    Statute: 18-5-102(1)(c)
    Class: F5 (Class 5 Felony)
    Offense Date From: 03/01/2000
    BAC: 0.000
    Arrest Date: 05/08/2001
    Disposition Date: 06/09/2014
    Disposition: Dism by DA

    Scheduled Events Date Time Details
    Status Hearing Held
    Judge Victor I Reyes
    Room C
    03/24/2014 815 AM Appearance on Arrest Warrant
    Status Hearing Held
    Judge Victor I Reyes
    Room C
    04/28/2014 815 AM Appearance of Counsel
    Status Vacated
    Judge Victor I Reyes
    Room C
    06/09/2014 130 PM Pre-Trial Conference

    Proceedings Date Code Description
    05/21/2001 INFO Information Filed
    05/21/2001 AFAW Affidavit For Arrest Warrant
    05/23/2001 WAFF Warrant Upon Affidavit
    08/03/2004 MOTN Motion
    10/10/2008 WRRC Warrant Recall
    10/10/2008 WAFF Warrant Upon Affidavit
    11/04/2008 MOTN Motion
    11/04/2008 LETR Letter
    11/04/2008 ACTA Appl For Ct Appointed Cnsl
    12/11/2012 MOTN Motion
    12/12/2012 WCAN Warrant Canceled
    12/12/2012 WAFF Warrant Upon Affidavit
    12/12/2012 ORDR Order
    03/20/2014 WDTD Detained On Warrant
    03/23/2014 WRBD Warrant Bond Release
    03/24/2014 RSWT Return Of Service On Warrant
    03/24/2014 MINO Minute Order (no Print)
    04/25/2014 RQST Request Filed
    04/25/2014 ENTR Entry Of Appearance
    04/28/2014 MINO Minute Order (no Print)
    06/05/2014 FPOR Order For Fingerprint
    06/06/2014 MOTN Motion
    06/09/2014 ORDR Order
    06/09/2014 MINC Minute Order (print)
    06/09/2014 CLDM Case Closed-case Dismissed

    Judgments # Date Details

    Bond Information ID Details
    1 Bond Status
    Bond Status Date
    Set Date 05/23/2001
    Set Amount $15000.00
    Set Type Cash or Surety
    Post Amount $0.00
    Adj Amount $0.00
    DEF1 Sinclair, Larry Wayne
    2 Bond Status Bond Vacated
    Bond Status Date 06/09/2014
    Set Date 10/10/2008
    Set Amount $15000.00
    Set Type Cash/Surety/Property
    Post Amount $0.00
    Adj Amount $0.00
    DEF1 Sinclair, Larry Wayne
    3 Bond Status Bond Released
    Bond Status Date 06/09/2014
    Set Date 12/12/2012
    Set Amount $15000.00
    Set Type Cash or Surety
    Post date 03/21/2014
    Post Amount $15000.00
    Post Type Surety
    Adj Amount $0.00
    DEF1 Sinclair, Larry Wayne

    Financial Summary Un-Assigned Rcp’s Received
    —————– ——–
    Coin-op Copier $7.00
    Copy Work $12.75
    Total Un-Assigned $19.75

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  10. It appears that because of the uncertainty over the cooperation of witnesses, the DA probably was not yet ready to proceed and wasn’t sure when she would be. That’s why the case was dismissed “without prejudice”. That means it can be brought back. Sounds like he’s daring her to do just that even while he slanders her. Plus he thinks he can scare The Regulators.

    Looks to me like we have him just where we want him. I say “bring it on”.

  11. greatgrey says:

    So, charges were dropped? Why did Colorado do that?

    • Meesh says:

      Hey Great Grey!

      Nice to see you, we’ve got to wait to see what BS Larry comes up with…I suspect that Colorado do not want him anywhere near their State (he was back for a little while that was enough for them)…so he’s back to *NO ONE* wants that lying POS.

      He’s rattling his tin cup on his Facebook:

      “After three completely unnecessary trips to Colorado (though I am glad I was able to reconnect with good friends and meet kids) and almost $32,000.00 in costs the matter is over. Costs were in travel expenses, Attorney fees etc and not a penny was paid to the Court, DA or anyone else associated with this case.”

      “and meet kids” <—Leave the kids alone pervert and Get a job, to pay off those bills that *you* incurred! Payback time!

      “Almost 14 years of hell finally comes to its proper end.”

      Yeah right…jetskiing,parasailing,stuffing his fat face off of someone else’s dime….Cry me a river….the only Fat Lady who’s singing is you “it ain’t over FatAss!

      …and OY

      Tomas Ojeda says: “From now on I will refer to you as Sinclair Esq. jusayin”

      • greatgrey says:

        Great to see Regulators again!

      • Believe me, the reason Colorado dismissed the case was not because they didn’t want him. Otherwise they wouldn’t have gone through the effort of issuing a nation wide warrant. There’s no such thing as avoiding jail time by being a nuisance. Being a nuisance keeps you in longer. The case was dismissed because they were not sure of putting him away at this time. But with his attacks on the DA, you can be sure it ain’t over yet – even if a case has to be brought back on different charges by a different DA.

        • Meesh says:

          Thanks LTL..

          Okay this is starting to make sense…then he must be taking the chance that no one will ever read his attacks towards the DA, this is why he’s been hesitant and eluded to the issue, and then he couldn’t help himself, (as we knew he would) he posted as ‘Lawrence Sinclair'(WTPL? caught it) and then *POOF* FatAss brought it down and posted two days later as “Ass-ministratrator” where he talks in the 3rd person…

          *ding!*…Hmmm makes me think we really ought to do something about that…and give him exposure, that site of his really sucks, he needs a helping hand.

          My canuck friend WTPL? is great with archiving and screenshots…nothing gets by him.
          The cesspool is filling up with his dung again, time for pumping and draining it.

  12. kstreet607 says:

    Let me just say that you guys are simply awesome in your quest to expose the dirt-bag Sinclair at every turn. I apologize for not being as diligent as I used to be…aging has it’s consequences. 😦

  13. Meesh says:

    FatAss has been sniffing around here again… (I thought something smelled rotten here)…Added in bright red text FatAss er ASSministrator felt the need to post this below his post…
    also DA “Jeff Chostner” is in BOLD.

    Editor’s Note:

    Sinclair will on Monday June 16, 2014 submit a written request to Pueblo County District Attorney Jeff Chostner asking that his office move to amend the language in the order of dismissal to “with prejudice” and if he refuses Sinclair will move to vacate the dismissal ORDER on the grounds that the Motion and order were filed and granted before the defense had been served a copy of the motion.

    Good luck with that POS!

    Pssst Operation bugging and tracking device = SUCCESS… ↓↓↓↓ 😉

    On Facebook, FatAss reports:

    “dropped moe joe off at Petsmart sudden down pour starts and woman gives me her umbrella saying take it I have plenty.”

    • Dennis says:

      I assume he is working on the notion that as long as he keeps the witness intimated so she won’t cooperate with the DA, then he can beat the rap. Could work. Could also blow up in his face and sounds, at best, like a high risk move. But that is alright, he still has extra leverage to make more snarky comments about everyone in the DA office; crazy demands for records that largely don’t exist and/or are irrelevant and based upon factually false facts that he pulls out of his ass etc etc. I have to admit that I am not all that impress with the DA office out there and every stupid comments he has and will make about them…well, they kind of set themselves up for that one. So for now we shall just have to wait for that magic moment when El Dumbo, Esq. crosses the line and gets swatted for it. May be coming sooner than later.

      Note to Fatso: Sometimes you are best advised to simply take an offer, bolt for it, and never return. After all, your legal game has been built on a pretty thin line. You may not be advised to press it.

    • So it looks like Legion is pissed that he went all the way the hell out to Colorado for what was supposed to be only a “Pretrial Conference” (meaning to discuss the status of discovery, set dates for its completion, name witnesses, agree on a trial date and such) only to find out at that time that the case had been dismissed w/o prejudice (meaning that it can be brought back) because of the failure of at least one witness to cooperate (probably because of his intimidation.) Had he known the case was already dismissed he would not have incurred the expense of appearing in Colorado with his attorney. So he’s threatening to move to vacate the dismissal w/o prejudice and go for a dismissal WITH prejudice – probably because he’s not sure how long his witness intimidation will work and he’s losing sleep already. Moving to vacate the dismissal w/o prejudice and going for a dismissal WITH prejudice is a long shot that could backfire – especially now that he has so publicly slandered Deputy District Attorney Zamarripa. But I know that “without prejudice” thing is making him crazier than he already is.

      I hope the State of Colorado refuses to play along with his games and seeks some long overdue justice.

      • And while I’m not up on Colorado criminal law, it seems to me they now have something to work with in the realm of prosecution intimidation.

      • Meesh says:

        You betcha he’s “pissed” or concerned about it, FatAss added to his little “bright red message” below his post (er Assministrator did or one of the Princesses) anyway here it is:

        “Sinclair will move the Court to either change the language of the dismissal order or vacate it altogether and have his day in court to end this circus once and for all.”

        Dear FatAssministaror, Just “do it” instead of posting about it where no one goes, except for us… 🙄 I noticed on your Facebook even your stepmother’s kids are arguing with you…so what, that your Dad denounced you…
        It must suck being you!

        Larry Sinclair near Holly Hill, FL, United States
        “Troy Rider and Phyllis Rider you can post you comments here. I would love for you to tell me here that my dad told you he wasn’t my dad.”

        Troy Rider “Waiting on you. You seem to be the angry one.”

        Larry Sinclair “I am answering questions from your sister in private messages.”

        Larry Sinclair “Troy, you are the one who jumped into a discussion between me and kim.”

        Troy Rider “Well add me.”

        Larry Sinclair Troy “I am trying to add you but I think your sis has to”

        Troy Rider “Okay. I think she has it now. Let me know if not.”

        Phyllis Rider “Nope, sorry Larry. This is going to be private message.”

        So the Riders do not want you to be their biological cousins, don’t blame them….serves you right for poking your big nose on their Facebook… hope you’ve resolved it on your Facebook Family Reunion.
        Get it through your fat skull NO ONE wants you.

        • Meesh says:

          Latest on Facebook…the fight with his cousins er The Family Reunion continues…

          Larry Sinclair “Hell I lost two friends on FB just from yesterday alone. Pretty soon I will be all alone on FB. lol”

          What families air out their dirty laundry on Facebook? 🙄

          Status Update By Larry Sinclair

          To all who know me or who are friends on FB. All of my life I have been very blunt and direct, I have always said what I feel and think and have always done so up front and to ones face. I am almost 53 years old and I am not all of a sudden going to stop being me because someone can’t handle reality or being confronted when they misrepresent themselves or facts to fit their nice little idea of family or happiness.

          My family (some of whom still to this day can’t handle the fact I don’t mince my words) have always known this and while some have no problem with it others would rather try to blame and smear than face reality. Tough, if you don’t like it or are offended by it you know where the unfriend and block button is. If you unfriend don’t bother resending a new friend request later, as I am not interested in playing this game with anyone. I am sick to death of family who want to be family when it serves their purpose.

          I have lived my life on my terms never hiding or running from anything I have done or said, and to have the children of some two bit tramp (my opinion) in Camden, South Carolina have the nerve to tell me “I have never served time,” or “show me dna proof Hubert is your daddy,” just isn’t something I am going to let slide.

          Phyllis Rider, you said you wanted an all out war last night, well you got one. Since you think you know me, know this I will now go after your mother Sharon Hill Rider with all I got legally until she is held accountable for her false police reports.

          Lets let the whole world know what kind of woman she is and has been for a long, long, time. You asked me last night why I wouldn’t put on Kim Sinclair Hinson’s wall that my Dad was a whore, I would but Kim decided to play her blocking game. My Dad was always a whore when it came to fooling around with other women, from Naomi when I was a kid to a multitude of others over his lifetime ( and I have loved him through all of them) I do and always have lived in reality not fantasy as some have/do. Now can you publicly admit your mother was/is a whore as well?

          Now as for your little “Boom” “Boom” statements, bring it, I live for the Boom, Boom and can, have and always will back it up. All of you self righteous hypocritical wannabe one day a week Christians give all Christians a bad rap.

  14. Dennis says:

    You know, I think maybe I need to apologize for some of my rude and crude comments yesterday. I mean, to be honest it has been a hard stretch recently and one of the few things I was truly looking forward to was the sight of Larry Sinclair finally having his fat smelly butt hauled off to prison and I guess I was feeling all excited about it like a kid on Christmas Eve. So the let down was hard but I knew it was too good to be true and all of that stuff. After all, the typical DA is some numnut who couldn’t hack it in a real legal job and a lot of them couldn’t convict Dellinger for bank robbery less alone a crazed con man who shamelessly spends his time online overtly intimating and threatening their only witness and then act like they haven’t a clue because the whole department is still using Windows 3.11 or something. I knew it was stupid to bank my future happiness on an underpaid county employee to actually do their job or anything. But it’s not their fault. I should never have built my hopes and dreams on them. I now have to treat this with the quiet stoicism of a mature adult and the patience of a parent with a child, a horrible deranged child. After all, SinkLiar Esq. has once again demonstrated that the American judicial system is no match for a man who can lie, cheat, threaten, and stumble his way through the whole process. And then people wonder why I am so cynical, but I digress….

    So tell you what, fat boy. Celebrate. Party like its 1999. Enjoy your Absolute and dance naked in the pale moon light….

    Because your luck will run out. Any jackass like you is merely playing against the odds and each “victory” simply brings you closer to inevitable defeat. So live it up while you can, fat boy.

    PS Does this mean that you are not going to see those darling photos of your butt when you were caught jumping Carmen”s husband? Dang! My life sucks!

    • Meesh says:

      Don’t feel badly Dennis, and no, your comments weren’t crude (they never have been here) it has nothing to do with “his” luck…But please don’t give up on Karma though.

      Must admit yesterday,when LongTimeLurker informed me by email of “the Summary of People Of The State Of Colorado Vs. Sinclair, Larry Wayne”…at first I was crushed.I then discussed it with someone else who I also value their opinion.

      Anyway after discussions we tallied up how much FatAss has had to shell out since 2008…on matters that we uncovered/investigated – WHOA! the sum is an astronomical figure: the Florida Warrant, the Delaware Case etc etc….

      In closing my wise friend told me this and I will share with you:

      “At the very least, we can take some solace that we have cost him (Sinclair) a lot of money (something dear enough to him that he has spent his life stealing it) relative to his income. “

      Money is everything to Larry and this made me feel a little bit better. It’s far then over don’t lose faith.Karma’s a bitch, at times it takes a little longer…”when you live your life creating drama for others KARMA will get you in the end.”

      • Dennis says:

        That’s OK Meesh. My “apology” was if tongue in cheek (mine, not his). I’m not really serious until the last part…well, I am feeling very disappointed but I have been disappointed by prosecutors before (unrelated to fat boy – just an FYI to him since he thinks the world revolves around him). Oh well, as they say about the Cubs, maybe next year.

  15. Why do you assert Larry Sinclair is “mentally ill” and then go on to insult and ridicule him?
    Isn’t it very cruel to mock those with medical problems?

    • Meesh says:

      Hi “Lysander Spooner”,

      Welcome! Is this why your website has been prominently displayed over the “DONATE button” of the “mentally ill” person’s website… you do not wish to be cruel? Or else… I’ve wondered about this, you may want to read up ⇓ ⇓ ⇓

      By the way, this post is entitled “Sinclair, no laughing matter…” and he isn’t I assure you. Thanks for commenting.

      PS I was looking over ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ some of your articles

      Methinks you should practice what you preach (lots of name calling, photoshopping etc. etc. ) …Just sayin’ 🙄

      “Have a nice day.”

    • Dennis says:

      Mr. Spooner,
      Most likely Mr. Sinclair has some serious issues regarding his mental well being. Most con artists do. However, he has also:

      A. Denied that he has any problems.

      B. Devoted himself to a life of crime, theft, deceit, and just general over all looting.

      C. Has repeatedly lashed out, threatened, insulted, and/or demeaned and attacked anyone who in any way expresses any doubt concerning his numerous crimes, bs stories regarding such crimes, obvious lies etc etc.

      D. He has been engaged since late 2007 in a wild scam that at first gave him lots of “donations” and which he is still engaged in even though the profit has now sharply decreased and he is basically stuck in the scam no matter how much he might be advised to move back to more traditional pursuits (e.g. bogus money orders).

      Yes, he is nuts by most normal societal standards. Worse, he has been a continual threat to various perceived targets (ranging from Obama to Ali Akbar to most of his current next door neighbors). In turn, a lot of the “medical” issues that he had invoked are bogus (his long standing brain tumor being just one of many, many claims – oh wait, after a decade pumping that one he was given a “miracle” cure).

      So yes, he is very, very nuts and he is also a dangerous little viper who has been a boil on the butt of society for most of his adult life. If you think we are cruel, oh well….

      But if you feel well bad for him, go right ahead and donate money to his site. Don’t bother with PayPal. Call him up and give direct. Use your credit card. I can promise you that within a mouth you will see what I am talking about.

      • Dennis says:

        Better still, befriend him. Talk with him. Bond and enjoy. Within a month he will be writing long and vicious posts about what a total s.o.b. you are and will be posting your photo, name, phone number, email address to his followers (all 2 or 3 of them) and telling them to go after you. So I double-dog dare you to try it.

  16. Dennis says:

    Oh one last thing Mr. Spooner. Just took a look at your web site and I can’t help but notice that your polite, refined and civilized sense of discourse does not extend to any one who you politically dislike and that it is a pretty long list, you wing nutter jackass. DO NOT LECTURE PEOPLE WHEN YOU YOURSELF ARE THE BIGGEST SINNER! How many more times do folks have to listen to such bogus acts of cheap self-serving crap from warped and weird purveyors of discredited ideological? Good grief. Oh, I’m sorry. Was I rude? Gee, isn’t that a shame. As a great philosopher once said about guys like you: You can dish it out but you can’t take it. BTW, that was Jimmy Cagney. Just saving you the trouble of looking it up.

  17. Dennis says:

    OK, final final last note: You were even “censored” at!! What kind of foul mouthed neo-racist homophobic kind of idiot bastard are you to get censored at that site? That is like being thrown out of Hell for being too low of a person for their comfort. Good God, man, what kind of a complete nut are you?????

    • Meesh says:

      Yup my thoughts too…Now I can see why that site has been perched up on top of FatBoy’s. I never visited it until today. Birds of a feather!

      Dennis, isn’t it something what comes out of the woodwork eh?! By the way, let’s not insult the real “Lysander Spooner”w/site with the hypocrite who said “Isn’t it very cruel to mock those with medical problems?”
      ::::major eyeroll:::

    • Meesh says:

      Dennis, is this the article that you referring to about Breitbart and (what’s his name?)===>
      By the way I refuse to call him by what he posts here “his nom de plume” 🙄 …Anyway in parts it’s got to do with Sickliar’s big lie and the book he wrote(which “what’s his name” now owns rights to) why am I not surprsised by this….OMG! though to be banned from! Hmmm “what’s your name” photoshopping and design sucks big time. You’re proud? Usually a website has readers…just sayin’ Bubbyes!

  18. I first thought the “Lysander Spooner” at Legion’s site was really a pseudonym for “Larry Sinclair.”
    But it became apparent to me that the “Lysander Spooner” website predated “”. Isn’t it interesting the way these nuts seek each other out for support. I hope the estate of the real Lysander Spooner sues the perverted fraud for defamation and reclaims Spooner’s good name.

    • Meesh says:

      This certainly is no Lysander Spooner…I refuse to address “whatever it is” as such:

      At the Snooze site it’s “Lysander Spooner Law School” and not “Lysander Spooner (dot) Org.” Whoever this person is….in fact is Larry’s butt-buddy from Los Angeles, California also posts from North Hollywood,California(based on the ISPs)…Connect the dots LTL.Shake the branches long enough and see what comes tumbling down.

      Until today, I’ve never visited the impostor’s CrapSite which is authored by a lunatic birther. But wait, is this the person who also bought the rights to the book?

      “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? rights have been sold to Movie Skool LLC and will be offered via Amazon Kindle under their name and copyright which became effective on May 1, 2014. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Kenneth Olsen and is located at 180-6333 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90048. The company’s principal address is 6230 Wilshire #1234 Los Angeles, CA 90048.”

      Hmm based on this site===>
      ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓
      Movie Skool LLC and Lysander Spooner Law School are connected because Kenneth Olsen is self-appointed “Founder & Dean of Lysander Spooner Law School.”

      I do believe “whoever is visiting” may need medical help and possibly they may be “mentally ill”. Best not ridicule them.

      Bubbyes KENNETH OLSEN (or whoever you profess to be today).Am done with you.

  19. Thanks for visiting my wonderful site! I take personal responsibility for all its content.

    Needless to say I think you people are cruel and stupid, but that’s really irrelevant to our philosophical inquiries.

    Please try to focus on articulating your actual attitude towards Larry Sinclair.

    I repeat two simple questions:

    Why do you assert Larry Sinclair is “mentally ill” and then go on to insult and ridicule him?
    Isn’t it very cruel to mock those with medical problems?

    Do you believe Larry Sinclair is mentally ill or don’t you?

    If you believe Larry Sinclair is truly mentally ill, then you are cruel and unusual people for mocking him, because it is very cruel and unusual to mock people with medical problems.

    If you believe Larry Sinclair is not mentally ill, then you are very sloppy with language and thought, because you keep posting how he is mentally ill and you keep mocking him.

    The choice is yours. Take your time.

    • Why do you use the name “Lysander Spooner”?

    • Why do you assert Larry Sinclair is “mentally ill” and then go on to insult and ridicule him?

      Isn’t it very cruel to mock those with medical problems?

      Do you believe Larry Sinclair is mentally ill or don’t you?

      I realize literacy is a significant problem in the United States. What I wouldn’t expect is someone with enough money to waste buying the rights to SickLiar’s book lacked the ability to read and comprehend the book he had bought the rights to. You wouldn’t need to ask why we assert his mental illness if you had read and comprehended his book.

      Which part of his book about his early life did you fail to comprehend? The anecdote about a Baptist minister suggesting his mother take him to an exorcist? The diagnosis of “emotionally disturbed”? The stay at a Mental Hospital in North Carolina? The string of reform/special schools he attended but rarely lasted at that specialized at least in part in trying to help mentally troubled children? Etc.

      If you researched this author before buying the rights to his book, as you should have, you would have fairly easily found that his mental problems continued throughout his life. He got stays in court proceedings because of mental health problems. He was treated for mental health problems while in Colorado prison. He reported in 2008, as part of his medication taking a drug with anti-psychotic properties. He feigned an attempt at suicide in 2010. The Secret Service were concerned about “suicide by cop” in 2010 or 2011. The authorities found and documented a lengthy mental health problems history and others in his family with mental health problems and tried to have him committed. Etc, etc.

      He’s also demonstrated strong sociopath traits like NEVER expressing any remorse for his career in crime. He’s a chronic liar. He’s demonstrated violent tendencies towards others throughout his life. Countless times, we’ve seen he has serious trouble rationally joining the dots. etc.

      We’ve investigated his life and followed his actions for more than six years. It’s beyond dispute. He’s a sick puppy – who evidently suckered you like he’s deceptively suckered other victims all his life.

      As for ridiculing him, you’re asking one who just spent the weekend, in the wake of efforts to help a mentally ill person over the last nine months, on trying to get that person with mental health issues bailed out of jail and into mental health and family care.

      Using the theme of the sick puppy, I would agree just like I did this past weekend, that people with mental health problems typically deserve some patience, compassion and help, etc. But the difference is this case with SickLiar might be the difference between a depressed puppy and a chronically rabid dog. Would you pet a rabid dog who has failed every mental health treatment over his 53 years? SickLiar hurts people. He has threatened to kill, burn our house down or harm us or our families. Using that analogy, I’m not saying he needs to be shot or put down like a rabid dog. But I do feel strongly he needs to be contained so he stops hurting people. A mental institution would probably be best but failing that, jail would be better than him out on the loose, continuing to commit crimes and harm people. That’s where he belongs in my opinion.

  20. In the interest of pure philosophy, let us address abstract principles. What’s worse:

    A guy who lies to keep someone from gaining power over others.


    A guy who lies to gain power over others.

    The choice is yours. Take your time.

  21. While we’re still engaged, what’s worse:

    A guy who tells the truth to keep someone from gaining power over others,


    A guy who lies to gain power over others.

    The choice is yours. Take your time.

    • And why do you call yourself Lysander Spooner?

    • Dennis says:

      Thanks for rephrasing the question. Sinclair lies in order to gain power over people. He tells big whoppers full of bile and carpeted wall-to-wall with crazy accusations and massive unverifiable “facts” (factually false, if you will) statements designed to hustle and exploit people’s fears and hostilities for his own financial rewards. Take yourself, for example. I have heard that you may be the person who thinks that they have bought the copyright to his pathetic little book. Think again. He appears to be still “selling” this copyright on the side. It has been part of his GoFundMe drive. So you either don’t really own it or you are incapable of enforcing your ownership. Either way, you are probably being ripped off. But that is your problem.

    • Dennis says:

      BTW, can it with the “take your time” crap. You are not a lawyer, this is not a courtroom, and that is not an Ace you have up your sleeve.

      But let me ask you, which is worse:

      A guy who lies to gain power over other people

      Or a guy who lies because he just simply doesn’t have anything better to do with his time while running his bogus law school, film school and web site?

      Take your time.

    • Dennis says:

      BTW Sanderhead, we are not “engaged.” We are not even “dating” and there will be no goodnight kiss at the end of the evening.

    • Lysander Spooner says: “A guy who tells the truth to keep someone from gaining power over others,

      That most certainly doesn’t apply to SickLiar, the career con man specialized throughout his lifetime in fraud, forgery, theft and deception. We caught him in numerous lies with his Obama fairy tale.

  22. Upon reflection, like many of the dead heads who supported SickLiar in 2008, I suspect Lysander Spooner is a conspiracy theorist wackjob, who after demonstrating his inability to recognize the mental illness in SickLiar’s book that he bought the rights to, has some trouble – maybe not as chronically bad as SickLiar – with joining the rational dots.

    • Dennis says:

      Note to Spoonhead: On second thought, you just got a goodnight kiss (off). I think WTPL? has just answered your question in a pretty clear, precise and largely polite manner. Now fug off. There’s a rock out there with your name on it, so crawl back home.

  23. Dennis says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduced Mr. Lysander Spooner as found in this article at Barackryphal entitled Jack Cashill Brags About Fake Award From Fake Law School Cashill is NOT the guy. Spooner is the whack job who sold Cashill a bogus law degree from his equally bogus “lwa” school. Especially interesting is the following paragraph : “The site is run by a single person, Kenneth Olsen. He said that in setting up the site, he hoped for people to “apply for admission at a low cost, and earn a diploma if you pass my tests.” In other words, he wanted to sell people fake law degrees.”

    So my question to you Mr. “Spooner,” Are you or are you not a fake attorney? BTW, I have already checked you out on the California Bar Association database. Gee, they forgot to list you. Wonder why?

    On another note: Liked your other quote: “I will also concede I am a racist, but hardly in the manner it’s been suggested by you. My study of history has inculcated in me a deep and abiding fear of the human race. It’s best to regard members of that race, such as yourselves and our jive-ass president, with the profoundest skepticism and suspicion.”

    Hey, you are both a racist and a nihilist as well as a bogus lawyer and bogus film school dean. Oh woo! I can’t wait to see what else you pretend to be.

    • Meesh says:

      When I read that too what immediately came to mind…was our jailhouse lwayer, perhaps this is where ‘what’s his name that I will call Kenneth Olsen got his degree too…Two peas in a pod eh?

      “Let me tell you something, I have never stated this, but you idiots refer to me as some moroon, I have a aster and a lwa degree. I simply cannot take the bar because of my stupid past in my 20’s. You people do not want to go up against m on education because most of you will lose badly.”

      Lawrence W. Sinclair

      These two make a delightful “duo” they’re bookends I tell ya! “Mutt and Jeff, Heckle and Jeckle, Frank and Jesse James,Bonnie and Clyde, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid etc etc. get the drift?

  24. Perhaps you fools would benefit from reading the book “The Myth of Mental Illness” by Dr. Thomas Szasz.

    Let us put your hatred of Larry Sinclair in context. Obviously his claims threaten your perceptions and conclusions about the individual who claims to be barack obama.

    Given obama’s serial lies and power-grabs, why do you hold him in such high esteem?

    If barack obama comes out gay, wouldn’t you all be very proud of him?

    Why are you homophobic towards Larry Sinclair?

  25. Meesh says:

    We have another new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

  26. I just stumbled on this, and did some research as I find it interesting that someone can make allegations against a high profile candidate and it be hidden on every turn. Looks like Larry Sinclair’s case was in fact dismissed. Also from what I can tell even the case against the bookstore and Larry Sinclair were also thrown out by a judge. Guess all of these idiots were wrong. I bet you still support Obama even though he hasn’t done anything but solidify Bush era policy. The stupidity on this page is mind blowing when all you have to do is use bing or google.
    P.S. As I recall from another thread he also won the case against the psycho porn lord at too.

  27. Of course this thread is moderated he don’t want someone posting against his views… Laughable.

  28. Dennis says:

    Oh gee, are you back Ken? Whatever. You did NO research because all of your statements are false. The lawsuit filed against Fat Boy was not dismissed. It never got accepted because the plaintiff’s attorney strangely didn’t realize that even in civil court you have to actually present some kind of evidence to support a claim that you lost millions of dollars in business because of Lardo’s stupid book. BTW, the suit had NOTHING to do with Lardo’s wild stories about his supposed hot night of passion with the prez. It had to do with another guy he was insulting.

    His story is hidden at every turn? Bulls@#t! The creep had his 15 minutes all over the place back in early 2008. Then a funny thing happened. Reporters checked out his story. It didn’t hold up. Rival candidates privately checked it out (including both Hillary and McCain). It still didn’t hold up. Yeah, I know. It’s just a vast conspiracy. Or maybe, just maybe, the little slime bag made it all up. Either way, his hay days came and went a long, long time ago. So where have you been?

    As for his claims about Obama, weird thing. He has produced no evidence, a long series of totally contradictory statements, a lot of hot air and absolutely no rational point. But if you want to believe this horse shit, go right ahead. One more idiot is no big deal.

    In fact, why don’t you send Fatso money. He could use it. So put your wallet where your mouth is and be really stupid.

    Meanwhile, stick your bogus law degree where the sun don’t shine.

  29. Dennis says:

    On quick inspection, I owe Justin an apology. I thought he might be someone else and nope, he is himself. Long story, but this other guy kept trying to creep back in under so many bogus IDs it got pretty predictable. So all comments directed at Ken Olsen are wrong on my part. I do apologize for that. As for the other comments…they are simply quite accurate.

    So Justin, since you seem to be so supportive (though wildly belated) regarding Lardo SinkLiar, please feel free to go over to his web site and start clicking like a mad man on his PayPal button. Better yet, wire him cash. Lots of it. Or really be a friend and send him all of your credit card and financial information. He knows how to “handle” it. After all, that is why he was serving time back in your lovely state of Colorado (and various other states as well). So go for it, big guy. Also send him the photo of you half-naked and flipping the bird. He might want to be your “special” friend.

    Enjoy, sucker.

  30. Dennis says:

    One last FYI, Fat Boy did flunk the polygraph test. All the more reason you should send him money now!!!!!!!

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