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memo to Larry…

on May 27, 2014

OK, it is time for another memo to Larry (the Butthead) Sinclair:

(in reply to—->When Politics Turn Facts into Fiction, and Fiction into Facts Part II of III )

denis_la_malice15.jpg DennisDear Butthead, as one of your more faithful (actually, I may be your only) reader, I can’t help but(t) notice that your defense is running a little thin. You see, in a case like yours, the core “facts” have to do with some woman’s tax checks having some how acquired forged signatures and ending up in your bank account. These “facts” (also called “evidence”) suggest that either you or someone you are closely associated with (for example, your mama) had taken these checks, forged them and then banked them into your account. Perhaps you were not aware of this, but this is considered a “felony.”In most states, this is treated as a “crime.”

To defend yourself, you have to come up with a plausible story as to how this could have happened without your knowledge as well as why you didn’t return the money after you discovered this outrageous act. Or you might just fall back on some claim that the victim did it because she was out to frame you (which I assume is where you are trying to go with your increasingly lurid but also pretty stupid story). Of course, this still doesn’t explain why you wouldn’t give the money back and instead bolted for the hills when the judge wasn’t falling for some of your other outrageous stories…but I guess the case is still young, so to speak.

me-1999-275x187However, I kind of understand your problem. I mean, here you were back in the days just running a simple little inter-state drug running operation making lots of money while breaking a bunch of major federal laws – you know, the kind that should have slammed your butt back in prison for the next thirty or more years – and some cheap little hussy sets you up (yeah, sure) just because she caught you doing the wild thing with her drunk husband and its like, come on, since you are such a manly man of a stud muffin, why heck I’m sure the poor slob couldn’t help himself. I can hear him now softly sighing “Oh El Gordo…sweet El Gordo.”

Too bad that actually has nothing to do with the case – which still has to do with her checks in your account with forged signatures.

Of course, her brother owed you lots of money because gosh golly gee whiz, not only were you an inter-state drug dealer but you were also running a charity and oh gee you couldn’t do enough to help this guy out (though your “help” is starting to sound a bit like loan sharking to me). And since her brother owed you money, gee I bet you felt that her checks ought to belong to you to cover his debts. Too bad the law doesn’t see it that way. They still call it theft and forgery (though it helps to explain why you wouldn’t give the money back because gee golly, you worked hard to steal those checks damnit)).

BTW, you do know that you are basically confessing to committing the crime. Your weird and twisted sense of self-justification is totally and legally invalid. The rest of your utterly ludicrous drivel is completely irrelevant and most (if not all of it) will not be permitted into court because it has nothing to do with the actual case…

Which is all about how her checks ended up in your account with forged signatures.

free-laughing-smiley-emoticon.gif LMAO“… A photograph was taken of Rogelio pulling the waist band of my sweat pants open looking at my butt. That photo will also be used in the defending against these knowingly false charges.”

So now you want to enter a photo of your butt as evidence. ROLF! I bet the DA’s office can’t wait to add that pic to their dart board. But it just doesn’t matter. Nobody wants to see your butt (or at least not until you get back to Cell Block D). And your butt doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the case (unless that is how you signed those checks). I know that you are a self-confessed “hungry bottom,” but you got to think beyond your butt, you turd brain.

So let’s be honest (and just listen to me, my friend Senor Butthead), you are screwed. Your crime was so low grade and stupid and you left such a clear trail right to your door that it almost seemed that you wanted to get caught. But then I remembered. Oh yeah, you spent a large chunk of your adult life in prison because you kept getting caught committing really crappy stupid crimes in a wildly sloppy manner. Like maybe crime really isn’t your best “career” thing. I mean let’s face it Larry, you totally suck as a criminal.

But that’s OK. You are pretty use to the prison life and since you seem to be having a tough go on the outside, maybe it is best this way. I think maybe you have a secret desire to get back in stir, see your old friends, meet some new faces, turn the other “check” twice a day. So keep up the good work. With your “defense,” you will be spending the next 25 years in lock up in no time.

P.S. Please be sure to post that butt photo. I was hoping to download it as my new screensaver.

I should add a P.S.S. When you enter your butt as evidence, be sure to make the cops dust it for fingerprints. Then claim that they found Obama’s fingerprints (since I assume you haven’t washed in the last couple of decades). You can then add that to your “book” and watch the sales sky rocket (well, at least watch it go from 0 to 1).

Also, when you do post that photo of your butt, would it be OK if I animated it? Trust me, juries love talking buttholes. After all, they see them every day in court.

Sincerely, A Fan

55 responses to “memo to Larry…

  1. Meesh says:

    Once again thanks Dennis! HeHe have to laugh that this post is about everything, Labor Day,the day of his made up tryst, Christmas…going to bars,concerts,,football games etc even his butt crack, sounds like ramblings of an old fart with traces of dementia…what does it have to do with his defense? Heck if I know, you summed up well.Again thanks a bunch. 🙂

    I thought I would bring the idiot’s *stooopid* post onto this thread.

    When Politics Turn Facts into Fiction, and Fiction into Facts Part II of III

    May 27, 2014
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    (Editor’s note: because of the amount of detailed information and the period of time being covered in this report we have decided to run the piece in 3 parts.)

    As I continue to walk you through time before and leading up to the false claims that I stole and forged Carmen Segura’s 1999 Tax refund checks, it is my intent to put it all out there, so that no one can say only part of the story was told. Some of this story has already been told in the book Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? and the parts of this story which took place beginning in 2008 will be completely chronicled in detail in the upcoming book When One Man Stands. We ended part I of III with my meeting Carmen for the first time at Ramon’s birthday party in July 1999. Left is the scene of the alleged crime as it looks today (it is a far cry from the landscaped clean place I kept it).

    July and August of 1999 turned out to be spent mostly cleaning up for Ramon’s mother who had gotten herself into yet even more trouble brought on by her family members who were more interested in covering their own asses than they were in doing the right thing, what ever the right thing is in the drug trade. It was in August of 1999 that after doing clean up for MaryLu in North Carolina I had secured a new customer in South Carolina and began arranging to have what MaryLu and her friend could not sell themselves directed to the new customer in South Carolina. What was selling in Colorado and New Mexico for $400 to $600 was selling in South Carolina for $1800 to $2400.

    As the summer progressed Carmen, her husband Rogelio and son Joshua became more and more a part of my life and that of Ramon through visiting and eating together. We even started going to Jalapeno’s together (Right is a photo of what was Jalapeno’s looks like today at 2506 Lake Ave, Pueblo, CO.). Because Ramon and I had been going to Mexican concerts/dances as often as they came to the Colorado State Fair grounds and since we both liked the group Los Temerarios, I had decided to make arrangements for a trip to Denver for a Los Temerarios concert scheduled Labor Day weekend.

    Labor Day weekend 1999 was going to be a special one indeed for myself, Ramon and as it turned out, Juan. Ramon was a rabid Jerry Rice and San Francisco 49er’s fan and the 49er’s just happened to be playing the Denver Broncos in the last pre-season game on the 1999 season at Mile High Stadium. That same weekend one of my and Ramon’s favorite groups Los Temerarios also happened to be in concert in Denver. I made reservations at the Adam’s Mark Hotel and had purchased tickets to the 49er/Bronco game for Ramon and Juan which took place on Friday September 3, 1999 (sadly for Ramon Denver won 34 to 3), and purchased tickets for all 3 of us for the Temerarios concert the following day Saturday September 4, 1999. We stayed the entire weekend and while the concert was memorable so was the fact that the Adam’s Mark Hotel staff had demonstrated racial profiling against Ramon and Juan when they attempted to partake in hotel services which we paid to have access to. But the Adam’s Mark is not the issue in this article.

    Sometimes it paid to use the old CommNet car phone.

    September was spent continuing to try and clean up MaryLu’s NC mess and concentrate on business that I had established in South Carolina which made up for lost business as a result of MaryLu’s problems. In fact it was my establishing that new customer base in South Carolina that kept MaryLu from losing everything she had. All this time I would continue to make drives between Pueblo and Kansas City and Albuquerque. The whole time I am looking for any Attorney to represent MaryLu’s husband who was the individual that Greensboro, NC authorities had his true name on the arrest warrant. On September 18, 1999 I had the Oscar De La Hoya/Felix Trinidad fight ordered and the event was a party with Ramon, his Aunt, Dad, Uncle Arturo and his wife and daughter, as well as Juan, and his family members Martha, Bobby, Carmen, et al… This was just one of several fights I made sure we had ordered on pay-per-view for everyone to get together and watch. Ramon was an avid Julio Ceasar Chavez fan and I was an avid Oscar de la Hoya fan. In fact I had put out a good amount of money for signed boxing gloves by Chaves and de la Hoya as well as signed fight photos for us to have. This whole time Carmen, her sister Martha and her husband Bobby Trujillo (I knew Bobby’s daughter from a previous marriage) and Martha’s oldest daughter from a previous marriage had become regulars in our social circle with their brother Juan living with me and Ramon. In fact it was around this time that Carmen had asked me if I could see if my landlord would rent the 1320 E. 4th Street side of the home to her and Rogelio.

    October came and with it came Juan (Carmen’s brother) getting deeper into debt to me when he borrowed money to buy a car from a Pyramid Motors auto auction which Carmen and her husband attended with Juan and was present when I was called and then drove over to the auction site on Pueblo Blvd to pay with my credit card for the car Juan had just bought. The car was a Hyundai Elantra. I even bough an old Toyota 4X4 at the auction that I ended up giving to Ramon’s Uncle Arturo. In the end of October I made yet another trip from Pueblo to South Carolina (this trip was made with my obtaining permit to travel from my parole officer) though it would be this very trip that would also be connected to my meeting then Illinois State Senator Barack Obama (that story is told in Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? and will not be addressed her). It was before this trip that I had arranged for Carmen to rent the other side of the home and had infact gotten the owner Darrell Chapman to completely redo the bathroom I was returning from the approved travel to South Carolina when I was notified that Lee was graduating from Naval basic training in Great Lakes Illinois on November 5, 1999. I returned to Pueblo from the trip to South Carolina and not having time to turn around and drive to Illinois, I made a reservation on Delta Airlines flying from Colorado Springs Colorado to Salt Lake City with a connecting flight to Chicago O’Hare. I left on November 2, 1999 in the evening arriving in Chicago November 3, 1999. Because I had not notified my PO I had returned from South Carolina I called and left a voice message on the office answering system that I had extended my trip for another week and would be returning on November 8, 1999. Upon my return on November 8, 1999 I was taken into custody for extending my trip without authorization and was released approximately 8 days later.

    Shortly after my release my childhood friend and one of my South Carolina buyers David Dukes showed at my Pueblo home with some girl he had hooked up with after his wife served him with divorce papers. David it turned out had borrowed more than $4000 from one of my SC buyers saying he was coming to Colorado to pick up some product which was not the case. I had obtained tickets to the Monday (November 22, 1999) night game between the Denver Broncos and Oakland/LA Raiders at Mile High Stadium. Juan (who had moved out of my and Ramon’s house and into the 1320 side with his sister Carmen on November 18, 1999) and Ramon both were unable to go to the game with David so a friend of mine who is one of the biggest Bronco fans to ever live agreed to go with David to the game. They got there late but as my friend Frank said, “I had a blast.”

    Thanksgiving 1999 my home was broken into while I and Ramon were gone for the holiday. I lost well over $16,000 in collectibles and jewelry in the breakin. As the holiday season came closer Carmen and her sister Martha were given a catering contract by a friend of mine (who managed a local Rent-to-Own store) who I asked to hire Carmen & Martha to cater the Christmas party they were planning to throw for customers The photo on the right is of me and Carmen’s son Joshua at the very Christmas party she and her sister Martha had been given the catering job at my request.

    I began decorating for Christmas and had started buying gifts for all of Ramon’s family as well as Juan, Carmen and Martha’s. The idea was to have one Christmas with Ramon and his family from Joroso, Colorado at the house in Pueblo, and then one Christmas with his sisters who were still living in their mothers home in Albuquerque and one for us with Carmen, Juan, Martha & Bobby and their kids. The photo on the right is of Juan’s niece (his sister Martha’s oldest daughter) at my home getting her drink on with a couple of her girlfriends. We had pretty much celebrate Christmas with all the different families before Christmas had even arrived and the tree which I had put so much money time and energy into was given to a family who didn’t have a tree completely decorated right out of our house. It is important to note that throughout this entire time I was giving away tens of thousands of dollars on a weekly basis and we still had what we (Ramon & I) needed to pay our bills. It was because I was able to pay our bills that I allowed Juan (Carmen’s brother) to get so far into debt to me for cell phone, rent, money to buy his car and loans.

    It was during a Christmas get together in my home that Carmen’s husband Rogelio Reyes had just a little too much to drink and started making sexual advances toward me in front of Carmen and Carmen’s sister Martha. Out of respect to Carmen, I thought it would be best for me to put an end to the party and have Rogelio go back over to their side of the house and go to bed. I made the mistake in that I thought nothing of helping get Rogelio back to his house and into his bedroom. It is important to remember that the property though a duplex, there was a door that connected the two on the basement level and it was through this entrance that I with Carmen and her sister Martha following walked Rogelio back to his room. It was when I got Rogelio to his bed and let him down that he reached and started to kiss me. I saw Carmen standing looking in and I know she saw her husband kissing me and I know she also saw me pulling away and telling Rogelio that was wrong. But it seems none of that mattered because Carmen had immediately become very cold and stand offish toward me and a lot of that was the result of her sister Martha running her mouth and trying to stir up trouble between me and Carmen. A photograph was taken of Rogelio pulling the waist band of my sweat pants open looking at my butt. That photo will also be used in the defending against these knowingly false charges.

    I will walk you through what took place from New Years 2000 through the filing of the alleged theft and forgery report by Carmen Segura in February 2001 in Part III of III. Part III will reveal yet even more drama and efforts by the sister of Carmen and Juan to create as much drama as possible. Including the niece pictured above on the right creating a situation between me and Ramon that resulted in Ramon breaking his arm destroying anything and everything he could put his fist through in our home on Valentines 2000. Part III will show how the alleged victim not only lied about where she says she and I were; she lied about claiming I ever took her mail to her and she failed to tell Police or the DA that in June 2000 her husband, brother and brother-in-law entered the Colorado City home of Jorge Diaz threatened him and then robbed the residence of all property belonging to me (I was residing in Colorado City after giving up the East 4th Street home.)

    Related articles: See Former Pueblo Deputy DA Stephen A. Jones Takes Parting Shot – and The Real Story On 13 Year Old Colorado Warrant

    There’s pictures of other people that I refuse to copy or save…cannot understand the purpose of them… a blurb of what’s going on with his case.

    Case Update: I retained counsel in Pueblo Colorado and appeared with Counsel in Court Monday April 28, 2014. The matter was continued to June 9, 2014 and counsel has asked the Pueblo District Attorney to turn over all discovery in the case. As of Friday May 23, 2014 the District Attorney’s office had not yet turned over discovery in the case, but by law, has until May 28, 2014 (30 days) to do so. In the meantime I will continue to obtain copies of documents from agencies that will support my case and poke holes statements that have been made in this case. I want to remind everyone of something I made crystal clear in the summer of 2008 when I was accused in Delaware of something that the Attorney Generals Office had already determined was not a crime but they chose to allege it was for political purposes, I will never plead guilty to something I know I did not do, just as in my entire lifetime I have never challenged anything I knew I was guilty of doing.

  2. Aside from another babbling round of drivel largely irrelevant to the criminal case against him, the more I read of the overall tact he’s taking, the more I think he’s going to jail because he lacks a real legal defense for his actions.

    • The plan is to discredit his accusers and appear cute, coy, weak and non-threatening. Also don’t underestimate the fact that Carmen is Hispanic and an unsympathetic accuser, considering all the history between the two of them. At least one White juror out there might be reluctant to convict him and send him to jail based on the allegations and testimony of “low-lives.” Tameler’s task will be to identify and get as many White racists on the jury as possible – and find nice White ladies who will look down on Carmen and worry what will happen to Legion’s butt in prison.

      I know it sounds terrible, but its true.

      • Dennis says:

        With a jury, anything is possible. But he is going have his work cut out for him if he thinks he is looking cute and coy. These days, he looks like an aging child molester hanging around a school yard. He also has the other little problem that all of the evidence goes back to him. Then there is the odd issue of just how much more serious crimes he is basically confessing too in all of these long winded self-serving posts. But a photo of his butt may just be the magic charm….

      • There’s never a guarantee in any court case but …

        When I read part II, knowing that he’d communicated with his lawyer, I was inclined to conclude one of two things:
        1) His lawyer doesn’t know what he’s doing (very unlikely)
        2) The career con man hasn’t had much communication that he’s been able to comprehend or accept with his lawyer (very likely)

        Because the bulk of the crap he’s spewing is not going to save him in this case – even if it was true.

        In my opinion, his bogus “lwa degree” is failing his Hungry Bottom and looking more and more like he’ll get to check out the new Colorado State Penitentiary for a long time.

        • There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that he should be convicted based upon the evidence. That’s why I would expect his lawyer to attempt to appeal to prejudice instead. While I don’t see how he can realistically hope to prevail even using low down dirty tactics, it’s not impossible. And that’s all he’s got. That’s who he is. Sometimes it works for him.

          • Dennis says:

            It’s been obvious from the beginning that his only defense has been to attack and defame the victim. How this plays with the jury will depend upon the people on the jury. Juries are always a crap shoot, so we shall see.

          • “There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that he should be convicted based upon the evidence.”

            I’m not quite that far along as I haven’t seen much of the actual evidence.

            Given his pattern of criminal history in this type of forgery and theft, his mental illness, his penchant for deceit or misconstruing the facts when telling his side of the story and the facts as we know them so far, I’d say it’s highly probable he’s guilty at this point.

            If the State has credible expertise stipulating the signatures are forged, I don’t think it matters what he has to say because they already have his admission he deposited those checks into his bank account. Case closed.

            I also think it’s doubtful prejudice within a jury can overcome that – you’d just get a hung jury and probable retrial in the worst case.

            A striking thing about this case is that even if nearly everything he’s said about the facts and evidence was true and solid (which we’ve never seen from him ever), he’s in serious jeopardy of being found guilty anyway – and it has nothing to do with politics or quid pro quo. His lawyer has probably already tried to explain to him why that is based upon the law.

            • “I’m not quite that far along as I haven’t seen much of the actual evidence.”

              Yes you have. His entire criminal history, which we are all pretty familiar with, while not part of the prosecutor’s case in chief, will come into evidence on cross examination once Legion testifies and denies the allegations in this particular case. That, by itself, should so weaken any credibility he might have that a rational jury should not buy any of his defense and should convict him. The only way he can keep his past from being entered into evidence is by not taking the witness stand. But he can’t have any hope whatsoever of not being found guilty w/o denying the charges – including the flight charges. So if he expects a hung jury w/o him even testifying he may as well “save his money” again and not go back.

              “I also think it’s doubtful prejudice within a jury can overcome that – you’d just get a hung jury and probable retrial in the worst case.”

              That’s been his goal all along. His lawyer wouldn’t expect an outright acquittal in any event. But a hung jury, as crazy as it may seem, is not that unlikely in this case. And re-trials after hung juries are at the discretion of the prosecutor depending upon myriad factors, including, but not limited to, the relationship between the prosecutor and the defense attorney, resources, and problems with the first effort. They don’t usually happen.

            • Dennis says:

              Interesting point about his past criminal history. In a case like this, a defense lawyer would normally hope to limit as much as possible any reference to the defendant’s past history. But Fat Boy keeps pressing it front and center. Or at least some of it. It seems as if he doesn’t understand that any of this history that his attorney can keep out of court means that he can’t selectively use it against other people. If the history is used, then the DA gets to have a field day using it, which he isn’t going to like. I don’t think Lardo exactly understands the legal process.

            • As long as he doesn’t testify, his past history, as well as any other facts, are off limits if they don’t involve the present charges. But the past history of OTHERS can be brought up by his lawyer to cross examine those witnesses against him even w/o Legion testifying.

              In short, the past history of any witness can be used to impeach that witness’s testimony. If you don’t want your past history brought up, don’t testify.

            • “The only way he can keep his past from being entered into evidence is by not taking the witness stand.”

              It may be too late for that
              a) because the prosecution may elect to use his criminal history to establish a common scheme/Modus Operandi (under Federal Rules of Evidence (used by Colorado) – rule 404(b))
              b) as rebuttal for his attacks on the character of the victim
              c) as rebuttal for his touting of his own good character (ie that he played Santa Claus buying cars and appliances for folks, etc)
              d) since he’s published the stuff he has on this case, he’s placed this “testimony” into the public domain previously accessible by the jurors and judge
              e) he also put a bunch of the above out in his 2004 affidavit to the court and probably more in his 2008 affidavit

              The con man’s own stupidity in trying to be his own “lwayer” works against him as anything he’s said and is stupidly still saying “can be used against him in a criminal court of law” per Miranda

            • Meesh says:

              This explains why we got the *butt* reference, he’s throwing everything in …kitchen sink comes next after the panties (he’s saving the butt pic for court…Lucky judge )

              On Facebook:

              “Just as was promised, nothing will be held back.”


            • If he doesn’t testify there will surely be battles over which facts directly involve the present charges and which do not. That’s why we have judges.

              But to give you a preview of some of the battles – one will be whether his past conduct was sufficiently similar to the present charges to establish a common m.o..

              As for using his history as a rebuttal to his attacks on the character of others, if he doesn’t testify it will be HIS LAWYER who will make those attacks based on information Legion provided to HIS LAWYER. But his lawyer isn’t a witness and can’t be cross examined.

              As for using his history to rebut his touting of good deeds, it will be HIS LAWYER who will ask witnesses to admit that Legion was a great guy who performed good deeds. Regardless of whether the witness admits it, his lawyer’s question will have already been heard by the jury.

              As for what Legion has placed in the “public domain” – a witness has to testify that the witness actually heard Legion say it or else the witness can only say it was reported that Legion said it. That would be hearsay.

              As for his sworn affidavits – they should be entered into evidence, but only if they were properly prepared under oath.

            • Dennis says:

              Another problem might be that most of their criminal activities were committed in connection with Fat Boy. In his own presentation, he seems to be sort of the ring leader of the bunch. So it would be difficult to slam them without going into his own crimes.

            • “As for what Legion has placed in the “public domain” – a witness has to testify that the witness actually heard Legion say it or else the witness can only say it was reported that Legion said it. That would be hearsay.”

              i don’t think it’s as cut and dried as that.
              a) it’s not hearsay for a witness to provide an affidavit and testimony that they read what he had to say about this case on his website fro example. That doesn’t substantiate the truth of the actual words said – just evidence that the party involved said them.
              b) the rules for hearsay are very different and much more liberal when it’s the accused party involved “saying” them (back to Miranda)

            • “As for his sworn affidavits – they should be entered into evidence, but only if they were properly prepared under oath.”

              That’s an interesting one as well – for a few reasons.

              Again, the rules for hearsay are different when it’s the accused party.

              He apparently didn’t sign the 2004 affidavit (someone else appears to have – his mother? – and they can ask her about it if he puts her on the witness stand – probably the only witness he’s got willing to testify for him), which may be evidence of a form of forgery on the very docket of the criminal forgery case against him!

              If they carefully scrutinize what he said in that affidavit, they may well have a good argument for perjury – which is another serious felony when done via affidavit.

              And they could provide his correspondence with Social Security on his efforts to get it reinstated via the 2004 affidavit – because they’d stopped it due to the outstanding warrant – to help substantiate him writing it.

              But this one gets really interesting because if the 2004 affidavit is totally ignored, his argument against fugitive flight felony gets considerably worse – because there’s no legally admitted evidence of a response in 2004 – though with the Social Security correspondence, they could prove he knew about it.

              So he may be between a rock and a hard place with that document. It’s an axe of evidence with two sharp edges that can cut him up regardless of which way the axe gets swung.

    • Dennis says:

      Why do I hear his whiny little voice right now screaming: “Defense? You can’t handle my defense!”

    • Dennis says:

      Gee WTPL?, you almost make it sound as if the DA could take everything he is saying (without any support proof whatsoever) and spin it another way:

      “I just got out of prison and settled into a rapidly growing inter-state drug racket. Life was getting good as me and my boy toy Ramon enjoyed a B-movie version of Scarface with me playing a two-bit variation on Tony Montana. Money was rolling in as I wheeled the goods between Colorado and the Mid-Atlantic states while feeding that dumb parole officer a load of bs about my “work” activities. Lots of wild parties, including the one where I got Carmen’s husband drunk and dragged him into the bedroom. Too bad Carmen stepped in just as I was dropping my pants and swinging my butt in front of her hubby’s face yelling “Feed me! Feed me!” Kind of freaked out the silly lady. But her brother Juan was becoming a problem. Kept “loaning” him money at “easy” rates (50 to 60%?). Stupid bum wasn’t much good, however, except for the occasional handjob or something like that. Then Carmen got her tax refund checks. What the heck. All I had to do was trick her into a little “business” trip down in Texas while an associate took care of a bank transaction for me. Man that was sweet! Even got the dumb broad to rent me a male hooker for the night.”

      Same story, just a different spin. So much for his stupid defense. But I bet the photo is real sweet.

  3. Meesh says:

    On his Facebook he posts… 🙄

    Let the parties start to get a little nervous about Part III of III and what it will reveal.”

    POS it will reveal what we’ve known all along, you’re an *idiot* who’s way beyond help, a jail can house you to rot away, without bothering the human race.

    • Dennis says:

      Well I am feeling nervous about it. I hear that in Part III he has a photo of him doing the full monty. At this rate, he will soon demand the Chippendales as defense witnesses.

      • Meesh says:

        I find if you feel like you want to shed off a few pounds, use his website to help out…works every time. Finally he could make a go with something that he does and end this *Epic Fail*.

        • Dennis says:

          Why do you do this to me Meesh? Took a peek at his FB page. Saw his claim that he studied sociology at Ohio University. Forgot about their prison correspondence school system. Almost barfed at the thought of him so close on my heels.

          • Meesh says:

            A sociopath studying/studied sociology? He probably meant Ohio University studied him…Are you close to Athens, Ohio? I’ll take that back, I would panic if he was in my province….as far as that goes my country too.

            So, you’re watching him playing on his Facebook? He’s taking out his baby pictures, watch a Terry Jacks “Season In The Sun” video will soon follow…it’s fake suicide with tic tacs scenario all over again.

            • Dennis says:

              I went for a few years to OU. Part of my family is from that area. I live about 80 miles north of it. I kind of view those hills as my backyard. We don’t need turd boy chasing after our sheep.

    • “Let the parties start to get a little nervous about Part III of III and what it will reveal.”

      Let the dumbass who said that use his “lwa degree” to read up on the Statute of Limitations. All he’s revealed are a bunch of unproven drug trafficking allegations etc that are beyond the ability of the authorities to prosecute because of all the time that has passed since the offences were committed and the lack of evidence available so many years later. If he’d addressed these charges in a timely manner rather than evading them, he might have had that card to play but it certainly won’t work now as the potential for criminal prosecution is zero. He’s already ratted a bunch of them out in his book, his 2004 affidavit and in these articles. The card has already largely been played and can now have little affect beyond some limited embarrassment due to expiry via the statute of limitations.

      Should he wind up in jail, as appears more likely every day, he might contemplate how nervous he’ll feel about what the other hard core cons typically do to rats. His 2004 affidavit revealed just how scared he was of that. After the way he treated the Colorado prison guards the last time he was in there: suing them and throwing excrement on them, etc, I doubt they’ll be very sympathetic to his concerns for his own safety this time around. Again, Karma could be coming for a squealing, Hungry Bottomed bitch.

      • tjtaygee says:

        “Let the parties start to get a little nervous about Part III of III and what it will reveal.”

        The “parties” are not the prosecution’s client – the state of CO is…yet another fail.

  4. Dennis says:

    Just a slight question regarding Lardo’s latest ravings: It is a given that his association with this woman called Mary Lou was based primarily on their inter-state drug operation (which I believe is called a “conspiracy”; In his most recent post, one of the many pointless photos was a snap shot of Mary Lou dated Oct. 2010 and appears to have been taken while he was visiting with her; inter-state drug trafficking is a federal crime with and:”… the statute of limitations on drug crimes in federal court is five (5) years from the date of the illegal act, or in the case of a conspiracy, five (5) years from the date of (1) the last act in furtherance of the conpiracy; (2) the date on which the goal of the conspiracy was completed; or (3) the date upon which the accused withdrew (in a legal sense) from the conspiracy.”

    I don’t want to be a trouble maker or anything rude like that, but is this idiot sure that the federal statute of limitation is actually up on this crap? Especially since he and Mary Lou appears (by his own admission) to only have the drug trade as their “bonding” element and he has now provided evidence that they were still associating back in 2010.

  5. Dennis says:

    Breaking news from the Snooze site: Somewhere down the street from his apartment a car drove into a light pole. He has plastered the site with 40 plus photos of…well, nothing really. The whole hot scoop is barely cold poop. But, he may now want to enter every photo into the court case just for the heck of it.

    • Meesh says:

      “Freak Accident in Holly Hill…” the only *freak* that I see through those pictures is the freaking *idiot* who took them.

      Here we go on his Facebook more nostalgic photos…yep Terry Jacks is soon to come. 🙄

      • Dennis says:

        Oh goodness. He is sliding down the pseudo-depression trail. The tic tacs are on their way. First the bogus nostalgia, then the dark mutterings about how nobody cares followed by a long lashing out at everyone around him (Ilse, take note) and finally a dramatic non-conclusion. Can’t they just lock him up and skip the trial?

      • yep Terry Jacks is soon to come”

        Maybe this time, the career felon in deception won’t forge an intentional OD … with TicTacs ….

    • In August 2014, his “please don’t prosecute me Colorado because I’m dying from a brain tumor and the the drug smuggling people I ripped off and ratted on don’t want to wait for that to kill me” scam (2004 affidavit) turns ten years old.

      Meanwhile, he’s still traveling, jet skiing and having a grand old time – without one iota of treatment ever nor visible symptom for that brain tumor.

      And he’s had absolutely no fear of putting himself out there publicly in his attempt to cash in on his Obama scam with these drug smuggling people out there allegedly, according to him, trying to kill him.

      I get the sense he’s wondering if he can scam Colorado again with some fake medical issue/suicide. As the jaws of justice start to squeeze him like a vice towards habitual offender sentencing, feigning suicide or some medical drama is almost certainly to be expected from the career con man in deception. He’s done it many times before – including in other court cases. The question remains: can Colorado be suckered twice by the same con man in the same case with almost the same or a very similar excuse?

      I guess time will tell but you just know the attempt from this drama queen is very likely to come. And his recent actions seem to be setting the table for it.

      For those new to this, a theme song from his last attempt:

      • Dennis says:

        Brain tumor? That was cured down in Mexico at a hush hush “clinic.” Of course, he could always have a relapse. But it appears that he is taking the TicTac route instead. We should be coming up to some more darkly lit videos of him ranting against his own supporters filled with hint of self-destruction…followed by more bogus journeys down memory lane through family photos and wistful comments about what a sweet baby he was. If he plans it right, he could get institutionalized just before trial and thereby delay the court proceedings.

  6. Dennis says:

    Yet another stupid post from the Ass-minister designed to reassure us that the Snooze site will continue its exciting non-range of no reporting. Yes sir, they will be there to provide…well, pretty much the same nothing that they have been doing since the get go. But there explanation about Fat Boy’s “issues” is a wee bit of a hoot. Since I can’t copy it, I will leave that question to those that might be crazy enough to work at it. But according to the site, Lardo is dealing with a criminal case being forced by a former deputy DA who wouldn’t comply with a freedom of information request (gee, was he the guy who stole Carmen’s checks?) while also working hard at “finishing” the new book, When One Man Falls Over in a Drunken Stupor. He swears that this book will be ready in time for the mid-term election (?!). Gee, I thought he was going to be spending the next 25 years in solitary “reformatting” the book?

    We Will Be Back Stronger Than Ever Shortly

    June 1, 2014 By ASSministrator

    We have been receiving emails asking why we have stopped reporting news and politics as we have in the past. We have not stopped reporting, but we have had some things which have come up that has unfortunately consumed more of our time and resources so we have not been reporting as actively as we had in the past. That will change shortly and not only will we return to our aggressive reporting, we will be stronger than ever before.

    Thornton Parsons, who writes a column has been out with her latest book which is available on Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble et al. Swanee River Moon is the third book by Ms. Parsons who co-authored Jacka$$ Politics and Culture with Creighton Anderson and her first novel (which we were fortunate enough to be the publisher in its hardcover edition) Go Tell Aunt Rhody in 2009 which was picked up by another publisher and issued in paperback and Amazon Kindle in 2012. In addition Ms. Parson’s is an educator who has been providing home schooling to a young man who was beaten badly by a group of other young men in a Chattanooga mall and unable to attend his regular classes.

    It is important for our readers to understand that everything we do and every story we follow and report is done out of our individual commitment to providing the news truthfully and without censoring any part of it, we do this with resources out of our own individual pockets, we do not take advertising from any organization or individual which might conflict with us doing our job.

    For those of you who have read the site regularly you are aware that at the current time Lawrence Sinclair is dealing with two matters have put a strain on his time to do other things. The first being the criminal case in Pueblo Colorado that yet again has been put in the forefront by a former deputy DA who thought he was above having to comply with a Colorado Open Records act request which was made concerning his activities.

    The second is the decision by Mr. Sinclair to concentrate on getting his second book When One Man Stands completed and published which is now two years past the originally scheduled release date. It is important given all that has taken place in the past six years to have this book in the hands of the public before another election (whether mid-term or Presidential) takes place.

    We have not folded, nor will we. We have made a commitment which we have lived up to going on 7 years now and we will continue stronger than ever.

    Upcoming this week we will bring you video and interviews from the Gumball 3000 Rally which will be making a stop in Daytona Beach on Thursday June 5, 2014 at the Daytona International Speedway. We will take a spin in the Lamborghini Gallardo which is being driven by two beautiful models from as well other participants in the rally.

    Sinclair News-LS News Group will be your source for news as to the mid-term elections if you want to know the facts before casting your vote in November, we will continue to expose those who claim to be representative of the American people when in reality all they want is your money. We will continue to be uncensored and unafraid.

    • “The first being the criminal case in Pueblo Colorado that yet again has been put in the forefront by a former deputy DA who thought he was above having to comply with a Colorado Open Records act request which was made concerning his activities.”

      another shot at Colorado

  7. tjtaygee says:

    Perhaps stupid question that’s prolly been raised before – isn’t liar-larr, in his “fact/fiction” nonsense posts, admitting outright that he’s resorting to blackmail/witness intimidation?
    Isn’t that a crime?
    And isn’t he doing it in such a public way that it can readily be used against him in his court case?
    This all seems the opposite of productive behavior. If one has a case to present, do it in court – oh, wait, he likely isn’t interested in taking the stand…but his attorney can still subpoena all those folk liar-larr believes he can prove wrong…
    Liar-larr is “teh stoopid”.

    • Dennis says:

      Well, ah, yeah. I guess it isn’t witness intimidation until the DA file charges, but he has been skirting (and perhaps crossing) this borderline several times. Present it in court? Are you crazy? Fat Boy acts as if the whole case can be played out online. Guess he doesn’t realize that we are as close to an online jury as he is ever going to get and I suspect the jury is just a wee bit “hostile.”

    • I don’t understand how the behavior really helps him.

      1. As mentioned, the statute of limitations has expired on the drug smuggling conduct he alleges/threatens them with. So those threats are hollow.

      2. It doesn’t matter who else he threatens – the one he has to get to is the victim. She’s the one who has to pull back on the charges to get him off on this case. And clearly, he’s afraid of her and her family because he ran away scared of them and hid in Mexico according to his 2004 affidavit and interviews since.

      3. Threats of witnesses are illegal and that can complicate him getting them subpoenaed (the judge has to approve out of state subpoenas), or cost him to fund security of them or turn them more firmly against him or give the prosecutor an opening to have their testimony dismissed or given considerably less weight because they’ve been threatened.

      We’ve all seen his threatening behavior many times before. He’s a stupid, mentally ill, heartless fuck.

      • Dennis says:

        Ditto on every point you just brought up. Virtually everything he is doing at the moment is totally pointless (except, maybe, for fooling the few idiots who are still hanging around him). Lardo keeps using the phrase “factually false.” I assume he picked this up in one of those courses he took while in prison. Of course, he is misusing the term like crazy. Factually false is a stunt that mostly comes up in civil cases in which the defendant attempts to delay court proceedings by filing claims that are knowingly false and are simply thrown in as a means of distracting and derailing (as much as possible) the case. In other words, it describes everything that he is currently trying to do. But the demands of criminal court normally steamrolls over this crap and Fat Boy’s parade of factually false statements have no value in this type of proceeding. The best he can achieve is a possible charge of witness intimation. Otherwise, he is behaving like a complete idiot. So obviously, I can’t wait for Part III where he will blow the lid off of this case. Oh yeah!

  8. SicLiar said

    “We have been receiving emails asking why we have stopped reporting news and politics as we have in the past. “

    First of all, lsnewsgroup never reported much news. Scan the site for yourself. It has provided a few opinion pieces per month, mostly political. That’s it. And that has now dropped to less than about one non Sinclair authored article per month.

    I can understand why the con man may be busy trying to stay out of jail. Yet all but one of the rest of the rats authoring trash on his site appear to have jumped his sinking ship.

    Here are the blunt facts:

    Almost nobody beyond folks from this site are reading the lwnewsgroup site. Therefore, hardly any emails, if any, were received. Your left hand probably has more fingers than Sinclair has emails on this. It’s just another BS scam on his part to try to inflate his sunk profile to keep a bare trickle of funds going.

    A key graph that supports and explains that appears about half way down the Alexa page at “search traffic”. Interest in Sinclair completely died in Nov 2012, when the last Obama election returned Obama to the White House. Whether Sinclair accepts it or not, Sinclair went back to how he’d been for the balance of his life: of use to very few people except cons. His Obama scam didn’t work to curtail Obama’s candidacy as the mainstream media saw through Sinclair’s fraud and it served no useful purpose for the vast majority of the few public who knew about it beyond 2012 when Obama wasn’t going to have to compete in another election.

    For further evidence, Sinclair’s two month old video asking for funds went up to 87 total views (many of those from this site) with my visit this morning.

    Face facts con man: virtually nobody gives a shit about you or your bogus “news” site. And they never, ever will. According to what I read about the new and improved Colorado State Correctional facility, they won’t permit you complete access to the internet so you need to consider that outcome and get your affairs in order.

    • Dennis says:

      I don’t get this, WTPL? Are you saying that we should stick a fork in him, he’s done? My goodness, just because he has become totally irrelevant, completely lame, and utterly pointless doesn’t mean that he should just be tossed on the ash heap of history…Well, actually it does. Guess it is time for Fat Boy to just wrap it up and pay the piper.

  9. Dennis says:

    And let’s all remember the Snooze site slogan:
    Con artists are not born
    and they are not made…
    Grifters create themselves
    through bogus claims and phony money orders,
    the victim’s pain and suffering
    and the scammer’s ability to run
    where the law can’t find.

  10. democratista says:

    Hi All….good analysis. None of this really has anything to do with how the checks got into his account. I doubt the judge is going to allow all the superfluos details about who met who where and how. And how does recapping your life as a drug runner make your character seem any better than those you accuse of being criminals? I don’t get that. Because you were generous with your drug money? (scratching head)

    On the other hand….I just don’t believe Larry will end up in prison. Sorry…I doubt they want him. Given his history…it’s a lot of trouble. There are already too many incarcerations. Lately, I’ve been watching Florida bond court. Judge Hurley in Broward County is fantastic! Funny, smart, insightful…so I listen to it and it amazes me how many the following: VOP – violation of parole, FTA-failure to appear…and mutiple counts of the same crime (petty theft, drugs) over and over and don’t seem to ever change yet they are out. Personally, I think a lot of these people just need a hand…treatment or training…but it’s obvious to me that you really have to work hard to get locked up.

    • Dennis says:

      Anything is possible. The old DA out there didn’t seem too interested in spending the time and money to drag Fat Boy back for trial and seemed contented with just keeping him out of Colorado. The new DA is some kind of law n order guy and went into office swearing that he was going to drastically up the conviction rate. This is how Lardo got nabbed. Since he is also working his magic at ticking off the DA, the guy just might be sore enough to go full tilt in pursuing him. We shall see. As for Fat Boy’s defense, it sounds a bit like that old Richard Pryor joke about a question he once asked an inmate:
      Pryor: Why did you kill all of those people?
      Inmate: Because they were home!

    • Democratista said Colorado may not want to send him to prison because “There are already too many incarcerations.”

      But don’t forget with the recent legalization of pot they have a lot more room.

  11. kstreet607 says:

    Huffington Post has an article about Orly Taitz: 90,000 Californians Voted For Birther Queen Orly Taitz As Attorney General

    At the bottom of the page they list 11 Obama Conspiracy Theories. Coming in at # 3 was Sinclair:

    This one is a doozy. Larry Sinclair, a petty criminal specializing in forgery, spread wild accusations via YouTube involving gay sex, drugs and possible murder committed by Barack Obama. At one point reporters apparently took Sinclair seriously enough to attend a press conference he gave, most remarkable for his lawyer’s appearance in a kilt, which he explained was intended to secure comfort for his unusually large sexual organs: “Those at the other end of the spectrum find [pants] quite confining.”

    • Love the title “Larry Sinclair’s Rabbit Hole Of Insanity” 🙂

    • Dennis says:

      90,000 votes is pretty scary. But it actually breaks down to a mere 3.1% of the votes. Orly is currently locked into a battle for the bottom of the pack against another real estate agent. However, I noticed that she is reassuring her followers that the vote count isn’t official just yet. Besides, I’m sure she will yell that she was robbed and attempt to sue every man, woman, and child in the state claiming voter fraud.

  12. Meesh says:

    We have another new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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