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TJTaygee’s – Forget the Alamo, Remember Colorado!

on March 26, 2014

bog_cary.jpg TJ Carey Grant avatarjustification for a long wait…

To those of you, who  have experienced personal harm due to interactions with Liar-Larr, I feel I must apologize, as well as find it necessary (quite happily so) to congratulate you.


Your adherence to the pursuit of observing Liar-Larr to his ultimate demise was well-warranted…as was my mere follow-along in amusement.


I never got involved in watching the train wreck, that is Liar-Larr, out of a need for seeing him achieve his comeuppance.  I watched because his ever-dissolving credibility (while he briefly had any at all) was fun to observe.  And, of course, I occasionally became annoyed with what I perceived to be easily disproven untruths – over which I occasionally went into internet battles with the Liar-Larr, never with any intent further than lampooning him for his nonsense.


But you, some of you, were at the very least threatened and most definitely harassed by the Liar-Liar-Larr, most often for simply investigating his claims and pointing-out inaccuracies and what were in many cases easily prove-able lies.


Getting back to the apology – I have for some time come to the conclusion that Liar-Larr is no longer worth the effort.  I would peruse The Regulator (and later The RegulatorToo) and Liar-Larr’s “news” blog for the occasional humor of it.  More and more rarely, for sense of camaraderie (which I still feel).  But, given the numerous failures of Liar-Larr to make any impact at all, his dwindling (and now non-existent) relevance to any political operation, and not least of all the total lack of the second book – long after it could have even a smidgen of relevance – I was not seeing the real point in paying that much attention any further.


But, Liar-Larr’s own actions have caught up with him legally, and he is seeing real consequences for those actions. I was wrong.  It has been worth the wait.  And for my error, I do sincerely apologize.


I also congratulate those of you that did experience harm.  Whether or not for his actions against you, he has met a measure of long-overdue justice.  Even if nothing comes of the current warrant (and I hesitate to make yet another prediction, outspoken or not), he has been called to task for his own transgressions, and I hope and believe you find some reward in this latest news.


Rejoice that I was wrong.  Rejoice that Liar-Larr was and is a failure.


And hell, why not – hope that Liar-Larr is truly brought to justice.


Remember Colorado!




28 responses to “TJTaygee’s – Forget the Alamo, Remember Colorado!

  1. Meesh says:

    You’re wonderful TJTaygee, thanks a bunch, my friend. By sending me your *edited* post as quickly as you did by email, made our job so much easier at The RegulatorToo. *You Rock*
    I love to hear what you have to say (as well as many others here.) Hope to read more from you 🙂

    Must add, you were *way* too kind when referring to Larry and your *own* personal attacks that you were subjected to…I do not consider posting a picture of someone’s home and personal information on the worldwide web, is any way to treat someone who merely disagreed with them. But good old Larry did this to you. He also posted totally bizarre and fabricated accusations about you.This certainly wasn’t something minor. Larry’s lucky you didn’t press charges for slander. You’re just way too classy, TJTaygee, I salute—> you.

  2. tjtaygee says:

    And thank you, Meesh, for posting my “two cents”!

  3. Where's the Proof, Larry? says:

    “I am thankful for being blessed with a life that even with the many mistakes and dumb choices made in it, I would not change a thing if I could because those mistakes and choices have played a big part in who I have become.”
    The Douche, November 2013

    … at the expense of a long and wide wake of people he lied to, threatened, hurt, ripped off, etc ever since he was a juvenile delinquent. He’s never been sorry for them. He has no remorse. He’s a sociopath without conscience. Always has been.

    Which is why I hope they put him away for a long time and why it’s been worth the effort. We may not have completely stopped him … yet … but we sure curtailed his efforts to hurt and rip off folks substantially.

  4. kstreet607 says:

    ::::Waving @ tjtaygee::::: Good to see you. This is really a reunion of sorts. All my favorite Regulators in the same week. 😉

    By the way, your post was so accurate TJ.

    :::Waving @ all my R2 friends::::

  5. Dennis says:

    Welcome all to Homecoming Week where the alum are returning and I feel like the new kid on campus (which at my age is actually a pretty good sensation). Exciting update from Turd Brain’s Facebook site:

    “On our way back to Florida. Have complete court case file and proof Pueblo Deputy DA Stephen A. Jones filed factually false document in court because he got angry a CCJRA request was filed with the DA seeking all records, emails of Jones communication with internet stalkers since 2008.”

    What does this mean? Nothing. He is just trying to find some way to dick the process, tie it up in pointless requests while hoping the whole thing will simply go away. As, the jail house lwayer strikes again. And yes, he is working on pissing off the DA. Same old, same old.

    • kstreet607 says:

      From the very beginning….I think it was Feb. 2008 Sinclair has been manipulating “the system”, his “sicko-phants”, readers of his blogs over the years and everything in between. I suspect since he was a kid, he has never taken responsibility for ANYTHING. It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault. A few of us would constantly write to fatso that “karma is a bitch” on the M&M Blog as well as the Reg and this one. Well, no matter how much he tries to manipulate those who listen to him and the system, the fact is…he’s got hell to pay. LOL!

      • Dennis says:

        Hell to pay? Yep. His records request sounds as if it was so open ended and wildly extensive that of course they said no. His claim that he has been hounded by internet stalkers is totally irrelevant. He is not addressing any of the charges (which is relevant). As for pissing off the DA…Gee, what a swell idea. It’s not as if the guy could do you damage or something, could he? Lardo is going for a pile of smoke and mirror, so get out the popcorn. God, how I wish Gilligan was here.

    • Meesh says:

      Huh? Deputy DA Stephen A.Jones? What about Deputy DA Corsey he talked to in 2008? A few days ago, on his other Facebook account Larry posted a different name for the Deputy DA.How many Deputy DA’s did Pueblo have at the time? All what Larry needs to do, is to produce one more Deputy DA. This would make a good “To Tell the Truth” game show.”Will the real Deputy DA.step forward”. :

      “Tomas Ojeda, that was the same day (in 2008) Deputy DA Corsey specifically instructed me “do not waste your money and time coming to Colorado it is being dismissed.” March 22 at 7:23pm

      ::waves to Larry:: Forget about Facekook, (your 2 accounts conflict) we’re dying to read the whole story on your Snooze site oops meant News site…that’s what it’s there for. Personally I would rather get attacked from there.Thanks for your time, clarification of Deputy DAs would be appreciated. Deputy DA Corsey or Deputy DA Stephen A.Jones, which one are you mad at and who’s the big fat liar?

      Regards, Meesh.

      • Dennis says:

        Oh yeah, Deputy DA Corsey. His friend. The guy who said Don’t worry. Charges are almost gone. Save your money, my friend. Go and get drunk instead. Again, I have some first hand experience. NO DA EVER TALKS LIKE THIS!!!!! The janitor, maybe. But not the DA.

  6. Dennis says:

    OK, in his poorly written and pretty stupid Facebook comments, Fatso appears to be trying to force the DA in Colorado to give him sweeping access to records of phone and email communications between the DA’s office and so-called internet stalkers possibly using the Jones Communications of Georgia/South Carolina. Oh gee golly guess what, he is (drum roll please) once again after Kstreet. Why? Oh who the hell knows or cares. Even if she some how magically cast a spell on the DA’s office and got him busted, that is totally irrelevant (and also kind of crazy – DAs don’t really work that way – take a note of this Lard Brain). So instead of dealing with the FACTS OF THE CASE (two felony counts and fugitive flight), the asswipe thinks he is going to argue that he is being hounded by a so-called stalker (who gave up even bothering with the deadbeat ages ago – I mean come on Fatso, you really have gone way downhill) and who lives in Georgia and has absolutely no pull with anyone in Colorado. What a defense, Turd Brain. By the time you’re done they will give you the chair just for being there. Good grief! Orly Taitz could handle this case better and she is totally incompetent and completely insane.

    • Where's the Proof, Larry? says:

      Have you got a link? I don’t see that on two of his facebook pages

      • Meesh says:

        Not to worry WTPL, I believe Dennis is referring to that comment that Larry has displayed on his Facebook page. I only see the one he re-posted in his comment up above ↑. In my opinion, Larry has that displayed there on FB, as opposed to a main post, it’s only devised to get a rise out of us and also to raise money. If we react by attacking him “fait accompli” but we won’t. It’s just too much fun exposing him as the *idiot*, liar, that he is.

        In the past, Facebook was primarily used to raise money from stupid idiots, nothing more. It proved effective for his Congress Run. What’s posted there is usually garbage, with absolutely no validity or truth.Just a bunch of Smoke and mirrors, where he tests the waters, for a reaction and $upport.

        (First, Larry names no one), and for the record, KStreet has had nothing to do with reporting the POS. .Larry knows this as *he has within his possession* the claims that the Sherriff’s office as well as the DA were contacted. AH and so do we, in *our saved archives*.😉

        Also, it was no one from here, in fact it was a few of *his* original supporters. We have their names, email addresses of who claim to have reported him, as does he, as he posted that on his site. I will redact the name of the supporter that Larry posted as well as their email address and also ISP that Larry prominently displayed several times.::eyeroll::

        I am sure Larry still has that information, he may be looking for more. What does this prove? Nothing. Mainly what Larry is trying to do is shift the blame on to us, only to garnish $ympathy, it won’t work. What scum he is.

        Here’s one sample of what he’s talking about (we have others)

        Nice try FatAss, no one will fall for this. Getting rusty? Try again.

        Your serve..

        Larry Sinclair Submitted on 2008/06/09 at 9:42 pm

        I thought I would share an email I received from someone who seems to think I am hiding from the Colorado issue which I have even recently been in touch with the DA on. After all it seems they want to accuse me of being less than up front about something that is clearly addressed on this blog so lets share their comments as well.

        Re Paypall contributions‏
        From: ****** (******
        | *99.99.999.999
        Sent: Mon 6/09/08 8:34 PM

        Hi Larry, I saw your wanted picture on the Pueblo web site. For as much time as you spend on your own self-promotional site, I wish you could spend some time on the web seeing how foolish you look. Most of the 1 million people who have visited your site have been quite reassured that you are in fact unbalanced. Good luck to you in swindling more money out of innocent people. You are a joke. Apparently people have been reporting you to the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office:

        I believe Mr. ***** would be proud of my accounting for every cent as opposed to Obama’s camp still failing to return money donated that was stolen from a London Bank account and contrbuted to Obama for America.

        Keep reporting idiots. The Pueblo County DA hears from me on average of once every two weeks in trying to set a motions hearing date. You people run your mouths and know nothing. The warrant is valid “WITHIN THE STATE OF COLORADO”, so please continue to make fools of yourselves. I have posted a copy of the warrant, with bond amount signed by the judge as well as the extradition limits set on the date of issuance.
        Now can you move on to something that has not been worn out already with your misrepresentations ***.

        Have a nice day. Larry.

        HeHe Old Larry, would get pretty snarky eh? How dare they! The audacity to steal his thunder when he was simply trying to work the crowd and $upport himself, cigarettes and booze ‘ain’t’ cheap these days:::Gasp::::

        Noting that POS had that comment posted under this post—> “From: OBAMA SUPPORTER STATES HE/SHE WILL KILL ME IF I DO NOT CANCEL NPC EVENT, 2008/06/13 at 5:28 AM

        Also, if you notice the dates, Larry sat on that email for nearly a week and decided to include it within comments on that particular post, that he posted at 5:28am, he was probably nursing his “Absolute”<– drunk. 🙄

        Why? Drama and money of course…It's always been about the money.

        Time to face the piper Larry, stick a fork in it, it's over. It's time to go home.

        "Forget the Alamo. Remember Colorado!" (h/t TJTaygee)

        • Dennis says:

          “RE:…The Pueblo County DA hears from me on average of once every two weeks in trying to set a motions hearing date.”

          Oh yeah, I forgot about that crazy claim. He must have been counting all of those hang up calls he made.

        • Where's the Proof, Larry? says:

          I saw the “On our way back to Florida ..” quote.

          I also saw “First, Larry names no one”

          For clarity, in the last year or two, when I haven’t been around much, has he been going after Kstreet ?

          • Meesh says:


            Yes, that’s the comments on Facebook, (did you notice that a canuck *liked* that one comment? :shudder:) Anyway there’s nothing about KStreet in those.
            Sorry for any confusion.

            Now, you’re asking if Larry has gone after KStreet, since the time you’ve been away?

            You betcha, what else is new eh?! in July of 2012,he had a major bur up his butt (or one of the Princesses that live in his head, did) At the time, “CON-tributor” went after others too, not only KStreet. (funny, he only goes after a few of us) TJTaygee, for one got slammed quite a bit and he tried with me, by posting someone else’s house in the backwoods of Northern Ontario, on his crazy site, with someone’s ISP.

            Yippee! I was now being upgraded as being a wealthy tobacco grower and no longer a humble organic potato farmer from PEI. For some reason Larry thinks I’m a farmer that obviously works in a cesspool.

            I truly believe *pea brain* thinks we have only 5 people living in Canada, and they are all me. Does that make you, me too? Feels like that movie “All Of Me”.
            What a Douche. 🙄

            Here’s a re-posted post in this comment—>*IT’S POSTED OVER HERE* You’ll see quite a bit nestled around that thread and possibly the preceding one. But to say that Larry only goes after KStreet is false, she’s in good company. Doncha know, she needs accomplices.Yeh right.

            We’re experiencing quite a bit of traffic on the site at the moment (can’t complain,that’s a good sign),just be patient.The link will eventually get you there.

            Nice to be back eh?

            • Where's the Proof, Larry? says:

              Wow. I’m still digesting that. I think I hit BS overload or something and didn’t make it through yet.

              For the record, I think Kstreet is a great, honest and decent lady. Always have. What a bunch of drivel.

            • Dennis says:

              Looked at the link and just noticed his line about

              “With the 2012 Presidential election we have seen the return of a group of cowardly gutter rats from the 2008 election who claim to be “fine upstanding, law abiding members of society…”

              Is Fat Boy calling me a fine upstanding member of society? How dare that bastard insult me that way.

    • Looks like he’s figured out that he reaches more and easier marks through Facebook than he does at his website.

  7. Dennis says:

    The more I think about Fat Boy’s approach to his defense, the more I suspect that he might want to take a moment and talk with a travel agent: What countries don’t have extradition treaties with the US?

    For example, Mongolia. You will love it.

    • Where's the Proof, Larry? says:

      My understanding is an American with a felony bench warrant will not be issued a US passport. If they already have an active US Passport, it was invalid when the felony bench warrant was issued and they will be stopped at the airport and probably arrested on the spot if they try to use it.

      I think Mexico as a start and then wherever he can get without a valid passport (not many options these days). As I vaguely recall (and I stand to be corrected), the problem with Mexico may be that the folks he allegedly ripped off drug money in this CO case, that he was afraid of in his affidavit, are supposedly now hanging out in Mexico and still looking for him – which we thought back when probably factored into his sneaking back into Texas in 2006-7 or so. Maybe we should suggest to them that they might expect Larry coming for a lengthy visit! 🙂 And one might argue that would be justice for what he did to them.

      • Dennis says:

        All good points, but who said anything about “legal” travel? I suspect that his best bet is to seal himself up in a large container and ship himself (maybe at library rates).

        • Where's the Proof, Larry? says:

          If he does bolt, he’ll have to do a little financial planning or execute a big rip off before he leaves. The key thing that caused him to crawl out from under the rock where he was hiding in Mexico/Texas is they took away his social security because he had taken off from that Colorado warrant. When he responded to the warrant from a distance (c/o his mother’s address in Pueblo) in 2004, they reinstated him to collecting social security (disability). If he takes off, his social security and medical meal ticket is gone. I solemnly promise to remind the SSA if he runs. It wouldn’t be the first time I tipped them off. 🙂

          As time goes by towards his required appearance in Colorado court in the latter part of April, I expect we’ll see an increase in outbursts, threats and maybe another Tic-Tac event due to the pressure. He’s never handled this stuff well.

          And you can be sure, they’re not keeping this case open and extraditing him if they don’t think they have a good case. They’ve got him cashing Income tax checks that didn’t belong to him and he admitted depositing them into his bank account.

  8. Dennis says:

    Yes, support for Sinkliar continues to pour in. Checking his various sites he is getting support from…OK, let’s check the wing nutter sites…OK, he is not getting any “support” on his sites and the nutters don’t even know that he is still alive. Yep. He is just soooooooo important that nobody can say it.Hey, Lardo, have you noticed that the parking lot is empty and only tumbleweed is blowing pass you? Even Ali Akbar is passing you by (though I suspect he is having a pretty good laugh in private). Surrender, Dorothy! The game is up.

    • Where's the Proof, Larry? says:

      On this facebook page
      he’s only got 131 likes = pitiful

      On this facebook page
      few posts, only about 47 followers = pitiful, likes 355 = almost pitiful

      Can’t afford a car (so I recently glanced). Can’t afford a lawyer for the criminal case of his life (facing 24 years minimum under habitual offender laws for a class 4 felony). So his cons are not doing that well financially – a bunch probably winds up in his fat belly or up his nose.

      • Meesh says:

        Where does Larry get all the money to travel all over the country? Not once a year, but several times a year, especially combined with relocating homes which also cost money, (he’s moved 3 times since last year) He still manages to keep up with the traveling/partying…On his Facebook,you can see all of his para sailing, jet skiing, party videos etc….He also has all kinds of *selfies* but here’s one, is he in a airplane?

        He’s got money. Being on Social Assistance in the USA sounds like fun! WOW! Want to move to the USA WTPL? Anyway, Larry’s Facebook photos are HERE <—press link and see for yourself.

  9. Dennis says:

    May I add that even Wayne Madsen is ignoring Fat Boy’s arrest. You can’t get much lower than that.

  10. Meesh says:

    Thanks to Where’sTheProofLarry? we have another new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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