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Oh Boy! SSDI is finally off the hook!

on April 24, 2014


Larry Sinclair is wantedSinclair Book Will No Longer Be Sold By Us  April 24, 2014      By Ass-ministrator 

“As readers are aware the rights to the book Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? were put up for sale on April 15, 2014. The rights to the book have in fact been sold by Sinclair and will no longer be sold on this website nor will Sinclair be selling the book through Amazon Kindle any longer effective May 1, 2014. The book will be offered in its Kindle version by the company who the rights have been assigned to and will be offered in the printed version under the new owners rights. Sinclair will continue to work on getting his second book, When One Man Stands out as quickly as possible.”



That’s exciting news for SSDI


“Disability beneficiaries’ earnings limits: If you work while receiving disability benefits, you must tell us about your earnings no matter how little you earn.”



– change in earned and unearned income, including a change in wages or net earnings from self–employment, your spouse’s income if you are married and living together, and parents income if applying for a child;
– change in resources …
– eligibility for other benefits or payments
– an unsatisfied felony arrest warrant for escape from custody, flight to avoid prosecution or confinement, or flight-escape;
– improvement in your medical condition;
– when you start or stop work, or have a change in pay or hours worked;

Because with the $20,000 or whatever he got for the book (nothing close to $20,000 or he found a real sucker), SSDI will get some financial relief – they won’t need to pay him for a while!

Royalties and payment for copyright have little to no cost of goods sold. In SicLiar’s situation, it’s very close to pure income.

After paying SicLiar to write the book, will SSDI now also have to pay a lawyer to defend him from a crime he’s evaded since before he was disabled? Rhetorical question when SickLiar is involved and left to his own deceptive devices and irrationality.

Since he’s been doing FOIA requests to find out our identities so he can make good on all his threats, maybe I should do a FOIA request on the SSA to get the answer to that question. You know, “what goes around, comes around” … or “Karma’s a Hungry Bottomed bitch”.frog-tipping-hat


82 responses to “Oh Boy! SSDI is finally off the hook!

  1. Why is he keeping the identity of Sucker, Inc. a secret? Is he afraid we might inspire some buyer’s remorse? (Or maybe buyer’s embarrassment.) Somehow I find it hard to believe someone actually bought that rag. More likely he set up a “dummy buyer” (pun intended) who will try to eke out something to send to Legion while he’s on the lamb.

  2. “More likely he set up a “dummy buyer” (pun intended) who will try to eke out something to send to Legion while he’s on the lamb.”

    He’ll need it because SSDI doesn’t pay out to “an unsatisfied felony arrest warrant for escape from custody, flight to avoid prosecution or confinement, or flight-escape;” The problem he’ll encounter is the max revenue for that book now is less than a grand per year – according to the Amazon stats.

    Now the buyer might be hedging their bets that book sales climb if he goes to jail and it gets some publicity – kind of like when a has-been entertainment star dies though dramatically less because Larry never got mainstream media attention. But since Larry sold the book, he won’t benefit from that – he’d have to watch someone else make money on his book from behind bars or from Mexico.

  3. “The problem he’ll encounter is the max revenue for that book now is less than
    a grand per year – according to the Amazon stats.”

    He would probably be glad to work out a deal to get some portion of even that meager amount when the alternative is to get nothing at all. And he was not exactly in a position to hold out for a better price. On the other hand, life is cheap in Mexico and this might be just the opportunity to go on that diet he’s been putting off.

  4. kstreet607 says:

    I find Douche Sinclair’s machinations over the last six years to be totally hilarious. Everything he does either blows up in his face, gets exposed as fraudulent, or just falls apart. His income during the first two years of his scam should have been reported to whatever agency is footing the bill for his rent and food stamps. I wonder how the creep feels when the likes of Mitt Romney Paul Ryan or every Fox News reporter talk about the “takers” those who depend on the government to take care of them…just like that leech Sinclair. I don’t know what’s in store for him regarding this Colorado thing but at some point the POS will have to answer for all the filthy lies, false accusations and harm he’s done to others.

    Hey Asswipe Sinclair: Somebody named Karma is waiting for your funky ass at the gates of the Colorado prison…PUNK.

    • And there have been so many victims of his deviltry over the years that it’s hard to believe it’s the work of one person. He’d better watch himself down in Mexico, though.

      • Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

        There have to be a number of folks ticked off with what he wrote about his drug running days. He named and implicated a quite a few folks to help sell his book.

        And then he implicated a bunch more of the drug running crowd in his 2004 affidavit. He comes across as a squealer to save his own hide at the expense of others in that affidavit. Given the choice he faced, I won’t pass judgment on how right or wrong he was. Don’t know enough about it. But if his affidavit is to be believed – ALWAYS a real problem with this career con man, those folks might be very angry with him and might have been the bugger reason he ran from Colorado – more than the 2001 forgery.

        And yes, I recall that when of one our bloggers had a lawyer check in Mexico and found the Mexican police looking for an American citizen named LaRye V Avila (an alias of his as many know) for questioning about their involvement with drug running. The lawyer told us it was too dangerous for us to pursue getting any more information so we did not verify that report.

        And then there was that report we heard that he may have ripped off someone in a Mexican Mafia group for $142,000 and they were looking for him. Again, too dangerous and difficult to verify.

        I don’t recall doing a criminal check on the folks named in the 2004 affidavit nor many of the names in the 1999 drug running stuff in his book – maybe that’s something to do. But I did check into some folks he ran with in CA and Laredo. They’re bad news as criminals – worse than SicLiar – so much so, I didn’t want to name them on the blog. Wild stuff in their court cases – like a documented smuggling event resulting in a car chase from the cops, armed robbery via locking victims in a freezer, raids, bomb threats causing their trials to be ended in hung jurys, etc. But the good news is that a number of them are locked up for a long time – 15-30 years. And maybe that’s what has helped keep SicLiar safe from some of them if he’d pissed them off … for now.

        • Dennis says:

          Yes, it is no surprise that a scum bucket like Fasts has spent lots of time hanging out with even bigger scum buckets. Likewise, he seems to be willing to rat folks out when he feels it necessarily for saving his own butt. After all, when he was in Delaware passing those bogus money orders around, I seem to recall he was actually there at the state’s expense because he was appearing before a grand jury. Obviously, he was testifying as some sort of witness, not as the subject. Also I would suspect that his drug running days didn’t end in 2004. Up until late 2007, he seemed to have been getting around the country using money made some how and traveling to places for some reason. His access to supplies may have been tapering off, but it sounds as if he was still dealing. Likewise, I also assume he was packing heat during most of this time (in violation of his ex-convict status).

          Only a complete fool travels around engaging in this trade without “protection.” So Fat Boy has lots and lots of crimes to owe up to and I have no doubt that he has lots of ex-business associates who are a wee bit pissed with him.

          • “Likewise, I also assume he was packing heat during most of this time (in violation of his ex-convict status).”

            If I recall correctly, when the Secret Service visited him after he posted photos of the President and First Lady with bullet (or pellet) holes in them he told his visitors he had some kind of weapon in his shack right off. I think he wanted to avoid any “misunderstanding” that would leave him full of drafts.

      • Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

        One other thing I wondered about:

        Between 1980-1987 he specialized in fraud, forgery, theft, etc and served 16 years – so he wasn’t a very good criminal at getting away with it.

        He gets out of jail in 1997 and by 1999, he’s trying a “new thing” if you will because he hasn’t done well in fraud & forgery: drug running. He doesn’t appear to have many roots in that so when it blows up in 2000-2001, he needs something else.

        SSDI is one source of funding for him. But obviously, that’s not enough for the con man.

        Running from Colorado in 2000-1 or so, he lands in California. He appears to get his start with illegal aliens there – first arrest for that in CA in 2002.

        He gets his passport in 2003, evading the heat in California, and it’s off to Mexico where it’s alleged he got back into drugs until that blew up with him allegedly absconding with a bunch of Mexican mafia cash in 2006.

        So he comes back to Texas in 2006, and there’s two more arrests for illegal aliens (on his record – he disputes them as “arrests”) and he’s run out of Laredo by FBI agent Henly.

        He’s stuck for cash because he’s been run out of Laredo so he drifts back to his old pattern trying to cash those counterfeit money orders in Delaware. He gets caught and had to run off again, settling in Duluth around Dec 2007 – a long, long way from the Mexican border for the convenience of drug running/illegal aliens.

        In Duluth, in Dec 2007, he needs a new scam to supplement his SSDI. And he’s still got some folks upset with him.

        Maybe what drew him to Duluth:
        Officials say marijuana smuggling rising on Minnesota-Canada border
        – maybe he thought he could catch on with an up and coming smuggling frontier
        but it was going to take time to get integrated. He probably knew few people there and he needed money …. because the counterfeit money orders scheme in Delaware hadn’t worked out

        Obama, meanwhile, got Secret Service protection unusually early – by May 2007

        But as of Dec 2007, Clinton is still headed towards a coronation, still clobbering Obama by 21 points as of Jan 2, 2008 – nobody thought he had a chance
        – because a lot of people still don’t know who Obama is at this point – even though he’s drawing some crowds – he wan’t even listed as a contender or candidate at the start of 2007.

        And then Iowa happened January 3rd, 2008 and everything changed. By January 18th, when SicLiar came out with his video, the last 5 polls have Obama only 6 points behind Clinton and he’s all over the TV. He’s suddenly an enormous news media celebrity (and by mid February, he’d overtaken Clinton).

        So the Hungry Bottom is sitting in Duluth public housing (in part for mentally ill folks) watching TV in Jan 2008, looking for a quick new scam for dough because breaking into smuggling in Minnesota where he doesn’t know people isn’t happening quickly enough and along comes Barack Obama.

        Meanwhile, and I wonder about this, if folks are after you, one way to get some security is drawing attention to yourself. It’s not as easy to harm or kill someone who has a brighter media light on them. And law enforcement has to be more careful as well because of the increased scrutiny. Just maybe, that was a part of his thought process = self preservation.

        What further supports this timeline for me is the US Secret Service reporting the first phone calls from SicLiar came in early February, 2008. Again, the Secret Service was around since May 2007. If he’d called in Sept 2007, as he claimed, there would have been no different reason for the Secret Service to not be advised. He was in effect kind of extorting them and they weren’t going to pay him off. By February, 2008, SicLiar had been confronted on the internet with providing phone records he didn’t have. So like the back scrambling he tried to do with the Choice Hotel points, and employing his impulsive behavioral pattern, he panicked and called in Feb 2008 to have some record – imagining better late than never.

        Not that this is not ground breaking news because of his lack of providing any 2007 phone records or emails and this lie identified by others:

        Obama had written in his memoirs about his prior drug use. Sinclair claimed that he had never read any of Obama’s books. He also claimed that he would have “supported” Obama up until “last fall” until he “saw” Obama speak to a “young person” about his past drug use, where Obama claimed he had stopped doing drugs after his high school years.

        Sinclair built the foundation of his allegations on a false date: the month of September. Larry Sinclair claims he emailed and called the Obama campaign in September 2007: a full two months before the incident he claims caused him to come forward with his story occurred.

        The Secret Service records are just another nail in his coffin of deceit.

        • Dennis says:

          You are forgetting that Lard Butt and the Secret Service are all big buds. They would show up in front of the wide load and he would play Peek a Boo Hide n Seek with them.

        • “Meanwhile, and I wonder about this, if folks are after you, one way to get some security is drawing attention to yourself. It’s not as easy to harm or kill someone who has a brighter media light on them. And law enforcement has to be more careful as well because of the increased scrutiny. Just maybe, that was a part of his thought process = self preservation.”

          I always did suspect this, WTPL.

          • Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

            It’s somewhat similar to what he’s doing to defend himself:

            The IRS feels he owes them money but he goes public with “they’re persecuting me because of my allegations against Obama”.

            “He faxes a picture of Obama with bullet holes along with threatening faxes to the White House and when the Secret Service investigates “they’re persecuting me because of my allegations against Obama”

            He collects all kinds of money with his Obama scam. When the SSA call him on it because he’s collecting disability, “they’re persecuting me because of my allegations against Obama”

            He passes counterfeit money orders in Delaware – not once but twice and gets picked up by the police on a warrant by the Justice of the Peace. Picked out of a lineup. Admits the counterfeit money orders had belonged to him. He takes off stiffing a victim for $2,400 and a Grand Jury of his peers rightfully issues a warrant for his arrest. When he gets arrested for it in DC, “they’re persecuting me because of my allegations against Obama”

            He write a bum check to a Florida court who issues a warrant. When we find out about it and report it “they’re persecuting me because of my allegations against Obama”

            He makes a FOIA request alleging improper behavior by the Colorado DA office – who have been saints to him by not changing the warrant to nationwide (probably because they don’t want anything to do with him in their prison after all the lawsuits (16?) the last time …) and when they get pissed off and switch the warrant to nationwide “they’re persecuting me because of my allegations against Obama”

            Guess what Hungry Bottom? Hardly anyone is buying “they’re persecuting me because of my allegations against Obama”. For evidence of that, just look at your book sales and your failure to get your story in the mainstream media.
            And the fact that not one of these agencies or courts has backed off until you comply with the law.

            • Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

              One that kind of stymied him was why FBI agent Henly went after him in Laredo in 2007 (raid with the border patrol for illegal aliens) … so he blamed that on Henly wrongly acting on the Colorado state only (at the time) warrant.

              Since it happened well before his Obama allegations, I guess he was kinda stuck. 🙂

              NOTHING is EVER his fault.

              Doesn’t take responsibility for his own actions until the evidence is beyond reasonable doubt in front of a judge.

              I’ve never seen him apologize or express remorse for his victims.

  5. tjtaygee says:

    I found myself wondering, and this is assuming liar-larr isn’t lying and really sold the book…

    how much of what is in his “dense defense” Part I was also in the book?

    How much of Parts II & III (should they even ever see the light of day) were in the book.

    Doesn’t the existence of Part I, should it contain anything in the book, violate the new owner’s copyright?

    • Meesh says:

      I agree with you TJTaygee, it should be deleted because his book consists about NOTHING (what he included in Part I) is the *only passage* that Jeff Dense marveled about…but you know what? Larry’s known to breach contracts he’s done it so many times to suit his own agenda. He did it with Dan Parisi with the lie detector test….Joe Farrah with WorldNetDaily ; PT Murray with the documentary, the list goes on… If there’s a buyer, we’ll see another fall-out…Larry’s a POS.

    • Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

      If the person who bought the book rights hasn’t concluded that whatever agreement they signed may not be worth the paper it’s written on because of his chronic history in criminal deception and mental illness after reading that book, then it may well not really matter because they’re so stupid, they may not even realize he’s violating the agreement.

      “A fool and his money are soon parted”

      However, maybe they’re not completely stupid and it’s like buying a long shot penny stock that’s really cheap and near worthless right now. Maybe they’re betting he’ll continue being crazy (a solid bet since he’s been mentally ill all his life) and bring attention to his book that will recover some of their investment. And if he ramps up and acts on his veiled threats like trying to kill Obama, then they’ve hit the jackpot because the book will really sell.

      Now if that’s the reason they made the investment, saying it’s unethical is too kind. But we saw the sorts of people who gravitated to him during the 2008 campaign – a bunch of them were pretty mentally messed up as well. All he needed to find was one messed up person with money and there are lots of those around.

  6. kstreet607 says:

    I’ve read your last few comments WTPL, LTL and Dennis and I’m floored with your on point analysis fellas!

    Connecting the dots into one neat package as you’ve done (in terms of means, motive and opportunity) is simply SPOT ON! Keep up the good work gentlemen…this is certainly interesting reading and hopefully the RIGHT PEOPLE will have good use for this info.

    I’m aware that so much of what you wrote is speculation due to lack of concrete proof but if one were to pit logical analyisis against FatAss’ lies…logical analysis wins out every time.

  7. Dennis says:

    Yeap, Kstreet. It is all speculation. As you know from experience, all we have to work with is a heaping pile of nonsense from Fat Boy from which you have to try (and I mean really try) to make sense out of his usual narcissistic and utterly warped sense of reality. For example, he has a court appearence on Monday and not the slightest indication that he has any kind of a lawyer. I have to ponder that he is about ready to represent himself (after all, didn’t he win that lawsuit, Lol). I have to especially wonder because even a public defender would make him take down his recent Defense Part One piece. OTOH, why is he even writing this crap since he is not defending himself. Instead, he presents himself as a one-man crime wave. Then I start wondering, all my god, he is going to expose all this stuff in public and then try to claim that because of all the public exposure of his sordid criminal past he can’t possibly get a fair trial. Hey, he is crazy enough to go for it. Anything can happen. That’s why we keep coming back for more.

  8. “For example, he has a court appearence on Monday and not the slightest indication that he has any kind of a lawyer.”

    If I recall correctly, the same docket report that showed he has an “Appearance of Counsel” scheduled for Monday also showed that, at this point, he has a Public Defender.

  9. Dennis says:

    OK, this time I have found the perfect lawyer for Fatso:

  10. Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

    Dennis says:
    APRIL 26, 2014 AT 12:59 PM
    0 0 Rate This
    Yeap, Kstreet. It is all speculation.

    There is definitely some speculation above. However, for clarity and for any new folks looking in, there were a bunch of bloggers who worked very, very hard at gathering and analyzing real evidence, documents and testimony that disproved the account of his allegations and exposed his behavior, criminal and otherwise. That was NOT speculation.

    Sometimes, like the above, we put something obviously speculative up, as above, to test the idea with others knowledgeable about this to get feedback. And the exercise of writing out what I just did provided me with another idea to pursue.

    • Dennis says:

      And let me add that when I say “speculation” I am referring to a process grounded in reality. Unlike Fats who uses a process based upon booze, nose candy, and strange fits of fantasy.

  11. Dennis says:

    This is off topic but just in case Thornton Parsons passes through, I thought she should know what a swell job she and her ilk have done for the folks in her town:
    Update: VW has secured other offers out of TN & Haslam reneged $300,000,000 deal with VW over UAW

    • kstreet607 says:

      The so-called “priorities” of far right-wing-nuts is simply mind boggling. Ideology appears to trump common sense on far too many instances like the example above.

  12. kstreet607 says:

    Sometimes music soothes the soul. This artist is one of my favorites. (It’s a playlist…enjoy.)

    • Are you talking to me? Are you talking to ME?

      I’m just listening to it now – couldn’t get it to play before while using Safari – thought it was the post, turns out I had to use Firefox.

      Are you talking to ME?

  13. Meesh says:

    Hope it was a one-way trip…

    US Airways Flight Attendant Shows Class, Compassion, Understanding & True American Spirit

    April 27, 2014
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    How a Flight Attendant & complete stranger remind us how we are suppose to treat people

    On Saturday April 26, 2014 as I boarded US Airways Flight 2723 from Daytona Beach to Charlotte, NC I witnessed a true display of class, compassion, understanding and of true American spirit. In this age of people being so easily concerned on airlines over anothers behavior, this US Airways Charlotte based Flight Attendant, demonstrated that some are willing to take the time to understand the situation before immediately panicing and throwing someone off the plane.

    I was seated in seat 2A, behind me in 3A was a young woman flying home with her new dog, across from her in 3D & 3F was a young mother with her infant son and in the window seat sat another woman. Across from me in 2D & 2F were two men, the gentleman in the window seat was flying to Los Angeles and was displaying some concern before we even got off the ground over the passenger in 1A. I was already seated when this woman with blond streaked hair and glasses boarded the plane and seemed a bit confused when trying to put her carryon and purse away. The woman started talking to herself and constantly picking at her face and arms, she would have episodes of rocking her body back and forth, side to side, while tossing her hair with her right hand. One passenger described it like this after we got off the plane in Charlotte:

    “She was literally freaking out, all I was thinking is she boarded the plane after coming off a three day binge of smoking crystal meth. She had too much energy in how she was picking at her face and skin and then once we got in the air she just knocked out and went to sleep. I was thinking, okay is this going to be a situation where she is going to go nuts once we got in the air.”

    I had explained to the passenger that according to the woman, she suffers from PTSD and is a Paranoid Schizophrenic. I knew this because the lady sitting in 1D showed the compassion to reach out to the woman and offer her any assistance she could. This lady herself was dealing with issues as she and her husband were flying to attend and arrange a funeral. As I watched the passenger in 2F look at me with facial expressions that said “what the hell is going on,” I thought maybe if I asked the Flight Attendant to check on the woman in 1A it would calm him down. US Airways Flight Attendant who’s name I did not get went to the woman with compassion and sincere interest in her well being and asked “are you okay honey?” It was at this time the passenger explained to the Flight Attendant that she suffers from PTSD and is Paranoid Schizophrenic. She asked the Flight Attendant, “are other passengers complaining?,” and then went on to tell the Attendant “I know other people stare at me and think something is going to happen but I did take my meds and I don’t mean to disturb anyone.” When I heard that I couldn’t help but think how we have become a society so quick to make judgments without knowing nothing more that what we think we see. The above comment from the passenger who thought she was coming off a three day crystal meth binge makes that clear.

    The US Airways Flight Attendant however demonstrated the true American spirit when she relied, “no you are not bothering anyone, I just want to make sure you are okay and comfortable. Can I get you something to drink to before we take off.” It was shortly after we were airborne that both the Flight Attendant and the woman in 1D did everything possible to make this woman comfortable, from covering her in blankets for warmth, helping her adjust her pillow for comfort and engaged her in conversation until she eventually did fall asleep for the remainder of the flight. Upon landing in Charlotte, anyone who has flown from Daytona Beach to Charlotte knows you almost always arrive at Terminal E and end up having to walk down the planes narrow steps on the tarmac. The woman in 2D decided to make sure this woman got down the steps safely and remembered her purse. It was after the woman had gotten off that as I started to deplane I noticed her cell phone on the floor under her seat. We managed to get it to her and as we entered the terminal this woman went off and disappeared into the crowd just like any one of the hundreds of travelers hurrying to their connections.

    The lady in 1D happened to be from the Port Orange, FL area and as we spoke briefly about how people are so quick to dismiss or make rash judgments she responded, “you would be surprised just how far a friendly hello will go.” I in all of my rushing to make connecting flights did not get either ladies names, but I do know the woman in 1D makes the owner of A Team carpet cleaning in Port Orange, Florida very proud to be her son.

    US Airways has a Flight Attendant they should be proud of and acknowledge, a business owner in Port Orange, FL has a mother he can be very proud of, and we as a nation have two women most will never meet or speak to that we should all strive to more like them.

    • “It was after the woman had gotten off that as I started to deplane I noticed her cell phone on the floor under her seat. We managed to get it to her and as we entered the terminal this woman went off and disappeared into the crowd just like any one of the hundreds of travelers hurrying to their connections.”

      The whole point of the post was to say “See, I’m not a thief. I didn’t even try to steal a cell phone when I might have been able to” – (although the thought did go through his mind, but he saw that people were looking.)

  14. Dennis says:

    Since the flight he was on runs only between Harrisburg PA and Charleston SC (with a stop in Charlotte), the real question is: Where was he coming from and where was he going?

  15. Dennis says:

    He had his court appearance this morning and so far no new postings out of the perp. So the case is still on. When do we get Part Two of his ongoing attempt to defame himself as much as possible for no rational reason whatsoever?

  16. Meesh says:

    Sneaky FatAss posted this on his personal Facebook… there’s 18 photos…

    Larry Sinclair

    16 hours ago

    Jorge A Diaz from Durango, Mexico who was a legal resident of the US for more than 20 years and who was by far the most talented builder one could ever hire operated Diaz Construction in Colorado City CO for more than 18 years. Below in the photos just behind the lone cedar tree used to sit a double wide manufactured home with a beautiful wood porch and columns. I was last on the property in Dec 2006 but Jorge had come to visit in Laredo, Texas in early 2007. Emmanuel Diaz you remember Jorge who came and helped put the new door in the house on Garza? Jorge A Diaz was one of the most real and giving human beings that has ever graced this earth, he was a true friend in good times, bad times and any time in between. His work in the Colorado City, Rye, Denver and Westcliffe areas was even featured in Architectural Digest yet he live job to job while trying to build his own home on property he bought when he first moved to Colorado from New Mexico. In 2007 Jorge called me all stressed out because early that morning two guys who worked and lived with him (one was is cousin) were returning from having spent the evening at Jalapeno’s in Pueblo. As they were approaching the bridge on Davis Rd which crosses over I-25 just north of the Huerfano County line something happened that caused them to miss the bridge altogether and the truck crashed onto I-25 into on coming traffic killing both of them. Jorge made the arrangements and drove his cousins body from Colorado back to Durango Mexico to be buried by his family in his home. I know that was the most difficult thing Jorge had ever had to deal with. That was the last time I spoke to Jorge for whatever reason we just simply got too busy and didn’t call anymore.

    What I saw today when I went to the property made me very angry, because I know and the neighbor confirmed it for me, that some of the same people Jorge paid good money to on top of providing them room and board and transportation at no cost to them, are in fact the people who went onto this property (over a period of multiple visits according to the neighbors) and basically stripped it of anything of value including the contents of the home that according to county assessors was moved off the property and out of the county in 2011.

    Because I was at one time making the property payments and the home payments I have all of that info at home in Daytona and I will find out what exactly happened and will do everything in my power to see that Jorge’s talent is never lost or forgotten. This man put himself on the line more times than I can count to protect me and I will not let that go uncompensated in one way or another.

    They started stripping the stone out of the fireplace, the plumbing fixtures, duct work, lighting, and anything else they could take.
    (18 photos)

    Like · Share.

    • Dennis says:

      I am beginning to suspect that the worse his case seems, the more he will play at this humanitarian angle. He must still be hoping to get “defense” funds off of Sugar Daddy Freise.

      • Meesh says:

        Yeh I know that’s what he’s trying to do…but no one except his family and lame brain friends can read the BS…as he’s not posting this crap on his website or on the Snooze Facebook account but his personal Facebook account.Methink he’s hiding…

        This makes me think of way back, when Sibley (FatAss’ lwayer) kept imploring that he should keep his big “yap”shut and stop posting on his website, as he was a loose canon…Larry would go behind his back and go and post at BHDC…I think that’s what’s going on….Give Larry some rope, keep an eye out on his FaceBook account—> . He’s such an *idiot*
        I have a feeling that his present lawyer is advising him to shut up. 🙂

        • Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

          Meesh: “I have a feeling that his present lawyer is advising him to shut up.”

          Definitely. And this is relevant to the smearing of past Deputy DA Jones:

          Remember his first lawyer in Delaware, Weir (sp?), who walked away when he saw the attacks Sinclair was making on Joe Biden, etc?

          (Sinclair) stated that Mr. Weir called him and was upset about statements that Mr. Sinclair had made about Obama and the Bidens. Sinclair told Mr. Weir that most of what he had heard came from other bloggers trying to discredit Sinclair.

          Delaware Corruption, Larry Sinclair, Joe Biden, Attorney General Joe Beau Biden, Sinclair Political Prisoner, Sinclair Youtube video, Biden corruption
          Posted on September 5, 2008 | 2 Comments

          There is a Youtube video that tells the story of Larry Sinclair’s arrest after his news conference at the National Press Club in June 2008. This video reveals the corruption within the Obama and Biden camps. Larry Sinclair was arrested on a fabricated warrant from Delaware and the office of Attorney General Biden. Larry Sinclair was treated like a political prisoner in the United States.

          Is this the kind of change you want, Nazi Germany revisited?

          Watch this video. It will shock you.


          Joseph R.Biden II, Senator from Delaware did in June 2008 use his power in the US Senate to have the Social Security Administration stop my disability benefits two days before I was arrested in Washington, DC on a totally baseless warrant.

          In addition it turns out that Senator Biden not only used his office and the office of his son, Joseph R Biden III, the Attorney General of Delaware, he had the SSA violate their own regulations which states benefits cannot be terminated if the charging State refuses to Extradite.

          Delaware by way of a sealed Grand Jury Rule 9 Warrant, (for which the Delaware Attorney Generals Office has still failed to provide any copy of any returned money order) had an extradition range of 250 miles listed according to court documents.

          Senator and AG Biden’s puppet News-Paper the Delaware News-Journal of Wilmington, DE even went so far as to publish two completely false reports of the charge and case against me.

          Senator Joseph Biden and Delaware AG Biden’s personal friend and contributor’s, former Delaware Attorney General Richard Weir, even tried to create problems for me with the court by walking away from a signed retainer agreement and stated after entering said agreement he would “not represent” me “when you are saying all those things about Obama and the Bidens.”Both Biden’s have abused their office’s for political favors from Barack Obama.

          In addition Barack Obama has used the Biden’s to try and shut me up, it will not happen. Joseph R. Biden II, the poster child for the “same old Washington insider” who cast his 10,000th vote in the US Senate in 1999, the same year Barack Obama smoked crack cocaine and engaged in gay sexual encounter in the back of a Limo and a Gurnee, IL hotel room with me, contradicts the very mantra of the Obama Campaign’s call for a “New Politics in Washington.”

          It is now time that the American Media stop this protection of Barack Obama and lets report the truth. I will expect Joseph R. Biden III to withdraw his office from this case immediately and to immediately produce the discovery that has been requested of his office now three times since August 11, 2008 alone.

          On September 2, 2008 in the front of the New Castle County Courthouse I will make a statement concerning the Delaware Attorney Generals Office and their efforts to silence my claims about Barack Obama.

          The Joseph R. Biden II and III’s abuse of power and use of public office for this purpose is a disgrace and I am confident, that in the end I will be vindicated.

          September 11, 2008 has been set as the date in which the Obama/Biden railroad plans on shooting to shut me and my claims against Barack Obama and the Bidens up once and for all. That’s right, the scheduling order by the New Castle County Delaware Superior Court (Biden Country), and Joseph R. Biden III Delawares Attorney General has set 9/11/08 as the trial date for me and the charge of “Theft” which the office of Joseph R. Biden III knows full well to be an abuse of his office.

          So now the presumptuous Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential nominee’s intend to use September 11, 2008 to try and silence the truthful charges made against Barack Obama. It isn’t enough that these guys had an arrest made in DC without ever producing a warrant, or a US District Judge held me without ever showing warrant in court. It is not enough that Delaware knows the charges they filed against me i a sealed Grand Jury are bogus, or that they assisted the Delaware News-Journal and web bloggers in publishing false charges about the matter, it is not enough that Delaware has cost me an my supporters more than $8000.00 to date on this fabricated charge and attempted to help Daddy’s new boss! These are crimes in and of themselves people.

          Do I have faith in the American Justice system? YES.

          Do I have faith in the “You scratch my back, I scratch yours” political environment in Biden Country? NO DOUBT AT ALL THAT THIS IS GOING TO BE BIDEN DICTATED DOWN TO THE TRIAL JUDGE (Who by the way, will not be known
          to us until September 11, 2008.)

          Does the Delaware Attorney General comply with the laws he is sworn to uphold and enforce? NO.

          Does Joseph R. Biden II need to answer for his using false information to have me arrested and have SSA discontinue my benefits in a 24 hour time period? YES.
          Does Joseph R. Biden III need to answer to why his office has continued to push a charge that THEY know is without merit and lacking of any criminal intent or basis? YES.
          Will I plead guilty to any crime of any kind in this matter? NOT ON MY LIFE!
          Is Delaware bringing this matter in an effort to assist Barack Obama shut me up? YOU BET YOUR ASS THEY ARE.

          etc, etc

          Let’s recap: Sinclair duped two different victims into cashing counterfeit money orders. The Delaware police obtained a warrant and caught him – advising him of both transactions. Sinclair is picked out of a line up. Sinclair couldn’t explain why he got one set of the money orders – the other came from a suspect car payment. etc Does Sinclair hang around and pay one of the victims back the $2,400 he got from them? Nope. He disappears after just renting an apartment in Delaware – taking off to Duluth, MN.

          And who is at fault for all of that? Who deserves to be defamed ? A Grand Jury finds Sinclair at fault. In Sinclair’s eyes, everyone else involved with law enforcement is at fault except himself. He gets Rense radio and others to cry that he’s a “political prisoner” as if it’s all their fault he scammed folks with counterfeit money orders and took off.

          We just saw the same thing with his FOIA request on Colorado past Deputy DA Jones. We saw his bogus criticisms against the US Secret Service responding to his threats and bullet riddled photos of the Obamas faxed to the White House. We saw it with bogus allegations against FBI agent Henly who was trying to apprehend him for smuggling illegal aliens. He’s done this throughout his felonious criminal career. He says he doesn’t run but he does. He says he takes responsibility but the only time that happens is when he’s before a judge caught dead to rights. Instead, he publicly defames those in law enforcement just trying to do their job.

          He can’t easily run away this time from a nationwide warrant and automatically losing his SSDI if he does.

          • Meesh says:

            The narcissist can’t keep that YAP of his shut…we’ll probably see lots more on his personal Facebook…….he has done it so many times before…forgot about the Delaware issue and Weir, only remembered about the dilemma that Sibley was having with that, hopefully there’s another melt-down….I know it’s his new lawyer, good luck with him. That’s our Larry!

            • Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

              Hopefully, unlike Sibley, he got a lawyer whose ability to practice law hasn’t been suspended and isn’t as publicly focused on the size of his member – though our “Hungry Bottom” probably likes men in kilts!

      • Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

        Between that post about his flight out and this one, I wonder if he’s trying to put his best face on it … because he’s a little scared of what might happen.

        In Delaware, I’m sure he maintained he didn’t have a clue the money orders were counterfeit – trying to blame others.

        But here, his excuse to blame others is “The checks made out to someone else that I deposited in my bank account were repayment for me financing their vehicles used for running drug!! And I wrote about all the money I made drug running with them in my book – if you’d like to buy a copy. Heck, I couldn’t afford my lawyer here if it weren’t for all the BS that helped sell my book!”

        • “Heck, I couldn’t afford my lawyer here if it weren’t for all the BS that helped sell my book!”

          Does he now have a paid attorney replacing the Public Defender? Do any updates on what happened Monday appear on the docket yet?

          • Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

            I would presume so based upon the copyright sale of his book. We’re trying to keep at arm’s length of the case after what happened with Stephen Jones – even though his allegations there were laced with BS. We’re waiting to hear from our legal rep out there.

  17. “Because I was at one time making the property payments and the home payments I have all of that info at home in Daytona and I will find out what exactly happened and will do everything in my power to see that Jorge’s talent is never lost or forgotten.”

    LegionSpeak for “I’m going to try get some money out of this.”

  18. Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

    Docket updates:
    04/25/2014 Rqst Request Filed
    04/25/2014 Entr Entry Of Appearance
    DEF/ Sinclair, Larry Wayne
    ATY/ Tameler, Karl S

    They had their Attorney Council session scheduled for Apr 28 and decided:

    06/09/2014 1:30 PM Pre-Trial Conference

    As of right now, in theory, it’s heading to trial. For all the time this has dragged out and with Sinclair’s lengthy criminal history, a full trial could get pricey for him because it’s a thicker file for his lawyer to go through with so much time passed. Maybe he’ll have to try to fly some defense witnesses in who have left the area. Trying to get copies of old records, if still possible, would be pricier and more time consuming as well – it costs to drag the case out. If Sinclair can’t keep up payments to his attorney for trial work (beyond the retainer), the attorney can withdraw and Sinclair would have to use the public defender or his “lwa degree”! :).

    The Delaware case cost Sinclair $15,000. This one is likely to be considerably more costly if they go to trial.

    Tameler used to work for the DA’s office in prosecution. So he’d know the ropes and maybe some of the parties in the DA’s office (new DA since 2012) for haggling a deal. We have no issue with Tameler – he isn’t Sibley so let’s not go down that road whatsoever please. We have enough on our plate with Sinclair looking for our addresses with multiple FOIA requests -apparently or maybe to execute his threats … as it’s well past the statute of limitations on civil action like defamation while we’re just regurgitating that material here.

    The SickLiar threat level is seriously up folks – which is why I’m back. And like he’s always done, he’ll be blaming everyone but himself for what is going on in Colorado.

    • Any indication so far as to whether he has requested or will be requesting a jury trial? If so, that, too, will be more expensive because of the time to be spent picking a jury.

      • Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

        No official idea re jury.

        If he goes to trial, I’d bet on him going with a jury if he can scrounge the dough as he’s slagged so many officials, law enforcement, lawyers, DAs and judges over the years. He doesn’t understand them, trust or respect them as people like them have put him in institutions about half his life. And he knows they’d see through his BS.

        His narcissism craves attention so he’ll like the jury as an “audience” and hope a few of them are like his followers (before they saw through him and wandered off) and are tightly bound to tin hats.

        • Dennis says:

          I assume that they are hoping for one of two things:

          1. No witnesses including the victim. Possible. The whole pack sounds like the kind of folks who move around a lot and may not be thrilled at having the authorities pay attention to them etc. If the victim turns out to be either uncooperative or simply not findable, then they might go to work in trying to convince the DA to drop the charges.

          2. Plea bargain. However, Fatso has a bad position for such a move and may decide that hitting the road is preferable.

          • Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

            I never contacted a witness or victim related to this case ever. But I did in other cases. If you’re writing about a litigious person who has already sued bloggers for defamation, like other media journalists, it’s not a bad idea to verify your facts with witnesses, etc. In fact, in a number of situations, you don’t have much choice.

            Those sued bloggers alleged Sinclair was lying and mentally ill and I think they’ve been proven to be correct – though the case against them was dismissed before it got to assessing their claims.

            Recently, when I returned to this site, I checked to see if the victim was still around. I’m almost positive she is. Again, I didn’t talk with her or anyone else related to her – because of the optics of the Stephen Jones nonsense and the potential bogus accusations by Sinclair of witness tampering though I know of no legal reason why anyone could not have spoken with her to verify their story. I’m just pretty confident I found her.

            Back in 2008, the details of the case itself at the time was kind of a non issue because the warrant was state only and Sinclair was not going back to Colorado to deal with it. So we were not very interested in the details of what went on in the case if it wasn’t going to be heard.

            And here’s a recap of a bunch of what happened (or did not happen) with Stephen Jones. Around Oct 6th, 2008, Sinclair is at a campaign location (I think) and declares on a radio interview (I think) that Colorado was dismissing the case. We quoted him as saying:
            “Colorado is no longer an issue. I will only say that much. But uh, I have been directed officially by the District Attorney’s office in Colorado that “don’t worry about it.” In fact, I offered to go personally just for it to be dismissed and I was told not to even to waste that money to do that, it’s unnecessary.”

            Naturally, Larry leaves that quote and our reasons for calling the DA’s office to verify it out of his screenshots of our posters in his 2012 FOIA request.

            So one of our bloggers called to check because Sinclair lies so frequently. Sure enough, we found out he was lying again.

            In 2008, Larry instigated the bloggers by making a bogus claim about the status of the warrant, doesn’t tell the DA’s office in his 2012 FOIA request he did that and then cries foul in 2012 when the bloggers checked in 2008 (and that had happened in the wake of an incredible number of documented lies and deceptions by Sinclair in 2008). The entire blog as you know was about examining the truth of his allegations. It wasn’t a political blog – political discussion was banned.

            Sinclair obviously knew about our response to it in Oct 2008 because he has the screen shots. Within a week, the warrant got renewed around Oct 10th. Around the 1st week of November, 2008, Sinclair made another motion to the court and arranged for a public defender. So by his actions in Nov 2008, he knew officially his claim was not true and the warrant was still valid. Recently, on Facebook, he repeated the same nonsense again about the warrant being dismissed in 2008.

            As for contacting the DA and asking them to reconsider changing the jurisdiction of the warrant to nationwide in 2008, I didn’t. I missed that (one of those clips looks like it was from another blog) or don’t recall it clearly from back then. But in principle, I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. The DA is a public servant who works for the people. The public communicating with a DA to make an argument about why they should reconsider their position on something seems very legitimate and reasonable. As a matter of practice, if the DA gets 600 phone calls on the same thing within a 24 hour time period, that’s obviously way over the top and compromises the orderly function of his office, etc. In this case, the DA didn’t get anything close to 600 calls. Sinclair notes three over some time period in 2008 or so.

            Years later, Sinclair is accusing folks of irregularities that I never saw happen and defaming a Deputy DA I never even heard of before a few weeks ago. I don’t even know if the guy was around in 2008 when this stuff happened. I couldn’t find the poor guy’s name anywhere in our stuff. He’s just another victim in a very long list of public officials slagged by Sinclair on the internet.

            It’s just bonkers like many of Sinclair’s claims and upsetting a bunch of people like he usually does with his BS.

          • “I assume that they are hoping for one of two things: 1. No witnesses including the victim. Possible.”

            But remember the prosecutor won’t need those witnesses to prove “General Offense Code: FUGITIVE F/ JUSTICE.” That’s what he was charged with on March 22. I don’t recall him being charged with any of his prior crimes against victims who might not show up.

            All the prosecutor will need to prove that case are the former prosecutor, any other court personnel who told Legion to appear, his failure to do so and his flight from the State of Colorado. I can’t see the prosecutor bargaining about anything but the amount of time he will do.

            • Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

              I think that was for the warrant. The charges in the actual case on the docket are for
              Theft $500-$15,000
              Statute 18-4-401 (1),(2)(c)
              Class 4 Felony
              Forgery.-Check/Commercial Instrument
              Statute: 18-5-102(1)(c)
              Class 5 Felony

              They need the victim, checks and police reports. They might need bank records, government records on why they cut her the checks and maybe an affidavit from one of those institutions.

              I say “might” because he’s already admitted to depositing her check into his bank account – so some of the documents above may not be needed.

              If the prosecution provides convincing handwriting analysis experts that stipulate the signatures on those checks are forgeries and his lawyer can’t counter those, he is toast. His whole story falls apart. They only question would be how how long the habitual offender sentencing will be.

              So that’s a very key battle that could end this very quickly.

            • Oh. So they threw the book at him. But that makes my point. There’s no way on Earth they will plea bargain for no time. They wouldn’t have had him come back in only to agree to no time. They could just as well have left it alone.

            • Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

              I’m not so sure about “threw the book at him” Those were the original charges based upon the dollar amount of what they accused him of stealing/forging to get. If it had been under $500, it would have been a lesser felony or misdemeanor. Over $15,000 and it would have been a more serious felony class.

              One would think they’ve done their homework to review the case to see if it can still be prosecuted. Like the defense, their case probably also suffers from the long time elapsed. For the little we know, anything could happen.

              I thought they had a pretty good case against him in Delaware ….

            • Meesh says:

              They busted his ass for–>Fugitive flight charge the original charge is one thing only which to me is now irrelevant.(that’s why Larry’s throwing around the smoke and mirrors with his 3 part expose.(who cares)
              Larry made things worse by fleeing…as always he made matters worse. An epic failure in life…that’s our Larry.I agree with what LongTimeLurker originally said, I do not care about the original charge, redirecting the conversation to this comment:

              “All the prosecutor will need to prove that case are the former prosecutor, any other court personnel who told Legion to appear, his failure to do so and his flight from the State of Colorado. I can’t see the prosecutor bargaining about anything but the amount of time he will do.” 👍

              Taken from here—>
              Booking Number 921127
              First Name LAWRENCE
              Last Name SINCLAIR
              Date of Birth 09/26/1961
              Race W
              Sex M
              Book date 03/20/2014
              Inmate Status Not In Custody

              General Offense Code: FUGITIVE F/ JUSTICE
              Arrest Type: HLD
              Offense Date: 03/20/2014
              Agency Report Number: 140000922

              Case Number: 2014 000657 XXDB
              Bond Amount Due: $0.00 (1)
              (1) A bond amount marked with * is a “blanket” bond and applies to all charges on the same case

            • Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

              Isn’t that from the Florida records? I haven’t seen that in the Colorado records – though they will probably address it.

              Here’s a brief on it

              Quite different circumstances but it covers a bunch of the law on the issues (just what first popped up quickly in google to save me typing). In this case, I’m not sure a case for Fugitive Flight is as straightforward as it might appear.

              There appears to be a distinction between criminally breaking out of physical custody and not showing up in a jurisdiction where he was wanted.

              The police report in Delaware in 2007 said “he was wanted in Colorado but they would not extradite him” After his June 2008 PC, it got raised again and Colorado appears to have declined. Some folks called the DA in 2008 trying to get the warrant nationwide without success. They’ve known his whereabouts for years … and haven’t done anything.

              They didn’t really want him .. until he pissed them off with his FOIA request.

              As well, from his addresses in CA in 2000-2002, he may well be telling the truth (shock!!) that he didn’t hear about the case for some time. And he has the excuse nasty drug running people were after him – he stayed away for his own safety (if we’re to believe that…? – maybe some of that is true)

              A conviction for forgery & theft is a killer because it’s clear cut habitual offending – with five previous felony convictions for those very same felonies.

              I find it hard to believe they brought him all the way back to Colorado to give him a slap on the wrist for evading a warrant they didn’t want to extradite him for. They’d be better off leaving him alone so he doesn’t come back to their state because there’s a warrant hanging over his head.

              To me, if they can’t make the original charge stick – which would be an embarrassment because they extradited him – I think they’d have a better shot at first degree perjury – which is a felony and somewhat habitual in that deception is involved and the signatures on the 2004 affidavit might constitute a form of forgery.

              Of all of them, I’d guess without the benefit of seeing the actual evidence, I think fugitive flight would be the toughest to convict him on and toughest to justify a lengthy sentence.

            • “There appears to be a distinction between criminally breaking out of physical custody and not showing up in a jurisdiction where he was wanted.”

              I’m no expert on criminal law, but what he did was worse than merely failing to appear. He left the jurisdiction, i.e., the State of Colorado, (which is more akin to breaking out of physical custody.) Failure to appear can be shown to be inadvertent under the right circumstances (although I don’t think those circumstances exist here.) But leaving the state w/o express permission from the court is a no-no and is very easy to prove.

              “Of all of them, I’d guess without the benefit of seeing the actual evidence, I think fugitive flight would be the toughest to convict him on and toughest to justify a lengthy sentence.”

              No, I would think fugitive flight would be the easiest to prove. It might not necessarily carry the longest sentence, but consideration of the sentence would be putting the cart before the horse. First and foremost the D.A. wants a conviction FOR SOMETHING. Once Legion is convicted they can find all kinds of ways to lengthen his sentence or convict him of post conviction jail house transgressions which will keep him there.

              “I find it hard to believe they brought him all the way back to Colorado to give him a slap on the wrist for evading a warrant they didn’t want to extradite him for.”

              You’re right with that, by bringing him back, the State of Colorado has indicated they don’t intend to just give him a slap on the wrist. But they DO intend to convict him of fugitive flight from the State of Colorado. It would also be easier to prove than all of those other previous charges, considering the amount of time that has passed. So even if those other charges don’t hold up, a fugitive flight conviction should be enough, by itself, to keep him there for a pretty good stretch.

          • Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

            On the docket, it says he was arrested May 8th, 2001. I believe he disputes this. The first Colorado warrant was issued with a bond May 23, 2001. This may be like Delaware:

            The police don’t need a warrant to make an arrest.

            There were two counterfeit complaints against Sinclair in mid Oct, 2007. The incidents were a week apart. About 10 days after the second report, a private investigator found him and reported his location to the police. The police picked him up and brought him in. They read him his Miranda rights after he was picked out of a lineup by one of the victims. That’s an arrest. No ifs, ands, buts or maybes about it.

            When they tried to follow up with him – probably to charge him, he was gone – couldn’t be found. The police report says (as a result of their inability to find him) they “obtained a theft warrant from JP 2” (JP = Justice of the Peace).

            In Feb 2008, a Grand Jury was convened in Delaware and issued another warrant – which is what was effectively used to arrest him up at his June 2008 press conference.

            As many of you will recall, he howled he’d been arrested in June 2008 without a legitimate warrant or something to that effect.

            So maybe his dispute in Colorado is similar. He was arrested May 8th, 2001 but because something didn’t happen that he requires for it to “count” as an arrest in his own mixed up mind, that doesn’t count publicly as an arrest. Although the police probably told him to stick around, he apparently took off. Just like Delaware, when the police went to follow up, he was gone so they issued a warrant on May 23, 2001.

            If that’s closer to how it went down, then he arguably was in their custody and fled. The case for fugitive flight would be considerably stronger.

            • On the docket, it says he was arrested May 8th, 2001. I believe he disputes this. The first Colorado warrant was issued with a bond May 23, 2001.

              So what was the charge and what was the outcome of that arrest?

            • So just so I’m clear, when was he last in Colorado prior to his recent March 2014 appearance? Had he been a fugitive since May of 2001?

  19. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, I’ve been wondering. He “sold” the copyright to his worthless book for $20,000? Skipping the obvious question about what kind of idiot would pay a dime for the thing, what did he actually sell? Did he actually sell off the copyright or did he just sell the license to the copyright? (see – though this is about inventions, the same rules apply to copyrights). The pitch he was making made no clear sense, but I suspect he was simply selling the license. I am also assuming that Sugar Daddy Foster was feeling generous that week.

    • Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

      He was panicking and desperate to get a lawyer. As usual, I doubt he fussed over the details on this deal and I also doubt he got $20,000.

      The key thing and typically only thing that would catch his eye were the dollars.

      The #1 rule they teach you in contract law classes is: a good contract is a good understanding. In my opinion, it’s an excellent saying, a good way to do business and proven to be true many times over.

      This pretend “lwayer” does not understand this stuff well and that has led to a bunch of his past conflicts (see lawyer Sibley fight, see lawyer Weir fight, see TP Murray documentary rights fight, etc). He’s impulsive. In this situation, he’s panicked. And he’s rushed into this.

      Strong odds are that he does not understand the nuances of the deal and that has typically led to disputes with him. Longer term, they’ll probably have a fight when his irrational logic allows him to wrongly conclude an issue related to this deal.

      Ditto for the IRS letters. Ditto for the SSA letters. Ditto for the forms he signed with the USSS. Ditto for his allegations against DA Jones. etc He makes colossal errors in judgement of situations and what is really being said to him. Same with us.

      His mental illness or lower IQ or whatever mental problem he has typically inhibits him from rationally joining the dots on issues like this. Then he often lashes out when things don’t go as he expected or misunderstood, rifling in on one thing (ie a big lie for him = a slightly inaccurately stated fact or a particular misunderstood fact by him) that’s usually a small piece of the big picture.

      And it sounds like it happened with these drug movers in Colorado. Sinclair thought something wasn’t going according to how he misconstrued it, he had a meltdown like we’ve seen many times and as a result, he snatched her checks for revenge/payback. Wouldn’t shock me at all if that’s what really went down though with the way he lies, not even the court is likely to know what he really thought. Same script we’ve seen many, many times but with different people nearly every time because once he’s gotten ugly, they clear out of his way or depart pissed off.

      Look at the inner circle of his Obama scam: Lynne or Victor for example. they start to ask questions, gigantic acrimony from him and threats (particularly Lynne’s way). A super high percentage of his relationships end in fights.

      It’s also probably a key reason why, along with his sociopathic nature, he’s apparently never had a long term lover/partner.

      If they give him habitual offender sentencing for this, I hope they have a few big, burly guys around. There’s a real risk he won’t go quietly. Emotional at first and then BAM!! ugly meltdown!

      With so few witnesses and so much passage of time, he may have to testify in his own defense. If I were that prosecutor, I might be doing the Lt. Daniel Kaffee on Col. Nathan R. Jessup routine – you know, “you FUCKED with the wrong Hungry Bottom!!” 🙂 They could sell tickets to see the rabid dog in him come out. And it would be a lot easier to do than getting Col Jessop to crack – he goes off pretty easily if the the right buttons are pushed.

    • Dennis said

      “I am also assuming that Sugar Daddy Foster was feeling generous that week.”

      That’s something I still don’t get – the connection between Fats and Foster. Was it that Friess was taken in originally and actually believed the cocaine blow job story? But wouldn’t there have been a fall out once Foster found out he was lying? Or does Friess still believe him? Do you think there’s some kind of personal connection between the two? If Legion sold the license or copyright or anything at all connected with the book, I’ll bet he sold it to Foster. Nobody else would have purchased it that fast on the spur of the moment. What did it take, two days? I also wouldn’t be surprised if the book “rights” were collateral for a “loan” from his sugar daddy. Friess didn’t get rich giving money away. So, while a gift would have gone against Friess’s instincts, a loan using the book rights as collateral would have been something Friess could stomach. That being said, why does Friess give Legion the time of day these days?

      Now I know Meesheemey thinks we’re all wet with the Friess/Sinclair connection, but where else would he come up with the money for a lawyer? For bail we know he used the money he collected from the water for kids walk-a-thon which was roughly 10% of the bail amount. But he had to come up with immediate cash as well as an apparent source of more cash before any lawyer would have gotten involved with him. Nobody but a crazy right wing zealot would have any interest in Legion’s tall tale. Somebody like Friess has enough money to be able to preserve Legion and his lie just for amusement. Who knows, maybe if some other nut might also accuse Obama similarly – Friess could trot out Legion and revive his story too. So I really think Friess is involved, unless someone can come up with a plausible alternative source of the spur of the moment cash for a poorly written crock of b.s..

      • Meesh says:

        I doubt very much that Foster Friess, a born again Christian:
        Foster Friess: “I did one of those ‘born again’ things and invited Jesus to become the ‘Chairman of the Board; of my life,”
        And who supports conservative Christian causes would buy the rights to a 202 page pamphlet about fictitious blow jobs and crack cocaine.
        “he advocates for a society of virtues and Christian values.”

        Yeh I know he might be a WingNut but I don’t thinks he’s insane 🙂
        My guess it’s one of Tomas’ relatives, a real *tard*.

      • Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

        “For bail we know he used the money he collected from the water for kids walk-a-thon which was roughly 10% of the bail amount.”

        I don’t think we know that. Someone posted a $15,000 surety bond for him. I haven’t seen anything on him keeping that dough.

        I don’t agree with someone like him hanging around charities handing their money because with his criminal history, he’s a risk to be unable to keep his hands off their money.

        • “Someone posted a $15,000 surety bond for him.”

          A bail bondsman would have posted the $15,000 bond upon being paid 10% of that amount.

          “I haven’t seen anything on him keeping that dough.”

          The last I heard regarding his walk-a-thon money was that he claimed he couldn’t turn it in because he had to go to Colorado.

          • Dennis says:

            Gee, he took money raised for a charity event and used it for bail? I don’t know about Florida, but in some states that would be illegal Same goes for misuse of money raised for a political campaign, such as an obviously bogus run for congress. Why, Lardo is simply amazing sometimes (not).

          • Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

            Doesn’t a surety bond involve three parties where the third party, with the financial wherewithal (Sinclair does not have because he needed money for a lawyer, etc), provides the financial guarantee to obtain the bond ?

            We have enough trouble trying to find the truth through Sinclair’s deceptive BS without adding the task of cleaning up our own unverified mud that may not stick.

            He was arrested 40+ days ago and couldn’t pay the charity the money he’d collected at that time because he was in jail. But he got out shortly afterwards and I’ve seen no evidence if he did or didn’t since then. And how do we know the money he collected wasn’t in the form of checks made out to the charity for example, etc?

            When I came back and saw him involved with collecting money for a charity, I cringed. So I relate to your general concern. And I would concede the possibility exists with his track record that he might be up to no good.

            But we don’t “know” that yet.

            • Dennis says:

              All good points. However he is managing it, he is some how managing it. All we can do is stand here in awe (as in awe darn).

            • You’re absolutely correct WTPL. I hope no one confused any of my speculative ruminations with fact. I was merely attempting to entertain the TR2 readers.

              OF COURSE I would have no independent way of knowing for sure what money Legion could have stolen, when he could have stolen it, who might have assisted him with the alleged thefts or who might be assisting him with his defense against such allegations.

            • Dennis says:

              Absolutely. We know nuthin’. Heck, maybe he just lucked out with some lotto numbers.

  20. tjtaygee says:

    I am simply amazed at liar-larr’s capacity to remain silent at this point – it’s completely outside of his character.
    The only times he has previously gone dark in such a manner was when he was on the run…of course, in this case, he might be trying to hide his bad behavior from the court by not running his mouth, so to speak, during the process…but again – listening to his attorney’s advice is completely beyond his pattern of behavior.
    Meanwhile, part I of III is still available on his website…oh, speaking of which – I wonder if the prosecutor has the original roll of toilet paper in evidence???
    I can’t bring myself to believe he could have gotten $20k for the rights to the first book…obviously, he did get something, and I’d imagine out of desperation he took whatever offer was made. But, appearances in court by attorneys are incredibly expensive ($400/hr, more?) + the by-hour rate for preparing paperwork & defense.let’s be generous and say it’s ~$250/hr…whatever money liar-larr does have is going to run out very fast.
    When it does, I suspect there will be all kinds of new postings hoping to once again gin-up contributors.

    • Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

      He doesn’t have the balls right now because Colorado has them in a legal vise that’s starting to squeeze. His lawyer probably told him to put a Butt Plug in that orifice .. or he’ll give up a bunch of his retainer and have to find himself a new lawyer.

      If it starts to look like it isn’t going his way, look out. The judge will be accused of something deluded like accepting a quid pro quo seat on the Supreme Court from his “arch enemies” Obama/Biden to justify taking off to Mexico or something like that. We all know his “lash out” drill. Everyone else will be at fault except him.

  21. kstreet607 says:

    I am simply amazed at liar-larr’s capacity to remain silent at this point – it’s completely outside of his character.

    Hi tjtaygee! I know it seems out of character for him not to tell his supporters what’s going on, but I’m pretty sure they’re communicating via FB, Twitter or email.

    • Meesh says:

      So far he’s not on Facebook, but he’s busy trolling taking Screen grabs galore…*waves to FatAss* are you adding to your heavy dossier with PDF files?

      Hmm good luck with that POS.

      • Dennis says:

        Wait a minute. If he’s taking anything I have written for a so-called book he will have to talk with my agent. Of course I would have to get an agent but what the heck….

  22. Where's The Proof, Larry? says:

    How to Forge a Signature 🙂
    Maybe Sinclair News can do an article or video to critique those or other methods for us. After all, their President and CEO does have about 35 years experience in this area. As a cost saving measure, maybe he could be his own expert witness ! 🙂 Shades of:

    I did a little reading and found in a study of 300 cases that went to appeal, no trial court that found the expertise itself to be reliable and admissible has been reversed. The experts appear to have techniques commonly acceptable by courts to determine forgery.

    With two checks involved, you’d have a better chance to prove the forgery method used if the signatures were forged. They’d have a bunch of her signature samples. Can you imagine impulsive Larry having the patience, steady hand and artistry for this kind of detailed work that you have only one shot to get right on each check?

    What if they CSI’ed the checks and found no finger prints or DNA of the victim? Or Larry’s prints are where they would be if one was signing the back of the check and hers are not?

    if the Hungry Bottom forged those check signatures, he may not be sleeping too good. The expertise and science looks like it’s come a long way. On the other hand, if he told the truth (and that’s frequently been too hard for Larry to do ..), all that science and expertise could go in his favor.

  23. Meesh says:

    We have another new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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