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A lip smacking Merry Christmas y’all!

on December 25, 2013


FatAss,want a little cheese with that Whine?

A day early for  National Whiners Day which is celebrated on the 26th of December…the whining :::eye-rolling:::lip smacking:::poster boy doesn’t miss a beat.

ASS-ministrator  announced that Below is a Christmas message from Founder of Sinclair Snooze News  to “all” its viewers.::::Looks around:::: Pssst Gather around kids, I guess that’s us…

Sheesh can’t he keep that big yap shut? Anyways,  have a Merry Christmas!Smiley31-1.gif~c100

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103 responses to “A lip smacking Merry Christmas y’all!

  1. kstreet607 says:

    I’d rather listen to Luther than FatAss! MERRY CHRISTMAS guys!

  2. kstreet607 says:

    Meesh, is it me or does it look like every where The Idiot moves, his dwellings get smaller and smaller. Next will be a cardboard box, no doubt.

    Ok, I clicked the video and I couldn’t take more than 10 seconds of him smacking his lips and that annoying lisp of his. What a disgusting facade. He’s a junkie trying to look “legit”. Someone get this man a Roach Motel, he’ll be comfortable there, I’m sure. UGH!!!

    • Meesh says:

      Merry Christmas KStreet…I think it’s because he’s getting “Fatter” (checkout the size of that head, the chin appendage is growing) of course it’s filled with the much “BS” methinks a Crapper would be more appropriate than a cardboard box.

      Also it looks like he’s unloaded some of this equipment…

      so it’s him and not the place. HeHe that eyerolling/lipsmacking is getting worse eh?!

      About the lip-smacking …have you ever heard of Tardive dyskinesia? It looks like he could be a poster-boy for that too—–>
      The lip-smacking and eyerolls frequently occurs as the result of long-term or high-dose use of antipsychotic drugs…I wouldn’t be surprised if he started taking these in his teens. Makes sense.

  3. And Merry Christmas to all of you and yours too!

  4. Dennis says:

    Now that it is Boxing Day, I have boxed myself in with a quick view of Jabba’s latest jabbering. 7 solid minutes of him wrapping himself up in God and the flag while explaining that this country was founded by Christians from England seeking freedom to worship and that is why we cannot put up with people who don’t practice freedom to worship because they are just soooooo intolerant (because they don’t worship, I guess) and so you got to worship or else you are not an American because when our fore fathers fathered our fores and built this great nation on Charlton Heston’s back after he brought down those stone tablets yadda yadda yadda. You got it. Totally self-serving bogus religious wing nut crap designed to suck up to an audience that he doesn’t have while trying to pretend that he is just a good God fearing American.

    Note to Fat Boy: Do something about the lights and the camera angles. You are looking like Peter Lorre after a really bad day.

    • Meesh says:

      Good morning Dennis… I’ve noticed when watching FatAss’ videos, all what you need to do (if you can stand it) is watch 2 minutes tops. The rest is repetitive dribble of irrational, political views with the Bible thumping overtones. You would think that he’d clean up a bit prior to recording… Does he only own one shirt? He’s wearing the exact same thing that he wore to Sandi’s for the big Thanksgiving bash—->
      With that wrinkled shirt, he looks like a fat unshaven demented bum covered with lip herpes….Yikes, am happy with the lights as they are….
      I keep focusing on the constant licking of the lips (that he has left) with that nasty herpe-infested-thing happening. 😡 Is it just me?!

      • Dennis says:

        Yep, you got it. He has a long way to go before he can quite match up to the real religious level:

        • Meesh says:

          Thanks for the video, Dennis (I wuv the Muppets) …a snake oil salesman he isn’t. I’m not too familiar with US history, but wasn’t the United States founded in order to enforce the freedom of “Separation of Church and State” Which means to distance in the relationship between organized religion and the nation state. They were Freethinkers who relied on their reason, not their faith
          So why do the Bible thumping wingnuts often bring Religion into the mix, and constantly rewrite history?!

          Anyway I’m off to celebrate “our most sacred” holiday over here.

          • Dennis says:

            You had the Puritans in New England who came for freedom of worship (and to boss everyone else around). You had the settlers in Virginia who came to loot the natural resources and boss everyone else around. What did they all share in common: A desire to steal land from Indians. Later on, as the Puritans got on everyone’s nerves, they came up with the concept of Separation of Church and State. Of course they also decided that Canada would look swell as part of the US but that never exactly panned out.

            • Meesh says:

              Thanks Dennis, for the explanation…it’s ironic that many Indian tribes helped us tremendously to prevent the Americans from taking over our country…here where I live, is one of the many areas where the War of 1812 was fought fiercely in the Battle of the Thames.

              The leader of the Shawnee tribe was killed on the banks of the river which is nearby. Today, in my city we have a park, school, a monument and streets dedicated to chief Tecumseh, (his name quite appropriately means “Shooting Star”) … This past Oct. 5th, marked the 200th anniversary of Tecumseh’s death.

              Worth mentioning, many of the tribal warriors have a special place within our hearts as well…they are also commemorated by many street names and parks and monuments.(as with many other communities/cities nearby)

              We are indebted to these brave individuals who allied with the British in Canada. They have remained to be iconic folk heroes in Canadian history.

            • The Native Americans were the unsung heroes of American history. They fed the Pilgrims until the Pilgrims were able to survive on their own thanks to the “Indians”. They provided a sanctuary for runaway slaves, and they helped prevent Canada from becoming “the State of Northern America”, amongst a host of other contributions to the opposition to America’s unique form of White Supremacy. Surely Native Americans deserve more than a few gambling casinos. I’ve always been proud of my own (so I’m told) Native American ancestry, and always dug Tonto a helluva lot more than the Lone Ranger.

  5. Dennis says:

    Hey Meesh, we named a lot of stuff after the Indians too. For example, the Washington Redskins (irony intended).

    • Meesh says:

      I know what you mean (irony intended)…. Seriously though, not sure if those names would go over big (over here). I realize that the Redskins’ name originated some 80 years ago..So, it’s not “new” I read somewhere that it had to do with their coach at the time who himself was a Native American, so back then, the significance could have been to bestow honour…. rather than a racial slur.

      Today for sure, our ‘First Nations’ wouldn’t stand for it, they are pretty picky. …actually when I referred to “Indian tribes” ^…I should have said “First Nation”(as they were…are) we rarely use the term “Indian” or try not to…unless the First Nation choose to be addressed within that terminology.

      • “I read somewhere that it had to do with their coach at the time who himself was a Native American, so back then, the significance could have been to bestow honour…. rather than a racial slur.”

        Do you really think the coach back then felt honored by the name “Redskins”? Could he have objected? He was probably quite happy that he had a coach’s job and had not, himself, been skinned.

        How about a team called the “Mandingos” (with a Big Black African warrior in leopard skin as its logo); or the “Whities” (with a Rob Ford lookalike in a suit as its logo) or the “KungFus” (with an Asian guy in a Karate stance as its logo) or the “Orthodoxes” (with a White guy with a big nose wearing a yarmulke as its logo.) How about a women’s basketball team called “the Bodies” (with a sexy looking woman in a miniskirt as its logo)? All of those terms could, arguably, claim to bestow honor. But the mere suggestion of it is so insulting and outrageous that it sounds insincere.

        So when it comes to insults, I think we all have to defer to the sensibilities of the recipient, not the intentions of the speaker.

        (BTW, I understand that you, yourself, are not necessarily condoning the Redskins’ name.)

    • It’s hard to understand why a football team’s owner would insist on being so wrong. Why on Earth would the owner of an American football team insist on keeping the name of the practice of skinning and selling “Redskins” for bounty? Should that name make the team particularly fearsome? Or just particularly loathsome?

  6. Dennis says:

    Now that it is almost 2014, I was wonder: JUST HOW MANY YEARS IS IT TAKING JABBA TO “REFORMAT” HIS DAMN BOOK?

  7. Dennis says:

    Oh dear. Now Ilse is giving us her New Year’s message and it is just as nasty as her Christmas wishes. Yes sir, the entire Democratic party is conspiring to enslave America through debt and federal handouts as part of a massive leftest plot. Oh yeah, we are under siege by a commie plot so vicious and so…well actually so utterly bizarre because it doesn’t make a lick of sense and she really needs to either bone up on reality or, at the very least, try a more mellow brand of booze. For example, we are being forced to live on federal handouts? What handouts, you idiot? The so-called safety net was cut to ribbons by your precious GOP, you blathering moron. That is part of the problem. Unemployment benefits has been reduced. The food program has been sharply reduced. The list goes on. I know you live in some back road area surrounded by mountains, but don’t you get newspapers occasionally?

    • Meesh says:

      I can see why the Snooze News site, doesn’t need any Christmas decorations. First there was the “Christmassy” post entitled:

      The nightmare before, during, and after Christmas

      and now as Dennis pointed out there’s a New Year post, it’s entitled:

      Poverty and a scandalous new year

      “Stinker Bell Ilse”, the beacon of Holiday cheer, sure knows how to sparkle up the place….I’m sure she was drinking the “cheer” I got through the 2nd or 3rd paragraph, that was enough “sleep” for me. Congrats Dennis!

      Can’t wait for New Years Eve Hiccups!

      • Dennis says:

        Any time Jabba will get back on his Bible (Classic Comic version) and explain how New Year was a holy invention of our devote Founding Fathers who thank the Lord for another year and that it is being ruined by secular hedonists who treat it as a cheap excuse to booze (hic) and party (hic) while our religious foundations are undermined (hic hic hic).

        • Meesh says:

          Yeh Dennis, a little Bible thumping for background noise will do the trick…Oh noes, this means another video? I betcha you’re on to something, my friend.

  8. tjtaygee says:

    s’funny – xmas/new year’s gift for me from ol liar-larr? & both come up “Server not Found” for me…

    • Meesh says:

      Good catch TJ – I get this too—>

      Oops! Internet Explorer could not find

      On Firefox….

      “The connection has timed out. The server at is taking too long to respond.”

      UhOHs here POS is tweeting away for people to read Ilse’s latest …. that goes nowhere—->

      The requested URL “” cannot be found or is not available. Please check the spelling or try again later.

      Epic Fail!

      • Meesh says:

        Shoots it’s back up..

        Ilse aka Stinkerbell posted some New Year post entitled: “From all of us to all of you” I’ll help her along and incorporate her other “sparkling post” title:

        “From all of us to all of you Poverty and a scandalous new year’

        You’re welcome Stinkerbell 👍… hic!

  9. Dennis says:

    Only Ilse is still sober enough to post a quick little Happy New Year message (after Jabba plugged the server back in before passing out again). Odd note to the message: “…a news media outlet that is fair, unbiased, and unafraid to report the truth. You can look forward to new plans here at Sinclair News via video posts in the near future. To all a prosperous and Happy New Year!” OK, the first part is usual self-serving bullshit. But NEW PLANS? Again? Didn’t they threaten that at the start of 2013 and all they produced was both more and less than usual? AND STILL NO STINKIN” BOOK!!!????

    Oh well, HAPPY NEW YEAR to us all.

    • Meesh says:

      “Oh well, HAPPY NEW YEAR to us all.”

      “Sinclair News via video posts in the near future.” plus she posted some of the lyrics to “Auld Lang Syne” …Oh Gawd..don’t tell me, that we’re in for a treat and POS will crucify that song too with the lisp and that nasal voice? I haven’t been able to stomach “White Christmas” since he made a number with that one.

  10. kstreet607 says:

    Happy New Year everyone!!!

  11. Meesh says:

    The Brits sure know how to ring in 2014…What a spectacular show!

    FatAss try and top this.

    🙄 “You can look forward to new plans here at Sinclair News via video posts in the near “

    HaPpY nEw YeAr everyone!

  12. Meesh says:

    “Sinclair News reports Political, Legal, Health and Social news in a way that readers find refreshing in a time where so many “mainstream” media organizations choose to censor stories and report only those stories which promote the medias own views & interest.”

    It’s going on one week and there’s no news to report on the crap site that advertises—> “LS News Group brings News Uncensored & Unafraid like no other news source” 🙄 Yep true to its colours it’s very Unique …. it Snoozes like no other.

    “Sinclair News Events Nothing Scheduled”

    How can any newsite, announce what news they’ll be scheduling before it happens?

    • Dennis says:

      That’s because they do not promote anything. Nothing. Nada. Yep, the exciting new presentation promised has so far looked a lot like the old presentation – few postings all way far inbetween. It’s possible that Jabba lost his access to Fox News so he couldn’t possibly know what he thinks and Ilse may be tied up (I mean she may be tied up; some kind of kink thing she’s into).

  13. Dennis says:

    OK, Ilse is back and she is now taking arms in the war on Christianity. Yes sir, she exposes the vast conspiracy of this plot to subvert Christian rights in the US being waged by Lenin, Obama, the ACLU, the entire Democratic Party, and conspirators yet to be revealed while misquoting Supreme Court decisions, various political statements through out history and generally screwing up her facts to suit her opinions while ranting non-stop. Yep, she uses the traditional quote from John Quincy Adams that “this is a Christian nation” (a quote that is taken out of context and besides, I have noticed that most of the neo-Conferdate fundies are confused about whether John Quincy was the second, fourth, or sixth president – he was the sixth – and they keep listing him as a Founding Father – he was the son of one of the Founding Fathers but John Quincy was just a father – and they never mention the odd little fact about how he also wanted to fund an expedition to the center of the earth in order to establish trade with the Mole People – true story). Yep, it is another vast conspiracy, so burn you heathens.

    • Dennis says:

      On final note on John Quincy Adam. Though the fundies keep using him as a reference for their religious/political positions, they completely side step the other aspect to his career. John Quincy was a fierce Abolitionist who felt that it was a major political duty of the US government to put an end to slavery and racism. Since most of these fundies (such as Ilse) are busy promoting the Confederate cause in various ways, they kind of skip over that little old fact. In fact, I have the impression that John Quincy didn’t much like the South and its “traditions.” I think he preferred the Mole People.

      • Meesh says:

        Even the *idiot* doesn’t pay much attention to what Ilse posts (unless she’s drooling over him, or when he’s too lazy to post…he has her do it) then there’s some recognition, within featured posts.

        Have you noticed that none of her “junk articles” are featured within the preview that you see as you enter the “Snooze site”? Methinks this has to do with “the power” controlling thing that he has with women…

        Sheesh even whack job Solonsays (who rarely posts) is “featured” and makes it to the top left. Without “Ilse” there wouldn’t be a “SNOOZE site”….

        Heh Thornton Parsons, I know you visit this site…if you sobered up long enough, you would smell the coffee and realize this. 🙄

    • Mole people? Now that’s a new one on me. I knew he was an abolitionist. But Mole people? Do you know whether that was just his own peculiar talking point – or a widely held belief at the time? How did the Mole people supposedly obtain air, water, food and light? Or did they just grouse around in the dirt like some kind of human/worm hybrid?

      • Dennis says:

        The hollow earth/mole people theory was somewhat common in those days (for example, the old Jules Verne’s novel Journey to the Center of the Earth). This was, after all, about the same time that some folks thought that the American Indians were from the Lost Tribes of Israel and that the Garden of Eden was located in Southern Ohio.

  14. Dennis says:

    Ilse visits this site? OK then…Another final note for Ilse: I assume your old John Birch booklets didn’t cover this, but in Czarist Russia the Russian Church was (basically) the government. To overthrow the Czar, you were automatically overthrowing the Russian Church. The Russian Church was a huge part of the old regime politically. So yes, Lenin was out to suppress the Church. In turn, they were out to stop the Revolution and “suppress” Lenin. BTW honey, Stalin originally studied for the priesthood. Trust me, he learned well. He “ruled” like an old school Russian priest. So much for religion in politics.

    • Meesh says:

      I assume it’s Ilse aka Thornton Parsons – there’s a certain Chattanooga wingnut – who immediately responds to posts that we link to the Snooze site, ALSO there’s various *really* weird Google searches that brings *it* over here.

      BTW Dennis, Ilse is pretty dense – you’ll get somewhat her attention if you call her by her name… afterall “Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey” tends to cloud over the few brain cells that do exist…

      • Dennis says:

        Good point. I will have to start using her name more often. Wouldn’t want her to miss messages from her favorite fan.

        • Meesh says:

          Yeh, you better, Dennis.Visiting this place for a straight “22 hours 41 minutes 31 seconds” would put a heavy toll when someone is trying to pinpoint and find their name. Especially when it’s a TUI you know —> “Trolling Under the Influence”. 😉

          • Dennis says:

            Then let me add this note to Thornton Parsons: If you are looking for comments about your “unique” postings, you will find many of them under the name of Ilse. Obviously, that is taken from the movie character Ilse: She-Wolf of the SS. Personally, I suspect that you are more inclined toward the SA (since the Brown Shirts were much more free and easy with the booze), but we had to fall back on what was the most snappy.

  15. Dennis says:

    Found this on Fat Boy’s Facebook page:

    “Heading back to Florida after a whirlwind 72 hours of lunches, dinners, interview and conversations in California. There ate many in California who are concerned about the direction our nation is headed.”

    So we can now take his photo off of those milk cartons. He was in California eating people.

    • Meesh says:

      Dennis… so he only eats the peeps that are concerned about the direction that the USA is heading? Okay, now I get it, after “a whirlwind 72 hours of lunches, dinners”in CA.he’s going back to his “Florida diet”.He was probably waiting for a new batch eh?

      This is the first time that I completely understood what FatAss was saying. WooHoo!

    • “Heading back to Florida after a whirlwind 72 hours of lunches, dinners, interview and conversations in California.”

      Funny thing, that’s the same thing I’ve been doing in my own state for the last 72 hours. It’s called “being alive and talking to people.”

    • No reports or “news stories” from those “interviews and conversations”? Surely with all those maggots and stuff in Florida he didn’t have to travel to California just to satisfy his cravings for gas and diarrhea. C’mon Legion, let’s hear some lies.

      BTW, looks like he must have gotten that “$850” he needed to keep his lights on.

      • Dennis says:

        I know, LTL. Since that Facebook post, nada. Maybe he is still “digesting” the “material.” And yes, that boy is getting money from somewhere, but it sure isn’t from his snooze site.

        • Meesh says:

          He got the money from the “old farts” that he ate prior to going to California for “a whirlwind 72 hours of lunches, dinners”….
          He celebrated and went to have some brunch and dessert.

          On another note, the money drives always occur prior to a trip…the modus operandi is the same as 2008…he cries the blues, but never divulges what the money is really for.

          At the very same time you see that he’s trying to raise money with short-lived scams. We always knew that he was planning a trip. Heidi had pointed out that it’s a psychotic tendency that he can’t stay at the same place for too long.

          If you’ve noticed, Old Foster “Freeze” had a pretty hefty newer banner advertisement for his campfire blawg, for a month, at the very top of the Snooze News site….it must have expired, it’s gone now.

          He was fencing art work feverishly on Twitter & Facebook, also he’s selling all kinds of wingnut specialty items…”obamacare equals social injustice” shirts/tshirts/sweats etc.on his site.

          He tries every angle with the few dollars he collects, that gets him back on the road again. This isn’t new..

          Keep an eye for another “BooHoo is me ruse” fund drive coming up for CPAC…this is how the *idiot* operates, by living from hand to his big fat mouth.

          We’ve always scratched our head and said “HuH? Didn’t he just say he didn’t have any money?” Nothing new. “Lather rinse repeat”…He mindlessly repeats past patterns or behaviors without critical thought.

          Was thinking of badpoet, if you have a few minutes, re-visit his YouTube channel➽; for some fun videos.

  16. Dennis says:

    Snooze report for today: Double barrel action from Ilse. First, she celebrates the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. by misrepresenting what the man stood for and trying to make it sound as if he would endorse her brand of barely closeted Jim Crow racism and repackaged social injustice and inequality. In truth, the man wouldn’t have so much as wasted his time to walk across the street to slap (though if he did, it would be extremely understandable). Then she proceeds in another piece to rant and rave about the current state of public education by first presenting a false analogy (for example, the superior education of the generation that went into World War Two – Ilse baby, a lot of those folks back then had crappy schools and many of them barely made it past the 8th grade – just FYI). Then she goes off on a merry rant that makes it sounds as if the modern crisis is recent in the making (sorry honey, but it has taken about 3 to 4 decades to make the mess you see) and plays around with the idea of new approaches (aka as charter schools – which she does advocate in a piece she did for a regional magazine) without mentioning the sizable failure of such systems. Yep, more nonsense from the queen of gibberish.

    Meanwhile, not even a burp from Fat Boy. All of those “meals” in California must have done him in.

    • Meesh says:

      Huh? I’m not American, I know that Martin Luther King Jr Day is celebrated on the third Monday of January, which is the 20th, however his birthday is on the 15th which is tomorrow.

      “Tuesday marks the 85th birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King”

      Pssst Ilse, today is Tuesday, which in these parts of the world, you know the sane world is the 14th—> pea-brain.

  17. “Heading back to Florida after a whirlwind 72 hours of lunches, dinners, interview and conversations in California. There ate many in California who are concerned about the direction our nation is headed.”

    Turns out he was still in a state of denial and putting the best spin on a worthless trip to California (or wherever) after being stood up by his real targets out there. He’s planning on getting back at them by refusing to provide all his readers any more (in his own imagination) reports of his own first hand interviews with prominent political (and maybe even entertainment) figures.

    My only question is where did he get the money for the trip?

  18. Dennis says:

    Hey Meesh and LTL, you are both correct. Latest from Snoozeland as Jabba continues to chatter about the “changes” he will be making to the site. Long winded spin that is pretty much a state of denial address. Cheap shots at every other wing nutter site because only he provides real news. Followed by ” For that reason effective immediately Sinclair News-LS News Group will be redesigning our site to remove links to certain organizations except for those linked to as sources of information; and we will suspend expending resources to travel and cover events that can simply be followed online….” Yes, it will soon be fund raising time. So come on all ye suckers.

    The changes you see taking place over the next few days/weeks

    January 14, 2014
    By Lawrence Sinclair

    Sinclair News officially formed under the Sinclair News-LS News Group banner on January 16, 2012 by consolidating all of our online sites and efforts to report the news openly, honestly and without telling our readers what they should or should not think or believe. That purpose and mission is stronger today than ever before. So many blame the “media” for failing to report a story or for reporting it with a bias. The day of blaming the media is over. Whether Conservative or Liberal; Libertarian or Independent you can no longer blame the media for your failures to talk.

    Over the past year Conservative groups have beat the blame the media horse to death yet when offered the opportunity to have their side of the story told in their own words they stick their noses up in the air and tell you, you aren’t important enough. They want you to cover their events and publish their press releases but they don’t want to answer your questions or even respond to interview requests. Or even worse, they will agree to do interviews and after you have gone through all the necessary scheduling hurdles and setting up for live interviews they change their mind at the eleventh hour, not because their position has changed but instead because some political insider threatens to not cover them if they do the interview.

    Over the next few days and weeks you will notice some changes on our website and I wanted to tell you first hand why these changes are taking place. After spending the past two years watching individuals and organizations promote themselves and their self interest above the truth and in direct conflict with the American people we have decided we cannot live up to our Mission and purpose of reporting the news uncensored & unafraid by continuing to use our limited resources covering these organizations or their events as news. For that reason effective immediately Sinclair News-LS News Group will be redesigning our site to remove links to certain organizations except for those linked to as sources of information; and we will suspend expending resources to travel and cover events that can simply be followed online.

    To those who want to blame the media for their failures to connect with the American people you have only yourselves to blame. If you only want to talk to FOX News or TownHall (both of which serve as a conservative biased outlet to counter the liberal biased ones) or other similar organizations who you can dictate the questions to, then you are to blame for your own failure to get your message across. To candidates and sitting Senators/Congressmen-women who only want to speak with groups who claim to be media but are in reality fundraisers for you, you can only blame yourselves for the failure to connect with the American people.

    Sinclair News-LS News Group will always give people an opportunity to be heard in their own words, but we will not simply be your Talking Points message board. If you can’t answer questions directly and without strings then you will be reported on based on those facts. America deserves answers from those who want to represent her and from those who claim to speak for or represent her.
    – See more at:

  19. Dennis says:

    Listen up people. Time to get the barf bags ready. Jabba is paying tribute to his mama. Yes, he has posted a somewhat bizarre “tribute” to old ma. Actually, he mostly talks about himself and takes swipes at everyone else, but it is all a testament to his mother because…well because she puts up with him. I have a feeling that there are many “misstatements” in this piece but I shall let the Fat Boy biography experts figure that one out. Personally, I got to make a run to the white wishing well since I saw this post around breakfast time.

    Grateful for a Mothers Love: Happy Birthday Mom

    January 16, 2014 By Lawrence Sinclair

    Each of us are grateful to the love we have received from our mothers. I think being a mother has to be the most difficult of jobs one can have. Tray an imagine for a moment carrying around inside of you a living breathing being while dealing with life everyday for nine months (or in the case of my birth 10 months); then the shear strength and pain associated with labor and child birth. Now after the miracle of birth has passed think of the countless nights with little sleep because the mother needs to feed, comfort, change and even entertain us. A mother spends her life wanting only the best for her children, herself hurting when her child is hurting; herself being sad when her child is sad.

    Today is the 73nd Birthday of my mother Mary Griggs Grasmick. I did not ask her permission to write and publish this article, though I know she would have given her permission had I asked. In the past few years I have watched as so many who know nothing about my mother have used the internet to attack her and say some of the most vicious and nasty things about her for no other reason than their wanting to take a jab at me for speaking out. So on this her 73nd birthday I want to tell the world about the woman I am proud to call mom.

    Mary lost her parents at the age of 6 years old to what even today has not been clearly ruled as a murder/suicide or double murder. In fact my mother still to this days continues her search for any official documentation that would provide her with clear answers. The mere fact that she has survived that traumatic experience and lived the life that she has says a lot for her character. Despite being emotionally abused by family members she carried on. At 20 years old Mary gave birth to the third of four children (that would be me) who would prove to be another test for her strength and character. See I was not a normal child per se. First I refused to come into this world on time and instead decided I like the safety and comfort of my mother’s womb so I stayed there for a full 10 months. Then after my birth I brought with me even more challenges for my mother in turning fish like in texture from an unknown allergy to milk that she said stumped the doctors as well. But my mother continued to push for a cause and a treatment to make her son well. That’s the love of a mother.

    Life continued and my mother gave birth to her fourth and final child at age 22. While in the hospital giving birth to my younger sister, I was proving even a little shy of 2 to be a difficult child. That difficulty only continued to intensify and rather than throw up her hands in defeat she sought help from every place she could to help her difficult child live a more “normal” life. That’s the love of a mother.

    Throughout the next 15 years I engaged in a lot of stupid crap and when I lost my temper my words could be far sharper and hurting than anything I could have done physically. My mother was on the receiving end of some of the worst verbal attacks I have ever seen anyone receive, and these attacks were being made by her son, yet she never held them against me, she knew it was the anger and not me really speaking and she continued to love me. That’s the love of a mother.

    Throughout my early raucous years when I did stupid things and violated the law, my mother would not make excuses for me, she would always make me accept responsibility for what I had done and make me pay the consequences of my actions. Yet she still loved me and stood by me. That’s the love of a mother.

    Despite her childhood and having four children by the age of 22, my mother managed to obtain multiple College Degrees both Undergraduate and Graduate, she broke the traditions for women and was one of the first women to ever drive an 18 wheeler. She met her true love in the early 1970′s and married Edward H. Grasmick. Eddy was the most dedicated, loving and supportive man my mother could have ever met when it came to loving and supporting her.

    My mother has survived breast cancer having gone through a double mastectomy; she has survived colon cancer and lives with a colostomy bag. She is a shell of the woman she once was but she is still the rock she has always been. She continues enduring chemo treatments; she is having to relearn how to walk after spine surgery but she is still the rock she has always been.

    After I went public in 2008 with the allegations against then candidate Barack Obama and my mother became the target of every far left lunatic with internet access, my mother did not disown me, instead she stood by me and has continued to do so to this day. That’s the love of a mother.

    I can say with certainty that I have seen my mother endure things that would make most people throw their hands up and surrender, but not my mom. We sometimes try to excuse our own failures by blaming our mothers for our own choices in life, but it doesn’t make it the fault of our mothers or fathers. My mom is still the loving, caring always wanting better for her children mother she has always been. That’s the love of a mother.

    So today I want the world to know, my mother Mary Griggs Grasmick, Happy Birthday, I am grateful for being a recipient of your love for the past 52 1/2 years

  20. Dennis says:

    Update from the every mysterious Administrator:

    “Effective February 1, 2014 we will no longer offer for sale on the website Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? in paperback or hardcover form. The book will continue to be available through’s Kindle and through Catholic Books & Tapes on

    The decision to stop offering the book here is due to simply not having the time nor man power to continue processing orders of the book at a time we are currently preparing for the release of Lawrence’s second book When One Man Stands after repeated delays. We believe the new book is much more important and relevant in today’s current political world and will serve to inform the American public to the lengths a government and its representatives will go to target a citizen when a citizen stands up to the corruption and speak truth to power.

    Sinclair News-LS News Group has a small inventory of the first book in stock and will cease offering them directly once that stock has been depleted or on February 1, 2014 which ever comes first.”

    Translation: We can’t sell this damn lousy p.o.s. for love or money and I’m too lazy to bother putting any more effort into such a sorry ass loser of a booklet and why am I wasting my time with this go-no-where waste of space when I could be back selling bogus art on Facebook for inflated prices that would choke a horse.

    BTW, Catholic Books & Tapes on Amazon? WTF? Did I miss something here?

  21. kstreet607 says:

    Hey guys…sorry I haven’t been around much. Meesh, Dennis and LTL, thanks for keeping this site going. Lots going on right now. I’m sure I’ll be back in form in a couple of weeks. ❤ u guys.

  22. Dennis says:

    Kstreet, take your time. The only thing going on at the Snooze site is its own long, slow collapse. Even Ilse is basically down to a single random post per week and Fat Boy has largely gone missing (again). Guess that is what happens when a two-bit con man tries to turn a quick hustle into a long term scam. Turd Brain is out of tricks.

    • Right – unless Legion is scamming YOU he feels that you are getting the best of HIM. That’s why his “associates” have (finally) become fed up with his b.s. and abandoned him.

  23. Dennis says:

    Only new thing at the Snooze site, Ilse responds to the SOTUS even though it sounds as if she didn’t actually watch it (probably too busy responding, you know). Usual drunken drivel. Explains how the Depression went on for most of the 1940s (really Ilse!!!! Of course World War Two was a bit of a money drain during part of the 40s and then you had the post-war economic boom – it was in all of the papers). Then accuses everybody of being commie bastards while actually making an odd case for redistribution of the wealth…yes, you crazy drunken idiot, you really accidentally did that. I know, I know. This wasn’t where you thought you were going but when you’re staggering all over the place, these things happen.

  24. Dennis says:

    Oh my. Ilse is already back and is doing the weather report. Guess that ice and snow down South kind of shook her up. Or else she thought there was still a job opening at Good Morning America. Note to Ilse: You do know that the National Weather Service is a federal agency, right? Yes, it is part of the commie conspiracy based on that old quote of Lenin: “Once you have their weather, you will have their balls.”

    • I get the feeling he’s doing his “they’re not going to have me to kick around anymore – I’ve had it – it’s up to you if you want to stay with it – just cough up more money” bit on Parsons.

  25. Dennis says:

    Missing persons reports from the Southern Comfort Press. Larry “the Grifter” Sinclair has been reported missing from his various web sites. He is described as fatter than a tuna and smellier than a sewer pipe. When last seen, he was mumbling incoherent statements about “Stop the press” and “I use to be a contender.” Neighbors claim that they last saw him three weeks ago when he said he was leaving for California and looking to use his new cook book “How to Serve Man.” They also said that they were enjoying the quiet now that Mr. Creepy was gone.

    Also missing is one Thorton “Ilse” Parsons. A known skid row habitue with a fondness for MD 20/20, “Ilse the She Wolf” was last seen driving a beat to crap truck with handmade license plates and yelling that she was heading to someplace called The Compound. If she ever hoses the pig slop off of the truck, numerous pro-NRA stickers are visible along with a faded poster of George Lincoln Rockwell.

    If you spot either of these two, police strongly urge that you do not contact authorities. Basically, the cops have said “Good riddance to cheap trash.”

  26. Dennis says:

    While the Dreadful Duo remains missing, Foster Freezebrain has taken over the site, posting his usual combination of pseudo-high mindedness (that is stuff he cooks up while high) and his typical slippery nonsense to slide it all into a wing nutter reward system for the 1% (for example his proposal for healthcare reform which appears to attempt to shift the cost to local agencies and “charities” – in other words, the type of crap that has been tried before and that doesn’t work). So did old Foster just buy the site or something?

  27. Dennis says:

    Lardo book update: the new book is available for purchase and will ship within 7 days once it is reformatted. Of course the ISBN number does NOT work on Amazon Kindle (maybe because it just simply doesn’t exist). Meanwhile, the web site no longer sells copies of the old p.o.s. except that the site also tells people that they can save money by ordering the book direct from the web site, which kind of means that it is still available. I guess the publishing biz is kind of complicated….

  28. Dennis says:

    Still nothing new at the SinkLiar site. New post by Ilse packed with the usual combo of hysterical bogus claims and out right lies and bogus information. This time she boasts about how the UAW were pushed out at the TN. VW plant in a “victory” for God fearing Americans against the evil forces of Obama and them commie liberal Democrats. Actually, the state GOP threatened to cut off state assistance to both VW and the employees if they unionized (see USA Today – though I’m sure Ilse would accuse USA Today of being a socialist paper). Yep, the use of brute force in the pursuit of wacko values is no vice.

  29. Dennis says:

    Meanwhile, Fat Boy is still missing. Must have gone to church to repent for his sins and gosh gee whiz, that is taking a long while…..

  30. Dennis says:

    Another quick note to that dingbat Thorton Parsons: A. All news reports (I mean real news reports, not the bogus wing nutter crap you roll in) clearly indicts that the narrow defeat of the UAW in the VW vote was caused by the extremely heavy-handed (and most likely false) claims by Senator Corker that was intended to scare the votes against the UAW. BTW, if he were anything other than a US senator, his actions would have been considered illegal. Also, VW claims that what he stated was false and there may be no interest by VW in making the move he seems to be promising the workers. Especially because of B. The German unions may not allow it In fact, a serious argument can be made that the only way the VW plant in TN. will get any type of expansion is if, and only if, the work force was unionized. In other words, you stupid crackers just shot your own dick off for nothing more than a bogus claim from a two-bit lying senator.

    • I hear talk of declaring the first vote illegal and going at it again. Do you know anything about that?

      • Dennis says:

        I know it is being debated, but there seems to be lots of questions about rather or not it will fly with the National Labor Relations Board that has already been for most of Obama’s term under intense political pressure. Basically, the GOP has the whole scene screwed up every which way but lose.

        • “there seems to be lots of questions about whether or not it will fly with the National Labor Relations Board”

          But apparently the NLRB has no problem with the outside intervention and influence of politicians.

  31. Dennis says:

    Hey Ilse, sit on this and twirl a**hole: VW may reconsider future in South Yes, you and your stupid drooling wing nutter friends may have just trashed the jobs of your neighbors. Oh gee, imagine that you are simply a FAT IDIOT WITH NO BRAINS WHO WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING GOOD IN YOUR PATH BECAUSE YOU ARE JUST TOO DUMB AND MEAN TO HAVE A CLUE!!!!!!!!! Now, go back to your bottle of booze and right wing booklets.

  32. Dennis says:

    First the idiots down in TN fall for a line of horse dung from Sen. Corker and vote down the UAW (and let’s remember that the vote was extremely close – less than 100). Then it comes out that due to the laws and structure of labor in Germany (where the workers in TN are viewed as low-waged American scabs), VW may not be able to risk any form of expansion with the plant. Now the wing nutters are back accusing the German unions of unfair labor practices (see current looney piece at Redstate and are threatening to sic the US Labor Relations Board after them. Has these nitwits figured out anything yet. You know, things like 1. VW is a German company and operates under German law 2. The German union folks you are yelling about are also part of the German government as well as part of the shareholders of VW 3. VW can handle this whole problem real easy. They just leave your stupid state (which has been mentioned by some reps for VW). Then you can all go on welfare and unemployment and Ilse will do a whole couple of blogs about how you are all lazy good for nothing moochers. Hey, it’s win-win.

  33. Dennis says:

    This week at the Dead News Site: Ilse opens another bottle of Jim Beam and goes on a totally whacked out rant about about the Democratic Socialists of America have taken over the whole country (yes, all roughly 5,500 of them) and are turning us into a commie state (which is odd since they are an extremely small pack of anti-Stalinist socialists whose annual conventions can be held in one day at a large IMAX theater). Meanwhile, Fat Boy is back in the art racket scam. Yes, he has a Christian Riese Lassen print for the easy price of $20,000 flippin’ dollars. OK, you can go over to Art and get the same thing for $10,000 flippin’ bucks. Better still, you can just get the poster version at eBay for a mere $15.00. Either way, you are wasting your dough (unless you have a dentist office to decorate).

    And speaking of dentists, here is an email from that famous dentist and legal eagle who is in the process of preparing to run for the AG office in California:

    Open letter to Jay Leno

    Dear Jay,

    America enjoyed your show for years, you have been the best comedian on late night TV. Sadly, 100% censored and controlled NBC chose to replace you with an Obama puppet who is not in your league. However, there are a number of ways for you to continue to entertain America and do it free. I urge you to record your shows and post the clips on or any other similar video channels. I assure you that your audience will only grow and the advertising with cover expenses and will provide the necessary income.

    We need you Jay: we need a good laugh to expose this corrupt and lawless regime. Jay, America needs you, please, step up to the plate


    Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ, Candidate for CA AG 2014

    Obviously, Lardo forgot to eat her when he was dining in California. The crazies, they just keep coming.

  34. Dennis says:

    Yes, Orly is running for Attorney General of California. You know she is going for gold. Just look at the latest hot headline: “Press Release: African American Pastor Dr. James David Manning will assist Attorney Orly Taitz with her campaign for AG.”

    That car full of clowns is making a beeline for Sacramento.

    • “Press Release: African American Pastor Dr. James David Manning will assist Attorney Orly Taitz with her campaign for AG.”

      Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

      • Dennis says:

        Tell us what you are thinking, LTL. It won’t be any more crazy than the reality. Heck, Orly has already release a series of promises in which she, as the AG, will pretty much pitch any and all federal laws and international treaties she don’t like. Then she will go after everyone who has refused to join her in pursuit of the evil Obama. Later, she will unleash the flying monkeys.

  35. Dennis says:

    Just to make things totally confusing, the Stinky News site is printing pieces by some guy named Anthony Mungin who is writing reasonably intelligent, quasi-liberal and extremely critical stuff about the Michael David Dunn case and why the guy should have been convicted of murder as well as multiple counts of shooting. Mungin is also arguing that George Zimmerman should have been convicted as well. Good grief. I basically agree with the guy. He sounds none to crazy about either Stand Your Ground nor private gun ownership. So what the hell is this chap doing at the Stinky News, Free Snooze, and Ilse Rant site? Weird…….

    • In the wake of the Zimmerman and Dunn verdicts things might be getting a little tense between Legion and his neighbors. Mungin not only helps with p.r., he might even be gullible enough to pay for space, in hopes of being “discovered” by a reputable blog.

  36. Dennis says:

    I assume that Fat Boy is currently hanging around CPAC hoping that someone will drop their wallet. Meanwhile, Ilse has slithered from under her rock with a complete waste of space piece about Ed Mezvinsky, the nitwit ex-congressman who took seriously those Nigerian scam emails, fleeced his clients in order to “get rich” and ended up in prison for a while for very poor “business” decisions. Ilse blows the lid off the fact that (long drum-roll please) HIS SON IS MARRIED TO HILLARY CLINTON’S DAUGHTER. Yes, its a shocker. So how can we trust Hillary if her own daughter has a father-in-law who is a bipolar nut job who actually reads and believes every spammer out there?

    Of course I suspect that in Ilse’s family they call uncle daddy and if we were all judged by our loose family connections (especially counting the in-laws) we might all look pretty weird, but oh well…

  37. Dennis says:

    Based upon this blog update from the Huffington Post, we can see why Fat Boy goes to CPAC:
    “Like clockwork, CPAC attendees have posted personal ads on Craigslist looking for love while they’re in town. Some seem harmless enough, like the “six foot one, conservative, awesome” guy looking for a conservative woman to check out some sights in D.C. Others get pretty racy, like the “super discreet” man interested in way more than a D.C. tour with a man. And then some are a little sad, like the 36-year-old man from rural Indiana who needs a man — NOW! — and says CPAC is his “only outlet for this sort of thing.”

    • Come to think of it, I seem to recall Legion also going CPACing back in 2008. At least then he was still somebody in the circles in which he traveled. I have to laugh when I think of him now spouting his only claim to fame “Remember me? I’m the guy who blew Obama. … Honest.”

  38. Dennis says:

    Oh gee, I might be wrong thinking that Fat Boy went to CPAC. Just discovered on his Facebook page that he is posting a rambling video on this week’s Daytona Beach Bike Week at Froggy’s Saloon. So he spent the time with bikers and their molls while (presumably) seeking free booze and food. Guess this is part of his revamping of the site. Or maybe he was there getting pointers on that reformatting of the book. Yeah, that’s it…..

  39. Dennis says:

    From SinkLiar’s Facebook site: “Wednesday March 12, 2014 at 1:00PM EST Sinclair News will conduct a live video interview with Model/Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. on the upcoming GumBall 3000 Rally which will be making a stop in Daytona Beach.”

    GumBall Rally? So can we assume that the revamped site will soon be devoted to Nascar and bikers? Maybe Ilse can start reporting on women professional wrestling.

    There is a teachable moment coming soon.

    • “live video interview with Model/Actor Antonio Sabato Jr.” ???

      It ain’t gonna happen – unless the guy is unbelievably stupid or an impostor.

      • Dennis says:

        Why one or the other. Could easily be both.

      • Dennis says:

        Just took a fast peak on YouTube at Lardo’s “interview” with Sabato. Skype set up by the PR folks for GumBall 3000 Rally. Pretty standard promotional arrangement for anyone in the area who claims to be a “reporter.” Fat Boy mostly asks him about fast cars and faster women. Sabato spends most of the time not looking at the screen or the webcam. Just waiting for the next goofball to come online. And as always, Fat Boy’s “research” is wrong. He says that the Gumball Rally was inspired by the Cannonball films. It was the other way around you idiot.

        • So what do you suppose was in it for either of them?

          • Dennis says:

            Sabato is a celebrity guest for the GumRally 3000. So he is simply there to promote. Fat Boy is somehow tapped into PR for Froggy Saloon and has been able to get on a list of local reporters for what is packaged as a quick run of Skype interviews. The way this system works, Sabato doesn’t even know (and probably doesn’t care) who he is talking to. He just has a PR rep working him through a list. So the only real question is how Lardo got himself on the reports’ contact list. I doubt if it has anything to do with his web site. Since he is shamelessly promoting this one bar n grill, it has something to do with that.

  40. Dennis says:

    Ilse has been drinking again. Quick but rambling piece of nonsense where she starts out lecturing how the Supreme Court is suppose to be the final word on law in the US; accuses Obama of trying to undermine the Court by imposing on the country and then altering parts of the Affordable Care Act (which she forgets has already passed Supreme Court approval); tears into parts of Homeland Security (which she forgets was created by George W.) and then derides the passage of the Patriots Act (which she weirdly accuses the Democrats of ramming through Congress and somehow it is Obama’s evil doing – Ilse, honey, lay off the booze and think back to George W. and a Congress that was doing just about anything he told them too – both GOP and Democratic – and BTW, Obama wasn’t even in the Senate at the time – Geez Louise, lady, that rot gut you drink is eating away your brain).

  41. Dennis says:

    Our dark night of nothingness is finally over: FAT BOY HAS BEEN ARRESTED AND MAY BE IN THE PROCESS OF GETTING EXTRADITED BACK TO COLORADO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Real Story On 13 Year Old Colorado Warrant

    Yes! Read his whinny attempt at insisting that it is all a misunderstanding that he completely explained away years ago and it is simply those evil web sites and the trolls who lurk there that some how engineered all of this and yes, yes, the POS we all know and loath is back in the spotlight. Meesh, Kstreet, everyone, please come back now that reality has finally rised its ugly head.

  42. Looks like Colorado really wants him this time. Legion is talking defiant for now. But he knows if he returns to Colorado he’s going back to jail. So what to do? Try to turn this into a money making scheme like his “Walk for Water” scam (where he coincidentally had collected just about enough for the “Walk For Water” to enable him to post the 10% of the $15000 bond to allow him to walk back home for now)? Or make a dash for the border? As we used to say here “Bring out the popcorn!”

  43. Meesh says:

    There’s a new post —–> HERE Let’s move everything there, K?

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