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Sinclair’s Lie No. 8,175,462,464

on March 28, 2014

“Where’s the proof, Larry?”

4a1a88c89c4ef2cebbee6cbcd2479698.jpg WTPL avatarWe’ve lost count of all of Larry’s lies and deceptions,

but I call pure bullshit on that Grand Rapids story.


roflbot-4vsR I caught the following  on Larry’s “The Larry Sinclair” Facebook page, dated March 22nd,2014:

(to see screenshot press thumbnail)






“Tomas Ojeda says:“in 2004  Larry Sinclair was within a hundred yards of Barack Obama… Grand Rapids Michigan. he had a bullhorn and was asking Barack where he was in November of 1999-in Chicago? ”

Larry Sinclair replies:

“Tomas Ojeda correction 2008 not 2004. lol”

Larry then adds this:

“Tomas Ojeda that was the same day Deputy DA Corsey specifically instructed me “do not waste your money and time coming to Colorado it is being dismissed.”

Yes, Larry corrected the timing alleging it happened during the 2008 campaign when Obama was campaigning in Grand Rapids. But it’s just another lie.

Larry may have or may not have been in Grand Rapids in 2008.

I’m not taking issue with that.

I’m taking issue with what he claimed that Deputy DA Corsey told him about dismissing the case back then. Barack Obama was campaigning in Grand Rapids, MI speaking on the Economy on October 2, 2008.

 This happened just after Obama was elected THE FOLLOWING MONTH

(from the court docket):


11/04/2008 Motn Motion (by lws)
11/04/2008 Letr Letter (by lws)
11/04/2008 Acta Appl For Ct Appointed Cnsl DEF/Sinclair, Larry Wayne


From the above docket, in November 2008, Larry applied for a public defender to represent him and my previous copy of the docket in early 2009, with Judge Jill Suzanne Mattoon presiding, shows that a public defender (BAR: 900002) was appointed as the primary attorney back then.

Larry went to a lot of trouble on November 4th 2008 to defend himself in this case which totally contradicts his BS claim that ‘Deputy DA Corsey specifically instructed me “do not waste your money and time coming to Colorado it is being dismissed.’ prior to October 2, 2008, claimed to have been stated on the very same day that he was in Grand Rapids.

Why bother to get a public defender, write a letter to the court and make a motion to the court in November 2008 if the DA has already told you by October 2nd, 2008 not to bother because he’s dismissing the case? To make a motion to dismiss? I think not. In part, because the last entry by Larry prior to the above was a motion to dismiss dated in August 3, 2004:


Larry’s affidavit in support of motion to dismiss the warrant for his arrest:look


“I Larry Wayne Sinclair do under penalty of perjury state in the following of Motion to dismiss for arrest of Defendant and for such, states as follows:”LookAnimated

Larry published the Motion and Affidavit on his own website in June 2008. Everybody saw it.

The DA didn’t need a motion to dismiss from Larry because Larry’s 2004 motion to dismiss was already there (and had already been declined by the judge).

And the Judge has the ability to get the case dismissed without Larry’s assistance if he so chooses. But even if you don’t buy that, and think Larry needed to make a second motion to dismiss, Larry certainly didn’t need to apply for a public defender if the case was being dismissed.

Why bother with having to get a public defender when you’ve already claimed the DA told you on October 2nd 2008 he was going to dismiss the case?

That doesn’t add up. More BS.

And if you don’t believe any of that rationale, why the heck did the CO court renew the warrant in 2008:

10/10/2008 Wrrc Warrant Recall
10/10/2008 Waff Warrant Upon Affidavit DEF/

Sinclair, Larry Wayne eight days after Obama was in Grand Rapids?

Still don’t believe me?


06/18/08: Press Statement of Larry Sinclair (transcripts)

“I have a pending motion to dismiss this warrant which I am waiting to have calendared by the Colorado Court.”

and he said it again (so there’s no mistake):

06/18/08: National Press Conference with Larry Sinclair

“I also have an active Colorado only warrant for alleged theft and forgery. I am not ignoring this warrant but am addressing it with the court in Colorado as well as with the district attorney’s office. I have a pending motion to dismiss this warrant which I waiting to have calendared by the Colorado court.”

He lied then as well to the media because that “pending motion” he was “waiting to have calendared” had been sitting in the court case docket for nearly (4) four years, calendared August 3, 2004! And the court renewed it’s warrant afterwards to affirm it’s longstanding answer – as it’s done again recently.

The blunt truth, based soundly on the facts in this docket, is that Larry (et al aliases) Lari, Ashaiti, Avila, Larye, La Rye, Vizcarra, Adams, Larri, Silvis, Mohammed, Gahanan, Fatha, Vizcuaua, Vizgua, Lawrence, Wayne, Larry, Sinclair/Sinclaire is still, always was and always will be a lying sack of shit con man.sinclair-fraud He belongs behind bars where all habitual felony offenders belong.

This has nothing to do with any bloggers. They didn’t get charged with this crime nor the long list of crimes by Sinclair that have preceded or followed it.

And they didn’t constantly lie about what has gone on with this case. All the bloggers have done is shine a bright light on this cockroach and what he’s really up to – to help protect the public from him.

Meanwhile, this con man is out collecting money for charities? Just wow.

Hopefully, justice will finally be done in this court and provide some solace to all of the people Larry has hurt.colorado courts logo

Submitted by: WTPL?

“Where’s The Proof Larry?”

March 28, 2014

40 responses to “Sinclair’s Lie No. 8,175,462,464

  1. Meesh says:


    This is wonderful, catching Larry in his 8,175,462,464th lie…Love it!
    Yessiree that’s the ticket, Larry who at the time lived in Minnesota (and was trotting around the USA on his TITTS tour)was in Grand Rapids MI, out of the blue (on that exact day) he got a call from the Deputy DA in Pueblo Colorado who told him not to go back there. Imagine that!…
    Yep, pure BS!

    You live up to your screename, because you indeed have the proof with screenshot,videos and court dockets. Now that’s what I call proof, good show! Let’s see how “Truth Machine weasels out of this one.

    As I mentioned on the previous thread this is why Larry posts this crap on his Facebooks, (he has more than one) He hopes that no one will catch the lies he posts. I will keep a closer look to this Facebook HERE Maybe he has more FB accounts?

    Hope the authorities (that Larry claims are after us) look in here. 🙂 Don’t look now,we’re apt to see 8,175,462,500 by the weekend…We really ought to have a little lie meter eh?

    So very happy that you’re catching these inaccuracies, *with proof* I’ve gotten rusty. Thrilled to see you back in action (I missed your original trademark avatar) that’s prominently displayed in your post and appreciate the time you set aside to compose this.

    Kudos! Merci beaucoup my canuck friend, you rock!

    • Where's the Proof, Larry? says:

      I don’t care about the congrats. Honestly.

      I don’t like seeing good people get hurt by this prick. Over the last six years, I’ve looked pretty closely at what this guy has done and he has hurt a lot of people.

      My objective is to get him behind bars where he belongs and can’t hurt people any more.

      This blog of mine and others of the past has been targeted towards that end and in the interim, should it fall short, continue to make it difficult for him to scam people.

      I’m just trying to do my part to keep shining a bright light on this cockroach.

  2. penny says:

    I have a lot of words I’d like to use to reply, but I’ll just use one—liar. Larry Sinclair, Lynn Thomas, and all their friends are delusional. The one thing that I keep coming back to is this. Look at Sinclair! Would you have sex with him?! Just the thought sickens me. I wouldn’t want him to look at me let alone touch me. The saga of Sinclair, Thomas & the rest is coming out finally. And they are all fakes. I can’t wait for Brett Kimberlin’s lawsuit to reveal these rats for what they truly are.

    • Meesh says:

      Hi Penny, nice to see! Yep, “karma’s a bitch” you just have to be patient is all.
      BTW Have you seen Larry’s latest mugshot? He *doesn’t* get better with age…

      Just plain *Fugly*!!

      Welcome back 🙂

      Booking Number 921127
      First Name LAWRENCE
      Last Name SINCLAIR
      Date of Birth 09/26/1961
      Race W
      Sex M
      Book date 03/20/2014
      Inmate Status Not In Custody

      General Offense Code: FUGITIVE F/ JUSTICE
      Arrest Type: HLD
      Offense Date: 03/20/2014
      Agency Report Number: 140000922

      Case Number: 2014 000657 XXDB
      Bond Amount Due: $0.00 (1)
      (1) A bond amount marked with * is a “blanket” bond and applies to all charges on the same case

      Who knows, Lynn Thomas may join him soon, have a fabulous day!

    • Meesh says:


      One question, does “Cao – COW” aka Lynn Thomas still have a blog? Or, is the “COW” no longer grazing in her pasture? The link on her bio at Lardo’s goes nowhere What gives with that?

      Oops correction I found her here>>>>>

      No fooling around with the “COW”.

  3. Where's the Proof, Larry? says:

    Taking you back down memory lane to lie# 4,123,465.987:

    “For the last time, there are no other outstanding warrants” Larry Sinclair, posted April 10, 2008 on his own website.

    That lie stood for a few days until we (M&N site) found the Florida warrant for a bad check written to the Dade City, FL Circuit court. And a few weeks later, after his Press Conference in June, he was arrested on the Delaware warrant. And then we found more and more criminal activity and rip offs, a steady stream of them – even while he was in prison, since he was a juvenile delinquent.

    • Meesh says:

      Yeh I love that quote, and :::Gasp!:::: what a shocker when the “sewer rats, internet warriors” gently reminded TruthMachine that he forgot about some unfinished bizz-ness I still remember Larry humbly (yeh right) thanking Mitch, this in my opinion is also classified “A classic quote”, I will never forget the day that Larry posted this:

      “As I am sure everyone is aware of the 1987 warrant out of Pasco County Florida that was disclosed by Mitch, which in a way I appreciate because I had no knowledge of it whatsoever.”

      Yeh, everybody forgets about “Outstanding Warrants” how dare us for being so insensitive, Mitch should have sent him a reminder in a virtual e-greeting card.

      • Where's the Proof, Larry? says:

        As I vaguely recall, Mitch even gave Larry a chance to come clean and make a full disclosure BEFORE Mitch published the FL warrant.

        And again, the con man writes a bum check to a FL court, fucks off and it just kind of slips his mind? …. That’s not a check most rational people want to bounce or forget about.

        If he’d had any brains, he would have cleaned a bunch of this crap up before going public. But he was overcome with the sudden urge to fleece PayPal donations (or a big $100,000 pay day for a bogus lie detector test he failed) from suckers during a presidential election. Like he’s done all his pathetic life.

  4. Where's the Proof, Larry? says:

    Lie# 4,127,345,091

    “The Pueblo County DA hears from me on average of once every two weeks in trying to set a motions hearing date.” posted by Larry Sinclair on his website June 13, 2008 (about two months after the warrant was found active by others).

    Yet any criminal defendant would be advised in one 2008 phone call that the presiding judge was ignoring their four year old 2004 motion to dismiss because it was so pathetically flawed in terms of failing to follow the basic rules of Criminal Court procedure and because
    it lacked any legal merit.

  5. Where's the Proof, Larry? says:

    For those new and looking in, I can add for example that the backup we have for the quote in Lie# 4,127,345,091 is:
    It was created on Larry Sinclair’s site by author “Larry Sinclair” using email address with an IP address of (Duluth, MN where Larry was living at the time) at 2008-06-13 11:02:50 GMT.

    We have a copy of that site and could produce a screen shot.

    We don’t claim perfection but unlike this chronic liar, we can usually back up what we have to say with hard evidence – something he nearly always fails to provide – including the affidavits he filed to the court above.

    • Meesh says:


      We obtained the archives of Larry’s original blog, through sheer stupidity on CitizenWell’s part, he left the backdoor of Larry’s blog wide open on the worldwide web, all what we did was rescued it.

      And Larry, by the way this is not considered hacking, you left your dirty laundry out for everyone to see.We helped ourselves to the opportunity to look closely and discover who you really were/are.

      Thank you and You’re welcome!

  6. WTPL said

    “As time goes by towards his required appearance in Colorado court in the latter part of April, I expect we’ll see an increase in outbursts, threats and maybe another Tic-Tac event due to the pressure.”

    The next date of April 28, if I recall correctly, is an “appearance of counsel” date. Normally that would require only his public defender and the ADA to show up.

    • Where's the Proof, Larry? says:

      Good catch. Maybe I misinterpreted this
      “That is why I posted the bond and am paying my own transportation to Court and back home until the next court date.” Larry Sinclair post dated March 22, 2014

      • Yeah I thought about that too when you first revealed it. I concluded that while he knows there will definitely be several more court dates he’s just not clear on which ones will require his presence. Or maybe he will use phoney court appearances as reasons for begging for funds. I think he knows the jig is up though and will maybe go to trial to see how it works out but only if he can get some kind of assurances from the D.A that he will have time to get his affairs in order prior to starting to serve his time. Then he will flee. That’s why I don’t think the prosecutor would give him any such assurances – I’m surprised they let him out of their sights this time. (“Fool them once, shame on …”) But without any such assurances I cannot see him voluntarily showing up for trial and run the risk of being placed in cuffs and taken away at it’s conclusion.

    • Dennis says:

      Tic Tac event? Yep, that could be coming

      • Something like that – anything that might place him in a hospital (mental or otherwise.) That would be better than a regular prison. But I really think he will flee again. Only this time he will go underground and keep a low profile or maybe change his name – nope, impossible. He’s an out of control asshole who can’t help himself. He’s so stupid that he thought he had become palsy walsy enough with the local police department that he felt comfortable contacting THEM (he thought he could gain their trust by being against his Black neighbors.) Probably almost reflexively they ran a check on him and found the fugitive warrant. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the local police department that contacted Colorado and asked “What gives?”

  7. Where's the Proof, Larry? says:

    Here’s what I regard as another lie or misrepresentation in his most recent post:
    “Part of this public court file in this case contains a long Motion to Dismiss the warrant with supporting evidence which has been sitting in this court file since 2003 or 2004.”

    Where’s the “supporting evidence” in his affidavit and motion? That’s the same question I’ve been asking of him with my handle for years: “Where’s the Proof, Larry?” as have so many others over the last six years.

    He rambles on making all sorts of claims. But there are no affidavits from others backing up his story. There are no receipts, no documents, no third party testimony, no evidence etc to prove his assertions. Just like his BS crap about Obama and nearly everything else he spins.

    He makes all these grand claims … but can’t back them up with proof or evidence nor in this case, a cogent legal argument.

    What do the cops have as evidence:
    – some IRS checks made out to someone else deposited in Sinclair’s bank account
    – Sinclair’s admission that he deposited them in his bank account
    – a protest to the police by the person those checks were made out to who did not agree with Sinclair’s version of events, did not sign those checks (I presume from the forgery charge) and had him charged with theft and forgery felonies
    – apprehension of a guy who has repeatedly been doing stuff like this since he was a juvenile delinquent and been previously convicted of felonies like this several times over in Az, FL and CO .. over the last 34 years.

    What has Sinclair provided as evidence:
    – effectively nothing except his unsubstantiated version of events

    • Dennis says:

      RE: Where’s the “supporting evidence” in his affidavit and motion?

      Uh, I think what he is calling support evidence is his bullshit story about having a fatal brain tumor. Well, that and his claims of various spinal and nervous disorders etc etc. Lard Butt has a pretty wide definition of “supporting evidence.” Not surprising, he forgets to mention that it was all dismissed by the judge as a crock of you know what.

  8. Where's the Proof, Larry? says:

    As Dennis previously pointed out, when he posts stuff like this:
    “Up Coming Sinclair News Stories

    Corrupt Former Pueblo Deputy DA Stephen A. Jones Takes Parting Shot”

    He’s not helping himself survive a pretty serious situation as a habitual felony offender.

  9. Where's the Proof, Larry? says:

    off topic fyi Update on Larry’s previous attorney: Montgomery Blair Sibley
    “Membership Lapsed Not eligible to practice in Florida”

    remains suspended

    Failed as a write in Candidate for President

    And he failed in his efforts to pursue birther allegations against Obama

    His 2009 book Why Just Her
    on his old law site, Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #2,840,144 in Books = not too good

    He seems to like lost causes. Too bad he and Larry had a falling out. 🙂

    Larry Sinclair’s lawyer Sibley talks about his large genitalia (and being disbarred/suspended at Larry’s PC)

    and then the PC ends with Larry being led away in handcuffs

    What a surreal moment …

  10. Dennis says:

    Another note to Fat Boy the Tuna Brain. You seem to be working on a hizzy fit with the DA about not playing along with your nutty demands under the Open Record Act. Maybe you need to bone up a bit more about how this Act in general relates to ongoing crimkinal investigations (and you are, in reality, an ongoing investigation – yes, until you are in that courtroom in front of a jury): Private Eyes:
    Confidentiality issues and
    access to police investigation records

    Also keep in mind that the state of Colorado grants DAs and law enforcement a fair degree of discretionary judgement in these issues. So when the DA told you to fark off, he was most likely just doing his job. So fark off.

  11. Dennis says:

    Another quick note to Lardo: You act as if you are surprised that they are extraditing you. Why? Oh sure, you have been banking on this time on the idea that you were too low of a third-rate grifter involved in low rent scams and not worth the cost, but….The minute you skipped out, the state of Colorado has owned your ass. As for your repeated claim that you were in contact with them to have the charges dismissed, horse hockey. Your attempt at dismissal was tossed by the judge in 2004. You never filed another such motion ever again. This is the only way you could have ever gotten the charges dismissed. So nothing of the sort was ever in the works, end of story.

    Why did you keep telling people a different tale? I don’t know. Maybe you are just profoundly stupid and didn’t understand the process. Or maybe you were scamming them with a bizarre fairy tale. Personally, I think it was both. Either way, you are screwed. Or are you going to try that fatal brain tumor bit again?

  12. kstreet607 says:

    WTPL: What an outstanding summary of Sinclair’s blatant lies, misdeeds and likely outcome to all of this. I enjoy reading your research and summaries about “the doomed one”. I am so over Sinclair, but when I see the time and effort that you, Meesh, Dennis, LTL and others put into exposing the creep even further than I did on Sinclair Watch…it gives me renewed energy. :-). Keep up the good work “R2ers”. I may be less of a presence here, but contrary to what I wrote to a friend earlier…I STILL have some fight left in me to deal with the “Evil Incarnate” Sinclair.

  13. Dennis says:

    I think I just found the perfect lawyer for Sinkliar (though I’m not sure if he does criminal law – or if his law practice is simply criminal)

  14. Meesh says:

    Larry seems quiet, I guess he’s just working on his Defense, you go “Mary”!!!

    H/T badpoet

    • Where's the Proof, Larry? says:

      A “news” site that has absolutely no news to report for more than a week ….

      Maybe that’s a selling feature of Sinclair News: with no news updates, you never fall behind in the news on what’s going on!!

      Maybe he’s busy packing to take off. Maybe he’s already in Mexico ….

    • Dennis says:

      Gee Meesh, what a great photo. Like maybe you are working on making me toss my lunch? As for the question of the day: Where’s Lardo? Well, my first guess is that after his court appearence, he had to get home and go to work on his defense. So he is probably still passed out drunk.

      • Meesh says:

        HeHe at least when he stuffs his big YAP with *food* peeps do not have to hear the BS that comes from his lips…(Visuals are pretty disgusting, audios with that voice is equally nauseating) Couldn’t help but notice that he was breathing down all over the whole uneaten cake… How uncool eh?

        Call in the hazmat team!

        On the 26th of March, Larry got to explore restaurant(s) in Pueblo, CO…. it’s been such a long time that he got to step foot in Colorado.

        Found the following on his “TheLarrySinclair Facebook” despite all of his belly-aching about us on his other Facebook page, on his personal FaceBook page.I like to look there too…as the other one reflects “All work” this one contradicts the other.

        He managed to submit a review to this Restaurant, as he couldn’t tell them in person, while he was there…everyone stayed clear, while monitoring what he may be shoving in his pockets: their silverware and napkins, etc..

        Good thing no pictures of him eating there.

        Larry Sinclair reviewed 3 Margaritas Mexican Restaurant.

        March 26 at 1:10am ·
        ..”Manager, wait staff, server assistants cooks and music were exceptional. The manager displayed one of the most sincere dedications to the satisfaction of his customers. The Best I have ever experienced in Pueblo and I used to know every Mexican Restaurant in this town.”

        Lucky them, this is how he normally thanks his hosts :::shudder::: 😡

        • Dennis says:

          “This joint was great. They even let me go back into the kitchen and lick both the plates and the staff.” Once again Meesh, I saw this around lunch. Now excuse me while I hurl.

  15. Dennis says:

    While SinkLiar continues to keep an extremely low profile (either passed out or begging his sugar daddy Friess for money – or maybe both, who knows), Ilse returns with another whiskey-fueled scream fest in which she seems to be saying that we need all the guns we can get so we can overthrow the gubermint. What a twosome. Maybe she is going to gas up the car, load the ammo, and drive fat boy straight to the border.

  16. Dennis says:

    OK, Fatso is back and he is hopping mad at some ex-deputy DA in Colorado who is some how the center of all evil (along with some one who uses the internet handle of neonzx – seen that one around but not up on it). Swears that the ex-DA Jones files “factually false” information in regards to the “factually false” charges about his “factually false” arrest etc etc. Then he unloads a timeline of events that is so twisted, scattered, and restructured between events in 2008, 2011, 2012, and infinitely and beyond that I am going to have to try re-reading this gibberish in the morning when I feel more awake because it really doesn’t make a lick of sense and sounds like a desperate criminal having an emotional breakdown or something. All I know is that everything bad ever said about him is “factually false.” So there.

    Former Pueblo Deputy DA Stephen A. Jones Takes Parting Shot

    April 1, 2014
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    Former Pueblo Deputy DA Stephen A. Jones takes parting shot with false statements to District Court Judge to exact revenge for FOIA request filed on him

    On March 20, 2014 I was arrested by the Holly Hill Florida Police Department after calling them out to file a vandalism report due to my car being keyed. The arrest was due to a Colorado Warrant that has been sitting for 13 years as Colorado only and has for those 13 years caused many different agencies to waste time and resources verifying it every time they came in contact with me. In 2008 when I made some very public and damaging allegations against then candidate Barack Obama many in the Obama support circles tried in vain to use the Colorado warrant to harass, threaten and try to intimidate me, my family, friends, and anyone who supported me or associated with me. These so called internet warriors published post after post making claims that they had made contact with the alleged victim and were in fact working directly with the Pueblo Colorado District Attorney to have the warrant changed to a nationwide extradition and see that I was sitting in a Colorado prison cell for the rest of my life.

    Some went so far as to published “Wanted Dead or Alive” internet postings and in June of 2009 went so far as to print postcards using the Pueblo Colorado Crime Stoppers name and address and mailed them to all my neighbors. As a result of that Det. Brown the Pueblo Crime Stoppers supervisor had all information on the warrant removed from their website. In fact Det. Brown had informed me and Port Orange, FL Police in 2009 that these internet stalkers had continued to waste Crime stoppers time and resources with their emails and phone calls.

    On March 20, 2014 the Colorado warrant suddenly came up as a Nationwide warrant. According to Volusia County Sheriff’s Office information the warrant was dated December 12, 2012 and was validated on February 15, 2014. When the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Department was contacted about the warrant we were told they had not changed the warrant and that it had to have come from someone out in Florida. Pueblo District Attorney Jeff Chostner told my mother that his office had not changed the warrant status to Nationwide and asked “why didn’t Larry turn himself in and take care of this?” At first it was believed that DA Chostner was not being completely honest, but after I obtained a copy of the Court case file I discovered that former Deputy DA Stephen A. Jones had decided he was going to take a parting shot at me before he was relieved of his postion as a Deputy DA. DA-elect making changes Chostner who was elected in November 2012 had already notified individuals in the DA’s office that they would not be kept on in his administration and one of those individuals happened to be Jones. Chostner was not being dishonest when he said his office did not change the warrant jurisdiction, in fact I am almost willing to bet Chostner’s office never knew what Jones did on his way out the door.

    As for the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office saying they had nothing to do with the warrant that is not true. According to the Teletype confirmation obtain by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office (attached below) someone identified as Teresa D. Brooks in Colorado confirmed the warrant for Holly Hill Police on March 20, 2014.

    On December 3, 2012 I faxed and mailed a Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act request with the Pueblo County District Attorney’s office seeking records of Jones email and phone communications with anyone concerning case number 01-CR-727 that were not alleged victims, witnesses, or otherwise associated with the actual case. December 3, 2012 CCJRA Request It seems Jones got upset over the FOIA request being filed and went to Judge Jill Mattoon with a factually false and misleading motion to amend the warrant December 12, 2012 Motion to Amend Warrant See the reason I say Jones filed a factually false and misleading statement to the court as follows:

    In paragraph 2 of the Motion Jones states: “The Defendant, since the filing of this case, has been in contact with the District Attorney and has indicated that he would turn himself in to the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office to resolve this matter. The defendant has failed to turn himself, yet has contacted our office recently to request information under the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act.”

    See what Jones knowingly and deliberately failed to include in his motion was that while Defendant did offer to travel to Colorado and resolve this matter the Pueblo County District Attorney’s office not once but on 3 separate occasions told defendant “don’t waste your time or money to come to Colorado because I will be dismissing the case, said James Coursey” In addition Jones knowingly and intentionally failed to inform Judge Mattoon that the CCJRA request was filed against Jones seeking records of Jones engaging with and supplying information to a group of internet stalkers from within the Pueblo County District Attorney’s office for the express purpose of harassment, threats and intimidation against me, my family and associates.

    Jones went on in paragraph 3 to say “it appears defendant is in Florida…” though my whereabouts has never been unknown to the Pueblo DA’s office or for that matter to Jones who according to internet stalkers has been following my every move since 2008. In fact I provided a copy of my Florida Drivers License to the CCJRA Request.

    While Jones may have gotten his parting shot in against me, this matter is far from being over as it pertains to the actions of Stephen A. Jones and his use of his position at the Pueblo District Attorney’s Office to file factually false and misleading Motions before a District Court Judge and to engage in supplying information to internet stalkers. Below is just a couple of examples out of hundreds of claims to be in direct contact with former Deputy DA Stephen A. Jones.

    The of course lets not forget this little diddy that was sent from Denver Colorado using the address of Pueblo Crime Stoppers:

    In scanning documents and photos as well as putting together a chronology of what actually took place that led up to the 2001 false report and claim of theft I realized that life really does sometimes mirror soap operas! Tomorrow in my article When Politics Turn Facts into Fiction, and Fiction into Facts I will take you on a walk through my life from the summer of 1999 through the filing of the false report by the alleged victim in 2001 along with photos of all parties, and including the efforts by the alleged victim and her family to file previous knowingly false reports with Police just days before the Colorado report was filed.

    I am an open book, and I will continue to be an open book. Sadly my having to defend myself against yet another false report will bring out some very private and personal matters that will cause some to be embarrassed, but that’s what happens when you make someone defend against a false charge. I am still looking to retain counsel in Colorado; I am still trying to repay the $1500.00 paid to post the bond for me on March 22, 2014 and I will continue to be an open book to my readers, supporters and enemies because as I say, I refuse to live life only to spend the rest of my life trying to hide. Too bad all those who claim to be law abiding citizens looking out for the little guy couldn’t publish under their real names when they publish outright garbage and lies on the internet attacking someone else.

    As for Mr. Jones, all I can say is I will not stop seeking the information sought from the Pueblo District Attorney’s office. It is information that falls under the Colorado Open Records Act.

    • Dennis says:

      BTW Meesh, thanks for doing a better job posting Lard Brain’s stuff than he did. I can actually read the attached material now. So he is also taking swipes at Gilligan, Mitch & Nan and assorted other “fiends” while totally side stepping a clear record of his attempts to ignore (not deal with) the warrant. Okey-dokey. Sounds like a swell defense to me. Odd thing, none of this crap in any way addresses why he is “innocent” of the charges.

      • Meesh says:

        His posts never make sense, also Larry’s never mastered producing posts…the scheming conman in him won’t allow it, sorting through the *mess*:

        I noticed while uploading those screenshots of Mitch & Nan and Gilligan’s comments, he has those JPG’s entitled “Meesh postings” what did I do? Yeh that’s right they’re no longer around, so he has to go after someone…this makes his claims *credible* What exactly is he proving by this?
        Who knows… 🙄

        Also sifting through that crap, I guess what he’s saying is that today he will be exposing his defense, with pictures etc….valuable information pertaining to 1999, heh! maybe he will finally provide *PROOF* on what he was also doing in November of 1999. GeeWhiz a busy boy back in 1999.

        Tomorrow in my article When Politics Turn Facts into Fiction, and Fiction into Facts I will take you on a walk through my life from the summer of 1999 through the filing of the false report by the alleged victim in 2001 along with photos of all parties, and including the efforts by the alleged victim and her family to file previous knowingly false reports with Police just days before the Colorado report was filed.

        Oh yeah, that’s the ticket, Larry… noticed on Facebook you also posted a huge picture of the D.A> with:

        “Well its time to let the facts speak for themselves and let the chips fall where they may.”

        Harassing Former Pueblo Deputy DA Stephen A. Jones by posting his picture, at several places, now that’s one thing, so now you’re going after the plaintiff too with your big expose entitled “When Politics Turn Facts into Fiction, and Fiction into Facts”…this will further impress the Courts.

        You go Mary!

  17. Dennis says:

    Let’s see, one of these “factually false” statements is: “The Defendant, since the filing of this case, has been in contact with the District Attorney and has indicated that he would turn himself in to the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office to resolve this matter. The defendant has failed to turn himself,…” Well, actually isn’t that pretty much the sum of it, Lardo? Heck, I’m just a tad surprised to hear a DA even confirm that you have ever talked to them. But you were not exactly busting your chops to get back home, now were ya? I don’t get your point, buddy boy. Oh that’s right. You don’t really have a point, do you?

    • What he means is that the D.A., by giving Legion an inch, is responsible for him taking a mile.

      He’s going to flee.

      (Unless he’s got something weird going with Foster Friess.)

  18. Dennis says:

    One more thing, according to your own presentation, it sounds as if you have been jerking them around since at least 2012. Is it maybe just wildly possible that they got pissed trying to deal with you?

  19. Meesh says:

    Thanks to Where’sTheProofLarry? and Dennis we have another new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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